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Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 2

June 24, 2014

It’s day #2 of our room renovation project, and today we’re going to talk about the transformation process.

How do we pull something together and make it feel like a home?

I wrestle with this a lot.

I overanalyze, deliberate, buy too many things that I’m not sure if I like, and I’m indecisive as to what to do with it all when I get home. So I’m thankful that The Nester is with us today to share tangible ways to pull a room together. Check out the video below for more:

(If you’re viewing this in an email, click here to watch the video.)
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“Nester Notes”: 3 Steps for Pulling a Room Together

1. Pull everything, except the big furniture, out of the room. Put the big things in the right place.
2. Focus on your main wall(s). For us, this was the gallery wall and the fireplace.
3. Spruce things up by adding in the “Tchotchkes and Gee-gaws.”

This all seems pretty do-able now, even for me. That’s a miracle.

Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 2

Maybe you’re wishing you could invite The Nester into your space. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Nesters to come into everyone’s home, but you can buy her amazing book, The Nesting Place, for help with all of your decorating needs. It’s so easy to understand – I feel like she jumps right out of the pages and into my space.

The Nesting Place

Click here to purchase your copy.

Stay tuned for one more post tomorrow on the finished room. I promise you don’t want to miss the big reveal!

Today, I’m giving away 3 signed copies of The Nesting Place. To enter, leave a comment below telling me which room in your home you’re going to tackle with all the new tips you’ve learned this week.

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  1. Tiffany Scales

    I want to finally get my living room!

  2. Jane Dunn

    Lysa, you seem to have this knack of coming along at the exact right moment to reignite my passion in life. I suffer bad health, am facing another major operation soon, try to survive on a disability pension, but feel the need for something to brighten up my surroundings. Having watched yesterday’s and today’s videos, I’m sitting here looking around my loungeroom and feel it looks cluttered and “plain” colourwise. It definitely needs more splashes of colour and decluttering to brighten it up. So I have a few ideas starting to form. I would love a copy of The Nester’s book…I think I could end up transforming my whole house on a shoestring budget with it!! God bless you and thank you reigniting my passion in life, yet again. 🙂

  3. Rebekah Self

    I am so excited to find this blog and would love a copy of the book! I am moving into my first apartment in August and will be starting from scratch with hand me downs and thrift store finds so learning how to piece them all together beautifully would be amazing! The room I would like to focus on first is the living room then kitchen and bedroom! I want my whole apartment to be welcoming! Thank you so much for all you ladies do at P31 ministries and reaching women of all ages at all different times in their lives! -Rebekah

  4. Raechel S

    Hmm…I’d really love to get my living room kicked into shape. But my dining room/homeschool room need lots of love too!

  5. Barbara

    I’ll be tucking in to the Guest Room with the ideas that were shared today. This room has seen more guests in the last 6 years than we ever had in our other home the 30 years before we moved here. In addition to our children and grandchildren, we’ve tried to be available for friends needing respite due to the loss of loved ones, health issues, etc. It’s a challenge, having a queen-sized bed in a smaller room, but the room overlooks the courtyard with a fountain so it is cozy and serene.

  6. Valerie

    Knowing myself well, I will try to tackle every room. Ha!

  7. Deb Stumpf

    Wow! Love the video and now praying for the courage to try putting all this information to use! Starting with the living room 🙂

  8. Dawn Wilson

    I’m an author/speaker, and I make excuses all the time for my messy home office. But now I’m encouraged to think about “decorating” the room, not just making it functional. I think if it is prettier, it might actually motivate me to keep it neater! Thanks for the practical tips. (I’d love to have you be a guest blogger on my website, Myquillyn! – Maybe, “How to Make Your Best Nest.”)

  9. Siu

    We are just getting ready to redesign our living room and dining room. We really need ideas!

  10. Rosita Aldrich

    Thank you so much for showing the video and instructions. I would love to start on the living room. Thank you for the inspiration! ~Blessings

  11. Michelle

    I REALLY LOVE the art in the background of the video!!! WHERE can I get it!?!?

  12. Sandra

    In our house the office is a catch all and needs some major help.

  13. Amy Raftery

    My bedroom needs a makeover.

  14. Valerie

    Our schedules are so busy that our “home” has become a dropping place – for stuff and our bodies while we sleep. I would love to make a shift to having a “nest” where we can come and recharge. Maybe even spend a little more time here and less time rushing around out there.

  15. Anna May

    My husband just turned our small sreened- in porch into a laundry room! Yay! I woud love to fill this space with some great peices and could use some help from “The Nester”. Thanks!!

  16. Norma

    Working on a new home and down sizing. Would love to have some good tips for how to pull it together.

  17. Donna New

    I have a studio apartment and the livingroom/bedoom have not been changed in ten years. I’d like to add some of that whimsy and welcome that i McQuillen does. Right now it’s pretty pansies and i have little funds at all.

  18. Brenda elliott

    Need to tackle my living room/ kitChen/dining room… It’s a brand new home but I want it to feel lived in!

  19. Courtney

    We’ve just painted, almost, the entire house and I am staring at the beautiful blank walls terrified I will mess them all up. This series couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you!!

    • Katie Turean

      I would love to use these ideas to help make my living room feel like home. We have rearranged furniture and painted which makes it feel bigger. Now we just need to work on the walls and the little accent pieces. Hopefully ideas from the Nester will help me out!

  20. Diane Decker

    I am tackling our master bedroom and bath – this room seems to get shafted each time new paint or decor comes through – but WE (my husband and I ) need a face lift in there.

  21. Monique Birkeli

    My bedroom

  22. Dayna DeLoach

    I’m enjoying this week’s series. I love how easy she makes it seem – not so daunting. I am excited to try her tips out with our master bedroom.

  23. Anne

    I just had my kitchen redone and my living room opens up to the new kitchen. That is my next project room so that it flows with the kitchen. I’ve got a high ceiling and lots of wall space in that room. It also has our office space on one end so lots going on there! I love the Nesters philosophy on perfection and function and beauty.

  24. Lyn Nauta

    I am using the tips that I have learned this week to de-clutter and re-purpose my office/den!

  25. Colleen G.

    Family room 🙂
    -Colleen G.

  26. Sharon

    We just painted. Now, I want to put things back on my wall but change them up some. We’re trying to go through the entire house and clear out and clean up! Yikes!

  27. Twylene

    My bedroom…but I’d probably use the tips in every room!

  28. Denise

    My family room is the room in my house that keeps me perplexed!! I would love to have some concrete ideas on how to arrange the furniture to make it most functional – would love this book 🙂

  29. Jan

    My family room is dated and is filled with leftovers that have no home. It’s SO ready for a loving remake!

  30. jessica

    My nursery!! I have several pieces i bought second hand that I am refinishing. I am hoping in the end everything comes together (im)perfectly!

  31. Brandae

    We are moving this week into a fixer upper built and last decorated in the 1970s. Shag carpet, metallic wallpaper, mustard yellow kitchen appliances, very funky light fixtures…all intact. I have lots of rooms to work on! 🙂 I’d love a book like this to help me get started – especially on my SAHM budget. Thanks!

  32. Deb

    When I left the traditional workforce to stay at home, we wouldn’t have had $250 to redo a room. We began praying, asking God to provide us with ‘miracles’ which turned into an amazing work in progress! No, each room was not finished in a couple days but even when furnishings were sparse, when friends/family would visit, they often made the comment “this is so homey – it says ‘come in, relax, stay awhile'”. When people would find out how we did it (‘you can’t find anything nice at yard sales/thrift stores’), we’d share how God provided! I’d love to have Nester’s book!

  33. Kristal S.

    My living/family room has always had me perplexed when it comes to decor. I am going to try her decorating techniques. I would love to have the book!

  34. Diane

    Our beautiful lodge-like dining room is so delightful a space that I have tried to do everything in there and it looks like it! Need to weed out, pare down, and bring back the bright sunny openness that drew me there in the first place!

  35. Kay Kirby

    I love new ideas and new challenges ! We live on a one income budget (pastors salary) so every thrifty idea I can find helps! I love entertaining so I like our house to be inviting!

  36. Tammy T

    Spare bedroom – hubby has a man cave & I need a place for quiet time & refreshment time!

  37. Vivian T

    I’m going to try these tips on my family room. It is quite b-o-r-i-n-g!

  38. Juanita Head

    We are going to redecorate my daughter’s room. Give it a more age appropriate feel and reflect her!!

  39. Courtney J

    I will be using these tips to create a cozy, relaxing, and decorative bedroom in my new apartment!

  40. Jennifer

    My bedroom!!!

  41. Helen

    Guest bedroom

  42. Beth

    Thank you for all the great ideas! A tornado hit my home two months ago, and we are in a huge mess as we try to rebuild and redecorate the part of our home that was affected. I would love to read this book and get more ideas!!

  43. Jennie

    Practically every room in my house, but first my living room, followed by kitchen and then our homeschool room.

  44. Louisa

    Can’t wait to use some if these ideas in my daughters room as a birthday gift….God is giving us a fresh start on our relationship and this is perfect

  45. Tina B

    We built our home and have been living in it for almost a year and a half now. I thought having a new home was going to be so great but so far it only feels like a house. I am struggling to make it feel like home and it’s getting very frustrating. I am going to focus on the living room as that’s the room we spend most of our time in. Thank you so much for sharing on this topic!!!

  46. Kristy L

    I need to work on every room!! Haha!

  47. Jennifer

    Paint is amazing! We painted our fireplace white and it looks so much better. The rest of the living room is next. I need to incorporate something my husband treasures, not just what I like. Thank you for this series.
    Be blessed 🙂

  48. Melanie @ Carmel Moments

    I really want new things in the living room but the kitchen needs paint pronto.
    Let’s see. Paint job is 6 years old. I have 3 kids. And I bake and cook every day. It’s pretty bad!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Lisa

    The living room and family room!

  50. Christian

    I’ve already started working on my kitchen! We’re several years away from a real renovation; despite paneling & orange counters I want to take pride in it now. I’m tired of letting it embarrass me. Yesterday I cleared the clutter and today I’ll start working toward my goal of totally rocking a 1960’s vintage kitchen!

