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Is My Weight Really a Big Deal to God?

January 22, 2015

I always considered my food struggle to be a small thing in light of the bigger challenges of life. I mean, it’s not as big of a deal to God as attitudes of selfishness, worldliness, or pride — or is it?

I can remember saying, “God, you can mess with my pride, you can mess with my anger, you can mess with my money, you can mess with my selfishness, you can mess with my frustration with my children . . . you can mess with all that, but don’t mess with my eating.”

However, small things can easily become big things.

Through the years, I began to acknowledge the “big” emotions that often accompanied my “little” food struggle. I realized that I constantly bounced between feeling deprived and guilty; deprived, then guilty. My frustration with myself stripped me of the peace and joy that I wanted to be the hallmark of my life. Us having peace is a big deal to God. Scripture tells us to let the peace of God rule in our hearts (Colossians 3:15).

I think peace is what we want in every area of our life — even our health.

Is your heart dominated by feelings of inadequacy, self-loathing, or defeat about your food struggles? Those are big emotions.

And whenever we feel defeated by an issue, it can prevent us from following God completely.

Consider these questions to gauge where your heart is:

1) Do you measure your worth as a woman by the numbers you see on the scale?

2) How many times have you rationalized “Oh, I deserve this sugary delish. I’ll just start my diet again Monday” but later felt like a failure?

3) How often do you compare your body to your sister’s, a friend’s, or a stranger’s?

4) Do you ever make mental comments about yourself and your weight that you’d never let another person say about you?

If you can identify with even just one of these, let me take you by the hand and whisper to you today… You. Are. Not. Alone. I knew to ask you all of those questions because I’ve said yes to each and every one. It’s good to do a heart-check every once in a while.

To help us, I’ve put together a free 21-Day Challenge based off of my book Made to Crave so we can start satisfying our deepest desires with God, not food. Each day for 3 weeks you’ll receive Biblical encouragement in your email inbox to help you find God’s peace on this journey to get healthy.

Click here to sign up.

And if you just need some Jesus girls to surround you in prayer, leave a comment below. My team and I will be praying over your needs as we head into the weekend.

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  1. Heidi

    please pray for me. I am 70 lbs overweight and no matter what I try, I can’t seem to stick with it and lose the weight. Thank you.

  2. Angela Mills

    Yes please to the prayer. Thank you for this, I identify with every single comment. I am signing up for the challenge!

  3. eyram


  4. Heather

    I’m in an interesting position. I am considered just over the line into overweight by my BMI. I enjoy food, and eat without thinking. I eat then loathe myself for not thinking and making better choices. I need prayer for self-control but also to love myself just as I am.

  5. Katie

    I have a huge struggle because I am allergic to fresh foods (fruits and vegetables). I am on a very limited budget. Neither lends itself to healthy eating habits.I have hit the years of hot flashes and very inconsistent periods, and lower metabolism. I confess I should be exercising but dont. I have no will power except for my favorite tv show. Not sure at all what to pray for but know I need God’s help, grace and mercy. Thank God that He has changed how I look at myself though. I now realize I am beautiful no matter my fat and weight. Praise God the Father!! Thank God for you and your prayer warriors as you encourage and uplift women all over!

  6. Deborah

    I have 2 autoimmune disorders and it’s imperative that I eat clean and healthy. But. I’ve suffered a job burn out and haven’t had the mental capacity to tackle this area. I HAVE to do this to improve my quality of life. I’m 49 and I act like I’m 90 because of body aches and pains. It’s crazy. I know better too! Ugh… Thank you so much for your prayers!

  7. Kris

    I’ve got a lifetime of weight loss and weight gain. Now, at 50, I’m near an all time low emotionally and high weight. I’m experiencing a stronghold of self-loathing and being self-conscious about my weight. I’m at about 215 lbs and I’m 5’8″. I play tennis a few times a week, but my weight is to the point where I am probably going to hurt myself. I’m so angry about my inability to allow God to be there for me instead of food. Thanks for praying!!

  8. josephine

    I repented to God for not taking care of his temple. In Aug I start working out. 3 week later my knees start hurting. Sept my back and hips. Oct I paid for personal training. My car needed repairs.Nov. no desire. Dec I started with personal training. Dec car trouble. I did do 3 weeks in Dec. Jan 2 days. My back is hurting. I have 100 pounds that I need to shed. I was 135 at my higest weight. I am 5ft 2ins.I am not please with the way I look.I want God’s best. How can he give his best when I have not been a good stward with his temple.

  9. Mary

    I’ve been overweight all my life. I now have type 2 diabetes. I want to live the life God intended me to live so my word to live by for 2015 is HEALTH. Everything I do/put in my mouth/think I say “is this healthy for me” will this get me to my goal? I’m 47 and I just want to be able to feel good about myself, to have energy, and motivation. There’s so much God wants for me, he wants me to live an abundant life I know this, but I feel as if I try and sabotage myself secretly. Sometimes food becomes my god-if I’m going to be honest-and I need that to change. Please pray for the strength to take one day, one hour, one minute at a time, to break the chains and allow me to get out of my own way-allowing God to heal me from the inside out. Thank you.

  10. Debbie

    I’m getting closer each time. One day it will stick. I will be living with healthier food choices along with consistent physical, mental, and spiritual practices that will benefit my overall well-being. Though it seems even harder now, I’m giving it one more go. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers.

  11. Lori

    I need prayer for so many things! Not only my weight and my health but financial crisis marriage crisis and our family in general! I’m being threatened that we’re losing our home. My husband doesn’t know. I’m overly tired of all this mess satan has invaded my house and I want him gone!!!

    • Innes

      Hi Lori. I just want to encourage you to much to just hang in and hang on to God. As I have put in my post below we have had a tough three years and really felt that things would never change although we had been given ‘words’ and ‘scriptures’ so many times and it is only now I can look back and realise that God is there. Even when we don’t feel it. For me I am steeped in the Freedom in Christ course. Don’t know if you know it but it has made for radical change in my life. It is so easy to say hang on in there but doing it is a challenge but lovely lady that I am sure you are. I will pray specially for you and just know that James 4 v7 is really real. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. He has to. God bless you – Innes

    • Lorraine

      Lori, I don’t know all your situation except to say I have been exactly there several times. Pray Pray Pray Pray! Without ceasing. I just prayed for you too. God answers in so many amazing ways. Listen for that still small voice. “Be still and know.” And I have found, for me, being honest with my husband is always best. Hugs to you.

    • Carol Love

      Lori, step one for obedience to the Lord is to share with your husband the situation with the house. He needs to be in the loop and in the know (and on his knees with you, if he too is a believer). It always seems like everything falls apart when one big piece is in jeopardy. Satan sees an opportunity and we have too many holes in the dam to plug to stay ahead of him so soon he has us drowning. Start with step one and watch God change all kinds of things for you. Praying that you get the wisdom you need and the relief that only He can bring.

  12. TinaW

    Hi Lysa,
    I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember (even as a youngster, my sweet Mom would “remind” me to suck in my tummy). Now I work for a major weight loss company. I have met my “goal weight” even going a little below. Let’s just say I am no longer there…
    I would love to sign up for your daily challenge to encourage me to get back, and stay on track. I have also decided that in 2015, I will make my goal.
    Thank you for spilling your guts out there so women like me can read and not feel so alone in our struggles.
    Much love to you and your journey!
    ~TinaW 🙂

  13. Christie

    I’m desperate and struggling. I’m unhealthy and exhausted. I’m mentally drained.

  14. Maria

    Hello Lisa, As I was checking my email I was actually in very confused place. I was sad and mad at myself for what I’ve made myself do. I am currently on day 28 of a very strict diet and taking hcg to loose weight. I feel horrible. Each day on this diet is so hard. Its so hard mentally and physically. I was asking myself if today is the last day of following this diet or if I should stick with it for a couple more days to see if I can loose a little more. I’ve been overweight almost my entire life. I have done 3 rounds of hcg and it’s helped me loose the weight but it’s so hard for me to maintain afterwards and to be completely happy. I have negative thoughts about myself everyday. Some days I even go into depression for weeks because of my weight and body image. I feel like this is a never ending struggle. I am looking forward to following your 21 day plan and hopefully it will help me feel better, live better, find happiness and feel peace. Thank you and if you have the chance say a prayer for me.


  15. Laurie

    Thank you Lysa! Please pray for my health, chronic pain, weight issues and depressipn, marriage problems, financial stress and my daughter’s health problems as well. Our family is under extreme attack. Thank you!

  16. Denise

    Hi Lysa! Please pray for my health. I’m going to be having hip replacement surgery next month. My right hip rubs bone to bone, my spine is pinched because of the 15 year progressive pain! I’m in extreme pain and walk with a limp. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you and your team! 🙂

  17. Linda

    It is 2 am, and I am lying here awake, because I chose to eat almost a whole bag of chocolates before I went to bed, and now I can not sleep. I am an emotional eater and for the last 4months, I have eaten my way through some some stressful events. Once again I have turned to food for comfort. God has been nudging me recently to turn myself around and consider my health, but so far I have been successful in ignoring Him. I read tonight of the death of one of my high school classmates from breast cancer at the age of 53. I am so ashamed, because I am an 11 year breast cancer survivor, and I feel like I’m throwing the gift of life that He’s given me away. Then, I read your blog. I felt God speaking directly to me. I need so many prayers to even take the first step. Please pray for me.

  18. Loni

    Please pray for me that I will have the strength and the will power to lose weight and get healthy not only for me but for my family. Also pray for my marriage as we’re in a fragile state as we’re trying to work thru some deep issues. I’m trying to forgive my husband and learn to trust him again. Our issues have affected our children and our 19 year old ran away from home and in a note he left behind he cited hearing my husband and I frequently arguing, in part, for his actions. My son still hasn’t come home and it’s been over a week. I just pray for God’s peace to fill our heard, our children’s hearts, and our home.

  19. Innes

    Hi – my name is Innes and i live in Cornwall in the Uk. I really would appreciate prayer in this weight struggle. Been a problem for years. Losing five and half stones and then putting 75% back on. Losing a stone and half over the last year and now put half a stone back on. Watching Lysa’s encouraging video clip and signed up to the 21 day challenge. Yes, I really need to focus on God not food. Had lots of struggles over the last three years but God has so amazingly turned life around for my husband and I and I recognise that is really is such an awesome God BUT this struggle remains and really want to do this. I believe in God solutions – not new year resolutions. I pray for all of you lovely people who attempt this challenge tool. Innes

    • Christina

      I pray you can see how you’re already succeeding through God’s strength. God brought you through tough struggles and you never went over your original weight. You may have gained back some of what you lost but it could have been so much more especially during stress. I pray, in Jesus name, you see all the days God brought you through and all the success. They may not look like the successes you thought they would but even one step forward, no matter the size is a step forward. I pray the guilt and self attack are removed because God never condemns and instead you hear only His beautiful loving instruction. I thank You Lord for what You are doing and will do in Innes’ life and I praise You know for the fulfilled promise! Amen

  20. Lesley

    I’ve been battling with my weight since aged 6 yrs ! After several surgeries I had freedom for about 2years ,then following an accident found myself disabled .The battle of the bulge started all over,only now I am unable to do serious exercise,in fact walking is a struggle ! Please sign me up and pray that theLord finally gets the victory in this area of my life. Thank you. Scotland uk.

  21. Kerri

    My name is Kerri. I would really be grateful for prayers for my struggle with weight. I prayed for over a year for God to give me the will power to quit smoking. Then one Sunday evening, (I had smoked all day) at 7:30, I looked at my daughter, and said, “I’m through smoking!!!” She didn’t believe me, because that is not the way most smokers quit, but I told her, I felt God’s presence and felt he told me, “You’re done with that”. I have now not smoked for over 2 years. That’s great, right? It truly is because I’m healthier in most respects, but I cannot stop eating!!! I’ve prayed for will power, and I feel that with God’s help (for I can do nothing without him), I can break this cycle. Please, pray with me for strength and self-control to do this.

  22. Cherie

    I have been sick a lot, so I haven’t been able to exercise the way I should. Three years ago I went into respiratory failure, all winter I have been dealing with chest pain, tightness and shortness of breath. I’ve been to the er so many times. Today I went to my regular Dr, my o2 stats were on the low side. I explained to my Dr all that I’ve been feeling, overwhelmed, foggy brained…..I wanted to get up and get moving, to start living. For the first time a health professional listened to me and we are taking steps to help improve my breathing, I am so thankful for this, I’m so tired of feeling tired of feeling sick and tired. I have gotten quite heavy, but the Dr seems confident that if we can get me breathing better and get back my energy I should be able to shed the pounds. I am encouraged by this, I ask prayer for healing from the inside out. I want to become the woman I was before, confident, strong, energetic, positive…..someone who enjoyed life. Please pray for me as I begin this journey. I want to become who and what God wants me to be.

  23. Christina Rendon

    I’m 56 years old. I started having issues with my weight when I got a receptionist job and sat all day for the past 5 years. For years I’ve been around 135lbs. In recent years I jumped to 144. Over the past 4 months that jumped to 154. My roll in this same job has changed, so I’m able to get up and move around. I’ve started exercising again, but it’s very easy for me to say “oh, it’s been a long day. I’m going to skip my workout.” I have commitment issues I’d have to say. Even my walk with the Lord is a commitment I’m not keeping regularly. My church is doing something called “Holy Habits.” We choose 2 habits from a list, mine is memory and meditation, but I’m not keeping up with that either. Please pray for my commitment issues. I would love to start memorizing scripture, and meditating over them.
    Christina R. Pflugerville, TX

  24. Charlotte

    I have been struggling with my weight issues for most of my life. My mom (love her heart) reminds me on a regular basis that “if I would get some of the weight off, I would feel better”. Not so easily done. Even though I have lost a few pounds, it is a constant struggle for me. As a single mom of a teenage boy who is very active in sports, along with financial difficulties eating right and eating at the right time, isn’t always doable. I ask you to pray for my strength and trust in The Lord. Although I know that He has a plan for my life sometimes it is very hard to see that when the devil seems to work so hard at bringing you down.
    Thank you Lysa for allowing God to work through you to give so many of us the encouragement that we need!

  25. Mary beth

    I’ve been battling with weight issues forever even to the extreme of being anorexic. I compare myself all the time to people. I don’t like going to any type of gatherings I’m just so self conscious! Even right now I’m supposed to be in a 8 week challenge yup already gained weight instead following. Please pray for me that I find that inner being and peace and I let God take control not food or others.

  26. Darlene

    Just spent time with God and told Him that I really needed to get eating under control and restart eating better. I eat wrong mostly through emotional triggers. I am not a lot overweight but 10 or 12 pounds really makes a different when you are 5ft 1 1/2 inches. All prayers are appreciated. I opened the email about eating about a hour after talking to God about it.

  27. Debra

    Thank you so much for this blog today. I needed it badly. I am overweight and haven’t exerci in years. I used to work out for an hour 5 days a week but have let myself go. I have forgotten that this body is a temple and that I have a mission that God has given me. If I do not lose weight and get in shape, is I do not cling to the fact that this temple has a job to do then my mission may not ever get completed. Pray for me to be exercise and eat right.

  28. Hope

    This is me. Lysa, I am amazed at how well you know me! I am desperate for change, yet obviously not so desperate to make the change! I have got to start making one good decision, then another, then another. I live a defeated life-while serving a victorious God! That just doesn’t make sense. I need prayer. My battlefield is my mind. Conquering that, I believe my body will follow. I won’t give up!

  29. Nanci Zehner

    Thank you, Lysa. Your thoughts and words just go straight to my heart. One of my hopes is that I have the opportunity one day to meet you. I would love to visit the Proverbs 31 office someday and get a hug from you and Melissa and all the other wonderful women who have touched my heart and soul these past few years. One day … I’ll get there.

    Anyway … I would appreciate prayers for total recovery from bulimia. I have struggled with this since I was a teenager. I’m now in my 50’s. While I’ve had brief times of freedom, it has always been there. Today, I am closer to total freedom than I have ever been. But, it seems everytime I think I’ve gotten total victory over it, I fall. I pray daily for strength to not give in to it and I know God is faithful. But, sometimes i get so discouraged. Thank you for your prayers. i follow your blog faithfully as well as the Proverbs 31 blog. Thank you for all you do to serve God and others. I, for one, can say you have made a tremendous difference in my life. And, I am eternally grateful!

    God bless you, Lysa. I pray for you daily as well.


  30. Danielle

    Good Morning! There is so much prayer to ask for. I am truly being attacked but everyday I see God’s hand in my life as the attacks come. I just had a baby 3 months ago and I have been feeling so gross lately. I have developed a terrible eating situation that I never really had before her birth, and I am seeing the results. I know people say nursing is good but my stomach is saying other wise. I don’t want to sound vain but I need prayer for self control. I have had so many cravings for unhealthy foods and I eat them everyday. I’m totally ashamed that I am feeding my baby this junk. It’s hard to be totally honest with my struggle because there are so many people who will judge you.
    I thank you for allowing us to be able to ask for prayers in our struggles and I hope God may bless you because you thought about others in the midst of their needs. God bless!

  31. G

    I need prayer. I have 3 wonderful
    Children, the youngest being 6 weeks old. My husband and I are ready to make some changes for the sake of our family and health. But old habits for hard and quite honestly, many times I don’t even have the desire to make healthy choices. I need God to do it in me, give me the desire and the will to want to do better. Please pray for me that I will crave fruits and vegetables instead of carbs and junk and that I will experience lasting victory this year.

  32. Dee

    God is an On Time God. He sent this email at the perfect time. My past mistakes have taught me to pay attention and be aware! I need now to pay attention to my health, especially my weight. After spending years as an athlete, swimming and rock climbing I fell into an inappropriate relationship. After 2 years of inactivity I’ve gained 20 pounds. Now I have high blood pressure, my BMI is obese and my overall physical and mental wellbeing is questionable. I have 3 months to loose some weight, get better mentally and start moving my body again. Pray for me. Thank you.

  33. Sheree

    Thanks for this blog. I am six years strong in recovery from Anorexia Nervosa. It is a daily battle with eating thoughts, but thankfully I know Who already won that battle. God’s Truth brings me through every step. I love reading the daily blogs from your ministry and own many of your books. Thanks for saying yes to God and reaching so many hurting women. I know from experience that the closer we walk with God the harder the devil works to try and stop us. I write daily blogs and the more I use personal information and experiences to help others, the harder the devil works on my thoughts. Thankfully, I have come to recognize this and stay strong in His Word to overpower the lies the devil throws my way. Have a blessed day Lysa.

  34. Heather


    I have struggled with my weight issues all of my life as a teenager to take control I became anorexic, but following a deep depression in my early 20’s I started putting back on the weight and it has been up and down ever since then. I surrender to God and He helps me and I really start feeling better, than somewhere in there I lose sight of Him temporarily and start the cycle all over again. I want to be able to be with my kids into their adulthood and enjoy my life with them not just make it through.

    Thank you for your prayers…

  35. LeeAnne

    You read my mind!! I woke up early this morning fussing at myself for letting myself get in this position. I lost 30 pounds last summer during a very stressful situation in my life. I physically could not eat. Since God performed the miracle I needed, I regained my appetite– plus some! The weight has returned and brought a little extra with it. I have always been overweight and insecure about how to truly lose weight and enjoy the process. I am a true southern girl– butter, casseroles, and sweet tea. Please add me to your prayer list. Thank you!!

  36. Roz

    Really made huge progress last year…. started with Made to Crave OBS and Action Plan a great start but schedule was sabotaged with huge need to care for elderly parent which exhausted me physically. I lost momentum and as care continues for this parent I’ve also lost my hope and peace. So im beginning again with 21 day email you sent today. . So tired and exercise seems so hard to do when running on fumes physically. Thanks for offering to pray for me thats such a treasure as I feel back at the start and yes defeated.

  37. Lorraine Furtner

    Lysa, seriously? Do you have a hidden camera in my house? I have your book. I’ve done this before. The whole carousel. Yesterday in comfort over my uncle transferred to hospice and my frustration with a new puppy, I reached out to idols (my taste buds) and offered them Krispy Kreme and a Chimichanga covered in cheese dip. My body rewarded my devotion. I swelled so bad that I gained 5 pounds! Did I mention that I worked sooooo hard to lose 14? It took me 3 months and Whole30 to do it! And in the past month of a new job (the kind of place where everyone snacks at their desk) I’ve gained 4 of those 14 back. Stepping on that scale made me so mad I could…what? STOP all those behaviors? That didn’t occur to me. No, I came downstairs with cheesecake for breakfast on my mind. But, luckily I woke up a minutes early so I decided to read the devotion today. It was like God grabbing my hand and looking into my eyes and saying…. “Honey, I’m serious about this.” Your devotion said to come to your blog (which is an invitation I can never refuse 🙂 to ask for prayer. Pray that I learn to listen to that still small voice and rebuild this temple, and most of all, please pray for my uncle Keith.

  38. Cassandra Lewis

    I just want to encourage everyone that All things are possible through Christ! If you are struggling with your weight, ask the Lord to give you strength to make the necessary changes one step one day at a time. He will lead you in the direction. I made the journey last year and lost 50 lbs which lead me to my best health since my teens. I will pray for everyone. Keep the faith and stay tuned into him. He will not steer you in the wrong direction.

  39. felice

    Yes yes and yes…my life feels out of control and I’m a finding God bringing me more and more peace daily. Of course I have my moments and forget to breathe but I definitely feel God calling me to surround myself with godly women to help me fight and conquer my daily battles. Even though I am 43 Pounds down from where I started…everyday is a mental, draining, and exhausting battle.

  40. Cris

    I certainly identify with your feelings regarding the weight and eating, but I struggle more with overspending (clothes, personal items, etc.). It follows the same cycle. I want to overcome both cycles and have been praying. Self discipline needs much improvement.

  41. Lisa F

    I have had this battle all my life. I can’t ever remember not having this struggle. I find myself often in the dark battle described above. I feel this battle is for me the same battle I fight with sin. I get up every morning resolved to do better and please God, pray for his help and strength but the minute my feet hit the floor I fail. I just feel so defeated, like this is a battle I can never win and I just need to give up. Pray for some steps, some type of encouragement.

  42. Missy

    I need prayer as I struggle daily with my weight issue. To say that I feel “less” than human is an under statement. Hugs and prayers

  43. Debbie

    Thank you – I am not sure how you do it but I think you see into my head, into my thoughts. I have always (and I do mean always) thought I was fat. And now one year after moving from a place that I walked everywhere and didn’t have a car to a town where I drive everywhere and the farthest I walk is to the car in front of my apartment, I am the heaviest I have ever been. It’s funny because I look at pictures of me from years ago and can’t believe I thought I was heavy then yet I would love to be that weight again. Please pray for me to 1. start loving myself (because I know I don’t) 2. start moving again – even if it is just around the block. 3. learn to be able to make healthy choices since my first choice when it comes to eating is junk food & something that is quick & easy.

  44. Heather

    Weight has always been a struggle for me, though surprisingly, I have been able to lose the weight I aimed for after my daughter was born….. I just still struggle with being ” healthy”. I struggle with healthy food and exercise habits, but your message speaks directly to a “small” addiction to the occasional smoking. I now know and admit it is a clear addiction and one I hate. I ask for prayer to overcome this and turn to God when I stress, instead of a smoke. Please help me by intercession and prayer for this. I no longer want it to harm my body and never want my daughter to witness this weakness in me.
    Thank you for your message and already helping me to let God overcome this in me.

  45. Grace

    Thanks for the Challenge Lysa ! I joined the P31OBS girls last year for the Made To Crave Study. During those weeks I lost several pounds – but, more importantly drew closer to the Lord and discovered a lot about myself and my relationship with God. I am so glad you placed this Challenge before me. I am going to dig out my book and materials and Dig in Again ! Time to refocus. Praise God 😀

  46. Kelly

    I would really appreciate your prayers. I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my first child and now i have three and the youngest is 6. do it has been a while. I remember back in high school i thought i was fat. Little did i know that being 5’10 and 150 was not bad at all. What i would give to be back in that body. No aches or pains and physically fit.
    I seem to have no problem losing inches, they just melt off when i begin my journeys to get healthy. But the # on the scale, well that never seems to move. After a while i get discouraged, the devil creps in or stress is hurled at me with a vengeance and I cave. Currently i am try to do no sugar and no milk. Last week i did well, but this week has been a struggle. I have done some research and i have several symptoms of cushings disease. So i am trying to change things up fir myself. I had gestational diabetes with 2 of my children and i have been told that can return later in life. I don’t want that life and want to do everything i can to be here for my kids and grandkids.

  47. Wanda Beal

    Have lost 32 lbs over last 8 months. But it hasn’t been easy. Need to lose for health reasons due to arthritis. Want and desire God’s direction and strength on this matter. Have struggled with weight for 30 years.

  48. Nicole

    Hi Lysa! I first want to thank you for your ministry. I have been blessed reading your posts and I always appreciate your honest and open heart to the Lord and others. I’m struggling with my weight. I’ve gained so much weight in the last year. I hurt all over and feel so disgusting. I had been over weight before and I got to a a place with God where I found peace about myself and confidence in who I am in Christ whether I ever lost the weight or not. A few years later due to some circumstances with our little 2 year I lost all the weight and was back down to my normal size. But my attitude about myself was not right. This last year the weight has packed on me. It seemed like if I smelt food or just thought about it I would gain weight. If I ate well I still gained weight. It was pretty scary. Then I just gave up and would eat whatever. I was told I might have adrenal fatigue. After researching I think I might, but I still think I need prayer and help. During the time I lost weight I had to give up all kinds of food that I was use to eating. It was hard, but surprising not that difficult. I knew His grace must of been on me, cause I couldn’t do that in myself. I felt free from food for the first time in my life. Fast forward to today and feel in bondage again. It’s so funny because last year I was thinking of signing up for your Made to Crave, but I thought I was ok at that time. I think that was a mistake to not sign up, but I’m here today asking for help. Any prayer would appreciated. Thank you. Good Bless.

  49. Sue

    I am in need of prayer. I have done made to crave twice already and have a little success each time, but then manage to fall back to my old ways again. I’m approaching 250 pounds and at 5’3″ that is significant! I’m always tired, I work with 0-3 year olds that require me to be on the floor and its getting harder and harder.

    Everything hurts, I have carpal tunnel in both hands. I have no energy to even think about working out! 2 weeks ago I vowed to start riding my exercise bike 10-15 min a day. Did it 2 days and my back was killing me, I gave up.

    I am at a very low point in my life, I don’t like how I look, I don’t like how I feel and I hate when I say I’m going to eat well and then drive through the DUNKIN donuts drive through. Guilt and hate towards myself is rampant in my brain.

    I pray… I say I’m giving it to God, but obviously I’m not. I need to do something before I’m stuck in bed unable to do anything!

    Overall I present as a very happy person. No one knows (not even my husband) the anguish and depression I feel!

    Thanks for listening and for the prayers!

    • Christina

      Oh Lord, You see Sue. You see her hurt and pain that are ever present with her. I know it must break Your heart to see Your daughter struggle so and to be in such pain alone. Today, I pray the friend of hers You’ve put in her life will reach out to her. That Sue will know it’s You and You are not about to leave her alone. In Jesus name, Amen!

  50. Kristen

    Please pray that God would help me rise above the draw of the foods that pull me down. I’ve read your book and loved it – made some healthy changes but still struggle on an edge.

  51. Maren Breitwieser

    I am 60 years old & it hit me the past year or so (takes me awhile to notice things in general, & I wasn’t looking to notice this) that people who aren’t fit seem to talk differently around me, regardless of their age. Comments such as, “I have to get up now” or something to that effect. I don’t know what God used to motivate me shortly after I was married in 1978 to start running (& after 2 children I don’t have the pelvic floor to run so bicycle or swim), but it’s the nicest thing I do for my mental and physical health. I’ve said to so many the past several years, “Jesus gives me joy & peace, but exercise is the nicest thing I do for my mental & physical health.” And all of my family of origin have been (or were before their deaths) on some sort of psychotropic drugs. People look at me and occasionally comment, “Oh you’re so small, you don’t need to worry re what you eat!” but may I say that part of it is my genes but over the years I’ve made different choices to keep closer (I’d like to lose 10# before April to look better in the dress for my son’s wedding:-) to what would be an ideal weight for me.

  52. Tina Solorzano-Cruz

    Dear Lysa, please pray for me. I am so tired of eating out if control. I wake up sick. Its ruining my time with my husband and my children and I just want to sleep. Yes, I’m depressed. This cycle has been going on since I was 16 abd I’m now 49. I fear I’m going to lose my husband because I avoid intimacy. Thank you for praying. I would love to receive your 21 day devotions for the second time. Thank you. Signed, a desperate wife and mom.

  53. Deb

    I am a teacher and pastor’s wife. I am 53 and have struggled with losing and gaining weight my entire life. God has really been speaking to me about my weight and health issues. I am also going through menopause so that makes it even more difficult.I would appreciate all prayers to help me overcome this addiction. Thank you!

  54. Marie Fuhrman

    Prayers are needed, I have always had weight problems and problems with food. at my largest I was 320 lbs. that is when I decided that I was going to change my life and I had gastric bypass surgery. I did well for years before my past demons showed up again. I that’s when my food addiction turned in to alcohol addiction, and I started putting on weight. I need prays to control the demons of addiction and to start tearing my body as the temple that God wants me to. I NEED to get my weight back under control. I’m hoping that this will also help with the back pain that I have been dealing with. This message was so powerful and I really do appreciate all prayers.

