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The Prayer That Changed My Life

January 2, 2015

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with my weight and committing to a healthy lifestyle. My soul was rubbed raw from years of trying and failing.

I wanted something to instantly fix my issues.
I wanted to stop calling myself awful names I’d never let another person call me.
I wanted to be naturally thin like my sister.
I wanted to stop crying when I walked into my closet to get dressed in the morning.

So when I lost 25 pounds a few years ago and kept it off for the first time in my life, it was a huge victory.

That year, the year I finally got my eating issues under control, I started with a very simple New Year’s prayer. I didn’t write a long list of resolutions as I had in previous years. After all, my list from one year to the next could have simply been a photocopy from the year before.

It was the same stuff, year after year. I started out with great gusto to eat less, move more, make this a healthy lifestyle, and live in victory. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

But each year around January 7, I’d get invited to a party where treats were plentiful and motivation scarce. My stomach would soon be overstuffed and my resolve worn quite thin.

Year after year.

But that year I just couldn’t bring myself to write the list again. So, I prayed this simple prayer: Unsettle me.

These are the words I wrote in my prayer journal…

Unsettle me. These are the two words rattling about in my brain today. I almost wish it were a more glamorous prayer. Surely more eloquent words could be found for what I’m feeling led to pursue during this New Year. But these are the words, this is the prayer.

The funny thing is, I’ve spent my whole existence trying to find a place to settle down, people to settle down with, and a spirit about me worthy of all this settled down-ness. All of this is good. A contented heart, thankful for its blessings, is a good way to settle.

But there are areas of my life that have also settled that mock my desires to be a godly woman — compromises, if you will. Attitudes that I’ve wrapped in the lie, “Well, that’s just how I am. And if that’s all the bad that’s in me, I’m doing pretty good.”

I dare you, dear soul of mine, to notice the stark evidence of a spirit that is tainted and a heart that must be placed under the microscope of God’s Word. Yes, indeed, unsettle me, Lord.

Unearth that remnant of justification. Shake loose that pull toward compromise. Reveal that broken shard of secrecy. Expose that tendency to give up. Unsettle me in the best kind of way. For when I allow Your touch to reach the deepest parts of me — dark and dingy and hidden away too long — suddenly, a fresh wind of life twists and twirls and dances through my soul.

I can delight in hope that this is my year to change. I can discover reasons to appreciate my body and find softer ways for my thoughts to land. I can recognize the beauty of discipline and crave the intimacy with God it unleashes. I can rest assured though the journey will be hard, I will be held.

Goodbye to my remnants, my justification, shards, and tendencies. This is not who I am — nor who I was created to be.

Goodbye to shallow efforts, self-focus, and suspicious fears that I’ll never find victory in this area of my life. I am an unsettled woman who no longer wishes to take part in distractions or destructions.

Welcome deeper love for God and the realization I am made for more than this constant battle. Welcome my unsettled heart.

Are you ready to be unsettled in a good way? Maybe you’re at the beginning of your journey and feel intimidated by the long road ahead. Or, maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and need ongoing encouragement to stay healthy.

Whether you’re in those places or somewhere in the middle my book, Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food can help. You’ll find a friend who understands, biblical teaching that is surprisingly motivational, and a victorious perspective in the pages of this book.

Get your copy here.

I’m giving away signed copies of Made to Crave today to 5 random commenters. To be entered to win, leave a comment below with your prayer for 2015.

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  1. Morgan Lewis

    What a beautifully written post! My prayer for 2015 is to teach myself to slow my mind, to stop it from wandering, when I should be present and in the moment. As women, I think it’s something many of us struggle with – thinking of all things undone when life is happening right before us!
    Can’t wait to read the book, whether I win a copy or not 🙂


    • Nico Smith

      I ♥ what God must have in store for me as 2015 roars into full swing. Isn’t it amazing how trusting God can most definitely change your life, especially whenever you may be having various difficulties at any point of your lifetime? My mom, Cynthia Echols, has given me such a wonderful book in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I this incredible book. Back in December of last year, I read the introduction at the end of the book- read it as the 2014 year was coming to a close. I wanted to get an idea of what the book was going to be like. Early this morning, and even yesterday morning, I read the first two devotions for this month. Isn’t it amazing just how Jesus can speak to our hearts through the pages of wonderful books-no matter where we are in our spiritual journey?
      “Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” Psalm 86:11 (NIV)

      Lord, thank You for Your Word. Yes, I want an undivided heart. I love that part of this verse. My heart can get so divided and stretched and pulled in a million directions. So, thank You for this reminder. My deepest desire is to follow hard after You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~
      Amen! What a wonderful prayer to read on this late Friday afternoon! Sometimes, our lives can seem super crazy, especially after the holidays have come and gone for yet another full year.
      “Lord, unsettle me.”~ http://lysaterkeurst.com/…/the-prayer-that-changed…/…

      What a wonderful prayer! There may be times when we are comfortable with what we may be doing. Nonetheless, God can unsettle us, steering us away from what’s making us comfortable in the things of this world. Nevertheless, God can help us become more comfortable in what He is doing in our lives.
      “For most of my life, I’ve struggled with my weight and committing to a healthy lifestyle. My soul was rubbed raw from years of trying and failing.

      I wanted something to instantly fix my issues.
      I wanted to stop calling myself awful names I’d never let another person call me.
      I wanted to be naturally thin like my sister.
      I wanted to stop crying when I walked into my closet to get dressed in the morning.

      So when I lost 25 pounds a few years ago and kept it off for the first time in my life, it was a huge victory.

      That year, the year I finally got my eating issues under control, I started with a very simple New Year’s prayer. I didn’t write a long list of resolutions as I had in previous years. After all, my list from one year to the next could have simply been a photocopy from the year before.

      It was the same stuff, year after year. I started out with great gusto to eat less, move more, make this a healthy lifestyle, and live in victory. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

      But each year around January 7, I’d get invited to a party where treats were plentiful and motivation scarce. My stomach would soon be overstuffed and my resolve worn quite thin.

      Year after year.

      But that year I just couldn’t bring myself to write the list again. So, I prayed this simple prayer: Unsettle me.

      These are the words I wrote in my prayer journal…

      Unsettle me. These are the two words rattling about in my brain today. I almost wish it were a more glamorous prayer. Surely more eloquent words could be found for what I’m feeling led to pursue during this New Year. But these are the words, this is the prayer.

      The funny thing is, I’ve spent my whole existence trying to find a place to settle down, people to settle down with, and a spirit about me worthy of all this settled down-ness. All of this is good. A contented heart, thankful for its blessings, is a good way to settle.

      But there are areas of my life that have also settled that mock my desires to be a godly woman — compromises, if you will. Attitudes that I’ve wrapped in the lie, “Well, that’s just how I am. And if that’s all the bad that’s in me, I’m doing pretty good.”

      I dare you, dear soul of mine, to notice the stark evidence of a spirit that is tainted and a heart that must be placed under the microscope of God’s Word. Yes, indeed, unsettle me, Lord.

      Unearth that remnant of justification. Shake loose that pull toward compromise. Reveal that broken shard of secrecy. Expose that tendency to give up. Unsettle me in the best kind of way. For when I allow Your touch to reach the deepest parts of me — dark and dingy and hidden away too long — suddenly, a fresh wind of life twists and twirls and dances through my soul.

      I can delight in hope that this is my year to change. I can discover reasons to appreciate my body and find softer ways for my thoughts to land. I can recognize the beauty of discipline and crave the intimacy with God it unleashes. I can rest assured though the journey will be hard, I will be held.

      Goodbye to my remnants, my justification, shards, and tendencies. This is not who I am — nor who I was created to be.

      Goodbye to shallow efforts, self-focus, and suspicious fears that I’ll never find victory in this area of my life. I am an unsettled woman who no longer wishes to take part in distractions or destructions.

      Welcome deeper love for God and the realization I am made for more than this constant battle. Welcome my unsettled heart.

      Are you ready to be unsettled in a good way? Maybe you’re at the beginning of your journey and feel intimidated by the long road ahead. Or, maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum and need ongoing encouragement to stay healthy.

      Whether you’re in those places or somewhere in the middle my book, Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food can help. You’ll find a friend who understands, biblical teaching that is surprisingly motivational, and a victorious perspective in the pages of this book.”~Lysa TerKeurst
      Amen! It doesn’t matter where our spiritual journey may be leading us. God wants to settle our unsettled hearts and minds. Rather than trying to handle difficult situations on my own,I’d allow God to have His way in my life- doing whatever He so pleases to help me grow in my spirituality.I what God must have in store for me as 2015 roars into full swing. Isn’t it amazing how trusting God can most definitely change your life, especially whenever you may be having various difficulties at any point of your lifetime?

  2. Tammy Beyer

    unsettle me. I love it. I can so relate. I am a task oriented person, and as such, I can be so focused that I lose sight of the little things along the way. I find that God has to ‘unsettle me” to get my attention, so that I focus on the things of God in a new and refreshing way.

  3. Rebecca

    That was a great prayer. You are quite gifted with words. I wish I could capture all my thoughts like that in a coherent manner. Sadly my prayer journal is never filled, just my head with lots of jumbled thoughts. I am thankful that God can understand that too, but admire your gift.
    Happy New Year

  4. Lindsey

    THANK YOU!! This is the exact prayer I need to be praying right now. After having 3 babies now all 5 and under I am exhausted at all times and desperate for more of Him. I love to workout and eat right but have found it sooo hard to find the time. I have been wanting to read your book for awhile now and know that praying for God to unsettle me is right where I am. Praying this year for victory.

  5. Debbie G

    What a beautiful prayer and post. Thank you!

  6. Sue

    One of my favorite prayers: Oh God of second chances and new beginnings, here I am again.

  7. Sharon

    Lysa I met you at a conference and just loved listening to you. I relate to this post so much it makes me sad. Here I am, another year with the same wish/goal and yet each year I am further away from it. I so crave God to break this chain within me so that I can run to Him for comfort and not good but I run to food more and more. I’m a wife, mother to 4, and just started working full-time (2nd grade teacher) after being home for 15 years. It only has worsen my health and I need Him Would love your book!!!!

  8. megan

    My prayer for 2015 is that I might finally see myself as God does. That all the things I find myself seeking are things of this world and that God can help me stop desiring more.

  9. Kelly Stanley

    I love the idea of “unsettle me.” This year I plan to focus more on prayer than I ever have before. I wrote a book called Praying Upside Down, and it comes out in May. I have to be willing to live it—and I’ve always tried to—but now I sense that I have to take my prayer time to a whole other level. As my book title suggests, I have a somewhat unconventional approach, and I’m ready to explore that even more deeply. But I feel a huge weight of responsibility—this has to be real, genuine, authentic and true. The desires motivating me must be pure. If I’m doing this for self-promotion, I will fail. I’m excited and humbled and blessed by the connections to others that I’ve forged through prayer, and I can’t wait to see what God does this year.

  10. Marianne

    Lysa, thank you so much for the words of encouragement, they were definitely what I needed to hear. My justification always is God loves me know matter what, which is true but I need to be healthy for myself and my loved ones. Praying for a new year with new hope.

  11. Trina

    Your words touched me today. It seems I wrestle I with so many things in a day. When you speak of attitudes wrapped in lies, I really understand that. Thank you so much for your blog.

  12. Sue

    My craving comes in the form of spending money more than eating food. My prayer for 2015 is to “recalibrate” – not become someone new, but to get back to who I’ve been at my best times. To change my measure of things and myself slightly and make it “right”. And also to do “less screen in 2015”. To be more present and less tied to my tech.

  13. Alicia

    To live a life more peaceful and content with the blessings God has bestowed upon me and my family.

  14. Annette E

    What a beautiful prayer. My prayer this year is for me to keep wanting to change and to remember to turn to the Lord first instead of anger, yelling, and discontent. I always have good intentions and quickly fail in the moment. I need to stop trying to muscle it myself.

  15. Darlene Riboldi

    My prayer is that I keep remembering:I Am the Daughter of a King. He loves me and He calls me His. Thank You Jesus!

  16. Elizabeth jones

    I so badly want victory in this area too!!


    My prayer for 2015 is to grow towards God. Be filled by Him so I can pour myself out for others. I don’t love others very well. Oh Lord hear my prayer!

  18. Rebecca

    Nothing else can satisfy but God. I am struggling myself after a huge victory with weight loss. Now I’m struggling with compulsive eating. I need a fresh look and fresh motivation. Would be a great book to read or listen to on Audible. Thank you for writing it

  19. Lee Ann

    More pressure, Lord—to mold me into the diamond you want me to be.

  20. wende

    Thanks for sending this email today. I too have struggled for many years with compulsive and destructive eating behaviors, but always kept my weight gain to within 25-30 pounds. In the summer of 2013, I read your book and I joined Weight Watchers and I found success for the first time in my entire life. I lost 27 pounds. I have had some very stressful events in my life over the past few months and I have gained 7 pounds back. But I continue to go to my weekly WW meeting, and it helps me regroup, and now that it is January again, I am recommitting to my healthier patterns. Here’s to all of us women realizing we were made for more than this battle!!!

  21. Bernadette

    Thank YOU!! so much for that pray, I really need it at this time, i feel the same way, not knowing what to do or what way to turn. I have been struggling with my weight for sometime now, and that pray will help me make it through that and other issues going on in my life. So god bless you, you are an Angel.

  22. Nanette Rodin

    I just asked for prayer for this “unsettled” mind of mine. I believe life is more than this feeling of ineptness. I have a great life and wonderful family, so why do I feel in my heart so much less. I feel lacking, not enough, like I’m hiding a secret that I’m ashamed of, yet not knowing what it is – just the feeling it leaves behind. It’s weird. So some of your prayer Lisa hit a nerve deep inside. I hope to be one of those that gets randomly chosen.

  23. Bonnie

    I was so encouraged by this article, and the prayer was the answer to my prayer this year, and everything l am going through, and need to do. Thank you Lysa. This was confirmation. You have changed my life today! This spoke to me where nothing else has.


  24. Kim

    Wow- so powerful!! Hit me to my deepest core! So simple yet powerful!!! Thank you so much for sharing and being transparent !! May God continue to bless you! Rom 15:13

  25. Dulce Dudley

    I have also struggled with my weight all my adult life, never a huge amount of weight which I think makes it all the more difficult! I have been on every diet known to man only to slide back into bad habits when I start to lose weight and start “looking good”. You are such an inspiration to me and I will definitely pray for God to unsettle me! Thank you for your words of wisdom that so often are just what I need to hear. May God bless you and your sweet family in 2015!

  26. Jenn

    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder for us to never settle. My prayer for 2015 is that I would finally surrender completely to Jesus and relinquish my will to His so that I may trust fully in all that God is doing in my heart & in my life.

  27. Judy S.

    My prayer for this year is to speak kind and encouraging words.

  28. Judy Pruett

    This was a great word to read and I agree with you. I want to be unsettled also. Thank you Lysa.


  29. Connie

    Awesome post!

    Lord, unsettle me! I am so comfortable in my current unhealthy state. I’ve tried everything but I realize now that only you can help! Unsettle me Lord!

  30. Susan

    I, too, have struggled with my weight for years and years. Lose it, gain it back, lose it – well, you get the picture. This year I am trying again. Thank you so much for your message today. I need to be unsettled! Blessings to you, Lysa.

  31. carolyn clifton

    My prayer for this year is –first. Always go to Him first thing in the morning, and at every other “first” during my day.

  32. Sally

    Lead me.

  33. Kathy

    I am brought to tears by yearnings so strong I do not know how to satisfy despite being a Christian for all the years I remember.

  34. Stacy

    My thought this year is to be “brave” or “fear not”. I would love to win a copy of Crave.

  35. Robin Bunting

    Oh Lord, I like the idea of unsettled. Unsettle me where I need to be unsettled, please. Thank you. In Jesus name….

    Thanks Lysa.

  36. Natalie

    My prayer for 2015 is for me to be authentic to myself. As a Mom, worker, friend and child of God. To be comfortable with my choices not pressured out of my convictions. Thank you for all that you do and the Proverbs31 ministry. I gain so much strength and insight. It is a valuable resource to me.

  37. Latoya Taitt

    “Unsettle me!!”Simple, yet profound and almost life shattering words of a prayer that resonates deeply within me. Thank you for sharing this! It’s just what I needed today!

  38. N Jean Bird

    I am in a rut I can’t get out of, I go right to the edge of the call and decide it is to hard and I can’t do it. Fear of making a wrong decision and failure stops me in my tracks. So much so that I often take a detour just to get away from what I would love to step out in faith and do. I lack the self discipline to keep moving forward when it gets really hard.

  39. Felicia Roberts

    After reading this prayer, I felt led to post something in the comments section so I prayed about what to say. I was diagnosed with a heart condition in February and have had very little energy to do my daily tasks and to keep up with my studies. Everyday, I look at my to do list and it continues to grow instead of shrink and I realize that I am unsettled in a bad way. I look at my to do list and feel so overwhelmed because it’s like a huge mountain I have to climb daily and it keeps growing. After I finish the first few things I have to do each day, someone goes right behind me and messes it up. I ask for helpbut I have finally realized that I am asking the wrong person for help and advice. I should be asking God instead of everyone else. Lord, unsettle me in a good way. Give me the help and courage and energy I need to overcome my daily mountains. Be my guide, my deliverer, my healer, my refuge, my best friend, my everything. I love you so much Jesus. Thank you for every blessing you have given me. Thank you for everything. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

  40. Ann Wasinger

    Lysa, your words are the same words rolling around in my head and what falls out of my mouth…..eat less, move more….yadda, yadda. I’m tired of hearing myself say it to myself and others. I feel like a hypocrite and that I’m failing God. It’s time to let go of the voices of my past and become present today!!! My prayer for 2015 is this: Dear Loving God – break me of me. Pull me close to you so I may feel your heart beat in mine. Please take control of my life. Take it – it is yours. I love you Lord. me. (small me intentional) Thanks Lysa.

  41. KJ

    Amen! For years I’ve also struggled with my weight. I’d drop 20 or so pounds and feel good and then a year or so later they’d be back. I’m praying this year that with Gods help and guidance that I can keep the weight off. Also, praying is help with other strongholds in my life.

  42. Deborah P

    I never fail to be inspired and edified by your words, messages, posts, and prayers. Thank you.
    Your blog post has a word included that a few days ago I cautioned against in a facebook status post, ‘shallow’. I wrote that shallow living would be regretted and was addressing myself more than anyone else. I made note of a few things often done unawares and without thought that indicate shallow living. One of the things I noted is; “When I’m more attentive to, concerned by, and conscious of the wrinkles around my eyes than the wrinkled lives, human suffering, and broken spirits I encounter.”
    I’m weary of living in the shallows. I long to be as deeply engaged and responsive as God desires me to be. Yes, Lord, unsettle me!
    I’ve had an ongoing eating disorder since the age of 16, that’s 37 years now. My health has been impacted and I too am tired of “calling myself awful names I’d never let another person call me.” I’ve had countless therapies and counselors with limited, short lived success. I’m anxious to read your book and like another commenter stated, will happily purchase it if need be. My prayer is ‘Lord lead me out of the shallows into Your depth.’

  43. Kristi

    I’ve struggled with losing baby weight from my last two babies, one of which was born stillborn… I know I can do it with the help of God; but failure has hung over my head for the past several years. My prayer for 2015 is to walk with God daily, hear His voice continuously, and to rely on Him to help me reach a healthier and happier weight. Blessings to you!

  44. Wendy Martin

    Lord, I can’t seem to get this right. Help me be unsettled. I want more of you and less of food to satisfy me. Help me get it right this time! Amen.

  45. Tina Hill

    Lord, let me live today as if I had one month to live. Regretted life, unsettle me..

  46. Bianca Roman

    absolutely beautiful. my prayer for 2015 is clarity. I’ve prayed for clarity over the last couple of months and feel like god keeps showing me everything clear as day – but somehow it’s not sinking in. it’s like I’m doubting the clarity in some way. this year I want to be shown clarity in ALL aspects of life and to not ‘second guess it’ if you will.

  47. Julie Perdue

    I enjoyed your devotion. It really spoke to me here at the start of 2015!

  48. Candi Kieser

    As I come to the ebd of 2014 and the start of a new year, this post took all my hearts feelings, thoughts and emotions and put them into exact words -especially when you spoke about simply “photo copying” your New Years resolutions from year to year. Lol. Thank you for this encouragement, thank you for being vulnerable. It’s made a difference in my life. Candi. (Cape Town, South Africa)

  49. Wennifer

    I need to be unsettled. I need a God encounter that will change my life and the world of my family around. I am lost on many levels and need Him more than the words I write can reveal. Dear Lord, hear my cry and petition for my family and soul.

  50. Karen Q

    Dear Lord, Enliven my spirit with fresh faith, and make my heart strong to hope.

  51. sue gardner

    I read, re-read, and read again, your words of prayer “unsettle me”. The more I read, the stronger I felt led to be unsettled as well. I am in the middle of one of many bouts of fear and anxiety which has once again taken its toll on my health. This battle has raged for the largest part of my 62 years. I tend to fight the same insecurities over and over and continue to see how these fears have caused much destruction in my life as well. I no longer want to settle for a life out of the will of my God and settle for out of control fears and anxiety. The more I search and seek him, I need for him to unsettle me as well. I need to love myself for who God made me to be and trust him to change the things i am unable to change on my own and release me from this destruction as well. Thank you Lysa for sharing this with us.

  52. Nnenna Ugoji

    So beautiful. When I read the words “Unsettle me” I wondered where the post was going but now I can truly say Lord Unsettle me in such a good way. This year my prayer and hearts deepest desire is to pursue Jesus like I’ve never done before. I just want to pour my life into seeking Him knowing that as I seek Him I will find Him. I want to cultivate such an intimacy with Him. I want Him to come into every place of my heart…the hidden areas. Honestly I just want to be full of Him. This desire supersedes any desire I have. As I think about a soaked sponge that pours out when it is squeezed, I see myself pouring out the life of Jesus even when life’s pressures attempt to squeeze me and this is only possible if I stay full of Him. This is my heart’s pursuit this year….JESUS!!

  53. Susion Hartley

    I love the way you can touch me with your words.
    My prayer for this new year is keep God with me every step of the way. Whether it be to lose weight or to be a better wife/mom or just be Jesus to everyone I meet! We all share a loving Heavenly Father and I pray the whole world can know the warm comfort that his love is for us!

  54. Katherine Jones

    I’m two-thirds through Best Yes and loving it. The word that has come to me for my year ahead is WATCH, an idea that was confirmed by your thoughts on being attentive to what’s right in front of us. I’m sure Made to Crave would have many good things to teach me as well. Thank you for being such a warm and wise mentor to so many of us.

  55. Anna

    Lysa, I look forward to your devotionals on Bible Gateway…somehow your words just speak to my heart. I would love to start the new year reading your book, “Unsettle Me”!
    My prayer for 2015 is borrowed from Edgar A. Guest: “Let me be a little kinder, let me be a little blinder to the faults of those around me, let me praise a little more; let me be when I am weary, just a little bit more cheery, let me serve a little better, those that I am striving for.” I have this on my desk and have it labeled “My New Year’s Prayer”.

  56. Amanda

    My prayer for 2015 would be… Revive my spirit to seek Your Face Father and Renew my body to be a suitable and healthy temple! I am a mother of 4 who over the last 6 years has put on 70 lbs from childbirth and very unfortunate court happening with my step-daughter’s mother. I love the Father with my whole heart and want nothing more than to serve Him with all of myself and to be the wife and mother He desires me to be. I know that this is only possible when I am focused on the Father and healthy as He created me to be! Blessings!

  57. Kathy

    Lysa, you hit the nail on the head for me. Even these last few years, knowing my health would be better I struggle to find it in me to improve my eating habits… I break my own heart.
    Lord, free me from the chains that drive this behavior in me. I don’t even know what they are- so show me where to start. I desire to be healthier. I crave to feel better. I ache to understand why I can’t move forward. Show me and let me walk with you on this journey. Amen

  58. Susan

    My prayer for 2015 is to make improvements in my spiritual and physical self.

  59. Ann Elizabeth

    Lysa, I’d love a copy of your book. I’ve been in recovery for about a year now from an eating disorder that I’ve struggled with for most of my life. My prayer during this entire process has really been that the Lord would continue to reveal Himself to me, that he’d grow me to be a strong woman, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, so that He could trust me to be a warrior for Christ in this Earthly battle. Like you said, “I am made for more than this constant battle.” Thank you for sharing those words.

  60. Patty S.

    Thanks, Lysa. Your book is awesome. Really need to regroup myself. Praying for strength.

  61. Stephanie

    I can totally relate. Every year I want to get in shape, eat healthier, be like the contestants on the biggest loser, but every year I fail. I start off doing well and then I start to give in again to my cravings. I don’t know what’s wrong and I can’t seem to shake it. I know I’m getting older, and its not getting easier. I’m praying for the will power, and that 2015 will be the year I suceed!!

  62. lisa b.

    Thank you for this. I’m going to start your book again this year with a new mindset. I am praying for victory in this area of my life this year. I know that with the help of the Holy Spirit I can do it!!!

  63. Cathy

    I look forward to always reading what you write. But today the word “unsettling” has really stuck! I lost my husband almost 4 years ago-very suddenly. We were in a hotel room 2000 miles from home; he was gone in 10 minutes. From there my life has been chaotic. I have become ill and on many drugs-mainly high prednisone. I am always hungry and try to eat right but then I just give up. I pray daily for my health & for better eating habits. But, I always feel so “settled” and always say “it is what it is.” I am going to pray that God keeps me “unsettled.” I need to be shaken up and the wind needs to blow through me. This is the year that I want to really listen to God and understand what His plan for me is. I want to step out of my box and become unsettled. I think I can do this as I know God is always by my side. Thank you so much for your words and encouragement. If I win your book that will be an extra. God’s blessings to you for the New Year.

  64. Lanie Anderson

    Lysa, I hope one day you see this and know that a 21-year-old woman in college read this prayer in your book 2 years ago, and God began to work a miracle in her heart. I’m 23 now, but God has used this prayer to unsettle me not only in my relationship with food but in my faith, my doubt, my relationships, everything. I’ve lulled those two words out from the depths of my heart anytime I feel God’s bringing me to the edge of a new thing. Or a new way of looking at old thing. Unsettle me. That’s how I want to live life in Christ. Thank you for the vulnerability to write this book because it’s something I cherish. -Lanie
    P.S. I attended She Speaks this summer and WOW. What a conference! I loved my time there. 🙂

  65. Debbie Avelar

    We have to share what is real, this is the only way we can help others. Let’s kick satan to the curb… God has our back!! Thank you for sharing. I would love to speak to you or your office about being a speaker on your show. Have a great year!! God has great plans for us all! -debs

  66. Jean

    Mine is “get out of myself.” I don’t really know the exact meaning of this other than to start putting myself first more (I can’t even say it – sad, being a mom, wife, teacher has put my needs to the very end of the line). The thing is I’m taking care of so many that I have to be energized, well fed, rested, and it could go on and on. When I find that moment of silence and freedom, I tend to sit and do nothing! So, Marion, aka Miss Mustard Seed, wrote about your book, and I was looking for a new devotion. One click led to another, and my world has been forever changed by discovering so much inspiration from your website! Thx!

