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Flash Sale – Through 9/3!

September 2, 2014

I have to admit when I first saw this video for The Best Yes, I thought, “Gracious that woman looks way grumpier than I intended.” But then her exaggerated expression really made me think about the expression my family sees sometimes.

And it challenged me.

And reminded me how much I need to guard my Best Yes answers so my family doesn’t constantly see the worn out, worn down version of me.

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(If you’re viewing this post in an email, click here to watch the video!)

It’s amazing what just remembering to smile in the midst of our day can do to help strengthen our relationships. (I think I might need to write this on about 10 post-it notes and place them anywhere I can see them before morning carpool!)

As you transition into this fall schedule, I want to invite you and your friends to read The Best Yes together. So, just until 11:59PM EST tonight (Wednesday, Sept 3rd) Proverbs 31 Ministries is having a flash sale!

To take advantage of this offer, click here.

And to sign up for the Proverbs 31 Ministries FREE online Bible study (which I’m helping lead and am so excited about!) click here.

One more thing…

Leave a comment below if you’ve told any of your friends about The Best Yes and you’ll be entered to win one of three Bible Study Kits.

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  1. Laura

    I’ve told my friend Kendra about this book!

  2. Patti Hazlett

    I’ve told a few ladies in our church about it. I’ve been tapped to lead our next Bible study and we have chosen “The Best Yes” as our study! Looking forward to it.

  3. Carla

    I’m trying to get our Bible Study to do it! I can’t wait to read the book!! 🙂

  4. April Moore

    I have not only told friends about “The Best Yes” I have bought them the book and am planning on doing a book study this fall! I would love to be able to gift some study guides to the ladies who may struggle with paying for them!

  5. Rhoda Carter

    I have told several friends about The Best Yes. I’m loving the reality of the book, and plan to start a Bible study with friends next week to go through it together!

  6. Michelle Walsh

    Yes! I can’t wait to read your new book. Would love to read this with a book study.

  7. Krysta

    I’ve been talking it up BIG time. Love what I’ve read thus far, and can’t wait to do the study with my groupies! 🙂

  8. Clare

    I have told lots of friends! Excited to read the book and participate in the online study!

  9. Melanie Moon

    Yes, I have! Just last week! There are three of us in our office and we have a bible study every so often. I told one of the ladies about this one! It would be a great one for us in the office to do!

  10. Wendie Connors

    LOVE this book! Absolutely spot on for ALL of us! Our ministry has chosen this as out Winter/Spring 2015 book and we are so very excited about it! Thanks, Lysa, for writing something so pertinent to our spirits! 😉

  11. Leslie M

    I’ve told several of my friends and we’re VERY excited to set up a Bible Study for it – would love to win one since I’m going to be leading it! 🙂

  12. Ritha Bates

    I’ve told my friends Mary & Danelle about this book 🙂

  13. Cathy Heckendorn

    I told my friends Rebecca and Sarah about the book and study!!

  14. Shannon Roberts

    My friend Jenny and I have been so excited about this book. I just ordered both of us a copies of the book. Can’t wait to start reading!

  15. Dina Succow

    I have suggested this book as a Bible Study possibility to a group of Teachers and Pastor at a Christian preschool. I’m so hoping for a yes!

  16. Angie

    I stood me bible study group and 11 of us are staring it next week. I need one more study guide so that would be awesome 🙂

  17. Susan C

    My daughter and I are the worst when it comes to saying YES to EVERYONE for EVERY THING. I definitely told her about this book! 🙂

  18. Courtney J

    I told my best friend Patrice about the book; and invited her to join the OBS on September 22! 🙂

  19. Jessie

    I’m so excited to read this book with a friend!!

  20. Doris Swift

    I participated in the blog tour, sharing this awesome book with followers on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, small group, and also will be using as door prize for our next women’s event

  21. Lisa K

    I told a very good friend who is going through a very uncertain time in her life about the book. I told her about all of the great online Bible studies I have done with you all and told her to go and sign up. It will be the best decision she’s made in a long time!

  22. Janet Souleyrette

    Absolutely love it! didn’t think I had time to read this summer but God has provided the time so Faithfully! Was literally nudged and prompted by the Holy Spirit while sitting at a recent Women’s Conference to go and purchase this Amazing book! So Blessed to meet with you and have you sign it! Can’t wait to read it everyday. So Amazed how God is speaking so personally thru each page.. So excited the Women’s group God has placed me in will be doing this book as our Winter months study beginning in January! Can’t wait for the rest of them to read it too! Thank you Lysa for sharing what God placed on your heart to write. Love the chapter about following the red SUV! Josh 1:3

  23. Donna Fenton

    I’ve told my BFF in California and all the ladies in my Bible study group!

  24. Dot Welch

    When I first read the description of Lysa’s new book, I knew it was for me…and several of my overcommitted and overwhelmed Momma friends. I felt led to get the study guide and the DVD without knowing if anyone of them would or could commit to one more thing! As I have told them about it, there has been so many “that’s me!” or “I need that” responses It’s obvious that God wants me to do something with this study. Thanks Lysa for using your gifts to encourage and lead. Can’t wait to get started!

  25. Amy

    I have told my two besties in hopes they’ll join me in the study. All three of us struggle with boundaries.

  26. Michelle Watts

    I have told my mom and a few fruends at work, who so need this. So excited!!!!

  27. Jan

    Suggesting it formy book study group to do. We loved your past books, reading and discussing Unglued most recently. You are a gifted writer Lysa! So thankful for your relevant writings!!!

  28. Reason

    Our lifegroup will be starting the DVD Bible Study next Monday! Wooohoo! I did tell the ladies in our group about The Best Yes 🙂 & They’ll be purchasing the book this week!

  29. Sabrina Price

    Yes, I have told friends about the book and the online bible study. Can’t wait to get started. I have my book ready!

  30. Vicki

    I ordered “The Best Yes” book for myself, and then when I thought more about it, I ordered one for my daughter and daughter-in-law, both who work and have children and husbands and are often overwhelmed. We are all reading it, and when we get together, we can discuss it. A few days ago, I took both of them to lunch for my daughter’s birthday, and while we were enjoying being together, I brought up a new project I thought we could do (that is so not going to happen right now in my life), and my daughter looked at me, and said, “Mom, is that your best yes?” as she cocked her head to one side and smiled? “Nope, you’re right, it’s not,” I said and smiled back. Both of them know me so well and people pleasing and over committing are two of my things! Bless you, Lysa, for speaking to us through the pages of this book!

