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A God Who Still Does Miracles

February 4, 2019

On an unusually sunny Tuesday in December, we dressed up a bit and whispered healing words, heartfelt promises, and holy vows. A million prayers. A miracle answer. A marriage restored.

Art and I renewed our wedding vows in our backyard surrounded by those who’ve walked closest with us these last few years. It was so personal and meaningful to seal our commitment in the very place we can once again do daily life together.

It hasn’t been easy or simple, and I still cry over what was. I still find myself wishing the hurt wasn’t part of our story.

I also wish that hurt wasn’t part of anyone’s relationship story. I know for some of you that you prayed, and hoped, and worked, and tried everything you could but the reconciliation never came. If I could sit with you right now, I would weep with you and simply say, “I’m so sorry. I don’t understand either.”

I wouldn’t offer you plastic sounding answers. God doesn’t want to be explained away, He wants to be invited in. So, we would just invite His presence and ask Him to help. Redemption is possible even when reconciliation is not.

Throughout this long process of healing, God has whispered deep into my soul, “I haven’t ‘cursed’ you with this. I’ve ‘entrusted’ you with this.”

May we all be found fiercely faithful no matter how our stories go.

And may we never doubt we serve a God who still does miracles. Sometimes they look like we hoped but other times it comes in the most unexpected unfolding.

Trust that only God knows the full story. He is working. He is hearing and shifting and intervening and convicting and stirring and doing what only He can do.

God does some of His best work in the unseen.

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  1. Patti

    My heart is happy! I felt from the beginning God would restore!

  2. Sharon

    Lysa and Art , I am rejoicing this moment as I read the announcement of your marriage renewal. God

  3. Donna

    How absolutely wonderful! God bless!

  4. Linda Martin

    So excited for you two! God IS THE GOD OF MIRICLES:)

  5. Helen

    Thank you, Lysa, for letting us journey with you during this time of pain and now healing. Thank you for sharing so intimately and transparently with us. You are an encouragement to us all. I’m parking this morning on your message that we have been “entrusted” by God in certain events in our life. That is a whole other perspective for me and it gives me new eyes to see things differently. It helps the healing. Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Praise God He has taken your ashes and brought joy.

  6. Peggy

    “Only I, says the Lord, can restore what the locusts have eaten!” Joel 2:25
    So happy for you Lysa and your beautiful family! ❤️

  7. Bette

    Lysa, An amazing story. I have followed you before, during and will follow you after. Your story is an amazing testimony of God’s working in someone’s life thank you for sharing it with us so we all may have hope.

  8. Georgia

    Absolutely rejoicing with you. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Terri Edwards

    Lysa: I am so happy to read your news here about you and Art renewing your vows. What a tremendous “end” of a horribly sad story. I know that this is not the “end” of the story. You two will continue to work on your relationship. But the fact that you have a relationship to work on is a wonderful miracle from God.
    God bless you both and keep you both ever thankful for this new opportunity to serve each other and Him.

  10. T

    I’m in your place. Walking in your very shoes. I can’t wrap my head around this not being a curse. I’d rather not be entrusted with ANY of this. Don’t see where this is leading…..the pain is so thick.

    • Glenda Beam

      T, I, unfortunately, am right there with you!

  11. Debbie

    Thank you for being such a great example of going through hurt and pain. God Bless

  12. Jill

    What I love about the movie The Intern (the one with Anne Hathaway/Robert DeNiro) is the forgiveness and restoration of Jules and Matt’s marriage. You don’t see that very often in today’s culture.
    Anna Duggar was completely ridiculed and judged for forgiving her husband and restoring her marriage. (1 Cor. 1:27) May God continue to bless you and your husband for publicly presenting to the world what it means to forgive and restore! He indeed still works miracles!

