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Happy Summer!

July 19, 2013

I’m back from our family vacation at Camp-of-the-Woods in upstate New York. It was so fun!

I’m a lake girl. I really am. Maybe you can’t imagine me being dragged around on an inner tube at 6:30am with a cool 64 degree breeze coming off the water, but it happened. And I have pictures to prove it!

A teeny part of me just wants you to believe I have a daring side that bosses my extreme rule-follower tendencies around every once in a while.

So, I thought it would be fun to share some highlights of our getaway with you. Happy summer!

Evidence of my tubing adventure:

My sweet Brooke and me:

Here’s a peek at preparations for the s’more-making contest we had. The kids were coming up with some serious strategies…

The showstopper of the contest: typical s’more with added peanut butter and banana.

My girls.

Art and Wes got some “man time” to go fishing!

My beautiful view.

Firework celebrations…

My man, a lake, and a sunset make me one happy girl.

Are you making vacation plans or doing fun summer activities? Let’s chat in the comments below.

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  1. Donna J

    I don’t have a summer get-a-way plan because we are in the middle of a move but I am very excited about that because it is like a fresh start. Everything is new and freshly painted…it’s like starting over. The old is behind us and the new has just begun! I almost feel like a newlywed again! 🙂

    Other than my move the most exciting events I have planned are a two day AWANA Directors’ Retreat at our Administrative Pastor’s Lake House and a two day Leadership Summit where I know God will have a new and refreshing Word to speak into me at both conferences before my crazy year takes off with a bang. Both of these events are my chance to soul search and spend time with God to see want He wants from me over the next few months as AWANA begins and the other ministries I’m involved in. I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!!

  2. Penny Sorokes

    Hi Lysa…which lake did you visit? I live in upstate New York so it looks very familiar to me!!

  3. Ellen

    I’m so glad you had such a great time at Camp-Of-The-Woods. I find it so funny that I never knew it existed before you’re blog…and it’s only about an hour from my home! I think we tend to look further afield for vacations. I would love to visit there sometime…that will be on my hopes/dreams list. My husband and I aren’t planning a summer getaway, but are very excited as we plan our trip to the UK in the fall. We both have family there…his in Scotland and mine in Wales…and it has been a few years since we’ve been over to see them. We feel very much at home there and are looking forward to it.

  4. mary

    Sounds and looks like a great time! Today is the last day of our lake vacation! I can’t say u made it out at 6:45, but 8:00 am is the best wake boarding time- no other boats on the lake!! Family vacations are the best!

  5. Janet F

    Looks like you had an awesome time, thanks for sharing 🙂 Planning on taking my son and his two girls to a water park a couple hours away and do some other fun things there for a couple days. It is also his birthday so we will celebrate that. I did take a weeks vacation and helped with Bible School, it was awesome!!! Summer always goes too fast. I am praying it will always be summer in Heaven 🙂 I am also going to WOF in Aug in Des Moines, IA can’t wait to hear you speak and actually see you in person!!!
    I am one of your biggest fans!!!!

  6. Margret Abbott

    My husband and I have had several fun summer weekend visits with our kids and grandkids. We are now in the planning stages for a week long trip to Washington DC. It’s been 9 years since our last long vacation and we are looking forward to it. It’s amazing how God is working out all the details. Loved the pictures of your trip. Glad you had a good time!

  7. veronica

    Woow… Lysa you guys look great. God is amazing. 🙂 I know you guys had a great time. By the way the pic with you and art is sooo beautiful… you go girl!! God bless you guys.

  8. Kathy K

    Glad you guys had an awesome time. Be thankful – and I know you are – for the family that God has blessed you with and the fun times He allows you to have with them. My husband suffers from depression and anxiety issues on a major level. I’m not seeking pity but your prayers. I know God can heal him and give us back the loving, fun home that we once had. God bless you, Lysa. You are such a blessing and encouragement to me!

  9. Brenda

    My family stays at a nearby campground in the Adirondacks for the 4th of July every year…I think we saw the same fireworks on Lake Pleasant! To us, a family camping trip is a tradition, my mom camped here when she was little, but it is so much work (especially when it rains!). But we had fun!

