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Writers, Compel Them to Grab That Marker of Yellow!

June 17, 2013

Letters with great potential become words. Words crafted become sentences. Sentences wrestled into sticky statements become quotes.

Quotes that people can’t quite shake, linger.

And when that lingering improves the reader’s life, we see just how much words matter.

Many writers stop at just the crafting of sentences. They rush them into paragraphs and word counts and books that people start but don’t finish.

But what a disservice to that reader stuck with only hastily crafted sentences.

Just a little more intention on the writer’s part would have grabbed the attention of the reader’s heart. And compelled them to grab that marker of yellow and declare, “this must not be forgotten!”

When people stop highlighting a book, they stop reading a book.

And what a shame that is.

Oh, writer of words – want more. Work more. Demand more.

More from those letters turned words turned sentences turned statements. Statements that hold such possibility but only if we, like an artist, work with them. Not just write them.


Weave them together to form something that walks right in line with truth. Not that we ever want to add to God’s truth. But we certainly don’t want our words to subtract from that truth either.

Rather, determine to be a truth illuminator and an illustrator.

A painter of nouns. A sculptor of syllables. An architect of carefully placed phrases. And a conductor of verbs that pop and zing.

Choreograph that empty page into a glorious display of wonder.

Resist the tragedy of typical.

Bomb the boring.

Reject the run-on.

Make good use of the delete button. If you said it well in 50 words, say it even better with 15.

But strangle not that soaring place from which the words come. Smart editing is good. Too much is paralyzing.

So be free. Dare to release that best writer within you.

And then. And only then. When you know you’ve given your words all you’ve got and just a little more,

Hit send.

(This kind of inspiration and instruction is what I long to give writers. I’m kicking around ideas on a type of course or mentoring program I may offer in the near future. If you are interested, leave a comment below and you’ll be among the first to be notified.)

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  1. Donna Jones

    I’m in the middle of writing book #3 and your words provided the inspiration I needed today. Thank you! 🙂

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Oh I’m so glad Donna… writing a book is not for the faint at heart. I’m in the midst of one myself. I keep challenging myself that this book’s potential deserves uncommon writing. Yesterday I deleted 11,000 words. It’s not that they were poorly written words- but I knew in my heart they weren’t my best words.

      I could either cut them now or regret them later. Love to you my writing friend…

      • Jill Beran

        Lysa, these words alone teach me much!! Thank you!

  2. Amy

    Totally in! And totally needed this TODAY, Lysa. I’ve been praying for God’s wisdom to show me how He wants me to share the words He’s placed in my heart. Would you please pray for me, also? Thank you.

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Praying for you right now Amy. Asking specifically for God to give you clarity, focus, and divine inspiration.

  3. sue

    I’m interested! Please mentor us or provide a course. Thank you!

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      I’ll keep you posted Sue… Thanks for your interest!

  4. Amy

    Yes, please!

  5. Helen Murray

    And me! I’d definitely be interested in learning from you, Lysa. 🙂

  6. Esther

    I often find myself trying to force the words. But in the end I delete them because they aren’t what I have pictured in my head.

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      I understand that fragile frustration Esther! This happens to me too. When my words feel forced it’s often because the inspiration has either run dry or I’m making something too complicated. When that happens, I stop and go read another author I admire. One that’s good at making complicated things simple. And I pray that God will help me untangle my thoughts.

      I hope that helps!

      • Christine Hall

        Thanks for those inspiring, well-crafted words, and sentences!! I will be done with my Master’s program in 2 weeks, and feel a tug to write when I’m finished. These were the words I needed to “hear”! Thanks!

  7. Jen @ A Heart For My Home Blog

    You are right Lysa and I love to highlight up my books! I am not a “book” writer but a fairly new “blogger” and I would love any advise you have to share. You have been such a blessing to me through your books and blog.

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Thanks Jen… I’ll keep you posted:)

  8. Jacque Watkins

    Thank you for your inspiration…for being farther along so I can follow. Loved this today…and just so you know, your book Unglued? The one that hit straight to my heart. The one I highlighted and dog-earred and blogged through and led an (in) couragers group through? Your words made such a difference and those tags are still on my keychain. I have no words for how thankful I am to you! And if I’m ever at She Speaks again, I promise to stand in your book signing line and get over my nervousness to say Hi!! 🙂 With much love, xoxo

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Oh Jacque, please do that! I would be delighted and honored to meet you. Thank you for your kind encouragement about Unglued. When I see someone holding one of my books with dogears and notes and bent covers… well it just does something deep in my heart.

      Thank you… Lysa

  9. Lori Lynn

    I think that would be really interesting. I have been writing poetry, particularly Christian poetry, for about 15 years, but I haven’t really done anything with it. I haven’t written much the last couple of years, because I haven’t wanted to sit down and think about my thoughts. But I do want to get back to writing again, because I it’s something that I did really enjoy doing.

  10. Kelly

    Would LOVE a course on writing from you! Thank you for a good word today!

  11. Megan Romeo

    i would absolutely, hands down, love to know more!

  12. Sian

    Thank you for the reminder that words hold power and importance. The reminder that sometimes you just have to hit send. I would be very interested in more.

  13. Elona Louw

    I’m definitely in. Please keep me posted. The above article is what I needed to read today to get me back on track to remind me you can do it.

  14. Audrey

    I believe a mentoring program is exactly what I need to help get the words out of my head, off the pages of my prayer journals and into a structured format. Looking forward to hearing more…you’ve mentored me in other areas of my life through your blog, books & webcasts…thank you.

  15. Genevieve Cadorette

    Hi, I’m absolutely interested in finding out about this!
    I’m a writer, and I can not wait until I’m published, better yet, paid.
    I’d love to learn from you. My experience in writing varies from journalism, to creative story telling, and script writing.
    If I knew how to build a better website, I’d blog more often. I’d also write more if I wasn’t so distracted with a plethora of problems that need to be resolved.

    Thank you,

  16. Jill Beran

    Oh Lysa, you have no idea how timely this message is…I’m preparing to share at my grandma’s funeral tomorrow. I know the words won’t be on paper, but I pray something from God is etched on the hearer’s heart. I feel He’s given me the message…now praying for the strength.

    As far as a course from you…count me in!! I’ve learned much from you and have no doubt God has more to teach. As I worked this morning on preparing for tomorrow, I recalled many lessons from She Speaks…never expected God to use that training to share my hope with family and friends at G’ma B’s funeral. He is good and I know He has a plan…asking Him to bless you with all that lies ahead!

  17. Melanie

    YES, please!!!

  18. Leslie Biamby

    PLEASE, PLEASE Add me to the list… I needed these words today. There’s a book in my spirit longing to get out and your words confirmed for me, I can’t write simply for the sake of it. I need to be genuine& authentic… please lift me in prayer as well.

  19. Kim

    Oh, I’d love to part of a mentoring program that focuses on writing! I don’t have book-writing ambitions but I’d like to make my writing more concise and translate my thoughts into clear sentences.

  20. Amy B

    I would love lessons on writing for publication! I’ve thought for years that I have quite the story to tell on how God redeems those He loves, and who love Him in return. I have been so inspired for years by Lysa’s writings, and how down to earth she really is. Blessed every time I read her words <3

  21. Amy Pike

    How timely! I was just praying about this on the way to work this morning. I love writing devotionals about how God speaks to me through nature. I am definitely interested!

  22. JKJennings

    Career. Change. Challenge. Walking with Christ, facing my fears, and trusting in His plans for my life. I would love a mentoring program and/or class with tips on writing from you- an author who inspires me!

  23. Mary @ The Calm of His Presence

    You had me hanging on every word I just read. My heart pounded and my mind said, “Yes, yes that’s what I want!” I want to be a better writer! I want to share this message God has placed on my heart. Many times I have felt Him nudge me to share what He’s working on in my heart during the quiet, still times with Him only to sit down & have a blank page staring at me. At that moment I struggle with where to begin & how do I adequately put His message into words. I would LOVE to be part of a course or mentoring program!

  24. Rhonda Erb

    Yes, Please!

  25. Carol Jackson

    I am 71 and writing a memoir with my original poetry based on Scripture references to book-end each chapter. Difficult. Much abuse (incest by father, physical abuse by Mother and first husband emotional abuse by second husband who is a “recovering” porn addict), emotional illness (psychotic breaks and delusions that are explosive) and hospitalization, depression, and healing after memories poured forth at age 60. Of course, I need to know what and what not to reveal. Cannot wait to be mentored by you. Amazing possibilities. You are a source of lightning flash hope and discernment from Yeshua Himself!!

  26. Linda W.

    Yes! Yes, I’m in! A very well-timed blog post, indeed. I am in the process of putting together my proposal for She Speaks, and God has shown me clearly that he wants to speak to others through me. He has taught me to get out of my own way, and now I am trying hard to have faith that my words will be worthy of a highlighter! Thanks for the inspiration, and good luck on your book!

  27. Cindy Watson

    I am in the middle of my first book, and have stalled! I haven’t written for six weeks and would LOVE something like this!!!

  28. Carrie

    Wise advice, Lysa. I do not currently write publicly but I have always gained comfort and encouragement from words and long to bless others with mine.

  29. Ginger Wade

    More than interested, sister. This is so very much needed for many of us. Ty.

  30. Damika Withers

    Lysa! I am interested in the mentoring program. Thank you, thank you, thank you for continued encouargement and being a Godly inspiration!

  31. Chris Sanders

    This is a great idea, and i would love your help in this area! You have such a unique and powerful way of piecing words together which brings a message with impact! Every time I read something of yours, I am struck by this! I used to love to write, journal, etc… But somewhere along the way, I lost confidence, and either don’t bother to write, or edit things down–and often out!! 🙂 Bless you, Lysa, for using your gift with words for God’s Glory and our good!

  32. christine prater

    With life swirling all around us and deadlines looming ahead, it is all too easy to just settle for that “pretty good piece” instead of pushing past that. Just think, what if our very favorite writers – the ones that have taught us and shaped us and changed us- had not pushed past pretty good and gone for the guts?!?!

    Thanks so much Lysa for the conviction for craftsmanship. Please do let me know about any mentoring program you might start.

  33. Donna Leigh Hinkley

    I am an “aspiring” writer — not of books, but of songs. Thank you so much for the inspiration, as I believe your words ring true for music as well! =)

  34. Cheryl Gay

    Wow! Reading this is like tasting something delicious…it’s so good I’m hooked for more.

    Writing has been on my heart for some time, but I’ve no prior experience, just dreams & prayers.

    Please sign me up as I’d love to be taught / inspired / mentored by you.

  35. Barb

    Thank you for always being an inspiration but today you took it to a new level for me! I am seeking His guidance as I gather the wisdom, skills and knowledge to be a better writer. He has given me a story to share and I know in His time I will come to pass. Excited to come to my first She Speaks Conference!! Equally excited to meet you!

