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Why Would God Let This Happen?

January 14, 2016

I wonder what would happen in our lives if we really lived in the absolute assurance of God’s love. I mean, as Christians we know He loves us. We sing the songs, we quote the verses, we wear the T-shirts and we sport the bumper stickers. Yes, God loves us.

I’m not talking about knowing He loves us.

I’m talking about living as if we really believe it.

I’m talking about walking confidently in the certainty of God’s love even when our feelings beg us not to.

I’m talking about training our hearts and our minds to process everything through the filter of the absolute assurance of God’s love. Period. Without the possible question mark.

Not too long ago, I had a conversation with a precious mom whose eldest daughter is nearing 30 and has never had a boyfriend. The younger siblings have all gone through the whole dating thing and one is now engaged to be married. The eldest daughter sat on the side of her mom’s bed recently with tears slipping down her cheeks and said, “Why mom? Why can’t I find anyone to love me? What’s wrong with me?”

This mom was asking me for advice in helping her daughter process these questions. These feelings are real. These feelings are tough.

And I’m sure if I were able to untangle all the emotions wrapped in and around these questions, somewhere deep inside I would find this girl doubting God’s love for her.

I remember being single, the only one of my friends without a boyfriend, and wondering why. I would see these nice boys and think God could make one of them fall in love with me but He hasn’t. And that hurt.

But here’s the thing I wish I had known then … I must process this through the filter of God’s love not through the tangled places of my heart.

When I process things through the tangled places of my heart, often the outcome is, “If God loves me so much, why would He let this happen?”

Instead when I process things through the filter of the absolute assurance of God’s love, the outcome is, “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why He is allowing this to happen.”

I took the mom’s hand who was asking for advice and told her to help her daughter rewrite the way she is processing this. It’s okay to feel hurt, lonely and sad. But these feelings shouldn’t be a trigger to doubt God’s love for her. They should be a trigger to look for God’s protection, provision and possible growth opportunities.

I know this can be hard. But what if we really lived in the absolute assurance of God’s love?

I want to help you walk in that truth. That’s why my team at Proverbs 31 Ministries and I are hosting a FREE online Bible study of my book, Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl. Sign up today and be equipped to:

• Stop going through the motions of religion and learn how to experience Jesus in a personal way.
• Overcome the issues that pull your heart away from the Lord by gaining passion and confidence about your faith.
• Move past simply knowing about God and discover how to become vibrantly alive as you apply Biblical truths to your life.

Sign up here.

I’m giving away 5 copies of Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl. To be entered to win, leave a comment letting me know what you’re looking forward to most in the study!

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  1. cheryl

    My husband left me for a prostitute

  2. Nubianqueen35

    I’m looking forward to seeing how I can deepen my relationship with God and not doubt his plans for my life. The uncertainty of what’s coming next is so difficult. I want to be at peace regardless of the circumstances. Whitney Capps said that we should focus more on God’s character than on our circumstances. I want to live in that world.

  3. Linda C

    I am so looking forward to doing this study with all of you, but even more so with my sister. She has had a tough patch in life these past few years. She has come back closer to God in the past year. I am praying that this study will help soften her heart more and help her to ALWAYS trust God’s love.

  4. Stephanie

    This study is what I need. I have been feeling like my quiet time and spiritul walk have just been on auto pilot lately and I have been praying for a revival of my soul. Thank you.

  5. Kathryn Rudolph

    Having ,suddenly, lost my beautiful mom I need this more than ever. I want to be part of this study to get to know the heart of God so that I handle the ugly parts of life with His grace and mercy.

  6. Brenda pisco

    Blessings Lysa, I also questions God when things do not go as I hope for, but the try to remember it is God’s grace for what happens, I want to learn more

  7. Bren

    I’ve lost my husband to cancer six months before he was old enough to retire, my house to foreclosure, my 24 year old son to cancer and am a displaced homemaker. My family and I have drifted apart, couple friends of mine and my husband have become strangers and I feel detached from everything I once relied heavily on. I KNOW God loves me, yet I lack purpose and direction. I’m tired, waiting on our Lord to bring me home, until then I don’t know what I’m here for.

  8. Edwina Cowgill

    My family and I are going through a very difficult time right now, so I’m not sure I would qualify as a “good Bible study girl.” I would appreciate winning a copy of the book so that i can become more than a “good Bible study girl.”

    Edwina Cowgill

  9. Kay Dee

    I would love to have a copy, I want to join in to the bible study. I’m always reading comments but never able to join in. Not financial stable right now to buy book. I read the bible by myself but it get a little frustrating at times understanding and comprehending what I read. I don’t know where to start when doing a bible study. Praying maybe this will help me to gain a better understanding, relationships and studying habits.

  10. Rachelle Craig

    I am looking forward to this study to learn how to be more confident in my walk with Jesus. I struggle at times with thoughts of “she might be a better Christian than me, so why should I speak up?” I know better, but often times I let these thoughts keep me from saying anything. I want to learn to be bold in my relationship with Christ, and let the world know what He has done for me!

    I have been doing online Bible Studies for a year now, and thanks to you and your team of amazing ladies, my walk has been so much more! I have also met some beautiful friends whom I may never meet face to face, but I love them with my whole heart! ❤

    So, thank you again Lysa, for your hard work, dedication, and guidance! Thank you for setting the example of what a Good Bible Study Girl looks like! ❤

  11. Paula Kessler

    I would like to build the stongest relationship that I can with God. I also had a personal goal of reading 26 books this year. Thank you! I am excited about starting this study.

  12. Maria

    I’m looking forward to reconnecting. I have slipped away from my daily devotions and need to get back to connecting with God daily.

  13. Kristi Edwards

    I would like to do this study and receive this book because I need to learn how to not just read something in God’s word and move on, but to be able to dig deeper and really be able to see and hear what God is telling me.
    I have always loved your insight on God’s word and would greatly appreciate this book.
    Thank you for sharing the talent with us that God has gifted you with. You are an inspiration.

  14. Jennifer

    This spoke to me in volumes. I wonder all of the time why things are happening and I keep wanting to be in control of my own life instead of leaving it to God. God has this!!! I need to change my mindset, this was a wonderful reminder, thank you!