  10. Debbie K

    We decided to have a “Staycation” this year since we just finished building a pool, and have had tons of family come visit us. My husband took a week off and we did a few things here in town, but I was feeling a little bummed because staying home is never a vacation for me – there is still cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. that goes on whether we are running around town or not. Lots of guests means lots of extra work for me, even though I love having people, especially family. But, I just found out that my sweet hubby planned a get-away trip for us in August to celebrate our 30 years of marriage. Okay, life is better. 😉

  11. Hannah

    Tubing is so fun! But I don’t think I could handle it in 64 degree weather at 6:30am. But that sure would be the way to wake me up! haha! 😉 I’m conditioned for heat, living in sweltering Houston where we have 2 months of “winter” and the rest of the year is summer. So I’m befuddled at the picture of you wearing a sweater in the middle of summer because I don’t know what that’s like. lol I wish I could do that bc my cute-sweater-to-tank-top ratio in my closet is unbalanced and my sweaters deserve some attention. 🙂

    My husband and I are headed to Destin, Florida next week for vacation. Oh my goodness, I’m drooling just thinking about white sand and blue water! It’s the first relaxing vacay we’ve taken in 5 years of marriage; And after his 3 years of grad school & me writing a book, it’s more than welcomed!

    Glad you had a great family get away!
    (ps. I’m road tripping to Austin in October for the Re:write Conference and I’m so excited to hear you speak!)

  12. Mary Davidson

    Lysa, it is such a cool blessing to get a peak into your vacation with your family. I look forward to the day when our children are a little older and we can take them camping. For now, I am enjoying life with two toddlers and a newborn. Our summer revolves around water play in the backyard, chalk on the sidewalk, bubbles, ice cream treats, and walks to Grandma’s house. This weekend we are going to the circus and next week we will take our first summer trip–a road trip to Arizona to visit friends.

  13. Erin

    Lysa, thank you for sharing your vacation with us. In just two weeks we are going to Orlando with my husband’s parents. We’ve been talking with our toddler for a few weeks about going on a plane for vacation. She doesn’t have much of a concept of what riding in a plane actually is, but she knows if it involves Granny and Bear Pa it’s going to be great! We won’t get to visit too many attractions while we’re in FL but it will be so nice to just relax, swim, and read and spend time with our family.

  14. Lisa E

    Thank you for sharing your family photos with us! This has been somewhat of a busy summer for our family this year. My “baby” got married this month, and we now have a beautiful extended family, as her family and ours are now one bigger family. What a blessing!! Next month, my husband and I are moving into our “new” (for us) smaller home, on the river! So now the packing begins!! Actually looking forward to Autumn this year when family is coming to stay with us.

  15. Becky

    Looks like your vacation was a serious hit! In the last few years, my parents have been big on ‘whole family’ vacations. No easy feat when you’re talking 5 children, their spouses, and 15 grandchildren. We’ve been struggling to plan Vaca #3, the last one being a trip to Wisconsin Dells in 2011. Fortunately, all but one sibling lives within a 20-mile radius of my parents, but with grandchildren starting to enter the high school years, it’s quite a challenge to find a long weekend that works for everyone. BUT, they are so worth it!!! Thanks for sharing – love the photos!

  16. Denise Mavis

    My husband and I spent 10 days in Alaska! My sister & her husband live in Anchorage. My brother and his wife live in Colorado Springs and they came up to go salmon fishing! My husband is an avid golfer …. ummm, Alaska in NOT known for its golf courses … let’s just leave it at that LOL …. We went hiking at Alyeska, a glacier cruise at Portage Glacier, sailing Prince William sound, walking tour of downtown Anchorage & the Coastal trail … and met some really great people!!

  17. Alison

    Howdy from College Station, TX! Well, Lysa, I have to share that I believe last summer you posted that you stayed up late on your summer vacation playing ACQUIRE!! I gave it to my husband for Christmas, and we just opened it up… WE LOVE THE GAME! My daughter, son, husband I stayed up quite late several nights in a row over the 4th of July weekend while at our lakehouse. Everyone but my 2-year old beat me in the game! I didn’t tube in that cool weather, but I did check off my annual water ski, if I get up and ski for at least 5 minutes, I consider it a success. Hope you have a blessed rest of your summer, you have a beautiful family.

  18. Chris Carter

    Oh Lysa… I believe WHOLE-heartedly that you have a daring spirit-driven side to you!!! Just love those pictures of you with your precious family in place you all cherish. Just beautiful!!

  19. Sharon

    God just gave our family a camper at the lake and we are headed there tonight with our kids to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary on Sunday. My husband and I were looking at a camper that a friend was selling when out of the blue, we were offered this on for free and it’s at the lake. I have never even considered the lake, but the camper is in really good condition, sleeps 5 comfortably and will be a nice hide-a-way! I’m naming it Quiet Hope Hide-A-Way and my Habakka 2.2 is that it will be a place I can giveaway to ministry family who might otherwise not be able to get away and enjoy much needed family vacations. So excited, but scared too…Oh Dear Lord, please help me get over this and if I lend and they hate it, you still see my heart. God You are Good!