  36. Amber

    I too have felt compelled to write for some time. My friends and family often encourage me to “teach” as a result of the messages I post on my facebook page or the words of encouragement I send to them via e-mail…yet…the thought of baring my soul on paper and opening myself up for criticism is terrifying. A concept most people who know me best do not understand considering that I have never had any trouble speaking/singing in public, and the fact that I am a doctoral student. The first thing you learn as a doctoral student is to embrace the fact that your professor will likely write more comments in the margins than you actually typed on the page. How do you work past the fear that you might not be good enough to be the tool God wishes to use???

  37. Charlotte

    I am writing…and looking for that next door to open. And while I wait for God’s perfect timing, I am doing what I can to prepare myself to be used by Him. He made me a writer. But I would love the opportunity to continue to hone my craft so the story He has given me will reach the people who need to hear it.

  38. Martha Helton

    Lysa, You have a way of triggering creativity in my mind when I read your writing. It really is a gift. I would love to receive your encouragement and help in my writing. Blessings to you and through you, my sister!!

  39. Linda Williard

    Thanks, Lysa, for sharing such good words! I would love to know when you have your mentoring program done.

  40. Courtney Draughon

    I really am amazed at these words. I love them and how they go together and sort of dance. You do so much with words & of course I would love to learn from you! Made to Crave has so many pages folded over and highlighted that when we were done studying it in our ladies group, I told em we shld jst read the whole thing over again & text & tweet & refer all over again. It is a regular referral to women struggling. I am convinced it is the best book for our physical challenges. When people are ready for change, they will be changed by it spiritually which is where life begins and ends. I love that it is truth that sets people free from bondages!!

  41. janel Case

    Some direction from you would be a blessing in so many ways. Just talking to God yesterday about if He wanted me to write a book to show me how to start. And there your blog was today:o) I have many God moments and proclamations of God’s marvelous deeds, goodness and grace, but I lack the resources to begin. But God doesn’t and so We begin. Hopefully with one of your courses. Bless you sister. Praying for you always. Joy and peace in every breath.

  42. Christina Furnia

    Definitely interested!

  43. Linda

    Please include me in the mentoring program updates! I have my first book written but in need of editing…and lots of marketing…then publishing!! I would love to receive some “big picture” information from you on the process…God has given me insight to share so I think I need to figure out how to make as many people aware of my book as possible!

    Thank you, Lysa for your honesty and your well-turned phrases!

  44. Valerie West

    Thank you, Lysa! Once again, your words have touched, inspired, motivated and delivered! I praise God for the anointing on your life and your obedience to it. (I just deleted a whole sentence! lol) May God continue to use you mightily.

  45. Anita

    I’m INTERESTED!!! Also hoping you’ll do a course on how you do social media and other giving (marketing) strategies! I want to learn from you!

  46. Charlotte

    I would love that Lysa!!! What a joy and blessing it would be. I wrote weekly encouraging emails to our women’s group for 2 years and loved every minute of it. I have stepped away from that as my season changed. I still email those encouraging words to my sweet Emmaus sisters after walks to encourage them in their Fourth Days. It is such a privilege to journey beside someone in that way, taking all God has blessed upon your heart and sharing it during a season. I continue to pray for direction and guidance for God’s plan for my gift as so many of us do. Doesn’t it make life exciting, waiting in anticipation. So please “COUNT ME IN”.

  47. Kylie

    Thank you so much for this! I have not written any book yet, but I have a passion and a desire to write wholesome, fun children’s books based on God’s truth that will help cultivate a love for reading in their lives and teach them valuable lessons about God. I must admit I have found it difficult to know where to begin, but I do know that if this is what God wants me to do, He will give me the tools that I need. Your message today was so encouraging, and I would love to be a part of a mentoring program or course even though I am interested in writing children’s books. I want to thank you for your willingness to allow God to use you and work through you with your words. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from your books, blog, and devotionals and I am grateful beyond words! May God richly bless you!

  48. Chelly

    Hi Lysa,

    This blog entry was very inspiring. Please keep me posted on any mentoring program updates!

  49. Xiomara

    Your words were just what I needed to hear. I have been on this writing journey for a while. I started out hiding behind charaters until God pulled the curtain and told me to be transparent. I have since began to share my testimony of God’s saving grace in my life. I would love to be a part of your mentoring program. I have a submission due today for an online critique group. Your words have me inspiration to complete the task. God bless you!

  50. Bonnie

    Just beginning, but want more!!! Thank you for sharing your experience!!!

  51. Angie

    I would love something like this. There is so much the Lord has poured into my heart, but getting that into words to share, I’m struggling… I know the messages he shares with me must be poured out to others, otherwise what’s the point??? I love your writing so much, and to be mentored by you would be a dream come true.

  52. Rachel

    I can’t deny it, even though I keep pushing the thought out of my head…every where I turn I feel as though I am being encouraged & pushed by God to write. The thought scares me but I am completely drawn to the possibility. If you do decide to offer a menoring program, PLEASE add me to your list!

  53. Pamela

    I have one verse in my Bible underlined and it was a task just doing that! I never highlight. Although, I re-read passages many times and will write them out, hoping to remember. I love to write, mostly papers for school. I started a book once, but I don’t think I got past 300 words, much less 11,000! I’d be interested in the course and/or mentoring program! Thank you!

  54. Lori

    Yes Lysa! Eager to learn more about the process of making my words poignant and memorable. I’m not writing a book or a blog, but I do write devotions for publications at my church. I also enjoy writing letters to friends or family – to congratulate, encourage, comfort, motivate. My hope is that my words aren’t a waste of the readers time.

  55. Lindsay

    I definitely would be interested in this! God has placed on my heart that I need to do some form of writing – whether it be a blog or a book, I’m not sure. But I need instruction and encouragement, and prayers to listen to His message for me.

  56. Susan

    Hurray for your mentoring/coaching idea! I’m all in whenever you start. I’ve written magazine articles for 25 years but find that very easy – almost rote – compared to writing from my personal experiences. Those stories take me hours and several hankies to work through. I’m thankful that when I do share such stories, more often through inspirational speaking than by written word, people are encouraged. You inspire me so often, and I live with BIG YELLOW MARKERS in my car, my purse, and about every room in my house!

  57. Beth Willis Miller

    Love, love, love writing…please count me in on the mentoring <3

  58. Laurie Fletes

    I love to write, and I would love to be included in your mentoring class! Thank you!

  59. Shara

    Definitely interested!! I would love some mentoring.

  60. shannon

    I have three children’s book ideas in my head and some of it on paper. This is all new to me, so would be very interested in a mentoring project with you. Thank you!

  61. Debbie

    I just finished an article that I have been struggling with and dead line is today! Thank you for your words – I saw your post ‘just-just’ after I was done. I would so love to know more from you about writing! Im very ready to put more ‘real’ into my work so others can see that side. I want so badly for others to see ‘Him’ in my writing, even though Im in the equine industry – Blogs, FB, articles and a website are all before me. Additionally, I have longed to write a book but have been told its too hard to get them published. 🙁 So encouragement is wonderful! Thank you for talking to the writers! We love the motivation and positive talk!!! And thank you for visiting Waterville, Oh -Cedar Creek Church!

  62. Deb

    Wow – to understand that “more” is not always better is HUGE! I need to learn how to succinctly put thoughts into words & be able to share before the listener gets a glazed look in their eyes. Not specifically interested in writing but some have suggested it – so am not closing the door; maybe through mentoring, God would birth that. Thanks for your willingness to share in our growth!

  63. Sheri

    Great post, Lysa! I would definitely be interested. Count me in!

  64. Karol

    i am interested if you decide to offer this. thanks

  65. sarah

    Tis why I scribble little splashes. Renew. Refresh. Rejoice. To drench someone’s day in encouragement. To fill up a momma empty of her own. To slosh grace. To splatter joy. All with joyous words.

  66. Jennifer N

    I love the mentoring idea! Love the way your words flow in your book and think it is a great idea. I have always wanted to attend She Speaks but can’t seem to make it.

  67. Sally Ferguson

    yes, add me to the list. Let the words build!

  68. Pat

    Love what you said about making “good use of the delete button. If you said it well in 50 words, say it even better with 15.” 🙂

    Definitely interested, too.

  69. Sharron

    I would love it if you offered a writing course! I have written a book for children but I’m not sure where to go from here. Any words of wisdom via a course or mentoring would be so appreciated!

  70. Jennifer Craft

    I’m definitely interested in a mentoring program!

  71. Glenda Lock

    How or how…did you glimpse my soul?? Shouting YES!! Please, when does it start?

  72. Jess Galan

    Interested in your mentoring program when you decide to begin. : )

  73. Shauna

    I am definitely interested in a course or mentoring with you on writing! I have a book idea that I know God has placed in my heart and it won’t leave me alone, but I’m not sure how to write it…. I need help! 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  74. Dorothy

    So praying for you!! I would love to be a part of your writing class! I have so much I want to share just not sure how to get it all down on paper! If it’s God’s plan for me to put it in a book then I’m betting your workshop/class is his way of getting me started!

  75. Caroline Saunders

    Oh wow. As a writing teacher, writer, and student pastor’s wife looking to encourage my girls with sticky statements they’ll never forget, I adore this post! I’ve filed it away to reference in my class and in my own heart when I need encouragement. I’ve yet to write anything that truly matters to me (and I have to push out the fear that tells me I never will), but I feel God moving the message in my heart. Please contact me with any mentorship materials you pursue! I am craving that!

  76. Marla

    I would be interested as well! Thank you!

  77. Michelle

    I would love more information!


  78. Ellen

    Count me in! Friends tell me that I write well, but I have little confidence. I know that I tend to over-explain everything, so smart editing would be a God-send for me!

  79. Amanda Skold

    Yes please! I love the way you speak and write. As someone new I would be honored to have your wisdom and counsel.

  80. Kris

    Please tell me more! 🙂

  81. Rebecca Chase

    Loved this! Thank you so much! I’d love to know more about your program!

  82. Victoria

    I would be very interested in more information about a mentoring program! I am an atheist turned Christian and have been told that my way of being a blessing to others is to tell my story – that’s my way of honoring Christ in my life. I love to write and feel deeply connected to your writing. I was hoping to attend the SheSpeaks conference this summer, but there were some roadblocks that got in the way. God Bless You, Lysa!

  83. Seyi

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article. It was thought provoking as a writer, especially because I am a first time writer in the process of sending out my manuscript to various publishing houses. This article is speaking volumes to me write now- especially the line about if you said it well in 50 words say it better in 15!

    Would love more information.

  84. Anne Peterson

    I’d like more info.

  85. Erin

    I’d love more info! I admire your writing and speaking and would love to develop my skills and gain more confidence! Thank you for this wonderful post today!