  31. Kim Entrekin

    I recently purchased this book for myself and my best friend who lives in FL. I had no idea there was an online bible study. Can’t wait to get her the copy of the book.

  32. Bonnie

    I have told several friends about Lysa’s new book “The Best Yes.” Our Moms Bible Study has already studied 2 of Lysa’s books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I look forward to reading this new book!

  33. Peg J. R.

    Yes I have invited about 20 girlfriends to do the study with me. Can’t wait to get started at our church Sept. 8th with your webcast:) So excited to see what God will do in this study!!!!





  36. Jacoba

    I have told many friends about this book. I hope that we can set up a study soon!

  37. Kathy

    I told 3 of my friends that I signed up for the online study. They are very concerned about me because of my mother-in-law living with us now, and the demand it puts on me with other responsibilities I have.

  38. Gilda Everett

    I have been forwarding the emails about the book and study to my Women of Hope friends at church. Hope to have several people join me in the study.

  39. Meri Stratton Phelps

    Yes! I told my special needs mom friend Kim (who I only know through an Internet friendship) about The Best Yes. She’s a stay-at-home mom, super nurse, home schooling educator, wife, and a wonderfully creative soul who I am privileged to call my friend. I know many moms like us, caring for kids with a degenerative neuromuscular condition (SMA) who could use some guidance making our best yes choices in life. Thanks for all you do! I can’t wait to read my copy!

  40. Shameika

    I’ve told my close Christian girlfriends Natalie and Stacie about the book and have also told my co-workers and many non-Christians about the book as well. Praying that they will pick up the book and say the ultimate Best Yes to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  41. Amber Adams

    I’ve told my whole Mums group about your book and in particular my friends who say yes lot! I am hoping we will do this as our next study.

  42. Darlene R.

    I shared this with a friend… We were just talking about doing what we are called to do well and not being stretched too thin. I teach a Bible study and would love to use this material!

  43. Theresa Haskins

    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this Bible study I’ve told LOTS and LOTS of people – on FB, my blog, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goggle+. I would LOVE to win one of The Best Yes Bible Study Kits! Thank you so much for the chance!

  44. Angelina Glass

    I’ve told many of my friends about the new book on facebook. Praying for this book to find its way into the right hands. 🙂

  45. Lorie Macon

    I work in a Christian Bookstore, and, aside from telling my Mom and my sister about this wonderful book, I also recommend it to my customers!

  46. Mary Lynn

    I have told several friends about the book and inviting them to join me in the study.

  47. Nikki

    I told my coworker about it and some friends. I brag on OBS all the time. My coworker signed up and bought the book this weekend and she’s excited!

  48. Rhonda

    I’m surprising my sister with a copy!!

  49. Laura Droll

    I have told my book share about this book.

  50. Nicole F

    I have shared this on Facebook and I am hoping some of my friends will do it! I would even lead a live small group in my home….maybe…..could be fun!

  51. Melanie

    My girlfriends and I are starting a The Best Yes book club/study group beginning next Monday! I’ve already read through the book once and am now looking forward to going through it on a much slower scale….with friends! What could be better than that?!?

  52. Gina Fumoso

    I am leading a Bible study on “The Best Yes” beginning on the 15th of Sept. with 5 other women/friends. We are so excited about it…we just finished your study “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl” and we loved it – I am sure we will love this one as well. Looking forward to your webcast too – with my girlfriends! Thank you for loving Jesus and saying Yes!!!

  53. Katherine

    I told my Bible Study group about it and I’m hoping to read it together with them

  54. Terri

    I posted a link to the Bible study for the best yes on my face book page.

  55. Lisa Killion

    My daughter is a freshman in college this year. We talked about “The Best Yes” and decided to go through it together – even though we are in separate towns now. Looking forward to it.

  56. Tiffanny Bates

    Would love a copy of your new book! I told my closest friend all about it!

  57. Dee

    Our ladies group can’t wait to do this study!!

  58. Courtney G

    A good friend and I are getting copies of “The Best Yet” and are going to do the online Bible study! I’ve wanted your book for a long time now- super excited!!

  59. Angie D

    I’ve shared with my friends and on Facebook about this book! This book is soooooo good and Lysa is so wise! Would love to win the bible study kit so I can do it with my friends!! Thank u Lysa for this book it’s been such a blessing to this momma!

  60. katie

    I’ve told my weekly women’s group and we are going to do unglued right now but hopefully can do the best yes afterwards. They are starting to fall in love with Lysa’s books as much as I have 🙂

  61. Cindy

    I am so excited about this book.I bought several copies for friends. I like to start every morning having a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus with Lisa T. I have been starting my day with Unglued devotions and doing Made to crave action plan on Monday nights. They both end next week. I am l looking forward to jumping into The Best Yes at that time. Like is overwhelming. I have already started practicing the principals.

  62. Cindy

    I love your books. I am a mom of 2, teacher of 30 preschoolers, and wife of a minister. Busy is my life. Sometimes I pray for the world to stop for just 5 minutes. I need to give my best yes. My family does not always get my best and I need to work on changing that. Thank you for giving us the tools and encouragement to do that. 🙂

  63. Rebecca Portteus

    I just told someone this morning over coffee!

  64. Sandy Spiro

    I am a personal trainer and most of my clients are busy busy busy Mom’s and I have told them all about the Best Yes book and Bible Study starting on the 22nd. Several have already signed up. I saw one of my clients at the Family Christian book store today purchasing the book! I am already on Chapter 5 and I love love love it….After I read chapter 3 I knew a friend who really needed to hear those words and I left my book on her doorstep with a note so she could be inspired to press on to achieve her dreams! I have the ebook as well! Thank you for writing this! Us Yes girls really need the help!


    Last couple of nights I dreamed about a giant
    pan filled with bacon and clearly there was a little kid sitting
    in the midst of it, eating it.