  51. Amanda Beth

    I think I will start with my living room first!

    • Brandy Van Hoy

      Next room has gotta be our bedroom! I have started by not finished it

    • Nico Smith

      Wow! I guess redecorating a living space is a lot like decluttering our lives of the stuff we don’t need anymore in order to make room for whatever wonderful things God may have in store for our future.
      “It’s day #2 of our room renovation project, and today we’re going to talk about the
      transformation process.

      How do we pull something together and make it feel like a home?

      I wrestle with this a lot.

      I overanalyze, deliberate, buy too many things that I’m not sure if I like, and I’m indecisive as to what to do with it all when I get home. So I’m thankful that The Nester is with us today to share tangible ways to pull a room together.
      “Nester Notes”: 3 Steps for Pulling a Room Together
      1. Pull everything, except the big furniture, out of the room. Put the big things in the right place.
      2. Focus on your main wall(s). For us, this was the gallery wall and the fireplace.
      3. Spruce things up by adding in the “Tchotchkes and Gee-gaws.”
      This all seems pretty do-able now, even for me. That’s a miracle.

      Maybe you’re wishing you could invite The Nester into your space. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Nesters to come into everyone’s home, but you can buy her amazing book, The Nesting Place, for help with all of your decorating needs. It’s so easy to understand – I feel like she jumps right out of the pages and into my space.

  52. Linda Lopez

    I’d do my living room–we can finally move the toddler toys out and decorate!

  53. Lori

    Moving in a month, will tackle our bedroom, it always seems to be the last place I work on.

  54. Jenny McDaniel

    i think the room i NEED to tackle asap is our living room. it needs some serious tlc. i just feel like its boring! id love to be able to win a copy of The Nesting Place!

  55. Angela

    The master bedroom!

  56. Nichole

    My living room needs some TLC but I am stumped.

  57. Linda

    Definitely starting with the living room 🙂 Thanks!

  58. Jan

    My living room needs updating (sofa and loveseat are still jeweltones, ugh) and entry is empty. I can never make up my mind even when I am in a store shopping!

  59. emma @ {from my little pink couch}

    My living room needs zhushing! I have 23 foot ceilings & those huge walls have been a decorating challenge … ugh!

  60. Deenak

    I would like to start in my bedroom but that would be way too overwhelming! I guess the living room has less stuff in it to move out!! So I will start there!

  61. Helen

    Love this! I plan to work on my daughter’s bedroom, moving from middle school bright green and aqua to a more grown-up, calming light gray. I am painting an old wooden family bed black and we are still deciding on paint for the other pieces. She deserves a space that is peaceful and restful, and more in keeping with the wonderful young woman she is!

  62. Amy

    My living room!

  63. Cheryl Vaughan

    Making a spare room into a den/tv/reading space.

  64. Jeannette

    I can’t wait to try these tips in my living room! We’ve been living in our home since November 2013 and it’s the only room left that still doesn’t feel quite right.

  65. Athena R

    I would like to tackle my living room, dining area, and master bedroom..

  66. Kaye

    Thanks so much for this series!! I plan to use these tips to update my “omgoodness, what was I thinking?!” master bedroom decor.

  67. Sabra Penley

    My guest room/writing space (in two months, when my son moves out). Oh, how I need a lovely, inspirational writing space!

  68. Adoption Mama

    My homeschool room def needs a facelift. And it’s that time of year again…schools out; the nesting has begun!

  69. Julie

    I plan to use these tips FIRST in our master bedroom but am hoping that it spills over into the other two bedrooms, too.

  70. Catherine

    I will tackle our living room. Besides the kitchen it is the most ‘lived in’ space of our house & it needs some ‘new life’ in it. Love the instruction of taking everything out of the room & slowly bringing things in & placing them! Went to a consignment shop yesterday. Can’t wait to hit some more this week!

  71. LaDonna

    It’s the living room… it’s time for a redo!

  72. Julie

    I’m going to begin in my foyer. This is the first impression that folks get when they come into my house and I want them to instantly feel that they have come to a warm, cozy & inviting place full of love.

  73. Monica

    I am going to tackle our game room. It has bothered me since we moved in last summer because it doesn’t flow. We just put things in places without thinking about function. Taking everything out this weekend.

  74. Crystal

    I would definitley do our master bedroom. After moving in a year ago, everything got decorated except for our room. It’s always the one that gets neglected!

  75. Krista

    I am tackling my daughter’s bedroom! I received a free desk for her and now the process begins…… 🙂

  76. Jamie Haught

    I’m working on our boys’ room. It’s a shared space for them, so I’m trying to create some areas for good storage as well as a little of their own space. They are ages 8 and 10. 🙂

  77. Caron Rowlen

    Now that my kids have moved out I am ready to tackle redoing a spare bedroom to make it feel feel welcoming and comfortable for anyone who visits!

  78. Michelle

    I am working on our bedroom. The most important and most neglected room in our house. I want to make it so warm and inviting for my husband and me.

  79. Cheryl P

    I would love to redo my living room. It is so blah and not eventful. I could really use some tips on how to make it more inviting and have that “pop” when you walk into the room.

  80. Patti Drake

    I would love to re-do my living room but I have no clue!

  81. Kiji McDaniel

    I need to tackle the kid’s rooms. Both need serious attention!!!!

  82. Carlene Brown

    Definitely wish “The Nester” would come visit me personally, but having the book would be the next best thing! The room I would work on first would be the family room. Fun videos, liking the change-up!

  83. Lisa Williams

    We are currently building a house and outside of writing bible verses on the framing, like we just did, I am not sure what we are going to do to decorate it. Any suggestions would be very welcome so that’s why I’d love a copy of this book.

  84. Sandi

    definitely the family room. did the walls (fresh paint, new chair-rail) but no idea what to do next; would love this book, based on what you’ve done I’m sure it would help me immensely!

  85. vicki r

    This topic gets me very excited! I plan on working on my master bedroom-mainly the walls and how to choose the right things for the right space-(ex. above the bed,etc.),and to all having the right balance. I’m so excited to learn !

  86. Nicole

    Our living room…it is the most used space in our home but also the most bland. Definitely could use some sprucing up!

  87. Malea Perkins

    I really appreciate the article today on turning your house into a home. I acquired some rather large dining room furniture from my parents that they purchased in the ’70’s. Although it is in great shape….it is just too bulky for our home. I am going to keep one piece and put it against the larger wall to make that the focal point in the room. Next I will add some decorative Tchotchkes….that I plan to “shop for” around my house to spruce things up!

  88. Angie Lemons

    I want to start in my bedroom, I need a pretty place of my own. But I cant see the videos am I doing something wrong.

  89. April V

    Our master bedroom!!

  90. KK

    I’m going to tackle our future nursery. We have been approved to adopt an infant and I’ve slowly been working on changing our guest room into a nursery. Now it should be a piece of cake with these tips! 🙂

  91. Bonita Hardy

    I would love to redo my living room or bedroom…I live in an apartment and want to make it my own but feel afraid to put up much as the walls are not mine.

  92. Jane Turner

    I think I will start with my tween daughter’s soon to be new “big girl” bedroom. difficult to decide how much little girl stuff to leave and how much big girl stuff to include.

  93. Melody Byrum

    I am going to tackle my living room. my two year old has turned it into toy store. While this is fine, because I prefer he play in the living room instead of his bedroom since he’s not old enough to be alone, i do want to spruce the place up and have it be everyone’s space instead of just his.

  94. Maria Marquardt

    Our family room. We have a room with a television, three sofas, a cat tree and toys galore. With six children (ages 16-3) we need a space everyone can find comfortable and inviting. 🙂

  95. Diana

    I have refinished furniture before but I had never done decorative chalk paint. Bought a dresser and hoped for the best. I love it! Did the top in white and the body of it in gray. I put Anthropoligie knobs on it and I have an art piece for a dresser.

  96. Jenn A

    I need to tackle my bedroom. We’ve been in this house just over one year and progress has been very slow. However, our room has been neglected because no one sees it except us!

  97. Kimberly@ Emmamariedesigns

    I’ve been recently inspired to tackle my master bedroom. The tip for focusing on one area is genius. Too many times we try to focus on too much. Excited to see your transformation as well as steps along the way!

  98. Lindsey Edwards

    My husband and I are purchasing a house, so I’m excited to use these tips when revamping our house in a few weeks. I first want to tackle our living room. It’s a long rectangle room with a fireplace and across from that is a large window overseeing the front yard.

  99. Theresa Davies

    These are all great tips for someone who hasn’t a clue! I am going to try and do something fun in my living room! Thanks.

  100. Cathy

    Thank u for the helpful ideas. I want to work on
    my living room. I have 4 kids & with all the running around, I put nesting low on my list & it never gets done although I’d LOVE a cute home!

  101. Denae

    My first room would be my bedroom, to make it feel more like my little “sanctum.” The next would be the living/dining room! And I’ll share my tips with the rest of the family so they can do their own bedrooms, lol!

  102. Lori

    Gosh it’s hard to decide – my place has been kind of a mess since I moved in almost 2 years ago! I’m working on my daughters loft right now, so maybe my next room to target will be our extra bedroom/office/craft room. Loving this! She has such a great eye!
    Thanks again for this series!! 🙂

  103. Beth Morphis

    I am excited! The room I want to work on in my home is a living room space with a fireplace and a huge empty wall! I love what you guys are doing and cant wait to see the finished product!

  104. Margaret K

    Definitely my living room; then my bedroom.

  105. Michelle

    My living room, which also serves as a computer room/home school room/living room/library/play room. It needs some help!

  106. Sarah

    I would start with my bedroom! I’ve always wanted to make it a peaceful getaway for my husband and I but didn’t know where to start!

  107. Tamara

    We have a house that we bought (11 years ago!) 🙂 that the whole thing needs done! But, the living room is where we spend the most time! 🙂

  108. Mary

    My husband and I are going to make some changes in our living room this fall by changing our fireplace, changing paint color and adding new baseboard. I would love to learn new ideas from The Nester. The final touches will make such a difference. Excited, but nervous to get started!

  109. jodie

    so hard to decide bc it makes me want to redo the whole house! but i think it best to start in the living room.

