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God’s Goodness Isn’t Cancelled

March 17, 2020

Disappointments are always difficult to process. But when disappointments are mixed in with many other fears, hardships, and crisis it can all seem completely overwhelming. I would imagine all of us are trying our best to manage what we expected this Spring to look like compared to our reality right now because of COVID-19.

I want to help you hit the pause button on all that’s going on, so earlier today I went live on Facebook and Instagram to open up God’s Word and discover what we should do with so many changes and unexpected disappointments right now in our personal lives and in our world. You can watch the replay below.

Join me live as we hit the pause button today to open up God's word and discover what to do with so many changes and unexpected disappointments.

I also want to share a free resource to help you better process what today looks like. You can sign up to receive the first 3 chapters of "It's Not Supposed to Be This Way" here:

Posted by Lysa TerKeurst on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

To access the introduction and first 3 chapters of It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way for free as I mentioned in the video, click HERE.

This is a challenging time. Please know my love and prayers are with you.

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  1. Robin Aaronsen

    I received your devotional Embraced for Christmas and have been going through it day by day. Today’s chapter was Devastated but not Destroyed, on page 235 you list 5 things about Who GOD is, so very relevant today is our world’s Crisis. I have shared this with friends, family, coworkers and my pastor today.
    Thank you for your words, my friends, family and coworkers also thank you, and I give glory and honor to our GOD, our LORD for using you to spread light in a dark world!

  2. Kayla

    I never usually comment on anything, but I feel so compelled to tell you that I have recently discovered your website and Facebook page, and it has been so uplifting for me.
    These days are some of the hardest I have faced with circumstances I know you can relate to and understand. It seems you always have the right words to share on the right days. It is no coincidence I have started to follow you during this season of my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  3. Marna

    Thank you Lysa! Your teaching is exactly what I needed to hear today. God bless you.

  4. Vanette Bell

    Lysa, our ladies at church are doing “it’s Not Supposed to be This Way” but since we can’t get together, we can’t watch the videos. Is there a way you could share the videos for week 5 and week 6 so we can watch them individually and then get together to dis us via zoom? Thanks. Vanette Bell, OKC First Nazarene Church

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Vanette! That’s a great question and we’re so glad your group is going through It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way together. Unfortunately, since Lysa doesn’t own the copyright to the weekly videos, we are unable to share the content ourselves. Amazon has each individual video session for purchase for $3.99 each, if that helps your group. Click HERE. Thanks for reaching out, and stay well! – Amanda, LT Ministry Team

  5. monica stewart

    Lysa are young doing any kind of special daily devotional during this covid19? I have some new and non believers I think could benefit if so. I obviously can always benefit too!

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Monica… that’s a great question! Follow Lysa on social media on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ll catch her periodic live video updates and daily posts. We pray you’re staying well! – Amanda, LT Ministry Team

  6. Carlamae

    I am currently reading “It’s not supposed to be This Way”. Thank you so much for writing this. It has come at the best time for me…all of us. God knows what we are struggling with and we have to always remember that God is present, He has a purpose, He is preparing us, and He has given us many promises in His word. Love and blessings always!!

  7. Marie O’Hair

    Lisa, like you i had an abortion when I was in my 20’s. Ended up marrying the father. To this day I don’t think he really felt responsible for it. He has blamed me for all our problems, has told me he is embarrassed to be with me because I’m fat, he 8 yrs ago had an affair; was going to leave and I told him if he did he could not come back. May i should have let him go. I at some point was thinking I was not worth anything and I was in such a dark place. I struggle with forgiveness and trust. But by the grace of God I can say I think I’m doing a little better. I pray every day and continue to ask him for healing, and to show me what his will for me is. I at some point was going to leave him. My pastor told me not to. I have my good and bad days but the thing that keeps me going is your ministry, prayer and fasting. I look forward every day to your inspirational blog. God bless you and your whole crew. Do you have a self paced bible study on forgiveness. Thanks,

  8. Luanne Daigneault

    Hello from Ohio. Lysa, Just started reading “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.” I’m going through a grieving process now and I am gaining so much insight into disappointment and understanding my need to learn to wrestle well in the space between the two gardens. Be well my friend.

  9. Joneen Kallevig

    Hi Lysa,
    I had just purchased you Trustworthy study before all this craziness started. I picked it up to start it right after the stay-at-home order. Seriously, did you know you’d be writing about this time? I can’t believe the parallels! It’s so encouraging and comforting, hard and inspiring. Thank you so much for your heart for the Lord and your obedience to do what you do. I pray you and your family are all well. I live alone so this is a bit testing as it is for us all. God bless from Colorado Springs!

  10. Penny Dressel

    I am leading a Bible study group on your book, It’s not supposed to be this way”. Now that we under the Stay at Home Order during the Corona Virus, how can my 28 women watch your DVD teaching, session 5 & 6? The church purchased the DVD’s but we can not meet to watch them. Our last 2 sessions are on Zoom meeting. Please advise. These last 2 teachings are too important to miss.
    Thank you~
    Penny Dressel
    Northland Church

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Penny, great question! I’m sending you an email now to answer your question. 🙂 – Amanda, LT Ministry Team

  11. Alabi Victoria

    Good day ma’am, I am a Christian blogger, please ma’am can I get your backlink to my blog

  12. terra nicolle

    Hi Lysa, we recently started a zoom bible study with your
    book uninvited… most of the girls on it are not Christians.
    but in this time when everyone is looking for something they are
    coming in hopes of finding some peace.
    just wondering if it would be possible for you to give a word of encouragement
    that I can read to them on wed?
    thank you for giving your gift of writing to the world. God speaks through those

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