Do you have a message stirring inside of you to speak, write, or reach people through your social media platforms? If the Lord spoke it to your heart, my team and I want to help you find your way forward at She Speaks 2024 happening in person and online July 19-20, 2024.


Unlock the Words Hidden Inside

May 30, 2018

There once was a little girl with a battered heart.

The first love of her life told her she was unwanted. Her Daddy’s silence made her cry. His words made her broken.

Then one day she was given an old typewriter and when she placed her fingers on the dusty keys, her heart settled.

Words came from her fingertips that her lips couldn’t process. Her poems cryptically told of hidden abuse. Tears often smeared her little girl masterpieces.

Years passed—her fingers stilled. Her heart grew cold.

But there were other people busy at their keyboards pouring out inspired messages. Messages that would one day reach her—in deep places—places long ago hidden away. Messages that told her she didn’t have to be a child of a broken parent.

She could be a child of God. She was wanted. She is me.

Jesus used their striked keys to produce words, messages, books, and Bible studies as keys that unlocked me—released me—held me—challenged me and helped put me together again.

And then my fingers found their way back and dared to strike a key or two or ten thousand. Letters became words. Words became chapters. Chapters became books. And somehow others were unlocked, held, challenged and helped.

Every one of us has words inside that were never meant to just rumble about, hidden away. They are meant to be shared.

Do you have words rumbling about waiting to come out like I did?

Are you meant to write or speak those words as a method of bringing healing to someone else?

If you feel like you’ve heard God’s call to write, speak or lead, you know the path isn’t always clear. How do you start? Where do you go next? Who can help you?

I get that. That’s exactly why I developed a conference called She Speaks to train, equip, connect, and breathe life into the dreams of writers, speakers, and leaders.

She Speaks offers workshops and keynote messages that will help bring clarity to your calling. We combine equipping with encouraging as you learn specific, fresh techniques to help you better communicate God’s Word through your writing, speaking or leadership skills.

If these sound like the tools you need, I’d love to have you join me July 26-28 right here in Charlotte for an experience you’ll never forget!

Click here for more information about She Speaks.

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  1. Melissa Henderson

    I am signed up for SheSpeaksStudio. I am looking forward to the event, learning and fellowship.

  2. Lisa Howard

    Such sweet words…I can relate. This looks like an amazing conference!! Unfortunately it’s too far for me to travel. Will there be a way to live stream it? Or view it afterward? I would be SO interested!!

  3. Kathy

    Hi Lysa. I have a male friend who was wondering if the She Speaker conference was meant only for women. He was interested in going…
    “As a man who has felt–left out, less than and lonely, I’d like to know: Is Uninvited mostly geared towards women; I’m sure that a man can get something out of it either way.”

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Kathy!

      Unfortunately, this is a conference for women. Although the conference is for women, Uninvited could be read and beneficial to both men and women, and the book is available wherever books are sold!

      Thanks so much!

      Mary Scott, LT Ministry Team

  4. Jodi Gentry

    Good morning,
    My life has been touched numerous times from Lysa’s sharing of God’s word. I am excited to see she will be speaking in CA in September. I can’t figure out how to purchase tickets! I followed the link to the Sandals Church website, but her conference doesn’t show on there. Can you please steer me in the right direction? I don’t want to miss out!!! Definitely an item on my Bucket List!
    Thank you,
    Jodi Gentry

  5. Jackie Garrity

    Hi Lysa!
    I would LOVE to join one of your She Speaks conferences— actually, I know of several women who would love this too. However, we all live in the Southwest and it is quite a distance to travel to NC. Is there ANY possibility you might consider travelling to places like Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, or even Albuquerque NM to host this workshop? We promise you’ll love the hospitality and eager hearts of the women of the Southwest!
    I will be praying this is something that God may call you to in the near future.
    SO many of us out here lead your Bible studies and share your wisdom and experience with eachother on a regular basis.
    Thank you, Lysa, for saying yes to God’s call to share your experiences through so many avenues. I know I represent only one small voice when I say that I appreciate you so much!
    (I wish we could sit down for coffee one day and share stories of how God reaches out to even our children as we show them how to walk through painful situations with HIS grace.)
    Praying for you as you continue to bless SO many.
    Living life in the 505… blessed by all that YOU do,
    Jackie Garrity

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Jackie!

      Lysa travels all over the US and abroad to events and speaking engagements! You can find her travel schedule here: Maybe something will be close for you to attend! Thanks so much!

      Mary Scott, LT Ministry Team

  6. Dawn McDowell

    Is there a scholarship opportunity? I would love to go and I would love to meet you. I know God is calling me to get my story out there. Rev. 12:11. The question is how is this going to happen? I’m patiently waiting for God to make His move, it will happen in His perfect timing.

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Thank you so much for your interest in She Speaks! Currently, we do not have any scholarships available. As a nonprofit organization, Proverbs 31 Ministries heavily relies on donations for scholarships. If scholarships become available they will be added to the She Speaks website!

      Thank you!

      Mary Scott, LT Ministry Team

  7. Linda Parker

    Lyse, I heard you speak tonight on Genesis 2, it was on DayStar. I so loved this message, I didn’t get to hear it all, but I would love to. Is this message on your site. What was so special this is the same message that we are having in Bible study tomorrow. God Bless You and your ministry. Linda Parker

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