  67. loretta

    I am trying to find the right words to say first. I mean are you in my head or what? I decided this year 2015 my weight was going to come in 2nd this year. I have been struggling since forever with it. so this year I wanted to focus on my relationship with God. so on 12/31/14 I went into the local Christian book store with my list and your book What Happens when women say yes to God was top of the list. I could not find it at first so went to my 2nd choice which was not for me so I stopped said a prayer and turned down the next aisle and their it was. I found a chair to began to read it to make sure it was truly what I needed. the stop was the checkout line and today I completed lesson/chapter 3. please let me say thank you so far it is confirming and setting me on the right path. the 5 questions I have been asking because God has been telling me different things to start doing. I just finished reading your blog and it spoke volumes to me and can’t wait to finish this book and the get the crave book. I know you have heard this a lot please allow me to say it one more time God is using you to minister to one more person. thank you

  68. Jamie

    Thank you for this. I am a wife and mamma of 4 kids and am totally struggling with having the drive to lose weight and be healthy. 2014 was a very difficult year in our home and I put on weight and am holding onto food like it’s my security blanket. After reading this, I realize I too need to ask The Lord to unsettle me. I need Him to be my security instead of turning to food. I so appreciate this vulnerable post.

  69. Loretta Grapes

    For me it’s not just about my weight , I always seek the Lord for a verse or word at the end of every year to show me what work He wants to accomplish in my life for this year. I have been praying and seeking and listening for His direction and what He wNts to accomplish in and through me. Today especially. I have read some of your books. Girls with Swords is one of my favorites. Today on seeing your post on your Instagram pierced my heart and spirit!!! This is what my hearts cry has been all along these last few days. I want to be “unsettled ” in all the areas God sees fit to work in! I am one of Gods older daughters and never want to become complacent in my love or relationship with my Precious Savior. So I am ready and excited and willing to be “unsettles” and let my King mold me and shape me for His glory!! Thanks Lysa for your transparency.

  70. Marisa Sibley

    I actually just wrote a post on my blog about wanting to be unsettled. I was very VERY inspired by your book. It gave me a perspective I had never been exposed to before, and it has literally flipped my world upside down. I needed to hear that it was okay to want to lose some weight. I had been in treatment for my eating disorder back in 2011 and although I believe I needed the tools I learned about eating intuitively, listening to my hunger and fullness cues, and making peace with different types of food were very helpful, the issues still wage a war with my mind. I couldn’t help but feel in a physical and spiritual sense that I needed to make healthier food choices.

    I’ve been working on recovering from my eating disorder and worth issues through the Celebrate Recovery program for a year and a half now. I’ve been stuck on step 3, turning my will – the tendency I have to keep my food issues in my own control – over to God. The perspective as a whole that you shared in your book really bridged the gap in knowing what steps I needed to take in order to actually be able to do surrender it. 1 Corinthians 10:21, getting disgusted with my lack of strength, your commentary on Matthew 19, seeing how much God cares about my food issues and everything his Word has to say about it, and letting Jesus put a microscope on me and my issues with food… All of it. Really taking those truths in and applying them to my recovery has made a world of difference for me. I’m working through the participants guide now and am looking forward to working through the action plan afterwards.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this book! It stays just about as close to me as my bible does. Everything in it was and is still much needed!

  71. Margaret

    Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of another year. Please help me with my priorities and help me to spend my precious time and energy working on these areas in me and my family. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

  72. sara wright

    My prayer for 2015. Is to have a healthy spirit and body. I want my heavenly father to be my stronghold,my foundation, my everything. I would love for my body to reveal for the first time in a very long time a Healthy me, inside and outside. Amen

  73. Maree

    I love your blogs & posts. Sometimes I think is God telling Lysa to write that for me. You are inspirational and grounded. You write all the thoughts I struggle with and help me when I’m consumed with day to day stuff and bring back my focus. Thank you

  74. Sarah

    My prayer is courage! I’m not exactly sure what that looks like yet but courage is my goal and prayer! Thanks for being such an encouragement!
    Sarah DeForest

  75. Amy Young

    My prayer for 2015 is for the Great Lord above to break these chains that have had me bound up for so many years. I am severally obese and have tried everything. After going through childbirth 4 times, with my youngest being born in 2006, and then a prisoner of domestic violence until a few years ago, I have lost sight of how God sees me and just see the person that has gained over 100 pounds and has been abused for so long. I want to gain the understanding of God’s love for me and love myself again. When I look in the mirror I see the overweight, not so pretty woman that I have been told over and over again that I was. I want to be able to see the beautiful child of God. Thank you for your inspiration Lysa

  76. Keli

    I need this book for so many reasons. I’m a natural encouragement and motivator of the wonderful women around me that God has so graciously blessed me with. I have led several book clubs with these women. these friends. and each time we come to a close, I start digging and hunting and praying for God to reveal just the right and most perfect book choice for our next adventure. This seems like such the perfect choice as the topics you’ve described in this beautifully written article flow right in line with the struggles that myself and those around me deal with daily.

  77. Martha

    Unsettle me ….I have always struggled with being content with myself and where I am at in life. I look at everything that could possibly go wrong and prepare myself on how to cope when it happens. I unpurposely judge others that are closest to me on what “they should’ve done”. I want this year to be the year I pray for them and be more accepting of who God made them. So that simple prayer is a perfect prayer.

  78. Staci

    God has opened my eyes to the fact that He wants to be included in EVERY aspect of our lives. I never realized just how much I have depended on myself to figure everything out on my own. Failure soon comes and disappointment along with it. My weight is one of those huge disappointments for me. I think every few years another few pounds come. I am ready to give up and invite Christ into this part of my everyday struggles.
    Thanks Lysa. Your words hit me right where I needed it today!


    I just want to like myself……

  80. Michelle Iffert

    Love this book and believe I’ll read it again with the new year starting!

  81. Pamela

    I started leading a group of women in our church in October through your Made to Crave books and videos. We have enjoyed ourselves so much that we want to start it all over again starting this coming Thursday and asking if anyone else would like to join us. I have struggled with weight and health issues for years, and believe with all of my heart that the Lord is preparing me for the ministry. I begin seminary in September, but to have the strength both physically and spiritually to accomplish God’s Calling, I need to get healthy. So far, I have lost 25lbs, but I still need to get rid of about 250 more to really be healthy. Dearest Lord Jesus, help me to turn to you hour by hour to constantly grow closer to you, and crave you more everyday rather than craving foods that have made me so very unhealthy. Thank you Lysa for writing these books and making the videos.

  82. Ashley Huffman

    Absolutely love this. Always have been intimated by everyone’s “new year, new me” posts bombarding me on social media come January 1. This was such encouragement that change IS possible. Exactly the words I needed to hear today!

  83. Rachel K

    My goal this year is to let myself dream again, to remember that God is not limited by human weakness or frailty, and to expect Him to move.

  84. April McMichael

    My husband and I are looking at a Missions Trip in July to Kenya, back to the orphanage that our church has begun to sponsor and work in. We are looking at God’s call to place us there on a more permanent basis. Talk about Unsettled! I had your book, and loaned it out and never got it back. Would love another copy because I still struggle to overcome unhealthy thoughts and eating habits. Getting ready to go through corporate fast with our church-21 days of prayer and fasting. Unsettle me Jesus!

  85. Lisa Tindal

    Afraid of failure, but uncomfortable with success, I hinder my progress out of fear. Having been anorexic and bulimic in the past, it is difficult to have the mindset I need. Thanks for this honest post about the “mindspeak” that keeps us stuck.

  86. maria royer

    December 26, 2013 I received a liver transplant. By the grace of God. My prayer this year is to be able to share the word of my lord. And to always stay humbled. An Angel gave me a chance at a New life and I pray I never let her down. A copy of your book would be so educating. I’ve been through a spiritual journey of many emotions. Thank You

  87. MP

    Wow such powerful words “Unsettle me”. I had just decided that I was going to start reading your Made to Crave book and I felt like God was leading me to push aside all my excuses that easily derailed me in the past. I had previously lost 30 lbs in my journey to lose 74 but was unmotivated to continue and reading the above article along with the book is what I needed to encourage me to keep up my quest for a healthier me. Thank you so much for being so transparent!!! You will never know how much you impact my life today.

  88. Cathie

    Unsettle me! I lose sight sometimes because I too am always on task. My goal this year is to work on all my relationships, not to exclude the one with myself, which I certainly struggle with. Thank you for sharing your prayer.

  89. Susan Kintzel

    This is the year of new life! “Unsettle me” is the prayer I have been longing to pray. I did the Made to Crave study last year, and have seen many wonderful changes, but not with my weight. This year, I am through with excuses and asked God to show me what the lie is that I keep telling myself about food. He immediately showed me the root cause of my misuse of food! Now I know where to focus my spiritual warfare. It really was not about food at all. Simply put, I want to know Christ in his fullness and receive from him all that I need in this life. Unsettle me, Lord. I am ready. I am yours!

  90. kim

    Please take my hand and show me the way to be a better me—the “me” You designed in the beginning!

  91. Merrianne

    Thank you Lysa. You always inspire me to rethink how I react to things. Being unsettled by God is such a gift. When I am too comfortable with the status quo I tend to be easily attracted to that which is worldly and not that which is Godly. Whatever distracts us from God, whether it be food or things or money, also takes control of us. I have a friend that is so afraid of being unsettled that she moves further and further from God. I pray that God will show us all ways to help her let go and let God. She thinks that if she controls her life then nothing bad will happen but she doesn’t see that she cannot control her life at all and trying only makes her and those she loves more unhappy. Thank you again for making us think in different ways about how we react to God.

  92. Dorthey Jacobelli

    Unsettle me because despite my best intentions, (but probably not my best efforts) I always seem to settle for good enough. I don’t want to settle anymore. I want to fight through the hard moments and days and become the woman God created me to be.

  93. Jody Curtis

    Thank you for always encouraging. I pray for God to be in the front of everything I do, even the little things that I think I can do by myself like getting my house in order and my body right. It hasn’t happened yet and I need help and I think I haven’t asked for God’s help with this.

  94. Rosanna

    Looks like an honest and truth filled read 🙂

  95. Leigh

    My prayer for 2015 is to find help for my wavering faith. I have be through so much in my life and have made it through, but this last year has been so dreadfully painful from depression. Some days I feel like I just can’t pray anymore. I can’t ask for Gods help anymore. Either I am not worthy or he’s not even real. I never thought I would ever say that, but I know I’ve reached a point of this pain has to stop or I won’t make it. So if there is anyway to help me see the light I need it.

  96. Susie Hoffmann

    My prayer is to please help me build myself esteem. At age 61, I want to be the person He wants me to be.

  97. Caroline

    Thank you for sharing your heart and conviction. It is inspiring and really shines hope in such a dark area of my life. I pray that God will unsettle me and use my testimony to encourage others as you have encouraged me

  98. Alethea

    Love your simple prayer. “Unsettle me” covers so many issues, and I foresee myself praying the very same often.
    My struggle is with time. My job and my roles as wife and mother (among other things) keep me very busy, so I become selfish when I get the luxury of a little unstructured time to myself. The problem then is that I want to do so much, so I get overwhelmed, and I end up blankly staring at a computer screen, wasting an hour playing a mindless game, or simply being a lump on the couch. My one word for this year is Purpose, and my prayer is that I will use my time with a purpose in mind. God has blessed me with numerous talents, and I’ve begun to realize that I need to be using them better for His glory whenever I have opportunity.

  99. Carrie Knight

    My prayer for 2015 is for God to create in me a dependency on Him instead of in myself. Plain and simple.

  100. Tammy

    Lysa, your books are awesome and I find myself described to the tee quite often when reading them.
    Most Kind and Gracious Father in Heaven Unsettle me, shake me, break me and make me. I am yours and I want to live a completely surrendered life for your purpose and a life that truly glorifies You Father. In the precious name of your one and only son Jesus I pray. Amen

  101. Mer

    As always, thoughtful and inspiring- thank you Lysa! This is a great prayer for so many facets of life- unsettle me, give me strength, perseverance, and faith. That is my prayer for 2015. Thank you!

  102. Kylee

    My prayer is for self discipline and self control, to be mindful of my thoughts, words and actions.

  103. Jen Silverman

    My prayer for this year is to have the courage to walk in freedom. To walk in the boldness and light and love. To walk forward on the adventure He has for me. Trusting Him~~!

  104. coraly

    My prayer for 2015. In the waiting may I seek You. In the no may I worship You. In the unexpected gifts may I give You all glory. In the hard places may I surrender my will. My deepest desire Lord is for you to be glorified in both my life and my families.

  105. Michele Morin

    My prayer for 2015 is that I would be conscious of making prayer more of a constant in my life, both focused time as well as “practicing the presence of God.”

  106. melanie saccomanno

    I am the shard yard friend. Finding Jesus in my brokenness and allowing Jesus to restore me and finding Him amongst my mess..”If only the glass could talk” was birthed in my grief. Sharp. Jagged. Rough edges smoothed over and polished in the struggle. Overwhlemed by the love of God was the healer.
    Your post showed me what MY struggle was yet this very hour. I am unsettled and I was being stirred up to pray and interceed and yet I was allowing those lying thougts of doubting I do hear His voice distract me. Thank you for your obedience and transparency. Christ in us is enough. Oh how he loves us…

  107. Rebecca Wright

    I am trying again, just like you did years ago…I just need to get to that point to find myself, listen to God, and make it stick so that I am around for my husband and boys!

  108. allison bennett

    Its such a struggle. Eat healthy, run, workout, holidays come, enjoy, savor all the moments, while clothes start getting tight. Back to balance, my prayer for 2015. Savor the moments of joy, but balance the over indulging. Trying to not be legalistic,
    definately don’t want vanity to be part of it. This culture we live in screams we must “look” a certian way. Makes us all quite
    tired. Asking the Lord for help.

  109. Jenny Van Gysel

    I read your post and see my battle. I feel like crying at my constant failure to keep my weight down and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to be changed, I want strength and willpower, and I want it to come straight from God because I am not having any long-lasting success on my own. If unsettling me is the prayer I need to pray, then I pray it now. Unsettle me Lord! Thank you for your posts. I feel like we are such good friends, yet you don’t know me. Happy New Year!

  110. Suzanne Leitz

    “Unsettle me” is such a scary prayer to me, because almost every area of my life right now feels unsettled. No more, please! But the first couple paragraphs could have been written by me. Fix me, Lord!

  111. Deb Ellis

    My prayer for this year is “Renew”. I need to renew my faith in myself as a wife and Mom. And I need to renew my dependence on the Lord.

  112. Lina

    I have the Made to Crave book but if I won it I would surely give it away to someone who likely wouldn’t purchase it themselves.

    My word this year is “Prepare/Preparing” for what God has in store for me next – so that is my prayer too. Prepare my path, my heart, my mind, my soul, and my Spirit.

    Thanks Lysa for continuing to pose the questions.

  113. Laurie Harp

    My prayer this year is for me to totally trust in God, and believe He has a miracle for me.
    To put God first above anything of this world.

  114. Ellen

    Thank you, Lysa, for this post. Throughout my life, I have felt unsettled as well. I think that is the way God works in us. It indeed is unsettling! But I am a stubborn person, so I need to be unsettled at times. I have looked at the times where I have gone my way instead of God’s way and I now see that if I had listened to God even through the fear, in ALL areas of my life, I would be more peaceful. My prayer for you and for all women this year is to experience God’s love and peace each day – by surrendering to his will for us a day at a time. Never easy but it does work!

  115. Dorothy Whittington

    This is a great post! I definitely needed to read this today. In already struggling with things and we’re in day 2 of this new year:/ This really hit home with me. Thank you for your continued inspiration and posts that hit home!

  116. Bari

    My prayer for 2015 is basically to change my heart so that I crave God and and his Word more than anything else and that I would be obedient to him, that it would transform me, and transform our home into one of love and grace!

  117. Liz

    LORD JESUS, I surrender all to You. My mind, my will, my emotions. May I become more and more like You each and every day. Give me an obedient heart. In JESUS Name, Amen.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :o)

  118. Loretta Grapes

    That which is. Unsettled; easily moved, shaken , changeable. I surrender my heart to You my King. Unsettle all the areas of my life that You desire to transform in me so Your name is glorified in me so You will receive e the honor and praise You so deserve

  119. C Hiatt

    Unsettle me and yet I am not quite sure what that would mean to me.I know that I do lose weight but can also quickly sabotage often because I lack self esteem. At 61 when will I learn? So God unsettle me.

  120. Jean Wise

    I really like your prayer. Took a deep breath and said it with you. I hesitated at first, I think it this type of prayer takes a deep courage to surrender all our what we think as strong self defenses and be vulnerable, naked in front of God. I would rather find that fig leaf, LOL

  121. Sandy

    I struggle daily with my weight. I desperately need to let go and allow God to work in me. I struggle daily with letting go. Your website and prayers have kept me going and feel encouraged many times when I am struggling

  122. Debbie

    I have a healthy relationship with food. I crave healthy food, and I am pretty disciplined. I have never read this book because of this, but I would like to crave God, His word and all that he wants for me.

  123. dawn stevenson

    My prayer for 2015 is to get closer to God, quit smoking and god please help me find a job. and find a church

  124. CNelson

    Even having diabetes and heart disease still isn’t enough for me to control my eating and lose the weight that I need. Every day is a failure. But every day I start over again and will continue to do so until God gets through to me.

  125. mary Bonaparte

    Love this book. Would love a copy. I went to wolf conference to c u but you weren’t in Hartford. Had a great time anyway!

  126. Lori

    My prayer fro 2015 is to have more hope – the anticipation of good things – in my daily life…to shed the feelings of worry and to allow the blessings that God grants me each day to lift my spirit. I grew up with parents who loved me and who each had addictions to alcohol and prescription medications. My addiction has been with food and that has led me down a path of self-destruction and self-hate…I have a strong desire to seek out God’s plan for me, to understand his words and to make those two things a part of me so that I can become stronger and fight the unhealthy relationship that I have had with food and my self image.

  127. Alicia Keys

    My prayer is that I will crave more of him and less of this world and my own desires.

  128. Sarah

    2015…the year that my church has visioned as the “best year yet”..the year to live up to our full potentials as followers of Christ. I have a beautiful life. But my battle with my body image is my hinderance to becoming all I can be. My family has made some huge faith steps- this is my personal faith journey that needs to be fulfilled. I long for the word you will share in this book. Thank you for your vision!

  129. Sami Rodriguez

    My prayer is simple….a restored marriage.

  130. Linda N

    My prayer is to have God’s peace. I find that it is in the times I trust Him and put my hope in Him I feel the most peace. And, when I have peace in my heart, joy comes along side it and the sun seems brighter! Would love to win a copy of your book for a dear friend of mine who has struggled with her weight for years. Our choir is heading to Israel in June, and unless she is able to get herself healthier and more fit, she won’t be able to experience a lot of what is planned.

  131. Lisa D

    Lisa- I completely feel your pain….what you experienced when trying to lose weight. I have been struggling to lose weight for about 10 years….after having kids. Never had weight issues before. I’ve tried everything … I mean everything. Even your book, made to crave. I have not has success at all. 4 years ago I lost 30 pounds in 6 mos with exercise and eating healthy. No sugar, no white flour, low carbs & only whole grains. 1 year later I put it all back on. I tend to loose my focus. I just can’t keep motivated. I’m so frustrated. I feel like a thin person trapped in a fat persons body. Please pray for me. I know I can only do this with Christ. Thank you

  132. Cindy Coker

    This is the prayer (or close to it) that I have been praying for my husband and I. We both need to choose a healthier lifestyle. We have high blood pressure and health issues that could be solved by just eating healthier and losing some weight. With God’s help, we will do it this year and beyond. 🙂

  133. Wendy

    I had decided that this year my prayers will focus on discipline and vision. Your blog totally spoke to me.

    I loved what you said about the beauty of discipline and how it unleashes a craving for intimacy with God. I totally agree. I want to embrace the LIBERATION that comes from discipline rather than getting stuck in the perceived restriction or constraint of it – which is generally rooted in a justification anyhow. I find the practice of discipline itself affects a kind of positive domino affect within me. Because as you said, it ultimately leads to greater intimacy with God. Why do I fight it? What am I clinging to within myself that it not from God? Yes, goodbye to those remnants, justifications, shards and tendencies. Some of those things are remnants are things which I perceive as my personality. Things which are so a part of my personal identity that maybe I think they ARE who I was created to be. But God created me to be perfected in Him – and leaving my shards behind, those shards which sometimes cut and shred, will liberate me. Draw me closer, Lord… refine me as your happy slave.

    What you said about the “suspicious fears that I’ll never find victory in this area of my life” spoke to my desire to focus on vision. I love the words “I am made for more than this constant battle.” Sometimes I am afraid to lock in on a vision for myself because I am so afraid of the disappointment of failure. Easier to keep expectations low and find surer, feal-good moments of success. I know I am made for greater things and I choose to accept and believe that. God will show me the way. I refuse to limit Him by my fear. His perfect love will cast out fear. Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the world. Nothing is impossible for Him. I believe, Lord. Help me in my unbelief. Come, Lord Jesus. May it be done to me according to your word. Give me eyes to see.

  134. Regina

    To serve the Lord with my life and I need to get healthier to do that. My weight keeps me from doing a lot of what I wish I could do. Thank you for a chance to get your book. I need God’s help to get healthier.

  135. Kamea Hope

    I love that your prayer is so simple, yet so profound. I would love to read your book, Made to Crave as I am inspired by your writing. I led a ladies bible study of “What Happens when Women say Yes to God” – it was fabulous. I especially loved the analogy of the little seed, so of course I bought your new children’s book this Christmas. It was awesome! Thank you!

    My prayer for this year is that God would continue to give me the strength I need to stay the course in my journey of healing. I pray that I would be bold in sharing my story for His glory, so that others would be encouraged to persevere through their own trials. And I thank him for the love and grace that He continues to pour lavishly into my life along the way.


  136. Terri L

    My focus must be on “surrendered” and in operating in the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. I know that’s what I am destined for but have no idea how to attain it in realistic and practical ways. Appreciate any help or insights…

  137. Melissa Rosalez

    This is such an answered prayer!

  138. Donna Thompson

    I so appreciate your encouraging words. John 15 continues to keep me where I know I need to be……clinging to the vine. I love being a branch. Such freedom!!! While there is freedom still challenge to remain completely dependent on and with Christ. So I continue to cling in my desperate need for Christ and His ways! Keep up the good work of challenging us!

  139. Jenny Wagner

    I too struggle with a food addiction. Two years ago I was attending counseling with a Christian Equine Therapy councilor and we used the Made To Crave book in conjunction with the intense therapy that I was receiving. I didn’t realize that all the burdens and “junk” I was carrying around were important to God. I never knew that He would be interested in helping me with my food issues. What I came to realize that all my “junk” issues, burdens, and shame were connected to the emotional problems that were perpetuating my food issues. I could accept that the Lord could help me solve my issues and finally realized that FOOD was my biggest issue. Once I acknowledged that God would willingly take my addiction to food and release me from the obsession to eat when ever I was stressed or felt unhappy or afraid all I had to do was CRAVE HIM. Through many painful tries and slips I was able to let go and let God take hold of my life and lead me out of the darkness and into His light. I have my Crave God magnet on my fridge and each morning I am reminded to keep craving Him and to turn all my cares over to Him. During the on line bible study Before Amen; Max Lucado used an example of taking your concerns and putting them into your cupped out stretched hands and offering them up to God to take them away. It works~ I am physically releasing my burdens upward and relief floods me and my instant instinct to reach for good subsides and I can cope. I am maintaining a healthy weight now and I have peace and abstinence for which I am forever grateful. I have been blessed with guidance from God’s many angels. Especially the counselor that saved my life and for folks like you Lysa that are able to connect words to reach those of us that are searching. Thanks be to God.

  140. Tammy Trietch

    Yep – I’ve been doing the yo-yo diet for several years. Due to medication & medical issues (partly), I’m 70 lbs more than I was 10 years ago (when I got married). I’m looking (again) for stick-to-it-ness. My word for 2015 is prayer – praying for strength to overcome this “rock”/albatross/sin is at one of the top things I’ll be praying for..

  141. Mellisa Siska

    This is so what I needed to hear, brought tears to my eyes and confirmation to my heart, chills over my arms and soundness to my soul. Thank you♡

  142. Angie connolly

    My christian husband has struggled with gaining and losing weight for years. I would love to give him a copy of this book

  143. Angelyn

    My 22 year old daughter is experiencing the same struggles. Her weight gain fuels her depression and anxiety! I try to offer her encouragement, but I cant fix this for her. I forwarded your post to her!

  144. Rhonda

    I’m not posting for a copy of Made to Crave, I have a copy. What I am posting about is that I feel like God is wanting me to work on self discipline. I was wanting to know if you know of a good bible study on discipline. There are many areas of my life that are lacking, but I know that I need to start with my Christian life then everything else should fall into it’s right place.

    Thanks for your assistance,

  145. Nansie Whitt

    My prayer is to be more intentional with my time and to be present in the moment. Days pass me by with much routine and without much thought. I want to be present with my family, at my job and with those I love.

  146. Jennifer

    My 2015 prayer is to show gratitude and to always have a positive attitude.

  147. Dianna Sewell

    I’m asking the Lord to help me stay in the present. Not to fret over the past or the future.

  148. Grammax9

    Craving GOD’s word and not food…..my focus for 2015 and beyond!

  149. Susan

    I’m tired of struggling and losing the food battle. Whether I win it or not – I must get this book!

  150. susie

    My struggles is not with weight, but the weighing down of my situation. Struggles in my life at this moment are not to well in my marriage. We have pushed away a Lil on following Christ. So many ups and downs this past year. I just pray that this year we will be strengthened and focus on the future God has in store for us.

  151. Tammy Binkley

    Thank you for sharing and caring!

  152. Patti McConville

    Yes Lord unsettle me. My goal for 2015 is 15 in 15. Just 15 extra pounds off the 56 year old frame. I love Made to Crave. Thank you Lisa.