  15. Cindi Blazina

    I think God us leading me to this study. This is like the 10th time it has been mentioned to me in one form or another. Hoping i win so I can answer God’s calling and become a better women of God.

  16. Fran

    Great title and meaning

  17. Betsy Schultz

    I’m looking forward to the creative way the OBS team makes God’s word come alive through the study, sharing practical ways to apply what we’re learning, in a beautiful community of believers!

  18. Kimberly

    I want to know why God chose to allow my son , who was only 13 be killed in an avoidable accident. Why him and not the three others who were with him? Why my family? Why did God choose us? We aren’t special. I don’t understand. I don’t know what to make of it. Yet , God loves me. It’s all so confusing! I just want to know why.

  19. Donna

    I’m looking forward to this study! As a teacher, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to “find the answers” and forget that the process is often as important as the end result. I’m in “the process.”

  20. Bobbie

    I am so looking forward to this study, because it took me years to realize that not only does God love me unconditionally and unfathomably, but just how much He does love me, and He shows me more of His sweet love every day. I am also looking forward to sharing this with my granddaughter and a few friends, since I know how important it is and want to pass it along, since there are so many other areas in our lives that are fueled by this basic truth.

  21. Theresa

    I desperately want this reassurance of God’s love.

  22. Julie Carroll

    I want to get”serious” about my relationship with God. I have recently made a commitment to do just that. I am so excited to find out about this study. I believe God sent this study to me today!

  23. Deb

    I’d love a copy of the book! For so many years, my head was full of knowledge and it’s been such a joy as God has moved it from my head to my heart and He truly is trustworthy!

  24. Cinda

    Looking forward to end the deadness…to stop going through the motions, talking the talk but living with a heart that is far from God.

  25. Cassandra Hale

    I so often doubt God’s love for me and the motions of religion. I need this study, and it couldn’t come at a better time!

  26. Maria in CT

    I most look forward to asking/doing this study with my daughter. Praying she will!

  27. Jody

    I’m looking forward to this Bible Study because I invited my sister to do it with me and she agreed! She had walked away from serving the Lord several years ago, and now I see how God is softening her heart and doing a work in her life!

  28. Paula Croft

    Would love the book to become more intimate with biblical truths to deepen my relationship with God.

  29. Terri Ross

    I am 51 years old and recently divorce. All I have ever wanted is to be married to my best friend! I thought I was twice ; one died and the other left me for another woman. I do know God’s plan is perfect and during this time have dug deeper into the Word than ever before, my relationship with God is stronger than ever before. But I keep wondering what’s it all for, how will it end? Even as I type the words I know the answers: It’s all for His glory and my good, it will end in Heaven with me dancing at His feet. It’s for me shining His love in a dark world and loving hurting people. But what about me? What about my hurting heart: feeling rejected, humiliated, lonely?
    I just keep waiting and hoping FAITHFULLY for God to unfold His plan.

  30. Robin Thomas

    I’m not entering for a copy for myself, but for my daughter. I’ve read this book and it helped so much. It’s on my Kindle and I’m signing up for the study.
    My daughter is 20, engaged and needs to be so wrapped in God’s love! She’s a Christian, but eager to learn more about God and put her new Bible to use!

  31. Sandra

    I want to know God in a more personal way. More than church attendance. More than religion. More than just being a christian. An intimate relationship with my Father in heaven. To gain the knowledge and truth behind His love for me.

  32. trish

    I would love to have the book. I teach high school girls in a weekly small group bible study. I also have an almost 19 year old daughter. I would love to have the input from your book to help minister to my girls!!

  33. Jennifer C.

    I don’t want to just know God’s love…I want to live it!

  34. Kendra

    I want to trust God more and believe its ok to hurt till hes finished with my growing

  35. April

    I am looking forward to this study to have the faith and truly believe in my heart Gods love covers all! And comparison kill and steal my joy.

  36. Ronda

    Can’t wait to get this book!

  37. Megan

    I’ve had a lot of anxiety lately, but I’ve been trying to remember that God has a bigger purpose for that, and I should not try to numb or wish the feelings away. I do think it’s intentional, just like all of the other wonderfully complex elements of this earthly life. I am excited to learn more about how to really stay with it, and embrace it, through this study.

  38. Trish

    Lisa, I can’t wait to start this study. I recently finished your Best Yes book and oh how it spoke to me. 2015 was an extremely difficult year for me. I am so thankful that God gave me Your books and the first 5 app to help me be spiritually fed. Thank you for what you do for me and so many women out there like me.

  39. Kim

    I am looking forward to this study and what God has in store for me. I thank you for little devotions and bible studies such as this one. You and your team are so encouraging and loving.

  40. Sandie

    Need God’s understanding why my husband left us or me. What is his plan? What’s wrong with me?

  41. Ginger M.

    Peace. I am looking for peace to situations in my life so that I can focus on more positive and fulfilling promises.

  42. Chantelle

    I would love to participate in this bible study and look forward to it with open heart.

  43. Martha Bertram

    I would like to do this with my daughter, who always thinks everyone is against her. This would be perfect!

  44. Josie

    I’m beginning to intentionally make time for daily bible study and I’m interested in learning more about where your book will lead me to when it comes to truly applying the Word.

  45. Michele

    I am excited to do this study with friends. I have the book but would love to win a copy for a friend who hasn’t gotten the book yet.

  46. Jane from SC

    I would love to have this book and do this study! This year my goal is to know God more. I have done all the Bible studies, I have read through the word 6 times as of 2015 and I feel God calling me to REALLY study the scriptures and seek Him. I think this would so help me on my new journey that God has directed me to.

  47. Elsie

    I copied down in my journal from your devotion – ” God loves me so much why would He let this happen?” We all have to be open to what God gives us and to know that He will be with us every step of the way. Thanks for the verse Isaiah 54:10 NLT ” For the mountains may move and the hills disappear,but even then My faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken,” says the Lord who has mercy on you.”

  48. Beckey

    I am looking forward to deepening and strengthening my relationship with Jesus. I always enjoy learning from the perspectives of the Proverbs31OBS ladies and the other women participating in the study.

  49. Janetta Truex

    I’m anxious to learn about having a more meaningful quiet time.

