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The Problem With Pinterest

May 16, 2016

Have you ever looked at social media and felt like everyone else’s marriage was more romantic, their style more hip, and their house more beautifully decorated than yours?

The comparison struggle. is. so. real.

I’m thankful that my pastor and friend, Steven Furtick, agrees. And he’s here with us on the blog today with some practical tips on how to start seeing beyond the traps social media can lure us into.

“And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” (2 Corinthians 3:18)

What – or who – is your standard of comparison? Often, we are insecure because of unrealistic images against which we judge our spirituality and success.

I call it The Pinterest Perspective.

PCMag defines Pinterest as: A socially oriented photo-sharing site in the form of an online pinboard.

I have a slightly different definition:

Pinterest is a visually driven social media platform strategically designed for nonstop, twenty-four-hours-a- day, seven-days-a-week reminders that your kids are not as well dressed as your neighbors‘ kids, that your home is decorated in the most amateur fashion imaginable, that the pictures you take are bland and artless, that you did a terrible job planning your wedding, and that you live a generally tedious, monotonous existence—unlike everyone else, whose lives are categorically awesome at all times.

Yes, I have a bit of a problem with Pinterest.

Of course, I’m not against social media in general or even Pinterest in particular. Social media is just a tool. And the results it generates reflect the intention of the user. That’s where the trouble starts.

See, any time you’re considering your real life accomplishments or problems from a Pinterest perspective, you are judging yourself against an illusion. When we compare our underwhelming reality to other people’s staged, cropped, filtered photos, we jump to the wrong conclusions. Because we started with the wrong context.

The problem with Pinterest is the problem within us. It‘s the perfect platform for our tendency to pretend, to pose, and to perform, all in an effort to bolster a shaky self-esteem.

I want to challenge you today. When you are faced with the temptation to compare yourself to the glories of others, try contemplating the glory of God instead, in the way Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 3:18.

I know this sounds a little abstract – (really pal, contemplate? Contemplate this laundry basket…)

But it can be really simple. To contemplate simply means to think about. To consider. To dwell on.

And there are practical ways we can compare less, and contemplate more:

• Some of our social media scrolling can be so routine that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. But decreasing your time on it might be as easy as moving apps around on your phone. Take the Bible app or First 5 and put it on the first screen in the easiest place to see. Place the social media icons on the last page. This will force you to make the conscious decision to swipe all the way over to your social media accounts, while your Bible apps remain front and center.

• Instead of going on Instagram or Facebook first thing in the morning to see what everybody else is doing and reading their comments on your feed, spend some time in God’s Word. It would be good to do this before you go to sleep as well. Feed yourself something more substantial, and see if you feel stronger.

• Make it a point to write down and say out loud what you’re thankful for several times a week, if not daily. Focusing on what you’ve been blessed with is one of the first steps to getting out of the comparison trap.

God has so much He wants to show you, but maybe you’ve allowed yourself to become blinded by the images and illusions of this world. 2 Corinthians 3 promises a new point of view and a new level of freedom for those who will dare to remove the veil.

UNQU-Book CoverWe’re giving away a signed copy of Pastor Steven’s new book (Un)Qualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things. This book is for anyone who’s ever felt like they just didn’t have what it takes to get through another day. It’s an amazing resource that can apply to your life no matter what season you’re in. To be entered to win, post a comment below with how you’ll be shifting your social media perspective this week. Click here to purchase your copy.

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  1. Ele

    I think the book will help me immensely. At the age of 57, I decided to move to Spain and start a new life here. I feel like I have been doing everything wrong lately. I am working too much to make up for the financial mistakes I made in the past and see no light at the end of the tunnel. As far as cooking is concerned, I am learning how many ways there are to burning food. I think the tapes of my childhood are playing in my mind, saying I am useless. This book will encourage me to go on, make some sense out of it all.

  2. lc

    I waste a lot of time on social media and I never measure up to the fun filled, active lives of other people. I’m single (again) at 54 and lonely for real relationships. I’ve spent the last 4+ years striving to get closer to God so He can heal me but I’m so easily distracted and end up chasing after what feels like ghosts. Maybe if I keep going through the motions, my heart, soul and mind will be able to experience, believe and trust His faithful love and acceptance. Thank you for this important reminder. ♡

  3. Lyndsay Bretzke

    Thank you God for ALL that you have given me. May my eyes not sin against you by comparing my life with others. I am grateful for the person you have made me, and I am thankful that you are changing your daughter daily to be more like your son Jesus. I will not compare my life with others on social media but use social media to boast about you and all that your have done for me.

  4. Janine

    This is such a good piece. I love this reminder and what I am going to do this week is move my icon’s so they are out of view but also turn off any notifications from my sites. I am going to set a time aside to check and only check it as this time and no other.
    Thanks for this.

  5. Roxy

    This post is confirmation and was written just for me’ I’m going to move my social media folder to my last screen instead of the first (where all my bible apps are also located) this way they’re no longer competing for my time,

  6. Linda C

    Thank you Lisa for sharing this post as it has encouraged me to follow through on something that I have been thinking about and that is to quit Facebook. I had already moved my icon off my phone’s homepage, but I need to just quit. I have struggled with insecurity all my life and the comparison habit that FB creates just feeds that negative habit. Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Deborah Nelson

    I so agree… terrible I feel when I spend more time reading about others than I do about God and His instructions to us.

  8. Tammy T

    Loved today’s post – as I decided to check e-mail after my morning bible reading instead of checking Facebook. Several weeks ago I heard (don’t remember source) that “comparison kills contentment.” I’ve been trying to remember that when I look at Facebook or even talking to others. Those three words have brought me a lot of comfort.

  9. Heidi Barham

    During Lent I did a Facebook fast. It appears it is time to do it again. It can be a wonderful way to connect with old friends but it is also an easy way for people to spread amer and hated toward others. Thank you fur shading the Pinterest Perspective!

  10. Gina

    I gave up FB over a year ago and how free I feel.

  11. laura Morris

    I love the idea of moving my social media to the back page. This is intentional living. I love it Pastor Steve. Thanks

  12. Chris

    Good idea! That’s what I will do. Facebook app at the end of my apps. Bible app front and center. Thanks so much!

  13. Cristy

    I never really thought much about Pinterest but I can see how for some it could become a problem, feeling one can never measure up to the Pinterest perfection. Facebook however, I personally have battled with just this week, realizing that I put way too much value into what comments were posted or not posted on…to the point I had convinced myself that my best friend was ignoring my posts…crazy. It’s just Facebook. I am intentionally not going there but rather taking your advice and moving social media apps to the last page so that my Bible app is the first I open. Reflecting on His comments about me..that’s where it’s at.

  14. Darlene Tanti

    I like the idea of moving my social media apps to the last page. Then the temptation isn’t there to just pop into fb real quick because I’m not ready to get out of bed. I am guilty of comparison. It’s so easy to look at the perfect image and be envious of the time/talents it took to create. But too often we don’t hear about all the Pinterest fails it took to achieve that perfect end project. Thank you for this reminder.

  15. Leigh F.

    I know what you mean about Pinterest. I have not been getting on there as much recently in an effort to disconnect a little from social media and it has been a great thing! I always feel like a “Pinterest failure.” I will take Steven’s suggestion and move the app to my last screen so I won’t even see it very often.

  16. Nancy

    Instead of getting sucked into the Facebook world, I have my quiet time first thing but I’m going to make a point to start to share more about Jesus and less about my family on FB when I do share.

  17. nancys1128

    My social media downfall is Facebook. I have a lot of time at work when I have no work to do and I easily get sucked into FB. I will target my stops there to catch up with specific people, pages and groups and move away from starting at the top of my newsfeed and reading everything, from everyone.

  18. Heather

    I have temporarily deleted social media apps on my phone and replaced my profile picture with a picture that states I am on a “social media fast.”

    God is calling me to an assignment that feels too big.

  19. Christina

    It began with deleting the app from my device….now, let’s move on from there. Do I have the guts to delete my profile? To be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready for that….how about this, I’m going to logout and un-save my password on my computer. Then, I’ll have physically type it when I do choose to have some social media time. And let’s add in a timer that is set, not to limit my screen time, but to remind me how much time I’ve wasted scrolling…..There. Decision made. Load lifted.

    Also, when do we stop being “connected” and start being “chained”? Are we hesitant to disconnect, or are we simply unable to become unchained? Our enemy is rejoicing that we have decorated our chain so beautifully with ideas, photos, dreams and “friends” that we don’t even notice the band it thickening and the combination to the lock has been changed. It becomes bondage before we know it, and we have to cry out for wisdom in order to gain our freedom.

  20. Ellen

    I agree! I have steadfastly refused to sign up for Facebook, Pinterest, et al. I don’t want to live my life online. I’ve noticed a huge drop in communication with my friends in the process. We are not fighting, we are still friends…I’m just no longer in the loop because I don’t participate in social media. It’s sad to think of a world when people don’t communicate directly. Some of my favorite memories growing up are when we sat on our front porch and chatted with each other and with neighbors as they passed the house. Those days are gone, I’m afraid.

  21. Sherrie Setliff

    Thank you for this reminder. I do compare my life to the Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook posts & sadly feel that I am not enough. I will take Stevens advice and read the word of God before I read anything else. I would love a copy of this book as I do feel unqualified in so many ways.

  22. Kayla

    I turned off my Facebook about a year ago and continue to be thankful for how that obstacle to overcome my depression doesn’t exist anymore. It’s shown me which friendships go beyond the social world and helped me focus on those, which realistically is far fewer people than were on my “friends” list. I started my daily blessings journal before that time and have found the things I might share on Facebook instead get listed in my day’s entry for myself rather than for the public. It’s made it easier to focus on my health and purpose. Now I just want to continue healing so I can share parts of my story to help myself and others.

  23. Sandra

    I have taken Pinterest and other discouraging sites off my e mails. There is only prayers and ways to be a better wife. This has helped me lots to not get sidetracked and have (take) more time talking to my Lord Jesus Christ.

  24. Martha

    I am constantly catching myself comparing how I look, what I do, how my house looks to others. I need to take this advice to heart. Thank you for the encouragement.

  25. Kathy

    Loved this! Will move my apps around on my phone screen.

  26. Peggy Cuomo

    I can’t thank you enough, I have been purposefully avoiding social media and reducing my times of ‘checking’ it. It is a trap. My next step is not checking before bed and instead checking in with Jesus. I would love a chance to win this book. I have someone in mind that needs it.

  27. cheryl

    i too fall into the social media update trap each morning. if i dont have time to read my devi tional emails, i shouldnt have time to be scrolling FB!