  86. Emily

    I’d love to receive your guidance on writing!

  87. Ivy Sprague

    Yes please, yes please, yes please! I struggle so much with the desire to write, but then look at all the other aspiring writers in the world and think, “What on earth do I have to say that would make any difference?” But there IS something – I just have to push past the fear and laziness and WRITE IT. So easy to say, so difficult to do.

  88. Michelle

    Definitely interested in any coaching/mentoring that you have to offer!

  89. Lanell Stuart

    I would like to participate. Am in need of all the help I can get.

  90. Kayla Elliott

    I would love something like that. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and though I have yet to actually read it, your “Made to Crave” is actually staring me in the face right now. I have ALWAYS wanted to be an author. I have a blog but my family keeps telling me to write a book. I want to. I really want to. But I think a part of me is so afraid of rejection and failure (rejection is of course part of a writer’s life, I know) that it keeps me from just doing it. Any mentoring from someone of your stature would be amazing!


  91. Tammy Rude

    Would love to know more. The empty-nest as arrived and the thought of writing, again, is coming to the forefront of my mind.


  92. Tina Battles

    Interesting…I love your writings.

  93. Jo Ann

    If you are mentoring, I am in. <3

  94. Joelle

    Would love any info and advice you are willing to provide! Sign me up!

  95. Audrey Smith

    Beautifully written post. Definitely inspires me to learn more about the art of writing.

  96. Leslie

    I would so love that. I love to write poetry and musings and having this kind of help would be fantastic. Please count me in. Thank you so much, Leslie

  97. Hannah Bunker

    LOVED this post! Very encouraging and motivating. And I’m totally interested and would love more information!


  98. Meg

    interested for sure!

  99. Rebecca Reeder

    Yes! Just getting started… For over a year now!

  100. Jennifer Henn

    I’ll be printing this post. I am concerned that my words give God glory, truth with grace. I would be interested in mentoring.

  101. Vanessa

    I was excited to read a post from you to other writers! Sitting with my three little girls at lunch and absorbing every word, I laughed right out loud as I reached the end. Am I interested???!!! ABSOLUTELY!

    Plus your words today further encouraged my heart…I know He’s teaching me to comb through my blog posts for anything that’s nice but not essential.

    Thanks, Lysa! You are a blessing and a mentor already!

  102. Lesa

    Yes! How beautifully put! I’ve long felt a desire from The Lord to write, I have no idea how to start. I’d greatly appreciate godly wisdom. Blessings~

  103. Shawna

    You’re writing to my heart! I long to be the kind of writer God uses to really reach people….to move them…

  104. Sandra Metzdorf

    Lysa, I draw tremendous inspiration from you. Thank you for being an angel of a guide to myself and so many.

    I started a blog a few months ago and am past the “who would want to read my crazy thoughts” stage. I have also been praying about my “Sweet Spot” and believe it is definitely involved with sharing the good word with the world.

    Currently traveling to Germany and am carrying your “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” work book to help inspire. What beautiful work God is doing in my life with your help.

    Definitely would like to be a part of your potential course. Thank you for considering me.

  105. michelle

    I would love that…will look forward to it!

  106. Renee Smith

    I think the mentoring/training program is an awesome idea. I would love to be included. Count me in.

  107. Becky

    I would love to be part of any teaching you offer!

  108. Anne

    Definitely! Been searching for guidance Thank you

  109. Jeanne Yates

    Yes, I believe God put a desire in my heart to be a writer for children. I need to get started again on a book I began over ten years ago. Ugh! I am so interested.

  110. Lemon

    I would love mentoring/accountability group! Highlighter/pencil/pen/page-markers oh my! 😉

  111. Teresa Garcia

    Yes! I started writing a book about my life experiences and would love to be part of your mentoring program. You give so much hope and inspiration! What an amazing idea. Please count me in as well. Thank you so much.

  112. Lynn

    How amazing God is! I have been praying for help getting individual sentences I have written into paragraphs, then pages, then… I am definitely interested!

    Thanks for all you do Lysa!

  113. Barbara Cole

    And this kind of inspiration and instruction is what I long to receive from you, Lysa. I admire your way with words filled with wisdom from above.

  114. Sandra

    I would love a seminar/mentoring opportunity.

  115. Saryta

    Wow! That would be AWESOME! I am definitely interested in being mentored in writing… Sign me up!

  116. Dara

    I can’t wait for this to happen! VERY interested 🙂

  117. Jeanie Granholm

    Exciting! I would love to be a part of your writing program. I am a new writer struggling to get on my feet and trying to discover God’s direction for my words. Thank you!

  118. Tabitha Lewis

    I desire to always be heart postured to learn! I would adore mentoring and coaching in continuing to develop what God has already birthed into my soul! Thank you for the opportunity to grow…

  119. Trish McAllister

    I would love to be a part. I want to come to the She Speaks conference, but can’t afford to. This might be a great alternative.

  120. Jen Stohr

    I am for sure interested!!! Sounds truly wonderful!

  121. Ressa

    How God has blessed you with a gift for using words for His glory and our good!
    We would all love to hear more about your mentoring ideas.
    Keep it coming.


  122. Pam Needham

    This is what I have been longing and praying for, Lysa! I attended a couple of your pre-conference workshops on writing and speaking and I have been trying to find a way to attend one of the P31 summer writing workshops for quite some time now. This post was a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Love you!

  123. Darlene

    I absolutely loved this post. Thank you for sharing. And yes, yes, yes…I want to know when that program comes out 🙂

  124. Stacey

    A mentoring program with you would serve a wonderful purpose! Please include me!

  125. Kathy E Pool

    Definitely interested in a writers mentoring program with you! Thank you for considering it!

  126. Rebecca Portteus

    I would love to be a part of something like that. I cannot attend She Speaks Conference, but would love to be a part of something like this to help me hone my writing. Thank you for a great post!

  127. Julia Melatis

    Very interested in a writing course/seminar. Any chance you’ll ever bring She Speaks to other parts of the country like St Louis? Too cost prohibitive to travel to you right now. I am writing a book, “Through Crimson-Colored Glasses, God’s Grace is For Everyone.” I know it is God-led, but I need to find another pair of eyes to help edit. I also started a blog and I have had the opp to write and teach at a few events in our church I really feel God calling me to this life of a teacher/preacher.
    Thank you Lysa for all your books. Our small group has done Made to Crave, Unglued, and this fall we’re doing What Happens When Women Say Yew to God. Can’t wait for that one.
    Blessings and peace,

  128. Pat Cobb

    I would love to be part of this. God impressed me to begin writing three years ago and I haven’t done anything.

  129. Megan

    That’ll preach! That’s about as edited as I can get. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement in this area. As a mom of four kids I don’t find as much time as I’d like to “hit send” but I will continue to try to find inspiration. As I highlight, so might others!

  130. Lisa Smith

    Love the inspiration and wisdom, Lysa!! Keep it coming!! <3

  131. teresa

    thanks for the encouraging post

  132. Christen

    Just what I needed today, thank you!

    p.s.: I’m reading Unglued right now and have highlighted plenty 🙂

  133. Dawn B

    Love the inspiration! I have shared many of your quotes on FB in the most recent days, they have just been spot on, which plays right into this blog post. I am an aspiring writer and would love to be part of a mentoring program! Your example is helping me to be transparent and honest with my writing and I definitely want more of that!

  134. Holly Barrett

    A course on writing? Yes, please! Loved your encouragement above!

  135. Kendra

    Sounds wonderful, Lysa! I look forward to it.

  136. Angela Billups Smith

    I LOVE that you are speaking to other writers! I am INSPIRED by what you share here today & would JUMP at the chance to to learn more from you. May I just say, that I have FINISHED every one of your books & the highlights are so very frequent!!

  137. Michelle

    Yes! Please! A dream…my heart’s desire to write from the heart.

  138. Tina Chudina

    As a professional writer for more than 35 years, I still get excited to learn more about the craft…so count me in! My daughter, a budding writer, also would be interested,

  139. Sandra

    Yes, I am interested!

  140. Meggie

    Lysa, I hardly ever read a book without a highlighter or a pen. The books I own are all marked up and highlighted! Thank you so much for this post and so many other posts that have encouraged me along the way. I have several of your posts printed and glued into my prayer journal:<)) Would love to be included in the writing course you might offer in the future.

  141. Garland Hays

    Please let me know if you offer some sort if class/mentoring thing! Please!

  142. Chris Carter

    Oh Lysa!!!! This post is a DREAM come true!! I could read your words here over and over and over again… highlighting every sentence. I will be printing it out to constantly remind myself how I should be writing my blog… publishing each and every post with this kind of intention.
    I would absolutely be interested in anything you have to offer… Oh how I want to use words to compel, inspire, convict, encourage and affirm my readers!!!

  143. Debbie

    How exciting that you would mentor us newbies- wannabes- yet to be borm writers in the dream stage! Yes to including me please.

  144. kim

    Lysa, I love your writing style and appreciate you being so generous in sharing tips – would love to take a course since I can’t make it to your She Speaks conference. Thanks so much!!!

  145. April Parman

    I would be interesting in a mentor program or writing course. Writing is something that is a dream and need of mine. However,in the last year or so I have experienced a lot of pain and distractions which have interfered with my writing. I believe something like you are considering would help me to get back on track.

  146. amy duer

    count me in-Thanks!

  147. Christine Ann

    I can’t tell you just how timely your words are.. I joined a secular writing course around 5months ago to improve my writing skills but it has only gone so far.. My real desire is to craft and communicate words that will honour God and improve others lives. Yesterday I said to my husband..” My 57th birthday is this week and on that day I begin in earnest and with discipline to communicate Truth with words..” I would be very interested in your future plans to mentor/teach a writing programme. My only query would be – will it be on-line? As I am over here in the UK….

  148. Jeanie

    AMEN!! Would love to be notified if you do a mentoring course/class! 🙂

  149. Suzanne

    Perfect timing. God’s timing. Please add me to the list to be in the know. I have it hard pressed to finish a book and yet barely feel like I know how to start.

  150. Joan Raffety

    I’m really interested in the mentoring class you’re talking about. I would love to go to She Writes, but it’s just not in my budget.

    • Sandy Pruett

      I am fulfilled and energized by writing, but not disciplined enough to write on a regular basis. Would appreciate your motivation!

  151. Michelle S

    Yes! please include me in future info too.

  152. Monica

    I would love a course on this! I have so many writing projects in my head, but I am easily daunted by big projects and not sure how to break them down enough to actually write them (and maybe even publish them!)

  153. Janet

    Many thanks for this today. Please put me on the list for what comes next. I love this.

