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Speaking & Booking

I’m passionate about studying Scripture and teaching from the lessons God is teaching me. I’m no preachy expert. I’m a simple girl who speaks about hope in the midst of my own struggles. Bringing God’s Word to life so that it makes a difference in our everyday lives is my greatest joy in speaking. For those who want depth, I weave in some of my extensive study from the Holy Land, making connections between the Old and New Testament. But I do this in a way anyone can understand. I’m also very careful to weave stories and examples that everyone can identify with. Together we’ll laugh, learn, sigh with relief, shed a tear or two, and walk away having experienced Jesus. The only regret conference attendees will have by the end of our time together is that they didn’t invite more of their friends.

Speaking Requests 

Thank you for your interest in having Lysa speak at your event. It is quite an honor to be considered.

Lysa’s heart wants to say yes to the many invitations she receives, but the realities of her schedule mean we can only accept a limited number of engagements. As our team prayerfully considers your event, please provide us with the requested information below.

Once submitted, our team will review your request and be in touch with your next steps. A couple of important details to keep in mind while filling out this form are:

Check to make sure your date isn’t already taken by looking at the dates on her existing schedule.

Because time and travel are limited for Lysa, our speaking board accepts invitations for events that will have a larger impact for the gospel and focuses mainly on conferences with an established attendance of over 500 people.

Lysa is very committed to attending her home church with her family on Sunday mornings; therefore, we have time restraints depending on the day of the week you would like to book Lysa.

Friday – Saturday events, Lysa must be able to depart your event by noon on Saturdays. Saturday-only events – Lysa must be able to depart your event by 3 p.m. Worship Experiences – Lysa must be able to depart your church by noon on Sunday. No Sunday evening worship experiences will be approved.

Proverbs 31 Ministries offers amazing resources, including other speakers available for booking. Be sure to visit www.proverbs31.org.

My Story

There’s more to my story than we have room to go into here, but I’d love to provide a way for you to read more about my life and faith by visiting the places I’ve linked for you below.

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