  153. Chantle Uthe

    My prayer is to fill my Gratitude jar daily and to have so much gratitude this year. To journal daily and to stop and smell the roses. Have a blessed year Lisa!

  154. Niki

    I simply just want to know God more – to really know Him. But I could also add that I want to know God more and make Him known to everyone He puts in my path. To walk in obedience by His Spirit, seizing the opportunities He gives me. To love Him more. To live above my feelings more, and not be led by fear.

  155. Marla

    My prayer is to become closer to The Lord, become healthy, worry less, and see myself as God sees me. I love your ‘unsettle me’ prayer and post, and would love to win your book as well! Thanks so much!

  156. nancys1128

    My prayer for this year is to walk out Philippians 1:6 – that I will carry out to completion the good work that has been begun in me.

  157. kimberly carabin

    I love your messages that I receive in my email! They are most uplifting and encouraging to me. They also seem to keep at the “perfect” time ! My mom was morbidly obese, therefore, I am horrified at becoming extremely overweight. I have held my same weight for 14 years but that is considered obese by medical diagnosis. My mom had health issues that cost her her life. She passed away with colon cancer while also suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart issues. I loved her so much and she was my best friend! I miss her still 14 years later. I would love to read your book to give me more encouragement and stamina to stay healthy 🙂
    God Bless you!
    Kimberly Carabin
    Contact #804-314-1340

  158. Pat Ingram

    I am tired of fighting the battle on my own terms! I want God to show me the way! Please pray for me to be willing!

  159. Lisa Hohlt

    Thank you, Lysa, for such a simple but powerful prayer. I, too, am looking for God to unsettle me. My prayer for this year is for the Holy Spirit to convict me in all areas that need to be unearthed to God’s Light and to give me the strength to face them. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging messages.

  160. Tammy

    Thank you for this simple prayer with very significant meaning. My daughter struggles with stomach pain and her weight. She has tried gluten free, vegan, non-dairy, and vegetarian diets to not only lose weight, but to find the source of her stomach pain. It has been a struggle for her. This year is different. She is taking her faith to a deeper level and she is growing in her faith and her submission to God’s plan for her. My prayer is that this year will be one of change, unsettling if you will, that will be the beginning of a permanent acceptance of who she is in God’s eyes.

  161. Chelsea Dudley

    My prayer for 2015 is to stop being so hard on myself.

  162. Linda Boyette

    I spent the last ten years of my career teaching nutrition in a rural county in NC. I developed and managed a Health & Wellness program for the county employees. During those years I watched many citizens and county employees excitedly lose weigh only to gain it back and often more. We encouraged exercise and changing eating habits. I taught classes on what foods to eat and the benefits of exercise and did one-on-one counseling. Deep down I knew something was missing. After I retired, I began gaining two pounds a year, nine years and eighteen pounds later I realized I needed to get serious! I tried, lost a few pounds, stopped and then gained them back plus the two pounds.

    I found my first faith based weight loss program in 2002 and decided to start it in a church we were attending. It was the Weigh Down Diet, an Inspirational Way To Lose Weight, Stay Slim and Find a New You by Gwen Shamblins. It has some very good spiritual and nutritional ways to lose weight. I will share some of her suggestions in Caring for God’s Temple. I lost a few pounds, stopped and gained them back, plus my two pounds.

    I then combined a new faith based program developed in 2008, First Place 4 Health by Carole Lewis with the Weigh Down Diet. This had to work, two faith based plans! You already know what happen. The women attending the program experienced the same results.

    I knew in my heart that I could not do this alone even with the information provided
    in the programs. Then I was introduces to a third faith based program, Made To Crave, Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food by Lysa TerKeursten. We started with a 218 pages book on the spiritual component of weight loss. Now this was different! A light started flashing! It was followed up with the Made To Crave Action Plan. I never finished the program but I did lose eight pounds, stopped and gained three back. Then I was introduced to the Daniel Plan, 40 Days to a Healthier Life by Rick Warren.

    I finally went to the LORD on my face and begged for HELP. A few days later the scripture, Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:11 I felt GOD’S CALLING many years ago to encourage other women. Slowly it came to me over the next few days that the one strand was the GOD’S precious daughter trying to lose weight, the second strand was the encourager and GOD was the third strand that gave HIS STRENGTH to the cord and thus success. When I truly looked at my body, I knew this was not the temple GOD had created for the first woman, Eve. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own. 1 Corinthians 6:19 Slowly the idea of Caring For GOD’S Temple began to develop.

    I feet that first we must build that “cord of three”. The book, Made To Crave, helps to do that. This is the crucial key to success. We have to develop a mental picture of GOD holding one end of the cord and our holding on the other end for dear life. The white strand is larger and is the strength of GOD flowing down to us. The purple strand is the encourager or accountability sister. The green strand is the beloved daughter of GOD trying to care for the temple God has given her. The strands are
    interwoven to form the life giving cord.

    Our health is also a very important piece of our plan. We have to take control of the health of our earthly temples. Exercise will be a key component to our health and weight loss. I believe each daughter of Christ needs a different plan because HE created us each to be different. Our lives, our families and our activities are different. We have to create an exercise and eating plan that we can live with for the rest of our lives here on planet earth.
    Guidelines for the Program
     Two daughters plus the encourager attend each session. God is our Father and we are his daughters.
     The daughter weighs on the morning of each session and tells no one her weight. This is between her and God.
     The daughter’s goal is to lose seven pounds, and then she and God decides if she needs to lose another seven pounds.
     The program is planned for fourteen sessions over seven months.
     Meet once a week for seven weeks (7 sessions).
     Meet every other week for two months (4 sessions).
     Meet once a month for 3 months (3 sessions).
     After seven months, lifestyle changes should become a familiar, comfortable way of life.
     There are three components that will be worked on at the same time throughout the seven months. They are spiritual, health, and lifestyle changes.
    Made to Crave is required reading for the program. I would love a copy to give a lady
    that might not be able to purchase one.

    My prayer is that each daughter of CHRIST develops an intimate personal relationship with GOD through this program and weight loss will only be the icing on the cup cake. Praise GOD for HIS goodness!


  163. Diane Moreton

    I, too, have struggled with weight issues all my life. Your prayer was lovely and have me strength to trust one more time. Unsettle me, Lord, I pray.

  164. Mariela

    This is the second year that I have asked God for my “Word of the Year” and 2015 will be a year of stewardship for me. My prayer is that I will be able to make good use of all the blessings that God will entrust me this year.

  165. Stefani

    Thank you for being you. I pray that God speaks through me like he does through you. This year my word is Meaning. I want to live each moment work true deep spiritual meaning… To see God’s transformation in me and to see his life plan played out.

  166. Marchelle Smith

    Unsettle me is a great prayer. I have struggled all of my life with my weight. I like you have set so many resolution to lose but after maybe a week it falls to the way side. I love this prayer because I know I can only lose the weight with God’s help. I have been wanting to get your book but have not be able to get it. This year I am committing to losing this weight and becoming more healthier. I have two beautiful grandchildren with one being born on December 16th and she is so precious. In this year I want to devote more of my life to God and His will. I know God has great things in store for me and I want to be all that God has intended for me to be. Thank you so much for your post, it was so encouraging!!!!

  167. Susan Sanders

    I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. I use food to satisfy needs. My weight is up and down and it is so dissatisfying. My prayer is to no longer use food as a pacifier and to try to stop thinking I am not good enough. I have wanted to read your book!

  168. Jo

    I lost a significant amount of weight several years ago but still find myself struggling to maintain that weight loss. I would love to read your book. It is really encouraging to receive advice from other Christian women regarding life issues. Thank you for sharing your God-given gift!

  169. Wanda

    Never thought of God unsettling me, but for Him to settle me. After reading this I realize I do settle and in doing so don’t allow Jesus to do all he desires in and for me. I just settle, not getting all that He desires to do in and for me. Thanks for this new outlook in this New Year.

  170. Tina Whittock

    My prayer this year is to let God handle it. What ever the “it” is at the moment. I NEED to seek Him first and then take action. Not the other way around. That’s not working so well for me…
    I printed this prayer and will let it sink into my soul and make it mine. Thank you, Lysa, for sharing this very intimate entry and allowing us to make it our prayer.

  171. Lauren

    Unsettle me! This is my prayer. I am also praying to surrender to The Lord all the things in which I am grasping for control…shedding the last of my pregnancy weight being high on the list! Thank you for this!

  172. Katy Hardee


    Thank you for sharing your heart! You are such a Godly inspiration. My prayer for the year ahead is to follow where God leads and show others random kindness all 12 months of the year. It can be so easy to become distracted with my own plan for my life, but I know God has great things in store for me!

    Happy New Year

  173. Carlene

    I’ve had weight issues all my life, and I can’t get a handle on it. I’m bigger now than I’ve ever been. It doesn’t even see God will help me. I would love to read your book to see if it could inspire me.

  174. Cathy

    Would love to use this wonderful prayer in my life!

  175. Rebekah

    “I can rest assured though the journey will be hard, I will be held.” What wonderful and encouraging words I needed to read today. I have been discouraged the last few weeks due to family circumstances and then just yesterday I weighed myself and seemed to have gained back the 8 pounds I fought so hard to shed the last two months of the year. My prayer for the new year is that I would trust God with my family, and everything for that matter, and that I would fight the voices that oppose His truth, whether about me and my value, or my ability, with a holy boldness that comes from His indwelling Spirit. Thank you for these words, Lysa!

  176. Kimberly Burroughs

    My prayer for the new year is to make time for myself! I just went back to teaching this year, and I spend way too many hours at school. Also, I have 4 children and a husband, so when I am not at school, I am taking care of them. I am taking time to take care of me this year!

  177. Tina C

    Wow! This blog entry is so inline with a conversation I had with some friends today. I am the one who is searching to settle down by buying a house and establishing roots, so to speak. I never thought of the notion of being unsettled. I like that thought because if we are unsettled then we are relying on God’s will for our lives instead of our own. When Jesus told the rich man to be perfect he had to give away his possessions to the poor and then follow Him, the rich man left because of all that he had. He was unwilling to be unsettled. I recognize that same unwillingness within myself and hope that through God’ grace, I can become unsettled. I am reminded of a poem that was on the wall in a local ice cream shop in my hometown, “I asked God for all things so that I might enjoy life. God gave me life so that I might enjoy all things.” Thanks for the reminder that being unsettled doesn’t mean not having direction in life, but is rather letting God direct our steps in life.

  178. tammy

    A friend of mine has lost 90 pounds this year so I am thrilled to check out your website. Happy New year

  179. Amber

    My prayer for 2015 is to seek God’s will for our family. The Lord has been moving in our lives in an unusual way the past few months we pray He continues to move and we will be able to follow Him!

  180. Kim

    My prayer is “Lord I am ready now” taken from a song from Plumb. It has been speaking right to my heart.
    Lysa thank for your post/books they also speak right to my heart with encouragement. My you and your family have a blessed new year.

  181. JJ Snyder

    My prayer is to practice quieting my human brain so I can connect better with my spiritual soul. That is when I can hear Him the best.

  182. TCB

    I’m so thankful to have found you. I just finished Unglued for the second time and it won’t be the last. It is really challenging my perspective and thinking about everything. I continue to be blessed by your candid words and simplicity when it comes talking about life as a Christian woman, wife, mother, employee, and friend. I need to hear it over and over again until it becomes me. I’ve been struggling for some time now with many of the same issues you addressed in Unglued as well as those coming up in The Best Yes that I’m reading now. Made to Crave is the one I’ve debated about getting probably due to my fear that it will yet again be too close to home for me. But that’s the point, right? I’d love this book to add to my collection and my thought life. I’m a big girl and always will be, but I’ve been working on my weight in earnest since May and ive lost about 40 lbs which included all my baby weight. I’m trying to lose another 25 before June. Again I appreciate your ministry, honesty and ability to connect with women you’ve never met.I’m most thankful for the understanding of God’s word that is so basic and true. God bless you in your continued endeavors.

    My prayer is to be emotionally whole, balance my work and home life, and develop a healthier sense of myself. It’s not just for 2015, but a life prayer.

  183. Lisa

    My prayer for 2015– Lord please don’t let me leave this earth without fulfilling your purpose. I was created to do something that would bring you glory. Help me stay focus and just do it! I recognize it’s not my purpose, but Your purpose Lord! Amen.

  184. Marta Doster

    Praying to answer God’s call to step out of my comfort zone, dare to become unsettled, as I serve Him in the new year in ways that intimidate and scare me.

  185. Ciara

    For God to lead my family down the right path, His path. We are on the edge of big changes in our lives and it is scary. In fact, reading “Unsettle me” brings tears to my eyes because I feel like I am about to be unsettled in many ways

  186. Mary Newman

    My prayer is to MOVE. I am so good at planning and thinking about how I want things to work but actually implimenting my plans are my big hurdle. How I pray to action DO what I have planned to do! Thank you for the chance to win your book.

  187. Donna

    My prayer for 2015 is that God would help me to care, pull me out of the muddy pit and lift my spirits. So often, I just want God to give up on me so I can give up too.

  188. Katie

    Content on the inside as much as the outside

  189. Laura

    My prayer is to trust God in all that is going on in my life, to live by faith and not by sight.

  190. LaTonia

    God all your promises are Yay & in You amen. I thank you for promises that were made to me in the previous years. Now in 2015 I praise you because they will be manifested in Jesus Name Amen!

  191. Sara

    Encouraging and Simply Inspiring!!! Thank you for your transparency in this post. My prayer is to let go and let God. I’ve struggled with my weight for over 8 years. It’s been extremely hard for me. I’m trusting 2015 will be a year of change, as I walk in faith and seek God to help me through this health challenge.

  192. Jasmine

    My prayer for 2015 is this. So many times I pray to God that He soften the hearts of others, especially those who have hurt me. But I realize today before this post that I need to be asking God to soften my heart too. Things will occur in my life where I am left breathless and hopeless. Things said and done that I have no control over. Yet I have control over MY actions and my words and my thoughts. I must let God unsettle me and help me understand where I fail so I can be victorious the next time I face pain. Despite what has been said to me, I will still have an open ear and heart. But also I must develop a stronger prayer life so I won’t let hurt people entice me to hurt others–misplaced anger. I must accept what has happened to me and let it go. Not let it linger and take it out on someone innocent. Father God I have failed you and I have hurt your children because of the hurt I’ve faced in this lifetime. But while the pain continues I will have peace and find your grace and comfort. I will absorb and release pain, rather than letting it poison me. Unsettle me God. Show me where I keep pain to myself and lash out on others.

  193. Jacci

    “Lord, YOU guide me into your purposes for me this year. I don’t want to waste time pursuing anything that is outside your will. Thank you for your lavish love for me, just an ordinary girl. I so desperately want to get this “Mom thing” right. Please open doors of opportunity that will bring you glory in this busy season of life. I love you and I am so thankful for this beautiful life you’ve blessed me with. Please help me to greet each new day as the gift that it is. Amen.”

  194. Cherie Ortiz-Rios

    Lord, thank you for all of my shortcomings for those are the foundations of new life in you Christ. Thank you for all of my failures, the lies I have used to convince myself that “God understands why I do what I do,” and for my past sins. All of the dark aspects of my personality and past are the very things that brought me closer to you. The very things that made me crave a stronger relationship with you, and Lord, you are the only reason that I have become and am continuing to become the Christ-like woman you created me to be. I love you my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! —— Your Daughter, Cherie’

  195. Samantha

    My prayer?

    Lord — I pray that I have the attitude of, “it is well” through all. Lord, I feel as if the seas above are high and the mountains rocky — but I know you are good. Grow me, mold me, & make me yours. Teach me to direct my attitude & thoughts from my feet hitting the floor in the morning to crawing back into bed at night. Lord, use me & remind me who I am in you.

  196. Melanie

    This year, I pray that I can give myself the grace from God that I grant to others. I’m so unforgiving of my short comings and am so hard on myself. I desire to be the woman God created me to be, in my entirety. But that means that I must allow myself to be imperfect in his perfect creation of who I am. That is easier said than done, and much less believed to my core. That is my prayer for this year. To be happy being created by God with all of my imperfections – because he created me perfect for him.

  197. Shelli

    Thank you so much for this post! God gave it to me at the perfect time.
    Lord, I pray unsettle me!! Amen

  198. Kasia

    I am reiterating the prayer for God to unsettle me.
    Praying for positive change, to be in and do His will and for His Hope to continue to lift me up during hard and dark times.

  199. Merrill Kirkpatrick

    This post hit me right between the eyes. My weight fight is my cross to bare. I was down 40 pounds 2 years ago when my dad died and I gained it back. I was down again 20 pounds 4 months ago and my mother died. Dear Lord, please help me to see that there is no candy, cakes, pies, cookies, carbs, or fats that will heal my grief over the loss of my parents. Please help me through my grief without the help of the “bad” foods and overeating. Please help me as I start again on this weight loss and health journey. Please help me to reach my goal of 60 pounds. Thank you for your blessings! Amen!!

  200. Alex Andrews

    I just want God to consume every part of me, for me to desire Him more than anything else, and for Him to use me in a mighty way.

    • Cindy

      Amen, Alex! So be it – for all of us! God continue to bless you richly!

  201. Desi

    Oh Lord, more of you! Less of me.

  202. Mumtotwo

    Thank You!
    I want God to use me…somewhat like unsettle me. Praying for his will for me.

  203. siviwe

    Wow this hit home. I have serious weight issues with about 60kg to get rid of. I need God to unsettle me. Wow wow wow

  204. LeslieB

    My prayer for 2015 is for God to do something new in my life. I’ve never been one to pick a word for the year, but the little word “new” keeps popping up. 2014 was such a heartbreaking year. So here’s hoping for new hearts, new experiences, new attitudes, and new life in 2015!

  205. Jeanette Mathews

    I struggle with my weight year after year and I make the same resolution year after year! The struggle is so difficult and I am so tired of failing time and time again. Lord please unsettle me! Amen!

  206. Samantha Phelps

    Praise God! I find myself yearning for an unsettling, a massive unsettling in all areas of my life. I want to strengthen my walk and relationship with Christ.. I pray without ceasing for this unsettling and I believe it is in God’s will.. Amen to my Sister loved by God..

  207. Sarah Aydt

    My prayer is to look to God in EVERY circumstance. Just took a nice snowy prayer walk today and prayed from the very depth of my soul for Jesus to be my freedom, and nothing else. I pray to find my place IN HIM this year, and not look to others.

    I’m just about done reading Unglued. Wow- I’ve got a notebook full of prayers and a heart full of change. Thank you for your words. They are uplifting and lead me to Jesus!

  208. amber sanders

    Thank you. Needed to hear this.

  209. Jackie Morris

    Lord, I am humbled and submitted to what You
    want to do in me. Talk to my unsettled heart and
    show me the way.

  210. Kara

    This year I am going to stop being sick! I’ve spent so much of my life feeling terrible from my Ulcerative Colitis. I just had my Colon taken out in April of 2014. I am officially cured (my physical body anyway) but Even though I am not in pain and I am very healthy and capable, I sometimes still see myself as a sick person. No more. God has healed me and I will rejoice in this pushing my body to its full potential.

  211. Jessica

    Praying for healing, restoration, and trying not to worry and remember that this is in Gods hands and to Trust Him everyday, every hour

  212. Bethany Stephens

    My prayer is to be a woman who loves better and who doesn’t count the cost before choosing love. I want to be a woman who does hard and holy things. I want to be so much more like my Savior.

  213. Crystal

    Thank you for sharing this Lysa! I have struggled with my weight all of my life, feeling that this was just who I am. In the past 6 months I have lost 30 pounds. I still have a long way to go, but I have hit a plateau and I can’t seem to lose anymore. I am back to that place of “this is just who I am, God made me fluffy!” When I read this tonight, it was exactly what I needed! Perhaps “unsettle me” is the very prayer I need to begin to pray over every area of my life!

  214. Cara Shirley

    This book changed my life. With the truth in it & God I lost 112lbs and found HOPE!! I would love to win a copy I can use as a giveaway at my church when I do the bible study again! I’ll be doing the bible study next month.

  215. Phyllis Gebauer

    I have wanted to be much thinner for over 40 years but have given up hope. Reading about your experience and prayer gives me encouragement that I may be able to change and become unsettled in my life. You always give me a fresh perspective and I appreciate that so much.

  216. Shaun

    My prayer is Please help me Jesus.

  217. Elle

    My prayer is to stop wandering like the Israelites and start intentionally circling the promises of God like they did at Jericho and to see His promises for my life fulfilled.

  218. Andrea Gautschi

    My prayer is to become disciplined not just in food but in time and money management which are both huge issues. I want wisdom from God on how to use my time and resources wisely.

  219. Ann Breitler

    My prayer is-,Lord, please use me for your glory, and help me to bring honor to you. I’d love to win a copy!

  220. Laura

    My prayer is to accept myself flaws and all and know that God created me in his image, and to know that He loves me just where I am. Then thru accepting and loving myself as He does the changes will come naturally.

  221. Cyndi

    I pray to be so focused on Jesus that EVERYTHING else pales in comparison. I also surrender my organization, time management and employment issues, to Him, to His glory.

  222. Yireh

    My prayer “is to live a moment by moment awareness of the Spirit until walking in the Spirit becomes as natural —as habitual—as breathing.” (Bill Bright)

  223. Susan

    I always seem to read your posts & emails at the exact moment I need to hear those words! Would love to read your book, Made to Crave. Praying that I can continue my efforts to slow down in 2015 & savor each day with my 5, 3 & 1 yr old!

  224. Adoma

    I woke up just this morning feeling sick and overstuffed from all the season’s eating. As I lay in bed drinking a cup of cloves/cinnamon tea to calm my sick stomach, I’d been asking myself, Why? The word that popped into my head was ‘crutch’, that I am using the overeating as a crutch. As I tried to untangle the thoughts in my head, I saw your post. It seems to me you’ve been before where I am right now. I pray I get where you are.

  225. Megan

    Excited to see how God ‘unsettles me’ this year!!

    • Cindy

      Yes! I like that, Megan. Thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless you richly!

  226. Jenni DeWitt

    One of my prayers this year is “your will not mine.” I’m praying I can continue to move toward a place of trust – letting go of fear and the need to control.

  227. Emily

    I am praying for God to expose to me HIS will for my life. That I stay strong in my walk with Him, and do not look to my left our to my right. Additionally, that people will see Christ light in me. I think your book would be a big help in keeping me craving God.

  228. Debbie

    I am morbidly obese at 260 pounds on my 5’6″ frame. I have been to doctors for all the myriad of health problems I am experiencing due to my morbidly obese state. I’ve tried everything to lose weight and keep it off and I have failed miserably. No more New Years vresolutions to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight. I will probably die at a young age if I don’t lose weight. I can’t do it on my own. So, I pray your prayer “Lord, Unsettle Me”.
    I would be happy to get a free book as well!

  229. Pamela

    This year (and every day!) I pray that God will help me turn to Him instead of food. Only He can fulfill me!

  230. Holly Humphrey

    I can’t put into words how
    much this describes me. This is my heart and I’ve been putting this off for over a year now. I run to food for every emotion and am now the heaviest I have ever been and feel like it’s a never ending battle. I know it’s a spiritual thing too because I am not where I used to be in my walk with Christ so my prayer is that God would unsettle me and that I would reach a place where He is my ultimate fulfillment so Nothing will have place to keep my in bondage.

  231. Jennifer

    I like that prayer. It is simple in such a complex world. It covers what so many people struggle with daily. Thank you for sharing.

  232. Kristen

    Thank you Lysa, you always inspire me. This prayer is beautiful. My prayer for 2015 is for a deep shake-up myself, that my soul would experience a deeper hope in the power of Jesus. For my heart to truly accept and rest in knowing that God is not limited. His capabilities are immesurable. That there is a living hope… that the word *hope* would become more real to me than it ever has before.
    Thank you Jesus, for you are our hope.

    • Cindy

      Amen, Kristen! So let it Be. God continue to bless you richly!

  233. Colleen

    Thank you for encapsulating many of our issues in the two words…unsettle me.
    My prayer for 2015 is not so concise but is, “God, help me to try hard in the areas that really matter and try to ignore the areas that don’t.”

    That would include work on what You think of me and not what others think.
    To work on my marriage instead of just talk about it.

    Happy New Year!

  234. Paula

    “Unsettle me” — when I first read this, my thought was “I’m already unsettled. I want the Lord to settle me.” I understand though and these two little words line up with my one word for the year and that is intentional! I want to be intentional in my commitment to the Lord. I want to be intentional in my desire for a healthy way of life and to take better care of myself. Thank you for sharing!!

  235. Kristin Jones

    Thank you Lysa for your transparency. Your honesty has blessed me for over a year now. I look forward to daily devotions each morning. Your ministry has inspired me to start a small group on FB to also encourage and edify women. I direct people to your site as well as your books. Thank you for using your anointing appropriately, your impact is a true testament for the God we serve. Have a blessed new year!

  236. Jessyca mcelhannon

    My prayer for 2015 is to stop. To rest in God and let him put forth the effort and power. I am to live in his strength not my own. My word is a prefix- re- as in again. I can begin again, I can be renewed, reborn, resurrected, revived, and restored. Praise Jesus.

  237. Beverly

    My prayer for 2015 comes from the unknown future of a husband retiring from 36 years in the military and the life I’ve known for 31 years, about to change. It was easy to see God’s direction when directed by the government but now we face an uncertain future and my heart is full of questions. My prayer is for the Lord to strip me of fear of change and for Him to be my peace, no matter where he takes us as we seek to do God’s will above our need to feel comfortable.

    • Cindy

      Yes, Beverly. As I finished reading your prayer, I was reminded of John 14:27 – AMP: “Peace I leave with you. My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.] Not necessarily easy, but doable because we have His Holy Spirit – our Comforter and so much more – Whom He purposely left with us. Praise Him! I pray you are strengthened in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Him!