  28. Roxanne

    Beginning my morning with scripture and devotionals has helped my mornings get off to a much better start….writing things I am grateful for in my thankful journal and reflecting on those gratitude, thankful times brings Fathers presence into my being…my favorite green prayer chair is my daily retreat and gets me ready to face my day….. I look forward to these times…

  29. Rachelle Craig

    Wow! Thank you for some great suggestions! I try so hard to have my quiet time first. I do have my First 5 App on my home screen, but also have Facebook and Instagram on there. I try very hard to not open those apps until I have at least opened my First 5, but sometimes a notification catches my eye, and before I realize it, I have already spent 15 minutes on one social media sight or another. I am taking this advice, and moving my social media icons to the back page. I am also going to commit to not looking at notifications first thing in the morning. Thank you for opening my eyes and suggesting such an easy way to place God’s word first, front and center! This looks like a great book! Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. Kim McGee

    I am going to rearrange my apps so that I spend less time on social media. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  31. Marlene

    Thank you , going to limit Facebook and Pinterest and kick the comparison habit

  32. Trish

    I just posted something similar on FB after Mother’s day. My son is not the gushy, post his feelings on FB kind of guy. Some of the posts pulled on my “I wish my son would” heartstrings. I had to switch that over to thanking God for the son I had, who I know loves me in the way he does…not the way other sons show their moms. Thanks Pastor Furtick for your sensibility! Social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends but if we’re not careful it’s a horrible trap of that grass looks so much greener than mine. Be blessed!

  33. Susan

    This is very eye opening. I tend to go straight to Facebook to see what’s happening first thing after checking email. The Lord wants our firsts and our devotion. My apps will be rearranged. Thanks Lysa for this wonderful reminder.

  34. Dee

    Thank you lord because you have created me to not need or look like others but even so at times we get side tracked & find ourselves comparing & wanting more. Lord forgive us & always to be grateful with who we are & where you have us at this time Trusting you every step of the way!

  35. Tina

    I am ashamed to say I’m very guilty of brushing my kids off when I’m replying to something important. Heck, unimportant too.

  36. Teresa

    I just realized my home screen does not reflect my priorities. I like to organize my apps in folders and have hesitated to consolidate my social media apps because it’s easier for them to be separate. I can go to them instantly when I turn on my phone. And although my bible and First 5 apps are on my home screen, where are they? Consolidated in a folder amongst other book apps where I only go to ten if I remember! Today I will rearrange my home screen to reflect my priorities and to enable me to read my bible more and go on social media less.

  37. Tavia Redburn

    I need this reminder OFTEN! Not jumping on Facebook immediately has really helped me be proactive in my day instead of reactive. I love the idea of moving social media icons to the last page on your phone.

  38. Cathy

    This post comes at a good time for me. This weekend I decided to delete all of my social media accounts. I found that they were time consuming, depressing, and not getting me anywhere in life. I want to get back to old fashioned face to face contact with “real” friends that go out of their way to spend time with me. This choice also gives me more time to get into God’s word which makes me infinitely happier. Lysa you have been such a blessing in my life. Praise God that you are sharing these posts that need to be shared and getting the discussion going.

  39. Lynn

    Comparison is SUCH an issue for me. I have never been on Pinterest but do go
    On Facebook a few times a day. Everyone else seems to have more fun, have perfect children and run better/farther/ and faster than me! Ugh! Help me Lord to stop comparing and start standing in Your presence.

  40. Lea Jones

    Thank you for this reminder about social media and the practical ways of putting God first! I have disciplined myself to reach for the Word first (thanks to First5), but haven’t ended my day in the word. I find myself scrolling through social media before bed and wasting time. Thank you for your perspective!

  41. Lara Cook

    I am going to spend less time in Facebook and Pinterest. I am going to pray and read God’s word first thing every morning and last thing before going to sleep. I am going to thank God for the family, home, closet, etc. that He has given me already.

  42. Brandy Ogle

    I pray that every time I even think about looking at Facebook or Instagram, God intervene and remind me to open my Bible App instead.

  43. Christina

    Love these practical tips for limiting social media, as fb particularly sucks my time before I realize it, leaving me frustrated with myself! This week I plan to to keep a log…where I have to write down every time I check fb, so I can actually see the minutes I’m spending (& think twice b/f checking), and hope to persuade myself to pick up my Bible or a good book more often to fill those spare moments.

  44. Ellen

    Thank you for your Christ like insight

  45. Anne

    I have done your made to crave series and am currently in weight watchers, I’m still unsuccessful in this area in my life. How did you know what to eat or not to eat to lose weight? Made to crave is vague in that and I need help.

  46. Trish

    My husband passed away last year and I could not find a job, so I became a real estate agent. In doing so, I had to create a facebook page to advertise open houses, closings, etc. After a few months, I realized that my life was horrible. Everyone is running around enjoying celebrations, having fun while I am trying to pick the pieces of my life up. I have not been on facebook recently because it causes me to compare my shattered life to everyone else’s “perfect” lives.

  47. Diane N

    I only use Pinterest and Instagram. I have not really had to struggle with comparison when using these. Comparison, no; wasting time, yes. I made changes in how often I use these apps quite a while ago and have not regretted it!! Fantastic article!

  48. Tanisha

    The only social media app that I have is, in fact, Pinterest. But, with that said, my three most popular and most frequented boards are: 1) The Lord Is My Shepherd; where I post all things that I find to glorify and compliment our God. Including bible study tips, beautiful verse photo art, and poignant questions and suggestions all pointing to The Most High God. My board number 2) is Delicious and contains recipes and shortcuts. Of course I haven’t tried all fifteen hundred, but I have tried a dozen — all to the advantage of my children’s taste buds. And board number 3) is Inspiration and Quotation which is simply that. Words, stories, quotes that are worthy of being repeated and used for inspiration. In an effort to hone my media hoarding experience I think it may be in my interest to eliminate some of the other boards that cause more of a distraction. I don’t need any pins that foster materialism, sensuality or immorality. It’s an easy fix to delete those boards and move forward with a more focused view.

  49. Vickye

    Thank you for your insight regarding Pinterest and for reminding us to spend our time wisely seeking the truth we need from God and not man. I am in my sixties & never really got into the social media craziness. My son & his family serve God in Uganda and during the periods of time they are there we use Facebook to communicate how everyone is doing. It’s great to see pictures of him & my grandchildren serving there. I do believe there are positive uses for social media but you need to adhere to discipline and the wisdom from God. As for Pinterest, my daughters and I share great recipes with each other and we follow several Proverbs 31 authors as well for their articles, news on upcoming Bible Studies, new books, etc. We have integrated much of this knowledge in our lives and it also has helped us to be better wives, mothers and cooks so our husbands benefit as well. Discipline is the whole key to living our lives in this world of technology. I never want to lose my ability to learn new technology because I would miss out on so much with my family & grandchildren who live far away from me. Facetime with my Grands is amazing and I love seeing them & hearing about their day. There is always good with the bad – we have to be diligent to seek only after the good.

  50. Carol Gillespie

    Been struggling w this lately, thanks for encouraging words. I will most def move my apps around and Gina take a vacay from it all.

  51. Lorie

    Single again. I just turned 52. It has been a few years now, but the trauma was so huge. The devastation was so intense. I felt that I needed to focus on letting God rebuild me before any other person could become a meaningful part of my life. There has been so much growth, but I feel like I’m stuck now. That leaves me wondering what must be wrong with me at this point. It feels like God is clearing the decks yet again, and there is increasing loneliness. It is easy to click on social media to create the illusion of social connection, but it is only illusion. Seeing everyone else’s happy life can leave me feeling worse than befor, and wastes a bunch of time, to boot! I have heard it referred to as “Wastebook”. That’s pretty accurate. (

  52. Margaret

    Thanks. I’m working on becoming aware of my own self talk often based on the views of other people. Thanks for the reminder to compare myself to Jesus and to count the blessings I have all from him.

  53. Ana Bright

    For many months, I had Facebook deleted from my phone and didn’t even know my password (having the app gone but using the browser sort of defeats the purpose). I have found that I use it as a communication tool now and spend significantly less time on all social media. This is a great reminder as I’ve tended to fall into the comparison trap lately.

  54. Mindi G

    I took social media off my phone. It’s on my iPad, which I only get on occasionally. First thing, I begin my day with God and He faithfully keeps me focused on Him. Social media can be fun, but it’s not the main point.

  55. Marilyn

    I did a social media fast last year because of this very problem. I stayed off for 30 days and when I returned, I surprised myself by how many of my “favorites” I actually ended up deleting because they meant absolutely nothing to me at that point. I have since added in a bunch of new ones and I see the need to do another fast. I’m sure this book will be helpful as a resource during my new fast to help me to not only get out but if/when I do venture back in, to resist getting so totally sucked back into it in the future. Thank you.

  56. Vicky Mckinney

    Thank you for this post. I am guilty of going to social media before studying God’s word. I like what you had to say about comparing our lives with others. You can bet I will be more conscious of how much time I spend on social media sites in the future.

  57. Elsie

    Thanks for reminding us that comparing our lives to others is not a good thing to do. 2 Corinthians 3:5 b “but, our sufficiency is from God.” vs 18 ‘ So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord – who is the Spirit – makes us more and more like Him as we are changed into His glorious image.”

  58. Rhonda

    I’m taking a week off FB and will spend morning time in reading scripture and prayer.

  59. Jami Hernandez

    Glory to glory, into His image. I’ve been on a journey this past month trying to uncover the authentic me that God intended when He created me. Not the copy of someone else. I’ve been striving to stay away from Instagram and Facebook this past month as it tempts me to measure myself up to ungodly or unrealistic standards and fall short every time or on the other hand put me in a state of pride. My heart’s desire is to become who He intended when He created me, the me that brings Him the most glory!

  60. Ade

    THIS is what i needed to hear this morning! Thank you for putting it in to words!

  61. Maria Posner

    This is SO true. God uses broken people…..people that can use their experiences….to help others. God, pls help me to always be obedient and may my actions bless others.

  62. Kathy

    This comparison trap is getting all ages of people. If you don’t do the social media, you somehow feel left out. If you do, you always feel others have it better. What a mess we are. Trying this week to being the day with some exercise and Bible time rather than checking FB.

  63. Loretta Culbert

    I needed this ,I have heard/read this verse many times but never really had a understanding until now. My problems with comparing myself to others was at one time so bad it almost ended my marriage. My husband was not at fault at all,it was me. I had convinced myself ( by comparing myself to others) that he should and not only should but that he MUST leave me because I was not good enough. I even ( picked) out women that I thought he would be happy with. Women that were much much better for him than me. It almost ended my marriage. I withdrew into my crazy world of comparison and pushed him away to the point he felt like I did not want him and decided he had no choice but to leave. God intervened and even though things are much better I still fight these thoughts and feelings almost daily.

