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Watch the Uninvited Webcast Replay!

August 10, 2016

I’m thanking Jesus this morning for all that He did in the hearts of everyone who was part of the Uninvited webcast last night. If you weren’t able to tune in, I’ve got great news – the replay is now available!

Click here to watch the Uninvited Release Day Webcast replay.

Here are the links to some of the things we talked about on the webcast:

Purchase your copy of Uninvited
Get a “Live Loved” T-shirt
Find out more about Tim Tebow’s new book Shaken (releasing this fall)

What parts of the webcast spoke to you the most? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. I’ll be giving away 5 copies of Uninvited to randomly chosen commenters!

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  1. Keshia Jade

    I was most impacted by the story of Martha, and the truth that it is time to reclaim our name.
    I know the story, read it, listened to it and never had it dawned on me that Jesus named her.
    In recent weeks God has been speaking to me and I have been listening, your words ‘live loved’ resonated with the message He has been trying to speak over me for years. I do not need man’s approval because I have the love of the most high.

    • Diane

      was truly Blessed when I read the part about when your parents pulled you close when they found out about the poor choices you had made,loved you extended grace while praying &loving onyou christ showed you hurt and pain and delivered you to your passion /assignment.

  2. Leda

    Just received your new book Uninvited…Can’t wait to start reading it.

  3. Kathy Scott

    I appreciated the comments you made about the other side of Martha. She always stood out as someone who was so preoccupied with the things of the world, she missed out on receiving the message Jesus was giving to Mary. Now I see her with compassion and awareness of how much I can identify with her. May the Lord continue to use this ministry to bring many to the Lord and strengthen the body of Christ.

  4. Miranda

    Reclaiming our name!! I loved your message, going back tonight to re watch it and take more notes!!

  5. Angie Samya

    Wow. Thank you! I need a new filter and a new focus and have a final say in things in my life. Ready to live loved and some others His love. So excited to read the book!

  6. Hannah

    Thank you for making this replay available! I wasn’t able to tune in live and am so glad o got to watch it today! I loved your words about reclaiming the name! Excited to read this book and hopefully use the DVD study with my church group!

  7. Cindy

    The thought that although I have been rejected, it is NOT my identity and I don’t have to live as if it is. Knowing it has a purpose: a protection, correction, or redirection is life-changing to me! I am anxious to read “Uninvited” and have it alter the way I perceive myself enough to be able to cross out the “Un-“!

  8. Linsey

    Just seen the replay. I’ve been dealing with feelings of rejection and focusing on the lie that I missed what God has for me. So what you shared about reclaiming my name and the truth of God’s love for me has confirmed what God has been trying to get me to focus on – the truth of who I am in Him and His love. And Lysa, as you read the declaration, I felt encouraged and strengthened!

  9. Michelle

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  10. Genise

    Lysa, thanks for making this available online for viewing today! I loved your story about how you felt rejected by not getting chosen for a certain event, which turned into runaway thoughts and strange stances in the mirror (the dreaded inner thigh rub Sigh!). I am also a frequent passenger on the crazy train-but thanks to reading Unglued ( I just read it again last week), I don’t get on it nearly as much as I used to. I know that Uninvited will be incredibly helpful as well.

  11. Paige Stovall

    The title of the message spoke to me first and then everything that followed added to my new excitement I feel as I dive into your book. I want to ReClaim my name, reclaim my purpose and see how God can continue to use me. As I have dealt with many issues in my life, most recently some issues of forgiveness I had to find the right words and ways to approach it and while reading your devotions the perfect ways to approach the situation was revealed. I feel like Martha on a daily sometimes hourly basis, but through your messages and devotions I see that there is a bigger plan and my rejection is a my redirection from God.