  238. Cassandra Mans

    Thank you Lysa for sharing that wonderful testimony which I know it was God leading you just to encourage me. Next Friday, January 9th I will be turning 45years old. I know all too What you are saying, if I didn’t know better I would thought was writing bout me. I struggle all my life with my weight and it cause me to hate myself and hate life period. I suffered with low self-esteem, depression and suicidal thoughts. Now I’m in a more settle place in who God created me to be FEARFULLY & WONDERFULLY MADE. He has taught me and teaching me to love myself and who I am in Him. Now physically I’m still obese and I’m quote the definition of self control within my spirit. Oh the journey is definitely not easy but no matter how many times I struggle or fall I’m just that more determined to get up and continue this journey. I constantly reminds myself that I will reach my goal. I have a year to lose 335 pounds because I am planning my wedding and life with my King that God has given unto me. So I humbly asked that you lift me up n pray that I will succeed. For the Word of the Lord says, that I will prosper and be in good health as my soul prosper. I would truly love a copy of your book and I pray that I am favor with a copy. I am truly proud of and I celebrate your success. It really encourage and inspired me to continue on trusting God on this journey. Be encourage, Cassandra

  239. Rita Henry

    I am at the place in my journey of wanting to please GOD, making Jesus my Master and desiring to overcome my sinful habit of over eating to satisfy my negative emotions…
    Your book looks to be promising for the encouragement I realize I need to gain victory in this area of my life. Thank you for your work ministering to the Body of Christ, Lysa!!!

  240. Lisa

    When I first read this small but mighty phrase “unsettle me,” it suddenly occurred to me that this is exactly what we are called to be-UNSETTLED. We as Christians were never meant to remain in a stagnant comfort zone our whole lives. Otherwise, how are we to expand our faith and grow in character. My prayer for 2015 is to thirst and hunger for Jesus in every aspect of my life. I pray for Godly wisdom in raising and nurturing both my children to be the best they can be for God. I pray to be as close as I can be, in these modern times, to the Proverbs 31 woman. More Jesus…less of me in 2015 and always.

  241. Gena

    My prayer for 2015 is simply, peace in my heart, stillness in my heart.

  242. Betty

    Unsettle me Lord !

  243. Stacy

    My prayer is for God to unsettle every part of my being that I make compromises for. I have settled in so many areas especially health and I want God to whisper into these areas of my life. I want my life to be pleasing to God in every area, so unsettled in 2015 is exactly where I want to be!

  244. Linda Gallamore

    Just this past weekend our pastor gave a sermon stating that when it feels like God is turning us upside down, he is actually turning us right side up!

  245. Karen

    Oh, I need this! I am praying this prayer right now!

  246. Arlene Marrinan

    My prayer, in my ongoing battle for my son’s choices, is for Wisdom for me in my parenting, and for Trust in Jesus that he is beside me and will watch over my son even when my son is wandering away.

  247. andrea

    Thank You, for sharing your life with us and inspiring us. Unsettle me, what a wonderful thought and prayer.

  248. Sue Colburn

    Thank you, Lysa, for another heartfelt blog. My prayer?
    Oh, God, in my dissatisfaction with myself, draw me to dependence on You. Amen.

  249. Diane McElwain

    Lysa, your words–Lord unsettle me, is very unsettling! Thanks for your encouragement. It’s difficult keeping your weight down when you have “gone through the change” and what’s more discouraging is that it’s harder to find purpose in your life. The world seems to revolve around the young. I would love to read your book, thank you for your words.

  250. Gayle Russell

    Unsettle me and bring my life into focus.

  251. Maureen Sage

    I will be 74 years old this month. In November 2013 I started a women’s group using your book Made To Crave (before the holiday season started — Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas with food, food, and more food). There are five of us “mature ladies” who meet once a week. Three of us need to lose over 100 pounds (I have lost 30 so far). We refuse to give up on ourselves, but it is tough. So thank you for your writing and continued transparency in sharing your journey. You are an encouragement and inspiration for us.

  252. Renee McClintock

    Thank you, Lysa, for putting to words what is on my heart. I feel it and I want to be unsettled when it comes to God. I want to be used in a such a unique way that only comes from Him. I get pigeon holed sometimes because I am a stay at home mom and surely this is what I am called to be. But I know God has more for me too and I sometimes struggle to see or hear what that may be.
    I love and relate to this sentence from your blog: “I CAN delight in HOPE that this year is my year to change!” Thank you, thank you!

  253. Paula Fowler

    Your devotional about asking God to unsettle you goes exactly with what He is teaching me about shame. Shame is something most all women deal with but it is not what we think. It has many faces and it hides perfectly behind our pride. Allowing the Lord to unsettle us is like asking for a shaking up so as to unlodge our pride and expose the shame in us that we didn’t even recognize. Psalm 34:5 says, “They looked to Him and were radiant and their faces will never be ashamed.” Thank you for sharing.

  254. Becky Moxley

    Unsettle me….Jesus

  255. Lisa Jelenek

    My prayer for 2015 is not only to unsettle me but to let go and let God! I am recently retired after teaching 40 years and searching for my new normal and best yes! Just read your book in our Bible study this fall with Karen Ehman! Loved it and praying about retreading it again with some of my former teacher friends and moms! Happy New Year and thanks for
    your words of wisdom on a daily basis!

  256. Teresa Sandoval

    I am praying for God to Unsettle me
    Thank you for this

  257. JH

    My prayer for this new year is to be the wife God needs me to be for my precious husband and for me to be the mama God needs me to be for my new precious little one. I know I just said ” precious” twice, besides my salvation they both are my most wonderful treasures.

  258. Becca

    My prayer for 2015 is very simple: Lord, help me to pay attention – to notice You more.

  259. Heather Sibinski

    This post touched me so deeply and so profoundly. I’ve found myself in unsettled place…literally. My family and I moved out of state recently, leaving behind our jobs, our friends and our home (that has been taking its sweet time to sell) to obey the call of God. I’m in such an unsettled, uncomfortable place right now. We’re trusting and waiting on God to open doors. But this stretching, this waiting—this unsettling—is doing something in my soul. I’m forced out of my comfort zone and into a place of trust, of faith, and full reliance on God to come through. There is nothing I can do in my natural strength to speed this process along. Much to my dismay.
    But I’m finding that as I wait, I am growing in expectancy. I’m taking the limits off of God in my heart. I’m letting Him move the way He chooses, not the way I think He should. It’s been so difficult. I feel so unsettled. I’m out of the boat and on the choppy waves. But that is the very place where my faith is challenged. When my eyes look down at my circumstances, I simply call out to Him. He holds my hand and pulls me close. And I learn again about faith and trust. And He is patient with me. And I build up my courage to step out of that boat again and again…and again.
    Thank you for your words. They are the prayer of my heart and the hope of my new year. ❤️

  260. Brenda Ulery

    This is the best article you have ever written.
    I pray for the courage to ALWAYS remember whose ambassador I am and to act accordingly.

  261. Jan

    What a miracle it would be to find a solution to the problem of weight loss!

  262. Ellen Wright

    Dear Lord, Please help me an instrument of encouragement–rather than one of nagging/enabling (conscious or unconscious) to my newest daughter-in-law. This precious young woman has lost both of her parents early in their lives, and she nurses much anger towards You (and others). She has covered over her pain through various means, and, in the process, she has settled for progressive weight gain which appears not to be stopping. Please sensitize me as to how I can best love and support her because I am now both her mother and mother-in-law. In Your amazing name, AMEN! <3

  263. Tara

    I know the give away is over, but this blog entry moved me. You put into words what I have been feeling for weeks. Almost like anxiety about the new year. Something is different this year than the rest. Im sick of being less than a passionate follower of Christ. I do feel unsettled! But my prayer is that this feeling of being unsettled wouldn’t lead me to laziness or believing Satans lies of me not being worth it, that it would lead me to the cross.

  264. Evelyn

    I have had weight issues since I was about 14 yrs lost my weight and kept most off until later 30 yrs plus. Loosing my weight 5 different times to only gain back all plus some has brought me to 85 lbs over presently entering my senior yrs. I pray for this bondage to break and for God to take me under His wing as I now struggle to move with this weight and age and not so easy now. May God help me to motivate and to get back to my first Love when I first invited Jesus into my life is my struggle and my prayer for 2015.

  265. Debbie

    I want to nourish the areas of my life that are necessary (mind, body, spirit) in a way that glorifies God.

  266. Angie Cremer

    This was something I needed to hear!

  267. Sheryl

    Is this book good for men as well?

  268. Tricia

    After 4 kids and gaining 50 lbs, I’ve only focused on raising them and put aside any discipline or energy to even work on myself. My self-esteem is low and I don’t have confidence that I can do this. Lord, helpe make this year different from all others.

  269. Heather H

    Happy New Year Lysa! Thank you for you candor in this post! I too had had enough of my unhealthy lifestyle. Recently, after years of trying and failing and many many words of defeat I’d tell myself, I lost 20 pounds! Together with diet, exercise and daily time with my Lord I was able to get this far! I’m kind of losing momentum now, but I’m keeping my eyes on Him and receiving daily forgiveness and grace! Thank you for the many words of encouragement you offer us ladies through the years! You’ve truly been a blessing to me!

  270. Betty Jean Pope

    I pray to become closer to Jesus I. 2015
    My husband died in 2008 & I do not cook anymore. I plan on being “unsettled” enough to eat healthier so I will be able to do more for others. I love all of your writings & hope to win this book Thank yoj

  271. Stephanie

    God you have opened my eyes to many things in 2014, of bigger and better things. Now 2015 is the year we work together to conquer the battle of my fight with my body! I can’t wait to see what we can do together!

  272. Cindy

    Yes! May God “unsettle me.” I really, really appreciate this prayer. I can so relate to “Unearth that remnant of justification. Shake loose that pull toward compromise. Reveal that broken shard of secrecy. Expose that tendency to give up. Unsettle me in the best kind of way. For when I allow Your touch to reach the deepest parts of me — dark and dingy and hidden away too long — suddenly, a fresh wind of life twists and twirls and dances through my soul.” Whew! So let it be. My word for 2015 is Yield, and I think it goes good with this prayer. Do you? May I/we yield to God and all that He has and desires for us. No more striving or resisting, but a laying down of ourselves before Him to truly “mold and make us after His will.” These last seven words are from the hymn, “Have Thine Own Way Lord.” – “Have Thine Own Way, Lord. Have Thine Own way. Thou art the Potter, I am the clay. Mold me and make me after Thy will, while I am waiting, yield and still.” They also remind me of the song, “Spirit of the Living God fall fresh on me/us. . . melt us, mold us, fill us, use us. Spirit of the Living fall fresh on me/us.” God continue to bless you richly!

  273. joanne parzuchowski

    My prayer this year is that I would continue to follow the plan my chiropractor gave me. Even though I don’t like the taste of the many supplements I have to take each day and the awful taste of the shake I take 2 times a day, I will persevere. I will (with God’s help) stay on the plan and pray my way through it. I am determined to be what God wants me to be (physically, emotionally, spiritually). Please Lord, hear my prayer and be my strength from today until the time I accomplish what I need to. Be my guide & help me to stay on track as I give you all the glory for what I accomplish. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN!

  274. Charlene

    Amen! Thank you, Lysa, for putting this thought into words!

  275. Wendy

    I’m praying for the ability (from God not me) to love others and think the best of them. Basically thinking of others before myself.

  276. Amy

    Prayer for 2015 is that God will invade my daily life. Invade my thought my actions and the words that I speak to others. I wanna speak life, wisdom, and love. I want to here God in the chaos and in the quit places of my day. Invade my spirit, Invade my marriage, Invade my finances, Invade my relationships with my kids. Shut out the chatter and be overcome by his spirit.

  277. Marya

    I was recently listening to K-love and they were talking about choosing one word to live by for the whole year instead of making a list of New Year’s resolution.
    So I am choosing the word ‘accountability’ which encompasses almost everything….finances, health, spiritual discipline, thoughts, emotions. So my prayer is God
    please help me to be a good steward this year who stays accountable. Thank you for your wonderful Ministry. You truly are an inspiration.

  278. Carol

    I need to be unsettled. I want to be unsettled.

  279. Jamie Poovey

    As I can relate to this, struggling with the long road ahead of losing weight, my prayer would be that I can give my burden to the Lord and let him work with in me to accomplish the weight loss! I need it for myself and my health, so that my daughter may have a mother full of life! Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  280. Angela

    Love this!! Amen, thank you this today. It was much needed!!

  281. Hillary

    Unsettle me Loving father. I need you to Heal Me—Body, Mind, and Soul. I cannot be successful without your help.

  282. Kerry

    I have been blessed by Made To Crave. My church hosted a Sunday morning study of the book and I was so scared to join, but I went and I was MOVED. I have lost 20 pounds and I have volunteered to help facilitate the class again starting next month. I pray the Lord will use the peace and victory I have found to help other ladies find victory over this issue. Thank you for sharing your victory with me.

  283. Christina

    Your transparency with your weight, gives me such great hope! I have struggled with my weight for years, but more greatly with the way I look at myself. My husband, friends, and family can tell me over and over that I’m beautiful, but to me all I see is my weight.. My prayer request is.. That I will see myself through Gods eyes, that I will believe my worth in Him, and that I stop comparing myself to others! Also, for consistency on my new journey.. -kindly, Christina

  284. NancyL

    Great perspective, just what I need. Thank you!

  285. Krisleanneh

    Hi Lysa. I saw an online bible study that followed your book in YouTube a few months ago. I too have struggled with my weight ever since I was a child. I also compared myself with my sister who could eat anything and stay a size 0. About 10 yrs ago I finally decided when I got to 199 on the scale that was the last straw. I lost 70 lbs and for the most part have kept 50+ off ever since. My problem is that food continues to be a struggle when going through hard times, especially in my marriage. I tend to let those cravings overtake me more than just an indulgence, because I haven’t learned how to completely turn to God rather than food. My goal for the new year was to give myself fully to God in 2015, and stop trying to find the answers everywhere else but Him. I ask for prayers and guidance in allowing Him to do a great work in me so I can stay focused on Him.

  286. Mary

    Prayers for myself as I too have struggled with weight issues. Also my marriage.

  287. Janine

    Lord, Please… I don’t know… Just help please. I ask you to not only be in my life, but in 2015, to BE MY LIFE. My weight seems to be the one area that I will always struggle with and it’s OK if I always struggle there, because it creates a dependence for you, and there is no one else who understands my exact journey like you. But Lord please help me to experience your victories for my life in this area. Thanks for being my best friend. Amen.

  288. Danelle

    Change my heart oh God.

  289. oma

    prayer for 2015–improved health.

  290. Olivia Humphreys

    Lord, in Isaiah you promised that if I keep my mind focused on you, you would give me peace. So many things are fighting for control of my mind right now, and I desperately need peace. I need the Rock Eternal. My soul yearns to trust you completely and to know you deeper. Lord, lead me through this year, teaching me trust and contentment. Teach me to keep my eyes on you.

  291. Lisa D

    I’ve been battling weight for about 10 years. After I had my kids. Never had weight issues before. I’ve tried everything and then some….including your Made To Crave. I lost 30 lbs on my own about 3 years ago, i put it all back. I tend to lose my focus. I’m so frustrated. Your prayers are much appreciated. Thx for all you do.

  292. janet

    as only God can, he led me to this prayer tonight. i joined weight watchers today, and have had one of those strange days where 1/2 the time i’m feeling hopeful and the other 1/2 the time i’m feeling defeated (already, and it’s only day 1!). then driving to the store today this prayer was on the radio. my husband turned it up for me:) so, i googled this ministry and found the prayer and found the book:) ONLY GOD! so, i’m praying He will unsettle me. that getting healthy this year means I get spiritually healthy! thanks for being used of God!!!

  293. Sarah Puebla

    My prayer is that God will shock me with unbelievable answers to prayer…and that I would be a woman of prayer earnestly knocking and knocking and knocking.

  294. Mary Margaret Smith

    Teach Me, Guide Me, Use Me for your glory this year Lord. I have always tried to stay healthy and want to continue in years to come. Having a healthy body and mind will keep my eyes focused on Jesus and be able to hear what He has for 2015.
    Thanks for your encouraging words.

  295. Shonell Bacon

    This is a beautiful post, and it is so timely to my feelings for the new year. “Unsettle me” is exactly where I am, which is why my one word for 2015 is FEARLESS, to dismantle the fear that keeps parts of me settled and stagnant. I started one of your books, THE BEST YES, a few weeks ago, and every page keeps my head nodding my and my pen taking notes on paper. As I rebound from the last three months in which I lost the motivation to take care of my health and fitness, I pray that the Lord unsettles me, keeps me fearless and ready to reclaim my health and fitness and all other places now settled… that shouldn’t be so.

  296. Jennifer

    Wow! Just wow! That leaves me with so much to pray about. Thank you.

  297. Debbie Huff

    This was my post today on my FB group page, Table of Grace:

    I’m sitting here for a few minutes having a coffee break from cleaning and packing and generally reflecting on the past year and the year ahead. That’s kind of like a mental housecleaning yes?

    This last year a major change occurred for our household as we very suddenly became B&B owners. I would have never guessed this would happen in a million years, but it did. I was thrust into the world of breakfasts for guests, cleaning rooms, washing sheets and towels, marketing and advertising and meeting the many fabulous neighbors in our B&B town. It has been a remarkable year, a fun year, and a crazy year traveling back and forth for the 2 hour drive to our home and the B&B. I wouldn’t change it though; except for a few business things I learned and muddled through along the way, it was a very good year. It has been full of life learning and enjoying the company of a very unique and friendly town.

    We have patiently waited for a particular house to go through probate this year sensing it was right where we needed to be. The wait has been well worth it. The previous owner was beloved in the town, it is just a minute from the B&B, and is a well built, gently used home. It really is perfect for our needs. One to often put feet to my prayers, I’ve had to wait on this gift from the Lord and am so glad we did. I’ve had my gypsy shoes on all this past year and have basically lived out of boxes, laundry baskets and totes as I shifted from room to room, house to house managing our business and multiple properties. This was often difficult as I love a good rut, the saneness of routine. My husband is a bit more spontaneous and flexible and usually drags me along kicking and screaming, but I usually have fun. This week we close on our new home and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be, well, actual residents of Chamois. It feels like home. I love St. Louis, too, (nothing like the convenience of the city) but the simple-ness of the country is like a good song that makes you smile every time to hear it.

    This year I’ve also enjoyed some great books and devotionals, two are by Lysa Terkeurst (Saying Yes to God) and one is by Stormie Ormatian (Praying through Scripture). Oddly a verse that was posted on Pinterest sparked my interest this morning; it was a paraphrase from Psalm 103. I re-read verses 1-5 and verse 10 and found them touching my heart for this New Year.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, Bless His Holy name!
    Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits,
    who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life form the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good
    So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
    He does not deal with us according to our sins, nor repay us according to our iniquities.
    For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.

    As I was looking at these verses it became clearer that in my prayer life, I needed to be blessing the Lord and remembering all the good things he has done, all that he has provided me with. This was particularly important given that I had let a dark hovering cloud invade my thoughts the day before and left a spout of unkind words flowing out of my mouth at my husband the day before. We reconciled that incident, but why had I let that dark mood permeate and settle? I think this verse is key.

    I need to stop and Bless the Lord. I need to stop and Bless the Lord and remember His benefits. These are such wonderful benefits! He has forgiven our sin – all of it. Forgiven it and removed it so far it cannot be found. He chooses not to remember it or recall it to himself or us. Gone, gone, gone. If it haunts us, it is either us or our accuser, not God.

    He heals all our diseases. I do believe many diseases have a spiritual cause (not all, but many). I think if we can realize the benefit of #1 – forgiveness, this benefit of healing can happen on all kinds of levels. When our souls are full of blessing and forgiveness, so many wounds can be healed. Often when we pass along blessing and forgiveness the benefit broadens and is deeper felt and applied.

    He redeems us from the pit. This is eternally and daily. In a pit?… I was yesterday. He can redeem me out of it. I have yet to really delve into this word pit, but for me personally having lived in a deep, dark sinful pit – his redemption out of it is priceless.

    His steadfast love and mercy….have you ever dwelt on these words and benefits? They are amazing. They never end. They are new and fresh and available every minute. They are worth clinging to and dwelling on and blessing Him for.

    He satisfies us with good. I had to sit on this one a bit. I read daily on social media about so many who are hurting, sick, fighting health battles…. Yet He satisfies us with good. Is there good in your life? Isn’t it satisfying? His word is good, his provision is good, his love is good, and there is good in our lives – good people, family, friends… unique and good belongings. So much to be satisfied with, yet we often long for more. We must bless the Lord with our whole self and remember – not forget – his benefits.

    When you read the entire passage you find two other keys – his steadfast love and compassion belong to those who fear him – to those that reverence and are filled with awe of our God. Dwelling on these benefits will bring that about in our lives.

    This is going to be a year of moving into a new home, running a business, enjoying the wedding of my step daughter, and striving every day to bless the Lord and forget not his benefits. I love the Lord ’s Table of Grace. I say that and named this page such because it is at his table (truly his cross) that we find mercy and grace and peace and all that we are longing for. I envision that long awaited table in heaven where we gather for His feast. I cannot imagine how awesome that will be! But even here… while we are still here, we can experience that mercy and grace and peace that only He gives.

    It’s dark out now and the fireplace looks warm and inviting, but I need to get back to the packing and cleaning. Have a blessed New Year.

  298. Tiffany

    My prayer is just simply, I need help. I can’t do it alone and I’m tired of trying and failing over and over

  299. ashley

    My prayer is to just live day by day, to stay on track…..with life.

  300. Lori H

    My prayer is for Jesus to make me more like Him, to make me who He wants me to be

  301. Becky

    Dearest Father, show me this year how to be enough. And let that be the starting place for many victories that will glorify you, victories I cannot win on my own. I know the plans I want for myself, but also know that your plans are perfect and I want those more. Help me to live in your strength, will, and power and not in my own.

  302. Robin

    Wow Lysa, that was fantastic! I can’t seem to gain control over food at all, it’s my best friend and worst enemy. I so want to win this fight. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  303. Heidi

    I have wanted to read this book for a long time. I have struggled with my weight ever since giving birth to my oldest of six. I lose weight only to see it climb back on when life his me in the face. I eat out of stress and I never used to. Would love to read about your journey!

  304. Charlotte

    This year I would like God to renew my mind and transform my thinking. So many negatives thoughts swirl in my head and sometimes even find their way out. This year I want God to help me reprogram my thinking. Positive thinking doesn’t save you, but it can help you stay in the faith! Thank you for the challenge and encouragement!!

  305. Caitlyn

    I am praying for peace this year and to know God more than I ever have before.

  306. Detra

    I pray that as 2015 progresses, the power of the Holy Spirit will open my heart to being more sensitive the God’s voice and His will for me above all the other noise I’m surrounded by.

  307. Julie Baumgardner

    Unsettled is what I need to be..Lord, unwrap my anxieties and insecurities and reveal my true heart even though it feels exposed and ugly. You’ve seen it all along, anyway. I am longing for honesty and raw feelings that make me more like You. Thank you, Lord for revealing your Truth through this ministry!

  308. Kelly

    my prayer this year is that I will trust God and his plan for me.

  309. Lesa

    After a holiday full of indulgences, I’m ready to take back control with God’s help!

  310. Leslie

    My prayer for 2015 is for God to have his hand on me. Everything I do, Every move I make be of him…

  311. tricia

    I have become complacent, and need to be unsettled.

  312. Nancy Harris

    My desire is for me to see myself the way God sees me.

  313. Marie

    my prayer for this year is for God to give me strength to stick to my convictions and for him to draw me to himself and make me acutely aware of his constant presence in my life!

  314. Deloras

    Lord! I am tired of saying that I am ready and willing and not following through. My strength comes from you Lord and you alone. Fill me up with you mercy and grace to the point that my days and nights are devoted to you even in ways that I cannot express by myself. Breathe fresh anointing into my life so that I may live the rest of my days more committed each day than I was the day prior. I don’t want to be satisfied with just knowing you but satisfied when I know that even through my weak attempts and ultimate failures at times that I can somehow make it through the storms and see your love shining through in me. I want my life to be a reflection, a love to love that is beyond reproach. Lord, I am ready to be still and listen, be still and know that you are my way maker. I love you Lord!

  315. Mandy

    thank you Lysa. I have been wanting to read Made to Crave for about a year. My prayer this year is , Lord, be enough for me. Food is often my reward, my filler. I want Him to be my reward, my filler, my all.

  316. Kathleen P.

    Heavenly Father,
    I know this will be a year full of decisions, moves and changes. I pray for discernment at each new turn and a willing spirit that embraces each new path with childlike faith.

  317. Brenda

    My cycle of uncontrollable eating, up and down weight, and lack of discipline have been a lifelong battle. My weights back up and my eating habits have gotten the best of me once again. I’m too discouraged to start over and am so tired of failing. I’ve prayed and cried and read and cried and cried and prayed so more. What else is left to do when you just cant say no to food no matter how much youve prayed about it. I simply give up!

  318. Brenda Morehead

    I am so unhappy… so anxious…. am ready to give up before I start so I will not fail try again.

  319. Kim D

    Oh my, where do I begin. I have so many things I want/need to change in my life and so many to pray for. My prayer is for God to lead me and my family to a church that is real and loving where we can serve. Where my daughter will be drawn back into a relationship with God as well as her fiancé and that they build their relationship around Him. I pray that I become drawn to be more obedient to my time spent in His word and prayer. I pray that my MS remains stable and I stay with an exercise regimen, if not for me, but for my family. I pray that the emptiness/void in my life is filled by whatever God’s will is and not what I want. My prayer is to be STILL…….

  320. deborah

    I just bought this book for my kindle! I am starting this year off craving more of God and less food!

  321. jackie r.

    That I may be sensitive to His voice, become the person He created me to be. To serve Him in all areas of my life.

  322. Cathy Dawson

    Dear Lord, help me this year to start anew. Keep reminding me through your Word that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made. May I grow in your love in 2015. AMEN

  323. Lindsay

    Lord, I have a framed piece of art near our dining room that has an empty chair with the words “be our guest” underneath. Lord, I want to prepare a place for you at every table I find myself at. I want to scoot you up and pull you in toward the place where life is lived best – the table. May you be the most prized guest that always has a seat at our table.

    • Glenda

      Thank you, Lysa … I need to remember, ponder & recall your “Unsettle Me” this year as I seek to have Him show me those places that need to be settled. Thank you, Lindsay, for the vivid picture of a place at the table for our Lord daily … your “scoot you up and pull you in toward the place where life is lived best – the table” is a timely and accurate description of how I desire to picture my daily life with God … up close and personal. God bless us all, Amen.

  324. Valerie Allison

    In January 2010 I began a journey to lose weight. I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off, but I need to lose 30 more to be out of the overweight category!! Please pray I can lose it. I read the Made to Crave devotional everyday, and have read both books. I have read the Daniel Plan. I go to WW, I have used scripture. I know with God’s help I can do it, especially before my wedding date of 7-11-15!!

  325. Laurie

    Lord, please give me your peace and strength as I begin this journey.