  64. Kristen Cruce

    Love the idea of moving social media apps to last page!

  65. Carrie

    So true–so needed!!

  66. jodi

    I love the idea of starting and ending the day with God!!

  67. Brooke Brown

    I would love to read this book…

  68. Theresa Clark

    I definitely agree with Steven about why we use social media. When it’s used In the right context it just remains a tool, or a distraction, or something to benefit others. I post Christian songs, Bible verses, quotes from sermons or devotions (giving proper credit), prayer needs, inspiring stories, and of course lots of pictures to show family across the country what’s going on. I post humor and girlfriend silliness….if I am making a connection with I that glories God or point someone to Him or point myself back to Him…..then I know I am using this tool in a way to glorify God that matters. God promises He will use ALL things for HIS glory….and I’m glad he can use social media in this way, too!

  69. Ann Aucelli

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! I have been struck in the face by how much time I spend alone – even in the presence of other people – and for a person who craves personal interaction, this is hard. I started comparing my life to those of my friends who have children and came up wanting. What a wonderful reminder to look to God for my solace instead of other people. It helps knowing that, because of Jesus, this loneliness is just a season, and that ultimately, we’ll spend countless millennia in the personal presence of our Savior.

  70. Miranda Lyons

    Ouch. Truth. I need to stop comparing.

  71. Bekah

    I have definitely wasted time on Facebook lately. I needed the reminder to keep my time with the Lord first in my day!

  72. Robin

    Thank you for capturing and sharing what I’ve been thinking for years. I will use the idea of moving apps that distract off the main screens of my phone as a start. Thanks for the idea.

  73. Caroline Lee

    This post came at the best time. Now that we have three children, I feel like the Pinterest pressure has gotten even stronger. When im trying to stay awake while nursing my infant, I tend to get on Pinterest. Not anymore!!! I’m going to rearrange the apps on my phone, and I’m going to take a break from using Pinterest for the rest of the month. I’m committing to following a bible study plan on my phone in the middle of the night rather than using Pinterest!

  74. Anna

    Many hours wasted……I will be changing what I do in the a.m. And in my down time.

  75. Elaine Segstro

    I appreciated your pastor’s post this morning. Bible reading first in the morning BEFORE checking email and Pinterest 🙂

  76. Julie Halverson

    This has really opened my eyes. I will be putting those icons on the back page.

  77. Ginny

    I liked your simple idea of just moving the placement of the apps. So true about being grateful and in Gods word.
    Sad but true about the comparison, it’s so hard not to. Thank you for your post. (Hope I win book it sounds great

  78. Robin

    I abandoned FB in 2009. Too much drama. I do have a Pinterest and Instagram. I have no “friends” Pinterest and use it only as a magazine and ideas. I have a few friends on Instagram but use it mostly to shop

  79. Brittany Moses

    This was much needed for me. I’m always comparing myself and thinking that I’m not enough, my home is not enough, etc. I plan to limit my time on social media to only 15 minutes a day. Each day, I will remind myself that I am good enough. What God has for me, is definitely for me.

  80. Kris

    Totally agree there’s TOO MUCH social media, but we also know that’s a way the devil uses to keep us busy and away from God.. Hey, not all social media is bad, however, I believe all things in moderation! As a matter of fact my pastor this Sunday said the same thing about reaching for God first thing vs. social media to start your day!

  81. Stephanie Bankhead

    God has been instructing me to create an active blog for several years now and fear keeps me from doing it. This message is exactly what I needed to hear! I’m going to create a blog that is an honest assessment of my life that others can relate…sharing struggles as well as victories and how God is working. That’s one of my favorite things about Lysa’s writing…refreshing honesty. Thank you!

  82. Michele

    Today’s post is a great perspective and one that we need to remind ourselves of often. More importantly, we need the kids of today’s social media world to learn this perspective early so they can stop the comparison cycle. This would be a GREAT topic for a book or some sort of outreach to youth and kids. Thanks for the post!

  83. Margaret Fretwell

    I already do some of the things you mention here regarding social media, however, I will try this week to shift my focus more to God and His countless blessings in my life as I shift away from social media.

  84. Jill

    What a great idea! Moving my apps right away. Thank you

  85. Shai Moore

    I do start my day off in God’s word already and usually end it with Him too! However, I do get trapped in the comparison game way too much! We actually just discussed this in our Sunday School class yesterday. I will definitely try to purposefully focus on Jesus and God’s idea of me over what Satan tries to tempt me with!

  86. Kristin B

    The statement about putting your social apps on a different page is so true. I am OCD about clutter on the iPhone. So I have my apps separated by categories. Before, I had my Facebook app on the main screen. This was before I got the Pinterest app, Instagram app and Twitter app, so then I needed to categorizes. But it was so easy to just click on the app. Now that I have to look for it, I don’t find myself looking that much. I have even deleted my Facebook app because it was taking my focus off of God and more onto the world. I think I am going to rearrange my apps too. Get my “Jesus” app out of a category and move them to the first page. 🙂

  87. Lori

    It’s so amazing how God works. I was just praying about this very thing before I read this post. I don’t want my life to be spent in comparison or to be spent sitting and watching other people live their lives on social media. I am going to do what is suggested here and put my social media apps on another page on my iPhone. I tried a folder but it’s still on the first page and I am tempted to open it every time I get my phone. Thanks so much for this impactful post!

  88. Deb

    Suddenly (or what appeared tome to be suddenly)’ I was angry at everyone and everything. In reality I was tired. Tired of trying to be super woman. Tired of trying to be super volunteer and super wife. Tired of people demanding things. Last week was the end of the must recent cycle: today is the beginning of reconnecting with God. Yes, Lysa, by reading His word first, by reading Prov.31 dailies second, and by working on aBible study third. Best, though, is that I’m going back to a scheduled prayer time! Hooray! (P.S. I love Furtick books, too!)

  89. DeAnna

    I find myself guilty of looking at Facebookor email first thing in the morning. Starting today I have moved my Facebook icon to the spot where my bible app was and put my “Faithbook” on my favorite line so I will be reminded where to go to first.

  90. Karla

    I’ve gone through tons in my thirty something years. More than many would in a lifetime. I’m still working on it. But recently I have seen God work through me. To bring wisdom and perspective to someone much older. And to plant seeds for people who say they believe (and they do), but don’t have a genuine relationship with Christ. I never thought I’d be an evangelist. Here I am spreading God’s word and not even realizing it sometimes. I still have a long way to go myself, but through these tough real-life examples, God really is using me in small and big ways. Note: people approach me later (days or weeks) and comment on how what I said or did really helped them.

  91. Celeste

    This article really hit home. I feel the same about social media. It’s so much apart of life now it’s difficult to ignore.

  92. Debbie Kirk

    Remove password that automatically logs into social media so that it’s a effort to think instead of automatically login.

  93. Heidi Britz

    And all the people said AMEN! I take breaks from social media throughout the year to clear my mind and heart. Heading outside to walk or plant flowers helps me to reboot my soul! Great post today, thank you.

  94. Laurel K

    I will strive to go to Gods word and truth for my life first- before Facebook , Instagram or Pinterest. Moving my Bible App and First 5 App front and center!

  95. Marie

    I do not use social media at all. No Facebook, No instagram, No tweeting. I use email only. I find I do not get pictures of family or friends who do not live near but I get them in email when they remember to send them. I also find I am not in someones business all the time either. This not only helps me with the self image thing, but against gossip also.

  96. Tonya Alton

    I will spend more time in Gods Word vice social media. I am finishing up the study 5 Habits of a Woman who Doesn’t Quit and it has truly been amazing! First 5 also is great, it helps to know we are not alone…the transparency of the authors are what matters most!!! Never judge a book by its cover is what comes to mind when I think of social media.

  97. Janice

    I am going to try to stop going to social media as much this week. I have noticed how I do compare my life to others as I read it and many times I do become depressed.

  98. Michelle Vasquez

    I do take breaks from social media certain times of the day and evening, but I know there is always room to cut that down even more.

  99. Gina

    I deleted my FB app for a while just because of these issues. Once I was off for about two weeks I added it back but did just what was discussed. I moved it to the last page of apps. This really helped me in the comparison trap.

  100. Sophie Logan

    How God can use us when we’re still. I decided about a month ago to get off facebook for the next six months, while I ask the Lord to direct my path on what it is that He wants me to do. I tell you, God has been speaking to me so clearly since I made this decision. I was one of those people who made facebook the first and last thing of my day and being off it for a while is already beginning to show me that there is so much more to life than being on facebook. Pray for me as I continue to seek the Lord for guidance for my life and the lives of my family members.



  101. Ana

    This was the perfect thing for me to read first thing in the morning. I am struggling with a lot of things and am very emotional and being on social media made things worse this weekend. It is the comparison thing and seeing what others have when I am struggling to understand why I don’t have it… it’s gotten to the point that I feel bad for my son seeing what others can provide for their kids and we are barely getting by. But reading this blog not only confirmed I need to stay off social media, even if for just for a time because this is a season in my life that will pass, but I also need to be grateful for the things I do have. Thank you for this email today!

  102. Felecia

    I am always amazed when God leads me to emails and articles that I need at that specific time. I am in a valley at this time and my Lord has been showing me that I am addicted to my IPad and my self-esteem and overweight problem does not help. Thank you Miss Lysa for always being right on time

  103. Carolyn W

    My son got married yesterday. It was not a “Pinterest” wedding. It was a celebration of how marriage in this life reflects us as the bride of Christ.

  104. Brandie

    My husband and I just had this discussion last night about Pinterest. He stated that it was just another social media trap getting too much of my time/attention. I defended it by saying that I get some wonderful ideas & recipes from it.
    This blog article was an eye opener for me. It has definitely given me a different perspective.
    On my phone, I have created a folder and have put all of my social media apps into that one folder. I then moved the folder to the last page. It’s further away and will take more steps to access. My First5 App, Bible App, and church App are now the first icons I see.

  105. Laura

    Wow, to use the Pinterest term, “Nailed it!”
    Great advice on moving th social media apps to the back. I’m going to do that, starting now, and move my spiritual app, Laudate, to the front!
    Thank you!

  106. Holly Duncan

    I want to do a heart check before I get on Facebook. Why am I opening the app? Am I lonely? Bored? Upset about my current life? If so I should find something else to do because scrolling through Facebook will not help my heart in those moments.