  110. candace

    My living room! The walls are currently bare! My summer goal is to get it “finished” 🙂

  111. Kim

    I would start with my living room-where we spend most the time as a family….

  112. Noa Towner

    We bought a victorian style home 20 years ago and I am still trying to make it my own. Its a process. But so glad I found the nester. Our 110 year old home has small rooms and difficult decorating challenges most people do not have but that being said I am tackling our guest room and have followed your tips yesterday at taking everything out and off the walls to visualize. Have some challenges but it so helped going through the nesters blog, yesterday, I learned and was inspired a ton with ideas.

  113. Bonnie

    I want to work on my living room.

  114. Kristin Kempe

    Lysa — I’m moving to Minnesota, with the bare minimum — basically my books, bathroom stuff and the clothes on my back!! So, I need my whole place decorated!

  115. Jana Boyd

    This could not come at a better time. My husband and I are downsizing and in the process of renovating and moving to my Mom’s house (the home where I grew up). It was built in the 50’s and needs much work. I not only need tips on making it a comfy home, but making it MY home rather than Mom’s home! This book would be a wonderful resource! Your posts always come at just the right time! Blessings!

  116. Kim McCleery

    I am going to use so many tips – but the inspiration for me was that ANYONE can do this for their home and their family! I have been needing that reminder that I can do this for the family! I can’t afford a decorator, but I am going to believe in me – thanks for ALL the tips!

  117. Candice

    I recently have done my bedroom and living room, next is the bathroom!

  118. Michele

    I would love to tackle my living room. Everything in there seems so drab and blah. I would love to have a copy of The Nesting Place to get some decorating tips. Thank you and God Bless!!

  119. Adrienne Hamm

    I’m going to use the nester for my living room (main room) shoot, I will probably use it on all of our rooms!!

  120. Christina

    I’m going to apply these tips to my living room dining room combo. It’s a long room in the main living space of our home and I’d love that welcoming cozy feeling so friends and family feel welcome and comfortable when they visit.

  121. Torey

    Living room, kitchen, bedroom – they all need help!

  122. Tracy

    For financial and practical reasons, we have moved in with my mother-in-law (My husband is ill and in declining health and my mother-in-law has good and bad days cognitively). The living room needs some love. It is sparsely furnished. She said that I could furnish it and we could use it as a sitting room or a TV room IF we wanted to install cable in there. Sadly with the mounting medical costs for my husband, coupled with my crazy schedule, two full time jobs and graduate school. I have not had the time or money to put into this project that desperately needs to be done. We are feeling like teenagers hold up in our bedroom every evening after supper (she has a recliner and tv in the main sitting area and there is a sofa but the springs are bad and when you sit on it, your behind goes to the floor). This is a project I need to get on quick!

  123. Ann : )

    Living room — it is smaller than what we had before we moved – placement of the furniture.

  124. nicole

    I’m going to tackle our new baby’s nursery! It’s a small space and became easily cluttered after we brought baby home!

  125. Shelley

    LIVING ROOM! We’ve lived in our house for almost a year and I still have pictures and other wall items stacked in a corner!! Keep saying I’m going to replace our flooring and paint, but never seem to have the time or money!

  126. Kayla

    Master bedroom. It has been ignored in the 8 months we have lived here. All the former owners “touches” are still in place…..and they are not us….at all!!!!

  127. Taran Nelson

    I need to work on our master bedroom!

  128. karen loper

    Our bedroom. Great series, cant wait to see it completed. Thanks for a chance to win.

  129. Mandy Parry

    Hey Lysa-
    I am already working on my kitchen to give the girl a little facelift! I am painting my cabinets right now (the lower one are going a dark charcoal grey, the uppers some white,some being take down), and have lots of fun ideas to give a face lift to my Formica:). I keep telling my husband I want to make a big impact with VERY little budget. Thanks for this video series with The Nester….can’t wait to see the reveal tomorrow!

    Mandy Parry:)

  130. Molly Higle

    I really need to revamp my office area. I now have the shelving i needed, so it down to getting it organized so that it’s functional for me and my kids.

  131. Lindsay Lovell

    I’m looking forward to using The Nester’s tips in the living room first. The living room is, by far, the most used room in our home and I want it to be a warm and inviting space for my whole family to enjoy. Does The Nester have any tips for hiding/concealing toys or incorporating toys into the decor?

  132. Karen G

    My living room desperately needs some attention. Loving this series!

  133. janet

    I have an “extra” room, sort of a small family room. I really need to do something, not at all sure what, but I will give this the ‘ol college try!

  134. Sandy

    Just moved last weekend – and using these tips already in the living room – leaving things in the garage and moving them in slowly to create the right space……need some color pops though. Scared about that !

  135. Lorrie

    Definitely my living room. I’m a city girl in a house full of deer/duck hunters! There’s got to be more than mounted trophies to this space!

  136. Melissa

    My living room! And bedroom!

  137. Glenda

    I would like to do my bedroom.

  138. Lea

    My family has just relocated from Hawaii to Kansas City, Missouri and in the process, purged all of our furniture and junk! I’m excited to begin decorating a new house, with new things.. i have so many ideas, but such a small budget, especially after the move. The room i’m working on now is my living room.. we have purchased a new sofa, and i just painted a coffee table from my mother in law. I’m using The Nester’s tips to bring character and warmth to my living room on a small budget! 🙂

  139. Katelyn

    I’m starting with the living room! Unless I get overwhelmed, and then I’ll be working on the guest bedroom first :)?

  140. Wendy

    Great tips! Hope to work on my great room! Thanks for sharing.

  141. sherry

    my whole house is what needs to be redone! I am no good at this house thing all these years it has just been a hogepodge of junk! I like junk but it never has been put together n any way.

  142. vicky

    I would love to read your book and get some ideas to transform my bedroom into an oasis.

  143. Mary-Margaret

    Living room/front room/den…it’s a mixture of things right now!!

  144. Margaret

    Although I don’t have a room in my home to tackle, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing an investment property and I plan to use some of these tips there.

  145. Mary Christopher

    My living room – a little to sterile; needs personality

  146. Lynna

    You guys are making this so much fun. Thank you!

  147. Ashley

    I want to tackle my living room! It needs to be brightened up a little! Great tips!

  148. Brandy

    I am going to tackle my living room!

  149. Faith Watson

    These last two days have been very helpful. I would love to have a copy of the Nesters book to help me makeover our bedroom. My husband and I have lived in our home 11 years and our bedroom is in great need. I’m confident that this book will be a great blessing as I begin this adventure. Thanks Lysa for amazing ministry!

  150. Katie Reid

    I am going to tackle our family room, especially our
    fireplace area.

  151. Mitzi O

    Our bedroom… it’s the most neglected, forgotten, catch-all! Not relaxing in the least! 🙁

  152. Jenna

    I am going to tackle my dining room/living room space. They are combined into one large space and it is the first room you see when you walk up the stairs into our home!

  153. Michelle Rodgers

    It is a toss up…I might do TWO rooms! My bedroom (which has been totally neglected for years) and my living room. I love to entertain and I am almost embarrassed to have anyone over due to my hodgepodge. I would LOVE the book.

    PS. I love Lysa 😉

  154. Kristy

    I am thinking of my living room and master bedroom. I am thinking I can even swipe out pieces from different rooms and move art pieces around to help keep cost even lower yet bring freshness to the rooms. What do I have to lose. If I don’t like it, I can just put it all back!

  155. Libbie

    I would do my kitchen, but my entire house needs “nested”!!

  156. Rhonda Parks

    My bedroom

  157. Debbie

    I have been shopping at thrift stores for years. It is such a great way to decorate your home when you are on a budget. My home is fine the way it is right now. When I decided to decorate another room it will probably be the living room.

  158. THERESA

    laundry room!

  159. Dawn Saulcy

    I think that I would do our Dining Room. Not usually the first place that people think of when choosing to “nest.” However, it is the first room you see when you walk into our home and, honestly, where we spend most of our quality time as a family. That’s where I read my morning scripture, have meals with my family (2-3 times a day), work on homework, and sort out issues. It is truly the heart of our home and really needs some TLC.

  160. rebecca

    my tackle room is my family room, the center of the home. I have done something amazing— I sold my sofa and a couple of chairs to have $ to find that perfect new room affordable. so i’m on the way to having a clean slate in the room . I’m on the mission ……. thanks for your help !

  161. Uta Z

    Lysa: I’ve been following you for a couple of years and LOVE your books. About a year or so ago, I found The Nester through a different DIY blogger from the west coast. Imagine my surprise when I discovered you and Nester were doing something together!!! With Him, anything is possible!! I’d love to win her book. She has a practical, God honoring approach to life that is evident through her blog, and her collaboration with you is perfect!! I need some of that in my life, and definitely in my home!!

  162. Andrea

    I am excited to tackle my guest bathroom. I know it’s an odd place to start but it’s got the potential to be really nice (granite countertops), however, the walls are bare and the counter has some limp fake flowers from last decade. It would be nice to make it into a pretty room instead of outdated and blah!

  163. Jamie Evans

    I think the next room I will tackle will be my bedroom. We’ve lived in this house for two years now and our bedroom is a mess. I want to make it pretty and functional for us.

  164. Stacey

    Oh the suspense! Can’t wait to see tomorrow.

    I’d work on my family room. It is actually pretty now but doesn’t match what’s in my heart at all. I want a more collected cottage look. Less of the ‘we just moved and bought all this’ look. 🙂

  165. Jennifer

    Just moved into our 17th home during 23 years of married life to an Active Duty Air Force member. I’m running out of ideas to repurpose the same furniture into yet another house. I need some inspiration for the open concept kitchen/family room! Please help!

  166. Laura

    Loe all these tips. I also need tips for EXTREMELY small spaces.

  167. Amy Tilson

    My BLANK living room walls. We’ve been here a year for goodness’ sake! It’s about time, don’t you think? 🙂

  168. Haylee

    We bought a broken down foreclosure house and the list of what still needs to be done is overwhelming. I have no idea which room I’d even start on, but I think if I could just have ONE room that looked remotely put together (we also have 3 kids under 5, so their mess doesn’t help, LOL) I could get out of my constant panic mode and maybe settle down to focus on the others one at a time. 🙂

  169. Julie W.

    We’ve been living in the same home for 11 years. The children will be moving on. The time has come to down-size. Purging to my absolute favorites is the challenge I’ll be facing.