  55. Annie

    Hi and thank you for offering us prayer,
    My story of weight issues isnt that uncommon, without going to in depth into my old self, i went from being a tubby teen, to a model and dancer, to being bullimic, ultimately causing myself major issues including hypothyroid, i got so depressed i gained 10stone in 3 years god has since helped deal with the likes of childhood trauma, bullying etc and my mind and soul are in a much better place ive also since lost 4 stone however i still have food issues now im a big comfort eater and i smoke to many cigarettes i know if i would hand this over to god he would get me past this but i have a reluctancy, or rather a fear that i wouldnt cope with stress without smoking or eating every carb and fatty thing in sight, alot of the weight can be put down to the thyroid issue but not all of it and i know i can get out of that mindset with god however i would really appreciate some prayers to help me give god full charge so he can deal with it and so i wouldnt be afraid of making the changes i need to make, good luck everyone i hope you reach your goals and god bless xo

  56. ruth

    Heading to new life’s lose it for life seminar this weekend…praying for transforation around food. So…your 21 day challenge is perfect timing. Want to believe that change is possible…Lord help my unbelief.

  57. Heather

    Ugh, this is such a struggle for me. Over the past five years I have made it to within 12 lbs of my goal weight, but the motivation is gone. I HATE exercise and I have hit that age where simple food modification doesn’t cut it any more. I know exercise and fairly radical diet changes are necessary. Please pray that God will work in my heart, I want a desire to do these things…but I fear this may be a time He wants me to act in obedience first ……

  58. Andrea

    I am overweight.I make terrible food choices.I recently started going back to church and joined tge running for Jesus couch to 5k small group. Im excited and nervous. Please pray that I can do it. Thank you!

  59. Michelle

    Hi, I feel you close Lysa. I receive e-mails daily from Proverbs 31. I started the made for Crave bible study with my church last week. Never really had issue’s with food until after 50. Need to loose 30 lbs. Most of my problem is drinking too much which puts on the weight. I could easily drink a bottle of wine and I no it isn’t healthy. So instead of saying crave food in our bible study, I silently change it to wine. For 3 weeks I have been really good (not having drinks during the week) and exercising and eating like you do (animal). But many stresses are in my life . My husband chose to leave his job of 34 years and I feel the weight of work on me, my son and his girl friend and baby are struggling, do to lost of son’s job, who he is struggling even thinking about beginning a Christian. And dealing with a beautiful young 24 year old daughter who is depressed and is trying to learn to love herself before others. I take this all on as a wife and mother and just yesterday told my sister I can’t wait for Jesus to come take us, because life is a struggle. Have your staff Pray for me and my son (Trevor) for job opportunity & daughter Maddie to love herself. I know God has plans for all of us, but it surely is nice to know if others are praying for us too. I also am going to sign up for the 21 day encouragement and will tell the bible study girls to do so too.

  60. Marilyn

    Lysa, Thank you for offering this 21-day challenge. I very much needed it. Your ‘Made To Crave’ series has been a source of great inspiration and comfort for me as I struggle with self control. I have reached a plateau in my efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. I believe your offer of a 21-day challenge is just what I need to push through this plateau and get me back on track of slowly shedding pounds and ultimately reaching my goal where I will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I need to spend my time more wisely. I need to make these priorities knowing i will be better equipped to serve God. Thank you for your prayers.

  61. Sheila

    I am 67 years old, born again Christian. I have been dealing with the whole weight issue my whole life. Because of this My health is starting to be affected by it. I get tired of going to drs. and classes, taking so many medicines. I am trying to have a good attitude and do what is right but I am tired of the whole thing. Please pray for my health. That I will be willing to eat healthy, do a little exercise and lose 80 lbs. i have had all of the Made to Crave books for a long time but can’t seem to start it and keep going. So I am starting today. I want to have a healthy body. Please pray also that God would renew my mind. Thank you and God bless. Thank you Lysa for caring so much and for being so honest. You are a blessing to us.

  62. connie ashenfelter

    I need prayer for stick-to-it-ness.
    I have been overweight all my life and also worked out all my life. I just have never STUCK to eating healthy and working out. Pray that this time, I DO.

  63. Jamie

    Could really use prayer in this area. Experienced victory in the past in this area. Really need victory again. Read your book. Big help. Thanks.

  64. Angie

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. It seems like the past 8 to 10 years that my weight has steadily increased and I continue to put things down my throat that I shouldn’t. I had a fellow Christian friend yesterday tell me that it’s more than just exercise, it’s about diet. Our society doesn’t help matters either. I would eat and eat without any idea about the serving size and how many calories were in the that one meal. Not only do I need prayer to change theway I’m eating but I also need prayer that I will stop eating out so much; that has really packed the pounds on as well. As my husband was saying the other day, when you hear that little voice inside your head saying, “you can just eat that little Twix bar; it won’t bother you,” I’ve got to learn to say no because then I will want another and another. Thank you for your encouragement and for being honest about those questions in your devotion. I answered yes to all of them. Please continue to pray for my husband and I as we embark on a new daily battle to preserve and protect the body (temple) God has given us! God bless!

  65. kellie Mathewson

    I have struggled with my weight for so long… and really found help with the Made to Crave Bible study… but sure could use some Jesus girls to pray for me…. I know the right things to do,but doing them is harder than not..I am so thankful and blessed for your support and the comfort that ya’ll bring to me

  66. Christy

    As I am not dangerously overweight yet… I’m at the point where my clothes are not fitting, I’m not making the effort to plan and prepare healthy meals, I’m avoiding a beach trip so I don’t have to think about getting into my swimsuit, and the worst part of my day is deciding what to wear to work. I enjoy exercise but during the dead of winter I struggle with motivation– basically I’ve fallen off the wagon, again! And this is my typical cycle of roller coaster weight issues. I continue to gain and loose the same 30 lbs. It’s not peaceful and affects my happiness. I’m now 45 years old, I even have a college minor in health… I know what to do. My 1st decision is to commit to your 21 day challenge– please pray for me. I know better decisions with flow. Thank you.

  67. sd

    Not only do I have a weight prob, I feel like I’ve lost my way with God. Of course he is my father always but that flame has died down. I’ve lost my crave for God, reading, praying, spending time with God has hit the back burner. I feel like I’m numb inside by life and my marriage that nothing matters. If my craving for sweets were a strong for God, maybe I’d find my way again. Please pray for me

  68. Asia

    Hello, thank you for allowing God to use you as one of His vessels to shed light on His sheep in a time of need:) Can you please pray for self control and self discipline to be granted unto me. As well as for His will to be done in my life and protection? Thank you!

  69. Lisa

    Our family of 6 (4girls) is getting ready to unplug, reboot, and establish a healthier lifestyle. In our family of 6, 5 of us need to lose weight and the youngest eats nothing but junk food. It’s a sacrifice to do this for our family but we know it’s an area we have failed at and needs God’s help to overcome. We have rented a house in FL for 7 weeks and plan to change life as we know it. One of our daughters disease depends on this. Would you please pray the Jesus stays in the center of it all and that we gain victory. I want to pass on a legacy of “peace” that Lysa was talking about in the article. We are blogging about it if you want to follow us:

  70. Kristi

    I have four beautiful children and a loving husband. A car accident has placed me in a lot of chronic pain. I’m working to make sure the family’s needs are met, but there isn’t enough energy to fit my personal needs in. I’d greatly appreciate prayer. Thank you for your blog, Lisa! God is good ALL the time!

  71. Dana

    Good morning and thanks for your words and encouragement. I would appreciate prayer to continue sticking to my plan (Weight Watchers) to finish losing the weight I gained while pregnant with my baby. I am half way there, and have been lazy since Thanksgiving about staying on track. Thank you!

  72. Marquita

    It’s been so long! I’ve been up & down on the scale, tried every diet, taken every prescription (on Phentermine now) & I feel like a hypocrite. I’m a caterer and I love to cook. I love everything about food..fellowship, how it feeds heals sick, lonely, homeless people, how it amazes people what God can do, with just what we have, to feed families. I’m also in ministry, I sing, I write, I counsel. But in secret I’m tortured within myself. I’ve been a better friend than I’ve allowed people to be to me because I don’t want them to know the real me that is sad & emotionally disconnected. As a counselor I know that my disconnect is directly related to childhood pains, which led to bad choices; & I openly discuss these things in an effort to keep others from ever feeling like I felt. I know my Redeemer has forgiven me & I love Him so much for that. I’ve even forgiven myself for the bad choices. I just can’t seem to like looking at me and I know that grieves the Holy Spirit. Food has been my “go to god” for so long, in secret. So I’ve always kept people and even my family, at a comfortable distance for fear of exposure. My irrational fears of failure, rejection and change have paralyzed me and kept me from emotionally connecting to my husband and my kids, even my mom…I love these people! My spirit is willing but like it is time after time, my flesh is weak. I’m working on a devotional, plus trying to open a Pop up cafe to do ministry out of. May I just say, I KNOW HE WANTS ME TO SURRENDER MY SECRET ADDICTION (which is probably not so secret) TO HIM! But I fail Him at every attempt. And I am tired of myself! I feel like He won’t take me any further than this until I can stop this insanity! I want to be better for the Kingdom! I want my worship to be true! My brain has been replaying Romans 12:1-2 every single day…I’m tired of just feeling, just being….I probably don’t sound like I write (lol, NOT), but I’m all over the place and in desperate need of prayer.

  73. Carol

    Thank you for the blessing of prayer. I have been praying whether it is Gods will for me to go in patient for 30 days as I can’t stop binge eating. I feel like I’m in the dessert and God seems so far right now. I love HIM so…..

  74. Chelley

    Your words today brought me to tears. Self-loathing and self-deprivation is a common practice for me. I’ve been overweight all my life, even as a child.
    I’ve never felt as good as the rest of the world because of it.
    Thank you so much for this!!

  75. Betty

    Good morning girls, I need to be accountable to someone who will not judge but love me through this journey. I believe God sent me you guys

  76. Barbara

    Prayers for all who struggle with life issues-can painfully relate -at 65 it’s so difficult to keep God’s temple clean & well maintained

  77. LeRyiah

    I have never been a person that has struggled with my weight. I have my own personal dragons that I wrestle with that wreak havoc on my heart’s peace, like anxiety, but weight was never a burdensome issue until now. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV brain cancer last year and since that day, I have found myself 40 pounds heavier. Aside from the obvious discomfort of being overweight, it is the lack of discipline, self disrespect and control issues that are plaguing my heart these days. I ask that you pray for me to stay strong, to dig deep into God’s Word daily so that I may guard my heart and mind from the Devil who is trying to win me over through ice cream and a bag of Doritos. As a child of the ONE TRUE KING, I know I will overcome and He will equip me with just what I need to be victorious over this battle…I just need to give it to Him, submit to His will and OBEY…easier said then done, right?! Thank you Lysa, for the gift of your book, Made to Crave. I have yet to read it but as soon as I click “post,” I think I will head over and get myself an early birthday present. Your writing is so authentic, genuine and heart felt. Every page of your stories tug at my heart strings, leaving me to not only want more of your writing but leaving me craving for more of THE WORD. Thank you! I pray I will be able to make it to She Speaks again this year…it rocked my world last year!

  78. Tricia

    For the first time in YEARS (decades??), I am trying to seriously get in better shape by working out & eating better. I joined a gym & have made some good decisions so far. I haven’t improved my eating majorly yet so I need help in that department. I also know the “hard times” are coming – when I don’t see results as fast as I want to or when my schedule gets so packed, I only make it to work out once in a week (or not at all) OR I get so stressed at work that I eat for comfort. My husband has lost over 100 pounds since July 2013 so he is a huge inspiration to me. His transformation is an answered prayer from God – now for myself. Prayers are greatly appreciated!!

  79. LaNette

    I struggle with food as it relates to every and any emotion. I have started running again but am easily finding excuses to stop. I ask for the strength to better handle my emotions and the determination to continue running. I would like to run a 10 mile race in May that I did many years ago but would like to run again.

  80. Jennifer N

    Prayers for healing, courage, strength, grace filled words, forgiveness and love!
    Thank you!

  81. Tanya

    I have struggled with my weight all my life. My brother would call me names, people would make remarks like “You must eat all the food from your sisters”, they were very skinny. It has been a struggle. I would loose the weight, then I would gain it back. I eat when I’m depressed and then get depressed because I ate. It is a vicious cycle, and emotional cycle that I can’t get out of. I get on diets and lose 5 – 8 pounds, get disgusted or bored with life and I feel I want to treat myself and there goes the diet. I’m tired. I’m not unhealthy, I’m overweight and unhappy about it. Please pray that God help me to be more discipline to stick to a plan and to help me feel better about myself.

  82. Tammy

    I am a newly born again Christian. I am thankful for Gods mercy and grace. I am in desperate need of deliverance. I have suffered with anorexia/bulimia for more than 20 yrs. once I consecrated my life to Jesus I thought it would just ‘go away’. It didn’t! The devil is always telling me I’m not saved because of this! Please pray for me, I need and covet your prayers.

  83. Tina

    I needed this in my mailbox today. I am an addicted soul who craves to be free from many chains! I asked God this morning in bed if He really cared about me he would lift these chains from food and drink. I do need a miracle. I do need girlfriends, I do need your prayers!!!! Maybe maybe this time………..

  84. Dee

    I read along with your online study a few years ago, thought about a lot of things and knew that what you shared was what I needed. I ran into some medical issues and was finally told by MD that because of thyroid I would have to eat fewer calories than the recommended 1200 for a woman. I re-read Made to Crave and followed it. Since last April I have lost 18 pounds of body weight and added a whole lot of spiritual and emotional growth! In two weeks I will be facilitating your study at our church, Praises to God and thanks to you….

  85. Kathy

    Since I first read your Made To Crave book I have read it over and over many times. It is encouraging and insightful. Though I struggle with my food issues and weight I would appreciate prayer regarding my strength to do the right thing for me not for anyone else. I also need to not be so hard on myself. I just get frustrated as I can’t seem to lose the weight. I did have success several years ago and lost 70 lbs but I began putting it back on just before my Mom died very suddenly and after that there was a lot of emotions dealing with all of that plus dealing with my brother who was living in her house at the time. Like everyone I do come from a dysfunctional family and now all I have left in my family is my brother who is a lost soul. Not saying that is a reason but it affects my emotional well being at times. I am healthy, do workout 5 – 6 days a week, do eat healthy, I do lose a few pounds then just like that they are back on. I want to stay the course and reach my realistic goal. The one part I feel is missing is my closeness to God. I know he is with me but at what level am I allowing him in? Just tired and frustrated. Appreciate your prayers. Thanks and God bless you for all you do to encourage women!

  86. Amber

    Like many women I’ve struggled with my weight, but my mom started me on weight watchers in the 9th grade. I was never big just average. I seriously grew up dieting and hate diets because of that I cringe when I hear the word “diet”. I am a size 10 and need to lose weight because the older I get, the more things shake rattle and roll 🙂 I need pray that I can make wise decision and form a habit that is pleasing to our Lord. I hope to meet you in Pigeon Forge in April. I stood in line in Charlotte in November but didn’t get to meet you. Blessings!

  87. Melissa

    Please pray that I would finally figure out how much to eat so that I don’t gain and can lose weight. I am 64 years old and my husband passed away over two years ago. I also need to get into an exercise routine but am finding it so hard.

  88. Ashlee

    Please pray for a willing heart to lose weight. I really, really need to (like, 80 pounds need to), but I have let food become medication. It brings me comfort and happiness and is a balm to any wounds that may appear, and it is taking the place of Jesus in those instances. I don’t want that. Please pray that God will change my heart and give me a want-to that lasts. Thank you for your ministry! You are a blessing every day!

  89. Sara Sellman

    Hey ladies! Please pray for me. I have battled eating issues since high school. I went from not eating then, to overeating now. I am the biggest I have ever been. Thank you for this Study and the challenge, declaring that Freedom will be mine in 2015!

  90. Chasity Hunt

    I really need your prayers please! I have always had weight issues. And ever since I have had my son, my weight has really been bad. Please pray that The Lord will give me self control, and not eat all the bad food. And where I can be a good example for my son. I have been diagnosed with PMDD which is the worse symptons of that time of the month, and that really makes the cravings out of control.

  91. Myra

    Hi Lysa, I felt as of you were writing directly to me. This is such a huge portion of my daily heart ache. Pray for me, as I’ve fallen into another slump and have said again…Monday, yes Monday, I’ll behin again. Self control, diligence, and not stopping half way to my goal are all specific prayers. Thank you

  92. Kim

    Where do I start, I’ve actually started to write this about 3 or 4 different times, but something always happens…I either don’t do it right or something…then I say, well the Lord must not want me to write it. 🙁 I don’t even know where to start. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 16…now I’m 50. How did it go for so long? I make excuses all the time, but I truly don’t know how to change. I’ve tried to change my prayers, my thinking, my eating, and lifestyle, but it usually only lasts a few months. I have a mom that weighs about 100 lbs. less than me. She plays tennis all the time and looks 50 when she is 70. She always tells me that I have such a pretty face…. Everyone in my family is fit…except me. I had my 50 birthday and a son’s wedding all in the same year. I sure wanted to los weight for those big milestones….it didn’t happen. I think, if I didn’t do it for that then there is nothing that will motivate me. I have another sons wedding this August. I know I have a lot of baggage I carry around, both mentally and physically. My first husband died a year after we divorced (my fault). But I’m now a wife, mother of 4 (plus one foreign exchange student), teacher…yadda, yadda, yadda….I’m successful in all other aspects of my life, but not this! I use to think the only solution is to go on the Biggest Loser. I’ve started that application twice. I know what to eat and what to do. But.I.Just.Can’t.Do.It!

  93. Christina L

    I had a lapband put in 4 years ago. Since I have had major life issues come my way and the lapband is no match for emotional eating. My lapband dr thinks it is just not the right tool for me and that gastric bypass surgery is the answer. Maybe that’s true. My best tool God gave me is my mind. I need to learn to turn to Him instead of food, use food to nourish and not punish me, I asked for 6 ,ontgs. Not give this next 6 months my best and see what happens. Really see if it’s the tool. I believe God wants to do the impossible with me starting this year in many areas of my life and weight is one of them. I believe He can ro what professionals are saying can’t be done. Oh and I’m not well so exercise is at the min. Just another piece to glorify God through. Please surround me with your prayers for belief and for the actions God asks of me to support that belief . That I live now as the healthy person God has made me to be as a praise and thank You for what is to come. Thank you soooo much Lysa for honouring God by going through your own struggle and then being vulnerable allowing God to speak through You in the book. I read it and did the OBS of it last year. Thankfully my mind and heart were forever changed and will never see the issue the same way again. Many blessings!

  94. Donna

    I need prayer for this big area of my little life. God has His finger intimately upon it in me. I want to respond and obey and have every chain broken at the root to be free to run with abandon into whatever and all He has for my life. THANK YOU!

  95. Julie

    I am praying for each of you ladies who have posted. Weight gain is such a struggle and it gives that open door for the devil to walk in and fill us with thoughts of inadequacy and failure. But that is NOT who we are in Christ! I struggle with my weight now too and it has affected my health. I am committed to a healthier life style and with God’s strength- I CAN win this battle and honor the Holy Spirit with a healthy temple to dwell in. I need prayer to continue to lean on God, to resist food temptations, and to be reminded every day to lay my struggles at the Lords feet. Thank you Lysa for telling it like it is, for being open and honest about your struggles. And for walking with us to help guide us to freedom. Again, I’m praying for strength and healing for each of you sweet ladies.

  96. Jane

    Hi Lisa. I was blown away by the devotional this morning because I am struggling so badly with food right now. I do well and then binge. I have short gut syndrome which makes it worse because when I binge I end up in major pain because my stomach can’t handle large amounts of food. I keep asking God for help only to feel defeated and like a failure often. My mind keeps going to the scripture of where God gives us over to desires and I do feel out of control on some days. I am being proactive and am working with a dietician and personal trainer to “teach me” how to eat right and exercise. I want to honor God with my body. I love Him dearly for all he has done in my life. Everything you shared in the devotional is what I talked with the personal trainer last night. So I know this is God encouraging me and stating that there is hope. He has delivered me from so many things, including a horrible drug addiction. I love the part in the devotional where you say: Give careful thought to your ways” and make time to “build the house” so that He may be honored. I need to be intentional each day and slow down. Clear my schedule or simplify it so I am not so busy and overwhelmed and eat out of emotion.

    Thank you for sharing this devotional. I am printing it out and keeping it near me every day! God bless.

  97. Marlies

    Thank you…… You have no idea how I need this. I feel like I am slipping under a big black cover. Depression is something I struggle with, and trying to keep it at bay constantly. My weight is out of control, and I feel my whole life is also out of control. I never make time for myself, but I certainly take on everyone’s struggles around me. Food is my go too, I guess you would say I am an emotional eater (lately that’s all the time). Right now tears are running down my face, I just want to keep it together, I desperately need prayer. I need to get healthy.

  98. Wendy

    My name is Wendy and I turned 47 last Thursday, Jan. 15. Today is Laura’s birthday. She is one of my dearest and best friends. We have known one another since our sophmore or junior year in high school. We have been roommates in college and been there through pregnancies, babies, deaths of parents and MANY things. Through it all we both struggle with exactly what you desccribe. Please pray for each of us to start this new year with a renewed sense of love for ourselves just the way our father wants us to! Thank you!

  99. Annette

    I’m struggling with my weight and overall physical appearance, & I feel if affecting my relationship with my husband & contact with others. I’ve lost 7 pounds, & am so thankful to God, but now it’s starting to slow down. It’s getting harder. This is where I struggle with frustration, & just wanting to give up. Feeling that it’s hopeless. That I can’t do it, which makes me feel even more like a failure. Please help me pray to overcome these struggles & find some self worth. Thank you!!

  100. Carrie

    Please add me to your prayer list. I struggle with food & have gained a lot of weight over the past year. It’s all I can think about & it’s bringing me down.

  101. melodie yaw

    Hi. I just signed up for the 21 day challenge of crave God not food. I am 39 and have arthritis in my knee and am just really struggling with the sugar aspect of eating….I love sugar and cupcakes etc….I know in my head what is right to do. Please pray for that my desire to please God with what and how I eat would outweigh any craving.

  102. Michele

    In June 2014, I started a class called The Daniel Diet ” at Church. In the last 10 years I have gained 60#, I am know close to 61st Birthday. I lost 21# and put back on 13# over the Holidays. I want my body to be a healthy dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. I need self control. Please pray I can get focused again. Bless you.

  103. Deb

    Well, this is God’s answer to me asking for help in losing all the weight plus some that I gained in the last seven years of the Wilderness training I have been in. I now weight 305lbs! 🙁 my hope is in The Lord and He has led me to you. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Looking forward to getting started!

  104. Adrienne

    Thanks Lysa! I loved your book the first time I read it. I will go back and read it again while losing this same 20 lbs 🙂

  105. Loriann

    Although I am not “overweight” according to many peoples standards, the numbers have been creeping up lately due to stress eating. I am not comfortable with this as obesity is in my family genes. At 46 years old, I know I need to get a grip on this or it could become a problem. Two years ago I ran a marathon, but today I just can’t get myself motivated to even move other than going to work and necessary places. I know what you are thinking and , yes, I may be struggling with a bit of depression due to my newly empty nest. 🙁 I am hoping that once the sun shines again (I live in snowy western PA) I will feel encouraged to get outside and get moving again, but what about the next few months? I am cautious about “dieting” and losing weight as I have a
    daughter who has struggled with anorexia in the past. What I really need is a hobby now that I have all this free time on my hands. . . something that makes me happy and gets me motivated. Thanks for your prayers. I pray for you girls at Proverbs 31 as well, as you continue to touch so many lives each day.

  106. Beth

    Hi Lysa,
    Thank you for your post – I definitely need prayer. I “was” bulimic in my teens and early 20s and did some serious damage to my body that only by God’s grace has not had the life long effects that it should have had. For the past 30 years or so I have not fallen back into the bulimic behaviors, yet am finally seeing that my mindset has not changed. I answered “yes” to all of your questions. I began working with a nutritionist just a week ago and am also seeing a Christian counselor. I would greatly appreciate your prayers as I follow God’s lead in getting my mind and body aligned with His plan for me. Thank you and please know that I pray for you and your ministry – you have been, and continue to be, such a huge blessing to me!

  107. Val

    How timely this is. I just dug my Made to Crave devotional out of the bookcase about a week ago! I am, this week, savoring a revelation from the book that I actually do possess self-control! I need prayer for this fruit of the Spirit to become stronger. I am not overweight but I have a long history of food issues and I would sure love to be free some day. Free from the focus on food, calories, exercise and to just have a “normal” attitude towards those things. It seems like there are women out there who have a casual attitude about food and exercise….they don’t count the calories and they fit exercise in when they can…like these things don’t rule their lives. I need to intentionally redirect my focus and maybe it will always have to be intentional…I just want peace in this area.

  108. Angie

    Thank you, Lysa, for your openness and willingness to lay it all out there. It truly makes a difference for women like me. I am totally addicted to sugar. I eat healthy, whole foods but can not leave the candy alone. I feel sinful because the desire for sugar is often stronger than my desire for God. Please pray for me to reverse this and for the ability to stop this addiction. Thank you!!

  109. lc

    I believe the Lord is opening my eyes to His truth about Himself and me in recent days. Bringing me out of 3 years (to the day!) of deep, dark depression after my husband confirmed having an affair and then demanding a divorce. The betrayal and rejection was horrendous.
    Anyway, I have made matters worse by many times making poor choices, at times rebelling against God, and causing myself further hurt, pain and delayed my own healing and restoration.
    I would appreciate your prayers for faith, joy, peace and strength to pickup the pieces and follow God’s leading. Because I’ve lost my 3rd job (more rejection!), I need to make some major decisions in my life. Move in with my mom or my son and his family. My immediate need has to do with my health and no insurance. Please, please pray with me for self control over what I eat AND victory over idleness & depression. Thank you so much! May our Lord and Savior bless you richly in every way! ♡

  110. Sara

    I have been struggling with having patience in what I feel like is an urgent pray request. I am daily fighting feeling of frustration and a “why aren’t you helping God?” . My dad is an amazing guy. He loves his wife, children and grandchildren with all he has. He is not a believer. i have been praying for him since I was a little girl, so for about 25 years. I know God has a perfect plan, and I am trying so hard to cling to that and His perfect timing, not my own. When I have talked to him about it, he basically says there’s no way God could love him. I don’t know the things he’s done in his life. He is a Vietnam veteran and I am almost positive that these type of comments stem from that experience. Please join me in praying for him. I know God is not through with him and that He can Break the walls that surround even the hardest hearts. My faith and relationship is so very important to me and basically my lifeline, and I so want him to experience that love, rest, and forgiveness that only our Savior can provide. Please join me in lifting him up. His name is Dave. God is good all the time, and His timing is perfect. Thankful for community of believers who lift up one another in prayer.

  111. Lisa

    Agree agree agree! With every word! You clearly have been in the battle Lysa (and team) and you now carry the flag to lead us forward in the battle.

    I could go on and on but I will ask for prayer to see clearly what I can be if I believe. …for the millionth time that I can have healthy emotions that produce a healthy body….only in Christ will this happen. Thank you!

  112. Renee

    My issue is not my physical. It is keeping my spiritual as well fed as my physical. I eat right and workout regularly. I struggle with giving God quality quiet time.

  113. Page

    I have never really struggled with my weight, just the usual little gains that come with age. I was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 6 years ago; I was 43. First came the steroids with the chemo, and the scale went up. Chemo stopped my monthly cycle, which seriously slowed my metabolism. The scale went up. Then came the Tamoxifen for 2.5 years, and now the Exemestane. Up, Up, UP! This is the most I have ever weighed and it is truly hard to look at myself in the mirror. And then doesn’t that sound absolutely ridiculous because, thank you Jesus, I’m still here. I’m still here to be my kids’ mom, I’m still here to be my man’s wife, I’m still here to do what it is that God would have me do. I would just like to do it with less fat around my mid-section. Your Proverbs 31 daily email came at the perfect time….the morning after a night of shopping to look for a new outfit for a business function. God, in His infinite wisdom, knows where to place the words and offers for prayer. Thank you Lysa, and may God continue to bless Proverbs 31 ministry.

  114. Candace

    I have ALWAYS had a weight issue. It has gotten worse since I retired. I just can’t seem to stick to healthy eating. I have
    Rayed about it, talked to myself about it and I just fail every time. Maybe additional prayers will help.

  115. sue

    I admire your faith and trust in the Lord. I have constant reminders of body image and financial, as to never measuring up. I pray for the faith you have and to enjoy life and contentment today. I know God will always take care of us…I just feel a little anxiety. Thank you for always having encouraging words. Blessings

  116. Laura scott

    This has been a struggle for 26 of the 27 years I’ve been married. It has caused lots of pain over the years. I am 45 and have decided it’s too late and have resigned myself to being 40 to 50 lbs overweight. But I don’t want to give up. Grrr….

  117. Sharon

    I need to get knee replacement (both knees), I have Fibromyalagia, Multiple chemical Sensitivities, arthritis and Lipedema and I weigh nearly 300 pounds.. I need to walk for the Lipedema but can’t due to my knees. I am not supposed to spend a lot of time on my feet because of my knees. I had taken Savella for the Fibro and gained 75 pounds in 10 months which just doesn’t seem to want to come off. I want to have a clean healthy temple but need lots of prayers. Thank you.

  118. Tammy

    Please pray for me. I have been dieting and exercising for years. I am 52 years old and I haven’t been taking care myself at all for a while lately. I’ve used excuses such as has been doing is drinking all the time, our marriage is a shambles, I don’t have time,I am raising three of my grandsons because their parents are addicted to drugs. Since the boys came to live with me I struggle with homework, behavior problems, keeping the house clean,and all the other things that wives and mothers do.I finally got to a place where I take time every day to spend quality time with God. But I’ve totally let myself go because I don’t know where to fit it please pray for me to have the strength to take on another task. And please pray for my husband my marriage my son and grandchildren . Help Iam desperate Lord.

  119. Montessa

    Please pray for God to help me day by day. My family is in a terrible rut. Not only do my husband and I need to lose a considerable amount of weight but we are not spending time together. Everyone is going their different directions. We all are in the habit of eating when we are bored. Please be in prayer for my family to change these habits and ask God to replace them with healthy, loving relationships with food and each other. This is a very long time habit and I ask that you pray for my family each day. I know that is a lot to ask but we need his grace so much right now. Thank you for the devotional today and your blog.

