Friday Favorites: Fun Decorating Ideas

Charlotte has been experiencing a little bit of a rainy season here lately. And by a little, I mean check-the-extended-forecast-and-there’s-a-lightning-bolt-every-day type of season. You might say we’re swimming this summer, but not in any kind of pool.

While the weather patterns are bizarre, I welcome a break from the southern heat. I also welcome the unrushed pace the rainy days bring.

While writing my next book has taken up a chunk of my summer, I am happy to announce….

It’s done!

I turned in all 60,200 words this past Monday.

For the next several days, I just want to use my computer for things that don’t require words : )

So, today’s Friday Favorites post is all about simple but delightful decorating ideas.

Here are some favorites I’ve found:


1) Chevron seems to be the pattern of the season. It’s on clothing. It’s on cell phone cases. And apparently, now it’s on pillows. Which is fine by me – I love the “pop” this pattern brings to a room!

2) Something about Pottery Barn just makes me want to redecorate. Everything. But since that’s a little unrealistic, I’m sticking with this vintage lantern.

3) I may or may not have originally seen this idea as a centerpiece for a wedding shower. Okay. I did. And no, we’re not marrying anyone off. But I just thought this was such a cute idea to brighten up a kitchen area or dining table. It’s simple and cheap to make your own – just fill a mason jar with lemon slices and flowers from your yard.

4) Another DIY decoration – stacking old books to elevate a picture frame, small vase, etc. You can find books like these at your local consignment shop, antique store, or a yard sale!

5) Don’t you wish you could just point to a sign for answers every time your people make you want to come unglued with their endless questions and arguments? This mama does. That’s why the Family Rules poster is so amazing!

And today, Alexander Creative is giving away one of the posters right here on my blog. Leave a comment telling me where you’d hang this in your house as a reminder.


  1. jocelyn says

    I too would want two. One would go in the kitchen and the other in my daughter’s bedroom.

  2. Lyane says

    i’d hang it in our dining room. it doubles as our “schoolroom,” so we would see it several times a day, everyday!

  3. Jennifer Badolato says

    Right beside the refrigerator. We are all stopping there many times a day!

  4. Hope S. says

    Awesome! It is beautiful! I’d hang it in my front room (as a backdrop above the television), so as soon as someone enters my home they (and I) will see the lovely artwork and be encouraged and reminded. Thank you for the opportunity.

    All the Best

  5. says

    I’d hang it in my garage by the door that we enter the house. So everyone can read it BEFORE stepping into the house! Get the idea? ;):) love this poster!

  6. Kate says

    I would hang it over the computer/tv desk, so whentthey aren’t following the rules, I can tell them to look up! 🙂 Very cute poster! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Darla says

    I would hang it above the enhance to my living room/daycare main room. You can’t come into the main area if the house without seeing it:)

  8. mine' stanczak says

    I’d hang it next to the House Rules sign that my duaghter made when she was only six.

  9. Katie falkenmeyer says

    I would put on in the bathroom!!! Everyone uses the potty multiple times a day! GRIN!!

  10. Suzanne Prak says

    I would hang it in our kitchen/family room area where we would all see it frequently. Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. JoAnne caley says

    I’d hang it right next to the TV on the stereo cabinet glass door as my family is so glued to the television set there’s no way they could miss it.

    It would also give me strength to behave when the arguments start up between my daughter and my husband!