  107. Kristen

    This was refreshing! I’m going to shift my apps around and not access FACEbook until the babies’ naptimes. I’m going to dedicate the first fruits of the morning to devotions/bible reading. Love these practical ideas!

  108. Sue

    So true. I have issues with social media as well. I have watched as people forget how to really talk to one another as they pour over the cream ( and garbage) of everyone else’s lives. I just want more of God – every day.
    And Lysa, you have a lovely home – I have admired it on First5. Thanks for your selfless giving and sharing. You are so real. God bless!

  109. Jessica

    I struggle with this daily and seeing one thing can ruin my mood for the rest of my day. Love the idea to move social media apps! Not only am I going to move them to the last page, but I am also going to create a folder for those so I even have to tap twice to get to them. I already read my Bible app before anything else, but can quickly forget what I read when I get on Facebook.

  110. Kathy

    EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning! Isn’t God wonderful that way! Part of my story: I have no formal education beyond high school – which bothers me from time to time. Out of high school, I began working for a prestigious law firm in a small community as secretary. I was moved into a paralegal position (this was before there was an official course of study for such – so I was “grandfathered” in). We had very high-end clients like big name automobile manufacturers. I had begun praying that God put me where he wanted me to be. Well, after 20 years at this law firm – from where I fully intended to retire – they began downsizing and doing away with the “branch” in our small community because the prestigious attachment to our small town was appointed Ambassador by the President and moved out of the country. My position was eliminated. I was devastated. I was without a job and without direction – so I thought. Long story short, over the next 13 years God led me to a non-profit where I – with no formal education – was hired as Executive Director! Me! I said all that to say this – I still struggle with the “little ole me” syndrome and see myself as not as good as others (God’s Word tells me differently, I know – I’m trying to overcome). I still don’t have a clear vision of what God’s purpose is for me being in this position. And I continue to compare myself with everyone else – in every way possible. But my heart continues to hear “God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.” I’m about has ordinary as they come. THANK YOU for sharing this today. I truly needed it.

    • Kathy

      Oh – and I shifted my phone apps as well!

  111. Katie

    I just recently unfollowed several accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Not because they were inappropriate, but because I constantly compared myself to the people behind the photos. I would see the photos of their offices or kitchens that they claimed were “a mess” but looked absolutely perfect and beautiful to me. — I love Pinterest, but I also find myself thinking, “How in the WORLD does she/he have time to make such-and-such? I don’t even have kids and wouldn’t be able to do that…” It’s a scary cycle to be in, so I vow to spend more of my time in the Word and remember where my value comes from 🙂

  112. Brenda Russell

    In order to pull myself away from the jealousy trap I will turn off e-mail notifications to my Facebook account and only view occasionally..

  113. Teresa Trumble

    Very good reminder today! Thank you so much 🙂

  114. Linda Handy

    I really appreciate the tips on how to arrange apps on phone.


  115. Laura

    I will be moving my FB app on my phone. I have done this in the past and it does help…until it’s time to do it again.

  116. Amanda

    Been working for awhile to reduce my FB intake…I grab a book (Kindle) first. I’ve been studying/reading more about grace & and seeing God in our struggles…having this focus helps.

  117. Amber

    I love Pastor Steven and have heard his message on this before but I so needed this reminder this morning. It so easy to get discouraged by looking at how wonderful other peoples lives appear to be. I love the First 5 app and do my very best to read it every morning as soon as I get up. I also challenge myself in the mornings to read my devotional emails before opening any other emails or apps. Its not always easy but it makes a huge difference in the way my day goes if I start it off in God’s word.

  118. Sasha Ellis

    Profound!!!! Thank you Lysa for calling me out again! I am so happy I read this today! I have to be on social media for work but I allow my personal pages to distract me and consume so.much.time! Pinterest is such a distraction for me, I spend hours trapped in compassion without even realizing it. I am vowing this week to only use it to post for work. I have already been limiting my posts on IG, Facebook, and Twitter to scripture and inspirational blogs. I pray to step away from the “Pinterest Perspective”

  119. Carolyn R

    This is a great reminder. In order to help me with the comparison trap, I’ve reminded myself often of what I’ve learned on Prov31:
    1 – When I compare, I’m usually comparing my worst to other’s best.
    2 – Don’t wish for people’s best unless I want to take on their worst as well.
    3 – Don’t take too much credit for my kids’ worst nor too much for their best.
    I think I’m making progress with the comparison trap – but I need to keep renewing my mind with these truths. Thanks for the help today!

  120. Jennifer

    I definitely can relate to this. I did in fact put the Bible app on my main screen of my phone a few weeks ago. I was struggling with reading Facebook posts that are hateful, demeaning, unforgiving of others beliefs…among other things like the perfect lives I know some of these people don’t have. I’ve chosen to only log in once a day at lunch (and most times even less) and focus exclusively on the pages I’ve “liked” on Facebook (biblical pages, motivational quotes and other uplifting posts) rather than tuning in to all the noise.

    I also have a reminder set for 1/2 hour before I wake up to view the daily Bible verse from the Bible app and have some daily readings from various biblical newsletters that I read immediately after. When I go to bed, I have the same routine. I can say with certainty, it has heightened my peace and became a beautiful way to start the day and wind down at the end of a stressful day.

  121. Tiffany

    needed this today SO BAD! I decided to move my apps on my tablet so that the Bible apps and the First 5 app are the FIRST things I see when I pick up my tablet in the morningtime. Pastor Steve, THANK YOU for reminding us ladies the importance of not comparing ourselves to others but to remind ourselves what GOD has to say about His daughters! BTW, would LOVE to get a signed copy of your book “UnQualified” as that title hits home for this girl! THANK YOU for teaming up with my favorite teacher Lysa Terkeurst today and bringing a fresh word of encouragement to us today! You are a HUGE blessing to the body of Christ! Love you Steven! And you too Lysa! 🙂

  122. Kimberly Rose

    In preparation for changing my social media outlook, I changed around the apps on my phone, putting the social media apps on the last page. I also put all of the apps in one folder and tiltled them, “Shadows and Echoes,” to remind myself that what is posted in only from one perspective. I will also keep my bible closer to my bed than my phone. And of course, I will be placing a family photo andthe First 5 app. on my home screen so I am reminded each morning of my priorities.

  123. Kimberly Rose

    In preparation for changing my social media outlook, I changed around the apps on my phone, putting the social media apps on the last page. I also put all of the apps in one folder and titled them, “Shadows and Echoes,” to remind myself that what is posted in only from one perspective. I will also keep my bible closer to my bed than my phone. And of course, I will be placing a family photo andthe First 5 app. on my home screen so I am reminded each morning of my priorities.

  124. Courtney Withers

    I will be taking the challenge to replace looking at Facebook first thing in the morning to opening God’s word instead. Thank you for the encouraging post and challenge today!

  125. Jennifer

    This reminder couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. A friend and I just had a lengthy conversation about the pitfalls of social media and the comparison-game and the brain-less scrolling. We talked about fasting social media. Since the idea caught in my chest, I know we are on the right track. I will be moving my icon to the last page. Great idea to replace it with the First 5.

  126. A

    Great thoughts plan to implement them and to share them with the family

  127. Jan

    Good practical advise. You should do an article on Facebook, the worst of all!

  128. Dee

    Oh Instagram….it’s a stinker for me. Sucks me right into a black whole. It’s what I turn to when I can’t sleep or to find that healthy recipe, new workout, fashion, sewing or you just name it. I simply enjoy being lost in IG world of findings but saddens me missing half the day doing it!

    I already saw the effects of Facebook and deactivated my account years ago. I have several social media accounts, I needed to have them even though I did actually use them at first. For my profession, it is needed to be current in social media & to have a presence.

    Thank you for sharing this article. Sometimes we may think something in a passing thought, it’s not until we read it…..or maybe even have a conversation with someone that we see ourselves maybe needing a “break” from our habitats…..thinking. (I don’t miss Facebook. Ohers think I’m crazy & even look at me insanely when I identify that I do not have an account….& it’s by choice. )

    There’s so much to learn….this clay is ALL HIS.

  129. Sharon

    I’d already moved Facebook and pinterest off the home screen of my phone, but I usually check Facebook before I go to bed. Thanks for the hint and I will now be reading the Bible or one of my daily meditation books. I already use the 1st 5 app 1st thing every morning. …now I’ll spend the first and last minutes of each day with God!! LOVE this idea!!!

  130. Ashley

    Moving my social media apps right now! I decided long ago not to go on Pinterest for exactly the reasons you stated. I also unsubscribed to Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful and Southern Living magazines. Would love to read your book!

  131. Pam B Jones

    Appreciate this reminded….every time I find myself “wasting time” on social media, I turn my focus on to just turning it off and redirecting my thoughts into prayer and picking up my devotional book! Time much better spent and the feelings that come out of it are positive and not negative….

  132. Kristina

    I will be putting my bible out along with my coffee for the next morning. I will write down 3 things that I’m thankful for. When my kids wake up they will read their devotionals.

  133. Julie

    I have deactivated my Facebook indefinitely. I only look at twitter once in a while for inspirational quotes. And my Bible app is on my front page.

  134. Janet Miller

    This sooooo confirmed how I have been feeling. Pinterest and Facebook can be good tools, but often they leave me feeling depleted, sad, insecure and inadequate. Why do I spend so much time there? Same with reading the paper and watching TV…it causes fear and hopelessness to rise in me like a tsunami. Thank you for the reminder that God’s word needs to be first. I need to keep a heavenly perspective so I don’t allow the world to drag me down!

  135. Andrea

    I’m really enjoying the first 5 app. Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing it. I find it’s an energizing and spiritually nourishing way to begin the day -being reminded of the truths of God’s word.

  136. Shila

    I decided to have a “social media Sabbath” every Monday. This worked for awhile but some days I still drift to social media to check for “just a second.” I need to get back to my Sabbath and turn to God first. Thanks for the reminder!

  137. Lupe

    My bible and First 5 apps are already front and center on my phone–but Facebook is right there on the same page, and often gets the most attention. [No Pinterest for me; it’s too much eye-clutter for me to handle]
    Moving Facebook to the last page will certainly reduce the temptation of aimlessly clicking on the icon.
    Face in His Book time!

  138. Rebecca Tibbs

    Thank you! I go to Pinterest for recipes, but have felt more about what you’re saying regarding Facebook (which I don’t have anymore). However, I will sometimes sneak a peek at my husbands Facebook to see what family is up to or to see their pictures. However it doesn’t take much to get swallowed up by everything that everyone is “doing” while my life seems to be “simmering”. haha Our family has recently joined Twitter and I like following people who can say words of encouragement in 140 characters or less!
    I will gladly take on this challenge to open God’s word before I look at my phone this week! I already know what a difference it will make if I’ll just DO IT! 🙂

    God bless!