  13. Terri

    I can really relate. I moved out of our home May 13, 2017, after what looked and felt like months of hopelessness, we began counseling in January 2018 and in March 2018 I moved back into our home. We are continuing to counsel and God is continuing to work in us and in our relationship with one another. It has not been an easy thing for us, or for those who love us as it seems more difficult for those who are protective of me (my Mom, my children, some close friends) to believe and trust my husband’s really changed than it is for me. I think this is because I am trusting God and also seeing my own sins and brokenness and how God has used this to deal with me on levels that would not have happened without this being part of our story.

  14. Tiffeny

    Wow God is truly amazing! Thanks you for sharing this wonderful news! The smiles on all the faces say it all. Your family was rooting for you all along. I too was praying for you and Art. When your story broke I cried with you, I have read so many of your books I felt like you were a part of my extended family. I am so glad you were able to work through the pain and work things out and that God has restored your commitment to one another. Sending lots of love and prayers. Thanks for being real and walking out life with us all.

  15. Carrie Davis

    Seeing this post first thing this morning when I opened my laptop filled me with such joy! I am currently part of the It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way P31OBS, so I have been anxiously wanting to know how the story ends regarding your marriage! I’m overjoyed to know it ends happily, but still eager to read about your journey. I’m in the early seasons of marriage and motherhood, and feel a kinship with you and your writings that provides me with a comfort of having a mentor relationship, even though we don’t actually know each other. I cannot thank you enough for your courage, vulnerability, and writing talent that you share with us. As a lifelong aspiring writer, you inspire me to follow my dream of being a published author, so that hopefully, one day, I can share my stories with the world and help other women like you do. God bless!

  16. Susan

    A beautiful post.
    Thank you for your earnest written words, and willingness to share in interviews, I have been hanging on your experience, and those words, and scripture. I’m grateful you mustered courage and continue to do so. I need you to, while I face some dark days. Broken marriage, anvil of breast cancer hanging over my head, and more. The Lotd meets me daily. He is good. He is using you.

  17. Sandra Willis

    Wonderful news and sooooooooooo encouraging. Bless you all

  18. Penny Roux

    How wonderful, such an example and an encouragement to us all. Wish mine had had such an outcome. Thank you Father.

  19. Barbara Hansen

    I am also rejoicing with you that God truly worked a miracle and restored your marriage. God bless you and your family.

  20. Jessica Slemmons

    I am just so so insanely happy to see this today! I literally am going through your book, It Isn’t Supposed To Be This Way, now! I just watched your focus on the family interview this morning when you said you still didn’t live together and hadn’t done your vow renewal but that was the path you were on. Oh joy to see this email after everything I have read and watched. Lysa, your faith and honesty and vulnerability are so precious. So needed in so many peoples lives. Honestly, your obedience can reach women AND men. What God has taken you through and how he has made a life of growth for you speaks eternal volumes! For us all. God bless you and your family. God bless you and Art. God bless your precious soul that has been so beaten up and redeemed. I feel like I want to say, I love you sister! Thank you for loving Jesus the way you do!

  21. Pat Baer

    Wow! Congratulations and thank you. Thank you for years of transparency and openness about your struggles. We celebrate God’s abiding presence through it all. Additionally, thank you for persevering. You’ve both clearly done the very hard work necessary to overcome all that you’ve been through to bring you here. May God bless your new beginning with abundant fruit and joy filled days, one day at a time.

  22. Robin

    What a blessing that God has restored your marriage. He is a God of miracles and has a perfect plan for each of our lives. My marriage too was restored so I rejoice with you and deeply understand your journey. Thank You, Jesus for Your perfect plans.

