What You Always Wanted To Ask Your Pastor

One of the best things a Bible teacher ever told me was, “Me too.” That two-word statement stopped a vicious misperception I had that church was only for perfect people. And because I was so hyper aware of my imperfections, I determined church didn’t work for people like me.

I used to be the girl who walked into church on Easter and Christmas thinking everyone else had it all together. I looked around and felt like such an outsider.

No one admitted their struggles so I assumed that meant they didn’t have them.

I would hear whispers inside my head, “If they knew about your abortion, they’d shun you. If they knew about your chaotic emotional struggles, they’d avoid you. You don’t belong here. You’ll never fit in. No one else has a laundry list of issues like you do.”

When you think you’re the only one who has messed up, Satan can really do a number on your heart. I think that’s his strategy… to make us feel alone so he can divide and conquer.

But when a Bible teacher dared to admit their issues too, it opened my door to the hope of Jesus in a whole new way.

Honest conversations… I think we all need more of those in our lives. So, this week I thought you’d find it interesting and helpful to peek inside some honest conversations I recently had with an amazing Bible teacher… my pastor.

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  1. gloria says

    This is exactly what I felt yesterday. However as I turned towards God he helped with my insecurity. Praise God!

  2. Heather says

    Im always not feeling good enough for anyone to want to be with me I used to always say I wanted to be married by the time IM 25 and have kids and here Im 28 not married no kids. Ive been telling my friends I need an on and off switch in my mind and then pastor steven wrote this book and Im like YESSS THIS IS WHAT I NEED!! but my car is broken down and I have no money to purchase the book since im not working due to work comp surgery so winning it would be amazing!! I want to CRASH THE CHATTERBOX!!

  3. Kristin says

    I can definitely relate to this issue. I love the quote Pastor Steven uses about comparing your behind the scenes with other’s highlight reel!

  4. says

    Seems like I constantly have to struggle with that inner chatter that fuels my insecurity. In a way, I am grateful for this because it forces me to turn to the Lord and seek His power for the tasks ahead because in my own strength, I can do nothing. I am looking forward to the future videos and reading Pastor Steve’s book.

  5. Meagan says

    I have always struggled with thinking I have to change myself. I have always compared myself to others. And I tend to let lies get the best of me in the moment, telling me that I messed up or should of responded in a different way. So the truths that I took away today was: 1) as long as I am still in the mix I can still choose to make a situation better than how it started out, and 2) it really isn’t any of my business what other people think of me. I am only who God says I am, not who others think I am because God knows the real me.

  6. Lana Archer says

    Don’t know if I am too late.. but I can so realte.. it happens everyday.. and especially when I make a mistake.. I think.. and everyone knows your a Christian and you messed it up..

  7. Andrea says

    I can REALLY relate – lately it is almost ridiculous!
    I feel like I made progress, but have gone downhill lately.
    Thank you for sharing this!