  50. Shawna

    Everyone goes through a period where they feel unloved. God loved us know matter what but we still long for that human connection.

  51. Leigh F

    I am looking forward to growing more in the Lord and knowing him better.

  52. RB

    Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve know there is more to my God than what I studied, years ago. Between marriage, work and raising kids I just forgot to take the much needed time with the one relationship that I let lax. Thank you and may God bless.

  53. Charise

    I’d LOVE to win a copy of Lysa’s new book!!!!!

  54. Marie

    I am looking forward to this study. I have battled with low confidence and compare myself with others and I know that is wrong. I need this study. Thank you for it.

  55. Keila

    I would love to have a copy of your book because I want to dig deeper into God’s truth. I grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until like three years ago that I started wholeheartedly to take God serious. I want to get to know him and fall in love with him above everything else. I just turned 18 and there are many decisions that I have to take all of a sudden but I want to be anchored in God’s truth in everything.

  56. Glenda

    I am praying for God to be my focus first and always and I know that the only way to do that is by filling myself with His truth and that means being in His Word beyond just reading the words on the page.

  57. Kay

    I struggle with truly believing that God is working in my life. I am not sure if it is due a weak faith or just Satan trying to get a hold on my belief. I would love to have a copy of the book.

  58. Michelle Creech

    Oh!!! How I would love to win your book. I yearn to learn more about God. I want to be like one of my friends that just quote scripture without even having to think. I want to be that lady that when people look at me they can see Jesus. Oh, please pick me. My goal for 2016 is to get closer to God and I to be in prayer more and talk with him more. 🙂

  59. Bonnie

    I want to draw closer to God. I think this bible study would be good to help me draw closer. Thanks

  60. Christine

    Jan 14, 1999, our son Conner passed away. He was only 9 1/2 months old. Yes, he had a heart condition and had endured surgery right after being born. He was so smiley though from the time we brought him home to the day of his passing… he actually swatted at bubbles his older brother was blowing toward him that day! So today brings a lot of emotion. Our older son (now 22, and just graduated with an Engineering degree) still has much difficulty understanding why God chose to take Conner to heaven so soon. It simply doesn’t make sense to him and I struggle to provide reassurance to him that God’s plan for Conner was played out… Any suggestions or could you please pray that eventually it will be more clear and not allow his mind to push God away? Many thanks!

  61. Deb

    Please enter me in the drawing. I want to grow more passionate in my relationship with Christ.

  62. Tammy

    I love how well I understand and truly relate to your writing and books. I have loved the OBS P31 bible studies and the first 5 app.
    They have renewed my love for Gods word.

  63. Racheal

    I am so excited to really draw closer to the Lord and understand His Love for me. I have two words for this year: Love and Fearless … I know growing confident in His love for me will fill those gaps where fear loves to creep in and steal my joy!

  64. Marcia

    I’ve been walking through inner healing and rediscovering the child that was abandoned, abused, and rejected. I’m walking through the process of allowing Jesus in and healing thise wounds, grieve the horrible loss from the brokenness, and learning to live again. I would like to have this book to help in my recovery process. Thank you!

  65. LeAnne McDonald

    I want to be a part of this bible study for several reasons. One, I need to spend more time in His word. Another reason, I need to let go and let God. I have a hard time trying to control my kids because I don’t want to see them make mistakes. I know in my head that they need to make mistakes to learn and grow, but my heart wants to protect my babies.

  66. Alexa

    I want to do more than just go through the motions in my walk with God.

  67. Karen

    I am looking forward to learning to really live like I know that He loves me. Thank you for the opportunity!

  68. Kim

    Our family is going through a very difficult season. “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why He is allowing this to happen.” In my head I can believe this; I’d like my shattered heart to as well.

  69. Linda Daily

    I have always been on a mission to understand “why does God allow” things to happen to innocents. Sometimes I think I understand and then…… I’m a pretty good Bible study girl, I can do 2 or 3 at a time. (Sometimes I don’t finish them all) Be on a plan to read the Bible chronologically in a year, teach Sunday School, in charge of the preschool dept, and in January start planning VBS because I’m the director. I am a Jesus girl!
    Thank you Lysa for keeping it real and introducing all these other wonderful sisters to us. God Bless

  70. Kathie S.

    Great devotional….very fitting to my life now. Please pray for my family today! We need some people holding us up! Sister in law diagnosed with lung cancer, now spread to liver….a lawsuit has been filed against us….my friends marriage is falling apart and her husband is accusing me of being part of the problem…it’s been a rough week and a half! We need to know God’s love in a deeper way and trust He has it all under control!

  71. Gina Fricker

    Looking forward to this study. I am tired of settling, I want all God has for me.

  72. Kimberly

    I have been feeling like I am just going through the motions in my faith walk. I want to embrace God’s love for me and the excitement this brings. I would like to feel on fire for Jesus again.

  73. Alisa

    Learning to trust the LORD is so important for all of us esp. when we are going through hard things and are overwhelmed by our circumstances. This bible study looks like a good way to learn more about that!

  74. Fonda

    I’m so looking forward to this study. As your email said, it’s so easy to get fought up in why is this happening and why am I not worthy.

  75. Kim

    Not only am I excited about what this study will do for me personally but also how it will help my teenagers as it helps me gain wisdom as their mom.

  76. Donna Corey

    I would love to have a chance at being selected to receive book.
    I lost my son almost a year ago,he was only 20.
    He had a lot of disappointed relationships and now I see such pain in my daughter’s eyes of relationship’s with other’s.
    I think this would be a helpful insight to learn how to manage these feelings. To remind us of how we can separate our feelings from sometimes that are just feelings. I’ve been saying over and over that God loves us and is always there, when we feel so lonely and failed from other’s that he will always be there to pick us up. Just need some help and I think this study would be good.

  77. Shayna

    A close friend lost her 3 year old recently. Watching her walk this unbearable road has shaken me to the core. I feel numb and so confused. The questions you posed are the exact questions I find myself asking. How can you reconcile the God who loves us deeply enough to give His Son, the God who watches over and protects His children with the reality of life in front of me presently. I know there are no easy, clear answers, but I am looking forward to walking through this study so I can daily remind myself who scripturally He is. Not who my emotions tell me He is.