  170. Carrie Kittinger

    I’m going to tackle my master bedroom. After 14 plus years of living in this house I am ready for an update. A good room to start with as we are one year away from being empty nesters!

  171. Amy P

    My guest room has a few nice pieces, but it needs a little more help. I will use the Nester’s tips to continue my search. Slow decorating makes so much sense!

  172. Patsy Steele

    I need to start in the livingroom/sunroom. I still have boxes in there from our move in several years ago. I think I will begin like you said by decluttering and moving out all the clutter and things that I don’r want in there anyway to see how I might want to move the furniture around to a better place over all. Thanks for giving me a good place to start and the book would be a great encouragement to continue the process into the other rooms but I will be back tomorrow to see the end results and to see how I did as well. I am enjoying this very much. It hits me right where I am living!!!

  173. Diane

    Gotta start with my main living space. Colors are old and outdated…. too dark. I want a fresh bright light living space that invites us in! I’ve got some bookshelves similar to those in theses videos, and have no idea how to stage them. Hope that is in the book!

  174. Dawn

    Your timing is perfect with this joint project with the Nester! My teenage daughter and I are going to tackle her room. It needs help! We are definitely on a thrift store budget with two other sons in college, so your tips are greatly appreciated. We plan on hitting the thrift stores today! Thanks again for your encouragement!

  175. Angie V

    My fireplace and mantle in our living room / sitting room also! I see the layering of so many cute little pieces that give a big overall effect that I struggle to accomplish.

  176. Gayle

    Love all the tips. I am going to do our youngest daughters room. She wants to travel the world and do photography. She is also thinking about going into interior design so would love to see what she can do with it.

  177. Tammy G

    I would love to tackle our main family room! I have some antique pieces, but have never been sure how to put them all together!! I need to get this book too… so I can keep in mind those things I am learning!! Blessings!!

  178. Missy

    All of them!! LOL!

  179. Nicole

    The back room/TV room! I need to figure out better storage for a million toys, how to use the awkward spacing, and accentuate the fireplace and brick wall accent. All while having 3 boys 8 and under roaring around. This would be so helpful.

  180. karan

    we are remodeling our house… so this will be every room.

  181. Janice S

    I would like to tackle my Master Bedroom. It has a couple of nice pieces of furniture, but needs to look more like a cozy relaxing space than a storage room.

  182. Robyn Verbois

    My friend, Debra. She and I both retired recently and have more time now to enjoy projects to make our homes into what we really want them to be. Love the five tips!

  183. Meredith

    Hi Lysa,

    I am loving this series! It is so inspiring! Ever since I got married about a year and a half ago I have been guilty of waiting for the “next house” and not decorating. My mom calls our style “newlywed chic” which is the nice way to say a hot mess. We have a lot of hand me down furniture, no actual design aesthetic, or purpose in our rooms. This series has really inspired me to start working on our living room which is the place we spend the most time with our friends and family! Thanks for sharing!


  184. Jodi

    My living room! It intimidates me so! But I’m armed and ready…gulp, I think!

  185. AlisonG

    I would probably apply things to the house as a whole.

  186. Lucy

    I’d like to start with one of my main bathroom downstairs, then slowly go room by room! Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  187. Dona Haggerty

    I am going to help my newlywed daughter do her living room/dining room. She needs lots of help …… and, frankly, so do I in helping her 🙂

  188. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez

    My bedroom. It has been 3 yrs since my husband passed away and it is now time to make this my space.

  189. Amanda Huffer

    The master bedroom and bathroom. I am ready!

  190. Lina

    I am going to tackle my living room! We are a multi-generational family living under one roof and I would like to see that room represent all of us in a prettier fashion. I am also ready to purge some more of the things I took from my Dad’s house after his passing that aren’t really that meaningful to me.


  191. Kristy Sturgill

    I live in an apartment. I am unable to paint so any ideas concerning color schemes, types of furniture, and ways to minimize smalls spaces is always welcome.

  192. Pamela Kellow

    I am making over my mudroom. Trying to do it with only things I already have or that I can get at a thrift store. Painting is done. The floors is done (replaced old vinyl with peel and stick fake wood.) So, that totaled about $100. Looking to spend $50 or less on the rest!
    It is the first space you enter when coming in to our house from the garage. We need it to work hard, but also be pleasing to the eye.

  193. Anita

    Thanks for sharing today’s lesson of the rules for getting started in decorating. Nester’s three simple steps seem so obvious NOW, but are not how I’ve approached decorating in the past. I’d like to try this technique in my home office. I rarely set foot in there because it’s so cluttered and unwelcoming. I’m hoping to transfer it into a comfortable place where I am inspired to get work done. I actually think I will be more productive in a more inviting atmosphere.

  194. karen l

    just found your blog through the nester. i love these ideas. i would probably tackle my poor, neglected downstairs family room. and oh, how i would love to win her book!

  195. Joanna

    Hi Gals!
    Excitedly anticipating the reveal. I love to see different home decorations. I go to home tours a lot to glean ideas. But my own home? Not so much. It’s time! I’d like to start on a worship nook space where I can go to meet with the Lord each day. A place that invites me like Lysa described The Nester’s home. How precious that would be to create!

  196. Rachel S.

    So glad you’re doing this series! I definitely want to transform my living room. Great tips! 🙂

  197. Adina

    I am going to tackle my living room. It is one of the first rooms that people see when they enter our home and I want it to speak of our family and our desire to enjoy moments with people.

  198. Ashley Johnson

    We became homeowners for the first time in our adult lives last year after moving around a LOT–7 times in 12years. I’m so ready to start really putting down roots and making this new spot HOME. Would live a copy of this book to help fuel the dreams I have for our den and our family/living room!

  199. Latrice Robertson

    I am updating my guest bathroom and bedroom. I have a long wall that is blank in my bedroom! No idea what to do with it! Can’t wait for ideas!

  200. Dawn Tiffany

    My sitting room. When we built our home it was supposed to be my haven room, but it currently has a chair. That’s right “a” chair.

  201. Allie B

    I am going to do the family room . We started ,,,,,, and stopped. Basically just as you mentioned in the blog.
    Can’t wait to get started. Would love a copy of the book!

  202. Bethany

    I think I need to tackle the bedroom. We cosleep with our daughter so it’s definitely more functional than sanctuary right now, but that’s a lovely limitation, right?

  203. Sandi

    I would love to redo my master bedroom, which is tiny, no headboard and the dresser don’t match. One was a road side freebie and the other a hand me down. They need to be painted to match! I did paint the two night stands, so they’re good but I need help with the bed and dressers!

  204. Cheryl

    I love that little table! I have a couple of pieces of furniture I am bringing home from my moms house that are antique. I wish The Nester could help me decorate around them and make my space more cozy.

  205. Mariko

    These have all been great tips. I definitely want to start on the master bedroom. I can’t wait to start!

  206. Cindy Smith

    I love The Nester’s ideas! Great tips! Thanks for sharing!!

  207. Megan M

    My living room needs LOVE. Bad. So I am going to start on it today. Also, it’s about time you and Myquillin collaborated. Great idea!!

  208. kelly gengler

    I am totally going to tackle our dining room using these strategies? Question, what do you do if the big pieces in your house aren’t what you’d choose, but were free and given to you?

  209. Julie W

    Can’t wait to see the reveal! I have FINALLY put up the gallery wall I’ve been envisioning over my bed, and it’s looking fabulous. I painted my room a few months ago, and have been just giddy over the pretty blue walls. I didn’t think I had enough to put up there and look nice, so I just kept putting it off.

    I finally shopped my house, and moved a bunch of stuff around. Why was my great grandmother’s gilt mirror hanging in the foyer when nobody comes in that way? I couldn’t enjoy it there. I rummaged through my boys’ artwork, and found three pieces that all incorporated the vibrant color I wanted on that wall. Two were simply mounted to the wall with command strips, the other framed in a flea-market frame.

    I even (gasp!) left empty spaces for the wall to grow as I find things I love. Does my tiny little postcard-sized poem, Me Mudder, look a little lonely up there? Yes, but I know that I will find it an awesome friend when I least expect it.

    Best of all? My husband (who is notoriously negative) LOVES how the wall turned out! Photos don’t do it justice, but he liked what he saw. Thanks for all of the positive reinforcement!

  210. jennie

    My front room desperately needs to be beautified. It is sad and neglected and needs help. I think that if I could tackle that, I could proceed to other rooms, but that is my biggest obstacle to overcome! We’ve lived here six years, and I am so sad to say we haven’t fully moved in, especially into that room!

  211. Michelle Axton Kelly

    Lysa, You’ve done it again…you have the gift of hitting on topics that are close to my heart with amazing timing! I am ever grateful that you’ve brought The Nester into my world. We are in the midst of our first home build near Boulder, Colorado! I am shaking with excitement…but also super nervous. Some of our closest friends bought the lot across the street and close on their house one week before us. We have many of the same friends and so I picture wonderful get togethers with families going back and forth between our two spaces. Did I mention the wife is a super cool French fashionista? Yes. She has fabrics, colors, lighting, pillows and pendants picked. Meanwhile, I have nada going yet, paralyzed at the thought of somehow making this beautiful shell of a space a home! I would LOVE this book and promise to use it again and again!

  212. Laura Johnson

    I love this series so far! And I can’t wait to be able to get a copy of her book! I’m going to try and tackle our loft area. It’s a space dedicated for me to work in our home, but I haven’t really embraced it because I’m having a hard time making it comfy for me. These tips will really help!

  213. Lori

    I started in our dining room/ now our sitting room. I decided that it served my family best to make our living room a large dining room and the dining room our living room (sitting room). It is not perfect but it is welcoming and functional…a work in progress. THANK YOU!

  214. Jennifer

    It’s time to tackle my powder room! Thanks for this series! Can’t wait for the big reveal!

  215. Sonya burgess

    My living room is what I need to tackle. Is is a large open space with very high ceilings which make it feel cold. Would love a copy of her book.