  66. Susan P

    I’ve recommended this study to my other 3 friends in our small group bible study. In fact, we are doing it next, after we finish “Adoration.” Looking forward to it as we always do with Lysa’s studies.

  67. Angela

    I told my mom, mother-in-law, sister, and 5 friends. One of those friends is doing the study with me!

  68. Jessica Steele

    Yes!! And my friend Julie bought it last night!! We are going to read it together. 🙂

  69. Janice S.

    I am telling my friend Mary about this study tomorrow and my friend Rhonda tonight

  70. Jodi Lafram

    I am a mentor to a college girl at church. After finishing THE BEST YES, I immediately told her about it. I even felt impressed to share chapter 5 with her. Small beginnings of awesomeness await both of us, I just know it. What am I saying? They have already started for me! Praise the Lord!

  71. Rosemarie

    I have shared with all of my friends via Facebook. So excited about this book!

  72. Traci

    I have told my friends Alisa and Carolyn.

  73. Kathy A

    I can’t wait to start the bible study and have ask my friends along for the lessons.

  74. Tina Hodgson

    I have told 3 friends that we should do this study together!

  75. Laura

    Yes I’ve told friends about your amazing book and also sent the webcast link to them!

  76. Terri Satterwhite

    I shared the latest post about the on-line studies on Facebook. I explained this was my 4th study and I loved them. I said many of us probably have trouble with this and the bible study would be helpful.

  77. Kathy Brumit

    Can’t wait to read this book and tnen study it with some Christian sisters!

  78. Susan

    I’ve been reading your book best yes and have told many of my friends and co- workers bout it. Thank you for writing it.

  79. Nicole

    Several ladies are starting this with me ;-D I just finished the precious study unglued! Loved it!

  80. Autumn Turner

    I have talked about this book, and shared so many inspirtational excerpts on Facebook – I would LOVE to engage in a study based around this book! My life as a Momma to four would definitely benefit!

  81. Kelly Clossin

    It would be great to win this so that my spiritual mentor and I could go through it together. We could both use it to make better decisions about our schedules. I love reading your books, we have done another bible study of yours.

  82. Amanda ferguson

    I shared with my friend Lesley about my excitement to read this book & make some needed changes in my yes & no – to have the best yes!

  83. Kerry

    A good friend of mine and I are thinking about doing this for next semester’s small group. The topic is just SO relevant!

  84. nancys1128

    I have told a few friends, both IRL and FB about the book and that I’m doing a study of it.

  85. Amy

    I have told my friend about this book and it has been a great book so far for me to read. I always fear disappointing someone if I say NO.

  86. Maxine Rose

    We talked about it at my women’s bible study. We have already done “Made to Crave” and “Unglued” so this would be perfect for us!!!!

  87. Margaret

    Yes, I have told Deb and Robyn. The book reminds me of my friend Kelly.

  88. Lee Ann Walker

    On July 21 as soon as I knew about the book I shared it on my Facebook page for all of my friends to see & to say how excited I was about it!!!!

  89. Anita

    I have been telling all of my friends about this book I absolutely love it. I am planning on doing this as a study in our ladies group. Thank you for this wonderful insight.

  90. Kelly Goodman

    Just was talking with a young “mom” while walking my grandson to school! I think she is truly interested in this book and now the study! I am looking forward to getting the book and am anxiously awaiting the online study! What a blessing you have been to me & so many others! May God’s blessings continue to shower upon you!

  91. Mary

    We are looking at this study for our next big study as a group. Sent the flash sale information to all of our ladies who are currently registered. Can’t wait to get the bundle! Sometimes I feel just like that poor lady looks in the video! Crazy!

  92. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez

    I have been telling my friends and they have been asking me about it because of the In the Loop Group Facebook posts I made and the tweets.

    Really excited to start this study.

  93. Chris

    I am sooooo excited about this study!!! I told my friend Lynn about it the other day and today I have told my Sister Sharee (she’s really a dear friend but we call each other sisters)!
    Can’t wait for the study to start!

  94. Danielle

    I have been telling my friends and family about this because many of them are worn out from freely givin their yes’s out! Hopefully I can win this kit and have a group bible study with it to bring a bunch of ladies closer to God! Thank you! 🙂

  95. Kelly Schulz

    Great Flash Sale!
    Loved the video, and YES!!! It has been a joy to tell my friends about the way God had used this book in my life, through linking on my blog, Facebook, and my review on GoodReads.
    Several of my friends are already reading it, and God is using it greatly!!

  96. Naomi

    I have started to tell my friends because I am super excited about this book. I could see this being a book to return to as these are timeless principles to learn and glean from. My mentors could really appreciate this as this topic comes up quite often.
    I have signed up for the online study and trying to recruit a friend to join me so we can enjoy it together.

  97. April Bates

    I told my Sunday school class about the book & the study!! We love the Bible studies that we have done in the past by Lysa. Can’t wait to do this study!

  98. Shelly

    I have a tendency to over-committ, and when I saw my friends commenting about the book I knew it was one I need to get. Well, I told my mom about it because, well, I had a good example. 😉

  99. sharon seagle

    Sharing this with my two sisters…even though we are separated by more than 700 miles we are extremely close. we share Bible studies and blogs … we hold each other up in prayer … we love sharing about Jesus and how He is at work in our lives. I am blessed and I can’t wait to read this along with my sweet sweet sisters!

  100. Y'Onne

    I have purchased the DVD bundle from CBD last week, only to find out it is not going to be available for shipping until Sept 8th. I purchased 12 study guides but no books. It would be so awesome to be able to get each one of them a book. Doing this in our church ladies bible study as soon as I receive it…. However, because of your comment about finding the book in wall mart, I rushed down there today and yup I got myself a book. So now I can get started on it before I lead the study….Excited!

  101. Joyanne

    I love the books that you write. Your perspective is spot on for the season I am experiencing within my own life. Thank you for continuing to listen to God’s call on your life and for sharing the wisdom you gain. I pass your books, advice and posts on to many of my friends. May your ministry be blessed by God’s favor in all ways.

  102. Libby

    Been telling friends and posting on facebook about it. Looking forward to reading it!