  139. Kris

    I’m going to move all of my social media to the LAST page of apps. What a great way to realize I’m making a cobscious choice to use them. Thank you for the awesome advice!!!

  140. Sarah

    I love this…so needed to read it. Sometimes I fall into the trap of ‘everyone is doing it’ as far as social media goes…it’s okay if I spend a lot of time on it – everyone else does…or that feeling like I am going to miss something. Making an effort to make social media less and time with the Lord more.

  141. Kylie

    I’m on pinterest, but only for the cute cat pins, humor, Biblical readings and inspirations, and any other interests I have (I love big rigs and American muscle cars) But I understand your article and how one can become covetous. One has to be discerning and allow Holy Spirit to guide.

    • Kylie

      Oh….after reading other comments, I came off Facebook almost two years ago. Best thing I could do. Pinterest is the only social media app I look at. I occasionally am tempted to go back on FB, because my friends are on it. But Holy Spirit reminds me that going into FB leaves a door open to the enemy to have a go at me. So I stay away and laugh at the cute cats and amusing nursing memes

  142. Kristian Robinson

    1 John 2:15-16 (NLT)
    Do not love this world nor the things it offers you for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you. For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. These are not from the Father, but are from this world.

  143. Amanda

    Thank you, this was a confirmation for me so I will be rearranging my apps and if that does not work I will delete them!

  144. Elaine

    To me, your description of Pinterest more accurately describes Facebook. Pinterest is more about the sharing of ideas from people who got the ideas from others who got the ideas from others, etc. My friends and I enjoy finding wonderful recipes, tips for everything from cleaning to how to make a good pie crust. It’s also a place to save pictures of your favorite childhood books, paper dolls and toys that bring memories alive and a place to save artistic works to enjoy looking at etc. But Facebook is where I have seen many younger moms fall into the comparison trap and sometimes downright depression when they see posts from friends going to warmer temperatures and beautiful beaches during spring break when they don’t have enough money to go on a trip across the state. And they get sad when they see family events posted when they have dysfunctional relatives who don’t care to get together or if their own wonderful families live in distant states which limits reunions.
    Fortunately, God has given me wisdom in my older years to know not to be jealous of others and to realize that many of those smiling faces on Facebook have problems, heartaches, disappointments, financial woes and/or even unfaithful spouses.
    Pinterest and Facebook, even email and other social media sites do take up too much of our precious time. I like the point you made about spending time in God’s Word instead of scrolling through the social media sites in the morning.
    I’m going to try to limit my time on the sites by only using them when I have all the important things taken care of, and then setting a timer so I don’t get carried away.
    Thanks for your post. It gives us a lot to think about.

  145. Donna Gottwald

    I have already started to cut down the amount of time I spend on Facebook. I don’t do Pinterest or Twitter. I try to focus on news from cousins that live an hour or more away. I love the pics of their kids and grandkids. I love the updates on prayer requests for those who aren’t able to tell everyone they know how their day/week has gone. I enjoy the many devotionals and words of encouragement from P31 and Steven Furtick. I listen to some of the sermons over and over. In my lifelong battle against depression, I find them particularly helpful and a blessing on my life!

  146. Jill B.

    I am spending so much idle time on social media that I can feel myself being pulled toward not feeling like I am “enough.” I forget how Satan entraps you by planting subtle thoughts in your mind that you are not consciously aware of until you feel like a complete failure in every area of your life. Thank you for this reminder, Pastor Steven and Lysa!

  147. Jaime

    I have noticed as of late my tendency to look at social media when I’m bored or when something really hard comes my way. I plan on making the conscious decision to NOT do this and instead rely on the Lords Strength and His voice to guide me in the right direction in how to best utilize my time.

  148. Brandi Luiz

    I love the perspective, check God’s word first, then the social media. The bible app is great for giving me the verse of the day first thing, then go from there!
    Thank you!

  149. Jolene

    Thanks for this reminder! I will be striving to be in Gods word first thing in the morning and to stay off Facebook!

  150. Tracy

    I was just speaking to a co-worker about Pinterest this morning. So amazing how I was brought to read this article. I have felt convicted lately about picking up my phone out of sheer boredom and looking on Facebook or Pinterest. Neither adds value to my life whatsoever and I often ask my self why I do it. I have decided to remove the app’s from my phone. This way if I decide to view either site I will have to type it into a url. I do not think either are necessarily “bad” but when they are replaced with time in the word, which definitely DOES add value then it is time for them to go. Or at least not be an easy “go to”.

  151. Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)

    Great perspective! Love this so much. I am good about not getting on my social media sites first thing in the morning, but I ALWAYS scroll before bed. I will challenge myself to read the Word before I close my eyes, instead of staring at someone else’s life. 🙂

  152. Lyndsay

    I have struggled with this social media “comparison trap” for so long. I’ve known it was wrong and that I was just feeding it daily, instead of taking steps to get out of it! I feel like I now have a clear plan of how to transform not only my life, but my family’s lives as well. Thank you! Psalms 107:1

  153. Tammy Romero

    I often put too much stock into what others think about me. I de-activated my facebook account several years ago and I definitely feel less stressed and I don’t miss it at all.

  154. Terry

    I have been thinking alot about social media and how I am wasting so much time on it. My goal to cut back on my use of it, starting with doing my devotions first thing in the AM.

  155. Kelly Wallace

    Wow! Thanks, Lysa! This is so timely, as I have stumbled on the road of comparison, even finding envy rocks in my heart. It’s baffling to be dealing with this dissatisfaction with things in my life, when God has blessed me with many wonderful opportunities to be part of advancing His Kingdom. It has required some sacrifice and giving up many earthy treasures. Social media seems to highlight earthly treasures. I think it’s time for me to decrease social media exposure and increase Holy Spirit influence.

  156. Cassandra Tolleson

    Social media is not the source of our identity, and this blog is a great reminder that God is. May we not compare or listen to that image that says we are less, because “..greater is HE that is in us”. Listen to the Creator.

  157. Carrie

    I struggle with comparison thinking but not fueled through social media. But, I am going to make a folder on my phone and move my social media links to the last screen. I have also downloaded the First 5 app. And am going to start and end my day with God.

  158. Marie Franklin

    Yes.. These thoughts are so on point.. A change of perspective will certainly change your actions..

  159. Raquel Serrano

    This is true! Lately, I’ve been pushing away from going straight to my Instagram or Facebook once I wake up in the morning. If I’m going to be on my phone, I’ll open up the “First5” or “SheReadsTruth” devotionals app instead. That way, I get the Word, fresh and true, before anything else hits me.

  160. Jill Buford

    I will shift my social media perspective this week by pushing aside all that is meaningless.

  161. Billie

    Putting the bible app on lead page on my phone

  162. Tina Fuchs

    I Like Your Comment About Pinterest I agree with you! This year In my life is a new chapter in mind and my husbands life. He is having health issues and I’m learning to be that help mate/caregiver. Not easy, very emotional at times and yes at times I feel I can’t make it another day. and I never thought of being broken til I saw your post about the book and begin to weep. It’s not just his health issues it’s about our business as well and family members that aren’t talking to one another. learning His attributes really helps a lot. I can go on but will stop here. Thank you for touching my heart!

  163. Brenda Myers

    I would love to have a copy of pastor furtick’s book. I do need to shift from comparing my life that is currently in chaos (im going through a divorce) with the lives of those on social media who have it all together. Im a God girl and he loves the Lord too but still life gets hard and being human he chose to quit on the marriage and begin a relationship with another married woman he worked with. Im struggling to find God’s plan in all of this but it’s there. I need to find who I am in God’s eyes again and feel just fine about myself, my mommy skills and my personal self image. Thanks for all you do!!!

  164. Carla

    I so need to get out of the comparison trap. I already feel so unqualified, unworthy. I don’t need more images reinforcing the lies I’ve grown up being told and terrified I’m passing them on to my precious daughter.

  165. Michelle

    I will read God’s pages before mine/others facebook pages

  166. Shannon

    I don’t like Pintresr for those exact reasons. I primarily use it for recipes and entertaining ideas, because otherwise I was feeling like I just am failing in all these areas and had this constant pressure to feel like I needed to do more. I’m moving my social media apps to the back. That’s a good move for me. I click too often just out of habit and boredom.

  167. Julie

    Oh my gosh!!! This so hits home. Social media can over take your life. It’s so easy to play the comparison game especially when your life is not as you planned. Whether it be a bad marriage, troubled kids or struggling at work. I find myself falling into that trap. I recently have been leading a Bible Study group. When I was asked, I thought why in the world would anyone what to come. I am a broken vessel struggling everyday. I realize those are the individuals that God chooses. I love the time in God’s Word but I still wonder what those that are further in there life with God get from it. I would love to read this book to help me as I continue down this journey.

  168. Kasia

    The only social media site I was on was Facebook.
    A year and a half ago I was brought down to the lowest and darkest point in my life as I struggled with depression.
    I did feel the conviction from the Spirit earlier to distance myself from Facebook, but I kept justifying staying on it and in a sense trying to convince myself that after all it’s helping me connect with those who live far away and that I’m using it as a platform to share my faith in Jesus and show a Christlike attitude in all my online interactions.
    So after not listening to God’s prompting I was brought to the point of mental breaking and after one message too many that I couldn’t handle I deactivated my account.
    The freedom I felt right away is indescribable.
    I’ve missed it only for a little while but have never felt a desire to go back.
    Now my time is spent with God, in the Word and with the family instead of on Facebook.
    I’m not saying it’s wrong, but like the devotional said, it’s a tool and often times it’s being misused or abused.

  169. Bobbie G

    I am spending less time on Facebook. I use my First 5 app every morning Monday – Friday. It helps me to focus on God’s word first☕️, I do not use any other social media applications. Thank you for this opportunity to again reflect on not comparing myself to others.

  170. Christina

    Thank you Lysa! I love you’re suggestion about rearranging our apps to make it more tedious to get to the social media ones. I find Facebook to be the worst one for comparisons in my life. This is a great topic and I’d love to read the book!

  171. Whitney

    I am choosing to spend time in God’s word nightly and end my day with Him as opposed to mindless social media scrolling.

  172. Cara

    This week and praying that it turns into future weeks, months, years. I will be alloting time at the end of my work day but not right before bed to be on social media.