  23. Wrinthia

    Sooo thankful for the new beginning God has blessed you with and I pray that He has many, many more in store for you, your family and your ministry ❤

  24. Patricia Donahue

    What a beautiful story of redemption, only a loving Father could do the impossible! I too have been down that road of heartache, my marriage wasn’t restored. We had six children together, youngest was 3 wks, oldest 14! God didn’t do it the way I wanted nor did I understand at the time, God has other plans and there was a work of grace to take place in my heart. That work was one of forgiveness! I always tell people, forgiveness is a wonderful thing. It brings you amazing freedom. Free to not be bound by bitterness, resentment, anger, hate and a whole slew of other emotions. Yes, it takes work and being able to make choices to walk in that feeedom. Jesus in his devine grace has enabled us to be able to walk in the freedom he provided, at such a price!!! So happy to see that grace at work in your family. God is an awesome Father! We have to be willing to trust and let him have the situation which may not turn out the way we are believing and think it should!!! He knows what we don’t!!!
    Blessings, Patricia

  25. Christy

    I’m so happy for you. You’ve given encouragement and hope to those of us waiting for our miracle.

  26. Debbie B

    I am so happy for you, Art and all of your family. I appreciate your vulnerability as you have walked through this dark season. Your faith and steadfastness to God and being used to encourage others is an inspiration. Thanks be to God our Father for his mercies, forgiveness, and awesome love for his children.

  27. Sandy

    Your story is the answer to many of our prayers. I am so happy for you. I share a similar story and can say that what seems impossible can happen – with God’s help – and lots of prayers and support – and lots of forgiveness and time…..
    Keep up the good work! Your words are very helpful.

  28. Norma Vannoy

    PRAISE GOD! What a faith-builder as I continue to pray daily for our son, Michael and daughter-in-law, Marcy. I rejoice with you and just know that God is going to use you to bring great glory to Himself and rescue and help others.

  29. Betty

    I just received your email and the great news that God does do miracles. I just want to share with you that I too had that miracle. My husband also had an affair with a woman in another state while he was working and away from home and family. It had even occurred over a course of three years. I knew our marriage was broken but didn’t know why until the guilt he had was too great and he finally came back from there and asked me for a divorce. I was shocked and prayed a lot. To my surprise, after being pretty much a “mush mouse” when it came to our relationship, I prayed in earnest, took a stand and told him if he wanted our family together and me he would tell her it was over and he would never see her again. Over the course of time, he got back to the Lord and we renewed our vows for our 25th anniversary. We just celebrated our 44th anniversary and our relationship with God has grown so much and now we are soul mates and best friends. But the hurt and the pain took a long time to get over and it took a long time for me to even trust him again. But God is faithful and He is our priority in life together. Thank you for sharing and I’m so happy for you. I hope you too will see that the years ahead will be even better than before. I love your book and your online Bible study that goes with it. I look forward to reading and watching each week. You are an inspiration to all of us who know life is not easy and not without pain and sorrow, but good comes out of the bad stuff. Thank you.

  30. Elaine

    Wonderful! Praise God! So happy for you both!

  31. Melissa Henderson

    What a day full of joy! Thank you for sharing the photos. Blessings for your whole family. God is good.

  32. Pam

    Thank you for trusting us with your story of reconciliation. I am so very happy for you and especially for the support you can give to another.
    I have a question – do you have any healing words to share with someone who’s spouse just recently passed on to be with our Lord? Our friend is doing fairly well but sometimes the pain of missing his wife is difficult to bear.
    Thank you so very much Lysa for sharing and for your belief and trust in God.

  33. Mari Garland

    What an incredible miracle for you both! I know it broke your heart to publicly announce the end of your marriage. I pray that the humility that brought about this restoration remains a constant in a joyful relationship together for the future.

  34. Gustavo

    The Lord produces in you the good will and good work for His Glory

  35. Faith Osiro

    May this story of healing and restoration give hope to many. All glory to God. Lysa I am so happy for God’s marvelous doing, I cried reading this post. The devil has been ashamed yet again! What he meant for evil, God has turned it around.

  36. Andrea

    PRAISE HIM! Thanks for your transparency.