  12. Catherine Bills

    Your talk about Martha, renaming her, and realizing that she was loved by Jesus spoke to me the most. When you started talking about her, I did just as you said, I rolled my eyes and thought “I know, I know, I’m just like Martha; her and I should be just like her sister Mary…. But I have NO IDEA how to not be Martha”. And you helped change my view on her (and myself) by the end of your speech. COMPLETELY changed my view. Martha was loved, she just needed to refocus her attention. I am loved (I’ve been saying it over and over to myself since last night), I just need to refocus my attention. Not change who I am, not hate who I am…. You touched my heart and helped me to really see and start to feel, that I am loved by Jesus. Me. I know I’ve been told and I know I’ve said it, but I never really felt it; because come on, I’m a Martha, and Martha didn’t deserve love, she was doing it all wrong. Thank you for changing my view of her, for changing the view of myself. Thank you for helping me to realize that Jesus loved Martha and he loves, he really loves, me.

  13. Michelle

    Let’s just say I’m glad I clicked on the link I my email today in the midst of my many errands. Its one thing to read then another to listen to the Word. The enthusiasm, the emotion and words Lysa had used in this webcast capture my attention and heart. What a great message- Even as a busy body going this way and that- it’s reassuring to know its ok to be a Martha 🙂

  14. Marcie Joy Brown

    So glad I tuned into the Webcast Replay today Lysa! I must admit, when I first heard about the book, I had no interest whatsoever. This was probably because the enemy knew how desperately I needed to hear this message… Rejection has been the essential theme of my life for most of my 56 years, and yet recently it seems to have reared its ugly head to the point where I feel completely disconnected from the Body of Christ as never before. I’m truly lacking a vision, a purpose and I need to reclaim my name (which has the word JOY in the middle of it…) and take back what the enemy has stolen. Sadly, most of the rejection I’ve experienced has happened within the church, which seems to make the recovery process that much more difficult. My husband and I are a bit like outcasts, and no matter how much serving he does, he never seems to gain the respect and recognition he so deserves.

    I will definitely play this for my husband later on (we’re both big Tim Tebow fans…) and I will run to buy your book the minute I get paid next week.

    Thank you for your obedience in sharing a much-needed message for many wounded warriors…

    P.S. You look beautiful! So thankful for your full and complete recovery!!!

  15. Joan

    “Living loved” is a beautiful phrase and a worthy goal. Thank you Lysa, for the proclamation that speaks so much encouragement.
    God bless you and congratulations on this new book.

  16. Carissa

    I know you said to stand during the declaration, but my heart moved me to my knees. Tears streamed down my face as my hands were lifted up to Jesus. Thank you for your powerful words. God knew I needed to hear them tonight. Truth must be my foundation-not lies. It is truly amazing to know the truth is I am loved.

  17. Erica

    I think are living similar lives. I also have a father who chose not to do life with me. I think it has affected my life more than I care to admit. I needed the reminder that I am the daughter of an Almighty God.. forever!

    Thank you, from my reserved seat on the crazy train 😉

  18. Linda

    Lysa your ministry is huge in my life and that of so many others. Thank you! And God bless Tim Tenow for his unwavering stand for Christ.

  19. Sandy

    When I saw you were coming out with this book I knew it was for me because of the timing. I am already into the third chapter. I refuse to let any bitterness into my life! Thank you for being open and I pray that many women who feel the pain of rejection will be healed through God using what you shared in this book! To Him Be the Glory for the release from the bondage of rejection!

  20. Rhonda H Downing

    Glad you gave the opportunity to view the webcast later. As a woman in ministry, I immediately felt rejection when I recognized the call to ministry because I was raised in a church that is totally against women in ministry. Along the journey, I’ve found there are still men who have an issue with a woman ministering. I’ve been rejected by people walking out during a service, by family, & to my face. I’m excited to get your book. You are a blessing to me! Also, I’m going to put Tebow’s book on my wish list. Would love to be a winner!

  21. Jennifer Jackson

    I attended the webcast live by myself (which was totally out of my comfort zone), knowing it was something that I had to do for myself! So many aspects of it spoke to me, particularly the “lies become labels that become liabilities”. We often talk about the power of the spoken word from one person to another and how hurtful “others” can be, which is true; however, it’s the translations in our own mind (Satan’s little whispers of destruction) that is really the most damaging. Learning to process the things that happen to us and the things that are said to us and processing them from God’s perspective and through Jesus’s filter. WOW! Love it!
    I can’t wait to get into the book and workbook! Looking forward to sharing it with a lot of my girlfriends too!