  326. NaomiR

    That would be a hard prayer to pray right now! I’ve *been* unsettled – deeply – in the last two years. I’m ready to be rebuilt. But I have a sense God might have deeper to go yet. And this might hurt in deeper ways I’m not sure I’m ready to experience. But God knows and will lead me in and through.

  327. Patricia Armstrong

    I pray that I can follow Jesus to serve Him as He would have me to do.

  328. Susan Taylor

    We lead lives of quiet desperation until we surrender to live in the light of God’s love and wisdom and those he uses to unsettle us to a life of grace and victory.

  329. Paige

    Thank you for this! After years of empty resolutions I am looking to make significant change this year in several areas including health and weight!

  330. Sarah Hamrick

    My prayer, dear Lord, is to not rely on myself or my own inner strength! Put God first and pray for others who are like me. I have become complacent once again. Shake me and make me more like you oh Lord. Amen.

  331. Mary Lothridge

    I adore this prayer and this blog. I, too, struggle to maintain what *I* think is a “good” weight for me. 25 lbs lost sounds spectacular to me. I often let my goals get interrupted by the stress, the fight, the unsatisfied need for something to fill me. I love this perspective and will pray this prayer. Here’s to a lighter, more “unsettled” year!

  332. Yaniet

    o have ur book and I could not push myself to finished my heart is not unsettle like your but I lack the confidence that God can do for me what he does for other but this year I will finish reading made to crave… I will get victory in my life when it come to my weight loss and I will rest in the fact that God love me

  333. Debbie

    I have no words just tears and feelings of hopelessness. What will make this year different from another. So many things to change. I have been trying to loose weight and keep.it off for many years. Failed every time. Failure is my name.

  334. Karen

    I have tried so long to get my emotional eating under control. I just want to give up. My walk with the Lord is not where it should be, but I know he can help me once and for all win this battle and be victorious.

  335. Caroline Jordan

    Lord, I pray the prayer that Lisa has so openly shared to her readers. I, too, need to be unsettled… in a good way. <3

    Thank you for sharing, Lisa, and thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  336. Amanda

    My prayer for 2015: Lord help me. I don’t want to eat to avoid emotional discomfort anymore. I no longer want to hate my body, because You created me, and everything You do is perfect. I am so tired all the time, and I know it’s because I don’t take care of myself. But the I get depressed, and when I am depressed I eat cookies, or other junk. Lord, break this cycle in me. Give me a desire to to better, to change. Please remove the cravings for things that are wearing down my body. I want to please _You in everything I do, eat, say….

  337. Melissa Dillard

    Dear Heavenly Father I ask for your guidance and strength as I begin on this journey. A journey where I am looking to better myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically. To make me better for me and my family. In Jesus name Amen.

  338. Cindy

    Father, my children are grown and are settled down in their homes and families. Now my husband and I can focus on each other more than we have in years. May this be the year that, in Your Name, we begin a new chapter in our lives. Tomorrow we are blessed to help launch a new church plant. Bless us with a healthy lifestyle that makes us more accessible to our church family 25/7! Thank you for this blessing! Amen

  339. Terri Jones

    This is such a hard thing to ask God for. I am already so unsettled in so many other parts of my life. Including food. How do ask to continue to be so out of kilter. I know all things come in Gods time but I am feeling like I am running out of time. I am going to re-read this and think on it and pray about it. I am diabetic, over weight and my faith continues to wain. Thank you for so many positive things thoughts and beautiful prayers. You are an inspiration to so many. With Love Terri

  340. Ashley

    My prayers are for God to help me in my desire and comfort of food. I’ve always worked hard to keep off the weight, but have really been struggling the past two years. I am praying when I am hungry and relying on His strength to help me through this very real struggle.

  341. Adrienne

    Love this simple heartfelt prayer.

  342. Julie B

    Oh how this blog post speaks me today!
    2 prayers for 2015 —
    Unrush me… And now, I add… Unsettle me!

  343. Sherry Harvey

    My prayer is that I’ll stop avoiding mirrors from the waist down.GOD help me to feel OK in my own skin.I want to teach my daughter the re

  344. Dee Dee Jordan

    Heavenly Father, in more ways than I can count, you have given me the grace and strength to die to self. And even though I can love and heal the hurting, I cannot love and heal myself towards being fit.This new year send your Holy Spirit to consume any desires that would keep me from the perfect care that this flesh– your temple–deserves. For I want only to give you, Father, that glory too… In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  345. lorine

    You know my heart

  346. Janie

    My prayer is for me to get this part of my life uner control. I know I am being a bad influence on my 3 daughters because of it.

  347. Cindy

    Father, my children are grown and are settled down in their homes and families. Now my husband and I can focus on each other more than we have in years. May this be the year that, in Your Name, we begin a new chapter in our lives. Tomorrow we are blessed to help launch a new church plant. Bless us with a healthy lifestyle that makes us more accessible to our church family 24/7! Thank you for this blessing! Amen

  348. Jennifer Meyers

    Unsettle me is a profound prayer. May I never be content with my walk with God. May I always want more of Him. Let the portion of Him never be enough to satisfy my craving. In other words, may I never feel “full enough” to stop filling my life with more of Him.

  349. Laura

    I want to be more conformed to Jesus. I want to truly find my identity and confidence in Him. I pray that while everything/one is stripped from me or fails my expectations, that I will look to Jesus alone to satisfy me.

  350. Chanda Touchette

    Grace, that is my prayer for 2015 and it sounds like this:
    Father God, may my eyes lift up to a remembrance of what you have done for me, for us. That I would stop thinking that my mistakes are far less concequencial than the next person. I ask for grace in my thoughts and words. I pray I shut my mouth and just kneel to you. Your grace is abundant and there is plenty for me to take and pass on.

  351. Sherry Harvey

    My prayer is that I’ll stop avoiding mirrors from the waist down.GOD help me to feel OK in my own skin.I want to teach my daughter the real picture of beauty. And that’s being a daughter of GOD & not the number on my scales.

  352. Rebecca

    I pray I can like my self just a little bit. I am always mad with me.Lord,please help me with this.i pray this over and over. I have sickness physically and spiritually.

  353. Cindy

    To seek him first in every part of my life. Not just the parts I choose.

  354. Kelsey Ann Larson

    My prayer is similar to yours last year as I’ve lost 35 lbs. In 2014 and I want to stay successful since I’ve never wore a size 14 ever in my adult life and I’m 55 years old and my sister is and always has been thin. Also to be more prayerful and learn more about God.

  355. Becky Klaver

    Dear Heavenly Father, help me this New Year to have your strength and discipline. Help me to have the right attitude toward food and exercise, both spiritual and physical. Give me discernment and help me to make wise decisions concerning my health and diet. Help me to care for my body, your temple. I am weak but you are strong. You, Lord, are my hope, my strength, my refuge, and only with your help can I do anything. With you ALL things are possible and I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus who overcomes all and is victorious! Thank you Lord for victory in 2015! I love you! Amen.

  356. Terrie Hogue

    Lysa…I really don’t know what to say. I’m 61 & have battled my weight for sooooo long. I say as a cliche to friends “I’ve lost 2000 lbs., 50 lbs at a time!” I have yoyo’d so much that I’m afraid to even say out loud what my true desire is!!! I bought your book ‘Made To Crave’ a few months ago but have not been able to make myself read it!! Until yesterday…I started it…read more today. Then a few minutes ago saw your e-mail from yesterday…is that a sign?? I do want to do what you have done…but my will power is so weak. However, I loved your prayer…”Lord, unsettle me.” & have decided (hopefully it’s ok with you) to take it as my own! I have lost 25 lbs. in the last few months but have 50 more to go. My biggest fear is if I don’t do it now I won’t ever do it!! My desire is to crave God & His Word more than I crave food!!! I look forward to reading the rest of your book & applying your principles! PS…I would love to have a signed copy of your book…I already have a friend in mind to give mine to!!

  357. MaryEva

    Lord, more of You, less of me.

  358. Nicole

    Dear Lord, my heart feels blurry and out of focus. Post baby, borne after this precious miracle that is my second child is a return to old behaviors. Hiding, sneaking, overeating junk. I came so far from this and here it is again. Please help me, Lord, to regain my spiritual eyes and focus.

  359. Sherry

    I’m ready for change and to be unsettled, Lord.

  360. Merredith

    I pray that this will be the year that I don’t feel like a failure. I pray that God will help me and be my will power, because I cannot do this on my own. I have lost in the past, but as I begin 2015 weighing more than ever, it is hard not to feel defeated and already worn. I pray for guidance and help.

  361. Cheryl

    You hit my heart with todays devotion. I am at a complacent place and don’t like it,.. in either spiritual growth or my health/weight. I see little sparks, but I want the fire back…please Lord.

  362. Penny

    My prayer is to stop being selfish in my focus on myself and to turn my eyes toward Jesus.

  363. Jenn

    Trust in The Lord with everything. This is my prayer.

  364. Karen Gregory

    Lord, help me believe who you say I am not the lies I tell myself. Unsettle me Lord.

  365. Mitzi

    I struggle daily. Motivation is key. Looking for encouragement from any source Rochelle stay the course.

  366. Angie Harris

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! We are doing a 21 day fast at church started January 2nd, I wasn’t aware of the fast until January1 because we were on vacation when it was announced. I decided to fast sweets I really haven’t had a chance to make peace with the idea of not having any before it was time to start. It’s awful how much this sugar addiction controls your mind but I am leaning on God alone to get me through this and to help move me towards a healthier lifestyle. While I know that fasting is not dieting I do know that sweets are something I will truly miss!

  367. Samantha Donohue

    I love the prayer of unsettlement and finding freedom and contentment and the desire to not give up and surrender to him.

  368. Candi Mendoza

    I’ve been following your posts for months and am daily refreshed in my struggle to change my heart and soul so that God is enough in every circumstances. I’ve lost 50 pounds in 5 years and totally understand your perspective. I’m happy with my success. I’m determined to lose the last 30. I’m struggling in my new identity and want to please Christ in every area of my life. Thank you for encouraging me several times. A day.

  369. Tammi

    after my second child, 12 years ago, my body grew larger than it ever had been. No longer could I eat what I wanted and remain thin. Everything goes straight to my stomach, leaving me feeling like I still look like I’m expecting. I have started this year off with a determination to be healthier and feel better about my body!

  370. judy

    My prayer is that I be “acceptable”. My verse for the year is – Palm 19:14 “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. ” I pray that the words I speak, my attitude, and what I eat, do, etc… be acceptable in God’s sight!

  371. Susan Rost

    I want God to transform me this year! Sometimes fear is a big part of my life ! Please unsettle me and help me rely totally on you for all my needs. Waiting on you Lord!

  372. Linda Terry

    Lysa, I love the prayer that you said, I can totally relate to the way you felt at that time. I have been feeling those feelings of inadequacy, failure and total defeat when it comes to weight loss for many years. I am now 49 and 30 pounds over weight, have high blood pressure and just feel drained all the time! I need to take the weight off for my health and fitness. I am going to read your book with the hope that I can find a new way to look at this weight loss battle and some help to finally be victorious over this cycle of yo yo dieting, weight-loss and gain. I pray I will draw nearer to God in the process and replace unhealthy eating and negative thoughts with more of his presence in me and my life!

  373. Stephanie Patton

    I have struggled my entire life with weight. Even at my slimmest I still was having issues. I pray this year I change my outlook on food and exercise.

  374. Karen

    This is so amazing. Thank you for this, it’s something I needed to hear.

  375. Demetria

    I can’t do this Jesus. I can’t do this b/c I’ve tried over and over….and failed. That whisper in my ear that says I Can’t ..I cave in to it and believe the lies every time, eventually. I’m tired of the constant “I’ll start again tomorrow”. I’m tired of leaning into the weakness that is inside me. I need you, Lord, to walk me through this. Help me lean into you, Jesus. Amen.

  376. Amber

    I thought I had my eating under control, until the past year. I got married, got comfortable, and settled. I love the prayer of Lord, unsettle me.

  377. Sabrina Sentino

    Exactly the prayer I need as tomorrow I begin my journey to a healthier me. Again. Unsettle me, Lord, that this may be the last time I fight this battle.

  378. Melody

    Thanks for sharing a prayer for a battle many of us face.

  379. Dawnell Foster

    My prayer is that I continue on the path I started a year ago on loving myself completely so that I may be able to let love into my life.

  380. Angie

    Jesus, let them see you in and through me.

  381. Teri

    Lord, please help me to realize I have have all control over my eating.

  382. April

    thank you for talking about this so honestly, this issue that we long time Christian women like to pretend is beneath us, that we couldn’t possibly struggle with, but that when we are alone with ourselves or faces with our insecurities, becomes apparently clear and real in our lives- thank you.

  383. Karen El Ahmadi

    I’m sitting here struggling with the same issues as you did only a lot more out of shape and a lot heavier! Hoping this is the year I am able to turn it around.

  384. Donna W

    My addiction is food. So much so, that I ultimately dieted myself up to 300 + pounds. I finally, for health reasons and co-morbidity reasons, had gastric bypass – and I lost 167 pounds. I have, over the last year, regained 30 of those pounds. I was too thin at 134 pounds, but I am not happy here either. I need to be unsettled, and need to know how to fill those places that crave food that I know isn’t nourishing, with Christ, who is nourishing to my soul. Thank you, Lysa, for your insight into this area of my life that I have fought forever.

  385. Tammy Johnson

    This is a GREAT book! I can relate to so many things in this book and it was so encouraging to know there are other women who have the same struggles as I do with food. I have wondered many times why God made me prone to gain weight and have high cholesterol yet I have such a love for food. But I know
    He can and will give you the desires of your heart and He will take away desires you wish to give to Him. I plan on lending my book to others who may have same struggles. Thanks for your life stories that encourage and uplift! 🙂

  386. Lisa

    Thank you for this new word– “unsettle”. I will ponder in prayer as I continue on the path to a healthier lifestyle and a holier life. Blessings in 2015!

  387. Traci

    Struggled my whole life with weight. I’m 75+ overweight and I’m tired of feeling like a hypocrite when I talk about obedience to God!!!

  388. Lisa

    Lord, I thank you for another year. I look forward to 2015 with great enthusiasm and expectations. You know the yearns of my heart. I want to praise you for your grace and love that I don’t deserve. In Jesus name

  389. Gail

    lord I am Yours — I surrender my eating habits to You. I am Your Child – I have the victory in You. THANKYOU for Your amazing love.

  390. MelissaG

    im hoping and praying to be unsettled. Love you openness and honesty. You are a true light!

  391. Beth Consugar

    My prayer for 2015 is that I could be more obedient to God and that I will experience healing and peace inany areas of my life

  392. kaitlin

    My prayer for 2015 is for Gods will in my and my families lives, for God to reveal weaknesses and strengths to be used and changed. Thank you for your encouraging words in regards to something most women struggle with.

  393. Joanne

    Lord, I want this year for you to unsettle me and draw me closer to you. Mold me, make me an instrument of you. Tear away the thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, help me to be a more confident child in you and want to be more like you. Give me your thoughts, give me your heart and give me your peace that passes all understanding. Thank you for loving me and accepting me for who and what I am.

  394. Misty

    God, unsettle me. Draw me closer to you this year. Make me be the woman of God you want me to be.

  395. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing. Dear god, in 2015, show me how to truly love myself. Show me how to grow in all areas of my life, the right way. Show me the true beautiful person you have made me. Show me how to serve others and to be a servant leader. In Jesus name, Amen!

  396. Paige Greene

    My prayer for 2015 is that I shall continuously seek Him and listen as he helps me to be a better role model for my two beautiful girls, both spiritually and physically. I pray that He will help me rid my mind of my negative self-image and teach me to glorify Him in all that I do and all that I am.

  397. Flora Gilbert

    That sounds just like me. Now I am bigger than I have ever been. I know it has to come thru prayer and trusting Him for help, but I just can’t get there. I lose a few pounds and the next thing I know, my jeans don’t fit again. I wonder if a book is the answer. I hope I win. I hope it will help me find the answer.

  398. Sara

    i recently lost 20 lbs this past year. I was so tired of talking about the need to drop some weight. I was tired of feeling stuffed into my clothes. I have gained back 7 lbs over the holidays, slipped back into bad habits. So tempting. My husband has lost 60 lbs in the last 9 months. We are eating healthy, simple as that. You blog really inspires me to loose the 7 lbs I gained plus the extra 5 to reach my goal. Thank you for your honesty.

  399. Mandi Biershenk

    God I pray today will be the day that you make me brave enough to go beyond words on paper. Give me the perseverence I need to love myself and my body enough to say no to the cravings. I am so thankful that in you there is hope today and everyday! Amen.

  400. Rachael mercer

    looking forward to returning to some better habits myself….since a quick move to a new pastorate…quickly moving my family of six while looking forward to the placement of our baby through adoption!!

  401. Rebecca

    Dear Lord,
    Help me! I have given up. I have fallen for the lie that just because I have failed constantly in my quest for a healthy lifestyle over the past 40+ years that I am not worth another try. I hear Satan telling me that if you loved me you would help me. If you loved me, you would give me more will-power. I need to listen to you now Lord. I need to try again.

  402. lindsayA

    Lord, I’m not ready to conquer this on my own. I need your truth to echo into my heart. If not for me, but for my family, give me strength and new perspective. Amen.

  403. Elizabeth Alvarado

    Love love love this! Thank you for your insightful post and prayer – if it changes only a few, it is so worth it. But I have a feeling it has and will change thousands!

  404. Julie Smith

    this is my struggle. Same struggle different day. I want to have a heart like His. More of Him, less of me.

  405. michelle

    Lord, help me to live out of my redeemed places, not the broken ones.

  406. Angie hoard

    To be kinder and more patient.

  407. Monica

    I prayed a very similar prayer this morning…I asked God to reveal Himself to me this year and answer the questions 1) How can I change long term and 2) How can I fully surrender my natural tendencies to Him? I found this beautiful nugget – Hebrews 12:11 “For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it”. I want true peace and I look forward to discovering it through submission and surrender throughout 2015. Thank you for all you do Lysa & co.

  408. Anita

    Dear Lord, I have claimed to fight this battle for most of my life but I haven’t really been fighting at all. I’m so tired of claiming to fight and lose this battle with food when what I’m truly doing is allowing the enemy’s lies about my weaknesses to penetrate my mind and the depths of my heart. I’m ready to be victorious in this area of my life. Please help me. In Jesus’s name.

  409. Shawn Craig

    My life seems very parallel to yours, mother and sister naturally thin, obese father whose genes I seem to have gotten and every year I determine to change things only to hit a wall of failure and disappointment within the first few months. (I’m even a 3+ hair gal…I just finished your other book study!)
    The prayer “unsettle me” is a scary one to pray, but I believe that it is even more terrifying to stay stuck where I am! I can so relate to the justifications and settled areas that need to be unsettled in the light of God’s Word and made new to be settle in truth!
    So my prayer is, “Lord unsettle me…in all the areas that I have grown complaicent and have justified bad or destructive behaviors. Teach me your truths so these areas can truly be settled in truth and bring life to my body and soul.”
    Thank you Lysa!

  410. Allie

    I needed to read this. Been in a funk for the past few weeks due to my weight. Thank you for this post! 🙂

  411. Connie

    Lysa, I feel so defeated, such anger at myself. I think I am as unsettled as I can get. Like Robin posted, food is my best friend and my worst enemy. Lord, teach me to trust you to fill that void where food lives. If I work harder, more consistently, to make You my best friend, I won’t have food as my worst enemy. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  412. Sherry

    What you just posted is exactly how I feel. Year after year I feel like such a failure to myself. I need this book. I pray Lord you give me strength, courage and determination.

  413. stephanie

    Unsettle me too Lord…

  414. deborah

    my prayer is listen with whole hearted obedience to my body’s needs and not my wants. I have struggled since childhood and have just accepted that it is how God wants me to be. Lord, unsettle me!

  415. Lanvinia

    I don’t want to win anything…I only want to thank you for all the wisdom, encouragement and reassurance that you bring to one’s life on a daily basis…Happy New Year!.

  416. Christina Rebar

    My prayer for 2015 is to grow closer in my relationship with Jesus. I want to walk with Him. I don’t want Him to follow me anymore. I want to follow Him. Jesus take the lead!!

  417. Nicole

    I can justify anything. I appreciate your prayer -the part about justifying especially. I wait and wait for the right day to start. I just need to start! Eat right and quit making excuses. Thank you!

  418. Michelle

    I am at the beginning of the journey. I have fed my emotions with food for along time. It’s has been worse the past 3 years due to a divorce I did not want but could not stop, I pray I can stop the emotional eating and feed myself with God. I pray that I quit listening to the enemy who tells me I’m not worth anything.

  419. Eileen Tamasovich

    Lisa, I too, have struggled with weight all of my life. I’m just coming out of a rough patch in the last few years, where I slowly lost both of my parents, one after the other, and was the one to clean out/up a massive estate (home). I have gained 25 lbs that I now realize is remnants of my grief. I long for a way to settle this weight issue once and for all and end this life-long struggle. I continually pray to surrender to God. Please help me with your words…

  420. Lynn

    Dear God, please help guide me to a better life, one I know reflects who I am without the food and alcohol . For I know I am much better in your hands.

  421. Michelle

    My family health history is poor, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure. I’m overweight and over 40 – this week after my dad had another health scare my husband for the first time ever asked me to lose weight because he’s afraid of losing me. I said I would but instantly was overcome with the impossibility that it seems – I don’t want to relive failure again. I’m so encouraged that I started flowing you this week so that I could read this. I’m stealing you’re prayer ‘unsettle me’ that’s my resolution for 2015.

  422. Angela

    I need prayers for overeating… I eat to eat

  423. linda alicea

    Wow! That is a powerful, deep surrendering prayer. God Bless you Lysa, for your commitment and dedication to be the strong woman God made you to be!

  424. Jeannette

    I too have struggled with my weight and felt that the umber on the scale or on my tags defined me. I want to break the cycle and my theme for this year is. JUST GIVE ME JESUS. Less of me and more or him. A right view of myself and speaking truth to myself and not putting myself down and lies. I’m tired of trying and failing. It’s time for real lasting change. His joy.

  425. Joanna Blondeau

    Thanks for posting this, I’m reading your book “Made to Crave” right now and it’s already given me a perspective shift and a new daily mindset…”I was made for more than this.” Would love to pass on a copy to a friend.

  426. Mary mcnair

    Well, God always sends me a helper right when I need it. Yesterday, I found out that I will have to close my business that I have had for the past 10 years. Of course I am sad and discouraged but I decided to concentrate on the things that I am thankful for. I prayed for him to send me what I needed to make this change. Today as I was scrolling through fb, I saw one of your post and like your page. It’s as if you were talking to me. It gave me peace and encouragement. I have struggled with my weight and being healthy as I have put all my energy into this job. I embrace this new change and want to change my body and health. Maybe this is God’s way of showing me what is really important. Thank you for surrendering to God’s plan for you. Sincerely mary

  427. Vickie Chapman

    My prayer is simple yet profound just as your two simple words are, “Create in me a a clean heart oh God and renew the right spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 Sometimes I have to say this many times a day, in the car driving to work, eating sugar, judgmental thought about people, etc. the list goes on and on. Some how saying this prayer helps me to cry out to the Father.

  428. rene'

    Thank you for your honesty. I have struggled for years with my weight. It has become a stronghold in my life. I am praying daily for God to help me break down the stronghold and be filled with Him. Your words are so encouraging and just what I needed as I begin this journey in 2015!

  429. Carrie Castille

    Lord, help me be the woman you created me to be – healthy, happy, and a desire to be on fire for YOU. I want to be the best wife, mother, friend and co-worker.

  430. Andrea

    My prayer is for God to help me through my hurt and pain and all the heaviness that keeps weighing me down. I have been through some pretty tough battles that took a toll on me and right now at this very moment I am in a serious battle and struggling with an addiction to something I can’t seem to overcome. Although I know that God is greater and can handle anything, I still can’t seem to quit worrying and being completely overwhelmed with my circumstances. I was saved and have been a part of Newspring Church for 13 of the church’s 15 years and have also attended Elevation when I come to Charlotte to visit and watch online. I do know and believe in God very much and have learned so much from Pastor P and Pastor Furtick. I feel though I let him down by not trusting in him completely by worrying so much about things and by not being able to just completely quit my addiction. Every time I do good though and all is going well, I feel like the devil keeps attacking me and I’m already trying to remain strong and dealing with so much I wish he would stop! It’s like I take steps forward, but keep getting pushed back. So, please pray for me, thank you.

  431. Cindy

    Lord you know the struggles with my health and my weight and how it impacts my life and the lives of my children. Change me from the inside out and allow me to live another year serving you and raising my children so they won’t be alone in this world. But if that isn’t your will then always drawn near to them and take care of them.

  432. Carol Cain

    Dear Lord, My prayer for this new year is that You will Increase in my life and I will decrease . Amen

  433. Linda Alicea

    Lord, Jesus help me, strengthen me and allow your fruit of self control overtake/consume me!

  434. Amelia

    Unsettle me! <3

  435. jennifer jackson

    Thankyou for sharing Lysa. I have struggled with food issues for as long aa I can remember. It is a constant. Battle for me. It has been my confort. I want to change my relationship.with food I want to be the woman God wants me to be.

  436. sherrell

    I have struggled with my weight since I was 10 years old. I have finally thought it was conquered last year when I lost 65 pounds. The last time I weighed I had gained 20 pounds of it back and am once again feeling like a fat failure. My prayer is to finally concentrate on being healthy and not worry about how I look.

  437. Pam

    I have been praying for a month now, my start date is tomorrow. I am praying to be content with small, consistent changes, and consistency in my time with Jesus. I have taken the word “try” out of my vocabulary. I am either a doer, or a don’t-er. Obedience is not an on-again, off-again thing, it is everything. I can do all things through Christ!!

  438. Anna

    I don’t know what to pray, just need something to help me get better. It gives me hope that someone else has overcome.

  439. Sheila

    I pray for victory over my bad eating habits. I’m overweight and my husband just had his 3rd heart stent. We desperately need to change the way we eat. I’m praying for God to give me wisdom, strength, discipline…..and your book

  440. Michelle

    I have heard you on a few different radio stations and have intrigued by you. You are such an inspiration. I heard about your book but have yet to get it as I do not call myself a reader. I have struggled with my weight for years. In spite of me being an avid workout buff I have gained 30 lbs in the last 2 years and cannot get it off no matter what I do. I am 5′ and very muscular and my friends tell me I’m perfect the way I am but I am 40 lbs overweight and disgust myself. I have been in church all my life and never drank, smoke or done drugs. Had that Perfect christian family and life. Ive dove into his word and have had an revelation and have realized that I have been a rule follower and not a Jesus follower. It seems like everything is falling apart. I feel God telling me to quit worrying about your weight, trust in me and I will take care of you. It is a struggle for me for sure but I am going trust in him and he will take care of me. I am looking forward to reading your book in the near future.

