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Reminder: Tonight’s Webcast!

September 8, 2014

I can’t wait to see you tonight for my Monday Night Dinner webcast! We’ll be talking about powerful ways to recapture the “US” in the midst of our “RUSH.”

To join in, come right back here to my blog at 8pm (EST). See you soon!

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  1. Leigh Ann Sells

    Can’t wait!

  2. Kristi

    Is there a way to view it on an iPhone?

    • Shawna

      Go to the site from your phone and it will work as if you are on the computer.

  3. Marnie

    Do we receive a link for the webcast or is there a link on your website??

  4. Angela

    Will there be a recording of this webcast?

  5. Darcy

    Can’t wait!!!

  6. Melinda

    Have we started? Am I in the right place?

  7. Jen

    I can’t view from my iPhone either:(

  8. renee

    I’m not able to see the web cast I see red join me later but I’m actually late signing in

  9. Cindy Lunderby

    I was unable to connect — so sorry I missed dinner with Lisa. Hopefully it will be online later to listen to. Thanks so much for blessing us women in so many ways! Love in Christ! Cindy

  10. Mary

    Shouldn’t the cast be going on now?

  11. Louise

    Oh no! Power went out in the middle of the webcast. It knocked out the cable, so was hoping to come here and pick it back up. Was great thus far. Will it be available as a podcast?

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      It’s available today as a replay right here on the blog. Hope that helps!

  12. Marie

    I am on the west coast. How can I view the webcast after it is over. There is no way I can get home from work in time to watch them. YES, I need this desperately!!!

  13. Peggy

    I also missed the webcast. Anyway to view it? Thank you.

  14. Lynne

    I’m new to “blogging”!!! Lisa how do I get you “word”s for the Made to Crave study?? Started it with my ladies group Mon nite and need to be able to find this for each week’study!! Thank you for such awesome studies to participate in!!!!! Be Blessed!!!!

  15. Doreen Sowers

    I am signed up for the online bible study!

  16. Doris

    Thanks do much for these suggestions! I say, “Yes!”

  17. Deana

    Hi Lisa, I signed up for the online bible study yesterday. Enter me for the book drawing please. Thanks

  18. Jennifer

    Hi Lisa!

    I am signed up for The Best Yes OBS. Can’t wait! I loved Am I Messing Up My Kids!

  19. Katina

    So excited for this!

  20. Stephanie

    I’ve signed up for the Online Bible Study! I can’t wait :o)

  21. Aimee

    The right message at the right time, for a person who needed some encouragement on this day. Thank you. I look forward to the Bible Study and an opportunity to stretch.

  22. Kathy Teodorovici

    Hi! I signed up yesterday for the online study & I am so excited! I am thankful to be entered for a chance to win the book! Blessings…

  23. Sarah

    Yes! I am signed up for the Bible study – super excited! 🙂

  24. Jackie Hemmings

    I signed up and got several friends to join me. I’m very excited!

  25. Jessica

    I am all signed up and can’t wait!

  26. Sheila

    I signed up for the Bible Study and can’t wait for it to start! 🙂

  27. Donna Bingham

    I am signed up, have my books and can’t wait for this study!!!

  28. Charlotte

    After studying “When Women Say Yes to God” I certainly wanted to do another study, so I signed up online for this one. Really looking forward to it.
    Please enter me in the book contest.

  29. Summer

    Got the book in mid august when I went on vacation needed to clean sweep some thing thank you for the help

  30. wendi

    signed up for the bible study. I am exciting about this book.

  31. Mazie

    Waiting with much anticipation

  32. Catherine Droske

    I am signed up for the online study, am sooooo looking forward to it!

  33. diane swan

    Super excited about gaining some new perspective on saying Yes to the Best choices 🙂

  34. Tammy

    Lysa, Thanks for the reminder and the freedom of permission to say no when we need to.

    We shouldn’t live our lives out of fear or real/perceived expectations of others, but only looking to God’s expectations for our lives and how that should shape/plan our days.

    Would love to win a copy of this new book. Thanks for writing books that have truths to hold onto and pass along to others as well.

    Appreciate you, Tammy

  35. Gennifer Tackett

    Hi Lysa,

    I signed up for the Best Yes study and can’t wait!! Please sign me up for the drawing for a copy of the book;)

    In Him,

  36. Valerie Reeder

    I am signed up and ready for Monday!

  37. Melissa Owens

    I am new to the online bible study and I can’t get in either. I getthe same error. Please help. I wanted to see the kickoff!

  38. Christawna

    I signed up for the online bible study!! Can’t wait for Monday!!

  39. Lisa Davis

    Please sign me up for bible study…

  40. Sofía

    Gracias por la oportunidad de participar en este estudio Bíblico. Y conocer mas de la Palabra

  41. Denise Griffi

    I’m so excited, God is so good, I can’t wait to share and learn with all you wonderful people…:)

  42. Teresa

    I am a first timer and very excited. Can’t wait

  43. Valerie Trapp

    I have read the first chapter and ready to go….This is my first online study. My husband and I attend our Care Group tonight, and I will not be able to participate “live” in tonight’s broadcast….. how do I watch it when I get home tonight? Will it be available to view later?
    I am so looking forward to this study and learning more…..I have enjoyed other studies by Lysa…… but first time here online!

  44. wendy

    This is my first online study! I have definitely felt a draw to this one for a while now, especially as we transition in ministry – hoping to put some better practices in place for this new chapter! Would LOVE a free book, too! 😉

  45. Lupe Munoz

    I signed up and will be online. Thank you for having this Bible Study on “The Best Yes”. It’s my answer to my prayer. Learning to balance between work, home, church and ministry in the midst of constantly being asked to participate, volunteering plus taking on more task but learning to making wise decisions in our busyness. I love the different ways of giving answers that are gracious without having to feel guilty or that you’re letting someone down. I know the Lord is speaking to us through the study and thank you again for being sensitive to what He has to say to us.

  46. Tina

    Anyone else having trouble getting on?? There is supposed to be a countdown but I cant see it.

    • karen lipford

      same here 🙁

    • Tammy Wright

      Could not see webcast last night after all efforts were utilized.
      Can this not be seen now?
      If the webcast isn’t watched on Monday at 8:00 is there no other way to see it?

  47. karen lipford

    am i doing something wrong? webcast should start in 8 minutes and i don’t see a screen or link to any video??

  48. Kristine

    I cannot seem to log on either…in fact there is no link, countdown or anything. I may simply have to view it tomorrow should it be displayed in a way I can view it. I was looking forward to it and still am 🙂

  49. Robin Hilarides

    I’m really looking forward to “the Best yes.” Bible study. It has already been a blessing to me.

  50. Robin

    I signed up for your OBS, “My Best Yes” and it has already been a blessing.

  51. Ann Marie Leyba

    Wow. I’M BLOWN away from Gods amazing whisper, his gentle hush he speaks through this message. In a world that cannot even keep up with itself. Our first love cries out for us. The Creator of the universe still desires his creation. Thank you Lysa for helping me realize what needs to be my best yes and how much I love to help others and my passion for writing. But as the fire inside of me wants me to run, your reminder and God’s reminder of not running ahead of his timing is such a breath of fresh air. That I can just be obedient in the now, so he can bless my steps for the future! Thank you for being obedient to His voice! I hope one day to meet you and be an impact to my community as you are to many. xoxo…ps those were really cute shoes

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