  120. Cheryl

    Reading the other comments, I realize I am not alone, but day-to-day, I do feel alone in my struggles. Would you please pray for me for my struggle with my weight and food? Would you please also pray for healing for my son with Autism and for the trials my college age son is facing? Satan is on him and God is trying to get his attention. I have read Made to Crave and look forward to reading it again. Thank you and God bless you for how you are reaching so many.

  121. Susan Stephens

    Plane and simple- I’m fat and disgusted with myself. Please pray for me to conquer this!
    Love Susan

  122. Susan

    I found this blog after reading your Proverbs 31 devotion this morning.
    I feel God led me here…
    Please pray for me. I am struggling with an eating disorder. It’s like a never ending tunnel of darkness I just can’t find my way out of this time… 🙁

  123. Rachel

    Please pray as I am trying to get back on track with healthy eating. I have let myself get overweight and every time I see the number on the scale, I feel so guilty. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  124. jenn

    I have had many struggles these past few years. I used to be super skinny … too skinny actually but then having a kid hysterectomy and stress has caused me to gain weight but I also emotionally eat which doesn’t help at all. I come up with every excuse in the book not to exercise… mainly I’m just too lazy. I’m just getting back into my devotional time with God. I need and want to grow in God and loose my weight and burdens. Need sisters to encourage and also pray with for each other.

  125. Steph

    Lysa, thank you endlessly for your encouraging words. For the past 10 years, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder and exactly a year ago I reached my breaking point and finally received help. I credit my recovery since completely to God’s amazing abilities, but it still baffles me how I thought I was completely in tune with God in the midst of my disorder. It is refreshing to remember that God truly wants our happiness and our true and healthy selves. With my disorder, I was not any of those things. Seeing these comments from countless other women make me feel both like I’m not alone in this struggle, but also extremely sad – how is weight something that the devil can trap so many women with? But from experience, I know that it is possible to reach a place, with God’s help, where weight isn’t even a thought. I’m so encouraged that you’ll be having this series and I’m sure that it will help countless women with these types of struggles. In addition, I just want to plug for the amazing treatment centers, therapists, and dietitians out there that specialize in eating disorder care. If you think that your struggle with food has reached a point where it gets in the way of living your life, please do not be afraid to reach out to a professional. Eating disorders are real, they are killers (#1 death rate among psychological disorders), and you can recover. Once again, thank you for doing this series, Lysa! I’m so excited. If any readers have questions specifically related to eating disorders, please feel free to contact me: [email protected].

  126. Karen

    I need prayer for making wise food choices. Thanks.

  127. Cheryl

    I love how the Lord works through other people at times when we just need a word from Him. This spoke to me this morning as I find myself exactly at the comparison point again. I have battled my weight my whole life and find myself comparing against those around me on a daily basis. It is stealing my joy and my peace. I will be praying for the countless women I have never met to be free from this, as I also ask the sisters I have never met pray that I too find peace in this battle. When we sisters join together in prayer, we bring Him the glory.

  128. Regina

    I am at war within myself and it hurts. I am working with a nutritionist and no longer have a scale in many ways not having to weigh has been a gift. But I feel like I am up not down with my weight and out of the blue yesterday thoughts that I would not say to anyone or any thing flooded my mind. I was in tears I finally cried out to God and said no I am the apple of God eye, He loves me these thoughts are not true. Weight has been a generational thing in our family. I don’t want to continue it with my kids I need heart healing. Please pray I get this that I am able to lay this aside and fall head over in love with Jesus and let him love me through this, to get to a normal weight and stay there.

  129. Adrian Jessen

    Lysa –

    I appreciate so much how you allow God to use you to share your struggles and successes in life. You are such a skilled artist at your craft, and God has used you to accomplish amazing things. I know you have many avenues to help you succeed in your health and wellness journey, but I thought you might like to check out my blog (in all your free time). I know you’re a busy lady, but I think from time to time it might be helpful: (FIT for Service). This is in no way a “plug.” I just know that I gain so much from things you share and hoped I might be able to reciprocate. Thank you again! Let’s Get FIT Together!

  130. frazzled mom

    I lost 40 lbs a couple years ago, but due to stress-adoption & the related issues!!, very tight finances, work stress, etc- and lots of stress-eating, I am back to where I was before. Now I have an arm injury that I am dealing with(and snow outside!) that is keeping me from regular exercise.
    Prayer-where to begin!!
    -making time for God daily and trusting Him with money and parenting issues
    -prioritizing my schedule and giving myself grace when I fail
    -a diagnosis and healing for my arm
    -wisdom for parenting my children

    Thanks so much for your ministry! What a blessing to me!

  131. Arnesia

    Yes, would you please pray that my mind can be changed about the way I see myself. I think my biggest struggle is eating right and enough. I don’t eat a lot and I think that’s just as bad as eating all the time. I used to work out often but when taking care of everyone else you seem to get put on the back burner. I need physical strength to get up again. Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads. Thx!!!

  132. Jan

    I have a poor body image and eat to fill the emptiness that I know in my head can only be filled by God. I am trapped in fear and have health issues as a result. I want peace and joy. I need self-control because my body is God’s temple. I want to be transformed into everything He wants for me.

  133. Joyce

    I need lots of prayer for many issues in my life right now. We lost our 51 yr old daughter to glioblastoma multe brain cancer Dec. 28. It was a horrendous decline of 6 months. She was a good Christian, a much loved,highly respected kindergarten teacher at a Christian school. We have much to be thankful for but the grief process is something else. She left a husband and two children 23 and 21. My husband and I both have health problems. I have read Made to Crave when you did the study online. Need to read it again. Thank you for all that you do.

  134. Tammy

    I covet your prayers, as I once again start this weight loss attempt. Over the years I’ve tried so many times to loose weight, just to gain it back again, plus more. Please pray for God to change my heart, to help me constantly remember that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and that I need to do a better job taking care of it.

  135. Vickie

    I’m 49 and have always struggled with body image. Now I am starting to have weight related health issues, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and plantar fasciitis brought on by weight gain. This is not how I want to live my life and today’s devotion convicted me that this is not how God wants me to live my life either. I want to want God more than I want food!

  136. Kathy

    Please pray for me for my weight journey… I have roller coastered over the last 5 years. Up and down… As of a few weeks ago, I have centered this around the Lord to help me get Healthy…. He is so Good… So far I am doing pretty well, but as you know I hit my downfalls and feel like a failure… Although my God will get me healthy if I focus on Him for strength. Knowing that others are praying for me will strengthen my resolve to keep moving in the right direction. All prayers are welcome…. Thank You and God Bless You I love the daily devotionals !

  137. Kristy

    I have struggled with anorexia for 19 years, years or doing okay and years of struggle. I have been in treatment centers countless times and almost lost my life. I now suffer from cardiac problems due to the eating disorder. I am very ashamed to say that I am again stuck in the eating disorder. Every meal, every snack is a struggle. I count calories and over exercise and know I shouldn’t. Everyone keeps telling me,”Just let go of the control and give it all to God.” I know that, but it is not as easy as it sounds. I have trauma in my background and other things, and eating is the one thing I feel I can control, it is hard to give that up. I need prayer to focus on God, motivation to want to get healthy (even if that means gaining weight), and rest from this daily struggle.

  138. FitLife Survivor

    First of all, Lysa, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into helping others. Your book “Made To Crave” was brought to my attention by a friend.
    I am not overweight. I am well within the parameters of a healthy BMI. I work out several times a week. I make healthy food choices. However, I really DO have food struggles and “issues”…..
    I yo-yo with everything in my life. I am working so hard to find that healthy balance. I NEVER thought about my issues with food and “yo-yo ing” to be holding me back from my faith. As I have begun to read the book, the devotional, and the daily e-mail, this light bulb came on. This is IT. This is where my true struggle lies. I am letting EVERYTHING else in my life get in the way and be “more important” than my relationship with God. How truly embarrassing and shameful.
    So now that I have identified this, the work begins. The first several days of reading have made me think a little more about my choices, but I have a long way to go.
    I would truly appreciate prayers to re-focus my cravings. To crave God instead of just one more bite of food, instead of gossip, instead of bad habits. To find self control to just be second nature. To really listen to what He wants of me, instead of focusing my thoughts on the million other ideas running through my head.
    I know this is not an easy task. I’ve been working on it for years. I feel like I have made progress, but I’m still a work in progress. I know I always will be to some extent, but I know I should do better. Prayer is so powerful. I will be praying for all of you as well.

  139. Andrea Runyon

    Lysa- so thankful that you are doing this challenge of emails. I read your book 3 years ago, did a study group with several ladies, then went on to the the second study on my own. Had lost 115 pounds, praise God, but have gained back about 30. Am still walking this journey with God as my guide, but struggle sometimes. My emotions get the better of me, life gets in my way, all sorts of excuses could be made. Bottom line, I need to keep clinging to the Lord, walk in His ways, not my own. Thanks for these upcoming emails to help me with my journey in living healthy for Him.

  140. Robin

    I am struggling for the most part with two areas in my life right now…getting healthy/losing weight/body image and my relationship with Jesus. I feel very far away from Jesus right now. I really struggle with making time to spend with Him daily. I have been a Christian for 35 years but I feel like I am less mature in Him instead of more. I also need to get healthy and make some huge lifestyle changes…need to lose 50 pounds and I am not good at sticking to these changes. HELP!


  141. Lisa

    I’m not sure where to begin…. I’ve been struggling for years since I’ve been divorced. God kept me. Many times I’ve fallen short of His glory. God kept me. In 2013, I’ve come to know His peace. Was doing great then the struggle started again. My children has a crappy relationship with their father. I only offer them prayer and state they should pray for him. In July 2014, I severely broke my leg, had a brush with death, 2 surgeries, and has been off work for 6 months now. In the midst of that, I sent my youngest off to college. I stopped communicating, except for email for kids purposes only, with my ex because he brings a lot of negativity. During all of this, my soul is at peace majority of the time. God has kept me in every way. I give Him the all the glory. This morning, I feel weighted. Burdened. Alone. Unloved. Unworthy. Physically, I’m limited. Financially, I’m limited. Emotionally, I’m all over the place. Spiritually, I know where to take my burdens to leave them their. Yet, I take them back. I’m ready and scared to go back to work because I’m a ICU RN and need to think clearly and be quick on my feet. I know in God’s time not mine. This morning I need prayer. It’s hard to formulate words that express exactly what it is. It’s so many minor things. Thorns. I know those thorns have a purpose. I need my Heavenly Father to step in. I need His peace. Pray with and for me.

  142. Jo Wilkerson

    I am more than 100 pounds over weight. I am tall so people tell me I carry it well. Lie!! I can’t seem to lose. I my lose 10-15 pounds but the gain it back plus some. I am disgusted with myself. I have put it off for way too long. Thank you for the help!!

  143. Gwyn

    I need prayer for my son who is smoking and drinking too much. Please pray that he will be drawn back to God and see his body as God’s temple! Thank you! Your devotions get my day started right each day!

  144. Chelsea

    Grateful to have opened this email this morning and see this encouragement!
    I was praying for this guidance as soon as woke this morning.
    I want to be a temple for God, I want to shine so others can see him.
    I need to be healthy so I can use the able body he has blessed me with to bring joy to the world around me.
    Please pray for me to be filled with His Power and overcome the nagging inner workings of my mind.

  145. Jackie

    2006 was a year I made a commitment to get healthy and by 2007, I had lost 50 pounds, dropped four dress sizes, was walking four miles a day with my beloved husband (he lost weight and his blood sugar was greatly improved), my times with Father were the best they had been in years and then all Hell broke loose. My 18 year-old son, senior in high school, good kid with no drug or alcohol issues and no depression problems, decided he didn’t want to live and took his life. The guilt and feeling I had failed him by being so focused on what I was eating and exercise overwhelmed me and I just quit. It was all I could do to get up in the morning and keep breathing let alone focus on me and what i ate. I realized that was his choice and as a mom I had failed him and my other four kids numerous times but I did what I thought was right at the time and the rest was up to Father to take my blunders and make something good from them. But, here I am in 2015, and struggling with my food issues and bad health choices and am requesting your team to pray for me so like the Jews, I can get back on track and not feel selfish as I focus on healthy eating and exercise. Most of all, pray I wouldn’t turn to food for comfort in those waves of grief that still roll in.

  146. Heather

    I am so thankful for Lysa’s book. What a powerful tool to help women in an area that so many of us struggle with. I have a master’s degree in health education “know” all of the ways a person can lose weight and “know” all about the importance of body image. However, I think so many women struggle with this on a daily basis, myself included. I feel that satan uses this as a way to hurt so many women, because it is an inward struggle and something that people only know about if you talk about it, which many women don’t. It’s almost like a hidden struggle, not like alcohol addiction, or depression or many of the other outward struggles women may have. I am so passionate about this area of life that you can’t imagine!

    The truth is is that, God will help you if you let Him. Keep praying and keep reading His Word, and He will deliver you! I would also try to keep busy on your journey to weight loss because “Idol hands are the devil’s workshop,” and satan will always tempt us in this area when we are being idol. Also, remember that “you will never be tempted beyond what you can bear,” so just because you are tempted with food doesn’t mean that you have to act on it. Listen for God to tell you (in that still small voice) if you are eating out of frustration, anxiety or sadness (all of which are from satan), and He will guide you. Then if you know you shouldn’t be eating, “resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Sorry for not citing all of the bible verses! I am in a hurry! But, please don’t give up!!

    Praying for all of you girls!!! XO

  147. Sheri

    …just hurting and begging for prayers

  148. Donna Drummond

    I have struggled with my weight all my life, but had finally gotten it under control in my twenties and maintained a healthy weight…then came menopause. Once again, i’m fighting my weight and my self-loathing. I don’t want my 10 year old daughter to see this side of my struggle because I want her to have a healthy and strong self image, one that’s based on her relationship with God, not her physical appearance. I desperately need prayers and encouragement.

  149. Krista

    I am really, really struggling with getting my weight back to where I was, and just getting healthy!! I wish I had an accountability partner, but do not. Since my hysterectomy, my weight has gotten worse! I’m wondering why can’t I be like I was before?? I know I need more exercise, but do not enjoy it, but know it’s the only way I’m gonna lose! Recent empty-nester, and not really liking that either! Thanks for your prayers!!

  150. Kiley Masters

    I’m a 22 year old college senior in my last semester. For as long as I can remember food has had so much control over my life. I came into this semester with a long past of failed attempts at trying to get healthy. But there is something different about this time. I think the reality finally set in that this is a spiritual journey. And mor importantly that I am not being the best me that I can be. “Made to Crave” has opened my eyes to so much truth. Truth that I desperately needed. The first few weeks on my journey to getting healthy have been full of victory. But I am starting to nervous for the days ahead; the days when I am feeling overwhelmed and lose sight of my vision. I am so excited about the upcoming emails, I know they will serve as a source of great encouragement.

  151. Lacie

    I nearly died from pre-eclampsia when I was pregnant with my son. He was delivered 2 months early and thank God, we are both well. However, I am overweight and have high blood pressure and another child is out of the question until I get my food addiction and weight under control. I feel I’m choosing food over my family. I feel like I’m in a never-ending cycle of defeat. I’m lost.

  152. Jessica

    Thank you for the reminder of our bodies being the temple of the holy spirit. This will continue to push me to become a better women and to eat better so that I can honor God in a more powerful way! I have learned that I am a women that is loved and cherished by God and do not think that any numbers tell me who I am but the word of God himself, but as that is being said, Please pray for my time management, as mentioned before between work, children, a home, and outside activities I am finding myself at the bottom of the list including my health. Thank you again! I will continue to push forward!

  153. Leah

    I would like to ask for prayer. When I met my husband five years ago, I weighed 110 lbs. I’m 5 feet tall. I was active. Now I have gained so much weight. I’m ashamed of my weight. I have Fibromyalgia and am pretty much in constant pain. I have had a total of 7 surgeries for various things. 3 since my husband and I have been married. I work a full time, very stressful job and we are waiting to adopt an infant because I had to have a hysterectomy. (side note: I’ve prayed for my child since I was riding the school bus in high school (I’m 42 and my husband is 44) – not realizing that he or she will come to me in a special way) My husband is 6’3 and swims a mile a day and can eat anything he wants…which when he does that – I think I’m supposed to be able to also. LOL! I’ve got some obstacles but I really, really want to take care of my body and look and feel good in my clothes and be the kind of vessel that God would want me to be. Please, please pray with me. Thank you so much. This is an answer to prayer that I came across and read this article this morning. Because I’m trying again this week and almost was to the point of saying “What’s the use” one more time.

  154. kathy wyg

    Good Morning…ladies…this is my first time on this site..pretty encouraging…i am as well..
    struggling/battling some weight gain…i retired 9 months ago from the fast food industry where i was constantly on the go…& walking sev. miles a day after work to keep it off..but then i retired..& got lazy for awhile..just enjoyed relaxing & eating & NOT MOVING AROUND
    like i was…started walking early in the morning a few months after retirement to attempt to lose..didn’t see weight loss so stopped..BIG MISTAKE..i wasn’t losing any but not gaining
    any started back this wk..bothers me that my choice of clothing is LIMITED..due to my weight gain…trying to re-arrange eating habits too..hopefully just prayers
    that this attempt will prove successful w/time…thank you guys for listening…
    have a BLESSED DAY….everyone….

  155. Rebecca

    I need prayer, because I feel as though I’m eating myself to death. I’m a stay at home mom, as well as help my husband with our business; running a payroll for 22 + employees & helping type up bids & invoices. We have 3 girls, a 4 (almost 5) year old & 2 1/2 year old twins. My husband is out of town a lot with our business, working to provide for our family. The Lord has really blessed us since I stepped away from my job to be home with our girls. But, it’s just been so stressful, he’s only home on weekends (leaves Sunday afternoon & returns home Friday night). However, with the weather he’s been home the last couple weeks which helps. But my eating habits still haven’t changed. But they have to, I don’t want to die at a young age & leave my girls motherless.

  156. Kate

    Yes. Will y’all pray for me today? I am smack in the middle of trying to figure out what is causing me to have some alarming and frustrating symptoms – that have been going on for over decade. I’m currently seeking nutritional answers. A major change in diet is coming soon. I need direction and strength and the warewithal to stick it out. So while it isn’t exactly weight related…it’s health and discipline related…and I CAN NOT do it without the Holy Spirit. Can not! Thanks for the prayers 🙂

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

  157. Patti

    This really spoke to me this morning. I am 100 pounds overweight and getting ready to turn 61. I am miserable with myself and what you said this morning was absolutely me. I need help to stay the course. I just went to the doctor on Tuesday and worked up a diet plan. Please pray that I can stay on it.

  158. Tina

    I feel stuck..I really struggle on a daily basis with my weight. I feel unhealthy, sluggish,tired, and I cant seem to have an motivation to do anything about it, even tho I want to be healthy. I pray & pray and feel like this one is the toughest to get answered. I lost my mom a couple of years ago, due to bad health choices, and I do NOT want to follow in that path.

  159. Kristy

    I know what to do. I have been through Made to Crave. It has been a huge blessing. I am just at that point once again of making poor decisions and I feel out of control. “I do the very thing I wish not to do.” I know better. It is so very frustrating. But God remains faithful despite my unfaithfulness. I am signing up for the challenge hoping something will move me back on the right path. T
    he path path to Crave God more than ANYTHING ELSE! So I just wanted to ask for prayer. Thank you!

  160. Kimberly

    Hello everyone. I will pray for you all and I ask that you all pray for me. I am on a path to become healtier and I struggle with sticking to a specific plan and eliminating processed food and unhealthy carbs. I love to workout and do so regularly; I just need to focus on eating better. Stress has impacted my eating habits as well. From a relationship ending that was leading to marriage to two layoffs, a family member committing suicide, realizing I was surrounded by people who were emotionally draining me, the health issues of people close to me, and looking for new career opportunities while maintaining my lifestyle…stress was real. So real in fact that there would be days I would not eat and days I would eat all the wrong food. Now that we are in a new year, I have been studying and praying daily, eating better with minor cheat days, and working out to keep my daily burn real. I realize taking care of myself is a requirement for healthy living. I also do not want to disappoint God by not taking care of my temple. So I would appreciate your prayers.
    With that said…
    In the name of Jesus I pray that each one of you is filled with the wisdom, strength, and resilience needed to conquer every health, wellness, and fitness issue you are dealing with. I thank God for those who are around you to consistently and sincerely motivate, inspire, and support you on your journey to a beautiful, blessed, and healthy temple! I trust God to put the right people in our lives and to keep us focused and disciplined. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  161. Lynda-Sue

    Greetings Lysa,
    Glory to God! This will be awesome! Thanks so very much. Lynda-Sue

  162. Debbie Saylor

    Please pray for me. I have let myself go over the past couple of years…just not caring what I put into my “temple.” I was going through a high stress time as my husband was very sick and died last year. I have put on so much weight that I am now at the highest weight I have ever been. I have considered weight loss surgery and have been placed in a 6-month weight management program. I started it two days ago and so far I have been pretty good in keeping with the 1500 calorie diet. Today will be a challenge as I am going to bible study this morning and we always have lots of goodies…then tonight out to dinner. Of course there will always be days like this so I need prayer to be able to maintain that 1500 calories in spite of the temptations. I now want to take care of my body and do it for Jesus, but I fail so often. Please pray for me. I will really appreciate it. Thanks!

  163. Theresa

    Great devotion today Lysa – thank you!
    I would love to have your prayers for guidance for me towards whatever changes I need to make to get to a healthy weight. My husband and I work hard at eating a healthy diet, go to a hot yoga class several times a week, and walk as my feet will allow. last year I finally had a break through and weight started coming off. Then it stopped and has been creeping back on. I don’t know what I need to do. I hate looking in the mirror at yoga class and thinking negative thoughts about what I see on the outside.
    God bless you all with His comfort, peace, and guidance today!

  164. Kelly L

    I need help and prayers! I am breastfeeding my daughter, and will be weaning in a month when she turns a year old. I am hungry all the time because of breastfeeding and use that as an excuse to eat whatever I want. In the beginning I dropped weight like crazy, but now am gaining again because of bad food choices. I can’t seem to get it under control, even though I want to! I know I have a sugar addiction and feel deprived when I don’t get it.

  165. Tiffany Langdon

    Yes, please pray for me to have strength to fight against the addiction of food. I no longer want to bow down to it. I have been over weight for so long. I hate it!!!!!
    Thank you.

  166. Kelly L

    I need help and prayers! I am breastfeeding my daughter, and will be weaning in a month when she turns a year old. I am hungry all the time because of breastfeeding and use that as an excuse to eat whatever I want. In the beginning I dropped weight like crazy, but now am gaining again because of bad food choices. I can’t seem to get it under control, even though I want to! I know I have a sugar addiction and feel deprived when I don’t get it. I want to be healthy and to feel good about myself!!

  167. Patricia

    Thank God for you and for being real in this struggle/journey! I need prayer for self-control…I know what to do, I just don’t do it. I have been on so many diets and every time I get within ten pounds of my goal and then go right back to my old ways. What is really strange is that sweets are my weakness but I will NOT drink a sugary drink!! What’s up with that? :). Anyway, I thank you and your girls for support!

  168. Susan

    Please pray for me. This devotional could have been written by me.

  169. Linda

    today 3 friends and I are starting the study Made to Crave we all exercise together 3 days a week but need help with better managing our food choices. Please pray that we stay on target. Thanks.

  170. Kristina Nairn

    Lysa, I just recently started reading the Proverbs 31 daily devotionals. I have had a subscription to them for years but did not take the time to read them before. This year, I have been making that time. Your recent message about the verse that made you cringe definitely spoke to my spirit. I find myself most days throwing something together for my children to eat while sipping my coffee. I hold off on me and end up either grabbing a granola bar on my way out the door or in the kitchen with the healthy choice sitting in front of me while poptarts are telling me how easy they are to toast and how they taste so much better than my healthy choice. This morning I heard that same tune but suddenly heard a new voice saying “don’t you want to honor God with the choice of food that you make?” I took my time and boiled my oats. I found it so much easier to make the right choice when I knew it wasn’t just for me, but to honor Him. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I do want to honor God with my choices and I feel I will strain to hear that voice when I have made healthy purchases but temptations of fast food or ordering something and not having to cook are calling. Thank you!

  171. Kathy

    Thank you for putting me on your prayer list. I too have been struggling and just can’t seem to get a handle on my eating habits. I am looking forward to this 21 day program! God Bless,

  172. Teri

    Thirty pounds overweight; never with weight problem until menopause. It is all about walking in the spirit, I know this intellectually, but programming myself to spiritually overcome strong cravings and temptations rather than AUTOMATICALLY giving into them, is a struggle. Would love prayer for AUTOMATICALLY taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ first rather than having that as an afterthought or no consideration at all. THANK YOU, INTERCESSORS!


    I’m comforted to know I’m not alone! I’m looking forward to the devotional. Thank u for addressing this,tough topic!

  174. Gina Fricker

    Hey Lisa, I really need some prayer and encouragement. I signed up for the Made to Crave devotional because I am struggling to lose some weight and am very discouraged. I have an underlying thyroid condition that makes it more difficult for me but that doesn’t account for my lack of discipline in eating and exercise. Thank you for working so hard to reach others for Christ!

  175. Candace

    It’s been a life long battle, but one I haven’t given up on. My sister passed away last year and the battle has seemed to have gotten much heavier. Asking the Lord to deliver me from these things that torment me every single day. Guilt, Condemnation, Frustration, Loneliness, Fear and the will to keep on keeping on. Please pray that this year will be a year of deliverance and freedom in Christ that I have never known in my 25+ years of following HIM and that I will Glorify and Honor Him with it all. Thank you!

  176. Alycia

    I have been struggling with a hormone imbalance for about seven months now , I’ve been working very hard at eating right and taking supplements to help regulate my hormones but when my period comes it throws everything off balance again and I end up being out of control of my thoughts and feelings . I become fearful of things I never was before and I feel depressed , anxious and not like myself at all . I feel so disconnected from my self and everything around me and I’m starting to lose confidence that I’ll ever feel better again. Somedays all is well with the world and I feel completely normal and than my hormones take over and no matter how many times I cry out to the Lord to heal me he must not be ready to . Please pray that I would be patient for Gods time to deliver me and heal me and that I would be able to eat the right foods to help heal my body . Thank you !

  177. Heather

    I would love prayers on my journey to eating healthier again. Thank you!!!


  178. Melody Byrum

    Sadly, I got this in my email and was reading it while eating Sonic Tator tots. I had a fight with my husband this morning and it made me furious and I cried most of the way to work. I broke down and am eating tator tots now. This after I worked out with my trainer last night. I feel so terribly bad about it now. I could use a prayer or two. Although my husband and I have been getting to the gym and we have a trainer twice a month (a stretch in the budget, but necessary), and we have been eating better, every once in a while I have a set back when my emotions get the best of me. And it’s not a January thing either. We’ve been trying to go since September. I haven’t lost any weight yet, but we will see. There were two months where my husband, kids, and I were getting sick constantly and then the holidays hit. Oh and I should mention that I brought two big bags of Christmas chocolate to work with me today. I think I need help.

  179. Heather A

    I needed to hear this today. Please pray as I make my way to the mountains–I am very much still in the foothills, and I need to keep reminding myself I deserve the beautiful view from the top of the mountain, but the climb is so discouraging. I could certainly use a prayer!

  180. Lisa D

    I too would covert your prayers. I have been overweight for about 10 years now. Only since having children. I am not motivated to exercise one bit. I know I should, and I even have a gym membership. I just can’t get motivated. I have no problem going with a friend, but by myself, I’d rather do filing ..HA! I am secure with who I am in Christ and I am not depressed or feel unworthy. I’m just stuck!! I would covet your prayers. Thank you for serving the Lord and others so well! God bless 🙂

  181. Leslie

    I would love your prayers. Each day is a struggle with weight for me. I always want to eat. I have lost and gained weight most of my life. I currently have 10 pounds I want to shed (weight that I have gained (regained) in the last two years. Thank you for praying for me.

  182. Amy

    I have an autoimmune disease and in order to get it under control I need to follow a very strict diet and take medication that will temporarily be not very pleasant to deal with. I have 4 children and a full time job and meal planning for my family is a huge weakness of mine already, so the thought of having to plan separate meals & an eating plan for myself is just so overwhelming, especially when I am not feeling well. That is the irony- in order to feel better I need to follow this plan, but to follow the plan I really need to feel better! Please pray that God will give me the strength to do this. Thank you!

  183. Vivi

    I said yes to every statement in your post. Please pray for me so I can stop circling this mountain…I’ve been in this desert way too long!!! Thank you!

  184. Amanda

    Thank you so much for devotion today. It is a bittersweet reminder of how I became closer to God. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 was a verse I couldn’t even look at because I was destroying God’s temple everyday with an eating disorder I suffered from for 10 years. I prayed and prayed for strength to stop my addiction but failed every time. Until one day I couldn’t take it anymore, gave up control and prayed for Jesus to take it away. I suffered everyday for 10 years and over night He changed me in ways I never thought were possible, but nothing is impossible for Him. From that day forward I haven’t has a relapse, urge or desire to fall into my old ways and praise Him everyday.

  185. LeAnna D

    I am 30 years old and have several health problems. I have been to so many specialist to try and help with the pain, fatigue, etc. that I feel on a daily basis. I have fibromyalgia. I also have a condition call vasodepressor syncope. Lately, these 2 conditions have kept me from work, church, family, basically my LIFE. The Lord is with me as I suffer. He carries me through this. I feel His presence. And, in Jesus Name, I will be healed. I am on the Mediterranean diet to try to help with my health. Please pray for healing, strength, and peace as I daily fight this spirit of infirmity.