  441. Rosemary Royall

    my prayer for the coming years is for the Father to “unsettle me”. That I may become more aware of my wrongs in my life to be made right!

  442. Claudia

    Thank You Lisa for all the inspiration you give me. Lord unsettle me! I also am tired of fighting this long time weight struggling battle. Please help me focus and achieve those goals that i have claimed a victory! In Jesus name i pray that you guide me through my way!

  443. Jackie

    To be satisfied with what I have. Thank you for your thoughts.

  444. Kimberly smith

    as a mother of a four year old, fixing to turn thirty this coming Friday, my desire in life is to be healthy in order to live and see my child grow old. Currently I am going through a seperate on with my husband of 6 years; this year I desire to become healthy because God wants me that way, not for anyone else. I need to be healthy for my son but most importantly for my Lord and Savior who made me in His perfect image. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. I desire for my husband to come home to us and we grow closer to the Lord as a family.

  445. Betty

    I want to loose weight and be in better health. My prayer is that God would make me so beautiful ON THE INSIDE that it would shine through to the outside and I can and will be such a blessing to Him and help win souls in 2015. God bless you Lysa!

  446. Jill Carroll

    Dear Heavenly Father, help me to surrender everyday, every hour. Amen…

  447. Freda

    Thanks for the simplest prayer that you can pray and it answers the question many will ask knowing your situation. In other words, the peace that surpasses all others understanding. GOD SETTLED ME!!!

  448. Getsemani Nava

    I’ve probably been overweight for 31 out of the 33 years of my life. I can’t say I’ve yo yo dieted because I’d be lying. I’ve probably tried 3 diets in my lifetime and if they lasted a week that is a lot. I only dreamed of working out and losing weight but never tried to even do fad diets. That is how small my motivation was.

    I guess since I’ve been overweight all of my life I just internalized it. That is who I was. But deep down inside I longed for being thin.

    Since May 2014 I’ve been eating less and trying to replace staple foods with healthier options. I visit my doctor every month, she keeps me accountable.

    30lbs later I am barely getting compliments from people who are almost unsure if in losing weight. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. I too am unsure of saying that I have and celebrating my victory because I’m so scared of rebounding. Of regaining everything. This fear doesn’t let me enjoy my victories and makes me feel uncertain about the future. I now sympathize more than ever with drug and alcohol addicts. I pray that the Lord change my mind, my inner most corners, and that this be a life long victory. I would love to read your book.

  449. Landra Allison

    My prayer is to find a way with God’s help out of this burn out I am currently in. I have been struggling with this for a few months now and I am for all intense and purposes feeling disconnected from my church, husband and job. I feel stuck and i don’t know why. I am merely going through the motions so to speak and that is tremendously wearing. I know the Lord is with me and I love the comfort in knowing that, but I know there is more that I am in need of doing. I know we have all been where I am at one point or another, but this is the first time that I can remember that I have no excitement for the coming year.. God bless you Lisa for all you do..

  450. Sherise

    Lysa, This book profoundly affected me…..if I were to win, I would ask for the devotional so that I can revisit and re strengthen in this area. I’m currently listening to Unglued on audible and WOW ….to focus on not only what goes in our mouths but what comes out. Loving it!!!

  451. Lisa Prumbach

    This is exactly where I am this year. I need God to unsettle me.

  452. Lisa

    Heavenly Father,
    Empty me of me and fill me up with more of You. Forgive me for making food an idol and for spending more time thinking about food, weight, appearance, etc than I spend meditating on Your word. I lay my insecurties, shame, and fears at your feet, Lord Jesus. Have Your way with me. I am tired of trying to keep it all together on my own. You are the only One that can mend the pieces of my heart and so I give each of them to You. I thank You for paying my debt on the cross and trading places with me so that I can live life to the fullest. In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus I pray! Amen!

  453. Dawn

    My prayer is to walk closer with God so that I can lean on him to help fight the battle with my weight issue. I pray that He will guide me making healthier choices for my body mind and spirit.

  454. Gloria

    Lord……..more of YOU and less of me!!! Jesus please teach me how to do this daily!!!! Thank You!!

  455. April Hansen

    Lisa, your post hit a nerve! It spoke to me as if I were writing it. I have struggled with living a healthy lifestyle & more importantly I struggle with making time each day to spend in the word. The excuses I can come up with & the fact that my priorities are not in order like they should be have only brought me down. 2015 is going to be different & I pray also that the Lord unsettle me.
    Thank you Lysa!

  456. Eve Russell

    My husband and I have just finished the VERY WORST year in our almost 20 year marriage. Laying all the ugly of the past year at Jeaus’ feet and LOVING HIM has healed us in a way that the world can not comprehend! My prayer is that JESUS would open my heart even more to HIS wisdom that I may share HIS LOVE to help others to heal!
    I love to read your amazing words over and over again! Thank you for sharing you life’s secrets so willingly!

  457. Kristi A

    Lord I want to be more like you I have been comfortable at 50 lbs overweight and many issues have come about not to mention that I don’t want to see my reflection in the mirror. Please God unsettle me. Make me not comfortable any longer.

  458. Edie S

    My prayer Dear God is to live in the victory and freedom you have given me. To actually live that way!

  459. Heather

    Love your prayer!! Making it my own.

  460. Jenifer

    To be intentional. I’ve been feeling God telling me this over and over again. So this year my resolution is to be intentional about following Him and letting that permeate everything else. From my lack of confidence, my eating, my words, being on time. Intentionally putting Him first and true change will finally follow.

  461. Kim Page

    On Dec 30th 2014 around 6:30pm my husband of 22yrs @ the age of 48 suffered 2 heart attacks. He loves his food & told me after a successful surgery to put 2 stents into his right coronary arteries that God used this to give me a wake up call! I have a 2nd chance & need to be disciplined more. I agreed we would do this together as God did give us a new year and a new opportunity for a life together. He doesn’t read however I love to read have two of your most recent books and study DVD’s. I’d love it if it’s a Gods will to win this book to share and care for my husband that we might be encouraged together. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.
    Thank you and hopeful

  462. Angie

    You are such an inspiration…I have struggled with weight my whole life and now I am at my highest weight….I am copying you…my prayer for 2015 is unsettle me….I claim the truth behind this prayer….thank you

  463. Joyce Jones

    praying for dedication to read my Bible through this year of 2015

  464. Jean Brandt

    My prayer is Lord fill my mind and heart with you and your word that there is no room for empty pursuits.

  465. Tiffany Carroll

    I am a 21 year old girl who has finally found it in my heart to hopefully admit I struggle with emotional eating. The struggle began at 6 years old when my parents divorced and later 13 year verbal abuse from my mother. At age 13 and every dr appt from then on out my mother kept telling my dr to give me weight loss surgery because I was just so fat. This lasted for 6 more years until she up and left one day leaving me in a house to myself with bills stacked high. Growing up I forced myself to play on every softball team I could try out for. My passion for softball turned into an unhealthy addiction of trying to lose weight. I started tricking my body by cutting my food up so small, and this has developed into an unintentional pattern that I still do today. Every failed diet, every moment crying in a dressing room stall because clothes wouldn’t fit, and with every name call I turned to the only thing that felt satisfying an that was food. I am now 21, and a ministry student. God recently laid it on my heart last year that He would use my struggle of weight loss in my life during ministry. I am intimated by the process in which I have chosen to follow God on this year and that is to be healthy. Not skinny. I have about 100 pounds to lose to reach my “healthy”. Getting this book would be beneficial for me. Thanks for sharing your story Lysa. I follow you frequently and am always encouraged on the days of struggle.

  466. Kat Hilsabeck

    Thank you Lisa for reminding me that I CAN DO ALL THING WITH HIS STRENGTH!!!

  467. dianna

    dear Jesus
    Fill my heart with you, not with self, insecurities or worldly desires such as worry about what I look like, what others think, how I can numb my pain by hurting my body. God you have been so faithful , but it is so hard to keep my eyes on you when there are so many pressures around me. I have fought this for 34 years and have had highs and lows … I am not where I was God due to your faithfulness but not where I need to be. Please walk with me and held me win this struggle once and for all. Amen

  468. Cornelia

    I pray that I decrease so that He can increase.

  469. Ericka

    For 2015 and forward – I not only pray for God’s strength to be healthier, but also to be comfortable in my own skin/body.

  470. Marti Bohnow

    Lisa, your prayer is beautiful. I too have weight issues and self esteem issues. I do not have a wonderful prayer to give you, to be honest I will copy your prayer and use it for me. I have never had a way with words, I find it hard to put my feelings out, either on paper or verbally. Here goes : Dear Heavenly Father, Here I am once again asking for your help. Please help me to not eat that cookie or the second piece of toast. I know that I am made in your image and that you are perfect. My father, I am far from perfect and I know I never will be. Please reach down and help me to change. Thank You, my Father.

  471. Angela

    I need prayers for overeating… I eat to eat

  472. Donna Anderson

    Just what I needed to hear! Thank you!

  473. Susie

    My life is unsettled in so many ways,but none of them good. I feel my relationship with food is out of control. Those I work with, are losing weight but I can’t seem to find whatever it is I need, to do the same. I would love a copy of this book to help me develop a healthy relationship with food and a deeper relationship with God.

  474. Lana

    Lord unsettle me that I might crave you more than anything.

  475. Allison

    My prayer would likely be very similar to yours.

  476. tamatha clark

    My prayer for 2015 is to serve the Lord according to his will and not my own.

  477. Elisabeth johnson

    My prayer is to grow closer to God, to truly build my relationship so that I can hear him direct my every move. I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me the strength to push away the sweets and treat my body like a temple. Beautiful blog by the way, this really blessed me.

  478. Kelly fennemore

    I’m praying for wisdom. A deeper understanding of who I am in Christ and a greater knowledge of His amazing love for me. Wisdom. That is the word/prayer The Lord has put on my heart.

  479. Brenda

    You are an inspiration!

  480. Ashley

    I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ kinda gal, and last year, I was finally able to break free from that a little bit. My prayer this year (and it’s stolen from Emily Ley, but I don’t think she’ll mind!) is grace over perfection. We’re adding a new little one to our family in March, and God has guided me through this pregnancy, and already has changed me so much. I also struggle with weight, and had started to get it under control when I got pregnant.

  481. Lisa Bohannon

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! This is the year for me to become closer to what God wants me to be than I have ever been before!!

  482. liz mclagan

    lord, I come to you with an unbridled heart. Seeking your will in all that I am, all that you see in me. Pour out your abundant Spirit in the corners and crevices of my soul filling my deepest needs and quieting my deepest fears. For only You are enough. It has always been You, only You. God bless these precious women the mirrors of your heart.

  483. D

    Dear Lord,
    I pray that you work through me as I work to achieve healthy goals. I pray you guide and direct the doctors and surgeons who will work to fix my thyroid issue and as I work toward the gastric sleeve procedure in the hopes to loose 150 pounds. Lord, it has been my goal to loose weight and be healthy my entire life, but I cannot do it alone. I need You, Lord! Amen.

  484. Kimberly

    Thank you for your honest words of you struggle. It may as well have been me writing this. And I do still struggle everyday. Father God, fill me as only You can. Let my cravings be only of You!

  485. Destiny

    I battle cravings daily….and fail every day. Lost 20 lbs all to gain 30 more. Ready for God to ‘ unsettle me’. Praying that God would just reveal to me the woman He sees, the woman my husband loves ununconditionally, the woman my daughter looks up to. God help me to accept myself just as I am.

    I did the 21 day Made to Crave devotional this time last year….but I need more than 21 days!!

  486. Robin Jackson

    This is a good prayer. Thank you for sharing. I start off this year at my heaviest. I’m putting Gid in control and doing some clean eating and some soul searching. With His grace I will be free from food addiction

  487. Ann Hudson

    Thank you, Lysa. I will share your prayer with my oldest daughter. She has struggled with
    her weight for years. She is in her mid thirties and has had many issues with self image.
    A lot of it is tied into weight and how she perceives herself and how she looks to others.
    She is a Christian, and I know God is helping her. I wish I could help her more. But we can’t make someone feel differently with issues of this kind. I would love to have your book, to give to her . I believe if she read it, her life would truly change with God’s help.

    Thank you,
    Ann Hudson

  488. Melanie

    this is an awesome post and has spoken so clearly to me! My prayer is for the Lord to help me recognize the beautiful woman he created. I’ve always told myself that this is just how I’m
    Made….but deep down I know that’s not true. This year I want to become the true me…the one God created me to be!

  489. Araceli Lewis

    Unsettle me Lord. 2015 is in your hands.

  490. Ashley

    I loved yhe part about exposing your tendency to give up.
    I pray that this year God reveals to me the strength I have to say no to food when it’s junk or when I’ve had enough already
    To not give up on improving myself because I don’t see results fast enough. That I am no longer going to be embarrassed to go in public. To know that people are not laughing and pointing at me behind my back. I am a child of the most high God and am wonderfully made. So I am going to start acting like it. I claim all this in Jesus name

  491. Denise

    Lisa – I have definitely been on a weight loss/weight gain roller coaster the past year. The amount of work it seems to take to keep the weight off has been frustrating. I am not significantly overweight, but the bouncing around discourages me. I desire to be healthy because I feel better and I believe that it is what God desires. I long for direction and encouragement.

  492. Rita

    I too have struggled for years along with anxiety and an eating disorder. This year I pray God gives me the wisdom and strength to overcome these issues. Thank you for your words.

  493. Lindsey

    After reading this, my New Years prayer is to be unsettled!

  494. Kristi

    I would <3 to read this book!! You are such an inspiration, Lysa!

  495. Dana

    This is great! So encouraging & just what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you for your transparency in this area of your life. Would love to read the book.

  496. Amy Beth Morgan

    Heavenly Father, I ask in Jesus’ name, that You would bring me back to the place of finding myself lost in You. I no longer want to try to be all these other things I have been trying to be, I just want to be Yours and the woman You created me to be! Your Word says that obedience is better than sacrifice, so I pray that I would not be bound by what I think You want me to sacrifice but that I would simply listen for Your voice and be obedient in what I eat, and beyond!
    I love You, Lord

  497. Deborah Hill

    2014 was a year of overcoming fears for me. In overcame my fear of bad weather by being in the midst of a tornado and surviving! I overcame my fear of flying by blasting “strong enough to save” on my iPod and meditating on scripture. I overcame a deep shame of a sin by letting go and letting God! But I still can’t seem to overcome by love of food. I want to love God more than good. I want to crave God not food. Bless you.

  498. Karen

    My prayer for 2015 is to find relief from the stress in my life – which inevitably leads to all of the other negativity that I seem to attract! To be happy with simple…and get back to the happier, healthier me. I know the ONLY way to achieve these is through our Lord! <3

  499. Nikki baartman

    Beautiful prayer…

  500. Teresa

    My prayer is that God will unsettle me in every area of my life and that I become an overcomer on my weight loss journey through Him.

  501. Kathy

    Father God I come to You asking for complete healing with my struggle in gluttony, I pray that my heart, body, mind, and soul will be in complete agreement with being healthy in my eating and exercising…I realize I can’t go this alone…I bind up the enemy that keeps pouring lies into my head that’s keeps me focused on self and keeps pouring doubts into my mind, heart, body and soul…I am ready to be victorious in with my eating healthy and exercising

  502. Carol j

    lord help me to keep focus! First on you and your word. Then with the items I struggle with. In your most Holy name I pray

  503. Dee

    I’m misty eyed…and stunned. I opened your comments minutes ago and every word about your struggles with weight could have been mine. A sister who has always been thinner…..the worst part? She’s my twin so ppl naturally compare us. Lord I wish that one day I will be able to wake up and look forward to choosing clothing for the day where the only decision will be what colour and style….not what will fit, feel the least ugly and uncomfortable. Lord help me to finally get past the agonizing arguments in my head; the ones that sway between guilt, anger, shame and dejection. I want peace. To believe that you walk with me.

  504. Crystal Lane

    Search me O god and reveal any wicked ways within me. Less of me and more of you. God I need your hand in every area of my life. I trust you.

  505. Monica

    I pray You would be the courage to overcome my feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. You are enough; I am made to worship you. Help me to live in that security daily rather than constantly battling with fear of failure.

  506. Star Hattey

    I own and read made to crave. It is inspiring and convicting. In the 3rd day of this NEW year I already broken many un written resolutions. My emotions, state of mind and my relationships are far away from where they need to be. I’m starting with your book unglued. Then I will re open the made to crave. Hoping that I can place my emotions where they need to be to concentrate on the important things in my life. Thank you Lysa for being you GOD KNOWS how your words convict me!

  507. Lilly

    Lord, thank you for giving me another year to live, and hopefully give you glory. I’m not much, I know that, but I am still going to be used by you. Thanks for loving me even at points when I can’t love myself. You know I am not happy as a unfit teenager, I feel like I am slowly destroying this temple you have blessed me with. Give me the strength to actually change this year, give me the support and the resources to not give up. And lastly have the glory for this victory I know you will help me with. Love you dad. Thanks again. Love your Little Lilly Amen.

  508. Angela

    Dear Lord,
    Please bless me with grace, strength, and wisdom, as we enter into a new year. Please allow this to be the year I realize your purpose for me and not give into desires I know don’t lead me to the person you want me to become. Let your voice be louder and stronger than the voices of doubt and despair in my own head and help me to be wise enough to trust, listen, and follow.
    In your name,

  509. Christine

    Sugar is my weakness and my dream for 2015 us to move everyday and to journal/pray regularly. Here’s to everyone’s commitments to a new year!!

  510. Debbie Hillyer

    So grateful for these words…expels guilt, brings hope! Lord, unsettle me, as well! I truly want to be like you…

  511. Janice

    unsettle me….Amen

  512. Michelle Gallo

    Dear Lord you know this past year I was told I am now pre diabetic. Please help me Lord to seek you first, take time to take care of myself, make better food choices. Be with me in the grocery store that I will purchase the items my body needs to improve my health. Lord I enjoyed walking so much before but now with my boys busy sports schedules I the mom am the first to let my needs go first. Heavenly Father I know all things are possible with you and with your help I can turn myself around and get into better health and kick pre diabetes out. I do not want diabetes I know I can do this a few years ago I lost several pounds and I can do it again. Please give me strength and Courage Lord In your Precious Name I pray Amen

  513. Winnie Tedjasukmana

    I feel like you are describing about me. It made me feel that I am not alone in my struggle. This year I want to pray your prayer unsettle me Lord and give me strength snd patience to do it.

  514. Christine Doebler

    Had a conversation with a family member on this very topic last night. Thank you for this timely post. Praying for self-disipline in addition to a proper enjoyment of God’s blessings.

  515. Chrissy M

    My prayer is the lord gives me the strength to finally overcome this struggle, and to live for Jesus.

  516. Kim Swor

    I really need this book. I can relate to every word you said. Thanks for sharing your story.

  517. Nancy

    My prayer for 2015 is for God to show up for me big time. Dont let me despair Lord.

  518. Becky

    My prayer is to be closer to God this year and to accomplish some goals that have been in front of me for a long time. One of those goals is losing a lot of inches and weight

  519. Tammy

    Praying that the Lord would be my sustainer…that I would stop filling myself with food instead of being filled the Lord. May He fill my soul to the the brim. May I crave only Him and not the things that cannot give me peace, Amen

  520. Terri

    The words I am hearing in my spirit are: What are you searching for? I am pondering this question, and sadly I don’t like the answers I am uncovering. I think I am beginning to walk in at settled season which reminds me that God has more for me to do for. His kingdom!

  521. Mary

    my prayer and desire of my heart is , more of God and a lot less of me

  522. Kathy

    Lord I pray that I would focus more on you and crave you. May my heart be with you.

  523. Kathy

    Thanks for sharing. This year I to am trying to get it together, goals include keeping up with reading the bible in a year plan, my goal is to get through it at least once, between reading your blog and some others, I am learning so much about God and putting my needs, wants,cares concerns at his feet, while listening to his words for answers. This book will continue my journey as I truly crave his approval and word.

  524. Julia

    God, help me to know, believe, and live out this truth this year: that food is fuel, not my friend. You are the only one who can satisfy my soul.

  525. Lacey w

    Well I have picked up the book, the best yes. I’m already trying to practice this. One if those areas to apply the concept is my personal wellness. The reason I say that is too often I start some regimine and find myself swayed b/c family or others in my life have different priorities. I’m realizing that I may need to make sure I am saying yes to only the things that are best for my health. I’m praying God helps me move beyond the excuse that it’s being selfish to take care if me too.

  526. Sandra

    Your posts are always align with something happening in my life!! God bless you wonderful woman of God!

  527. B

    Lord, please help me to make this year, the year. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror without crying or gerring upset about the way i look.

  528. anna

    Thank you so much for this! This is what I’m dealing with. My prayer from now on will be, Lord, unsettle me!

  529. Kristin

    I cannot tell you how reading this has brought tears to my eyes. I have struggled for years with eating disorders and am currently in therapy to try once again to gain control. I have had some unjust things happen recently that has triggered the emotions to once turn to food. I crave to know Jesus and am struggling on that road. May all of us find some peace within our hearts this new slate that of which is 2015.

  530. Patti

    Life has been hard, I am turning to God to help me tun things around.

  531. Allison

    My prayer is to say “yes” to God in the big AND small things. Thanks for your encouragement in this!

  532. Nohemi Hernandez-Morales

    There are so many women who struggle with weight and self esteem issues. I know this can’t be God’s plan for me. I would love to crave God more than i crave food

  533. Jennifer Terrell

    Your fb post are encouraging! I’m thankful I stumbled across you.

  534. Beth

    Help me Lord to see myself how you see me; to forgive myself as you forgive me, and to live a life that glorifies you, not a life where I am a slave to my belly.

  535. Emily

    2015 prayer … please allow acceptance of myself…

  536. Tami

    This speaks so much to what my heart needs to hear. Oh, how I long to get beyond this battle for self-control and peace about my body and size. Adding the book to my list for this year.

  537. Sarah

    This is all too familiar a struggle. Each year I vow to change and each year I fail. This year I am already at rock bottom. My husband found a girlfriend and left, my boss decided I was no longer needed and I buried my Grandfather, the man who raised me, the week before Christmas. A friend has said, God allows you to hit rock bottom to remind you that he is your Rock! This will be a new year. Moving up and onward and having more Faith than ever before.

  538. Whitney C

    Thank you for creating me. You have given me the will to make healthy and unhealthy choices. I know I am not happy with the way my body looks right now. I have not disciplined myself to eat healthy and be more active. Please forgive me for putting myself down. Give me the strength and tools to make better choices one day at a time. Help me be a great role model to my daughter. I want to instill healthy habits and a high self esteem in her. I tell her how beautiful she is, but don’t always speak those positive words on myself. In Jesus name, AMEN!

  539. Lindsay

    Lord, please give me the motivation to take care of my body because it is your temple. Please give me the strength to make necessary tough changes. In your name, Amen.

  540. jodie

    my prayer is that i’ll settle once and for all the immense love the father has for me, that my home will be a picture of heaven on earth, and that i will see God.

  541. Julie

    For many years I have turned away from God. Felt as though he really isn’t or hasn’t been there for me. Tried more to depend on myself solely. I am coming to the realization I can no longer do that but am still finding it hard to welcome him back in. Not much support from husband. Along this journey I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and gained unnecessary weight. Trying to lose it is a challenge. My self pity has turned me to food and unhealthy choices. I want to commit this year to becoming healthier, stronger, and reconnect with God. This book may be a great starting point.

  542. Kelly Henderson

    Lysa, there is just something about the way you speak that goes straight to my soul. God has truly blessed with with the gift of being real – real situations, real thoughts and feelings, in our real world. Then you adapt them to His word and it is so rewarding. Thank You.
    My prayer for this year:
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    I come before you full of praise for your steadfast love, forgiveness and amazing (undeserved) grace. I pray to continue on in your love by truly loving in your love and continue to be an example, silent and steady.
    This year will be challenging being new to single-parenting, though not what I had planned, a blessing indeed. Please work in me to be worthy of the name mother and help me to lift Wyatt up to be a God-seeking, serving, respectful man.
    I praise you for the healing you have done in my mother and that she and I can learn to better take care of our health remembering our bodies are a precious gift from you.
    I ask all these things in Jesus’ name I pray (please tell my Papa I said Hi & I miss him),

  543. Dona Haggerty

    I am asking God to help me put him first….above everything else in my life.
    I want to lose weight and be healthy so that I can do all that HE has for me
    to do! I know that it is going to be a hard road to go….but, I can do all things
    through Christ Who gives me strength.

  544. Michelle H.

    Thank you for your words. I have set many goals this year for myself as well. Written at the top of the list is Present over Perfect.

  545. Sarah

    My prayer for this year is that God would help me be quiet in him. I think this will reach the primary areas He is working in me about. Quiet to hear him first before the internet world. Quiet to hear his path for us not mine, or everyone else’s. Quiet to be content with what he has generously given us. Quiet to still the emotions to bad health habits and deal with difficult relationships. I pray that He will still my heart from outside distractions to be able to focus on His path for us.

  546. tlswint@gmail.com

    I am weary and tired from the struggle between what I am and the woman God is calling me to become. Yet I am grateful that Jesus is calling me out of self into a deeper relationship with Him. My prayer life is no longer an abundance of words. I simply pray, “Jesus help.”

  547. Shayna

    My new years prayer was: Lord create in my a new heart. I desire to be like you, to have your attitude and your love for everyone. I am so far from that now but that’s where I want to be. I want to love in away that points unbelievers to You!
    Along with more of course but that is the main part 🙂

  548. Polly Brown

    Lord God I pray for this weight to get out of my way so that I have the confidence to do the work you put me here on earth to do.

  549. Jennifer

    as I walked my dog tonight and talked with God about my struggle and how the quest to be thin has ruined my health, this was spoken to me: work on your soul for heaven, not your body for earth

  550. Deb Vinson

    Lord, thank you for an unsettled mindset in one of your royal daughters, Lysa…and for empowering her with a voice strong enough to challenge others to consider a new mindset of unsettled living. Help me, Father, to not only consider the personal places that have become settled, like an old house with doors and windows that are difficult to open, but to prayerfully submit those to your Lordship for refinement and change this new year, through personal submission to the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  551. Stacy

    I think I need this book!