  154. Ibi

    Proverbs 31 ministry has been a blessing to me and this post is coming at the perfect time! I would definitely be interested in a writing course/ mentoring program.
    Writing is indeed a craft and many books that are published could be much better – if only writers would press in a little more. We can all do better, we can rise up and be more! I have an eagle ornament above my desk with an apt quote by Emily Dickinson “We never know how good we are until we are called to rise”

  155. Stephanie B

    I would be VERY interested in a writer’s course!! I have a story to tell, but, alas, don’t know HOW!!

  156. Kim Doran

    Wold love to hear more…currently writing but obstacles get in the way and I want to complete one of the many projects I have started by September of this year.

  157. Laura

    Would love to be in the loop as you develop and offer a course/mentoring program based on your delightful, insightful, thoughtful, Truthful experiences!

  158. Kelli Domroes

    I would love to be notified! I am attending She Speaks next month, and I cannot wait to learn!

  159. Jeannie

    Count me in please. Thank you.

  160. Michelle Kingery

    Yes. I am very interested!

  161. Carol Anne

    Oh yes please! This sounds wonderful, even tho I am only thinking of journal/blog. Count me *in* 🙂

  162. Stephanie Romero

    Ready to take my blog to a book is a definite reason for wanting to be part of this potential mentoring program!

  163. Carissa

    YES! That would be amazing! Your books in my library are covered in yellow! I’d love to learn more from you

  164. Courtney Lynn

    Count me in! Very interested and looking forward to hearing more!

  165. Laura

    I’m interested and Can’t wait to hear more!

  166. Mica Griggs

    What a great idea! I’m interested.

  167. Phyllis Stingily

    I would love to know about an opportunity to learn more about writing from you! I struggle with putting on paper all the words in my head. I want to help guide others to Christ, and I know He has given me the gift of words. Thank you for inspiring me.

  168. Kristy

    very interested!

  169. Deana

    Unshakable, God-given passion for writing.
    His Spirit flowing freely through me with pen and paper in hand.
    I feel as if I touch more lives through written words than spoken words.
    Holy Spirit goosebumps! Love it!
    Is it in my head? I rejoice in Jeremiah 29:11
    I am tempted to be afraid, but I stand on Isaiah 41:10
    At times, I am confused, but I claim 2 Timothy 1:7
    Would love to take this passion further, if that is what He wants me to do. Would appreciate mentoring and praying for His will to be done in this area my life. Thank you!

  170. Melody White

    Hugely interested Lysa — do it!!!

  171. abi

    I’d be interested in hearing more of your stuff on writing…. i’m a mum with 2 young children and finding it hard to find time to keep writing. About half way through a book and finding it very frustrating that i can’t sit and write out my thoughts, and just have to rely on my notebook at present.
    Abi (Guernsey, Channel Islands)

  172. Lee

    Keep me in the loop:) Would love to be involved and motivated…

  173. Kasey

    I play around with writing for now, but I would love to better express myself. However, I don’t write or highlight in books.

  174. LorettaPearson

    I’m not a writer but so ooften snd emails to minster to others and speak some too, so I would be interested in help with communicating on the written page.

  175. Tina Ziegler

    I am interested. I need motivation and encouragement to start writing again. I stopped 8 years ago for personal reasons and miss it. I keep telling myself I’m not good enough. But it’s what I feel and need to do!

  176. Juli

    This is awesome. I’m looking forward to your potential writers mentoring/class. Please add me to that list.

  177. Rebekah

    Love your blog! Thank you…I feel so inspired. I am writing a book now and felt so blessed to see your blog in my inbox this morning. And you are so right…as soon as I stop highlighting, I stop reading.

    God is so good! I would love to be a part of your course or mentoring program.

  178. Missy

    How true! The moment the highlighting stops, my heart is no longer in the finishing of a book.

    A course or program on writing top by you, Lysa, would be so fantastic. I would jump on the opportunity to be involved.

  179. Karri Compton

    Found this blog through someone I know…good stuff.

    I’ve tried my hand at devotionals and articles, but it has been years ago and so time consuming. At that time in my life, I just couldn’t dedicate the time to it. I’ve also been a Christian book reviewer for about 8 years and love doing that. I’d definitely be interested in a course, depending on what it focused on.

  180. Lauren McLeary

    I would love to write but frankly, I”m Scared! Any tips and encouragements that you can provide would be lovely. I greatly admire your dedication to the truth and the praise of Jesus name from your journey with him. Thanks for being brave enough to share where you have walked with God and fought him. Your words have been a huge blessing to me.

  181. Jacqui Rhoads

    Please add me to the list!

  182. Marilyn

    Yes, Lysa, I would definitely love to be included. I am looking forward to learning from you. Thank you for offering this.

  183. Sheila

    Iam not a writer, however Iam a great yellow highlighter of alot of provide 31 books, Iam a good story teller, and would love to be a better mentor, so many times in our ladies bible studies at church we have done mentoring classes but I still want to learn more. So Iam interested!! Love your books Lysa!

  184. Beth Locke

    yes, please. I type words but i don’t always write. I’d love to hold a reader’s interest. to be able to say what i feel and get across what i mean. Beth

  185. Heidi Dittmar

    I’m interested. You have a wonderful, colorful way with words and I would love to sit under your mentorship.

  186. Nancy S

    Would love to be notified of any course or mentoring in the area of writing that you develop. I do a lot of proofing, and even some editing, at work, and it’s reignited the bug to write. I think about She Speaks every year, but the budget, not to mention fear of total rejection from hubby regarding it, keeps me from doing so. This year’s is coming up too soon, so maybe next year.

  187. Denise J. Hughes

    Amen! This is the kind of writing we must continually strive toward. To connect with our readers in captivating ways and contribute to their lives in meaningful ways, and to do so with clarity.

  188. Karlie

    Interested! 😀

  189. Lia Corral

    Wonderfully said! I’m a highlighter of books and love to put my two cents worth as a side notes to every book I read ( Don’t lend me any books 🙂 I read take notes reread and ponder on all the people I know who could use the advice, then read again. I was excited to read and reread your article and would love to read more. I want to be a heart grabber! Thanks!

  190. Laurie Simmons

    Would love to hear more about a course or mentoring on writing.

  191. karen

    writing has always interested me. i’m always paralyzed by perfection. i’d be thrilled to be motivated by and learn from you!

  192. Dee G

    Yes, yes and yes! I’d love a book/mentoring program for writers. Pleeeeease! 😉

  193. Beverly

    Please, include me.

  194. Jackie H.

    I would love the mentoring class! So far I journal on a somewhat regular basis. Actually I get really agitated when I haven’t written in a few months! I would love to go to She Speaks, but can’t afford it this year. My long-term goal is to be published “one day”, not necessarily a boom but maybe a professional journal or something similar. Any mentoring opportunities would be appreciated!

  195. Stephanie Hancock

    That would be wonderful! I long to write, but I am a terrible self-editor. I’d love a mentoring class/series of posts!!

  196. Darlene R.

    I am very interested, Lysa!! This offer has been a God-send for me. I have felt a calling in this area, but have no idea how to begin. I have prayed about it, & have been waiting on God’s timing to go further. I do some writing, mostly for my ladies Bible study group. I agree w/you about the power of words & making them come to life, words to inspire & ignite a passion within a person’s heart that leads them to action. I can’t wait to hear more of when & how you will be offering your mentoring program. Thank you for sharing the wonderful gift of writing that God has given you!!

  197. Jill DLT

    Yes, please include me in any future mentoring programs for writers!

  198. Joyce

    I love to write! Love it! Love it! Love it! I have had no formal training, however. I write emails to friends about different topics–mostly how God has worked in my life–and my friends always tell me that they love to read what I write. I would love some direction in writing if you could provide it. I will be praying for you as God leads you on this matter.

  199. Beth

    Hi Lysa, I would definitely be interested. I have always enjoyed creative writing, even when I was a child. I would write short stories in high school about me and my friends, and they were so super silly and had absolutely no depth to them at all, but nonetheless, I enjoyed writing them and seeing my friends enjoy reading them too. I just recently started my own little blog, which is something I have always wanted to do, so I am pretty excited about that. I somehow seem to think (and secretly hope!) that one day, I’ll have many readers and that they will in someway, get something out of my carefully put together, Christ-centered words.

  200. alecia

    um…YES, please!

  201. Holly

    Yes please!

  202. Rachel Q

    Wow, would love to be a part of this! Thanks!

  203. Pam

    Very interested, thanks!

  204. Chris

    Please let me know when you offer a course or mentoring opportunity:)

  205. Nina

    Would like to know and learn more about the writing program you are throwing around Lysa

  206. Angela

    I would love this! I thoroughly enjoy your writing and love your candid style! It’s so easy to relate to! Thanks!!!

  207. Sherry

    That would be totally awesome!

  208. Jenn

    Yes Please! Put me down on your list! 🙂

  209. Kelli Wommack

    I am very interested! Thanks for sharing your expertise and your heart!

  210. Wendi McKay

    Would LOVE more of your inspiration and instruction on writing. Yes, please!

  211. Kate

    Lysa I would really love to learn more about this. I have been struggling for years with a book that I KNOW i am suppose to write for my 2 young sons. This came to me years ago and has never left me and I struggle with it everyday mostly trying to do this in between working full time at a VERY full time job and mothering and being a wife and living life! It can be tough! So please, anything you have to offer is so appreciated!
    Thank you!

  212. Julie Sunne

    You make some good points in this post, Lysa. We can all improve our writing. Would like to hear about what you are pondering in the way of a course/workshop.

  213. Lynn

    Oh heavens! Yes please!!!!!!

  214. Suzie

    I would definitely be interested!! I feel that writing is an area that God uses me in, whether in sending cards or letters, etc, I feel that I flow. But I also feel led to write books but I want it to be books that will inspire people, that will challenge the reader and that will not only touch their lives, but forever change their lives!!

  215. Raewyn

    What ever god leads you to do Lysa with a course or mentoring program please know there are some of us that are learning from you across the seas. I’m in Sydney Australia,am unable to get to your she speaks conference, am being mentored by an Australian author in an attempt to be obedient to gods call to write. I would love what ever you are thinking of doing to be on line somehow???? Just a thought.

  216. Bethany LeBedz

    Yes, please!! I seem to have lost my voice in the trials of this past year.

  217. Juli

    I am very interested! I’m starting my book proposal this summer – using outlines and training gained at P31 conferences! I’d love all the help I can get!!!

  218. Debbie

    Yes, Lysa. I’m definitely interested!

  219. Paige

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

  220. Diana

    Can’t wait to learn & read more about this workshop!!!!

  221. Pamela

    Well, have my plate over-full with homeschooling,I would SO love to have you encourage my Freshman daughter. She has a gift with words, but is so afraid to let others read her work. You may just be what she needs!

  222. Andrea

    Would love to hear more about the idea you come up with!

  223. Luana

    Yes, yes, yes – please and thank you!

