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Let’s Stop Avoiding This Conversation: 6 Topics Women Have Big Questions About

October 28, 2022

It’s challenging to be a dearly loved daughter of God and at the same time a poorly treated woman by another person. 

I’m wondering if you can relate. 

During the writing of my newest book, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes, I realized this on a very personal level. I met with my counselor, Jim Cress, to work on healing from some of my own experiences and I spent hours processing the impact of the trauma I’d walked through.

I want to be a woman walking in victory healed, educated and equipped to have the conversations that need to be had. I don’t want to make noise. I want to make a difference.

I’ve learned through the years that people connect through their similarities, but they really connect through their brokenness. And what better way to connect with women where they are than to start with where we’re broken … where we’re misunderstood, devalued, blamed for ending unsustainable relationships and shamed for bringing things hidden behind closed doors into the light of therapy and correctly interpreted theology. 

That’s why Dr. Joel Muddamalle, licensed professional counselor Jim Cress, and I knew it was crucial for us to record Season 2 of the Therapy & Theology podcast … Let’s Stop Avoiding This Conversation: 6 Topics Women Have Big Questions About.”

Yes, now is the time to address what needs to be addressed from a therapy and theology standpoint. In this series, we are going to tackle scriptures taken out of context, and we’re also “going there” with questions you have about pornography, emotional abuse, submission, boundaries and identifying destructive patterns in relationships. You know — the relationships that are causing so many of us to feel crazy and paralyzed by relational dysfunction.  

You can listen to Episode 1: Why No One Wins When A Woman Is Devalued and Episode 2: The Part Emotional Abuse Plays in Silencing Women right now! We will release four additional episodes over the next few weeks, so be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform so you don’t miss a thing.

In this important series, we’re not going to tell you what to think, but we are going to give you a lot to think about. So pull up a chair, and let’s get started… 

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