  103. Priscilla Gibbs

    I love all your books! So excited about this one that I have personally invited 3 of my friends to do a book study with me! I would love to win!!

  104. Amy

    I host a ladies Bible Study group in my home. A few of us saw Lysa in Fairfax at the WOF conference and we all cannot wait to do this study. The Lord led a great group of service hearted women to meet in my home. We could all use more wisdom in learning to make our best yes decisions. I’ve been purchasing our study videos. Winning this kit would be a huge blessing. Thank you for the opportunity!

  105. Mary Helen

    I have told all my friends about the book. We are going to start the study in a few weeks!!!

  106. Amanda Evans

    I just told my hairdresser tonight about this book!!!

  107. Marisa Clement

    I have been sharing with a close friend of mine that is 10 years younger. I have been trying to help her not make the same mistakes I have made. When I heard about and read some of the devotions, I immediately forwarded all of the info so we could do this study together! Thank you for speaking God’s truth to me and so many others. This is what my heart and soul have truly needed for a long time.

  108. Chris Carter

    Are you kidding? I’ve told EVERYBODY about your book!! And of course, my women cannot WAIT to start reading it in my women’s group this year!! Your greatest fan club meets at my home weekly, Lysa. 🙂

    (Still working on Jen Hatmaker’s “7”… we’ll get to yours ASAP!!! Just let us clean out our closets and start a few philanthropic projects and change our lifestyles, and then…) lol

  109. Donna

    Just started preliminary plans for a “Mom’s Bible Study” as a few of us are going through some turmoil in our families. Hoping to use this to inspire and encourage all of us. Winning a bible study kit would be a true gift to my group!

  110. Tanya

    I told my friend Rochelle about it as has a MyOneWord this year of Balance, and given it is August and the word is really working out thought she could use some encouragement, she now has the book and has promised to read it pronto!

  111. Susan

    Anyone?? I have told EVERYONE!! I am loving this book and can’t wait for the online study. Thank you Lysa. You have done it again. Thank you for your faithfulness and for being so “real”.

  112. Sheilah Mullins

    As my husband and I struggle through the rapid descent of our parent’s health, finding ourselves overwhelmed and underfed through our devotionals. Would love a supplement. Thank you.

  113. Lisa Smith

    I’m telling all my friends & hope to lead The Best Yes starting in a few weeks. 😀

  114. Mary T

    Lysa, I have been talking about “the Best Yes” since you announced it to my daughter and a couple of friends that are frantically busy and like me, have issues with prioritizing and choosing to say no once in a while. I was so inspired by “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God and anticipate how “the Best Yes” will enhance my journey.

  115. Stephanie Ryker

    Lysa, this study is amazing. I’ve shared it with several friends and quote the book continually on Facebook. Thank you for obeying the call and writing this book.

  116. Julie Thompson

    I came across this study and it really stood out to me. I tried to get a small group together but with the short notice I couldn’t get enough orders to get the DVDs. I really feel led to facilitate a study so hopefully I can one day. I know that is a commitment, but what do you do if God is leading the idea. Normally that thought would be out of my comfort zone.

  117. teresa preston

    Have been telling my friends about this book….we are all in over our heads!

  118. Jennifer Pittaway

    I could not put the book down! I needed these stringed lines of encouragement and guidance more than ever in this season! I have told all my girls about the book. And plan to bless a few with it, praying it impacts them as much as it has me.

  119. Teresa

    I am so excited — I have asked a good friend of mine to do the Best Yes OBS with me, and she said yes!! I cannot wait. I love the OBS – and I miss it when we have a lull in the studies, but I know you guys are still working to bring us exciting new adventures! Praying for all of you. Can’t wait to read your book Lysa!! Ordering mine right now.

  120. Kristi Rose

    I just finished a Beth Moore Bible study and was telling everyone about The Best Yes. It’s so hard balancing everything and also giving your best. Thank you for taking the time to write this to encourage others!

  121. Jane

    Several of us are already reading. Would love to be able to offer a book study in January.


    Just tonight, I shared with my Sisters at Heart group about this book!;) We discussed the importance of truly being grounded in the Word and having a strong foundation in order to face all the challenges that come our way. Thank you for sharing with us!

  123. Dalaina

    After hearing more at Women of Faith, I jumped in! I have friends waiting for me to finish, so I can share! Very thankful for a book focused on this real issue! 🙂

  124. teepee

    I told my Bible Study girls about the book and have bought one for my pastor (female)

  125. Shelia Paschal

    I bought this book for my daughter, but decided to read it first and it is AWESOME!!! I wish I had had it to read many years ago when I didn’t know if I was coming or going when working, chasing kids and trying to “do it all”! That’s why when I saw Lysa on the 700 Club last week, I felt led to purchase it and I’m so glad I did! I also mentioned it to a very dear friend of mine who also purchased it for her daughter, but is also reading it first herself. I plan on purchasing the Bible study and encouraging my church to host a study group.

  126. Amy Zell

    I have told everyone I know and I am signed up for the online Bible study.

  127. Terri C

    Oh my gosh my good friends and I have done your Made to Crave two times! We were just talking today about another study and I said I wanted to do this! We live in a small town so we were going to check into where we could buy the study. Made to Crave blessed about eight of us so much! Thank you Lysa!

  128. Barb Metreyeon

    I’ve been telling everybody about this book!!!!!

  129. Tisha Ploense

    I just got my book tonight. :-). Can’t wait to dig in. I have told everyone to get out and get it. :-). Have shared all the posts on fb. <3 it.

  130. Michelle

    I always share Lysa’s books, but this one is near and dear to me because it came right when I needed it as I was reevaluating my leader roles. I have enjoyed sharing this with some of my friends and look forward to sharing it with more.

  131. Mindy Miller

    I have been talking to my best friend about the new book and bible study. Would love to win it since I am unable to afford it right now.

  132. Joy Abbott

    I am really looking forward to reading this book as well as going through it with a friend. I just told her about it this morning and she jumped at the chance to get together and discuss it! So blessed with great friends!

  133. Carrie

    I Instagramed a quote and my life group (accountability group) was super interested in it!!! I’d love to host my group and local moms in the area!

  134. andrea helfee

    I hope to start a book study with some friends.