  224. Judi Cotignola

    I would definitely be interested. I love too write, am often so pulled in so many directions, that I think I may be the writer you spoke of in this post. I want more, better, deeper.

  225. Al Stephens

    Please add my name to the list for the course.

    The three rules I use for writing now are:
    1) Content
    2) Content
    3). Content

    Thank you!

  226. Julie

    Dear Lysa, I would love the chance to learn more, about how to share my writing to help people get to know God better. I feel it is honor to serve my Lord and others in this way,so please let me know when you can. I looking forward in seeing, if this something God wants more in my life. Thank you for the opportunity and guidance for us, who are trying find out who are in Christ’s kingdom! Your’s truly,Julie

  227. Erin

    YES! I am so, SO interested in any mentoring you would be willing to offer! I’ve been feeling this tugging on my heart toward writing and am overwhelmed at the thought of it. I would love to soak up any wisdom you could impart. Thank you!

  228. Laura Bethuy

    Oh yes! Yes, please!

  229. Teresa

    Hi Lysa – so interested in your mentoring program. I am an aspiring writer! Let me know what you decide to do. Your blog Every Book starts with a Sentence, truly inspired me, I shared it with my Writing Group. We meet every 3rd Tuesday, we are small but mighty – learning from each other to write for the Glory of the Lord!

  230. Angel

    I would be very interested. I had intentions for coming to your conference this July but feel to green in my writing process to fully participate. I recently finished by doctorate in counseling education, and I am ready to write about something other than research. 🙂

  231. Kathy

    I have written a little on my own but would love to learn more about the writing/publishing world.

  232. Tammy

    Yes, Lysa! I would definitely be interested!

  233. Debra

    WOW, what a great response you got on the mentoring/course idea. I would be interested also, as I need all the help i can get..LOL!
    Bless you Lysa and Thanks for your years of mentoring you have given on your blog, your books, She Speaks conferences and your speaking. You are my inspiration for the last 9yrs..

  234. Sheryl Baker

    Hi Lysa – I would love to be included in the mentoring/writing course that you are contemplating. I finished writing a book this past December that I started several years ago. I love to write and am finding out that it is an art. I know I have a long way to go. Any help with the process through your course would be great. You have been the inspiration for the book that I wrote and it was through your books that God led me through the journey of writing mine. Thank you so much.

  235. Reginald Robertson

    I would really like to take any writing course you will give. I hope you don’t mind that I’m a guy. Please let me know when you give your first class.

    By the way, this story was great! Have a wonderful day.

    Many blessings,


  236. Beckey

    Oh yes PLEASE!

  237. susan

    I would love it!

  238. Joy

    Yes please, please offer a course for writers! I don’t live in NC so it would be absolutely awesome if it were offered online!

  239. Lori Prehar

    Mentoring from Lisa TerKeurst? Ah…YA!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be my mentor! I’ve been working so hard to make my faith writing pack more punch, but have the darnest time trimming it down. I loved what you said about the yellow highlighter! That makes so much sense to me! Please pick me – I’m totally under qualified, which based on the Good Book, makes me a perfect IMPERFECT candidate!

  240. jennie jackson

    I’ve been carrying around an idea God dropped in my heart over 20 years ago and I’m afraid if I don’t get it written down and published in the not too distant future that He will use someone else. I need all the mentoring I can get! Thanks for listening to the Spirit and being led to take on another important project! You are such an inspiration to me and I appreciate every word you write :o)

  241. Marie

    Me please!!!

  242. Linda Bartosik

    Loved this post! I am definitely interested in hearing more about writing from you. I write a blog post everyday with my heart and to learn more about this way of writing would be invaluable! Count me in!

  243. Wanda Edwards

    Lysa, beautifully written. A writing course would be a very welcomed gift to your readers. We all have stories to tell, about God’s love and blessings.
    Testimonies. Let’s learn to write and share our testimonies.

  244. Beth

    Yes! I would love to be apart of a mentoring program. I love to write.

  245. Brenda Jackson

    Yes! Please add me!

  246. Tawnya

    I am in! If I checked my email in the morning I wouldn’t be comment 235 🙂 Writing has always calmed my soul and sorted my world out. Would love to be a part of your program.

  247. Tanya Oskanian

    I am interested :). Please include me!

  248. Debbie

    There are times when I read or hear something (a scripture passage or something someone says), and God gives me a deeper insight and inspires me to write. I’ve often thought about gathering my essays together and seeing what others think about what I’ve written. I’d be interested in a workshop or mentoring program to see if this is a direction God is leading me in. Thanks.

  249. Pam

    Having just entered a new season of life where I have finally found the freedom to be the ME God intended has led to me writing a book. Just typing that still makes me laugh…our God is HUGE. Never would I have even thought of writing, its been quite a journey so far. I would be interested if there is not a huge expense. I’m very thankful for the tidbits God keeps dropping in my path as He leads me in this new area. He has given me two grammar nazi daughters who have already committed to the editing process. Another friend is in charge of naming the chapters and several others have committed to praying for me through this journey. I think its for my family and the generations to come but many say I am limiting the scope of family God may have in mind. This is like a mountain moving miracle to me. humbled

  250. Tricia Heflin

    Interested! Very interested! 🙂

  251. Melanie

    Definitely!! Sounds like an amazing idea and I would love to learn more about writing.

  252. Melodie Boone

    Lysa: I would love to hear more about your writing mentoring program. Put me on the list. Blessings, Melodie

  253. Cindy Dullum

    I love to write and would love to learn how to paint the paper with words. :O)

  254. Kelly

    I would definitely be interested! I process through writing and be grateful for the mentoring!

  255. Kelly

    Totally interested!! I would love to hear more!!! 🙂

  256. Barbara Bickhaus

    I would love your wisdom on writing! Writing is a passion of mine! My journals are full of life journeys. When I am still before the Lord my writing is alive and transparent. Please let me know when this writing and mentoring program is developed.
    Love in Christ,

  257. Kristin Gordley

    I would LOVE to be a part of a program like that!

  258. Angie

    Can’t wait to see what you have developed! You are so talented, would love the opportunity to learn fom you!

  259. Becky

    Yes, sounds awesome!

  260. Colleen Frerichs

    Very interested, and would love to hear when this opportunity is available. Thanks!

  261. Laura Reimer

    Hi Lysa,
    I am very interested. Your recent articles have been the push I needed to take the writings God puts in my heart seriously. I am looking forward to attending “She Speaks” in July! Thank you for your encouragement!

  262. Colleen McAllister

    I’m one of those who rarely highlight my books, except my Bible, but I see the enthusiasm you are trying to instill in us. I write monthly devotionals, as well as occassional blog posts. I would be very interested in learning tips from you! Currently some facebook friends and I are going through a group study of Unglued – very good and very timely for several of us. Before that we did Made to Crave. I enjoyed that one, as well. And I’ve lost 12 pounds. 🙂 Blessings.

  263. Katie Graves

    Why YES, Lysa! I would LOVE to have some mentoring from one of my FAV communicators! Your writing and speaking are equally amazing and both speak volumes to me! I really do feel you “owe” me your expertise…as going to one of your She Speaks conferences (JUST for fun) ended up COMPLETELY changing my life! 😉
    But seriously…PLEASE put me at the top of your list for ANY mentoring you may do!
    PRAYERS for you!!!!

  264. Fabi

    ok, I’d love to hear more about it:) Thanks!

  265. Kathy

    I am interested!!! Thanks!

  266. clapAmy Brown

    I have been praying for someone to come alongside me in the writing process. If you decide to take on the workshop or course or mentorship … I would be honored. I will pray for His guidance in this decision.


  267. Amy

    I would be honored to take any advice/course/mentoring you might offer. I have been praying for someone who would walk a while on this writing road with me. I feel like the Lord had given me several titles and even outlines but I don’t know how to move forward from the catch phrases.

    thank you for your obedience … however that manifests itself

    Amy Brown

  268. Lyndall

    I’ve been new to your writings since I heard you at Elevation church on Mother’s Day, and have been enjoying reading your blog since then.
    I would love to learn how to craft words that express God’s heart for people from a wordsmith like you.

  269. Dena Deal

    Yes! Count me in.

  270. Melissa

    I’d love to be included! Thank you!

  271. Stephanie Santos

    Please do this 🙂 And include me! 🙂

  272. Dawn

    Yes please

  273. Jane

    Wow! What a fantastic way to share your gift. I will be watching for info. Friends and family tell me I should write a book. So, I made a move…..I put it on my bucket list. I had a great encourager for my writing in school. (thanks Mrs. Jones) Lysa you would be a great encourager/mentor. Thanks for letting God use you.

  274. Angie Shaw

    Oh Lysa, I would love, love, love to be part of a mentoring team led by you. I’ve held this dream of publishing my own writing into a book for nearly 20 years. Time seems to be the thief in the night that steals my dream away at every turn. As life has rolled on and over my dream, more life stories have unfolded and revealed themselves to me. Little did I know that my sweet little mommy-memior that I thought would be my one and only book someday, would cross paths with the most difficult things in the world to face… cancer and death. Grief and so much more “life stuff” that I had no idea wanted me to write it. At my dad’s funeral I spoke about the year-long journey we took as a family through cancer. I kept a Caring Bridge memoir that was visited by more than 12,000 people over a year’s time and touched the hearts of family, friends and strangers alike as they experienced the journey with us. After the service a fellow pastor from a neighboring town who had come to pay his last respects to my father, stopped me and made me promise that I would write a book. He said I belonged on the Women of Faith tour. Impossible?? No. Nothing is impossibly with God, but still, I’ve left that dream in the corner and I need someone to inspire me to begin the process of turning the 200 post Caring Bridge memoir that chronicles a daughter’s road to restoring a relationship with her earthly father as he quite possibly is destined to meet his Heavenly Father. When I first read your book Made to Crave, I felt as if we had kindred spirit writing styles andI’ve been drawn to your writings ever since. I would love to learn and grow as a writer beside you! Blessings2you!

    • Dianna Linville

      Don’t give up on your dream. I have had the same dream for nearly 40 years and have yet had the required time it takes to turn my writings and thoughts into a published work. But I am not letting go of that dream because I have been through so much and come through them victorious and with such spiritual growth that I know I have a lot to share that could help so many. It will happen! God bless you and keep writing!

      • Angie Shaw

        Thanks, Diana! I feel like the “story” that’s inside is like good wine… it just keeps getting better with age! 😉 Blessings2you!! @ngie

  275. Patti

    Yes, please!

  276. Stella

    WOW! Such powerful motivation!
    The English teacher in my wanted to jump up and down and shout, “Rah, Rah, Rah! Yippee!”

    I have long had this desire to write. It has always been an unspoken dream of mine to write something…..just something…. that would touch one person… anyone…..someone. I would LOVE to hear more about your intention and how I might get involved.

