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The Final Webcast is Tonight!

September 22, 2014

Does your Bible reading ever feel a little dry? Maybe your relationship with God seems off-kilter?

If you want to breathe new life into your own daily reading of the Bible, don’t miss this…

The Best Yes FINAL webcast is TONIGHT, September 22nd at 8pm EST and we’ll have Karen Kingsbury, author of Angels Walking, with us as a special guest. Join us for powerful Bible teaching, great discussion with Karen, and lots of giveaways!

If you’re wondering how to join in, just come right back here to at 8pm EST tonight.

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  1. shannon

    Can you view all of the past bible studies in this series?

  2. Maria Molit

    I would like to do this bible study tonight. I need it!

  3. Jennifer mateo

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I hope to include prayers of the poeple and the victims of typhoon haoyan in the philippines, in my own hometown. God have shown us so much mercy, despite the tragedy, despite he took away everything from us, still he showed mercy. My family may have lost evrything but we are all alive and well now. Please continue to pray for all of us. Also the the poeple who have helped us, especially the americares organization who have done so much for us.

  4. Sue Goodwin

    First I have seen anything about this event…..must one go to the website at 8 or is available to watch anytime?

  5. Holly Elliott

    I am looking for a bible study that is every week

  6. Laurie Hardin

    Thank you for the webcast!

  7. Sandy

    I don’t see a message with my assignment for the week. I only see a final webcast, but my online bible study is just starting. I’m confused. ;0(

  8. Deborah

    I want to study the bible, but I’m not sure how or where to start. I hope this study will give me a sense of direction. Thank you for the on line study. I work & It helps to do it from my home.

  9. Heather R. Bowers

    Thank you Lysa for being so real!! Blessings

  10. Cathy


  11. karen lipford

    4 minutes… there a countdown screen or will it just pop up at 8 eastern time? i’m in central time zone

  12. Susan Butler

    I tried to join the Web cast this evening but couldn’t seem to find it. Could someone please email me instructions so I don’t miss the next one. I am registered for the online bible study and I did go to Lysa’s Page but no luck

  13. Julie Maxwell

    I Thoroughly enjoyed the webcast tonight from beginning to end. The beginning with PRAISE set the tone for a wonderful evening! I am very excited about this study! GOD BLESS YOU and YOUR TEAM ! IN HIM, Julie Maxwell

  14. Sally Jo

    I missed tonight’s webcast! Was it recorded? I’m signed up for the study course but thought it started tomorrow, the 23rd 🙁

  15. Deborah husbands

    I lOVED and enjoyed THE WEBCAST tonight. I am very excited about the bible study
    And The Best Yes.

  16. ann d

    enjoyed the webcast…would love to not hear so many connectors such as “so” “andso” (this isn’t a word) for a public speaker…I would love to hear less of these as your content is enthusiastic, informative, and inspirational…I just have difficulty hearing “andso” used by presenters….

  17. Suzanne

    Enjoyed the webcast tonight. Looking forward to getting started on the study.

  18. Marie

    I have just started the book for the study. I am on the west cost so could not listen live. How do I listen now. Please help.

    • Jennifer

      I am in the same situation…

  19. Marie

    HI Lysa, OH MY you think like me. I have read chapter one. I started with a pen to underline things that related to me. UH I kinda underlined most of the chapter. I might have to rethink how to read chapter two. LOL I also, like your daughter, have problems ordering at the drive up. I don’t go often so don’t know the menus. A suggestion for you might be have your daughter write her order down before you get in line.

  20. Liz Krzan

    Unfortunately I had to miss the first webcast due to my work schedule. Any chance that it can be put on the website to view?

  21. Ashley Ledford

    Is there anyway to see the last WebCast if we missed it?

  22. Ramona

    Hi there. I would love to watch the webcasts but it seems that I am in the middle of dinner with all of my kids while it’s going on live. Is there any way to watch tonight’s webcast I missed it?

  23. Bri

    I didn’t get home from work until 9pm EST, how do I catch the webcast? Or is it only offered live? Help!

  24. Alexandria

    This is my first time joining a Bible studies..ever, and I am super duper excited to start this journey and learn new things along the way. Everyone seems so open and welcoming I truly believe I am going to love these next few weeks.

  25. Maureen Bealer

    I would like to join your on line bible study. Please give me all pertinent information. I look forward to your response.

  26. Ginnie Montoya

    I live in Calif. I really was looking forward to watching the Bible Study but was at work. How can I watch? I am so excited about this book. I just love it.

  27. Renee

    I live in France, and unfortunately, could not stay up until 2:00 am to watch the webcast! I really want to watch it in order to participate in the online study. Will it be posted? Thanks so much!

  28. Patricia

    I have been enjoying the book so much and look forward to starting this study with my ladies from all over the world.

  29. Betty

    I was not able to see your web cast last night and would love to see it, will there be another opportunity? Loving The Best Yes, finished and can’t wait to study with everyone. Thank you

  30. Darlene

    I missed the webcast 🙁 is there a way to still listen to it?

  31. Liz

    I was not able to be home to listen. Will there be a replay?

  32. Donna

    Will there be a replay available?
    I want to watch it and participate in the online study as well. Thanks so much!

  33. Tiffany Lamar

    I was not able to join in the webcast last night to see it live because of family obligations. Will the replay for this one be available?

