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Therapy & Theology on the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

February 4, 2020

Are there struggles that you or the people you love can’t seem to get past?
Are there any hurts or parts of your life that you’re afraid you just aren’t ever going to recover from?

I deeply understand.

The difficult journey my family and I have walked through over the past few years isn’t one I ever would have purposefully chosen for us. But God has been showing me that He truly can use ALL things for good.

And where I know the enemy hoped he could silence me, I have ended up more determined than ever to help those in the fight of their lives to cling to Biblical Truth and hope. That’s why I am so thankful to have teamed up with my personal, professional counselors Michael Cusick and Jim Cress along with my friend and director of theology at Proverbs 31 Ministries Joel Muddamalle to create the episodes in the “Therapy & Theology” podcast series.

If you’re stuck in a place of feeling like you’ll never get over the hurt you’re facing or get past your struggles, we would love to help you recognize small steps you can start taking today to see some of the changes you’ve been waiting for.

For this series, we’ve combined helpful therapy and important theology to help you navigate your challening relationships and circumstances. We’ve recently covered topics such as pornography, trust issues, healing from infidelity, narcissism, and anxiety.

To listen, click the name of each episode below or visit your favorite podcast app and search for the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast and look for the episodes in the Therapy & Theology series!

PORNOGRAPHY: What if the real struggle behind pornography was actually a deep longing for fullness in Christ?

1. What does pornography have to do with our relationship with God?

2. The 6 broken promises of pornography

TRUST ISSUES: Reading a passage of Scripture about trusting God is so easy, but actually living out trust isn’t so easy, right? Trust is an important factor in all of our relationships. So when our trust gets broken with people, it often affects our trust in God.

3. Why do I have trust issues?

NARCISSISM: It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean? And, how does it affect our lives and what do we do if we’re in a relationship with a narcissist?

4. Narcissism … What it is and what it isn’t

5. Relational realities with a narcissist

ANXIETY: Together we will unpack depression and anxiety, and also help you identify triggers and learn how to combat anxiety in a healthy way.

6. Dealing with Anxiety

FRIENDSHIP: When a friend’s world has been turned upside down by infidelity or other relational tensions, what do we do?

7. Walking with your friend through infidelity

I wanted to take a moment to list our most recent episodes all in one place so it will be easy for you to listen and benefit from each of the conversations. I hope this series shines some new light into some problems you might be facing and answer some questions you might be asking. Let us know if there are other topics you’d like for us to address in the series by leaving a comment!

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  1. Debi Schuhow

    Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on this.

  2. Megan

    Hi Lysa and team! thank you for sharing all of this email in one place. I have listened to most of these podcasts and they are remarkably helpful and insightful. I have learned so so much and have encouraged friends and family to listen as well. My journey has been a marriage on the brink after years of emotional and verbal abuse to me and my children. To date, I do not know if we will survive or not, but I am clinging to Jesus and you are all instrumental in that. If I may ask for a topic I would love to see is when walking through this, how to speak enough truth to adult kids but not put them into the middle. Also, how to navigate and pray through their strong opinions, as they have their own trauma but it’s separate from the marriage. Not sure I articulated that well. It feels like many spinning plates in the air and I can’t control outcomes or reactions. I will say that your Trustworthy study could not be more timely and thank you for that as well! I am praying daily for your team.

    • Kimberly P.

      I need help with the same topic as well. My children have their own hurts from the relationships and I want very much to have nonjudgmental dialogue while having healing conversations. Thank you for biblical counsel.

  3. Cyndi

    I’m so sorry that I must unsubscribe to all P31 messages and withdraw from the Trustworthy Online bible study at this time. I not only don’t trust in God, I strongly doubt his existence. If he does exist, he has rejected me! 40 yrs of trying to walk the life and I have failed. I admire all of you “Believers” and this was a great resource. I just can no longer buy in to this wishful thinking philosophy!

    • Cindy

      Dear Cyndi
      This is my name too. I don’t know if you’ve already withdrawn so I don’t know if you’ll even receive this. But I will as succinctly as possible say what my heart desires to say to you. I am a believer… but a struggling believer. I too have had many disappointments since childhood and I’m 60 now. I too wondered why God hasn’t shown up in a more apparent way as He does for others. But
      1- God does not disappoint -it is man. And this sinful world.
      2- YOU have not failed.. if you trust Jesus as your savior HE has succeeded for us in everything. We may feel like failures, but Jesus fills all our gaps and shortcomings.
      3- God is not man- He doesn’t desire ever to injure us but LOVES us. I cling to that truth through every wave of doubt and disappointment that washes over me. In eternity it will all seem as nothing.

      God sees you Cyndi and loves you and knows your hurting searching heart. Don’t throw the ‘baby out with the bath water’. Please keep asking God to show you what you need to not give up on Him.
      I’ll be praying for you.

  4. Chloe

    Hi P31, I love your “realness” so missing in the “real” world today! And you asked for our suggested topics! I would like to suggest a topic that I imagine a lot of Moms (and Dads) are going thru. It is the topic of homosexuality. Two topics helpful to the body of Christ:
    1) helping Christ following parents to hold on and have Hope! for their beloved son or daughter to come out of the lifestyle, believing God’s word.
    2) the hundreds may be in your audience, that struggle with same sex attraction/homosexuality. Telling them the Truth they so desperately need to hear in a culture that now embraces the idea. (Look at the Methodist church now. ) thank you and will you inform us if you embrace our topic?
    God bless you in the journey.