  78. Kristie Howarth

    I have really been struggling with my faith and relationship with God since the death of my dad. I use to have amazing faith that things would always work out that God had my best interest in mind and loved me no matter what. When my dad passed away it ripped my heart out and I turned (ran) completely the other way. I would love to get back to that place of love, comfort and peace.

    Thank you!

  79. Tami Van Til

    I’m surrounded by friends who READ the Bible every year and brag about it. It makes me feel like I’m not a good enough christian. I try to LIVE the bible and hope to gain the confidence in my walk with God.

  80. Danielle Thompson

    First I want to say that I really needed this blog post today. I have so much going on in my life, some good and some not so good. I have been questioning instead of trusting God’s plan and this really pointed that out to me. I am looking forward to this bible study and had signed up when I saw the first mention of it on Facebook. In fact, my exact thought was I need that. (More like you need this, bouncing around in my head so much that I had to listen! Haha) I want to work on myself spiritually now, while my daughter is young, so that I can be someone she will look up to and have such a strong relationship with God that she knows who to seek when she is feeling helpless. I am most looking forward to seeing how this study will impact my faith and my ability to “let go and let God”. You ladies at P31 have already impacted me in so many ways with previous studies, and I can’t wait to see what this study will bring!

  81. Kimily

    I would like to learn more about overcoming the issues that pull me away from The Lord. I pray to be more passionate for Him.

  82. Melva Nolan

    I’d love to win one of these books! Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. Mona

    So what I need to do – get beyond the study to the application.

  84. Peggy O'Shea

    I recently lost my husband to ALS and have struggled with many questions and how to move forward in my life and what God’s plans are for me in the future. I always try to look for God’s answers. I still have a 12 year old daughter to raise and it has been difficult dealing with his illness and caring for him and then his passing and how to come to terms with everything.

  85. Leslie M.

    I am looking forward to another Lysa study — and to try to get rid of the distractions that plague me when I am trying to focus on GOD….

  86. Isis

    Thank you!

  87. Lisa

    Thanks for this Lisa. My daughter is 22 and never dated either. We often have similar conversations. I am going to do your study as I need to be better prepared how to help when doubting God occurs in my life and those I am close to.

  88. Amber Bennett

    I have been a Christian since 1985, but had never been part of a women’s ministry until my husband and I changed churches last February…can’t believe it has been almost a year. Since then we have completed two of your studies. The Best Yes and Unglued, both made me stop and think more than I really care to admit. I was saying Yes a lot for the church but some where not very good, and I came unglued with my husband quite a bit. This new study sounds like it will open even more eyes of the ladies around the world. I do want to learn how to move past simply knowing and become vibrantly alive in my study and in my Christian Walk. I would love to wind this book so I can start the study and take it to my group. Then ask God and if it is a Best Yes for HIM, lead the study…that would also be a first. Thanks Lysa

  89. Maureen G.

    The three things you listed in the email about the study is exactly what I need and have been feeling lately. I can’t just pick one thing. Being a mom of 4 and having one with serious health issues is draining on every relationship, but especially with God..

  90. Erin

    This statement was very powerful for me, “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why He is allowing this to happen.” My thought process is typically, “Why is God letting this happen?” and then “Wait. No. He is not letting this happen. It’s not His fault. There is another reason why this is happening.” I hadn’t put the two together. God IS allowing unanswered prayers to happen but I have to trust that He has a reason. Your insight will help a lot in my own thought process and when friends express similar sentiments. Thank you for this!

  91. Michelle

    Looking forward to this study.

  92. Ashley

    This is so good. Too often I find myself asking why. I realize I ask why because I am doubting God.

  93. Toiya Jones

    I am most looking forward to learning how to have confidence that GOD has me in the right place at the right time.

  94. Ingrid

    I can’t wait to read your new book. You speak straight to my heart, and I’m so glad I found your outreach and writings. Thank you for continuing to find the courage and stamina to serve so many of us so faithfully with your writing and mission. {{hugs}}

  95. Karen Fraijo

    I want to learn how to get closer to God, I want him in my life each and everyday…

  96. Haley

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Im 24, work 2 jobs, and live a crazy hectic schedule. Unfortunately its hard to make one on one quiet time with God everyday. That’s my goal for this new year, that no matter how crazy life gets ,to still make time for Him…..I have to!!! I would love to win one of your books!!!!

  97. Allison

    I’m looking forward to recommitting my time with the Lord. And being more faithful in that time.

  98. Teresa

    I am looking forward to doing this study and using the small group curriculum to do it with a few ladies from my church. My heart needs this so much right now.

  99. Lily

    I am really looking forward to strengthening my relationship with God and growing closer to him. Really focusing on what he has for me in life.

  100. Jennifer

    I just need to begin building a relationship with God but am never sure how or where to start.

  101. Ellen S

    I continue to struggle with feeling Jesus in a personal way to really FEEL enveloped in his love.

  102. Julia w

    My default reaction when negative circumstances enter my life is,”God doesn’t love me. I am unlovable. He loves other people (proceed to list those I think have found favor) but I am not loved.” Oh, how I would love to stop having to climb out of that deep, deep pit every time adversity comes my way!!!!

  103. Elizabeth

    The story in your post really resonated with me, especially where you wrote, “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why he is allowing this to happen to me.” It is definitely something I need to remind myself. I would love to win a copy of the book to participate in the study.

  104. Jennifer D

    I am so excited about this next study for two big reasons: 1) I really believe it will bring a fresh perspective to my relationship with Jesus, which is so needed for someone who has been a Christian since before I could even spell His name! ;o) 2) I have invited several friends to join me in the study and have received multiple positive responses!

  105. Betsy S.

    That I would be able to look past the hurt and see good things to come.

  106. Sue

    I am really looking forward to this study! This will be the 4th study of Lysa’s books that I have done. I am in a ‘Season of Waiting.’ Some days, I get so discouraged that I have been praying for some very serious issues for years, and have not seen resolution. I know God is working…but, Satan keeps attacking. This is the only book of Lysa’s that I do not own…I’m excited to study it.