  37. Linda McCamey

    I love you so much. Just finished the webinar about the book about disappointment. Only someone who has gone through those can understand and share. I ordered the video and study guide at a great discount (Thank You Harper/Collins and Lysa). A have a two-fold mission for this DVD study. My husband completed a law degree after retire from his first career and God has not used this degree except for a short eight-month position that ended not so well. We are still waiting for an answer to this unrealized dream. Secondly, after we at home finish the study, I am bringing it to my Thursday night study women’s study for a preview.
    Thank you for sharing the hard times with us to encourage our faith and await God’s work.

    Linda McCamey

  38. cheryl hardiman

    I have been married only this one time for 25 yrs to the same man, we have our ups, downs, we have our 16 yr old daughter, she is going through adolescence, all 3 of us have been saved, me, my husband, then our daughter when she was 8 or 9 yrs old, I pray every day for God to let the holy spirit work in both their hearts, for their eventual return back to god, for God to soften their hearts, to reveal what is weighing on our daughters heart, to guard there hearts, to put a guard on his tongue, God says he does not give you more than u can handle, trying to keep my faith, stay strong, it just seems like God is not answering things seem to be the same please pray for our family that God works in their hearts, softens their hearts thank u Lisa

  39. Stephanie Wood

    Your message and testimony was the highlight of the Worship Together conference this last weekend. Thank you for sharing your heart and showing how God is still the God of miracles…like Joseph, we just have to trust his timing and continue to praise him. May God continue to give you peace and love.

  40. Judith Shaw

    This news is wonderful! Praise God! So happy for you! May our God continue to bless you and use you both in his service and to his glory!

  41. Dee

    Lysa- you encourage me everyday to trust and lean in to the new God is doing in my life and keep on. I am currently walking thru a parallel story to yours (going on year 5) but I know Jesus has my marriage, my husband, my kids and everyone around us including the OW in the palm of his hands and is set out to do a work in all of our lives. My hope and prayer is my story can be half the blessing and give half the glory to God that your story has. Thank you. Ps- you look incredible, girl. So so beautiful inside and out!!!

  42. Jenny Stringer

    God bless you both….❤️❤️

  43. Dawn

    Congratulations on your marriage renewal! Your book has touched me and taught me so much. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, had mold issues in our house and also had a mouse! The only thing I can’t relate to is marriage problems. My cancer was caught early and had a lumpectomy and am going thru radiation treatments. Your book has helped me navigate along this path of disappointment through Gods word. My bible study group is now doing the Bible study too. I thank God for you and the talent He has given you to share with others your journey and your love for God. God bless you and your family.


  44. Mary Ann

    Thank you so much for your words that are really God’s words for us. I started reading your latest book in December and have joined the OBS for it. My husband and I have been walking through the loss of both of our jobs in our fifties. I have since found another one but he received his termination paperwork yesterday. We have both been clinging to the comfort offered in your book and God’s word. It is a sad time for us to be saying goodbye to a chapter (he’s been an engineer for over 31 years – w/ AT&T) and scary to be seeking employment when we thought we were close to being empty-nesters; especially when we know God could change the situation. We are choosing to trust Him in the process. Thank you so much for writing “It’s Not Supposed To Be This Way.”

  45. Lisa

    I am so very happy for you and Art and your family! Prayers have truly been answered. I’m also grateful that you shared your journey with the rest of us in such a wonderful book and in the daily devotions. Thank you for always being so honest, Lysa and for sharing God’s Word in such a way that means so much to so many people including myself!

  46. Holli

    please someone talk to me. I need someone to be there for me so badly. call me. step out from behind a keyboard, I need a person, a shoulder. i just can’t start anywhere there is so much. I know He’s here. please pray about me I believe that if someone here He wants to reach back to me then He will move the heart – because He’s the only One that can. thank you. or at least pray for me. please. God, why did You put me here to post – plant the thought in my mind? You have purpose to everything – planned our breaths before one single thing ever was created. I see the purpose I need to breathe the suffering is so suffocating. Or just Your arms. Or someone who is Your arms, like Your hands and feet. I know You are so busy here Lord – I see Your works daily. Please I need comfort I need something good to grab onto. It all is like sand, Father. I can’t help but grab tighter and the grains fall faster, the tighter my grip. I try not to grip – but it doesn’t help. How is it that we can feel so much at once? The heart is so complex – Your Word says it is true, I know it well! Please, Lord, please hold me.