  186. Laura

    Food has been a constant battle for me since I was in elementary school. Even though I know Jesus is better, I still turn to food in those moments of sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. I have appreciated Lysa’s book, “Made to Crave” so much. It’s funny, though, I can read and meditate on these Truths from His Word, and I still continue to go through the cycle. I have really struggled the past 6 years, since having my daughter, going through 3 miscarriages, and then having our precious little boy who is now 17 months old. I beat myself up continually when I fail to make good choices and have remained stuck. I think, ” should have lost this weight by now.” I don’t want to be stuck. I feel so alone in this journey. I pray that God would raise up one girlfriend who I could really share my heart with about these struggles. Someone here in my life. I do desire peace to rule in my heart. Thanks for the posts today. I have made some positive steps and I need to remember that. I can finally go to the gym again and take my kids. They’ve been sick this week and my husband’s out of town, so this week’s been hard, but I can go hopefully tomorrow. I can choose yummy foods that make me feel better. I can choose to make good choices day by day and even if I “mess up” the next choice can be different. I don’t have to be perfect. Thanks for your prayers and for your continuous encouragement along the journey.

  187. Kathy Loeppky

    This is just the encouragement that I needed today. I am about 100lbs. overweight. On January 5 my sisters and I committed to a 90 exercise challenge. Please pray that I will put my best effort in each day to reach my fitness goals. I have also made some major dietary changes,please pray that I will continue in my new eating habits. Thank you for the encouraging post.

  188. Kris

    Need prayer to make wise food choices, and not eat out of anxiety or fear. To use food as fuel. Just overall freedom from addiction/bad habbits in this area! Thank you so much for the prayers!! PTL!

  189. LINDA


  190. Sophie Crecelius

    I lost my daughter in August of 2013, during the sixteen days at the hospital I lost a lot of weight and continued to lose afterwards. I ended up losing a total of 40 lbs. Three months after her death my husband (not her Father) walked out on me and was living with another woman by the end of December and denying it. There are things in life you just know, but are treated stupid which causes GREAT anger, bitterness and in my case rage! I have prayed, prayed, prayed and asked God for peace, comfort, grace, mercy, patience and wisdom. When August 2014 came I just became so depressed all I did was eat. Then I knew three months later I would have to deal with the loss of my marriage so I continued to eat right through the holidays. I decided at the first of the year that 2015 is going to be my year of victory! I started back to working out and taking the sweets out of my house and eating better. I have those moments though (like last night) where I don’t want to work out and want to just lay on my bed and watch TV and basically have a pity party. I need prayer to have a strong willpower, not just for my health, but for God as well. God has blessed me in so many ways over the last year and I want to give to others and pay it forward as God has done for me. I appreciate any and all prayers that I grieve the loss of my daughter and that I can move past my anger toward my ex-husband and move forward with my life. I believe this can be a year of victory! Thank you for your prayers and I am praying for your needs as well.

  191. Natalie Detwiler

    I too would ask for prayer I’m a diabetic who flat loves food,and it’s hard to eat “just the right stuff”;) but when I do eat good my glucose numbers show it!

  192. Rachelle

    I have battled with my weight for 20 years sinceI was pregnant with my first child. I have tried many diet plans but never stayed consistent. Now at 42 my husband has left me to be with another woman, he has told me he doesn’t love me down to the fact that he left me cause I was so unwilling to lose weight. In the last 6 months since he moved out I have poured my heart and soul back into my walk with God. It is amazing what God has done in me already. I heard about your book “Made to Crave” and decided to get it because I want every aspect of my life to glorify God, including my eating and taking care of my body, God’s temple. I am excited to really dig into your book as just in the first chapter I have already learned how with just focusing on God and praying and looking at 1 Corinthians 10:23 not only pertains to my eating but many other aspects of what I am going through. I am so thankful for your website and that God showed it to me. You and your staff have been a true inspiration and blessing to me in the past 6 months. Please pray for me as I start this journey with God as I learn how to take better care of His temple.

  193. Laura Ahr

    Please pray for me, as I’m a night owl by nature but desire to be more of a morning to have time to spend reading God’s Word and getting some exercise in before leaving for work. I’m caregiver for my parents and still have all children at home, although they are mostly grown and are a great help. Making time for me, I have seen here to for as reading, thrift store shopping, etc, what I would deem enjoyable things, but I want to see “getting healthy” as enjoyable as well as necessary, therefore something I should do for myself. Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers.

  194. Donna

    I would love to have your prayers as I continue working toward a healthier lifestyle that I can sustain for the rest of my life!

  195. Melissa

    I lost 40 lbs in 2014. It has not been easy. I am an emotional eater thus my struggle. I still have 20-25 more to go. I am struggling and have had thoughts of “why am I doing this?” and “this is going to be a complete waste of time and energy.” After reading your blog I know I can do this. Thank you for your support. I will be praying for the women that have asked for prayer on here as well.

  196. Marcia

    For years I have tried to lose weight. It has affected my esteem and I have compared myself to other women. I’m 80 pounds over weight. I really don’t eat and stopped exercising. I want to be healthy. I have come up with every excuse why it won’t happen. Sadly, I’m discouraged. I know it goes deeper than eating and exercise. Its time and don’t know how to get started. I’ve made promises to myself but when I start I stop.

  197. Pamela

    In the past two years, I have gone from 300 pounds to under 200. However, I have struggled to stay on the healthy track lately. I pray every day for God to remind me to keep my eyes on him and the things he is asking me to do, but I give into temptations and eat things I shouldn’t (and sometimes don’t even really want!!). Please pray for me to endure these temptations and keep my mind focused on the Lord and not the things that the devil uses to distracts me.

  198. Lindsay

    I have been struggling with weight loss for about 17 years. I’m 34 now. So my whole adult life. This year I have decided the best way to change this body of mine is to look to Jesus every day and ask Him to help remind me of my decisions throughout the day and give Him glory in all things. So far, since the first of the year, I have (by the grace of God) lost 12 pounds. I’ve been using your daily devotional “Made to Crave” to give me encouragement in this journey as well. I can’t do this alone, but “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.

    I covet your prayers in this journey to give God His due glory by caring for His temple. Thank you for your encouraging words and most of all, for your prayers!

    God Bless each of you!

  199. Vikki

    Wow, today’s message confirms what Our Heavenly Father has been sharing in my heart. God I thank you for (Haggai and verse 8) giving me the strength to face the decisions I make. Bless me on my health journey. Protect my sisters as they too make their decisions to follow you and make godly choices in their everyday lifestyle.

  200. Lori

    2years ago I started weight watchers and lost 25 lbs. to get to a healthy BMI, kept if off for a year and then got pregnant. I gained 40 lbs. for my pregnancy and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Although I never even had to follow their diet to keep my sugar in check, I felt deprived the last half of my pregnancy, it’s something about being forced to eat a certain way. So after my baby came (3months ago) I’ve been eating what I want, when I want. Desserts, fast food, etc. As a result I’ve only lost 11lbs of the pregnancy weight. It’s time for me to get back to my healthy weight which will require me to loose 29 lbs. Life with a 4 year old, a baby, a job and a husband working 11 hour days is exhausting and I’m not sure how I will be able to prepare the healthy meals and find time to exercise to loose the weight again. I covet prayers and support in this effort, as the extra weight does affect my self-esteem and happiness.

  201. Kelli

    This girl can use all the prayers she can get! My weight loss journey has brought me 55 pounds lighter but am not to goal, I have about 45 more to go. Please pray for me that I can focus, find balance, plan and be accountable to my plan. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Nico Smith

      All my life I’ve been small. I’ve never had an issue with being overweight. here wasn’t a time in my life when I ate sweets or any junk food of any kind. I’ve always been a healthy eater. When everyone else was eating cake, cookies, pies, candy, and ice cream, I preferred fruits and vegetables.
      Spiritually, though, I must’ve been malnurished. It wasn’t untill moving to Central Illinois that I finally began regularly attending church or searching for something more than food to satisfy me. That something was God. Now that I’ve found what I’m looking for to satisfy my spiritual healthy cravings, I’m a happy camper.
      “I always considered my food struggle to be a small thing in light of the bigger challenges of life. I mean, it’s not as big of a deal to God as attitudes of selfishness,
      worldliness, or pride — or is it?

      I can remember saying, “God, you can mess with my pride, you can mess with my anger, you can mess with my money, you can mess with my selfishness, you can mess with my frustration with my children, you can mess with the times I disrespect my husband . . . you can mess with all that, but don’t mess with my eating.”

      However, small things can easily become big things.

      Through the years, I began to acknowledge the “big” emotions that often accompanied my “little” food struggle. I realized that I constantly bounced between feeling deprived and guilty; deprived, then guilty. My frustration with myself stripped me of the peace and joy that I wanted to be the hallmark of my life. Us having peace is a big deal to God. Scripture tells us to let the peace of God rule in our hearts (Colossians 3:15).

      I think peace is what we want in every area of our life — even our health.

      Is your heart dominated by feelings of inadequacy, self-loathing, or defeat about your food struggles? Those are big emotions.

      And whenever we feel defeated by an issue, it can prevent us from following God completely.

      Consider these questions to gauge where your heart is:

      1) Do you measure your worth as a woman by the numbers you see on the scale?

      2) How many times have you rationalized “Oh, I deserve this sugary delish. I’ll just start my diet again Monday” but later felt like a failure?

      3) How often do you compare your body to your sister’s, a friend’s, or a stranger’s?

      4) Do you ever make mental comments about yourself and your weight that you’d never let another person say about you?

      If you can identify with even just one of these, let me take you by the hand and whisper to you today… You. Are. Not. Alone. I knew to ask you all of those questions because I’ve said yes to each and every one. It’s good to do a heart-check every once in a while.

      To help us, I’ve put together a free 21-Day Challenge based off of my book Made to Crave so we can start satisfying our deepest desires with God, not food. Each day for 3 weeks you’ll receive Biblical encouragement in your email inbox to help you find God’s peace on this journey to get healthy.”~
      Amen! What a wonderful thing to remember! I don’t think it’s just about our physical weight. Rather, I think that our spiritual weight is also what’s in question. We may not be physically overweight or eat t hings we shouldn’t, but maybe we’re spiritually underweight because we aren’t giving our lives completely over to God.

      • Marleen Owens

        I ask that you pray for me as well in my struggle to offer my body to God as His temple. It’s amazing how the word of truth can hit you where it needs to. For me, my struggle has been with waking up in the morning and seeking God first. I whine, just a little more sleep…I’m cold…I’m tired…every excuse under the sun, until I’m late and rushing in the morning.

        I always struggled with getting up early enough to spend time in the word before starting my day. And I’ve found myself struggling throughout the day playing catch-up, never fully recovering. I have to take the time to build God’s temple, when He asks me to build it, not just when I feel like it. And He has been asking me to get up in the morning and come to Him first for quite some time. And it wasn’t until reading this entry this morning that I realized, He is serious about it.

        Please pray for me to snooze no more. So, I can begin to build God’s temple inside me with morning prayer and devotional time before my day starts. And thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to God’s call on your life.

  202. Issa

    Please pray that I can finally break free from the chains that are holding me back from being the woman God created me to be. I feel like I am on a good path, but then end up falling into overeating and overexercising to make up for too much food. I usually eat very healthy foods, but i can’t ever just have a few almonds, i can’t stop myself. I feel like by eatingg i dont have to listen to all the racing thoughts in my mind. It kinda numbs those thoughts for a while. I get anxious when i dont have any food to munch on during those times. Please please pray for my health, mental, physical, and spiritual. Pray that God’s strength helps me through these times and that i can finally be victorious through Him. Thank u so much for sharing your testimony and experience with us. Helps to know someone else has been in my shoes. God bless you!

  203. Carla

    Wow. God never ceases to amaze me. I have had continuous issues with my weight for over 15 years now. Off and on this diet, losing weight but gaining it back again. I was down my farthest 4 years ago when I had lost 80 pounds. I’m very sad to say that I have gained it all back. I can’t keep doing this to my body. Just LAST NIGHT, I had made a step to move back in the right direction, and to do this with the Lords help. That’s how I lost the 80 lbs and then I took my focus off Him and I’m back in this place again. Just this last Sunday my church started Beth Moores “Breaking Free”. I joined not realizing that I need to break free of my captivity, just the introduction alone that we watched convicted me. I am a prisoner in my own body. Last night is when I had an emotional upheaval and decided it is time to start breaking free, WITH the Lords help. Then Lo and behold this email is in my inbox this morning. I will be signing up for the challenge and I can certainly use all the prayers I can get. Thank you so much for this and God bless!

  204. BobbiJo

    I started the path to a healthier me back in November and have hit a plateau that is really discouraging me! I know my new lifestyle is better for me no matter the numbers on the scale and measurements, but it can be very tiresome! Made to Crave is on my reading list for 2015 – right after y’all’s next online study – “Keep it Shut!” Can’t wait for both!

  205. Sharon

    I would love prayers that I would get motivated to do SOMETHING! I know I don’t feel good because of the way I eat. I know I need to drop the weight. I know I need to stop overeating. And I know that my relationship with the Father isn’t what it needs to be because I have allowed the god of food to move Him off the throne of my heart. And then I open up my email and read your devotional this morning and I know He is pursuing me. I tear up just thinking about it and then the song “You Never Let Go” comes to mind. 🙂 What a wonderful God we serve!!! Bless His holy name!!!!! Thank you for your devotional this morning. God knew exactly what I needed this very day. Blessings on your ministry and thank you for the prayers.

  206. Gay T

    Lisa and team, I’ve read your book, your devotional book, done diets, posted a chart on the refrigerator, etc. People in general don’t consider me overweight, but I’ve never felt satisfied with my size through all my adult years and I’m now 68. I can answer all the above questions, YES. I’m also a Bible teacher and a preacher’s kid, but I can’t get victory in this area. The conflict of food and weight are on my mind all the time. I’ve signed up for the 21 day challenge and would deeply appreciate your adding me to the prayer list.

  207. Pat

    Lisa, Boy, did I need to hear this today! I keep praying for strength to avoid unhealthy foods and every day, I find myself back in the freezer or pantry digging for some sugary snack. I eat healthy ALL DAY, nothing but fruits, vegetables, a little meat in my salad, dinner is always healthy, then evening comes and there I am, eating anything/everything. It’s like there is a hole that I am not able to fill. Please pray that I turn to God in these times and no food… Thank you

  208. Charlotte

    I certainly can use your prayers. I am 44, mother of 2, grandmother of 1 and weigh around 400 lbs. I have tried to loose weight, but it seems like a loosing battle for me. I had a ministry and the weight finally caused me to have to stop traveling. I have arthritis in both knees now and will have to have them replaced. My doctor says loosing weight would help postpone that for a while. I NEED to do this!! For ME, for my family, and for my ministry. I am desperate!! I need Him to give me the wisdom to know what to do and how to get the weight off! Thank you for your prayers!!

    • Liz

      Please pray for me, I really need prayer to quit smoking. Please pray for me to hate cigarettes and that mind will be renewed to not even think about wanting one. Pray for the cravings to disappear. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  209. Shelby Walker

    Prayers for my loss of appetite would be appreciated. I’ve always had a food addiction, but now after having some trauma in my life I forget to eat. This has only been an issue for a couple months, but prayer would help me out tremendously! (PS-I’m also a mom to adorable 4-yr old twin boys Jack & Vincent!) Thank you for the encouragement & I look forward to what God has in store for me & my family!

  210. Chrystal

    This really hit home with me, this is an issue I’ve been dealing with my entire life. I definitley would like prayer for focus, strength and longevity as I step out and start anew. Thank you so much for this article. It definitely made me realize that the time is now, not tomorrow to make this change in order to honor God.

  211. Marie

    I am one of those women who have struggled with my weight all my life. I am not obese but really need to lose 25 pounds. I have a family history of heart disease, strokes and cancer. My grandparents had heart attacks in their 40’s. My grandfather had a fatal heart attack at 54 years old. Both of my parents have serious health issues. Although none of them were overweight they did not live a healthy lifestyle.
    22 months after losing my 20 year old son in a tragic accident I almost lost my daughter to a traumatic brain injury. My world as I had known it was completely destroyed. Through our heavenly father’s love and grace my husband, daughter and I are rebuilding our lives. Like I tell other grieving families, we are having to find our new “normal”. Our daughter recently married her high school sweetheart and has not only moved from our home but to another state (another life changing event). God has been faithful and continues to carry me and my husband daily. I am a leader of a women’s ministry (our God given mission is to encourage women through whatever season they may be in). I also lead a group for moms who have lost children. I have been so focused on taking care of my family and my ministry that I have put my health on the back burner. I am sure some of you can relate. I turned 50 last year and I realize that my health has to become a priority. Please pray that I will draw closer to the Lord and rely on him (not myself) for strength and encouragement as I begin this new healthy lifestyle.

  212. Cori

    All my life I have struggled with accepting who I am. I was a victim of incest and I have shame and I can never get over it. I have had soo many failed relationships because of this. I am now a single mother of 2 by 2 different fathers and I am ashamed. I cant seem to forgive myself for putting my children through this. I wish my daughters father (2nd child) would come back and for our family to be restored. I would love for my daughter to have the father, daughter relationship I never had! My dad past away when I was 3 and I NEVER had a father figure in my life. I sometimes think this is why I am who I am. Sadly; I never respected myself nor my body. God is now speaking to me and telling me that I do value and that I do matter and no matter what I did in the past, he has made all things new and I am now a new person. I just want for God to help me make better choices, be stronger, value myself as a woman, mother and one day a wife. I want to know that Gods love is all I need and I dont need a man to feel loved or valued. I need his strength to help me endure this pain. I miss my daughters father soo much! And I pray that God touches his heart to come to us and become a family. I would love for us to grow in God together and get married and fix our lives. Its been really hard, but I know God has a better plan for us. Thank you!

  213. Donna

    Please remember me in your prayers. I battle daily feelings of being inadequate and feeling like a failure – especially when the scales increase even a little bit. While I have very encouraging and postivite people in my life, there are also those that tear down. It seems like they scream the loudest. Help me pray I can focus on the positive.

  214. Denise

    Lysa, I love your heart and your words of inspiration. I have read Made to Crave and there are many things in the book with which I totally agree. What I am struggling with in this article however, is the focus on weight (or weight loss). I have fought many food issues throughout my lifetime and every time I have “dieted” or tried to “lose weight” I become obsessed with it. So I was essentially just replacing one obsession, food, with another obsession, weight loss. Trust me, there is no peace in that. I was setting myself up for feelings of failure and worthlessness. Because of my perfectionism, any slip would send me into a tailspin. I have been an athlete most of my life, so exercise isn’t an issue because I actually look forward to it. But I have to be careful about that becoming an obsession as well.

    In my humble opinion weightloss, dieting, and even exercise programs, can focus on the externals and not the root of the problem. The root of the problem is my heart. I, as a daughter of Adam, am prone to idolatry, which is what my food obsessions are, and also what my weight obsession becomes.

    The premise of Made to Crave is a good one, and I completely relate to your questions. I love the phrase, “so we can start satisfying our deepest desires with God”. But let’s be careful that our deepest desire is truly God and not our need to lose weight or be thin. Maybe this is the point you are making, but I don’t believe that my weight is a big deal to God, but what I focus on is the big deal.

  215. Jessica

    I can really use your prayers. I have been experiencing significant health issues for the past 5 months and the doctors have not been able to figure out what is going on. I am 39 and a stay at home mom to a 2.5 yo and 9 month old and since last week, I have been unable to sole care for my kids. My body is breaking down and I don’t know what is causing it. I’m praying for healing. I’m praying for a new way to live to get well and enjoy life.

  216. Cheryl

    Please pray for me too. 🙂 I have been struggling with food and weight gain for awhile now – and, like many of us, I used to be thin! I have gained weight since my husband, of many years, left, a few years ago. I am in God’s Word, and I have poured through your book, and Renee’s book, and while they are excellent, I still can’t seem to permanently change my eating habits. I know that only Jesus can fill me, and fulfill me, but I just can’t seem to do it. Why can’t I do this?? 🙂 I excercise – but, the food is my issue, and I just don’t know what to do – to be able to change the way I eat forever. Thank you for your prayers!

  217. Stephanie Avalos

    I am 21 weeks pregnant and have gained so much weight, too soon. At the beginning of my pregnancy they told me I had placenta perva and was on pelvic rest. I wasn’t allowed in the gym. Praise the Lord that my placenta moved and I am not off pelvic restriction as of last week. I used to weigh 122lbs and now I weight 147lbs and I am told to be watching my weight. It is hard because I feel like I am getting no where, now. I used to be very active and went to the gym often. I take a count of what I eat to see what is going on because it seems like each week I keep on packing on that weight. My body won’t allow me to do anything strenuous too long. I don’t think I eat too terrible or over eat. I need lots of prayer to be able to workout more or find healthier snacks. Maybe for peace :- I don’t know what exactly it is causing so much weight gain. (It can’t be all the baby) 🙁 I don’t want to have problems with my pregnancy. I am scared. I have gained 25lbs and they said that I am not to gain too much more weight. They said 5-10 lbs the most and I have 19 more weeks left to go. I feel like a woss, like I need to suck it up because there are other people that have more problems then I do. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I am more a girl that has everything together! I feel like this pulls me at my heart because my regular activities are not as easy to do. My endurance is not as long. My ability is not as good. I used to be top of the class and now I am at the bottom. I feel beaten and feel like a failure. I feel alone in a battle that I really don’t know how to fight myself again because its not just me. There is someone in belly and I CAN’T BE ME TO FIGHT THIS PROBLEM!!! I NEED GOD’S HELP and I don’t know how!

  218. Brittany

    I came to this blog 3 different times reading it and wanting to leave a comment but too embarrassed to. So here I am, asking for prayers to help me control what goes in my body. I have lost 54.2 pounds and have 34 more to go and this last bit sure is tough. I am having more sugar binges now than before and crave soda all the time (rarely drink them). I used to be a smoker…last one was in 2005 but crave cigerattes really bad now. Please pray I have strength and wisdom to help get through these horrible cravings. I have 3 boys and want to be healthy for them and show them a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!

  219. Val C

    Lysa and Proverbs 31 Team,

    I so need prayer! I lost over 110 pounds about 7 years ago through WeightWatchers. Even though I knew at that time I needed to give this food struggle to God, I used my own willpower and God’s amazing grace, despite my continued idolatry to food to lose that weight and keep it off for about 5 years. Well…through life changes, parenting stresses, medication changes, and other “excuses,” I have put 35 pounds of that weight back on. I have been through the Made to Crave video, book, and workbook several times. I have also worked through the Made to Crave eating materials. As frustrated as I am and as much as I know that I need to give this to God, I have lost my “want to” and I cannot find it back! Satan keeps winning and I feel like I am powerless to stop him!! My mind knows that only through God’s power will I win, but I keep up with this horrible inner struggle. I so covet your prayers over the next 21 days as I complete the Made to Crave challenge. Thank you for ALL you do and ALL you share so that I can make imperfect progress in this struggle.


  220. Pam

    Please remember me in prayer. I am 55 and wear a size 18. A size that I never, ever thought I would see in the mirror on myself. I am a little less than 5’2″. My legs hurt, my hips hurt and my back hurts. I know it is caused by my weight. I have the most wonderful one year old grandson whom I adore. I want to be able to play with him and watch him and many more grandchildren grow up.

    thank you very much for your prayers.

  221. Dawn Kennedy

    Thank you for this ministry! I have read Made To Crave 2x!! I know what to do, and dont. I have been struggling with my weight for the past 21 years. The first half of my life i was thin and athletic. Once i started having my children i never regained my healthy weight. Now at 43 yrs old I am 40lbs overweight and in the largest size i have ever been. I am only 5’1, so 40 lbs is alot on my little frame. I desperately want to honor God with my body. God frequently, lovingly, tells me that this is an area of disobedience that He wants me to surrender now. He has even given me visions of ministry areas He has for me once I allow the Holy Spirit to heal this broken area of my life. I have overcome so much with God’s help. I just dont know why this area is sooo hard. Please pray for me. My 15 yr old daughter is a Type 1 Diabetic and i desperately want to model God’s plan for our bodies for her as well. I just joined a Run For God biblestudy at my church. I am also going to take Lysa’s challenge. I will covet your prayers. I no longer want my heart undivided!

  222. Kim

    I have been struggling with my weight for several years. I have lost weight only to gain it back. I weight more now then ever. I have that mind set that I will never be able to be at a healthy weight again. Like I feel I have made so many mistakes that I deserve to be this way. Being overweight keeps me home a lot in stead of being out enjoying life with my family because I am so ashamed of myself. Deep in my heart I know success can happen by reaching out to my heavenly Father. Just opening up here gives me hope. Because I never share my feelings with no one. But I am ready to do this!! Please pray for me that I can find that belief in myself. That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Thank you!

  223. PamB

    I really enjoyed the devotion this morning. I am completing my first week back at weight loss after gaining some weight over Christmas. I have lost a big chunk of weight, but I still have a lot of weight to loose. My dietician has given me a new plan to use; some days I am successful, some not. I would appreciate prayers for: just keeping on keeping on wether I “feel” like it or not and for exercising whether I want to or not. My joints hurt when I overdo the exercise so I am trying to learn balance in how much and how forceful to be without hurting my joints. Thank you for your prayers!

  224. Linda

    I bought your book months ago. I never finished reading it; I actually probably only got through the first couple of chapters. Not because your words were not powerful or insightful, but because when I look at my mountain, I feel defeated. You see, I have over 100 pounds to lose. I’ve lost and regained weight my entire life. I have turned to mankind many times throughout my life, seeking a solution to my “weighty” problem. Therein lies my problem. Man cannot heal the internal conflicts and battles in my mind. There is not a pill that can completely take away the depression I feel when I look in the mirror. My problem is that I KNOW what the key is, I just am so overwhelmed by the number on that scale. I feel hopeless. The only one that truly knows the solution to my problem is our God. You, Lysa, have made an excellent tool for me to use. I ask for prayers that I will grab hold of both that tool and God’s hand and get this task accomplished! Thank you for committing to be so useful for God.

  225. Zamia

    God has been dealing with me and how I eat for almost four years now. I’ve gone through months of fasting (the Daniel fast and later the Daniel Plan from Saddleback Church) and prayer but up this point I’ve not been able to effect lasting change. I lost 65 pounds and was wearing my teens clothes at one point but feelings of deprivation led me to fall off the wagon. During that time I ran away from God because I knew how I was living wasn’t what He wanted for me. I’m on a 21 day fast with my church right now and this morning God gave me the scriptures from the book of Haggai mentioned in today’s devotional. He also woke me up with the song “I am not alone” by Kari Jobe this morning. When I read the words “You. Are. Not. Alone” in this blog I knew God was talking to me and confirming everything I was reading today. It’s good to know I’m not alone in this struggle. I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m stressed. I need to praise God when I’m happy and worship Him when I’m sad and stressed. I am not alone. Thank you, Jesus and help me to live a life that is pleasing in your sight. Give me the wisdom to find the time to exercise every day along with making good food choices. I love you, Lord and I trust you with my life.

  226. Juanita

    Just getting started on my journey to better health…please please keep me in prayer. I’m great at starting but not so much with following through. Love your devotions and enjoy you thro proverbs 31

  227. Suzette

    I am struggling with weight and weight related health problems. I am facing surgery and need prayer. I am an emotional eater and it is a vicious cycle

  228. Lisa

    I appreciate and can relate to your prayer this morning and I am claiming it today: ” Dear Lord, I want to honor You with my body and my life. I commit to make good decisions that will lead me into a better place with my struggles. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
    I bought your book over a year ago and have read it twice. I want to be faithful in honoring God. I have had 45 pounds to lose for 15 years and I know the Victory is in Christ Alone. Thank you for the helpful words of encouragement as I seek to trust Him today to keep me focused!

  229. Joanne Peterson

    I have two grown children, and the Lord made it very clear we were to adopt two of our grandchildren, boy siblings, 11 months apart, with trauma and the behavior that goes along with it, and lack of sleeping through the night, now crazy schedules with just being a sandwich generation; a parent needing help, college age children, us aging in our fifties, boys who are almost four and five.

    I was not overweight until we adopted our boys. Never in a million years did we expect to adopt our grandchildren, literally it took me by surprise, and never had to be in the circumstances we are in then and now. Both had been babies themselves, no sleep for anyone, and barely a time to eat myself, and then gorging. The exhaustion because I still had a teenager who didn’t drive yet. I didn’t have the mindset with food you described, and then I found I NOW have it, and don’t know how to get off the merry-go-round. I know the lack of exercise and the eating is not at all healthy. I am finding I use food as a reward, with the stress, and exhaustion. I need help to be able to find time to exercise and eat well in my schedule. I have very early days, and late nights. I am also struggling to find time to spend with friends, so I am very lonely too. I need help!

  230. JoAnn

    Thank you for the 21 day challenge and praying for us, struggling with food and weight. Because of a heartbreak,I felt so sad that I didn’t and don’t care about my weight. I’ve gained 10+ lbs within a year and a half. Chocolate and junk food are my friends. I need prayer to be motivated to eat healthy and start exercising again. Thanks!

  231. Nicky

    I would appreciate any prayers you could send my way. Weight has been a constant presence in my life since I started college, and kept weighing more as the years go by. I’m tired of living defeated, depressed, with self loathing thoughts and a terrible attitude. I want to be healthy and be a good role model for my toddler girl, (who I pray will not have my metabolism, but her father’s!) But deeper than that, I want her to really see her for how God and I see her, which is strangely difficult for me to accept about myself. Why is it so hard to change when we know it is for the best? Why am I so stubborn when I know overindulging will make me more miserable than I feel right now? Thanks for the encouragement and the study. I know in my heart I am an overcomer through Christ. Now, if I could just explain that to my fork… 🙂

  232. Teresia

    Thank you for your devotion today. I just prayed to the Lord this morning to help me prioritize my weight loss goals. I did your Made to Crave OBS with a small group of women from church and it was great. I was motivated, and lost over 20 pounds through the summer and early fall. But, with work and personal travel, and holidays, i have put back on 15 of those lost pounds. I pray for God to change my mindset and to change my lifestyle, to make exercise and good food choices a way of life for me. To help me stay focused on craving Him and not sweets or over eating food. Thank you for your prayers.