  34. Andrea JOllie

    Hi, I missed last night’s webcast. I remembered it and even had it in my dayplanner but my son’s ballgame was delayed and we went to grab something to eat. We did not get home until after 8:45. Is there any way to watch this webcast again, PLEASE!! I am dying to see it. My book has not made it in my hands just yet so I already feel like I am behind. Please let me know where I can see this at…Please!

  35. Teri

    Enjoyed the webcast! Thank you ladies for putting it together. Looking forward to digging deeper with “The Best Yes” and relaxing with some Karen Kingsbury. What a joy to see two of my favorite authors together!!!

  36. Debbie Myhre

    Is there anyway to watch last nights webcast. I missed it

  37. Regina

    I had to work last night and I missed the webcast is there a way to view it now? 🙂

  38. Christine

    like some of the others, I wasn’t able to watch and am wondering if video will be available to watch soon? Thanks!

  39. kristen

    Is there a way to see last nights webcast?

  40. Kama Perry

    This was too early in my time zone, I am just getting off work and have a lengthy commute. Will it be aired again?

  41. Victoria Kay

    Would love to have seen the webcast but I was at work. WIll it be available to veiw late?

  42. Rosemary Escamilla

    I missed the webcast last night will it be reposted? Also, I didn’t receive the email that shows the assignment for today/ this week. But my girlfriend did. And I am already signed up to receive for this bible study. Please advise.

  43. Marbara Stivers

    Couldn’t find a place to post this 🙂 In the next printing of The Best Yes (which I read, loved and will reread and also send to my daughter), you may want to have your editor change “yokes” to “yolks” on p. 227. I was picturing little yellow oxen yokes and it didn’t make sense…till I realized you meant eggs! LOL

  44. Paula

    Likenthenothers, I had a ladies Bible study I lead last night and couldn’t join you. Looking for a replay too!

  45. Judith Davidson

    I missed the telecast played Sept 22 nd. Any way to see it again . Thank you

  46. Holly

    where did you watch this??? I couldn’t find it. I watched another video?? I am soooo confused? I clicked on the web site sent to me and I got a video of lysa eating with ladies. huh??? looking forward to watching it in a little bit!!!

  47. Suni Johnson

    Hi Lysa,

    I cannot begin to tell you how this study has spoken into my life. Thanks for being obedient to the Lord when he urged you to share this with us. On a side note-I am a youth leader in Indy area. I have a young gal from our youth in in Freshman year at UA who’s struggling and was wondering if you could reply with local churches in that area or campus ministries she could plug into. Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]

  48. Tracy

    Hi Lysa, I am a pastor’s wife in NJ. I facilitate a womens Bible study every summer. This year we did your “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl”. We all really enjoyed the study! We love how down to earth you are and how you help us apply what you are teaching to our every day lives! I am contemplating doing “The Best Yes” this summer, but have a few questions. We are serving in a small rural church where it is very hard to get people to come out to serve/fellowship. I have not read “The Best Yes” yet so you may answer these questions in there so I apologize if you have already touched on these questions. I am hesitant about this book because I have already experienced after another Bible study we did, people using their best yes as a way to be able to do more worldly things and not do things at church. I hope I explained that okay. Do you have any suggestions in that realm? Also, I just watched your Monday night dinner video. I enjoyed it. You spoke about the 3 D’s. I just need to say that there are sometimes when I experience the dread when I write it on my calendar and even until right before it happens but when it is over the person who I was helping expresses to me how grateful they are that I was able to be there to help them out. If I would base some of my decisions on the 3 D’s I might miss out on blessing someone else. What are your thoughts on this question as well. I know you are very busy but I pray that either you or someone close to you would be able to get back to me. I really want our ladies to grow so I am searching for ways to get this point across without giving them a way to get out of using their gifts and time for the Lord. Thank you!

  49. Jackie brown

    I just recvd my book this is week 2 of study..yikes can’t see how to view the Webcast?

  50. Susan

    Just read your devotion today on Prov. 31 site. Bless you Sweet Sister in Christ. Your words made me think of the Eliz Elliott quoted poem “Do the Next Thing:

    Trust them with Jesus, “DO THE NEXT THING.”Do it immediately; do it with prayer;
    Do it reliantly, casting all care;
    Do it with reverence, tracing His Hand
    Who placed it before thee with earnest command.
    Stayed on Omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing,

    We have all wept with the hurtful words from another and my heart went out to you. Your books are lovely and point us to Jesus – which is what it is all about Dear Girl. May you be blessed today with JOY, yes JOY in your sweet heart. “Oh how He loves us, Oh how He loves you and me!” So I hope my encouragement and thankfulness for your ministry is a help for you today!!

  51. Becky Wilson

    Lysa, how refreshing to read your Target experience as at sometime in our lives, we all feel this way. I like your approach of “doing the next small thing” as well as the way you handled the situation in today’s Bible thoughts. After 40 yrs of public school counseling, my personally created phrase became, “We have to meet people where they are instead of where we want them to be.” This doesn’t mean we have to believe their words are true, we just have to accept this is where they are at the moment. Always remember, “It doesn’t matter how deeply you bury the truth, it always comes to the top.” This is so true when it is God’s work we are trying to do. Keep up the good work. God loves you and so do your readers. Becky

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