    • Kathy

      You are not alone Holli. Stand up, open your hands and brush off the grains of sand. Lift up your hands to the heavens and say your words of trust in the Lord out loud, over and over again – even if we feel or hear nothing in return. I am saying them with you. We trust you Jesus!

      • Deb

        Amen! Praying for you Holli

  47. Laurie

    Congratulations Lysa and Art on the renewal of your vows. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, you are such a blessing and an encouragement. I mourned and cried with you, and now I am thankful to rejoice with you. Praise the Lord! Great things He has done!

  48. Cheryl Talsma

    Your marriage restoration is an inspiration for all who read it from their perspectives of marital brokeness.
    My dear son and his wife of 5 years have gone through tough times since he learned of her affair. In fact, beforehand, they were in counseling already for managing normal conflicts that regularly arose in their home. They have had this terrible roller coaster of emotions and hurt in their relationship. There have been times of fear for lack of faith in the Lord.
    I’ve struggled with how best to help them since we live a nine-hour time difference apart–from CA to Nigeria. Prayer has been my constant tool, although I wish I could do more. My daughter-in-law has not reached out as she used to for 6 months now. My son keeps in touch with video and voice calls.
    I’ve felt that they will need to let what they thought their relationship was die completely, confess and repent, and let God help them build a brand new marriage. They are still married, but separated. They have reached a new point where they are both committed to being better people for each other and they have their church family’s help and support just since the New Year. I pray that as they grow in the Lord, they will grow closer together again. What they can have will be better than ever!

  49. April

    God bless you for telling your story!!!!! You are going to bless so many women and families!!

  50. Deb

    Praising the Lord for His steadfast love & grace! Thank you Lysa for vulnerably sharing your life’s journey & what the Lord’s is teaching you! I know it has been a tremendous help in my life! 💖 Let’s keep dragging Satan’s lies out into the bright sunlight where he cringes and crumbles under God’s mighty Hand! 😊👍

  51. Monica Ramirez

    Praise God! I love to see this! God bless you guys!

  52. Lureta

    How amazingly wonderful is the Father’s love!! I’m so glad He is still in the business of miracles, for you, for me and so many others. We give Him praise!
    Thank you for allowing us on this journey with you because it helps to highlight God’s goodness and faithfulness.

  53. Lisa Murray

    So loved the Encounter Tour last night in Morganton NC. Love your books and how God uses you and your story to reach others for Him. Thank you for your willingness to let others in❤️

  54. Bulleh Bablitch-Norkeh

    Hello Lisa. I am the founder of Girl Power Africa. Thank you for your wonderful heart. You may find out more about our efforts in Liberia at
    May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family.
    Bulleh Bablitch-Norkeh

  55. HK

    Hello Lysa,

    God lead me to your story as I was beginning to lose hope! I felt so alone. Thank you for sharing. It has encouraged me tremendously to keep pressing into gods plan through all this pain. We share very similar stories.
    In church service this evening, god spoke the very same words to me. “I entrusted you with this”
    I’ve been stomping and screaming “why”? I will never understand, I just have to trust. I see the miracles god is working in my husband and our marriage.
    My heart breaks for you, I truly understand your pain. Most days now are great, and then I catch some of that pain again. Praising and praying through it. Nothing will ever be as, it was. Putting god first and trusting the process. He is faithful.

  56. Michelle

    Lisa, I have been ministered to by your devotionals for a few years now. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say because it’s real, God breathed, and always pertainent in my life. I truly praise our Lord for the gift He has given us in you. Open, candid, transparent and trusting in God…. your words are a breath of fresh air…no pretence, no hard and fast solutions… just real. I rejoice with you and Art in the renewed vows… my husband and I went through that in 2007. Our life together now is better than it ever was. Our God is amazing. Love you.