  107. Monica Crawford

    I would love to receive a free copy of this so I would be able to do this bible study. I have been dealing with a lot of stress and depression with some of the major changes that has taken place in my life over the past year and I know I need to go back to the basics and focus on God and His love and His word; but I’m struggling. I need structure and focus; I know that, but sometimes it’s easier to just give up. I think this would be very beneficial to me right now.

  108. Terri Lang

    Excited for all the lives that will changed and empowered through this book. Praying they all know the love of our Father, in Jesus name

  109. Patty Fristik

    I am looking forward to immersing myself in this book,recognizing and convicting my doubts,faults and fears and starting 2016 with a new, fresh outlook on life as I raise two young boys,both whom have not had the easiest start in life,health wise… I have battled depression and at times feel it’s easier to seclude myself from others than dealing with having to talk or even hide feelings due to this. I am going to try to start looking at these obstacles as stepping stones to a greater path in life, helping me to relay this to my husband and boys so we can grow together, also allowing myself to embrace the friends around that do care and want to reach out but my insecurities won’t allow.

  110. Lori

    I am starting to write a FB devotional that I have always wanted to do this week actually! I finished 5 years of cancer meds a couple of weeks ago and I turned 50, so IT IS SOOOO TIME!!! My biggest desire in life at this point is to be MORE than just a Good Bible Study Girl!!

    • Tonya Alton

      Congrats that is awesome, praise God. Please pass on info ur Facebook bible study.

  111. Tonya Alton

    I am looking forward honestly to the bible study for the fellowship and encouragement. I also need to learn how to know and accept Gods love for me. The last study was awesome beyond words!! Oh my goodness, I thought I was alone n my unglued situations as a Christian. I feel so much better about myself after the study and am currently completing the Unglued Devotion and it too is so VERY awesome. Thanks so much. The first five is also a true blessing I could go on and on. Thanks so much Lysa and staff!

  112. Nora

    I have spent so much of my life defining myself as a good Bible Study girl. I want to throw off that label and grow into who God created me to be. Can’t wait to start this study!

  113. Linda Peterson

    Looking forward to this study and reading other books you’ve written

  114. Cara Ferneyhough

    I need this, especially right now. I recently got divorced from a toxic person who I moved to anther state with 5 years ago and then was left with no husband, no family and no friends. I have immersed myself in my church and bible which has helped me heal and helped me develop relationships with great people. My 4 year old daughter keeps my spirits up, but when I look back on my romance choices I feel so disappointed in myself for giving so much to so many toxic people. I do realize that all those experiences have taught me that I need to truly guard my heart. The hard part now is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and believing that happiness with a godly man is in my future, not only for my benefit, but to teach my daughter what a good man really is so that she doesn’t make the same mistakes I did. I know God loves me, but I need to LIVE like God loves me and it doesn’t matter who else does. I want/need to do this for myself, but more importantly I want to teach my daughter how to do this through my actions and way of life. I want a better life for her and a more solid relationship with God for her than I had.

  115. Jennifer Seay

    This is so true….. and something that I needed to hear along with one of my good friends…. forwarding her the email now!

  116. Sheila Jenkinson

    I am looking forward to this bible study, because I have a desire to go deeper…not just a “I read my bible today, mark that off my list” kind of thing, but really, really reaching deep into God’s word and out to others in a real way. I met Lysa at the 1st KLOVE Fan Awards in Nashville – just as sweet in person. Thank you, Lysa, for all you do!

  117. Lisa

    Looking forward to this study!! I am trusting and believing that 2016 is going to be our year of seeing God answer prayers like never before. I just read a post that reminded me of this upcoming study. Why do bad things happen to good people? Problem is the word “good”. A bad thing happened to a good Person ONLY once. they crucified HIM! Looking forward to learning to trust GOD in every aspect of my life because he is the same today, yesterday and forever!!

  118. Mindy Sightler

    I am wanting to have a relationship with God and be so close to Him and to apply it in my life more. I go through life feeling so rejected and if there is something wrong with me that people don’t want anything to do with me. I want a love with my Heavenly Father that things like this won’t bother me.

  119. Melinda Elledge

    I’m most looking forward to the engagement of others, finally committing to living God’s word not just knowing it, and hopefully picking up something I can share with a close friend who desperately needs to trust God.

  120. Carri

    I am most looking forward to that renewal of deep devotion to the Lord and his Word. As I read this blog post today, I felt, like I am sure so many other women, that it clearly spoke to me personally. Even though I am married, it’s not relational that I struggle but in the work place. I have been struggling with the motivation to come to work when I feel like an outsider. I don’t work with people that build one another up. I told my husband that I feel isolated, much like the young lady described in the blog just in a different setting. Looking forward to diving deep into God’s Word for renewed strength to be a light where there isn’t much light.

  121. Caroline

    I needed this reminder so much today. I’ve actually been considering purchasing the book and this was the extra little “push” that I needed. I think I’m most looking forward to learning how to shake of the practices of religion and develop a truly personal relationship with Jesus.

  122. Karen Yaw-McAdoo

    I’m so looking forward to this Bible study. I did the last one and I was so blessed that I carry the book & notebook around with me all the time showing my family & friends what I learned. Thank you for hosting these OBS. They truly are a blessing to this working mom!
    P.S. I think this note of encouragement above was for me. I was asking God last night at church “why” I wasn’t one of those happy couples in the pews in front of me? Thanks for giving me something to think about today.
    KY 🙂

  123. Jen Bailey

    I’m looking forward to letting go of all of my doubts. After my husbands affair, I seem to doubt anyone and everyone’s love for me. Even Gods!

  124. Stefanie Schwegman

    I am most looking forward to understanding how to let go of my control issues and let God do His work in me and my life. I want to enjoy the small moments and not worry constantly about the big ones.

  125. Becky Steffen

    I love this bc for me it is so true right now , “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why He is allowing this to happen.”. Thank you for ministering to my heart as I go through some really tough issues with my son. Can’t wait for this to come out !!

  126. Sherrie

    I’m so looking forward to this study! I would classify myself as one of those good girls going through the motions yet lacking that deep abiding relationship with God. Yes, He’s my Savior but not the One I filter my day to day through. I get bogged down with the cares of this life and what others think. I desire a deep passionate relationship with God. To go past just doing a quick few minutes of Bible reading and a prayer said in haste lacking genuineness. To have the joy of my faith showing out of my very being, so others see that I’m more than just a good girl, that I’m a changed life because of God.