  173. Resa Troyer

    Great practical steps. I moved my apps, but I think I am going to just delete them for a bit and see. I also love the reminder to start and end the day with the Bible. Thanks for the great post.

  174. Lynn

    Wow. This is so on point. I have found myself feeling like a failure cause I dont compair to social media. I went to it to find joy but never thought it could bring such sorrow.

  175. Pam

    Do not have the issue with social media but I do find myself with the comparison issue. I find myself saying, “I wish I would have thought of that or I wish I could do that”. I have to remind myself that what the other person does is the gift God gave them What do I do with what God gave me? For some folks to be reached God uses some big things to reach them and some are reached with a small sweet gesture. It does not matter the avenue what matters is the one He so chooses to use. I desire to be willing always. Big or small He loves us all.

  176. Andrea Krueger

    I have already moved app icons around and still seek the world over God. Thanks for the reminder that this is backwards!

  177. Janette

    I had 8 weeks off work last year due to burnout which a lot had to do wth my feelings of being unqualified for the Pastoral Care role that God had called me to many years ago. During that time I deleated my Facebook account so these feelings didn’t get feed while I was healing. Just last week I felt I was spending too much time there again so I moved the icon to the last page on my phone. 🙂 First 5 is on my first page and is my alarm for the morning. It was a great help in my recovery last year as I signed up before it started, and thanks to First 5 I can now say I love Leviticus. (who would have thought) My ladies Bible Study group are all using the app now and love it, I have just started another Young Adults Bible study group, and I recommend it to anyone I come in contact with. Thank you Lysa and the First5 team. You are ALL a true blessing. (even all the way down here in Australia)

  178. Nikki

    Great reminder. I plan to lessen the Facebook time once the P31 OBS study is done. If I can make myself to limit it to just a certain time of day. It’s mostly mindless scrolling.

  179. Colby

    You called my number when you mentioned those who “scroll” through comments and feeds before they even step out of bed! I want to start filling my mind with scripture before I get out of bed- and begin my day with grace rather than 2 steps behind in the world of comparison

  180. Jennifer Collins

    Pinterest is an escape for me. I use it when I want to be inspired or see something beautiful. But I find myself going there several times a day. Whenever I have a free moment. I used to justify my addiction to Facebook, which I removed from my phone several months ago, by telling myself it was how I maintained connection with my friends and family, though most of the time was spent scrolling past things I didn’t want to see. Pinterest has become something similar, I realize now. This week I will challenge myself to turn to the beauty and inspiration in God’s word when I need a quick fix, instead of Pinterest.

  181. Hayley

    My 18 year old daughter and I love using Pinterest for cooking recipes. It has enhanced our diet and we have found that it has become less frightening exploring new ways to make Vegan food and maintain a raw energy diet.
    I really like the personal touch to all the different kinds of recipes and don’t find myself comparing but sharing and broadening our horizons for my family to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle

  182. Deb

    Thanks for this engaging truth filled post. Social media is not my thing. I certainly can relate though to the ‘not good enough’ trap when I check in once in a while.

  183. Linda

    I do not do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. happily. I don’t miss out on much. People (family and friends) who want to communicate with me know how. I have a few I use: FIRST 5, Weightwatchers, email, Google. I limit it all on purpose. I read ebooks with edifying themes. Thank you Lysa for addressing a very much needed issue (wish some family would wake up and get off Facebook).

  184. Marsha

    I definitely agree with this. I have had to be very intentional with social media. I visit the groups that I’m involved in and check certain things but only allow a small amount of time a few days a week to scroll and comment and connect with new people. Often if I have social media open, I stop and ask myself “is this serving me?” Often I have better things to be doing and close it.

  185. Lindsay Welch

    Lysa, Thank you so much for this! You so eloquently stated everything that I think about when I see myself and others caught up in comparing to unrealistic expectations. And you’re right! I want my Bible app and First 5 to be the first thing I see each morning, (((hugs))))

  186. Glenda

    I try to do my bible study first or read my devotions first thing in the morning. I will move my apps around today. Thanks for the advice.

  187. Trisha Kemp

    Hi Lysa,
    My desire to live for the Lord seems to fall way short as I compare myself to the world of missions and service all around me. Crippled with fear I fall so short of even being able to make an announcement in my Sunday School class much less attempt to lead a bible study. I tried once and what happened in that six week period left me feeling so inadequate….I put my whole heart in it and in that season….actually the day I was supposed to start I lost my grandmother, a couple weeks later as I was determined not to quit, I lost my father (who was an absent father), that left me so broken over the fact that I would never hear the words, “I’m sorry for abandoning you”, that I couldn’t breathe. But I still didn’t quit….then a couple weeks later, I lost my brother to a drowning accident which was drug related. He was lost and never recovered from the childhood abuse we endured as children. I overcame and with determination in my heart and soul i vowed my children would never know the dark world their momma came from. God has truly blessed me and my precious family and my heart desires to serve Him more. I sit quietly with Him every day and my love for Him pushes through doubt and fear that I have anything to offer the kingdom. I didn’t quit that bible study even after all that….but I felt broken and like a complete failure. Since then I haven’t made another commitment and wonder if I will ever find my place in ministry. You, my friend, have been a wonderful influence for me and a source of hope. I know it’s God working through you to bring a beacon of light to this lost world and I’m super proud of you. It amazes me to see what God has done in the life of your ministry. God Bless you! Will you pray for me? That I will find my way? Thank you so much for giving me perspective in my journey towards Christ.

  188. Katie Taylor

    Lysa, thank you for sharing this and for how your transparent writing has pointed me to Christ and helped strengthen me over the years! Keep fighting the good fight! I wrote this about Facebook (not Pinterest, but still social media) in response to a message I heard from you on minding the gap. I am currently off social media for a season, not because it is bad, but because it triggers things I need protection from in order to hear from and grow with Lord. Thanks again!


    What Facebook tells me:

    I am not as beautiful as those people, I am not as popular or liked as that person. I am overlooked, left out, rejected, an outsider looking in. I am in charge of creating my identity. I am defined by who I create myself to be and what you think of how I define myself. If I work harder at it, I may be liked more. I am defined by who my friends are. I want to be well known. Your life captivates me, so much so I can miss the people right in front of me. I desire to be the center of the universe and have all eyes on me.

    What God’s Word tells me:

    I am all together lovely. I am included as royalty. I am so precious I am worth dying for. God defines my identity, I am His child, cherished and honored. I am an insider looking out. I am the light of the world. I am defined by the One who made me. I can’t do a thing to make myself more loved. I am fully known. The life of Jesus captivates me so much so I can see Him in the people right in front of me. I am more loved than I could possibly imagine. I rest knowing He is the center of the universe and I fix my eyes on Him, the One whose Truth has me free.

  189. Reason

    i’ll be shifting my social media perspective this week by practically doing things that can help me stop comparing myself to others. I plan to only use social media only after work and eventually have a social media hour & that’s it. its going to be hard, but im sure its possible 🙂

  190. Sue M.

    Time to time the time on social media. And go to P31 Ministries and Bible Study first.

  191. Arlene

    I am going to stop looking at social media as the last thing before going to bed and instead concentrate on writing 3 things that I am grateful for. I have my Bible app go off as a notification with a scripture first thing in the morning, so I can read that before checking email or anything else.

  192. Angela V

    It is so easy to fall into and get lost in all of the social media…there are many times I find myself comparing my life, my goals and accomplishments, even my walk with God, to those I see on social media. It is a relentless pursuit to please the world, but how much easier would it be to focus on God and know that you are right with Him? This week, I will focus on finding more time to spend with God- whether it be in worship, prayer, or devotional time. During seasons when I find myself being drawn more to Instagram than ever (my social media drug of choice) I will simply delete the app from my phone to re-condition works!

  193. Kylee

    I love the little tips!! I am often quick to scroll through soctal media in the mornings! I like the idea of getting into the word first! I will be putting that into practice!!

  194. Jennifer Forman

    I have been spending more time in my prayer closet instead of on pinterest which I normally love…. I sit at my desk with worship music on and my attitude has shifted.

  195. Carrie M

    I will be changing around my social media apps. I think that this is a great idea and will definitely serve as a reminder of my first priorities.

  196. Tehia

    I am moving my social media sites to the last page of my phone and into a group. This will force me to not only scroll but click a couple of times to get to it. Thank you for this!

  197. Missesp

    This is so true! I erased my social media sites a year ago and still get tempted to see how others are doing, living and if they look happy? Silly right? I have a daughter entering 6th grade and I am not going to allow her to have social due to this. Thank you for this post!

  198. Andrea Snyder

    I am going to add my bible app to the first page of my phone and move facebook to the last. I am also going to hide posts that tend to make me compare.

  199. Nicole

    I appreciate this post so much. I have been at the place where I have started to compare my life with other friends/family members because of their addictive posts on social media. I am currently following them on Instagram and Pinterest, and others, but I think i’ll stop the notifications for these apps, so that i will not be compelled to run to see what they have posted every time a new photo goes up. I love that my focus should be more on the Lord and not on others’ things. I have fasted Facebook in the past for a length of time and also social media in general when I felt the Lord telling me to take a break. Although it is beneficial, I also like the communication and blessing it brings, so I will definitely make it a habit/practice to limit the amounts of time and time of day I tap into it.

  200. Kristina

    I downloaded the First 5 app and plan on using that as my go to first thing each morning.

  201. Taylor Seibold

    After last weekends #BusinessBoutique, I have dedicated myself to giving God my FIRST 5 (and some!) But I am sure to open that app, followed by Jesus Calling before I even consider opening up Facebook. This helps me with my mindset for the day, and keeps me from immediately becoming envious of anything I see. Its just a high light reel!! And you know what, frankly, the fact that I have air in my lungs is a huge blessing and I am not even entitled to that! 😀 Love you Lysa, you were amazing at #BusinessBoutique, and I’m so ‘jelly’ that Steven is your pastor (not really jealous, but.. just a tad..) I watch his sermons every monday to get myself even more prepared for the week to come! I hope to visit Elevation someday! God bless!

  202. Carmen N

    I’ve had some other articles and Bible studies convict me this week that I’m spending way too much spare time on the computer and on social media. I’m now setting a timer so I only do 30 min each day.

  203. Tamara

    I am going to do exactly what you suggested. Move the icons on my phone so I have to make a conscious choice to look at them. Thankfully, the First 5 app is already on the first page, right where I can see it first thing in the morning.

  204. Rhonda

    Last week was one of the hardest weeks of my life. I am struggling with the idea that I’m not the most perfect Mom that I thought I was. I challenged myself this week to read God’s word instead of reading social media or anything on the Internet. It is a rather difficult task, but already it’s day 2 and I am feeling so much better and refreshed.