  57. Fancy

    I need prayers. I am only three weeks into a shattered heart because of addiction and lies in my marriage of 24 years. I am reading your book It is Not Supposed to be this Way for the second time around in three weeks. I am barely able to put one foot in front of the other on this tight rope and I don’t know how to go on. I am living in the fear of the unknown. No contact from him in three weeks and I don’t know how I am supposed to move forward. Uncertainties of my finances and responsibilities are weighing heavy on me. I am leaning into Jesus……….

  58. Julie

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m in a very similar circumstance and your writings have been so helpful. God has used your book to speak directly to me throughout this storm. I am grateful you were willing to be transparent and exposed.

  59. Lisa Seeley

    Thank you for ministering to us in your hurt, and continuing to minister to us in your joy. My dreams of reconciliation over my 18 year marriage that has been plagued by sexual addiction and betrayal have finally been handed over, as we are getting a divorce. I was in the middle of reading your new book when I found out you and Art were reconciling. I am deeply embarrassed to admit that I put the book aside for a couple weeks, fearing it would end up leaving me more hurt in hearing about yet another reconciliation that others get to experience but I don’t. I am deeply ashamed that my first reaction was not to rejoice with you. That showed me just how much everything I had been through was affecting me, because it is NOT like me to be jealous or selfish like that, but I recognized that was exactly what was happening. So, I rejoice with you now. How selfless of you to recognize how your reconciliation might cause others who didn’t get that answer to grieve. But as Christian women, we need to rejoice with each other just as we mourn with each other. You have sacrificed much to minister to us during your darkest seasons- you let us reap the benefits of lessons learned through your pain rather than bottle those hurtful moments up and refuse to share them with us. You have made yourself vulnerable in the hopes of helping others. And you have. By the way, I did finish your book and I’m glad I did. It has definitely helped the process of healing my heart. I am praying for you and Art. Obviously, reconciliation is hard work and isn’t perfect and rosy, and I know that. And also, please thank Art for humbling himself to agree to you sharing your story with strangers around the world. I pray God blesses your marriage so much more than before. I pray He repays you and Art for your selfless decision to share your real, raw story in an effort to help others. I believe He will.

    • TA

      Lisa Seeley, if you haven’t watched any already, please go immediately to You Tube and search for Affair Recovery. Watch Rick’s story and watch Samuel’s videos. I think you will find help and healing and maybe even hope. Perhaps it really isn’t too late. God bless you, Lisa. I’m praying for you.

  60. Javan

    Hello Lysa
    Am one of those that where hurt and felt your pain through your divorce. Am so happy and thankful that you reconciled and renewed your vows. Your testimony is very encouraging considering am in the middle of a separation. Thx for sharing. God bless

  61. Audrey

    So happy to see this. Loved your incredibly earnest interview about this on focus on the family and have been praying for you guys. Thank you for being so open during this struggle- it was such a blessing to hear someone in the middle of it still speak of God’s plan for it while being real about the pain. I feel like most stories you hear are after the fact when someone has gotten through something and it makes it feel less real sometimes. Going through this while on your position seems unimaginably hard but in this position you ministered to people in a way that isn’t being done much/touched a relatively untouched corner. Thanks for being so real with us and faithful through it all. Praying for you guys moving forward!

  62. Patti Kazmierczak

    Lysa, I read, “Univited” beginning of last year. My friend gave it to me to read while I was going through treatments for breast cancer. I’ve read other books of yours since then, because it’s like you speak to me. You’ve been through the same things that I have gone through. You inspire me to be a better person. And I hope that I can help others like you do.

  63. Ellie

    Lysa is amazing! What an amazing story of her renewed marriage. God is a God of miracles, what a wonderful Savior we have!

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