  216. Tina

    I will use your tips in my great room and bedroom. Both rooms desperately need help! Thank you! Enjoying your posts!

  217. Cyndi

    I have to tackle many rooms in my house; too much stuff and not enough space. The master suite is on the list as is the nursery. It’s going to be a busy summer! Your tips will come in handy. Thank you!

  218. Jessi C

    I think my next project will be my living room. I have all the big stuff, but need direction on pulling it all together.

  219. april

    Our bedroom!
    It’s our dumping ground 🙁 and we’d like it to be a nice place to escape from the kids at night 🙂

  220. Michele

    The family room. I need to figure out a way to incorporate the pool table that we just moved out of my parents house. Do you think guests would mind sleeping on that instead of a bed?

  221. Karen

    Just bought a new homein a new state. We are downsizing and desiring to be smart about the money we spend. I would benefit from a book like this!

  222. Christina

    I am inspired to work on my dining room!

  223. Judy C

    I am in the process of remodeling many of the rooms in my home. I have the ‘know-how’ for the work to paint, install flooring, and many of the tasks involved (which is the only reason that I can afford such a large undertaking). What I lack is the decorating abilities. I could really use this book! 🙂

  224. Freda McCurley

    I am tackling our loft. Too much paper stuff like mail in bags to sort and shred. I just read day 2 now need to read day 1 before your post tomorrow. I am excited to get our loft back.

  225. Pat Peele

    My living room/ dining room open to the kitchen needs a make over. We LIVE in this space. It is cluttered and needs to be made more me. If I move things out, I may decide to live with the Simplicity.

  226. Lauren

    I started following the nester on Instagram and love all her practical advice. My family lost our home in 2011 and have been renting since then. I have never really felt the freedom to invest in making my home beautiful because it’s not mine. I love that the nester says it doesent have to be perfect to be beautiful and that you should love the home your in. I have already learned so much and my home is beautiful as a result. Thank you for doing this video series. Can’t wait to see the big reveal!!

  227. Josely

    Wow, this is so interesting and can’t wait for the big reveal!!
    I think the room I’m going to do next is my bedroom, that is always the most overseen room in the house. I make sure everything is tidy up, clean and organized, and always forget to get my own room done! Thank you so much for the advice

  228. Kristen Miller

    The living room! Great segment!!!

  229. Jenn

    I am going to tackle my living room. I’ve typically had a tough time really pulling a room together and making it feel homey. Sure my furniture is there, but the smaller details are missing. I think I have the necessary items but I am at a loss as to where to put them or how to arrange things to look nice.
    These tips are helpful and I’m so excited about the chance to win this book. Thank you!!

  230. Trisha

    All GREAT tips! Thanks so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see the big reveal of Allison’s living room! I think I need to tackle my own dining room, stat. It’s open to my living room and right off the entry…time to take on that eyesore!

  231. Heather

    I will be working on my living room. With the kids off school we have been going room by room cleaning out the junk. I’ve been working with my counselor to try to get out of my bedroom more and spending more time in the rest of the house. With all the junk gone it feels better, but I just don’t know how to make it comfy and cozy. This is great timing! I’m so excited about trying the Nester’s methods!

  232. Pamelotta

    I just found you through Nester and I love this series! I’ve been sporadically working on all the rooms in my house, but this week I’m trying to finish something new in my girls’ room while one of them is away on a choir trip. Just the first two days have been so helpful. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

  233. jen

    I’ll either do my living room or my den. I’d love my den to become my place for womens bible study!

  234. Meghan

    I would start with my bedroom, it’s in limbo. I hate making decisions!

  235. Heather

    Today I want to tackle my bedroom. Taking down all pictures and “nicknacks” focusing on the wall behind my bed and adding a splash of color with items I have from different rooms thru out the house. Plus I just found a perfect end table that I am going to paint and distress with chalk paint!

  236. Teresa

    I love your latest post with The Nester! Such great advice and you are all so sweet!
    I Love Allison’s art!
    Can’t wait to see the reveal.
    I want to tackle my living room and the master bedroom.

  237. Tina

    My plan is to tackle the living room first because I need to turn it into a workable space for scrap-booking and sewing. We have a family room (den) for the “casual” gathering space.
    Then I want to get knee deep in the master bedroom.
    SO inspired!
    Thank you Lysa and The Nester!!
    ~TinaW 🙂

  238. Melissa Rieke

    I want to tackle my Master Bedroom and my daughters room! I have all the big pieces I need…just need some unique character and a bit of ME (or HER) in the rooms! 🙂

  239. Karen

    Love this series! I’m inspired to work on our master bedroom…much needed!

  240. Gail Dudkowski

    I am going to tackle my family room. It looks too wintry and I want to spring it up–color wise. I will probably start with my mantle–plan to paint a Smokey Mountain view with layers of mountains and accessorize with garage and estate sale blue and white delft and blue vases and dishes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  241. Rachel Lundy

    I don’t have a room I’m focusing on right now, but these tips will come in handy when we move!

  242. Maria

    I’m going to finally make a gallery wall above my couch. I’ve got one lonely picture up there and I’ve been scared to do more. I think I can, I think I can….

  243. Valerie

    Our family room needs massive help! It is a good size but has three different entries into it which limits furniture placement for flow. I so wish the Nester could come over and give some advice!

  244. Lisa

    I’m going to tackle my younger daughter’s room. too much stuff, not enough charm!!! Love the Nester and can’t wait to see the big reveal!

  245. Mona

    I love that you are doing this series!!!!! Need sooo much helping but not a lot of money to do it with! I plan on tackling my son’s room upstairs (he’s 20) Thanks for this!!!

  246. Lisa McCracken

    I am an avid Nester follower. I love her decorating style and philosophy! And I am really enjoying these videos and looking forward to the big reveal tomorrow.
    I’ve actually been working (slowly) on a Nester-inspired gallery wall and my next project is painting and re-decorating my family room with tips and ideas from her!
    Thank you for these video posts!

  247. Renee

    I am currently bogged down in choosing paint colors and making decisions regarding what goes and what stays. I would love to read this and keep reminding myself – “It’s my house, for the comfort and enjoyment of our family – not what anyone else thinks about it.”

  248. Lori Sipes

    I’d love to do over my living room, it’s a large, weird shaped space and it’s the first thing you see when you walk into my house.

  249. Tami Boomsma

    Family room and dining room. I need some help!

  250. Debby Dunn

    I would redo our great room – hasn’t been changed in years (even the Tchotchkes and Gee-gaws)!! First thing would be read the book and then take everything down and out except the furniture!! Thanks for showing this video series – gets me motivated and over the fear!!

  251. Lindy Hill

    I’m definitely tackling our Master bedroom. We have 3 blank walls and one would be amazing with the gallery wall.

  252. Laura Ellett

    It will have to be our living room! We live in a 100 year old ranch house in need of a complete makeover. The whole house needs work, but it is the living room where we spend the most time. Thank y’all

  253. Erin

    My empty guest room!

  254. Elizabeth

    My sewing room! It is mine alone so I can do what I want there!

  255. Susie

    I love this series! Thank you so much for inspiring us in this way. I must tackle the guest bedroom/my office using your tips. A gallery wall is definitely part of the plan.

  256. Pam

    Surely, I can do something with my master bedroom?! Thanks to the Nester, I actually believe I can pull it off even if it does feel like it’s taking forever! : )

  257. Courtney @ Cookin' Up Life

    I want to tackle my dining room and maybe my open shelves in the kitchen 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration and tips 🙂

  258. pamela murphy

    Love this series, the Nester is one of the first blogs I started reading 2 1/2 years ago. I love how fresh she makes her spaces… I will be tackeling my bedroom soon & these tips are exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing… can’t wait for the reveal tommorrow

  259. Allison Hyde

    I am working on two rooms, our master bedroom and our office/mud room. I really need some more ideas how to make them cheerful and homey and inspiring.

  260. Raelene Munn

    Our master bedroom needs some loving attention!

  261. Kitty

    my bedroom, I have lived in this house for almost a year and this is the most neglected room bc I just can’t decide how to pull it all together. I love these posts mainly because I am thrifty but like to feel like I am thriving!!

  262. Staci Richard

    I LOVE this!!! After living in the same home for almost 20 years, I’ve become bored with it and so frustrated that I daydream about living somewhere else! Our home has not been feeling like a home to me for a long time. Well, you Miss Nester, have inspired me to get to work in making our old house our new home again after all of this time. WooHoo!!! I am so excited to get started! Yay! I get to “move” to another home without packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Staci Richard

      Oh! I think I will start with the family room, then onto our master bedroom!

  263. Wanda

    Love this idea! It is time to tackle the master bedroom. It’s always the last room in our house that gets attention. This time it’s been seven years in waiting.

  264. Kate Insley

    Probably the living area. I have been hesitant to hang things, but now I’m convinced!!

  265. Lori Leissner

    I have been working on my bedroom for a while, so I would keep working in there!

  266. Debbie

    I am going to do my bedroom.

  267. Margaret MacPhie

    Probably my bedroom. It’s always the last to have anything done to it.

  268. Jeanne Gardner

    Enjoying this little series. I’ll not be re-doing anything in my home now as we’re due to move this fall, so everything’s about to get sorted and boxed around here, but I’m sure looking forward to new ideas for my next place. Thanks.

  269. Cara Trantham

    I will tackle my diningroom next! Getting rid of clutter and simplifying…. Adding new dimensions makes a beautiful thing of my messy brain. Does me good!

  270. Missy

    Our front room! We are adoptive/foster parents so we constantly have visitors, social workers, etc in our home. I really want our home to feel welcoming to everyone who visits but I have a hard time when it comes to decorating. I have been reading The Nestor’s blog for years and adore her writing and advice. Thanks for this great series!

  271. Donna G.

    I would love to do my guest room..best friend is coming in the fall and would love to give this room a new look using your tips..love the main wall focus idea…

  272. Lara

    This is so great! Thanks so much… My living room is my next project:)

  273. Melissa

    We just moved into a house this weekend! It needs
    some TLC. I would love to finish decorating my
    15-year-old daughter’s bedroom since she has
    possibly only three more years at home. We are big
    fans of the Nestor!