  552. dawn warren

    Lysa first i just want to say that you are a blessing! I too struggled with food for over 15 years (bulimia/anorexia ), that is until God grabbed hold of my heart in 2008 and freed me from bondage. My prayer for 2015 is to live my life so that others see and want what i have~Jesus♡

  553. Julie Muegge

    Lord, unsettle me.

  554. Ashley

    I’ve struggled with this vary issue all of my life. Each January I promise myself this will be the year I gain control of my weight and I vow to be slimmer by summer so I can enjoy the pool with my kids, only to find I have failed. Lord I ask that you help me to finally conquer whatever obstacle that is keeping me from reaching my goal!

  555. Jacy S.

    My prayer for 2015 is for God to heal my brokenness and use it for His glory. I pray that He will draw me closer and deepen my faith walk this year and every year after.

  556. SandyHudspeth

    ipray that I can be a source of hope and life to others!

  557. Sue

    my prayer for 2015 is to spend more time seeking God than any other year of my life

  558. Jennifer Burns

    Lord, unsettle me to my core.

  559. Janet Child

    I love this blog entry – thank you for sharing. C

  560. Jessica A.

    My prayer for 2015 is that I strive to thrive, not only survive. A big part of this is my want to get in better shape and be healthier as we try to start a family in the next few years!

  561. Amy

    This past year I have struggled the most with giving my body changes to God and not beating myself us. I am turning into an old woman in front of the mirror, and I feel out of control. I will work harder with prayer to become unsettled.

  562. cheryl pritchett

    Lysander thanks so much for this. My prayer is that the Lord would make Himself known to me in a fierce way in all the situations this year. I am struggling with so many now. My weight and health has become a problem along with depression. Please continue this good work He has instilled in you. Through you, He is working. God bless you.

  563. Kayla

    My prayer is that God would reveal to me the path He has for me and to be lead where my trust is without borders so my faith can be amde stronger in the presence of my maker.

  564. Sharon C

    I am using “My One Word” as my prayer for the year, which is to put my “Trust” in God and he will show me the way.

  565. Michelle Brooks

    Wow! Thanks for the perspective shift! I needed that today…this year!

  566. April

    My prayer is to be unsettled from my bed. Im too settled in the mornings and feel the time with God before my children wake up and start the day off on a better note.

  567. deannakell@yahoo.com

    I could have written this. Reading it, I feel broken and exposed. Lord, unsettle me.

  568. Monette

    Made to Crave was such an answer to prayer several years ago. I was searching for a book written by a Christian woman who really understood the life consuming battle with weight and how it prevented us from living in the complete freedom Christ died for us to have. My prayer was similar to yours. I prayed for the Holy Spirit to convict me of my sin of gluttony. I prayed for my spirit to grieve the way that He grieved with my idol worship of food. I also prayed for Him to bring Christian women into my life to be in agreement with His conviction. God was very faithful! December 31, 2012 I additionally prayed for God to get me “unstuck” from any areas in my life that were preventing me from moving forward into His calling on my life. Glory to God today I’m 150lbs lighter! Also, free from the emotional and mental obsession with food. The healing and “unsticking” continues today. I thought the food issue would be my last area of surrender. Alas, following God always requires more. 🙂
    Don’t be surprised that when the food obsession is lifted there will be deeper issues revealed. I’ve continued to allow God to heal the sexual abuse in my past. I pray that 2015 will be the year that many women would break out of this bondage and get unstuck and moving forward with our loving Saviour.
    Thank you God that when Christ returns I will not be found with dusty orange fingers eating Cheetos on my couch! 🙂

  569. Deborah Holman

    oh Lord help me to make this my year for victory. Help me to remember that even when it’s hard…I am held by You!

  570. Vera

    Dear Lysa,

    I feel so much like the woman you described with a losing battle year after year with weight loss and its the one area that makes me feel very much like a loser and not in a good way. I seem to have a measure of victory in other areas but not this one and so much want that this year will be different. I want to “unsettle” myself too! Please help me.


  571. Mrs. C

    Thank you so much for sharing. Weight has been a struggle for me as well my whole life. My prayer for this year is to draw ever near to God and have Him change me as He sees fit.
    Whether I win the weight battle or not, I want to be right with God and be okay with everything else in my life.
    Thank you again for sharing. God bless you.

  572. Monica Sandoval

    i am praying daily for self control yet not find … I would like your book

  573. Jill

    I say that I would trust God to sustain me if I was to face a terminal illness, that He’d give me to strength to make the choices I need to…yet I succumb to a brownie. Oh me of little faith.
    Once again all I can pray is Lord I don’t know You well enough to know that You are all I need.

  574. Michelle

    This could not have been said more beautifully! Thank you!! Lord, please help us win the battle against our desire to be healthy. Please vanquish Satan back to hell with temptations he knows eat at the core of my soul. Please help all women who struggle the same battle to find grace, mercy and beauty in being healthy. Amen!

  575. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing this- I needed this tonight. Lord, tonight I pray that you take over in my life. In all areas, not just when it comes to food. Help me to remember to seek comfort in You and not snacks or from just complaining about my clothes not fitting. Walk with me Lord, and help me to give up the control food has over my emotions, whether good or bad, and to be able to always turn to You and your goodness. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  576. Beatriz

    Thanks for sharing. Good words to hear. I hope God unsettle me in other areas of my life too. I really need this

  577. Natalie

    Thank you! This is what I needed to hear today!! I’m starting a new weight loss journey. Dear Lord help me to look to you for comfort and trust you in my new journey of becoming a healthier person physically, spiritually and emotionally.

  578. Shelly

    To be “present” for my family, friends, and co-workers.

  579. Sharon

    I wish I could do this, too.

  580. dawn warren

    Lysa, I also want to say that I admire you and your stand for Christ. I started writing a blog in 2009 for God’s glory. He placed the desire to write for Him on my heart and I have been writing ever since. If you ever get a chance, I would be honored if you would read it and give me feedback 🙂
    You are an inspiration to many and I want to thank you!

  581. Kristy davenport

    My prayer this year is to be satisfied with less

  582. Gretchen

    Today I was remembering a few years ago when I was 30 pounds thinner and thought of the excuses I use now for not being that weight. The truth is, it is all in the mind and the heart. We make up our minds to let God rule our hearts when it comes to our stomachs.

  583. Christina

    I have been rocked to my very core on the last 4 months. Now it’s time to be unsettled.

  584. Beatriz

    Thanks for sharing. Good words to hear. I hope God unsettle me in other areas of my life too. I really need this. Do You ship your book worldwide? Or does it have an online version? Thanks again

  585. Kathy

    My prayer is to be brave. Brave in the hard, the unknown. Brave in my faith and in my trusting that He holds me well.

  586. Nohemy Tautimer

    My prayer for 2015 is to get my health back and to restore my relationship with God. I am always taking care of everybody and leave myself last. The result is I am 32 and have high blood pressure, anxiety, overweight by 80 pounds, and back issues. I need God to help me put myself first and stop allowing toxic people to come first. I need to be healthy for myself and my kids!!

  587. Angie

    My prayer for this year is for direction to know whether we should move and if not, for contentment where we are. I just finished “The Best Yes” last month, so I am working on implementing what I learned in my life.

  588. TonyD

    Father, I pray that I can finally realize even just a fraction of the love you have for me as your son. I pray that through realizing this love that I would be able to finally release the false love I’ve allowed food to provide to me all my life when I thought you and everyone else, including myself, hated me. I want for once in my life to not feel shame and regret, but love and peace about myself. I release this to you, my Father, my King, my Savior. Amen.

  589. Amber

    Yes Father, PLEASE unsettle me. Shake me up, reach inside and give me the focus and strength to finally lose some weight and at the same time find myself closer to YOU! Let my heart desire You more than I desire sweet treats. Provide me with clear focus on healthier diet and becoming more active. Amen

  590. Debby

    As I read your prayer, I had just been thinking of how 12 years ago I had committed many things to God, family issues, professional concerns, and my physical weight problem. I was able to lose over 30 pounds then–but it has slowly found its way back to me! I was wondering if I had the stamina, the strength, to try to lose it again, and keep it off. I need your prayer, for God to “unsettle ME” and do His work in and through me.

  591. Amanda

    I pray that I can be all that God made me to be. I pray I can get all of the negative thoughts & memories out of my mind & move forward. That I will put God first & listen to his instructions for my life.

  592. Joy

    I pray for the Lord to help me be content where I am, yet lead me into the places and calling He has planned for me.

  593. isa wilburn

    I just started reading the bible in Chronological order. So my prayer is to stay in the word every day for the whole year. To stick with it. I am studying with an online video series.

  594. Erika

    Thank you for writing that book! I’ve read it a lot and keep reading with God’s word to keep me focused, to keep me mindful that it’s truly a daily surrendering to him! It’s a journey in discipline, self control and obedience. It’s a journey is living myself and being content. It’s a daily walk with Jesus! Thank you Lysa! I’m so grateful for your ministry!

  595. Sherri Y.

    My prayer, for this year especially, is that I may honor God in all that I do…my relationships, my thoughts, my eating, my caring for my family…everything!

  596. Dana Williamson

    Dear God: you know the struggles that I am going thru in my life now. You know that I am a stress eater!! God, please help me to let go of this stress & trust in you to take control of things. And God, if this book is something that will help me, please let me be chosen as a lucky winner. In Gods name I pray. Amen

  597. Erika

    My prayer is to abide in him! To love myself and accept the limits he has planned for me – to surrender to him daily!

  598. Emily

    Lord unsettle me…having just left the hospital from chest pain issues, I need this healing in a deep way.

  599. Melanie

    To be who God intended me to be…not anything more or less.

  600. Tammy W

    My prayer would be that the Lord would settle me by – unsettling me. For years, I have tried to settle into my life and I just haven’t yet. I am yearning for more of something that I can’t seem to find. So, my prayer is; that the Lord would settle my spirit, settle my soul through the peer act of unsettling me. To finally rid me of all that hinders a deep, quiet, calm relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!

  601. Darlene

    Wow, Lysa — your blog and prayer, “Unsettle me”, really struck a nerve. I’ve been “pleasingly plump” (as my grandmother called me….) my whole life. I remember vividly my mother calling me a fat pig when I was still in elementary school, and being compared to my older, thin, perfect sister. My sister the chemistry teacher’s aid in high school while I struggled to pass; my sister the drill team co-captain while I hung out in the smoking area, my sister the Jazzercise teacher. I’ve always settled with being the younger, chubby, funny sister. I settled dating men I felt superior to. I settled being in debt (“everyone has credit cards!”), I’ve settled too much. I don’t want my 15 year old daughter to learn to settle in her life. No more…! “Unsettle ME, Father. Today…right now…where I am…where you want me to me. Unsettle me.”. Amen.

  602. Rhonda

    Thank you Lisa for your inspiration!! I saw you for the first time this year at Women of Faith….your words encouraged me. !!!

  603. Marlene

    two yrs ago I made a conscious choice to live a healthier lifestyle and changing my bad eating habits!!! Needed to loose weight as well – lost 45 lbs and now two yrs later I have gained some of that back because I have so slacked in what I was accomplishing!! (I have come to far to go back!!!!) So I need this prayer you have shared!! I have fallen off my path and need to find my way back again so I want to thank you for your inspiration and positive attitude! And putting it in God’s hand is the only way it can be done!

  604. Christina

    My body is my temple. Lord I want to be the best version of myself for me, your ministry, and my children. Only with Your help can I achieve these goals that seem so unattainable to me now. Thank you for Your victories and blessings!

  605. Lorraine

    Thank you for sharing that prayer. It meant so much to me. Trusting God for exactly that this new year. Been struggling for a long time. Ready to start this journey with the help of the Lord…God bless you!

  606. Valerie Parrish

    Thank you for your words. This seems to be a neverending battle for so many of us.

  607. Monique

    My prayer is Lord help me! In every aspect in my life. I can’t do it on my own, I’ve tried and I’m tired.

  608. Nicole

    You just described me.

  609. Ashley

    Dear Lord, unsettle me. Let this year be the year I prepare to be the best I can be. Help me prepare my body, heart and soul not only for me and you but to be able to bring one of your great blessings into this world. Prepare me this year to be the Christian person and mother you plan for me to be.

  610. Cindy Smith

    More of Him, less of me

  611. Dorothy Jeffers

    With the help of one of our elfer’s wives, i amhoping to start this bible study soon! Would love to read the book ahead of time!

  612. Kelly

    My prayer is that I will not live day to day, barely making it, winging it at almost every turn. My prayer is that my days will be purpose led with God as my leader. That my family will make, and keep, Godly goals… Keeping each other accountable and also being encouragers when we are struggling. Praying to see Gods purpose for me and my family and not “just surviving” life.

  613. Krista Anello

    Please Lord, also unsettle me. Year after year I commit to getting healthy and find myself giving up before January is over. Give me the strength Lord this year to be intentional to stay committed, to rely solely on you, and to crave more intimacy with you.

  614. Rachael

    My prayer is to answer Jesus’ call: Come away with Me.
    If I can do that, I know the rest of life will line up rightly.

  615. Barbara

    My prayer is that I be … truely what God wants me to be. I am so displeased with how I let food be my idol. I love you Lord. Please be everything to me.

  616. Audra

    this is the first year that I didn’t make a news resolution to lose weight because I couldn’t set myself up for another failer I’ve been trying to lose weight for over 4 years now. I always start out good and hit a bump in the road and quit again. I honestly just can’t start again only to fail again. I wish there was something I could do that could work but I just don’t think I’m strong enough to do it. Thank you for posting this though. Always encouraging to hear other people’s stories of success

  617. Candace

    Lord-make me content in all circumstances, rejoicing always, praying consistently!

  618. Just Trixie

    I have a simple prayer for 2015. “More of you, Lord, and much less of me. Amen”

  619. Mindy

    I have several prayers for this year. Like you, I long to finally get this weight battle under control. Not for superficial reasons, but for my health and the ability to go off medications. Secondly, to surrender worry to the Father and focus on allowing Him to be in control rather than me since I’m certainly not qualified.

  620. Tiffany Smith

    My prayer this year is to be ravished by his presence and to experience a new level of worship through a healthier life and a deeper realization of my purpose and calling.

  621. Anna Furlong

    Having lost 40 lbs 4 years ago and now having gained it all back, my spirit, self image, and body image are broken. I feel as though my spirit is crushed when it comes to this area. My prayer is that I will finally give this battle to you Lord. Your grace is sufficient for me. Your are all that I need when battling this issue of emotional eating.

  622. Kara

    My prayer is that I would just trust God as the author of who made me… that He was infinitely wise when he made me the way I am… and I can rest in that. I don’t have to earn His approval through my appearance or actions.

  623. Amy

    You bless me daily with your words of encouragement Lysa. Thank you, thank you! This is the best yet. Just what I need. I need to be unsettled. I want to be healthy for my family, for me and for God. I want to leave this current self behind and become a new, more beautiful, more healthy version. I want to be unsettled!! ❤

  624. Jodi

    i just got done telling my husband that I am tired of being fat, then I opened facebook and saw this post. Totally a God thing!! I’ve decided to work on my faith this year as well as getting healthy. I’m praying that this year I can finally change.

  625. martha k

    Dear Father I really want to learn how to fully trust you I have spent most of my life trying to fit in, but never could. I want to learn how to see myself from your pespective not how others see me. I see myself so badly I hate my body my hair just about everthing about myself. I don’t even like to go out anymore because I’m afraid people don’t like me. I just want to see what you see lord when I look in the mirror.

  626. Joy

    I feel like you were just telling my life story.
    I am still struggling with that first step though. I keep praying but am having a hard time giving up my control and not taking it back.
    Please pray with me that this time I will give all control to God and leave it where it belongs.

  627. Yvette

    I’ve been very “settled” with the thought of defeat in this area knowing I’m not where God intended for me. Please Lord hear my prayer to give me the daily strength to make the healthier choices to be my best to do all you have planned for me. amen!!!!

  628. Sonya

    I pray for God to help me loose weight, so that He can use me more for His purposes for my life. I pray I don’t use my weight as a reason to not be used of Him more.

  629. Cindy Paul

    To be available, to be teachable, to be soft

  630. Brittany Powell

    Also a simple prayer this year.

    That God will be in the midst of me, that I shall not be moved -Psalm 46:5. Be in my midst, BE MY MIDST. Lord, that I might fulfill what plans you have for me this year. Amen.

  631. Rhonda Harris

    As I enter into 2015 I want to keep myself before God. I want my thoughts, actions, desires, and hopes to directly reflect my love and devotion to the Lord. I want Jesus. Above all… just more of Jesus.

  632. Martha Bethea

    My prayer for 2015 is that I have a willing heart to surrender to the Lord completely the things that He wants to lovingly rid my soul of…that I will cooperate with the “digging up and rooting out” of all things that are toxic to my soul and to my physical body. That I will listen and heed to His voice when He speaks and do the thing that He asks of me, including when He asks me to stop with the over-eating. That I will crave more of His wisdom in every decision I make, from the little to the big decisions, especially by making wise food choices.

  633. Debbie

    Seems that I’ve prayed for God’s help with the weight issue forever. I think the result of the weight gain is the fact that I allow my stress to fuel my eating. Just this morning while reading my bible and praying I know that God is there and ready to help me I just have to let go of things and “Let God” handle them. I so want to reach my goal weight, not for anyone else but for myself and I need to take care of this body that God has given me. All things are possible with God.

  634. Lisa N

    My prayer for this year is for God to revive my broken heart and restore hope so that I may become the mother and wife He has called me to be, allowing me to live every moment to it’s fullest, realizing how truly blessed my life is!

  635. Veronica

    I REALLY NEED THIS BOOK!!!! 🙂 SERIOUSLY!! This seems to be the book that will feed the craving of my soul, along with the BIBLE!! 🙂

  636. Cara Solano

    Sweet Jesus, unsettle me!

  637. Lisa Peacock

    Dear Lord, I’ve prayed the same prayers so many times. Please help me to see through your eyes who you want me to be and give me the wisdom and courage to live it. In Jesus name I pray.

  638. Andi Bassett

    my prayer is for peace and love to reign and for my house to be a lighthouse to the city!

  639. Dona Pugh

    Dear Jesus, This year, the only voice I seek to hear and to follow is yours. Please, Lord, help me to shut out all the other distractions, desires, agendas, and idols that pull me away from you. I want to hunger and thirst for You, your Word, and righteousness. And, I want to follow you wherever you lead. May the result of this desire bring others to know you and hear your voice also. Jn 10:3-4, 16 In your most gracious and powerful name, Amen.

  640. Pam Kirkland

    My prayer is for God to use me to help others in their journey as I lead a group in Made to Crave Bible study. I pray that our small group journey draws us closer with our walk with God, help us make healthier choices for the temple that God has given us, and set a example for our children as they grow up walking with God daily. I have had an incredible journey of flooding 171 lbs and keeping it off for 6 years with God being my center and spending time with him daily. This is a for me a recommending to God and to the group of people that will be joining me in this study. God guide me and lead me.

  641. Esther

    There are no words – not really. The depth that this prayer has reached…..into my heart and life. 2015 is going to be ‘unsettled’ for me. Life circumstances dictate that, but now I can face it with a renewed hope. Being unsettled can be a gift if I keep my feet firmly planted on the Rock of my salvation. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  642. Joni Raulerson

    It’s as if you were reading my mind. I only wish that I could put into words my thoughts and prayers as eloquent as you. Thank you, reading this has inspired and encouraged me.

  643. Jessica Bacon

    My prayer is to give it all to the Lord and let him mold me!

  644. Lynn Long

    Thank you Lysa for be so true to your feelings. When I read yours, I know that I can be honest about my feelings – especially those concerning food. Blessings to you.

  645. Elena

    My prayer for 2015 is one, to be more faithful in my walk and to listen to God’s whispers to me so He doesn’t have to yell. Two, to also be healthier and wiser in my choices for myself and to set a good example for my children. Third, to understand what direction I’m to go in my life, if I am to reconcile with my husband or move on and also professionally and education wise.

  646. Jenny

    To demonstrate grace to myself, my husband, and our children.

  647. Stephanie Sheets

    I like your “unsettle me” prayer in fact I too will be praying that. Unsettle me Lord in all things. Being unsettled will encourage me to hold tight to you Lord. Thank you Lord for other sisters in Christ who are encouragers. Life is not easy and we all carry so much thank you Lord for being willing to carry my load and the load of others as well.

  648. Leslie

    I bought this book the other day and I am really enjoying it. I have a whole lot to lose but hopefully I’m gonna be a lot closer to Jesus by the end of this year.

  649. Christina VanScoten

    Thank you for that, Lysa. I definitely need God to continue to unsettle me. I’m praying to let God flow through me and to strip me of any pride that lets me think I have any ability to control things or that any accolades are mine. The glory is completely His. My heart knows this, but the enemy keeps telling my head to take pride in His work. I’m praying to silence that voice and never take away the praises that belong to God.

  650. Heather

    Love your prayer. I’ve been praying Psalm 17:14 for my prayer this year.

  651. Julie B

    my prayer is the same. My word for 2015 is health and that starts with making my health a priority. I’m finally finished having babies and it’s time to give a little to myself.

  652. Nedra Patton

    Would love to read this…and share it in our group as a book club. Thank you for being so open and honest.

  653. Rita Miller

    To quote Ms Renfroe “I don’t wanna die being angry at my thighs”. My prayer for the new year is to learn to look at both others (and myself) and see God in their image rather than stereotypes.

  654. Bonida Evans

    I have depression..it started when my grandson died, at the age of 14..all they could tell us was that Austin was perfectly healthy..it was a freak virus..it’s been 6 years now.

    My faith in God has never wavered,. I know Austin is happy. But it just seems like it started an avalanche of heartaches and troubles throughout our family.

    I want to find the Joy again of having Christ in my heart! I know bad things will happen somewhere or another..but I know Jesus is right beside me at all times! My mind knows all of this, my heart believes it..but I can’t seem to find the JOY anymore.

  655. Shelly bean

    Unsettle me Lord.

  656. Stacey Uhlman

    My prayer – Unsettle me!! I have made the commitment and voiced it to my friends and family but now I need to truly make the commitment to allow God to work in me to show others His love and power at work. Please God – UNSETTLE ME!!

  657. Joy

    I have come to the conclusion even if others are unsettling me( not in a good way) it is really not their issue it is mine. I want God to unsettle me so that all I seek is His pleasure. To quit worrying about what those I love think about me but trust Him and only seek His approval and He loves me! I exercise I fail and eating perfect. I have read some of your books and identify with unglued and best yes. I sure I need to read made to crave

  658. Kim

    Was walking in victory for 2 years and then fell back into old habits last year and gained 30lbs! It has to stop! I’m ready!

  659. Letty ERFURT

    Lord I surrender do your plan

  660. Juanita

    powerful prayer! I have fought this same battle my whole life, and now I’m peri menopausal and weary of the fight! Lord help me!

  661. Heather Argabright

    I am so blessed to come upon Proverbs 31 years ago, but strayed for the last few months because of pregnancy issues and pretty much “quit” going to church as much, quit teaching Sunday and Wednesday nights.. I am beyond blessed to be able to read this and get a huge lift because I have the same problem now. you have encouraged me today and hopefully this is what I really needed. I have prayed and thank you.

  662. Carlesha Chaplin

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I am also battling with my weight and after reading this I hope it inspires a lot of people with this issue .

  663. Tammy

    In desperate need of something that will truly jumpstart this new year and motivate me to put my trust back where it belongs.

  664. Lana Beers

    I am 63 years d and I’m STILL playing the yo yo dieting ‘game’. I want God to help me heal that part of me that is quick to compromise my commitment to better health. When I’m tempted in social situations or self-medicate with food when stressed I am weak. I need God’s strength to get through those challenging times. I want that little voice that tries to stop me from overeating to be God’s stronger voice. I am single and divorced and want to be healthy to work as long as I can and be a Christian leader. Thank you!

  665. Paula Ford

    Over 2 years I had lost over 20 lbs on weight watchers & felt great. Then my dad got sick with cancer & I was helping take care of him & went into a mode of depression knowing he was dying & I had already lost my mom to cancer. I’m up 25+ lbs & I told myself that I’m taking back “me” in 2015. Would love to have a copy of your book. Love your blogs. You’re an inspiration!!

  666. Pat

    Prayer for 2015 is to read God’s Word more, serve more, think more, listen more & speak less. Try to be a better mother to grown children & Nana to my 6 wonderful grandchildren. To learn to eat healthier & exercise (ugly word for me) and lose weight. To learn what God wants for me in 2015 and be happy with His whisperings.

  667. Angie

    To learn from last year’s mistakes and make appropriate changes.

  668. Shari

    Help me Jesus! Thank you for Lisa!

  669. Darlene Grotheim

    To not be satisfied where I am! To go deeper and farther with my Lord.

  670. Katie smith

    My prayer is that for once and for eating wrong and shopping too much, and turn to sweet Jesus instead of food or shopping!!!! The shopping thing seems so shallow it makes me so mad at myself. I have got to go to Jesus instead of food and materials!! I also pray each one that has committed with their prayer will meet their prayer through Jesus this year!!!:) Thank you for this!!:)

  671. Melissa

    Thank you. Show me the reason for this struggle.

  672. cathy kitzmiller

    i have always been a caregiver to everyone but myself ,at 16 i quit school to take care of my grandmother it has since followed by 3 children ,my mother who is passed away ,now i take care of my 76 year old dad ,babysit and my brother .somehow i couldnt love myself or let myself be treated .afterall im only a caregiver.but i have found god and he loves me im learning to take care of myself and feel valued ,the weight is something i think of everyday .we started a fitness class at my church and they are so suppotive .i have found strenght in your words .thank you

  673. halee

    My prayer is what you wrote above. I want to go deeper with the Lord and really truly know I am made for more than this constant battle with the enemy. I need God to get it in my brain that I AM victorious through Christ!

  674. Jennifer

    My prayer is to crave my Heavenly Father more than the unhealthy food I crave. You are such a blessing Lisa to so many, especially me. 🙂

  675. Summer Lacy

    Praying even now that I would lean in, draw near and come close to Jesus. That I would never settle for being “close enough”, but that I would pursue Him as relentlessly as he has pursued me.

  676. Kristin graham

    I am praying to god to unsettle me in all aspects of my life. . This blog entry is just what I needed to read tonight.

  677. Kristin Davis

    I pray this year I can fully let go and let God, that I have the discipline to focus on Him and not my circumstances, that He provide the strength needed for me to take care of myself and my boys, that what I do brings glory to His name. I pray the Holy Spirit helps me surrender all control to Him.

  678. Megan Hines

    Beautidfully simple, I can ask nothing more! Unsettle me!