  277. Kimberly F.

    Yes please!!

  278. shelly l

    Absolutely I’m interested! It would be great!

  279. Cary M

    Yes, please! I love your writing style and I am ready to take my writing the next level. (Who am I kidding? The next level? I am ready to start writing with purpose!)

  280. Steph

    There is something I want to learn to say well. Please help!

  281. Dianna Linville

    Yes, Lysa! That is an awesome idea and I would definitely be interested. I love to write and I would be proud to learn from such a gifted writer as you. That is a God-inspired idea. And I second what Cary M says, “I am ready to start writing with purpose!”.

  282. Sunday

    Sounds good!

  283. kay gleaves

    I know I am supposed go write. I’ve heard beyond a shadow of a doubt that God said “write the book I have given you” …but I’m stalled and almost crippled by, “who am I”… “what worth are in my words when I don’t know how to market them”. I’ ve begun…be cause He told me too…but wisdom from you would sure be welcome! Prayers too are coveted.

  284. Kimberly

    Yes please! I wrote a book, and bought a publishing package, but it’s not submitted yet because…hmmm…I guess it’s not highlighter-worthy! Ugh.

  285. Jennifer

    Very interested

  286. Jennifer

    Very interested! Looking forward to hearing about it.

  287. Kristina

    I think that would be wonderful!

  288. Rebecca

    Having recently answered the call on my life, I could use all the encouraging and equipping I can get. 😉

  289. Mary Frances Ballard

    You have inspired me. Please include me in the project.

  290. Landon Gilfillan

    Definitely interested! Just last night I had a conversation with my father-in-law about this very thing. I’ve been praying for some time about a way to earn some extra money for our household while staying at home with our kids. Until a few days ago, I hadn’t considered writing as a true means to an end, even though God has been “telling” me for some time that I should write. How ironic to read your post this morning…..

  291. EmmaLeigh

    I am interested and would like to hear more!

  292. Krystie

    As you encouraged, I am leaving a comment to express my interest in such a course. Having 2 little children (my current manuscripts and never-ending fodder for writing inspiration) makes it difficult to find the time to write in the same way that I used to, but it does not take away the drive to write. I am looking forward to more about this subject!

  293. Susie

    Yes! Just the kick in the booty that I need! I’m 1/2 way done drafting the 2nd novel in a series I’m writing but before you get impressed, I’m only a 1/4 of the way through with book one! I love words and flow and punctuation and grammar (I even know the difference between less and fewer, although you’d be surprised by how many people are not impressed when I correct them ha ha) – I would love to learn from you Lysa, how great would it be to have one of my favorite authors as a mentor?!
    I have wanted to be a “real” writer from the first day that I could read, but like so many others, I let that dream get squashed over and over so that I could get some life done – well, now I want writing to be my life.
    Sign me up Sister!

  294. Tracy Schrimpf

    I could really use some instruction and inspiration to apply to a glimpse that I have recently received and am currently praying about!

  295. Tina

    Oh, yes, please! Oh how I love words and think often on how gracious God is to have blessed us with letters, words, paragraphs, chapters, books and volumes! No wonder the speaks to to us through “His Word” and no wonder Jesus is “the Word”.

    I am again working up the soil in the Think Ye Garden dream God has given me and would benefit greatly from such a project.

    Count me in, Sista!

  296. Jettie

    This sounds wonderful! Love the idea of a writers workshop with a mentor! Sign me up!

  297. josey bozzo

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! I’d like to be part of a writers workshop with a mentor!!!!

  298. Kimi Miller

    Just what I needed today! Thank you, Lysa! Would love to hear and glean more!

  299. Angela Taylor

    Hi Lysa,
    I have never been much good at putting my thoughts on paper, but would a chance to take a workshop and learn how to start and maybe write a few stories to help others.

    In Christ Love
    Hillsborough N.C.

  300. Rebecca

    Yes please!

  301. Tamra Schmitt

    Lysa, today’s devotional was one of your best ever!! The power of The Word. Please notify me of any future writing/mentoring type of resources. God bless you with an abundance of His goodness!

    • Rhonda

      Ditto!! Absolutely loved this and would be interested in your course.

  302. Tori Duling

    I would love to be a part of your workshop. I have wanted to write book about my life of abuse and exploitation and how Christ rescued me the very day I called on his name as a child of 11 years old. Let me know when you do this!

  303. joan boyce

    i would love to take a course and or be mentored to write. i have written a little in the past but havent recently. sounds great to me!

  304. Crystal

    Thank you for the inspiring words, and sign me up!

  305. Christine Marie

    I would be very interested. Count me in!

  306. Robin Lee

    I remember much because I highlight much. I use a yellow marker on fiction, so I can access a well crafted moment later. Would count it a privilege to learn about writing from you.

  307. Kate

    Ah, yes – Lysa! I’ve been praying for mentors in this. And I’m in serious prayer – asking the Lord to lead me in my passion for spilling out words. Is it of Him? Is it something I’m just forcing? Is it a part of His path for me? Am I in it solely for HIS glory?

    And oh yes – we have to guard ourselves from falling into a type of lazy and rush when it comes to weaving words. There’s a responsibility that comes with picking up a pen (or tapping keys on a keyboard). We are dealing with very real and pliable hearts and souls here. Every word requires maturity, great effort, and loving care. (Which makes it interesting with these three little blonde headed babes running around! Wouldn’t trade it!) Awesome reminders.

    Lovely and helpful post for me in this season, Lysa. Many thanks.

    Kind Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

    • Rebecca Joy

      Hi Kate!
      I was drawn to your comment and I wanted to post. I also love writing and have 3 young blonde-headed children myself (ages 5, almost 3, and 9 months). Life with 3 little ones does make writing trickier, especially when it is your heart and passion. Keep writing! I would love to read your blog if you have one going! It’s always neat to meet sisters in Christ in your same phase of life! Blessings, Rebecca Joy <3

      • Kate

        Hi Rebecca!

        Thank you for your sweet reply! Yes, yes. Finding other Mama’s in our own stage and with our own passions – it can be such an encouragement, can’t it?

        You are welcome to pop in on my little blog any time. Clicking on my name up there should get ya there 🙂 What a joy to hear from you. Enjoy your blondes today! – Kate 🙂

  308. mary manfre

    Thank you Lysa
    I would love to hear more on this ..
    Mary M

  309. Molly Higle

    Yes, Please! I would love to glean from your wisdom and experience. I am just beginning and need all the help I can get.

    Thank you & God Bless

  310. Marilyn

    I’m interested!

  311. Janet Sapp

    I would love the opportunity!!!! Sounds like a great idea.

  312. Amy

    I’m all in!!! 🙂

  313. Kirsty

    Hi Lysa, thank you for sharing your words with us; they have been a great encouragement to me many times. I would love to be a part of your mentor program for writers. Have a wonderful day.

  314. Leigh

    I think that would be awesome! maybe once and for all I could know if this is a book or just a series of messages

  315. Tiffany

    That would be awesome. I’m interested as well.

  316. Vikki de Los santos

    Love reading words that paint pictures and leave me wanting to read them again, because they brought light to my understanding. Would love to learn from one who has written words like these for years. Love your idea, Lysa!
    Vikki- Armenia, Colombia South America

  317. Deenna

    WOW!! What a powerful and inspiring message…I was blown away by how I felt reading your words of wisdom and beauty. Please more of your encouragement to inspire us to create beautiful pictures of grace, love and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. THANK YOU for sharing:)

  318. Ami

    I’d love to have the chance to be mentored! To be able to learn from someone as awesome as you would be such a great opportunity.

  319. Roslyn

    Would love a program to give me the guts to take that leap to write. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

  320. Betsy S.

    Lysa- What a fantastic idea! I would love to be included in workshops or mentoring programs you host. Thanks for always inspiring me to continue on my own Jesus Girl journey,

  321. Nicola

    Lysa, I’m an accidental writer eager to learn more about the writing process. Count me in.

  322. IESHA


    This sounds like such an awesome idea!! I used to write poetry and some of my work published. Yet, I have not written in awhile due to lack of motivation and just the busyness of life. Yet, I would be interested if you were to start a writing course or something like that.

    With love God bless,


  323. Rachel

    Yes, please keep me informed. Thank you!

  324. Arielle

    Creative, brief, and HELPFUL instruction. Wonderful.

  325. Colleen G.

    Would love to find out more about this.

  326. deb

    Would enjoy workshop on how writing. Please keep my posted!

  327. Carol Taylor

    Yes! I would enjoy a writing workshop. Please keep me posted!

  328. Kate Medina

    Cannot wait to get started. Let’s do this!

  329. Babette

    A writer’s workshop….with an amazing mentor? Count me in!!

  330. Rebecca

    I would love this!

  331. Carolyn Newell

    I write Christian devotions and would love to learn more about writing.

  332. Carissa D. Huffman

    I have always dreamed of writing as a vocation, but really would need a great mentor to help me learn the process of doing that successfully.

    This sounds wonderful! What a blessing that would be!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  333. Rebecca Joy

    Writing is my heartbeat. I have loved writing since I was in first grade. I met my husband through writing. I now have 3 young children and work as a second grade teacher, so I do not write as often as I would like to, but oh how this blog entry caught my eye. My heart skipped a beat and my spirit soared on the possibility of “What if…” Here I am, leaving a comment, stepping out in faith. I would LOVE more information on a workshop! You are such a blessing, Lysa! I started a blog this year. I write over at http://www.everydayencourager.blogspot.com as often as I can. Thank you for your reminder to hold on to the small moments, those times when we do something different. It does make the end goal seem more feasable, less overwhelming. Thank you for writing, Lysa. <3 You have a gift!

  334. Ellen

    I love the idea of a mentor program/course for writers! I have just recently started a blog and would love this opportunity!

  335. Roxanne

    I would love to learn to write from you! Writing is one of the things on my bucket list. I would definately sign up.

  336. Adriana Murillo

    Hi,please keep me posted on the semnars, I would love to learn from you. God Bless you!

  337. Stacy

    Beautifully constructed. Point well made!

  338. Sarah Harris

    I love your words! I would be interested. I have been struggling with beginning to write just in the past year!

  339. Nancy Smith

    Yes, I’m interested- I have so many words spilling out of me- a lifetime of pent up stuff. I pare and I pare, but I still come out with short story length blog posts sometimes. But the words have to come out. Show me what you’ve got sister!

  340. Janelle Keith

    I’m interested! Wow…what a cool idea!

  341. Jill Hill

    Please count me in! I love to write, and will take all the pointers I can. Thank you for being a wiling mentor, sweet friend. God bless you as you continue to pen the words of Christ to a weary world.

  342. Yvette M.

    Would absolutely love this……..waiting, anticipating, eager to learn more!