  127. lc

    I’m 54 and been a Christian for over 40 years. I’ve never been able to receive God’s love for me for any length of time. I can partly blame my father, ex-husbands, and myself. But in the end, I just want to be free from doubting His love and acceptance! I’m tired of being stuck and striving to get a man to love and cherish me.

  128. Ann

    I am looking forward to learning how to overcome issues that pull my heart away from the lord. Shame, guilt, regret, sin patterns…..

  129. Connie Bjorklund

    I would be honored if I received Lisa’s book. I’m trying to go deeper in Christ & grow my relationship to a more personal level. God has been doing amazing things in the life of my children. Answered prayers!

  130. Rebeca T

    The passing of a love one live us with a lot of whys but I was not expecting to trigger all my life whys, I hope the book helps me refocus, right now feels numbness…..

  131. Rose

    I desparately need to believe that God loves me. I know He does but somehow can’t grasp it. I am one who cannot understand how He could allow my youngest son who once loved Jesus and served Him to have walked away from his faith and now living a life that is not pleasing to the Lord. I prayed everyday for my boys even before they were born and I have been praying for my prodigal for 4 years now. My heart has been broken in a million pieces because what else really matters when your not walking with the Lord?

  132. Laurie B

    I cannot wait to study this book with a group and learn to live these truths out day to day!!!❤️

  133. Sandy Gartman

    I’m anxious for this Bible Study! I love your books. I’m looking forward to seeing God through mu daughter’s sickness, rather than what we did wrong for her to go through this. Thanks!

  134. Jen

    The title of this bible study alone drew me here! I want to be more than just a bible study girl! I want to learn alongside other women how to have that deep, confident relationship with Christ that is with me every moment, not just when I’m doing my bible studies! Thank you Lysa!

  135. Suzanne

    I am looking forward to going deeper with God than just going through the motions of “doing” a bible study. Am currently facing health issues and need to reconnect with the God who really LOVES me… in the good, bad and the ugly.

  136. Terri

    I need to change my thought process when it comes to the bad things that have happened in my life

  137. Leah

    I want to rest in the Lord more automatically than I do now. Right now, I resort to my “thinking ” and then come slowly around to resting in Him

  138. Micha

    Oh how I needed this to see this morning. My world has come crashing down in just about every way possible. It gave me a genuine questioning heart of my Fathers love for me. Thank you so much and I look forward to the Bible Study!

  139. Lauralee

    I’m really looking forward to taking a step outside my comfort zone to become closer to God and to actually be living in Him fully!

  140. Tiffini McLeod

    I have a hard time figuring out how to study the Bible other than just reading some verses. I think this book would help me greatly in this area.

    Thank you!

  141. Cindi McDonald

    I would love to have your bible study to become more peaceful when things in life happen. My parents health are both failing. I have two daughters with families. ..tragic things are happening in my small townand in our country. .I’d like to be in a place in my walk where I am a light for others and can offer knowledge and understanding to others questioning, why?
    I love your blog.
    Thank you for considering me as a potential candidate for the free bible study.
    Your sister In Christ-

  142. Carla

    I so need to learn to trust God’s love and see the debilitating pain and challenges I’m facing through the filter of His love, rather than questioning it.

  143. Joy R.

    I am looking forward to drawing closer to Jesus. I have been struggling in several areas and just need breakthrough so it will be nice to get my mind on Jesus through His Word. Thanks

  144. Manda

    “God loves me so much therefore I have to trust why He is allowing this to happen.” – this quote is it. I wish I could go back in time and show it to myself 10 years ago. This is what I’m hoping to learn how to do everyday. I want to breathe in love and breathe out trust. Looking forward to making that connection a little deeper and a little more real in this study & book!

  145. Alex Andrews

    I am looking forward to experiencing God in a personal way not just going through the motions and learning to live out the truth that God does love me not just knowing he loves me but really believing he loves me and that he has a plan for me. I am in the same boat the mothers daughter is in, in today’s blog. I just turned 29 today and I haven’t had a boyfriend either. I can completely relate to what the daughter is going through and all the questions and doubts that come along with song with her situation.

  146. nikki

    I’m looking forward to moving from just reading the P31 emails and studies to actually seeing pieces of those emails/studies shine through me to others.

  147. melanie

    I would love to get a free copy of your new book! Some days it is such a struggle to make quiet time with the Lord…. It is so what I need more of each and everyday. Love your perspective and insights!

  148. Lisa George

    I am looking forward to a closer walk with God. This is my one utmost desire this year. Thank you for offering this free bible study to help me accomplish my goal! God bless!

  149. Tina Loewen

    I really enjoy study Gods Word and so often I find myself just studying and not looking for a deeper relationship with God. That’s why I’m excited to dig into this study. I have a desire to grow closer to God through all the studies I’m digging into.

  150. Julie

    “Overcoming the issues that pull me away from the Lord.” Yes, please.

  151. Andrea

    I really struggle with doubting God’s love sometimes or I will feel that I don’t deserve to have Him help me. I look forward to learning to experience Jesus personally-not just as Someone I read about in the Bible

  152. Jody

    Please, may I have a free copy? As the mother of 3 daughters I desperately need to train my girls to walk in His truth and gain knowledge and help them develop their faith!
    Thank you!

  153. Sandy

    I pray “may thy will be mine.” I am the one to readjust, not God.

  154. Sandy

    I pray “may thy will be mine.” I am the one to readjust, not God. The more reminders of this the better.

  155. Hayley

    I would love to win a free copy. After losing my daughter in August, I have struggled with all the WHY questions. You devotion today was so encouraging! I know God has a plan, but it is so hard to trust Him when you feel so hurt.

  156. Linda N

    Boy! Talk about a relevant book. So looking forward to learning more about living in the truth of God’s love for me. As you said, knowing & living are two different things. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  157. Nereida

    What I’m looking forward to this most with this study is learning to “training my heart and mind to process everything through the filter of the absolute assurance of God’s love. Period. Without the possible question mark.” That seems so vital, yet “feels” almost unattainable sometimes.

  158. Jeanette

    I’m looking forward to growing closer to God. To live dependent on the truth of His love and the truth of His Word.

