Tuesday, June 24

Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 2

It’s day #2 of our room renovation project, and today we’re going to talk about the transformation process.

How do we pull something together and make it feel like a home?

I wrestle with this a lot.

I overanalyze, deliberate, buy too many things that I’m not sure if I like, and I’m indecisive as to what to do with it all when I get home. So I’m thankful that The Nester is with us today to share tangible ways to pull a room together. Check out the video below for more:

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“Nester Notes”: 3 Steps for Pulling a Room Together

1. Pull everything, except the big furniture, out of the room. Put the big things in the right place.
2. Focus on your main wall(s). For us, this was the gallery wall and the fireplace.
3. Spruce things up by adding in the “Tchotchkes and Gee-gaws.”

This all seems pretty do-able now, even for me. That’s a miracle.

Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 2

Maybe you’re wishing you could invite The Nester into your space. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Nesters to come into everyone’s home, but you can buy her amazing book, The Nesting Place, for help with all of your decorating needs. It’s so easy to understand – I feel like she jumps right out of the pages and into my space.

The Nesting Place

Click here to purchase your copy.

Stay tuned for one more post tomorrow on the finished room. I promise you don’t want to miss the big reveal!

Today, I’m giving away 3 signed copies of The Nesting Place. To enter, leave a comment below telling me which room in your home you’re going to tackle with all the new tips you’ve learned this week.


  1. 508

    We are moving into a brand new home in a month. I am so excited to start making it fit our lives. I have a small nook that I will be making into my creative art space. I can’t wait!

  2. 509
    Kathy milliken says:

    I’m moving to a new house in a new city! The whole house needs work! It’s stuck in the 70′s!! Would love your book to help me!

  3. 510
    Kris Lowe says:

    The master bedroom. I’ve had an idea in my head for a while know, but have been unable to pull it together. I’ve gotten some great ideas of where to start!

  4. 511

    Our bedroom. It would be nice to have a retreat when life gets a little hectic.

  5. 512

    Master bedroom. It’s plain and blank – haven’t been able to decide what to do. Want it to be our serene retreat, styled different from the rest of our home. That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

  6. 513
    Tammy Ray says:

    I would start with the master bedroom.

  7. 514

    My living room. It looks so blank & very empty…

  8. 515

    Going to give our family room a make-over. We live four stories above a thrift store and I’m always browsing there for something. I like a little guidance though, thanks!

  9. 516

    My living room. It needs character. It’s very bland and uninviting, and then the kitchen!

  10. 517
    Michelle Byrne says:

    You have given me the courage to knock.out a wall (not a bearing one, lol!) We have been here for 6 years and we’ve never really had a “family room.” This is now my mission!! Thank you!!!!

  11. 518

    My living room. We painted last fall and hung new curtains but I have been stuck ever since. I still have nothing on the walls and I need one or two smaller furniture pieces to fill it in. I feel like the look I want is within my reach but somehow I can’t get there. Next up would be my master bedroom. It has been a disaster for far too long!

  12. 519

    I have a bunch of frames to paint for a feature wall in my bedroom….got to tackle that project!

  13. 520

    Love the empty the room idea. I did that in our dining room. Found things in other rooms that I didn’t really like in that room but is looking great in the dining room! Need to pick up a few new pops of color but loving the new look already!

  14. 521

    I think our living room needs the most help! We’re newly married too and is a mix-match of what we had individually. Can’t wait to try some of these tips!

  15. 522

    My living room. We moved in October and I have yet to make this room inviting…

  16. 523

    Our family “play room”–we have just combined houses (second marriages, both with children), and I would love to make this a cohesive room for all!

  17. 524
    Kaitlin Nygren says:

    My living room! It was in okay shape but now has too many thrift store, side or the road tchotchkes :) and I need to move everything out again for a refresh.

  18. 525
    Stephanie says:

    I’d love your inspiration for my whole home. The “doing” decorating is one thing, but your wonderful guidance and practical real life advice and lessons on how to trust yourself and have appreciation for the process while on budget and with regular life conditions is what’s valuable! Helping us become the best decorator for our own homes is a gift. Thank you!!

  19. 526

    Going to tackle the master bedroom! Desperately needs some attention! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. 527

    I love reading your articles, I haven’t been really interested in decorating in the past, but you have really inspired me with these articles. Since my divorce my home has become like a prison of old memories, you have inspired me to begin in my bedroom. I am going to go nutz totally undoing old things and starting anew. Thanks for your inspiration just when I need it. I think I will hours of fun looking for things that fit just me again.