  135. Tina Quairiere

    I was taking to my best friend today and we were discussing how awesome it would be for our women’s cell group(prayer group) to all get The Best Yes book and to do the on-line study together. To read The Best Yes and do the online study with these amazing sisters in Christ in my cell group would be priceless to me. My life has been blessed so much in so many ways from having each of them in my life. Thank you Lysa TerKeurst for being the awesome woman of God that you are and for blessing my life and so many other women’s life by writing all these books and sharing your life with us through them.

  136. Melinda Gonzalez

    I’ve told my daughters and my sisters that we need this book.

  137. jodi murlatt

    Hoping to start this study at my church in a couple weeks.

  138. Erika

    I have told every stressed out, over yessed friend I know about your book! Thanks for this opportunity! I really hope to win so I can start this bible study with my Monday girls!!

  139. jodi murlatt

    Hoping to start this study soon.

  140. Jennifer

    I’m so excited for the upcoming study!! I made sure my friends signed up for the study and I also went out and purchased the book for them. Now we are totally stoked and counting down the days…woot woot!!

  141. Karen

    I’m telling my friends and planning a Bible Study. I have just started reading the book and it is awesome! Just what I need!!

  142. Lynn

    I am so excited about “The Best Yes” and learning to give My Best Yes! I have talked with several friends about Lysa’s new book, and we’re looking forward to her help so that our daily lives are truly a reflection of our priorities without distractions from the many things in everyone’s busy schedules. Thanks, Lysa and all of P31!

  143. Laurel Wycoff

    Of course! I told the best mother in the world! Mine!

  144. Kathy Fox

    We bought the Best Yes books for our entire Women’s Ministry team, we would love, love the Bible Study kit. We’re a church plant @ 10 years old. We need a $ break! 🙂

  145. Becky Stanton

    Yes! I’ve told my friends about it…told them we need to get together and read it together actually. 🙂

  146. Gina

    This book has been on the top of the list for the next one we cover at our Bible study.

  147. jennie jackson

    We all keep telling each other about it by posting things on our FB wall!

  148. Marisa

    My friend Bev needs the Best Yes and so do I for that matter. Thank you for the discounted price. I will have to wait until my library gets a copy.

  149. Michelle

    I think this book has been shared with everyone of my mama friends who will listen. We all need to slow down and choose the best things, not just the good things. Something that God had been speaking to my heart about right before the release of this book. Thank you! Cant wait for the OLS!

  150. Sheppard Tucker

    Have my book already! Can’t wait to dive in!

  151. Jessica Likely

    Loved the first installment: “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God,” and would love to do this new “The Best Yes” with our small group!

  152. Michelle

    Yes! Looking forward to diving into the study!!

  153. Sherri Howe

    I recommended it to my friend Michelle. We both are so busy we don’t often get time to share time with each other, it’s sad bc we have so much to offer one another.

  154. Jennine G.

    Told a friend? I told a huge group of them! Getting a group together to follow along and discuss together weekly!

  155. Ashley Fancher

    Man do I need this book! I was just telling my husband today how tired I am. I say “yes” to everything- especially when I get the “nobody else is willing to do it and if someone doesn’t then we won’t be able to have it anymore”. That’s the one that sucks me in b/c I can’t let all the kids at the school get let down. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

  156. Megan F.

    I’ve told several friends about it and I super need it right now. Can’t wait to share it with my small group. The study materials would be wonderful! 🙂

  157. Linda Morgan

    I was part of the group that read your book this summer. i had planned to lead the study at my church this fall…. God had another plan… I had to have major sugery … So i was able to say no for now and yes for our women’s studies in January. Before reading your book i would have pushed through, been exhausted and not been able to share the joy I received in reading the book. Thanks for your heart and sharing this study.

  158. Allie

    I love the blog!! Especially unrush me!! That one spoke to my heart and I sent to a friend. Funny thing is I bought the book but I’m too “rushed” to read it. Can’t wait until the bible study starts.

  159. Sandra

    I have been telling my friends about “The Best Yes” for weeks! I cannot wait to start the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study. I really need this book! I need to learn the small no so as to not keep feeling overwhelmed and overextended.

  160. Janeen Hedeen

    I have told my mom about this and she is very excited and so am I.

  161. Nicole

    I cannot wait to start this book study! I want to have my MOPS moms read it for our book club this year, and have told them all about it.

  162. Amanda Bacon

    Goodness, I’ve told everyone! I even convinced our Bunko group that has met for the last 11 years to turn our once-a-month night to roll dice, hangout, and eat into The Best Yes study night!! It won the vote with an overwhelming YES! We start in one week. !!!!!!

  163. Linda Rowan

    I did an printed “insert” for a Ladies event last week with books to read, websites to see, etc. THE BEST YES was at the top of the list!!

  164. Sherri Zimmerman

    I told several friends about it – I suggested it as our group study this fall and of course, they said “Yes!”

  165. Betsy Dorton

    After Lysa spoke at our church on Mother’s Day, my women’s small group has had many discussions about the concept of our best yes! We hope to do the study later this year!

  166. Cheryl B

    I’ve been telling my friends about this book. One friend is using it as a bible study for her preschool teachers. I have enjoyed many of your other bible studies. Thank you for following God’s call on your life. I appreciate how real you are.

  167. Melanie Sparks

    Thanks for this reminder! I’m inviting friends to make this our next bible study. I’m so excited!

  168. Gerri S.

    I shared the ‘Best Yes’ message with a man who gives without end to our church family yet was feeling like he let his daughter down when she needed him. He had tears running down his cheek as he left to take her out to dinner…

  169. Angie D

    I’ve shared about this book with my friends and on my Facebook page too! Just finished reading it and it is so good and Lysa has so much wisdom to share! So very grateful for this book and would love to win the study pack so I can do it with my friends 🙂

  170. Paige

    I told my friend Olivia and she bought the book the same day. She is a mom of three. Two pretty challenging littles. Her hubby works as a contractor for the military and is out of the country 8 months out of the year. I knew she didn’t have time to go to the women’s studies in the evening at church. She really desires more knowledge of Gods word and that’s what Lysas books always include a ton of scripture which is the best part! Can’t wait!

