How do we navigate relationships with those who have hurt us or continue to pull us into dysfunction?

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Join Me for She Speaks Online!

Join Me for She Speaks Online!

That God-given message that’s been stirring in your soul? The one you know you’re supposed to share but haven’t known where to start or how to make progress? It’s time to take the next step forward, friend. The world needs your voice sharing God’s truth,...

Did I Hear God Wrong?

Have you ever felt God calling you to step out in faith, only to find yourself wondering if you heard Him wrong? I understand. Thoughts of doubt crossed my mind daily when I began to listen to the promptings on my heart to write. The International Christian Retail...

Every Book Starts with a Sentence

(In light of our She Speaks Conference happening this week, I thought a blog post on how to write a book might be helpful! Be sure to read the whole post for a free gift we’re offering.) One of the most common things people share with me when they find out I’m an...