  274. Chelsia Checkal

    My living room! I have vaulted ceilings which leaves me with a huge blank wall that I cannot seem to decorate right. It attaches to the kitchen and it’s driving me mad! Love this series. So blessed by your ministries.

  275. Julie Lazarus

    love to have the book

  276. Jen

    My living room! One year after we bought this house it still doesn’t know what it wants to be.

  277. Meghan S.

    My living room! My whole house needs help, but my lliving room has great potential, the nicest furniture, and the most traffic (and therefore, clutter!)

  278. Shawnee Ames

    I moved to Denver from Indiana with only boxes. So I have to spend my big money on my big furniture (sofa, bedroom, den furniture). I want to incorporate the rest from thrift stores, flea markets, etc. Im reading your blog to determine how to get started. I will be tuning in with my friend in Ohio, Libby.Thank you.

  279. Katie Richards

    We just closed on a new house (that used to be my grandparents’ home) on Friday and the room I am most excited to transform but most anxious to do the transforming in is the small family room. We’re hoping to make this the go-to room for our small boys to play in since it’s so close to the kitchen but there are tons of limitations (big bay window, gas stove fireplace, built in bookshelves, built in desk, door to the half bath). I have plans started but am intimidated by what needs to be done!

  280. Meghan

    my office

  281. Holly

    I am going to work on my bedroom to make it a haven for my husband I to retreat to.

  282. Jenna Curry

    I want to work on either our living room or our basement!

  283. Tara E

    i would love to tackle my family room. it’s disorganized and not decorated.

  284. Cathy

    The Family Room!

  285. Karyn

    So many rooms to work on in our new house but first up will be the coming soon baby’s room 🙂

  286. Sarah C

    My office/craft/art room needs some serious work. And perfect timing, since my daughter took to the wall with a Sharpie!

  287. Heather Riggs

    How fun ladies!!! Thank you for sharing this, very insightful. I just got into my new apartment, and am still working on things, mainly purchasing furniture. Thrift stores are great, but some don’t deliver which makes things a little difficult. I learned a few good tips, but the thing that stuck out to me most was learning the fun word “Tchotchke”!!! You all are a ton of fun! I’ll be looking for the update of the new look! Hope I win the book “The Nesting Place”… I feel like I need it! Thanks again for the insightful creativity!

  288. Nena

    I am using these ideas as we move into a larger home and need more furniture 😉 love the ideas!

  289. Misty Brown

    I plan to tackle my living room. It needs a do over.

  290. Robin t

    My living area, it’s what you see first and gives your first impression of my home. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

  291. Sabrina C

    I’d love to find items to finish my living room using these tips:)

  292. Susan

    We are currently in a guest house we built before building the house we plan to live in. I plan to use what I’m learning in the living room of the new house. Amazing how much my decorating taste has changed over a short time!

  293. Joy Carrera

    I recommend this book even for the transient, renters and missionaries such as myself. Our only struggle is shopping our house” is a major “lovely limitations” since in so many moves (like country to country) we actually don’t bring it all with us. Time to be more creative and enjoy white space.

  294. Angela

    Our living room. I’ve been planning a gallery wall & collecting frames for at least 6 months…it’s time to get it finished and maybe re-do the decorations over the fireplace.

  295. Jennifer

    I am a junk queen I love finding things and re doing them, this summer my daughter and I are going on an adventure to redo her attic room!! It’s an adventure I am so blessed to be on because it is time with my daughter showing her that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!!

  296. Erica

    Thank you for doing these segments. I try too hard and over analyze all that I do which makes what is supposed to be a fun process a negative experience filled with doubt. I have to remind myself…it’s supposed to be fun. 🙂
    Lysa’s comment about unlocking your confidence really hit home for me. I think too much on what it’s supposed to look like etc. Rather than do I like it?? I moved into our home in nov. But I’ve put off making it a home. I was joking the other day with my husband. I said I can’t use we just moved in excuse. 😉 I would love to make my living room inviting. I’ve always wanted to entertain and now that we have some space to do so, I don’t because the room is bare and lacks seating (I can’t commit to furniture yet either because I’m not sure of what kind of couch, chairs, color etc). I really want to work on our living room. We have super high celings so I’m at a loss for decorating. Im a picture in the middle of the wall kind of girl adhd that won’t cut it here. We have two story ceilings just without the actual second story. Thank you again. You made me feel more empowered and reminded me that our house is a home not a grade. Xoxoxo

  297. Misty B

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  298. Anna Brown

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  299. Gina

    Love this project and the Nester!! 🙂 I just painted my bedroom and would love to refresh it!!

  300. Kim Morgan

    I am in the middle of redecorating now. I have painted but really need things to make our home welcoming and warm. I am completely overwhelmed by this! I’m sure your book would help!

  301. Becky

    My living room. I’ve given it lots of love over the years but it’s due for a change.

  302. Laura

    Our living room has a fireplace also…I’m trying to decide what to do with it as well. 🙁

  303. Lynda

    Would love to know how to pull together my spare bedroom, which doubles as my craft and sewing room. Does the book have any tips on refinishing or painting dressers as they do not match my antique teester bed? Love your spirit, Lysa. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  304. Leslie Brookshire

    I’m hoping to redo my master bedroom!! 🙂

  305. Janice Mullins

    Our den! It needs some major “nesting”. I have just found your blog, and I love it!

  306. Natalie

    My living room! I was about halfway done and sort of stuck. This had re-inspired and re-energized me!!

  307. Faith

    Thanks for the tips! I am going to tackle my living room next. Can’t wait to check out
    The Nesting Place for more great ideas and help!

  308. Dawn

    My family room. Moved into new home in October 2013 and need to finish the family room.

  309. Miranda

    I need to get some inspiration for our bedroom. I want it to be an oasis, a retreat – don’t know where to start.

  310. Aimee

    We’re currently working on our foyer which has been a more intense refresh because we added molding and other things. After that I think we need to focus on the master which is not a retreat, currently. We’ve just begun doing things after being in this house for almost 3 years.

  311. Stacey S.

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  312. Hannah

    My living room. It’s a hodge podge of stuff and needs some organization and a decorators touch !

  313. tracey

    I need to do my daughter’s room. My oldest and youngest shared a room. My oldest Heather, just passed away and I am overwhelmed with how to make it my ypungests room. I am overwhelmed and full of anxiety about this. HELP

  314. Audrey Yarbrough

    Oh, wow! The room I would start with would be our living room! There is a huge emptiness when you walk into the room and it needs to be filled!

  315. Lori

    My master bedroom, it is time for some color and some updating


    Master bedroom — it’s definitely due for an update!

  317. Amy Lui

    This is amazing information! I became disabled in August of 2010 after a mission trip with my church. Needless to say our budget drastically changed and we have not been able to do much to update our home. I am not very crafty or good at this kind-of stuff so in the past, I always overspent just to try to replicate a look I liked. I’m so excited to continue learning how to transform my home on a small budget. I want to makeover our spare bedroom. We were caring for my husbands mother and grandmother for about 3 years so our spare bedroom became their home. Unfortunately they had to move on to care homes but the room is now just an empty space. We want to make it into a cozy tv room for our kids so they can have a place to hangout with their friends. I have heard about turning the closet into a desk area and would love some advice on how to accomplish that so they can also have a place to study. I will keep following her blog and gain as much insight as possible. Thank you for doing this series!

  318. Sandy Walls

    I am going to use these tips in putting together the home we are in the process of building!!!!!

  319. k

    the dining room #1 on the list (we eat in the dining room for every meal) and then #2 the master bedroom so it will feel like a master bedroom not a catch all. thanks or all the great info!

  320. Lisa Selan

    Our house just went under contract, so we are shopping for our first house as empty nesters. Every room is a fresh palette and can’t wait to get started!

  321. Audrey Yarbrough

    My entire house is in need of The Nester! I have young children, is there advice for making a room functional with children and well put together?!

  322. Lindsay Stevenson

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  323. Casey

    Our living room will be a prime place to use this step-by-step decorating process. Truly, any room in our house would benefit. I already have ideas for what I want to do in each room, but the Nester’s process is helping me organize those ideas! I am, like my two sisters before me, a little perfectionistic when it comes to personal projects. Having this simple process to follow will, I think, help keep me on track while decorating, so that I am confident and fully pleased with the final result.!

  324. Daisy

    I need to tackle almost every room in this house! And there is wallpaper everywhere! !! Uhghh

  325. Jenna

    Now I know how to pronounce that tch..tabgoahw word! I’d seen the Nester use it but never knew how to pronounce it! I’m not sure which room I want to tackle – they all need some love! But I think I’d like to continue working on my daughter’s big girl room. She needs some serious art and seeing that pretty art of Alison’s… Loving this series!

  326. laura Miller

    This is so cool and so fun! Thank you for doing this! We are majorly downsizing and I’m so nervous how to decorate a small space and just watching the videos, I’ve already gotten some help! I’d love to win the book!

  327. Denise E

    We are switching bedrooms around, so I will be focusing on my daughters new room and a new spare bedroom.

  328. janet

    I am repurposing my living -dining- kitchen as it is one large room. Nesting is a great way to find nuggets of interest. I will take each wall- and define a nesting spot. This will be a treat- would like to see the tips from the book! 🙂

  329. Connie

    I feel as if every room in our house is unfinished. I would love to begin with the entryway and continue through the house.

  330. Megan

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  331. Tina Bengtson

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  333. Suzanne R. from EastTexas

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  335. Stacy Thames

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  336. Alice Gatto

    I’m going to put these ideas to work on my living room. We really live in this room, and it has to serve us all day, every day. It needs to be painted, so everything has to be moved around (or out) anyway. This seems like the perfect time to use your ideas to repurpose some older things, get rid of things that other could use, and update our home. Win or not, I am enjoying your blogs.

  337. Linda Johnson

    My living room, I’m so overwhelmed by how undone and unfinished it feels! I love reading all the tips and how tos!!!

  338. Tracy Dyer

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  339. Sarah cook

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  340. Alia

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  341. Mary

    We had water damage in our lower level family room. A new floor and new paint job have given me a lovely blank slate, I would love to read Nesters tips for what to do next!