  21. 528

    Our living room. It’s still as bare and boring as when we moved in three years ago :(

  22. 529

    We will be tackling our home office with these techniques. We recently emptied out the home office space and are now working to make it a family study space since all of us will be in school this fall (Husband and I are both going and my son is in 5th grade). My mother in law was going to get rid of two very comfy chairs that we are going to use. Now to figure out how to decorate around these focal points! So excited to find this series.

  23. 530

    Would love to transform our master bedroom.

  24. 531

    My tiny little home office needs some fun brought into it. I hope to carry inspiration into that room!

  25. 532

    We’re putting together our master bedroom. With a toddler pulling at us for all of his sweet needs, it will be nice to have an peaceful (to the eyes and mind) retreat to read and settle down from the business of life.

  26. 533

    We ordered a new sectional for our family room & the space will need some tweaks when it arrives!

  27. 534

    I have been doing a major whole house clean-out and declutter, so I could use this book to revamp the whole house once I’m done. I especially need help in my kitchen.

  28. 535
    Heather W. says:

    Living room. Oh, the living room. My eye gets so used to the “stuff” and this is a great reminder that it needs to find a home or a ride out of here.

  29. 536

    go to thrift store w/ idea of what you want :)

  30. 537
    Jessica Evans says:

    My living room! My living room has a complete wall brick fireplace, and that brick extends out 18 inches and is as high as a bench-so it’s pretty overwhelming in size. I have a lot of stress when I imagine doing anything pretty to it! I have a hard time picturing it painted, but the house is old so there is a lot of paneling on the walls (YUCK) and the dark fireplace just swallows my house in darkness! I may try to sway hubby to pain the brick ;)

  31. 538

    our den. It is a room that actually needs to be gutted; walls and ceiling need to be repaired,removed etc. BUT we want to use it now until we can actually afford to do the rehaul. I like what you’re saying about inviting people into the imperfection.

  32. 539

    We are moving soon so i have a whole new home to think about but will most likely start with the kitchen.

  33. 540

    The kitchen needs help really badly. Thanks for a chance to win. Janita

  34. 541

    Our living room needs serious work since it holds many “treasures” from other rooms & thrift stores. It has become a huge mess and I need help! I’m here from Miss Mustard Seed blog.

  35. 542
    Christa says:

    I am going to redo the playroom. We painted it 5 + years ago turquoise and brown. It is time for a change and time to clean it out! I took everything out today, can’t wait for tomorrow!

  36. 543

    I just re-painted my living room walls and will be painting my entry way this weekend. We have new carpet in the living room. So because our entry way and living room are in the same area, I’m going to tie those two spaces together!!!! So excited!

  37. 544
    Kristen says:

    I am so loving this series! I’m really needing to do something with my kitchen and my master bedroom right now. This is so encouraging!

  38. 545

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those 3 simple steps are SO helpful! I am going to start on my bedroom :)

  39. 546
    Teddee Grace says:

    Would love to have the book! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing. Could hear music on the video, but no voices.

  40. 547

    We are moving across the country and downsizing from our home in Alabama to an apartment in Seattle! I will be tackling the living room/eating area/kitchen in the new apartment with the ideas I have picked up today. They are not separate spaces in the apartment and kind of run together! Looking forward to getting started!

  41. 548
    Mary Lou says:

    I want to start with the family room…and then move on to the living room and then maybe a bathroom or my bedroom.

  42. 549
    Rebecca says:

    Living Room! :)

  43. 550
    Michele says:

    My daughter just moved into her first real home and took her old bedroom set, so I no longer have a guest room. But my husband wants me to put more stuff on the walls in the living room. I want to work on both and not be afraid to put holes in the walls.

  44. 551
    Gretchen H says:

    I just started daycare and would love to be able to hide the clutter afterwards. I have been having thoughts of doing a moms bible study or bring back my preteen bible study group but I just can’t unwind we I see all the disorganization surrounding me.

  45. 552

    Family room : )

  46. 553
    Connie Boyd says:

    I would love to re-do my family room/living room. I love it, but would also like to refresh it!!

  47. 554

    Definitely the living room! I am right now throwing away all the clutter and organizing the book shelves. Then I will try to keep it as clean as possible! Thanks for the articles!

  48. 555
    Annette says:

    I am a new fan of yours Lysa. I really enjoy reading everything you post. I’m very anxious to get to hear you speak at the Women of Faith conference in Indianapolis this fall. You have been a great inspiration to me as a mother.

  49. 556

    Guest room. It’s been a junk drop for years, and I want to create a restful, welcoming haven for out-of-town visitors!