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The chapter I never got to share … Start reading now!

December 21, 2022

As I wrote my new book, Good Boundaries and Goodbyes, I thought of you with every word I typed. I thought about the comments and direct messages I receive with your stories. The heartbreak. The tears. The relational hardships that seem never-ending.

The greatest desire of my heart was to create a safe place for you to process all of this within the pages of this book. 

That’s why I want to invite you into a part of my journey that I never got to share with anyone — words that started out in my journal and made their way into the early manuscript for Good Boundaries and Goodbyes. Unfortunately, in the publishing world, there are restrictions on how many words can go into a book. So I had to remove one of my favorite chapters, “How To Be an Absolute Disappointment and Live To Tell About It,” to stay within the given parameters. But I tucked this chapter away because I still wanted these truths to make it to you somehow since they had helped me so much personally

You can read it here!

One last thing — my team at Proverbs 31 Ministries and I are hosting a free Online Bible Study of Good Boundaries and Goodbyes in January, and I’d love to have you join us. By signing up, you’ll get access to other free resources, like study videos, that I don’t want you to miss! 

Start the new year studying with me.

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