  171. Camika

    I have told several friends about The Best Yes through my Facebook and Instagram accounts. This book is right on time for this season of my life.

  172. Deborah

    I bought the book the day it came out. I have convinced my ladies Bible study group to study it with me this fall. Not everyone will be following the online study like I will be, but I will be leading the class following one week behind the online study. Thanks so much for the frankness and effort you put into your books and studies.

  173. Alaina

    Would love to win! Every woman I know needs this.

  174. Julie

    Love this idea for buying one and getting a huge discount on the second but I already did that!!!! Bought a book for me and a second to share with a friend at work who is really struggling as well. Hoping we can both use this book to encourage each other. Thank you Lysa!

  175. Christine Pacer

    I have forwarded the e-mail advertisements to friends from church. I would like to add this study to our plan. Our planning committee is suffering from overextended lives. Tasks that were committed to have been left undone becoming the burden of others. I believe that this is a messsage that we need to hear. So excited!

  176. Kim Warner

    I can’t wait to read this book! It’s exactly what God has been showing me – good, better, best. I can wear myself out doing good things but I have limited time, strength and resources so I need to ask God to show me the BEST things to do for him. I told my partner in women’s ministry about it and I am ordering your book for her and a copy for myself!

  177. Leigh F

    I told a friend at work about the book and we are going to do the online bible study together!

  178. Jenn Woodruff

    Ever since I went to the NWA Women’s Conference a couple weeks ago, I’ve been quoting you, Lysa, & talking about the book. I can’t wait to read it & truly learn how to give only my Best Yes! 🙂

  179. Jen Schmidt

    I told my best friend about this book. She is looking for a good Bible study to do with her church ladies.

  180. Gina woods

    I loved the unrush me devotion and can’ t wait
    To read the book. Told my sister about it and hope
    To get it for her too!

  181. Jennifer

    So excited! Have just bought copies for my friends and we are starting our study next week. Thank you Lysa and P31!

  182. Alaina

    I have 2 friends that I’ve told, that are signed up for the online Bible Study. We can’t wait!

  183. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama

    I have told a bunch of friends about it and I’m even working on some of them to do a study together!

  184. Kris

    I bought the book, and the additional one, and hope to be able to share it with someone from my church so that we can read through it together and share together!
    Thanks so much!

  185. Andrea

    I have told both of my daughters and I am looking forward to the study. I need to learn how to say no or at least how to discover the Best Yes.

  186. Angela Roberts

    I have shared Lysa’s blog posts with friends. The facebook entry has been shared and liked on my church’s Mom’s facebook page. I am excited to get started!

  187. Robin

    I just signed up for the study and ordered my book! Am so excited to get started! I have shared this with a dear friend who I’m trying to convince to say YES! to the online study!!

  188. Lisa R

    I told the leaders of the Women’s bible study group at my church about this study. In our rushed lives I believe that this study will assist us as women in living our lives in the way the Lord intended. Thank you for your studies and words of encouragement, may God continue to bless your ministry.

  189. chris

    I have told so many people about this study. Trying to get a group of friends together so that we can enjoy it and good fellowship. (Also, I told them my picture is on the inside cover!!!) Not really but it should be. So looking forward to this therapy!

  190. Billie

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your heart before God with us.

  191. Carrie Odom

    St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Daphne Alabama is super excited about this study!!

  192. Brittany Griffin

    I can’t count how many women I’ve discussed this book with! It seems to come up in general conversation a lot lately – either I mention it for one reason or my friend mentions it for one reason. It seems many, many ladies need to figure out how to use our best yeses lately!

  193. Beth

    I’m loving “The Best Yes!” I can hardly put it down. It contains such wisdom and insight! I am being blessed and challenged by reading it!

  194. Darcy

    Really looking forward to this study!

  195. Gretchen S

    There are two different dates listed in your post… one says Sept 2 and the other says Sept 3… can we still order to get the deal? I have 6 friends who are wanting to do this study with me, just heard from them today, and we’d like to order our books today as well.

  196. Shawna Williams

    I told several people about the book so far and they love the idea, so, we decided to try the Bible Study out at our church. There has been little interest over other Bible Studies so far and it is hard to get people involved at our church. Please pray that people will make the best yes decision to go to this Bible study!

  197. Marcia Azar

    We have been studying “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” for the past 9 months with a group of friends, some who have never had a Bible or read one regularly. We were excited to do your new study, “The Best Yes” that we will start in January, after our final review of the last study. It is so exciting to see these ladies desire to hear Gid better, know Him better, and follow hard after Him!! Thank you!

  198. Julie

    I’ve shared the book on my Facebook page multiple times. The message applies to most everyone!

  199. Shannon Giuntoli

    talking to friends constantly about the treasured truths you’ve been posting regarding your book and my great desire for us to do this book together!!

  200. Debbie Ross

    I purchased a book for myself and one for my friend! (first time I ever did something like this) I emailed her to let her know and gave her the information re: the online bible study. She was so excited b/c her old biblestudy group was now meeting at a time she cannot make so this was perfect timming…Little did I know the conflict but you know our amazing Lord knew…. I dont believe in coiencidence only divine intervention!!!! Glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and did this!!!! Cant wait until the 22nd!

  201. Robin Still

    What a beautiful book…I am not very far into it but every point hits me like a 2×4….I told my prayer group about this book…we are going to do this one next. We just finished Unglued…

    Thank you for being a real person who can share all this with us. You are wonderful…I look forward to seeing where God can take my prayer group with your book. Have a blessed day!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin 🙂

  202. heather

    Love the book & passed it into my husband

  203. Lydia

    I was at the WoF in KC and I was totally blown away by what you said. I have told so many people about your book and all that they could get from it. I am so excited that the ones I mention the book to are thinking of joining me for next year WoF conference in OK. I can not wait. 🙂

  204. Penny Link

    I’ve told many of my friends @ “The Best Yes” as they have shared daily stresses with me. I’ve not only told them about it, I’m going to teach my very first Bible Study using this book! I have felt God’s leading for some time to do Bible Studies for women. I have always participated in them but never led one myself (I have taught SS for years, most recently young adults) and take a bible study in our community. (They are doing Beth Moore this fall, so it was hard for me to give that one up in order to teach)! I was planning to do Derwin Gray’s but this one came along and I knew it was the right one. I think it is perfect timing as we enter the fall and holiday season. I hope all of the women who participate will take heed and say “YES” to the “BEST” God has to offer them. I look forward to participating in this study with you.