  233. Margaret Turner

    I know this 21 Day challenge is straight from God for me! I am not an overweight person but have struggled with my looks and weight for most of my life. I am one of those “never happy and never satisfied” with how I look. I constantly compare myself to others and put ridiculous expectations on myself all the time. I have had victory in this area before, but am struggling again now. I’m almost 48 and I am bombarded by thoughts of my “flab here” and “roll there” almost constantly. I am tired of thinking about my weight all the time. I know it robs me of peace and leaves me feeling defeated. I want to be free of the burden that I’m carrying that I know is not from Him. Looking forward to the challenge and all that God has for me…praying expectantly as I believe He’s already heard my cry when I saw this email this morning! Blessings 🙂

  234. Shasta

    I am doing a 12 week challenge working with a trainer. This week I hit a wall 2lb weight gain. More than the weight gain I am 3 weeks into my 14-month degree completion program going to school full time and working full time. I am in a 10 week Bible Study at my church. I know ai am doing exactly what I am supposed to be in all these things and in a couple months I’ll look back and see the beauty in it all. I’ll see the plan God had and how he wove each piece together for His purpose. I’m in the thick of it all and if one thing were to fall off it would be the food and fitness. I want to give a these things the best I have to give. I have a husband and family who need the best of me through all this as well. I need God’s provision each day, each moment. Thanks for your prayers!

  235. margaret

    Thank you Lysa and team for prayers. I have the book, workbook, and videos. I’ve tried for literally decades to release control of my eating to God. I want to live fully in Christ and the life He has planned for me. Can’t do that without being free of food and body image obsession.

  236. Lisa

    God has saved me from alcohol 6 years ago by the grace of Gods mercy i have had no desire to drink. my problem is with nicotine, i still smoke and i feel so guilty i dont serve at my church afraid someone will smell smoke on me. i dont have any christian friends (no outside friends either) i am also gaining weight more then ever. i dont know what to do. please pray for me because i dont know what to pray for anymore.

  237. Christina

    Please pray for me, I am 43 with 4 kids and my body has of course changed over the course of my life. I look in the mirror and hate what I see. I tear myself down and its hard to get out of that. I have clothes in my closet I refuse to get rid of because I swear some day they are going to fit. It seems like an insurmountable task, i say every year that this is the year I will lose the 20-30-now 50 pounds I really need to lose. I worry about health problems associated with weight gain. I worry about bad habits I have already given my children. I worry about not being attractive to my husband any more. I look at myself disgusted by what i have let happen and feel defeated. Please pray that God will show and guide me each step that i absolutely need to take to get healthy and not want to cry every time I look in the mirror.

  238. Marilyn Slagel

    Oh, Lisa, you have no idea how much I needed this post today. Self-loathing, depression, hopelessness about my fat – I can relate to all of it. I often wonder how I allowed myself to get this way – so sick of being fat.

  239. Ali Workentin

    God’s timing is perfect…as I took my blood sugar this morning (Type 2 Diabetic) was frustrated with the number ~ 161 and I knew the reason, because once again I am eating a bag of popcorn in bed when I head to bed…something I have told myself over and over that I need to quit eating when I go to bed at night, but alas once again I am doing it. I read the devotion of Proverbs 31 today, then read your post here and already opened the tab for your 21 day challenge…going there next. And I also saw how the Lord connected our sermon from Sunday on covenants/promises to this devotion..I make promises about getting healthy and then they go to the wayside. And all I could say was Thank You Jesus for bringing this all back around.

    So my prayer is that I can quit eating when I go to bed at night. Tonight will be the first night. And I know I can do it with the love of Jesus, prayers from myself and others. Again thank you for today’s devotion…God’s timing is perfect. Ali

  240. Alison

    Would appreciate your prayers to stay focused and not feel like it doesnt matter or that I am missing out. To remember that God is the only prize that I need and He is truly satisfying:) Thanks in advance.

  241. Laura

    I have joined weight watchers prior to the holidays (what was I thinking?) and did lose 10lbs…however, I lost the motivation to keep writing down my food intake, and the pounds came back (not all 10, but 6)…so I am “starting over” with myself and want to forgive myself for lack of discipline. I can use prayer to remain “faithful” to discipline, even when I don’t feel like it.
    Thank you.

  242. Christy

    I am 2 weeks in to a healthy eating plan. It is hard. I crave. I hurt. I want to cry. I need support, prayer and encouragement. I know “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – but when my work caters in lunch of breaded tenderloins, mac and cheese and onion rings – I feel so weak. I am in the middle of a battle with myself. So far, so good but I can use all the help/support I can get. Thanks,

  243. Brenda Boazman

    This was much needed for today and rings true for me. Have struggled my whole life with weight issues and deriving my self worth based on numbers on a scale.

  244. Bridget W.

    Thank you so much for this. This has been on my heart for awhile now and this week it seems like it’s been everywhere I look. I have a lot riding on it. I started working out and lost about 25 lbs last year, and then buckled under a lot of stress these last few months instead of praying about it like I should have. Prayers would be very greatly appreciated.

  245. Cindy

    Several ladies here at CFA Home Office have started a 17 week journey together on Weight Watchers. We are off to a good start but would appreciate prayer for continued success. We all fully recognize the need to be healthy but like you mentioned often make excuses for why it’s not the right season. We’ve taken the first step to get on a program, but we would appreciate the prayers to not only stay on track but to make this a lifelong commitment. Thank you and all the P31 ladies for your devotions. They always start my day off with my focus in the right direction.

  246. Vicki

    I’m having a breast biopsy tomorrow morning at 10 am. I would love it if you and your team could pray for me.
    Thank you so much and God bless you,

  247. Lisa

    Prayers for my journey to better health. I would love to do the 21 day challenge. Just waiting for my email confirmation back from the website. I really need motivation to get moving. My eating is under pretty good control but I need to get exercising. That nasty devil is dragging me down. Appreciate your ministry so very much.

  248. Tasha

    Thank you for this encouragement in my inbox. I love how blessed we are to have a God that knows our heart and knows what we are struggling with. I love how God encourages us and helps us to be the best we can be so that we can be the best that he wants us to be for him. I just said a pray to God for all the women signing up for this encouragement. Thank you again for doing this for us! God is great!!!!

    • Tasha

      oops *prayer

  249. Linda Christison

    I have been putting off getting rid of the extra pounds that were added during the holidays. My granddaughter who is 13 battles the pounds all the time and she and I have decided to fight this together mainly to be healthier and feel that peace.
    Please pray for my husband he has battled cancer for 9 years and is doing great praise God! He is having to fight for his pension once again if you could pray for God to settle his pension once for all so that he is not consistently fighting for it and having that stress it would be greatly appreciated. Bless you all.

  250. Sara

    Lysa, last year at this time I participated in the M2C online Bible study and as a result lost 90 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. But here at the year mark of starting this journey, I’m finding myself struggling to stay obedient in my eating. Please pray that I would be reminded of God’s desire for me to honor Him with my body and my choices. Thank you so much for your willingness and obedience to God in writing about this issue!!! I know it has been a blessing to me and countless others!

  251. Franchiska

    How many times has someone said I’ve started a new diet or a mind game by telling themself instead of diet I’m going to start eating better only to become distracted by life, excuses, boredom and the best one yourself saying you didn’t do it the last time…. That’s been me for at least the last thirty years…. I love how God speaks to you…. Next month I turn 50 and I’ve been trying to get control of my eating for my health… We have various health conditions in my family and heart disease, diabetes are two of these… Please pray that I start this journey today from reading your message I believe that was not sent by accident because I just cheated last night on a diet I started Sunday…. That I do make this time pleasing to God and Honor the temple he blessed me with… Much success to those on this journey with me!

    • Wendy Blight

      Praying for you now, sweet Franchiska. God is the STRENGTH OF YOUR HEART and your PORTION forever. I pray He would make these names a reality in your life as you journey through this difficult dieting time. May He FILL you with all you need and may He give you the STRENGTH to turn away from anything outside what you have committed to eat. Remember, great is HE who lives in YOU than he who lives in the world. YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU!



  252. Pat

    What a timely devotion today. Just yesterday, I had to go in for a heart cath test. I guess it’s called an angiogram. I had written goodbye letters to a few people “just in case” and bought my 10 year old daughter’s birthday gift and attached a 2 page letter “in case.” It was heart breaking to write. Between my tests that showed some blockages and yesterday, the blockages were gone. It had either been a false test or God healed me. Either way, I give God glory, because this was a big wakeup call. The doc, when he was done, told me we need to get my blood pressure under control, and I need to get some weight off. I have already been on BP meds. I do not handle stress well, even the little daily stresses of life. I tend to make other things my problem and have not drawn clear boundaries. I take on way more than I can handle and stew about it and try to help “fix” things. In Janurary of 2013 my sister and I both decided we needed to lose weight after she had a bad scare in her doctor’s office as well. We started to be accountable to each other, tracking food, calling daily to check in. Around the holidays I fell off the wagon. In 2014 I gained back the 27 pounds I lost plus some. I went from weighing daily to now not being on the scale for probably the last 3-4 months. Yesterday as they were prepping me and needed to weigh me for the procedure, I told the nurses not to say my weight out loud,and I turned my head. As I sat in the bathroom for the last time before my procedure, I cried. I’d have myself dead and buried several times over the last week. So now, today, I have another chance. I put WAY big expectations on myself and when I blow it, I beat myself up bad. I want to lose weight and be able to keep up with my daughter. How I long to take walks to the lake with her and just be able to keep up when we go somewhere. My weight limits a lot of what I do. Ideally, I need to lose 100 pounds. And that is no exaggeration. It feels so looming and I’ve lost 50 before, maybe 30 but I always gain it back. I get to a point where I am on a plateau for so long, I just give up. I am tired every day, most of the day. So I did sign up for the 21 day challenge. How can you pray for me? Just that I would run to God when I have a “light and momentary trouble” and not run to the fridge. I don’t know what else to ask, because I’ve prayed it all.

  253. Vicky

    I identify with all of these and countless times give up emotionally. Please pray that I too would be reminded of God’s desire for me to honor Him with my body and my choices. I can use all the encouragement I can get. Thank you!

  254. Judy

    I need prayer for my focus on Bible study, keeping my heart on my body as God’s temple. I also struggle with effects of a stroke on 12/14/12. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you so much for our willingness to be open about your own struggles. It comforts me to know I am not the only one in this struggle

  255. Maria

    Please pray for me.

  256. Gina

    Struggling to make the right food choices when I’m not feeling. Because of a autoimmune disease my emotions are weak half of the month. I struggle with good food choices in order to loose weight. It’s a roller coaster!

  257. Denise Agee

    i too desire to worship God with my body. I am good at taking care of my physical self with regards to eating, exercise, outdoor activities, supplements, etc. but I have an addiction to smoking! God has helped me conquer so many beasts in my life, but I cannot seem to lay this (smoking) burden completely down to Him, & trust that He will give me the strength to victory! Please pray for both my husband & I that we will be victorious in breaking this wretched habit! In Jesus name, I pray! God Bless, & my I will lift each of you up in prayer!

  258. Paula Canman

    I am currently trying to lose some weight. A lot of weight & it is so hard. I can pretty much do it during the day but my biggest problem is at night when I am sitting here watching TV. I want to eat the whole time. I try so hard to get my mind off of food but it doesn’t work. Please pray for me to mustard up the strength to not want to eat at night when I know I’m not really hungry. Thank you & God bless.

  259. Janet Reid

    I would so appreciate prayers on a crazy-busy life! My husband and I have a just turned 39 year old daughter that is extremely bipolar. She lives with a deceased friend’s schizophrenic mother. (You would have to be mentally challenged to live with either of them.) My husband and I have raised our daughter’s daughter since birth. She is 18 years old, and we are praying she will graduate from high school in June. Big challenges there too with night school on top of driving her back and forth to school during the day. 28 trips per week. But, our granddaughter told us 3 years ago that she believed she was a transgender. My husband and I went through our retirement savings trying to keep our granddaughter on the right track by 9 years of Christian school. After my husband lost his job, we had to put our granddaughter in public school. After one month she joined the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual group. She dresses like a boy, and has a boy’s haircut. She has been in counseling since 4th grade. We believe she was sexually abused by a boyfriend when visiting her mother. And, her father committed suicide, but he let it be known he wanted her to be a boy. Lots of things in the dynamics here. Anyway, we are driving my daughter to doctors, dentist, psychiatrist, grocery shopping, etc. And, we are going crazy with our grandchild. Plus, my mother lives with us and she has dementia…..and we see my mother in law a few times a week. She just turned 90. My husband is working two jobs at 67 years old and I work part time for our church 4 days a week. My granddaughter has left church and says she doesn’t believe in Christ. She says Christians are judgmental…..and they are. After 9 years in Christian school, only ONE friend has stayed in contact. There is much more, but you see how we are going nuts. If I didn’t start my day with 7 devotions, Bible and pray, I’d be dead. I also run, bike or walk 6 days a week. Prayer for all of the above is appreciated!! BTW, we adopted our 39-year old daughter after I lost two full-term babies shortly after birth with a kidney disease neither my husband or I have. I do have a healthy birth son that is married with two beautiful children. They are the sunshine in my life. One day I may write a book, if this ever ends!! God has used all the brokenness in my life, but I sure get weary!

  260. Jackie

    I’m new at this – read about the book just this morning and stumbled on it “by mistake” (I don’t think so!!). I have been a bit off track with the Lord for 2-3 months now and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it – depressed, spiritually withdrawn. When I read about this book and what it’s about, it really hit a nerve. I am going to purchase the book and go on the 21-day challenge. I know this is what has been going on with me. I have been aware of my eating increasing over the past few weeks and its no coincidence its been the same amount of time that I’ve been off track with God. This has been a pattern in my life and it has to be broken. I believe the breaking of this pattern will lead to a great spiritual step in my walk with God. It’s been a long time coming – something I haven’t wanted to deal with but am very much seeing the need to deal with. I really need prayer and I also feel the adversary right behind me, breathing down my neck. God has called me to certain things and I also sense the breaking of this cycle will break forth in this call. The enemy, I feel, is just waiting to mess that up. Anyone who would, I would covet your prayers. Thank you SO much. I also appreciate any advice from those who have gone before. Even though I have been a Christian for 30+ yrs., in some ways I feel like a babe in Christ. Thank you so very much. Blessings to all my Jesus sisters!!

  261. LiliRose

    Hi Lysa. Thank you for this. I just signed up for the daily Proverbs emails a day ago and this was the first that came to me with a bang (off course)! I am going through very many things in my life at the moment and have realized I need to slow down and just listen. But while doing so I need to recognize that my body is the holy temple and need to be treated as such. When I say ‘slow down’ I mean to slow down enough to hear God’s messages to me and allow him to plant the dreams he has in store for me instead of me asking him to provide me help with my dreams. I want his dreams to be mine.

    This has also come clear to me as we all try to define new years resolutions (I do every year at least) but this year all I could think was “Be still and know that I am God”… so that is where I am. I need help with hearing his messages and know that the massage is from God instead of my own desires. I do too struggle with food cravings, sugar to be exact… what a love/hate relationship we have. And I just want to be able to look and think of a great cookie or candy shipped in from my family in Sweden and feel “naaah, I am good thank you”… 🙂

    Thank you for this post – I am so very sure it has touched so many others. 🙂
    Blessings to you Lysa.

  262. Vonnie Sowers

    My life is so stressful right now and I am allowing depression to lead me. I am not reading my Bible or praying as often as I should. I feel like I can’t handle things and I just want to go to heaven.

  263. Karen

    It’s so great, Lysa and gals, to see and receive God’s timely embraces in the words you share with us. And your right when you remind us of God’s perspective on our temples. I’m 53 and for the first time in my life I have peace with loving the skin God placed me in. For me there have always seen the temples but for quite some time I would’ve considered myself more of the Jr. High classroom next to the nursery :7) The last 10 years have had me being physically active from walking workouts, learning to run, half marathons, boxing, workouts 5 days a week and the whole spectrum of not eating basically any 3 kinds of food groups with added juicing for two weeks at at time. I never was and never will be the “gazelle” with any of these activities but rather am the little Shetland pony that could. I’ve honestly been inactive with any kind of healthy regime since losing my job in Aug. 2014. God has faithfully provided for a temp job that is very, very labor intensive and I’m able to keep up. But it’s not without consequence as my back and hands especially have inflammation daily (pins and needles) and it’s a totally different set of hours for work – from 1-10 pm or 2-midnight. For a “morning person” it’s been quite the challenge. Yet I’ve had the opporturnity to follow the Lord’s leading to encourage co-workers and at times, share who Christ is in my life :7) I’m asking for prayer so that I can get past the times of “survival mode” to thriving where He has me for this time and making the time of even just 30 mins a day to stretch and/or do my workout tapes so that I can have more energy and increase my health for whatever assisgnment the Lord will place me in next. Thanks so much gals! Living loved – for sure! Karen

  264. Melissa


    Please pray for me as I struggle with my weight issues! I have been battling my weight for years and always lose… I know a lot of it is from the stress of losing my only son, 21 years old, 2 1/2 years ago…he died in a hiking accident. Before he died, we had decided together that he was going to train me for a 5K. He was an avid runner and my BIGGEST fan! I miss him terribly! He always encouraged me as I tried to lose weight, and he would always tell me I am beautiful no matter what size I was…I miss his encouragement so much! I want to lose weight to honor the Lord, but I also want to do it for my son and for me as well…I want to make him proud!

    Please remember me in prayer as I will continue to grieve my son for the rest of this life here on earth. But I KNOW I will see him again in Heaven someday all because we both made a decision to follow the Lord many years ago! Please pray that one day soon I will win this battle with my weight! I have prayed and prayed, but most days I feel like the Lord doesn’t hear me or that He doesn’t care…but I know in my heart He does. Please pray that He will reveal to me what I need to do to win this battle!

    Thanks so much! I so appreciate your ministry!

  265. Angie

    Please pray for me in this struggle over my weight and health. I’m feeling very defeated and discouraged. I know God can help me but I’m not doing my part.

  266. Darci

    At over 250lbs. I’m totally lost with trying to lose weight and be healthy. Can’t seem to make that turn to feel good about “me” no matter what. Please, please pray that I can see myself as God sees me so I can make a change to be healthy, loose weight and be happy. I so appreciate your daily devotionals. Thank you so much.l

  267. Pamela

    I’m struggling with weight gain after losing my father three years ago. I’d really like to be who I was! I’ve started making healthy choices, even when eating out, which can be deceiving by the way! 🙂 But I can’t seem to “move” my body! I know that’s what I need to do-I just don’t want to! Please pray for me to want to and to do it!

  268. Pat Rogers

    Bless you, Lysa, for sharing your struggles with food. I know in my head , but not so much in my heart, that God has plans and a future for me-not to harm me.(Jer 29:11). I would like you to pray for me, that I would be mindful of Christ’s love for me and that I would think about my body as His temple. I turn 65 next week and want to grow in one way only- His way and for His glory, Thank you and blessings to you all.

  269. Sarah

    Thank you for your encouragement. I’ve read and re-read Made to Crave, and continue to struggle. I spend my thoughts on comparisons to friends, thinking about how I’ll look “someday,” and rationalizing each extra bite. I’m embarrassed because my kids are now old enough to see that I’m overweight. My oldest turned 10 yesterday. I struggle with thinking that he deserves a healthier mother. I could go on and on! Thank you for your prayers for me, the others who are posting and for all of the women out there who struggle. We all need help. We all need Jesus. Thank you.

  270. Judith

    At this point I am disgusted and discouraged. I have lost at least 100 lbs over 20 years, all of which I have gained back. I want to lose once and for all, but it’s hard to get up the motivation. Please pray for me.

  271. Eileen

    Hi Lysa and Team:

    Thank you for your blog. Yes, I too am where you have been regarding my struggle with food! The weekends are the most difficult for me, as well as my family. Your prayers to help us strong in our resolve to be healthy and honor God with our bodily temples is appreciated.

    Thank you for your prayers and my prayers are with you and the Team!

  272. Mayla Wiseman

    We have lived in AR for 9 years. The Lord has given His approval for a move to PA. My husband leaves today; I will follow when this house sells. Please pray for his safe journey east, and his ongoing job search. He will also be looking for a church.Thank-you for all prayers.

  273. Joanne

    I would appreciate your prayers in this realm of weight control, emotions and how does God see me?

    Thanks for your wonderful honesty and the entire website!

  274. Melody

    Thanks for the post today. I have always had a bad self image. However, after making some common sense changes to my diet and exercising, I lost 20lbs over about a year. I felt great but slowly slipped into binging here and there. Now I am in the loop of feeling deprived, then guilty just like you said. Pray that I will escape this struggle and honor God with my body and life.

  275. leah

    Hi, just recently i started having health problems. I’m young and so when the doctor blurted out that i had gerd i immediately felt like life was over. I don’t know what’s going on especially since i never had any symptoms before and he diagnosed me with any testing. He also said i needed to lose some weight. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. I’ve always gone up and down. However i became unhappy with myself after i had my second son. I just could not bring myself to feel good about my body after that. My husband loves me even when i don’t. Ask i have great support there. Anyways we decided to get a second opinion so we will be going to a new doctor since non of this makes since. I don’t know what God’s plan is with all of this but I was in the pit and am finally somewhat feeling better. I have my moments where i feel down and cry. I believe God will heal me of this. It’s on my heart for God to heal me completely and to restore my health. I realized that I need to be happy with my body that I need to see myself through God’s eyes. He also wants me to take better care of my body. So for 3 weeks I’ve only eaten half of what i would normally eat. Yesterday my husband said he noticed I’ve lost weight. I haven’t noticed since I’m focusing on God and praying for his healing to come. I’ve also been sleeping on our sofa sitting up and my husband is right next to me. This has shown me that he truly loves me. It has strengthened our bond. I’m waiting on God to speak, to tell me it’s ok to return to our beds for he has healed me. My help is on the way. So I’d like prayer for my husband, that God strengthen him, bless him, and also heal his finger since he smashed it. Also for myself, that he perform a miracle in my life by healing me completely and speaking to me. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you.

  276. leah

    Hi, just recently i started having health problems. I’m young and so when the doctor blurted out that i had gerd i immediately felt like life was over. I don’t know what’s going on especially since i never had any symptoms before and he diagnosed me without any testing. He also said i needed to lose some weight. I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life. I’ve always gone up and down. However i became unhappy with myself after i had my second son. I just could not bring myself to feel good about my body after that. My husband loves me even when i don’t. Ask i have great support there. Anyways we decided to get a second opinion so we will be going to a new doctor since non of this makes since. I don’t know what God’s plan is with all of this but I was in the pit and am finally somewhat feeling better. I have my moments where i feel down and cry. I believe God will heal me of this. It’s on my heart for God to heal me completely and to restore my health. I realized that I need to be happy with my body that I need to see myself through God’s eyes. He also wants me to take better care of my body. So for 3 weeks I’ve only eaten half of what i would normally eat. Yesterday my husband said he noticed I’ve lost weight. I haven’t noticed since I’m focusing on God and praying for his healing to come. I’ve also been sleeping on our sofa sitting up and my husband is right next to me. This has shown me that he truly loves me. It has strengthened our bond. I’m waiting on God to speak, to tell me it’s ok to return to our beds for he has healed me. My help is on the way. So I’d like prayer for my husband, that God strengthen him, bless him, and also heal his finger since he smashed it. Also for myself, that he perform a miracle in my life by healing me completely and speaking to me. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you.

  277. Brenda

    Dear Lysa,
    I first of all want to thank God for His timely provision in my life. Your words in this post reached straight to the hurting part of my heart. My struggle with weight loss has been a lifelong challenge. 54-years young and 100 pounds over my healthy weight, I struggle daily with food choices. Just within the last few weeks, I have been disillusioned with my sister in law’s choice to have part of her stomach removed and her hunger hormone turned off all in the name of weight loss. She says that she has done every diet in the book with no success. (I say in my mind … Join the club!) She is possibly 30 pounds over her healthy weight, and I feel is NOT a candidate for such surgery. She just doesn’t want to try anymore on her own. (And she has the money in the bank to afford such a choice.) I get that part, but being a Christian mentor to me, I have lost respect for her. I would never have such a surgery. To me, it’s cheating. I have been in the weight loss race for well over half my life, and she has paid someone to drive her to the finish line, for goodness sake! My question to her (in my mind, of course) is this: God is not powerful enough, big enough, capable enough …etc.??? Here lies my disillusionment, Lysa. Here lies my struggle. Here lies my frustration. Here lies my anger.
    I want freedom from these feelings. I want peace. I want the peace of God to rule in my heart once again.

  278. Melanie SCR Hilliger

    Lysa: You ALWAYS hit it on the head!!!!!!!!!!! I have purchased your books; it is like someone opened my heart and melded it into their own. Right now I am having problems with my husband (right now? Yeah, right…….). As you say in your books or daily devotionals, ‘if we were sitting down right now and talking to each other face to face…..’; I would just have to stand up and just give you a big hug, see the thing is you would understand. Thankyou so much for your candor and straightforwardness; it is really so hard to find someone like you. I keep looking and will not give up…………

  279. Suzie Doyle

    Where do I start……due to various reasons I’ve never really liked myself, to the point that ive wished i had never been born. My weight has always been an issue, family bullying, school bullying. No matter where I turned, I wasn’t good enough. I’m now 36yrs old……around 20stone. Still don’t like myself much, and I’ve used my weight to keep me safe. To some, that will sound ridiculous and a weak excuse. I wish it wasn’t there believe me. So when I start losing weight, I panic, big time. I not saying as soon as I start to loose weight that I turn into an oil painting and guys are going to fall at my feet, but I seriously feel so exposed. Plus even at my lowest weight in my 20’s, at 11stone, I still wasn’t good enough. I want this battle to stop. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you to you all at proverbs 31 ministries

  280. Lydia

    I just came over after reading devotion about honoring our bodies today. I do struggle with pleading a healthy and active lifestyle but would like to change that.

  281. Susan Cope

    Sounds like I am in good company! I an mow 53 and have been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 15. At that time I also had high blood pressure. My mom was a diabetic and she was, in no way, a good role model of how to deal with this life long debilitating disease. I always figured complications would happen to someone else. i have also been over weight since the 4th grade. Food was what I turned to. As I got older and more pressures developed I became a compulsive over-eater seeking refuge in food. then the binges started as a way to soothe myself. Only to find that the more food I consumed the unapphier I was when the food was gone. Guilt was horrible. But it didn’t deter me. I used the same tactics and still do, to make myself feell happy and loved. In July of 2014 I was diagnosed with some heart blockages and I figured my out would be some stents. Nope, surprise, I needed a triple or quarduple by-pass. Heart dieases ia a very big issues in my family. So I underwent the surgery, but with the power of some prayer by faithful people, God brought me through the surgery only needing a double by-pass and I had a supernatural healing. 4 days in the hospital and I was home, no pain, whatsoever and no complications. I know God brought me through, but I also know I need to do my part. So, please pray for me to learn that satan is the author of my eating issues. He knows it is a weakness for me and so he strikes me there. I know I need to turn to God when I am in the “eating” mood and that only He can provide me with the love and comfort I so yearn for. I know God loves me and that I am His child! I know He wants only the best for me.

    • nadya

      many times I’ve tried and failed. I am not happy with my body and this issue has very often gotten in the way of me doing things that make me happy. i’m tired of feeling sorry for myself, and i’m tierd of failing God… I have decided to once again get up and change my lifetstyle, but this time i’m doing it with God by my side…..please help me out with your prayers….

  282. Katherine Coombs

    Maybe you’ve heard the news surrounding a SC teen who stabbed another teen It seems to be all over the Media and National News as well Well I live in the community where both these boys are from. It has been horrific and both families need your prayers The family that lost a child and also the other family who in essence lost a child to the prison system They were both only boys 16 and 17 Both families are normal nice families Anyway, please lift up these families and our community as we mourn this tragedy And thank you girls for making my every day brighter with your words of wisdom and encouragement!

  283. Christine

    I would appreciate some prayer as well. My concerns have been less about weight and more about my health. I have MS and a family history of heart issues, blood pressure issues and cancer. I’ve done well before and loved how I felt but the majority of the time, I’ve had to rely on someone else to help push me because I just can’t push myself. I’ve shared this with my husband and pointed out that this is important to me and that I need him to be an encouragement. Please pray that we can both be there for each other.

  284. Jennifer Waddle

    I would love prayer for my eating habits and thoughts that are not glorifying to God. I have been reading Made to Crave, and going through the videos. I believe Lysa’s view on this is right on, I am just having a difficult time relenting! Ugh!
    Thank you so much,

  285. Kathy Abad

    We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Ephesians 4:13 You are not alone God is with you. I’ll be praying for you.

  286. Lorrie

    Thank you for this Lysa. I too have thought that God surely must be more interested in other areas of our lives then about our bodies. My husband and I have a 14-year-old daughter that was diagnosed at age 7 with Aspergers Syndrome. My 86-year-old mother who is not in great health moved in with us last April. Our home life is filled with a lot of strife, demands,& anxiety. Although I started this year off with exercise and dieting goals, sometimes with all the negative emotions around our home and is very difficult for me to stay the course. I appreciate any and all prayers that can be made on my behalf.

  287. Tami

    Please pray with me as I begin this challenge…I have battled weight related issues for many years. I am believing God to take my hand and help me overcome this just as He has so many other challenges in my life. It’s time and I really need encouragement and prayers!! Thank you so very much for coming along side of me in this! ❤

  288. Suzanne R.

    Pray that I would be successful walking the life God has planned for me in this area of healthier living

  289. Wendy

    Please pray that the Lord would renew my mind in the area of healthy eating. I have some accountability and a plan but it is so difficult for me to carry out.