  159. angie

    I want to experience Jesus like a revival. I came to know Christ at an early age so I know a lot about him in my head but much of that information has failed to make its way to my heart. I want to live a more integrated life. Looking forward to the study!

  160. Lindsey

    This study is so timely…I am struggling with this right now. As the oldest of three, plus two step-siblings, I am the only one still single. Family events and photos have become painful reminders instead of joyful occasions. It was always my dream to be a wife and mother and I have been viewing this through the lens of my heart, asking what is wrong with me and what I have done wrong that God has ignored my dreams (more than just these two) and dropped me into a life of mundane survival. It’s very hard to reframe the struggle and to trust and believe that there is more, that there will be more, when all I can see is an unchanging future of more of the same struggles. This study is a glimmer of hope that that there is more to life than this.

  161. Sheila E.

    Wow, this is me (why would God allow this if He really loves me). Not just right now, but has always been this way. I’m ready to live God’s love, knowing he is in control, and not having to always ask why. Thank you, Lisa.

  162. Jodi Gentry

    My heart is pounding, hands shaking and tears flowing. Recently I posted a question on your blog and if I didn’t know better, I would think your story today was about my post. I have the beautiful daughter you described, same age, same longings and same questions. Just last night I was over at her house. We were texting and I could tell she was really down and hurting. I live close by so I went over. I listened as she poured out her heart about her loneliness and fear of it being forever. I held her in my arms, we cried and prayed.
    I just received this text from her: “Good morning. I slept realllly soundly and I feel calmer today. Thank you so much for coming by. That visit and prayer made all the difference.”
    Thanking God this morning for being a mom, being His daughter and having you in my daily life. Thank you for sharing God’s love and hope.
    With gratitude and love,

  163. Karen Choate

    It seems this study will have some similar topics to the book Trusting God by Jerry Bridges. I am looking forward to getting more input regarding why certain things are allowed to happen and how Romans 8:28 can be processed, not just quoted.

  164. Jean Credell

    This is SO important to me and for others I encounter! My soul desire is to Love, Trust and Obey my Heavenly Father much more than in 2015, as well as become a more effective witness to others…which is my life’s assignment. This study will help me accomplish a more deeper relationship with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I covet your prayers. Thank you!

  165. Carissa D Huffman


    I look forward to your real-world transparency guiding me to see truths that it seems so hard for me to see on my own! I need reminders of God’s love, too. No matter how much we are blessed, it seems we forget when hard things happen.

    If you want to share my story with your friend, maybe it would help her daughter to have hope:

    I was the overachieving child in school. I was never afraid to step out and try something new. I moved away from home soon after graduating from high school. I lived in a couple college towns, then moved back home.

    I started a career as a sign language interpreter. I am bright, I have good people skills, I was making decent money. I am not the tiny chick. I never really had a lot of interest in me as a girlfriend. I was upset about it after so many friends were getting married and having families, but I had decided to make peace with it. I made some poor decisions about this, too–I lived with the wrong guy for a LONG time, and he was abusive. I made up my mind that I gave up on the godly way of respecting myself, and decided I would just enjoy whatever pleasure I could get.

    I ended up applying for a job in Denver, CO while living in my hometown of Bettendorf, Iowa. A friend told me about the job. I never heard back from them for six months–I had forgotten about it.

    I interviewed by phone, and moved to Colorado a month later. I had never been to Colorado. I knew no one. I called a dating phone line to see if I could meet people to have fun. (I had given up on finding a soul mate for life. I was going to take care of myself.) I met a couple of guys who were no good for me, again, even one nice man who just wasn’t right for me.

    I finally connected with someone the second week or so out there who seemed nice. We talked on the phone and arranged to meet. We had a GREAT first date–he was a native who knew all the sites and fun places to go.

    One year later, we were planning our the Rockies. We had a beautiful honeymoon in Jamaica and the Rockies. I was 32 years old when I got married.

    Is life perfect? No. My husband lost his job and we had to move back to Iowa (with my parents for 6 months.) I lost a pregnancy at age 38 (I hadn’t expected to have children.)

    At age 40, I added a beautiful baby boy to our family. My 1st grader attends Christian school, and loves his theatre classes and hockey.

    I was in a hurry to get to a place, and made bad choices. God knew all along that I would get here! I would LOVE to add to my family–I just trust HIm, even though I have lost a pregnancy after my son was born, and had an adoption attempt fall through. He has given me more than I thought I would ever get–I sing with worship team weekly in my church, I teach Sunday School, I have a great job that makes a difference for people, my husband and I own a home again to make up for the one we lost in Colorado.

    His way and His timing are right. I hope to learn to trust Him more!

    Thanks, my sister friend, for all you do!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  166. Michelle

    My 15 year old daughter is struggling with who she is, what she believes, why is she here…she is in need of direction and clarity in her life. She’s currently away at a Christian boarding school for troubled teens so it’s difficult for me to “do life” with her on a daily basis right now. Maybe if she had this study, she could read it on her own and we could discuss on her weekends home. Thanks for your wisdom in your writings…I appreciate them.

  167. Bobbi

    I can relate with the story you shared. I have been married and divorced and feel that I have not allowed God to make the decisions for me. I need to let go and be patient and see where He wants me to be. Not just myself but to be able to help my daughter as well.

  168. Debbie Rousey

    Bible study is key in growing in the LORD..I’m always interested in growing and having a teachable spirit..

  169. Ardis Rivera

    Working in an area with lots of witchcraft (and threats being made against Christians), it is important to have the word of God in my heart and I am studying in order to be able to encourage others that are being attacked.

  170. Rita

    I’m going through a tough time right now. I’m a retired school teacher & my husband lost his job about 1 1/2 years ago. Jobs are hard to find where we live so we are both just able to work part time. I would love to have this book & be able to participate in this study. I’ve done several other OBS studies & absolutely love it!

  171. Karen

    Especially to just begin to recognize that trigger and blast of fear that comes, and to reconnect back to Jesus in that moment, and begin to process as you have described. 🙂 Thank you!!

  172. Ann Marie

    I checked out from the library and read “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” several years ago and LOVED it! I would love to share a copy with my Sunday evening bible study group of working moms that I know would love this book and bible study too!

