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An Invitation To Come Over?

July 14, 2014

For years I’ve wished instead of sending my blog out through pixilated letters that I could just meet you at a coffee shop and chat.

I just know we’d have the best time! And while that might be a bit complicated for most of the coffee shops I frequent, I think I’ve finally figured out a way for us to have some face-to-face time.

So consider today’s blog like a little invitation I’m slipping right underneath your door…

On August 12th I’m releasing my new book, The Best Yes, and I wondered if you might want to come to Charlotte and join me for a free, live webcast and release party?

We have so many fun events planned for the day… Q&A session, mix and mingle, worship, and of course, the webcast where I’ll share a message. I’d love to have you join me! Here are the details:

Who: You, me, the Proverbs 31 Ministries team and anyone you’d like to invite!
What: The Best Yes Release Day Party and Live Webcast
When: August 12th – doors open at 5:30PM
Where: 8835 Blakeney Professional Drive, Charlotte NC

Click here to reserve your spot for this free event. Please note: tickets are limited!

And if you can’t quite make it to Charlotte on August 12th, no worries. You can still tune into The Best Yes webcast online and invite your friends to watch with you!

Just provide your email address in the form below, and we will keep you in the loop about how to join the free webcast.

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So whether I see you in-person on August 12th, or through a computer screen, please know I am thankful for you. Your prayers, love, and support mean the world to me.

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  1. Lisa Smith

    Oh Lysa, I’d love to but I think the ties of Texas are too strong!! I was thinking of trying to sneak to She Speaks just to see if I could snag a secret copy. I cannot wait to read this one, my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Alicia

    I hope it’s a successful book that does not mention “social justice” as was in the last one used for an internet study group. That choked me & I couldn’t even finish that study nor read the next book I’d already bought. Still working on it.

  3. tonya

    I’ve been praying & waiting for such an opportunity. just registered myself & the friend who doesn’t know yet that i’m bringing her along!! we’re in sc, just a hop, skip, & jump away! so excited. sooooo excited.

  4. Holly Barrett

    Just registered! Looking forward to seeing you and all the P31 gals!

  5. Chris Carter

    Oh how I would give ANYTHING to get in my car and drive the miles to get there, if only to meet YOU Lysa!! (And soak in your amazing book celebration!!) My kids start school on the 13th. I know. Crazy, right? I begrudgingly prioritize mom “first”…

    Will you ever come to Columbus? If so, you KNOW my home and coffee is YOURS anytime!!! 🙂 (*dreaming*)

    God bless your serving heart and another piece of God’s Handy-work through your words, Lysa!!! I cannot WAIT to read it!

  6. Tess Gillaspy

    I don’t seem to be able to click on the subscribe so I am leaving a comment that I wish to be included in the Webcast on August 12th. Thank you!

  7. Kathy

    I’m looking forward to the webcast! Just wanted to let you know that I couldn’t click on the “subscribe” spot on the email, but was able to on the web page. Couldn’t access comments from the email, either. Just FYI!

  8. Kim Miles

    Would love to be there!

  9. Eve Scott

    I read your book What Happens When Women Say YES To God. It was as though every chapter I read I was being hit on top of my head; as to say God is talking to you. I so want to be a vessel for God, and so often I say Yes Lord to His will…not my Will.

    I would love to present a workshop to the women at my church based on your book. Reading your book brought tears and a deeper desire to walk in total obedience.
    Respectfully, In Christ Jesus

    Eve J. Scott

  10. Erin

    Lysa, as much as I’d love to fly from Spokane to Charlotte for this, I’ll just have gotten home from She Speaks. I’m signing up for the free broadcast and will invite some friends and help you spread the word. I’ve pre-ordered my book through your recent promotion and cannot wait to read it! My 16 year old daughter and I arrive in Charlotte in one week for She Speaks and we cannot wait! See you soon!

  11. Erin

    Lysa, as much as I’d love to fly from Spokane to Charlotte for this, I’ll just have gotten home from She Speaks. I’m signing up for the free broadcast and will invite some friends and help you spread the word. I’ve pre-ordered my book through your recent promotion and cannot wait to read it! My 16 year old daughter and I arrive in Charlotte in one week for She Speaks and we cannot wait! See you soon!

  12. Anna

    Lysa, I wanted to say thank you for the Encouragement for Today Devotion that you wrote for today (Thursday 7/17). I’m struggling with something with one of my kids that is exactly as you described. I’ve done what I know to do and yet the outcome has not been what it is “supposed” to be. It makes me sad and it makes me angry. Thank you for the reminder that God is my strength.

  13. Courtney

    I just tried to register for the webinar but the email sent was blank. Can you help me out? I would love to attend via the web.

  14. Sondra Haarberg

    I would like to sign up for the webcast but don’t see instructions on how to do that? So excited to read your new book Lysa!!!

  15. Jennifer Dougan


    Congratulations on this book release and launch in August! May it go smoothly.

    I just came across your “Let God Chisel” keychain from the She Speaks 2011 conference, and it made me smile. I could hear tiny glimpses of the message in my mind still.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  16. Holly westberry

    I live in Florida (Orlando) so it’s a little far so I’d like to see it via web

  17. sophie

    Well…. hmm… coming from France might be a little tricky?? what do you think?!:) So I subscribed to the webcast: thank God for Internet!!:) And also for you Lysa: I am currently taking the “I am messing up my Kids” Bible Study and I must say the book is amazing. I have read the whole book and am now going back to the beginning to do the actual Bible study. I am on chapter 6. It is such a great experience for me: I now have the beggining of an answer to my questions, I can really feel God’s presence as I am living my Mom’s days. THANK YOU do much LYSa: MERCI!

  18. Heather

    I was going to try and write an email privately to you, but this is the only way I found to contact you. I have an alcoholic parent and have recently started recovery myself. She is now noticing that something is changing in me and not responding well! The past couple of days have been filled with me going right back to being a child and trying to figure out what I could do to please her, make this hurt go away, but I know I can’t. I started reading your book and just re- read the chapter in Am I messing up my kids about your twirling for your dad. That is exactly how I feel! She is broken. She will never acknowledge me. You and your words have helped me so much! I am not just a child of a broken family, I am a child of God. He put me here, and He loves me. It is so hard to believe, but I know it is true. So, I am here to say thank you for opening up your heart and telling the world about your truth. It helps.

  19. Jill Daniels

    Today I feel I need to unrush my schedule by not allowing my mind to stress about everything I need to get done. I’m 7 months pregnant and still have many things I need to get done before the baby comes. My mind seems to go there every day. Today I am choosing to allow God to renew my mind and refresh my heart. I will take every thought captive to obey Christ! With the Holy Spirit’s help of course! Thank you for this reminder to stop rushing!

  20. Beverly

    I would love to see the webcast. I cannot go to Charlotte but I would love to. The webcast would be great to see. Thanks!!

  21. Dan Williams

    I can relate to your story today 7-31-14. When I was working I would get so upset that I would throw papers off my desk and start cussing. I was a Christian then and still a Christian. It just got a whole of me. I am now retired in God’s word every day and waiting on God’s clear voice to speak to me. Your message spoke to me and there will be someone today who will read this and find that God will calm your fears. Thank you

  22. Deborah Neff

    How do I view this webinar on Aug. 12th about her new ” Yes!” Book ?
    I subscribed : [email protected]
    So how do I listen ?
    Just get on ? At 1:00ET. & listen ?

  23. julie folsom

    My work days seem to be altered each time I read your blog…
    altered to a higher level of consciousness.. to that “perfect peace”
    because my mind can be instantly refocused and “stayed on Thee,”
    through your words. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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