  342. Kathy Hernandez

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  343. michel

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  344. Cristy

    We redid the floors and painted our living room 2 months ago. Last week my husband did the baseboards… Talk about moving slow! We’ve had our tiny bedroom tv in here for the sake of keeping big furniture out of the living room while we finish. So ready to start moving stuff in!

  345. Livinglessmom

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  346. Shay Speer

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  347. Renda

    Every room in my 22 year old home needs to be redone. But I will start with the family room. Unfortunately, the high ceilings make it more difficult to achieve a cozy feel. I love “thfifting” and I am up for the challenge.

  348. Karen M

    I’m going to tackle the master bed room this week!

  349. Danielle Copeland

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  350. Lisa C

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  351. Janice Pierson

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  352. Terri

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  353. Gail

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  354. Liz

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  355. Shalena

    I would love to tackle my den. It seems so dark and drab that I really would like to add some “pop” to it. Plus, budget savvy as I would like to be, the sound of doing it on a very tight budget sounds amazing!

  356. Brenda

    Our downstairs guest bedroom. When we have guests stay I want this room to make them feel welcome and at home.

  357. Sally Ferguson

    Cute video… can’t wait to see the Big Reveal!
    I have also painted my fireplace white and love the contrast of the cinnamon walls. I’m looking for ideas for summer decorations on my hearth!

  358. Laura

    We’re shuffling our office and master bedroom around later this summer. Looking forward to using some of these tips!

  359. katie sexton

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    would like to brighten it up. thank you

  360. Kathy

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  361. Ericka R

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  362. Anne P

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  365. Betsy S.

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  366. Allison M

    I have a lot of rooms that need to be redone, but I’ll probably start with the basement to make it more inviting for the kids.

  367. Rose

    I have plans to paint my bedroom a soft pinky/peach. Going to spray paint picture frames white and put in cloud posters. Also going to spray paint a mirror frame white. Attempting to lighten, brighten and romanticize. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  368. Katrina Porter

    Love! Doesn’t have to be perfect! Yikes! As a creative, that is difficult for me to shallow! Tackling my home office with tips I’m gleaning!!

  369. Edna S

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  370. Gail Hubbard

    My master bedroom needs to be beautified! The Nester motivates me and reduces m anxiety 150%…THANK YOU for your tips and encouragement!

  371. Michele Rafter

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  372. Valerie

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  373. Becca Obergefell

    I love the idea of tackling the most important wall first – I’ll be using this advice for every room in my new apartment, but starting with the living room!

  374. Jackie Hughes

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  375. Sharon

    I am attempting to make my dining room work as an office/craft space but still be usable as a dining room for entertaining. Lots to do in one room:)

  376. Jennifer

    The spare bedroom. It’s a “nightmare” now!

  377. Angie

    My son’s room. He is eleven and the only thing to have ever changed in his space was when the crib moved out and a twin bed moved in. I’m embarrassed to admit he still has teddy bear window treatments…yikes!

  378. Sarah S

    I’ll tackle my living room as it’s in the heart of my home where all the traffic flows through!

  379. Melissa P.

    I want to redesign my living room. I only have a few things on the wall, and I want to add a lot more color to brighten it up.

  380. Shayna Dimmick

    I’ve been trying to spruce up our living room with these tips. We’re currently using a “found and hand-me-down” decor scheme, so it’s going slow, but THANK YOU!

  381. Lori

    I think for me the room I’d start with is our extra bedroom, which we’re not intending to use as a bedroom at all, but as an office, workout room, and guest room combined. I just haven’t been able to pull it all together yet in a multi-functional way. It’s still languishing as a storage room. 🙂 I’m looking for some inspiration to tackle it and make it beautiful. Thank you for doing the posts this week from The Nester.” Inspirational!

  382. Christine

    My living room! I have a phobia of hanging things up. I definitely think I was born without a single decorating gene. It is sad. 😉 I could use her tips so much!

  383. Deborah

    I’m going to tackle the kitchen… a hodge podge space that needs some love and time and less of a thrown together and cluttered feel

  384. Cindy

    First the family room, then the master bedroom – Loving the videos!! Thank you!

  385. Jane

    I also would say my son’s room. He is 11 and I have started some decorating but now I am stuck. Preteen boy rooms are hard to find stuff for. Maybe The Nester has some ideas! I saw that she has boys!

  386. nicole

    My husband and I’s office because it needs a women’s touch.

  387. Cindy

    The kitchen!

  388. Lucy Sanguinetti

    Our project was two-fold. We had two daughters moving into apartments in Starkville, Mississippi to go to Mississippi State University…but they did not want to live together! We went on a mission…first to clean out the attic and re-purpose any furniture from there. We painted iron beds, old coffee tables and frames, and went to flea markets and garage sales to purchase headboard, end tables, lamps and rugs. Their apartments look so homey!! We found that chalk paint (i.e. Annie Sloan as well as my home-made recipe) is our new best friend!!

  389. Becky Faurer

    My family room! What a wonderful website you have. Praise God for ladies like you all❤️

  390. Robin H

    The dining room!! IT is a hot mess!

  391. Sarah C

    Our living room!!! I have been living for 2 years with a main wall above our couch that has been blank….I still need to find some intentional scriptural art that can minister to us & the people group we are designing our lives to reach—but, i just need to focus on it! I want it to be a pointer of encouraging my 3 year old child to the eldest family leader that comes into that room to grow to know Jesus more. I do have hope in reading these blogs that i can make this a reality sooner than later.

  392. Sarah Chamberlain

    Our living room!!! I have been living for 2 years with a main wall above our couch that has been blank….I still need to find some intentional scriptural art that can minister to us & the people group we are designing our lives to reach—but your blog is getting those ideas in gear!

  393. Christina Mendoza-Green

    Gotta do the bathroom. Maybe that’s weird, but my bathroom is so Bleh! Surely with some of these great ideas I can come up with a bathroom that is a joy to walk into!
    I’m a big yard sale gal anyway, but I’m no good at putting the awesome pieces I find together, which is why this book would be perfect for me.

  394. Kelie M

    First the family room; then the master bedroom.

  395. Teresa

    My entryway! Right now is is blah…I want it to be more inviting and warm (and furnished period, lol).

  396. Vicki Kennedy

    My Master Bedroom

  397. Lori P

    Looking forward to filling up some blank walls in several areas of my home.

  398. Monica

    My living/dining room

  399. Jessica king

    I am definitely going to take this information to finially do my bedroom! I’ve been in my house for over 4 years now and I want nothing more then to make it a home! I’ve been struggling with it for many reasons! I’m all of the above you guys talked about! Thank you God for bringing the Nester into my life! I am ready to do this!

  400. Mary L.

    Our family room — where we spend the most time. 🙂

  401. Erica

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  402. Brandi Carter

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  403. Eileen

    Excited to work on my living room…I do want to paint the fireplace white also! Thanks for the great tips!

  404. Marie Valum

    Love seeing the video and hearing your ideas..

  405. Tracey A

    The family room needs some updating!!! You are doing a great job! Love this site!

  406. Valerie

    we’re buying a fixer house! The whole thing will be done “without breaking the bank” and full of thrift store finds!

  407. Jodie

    Our dining area — it’s too cluttered, not inviting for dining at the table. Thanks for sharing all this fun ideas!

  408. Virginia O

    Love this series, and can’t wait to see the reveal. What I need to work on is not so much a room but the walls. I have two awkward walls in my home that need help!

  409. Kim Buck

    I would fix the basement because with 3 boys and 1 girl (oh and ME) it seems to be
    a catch all.

  410. Veronica Shorey

    Our living room! It is a very challenging room. the two long walls extend into our kitchen. the two rooms are separated by a closed in staircase. And there is one door that leads into the master bedroom on one of the long walls. I so need help!!!! 🙂

  411. Bethany

    Our sunroom. It’s right off our family room and the kids have been using it for the last three years as a playroom. Just because it’s a part-time playroom doesn’t mean it can’t be inviting and fun too, though.

  412. Jennifer Bennett

    I would love to make over a couple of rooms in my home including the master bedroom, office area and sitting room. Thanks for the tips!

  413. Stephanie

    My living room! It’s bugged me since day one. Slowly improving, but I’m excited to try these tips and finally get it to a place that makes me smile 🙂

  414. Lauren Osborne

    My husband and I are in the process of getting our first home. These tips along with everything in the book are exactly what I’ve been looking for to help ease the worry of creating a great space in our new house without spending tons of money considering everything just went to the actual house. I love the idea of mixing old with new as each piece tells a story….it’s the trick of making the whole message be “welcome home” that I need help with, LOL.

    • Lauren Osborne

      I forgot to mention which room I am most concerned about – for me, it’s the family room. This is the heart of the home. It’s where we relax, have game nights, host friends and family. I want the room to feel cozy yet sophisticated at the same time….if that’s possible. 🙂

  415. CJ Hines

    My living room needs some serious TLC. I love the 3 steps she talks about and I think I will use them to revive my living room.

  416. Robin Padgett

    My den is the room I would love to makeover!! It is a ranch style home that is 34 years old. We painted over our dark paneling a couple of years ago and now I need to decorate and pull it together but need ideas to do it on a budget and would love help with this!!! Enjoying the makeover videos this week!!! Robin

  417. Linda

    I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the BIG REVEAL but …..I’m going to empty and re-do……………the master bedroom and bathroom! Our walk in closet needs new shelving (it broke, again…) so it has to be completely emptied and then put back together so I might as well continue with the rest of the space. And those are the only two rooms that don’t need painted! Since the rest of the house needs painted, I’m going to try out new wall arrangements since the holes will get fixed when the new paint goes on. (& you would not believe what I can hang up on a stainless steel straight pin – or 2!!)

  418. Wendi Bangerd

    My bedroom-it is too full of big furniture and looks cluttered and small with no style.

  419. Diana Poulos

    I am “attacking” our breakfast nook in the hope that it will become a creative space for my 3 kiddos… As well as functional with the ability to be a space for a family “command center”. Whether for homework, play or creativity…it needs to be hardworking, but attractive…ack! Going to apply what I’ve gained from the videos:)

  420. Karen

    My goal is to use what I learn here to help complete my eat-in kitchen. Thanks!