  205. Doris

    You have a wonderful pastor ! I need help making it to the next step.

  206. Amy

    Thank you for the encouragement. Social media is deceptive because typically we scroll thru it when with our guard down. It just veg time so my brain not actively engaging, but. It has a profound effect on my soul. I do spend time in the word in the morning, but am going to take Pastor Steve’s advice and fill my mind with the word before bed as well.

  207. Susan

    I’ll say it. I love Pinterest. But. I am careful about the comparison trap, how it is a joy killer. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  208. Mokihana Komoda

    Thank you for confirming what the Lord had already put in my spirit about social media. I am a daughter of the most High God, blessed, and highly favored, so I will no longer allow social media to dictate my feelings.

  209. Becky

    I like the idea of moving apps around on my phone.

  210. Morgan Haywood

    I have always struggled with this concept as I have struggled with insecurities my entire life. Recently, I began to notice the increasing feeling of anxiety that seemed to be prevalent throughout my day, no matter my circumstance. I was greatly disturbed by this as I know God does not call His children to live this way. In fact, this type of anxiety is what is felt by the demons in the story of how Jesus casts them out of the swine. That hurt my heart. I then began to become aware of how often I subconsciously clicked my social media apps, ahh!! I wasn’t seeking God for fulfillment but a number of likes or lack there of to allow me to feel defeated. But I’m not defeated, I HAVE JESUS! After praying more about the issue and hearing an awesome sermon by Pastor Chris Hodges (Church of the Highlands), I decided to fast from all social media for a while and really focus on who I am in Christ, not who I think I need to be to “fit in” or compete with the rest of the world. After doing so I began to feel the pressure from my friends as they asked, “where did you go?”. This post came at the perfect time as confirmation I made the right decision.

  211. Bea Muranaka

    I removed the Facebook app from my cell phone completely which means I don’t see it till night when I usually read on my Kindle. It has put things into perspective – I only pick up my iPad after the kids are sleeping – much less stress than trying to split my attention. My kids are first!!!!

  212. Christine

    How appropriate. Just this week I went on Pinterest to get some ideas for my son’s Star Wars Themed Birthday Party. Rather than be inspired boy did I feel inadequate. Thanks for touching on this subject at a time I needed to hear it . On a positive note I just wanted to add that Pinterest is a great tool for Sunday school lessons. Let’s use these social media channels to spread the gospel. You are reaching our small home group here in Australia with your gifts Lysa.

  213. Sarah P.

    Social media can be so consuming and God has been working on this area in my life. I’ve taken FB off my phone. This helped a lot because I am made more conscious of what I am doing. However, (like this past week) when situations don’t go as planned or doors are not seeming to open it gets frustrating and I noticed myself on social media more then usual… I do not want to backslide. Reading this blog today is surely conformation that God has not given up and just wants to help me refocus on Him. It is a sweet realization when coming into the next layer that there is nothing on social media that will give insight, wisdom, and discernment to guide my direction in His will. That is what I really what to see.

  214. Cassie

    When I feel the urge to look at my Instagram or Pinterest, I will ask myself why I want to look? Is it because I’m bored or lonely?Is it just out of habit? Is it because I want to see if anyone has “liked” my Instagram photo? I will really search my heart for the motive of getting on social media and ask God to help me to seek Him instead…to find my worth in who He says I am, not the people on social media. Thank you for your post

  215. Lizl de Villiers

    I once heard someone refer to facebook as “façade-book”. Isn’t it great that God never compares us to others and with God we can’t put up a façade, and best of all, that he loves us anyway! Be blessed today!

  216. Anita

    I struggle with this so much! Always feeling like I am not good enough. This looks like a great book!

  217. Leah

    I’m to to, in the morning, pulling out my journals writing out prayers and reading Truth. To center my focus. Also, wandering aimlessly through Facebook is such a struggle and then I may get upset with what someone is posting.. I’m trying to give myself only 10-20 minutes a day. I may set timers as I do. It gives me enough time to check and respond back and see a few of my friends encouraging posts. Hopefully, I’ll get better this week! The comparison trap is so real and the addiction to phones is astonishing.

  218. Penny Johnson

    I totally quit using Facebook, now, I need to quit using Pinterest, or at least not as much as I have in the past. The suggestion to move the app to the last page is definitely going to happen with me. What’s that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? If you don’t see that app first thing it will eventually dissipate little be little each day. Putting my time with God is certainly a better place to be!

  219. Dana

    Have fb, pintrest,text, email, no other social media. Have thought about jumping on board with the others, but have decieded to let that train pass. I have been more consciences about calling and not texting, to hear there a friends voice (to really hear how she’s doing) and sending snail mail ( more personal). Thanks Lisa for the encourging words. That we can dare to be different, to be more like Christ.

  220. Madelynn

    I am shifting my perspective by using social media as a platform to speak God’s truth. I am using it to show the world an alternative lifestyle to the one that is lived by the world; a lifestyle that asks, “Who am I doing this for?” and “What does the Word say about this?”.

  221. Pat Parker

    As a single person, who lives alone, I often reach for social media to fill an empty space. When I reach for Jesus, He’s there, waiting for me. And there is no comparison!
    Pat Parker

  222. Rita

    I don’t spend a lot of time on social media but I am guilty of the comparison game. I pray The Lord will help me to be more thankful & content with where He has me right now.

  223. Tracy Williams

    I use Pinterest as a place to get ideas for things I like or might want to try to make or do. In my opinion, it is to pin your interests. I do feel like Facebook is where we see the perfect people and families.

  224. Joretta Windham

    I realized this week that I have been living out the lie that I was inadequate as a mom – and therefore, a failure. Godly friends helped me to see that I’m doing a good job with my son, but that I need to renew my mind, bringing into alignment with God’s truth. Comparing my life contributions to others’ by perusing social media sites has reinforced the lie. Hereafter, I will give God the first moments of my day and memorize the Truth of His Word. I’m on my way to a season of peace, freedom, and joy!

  225. Karen G

    I’m definitely taking the suggestion to move my social media icons to the last page of my phone. I don’t have a Pinterest problem but definitely have a comparison problem and the reminder to put God’s word front and center in my day is what I needed to hear

  226. Candice

    I just got back from a cruise vacation, and on that vacation I had no internet access. Honestly, it was a relife to be away from social media. My cruise was with 12 other members of my family and I am greateful for the time we had to talk with one another.

    This week I will move my socail media apps to the last swipe on my phone and keep First 5 front and center. I have even changed my locked and home screens on my phone to a bible verse quote so I can always be reminded that life comes from God and his word.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post Lysa, it is a great reminder for all of us to remeber what is important in our lives.

  227. Susan King

    The timing of this post is so perfect. I made a decision last night to take a break from social media. Comparison is definitely the thief of joy.

  228. Lori Curtis

    This week I will not look at social media before bedtime. I’m going back to books!

  229. Joseph M.Kambeh

    I’ve been blessed with this message as from now on. God shall be my top priority always everyday till He finishes His work in my life. Amen!

  230. Stacie

    Facebook, it takes my time. I love to see the families post pictures of their families, but I have found that it makes me feel like I am inadequate as a mother and a wife. It also distracts me at work…. So I will look at it, by not feel bad or guilty when I read. Social media takes over families when in a time that “there is so little time” to be had to spend with our families. I just recently said to my 17 year old… I want to see you and when you aren’t here, it seems that I am closer to you leaving than I am spending time with you before you go. So in the order of things, GOD, family, friends… social media will by my last option at night.

  231. Elsie London

    I’m thankful for this post, Lysa! As a baby blogger, social media seems to be the name of the game. Rather than stepping away from it, it seems as though I need to get more involved in its sticky perfect fakeness. I laughed at your definition of Pinterest – it’s so true!! Yet we as women seem to be drawn to these posed, filtered images more than to what is real. Accordingly, I feel pressure to post such images on my own social media in order to attract more followers. While I may not be able to withdraw from social media, I certainly appreciated your suggestions, including the one about opening and closing the day reading the Word of God. I wonder how that would change my perspective away from comparison with others and towards transformation by the Most High God.

  232. Dawn Goddard

    WOW! That was extremely convicting. I definitely give social media more of my time than I give to Jesus. I used to be very adamant about reading and praying every morning before my children got up and before my day started but then I was introduced to pinterest and instagram, need I say more? I just recently noticed my laziness in my Bible reading and prayer time and reading this certainly was a slap in the face, in a good way. I want to get a hold of this and I’d like for my children to get on board as well! Thanks so much!

  233. Jennifer K

    This is great! After Christmas, I took a FB hiatus and minimized Instagram to my immediate family. I still haven’t gone back to FB. Maybe it’s extreme, but I feel so much more free. I like interacting in real life with the 3-D people!

  234. Angela K

    Our pastor reminded us this week that we only see the “billboard” not the details when we look at social media. We see the cleaned up version of other people’s lives, the photo-shopped version, not the chaos or the daily struggles. It was a great reminder to me as I sometimes get into the comparison trap. Rearranging the apps on my phone is a great suggestion & limiting my time on social media is a great start to changing my focus.

  235. Jon

    I have been doing a lot better not getting on social media either in my phone or computer. I am going to check out the first 5.

  236. Emily

    I’m going to choose to have a quiet time in God’s word before I carelessly waste time scrolling through social media during my children’s nap time. It is so easy to think I will just take a minute to scroll through, and then I realize I’ve wasted an hour of my precious time!

  237. Christena

    I’m going to start first thing in the morning and instead of opening Facebook and my email, I’m going to open Gods word. I have put God on the back burner in my life alot lately, and having an unbeliever for a husband, and children, my testimony to them has not been good. I need to set aside my feelings of how I think God sees me, and make him a priority so my kids see.

  238. Tiffany

    Amen to this post as this is so relevant to the mobile obsessed world we live in. I intentionally start the first 45 mins of my day in the word before opening any other app on my phone. I also periodically ‘detox’ my social media feeds and only follow people that speak life to me. From reading this blog I will also meditate on God’s glory today and this week and remember to continually gauge my life by the barometer of his word. Thanks for such a great message!

  239. Rita

    Having the right APP-titude on my phone
    My daughter and I love First5! We read it every day this spring on the way to school, and will continue to read it on the way to summer activities and my work. Thank you, Lisa for your great tip to contemplate God’s holiness instead of others. I’m going to move my icons over to the last screen and delete those notifications from social media. As you said, the apps aren’t the problem, it’s my attitude – and comparing myself with others. Blessings…

  240. Jessica

    Amen! I took the facebook app off my phone so it wasn’t so handy to get to. It is so easy to waste so much time doing nothing. We have the world at our fingertips and we use it to watch silly cat videos. I like them too, but at some point it’s just a waste of time. Starting a journal of Bible passages I’m reading and prayers has been so eye opening for me. Thanks for this post!

