I’m Not Prepared To Fight My Struggles

We’re back with day 2 of some seriously honest conversations I’m having with my pastor, Steven Furtick.

The topic we’re tackling today? Doubt.

If your mind works like mine, doubt can feel like the uninvited visitor who hangs around way too much. It’s something I really struggle with – in my parenting, in my leadership, and in everyday decisions. Often, I’m too surprised by my struggles. And Pastor Steven has been showing me that if I’m surprised by my struggles, I won’t be prepared to fight them.

Thankfully, he’s answering some tough questions about doubt today and also providing some tangible ways to conquer that negative inside chatter. To see what I mean, watch the video below.

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Wow… what an amazing perspective change on the struggles we face every day. One of my favorite takeaways from this interview was that a struggle is a sign that we haven’t been conquered yet. And Romans 8:37 tells us that we are MORE than conquerors. There is such freedom in that.

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I’m giving 3 copies away to randomly chosen commenters. To enter to win, leave a comment below telling me one doubt that you’re going to work on eliminating from your mind.

Tune in tomorrow for my third and final interview with Pastor Steven. It’s going to equip you in some amazing ways to crash the chatterbox in your mind – you won’t want to miss it.


  1. Gayle Daniels says

    The battle is on! Thank you and Pastor Steve for teaching steps to be better equipped to engage. We ARE more than conquerors! And the the bigger battle has already been won. Thanks for the tactic to get it done more wisely.

  2. Lynn says

    A doubt I struggle with and this has helped me with is, I’m not a good Nana. I want to make an eternal difference in my grandsons, continually looking for ways to make Jesus fresh and relevant in their lives. Living Him before them and praying for them. Thank you and may God bless you both!

  3. Linda says

    My heart’s desire was to always teach and help guide children. I raised 4 children of my own & taught 100’s of other people’s children in preschool. Several years ago I felt God calling me to become a Parent Coach. I went through the certification process & was ready to pursue my new career. Unfortunately I kept running into some roadblocks, instead of crashing through them, I allowed the chatter in my head to tell me I failed as a mom so I could never be good enough to help others. 2 of my 4 children aren’t walking with the Lord as well as my husband. I know I shouldn’t feel like a failure, but I have allowed the chattering to get me off track!

  4. Tanjae says

    Hi Lysa,
    Not sure how you do it with 5 teenagers, I only have one teenage daughter. I fight with the same struggle at times with the choices she makes and if I am a good mom. I know in my heart that I have taught her the right things to do, however also knowing that as a teenager she will have to bump her head sometimes. But the big doubt always finds it way in my head and heart and I question if I did enough or tried to prepare her enough for the consequences. I really liked the video and the analogy about thieves not breaking into an empty house.. I know that the struggles make us stronger, but will add to my thought pattern how valuable I am and how close I must be to my destination/ goal. Awesome message!!!

  5. Stephanie says

    Thank you for sharing the tools to turn such a negative (doubt) into a positive (destiny)! With eight children, I often feel an onslaught of doubt that I am in way over my head! Thank you Jesus for your Word and for the power of Truth when it is applied to our lives!

  6. Nancy Grant says

    I have been telling myself and my FP4H group to replace the negative thoughts with a “But God says…” thought. I struggle with making myself get up and do something… anything… all day most every day. I will listen to this many times and let the fact that it is a choice I am making, that I can change my choice and conquer this, until I am once again a productive person! I have ordered books for myself and my small group. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Barbara Cole says

    My favorite take-away from this video is the “find & replace” action. I so need to remember to locate the lies and replace them with the truth because I recognize how dwelling on the lies can stop me dead in my tracks instead of pursuing my destiny.

  8. Charity says

    So many doubts to choose from 😉 But, I think perhaps the biggest that I’d like to remove is the fact that God has called me to teach His word, and to ‘work’ for Him, because that it truly my deepest desire – to be effective for Him.