  205. stephanie

    I’ve been reading to my husband and I’ve highly recommended it to my friends..


  206. Leslie

    I’m really enjoying the book and have talked to several other people about it!

  207. Michelle Schultz

    I am excited to buy this book for myself and 3 of my friends…that number will probably increase as we all read and share with others. Thanks Lysa!

  208. Mechele Dunlap

    I mentioned the book to our associate pastor’s wife who leads a ladies small group @ our church & it’s going to be the bible study we are doing next!!! I’m so excited

  209. Clara Hanes

    I am just starting your book. Individual study at this point. But I will definitely encourage it to my group of friends. We LOVED Unglued. Expect to love even more this one because it SO REACHES everyone of us.

  210. Cristi mackey

    I have shared the link to your newest book, the best yes, and have 5 ladies signed up to do the study together starting in October. We just finished going thru Becoming More than just a good Bible study girl in July, and we all agreed we liked your style, both writing wise and fashion 😉 I would love to win a bible study kit 🙂

  211. Sue Robison

    I have been sharing every post that I get about The Best Yes!! Hoping to do this as a bible study/small group soon…I love your down-to-earth approach. There is rarely a post that does not pertain or affect me somehow!

  212. Patsy Brothers

    My daughter shared Unglued with me. Her church had a Bible Study. It so impacted her life. Before the Best Yes came, I pre-ordered it. I used it in our weekly staff devotions where I work and shared how God is using the book to stretch me. I also ordered it for our library where I work. I am a Librarian. I am encouraging our 12th grade girls to read it. Thank you for your transparency.

  213. Rachel

    As a chronic yesser, I am looking forward to this study! And of course, I shared the news about this study with some friends to get them on board too!

  214. Melissa

    Hi – I’m not a usual commentor – but since I have 3 friends joining me to do this study I may as well:) Looking forward to it.

  215. Laurie

    I shared the idea of this book for our next Bible study with a great group of women, who all felt displaced from their church at the same time.

  216. Darla

    Will be in SS class in one week

  217. Wendi Owen

    Bought the book for my dear friend and prayer warrior for her birthday. I knew she would love the book but was afraid she would be so busy she would be able to find time to read it. Turns out in 2 weeks she will be headed to Europe for a week with her hubby for his work trip. She was looking for a book to read on the long flight. God’s perfect timing.


    I am truly thankful for you Lisa! You have my perspective therefore my life with your encouraging, loving wise words!! Thank you!

  219. Dana

    Yes, I’ve told my sister and my mom about the book. My mom especially could use this after losing her hub and in April and now working full time to support herself and taking care of the house and the land it is on. She is very overwhelmed and could benefit greatly from this.

  220. Laura

    Loved seeing you at Women of Faith in Kansas City! I’ve encouraged my ladies Bible study group to read The Best Yes for our next session! Super excited to dive in!

  221. Gina Fumoso

    I bought your book The Best YES and have been reading it…I am having my Bible study group do it beginning on Sept. 15th. I am loving it so far!!! I just want to share my experience today on the best YES decision I made. I am just returning from a trip and I’m leaving for another trip at the end of this week and a very busy schedule in-between the two trips. Today, Wed. is my normal day to volunteer at Mission NE, an organization that helps people with food, clothing and misc. housewares. We have chapel time and each client proceeds to discuss their situations with their care partners (which I am one at times). I never know if I will be a care partner or work in the clothing or housewares when I show up. But today with my crazy schedule before heading out of town I contemplated not going just so I could get all I needed to done before my trip. Something kept me from backing out (The Holy Spirit)…so I went only to find out that we were very short on the volunteers so I ended up being a care partner – which I love…we listen to our clients and we give advice and pray with them. My normal care partner days I have around 7 or 8 clients but today I had only two…but they blessed me beyond words. However, I know without a doubt that being there was the best YES decision I could have made. One of my clients came and sat down and we began talking…we started talking about finding a church home and I could sense a bit of distaste of churches from my client. My client talked about the churches visited in the past and the questions she had and could never get any real answers. She believed in God just not so sure about Jesus. We continued talking and at first I felt like everything I was saying was falling on deaf ears so I quietly prayed for God to help give me the answers she needed. Soon I could almost see the layers of her bitterness start to peel back. As we ended our conversation we had our prayer time and as I lifted my head and opened my eyes I could see a tear rolling down her cheek. We hugged and said our goodbyes with an encouragement for her to find a church home and to not give up on God because He has not given up on her and her family. Now had I decided to listen to my busy schedule and not go – I would have missed out on the best YES decision I made today! To God be all the glory – He moves in powerful ways. But I love it when He blesses me by showing me He is working scenes. I’m so thankful I didn’t miss seeing Him.
    Sorry this is so long but I didn’t want you to miss seeing Him either…it is so exciting!!!

  222. Melissa Swagerty

    I am so excited to read the book! I am waiting until I finish “What Happens When Women Say YES to God” first, though! A church bible study would be amazing! The community and vulnerability makes it spectacular. Can’t wait!

  223. Julie Wolf

    This is so perfectly God’s timing! Thank you, lysa, for giving your gifts back to God and sharing with His people!

  224. Kendra Schmitz

    I work at a Christian bookstore in a smaller community in Wisconsin! First, it was Unglued! I recommended Unglued to every single person that stepped foot in that door who I thought needed that message even in the slightest! The book Unglued flew off our shelves and we were consistently trying to restock. Now, you’ve done it again, gal! You put out The Best Yes! I bought this book the day it came out and I haven’t recommended it to quite enough people, yet. But all my gals who I recommended Unglued too are back for more!! We love you at Reachout SolidGrounds!! 🙂

  225. Carol j

    Sept 22nd can’t come soon enough. I’ve shared the OBS link with friends and my cousin. As a grandmother assisting in raising her grandchild while working full time I know this study is going to be so good for me.