  241. Kasey

    Goodness, this will be hard. Social media has truly ruined me. It’s a crutch and it tends to give extreme highs and extreme lows. Unfortunately, my business is linked on it. So, I will try not to get lost in scrolling today and focus on my own family and work projects throughout the day.

  242. Lori Dalton

    I have been using First 5 for about a month, but slipping and not reading it like I should, “the first 5 of my day”. I am hearing God call me to do better and listen to Him more through His Word and studies. I need Him so very much in my life! Thank you all for showing others that you can lead a Spirit filled life and focus on the Father throughout the day. I am scheduling study time for me.
    Social Media can be used to glorify God but so many times it is used to suck the time we have away on nonsense and ugliness. Let’s spread The Light of Christ through the thing that the enemy wants to use to take so many into eternal captivity. But, we must use it wisely, in moderation, so that we do not let this “thing” become an idol. We need to spend more time loving those in our lives and those around us to show them that Christ loves them and He died for them just as He did for us. Love you all!

    • April

      I totally agree with you!

  243. Mellisa Herlache

    Moved my Bible apps to the first page and my social media to the last page.

  244. Christa

    I try to limit my social media time, but I’d rather eliminate it all together. Thankful for your advice and perspective!

  245. Rebeccah

    I have listened to KLOVE every day this year ever since the 30 day challenge and never looked back. I struggle daily with my own personal self image but I have come SO far! I thank God every day for the progress I have made, (only through him) and for simply giving me yet another chance. Normally, I get up and scroll through Facebook and browse through pictures to see whose married this week or whose expecting to add to their happy family, but the more I looked, the more depressed I became. I’m a 25 year old single mother that lives with her parents and feels stuck and hopeless but I pray and pray every day and thank God in advance for the amazing things that are lined up for me. I tell repeat Jeremiah 29:11 to myself every day and keep it in mind. I just moved my apps around this morning, which is kind of ironic reading this only hours after, but I have gradually added more and more bible apps and encouraging studies to add to my daily dose. Listening to KLOVE every day, I have heard psalm 31 ministries over and over and it is ALWAYS right on point with what I needed to hear so I finally decided to look into this page. I’m am beyond excited to see where my new journey leads and to read words of encouragement from normal, every day Christian women like myself.

  246. Carmen C

    Thank you. Real life is so much more precious. So easy for our time to be gobbled up when we could be living in the moment, present, loving those around us, and contemplating the wonderful things the Lord has done.
    Painfully aware of the distraction of instant messaging, I will practice being present in conversation, giving my full attention, listening to the person I’m with–kids included! — waiting to glance at the cell phone.

  247. April

    I totally agree with this! My phone actually did exactly what you suggested for me or maybe that was a God thing! I thought my app was deleted but it had been moved to the back of my phone app pages and I just left it there. I found that I didn’t get on it as much as I used to and I really didn’t miss it all that much. Although I haven’t completely gotten off of Facebook (not much of a Pinterest user) I don’t get on as much as I used to. It causes me to focus on the wrong things. Thank you for this blog.

  248. Cheryl

    Lol! It’s funny you have a problem with Pinterest, but the first study I looked at said “pin it”! That’s funny 🙂

  249. shannon Reidle

    I have been focusing on Self improvement. My relationship with the Lord is my first step. I have been cutting out alot of online social media in trade for time to do my readings. Either uplifting stories or my Bible study works. Spending time face to face with my family members and not just opening up facebook. I feel more connected with them and myself.

  250. Lydia McGarva

    Pastor Furtick,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this message today! I am a Christian Lifestyle blogger, and despite my best efforts to remain focused on glorifying God in my everyday life, I almost always get sucked into my social media frenzy.
    Social media causes me to miss things and I don’t even realize I’m missing them. I miss the way my fiance looks at me because I’m so busy pinning wedding ideas on my “board”, I miss the chance to help my mother cook dinner because I’m following a #nomnom hashtag on Instagram, or I miss the chance to stop by my grandparents house for coffee because I “have to get home and check my emails, blog views, and subscription forms!”
    With that, I’m the person who needed to read this message today and I am so grateful that you shared what God laid on your heart. I am so blessed and God deserves so much more glory than any App! I will defintely be taking your advice for being in the Word when I wake up in the morning, and I will defintely be moving my Social Media apps to the back page of my phone… What simple, yet powerful ideas.

    I know this whole message was about stepping away from the “sharing”, but I HAVE to share this message with my fellow blogger gals because it’s something we all struggle with on a daily basis. You really hit the nail on the head!

    Thank you for this blessing,


  251. Michele Cornwell

    I am so moving apps!!! Great idea! I tell myself every night how I will spend time with God 1st and every morning I check Facebook notifications.

  252. Melissa

    I stumbled across your blog for the first time today, and just wanted to thank you so much for taking the trouble to write… the Holy Spirit used your words to teach me so much about myself! I NEVER realized how much I compared myself to others, and was struggling so hard to have the cleanest, most nicely decorated house… the most obedient kids… the prettiest and most modest wardrobe… the most organized home school…. until today. The scripture you quoted and the point you made about Pinterest (I always saw it as a source of information, not comparison!), struck me deeply today. The Lord used your words to guide my heart into greater freedom. Sweet relief!!!!! Many thanks and God Bless!! <3

    ~ Melissa

  253. DeeDee Bland

    Loved hearing this today…I JUST decided to give up ..
    My husband and I just finished a 3 month bedroom re-do…all my fault!
    I just HAD to have the room look picture perfect. We’re exhausted broke and now arguing. Last night I made a NO PINTEREST half year Resolution. 3 months No PINTERSET!!! Now I will also move those annoying icons!

    Thank you ..I feel this was my confirmation that I’m on the right track!

  254. Becky

    Thank you for pointing out my “addiction” to Pinterest! I am seriously taking steps to make spending time with God instead. I have First 5 set as my alarm in the morning and P31 at night before bed. Getting back on track-thank you!

  255. Sandy Gobrogge

    Dear Lysa,

    I am so thankful you are recovering. I hope and pray soon my daughter will catch onto your wisdom!

    I’m honestly thinking of doing away with FB! I find myself spending more time than I want to on it. I compare, see posts of family, and see where I haven’t been included. It hurts to not be a part of my husband’s family, I wonder can two more be that many more? I wonder if they don’t know I love them and want to share in their memories, too?

    But it does tell me of events at my church and other events upcoming. Is there life after FB?

    Just some thoughts!


  256. Kimber

    I am going to be more determined to start my day with Christ and enjoy getting fun ideas for my family off Pinterest. Keeping in mind that in God’s eyes, I am enough and do not have to meet “Pinterest standards”.

  257. Judy

    The problem you have with Pinterest is the problem I have with Facebook. I’d like to unplug entirely from Facebook but find I sometimes need it to communicate with family and to know what’s going on in our community. It’s kind of my newspaper replacement. But oh how people and their bragging can bug me. I have “liked” several inspirational pages so I’m getting their posts in my feed which helps to counteract the other posts that drive me crazy. I have removed the fb app from my phone so it’s less easy to connect and I don’t have notifications constantly bombarding me all day long. I can still access it, but on my terms, and in my time.

  258. Linda

    To think, I started using Pinterest when I lived overseas to save pictures for myself that I found on blogs. there were no English magazines adn to subscribe was ify at best. Now I rarely look and use my boards fo work and those are mostly private. I delete boards and add new regualrly. That massive notice full of visual over load photos and most I am not interested in…I skip it. The potential for the comparison trap is real for any of us at any time!

  259. Rosa Couto

    Lysa – so happy to read this today. I’m constantly in and out of your blog. I’ve been ready your UnGlued book and devotional and it’s been a great help. Your article on Pinterest and Uninvited sounds so familiar. I am always blessed to have your blog and books – you help so many of us more than you probably are aware. THANK THE LORD YOU ARE STILL WITH US!!! You’re work is not yet done here helping us!!!

    Your readings have been a comfort to me a now single divorced mom of two (17 & 23) for 2 years trying to make sense of all that has occurred – him leaving us for a younger athlete co-worker ; the friends we would entertain who ran and forgot about us; trying to financially support us 3 on my salary after being blessed for so many years with my ex-husbands corporate income that allowed us to enjoy one another and give and share with others.. Being single and feeling alone at times even though I come from a large close nit family surrounded by many great man who have their wives backs and partake in all the chores and raising the kids…

    You have comforted me many days. My faith that was instilled in me by my loving parents (96 & 89) is what I give thanks each day for….. IT IS MY FAITH THAT HAS ALWAYS SUSTAINED ME GUIDED AND SPOKEN TO ME WHEN A TOUGH DECISION WAS NEEDED to love myself and let my ex-husband go…. His life was not a life for me.

    I’m blessed I found First 5 through K-love radio which lead me to P31 Ministries.
    I am a Catholic and am grateful for this ministry and GREAT WOMEN OF FAITH!!!

    I pray for God’s peace and grace so as to lead by example for my kids so they can grow and always know what life is truly about – our purpose here on earth – THAT OUR FAITH IS ALL THAT MATTERS – GOD WILL NEVER FORSAKEN US – KEEP HIM CLOSE!!

    Have a blessed day and Thank You Lisa…

  260. Khristy

    What a great idea to move your apps around to remind yourself of what is most important to focus on!

  261. Suzanne Kanyavong

    I downloaded the first 5 app to be encouraged each morning. Social media can be used for good in moderation.

  262. Debra Madden

    I have felt really dry for a while now and I have been putting facebook first . I really need to get back to spending time with God first thing. I know that is why I have been feeling lost. When I am having a hard day and I take the time to just pic up any thing with God’s word I feel better. At times I will even lie to myself and think we’ll I will read a devotion on my phone and I end up on facebook. I really need to get back to hearing from God it’s been along time. Thank you for your msg. God bless you . I am going to spend time with God befor I do any thing eles.

  263. Annette

    I happened on this article from social media. I totally get and agree with what you are saying, but I find it a bit ironic considering Proverbs 31, its authors – and Elevation Church- use social media to promote ministries, books, and products. Also, just wondering how Proverbs 31 feels about its relationship with Steven Furtick since he has come under so much scrutiny lately, most noticeably in relationship to accountability over money and building a multi million dollar home from book revenue. I think both ministries should be willing to answer these questions, especially since you are promoting his book.

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