  343. Anna

    Lysa, I am a SAHM & freelance writer for a publication w 1 to 2 articles due a month. I have such a hard time keeping inspiration flowing when up late at night & pushing through exhaustion. Any tips. My girls are 3 & 1. And do u use a schedule?

  344. Erin McKinney

    With a gift of writing and a desire for my words to touch lives, I would very much so be interested! 🙂

  345. Amy B

    Very interested. The Lord has laid it on my heart to start a blog and has been confirming it the whole year….it’s time I started being obedient and writing down what He wants me to convey for Him!!

  346. Mandy

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder to use our words well. Definitely interested in learning more from you.

  347. Tracey


  348. Barb Hedgepeth

    Compelling! Sign me up!

  349. Helen Quadros

    dear Lysa!
    I’m interested! Wow…what a cool idea!
    You have been inspiration for my life, and this year I’m finishing writing a devotional for women only, is my first project.
    Yet will I seek who can publish, confess that gives a fear of not liking … but I’ll try! I know it’s a dream of mine and God has placed in my heart!!
    thanks for encouraging so many people, including me, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am a pastor’s wife and work at the ministry of women and singing too!

  350. Helen Quadros

    Yes!dear Lysa!
    I’m interested! Wow…what a cool idea!
    You have been inspiration for my life, and this year I’m finishing writing a devotional for women only, is my first project.
    Yet will I seek who can publish, confess that gives a fear of not liking … but I’ll try! I know it’s a dream of mine and God has placed in my heart!!
    thanks for encouraging so many people, including me, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I am a pastor’s wife and work at the ministry of women and singing too! I would enjoy a writing workshop. Please keep me posted!

  351. Jackie

    A mentoring program would be awesome~! I write some now but only for myself.

  352. LaDena Williams

    I really appreciate the way you put this particular post together. As I feel God calling me to write, I sit here wondering if people really appreciate the “art” of writing or if everyone is just out to make a buck. I am in the beginning stages of God’s call and very out of practice, however, I have become aware of all the “writing” going on out there and feel quite overwhelmed. I would be very, very interested in what I could glean from your experience.
    LaDena Williams

  353. Rebecca

    Oh my gosh! A very dear friend of mine sent a link to your blog and I have to say I was sooo excited. I am currently working on a Christian children’s book that I have been inspired to write for a long time now. When I read your blog it just fit perfectly to all of my fears. Is it good enough? Is the message clear enough? Have a truly crafted something that will speak to the hearts of many or just another book on the shelf among others? I would love to have a mentoring program or course that could truly give me the feedback I need. Please please quit thinking about it and do it!! I promise I would be one of the first ones to sign up!! We writers need all the mentoring, advice, and instruction we can get.

    Can’t wait!!

  354. carol

    I do not have written pieces -yet-but have the desire to encourage others through written words.

  355. Karyn

    Count me in!

  356. Cindy

    I felt compelled to write about prayer years ago. I went to a Christian Writers seminar at Wheaton,but my paper was so full of red marks, it was comical. I’ve often thought I ought to look for personal instruction, but was too disillusioned. Thank you for considering this new door.

  357. Deb B.

    HI Lysa,

    I would love to hear what your planning! We know whatever it is, it’s going to be good!

  358. Cynthia Salas Rodriguez

    Praise God! Yes, I would love to be part of this idea. I have enjoyed reading your books, “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” and “What Happens When Women Walk In Faith.” I loved the story of your Bible; I have to admit I would have a hard time giving mine away. Blessings.

  359. Lana

    I really enjoy writing – my hope is to encourage others through it & help them learn from my mistakes… the way you do <3

  360. VanessaMendez

    I have chills! Your way with words is inspirational!! Please sign me up!!

  361. Lorraine Furtner

    Lysa this is so true. My first editor told me what his first editor told him:
    When you edit– take out everything you like; everything that sounds good to you. Then you might be left with something publishable.

    I love the way you write. I’d take your course. (Please make it more affordable than the conference. I’ve wanted to go for close to 10 years–still haven’t been able to.)

  362. Lynne

    I would love to learn more.

  363. Andrea

    Very interested; please keep me posted!

  364. Pamela


  365. Jody Elton

    Great idea and what an opportunity for many! Blessings to you and yours! Thank you as well!

  366. Rhonda Brasseal

    I’m printing your blog and reading it every morning. Thank you.

  367. Joani

    I would be interested:)

  368. LauraLS

    Absolutely would love to have a writing course of some sort especially since I am trying to figure out what He wants me to do as far as writing. Wonderful post and please count me in for further info.

  369. Karin Deaver

    I’m interested! I’m looking forward to reading about what you have in mind.

  370. Daytra Haley


  371. Suzette Maddox

    Interested. I have had a couple of ideas in my heart and feel pretty certain it’s time for them to be poured out.

  372. Michelle Estes

    Writing has been on my heart for years——so often I hear comments from friends, “You really should write a book!” I consider this an answered prayer. Please count me in.

  373. Victoria Brunson

    Would love to learn from someone who speaks from the heart.
    Thank you for inviting us.

  374. Jill Gustafson


  375. Jenn

    Dear Lysa,

    Writing has always been a part of me. Words can make a huge impact on so many different levels. From the beginning of a life to death itself. Our experiences or even glimpses around our back down. But what can make writing truly wonderful is where it comes from. God’s heart. For myself, I need guidance in what God has planned for me. So I will pray and see what he has in store for my heart.

    Thanks for sharing your post. Sending you blessings from afar.

  376. Pam

    I am interested : )

  377. Ann Elizabeth

    This former (but really on raising kids “sabbatical”) English and reading teacher is beyond interested! My dear friend, Terri, @ Terrischenzel.com would be interested as well! Thanks for your consideration and passion!

  378. Resealia

    I am very interested. I love learning and you model a great example to learn from! Powerful post!

  379. Josie Dovidio

    I’m interested. I am almost done writing my book: Being Still: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Experiencing God’s Rest. Could use some like-minded encouragement as I approach the deadline. 🙂

  380. Tracy in NJ

    oh yes please

  381. Kim

    Yes, I love your writings. I have probably highlighted a sentence or two on every page of your books. Thank you for the time and energy that you put into each book. May God continue using you. I hope to see you in Texas at the womens conference

  382. Amy

    I am very interested. The Lord has been convicting me of getting involved in women’s ministry for some time but I keep allowing Satan to taunt me telling me I am a mess and surely can’t help anyone else! This and a life time of insecurities could use a little mentoring so I can bless and serve others.

  383. Karen

    Interested in hearing more, for sure!

  384. Faith Walker

    Hi Lisa, I am interested. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  385. Tabitha

    I’m interested, although I’m nearing the point that I could be mentoring people along the same lines! But the mentor still needs to be mentored! 🙂

  386. Kelly Maine

    I would love more info if you decide to mentor…

  387. Sarah

    I long to write (my experience thus far has been limited to speaking at several women’s retreats), and I am so excited at the prospect of a mentoring program by you, one of my favorite writers! Please keep me posted. I anxiously await your instruction. Thank you for all you’ve done in my life, Lysa.

  388. Rebecca

    Definitely interested in learning about writing from you! I tend to be a very wordy writer, much to the aggravation of my composition teacher in high school!! I long to write well for Jesus, in order to provoke thought or even inspiration in readers…I’m not there yet but your guidance would be any amazing resource!!

  389. Shelli

    I would love some writing inspiration!

  390. Waleska Nickerson

    Love the post and thank you for the reminder about our words. Definitely interested in learning from you.

  391. Mary T

    Lysa, I always have loved to write (from a very young age). I would be thrilled to learn to sharpen my ability to get a message to others!

  392. Haley


  393. Elisabeth Allen

    This post made ME want to grab a tellow marker! I’d be delighted to hear about more of “this kind of inspiration and instruction”. A course or program about this sort of thing would be fascinating! Thank you … 🙂

  394. Elisabeth Allen

    In that comment I just wrote? I meant to say that this post made me want to grab a YELLOW marker! 🙂

  395. Crystal

    Hi Lysa!
    I’m definitely interested! I’ve been praying about writing to you ask you some questions, but have been a bit hesitant as I’m sure you gets tons of email each day! (Not to mention a lot of comments to weed through).
    I’m just starting out on my journey of saying ‘yes to God’ on this new call He’s revealed in my life – and it’s a bit overwhelming. I know He will be with me, and your posts and encouragement have a been a great confirmation already of the calling He is placing on my life! Thanks so much!

  396. christine prater

    Well said, Lysa. It is so easy to settle when covered in commitments and dreading a deadline. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement so go that extra mile to shape and inspire and really create something that touches people.
    I’d love to know about any mentoring program you start! Thanks!

  397. Sarah

    Please keep me updated!

  398. Nydia

    I would love to take a course about writing. I’m currently stuck on 13,000 words in a novel I started and haven’t picked it back up. A course would help so much!

  399. Sandi Brewer

    This is so inspiring, it made me want to grab a yellow highlighter 🙂 Please send me any follow up info.

  400. Kristy

    Thank you for the encouragement. I love to write but often don’t finish what I start bc I judge myself, or think no one would ever want to read it, or gave overwhelmed with having too much to say. I would love to hear more advice from you.

  401. Rachael Stahr

    A great article! I’m afraid, I’m too wordy. Any help would be much appreciated!!! I want to be a sculptor of words…Please keep me posted!

  402. Jennifer

    Ooh, yes, let me know! I love an opportunity to better my writing!

  403. Karen

    Very interested in the writing mentoring program!

  404. Jennifer

    I’m interested!

  405. Elizabeth Coronado

    Definitely interested. I had a baby last year, and I think all my creative juices seeped out when my water broke! Need a jumpstart!

  406. Catie

    Im totally interested in a writing course if you offer one, Lysa!! 🙂

  407. Brandie Potter

    This is truly inspiring. I been thinking about starting a blog for women and having several of my friends by “guest bloggers” to display their talents. The only hesitation that I have is that feeling of “not enougness.” I’m not the best writer, but I have a passion to inspire. Your words provided encouragement to go for it! Thanks Lysa:)

    • Brandie Potter


      See why I have hestiation? LOL

  408. Summer Nicole

    Please, please, please keep me updated! So much to learn, and I would love to learn from you!

  409. Beth

    Your right something to highlight so you won’t forget. So powerful! Keep me updated

  410. Amy D

    I’d love to learn more!

  411. Amy Kahler

    This site is not up yet but, I might be interested in this opportunity!

  412. Liz Van Steenhouse

    I would love to learn from you! I have so much to share about my journey with God…..need help with writing!

  413. Jeff Goins

    Love it. Starting an online course for writers was one of the most rewarding things I’ve done with my platform so far. You might be surprised at how much of an impact this could make, Lysa. I’m rooting you on!

  414. Christine Lewis

    Yes! Please keep me posted. I would love to get out of the quotes stage and weave these quotes into so much more.