  226. Joy Colbert

    My Church is getting ready to do a LT bible study & I’ve mentioned this one for next!!!

  227. Carri

    Lysa, thank you for bringing our “Best Yes” to the front of our busy, overwhelmed minds!! You are an inspiration! My Bible Study group and I are trying to win this Bible study so we can all live more like Christ, in peace, in love and being truly present for those we are truly here for. 🙂

  228. Staci

    I have bought the set and am looking forward to the OBS.

  229. Sandra

    Yes I have told people about this book!

  230. Wendy

    Several ladies I know are reading this book and I want to do Bible study atour church!!

  231. Lauren Jolly

    I’ve told many many people about this book as I’m so very ignited and passionate about it. Can’t wait for the online bible study and the webcast next week! Thank you, Lysa, for following gods call to write this message and for what promises to be a life changing message for us all 🙂

  232. Leslee Gillespie

    I have absolutely brought up the topic of this bible study to friends. It is a topic that we need to be considering, especially as a new season rolls in. I’m trying hard to pray and consider what I become involved in this school year. Thank you for the reminder to give our Best Yes!

  233. Lisa George

    I told one of my good friends about the book recently and she plans on getting it in the future. This book has really spoken to me and is helping me address some things I have going on in my life. Thank you for obeying God and helping others through your life.

  234. Amanda

    I just signed up for the study and invited my friend to do it with me! Can’t wait to get my book 🙂

  235. Fran Wells

    I’m very excited about sharing this with the women at my church and starting a small group. As Director of Family Ministries, I have been looking for a fall series. And Voila~ Thanks so much!

  236. Tiffiny Palm

    I just signed up! I have a friend who has been through a lot and I believe this would be the perfect study for her. She is a single Mom of 4, going to school and working. She has been so overwhelmed and discouraged. Can’t wait to share with her. Thank you for all you do to encourage women of all ages!

  237. Sandra

    I absolutely love this book, I only wish I could have read it a few months ago before I went “yes crazy”. I’m looking forward to doing the online Bible study for this book! Thank you for sharing your love for God, your heart, your wisdom, your experiences, and your humor in your writing. You have such a gift with words and I have benefited greatly from them (in fact as I read Unglued, I almost tore my house apart looking for the hidden cameras, because that book hit way too close to home lol. That book helped me so much and I’m seeing as I read The Best Yes that it too is going to help me when faced with decisions on whether or not to do things I’m asked to do). Thank you!

  238. Shannon @ Distracted by Prayer

    Love the post-it idea! People use to tell me all the time that they had seen me around town and said “hi” to me, but I ignored them. I apologized but the truth was that I didn’t even notice their presence! I was preoccupied and probably wearing a big, nasty frown.

    That happens less now, but still needs to improve. Thanks for the reminder…

  239. Babs Harrell

    Our Homeschool Group CHARM is starting this Bible Study Monday Night. 🙂 We are trying to figure out if we can dial in to the Webcast but we also want to have enough time to watch the Video and discuss the first few chapters. We are ALL excited about starting the study!

  240. Sandy`

    I suggested this to my neighborhood Bible Study group. We love the idea and will probably choose this one during the year. We did Unglued last year and really enjoyed the laid back authentic feeling of the study. Thank you for providing wisdom based in the Bible for so many women who need to feel that they are not alone in this journey!

  241. Anita Young

    I am sharing with my friends! I would love this!! Can’t wait to read The Best Yes!

  242. Ragan McDerment

    I am always so encouraged by Lysa and her team!
    I just sent this new book to my sister-in-law for her birthday and can’t wait to buy it for myself!! Thanks for another encouraging and challenging resource!!

  243. Rachael Watson

    Wow! Just stumbled upon your site from Rob Eager’s Monday Morning Marketing Tip in my inbox…little did I know I would be staring at myself in viewing your video! Can’t wait to read it…hoping it gives me some answers I’ve been seeking God for while trying to faithfully carryout my assignment. I took the mid-morning and afternoon off yesterday and just hung out with my daughter all day…in her prayers last night, she thanked God for being able to spend the day with me. Anytime my daughter is praising God for time spent with her mom…something needs to change! SMH!!! Thanks in advance Lysa!

  244. Amy P

    Have yet ordered, however, will be tuning in tonight for the “premier”. Thanks for the email letting me know about this!!

  245. Melisa Rhoades

    I recently purchased the kindle version for my iPad and bought a hard copy to give to a friend. I LOVE LOVE this book and my Sunday school class would LOVE LOVE to do the bible study. Fingers Crossed!

  246. Jennifer Schwartz

    I bought my book already and signed up but I am going to encourage my friend as well. I think she has the same problem I have where she doesn’t know when to say no. 🙂 This is a wonderful study for people like us!

  247. Angela Rhodes

    I can’t wait to read this book! I have such a hard time saying no… my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher calls it FOMO, fear of missing out, and she has it BAD as well! I would love to start a small group study to dive into this book together!


  248. Susan Moore

    Got our books today! Yay! Thanks you for signing them. I got one for a friend and gave her all the study info. I’m very excited to join once again for a Proverbs 31 online study. They help in so many ways. Thank you so much!

  249. Anne Bachmeyee

    H I there, I have a quick question.
    I absolutely love charles stanley. And I know he has the nkjv … and I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on that? If you think the KJV is the only bible….it’s so confusing! !
    Thank you!

  250. Jackie Johnson

    I just purchased this book for myself because I am a brand new mom and feel like my time is sacred yet I am needing to strengthen that no muscle. I want my heart to be in everything I do and be more aware of those things God’s tugging my heart to say yes to. I am excited that you guys offer an online study that I get to be apart of too especially in this part of life! I thought this was a great “mom” book but watching your webcast last Monday made me aware of those single ladies who get thrown into many things because they don’t have the kids or family excuse. I will be sharing this with my sisters who are in the single state of life but are feeling burnt out! Thanks Lysa:)

  251. Mary

    I Need To Get It And Read It!

  252. Sandy Cantwell

    Just talking to a friend about this book today… Good chance we will study it together!

  253. Arlene Marrinan

    Have I told any of my friends about The Best Yes? YES! I tell everyone about it!

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