  679. Gail Thorpe

    Heal my belly, strength to eat to heal. Wisdom and understanding for doctors treating me.

  680. Rebekah

    My prayer is that I’ll be brave! That I will forget the former things and embrace the life ahead.

  681. Lori Reynolds

    Like you’re reading my journal …. except for the “Unsettle me” part.
    Many people depend upon me to care for them so I desperately NEED to be healthier.
    I KNOW God wants better for me and of me.
    Its the ONE pet-sin I come back to: food.

    Lord, hear my prayer.

  682. Sherry

    Dear God,
    Let my light shine and remember everyone is going through a struggle so be kind. Also please help me make a healthier lifestyle for our entire family.

  683. Tonia

    I, too, have struggled for years. I am diabetic and want to change. I would love to be unsettled!!

  684. Noemy

    Help me see myself and others through your eyes God… With love through your spirit. Amen!

  685. Sandy Miller

    My prayer for 2015 would be to be an “overcomer”. And to overcome with joy and contentment. To realize God takes me through challenges to grow me, not to punish me. To draw me to Him, not to push me away and to prove to me that through Him, I can do Great Things.

  686. Amber Goode

    I love your books. I have been struggling with my weight for years and I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for all your work. Keep shining bright.

  687. Tara

    Lord, I pray that you continue to open my eyes to your love and how You see me. Lord, as I see my worth in You, I pray that the self-control You’ve given me is awakened and strengthened. I lean on you completely right now. In your precious heavenly name, Amen!

  688. Jeni Senter

    My prayer is nearly the same as the one in this article. I have gained 70 pounds (along with the serious health problems that accompany this type of weight gain) due to several medications that are necessary for me to take for a decent quality of life. I want to curb my eating habits, boost my desire to exercise, and let God guide me through the entire journey as he did with my journey to stop smoking last year (10 months smoke free).

  689. Mary

    Lord, please let me know and understand your love in every area of my life. That I would live under your umbrella of provision and grace in all areas.

  690. Tina

    Lord, please help me to focus on filling myself up with You instead of filling myself up with junk food.

    Thanks for your constant inspiration, Lysa.

  691. Jen

    Thank you for sharing this prayer. Many times as I am reading your blog, books, Facebook posts, or hearing you speak I feel you are speaking directly to me. I often feel you are God’s answers to my prayers because so many of your messages hit home. I saw you speak at Women of Faith in October and I was crying. No one has any idea how desperately I needed to hear your words. Your words of wisdom have helped so much. So now I pray your prayer in hopes that my emotional roller coaster with weight loss can finally come to an end with me on the winning side. Amen

  692. Carla

    My life has been unsettled this season. Your blog brought a fresh thought and revelation that God maybe God is not looking for settled like I am. Content in the unsettled may be where He wants me. Thank God for His faithfulness!

  693. Heather Luna

    I love your prayer. I often pray for radical change but to be unsettled is what I need most. It’s too easy to ignore opportunities for change but if my heart is unsettled I won’t be able to walk away so easily. Thank you for encouraging me to change the tune of my prayer.

  694. Vickie garza

    I thought I wanted to die and give up..But this, would be calling my Heavenly Father a liar….Philippians 4:13…I’m obese…a lot of health issues which you would think would change me..a lot wonderful husband along my grandkids..I’m want to live I need help..encouragement….

  695. Saira

    My prayer for 2015, is for the Lord to help strengthen my faith, and to help me guide my children.

  696. Emily

    My prayer is to fall more in love with Jesus than in 2014, and serve my new husband graciously and selflessly.

  697. Jan Quinn

    My prayer is to be rid of the guilt and shame that comes from being over weight…even with my family. My prayer is to be satisfied but not with food. My prayer is to be able to choose health over “what I’m having to give up”. My prayer is to conquer food so that it’s not my enemy.

  698. Angie

    To be more focused. That my actions are intentional and with purpose.

  699. Anna Lee

    I am at square one one my journey. I feel like one foot is nailed to the floor and I and running. I need guidance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  700. Natalie

    Lord have mercy on me! I do not deserve your unconditional love. Through your son Jesus Christ I am redeemed! Thank you! Bless this woman for sharing this message & your word, as we are taught to do. Please unsettle me Lord! I ask you to remove all walls of hindrance in our lives that keep us from serving you, and help us to remember that this body is a temple of the holy spirit within us. Where I am weak, you are strong! Thank you, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  701. April Pearson

    I pray that this year would be different. That this year you would break the chains that weight me down and that you Lord would become the one true desire of my heart,

  702. Isa

    My prayer is that I can stick to studying the Lord’s word everyday. I just started a online bible study. We will be reading the Bible in chronological order and finish at the end of the year. I just hope I can stick with it through the tough parts. I pray that the Lord is with me every step of the way. I yearn to learn about his word and his sons journey.

  703. Brandi

    My prayer is for God to be with me always and especially when I am craving foods that I don’t need and aren’t necessary to sustain me. Thank you, Lord.

  704. Vicki

    Dear lord help me to realize YOU are enough! Please help to stop looking beyond YOU for something better! Forgive me. Lord you alone are enough.

  705. Kelly Clossin

    Thank you for the prayer, I have the book was that prayer in it? Maybe it is time to re-read it. I have the book and read it but maybe I wasn’t ready for it the first time. Lord I have struggled with my weight for so long and lost the battle, may this be the year for a turn in the war I have waged in my life. May this be the year of drawing closer to you and not food or anything else.

  706. Sara

    My prayer is to be rid of the shame accompanied with my weight. At times i feel unlovable, unheard, unseen yet so much in the front line that I’m embarrassed to be me.

  707. Meagan R.

    Lord you know me better than anyone else and you know my heart. You know the things I want to do and need to do in all areas (work, being a mom, devotions, eating, loosing weight, in prayer, time with you…)Give me a desire to love you more and desire You more than anything.

  708. Liz Wright

    Wow those words have never rang more true in my life! I swear you were writing what my mind is thinking! This is my new prayer for 2015 as well. Unsettle me.

  709. tawni

    Oh Gracious God, thank you.Thank you for the journey, the uphill battles, the upstream swims, and of course, the view. All that surrounds me every day is evidence of your grace. The handful of times I lost my daily battle with food/discontentment/inability to own my choices this past year were so few in number compared to the year before. And thanks for not keeping count. That as you see me, you only see Enough. You see Jesus in me, the truth (though perhaps not yet manifest) present because You put it there. Thank you that I am enough. Because you are. May I continue to grow in recognition of this truth. May it be the pulse that sets the rythem to my days. You are good, when there is nothing good in me. You are enough when I am empty. I praise you, oh God, for you are worthy. You and you alone can make a life worth living and you have made your life, your Spirit at home in me. What joy! I am adopted in. I am enough…because I am yours.

  710. Rebecca

    I have completely given up hope. I need some hope when it comes to having a healthy body. Unsettle me out of my hopelessness, Lord.

  711. Fran Barker

    Your words at the beginning of your journey could be my own. Lord, I’m three days into the new year please continue to unsettle me!

  712. Lauren K

    To be content with myself.

  713. Kay

    Lord God, help me to glorify you in my body as an offering to you.

  714. Whitney Luckhart

    Lord, minimize the distractions of this world that keep me from seeing and hearing you. May I learn to listen for your whisper among the shouts around me and may I bring glory to you in every way. Amen.

  715. Katherine

    My prayer for 2015 is that the LORD would do a work in me that would point to Him alone and that those that I meet on my path in life would see the difference and see that it’s only through His mercy and grace that I live and breathe and have my being.

  716. Joanne Allsup

    my prayer is to be more like Jesus in my words, and my actions. Thank you for sharing such an insightful prayer…I want to be unsettled today!

  717. Liz

    My prayer for the new year is to once and for all overcome my eating issues and to find a place to volunteer in a meaningful way.

  718. Kathy

    My prayer is to be on a closer walk with The Lord. To exemplify the love that he has designed us to have, which includes love for our bodies and the temple that we have created for the Holy Spirit. When have to constantly obsess about our weight struggles we take away from our time focusing on you. So Lord I pray that I will turn those desires to overeat into time with you. I pray for protection from the enemy and his temptations. I lift up the other women who have responded to this and ask that you will bless them and lift them up during difficult times. I thank you for all that you are doing and all that you will do. Amen!

  719. Sheryl

    Dear Lord; for such a time is this to honor my body that you have blessed me with while here on earth. May I honor it out of respect for you. In your precious son’s name I pray. Amen and thank you.

  720. Jennifer

    Lord, let me be undone in your arms alone. Let intimacy be the theme of 2015!!

  721. Candice

    my prayer is to stop judging myself for not being the “skinny” person that the world thinks I should be and focus on the person God wants me to be!!

  722. Donna Pierson

    I have struggled with my weight for 20 years. I just keep getting bigger. My husband left me for another woman two days before Thanksgiving. I had been with this man for 27 years. My weight ruined my marriage. He finally told me it was my weight and that I needed to get some self respect. That was extremely painful to hear coming from a man I thought would always love me. I was humiliated, but also it stuck. I have lost self respect. He was partially responsible for that. I believe being married to a salesman for over 22 years I turned to food for comfort and company because he was gone so much. It is time I gain my self respect back. In 2015, my prayer is that I can love me as much as God does. I pray that I can feel renewed both physically and spiritually. I want to be the best me I can be, not for my husband, because he is gone, but for ME!

  723. Becky

    i need a heart unsettling as respects this temple. Like you, I’ve battled this for years, yo yo dieting, loosing only to gain back again. I felt hopeless until I read your prayer. Thank you.

  724. Brittany

    My prayer for the upcoming year would be for me to be a more supportive and caring wife, realizing that my body is not just my temple, but ours, as my husband and I are one. Our family may be having difficult times this year with choices that I may not always understand or agree with, but ultimately my husband is a godly man and the head of the household. As a child of divorce, my first instinct is to retaliate first, listen later, but after 22 years of marriage you would think I would have learned by now. I pray to be teachable both from God and my husband, and finally I pray that I can overcome my dependency on food and ‘stuff.’

  725. Margi

    I pray for compassion and love– for all of us.

  726. Anna

    My prayer is to worry less and trust more. Amen

  727. Linda Florence

    i pray for a year of good changes – a better job for my husband for the one he just lost, to be able to do better financially, to loose weight and a closer walk with God.

  728. Julie


  729. Kimber

    awesome post and prayer! I’ve been looking for a way to put my journey for 2015 into words, so I’m eternally grateful for this blog post. My prayer request for 2015 is simply a greater sense of discipline in EVERY area of my life. Not just with my plate, but in my goals, in my work, in my TIME MANAGEMENT! I have so many things I know the Lord is calling me to…but I’ll never get there without the appropriate discipline.

    P. S. Love, love, love your ministry!

  730. Julie Moore

    Unsettle me, too Lord! Thanks Lysa!

  731. Margaret thompson

    When I read your intro it was like I had written myself. Dear Father I too ask to be unsettled. Give me courage and strength to make better choices, to follow through and to draw closer to You! Amen!

  732. Shelia Martin

    As I’m starting a new year and about thave a milestone birthday, I want so badly to lose weight and get fit. I’d like to be able to look in a mirror instead of avoiding every mirror possible. Both of my children got married in 2014. I know grandchildren will be coming and I want to not only be here for them, I want to be active doing things with them and celebrating life with them. I intend to use your book as inspiration and encouragement wether I win it or if I purchase it.

  733. Crystie

    Lord, let this year be different. I am too tired of losing this battle to make any resolutions. I can only make a change with your strength and not my own.

  734. Heather Smith

    Thank you for sharing! 4 years ago my husband and I adopted a little boy from Russia. My prayer this year is to love him the way Jesus loves me. It has been a struggle every day and I want this year to be our turn around year.

  735. Jamie

    Dear Lord,
    I want You to completely be the Lord of all aspects of my life. You created me and know all of the immunodeficiencies I am dealing with. I trust you for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.

  736. Kate

    I pray that I will keep a grateful attitude and show my appreciation to Him by taking great care of all He has blessed me with.

  737. Toshia Yates

    my prayer for 2015 is a difficult one. I don’t know where to start or what to say. I am having trouble praying for myself and really need other to intercede and pray on my behalf. Please. I guess that’s my prayer. If anyone reads this, please pray for me.

  738. Candace Larson

    Inspiring words and prayer. I would love to share this book with a dear friend. Thank you!

  739. Esther

    I already feel so unsettled by the events that changed my life last year, but I long to be changed by God. I need him to insettle me in good way this year so I can be all that he called me to be. You see I moved countries with my husband in Oct 2013 in what I believed was a ‘yes’ to God, but there were visa complications and my husband had to return to England and was gone for 4 months. When he returned, he told me he had changed and no longer had feelings for me and left me & my 2 young children… It’s been a devastating year, but God has been so good and surrounded me by the most amazing and supportive people. I believe my mess will be my message (as much as I sometimes wish it wasn’t) some days are much tougher than others. I want 2015 to be a year of good unsettling/change, healing, breakthrough and a deeper understanding of His TRUTH not the worlds!! Thank you Lysa 🙂

  740. Kim Stevenson-Dykes

    Loved your blogpost. I too, want to be more obedient, take up my Cross and be more like Christ everyday. In turn, I can be a better wife, mother, daughter, and body of Christ. Thank you for sharing!

  741. Kathy

    Help Lord! I need You, You are more than enough and I want my hunger and thirst to be after You!!! I love You and I need You more than any one or any thing else in this world.

  742. Donna

    My desire isn’t to be skinny, but fat amd full of Jesus like I was a few years back when he freed me from alcohol and all that that entails. His grace was sufficient for me then and I know His grace is sufficient for me now in my need to be free from food addiction. My goal this year is 50 pounds loss. I need prayer and a sound mind with all the love and power He provides. <3

  743. Keri

    Loved this!

  744. Sylvia Brown

    Wow. So good. The last five years I’ve struggled with daily anxiety. What once was an everyday thing for me, health and excersice, I allowed anxiety to rob me of it. I’ve put on over 30lbs and I have beat myself up over it for so long. I would start a program and then stop and feel guilty. I declare that this is my year. My year to claim my health back. I believe God has healed me from anxiety. Now, I need to step up and get healthy so I can be the godly women God created me to be. I will do this with Gods help. I won’t be hard on myself. I will take it one day at a time. I won’t beat myself up. I won’t compare myself to the me that was before the anxiety hit. I will focus on Gods love for me.

  745. Denise Dickinson

    Lord I thank you for Lysa and the wisdom you have delivered through her to others. Lord please let this be a year of breakthroughs for me. Breakthroughs of passed old habits that seem to haunt me. Lord I pray that I see through your eyes what you have in store for me. Please give me wisdom, endurance, strength, and hope to conquer the things that have brought me to where I am at today. I thank you that you are renewing my vision and guiding my steps to a healthier lifestyle. Help me Lord to make right choices in eating and drinking. Help me Lord to crave water and not coffee. Thank you Lord. I love you Lord and thank you for Lysa and her success lifestyle. Renew my mind and let the words of my mouth and that I put in it be acceptable to you and healthy for me. AMEN!!!

  746. Morgan

    Lord, help me be content where I need to be and shaken where I need to change!

  747. Nicole

    My prayer for the year is to love. Unconditionally, regardless of circumstances. Trying to start with myself, so that I may share it with others.

  748. Sheree

    Lysa, what an inspiration this prayer is to me. Its taken me 52 years to realize I can be a grown up. I lack confidence which if I think hard about it shows me my lack of faith. Bring it to the Lord i know but its the fear he may shake me so hard I will not like it. Holds me at bay sometimes. Wow that’s a hard one. I want to be so faithful to him. Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope to read your book.

  749. Lisa

    My word for 2015 is grace. Not really thinking it would would directly apply to me & my self image until reading your post. I had more of the outward relationship with others mind. The thought of success being possible scares the living day lights out of me & gives me a small grain of hope all at the same time. God help me to believe in who you say I am & take care of the vessel you gave me once again! To run to your word & not food.

  750. sherri

    would love to have a copy…thank you

  751. Karen

    Lysa, Thanks! That spoke straight to my heart. I’m so weary of the yo-yo.
    Lord, Fill up my empty spots with only You because the filler I so often reach for leaves me only hollow. You are my strength. Amen.

  752. Andrea Simanson

    I want to focus less on news, events, and social media and more on God and his Spirit.

  753. Lisa

    I have no great words other than I need God more and more and know that my health is failing and I’m only 42! I do wish everyone success through Jesus’ spirit for every thing! Much love and peace

  754. alise

    My prayer for this year is for Jesus to help me stop making excuses and to put myself on my list of things to do. I need him to guide me and encourage me to know that taking care of myself is not selfish. thank you

  755. Mimi

    Lord I surrender to Your ways. I will stop running from You to avoid the pain. I will let you heal the wound. Trusting only You for the solutions.

  756. ronda

    I’m really struggling and would love to read your book.

  757. Tamika

    as I read this it was like you were speaking from my heart. I need to be, want to be unsettled. I want to be who God created me to be.

  758. Lynda

    Lysa, thank you for your honesty and transparency in your writing. Your book Unglued really spoke to me and I feel Made to Crave would also. Please don’t stop putting the truth out there for us…even when it is hard for us to accept!

  759. maureen abah

    There are immense joy in obeying our Lord Jesus Christ.

  760. Sue D

    Lord I need my life to revolve around you. I need to talk with you in, my head, not to myself. As I eat I need to be conscious of the beauty of how You created my body in such splendor. And enjoy the the food without shame. Help me to focus on You and and the gift not on myself and my guilt, shame, fear. Please place avenues and people in my life to idolize You more and food be appreciated for what you created it to be verses what I use it for. Thank you Lord.

  761. Bethany

    My prayer is to walk deeper with my Lord…to cut the excuses and lack of effort in giving Him ALL of me. I want to be a living vessel for Him but I must surrender the one thing that has held me in bondage…pride. Good thing I’m in the midst of Beth Moores study Breaking Free.

  762. Julie

    Dear Father – please help me to put you first in my life and keep you there! Help me remember to eat to live and to treat my body as your temple. Amen!

  763. Peggy

    Abba, Father, I want to embark on this journey starting now; I’ve tried following this journey alone and I have failed over and over. I ask in faith for you to walk with me for I know I cannot fail. Amen and amen.

  764. dmcdade

    Lord, take my life, every part of it, and use it to your glory. Change my habits and make them ones that reflect you and who you are in me. When I get bogged down with the busy-ness of life, remind me of the reason I seek to change and place within me a desire to give you my whole life.

  765. Carol

    My prayer is that God would help me to see myself as he sees me. Help me to do what know what he desires for me to do this year. Amen

  766. Debbie Welsh

    Dearest Father, please empty me of me and fill me to overflowing with Your Spirit. Open the eyes and ears of my soul to hear and see only Your Word. thank you Lord

  767. Angie

    I love your transparency! My prayer for 2015 is that God shakes things up! 2014 was kind of blah as far as my walk with Jesus and I’m ready for some adventure with Jesus in all areas of my life from finances to relationships. Shake me up JESUS!

  768. Rachel

    Thank you for sharing this prayer, Lisa. It really resonated with me and I felt like you were speaking exactly how I’ve been feeling, but you were able to take it one step further to an amazingly profound yet simple prayer, Lord, unsettle me. I will take your words and actions to heart and pray this same thing for my life. My prayer, my desire is to follow Christ and live out His will for me; to be the woman He created me to be and not be settled in lies, compromises and discouragement.

  769. Olivia Gunn

    I am so encouraged by this! My friend and I were just talking about this and I she shared your link with me on Facebook. I am 35 and have shared the same struggle all of my life. My friend and I were just saying how we have both gained a lot of weight over the last year (due to grief, stress, and huge life changes) and how we both agreed that we needed to really begin to receive God’s love on the level He intends us to in order that no obstacle or situation changes blows us off course. I know that God wants us to be so settled in in that nothing can change our mind about our identity, not even weight or loss of relationships, or failure. I would really love a signed copy of your book…I can’t wait to dig in and get started.

  770. Carrie Hurt

    My prayer…adoration for Him

  771. Jane Lopez

    Precious Lord, I pray as Lisa did. Unsettle me!!! As I retire this year, that my latter years be more fruitful than my former — Unhealthy weight being a major hurdle. I surrender all my plans and my desires to your perfect will. May this year bring me to a place of strength in you; with disciplined commitment to do what I know I should do, but need The Holy Spirit’s assistance to accomplish; and total acceptance and obedience to ALL you call me to. I believe you Lord; I trust you Lord; and I Love you Lord! Be glorified in me. In Jesus’ name I pray — Amen!

  772. Jaime Bradford

    my prayer is that I win this battle and can finally let go of my fears to begin to eat healthy and exercise and get my body healthy. I want to live God more and myself more than the good I eat

  773. Sany

    Hi Lysa,

    Thank you for your timely word…it resonated so deep in my soul. My prayer to the Lord, “Unsettle me. Help me to lead and live a healthy life. May my destructive eating habits which have been formed due to lack of food be broken. I ask this is Jesus’ sweet Name.”

  774. Cassie Pate

    My prayer is for God to shape me mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically into the person (large or small) that He created me to me. I am here to serve Him.

  775. Melissa

    My prayer is to begin again, to make my weary soul begin again. I pray for my “want to” to fire up, to not look in the mirror defeated before I even start. I pray for strength to look to my Father, and not the mirror and rely on His strength.

  776. LoAnne

    Dear God,
    I really need your strength in overcoming my addictions. These cravings have become a dominant force in my life. I need your love to unchain me from this prison I have created. Please surround me w/ your love and guidance to help me fight these great temptations. Give me the strength so that I can win this battle. I know w/ you everything is possible!
    I so need your Love & Support
    your grateful daughter, Amen

  777. Mark Foshager

    thank you.

  778. Laurie

    Lord, I need your truth to resound within me and lead me to the fullest life you have for me. May you give me strength when mine fails and show me the depth of your love for me. Please allow this realization to bring me into closer fellowship and dependence on you.

  779. Cindy Moses

    That my heart could accept the truth that my body is His temple-His dwelling place.

  780. Rebecca

    for peace and guidance. 2014 was very unsettling and we are in the process of making a huge move and I am returning to work. I need guidance and peace his will guides my decisions

  781. Susie Martin

    I need a fresh start. Just said goodbye to family. I don’t like goodbyes. What do I do with this sadness..this resisting of the way things are in so many areas.i am discontented.Lord cleanse me and forgive me for turning to food for distraction and comfort. Food did not come through for me but turned on me. Teach me a better way of dealing with life. Jesus you are the Way, show me the way now.bring Your order to my thoughts and emotions and decisions. Be my satisfaction.

  782. Marena Lewis

    Lord I HAVE been craving YOU, not food or exercise, or even a return of my good health, but I want YOU. You gave me s vision & I’ve backburnered it for SO long. I need YOU – I need you to direct me this year, inspire me, open the doors, & move the mountains. You told me this would happen & I KNOW it will; early on I pushed it & was so discouraged when it didn’t come to fruition, but I DID hear You say in MY time not yours. With my MS taking my professional life away I believe that You are now saying “it is time, let’s get to work.” I can admit I am scared – I know YOU will make a way where I see NO way so I’m simply asking You to lead me on this GLORIOUS adventure & show me Your Greatness. In Jesus Name, Amen

  783. Marg

    Wow, this is where I am now. I used to be slim but have piled on the pounds. Lost all my will power to be fit and healthy.
    It’s the new year and God is helping me to be strong. My prayer this year is for my husband mostly. We are both
    trying to get fit and healthy, leaning on each other for support.

  784. Melonie Botchlet

    Yes Lord, Unsettle my heart!! Please Lord, I know I’m made for so much more than this constant battle.

  785. angela

    My prayer is to not give up.I can finish!
    Ps 63:5 You satisfy more that the richest of foods, I will praise You with songs of joy.

  786. Miriam

    Lisa, I have just recently lost 50 lbs and don’t want to go back to where I was in 2014 and in the past. For years I was told I had to get the weight off but wouldn’t hear of it. This past year I have been studying the word more and relying on God’s message for me. I even got on my bicycle that was given to me as a mother’s day gift; best gift ever now! I got to spend more time soaking up God’s creation while exercising! It made the pounds come off so much easier. My prayer for 2015 is to have a deeper relationship with God.

  787. Alesia Bray

    My prayer is to not pray for settled but instead I pray for unsettled to help fulfill my cravings to know the Lord deeper than I ever have before.

  788. Leslie-Ann Hathcock

    One of my prayers is my 12 yr old daughter sees her beauty not her weight, that she is shown the light to her true self not a imagine, with proper guidness & love & compassion she is successful not harmful that she learns to understand food is okay and bodies are different that her own ” family ” stops being hateful & whispers hurtful things she can hear – that I can better understand her struggle &;hold her hand

  789. April

    Dear sweet Jesus, praying this year I focus on you less on me as a balance the role of motherhood for the first time. You are my shield and my protector and allow me to find your strength hidden in my heart.

  790. Lana

    I pray my soul will know I’m loved perfectly by a God who is indeed my literal help for wholeness in this area. That I’ll have the courage to walk these changes out. Oh please, dear God, help me.

  791. Rachel Schick

    Yes. Amen. Thank you Jesus for what you are doing.

  792. Julianne

    I love this! I will think upon and pray that the Lord “unsettle me” in many areas of my life. I also pray that he helps me to get to my goals. Without the Homy spirit’s help, I can do nothing.

  793. Star

    my prayer…to be unsettled as well. I’ve never thought of it that way. Thank you for being able to pour into words that thing my soul was crying out to be heard.

  794. Regina

    Lord you know my struggles, the desires of my heart, & my broken heart. I am praying 2015 will be a year that my struggles turn into victories, the desires of my heart come to life, and my broken heart will be mended! Unsettle me Lord!

  795. Janet Fowle

    im trying so hard, but I keep failing. Loss of my daughter, keeps me from positive thinking. Thank you God for giving me people like Lysa to enforce my faith and give me positive vibes. Currently I am on a 21 day no junk food fast. God bless

  796. Rose

    Thank you for sharing this prayer. I needed to hear this today!

  797. linda

    Thank you Lisa with God there is always hope. I am recalling the Bible words If ye by my spirit do mortify the deeds of the body…… it has to be by his Spirit

  798. Julie McKenzie

    This is a scary prayer for me right now, but I know it’s what is needed.

  799. Mandy Dixon

    Dear Lord, thank you for the wisdom you have given Lysa and others placed in my path as they share your love. I pray that as this new year begins I will see myself as You see me. Guide me to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices and to put You in the forefront of everything I do. In Your precious name I pray, amen.
    My one word: DETERMINED