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You’re Invited…

January 25, 2018

Is your greatest desire to grow in your relationship with the Lord this year? To find a new way to get excited about studying His Word as you seek the help and wisdom you need?

Me too. Because, I have to be honest — this past year was really hard for my family and me.

If there are parts of your story that are heartbreaking right now too, I want to personally invite you to something I think will help you discover a deeper connection to the Lord and a renewed passion for Scripture: The Word Alive. I’ve partnered with LifeWay for this immersive conference that will equip you to:

  • Experience Scripture with elements that will help you see, taste, hear, and touch the Holy Land without leaving the country.
  • Stop seeing your time in God’s Word as mundane or confusing by developing a genuine passion to study and practically apply scriptures.
  • Know how to identify some often misunderstood details of crucial Bible stories.
  • Connect more deeply to God as you read His Word with more understanding and sense Him speaking personally to you.

The Word Alive is unlike any event you’ve been to before! Seats are limited and I’d really love to have you join me in one of these cities this year:

March 23-24, 2018 — Oklahoma City, OK
April 7, 2018 — Washington, DC (for a special gala event at The Museum of the Bible)
October 12-13, 2018 — Athens, GA

Don’t miss this event! The only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t invite more of your friends.
Find out more and get your tickets to The Word Alive by clicking here.

What others are saying about The Word Alive:

The Bible became alive! I learned a new way of study and contemplating what I am reading. — Carolyn

The Word Alive with Lysa is the most epic, unique conference I’ve ever attended. It was full of meaningful, hands-on experiences right from our seats. — Danya

Molding clay, pressing dust into my Bible and tasting hyssop and olive oil bring to mind the teachings in such a way that live beyond a 2 day conference. — Lisa

I am much more confident in my ability to get in the Word and apply it to my life. — Melissa

The experience hits you at every sense and results in stirring up your love and affection for Jesus through the beauty of God’s Word. — Joel

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  1. Whitney Shea

    Good morning, Lysa!
    I have really enjoyed your First 5 series very much in these past few months. I was wondering- is there any way you all might consider making it available in an audio version? I know many of us are so busy and having the option to listen as opposed to reading through the devotional when necessary might really help people to stay consistent. Of course, I completely understand importance of taking time to connect with God and focus on that alone. Sometimes it just gets challenging, as I’m sure you understand.
    So- I’m not sure if this was even the venue to discuss this possibility, but would love to hear what you think.

    Thanks again and may God continue to bless you, strengthen you, and give you peace. 💞

    In Him,
    Whitney Shea

    • George Rice


      Thanks for your words today

  2. Tracy Bain

    Hey There Sista Lysa….. my small group is just finishing your Study “Uninvited” and we have bonded in so many ways since starting in October…..At our Session 5 study last night it was brought up by one of our Sista’s that you had a recent diagnosis of breast cancer. I was aware of your last 2 year struggles, having saw you on the KLOVE CRUISE in 2015 and being so moved by your speaking, I started to read your books. And I too am a survivor of breast cancer (8 years now) having gone through the same treatment as you are now. And I was chosen once again in 2016 with lung cancer diagnosis after returning from our 2016 KLOVE Cruise…. SO I GET how you are feeling when so much is put upon you to deal with, befor you’ve even seen the light of day from the previous…. BUT GOD’S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT I have found and that is why I am so connected to you right now….. Our Ladies Small Group is also a Non-profit organization called The Band of Sisters Motorcycle Movement, a Faith Based Women’s outreach and your words have been of such important to us and will continue to be…. I share this because we want to be your prayer warriors as you travel into this NEW YEAR with NEW HORIZON”S ahead…. May you know that we are lifting you up to receive the Lord’s Blessings as you Bless us with your Godly principals and insights from Proverbs 31 Ministries…. In Christ, your Sista, Peachy Mama, (aka Tracy Bain) Founder of the Band of Sisters Motorcycle Movement…Grand Junction, CO. see us on FB @ Cowgirls of the Band of Sisters…

  3. Darlene

    Will this be live streamed or recorded? I cannot make it to one of the live events.

  4. Helen

    This sounds wonderful. Ya know, I always somehow feel like a second hand citizen living here on the west coast. All these big functions are always on the east coast or anywhere but the west coast. LOL – would love to come but not feasible considering the locations. God bless.

  5. Tammy

    Lysa.. I am so excited for the event in DC. In fact, I am going by myself because I didn’t want to miss it and my girlfriends couldn’t commit.

    • Nichole

      Tammy, I’m in the same boat – maybe we’ll cross paths and can sit together 🙂

  6. Kathy

    Will you have The Word Alive in print so we can order it for those of us who can’t make the site you’re presenting?

  7. Debra

    Are you going to have one of the seminars any closer to Birmingham, Al? The one on reading the word in a new light!

  8. Lois

    I would also love for the teachings to be available! I want to go deeper with God..and learn. Any chance now or in future of doing a simulcast?

  9. Stela

    When you come to Washington state I will be there! It would be such a blessing to see you in person. Thank you so much for Proverbs 31 & all of your books.

  10. Jane

    I would love to come!!! You are so inspiring!

  11. Robbie

    Your beautiful book is amazing! How many times I have expressed “the turn around “ to my beloved friends? I’m with you , sister. So much of your writing I get. I’m going to purchase copies for my daughter, and my friends, then the spiral of your loving care filled words will continue to others that will get deep rewards from your book. Thankful for you and Christ. Thankful that you could put inwords that make so much sense to so many. Huge love and humongous hugs, in Christ, your sister, Robbie
    Ps- are you available to speak at a TAPS event?
    ( Tragedy Assistants Program for Survivors)
    ( military families)

  12. Joy

    Just wanted to say I have been so glad to see you back in the 1 Kings study. I have always enjoyed your teaching and your straightforward applications. Welcome back my sister in Christ.

  13. Staci

    Lysa, I will be attending OKC and cannot wait! My bible study group just finished the I Am study and i enjoyed it immensely! I feel such a connection to you as I recently found out my husband had been unfaithful to me and I too am a breast cancer survivor! (2 1/2 years) When moments get hard for me I grab my I AM workbook for comfort. I have also started Uninvited and am finding that helpful. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet you in OKC.

  14. Nichole

    I’ll be in DC! I’m actually coming from South Dakota and was planning on being in DC the week following this event already for a company training so when I heard this was taking place, I immediately bought a ticket knowing it was meant to be for me to be there! I have been wanting to attend an event like this for years and, because of my home location, it’s always nearly impossible without incurring huge travel costs. I am SO excited to be there and cannot wait to meet some new friends and worship together!

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