  20. Makai

    Love the pics, Lysa! You have a beautiful fam-your vacation looks like wonderful, wholesome, quality family bonding time!

  21. Derricka

    The first time in 17 years that we do not have a summer getaway planned, and I am totally bummed! Been a really rough year….

    Glad you enjoyed much needed time with your family!

  22. Jana Payne

    Looks like you had a spectacular time!! My family & I are leaving today for NM! We will be going out to the boonies roughing it, looking for Gold and pretty rocks. I am so looking forward to no deadlines or activities.

  23. Heather

    We love boating, skiing, and tubing with our kids too! In fact, we are boating in Mountain Home, AR right now! I looked at your speaking schedule and saw you are on your way to Ash Flat, AR this next weekend. AR has two amazing lakes!!

  24. Laurie Valleriani

    Thanks for sharing photos of your lovely family vacation. Looks like you were at Lake George! Just got back from 10 days in Glacier National Park, Montana & Waterton Lakes International Peace Park – Alberta! Saw 10 bears amongst many other of God’s wonderful animals and had a blessed time with family & friends new & old!

  25. Cherie

    I am new to all this so be patient with me. I am trying to uplift myself daily with things like this to read and be apart of. Otherwise I just spend my spare time playing games on facebook and not giving God my spare time. So, I want to be apart of anything possible to keep my mind on God and my focus.

  26. Elaine

    I have been to Camp of the Woods..I live in NY State…and the first time I visited it was a warm September and arrived to the conference early…so I spent some time swimming in the water at the camp. I felt like God was saying to me ” Ënjoy my daughter…and I felt just like a kid again…I so needed that refreshing.

  27. Jan

    Leading our Bible Study group through “Unglued” this year. SO excited!


  28. Staci Elerson

    I wish I could go on a vacation 🙁 I haven’t been on one in years. It hurts really bad and I’ve been very lonely and depressed bc being a single mother with three teenagers and a 10 yr old boy, there just is no way possible for me to even go anywhere for one day much less on a real vacation. I’ve entered every sweepstakes I can find trying to win one lol but I do not even have a car so if I won one, wouldn’t be able to get there. I pray to find a good man one day or a good job so I can take my kids on vacation without a man but I fear they will be grown up before that can happen.

  29. Philip V. Ariel

    Hi, Lysa,
    Nice to be here. What a lovely place! The pics. Are lovely speaks volume. Keep sharing,
    Keep inform.
    Best Regards

  30. Missy

    Oh, what fun! And, I do believe I will still be able to read what you write… even though you just declared yourself to be a “lake girl”. 😉 I love that God gives us each different propensities toward His wondrous creations!

  31. Mitzi

    Hi Lysa, loved hearing about and seeing the pics from your vacation. I enjoy your blog so much! We have a similar sense of humor! I saw an earlier comment about Arkansas lakes. I’m a lifelong resident of AR and grew up skiing and boating here. (Tubing wasn’t around then!) There are actually several beautiful lakes here. But, the Hubs is not a lake person so we don’t do much of that now. I’m actually commenting to say that we are going on our first cruise next month to celebrate our 20th anniversary! We’re so excited! It’s going to be just us. We have 2 teenage sons and we took them earlier in the month to see our beloved St. Louis Cardinals. We went on ‘Christian Family Day’ and got to hear several players share their testimonies. It was amazing! Enjoy the remainder of your summer!!

  32. Paul Bjornsen

    Lysa, Love reading about your time in COTW, we love that place! I worked there for 7 years through school and actually met my wife there while on staff. The funny thing is that my parents met on staff there as well. COTW holds a special place in our family and it is always a blast going back. There is just something so magical about COTW from the lake, the world class speakers and environment as a whole. Glad you had such a great time there! Hope you have a great rest of the summer.

  33. Sonja Robbins


  34. Luciene

    Looks like a postcard summer vacation you had, glad you enjoyed and shared your happy photos with us. I too enjoyed, (somewhat) a lake vacation to Eagle River, WI. Attempting to forge a blended family here in the near future with my guy…..needless to say, his three teenage boys, and my one eleven year old son made for some not so happy hours all together. Though in the midst of it all, we still had fun wake boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and eating out. If this future family of six is God’s plan, then I need to see it more clearly, because there were some pretty tense moments in upper WI last week! The soaring eagles will attest to that I’m sure!

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