  9. Jennifer Gearheart says

    The one doubt I am working on is I am not good enough. I really enjoy listen to your Pastor share! He is very encouraging. I love his quote, “I can’t stop the doubt form coming but I can stop them from directing my life.” I have had many struggles in my life and never looked at them in the ways of them being valuable until. I will keep fighting. I am looking forward to getting his book.

  10. Ivy says

    I recently got married and while I married the man of my dreams, my constent doubt is that I am not the woman of his dreams, that i’m not good enough for him. I have constant thoughts of how I could be better of if I was this or that – I know God brought us together and that I don’t need to be afraid – so thank you for sharing this, it has really ministered to me

  11. Melissa says

    One doubt that I am going to work on… that I doubt I can lose this weight and finally feel better, even though I am willing to try. I love how Pastor Furtick tells us that if we haven’t given up and we still have a struggle, that means we have something worth fighting for. 🙂

  12. Jamie says

    I’m going to work on removing the doubt/lie that I am not good enough! I need to remind myself, daily, that I am a daughter of the Most High! He has redeemed Him.

  13. Tammy Schulz says

    I’m not prepared to fight my strugles. On my computer I can not see the video.Is there anyway to read a written copy or have it e-mailed to me? thank you.

  14. Con says

    My biggest doubt is that I am okay or doubt that I am good enough. I am constantly having to slay the lies of not being good enough. I don’t think I compare myself to others, specifically but I do think generally of mankind, that I am just “too much,” for any human to bear. It’s a pretty selfish thought pattern, but I know the God of the Universe loves me undoubtedly and the three kiddoes I home school. Someone I trust greatly recently said, If I am not struggling, then I am probably not growing!

  15. says

    I absolutely needed to not only hear this, but to pass it one to a couple people in my family who are struggling with doubts. Thank you SO much. This was excellent. And at the same time so encouraging.

  16. Robin says

    The doubt I struggle with often is “it seems like the situations at hand aren’t going to change”. I want to work on that! Stop the up and down roller coaster of doubt and defeat.

  17. Jennifer says

    “…you have to press past (doubt) because what is on the other side is so great that you are meant to accomplish, that there is going to be resistance.” –Pastor Steven

    Great message! have doubts all the time,but never thought about how it could be because of something better that is waiting for me.

  18. Lana Archer says

    I like the thought that what I have to give is so valuable that I am under attack to keep me from spreading my encouragement and what God wants me to do.. when I fail he works on me that how would anyone listen to you.. you did ……. and really it s how I handle the mistake.. forgiveness and press on..

  19. Beth says

    Thank you so much for this message. I am struggling so much right now with my position at work. I have been put in a position of being attacked by racism and a person who has it in his mind that I am not doing what has been asked. Its very hard to work with the worries with every discussion you make is it going to be challenged? I have so much doubt about myself and if I am worthy of anything that is good. I am struggling to see some light at the end of this tunnel. I feel like a man on an island at this place and waiting for the next thing to push my boss to off once again. He makes me feel so not worthy of anything. My doubt in myself has reached an all time high . I ask for pray that I take this doubt and see it as a sign that I have not given up. I am a fighter. The lie that I have located is that I am not worthy. I AM WORTHY of all that God has in store for me. I need to say it, post and believe it. Thank you for the message. What a blessing you are Lysa.

  20. Bonnie says

    I doubt my parenting ability. I have an 11 year old boy that has forgotten that he was raised to respect all adults, especially his mother. He has also forgotten that I am the adult and he is the child. He wants to tell me what to do all the time. He also has OCD, general anxiety, sensory disorder and seizure disorder. He is a high-maintenance child and I doubt myself because he was not raised to act the way he is acting.

  21. Martha says

    Doubt–unbelief is always and readily available, but Pastor alluded to another ‘frequency’…faith–God’s Word—that’s how Jesus crashed Satan’s chatterbox when He was being tempted. I’m asking the Hoy Ghost to TURN IT UP !! Praise You, Jesus!!