  421. Mary

    I’m seriously decorating-challenged! I need all the help I can get. 🙂

  422. Linda Hicks

    My daughter is moving next week so we can’t tackle any room until then but I’m sure one of the first rooms will be the nursery for her baby to be born the very same week they are moving! Long story – certainly did not plan it that way but we’re counting on God’s timing being perfect and making all things beautiful in His time! This “Nester” book is just one example of His perfect timing!

  423. Dawn-Marie Jackson

    I am currently working on my dining room. I bought two wood chairs for $20 that need painting and fabric recover on seats. I also have plans to repaint a hutch that I bought for $50.

  424. Jyces Pasteris

    My son’s room! He’s ready for a big boy room.

  425. Nancy

    Our master bedroom needs serious help. I dislike the wall color but love the furniture (well mostly), so will take the suggestions and plunge in!

  426. Jo LeBlanc

    I will definitely be tackling our living room with these fantastic tips! The LR is the only room we can entertain in, and I want our guests to feel warm and comfortable in it. As a recent cancer survivor (praise God), a major overhaul in this room is just what the doctor ordered! I look forward to the thrift stores and garage sales!

  427. Kim S

    I want to work on our living room. Too many choices.

  428. Courtney Lynn

    We’re doing a major home renovation–remodeling two rooms, and building four new rooms. You can be sure I’ll use these tips throughout the house, but particularly in the dining room. We’re going with a pinic/campout theme because we love ot eat outside, but it’s not always possible during the scorching summers and freezing winters. So we plan to bring the outside in all year long!

  429. Carol

    I definitely can use these tips in my living room! We have lived in this parsonage for 2 years and I still struggle with how I want this room to look!

  430. Linda Rahmeyer

    I think I will redo the guest bathroom. It is a large space and feels like a big white box. Nothing exciting about it and nothing on the focal wall.

  431. Chelsea

    I’m looking forward to reorganizing and redecorating my kitchen soon, and hopefully swapping out my dark cabinets for white, airy cabinets.

  432. Kelly

    We just built a house and I’m working with a blank slate! I would like to focus on my great room.

  433. Lori

    I’m turning a spare room into a craft room. Endless possibilities with ideas for a room I can escape to create. Love the budget friendly help!

  434. Karoline

    Living room, definitely! It’s such a big space, and I’m still learning how to pull it all together and make it homey.

  435. Charissa

    Inspired to tackle my pre-schooler daughter’s future room! I’m working with a minimal budget – but God always richly blesses by meeting needs through the local thrift stores. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  436. Mary Shaul

    We are moving next week, so I will have a whole house that needs these tips! But the family room has been on my mind the most.

  437. P Diane Buie

    I think I may tackle my bedroom. It would be a tremendous challenge for me and I know I will have to pray for the strength to do it but it would be worth my time to create a more inviting place to rest each evening! Thanks for this information!

  438. Darlene Moore

    My daughter will soon be beginning life as a single mother, including decorating an apartment on a budget. I think this book will be perfect for her. I am so excited!

  439. Stacey

    My guest room!

  440. michelle whitfield


  441. Kim

    I am ready to tackle the masterbedroom, a room we haven’t touched since we moved in 5 years ago.

  442. betty hamm

    My daughters’ bedroom has now become my office/Bible study place . It is full of odds and ends/ clutter. The tips have already focused my attention on what needs to change. .I also like art..so one wall will be for my favourite pieces, and my desk will need to change from a card table to …my creative juices are flowing!!!

  443. Melaie Gamlin

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    My master bedroom! Help!

  448. Kaitlyn B

    Well, I’m a college student so I just have a dorm room right now. But this inspires me to layout the room differently and de-clutter. Thanks!

  449. Donna H.

    My bedroom! I’ve never focused on making my apartment a peaceful haven for myself, and that’s the room that needs the most help! I love your blog’s theme this week, and will definitely check out The Nesting Place. Thank you!

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  451. Darlene Rench

    I’m going to work on my living room. It’s not pulled together and could use your ideas to rejuvenate it. Thanks.

  452. Lene Spencer

    Simple advice and I’m thankful I can fit it into my crazy schedule. I want to make our home feel warm, cozy and inviting. I love antiques with the country cottage look so I know how I’m going to use my focus point. Thanks Lysa!

  453. Marcella

    My front room. It has a piano and a organ and 2 chairs. Mohave no clue how to decorate this room. And it’s the first room you enter when you come in my house.

    • Marcella

      I have no clue

  454. Lil

    Sounds great for the decorating challenged
    Love the idea of pulling it all together

  455. Heather L

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  456. abby

    we just moved into a new-to-us-house 3 weeks ago, and we’re still trying to make it feel like home! this book would be so helpful!

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  466. Pat T

    We are in the process of selling our home and buying my parent’s home and will be adding on in-law quarters for my Mom. My Dad passed away April 2013 and she is no longer able to take care of their home, but emotionally unable to leave the house they turned into home together. So all remodeling will need to be done on a thrift store budget. It would be wonderful to have this book so I can pull it together for myself and my Mom’s home as well.

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    My husband and I purchased our first home one year ago February. Since then we haven’t done anything with our 60’s wallpaper covered bedroom. Receivig the book The Nesting Place would be a blessing.

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  476. Jenna

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  483. Nicole

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  488. Kami

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  489. Briana

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  490. maureen pavlik

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  494. Bonita

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  496. Amanda

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  497. Ashley

    I want to tackle our master bedroom and I love the idea of pulling all the small stuff out of the room to have a clean slate to begin this process! Loving this series and collaboration!

  498. Debbie Barnett

    Hi Lysa,

    I’m new to this but trying my hardest to be a women of faith and a better women, wife and mother. I recently purchased “what happens when women walk in faith” in the bible study portions of the book which bible am I supposed to be reading from?

    Thank you.

  499. Ginny

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  500. Kathy milliken

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  510. EmilyB

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  511. Chris

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  515. Kaitlin Nygren

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  516. Stephanie

    I’d love your inspiration for my whole home. The “doing” decorating is one thing, but your wonderful guidance and practical real life advice and lessons on how to trust yourself and have appreciation for the process while on budget and with regular life conditions is what’s valuable! Helping us become the best decorator for our own homes is a gift. Thank you!!

  517. Janice

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  518. Tammy White

    I love reading your articles, I haven’t been really interested in decorating in the past, but you have really inspired me with these articles. Since my divorce my home has become like a prison of old memories, you have inspired me to begin in my bedroom. I am going to go nutz totally undoing old things and starting anew. Thanks for your inspiration just when I need it. I think I will hours of fun looking for things that fit just me again.

  519. Erynne

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  520. Ann

    We will be tackling our home office with these techniques. We recently emptied out the home office space and are now working to make it a family study space since all of us will be in school this fall (Husband and I are both going and my son is in 5th grade). My mother in law was going to get rid of two very comfy chairs that we are going to use. Now to figure out how to decorate around these focal points! So excited to find this series.

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  522. Alicia

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  523. Brandy

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  525. Angela

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  526. Heather W.

    Living room. Oh, the living room. My eye gets so used to the “stuff” and this is a great reminder that it needs to find a home or a ride out of here.

  527. Renee

    go to thrift store w/ idea of what you want 🙂

  528. Jessica Evans

    My living room! My living room has a complete wall brick fireplace, and that brick extends out 18 inches and is as high as a bench-so it’s pretty overwhelming in size. I have a lot of stress when I imagine doing anything pretty to it! I have a hard time picturing it painted, but the house is old so there is a lot of paneling on the walls (YUCK) and the dark fireplace just swallows my house in darkness! I may try to sway hubby to pain the brick 😉

  529. kelly

    our den. It is a room that actually needs to be gutted; walls and ceiling need to be repaired,removed etc. BUT we want to use it now until we can actually afford to do the rehaul. I like what you’re saying about inviting people into the imperfection.

  530. Sandy

    We are moving soon so i have a whole new home to think about but will most likely start with the kitchen.

  531. Janita

    The kitchen needs help really badly. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  532. Melody

    Our living room needs serious work since it holds many “treasures” from other rooms & thrift stores. It has become a huge mess and I need help! I’m here from Miss Mustard Seed blog.

  533. Christa

    I am going to redo the playroom. We painted it 5 + years ago turquoise and brown. It is time for a change and time to clean it out! I took everything out today, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  534. Christy

    I just re-painted my living room walls and will be painting my entry way this weekend. We have new carpet in the living room. So because our entry way and living room are in the same area, I’m going to tie those two spaces together!!!! So excited!

  535. Kristen

    I am so loving this series! I’m really needing to do something with my kitchen and my master bedroom right now. This is so encouraging!

  536. Kris Robinson

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  537. Teddee Grace

    Would love to have the book! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing. Could hear music on the video, but no voices.

  538. Lauren Fee

    We are moving across the country and downsizing from our home in Alabama to an apartment in Seattle! I will be tackling the living room/eating area/kitchen in the new apartment with the ideas I have picked up today. They are not separate spaces in the apartment and kind of run together! Looking forward to getting started!

  539. Mary Lou

    I want to start with the family room…and then move on to the living room and then maybe a bathroom or my bedroom.

  540. Rebecca

    Living Room! 🙂

  541. Michele

    My daughter just moved into her first real home and took her old bedroom set, so I no longer have a guest room. But my husband wants me to put more stuff on the walls in the living room. I want to work on both and not be afraid to put holes in the walls.

  542. Gretchen H

    I just started daycare and would love to be able to hide the clutter afterwards. I have been having thoughts of doing a moms bible study or bring back my preteen bible study group but I just can’t unwind we I see all the disorganization surrounding me.

  543. Connie Boyd

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  544. Dabbie

    Definitely the living room! I am right now throwing away all the clutter and organizing the book shelves. Then I will try to keep it as clean as possible! Thanks for the articles!

  545. Annette

    I am a new fan of yours Lysa. I really enjoy reading everything you post. I’m very anxious to get to hear you speak at the Women of Faith conference in Indianapolis this fall. You have been a great inspiration to me as a mother.

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