  290. Tecca

    Yes, to all the questions you posed in your blog post today! What a sad, depressing, maddening, isolating place to be. It is a monumental struggle that seems like it should be so easy because there are a million resources available devoted to just this issue. However, it’s hard to get started and stay on the path in the face of daily temptation, negative self-talk, and seeing so many others who may be further down the path (easier to see their successes as your failures than to keep the blinders on and just walk the path laid out for you). Thank you for your post and all those who have commented. It is possible. I look forward to the 21-day challenge and will pull out my Made to Crave book and revisit. Have enjoyed so many of your works/words!

  291. Darlenne Whitefield

    Hello Lysa,
    I’m writing to you from San Diego. I just recently started following your blog and just finished your Made to Crave book and started The Best Yes. Both areas I struggle with. I would like to request prayer for strength to continue on this journey called life. I am a full-time working mom of 2 and my husband and I have felt a calling to become foster / adoptive parents. We have an orientation scheduled with a foster network in our area on Feb. 2nd and would greatly appreciate if you and your group would join us in prayers for guidance and the knowledge to know we are doing the right thing.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry greatly!!!

  292. Nancy

    Very timely that I saw your Facebook post today when I normally might not have which that led me to this devotional and site. I believe that God is using you to speak to me to encourage me. As our pastor spoke this past Sunday…are we listening? I just need to listen to God and have the courage to make the changes that I need to make in order to regain my health. Corinthians 6:19-20 came to me last week in another manner and here it is again. Oh, wow! To say I need prayer is an understatement. I have done it all and have failed at every attempt. Please add my name to your list of those you are praying for. Thanks, Nancy

  293. Beth

    Hi my name is Beth I know our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. I have been going to church for years. I was a drug addict that graduated from Teen Challenge. Came from a legalistic up bringing as a child. I was going strong for the Lord slowly I fell off. I started using again eventually. Now I am back on my feet have recommited my life to Christ. I have been trying very hard to be faithful staying in prayer and in the word. I suffered a lot of traumatic experiences as a child. I became bullimic I have struggled with an eating d/o since I was very young. I still struggle. I have been conscious lately about my body being the temple but had no idea it was also related to food. I smoke cigarettes which i am working on letting go. I have been drug free and alcohol free since june of 2014. I am so proud of that but my problem is that now i am taking laxatives every day more than the dosage should be i just hate to feel bloated and i feel cleaner after I go i guess I feel dirty. So i really need prayer Thanks so much for your devotionals I read them everyday!

  294. Marti

    Hi Lysa, I too am in the same boat as every one else here. I have been asking God for help to lose weight. I am hoping that you are my answer to my prayer. Please pray for me to be able to do this. Thank You.

  295. Jae

    Hi. I have Night Eating Syndrome and it is affecting many of my relationships. I would love prayer to be finally released from it. it is literally the only thing preventing me from losing weight and becoming healthy again. I also have food sensitivities that are helping get away from it.

    I gained 30 pounds because of NES. I would love to lose weight now and be finally free from 7 years of 4 types of eating disorders.

  296. elizabeth

    Lysa this hit me hard. I have many physical health problems that have been a problem all my life. I had complications in my first pregnancy 16 years ago which caused me to gain 100 pounds at age 18. And it never went away. I can’t exercise like normal people and cutting down my intake of food doesn’t always help. It seems I get no results then a few then none. We have changed our family lifestyles so much in 3 years but with that has come mood swings and a teen that dis agrees with us. My 15 year old is very overweight. She has bipolar, anxiety issues, and many other mental health issues. And on top of it she is a extreme emotional eater. And seems to be against any exercise because it’s not fast results and she would rather lay in bed. It hurts my heart and I pray so many times throughout the day for her to just get motivated. I pray God changes her. She says she doesn’t believe in god. And that hurts me also. I spend my time numerous times a day with god. I couldn’t make it thru one day if I couldn’t talk and know he listens. I need prayer for me and my daughter. I’ll do anything to help her lose the weight and become healthy not thin but healthy. And i myself be healthy. I am tired of being big and doctors saying it’s okay when to me it’s not. I’m unhappy with my body and I want to lose more I may not be able to walk or run but I can lose it somehow. I pray for you Lysa and so many of the women on here that have commented. I pray that 2015 is the year that God is with us in each step for all of us to really succedd if we are willing to listen and do the work that God asks us to do. In the name of Jesus amen.

  297. Donna leicht

    Thank you in advance for your prayers and the prayers of your team. I read and worked through Made to Crave when it came out and with God’s power lost 50 pounds. I’m now up 20 pounds. Please pray for Me to be done circling the mountain and get to a healthy weight this time for good if it is God’s will.

  298. Cori

    I could definitely use some prayer. Where should I start? Six years ago my husband and I started foster care. We have taken in 24 children and adopted 3. We have 3 biological children that are 26, 24 and 24. Our adopted kids are 6, 4, and 2. I March of last year one of my 24 yr old daughters had to move back home ( the other 24 yr old had never moved out) and go through chemo. My 3 older children have not been walking with the Lord and have made bad choices and it has hurt out relationship with them. Then in April my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I spent most of my summer out of town taking care 9f my Mom because my daughter was through with her chemo and doing fine. All of this put my 6 yr old into a tail spin. He started 1st grade in August and has not done well. He has since been diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, anxietyand RAD. We still don’t have all of that under control yet. My mother 2as in remission for one month when we found out she has cancer again and is having another round of chemo. A couple days ago my 24 yr old twin daughters moved out. We are not speaking to each other. I told them that our Christian family is under attack from Satan and we need to stand strong . One of them is speaking to me now. So long story short I am tired and stressed out and have put on a ton of weight. I hate it! Please pray for us.

  299. Kathy

    Please pray for me to have the self-control and will-power to diet and excercise and not to give in to the devil when I want to eat something I shouldn’t. Thank You

  300. Angela

    The Lord’s timing is certainly perfect. There absolutely couldn’t have been a more perfect post/devotion for today. I had never connected my emotions with my weight until just recently when the light bulb came on, because of resources like this. I’ve never been able to lose all the weight I gained with my two beautiful kiddos and my youngest just turned 3. My weight haunts me Changing my eating habits for good and stopping this yo to cycle is really hard. I’m sick of it and just want to have the strength to be strong everyday to make the right choices. But for all the reasons mentioned above, mom, work, school, housework, kid activities, etc etc, it’s way too easy to find the excuse not to put my health first. I’m finally realizing it’s not selfish for me to make time for myself to exercise, despite a busy schedule. Thank you for your prayers in this way. Your story and book have encouraged me to press on.

  301. Dionne

    Please pray for me regarding my weight and food habits. I pray i can continue to feed my spirit more than my emotions! In addition to my eating habits I suffer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  302. Marina

    Please pray for me. I feel into a depression most of last year and just gave up caring about what I looked like, felt or my relationships including with God. I am trying to pull myself out of that funk by getting back to reading the bible and listening to God. I also am trying to get back into taking better care of myself by eating healthy and exercising. I feel as if I am at a crossroads in my life, with my youngest getting ready to graduate high school and go away to college, and am wanting to get direction from God as to where He wants me. But I feel like either I’m not listening or He isn’t leading me. Please uplift me with prayer that I will strengthen my relationship with God and listen for his direction in my life. And that I will continue on my goal to get back to being healthy and not get easily discouraged.

  303. Nonie

    I am 61 years old and have been over weight for most of my life. I was molested by my dad when I was 17 and even though I have worked through that and truly have forgiven him I continue to abuse myself by allowing what I eat and how much I eat control my life.

  304. Michelle

    Yes is my answer to all the questions you posed in your blog post today! Almost 4 years ago my husband and I separated and as crazy as it sounds… What a blessing that was! God used that situation in my life to bring me back to Him and to get me back in church, which has been a total blessing. My husband and I worked things out over a six month period of time and he came back home. We both managed to quit smoking (it will be 3 years this coming May). Both of my kids (at the time ages 11 and 8) accepted Christ as there personal Savior and I rededicated my life to Christ. So my life has been changing for the better in every way these past few years except for the fact that I have gained 35 pounds. I have read Made to Crave and the concept and logic all make sense and it all sounds good until dinner time rolls around and I have to decide what to eat and then Bam… I usually make the wrong choice.
    Please pray that the Lord would renew my mind in the area of healthy eating. I would like to become more healthy for myself and my family as well as be a better example for my kids to make healthy choices as well.

  305. Shannon

    Hi Lysa and all of my sweet sisters in Christ reading this,

    I am 34 and have battled disordered eating since I was very young. At age 16 I started to become more health conscious and began limiting my fat intake. That turned into restricted food intake and weight loss which left my mom and friends concerned. In college I began binge drinking heavily and binge eating on the weekends. During the week in would restrict food and exercise heavily to avoid weight gain from my typical 3-4 day alcohol and food binges on the weekend. In college is when I began purging too. This continued all through college. After college I started planning my wedding and lost a lot of weight due to stress and wanting to look fit on my wedding day. I got down to a weight that I hadn’t been at since middle school. During my first pregnancy I only allowed myself to gain 10 pounds because I was so afraid of gaining. With my second and third pregnancies I binged my whole way through them and gained a lot of weight. After having my son and being the highest weight I ever was I lost 35 pounds while heavily restricting and over exercising and binging on the weekends. Then it turned into daily binges that took over my body and I felt completely out of control. I had to eat, I couldn’t stop it. Meanwhile, exercising like crazy and depriving myself of proper nutrition. It was awful. God started dealing with me and really speaking to me about this. I was an emotional wreck from the discouragement, shame, self-loathing, loss of control, guilt, and embarrassment. I was having physical symptoms too – migraines, extremely tired, my body was achy, and couldn’t sustain much activity because it was too beaten down. I’m so grateful I was clear enough to hear Him even while being in the fog of the food. I started reading about emotional eating and about how different food substances are drugs to different people. I learned that eating can be an addiction for people and that I was lacking spiritually and emotionally and trying in vein to fill that whole with food. Through that period of searching I came across Lysa’s Made to Crave. That book in conjunction with joining Overeaters Annonymous started my recovery. That was 3 years ago. No, my eating and weight is not perfect and unknown it never will be, but the amazing thing is I am progressing in recovery and working through the emotional and spiritual and physical reasons that led to my eating that way. I am grateful to say that I have not binged or over exercised in the past 2.5 years with the exception of a short period of time this summer. I am maintaining a 40 pound weight loss and am at a heathy weight. A few months ago I totally eliminated sugar, flour, wheat, and nuts from my food plan in response to God’s prompting because those substances were triggering physical cravings, mental obsession, and blocking me greatly from God. I have never felt freer, closer to God, more hopeful, and healthy as I so today. I post all of this to encourage you! It is possible to take back the control and truly live again without the food obsession and physical cravings. I feel like I have so much more time on my hands because I am not spending the significant amounts of time that I used to eating or thinking about it. A whole new world has opened up. Is it scary sometimes? Of course, I don’t have the “protection” of the food anymore. But it’s so worth it because I get to grow and see myself, others, and situations more realistically and honestly. I have been on so many diets and none of them “worked” long term because they all focused on the physical and my issues stemmed from my emotional and spiritual health. I needed something that would address all three components of my issues: physical, emotional, and spiritual. That’s what I found in Overeaters Annonymous which is a very spiritual program. I couldn’t maintain this new life without God or without OA, for me I can’t have one without the other. There is hope ladies! If anyone wants to talk more please contact me!!

    God Bless You and I’m praying for you all!
    [email protected]

  306. Beth

    Oh my goodness – You hit the nail on the head. I am struggling with my weight and eating healthy and I have been using the excuse of not being able to exercise because of some health issues (Colitis) that keeps me from any aerobic exercise or getting hot or over-exhausted. I have run with that excuse for 6 years now. I can walk and I can swim(weather permitting), but my food choices are the real reason that I am struggling. Will you please pray that the Lord will give me not only the desire but the willpower to lose some weight and get healthy again. I could not access the “Made to Crave” here, but I will try on my home computer. Thank you so much for this article today! I know it is the Holy Spirit taping on my heart to become closer to Him! To God Be the Glory!

  307. Ashley C.

    I never dealt with weight issues growing up … until I had my children. And now, I find myself at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. And no idea how to STOP. I eat when I’m bored … or alone … or stressed … or just emotional. But its come to the point where I need to do something about it … for myself. And for God. I need to stop using food as a comfort, and use God as that comfort instead. Thank you for this 21 day challenge … I am really looking forward to it.

  308. Judy

    Please pray for me and my struggle with food. Even though I’ve had the surgery and eat less I still have the urge to snack and some days I’m just hungry. I work out and eat the correct foods and watch portions but I’m at a plateau for way too long. I need God’s strength to help me take the reins of self control. I know I just cannot do this alone.

  309. Laura Jenkins

    I can use prayer Jesus girls. I did made to crave last year. I had lost 30 pounds praise God. But now I have gain 15 back. I have struggled with this weight issue for my entire life. It consumes me. It seems I fear success. I have come so far and now I am out of control again Why? My doctor diagnoised me with pre diabetis. My health is in my hands. I am afraid I will let the weight win. I have failed time and time again.

  310. Laura

    I too have been in this battle with my weight all my adult life. Desperately seeking God and his direction.
    Thanks Lysa for this post.

  311. Ellie

    I am a decade and a half cancer survivor! I have had many complications not from the cancer thanks to God’s faithfulness. I have BP issues, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, aches and pains wall because of the weight I have gained during and after the chemo……please pray that God works miraclesninmy heart and head so that a can be healthy ans serve Him better as well as my family!
    Thank your for the encouragement!!

  312. Michelle B

    I needed to hear this today. I’ve been back in the gym since Jan 5. My husband are doing it together. Difference is…he is trying to gain weight. He can eat 3x the amount I can and it has been very hard juggling dinner each night. He eats everything in sight while I pick at my food that is a whopping 300 calories. Our struggles are different yet we both start and end our days the same…with prayer for strength and discipline to make the right choices. Please pray for my journey. I want to crave God more than I crave chocolate. 🙁

  313. Kim

    I would love prayer as well. I finally found out almost 2 years ago that I have a food intolerance to all gluten, dairy and wheat. My immune system response is significant when I eat those foods. Even so, I did not give them up – totally anyway. Finally, I am back at it again after hearing that my sister has an autoimmune disease and I don’t want that to be me as well. In addition I have gone off of sugar. For some time I have known that sugar is a trigger for me (my dad was diabetic), but never thought I could do without it (my idol). However, today marks day 5 of eating clean and without sugar. What a praise! My prayer is that I would continue to be satisfied in the Lord and not in food. Also, that when parties/events come up I do not feel deprived because I can’t have …., but rather that I can affirm that this is what the Lord has for me and it is His best for my good and for His glory. It’s so much easier to write that than to truly believe it, but this year I pray that it will be my belief as well! Thanks for your partnership with me in this.

  314. Jessica

    Thank you for sharing your heart. Weight loss (and eating better in general) have been an up and down roller coaster ride for most of my life. I’m tired of food having so much control over me. I think about it all of the time. Please pray for me that I would not put so much emphasis on food in my life and that although I am working toward being healthier, that I would be happy with the way I look right at this moment. It’s hard to love myself when I compare myself to others. Thank you for your prayers. They will mean so much.

  315. Sonia

    Weight has been my struggle for a long time now & this struggle is tied to different things ranging from emotions, stress, busyness to insecurity. I want to be healthy but I’m having a hard time finding what works for me amidst chaos of life & current health problems. Past weight loss methods are not feasible for this season of my life & have only been temporary fixes to a big problem. Looking for the Lord to work in this “heart” problem so that it can blossom into a lifestyle change. Thank you for being willing to pray.

  316. Amanda

    Please pray for me! I am 40 years old and want to be in the best shape I can! I have struggled with this since elementary school. I want to have control over it instead of it controlling me. It’s not that a way a lot it’s just plain hard to move off me!! I watched my mom become a prisoner in her own body especially after my dad died. Now my mom has passed away as well and I never felt she was able to live her life to the fullest. I do not want to repeat that!! I love her very much and miss her even more but I know how being overweight has limited her in so many ways. Please pray!!

  317. Jessica H

    This year I was finally validated!! At last, I thought! After months and months of doctor visits, lab work, specialist, and prayer I received a diagnosis. To many folks, that wouldn’t seem like “good news”, but at least now I could “fix it”. Anyway, I’m on my way to better health and better health and balance means weight loss, (who knew?) I ask that as you gather to pray that your prayer for me and others out there, is that we stay the course. One of the biggest treatment courses include a DIET change, like MAJOR change. So, I suppose encouragement from prayer warriors like yourselves would be my request.

  318. Tonia

    I, too, answer yes to those questions. I can be so motivated (in my mind) then when it’s time to put those thoughts into action. Please pray that I would have the willpower (through God) to overcome my eating habits, make changes, and incorporate exercise into my daily life routine.
    Thanks so much Lysa! I cannot tell you enough how thankful I am for your encouraging posts.

  319. Cindy

    I’ve battled weight my entire life and, frankly, at 60 years old, I’m weary beyond words. I know there is no magic formula…no quick fix. I want to be motivated by a desire for obedience instead of health issues worries. I have everything to live for and no clue how to overcome this sin. Nothing works…ever. Part of me wants to give up, but I’ll weigh 300 lbs if I do that. I’ve signed up for the 21 day challenge, and I bought MADE TO CRAVE. I’m praying for a permanent heart change.

  320. Karolee

    I need to lose about 40 lbs to be considered healthy again. I have 2 very difficult disabilities that constantly work against me. Please pray for continued strength, as well as a desire for all foods healthy! Thank You & God Bless!

  321. Missy

    I just came in from a brisk walk and a short workout..feeling great. I logged on FB and immediately came across this post it.I have been active most of my life but like the article states..complacency sets in,especially during the cold weather. Thank you for such encouraging biblical words.

  322. RITA

    I need help. I struggle every night esp. The cravings own. me I am addicted. I am not hungry at night. I am old and the pounds are adding on and the ability to lose the weight gets harder and harder.
    The Lord actually delivered me from this addiction (twice) I am ashamed to say. There is sugar in everything and slowly I just was again owned by the sugar and chocolate. Please pray for me.. Less is more. I have many physical issues and the weight is making everything worse. Please, I am going to sign up for the diet plan and I need the support of pray in my life.

  323. Elizabeth

    Prayer request. I read Proverbs 31 devotions on a weekly basis. I was so grateful for this message today… Thank you! Last night our Pastor spoke on Song of Solomon 2:15, “Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom.” When I read Haggai 1, I took a different perspective on this verse due to what Ben Houston spoke about last night. Last year, we planted Hillsong in Los Angeles and the church is not in ruins, but is still growing and God is still building His house…
    I ask that you would pray that I would focus on building the church and be less distracted about the lack of growth in my professional career. I need to recognize that God has me right where he wants me even though days get tough and my job does not meet my passions nor most of my spiritual giftings. I need to be grateful instead of impatient or gluttonous with life… Thank you!

  324. yvonne chapman

    I’m almost 69 years old, but I live likeI’m nearly dead. I’m currently housebound because I can’t walk. I also have had two shoulder surgeries in this year.I have physical therapy an occupational therapy come to the house 3 times a week, trying to get back use of my arm and my ability to walk. I weigh 320 pounds and I have to get weight off before I encounter serious health issues. So far, by the grace of God, my problems are about function, and I still have many years to get out of this chair and out of the house back to drivingand able to do what God has planned for me. Just yesterday I prayed to surrender my life completely to the Lord. Please pray for me so that will somehow start to lose weight and that my pain will be tolerable so that I can do the needed exercises. I need strength in my legs,and decreased pain in my shoulder so that I can do the right exercises.thank you for your prayers.

  325. Erika

    With a little bit of work, I’ve always been able to maintain a healthy weight. However, now I am taking a medication that I really need and it has caused me to gain weight! I pray that I will exercise and eat right and with the help of God, maybe I can lose the weight. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  326. Becky Cooke

    Dear Lisa, my daughter just sent me the most precious e-mail this evening about taking care of my body and reading a book she gave me (Trim Healthy Mama). I struggle with my weight and sometimes the biggest hindrance to my weight loss is myself. I am 68 and sometimes say “well, I’m too old to begin to lose weight”. What a stupid excuse! I love today’s key verse but I, too, cringe when I read it because I am not living up to my potential in keeping my weight under control. However, I have lost approx. 23 pounds in the last year but have come to a stand-still. Please pray for me that I will give this completely to the Lord and allow His Spirit to guide me into a healthy way of living and eating. I am just now starting back exercising so I am on the right track, but I want to be on His track, not my own, thinking I can do this alone. Pray that in the process, my spirit will be encouraged, that my faith will increase, and that I can truly give witness to His power in my life to other women in my situation. thank you so much and blessings to you and this wonderful ministry.

  327. Angie

    Thanks for this; I really want to get fit this year and be ok within boundaries ; not be emotionally tied to food. I see a glimpse of the goal but it’s a long journey. I don’t want to be numbers based but I do want to literally lay aside the weight 😉 so, my prayer request that I’d enjoy the journey and not be mastered anymore by anything; that it would be a lifestyle change of health and that I’d do it! I feel like lots would be better if this area was better. So far I’ve lost 20lbs

  328. Julia

    As a child I grew up in a home where I was daily verbally abused because of my weight. In my mid twenties I got it under control and kep it off for almost 7 years – then I got married and promotes and had kids and now have little time left for momma. I beat myself up daily for not getting my weight under control. I associate my worth with my weight and could definitely could use some prayer in this area.

  329. Veronica

    I could really use some prayer regarding trying to lose weight. I have struggled with this issue for most of my life.Since I got married in 2012, I’ve continued to gain weight. I have the desire to get healthy, but it’s like I have no willpower…but plenty of excuses. Please pray with me that I can begin and keep healthy lifestyle changes. Thanks so much!!

  330. Jill

    Trying AGAIN, to make healthy food choices and exercise at least 5 times/week. Prayers that I can stand firm when facing complacency and laziness. Want to be healthy for myself, my family and for God. Thank you.

  331. carol

    I need prayers to loose weight and to change my thinking about food. i want to be healthy and I Can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. T U Pray for me. Carol

  332. Patty

    God is so good and HIS timing is amazing! I went through the Made to Crave study in November of 2012. It was the catalyst I needed as I was approaching my 50th birthday and knowing some changing were needed in this area of my life. With God’s help (certainly not of my own accord), I took off 43 pounds AND have maintained that weight for the past 7 months now. HOWEVER, just 3 days ago, I suddenly felt a surge of discouragement — “tired of watching what I eat” “it’s so easy for some people to stay healthy” “I don’t LIKE to exercise”, and the list went on! The icing on the cake was I somehow misplaced my book, the original copy (you know the one with the highlights, notes in the margins, etc.) I knew I could replace it but it wouldn’t be the same. Fast forward: I emailed my accountability partner who answered with words of encouragement. I prayed for a renewed spirit of being empowered. I FOUND my book and now today, THIS was waiting in my inbox! The victory is ours girls, just make sure you have Jesus as your pilot!

  333. Linda

    Self loathing…. That is how I feel right now about a friendship I have. I hate gossip, but feel a certain aspect of our friendship is gossipy. I want to be a friend for her, but don’t know how to modify our friendship. I want it to be God honouring.
    Ok… The weight thing is not great for me either. I know I need more physical activity in my life which would bring down the weight. I also need to bea good example for my children.
    So, your prayers are appreciated as well as advice on my friendship.
    Thank you, ladies, for sharing the truths in God’s eird so faithfully every day!!!

  334. Stascia

    I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I consider myself to be a strong, determined woman, but when it comes to losing weight, I have a difficult time. It’s like this looming mountain that I just keep going around and around. I’ve prayed about it so much that sometimes I wonder if God says, “Oh, not again.” I would really like to finally be victorious.

  335. Gloria G.

    Oh my! Your devotional on “the verse that made me cringe” , Jan. 22, 15, really hit home to me. So many times I used that verse on my son because he smokes , a young man who drinks, and I know on others at times, but never realizing how I misuse my own temple.
    God has blessed me amazingly. I had stage four cancer and the doctors had given me six to nine months to live. But here it is, almost three years later. Amen! Before I got sick, I was so involved in a ministry in our church, worked full time and was very involved with my children’s activities. After I got dick and had so much chemo., and radiation, it really took a toll on me. However , through it all God has blessed me abundantly. Once I decided to stop all that treatment and put all my trust in Christ to heal me, right now I am in remission. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow. Anyway, after reading your devotion, I realized how I abused my temple, with overheating to where I gained so much weight, my feet bothered me to walk. God has blessed my life so much, I want so much to be able to serve Him again like I use to.
    Having this weight issue makes it so hard to go out there and soul win like I use to, which bothers me so much. Please pray for me to get my temple together and stop looking at others and what they are not doing. Thank you.

  336. Kathy

    I am completing a 21 day fast through my church. My time with The Lord has been precious. I need to lose quite a bit of weight and have lost some with the fast. I am learning to take it one day at a time and a pound at a time. I am working hard at acknowledging my emotions instead of stuffing them down with food. I would appreciate prayers as I go through this journey towards health, healing and growth in my walk with The Lord. Thanks!

  337. Gail

    Thanks for your devotional. I know that this is a topic many women have struggled with, me included. The Lord helped me with this issue once but then my health fell apart. I’ll save you the gory details but I’ve been through the cycle you describe more times than I can count mostly during pity parties over my health which is not due to over eating. Diabetes, PCOS, osteoarthritis, female issues, fibromyalgia, and finally two months ago my doctor told me my liver was at risk. Funny how far you have to fall before God finally gets your attention. Fast forward to January and, with the Lord’s help, I am finally losing weight and working out consistently. Sugar levels are good as are liver results. Praise God he woke me up! I just need prayer to help me stay faithful to taking care of God’s temple. Living in his grace daily…

  338. April McMichael

    Pray with me that I can through His power get back on the MTC journey and lose the weight I have put back on..

    • Micca Campbell

      Hi April, I’m praying for you today. “April can do all things through Christ who is her strength!”

  339. Lori

    I will take all the prayers I can get. Will power is not enough! Feeling desperate.

  340. Dorothy W

    When I read the book “Made to Crave” I feel like you’re in my head. I desperately need God to change my heart once and for all. I want to crave Him more. I know He loves me just the way I am. AND He will use me more effectively when I choose to be free of defeat, guilt, weight, and shame. God has told me, “I value you; you value yourself”. This is my journey. Lord, teach me how to value myself by relying on You to make lasting change in an area I hold onto so deeply.

  341. Lynn Leach

    Please pray that I hunger more for the peace of God than I do for food. I know I can be a much better wife, mother and teacher if I have a healthy body.

  342. Leya

    Got to get this health thing down for my own sake, for my family’s sake and for God’s sake. Please pray for my lack of self control and my lack of motivation.

  343. Gwen Duckworth

    I can answer yes to all those questions. I have gained 55 pounds over the past two years. I am larger than I have ever been. I am currently 190 lbs and I am unhappy. I don’t like myself and it carries over into all areas of my life. I am always trying to start a diet and start exercising, but yet I do not stick to it and the cycle perpetuates. Please pray for me and that, with the Lord’s help, I can find it within myself to get healthy again. Thank you!

  344. Amy

    Pray for me!! I am all to consumed with my weight. Constantly disappointing myself!

    • Kelly

      Amy, be comforted in knowing that you never disappoint God, for when He sees you, He sees Jesus! He loves you just the way you are, but He loves you too much to let you stay there. Let Him carry this burden for you. Blessings to you, Amy!

    • Micca Campbell

      Dear Amy, I get the whole “disappointing myself” thing. I do it often. But one thing I’ve learned is God never disappoints! When I feel the power of my flesh trying to take me down, I resist by calling on His power to overcome. I find something else to do and mintues or hrs later I realize He was faithful! I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t always rely on Christ in me. Sometimes I give into the chocolate almond ice cream. But instead of letting the dissapointment set in, I choose to put something healthy in my mouth the next meal. I hope this encourages you today. Know that I am praying for you today. We’re in this together, girl!

  345. Chelsea

    I love your devotions and love how God speaks to you through them. Please pray for me as I’ve really been struggling with weight and have since I gave birth to my oldest 10 years ago. Just over the last 6 months I lost 19 lbs but have 40 more to lose. I’ve felt Satans attacks on my life as I’ve made this journey so far in many ways and one of the devastating ways was my husband had an affair. Even though we are rebuilding and I’m trust God to heal and restore. I still feels like maybe if I hadn’t let myself go this would of never happend. I know those are lies. Please pray as I finish this race God has planted before me. I give all the glory to God! Thank you for your encouragement you give women!! Praying for you too!

  346. Sue G

    I would appreciate your prayers. I signed up to receive your 21-day challenge emails. My problem is not so much my weight, but that I continue to eat things that I know cause my blood sugar and tryglicerides to increase. And exercise….. what is that? I know it is a positive factor which brings both of those health issues to decrease and just can’t seem to motivate…

  347. Tara

    I would love to conquer this area of weight and food in my life. It’s been a struggle for quite awhile and does steal my peace. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Many times the emotion that prompts me to eat is anxiety. Please pray for me to overcome this and to BELIEVE that I can. I’ve tried and failed many times.

    • Kelly

      Tara, praying that you bring that anxiety to the feet of Jesus! Blessings to you.

    • Micca Campbell

      Tara, Anxiety is a strong emotion but it is not stronger than our God. Keep giving those cares to God. I’m praying for you today, friend.

  348. Patrice Lacy

    Just read your post on email re weight… tears in my eyes… lump in my throat…
    When IT (life) hurts, food of any kind soothes the hurt and deadens the stabbing pains under my skin! No one can see or feel what I feel, but you just helped me realize that Jesus does. The last thing I want to do is disappoint Him more than I already have…. I would love to go through this study/challenge with you girls. I am not at all computer savvy so may not get it right, but am happy to try. Thanks for your openness.. Its like someone knows my secret without even knowing me!!