  22. Katie

    Truth – “No amount of outside achievement fixes inside hurt.” Lisa. Would LOVE a copy of your new book!! 🙂 I also loved when Tim said: “It’s not a one time thing. You have to continue to go back and trust God with it. Find whatever it is that works for you to take back that courage to give it back to God.”

  23. Lucia

    Please pray for my spiritual life and personal life thank you.

  24. Lindsey

    I’ve loved your other books and cannot wait to read this one! Considering doing it with my ladies Bible Study! Looking forward to finding our more about the study and dvd companion. Thanks!

  25. Carmen N

    What an amazing webcast you had!

  26. Elisabeth

    Wow, what a great webcast. Thank you Lysa!
    I was most touched by you highlighting that despite what we always think about Martha, she WAS the one that Jesus loved.
    Thank you for the reminder that I can filter everything through and focus on God’s love for me, despite the rejections I encounter.

    Blessings on you Lysa for your God-spoken words. 🙂

  27. Audra Kennedy

    I enjoyed your take on Martha. Christians have this bad habit of picking on Bible characters at their weakest point. Here are a few examples: “Doubting Thomas” and all the times Peter messed up and Zecharias, John the Baptist’s dad, when he had trouble believing Gabriel’s news. Apparently there is a wall of shame for Bible characters who are less than perfect…Anyway, that’s why I am glad to see Martha being redeemed and shown in a positive light.

  28. Anntoinett

    Dear Lisa, I really enjoyed watching your webcast of your new book. Which I look forward to reading. Your video has spoken to me. I learned that I don’t need to wait for God’s love. That God loves me now! I have felt and delt with rejection my entire life. I grew up in a home where I would go to hell for my wrong. I wasn’t a bad kid, but I was just a kid. I grew up resenting God, not knowing Him. Even my once married life was against God. So I Avoid God period. I write this message with tears in my eyes because it brings back feelings of being unloved, anger, rejection and the list can go on. Today I do have to say that I have invited God into my life and I am in a better place now than 4 years ago. I still struggle with feelings of rejection and feeling unloved at times. But Inbthose times I start praying to God that I need Him, that He hears my heart and God loves me. Lisa I thank God all the time for people like you. Thank you.

  29. Aleithia Foster

    Thank you so much for doing the live webcast on the release of your new book “Uninvited!” I want you to know that what you spoke had a major impact on me. Especially when you shared your declaration! Would it be possible to get a copy of your declaration that you shared? Thank you so much for your book and the truth that you spoke in your book and on your live webcast! What a blessing you are!

  30. Lisa

    I can’t wait to read your book to learn more. I the idea of “living loved!”

  31. Dawnielle Alden

    Love the part about Martha being chosen by Jesus to say “I Am” to when he only said it 7 times in the book of John.

  32. Betty

    I want to start reading now! This is just what I need. I was a worship minister’s wife and he made some very bad choices and left me and our children. I still deal with the humiliation and abandonement.

  33. Dorothy DeRosa

    I watched your interview on Kathie Lee & Hoda this morning on my computer as you talked about your book Uninvited. I had to find out more and came across your Charlotte replay with Tim Tebow as well. I had my teenage daughter and her boyfriend listen to your and Tim’s interview also. The message of living in Gods love is sometimes all the love you have left which is always enough; and is the only truth in life, especially when you are repeatedly knocked down…it’s the only way back up again, and again, and again.
    Crossing paths with Godly people as yourself helps to minimize my fear of rejection as I continue to share my life while exposing all the scars I’ve earned. I have had to rely on only God to hold my hand at times as I refuse to allow my genuine spirit of love and forgiveness to be taken away from me. I still need the encouragement that my crazy ways, though somewhat unique, are excepted by God and I am loved by Him exactly as I am. I can’t wait to read both these books…Uninvited and Shaken!

  34. Elaine Ledlow

    Thank you for listening to God’s for you. You are one of my favorite speakers and I love your honesty and letting your light shine . Can’t wait to start the bible study.

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