  415. Tami

    Perfectly said!

  416. Deborah Owen

    Love this post! Please put me on the list.

  417. Beth Smith

    I have started a book and then stopped. I have experienced painful things through my teenagers and feel that the info could be helpful to other parents. I’m immobilized though. Fear. Dread. Lost.

  418. Bonnelle

    When I was walking through the grief of losing our youngest son, I couldn’t really find any books that described the loss I was feeling. Many times I have thought about writing about that journey… but 15 years later… I still haven’t started. Please keep me posted because maybe… I’ll start one day & maybe God will give me the words that are worth highlighting.

    Thank you!

  419. Christine

    Please keep me updated about a writers mentoring course! I’d love it.

  420. Shonna

    I would love to be a part of that program!!! Just those few words encouraged me greatly! Thanks!

  421. Deb Weaver

    Excellent advice! Interested!

    Deb Weaver

  422. Elaine

    I love your sentence about incorporating verbs that pop and zing. A writing course or mentoring program would be great!

  423. Sarah Connatser

    Would LOVE a course or mentoring program!

  424. Suzie

    Yes please!

  425. Mia

    I’d be very interested in a writing or mentoring class. Please let me know!

  426. Holly

    Would love to hear more of your writing mentoring program. You words inspire. Thank you

  427. Sandy

    Wonderful idea, Lysa! So many would benefit from a mentoring program, including me!

  428. Susan

    Oh, Lysa! To read that you might take someone or multiple someones under your writing wing thrills my heart. I feel a great call from the Lord to write about the places I have taken myself in life and how the redeeming, transforming power of God has swept me up, taken me apart, put me back together, healed deep wounds, brought to fruition things I never dreamed He would do for me, and increased my faith every step of the way. I’m late in the game in picking up on this because, though I tried to read your blog when e-mailed, I was so distracted with other life stuff I didn’t get it done. Love, love, love your heart and the words that spill from it. When I grow up, I want to be like you. And, yes, I freely admit to being 37.

  429. Kelly

    I am very interested in a writer’s course or mentoring program. Your words are so inspiring!

  430. Heather @Cube2farm

    So needed to hear this today, Lysa! You are incredibly right. Looking forward to hearing updates on the mentoring program. Hope your day today is blessed (and that you hit 60,000 words on your new book!).

  431. Nancy H

    Would love to hear more about a writer’s course or mentoring program. Thanks!

  432. Emily

    Lysa, I would love to hear more words of wisdom on writing. I am feeling very strongly that God wants me to write a book. I have been disobedient. I have been jotting down ides and I even started the story, but I am SCARED! My A-personality dreads beginning something that I don’t know how to do. I know this is lack of faith on my part. God has made it so clear to me that this is what I need to do. I would love help and encouragement to get started.

  433. Teresa Tabb

    I am totally interested. May be just what I need to start writing again. Thanks!

  434. Carol

    I want to hear more about your mentoring program. I just started a project and would love to be part of something like that! Whoot!

  435. April McAndrews

    I would love to be included. Thanks!

  436. Sue Morin

    I would love a mentoring program for writers. Years ago I wrote my first story ever, submitted it to a contest in Christian Reader Magazine and went on to win first place! My story continued to be blessed by God because It went on on win First Place in the First Person Category by the Evangelical Press Association. I do believe God has given me a gift of being able to touch others by the words I write but I lack the confidence to proceed with this. My husband laughs at me because he said that writers usually have to be rejected many times before they get published and the only two stories I have written have both been published. He just shakes his head at me and can’t understand why I don’t just sit down and write. Maybe it’s time I step out in faith….it would make my husband happy and God has probably been waiting for me to take the hint too!

  437. Stacey Keyes

    I was on my phone and decided to check out your app that I had downloaded. I clickd on a blurb to read further and was taken to this article instead. I have wanted to write since I was a child. Life got in the way, children, marriages, and the usual. I was saved and be and a Christ follower in my early 30’s. I knew I was called to write to tell other women they are not alone. That If a gal like me could re dive God’s grace they could too. I am a work in progress and am so strongly called to write and minister to women, daughters, mothers of all walks that it is almost difficult to bear. That this is the strongest calling I have ever felt. I would be forever grateful for a mentoring program with you. God bless!!!

  438. Pam Anderson

    I would love to be mentored. I recently wrote a short 9 devotional study and feel God’s pull to do so much more. By the way, my copy of Unglued has lots of highlights.

  439. Christie Aitken

    I am beyond interested in your mentoring program. I’ve never been on your site before tonight, although I read a great deal of your work. As God would have it, I landed at this post… which was confirmation upon confirmation for my writing journey.

    Thank you, Lysa.

  440. Anju

    Hi Lysa,
    Your words clicked. I really needed to hear this. I’ve been really thrown off my track after writing a few words for a book I’ve been considering for such a long time. I know I need to get back and try and finish the work started, but its so hard to get out a word at times. I would love to be mentored since you dont get that kind of people anymore, its very rare in this part of the world (Middle East). God Bless!!!

  441. Lisa

    Pause. Delete. Return.
    I am crawling slowly from the wilderness.
    I am just beginning to feel a gentle warmth; a spark that once fanned into flame.
    Ideas, like shooting stars, once streaked the night’s sky of my mind, but I could not keep pace with my whirlwind life long enough to write them down. Aspirations only.
    I contemplated the choices I had made; both good and great. I loved God’s best in me. But, I had taken on too much. I moved at such a pace that the flame quickly burned out.
    I quit my job. I entered the quiet, where few sparks fly.
    And now I am seeking His presence!
    He still speaks to me in quiet moments, but I wait.
    Please let me know if you mentor a writing course or start something online.
    I eagerly await attending, “She Speaks”!
    And, thank you for giving your life in service to Him. The honesty you share is refreshing. I feel like a friend.
    Sadly, I had my “unglued” moment today. But now I KNOW God still loves and approves of me. I get a do-over! Thank you, friend.

  442. amy

    gratefully appreciate your inspiration and words of wisdom to women trying to express their walks of faith through the vulnerability of telling their stories.
    please keep me updated on the mentoring program

  443. Jessica

    I would love this. I’m a new “writer” who is just trying to find her voice. I know this is the next step in my journey of life and ministry just not sure how to get there. Thank you!

  444. Annie

    Lysa, as always, inspiring…yes, please let the joyful will of the Lord take you to that place and please let me know when you get there!

  445. Michelle Phillips Fay

    Count me in, Lisa. Please place me among the first to be notified. Many thanks & blessings,

  446. Mary Snyder

    Girl, if you’re mentoring, I’m in!!!

  447. Kayse Pratt

    I’m interested!!! Sign me up!!! 🙂

  448. Toni

    Please keep me posted for the writer’s mentoring program.

  449. Letrice Weaver

    Yes, please sign me up…I need this! Thanks so much.

  450. sarah

    I love your writing Lysa, and am so blessed by you.

  451. Jordan


  452. Sherry

    Definitely interested in the writer’s mentoring!

  453. Brandi

    I was just going through all your previous blogs, please include me in this as well! I appreciate your willingness to guide people who want to start writing (or have been).

  454. Fonda

    I love your books…sign me up!!

  455. Stacie

    Not looking to write a novel or anything, but would love to make my little blog better. Looking forward to any updates on how to improve!

  456. Christy

    Yes. Definitely interested.

  457. Shari Miller

    I’m interested! Thanks!

  458. Kerry Krycho

    I’m interested in a mentoring program!

  459. Cynthia Plumb

    I wanted to share a blog post I wrote that shares how your book unglued has impacted my small (soon to be large) family. I was widowed with three small children six years ago and am getting married to a wonderful man with five of his own in 11 days. I am a “baby” writer and would love to be a part of a mentor program.

  460. Kelley

    I would love to be a part of this!!

  461. Gina

    Inspiring post! Interested in the writer’s mentoring program.

  462. Ellen Gill

    Thank you so much for offering this program! I would love to be a part of it.

  463. Ellen Gill

    Thank you so much for offering this mentoring program. I would truly love to be a part of it.

  464. Terri Schrews

    and that folks is how it’s done. Beautiful.

  465. Tamara

    I’m very interested!!!

  466. Xiomara Jeannette

    When I was younger writing essays what’s my nightmare. But lately there’s been a burden in my heart to write and encourage other women out there. I started my blog back in 2011. I’m not a regular, but when a subject moves my heart I type away. I had a great miracle happened to me on 08/25/2013 and I felt that it’s time that to put down my story on paper for people to see of the wonders my God is able to do! I want to join this training really bad.

  467. LoriB

    Lysa, I have always been told “When are you going to write a book? Please let me know, I love to read anything you write!” I have always said one of these days. I love writing, children’s stories and posting inspirational messages to Facebook. I follow your posts and enjoy them so much! Please pray for the Lord to move me when He is ready to use me to write more. I have a burning desire to share words and Jesus with the world!

  468. Debby

    I would love to be mentored on my writing journey.

  469. Kristi

    I am IN!!! Can’t wait!

  470. Dawn

    Add me to the list please. I have been avoiding writing for many years but something keeps nagging to go back and try again and I need to know how and where to start

  471. Michelle Lee

    I’d like to do it too! Let me know!

  472. Tristine

    Girl, to be able to have guidance like thus would be a prayer come true. What a fabulous idea!

  473. Stacy Carson

    Lysa, Yes I would love to learn how to get those thoughts and ideas that swirl around in my brain and desire to come out onto a page!! So frustrating!

  474. Mary Geisen

    What a wonderful idea! Count me in!

  475. Jennifer Landman

    Who wouldn’t be interested in learning from you?! I’m in!!

  476. Dorothy Watts

    God gifted me with the ability to write words that seem to compel people to listen intently. It is a bit unusual to see someone offering to mentor people who may have a particular God-given gift to ink blank paper. For me personally I have asked The Lord if He had waited FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS to use me in a new way in the kingdom.

  477. kurt

    Can I get in on this mentoring? I’m a highlighting/underlining,note writing fool. 🙂

  478. christa sterken

    I am interested! Been working diligently on my blog for about a year, but am deciding on how to focus with even greater clarity. Fantastic post

  479. Jackie Brewton

    Would love to have more information…

  480. Laura Harris

    Would love to learn from you. Please keep me in the loop.

  481. Jean Taylor

    For many years I have known that writing is something that God has bestowed in me along with the many life trials and accomplishments. I watch God use His words through me to motivate and inspire others and it ultimately moves them, lifting them up to better His kingdom through encouragement and simple words. One day “when I grow up” I want to be a writer. I would like the wisdom to use all of my words wisely and more of what God wants rather than my words. (sometimes that’s hard to do). Compel is something that I have been praying about. I would love to be mentored like the other awesome 501 other persons too 🙂 Happy Friday!

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