  349. Rachel

    Please pray with me that I can overcome the eating disorder I have battled for many years as it is consuming my life and my time with God and family and taking away the peace I that I know there is with a close relationship to God. This is so very important to me as I need to care for my family and myself as we’re expecting baby #2 later this year. Thank you! 🙂

  350. Belinda

    prayer request for 21 Day Challenge
    I too eat when happy, sad, worried, etc.
    Right now, i have no jobs (self employed) and worried for money for bills
    Please pray

  351. Michele

    Pray with me…I would love to lose all this extra weight I have put on in the last 20+ years for myself, health wise plus for my family. I give up when the pounds don’t start falling off as fast as I want and get discouraged. Emotions, stress, anxiety all play a part too. I am a mess! Help me to see that I can do this, with Gods help.

  352. Katy

    I feel trapped in this cycle. I do well for awhile and then I start overrating again. I was very faithful with excercise but now some issues with my foot have prevented me from doin that. I lost 30 pounds during MTC bible study last year and have gained 10 back. I’ve read MTC so many times it’s starting to fall apart and I’m trying to apply its truth to my life. Food has such a grip on me and I hate it yet seem powerless to change in the moment of craving. I need prayer please.

  353. Suzy

    Please pray for me that I can quit smoking. I need the willingness and faith. Help deal with my anxiety in a healthy way. I keep failing and let my emotions take over

  354. Nicole

    I’ve struggled with my weight for 18yrs. I’ve succeeded and failed…always bouncing back and forth. I’ve never given time to myself, just kept my head down and took care of my family. Now I have sciatica, suffered with it mildly for 3 yrs, but last 6 months the pain has been debilitating…please pray I find strength to push thru the pain to exercise(carefully), eat healthier and healing from this also. Thank you!

  355. Vicky

    I have struggled with this issue all. My. Life….it is all you have said…looking to God for victory and guidance. Thank you sisters for your prayers.

  356. Roopa

    Please pray for me as I embark on a spiritual journey that is to make me physically healthy too. May I look to God and draw strength for each day as I turn away from the unhealthy towards the healthy, strengthening my walk with God.

  357. Anne Peterson

    I would like victory in this area. I had it some years ago by just submitting my eating to God and refusing to go to food except to satisfy genuine hunger. But somewhere along the way I started thinking I did it and when the pride slipped in the pounds slipped on. After gaining the 45 pounds back I felt guilt on top of all the original feelings that began that journey. I would like prayer because when I lose weight I feel exposed and then I put the weight back on to hide again.

    • Kelly

      Praying for you this morning. Blessings to you!

    • Micca Campbell

      Sweet Anne, Losing weight is hard. I’m right there with you. Please know that I’m praying for you today. Have you ever talked with God about why you feel “exposed” when you lose weight? The answer just may set you free in this area. One thing I know for sure is God loves you. He does not cause you to feel guilty. And He desires success for you. Blessings.

  358. K Davis

    Thank you!! Just what I needed to hear this morning! Got on the scale and was very upset to see a 7lb weight gain after holidays! Need support and prayer!

  359. Karen

    I am not sure how to pray for this struggle. I have been on a healthy eating plan for over a year and I only weigh 4 pounds less than when I started. I thought I would be further into this journey than I am. I know this is God’s way to get me closer to Him. Pray that this stronghold in my life would loosen and that I can get to the peace I so need. I ultimately want to be closer to God through this experience but I keep shooting my self in the foot by eating things that I know I shouldn’t. Anybody else out there know what I am going through?

    • Karen G.

      I understand, Karen. I have done the same with no budge on the scale. I have an extremely clean diet. I only have 25-30# to lose, but nothing is working for me and I am really disciplined. All the things that “worked” before, don’t work anymore. I have to really not buy into the lies of the culture that I’m not enough.

  360. Mary

    Weight and food are a huge problem for me. I said ‘yes’ to all five of the questions above. I’m now diabetic. I had diabetes under control with diet but now the numbers are trending high. Self loathing and only negative commentary comes in and anxiety does too. Today is particular struggle. I greatly appreciate your prayers!

  361. Peggy

    Please pray for me that I learn to love myself and let go of the past of comparison that I constantly disappoint myself with. I was struggling so hard for an identity to be somebody and receive approval in a toxic situation that meant nothing to this other person and left me feeling even lonelier and lost more than ever before. My body was where I always wanted to be but I couldn’t see it. I always thought “I had to be better” I wasn’t getting the love I so desperately wanted and needed. I realize now that it was for all the wrong reasons. I have since then found the life with a man that that I know was sent to me from The Lord. I have the perfect foundation for a beautiful life and I’m still struggling with me! I feel I don’t deserve and I seemed to sabotage any meaningful efforts to do the right thing by myself when it comes to my body and gaining control over my eating. Lately I’ve been binge eating and out of control, I don’t know myself anymore. I became a personal trainer because I love helping people out of the dark hole that I have now put myself back into! I need help, I want my health, energy, love for myself and peace of mind.

  362. Lora

    Yep, I need prayer for motivation. Just so hard to get this body moving, & then there’s that “finish your plate” thing going on in my head from childhood…

  363. Liz

    Please pray for me. I am trying to get healthy for myself and my family. I struggle often with emotional eating. Pray that I would find more constructive ways to deal with my emotions.

  364. Rebekah

    Please pray that I can let God move in my food/diet/exercise. I am guilty of using food as my comfort when God is really calling for me to turn to Him.

  365. Liz

    I tear up just thinking of asking you to pray for me. I have started and failed so many times that I don’t want to try any more. I was a skinny kid, I didn’t struggle with my weight until after I had my 3 children which are all adults now. So many years now I have been a good 50 lbs over weight. I have all the problems associated with weight. Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and joint problems ( surgery on both knees). I’m just plain out scared, scared to try and fail once again.. I know what to do how to do it, I just don’t want to try. My daughter is a fitness coach, plus a pastry chef. Haha my son is ex military very disciplined. My other son is starting to struggle with his weight. My husband is thin as can be. Not once has he said anything hurtful to me about my weight and my sons say I’m beautiful. Ok so I just ran away with my thoughts. My daughter is getting married in November, I want to look nice.
    Thanks for listening to me ramble. Thanks for being willing to pray for me.

  366. Mary Slagle

    I was diagnosed with lupus last April and have been on prednisone more of the time since then, than not. The medication has helped me gain 42 plus pounds. I can’t blame all of the weight gain on the medicine, even tho’the doctors also blame the munchies on it. Just another excuse.I have lupus, RA, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, vasculitis, sjornerns disease and weigh almost 300 pounds. I could use a prayer. I do know Jesus Christ as my Savior, I have since I was 13. Thank you for praying for me. I need help getting started and staying the course.

  367. Jennifer Kahler

    I want to have victory in this area…first to honor my Lord and second to get my health back on track. I am a diabetic and my A1C is going up. I know all of the things I need to do and how to eat healthy, but for every three steps I take forward…I fall back into old habits and fall back two steps. I am a stress eater, happy eater, anxiety eater….and the list goes on. I started using food for comfort as an abused child and haven’t stopped. Please pray for me….I want to break these strongholds and I need all the help I can get. Thank you for your website…I did my first online bible study with the Before Amen book and it was great. I get so much encouragement and comfort from your daily devotions. God is truly using this website for his work…May his blessings be with you all.

  368. Kim Eaddy

    Please pray for me as I have health issues which I just found out about in which immersing to lose weight. Right now I have no will power to start this diet. I’m in a deep depression with issues regarding my youngest son who is mentally sick from PTSD and TBI…please pray for me to start taking care of myself. God is good!!!

  369. Beckyj

    Please pray for me I have an addictive personality and wrestle with this daily. I want to be healthy for myself my kids and my husband. Thank you for your prayers

  370. Kelly

    I’ve struggled my entire life with how I thought about my body. Now I have crashed into menopause and have gained 20 pounds in 6 months. I want victory. I want a renewing of my mind and also just started hormone replacement with concerns that I am doing the right thing. Thank you for prayers

  371. Darlene

    Please pray for me — I was doing good on my track to getting healthy and then I had a daughter in law and 2 grandchildren move in. The stresses are overwhelming BUT I know a God who can see us through this time. Believe Romans 8:28 with my whole heart.

  372. Karen

    I would appreciate prayers. I need strength to let go of some bad eating habits. I’m doing better than I used too…I just need strength to break these biggest bondages. I know God will do it. My flesh is weak! Thank you!

  373. Melissa

    Please pray for my weight loss struggle. I’ve been over weight my whole life. Something’s got to give…

  374. Kim Vernetti

    I am struggling with getting healthy. I am a cancer survivor and in addition to wanting to lose weight, I really just want to be healthy. God healed me of cancer and I want to remain healthy so that I can serve him to the very best of my ability. I struggle with not making healthy food choices and flip flop between two mentalities….1).I want to get healthy and lose weight 2). Psh I’m a cancer survivor I deserve a treat lol. Thank you! Love your daily devotions 🙂

  375. Theresa

    I have struggled w/ my weight & body image all of my life!! I feel I am finally ready to turn it over to God! PLZ pray for me to release the issue! God Bless!

  376. Donna

    After losing 35 pounds a few years ago, I am stuck on losing the next 25. I have allowed the stresses of life to interfere with my health and have slipped back into nad habits. Please pray for me. Thank you!! I am praying right now for everyone who has posted so far. God bless!

  377. Tiffany Childress

    I would love prayers now. I’m struggling with my weight and healthy eating. I worry that my bad habits are rubbing off on my family. I am also struggling to hear the direction God is calling me to. I know He is telling me there is going to be change in my life. I have three choices of change that have presented themselves. Each with their own risk. I want to do what Hod wants me to do and lead the life He wants me to lead.

  378. Pamela Robinson

    Please pray that I will grow stronger in the Lord, so that I may be diligent in all that I do for
    Him. I tend to put all the things I want to do for the Lord. Even the promise I made to him I
    I,have trouble being consistent with. Please pray that I will be more diligent in my walk with

  379. Jennifer

    I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I am an emotional eater and things have really gotten bad in the past 6 to 8 months. I am the biggest I have ever been and it is time to do something about it.
    I am looking at having surgery to assist in my weight loss as I know it is only a tool to get me where I need to be. I still have the mental dragons that I have to slay with Gods help. I have challenged myself and I have stated training for a triathlon to help get me started.

  380. Patricia

    i have struggled with Anorexia for 21 years and I have been at deaths door many times and recently given it to God and have embarked on a new journey and it frightens me to give it up. I always compare myself to others, make negative comments about my body etc etc. I really want this time to be different and could really use the prayers.

  381. kathy

    this isn’t the first time I have done this challenge. I have ever reason to lose 70 pds! I have a love affair with food. I eat for entertainment please pray that I am able to put food in its rightful place!! Blessings

  382. Kimberley

    Please pray for me. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and I really want get healthy again. I tend to overeat to the extreme and I know this is not healthy.

  383. Laura

    I just started reading Made to Crave about a week ago. I need to make changes and I know that it will only be by God’s strength that they happen for good. I’ve been praying over and considering gathering a few close friends who have expressed the same struggles, even just last night we had a conversation about the frustrations of trying to live healthier, and encouraging accountability so that we aren’t walking this road alone. I’m asking God not only for victory in this fight but also the ability to encourage others around me to achieve that victory as well.

  384. Traci


  385. Melanie Whitaker

    I don’t remember writing this article but I certainly could have given the exact words I’ve been speaking to myself this past week. This weight loss journey is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  386. Jennifer

    I need to lose close to 100 lbs and I am so discouraged about it. I don’t know where to begin. I need prayer really bad. I have an eating disorder history and I don’t want to resort to that again. I want to lose weight. I need to lose weight
    As the bible says, my body is a temple. I need to restore it.

  387. Connie

    Please pray for me. There has been no battle in my life that has felt bigger and more difficult to me than my constant struggle with food. I can feel God’s hand in my progress of late, and I pray that it continues. Many, many times I have started strong, and then fallen hard. I’ve never leaned as completely on God as I am this time, and I can feel the difference as I am letting go and giving the struggle over to Him.

  388. Lisa Sanders

    Thank you for your ministry & wanting to pray for me. I’ve always struggled with my weight & placed my self worth on it most of the time. I so desire to lose weight & be fit & healthy.

  389. Tracy

    I have struggled all my life. All I want is self control. I’m so sad and depressed over it. Please pray I can follow God’s direction to live a pure and clean life, treating my body as a temple. In Jesus’ name amen!

  390. Lisa Cybul

    Please pray for healing and that I would find joy in dairy-free gluten-free diet and exercise to bring health and a happy husband

  391. Karen Brownell

    I do struggle with eating and my weight. Right now I’m in chemo for ovarian cancer, so nutrition is important. Please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance and that my food choices might glorify Him. Thank you!

  392. Diamond Dupree

    Hello Lisa! I need your prayers please!! I have read your book “Made To Crave” and even did a Bible study on it through my church. I work in a restaurant and I gone back to some unhealthy eating habits and have gain the weight I have lost right back!! Will you please pray that I will go back to honoring GOD with my Temple? Thank you so very much!!

  393. Shelley

    Please pray for me to draw close to God and finally gain victory over this weight issue. It affects all areas of my life and I’m tired of it! I really need prayer to be an overcomer. THANKS!

  394. Grace garland

    uggghhh! This is EXACTLY what I’m going through right now and I said YES to all the questions. This afternoon I was going through my closet trying to find something to wear to my husband’s work party. After hating everything I put on, I sent him a text and said I’m not going. I felt so selfish for letting my insecurities ruin a fun night out for us. Selfishness….that’s what every bite that gave me those 50 extra pounds has resulted in. Ready for a change. Need lots of prayer and to read your book. 😉

  395. Melissa

    I’m struggling with increasing weight and sugar levels. I hope and pray I’ll find a way out of my bad habits to be led by God to better, healthier choices. I have chronic fatigue and pain that makes it harder, too. I appreciate any additional prayers. Blessings to you. Love your books and devotions!

  396. Timia

    I would really appreciate prayers! I have struggled alot with weight issues and food. I have alot of allergies and health issues that I need healing from. I need prayers for Gods mindset, and to see myself in his eyes. As well as prayers to stick to a very strict diet that my doctor put me on to try and help with the health issues. Thank you so much 🙂

  397. Linda

    I have asked Him for help with my journey to lose this weight so many times. I think He listens and knows my needs but I fail to follow through. Please pray that I can get these extra pounds off…they are affecting my health in so many ways. Thank you so much for praying for me.

  398. Amy

    All of your questions rang true but especially about my weight making me feel inferior to other women. But not just to other women, to everyone. I have fought this my whole life and the more I have gained the less I feel. I also don’t know how to pray for success in this area. It feels sort of vain but it has become so emotionally and physically debilitating that I don’t know what else to do. I appreciate any prayers for this struggle.

  399. ashley

    I struggle with always wanting to be thinner, blood sugars and many other issues. I wish it would all just stop and I could be content. I am desperate for change and prayer. Things have been changing but then when my weight creeps up I hate myself again. I can never seem to change even though its the biggest deal in my life right now

  400. Laine

    i have dealt with weight issues for years now. I keep failing at doing anything about it and am ready to make a change and stick with it.

  401. Denise

    God’s timing is perfect! I clicked on this link from Facebook. I just received a breast cancer diagnosis, need to get healthy and my go to emotional place is FOOD, as fears arise and emotions go up and down, I’m on that rollercoaster of eating and beating myself up because I MUST get in a healthy place to fight the good fight over this disease! Please pray for me.

  402. Elizabeth

    I need prayer for a heart change withy relationship with food.

  403. Lauren D.

    I’m going through Beth Moore’s Breaking Free right now and what you wrote really struck a chord with me! This is me too – yes to almost all those questions. I’m so excited to have found this 21-day challenge!

  404. Eliza

    like so many here this has been my struggle my whole life. I know everything necessary about nutrition and exercise but junk food has become a debilitating crutch. I feel empty without it. It sounds so silly but it’s a kind of empty that brings fear. The way i feel after eating fried foods or sweets is equivalent to a smoker or alcoholic. It helps me calm down and face my day. I can do it without the junk food but its just empty. However i am at the tipping point. i am ashamed. None of my clothes are comfortable, i still look pregnant a year after giving birth, i weigh more than i ever have and i just want to hide from everyone. I feel embarrassed and my hope and optimism have been fading. I want to win this war but i feel weak and wounded right now. I have fought this battle so many times, achieved my goal, only to sabotage myself right back to where i started. And i am tired. Soooooo tired, physically, mentally, and emotionally. With a teething toddler i have not slept well in Months. With an active kindergartener i have not had more than 5-7 hrs sleep per night in 5 years. I could use all the prayer i can get. Thank you

  405. Julie

    I lost my daughter and three grandsons in a car accident 2.5 years ago. Grief has added 50 + pounds. I need victory in this area of my life.

  406. Kendra

    I have such a huge problem in this area. I feel like I have no self control. Please pray that I won’t give in to emotional eating. Thank you.

  407. Amy

    Please pray that I can simply follow a healthy eating plan and continue exercising. Also to put continued faith in God and not rely on food to fill those gaps

  408. Barbara

    I have struggled with weight, body image and food cravings for more than 20 years. Feelings of failure and self-loathing are overwhelming me and affecting my relationships. I really appreciate your prayers and your heart to provide guidance in this area. Thank you!

  409. Ashley

    My weight has always been a source of struggle for me in life. Since middle school I’ve fought against being the “fat girl with a pretty face” or “she’d be pretty if she wasn’t so fat”. I thought I had my weight figured out, but then my dad left us & I moved to college & got married & divorced & all of the emotional ups & downs have drained my self-esteem dry. Now I’m the biggest I’ve ever been. I’ve been trying to lose it for 3 years straight. One health problem after another has kept me from working out as hard & as long as I used to. Life as a single mom is hard, & I have a job that I love & a kid that I love…but I don’t love how I look. & I don’t think anybody else can love me like this either. I don’t want to look in the mirror or shop for clothes. I hate what I see because that’s not who I’m supposed to be. I’ve been praying for strength & wisdom & deliverance, but I think God wants to keep me fat until I can learn to love myself no matter how I look on the outside. If you could pray for me & my daughter, that would be great. We need all the help we can get…we really need a breakthrough.

  410. Mandy

    I’ve had 6 babies in 7 1/2 years. My tummy is shot! I hate how I look and feel, but caring for 6 kids (now 9-2 yrs) and working in ministry is taking all my time. I hate feeling like I either have to starve and be deprived or live hating my body for the rest of my life. It’s not been my top priority, but I know it should be one. Prayers, please?

  411. nana

    Its been a struggle that started as though it were under control but i know isnt anymore. At my heaviest and ive neen trying to downplay how i feel about it. Will appreciate your prayers! Thanks Lysa for being so real. Thanks to your team too. Hugs

  412. Donna

    Want to get to a point that I think of God much more then food. Please pray for me to hungry for His word and His presence like never before.

  413. Sunara

    Gods timing is so perfect.
    Please pray he will be there for me as I submit this problem to him amen

  414. Dara

    I have struggled with my weight for some time now. I’m 33 and I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s not healthy. I want to be healthy for my family. I have a husband and 4 kids that need me. I’m not the greatest cook and I don’t know much about what’s good what’s not (healthy) so I always struggle in the kitchen and when it comes to shopping. If I had money to pay someone to come cook for me and my family I would do it. Lol Or if they would even teach me. I’d settle for that. 🙂

  415. Marie-Chantal

    The enemy has been beating me around the head with a club about this… I seem to swing from one extreme to the other – being strict and on track to feeling hopeless and eating everything in sight. This has been going on for more years than I care to remember. I would really appreciate your prayers. I will pray for all of you too. Thank goodness we are not alone in this.

  416. Diane

    Your phrase “I can never seem to change even though it’s the biggest deal in my life right now” really resonates with me! That’s exactly how I feel. I’m not really overweight, mostly flabby and I can hide that with clithes, but my heart is such a mess! Ashley I’m going to be praying for you! I’m just starting MTC study for the second time (first time found freedom and weight loss, but did it in my own strength, not relying on the Lord. Baked brownies for company and decided to eat one and could not get it under control again (that was last summer, and I have struggled everyday since.). This journey is really understood only by people with the same struggles. My husband can’t understand what I’m dealing with in my heart and mind. And exercise! I have the worst mental block against exercising! Well, probably more than you wanted/needed, but like I said your phrase matched my heart so I thought I’d reach out. Praying that God will deliver you.

  417. Julie Hedenborg

    Thank you, Lysa! I have been struggling with body issues my whole life. I have pretty severe scoliosis and have yo-yo dieted for years. God has blessed me with 2 beautiful kids and I want to enjoy being an active older Mom and be a healthy example for them. I am on a great path now with devotions and being healthy but I get tempted everyday and I want to break through for the long term. So much that God has given us to be grateful for and I just want to honor Him.

  418. Windi

    yes. Please add my name to your prayer list. I will also pray fir others as others pray for me. Thank you.

  419. Stephanie

    I have struggled with my weight going up and down my entire adult life. I am tired of thinking about it all of the time, and I just want to be free! I just started reading “Made to Crave” and am excited to work through it. I so badly want to find my peace and comfort in God alone.

  420. Katrina

    Please pray, I have to cut out many foods for my little one who is nursing. He has allergies to something. And I struggled with an eating disorder for years. I have been in recovery for a long time but doing something like this could put my brain and heart in a very unhealthy place, this diet I will need to be on could be a huge temptation to slip back into old sinful, unhealthy habits. My prayer is that I could remain focused on Christ and the health of my son.

  421. Pat Austin

    Please pray for me as I struggle with getting back on track with my weight loss. Life is keeping me so stressed that I don’t even realize what I’m doing most of the time. I’ve put six pounds back on during the holidays. My husband has Alzheimer’s and I am his caretaker. My daughter in law and brother in law are both fighting lymphoma and I am sad because I am trapped and can not help them. I am normally a very positive person but frankly there have been some hard days where I’ve questioned what is going on. Please just pray for me to be steadfast in my faith which will help me continue to do what’s right in my health plan. I love my Proverbs 31 devotions. They help me so much. Thank you in advance for the prayers.

  422. Jodi

    I have struggled with bulimia for 30 years. I was healed for 8 years, but now it is back. Thank you for your prayers.

  423. Maria Perez

    Who doesn’t love to eat & fine dinning then is always regretting the extra pounds, just have extra weight on and we become the guilty…and to lose weightyou need to stop eating all the food you like, the cycle turns into a heartbroken realm you live in. It’s been unbeatable for me… I didn’t have this problem when I was younger, yet after I began to work as a teacher I have this problem… And I somehow blamed time, when there is, then my sleep disorder… But I know with God all things are possible. Last night I finally prayed for a deliverance to help me in this battle & sure enough this morning I was caught reading a post on fb… First and foremost I want to pray in agreement for God acknowledging me so thankful he answer my prayers and for the necesarry strength to live with abundant health, eating & fasting and most importantly keeping that weight off which makes me feel guilty and deprives me of enjoying food. Thank you ladies for your prayers.

  424. julia

    The fact that you have followed a healthy eating plan for a year is so inspiring to me. And those 4 pounds represent real, sustainable weight loss. Keep walking, sister! Pray I can make healthful daily choices. I do well in fits and spurts, and then derail with sweets.

  425. Mary

    Please pray for me. I am overweight and need to make changes to get healthy. For some reason I don’t take the first step. I’m gluten intolerant and have arthritis so I’m on steroids to help with the pain. I believe if I lost weight I would have less pain. I am so embarrassed of the way I look but I just don’t make the correct changes. I’ve even bought the Daniel Plan book but have not read it. Please pray for me.

  426. Donna

    My weight has been a lifelong struggle for me. I want to honor God by honoring the body he has given me. After losing my husband quite suddenly from cancer, my eating is almost beyond my control. I can’t seem to stay with a healthy eating plan. I am very lonely & I know I am eating my feelings. I yearn to know joy & feel fulfilled by God’s love. Please pray for me…

  427. Sherry

    I have absolutely no will power when it comes to food.
    Especially sweets. I tell myself I will eat this today and start eating right tomorrow. Been doing this for years. Helpless pray for will power!

  428. Christy

    I never had to worry about my weight, until 12 years ago when my thyroid surgery. Now I struggle. I am heavier than I have ever been. I am not obese by any means, just very uncomfortable in my clothes and the way I feel about myself. And have often felt guilty for praying about my weight. So this blog really made me start thinking that it’s ok to want to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight. So prayers in a new journey of dieting would be so appreciated. My will power in saying no to food is almost non existing. Thanks in advance!

  429. cindy christian

    Please pray for my weight loss….I have battled weight issues all my life..I’ll lose a lot of weight then I end up putting more on I’m the biggest I’ve ever been in my 43 years…I get so down about it…I’m an emotional eater plus my fibromialgia med causes weight gain.

  430. Deb Humphries

    Please pray for me and my constant battle with my weight. I had lost 25 lbs.and in the past year I have gained 20. I get so depressed and it’s like a continuous cycle. Along with financial problems this has really got me down. I would really appreciate your prayers.

  431. ruth miller

    have gained and lost and regained another person..type 2 diabetes high cholesterol high blood pressure. Want to be healthy…. Spiritual battle. Want to be fit to serve my Lord.

  432. Dyan Hulslander

    I have struggled with weight issues my whole life and just recently realized it is a “God sized whole in my heart” issue. Please pray for strength as I start the 21 day challenge and begin to rely on God to provide my peace instead of allowing food to steal it from me. Thank you and God Bless you for what you are doing!

  433. Bethany

    God has just recently opened my eyes to the fact that He does care about what I eat and that I don’t have to do it alone. I can give my eating and cooking habits to him, just like I would other struggles. It’s a journey that I’ve just begun. Pray I let God take control and take it away from my tongue. Thanks!

  434. A Sister In Christ

    Yes, I’ll take prayer on this battle. My word this year is “CONTENT” and I need to find ways to be content that doesn’t include the kitchen. =)

  435. Lonsey

    I have yo-yoed my entire adult life, but after having 4 children in 3 years, I’m heavier than ever and completely defeated. Needing to lose 15 or 20 lbs was much easier to be motivated to do. Needing to lose 50 seems impossible. Now, between 1 year old twins and two year old and a three y/o. I’m tired of thinking about what I’m eating and making time for the gym. I feel helpless

  436. Sara

    I also need prayer as I struggle with food so much~ I had an eating disorder as a young girl and pray daily for it to not ever come back. I also struggle with terrible back and sciatica pain. I need to lose weight to feel better and live more!

  437. Dee

    Please pray for me. i am obese and have struggled with my weight since I was a child. I despise my appearnce and the excess weight is affecting my breathing and heart. Your prayers and support are appreciated.

  438. Amy Morgan

    Thank you for your prayers! My life is filled with a lot of stress right now. We have a blended family. My girls and I were in abusive home. Then I was single for a bit and remarried. Everything has been hard, church, ministry, family life, and finances. Nothing seems to let up, but somehow I know God must still be in control and He has a plan. I didnt realize until lately that I eat to feel better. I have four kids and would like to lose the baby weight… But more importantly to feel more confident about life… Again thanks for the prayers!

  439. Natalie

    I am starting a Made to Crave bible study this week and I ask for prayers that I may be open to this group and fellowship. Please pray I may finally start the healing process to turn to God for all things and not to food and to see my identity and worth in Christ and not on the scale. Thank you for your prayers

  440. Paige

    Please pray for me as I feel overwhelmed with life. My marriage is a complete mess and I let it flow over in my health and mood and outlook of everyday decisions. I know God is bigger than any of this, I just feel stuck and really have stopped caring about myself and the way I look and feel. I DO hate this feeling just stuck in a rut or complacent with the fear of change. Thank you for your prayers.

  441. Sheila

    Dear Lisa,
    I did the made to crave with you several years ago actually did it twice, I lost about 20 pounds. Then, yeah you guessed it I gained it back life got in the way. The a year and half ago I lost 40 pounds, and my cycle continues gained it back after my friend said some horrible things to me, So since then it has been a battle for me. We have a small group at our church who are meeting every Tuesday nite, for a brief meeting and discussion. They are counting carbs, I had foot surgery (9 pins and tow fusions) still walking with a walker and I cant drive its my right foot so again I am disconnected. Please pray for me so I can get it together with the weight loss I have been at a stand still since August, wearing a big ol’ boot on my right foot. Thanks for listening to me, love your writings.

  442. Donna

    I’ve had issues with my weight since I was a child. It was serious in high school and then it seemed to get a little easier as I began to dive in to nutrition value rather than starve myself. The older I get the harder it is. It’s hard just to feel “good”. It’s something I struggle with everyday. I workout twice a day, I eat naturally and try to avoid sugar. The hardest thing to me is doing these things and still feeling the struggle of not being where I want to be. I recently found a daily devo by Lysa on p31 and it’s just kind of comforting to see that someone else understands the struggle. I feel that I want to take care of myself for so many reasons but the main reason is because I know I can be a better, friendlier person on the outside when I am feeling better about myself and my weight. Feeling only makes me want to put on sweatpants and stay inside. Please pray for me to overcome this situation with the Lord’s help and to be able to use my struggles to help others.

  443. Donna

    Just wanted to add that I’m starting Lysa’s 21 challenge and I can’t wait! Thank you, Lysa. What a blessing you are

  444. Louise

    I gave issues for the past 10 years…after my dad passed away suddenly. I know it is a response to my depression. I need God’s help to get past it and retrieve my health.

  445. Lacey

    Failing. All over the place. Can’t identify an area right now where I am succeeding. Trusting God. Could use some extra prayer.

  446. Sarah

    I have been struggling with the number on the scale for 10 years! I get so depressed by the number and can never be happy with me! Please pray for me. I’m so frustrated and have never weighed as much as I do now. I just want to look beautiful.