  5. Emily

    I loved listening you your anxiety podcast today. Thank you for sharing it! It was so helpful and felt so personal to me. I hope to listen to the others very soon.
    The anxiety podcast mentioned an upcoming podcast on setting boundaries, but I don’t see that one here. Did I miss it? If so, where might I find it please?
    Thank you so much for your amazing ministry, Proverbs 31 team!

  6. Peggy

    Wow Lysa! Thank you so much! I thought I followed you closely on P31, blog, OBS, through your great & helpful books, studies, podcasts, video teachings, even conference events, but somehow I totally missed this until tonight after viewing “Trustworthy” video & saw “Therapy & Theology” videos at the end & followed to You Tube, finding these
    treasures & returned to
    your blog to discover this recent blog post that compiles it all (or much of it). Although I know this topic far too well, I am living still married legally, but our marriage was destroyed by all this; ‘infidelity’ on both sides, & spouse’s lifetime of porn (not a problem at all in his eyes) and he’s not saved – so no wonder; I have gone to counseling myself but have come to terms with our marriage will never be a marriage (much less a godly one, except for an impossible miracle of God) still I pray on for him, for me, for God’s work & will to be; he’s 90 & has had a stroke, was on hospice & recovered, has alzheimer, loss of hearing, had diabetes, so I remain after 45 yrs.+ however he still threatens ‘divorce’. I’m not sure why I share all our history, other than to let you know that you & podcast team & P31 OBS are such a blessing and if anyone is in a marriage crisis or such an unhealthy relationship like I am, these video & podcasts & the wisdom of going to counseling even for one self; is indeed a truth among all the many truths shared in these & your books. Thank you so much for reaching out to many of us with your sharing so compassionately on a topic not well covered from this perspective and I so appreciate your vulnerability that helps us when we’re facing or living so we can better apply Biblical truths to our lives!!!
    You continue after many years to amaze & bless me!

  7. Emma tilly

    Lysa -Having much benefited from “It wasn’t supposed tobe This Way”, & past hours rereading (esp.,re Lies & Truth section) — wish you much blessings, continued.

  8. Bethani

    I could not get through what I’m going through without you. Thank you! Beauty for ashes xo

  9. Jennifer P

    Dear Lysa,
    I feel as though I am writing to one of my best friends, and we have never even met. But in the past several months we have spent so much time together. You have poured so much wisdom, courage and strength into my life. And I feel as though we have shared so many tears. I have felt the hand of God move through you and into my life. Thank you so much.
    My story feels similar to yours – but I actually don’t really know yours. Maybe it is the similarity of the battle and the reality of the pain that makes it feels like I know you. And maybe it is the similarity of our approach to life – but God! – and I think only God really knows what that means.
    Hello Lyza! My name is Jennifer. I am 60 years old. I have been married 38 years and have 4 beautiful thriving children and 2 perfect grandchildren. I was born in California into a big Italian family. At the age of 9 God moved my family to Brazil. I returned to the US to attend college in Arkansas. There I met my husband, married and raised 4 children in a wonderful Christian home surrounded by a beautiful extended family. I was the matriarch in both families – a position I have held with honor. Life was Camelot – or so it seemed.
    So, here is my story.
    Last May after a wonderful family weekend at the beach, the children surrounded me – and ask me to divorce their father. They said they had caught him at our Florida farm with a mistress. One who had been part of his life for 12 years. They suspected it, and waited to have proof, begged him to tell me – but he would not. He said I knew and accepted it … but I did not. Nor did I know about the many other women. Darkness was so close – and I never knew it. Life was sucked out of me, and I have spent months trying to get my head off the pillow. I stopped the world and allowed His be the loudest voice in my head. I have listened to God, my therapist, my attorney and my sisters. I have devoured every book on Shattered Hearts, Narcissism, Sex Addiction and I have let God do a work in me. I have been broken – wait – shattered.
    I just want you to know how much I appreciate our friendship and your obedience to help women like me. (Who would of thought!)
    Still in the trenches, and the battle is fierce. Still broken, and searching ….. but God ….
    With much gratitude,

  10. Rachelle Mardirosian

    Thank you so much for touching on these subjects that tend to be taboo for some. We work with teens, and guidance to guide them through some of these subjects is crucial. Your inspiration to me has sent me into the blogging world as a cancer survivor who needed to share and heal through a new journey of words. God Said Cancer, and I was forced through a door with unknown endings. Not only do I follow your blog, but I share your devotionals and books with everyone I can. Thank you for letting God use you in this life to helps change other’s lives.

  11. Debbi

    Dear Lysa and Proverbs 31 team,
    Thank you for being a voice of Gods truth and hope. I have been a believer since childhood but have never really understood the truth that God knows and lives me until recent years. I am grateful for your ministry and for your writings as I walk a path toward divorce of my husband of 21 years. I learned 3 months ago that he has had multiple affairs and he no longer loves me. I am choosing to walk forward, trusting God and remembering each day that He will be my provider and comforter. Thank you for helping me through the darkest days of my life.

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