  447. Becca

    I would love prayers for this area in my life. I am a 21 year old college student, and have gained about 50 pounds since coming to college. I realized that I really starting idolizing food awhile back, but I didn’t come to terms with it until recently. I have been exercising regularly and eating healthy, and have begun to see victory in this area. I have lost 10 pounds since Christmas 🙂 but its a battle, as I’m sure all of you know, and so it is so easy to slip and fall back into those same struggles. Please pray for strength in this area for me and for self-control, and that my desire would continue to be to glorify the Lord with my weight, and not to fit the worlds standards of beauty. Thank you sisters.

  448. Nancy

    add me to the list. Food is my source of comfort I sabotage my efforts and attempt to justify my behavior. I am 25 lbs over weight and feel lumpy bumpy and sluggish. I have been walking and drinking more water and have added more fiber to my diet. I watch my portions most of the time sigh.. Some time I just give up…

  449. Vera

    I ask for prayers to help me to stay strong and focus to a healthier life style. I use my fibroids a as a excuse for my weight I pray that I stop using a excuse to not have a healthier life style. Thank you for your continuos prayers.

  450. Bekki

    I am claiming victory in this area! No more emotional eating…instead, calling out (LOUDLY if needed) for His comfort. And, self-control & self-discipline in regards to portion control. ♡

  451. Shelly Williamson

    please pray for me to know God’s will and crave Him. A year and a half ago my husband left my kids and I. Two weeks later I had to have unexpected surgery. I lost quite a bit of weight with the stress of both instances. Since then I have been exercising less and eating more telling myself I deserve it. I don’t like how I feel after. I have insecurity issues and want to feel good about myself and what God wants for me. I am standing for my marriage and want to be healthy for my family. I have borrowed the book Made to Crave but haven’t made it a priority to read it. I want to be the woman God wants me to be. Thank you for your prayers! I’m believing for victory!

  452. juleen

    I need prayer for being passive with my weight.I always say tomorrow I will or I need this has a reward.I’ve have struggled with my weight for so long it just feels like a mountain of hopelessness.thanks.

  453. Rhonda

    I have struggled with weight issues all my life. I’m heavier now than I’ve ever been. Please pray for me to get control of this once and for all. I’ve gone up and down the scale for years and each time swore I’d never gain it back and always do. My kids need a healthier mom. Thank you.

  454. Lealey

    Need prayer my daughter and I are loving God and Loving food … We have no willpower and growing dress size … Would love some prayers I have struggled with food and weight gain all my life it determines my day my mood my everything and I have now passed this on to my teenage daughter so disappointed in myself

  455. Jinny

    Please pray for me. I just do not feel worthy and have made terrible mistakes in the past and I can’t get over them for some reason. I feel like my weight defines who I am when it shouldn’t. I have lost 50 pounds about 4 years ago but gained it back.

  456. Carrie Yoder

    I just have to say THANK YOU so much for your inspiration, Lysa. I recently read your book “Made to Crave” and it is helping me tremendously. I’m not a huge reader, but read your book in one sitting, twice in one week! I then wrote your scripts, along with scriptures and other inspiring points, in a little notebook that I can litterally attach to my waistband to keep on me throughout the day when I’m having weak moments. I am definitely physically overweight and spiritually underweight.
    I love your sense of humor and your completely relatable stories and examples You’ve pegged this crazy struggle with weight right on point.

    About a year and a half ago I weighed around 325. I have PCOS and it’s always been a struggle. I look at a brownie and I gain weight! I’ve managed to get down to 255ish by way of a natural routine and mostly raw diet. I’m at a place though that it’s become really hard. I believe God directed me to your book for help in the real underlying matters. I need Him daily to take over my struggle and become my craving.

    Could you and your team please pray that I keep a healthy focus on God and allow Him to take me the rest of the way on this journey to a healthy weight? Also, that He will help me stay spirit filled in my responses to my husband and situations at work so to reduce stresses.

    I also greatly appreciate your posts on marriage and friendships. God has given you a gift of clarity and inpspiration. I can’t thank you enough.

  457. Charlene Barney

    Hi Lysa,
    I am an American living in New Zealand now. Your posts are so encouraging to me. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 2 years ago. I have gained 20 lbs since becoming diabetic. I am so disgusted with my weight. I have always been very concerned with weight. I guess to be honest obsessed that I never become overweight. Now my worst nightmare has come true. I have talked to the drs and they say part of the weight gain is from the insulin and I have to take it. It is affecting my relationship with my husband. Please pray for me, I am so discouraged. God bless you!

  458. Debbie Smith

    Life seems so upside down right now.
    So I’m Emotional eating and I don’t seem to care, until AFTER, I’ve eaten a bunch of junk.. I’m thinking at 57 years old, I don’t have a chance.. :/

  459. Kathy

    Woke up this morning with a renewed desire to start getting healthier through weight loss and exercise. Please pray with me that I will depend on God with a surrendered heart through this journey. Your blog post is God’s way of showing me that He cares and that He will provide support along the way. Thanks!

  460. Jo

    I have struggled with weight and self image my entire life. I need to get my weight down as I am dealing with health issues being compromised by my weight. Thanks and God bless you.

  461. teresa keen

    Inadequacy, self-loathing, and defeat…..yes, I struggle with all of these! Prayers please!

  462. Susan

    I have metastasized pancreatic cancer. I lost 65 pounds due to cancer and chemo. I am no longer doing chemo. I’m trying to do some more natural things. I need prayers to be cancer free, but I also need to gain weight. It seems it is very hard to gain weight just like losing weight. I feel that I look like a skeleton because my bones show everywhere. Please keep me in your prayers.

  463. Helena

    I started starving myself when I was 10. I didn’t understand the depth of those deep and hate filled feelings towards my body and myself as a girl. In my 20’s, I came to know Jesus and got baptized. Memories had surfaced of incest, rape and much abuse…I’ve never gotten over one hundred percent of these experiences and my going to food has alway been my one thing I could control! I’m in a prison of cravings and self deprivation! My relationship with Jesus has saved my life literally on a few occasions and I know I can trust Him to take care of me, but I somehow can’t take care of myself…I can fast, but I cannot eat three consequetive meals a day, my weight has grown in numbers and this time I’m not giving up! I need help to overcome as this battle is just too big for one person! I’m currently reading made to crave and I am enjoying every page! I appreciate your prayers and the encouragement from your blogs, thank you!

  464. Amy

    Yep, you nailed it. Struggled with weight all my life. Lost 70 lbs with diet and exercise…didn’t address the spiritual battle. Got married–gained every last pound back. Pray for wisdom, strength, and a willingness to self-examine. Thanks.

  465. Hannah

    I’ve struggled with this pit for at least 17 years and I’m only 27! I’m at a point where I “know” all there is to know about getting myself out of this spiritual and physical pit and I keep having thoughts of just giving up and that I’ll never get out so why bother. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to grab hold of my tail, turn me around and lead me in right direction towards Jesus, only Jesus.

  466. Jill

    I need a breakthrough desperately. I need healthy balance. I need a heart running to Him instead of the pantry, the refrigerator or the drive-thru. It limits me in so many ways and I still run to it as a comforter. Thanks for praying for me.

  467. Mary

    I need pray I have been over weight all my life I have been on diets and taken pills t lose weight.which I have lost weight but never kept it off. Iam a homemaker and I watch tv and sit around all day. I exercise but not all the time plus I get bored. I wish I had someone besides my boys who would work out. I dont have anyone t motivate me or help me. I am married but huband is an over the road truker which is gone all the time. When he us home we sit around and watch tv.I am a Christian my boys r too but thats about all. My husband is not saved z (YET) Am praying for a miracle!!

  468. Sandy

    Food seems to have such a massive stronghold over me. I pray earnestly about it everyday. When I try to eat the right food I feel tired and irritable and bite my kids’ heads off

  469. Bren

    I’ve struggled with this for most of my adult life. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I want to eat healthy for my health and to glorify God.

  470. Kelly Clossin

    I have been an emotional eater for so long I wouldn’t know how to eat any other way. I have been given a chance of a life to go out of the country on a mission trip. It would be nice to lose some weight before I go. Plus my mom may have some health issues and I don’t want to go down this pattern old eating habits during it.

  471. Shelli

    Food is my drug of choice is what I always say to people with a joking wink or two. The truth of the matter is that it is not a joke. Food is always there for me when I’m happy, sad, bored, stressed, celebrating, it is my safe haven. Unfortunately it never satisfies the emptiness that it is supposed to be fulfilling. I have always had a issue with my weight, self image, and self loathing for not ever being strong enough when it comes to my addiction. I thank you for your words of honesty.

  472. Jaime

    Please,pray for my daughter and I

  473. Nicole

    Please pray for me. I am in desperate need of Changing my ways. For the past couple of years I have felt God haa calles me to early morning prayer and I consistently wake up too late and walk in condemnation and defeat for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately I feel it is now affecting my Family and feel now is the time to really change but I am 28 weeks pregnant and sleep training a 2 yr old so waking up is even harder. Please pray for strength & wisdom. Thank U.

  474. Christie

    I’m currently on a journey to get healthy. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole adult life and I’ve just recently begin to see it as not only a physical struggle but a spiritual one as well. I think this view of it will be what brings me success this time. Please pray for my continued motivation and success in my weight loss journey. Thank you!

  475. Jen

    I struggle with emotional eating. My husband and I are currently in a very rough spot in our marriage and I find myself turning to food for comfort. I have lost 32 pounds since last year and I so badly want to keep it off, but I know if I keep this up those pounds will be back and possibly more. I feel like a failure at everything and would really appreciate some prayers. Thank you.

    • Sarah

      I relate to your story completely. I too have struggled with emotional eating and I am currently in a rough spot in my marriage because of it. You are not alone! You should be so incredibly proud that you have lost 32 pounds. You are not a failure! That is a lie from the devil. The bible tells us he is the accuser of the brethren. Even if you may have failed, that does not define you as a failure. You are a daughter of the King of KIngs, and his love for you is beyond measure. It has helped me to remember who I am in Christ and what he says I am- beloved! (1 John 3:1) I pray that God will heal your marriage, and that you will find the strength to continue on in your journey to health!

  476. Mary Jackson

    I need prayer. I’m so discouraged right now. I’ve struggled since the age of five with my weight. I’ve been up and down so many times. I quit smoking two years ago and I’ve substituted food (even though I give God the credit for taking away the craving). I’ve gotten to the point I can’t walk far because of knee/back pain. I’m missing out on life. Help me, please!

  477. Samantha Graber

    Lisa, As I am awaiting new knees, I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. I am a good 70 lbs overweight. I have torn tendons along with no cartilage in both knees, and at the age of 45, it has been a battle (and still is) to get insurance to approve the surgery. I’m doing much better with my nutrition on a daily basis, but still splurge on food from time to time. The guilt of that is almost too much to bear. I am very limited in any exercise I do due to the nature of the knee situation. I know it is very important to live a healthy lifestyle for the MS, but more importantly for God. Please pray that I can get some insurance approval on these knees. We’ve decided to do both at the same time so my “down time” although intense, will be shorter than doing them one at a time. We have 3 children, my husband travels with his job a lot, and I am my mother’s caregiver: she lives with us due to having Alzheimer’s. To say the least, my plate is full, but God has called both my husband and myself to care for mom. I know it’s doable, and I know I would feel much better about everything if I could/would take better care of myself. Pray that I can get my head knowledge and heart knowledge to link up. I want to love God with everything I am!

  478. Ida Charlton

    I would like to join the made to crave 21 day challenge but each time I try, the message says to enter a valid email address, which I have. Is there a problem with the site? Thank you.

  479. ann

    Please pray for my marriage, me and my husband are separated about 2 weeks now. And left me 3 kids . and also my struggle with my weight loss which I am thinking contributed and also God should help me watch the words that comes out of my mind. I am heart broken I need God’s peace. Thanks

  480. Michelle

    Please pray that I will stop eating my grief. I am now 50 pounds overweight. My sister died 8 years ago and my mom died 6 years ago. My weight has been steadily climbing ever since. I need peace and will power. Please God help me to get healthy again.

  481. Sasha

    I just had my 3rd baby 6 months ago. My weight is at an all time high. My 2nd child is 3, and I was still hanging on to 20 extra pounds from that pregnancy. I read your book “made to crave” about a month ago. Since then, I’ve lost 13 pounds. I feel, for the first time ever, that I’m really going to lose the weight and get healthy again. I’ve made this a spiritual journey, like the book suggested. I just need prayer for strength and perseverance. God is doing great things, and I’m so thankful and grateful for what I’m learning!

  482. Stasia Nielsen

    Thank you,
    I need this encouragement right now. God bless you. So grateful for the ministry of Proverbs 31
    Love and prayers,

  483. Brianne

    I have been battling my weight for 15 years and just feel done. I’m done with diets, fads, etc. I’m almost apathetic-and I can’t afford to be that way. I’m so tired of being consumed by this every minute of every day.

  484. Jennifer

    Thank you for this amazing piece. I have struggled with this kind of condemnation, doubt, unworthiness, etc for as long as I can remember. Up until recently I didn’t realize how bad it was until God started to reveal to me how much it hurts him when I think of myself negatively. I realized that on top of my own condemning thoughts about myself, I am constantly analyzing my actions and the things I have said and am usually left wondering what others think about me, did I say the right thing, etc. It is truly exhausting and i have such a heavy burden of perfectionism. It is awful.

    Please pray that I would break free of this stronghold(s) so that I can walk out and live freely and be the woman the lord has called me to be. Thank you and may God bless you!

  485. Laurelyn Northrup

    THANKYOU Lysa for today’s devotional. I lost almost 50 lbs with Made 2 crave last year, but have started to slip. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY RESOLVE?!! Your comments today reminded me how important all the small, teeny decisions are each day: push away the hot cereal when first feeling full, measure my coffee creamer even if it is fat free, is not enough to wake up each day intent on eating right. Every other minute there is a decision to be made that will lead to success or derail everything I have accomplished so far. God is in this with me. I need to rely on Him more!

  486. Donna

    Prayers going up for you and your family. For salvation for your husband and for your motivation. Don’t ever give up on your husband.

  487. Donna

    Praying for you and your daughter. You’re not alone. The Lord is bigger than any of our problems.

  488. Linda

    I need the power of prayer to succeed in losing 100 lbs. My blood pressure is so high that the doctor had to manually take it because the cuff method could not read it at 220 over 140. I have 3 young children to bring up. My eye sight is being affected since the blood vessels are bursting in them. My husband is 75 years old so he really can’t bring up 3 children on his own. I love our Lord Jesus and I want to obey Him. Thank-you for any and all prayers.

  489. sharon

    Struggling with mental and emotional feelings. I have for several years. Weight, depression & fear. Would you all please pray for me? I need willpower and a whole new outlook on life. I am a Christian and know that God can help me. Have a hard time believing that He will. Thank you!

  490. Anita

    I do have unhealthy views of my weight, I have been somewhat overweight all my life, and find myself allowing life to dictate eating habits and exercise! Please pray for me!!!

  491. Ida Charlton

    I would like to sign up for the 21 day challenge but each time I try, I get a message to enter a valid email address. Can you help me? Thank you

  492. Stacy

    my husband left me two n half hrs ago Bc of my faith, insecurity and unsocial lifestyle. I’ve fallen into martyr mode and am slowly learning what God wants to do w me. I’ve learned what I’ve done wrong to fail my husband, our children, self and friends. I’ve asked for forgiveness and repented. I’m struggling w fear, anxiety, staying in Gods word, making friends, eating right and dealing w rejection and the shunning in the small town we live in where everyone knows everyone’s business. I struggle w the after effects the separation has caused my boys too. They hate bouncing from home to home. Their father won’t communicate w me and is undoubtably trying to tear them from me bc of our faith in Jesus Christ. Ty

  493. Sarah

    I really need to lose weight. It is my new year’s resolution to lose 50 pounds by July 1, though I need to lose about 150 tpta; to reach a health weight. I am down about 3-4 pounds currently. I find it so hard to deal with the voices in my head telling me that I need to, should, deserve to… eat McDonald’s for lunch instead of my salad in the fridge at work. It’s hard to fight with my flesh. I want to be able to do more things, like play with my nieces more and be able to sit in seats at the movie theatre without having to raise the armrest, or not have to worry about not fitting in an airplane seat (and God forbid, having to buy a second ticket!). Pray that God will heal me from my food addictions and give me the strength to say no to unhealthy food, and the courage and self-belief that I can be healthy and make good decisions.

  494. Kelly

    I am almost finished with Made to Crave, and it has given me a whole new perspective on my struggles with food. I feel empowered now, and a friend and I are trying to start a study at my church with the book at it’s center. Our church has a great working relationship with the local YMCA, so we’re trying to incorporate exercise, nutrition, and accountability into the study as well for a “holistic” approach to honoring these temples God has made and entrusted to us. Please pray for us as we attempt to get this program off the ground and share your amazing book with others!!

  495. Sarah Torpey

    I need prayer.. In arm arch I will have surgery for a recurrance of primary liver cancer. Since my first op I have put on over40 pounds. I need to lose as many as I can before my operation…

  496. Tiffany

    This is so God ordained as my word for this year has been freedom from my food addiction. The title of your book is exactly what I was telling someone. We use food as a comfort instead of relying on the Holy Spirit. Please pray with as God breaks the stronghold of food addiction in my life. Thank you so much!

  497. Faith

    Thank you for this devotion. I have had the weight battle for awhile, and recently realized I have a ‘sugar addiction’. I may be using it to cope with stresses in my marriage. I need energy, and to use my gym membership. Please pray for my weight issue, and my marriage. We seem to be drifting apart in areas that make a marriage. Example, physical intimacy, kissing, and the bedroom. This has been drifting for awhile and has almost came to a complete stop, for the last 3 yrs. I woke up and realized, I missed my fertile yrs, and dreams have giving birth to my own baby. Having that young passion. I feel rejected, and just have a bossy room mate for a husband. I know the stress, but don’t know how to deal with it, when it comes to the urge to eat sugar stuff. The devotion will help me focus on the temple more, maybe get rid of some of the storage. :).

  498. Michelle

    Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us your good and perfect word through Lysa.
    I’m 40. I’m tired of this battle. Literally exhausted from trying and trying and trying and praying and praying and praying. I feel like quitting and I’m not a quitter. I pray I’ve come to the end of myself so that I can find myself full in Him.

  499. Misty

    Lysa- thanks for the encouragement and for your transparency…I know we don’t fight against flesh and blood in this particular war! Appreciate your prayers!

  500. Tina c

    Please pray for me ladies.
    I feel like my struggle with food has gotten worse these past few weeks. I know God is telling me to slow down but I seem to be working faster toward where ever I am going with this food struggle. I am so ashamed of myself, I feel like a failure. I was on the right track and lost 20lbs and gained it all back. I need help. I know God is the answer yet I cannot seem to give Him full control.
    I do not want to get diabetes, heart disease or die young. I have two children I need to example to and raise up. My eldest is starting to show problems with food. He is 5 and weighs a little more than his age should. I don’t want to see him struggle in life like I do when it comes to being active and food.
    I need to lose 90lbs. I feel like it will never happen.
    Thank you ladies for praying for me and letting me vent my frustrations and fears.

  501. connie

    Please pray that I will allow God to have control of my addiction to food
    I have before and lost 100 pounds with his help. I kept it off but have regained 40 pounds over last two years during some difficult circumstances in my life.

    • Allie

      Connie, I am praying for you! You are strong for being honest and asking for prayer.

    • Lois Eaton

      Praying for you, Connie. Can you commit yourself to loving God more than you hate your circumstances? Can you commit yourself to thanking God for your circumstances? Can you commit yourself to craving God more than anything?

  502. Joy

    I have been on steroids for 15 years for Lupus and the have destroyed my body. I ballooned up 85 pounds in the 1st 4 months. I have to take a significant dose of these for the rest of my life or my kidneys will fail. I am so hurt that I will never be that hot, sexy wife that drives my (amazing) hubby wild. He is so good to me, says he loves me and I’m beautiful. But it’s so unfair that on top of being so ill with Lupus, I have to be fat too. 🙁 it’s not from overeating. I am on the verge of having a feeding tube placed because it hurts so much to eat and throw up-like my stomach is digesting razor blades. Please pray for me, Jesus girlfriends. I would give almost anything to have one night to be sexy and beautiful and blow my husband’s mind. I know it’s selfish and vain, but I want him to remember me the way I was before this $&#%! Lupus stole my body and how I look away from me too. I love you, sisters, and am praying for all of you as well.

    • Lois Eaton

      Somehow I get the impression that your wonderful husband DOES remember the way you were. BUT HE ALSO LOVES YOU THE WAY YOU ARE. I wish I could say the same of my husband. Lupus is a terrible disease. But neither God nor your husband have stopped loving you. Are you willing to take a step in faith and accept that God’s love for you (and your husband’s) makes you a worth while person? Even if your husband had rejected you, God hasn’t. That alone makes you worthwhile.

  503. Mary Stephenson

    As I sit waiting for the next part of your Outrageous & Contagious 4 conference to begin, I’m thinking, more like struggling with my weight and my lack of want to.i need your prayers! I believe in God but I have NO faith in myself. You are right I have the know how just can’t find the want, even though I am so disgusted with myself. Dear Lord please change me.

    • Lois Eaton

      You have reached the end of yourself. What a wonderful place to be – now there is no way to go but UP. Pray for grace to truly crave God. Praying for you.

  504. Jennifer McCleary

    I could use prayer for over eating. I want to healthy again.

    • Lois Eaton

      Are you truly craving The Lord? As Lysa has so beautifully put it, that is where we must start on our weight loss journey. Praying for you

  505. Olga

    YES and yes to all your questions! I do feel horrible, defeated and broken…lately life has beaten me up and food is there to make me feel “better” but that is a fleeting moment and quickly followed by guilt…I need help!

    • Lois Eaton

      There is NO condemnation to those who walk with God. NONE. If those walking with God never got it wrong this verse would never have been written. It was written because we fail time after time after time. But God NEVER stops loving us. Thank God that He has his arms around you ALWAYS and will never stop loving you. If the God of the multiverse has accepted you, how can you possibly see yourself as a failure?

  506. Kati

    I am super discouraged by how out of control my weight has become. I feel so defeated everyday and cannot seem to get a handle on it. I desperately want to be healthier and gain control if this part of my life. But I can’t seem to control my food intake or stick with an exercise plan. Prayers greatly appreciated!

    • Lois Eaton

      mIght I suggest that instead of focussing on your food intake, you focus on craving God?
      Praying for you.

  507. Heather

    Please pray that I stop overeating. I know what to do and I’ll do good for a few days and then I just let loose. I feel stuck in bondage. I’ve been believing good for a break through. I’ve been doing my part too as in praying and speaking scripture. I have the made to crave book and dvd. I feel like a whirlwind going around and around and can’t get out of the mental stronghold. All I think of is food and it’s driving me completely crazy. I feel like it’s because I’m focusing on it to much… what I can have, what I can’t have. What started out as losing 10 pounds has increased to 20 instead. I’m gaining instead of losing. Love u guys thanks for the prayers

    • Allie

      I completely relate to the constant thoughts about food. Is struggle with that everyday. It definitely helps to talk about it. I am praying for you. 🙂

    • Lois Eaton

      hi Heather,
      I too can totally relate to this. Have you asked God to help you keep your mind on Him? Have you asked Him to help you crave Him so much there is no room left inside you for food cravings? Praying for you.

  508. Janice Bittner

    I got up this morning, and just felt like everything was soooo wrong, and I have been near to tears all morning. The snow, the ice, life, work, home, everything just seems WRONG. I got to work and God blessed me with a good friend who helped me understand what is going on, why I am feeling this way. I have been working through the Made to Crave bible study, and yesterday I started week 4 – Truth. My friend helped me understand that my feelings were the work of Satan. He is getting more and more upset that I am working on growing closer to, and CRAVING God. And the devil doesn’t want me to do that. He wants me to stay right at the place I am. And for me, the easiest way to do that is by trashing me emotionally. Week 4 is Truth. Which is one of the hardest things for me to accept. That I am a beloved child of God, that I matter, that I’m worth more than what I think I am. But since I know that the devil is working against me, maybe THIS time, I’ll be in a much better position to fight that. But I sure could use all the prayers I can get. I don’t want to run to food they way I have in the past. I don’t want to feel like garbage. I want to believe.

    • Lois Eaton

      I came home from work Monday in tears. I teach in a school for behaviour problem teenagers. One had turned on me with totally unjustified abuse and foul language and just wouldn’t stop. Normally as soon as I got home I would have turned to food. I told myself firmly that I loved God more than I loved food and IT WORKED. I was able to pray through the situation instead of turning to food. This is a HUGE step forward for me. God’s love and grace is there for you too! Remember that He has promised He will NEVER leave you. Thank Him that He is there for you ALWAYS. Praying for you.

  509. Kim

    I’ve been in a very tough place for almost 4 years & have struggled greatly with keeping my head above water while trying to see God’s direction in the midst of some intense craziness. Stress has been off the charts. And yes, I’ve turned to food over & over again. Now I’m wearing my stress all over my overweight body. Most days defeat is added on top of the mounds of stress & fatigue & difficulty. I barely recognize the woman looking back at me in the mornings as I brush my teeth. Your prayer support is appreciated. I want to be healthy, but more important, I want God to be the first place I turn. I want to find my comfort & strength in Him, not food.

    • Karina

      Prayers for you beautiful lady x

    • Lois Eaton

      Thank God every day, that He is holding you in His arms and loving you. Praying for you.

  510. Darcy

    I am reading your book, Made to Crave, and have an interesting take on being around “the skinny people.” I am surrounded by overweight people. None of them seem at all concerned about their weight, at least to the point of seriously doing anything about it. Many of them often talk about changing their eating patterns and exercising, but this is usually connected to the lastest fad or popular current trend. Two of them participate in working out at home and at the gym, they even drink healthy smoothies, all the while continuing their excessive portions, special coffee drinks, and treats. Because I weigh less than any of them, yet 30 lbs overweight, I am often criticized annd mocked for my weight loss efforts. I am constantly told that I look better and healthier with more weight. This is very difficult to overcome and persevere. Your book is extremely helpful and encouraging. I am finding new hope and support in your words. Thank you! I look forward to sharing this with my clients.

  511. Karina

    Hi ladies,
    I ask for your encouragement and prayers. I have struggled with food issues most of my life. Even when I was slim I hated my body. I am sure most of you can relate. I am now divorced and have two small children – I had to have c-section births for both. I weigh 230 pounds and i am a yo yo dieter – always after the quick fix. Like Lysa I feel as though i have hit rock bottom with this struggle as I go into my 40th year. God graciously sent me a beautiful partner and man of God to do life with. Whilst we believe and try and focus on the journey God has led us on I know he struggles also with my weight and I also struggle and worry about the physical aspect of our relationship. I have many times ended up in a ball on the floor in tears for this struggle and I cannot feel Gods presence during those times. I am clouded and disconnected. I ask for your prayers to overcome not only the food issues but the issues of my worth and self loathing. Thank you and God bless you all.

    • Lois Eaton

      God’s love for you is infinitely greater and more powerful than your hatred of yourself. And if God loves you, there is NO justification for self rejection. He has never rejected you. His grace is there for you!!! praying for you.

  512. Cheryl

    Hi everyone. Karina, I just read your post and can completely relate on so many levels. I began reading Made To Crave this morning and I must say that I am terrified to start this journey. I have tried and failed to manage my food addiction too many times to count. I have dieted, exercised, prayed…but something is missing. I have always tried to go to God with things, but I really feel like this is something I keep holding on to. Not sure why I’m so afraid to let go, but I have to. It has caused problems in all areas of life, including my relationship with God. So, I just ask for prayers as I start this journey toward freedom and health and know that you all will be in my prayers as well.

    • Lois Eaton

      Cheryl, I am praying for you that you will be able to make that decision to crave God and God alone. God is there with you, longing to help you make that decision. Lois.

  513. Allie

    Hey girls,

    Two years ago I began my journey to recovery from binge eating and compulsive overeating. While I have made leaps and bounds in my recovery, I still struggle with one huge question.

    Does God want me to eliminate all of my trigger foods completely and rely on him to follow a daily food plan OR does God want me to rely on him to find balance in all food groups, find moderation with treats, and enjoy occasional feasts the way that Jesus did?

    This debate continues to baffle me, and it is holding me back from finding peace and serenity in recovery. When I try to eliminate all trigger foods and follow a daily meal plan, I sense that I am still trying to control my life. But when I try to rely on God for balance, I find that I cannot control how much I put into my body.

    I hope that someone else out there relates to this baffling question, and I would love any feedback or experience that y’all have.

    It is so good to read all of your testimonies here on this blog. I am praying for all of us who struggle with food addiction and other eating disorders. I know God wants us to live for more!


    • Lois Eaton

      I would suggest staying completely off trigger foods till you lose interest in them – then it may be safe to try one of them and see what happens.

  514. Lois Eaton

    Thank you, thank you thank you for writing that book and making it free on the internet!!! At last a book about weight problems that I can actually relate to! (Are you sure you weren’t reading my mind when you listed all the excuses and justifications?) Now when I look at unhealthy food I just pray “Thank You Lord, that I love You more than I love that bad food”. IT WORKS!!! I am losing weight, slowly but surely. The next step is for me to seriously repent over my portion sizes. I am getting there slowly. As soon as I read about the cravings it all made sense and I was able to respond in faith
    Thank you again.
    Love, your sister in The Lord,

  515. Tricia

    Food is a huge struggle for me and I have been trying to lose weight and focus on God through the book and readings. I did great the first two weeks I started to figure out what foods my body burns and what it does not. I am working with low carb, low sugar with higher amounts of protein and veggies. After the first two weeks, I stopped losing again! Its very frustrating and difficult to maintain when you feel like your getting no where. Please pray as there has many of my eating triggers being stomped on by the evil one this week!!!

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