  173. Susan

    I am 63 and want my delight to be in the Lord.

    Not in the reading of His Word, which I love. But in HIM.

  174. Dane

    I’m looking forward to learning how to dive deeper in my own study of His word, and how to strengthen my Trust in Him so it’s not constantly waning.

  175. Jenn

    I am looking forward to learning how to lean in to God while He shows me some bad habits and personality traits in me that He wants to remove. I am afraid, but excited to see how He accomplishes His good and perfect will and makes me “more than just a good Bible study girl.”

  176. Vickie Pope

    I learned so much from “Unglued”. I am hoping for an even deeper knowledge of putting into practice, every minute of every day, what I learn …. There are many in my family looking at me…. I need to show them Jesus in EVERY aspect of my life!

  177. Julie

    I’d love a free copy of this. This is the very topic I’ve struggled with for 30 years.

  178. Melanie Hilliger

    I NEED to be a woman who thirsts for God’s Love as a doe thirsts for her first drink of water at a spring. I NEED to know, not just feel, that God has my back in ALL that I do. ESPECIALLY when circumstances say differently.

  179. Tracy Fulton

    I need to make time for this study because I started a new journey this fall. I made a pact with myself and God to live according to his will. To listen to people. I am good at that. People like talking to me. They open up to me. I am hoping this study will help me know how to trust God more…

  180. Lori Arndt

    Lysa~ I feel going through a study like this will help me bear witness to the transforming power of the gospel. We can then show the watching world, by our actions and conduct, the fruit of the Spirit and not of the flesh.

  181. Elaine Segstro

    I am a “task oriented” person and dutifully finish my homework when doing studies. I always long for a deeper relationship with Jesus. I want to go beyond answering all of the questions and answering them correctly.

  182. nancys1128

    Having signed up for the study but not yet purchased the book, I headed to Amazon to see about reading a bit of it before commenting. After reading the intro (maybe I’m the fourth to do so) I continued to the first page. I didn’t get far before finding what I was looking for: “….truly understand how to pursue God with all my heart.” It was like a lightbulb went on above my head, accompanied by various bells and whistles. I’m looking to do more than simply go through the motions in my relationship with God. This study will be the perfect thing to set my feet on that path.

  183. Laura

    I’m all about God’s plan for my life. Lately I have been learning a deeper meaning of God’s timing and not mine! What a journey!! Painful? Yes! But, oh so uplifting when I truly look through His plan for my life from His eyes. His ways are NOT my ways. He has soo much MORE for me if I will continue to Trust Him.

  184. Merrianne

    I teach a Tuesday night women’s Bible study at our church and I am always looking for something to share with my sisters in Christ. When I saw this, I thought of them and, knowing my ladies, I realized that they would just say that they were already doing a study and did not have the time. I always offer (and I will do that) but it occurred to me that I am not being the example that I need to be. I need to be fed too, and so I am going to sign up and study with you. I will share with my ladies and I will hope that that inspires them also. Your study, The Best Yes, was a delight to us all and helped me to learn when to say yes and when it is ok to say no. I am saying YES to this!

  185. Donna

    I believe if we all really realized how much Jesus luvs us it would take our breath away!! The older I get the more I want everything He offers us! I wake up everyday & thank him Thank him for the storms thank Him that he won’t leave me where I am He luvs us too much to do that The word we need to do is Activate! Just like our new phones won’t work unless we Activate them We must be very in touch with Him every minute of the day This study sounds marvelous Thank you Liss for giving away what you know about your great luv for Jesus It’s been a long time since I have done a Proverbs 31 online study

  186. Lisa

    This post really struck my heart as I turn 30 in less than 6 months and also have never had a boyfriend but always desired to be married ever since I was a little girl. I never doubt/ed God’s love for me and always see/saw my lack of experience as His protection. I’m just faithfully pursuing other dreams God put in my heart until then. It’s the only way to really survive through the pain and to grasp God’s true character and love through it all. But it still stings and it is hard. I think I sometimes doubt God’s timing. Although I have no reason to as He has shown Himself always faithful in this way. I also sometimes doubt His ways. It just doesn’t make sense and may never make sense this side of heaven. I hope your newest study will help address these real and often unexplainable hurts and not offer just another great Christian response. As a single female it can be especially hard to connect in churches where the role of wife and mom are valued above all else.

  187. LaMonica

    I am hoping to become closer to God through this study and to trust Him with my life. I am so excited about this study.
    Thank you

  188. Leah

    Definitely learning to experience Jesus personally.

  189. Carol

    What I’m looking forward to most in this study is learning how to apply what I’m learning in the Bible studies that I attend. I want to do as James 1:22 says, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

  190. Launa

    Looking forward to having a deeper relationship with Christ, and letting HIm be the one whom I seek my wisdom from. I am scared seeing the direction our world seems to be headed, it makes me realize just how important it is to seek Him wholeheartedly and not just go through the motions.

  191. Brenda


    “If God loves me so much, why would He let this happen?”… the question of my life of late. I have been a Christian my whole life. The last decade (from 40-50) have led me to question everything I have ever known to the point I am dead on the inside. I go through the motions, show up where I’m supposed to, act like I’m supposed to but cannot wrap my head around the events that have happened in light of God’s love for me. Rather, I am angry AT HIM, know it is wrong, can’t SEE OR FEEL HIM ANYWHERE and simply feel abandoned BY HIM. I am afraid to trust Him because trusting equals more hurt. Walls are up. It is safer to turn off the feelings so the hurt is lessened. However, this email grabbed me. I am on a long, wrong road but I am helpless to get off. I am joyless, hopeless and faithless.

    • Carrie

      May the Lord reveal Himself to you in the tiniest details of your daily routine. May you feel His love from everyone you come in contact with. I’m praying you see Him, feel Him, through everyone. Psalms shows us King David often got mad and upset with God. He had such raw emotions and poured his heart out to God. Our God can handle it. Surrender and Pour out your heart, frustrations, pain to Him. He wants all of it. Lay it at His feet, all of it at His feet. Going through the motions can be so draining. I often get caught up in doing what is “good” that I forget to ask God what His best is for me. I think the devil likes us to get caught up in the distractions so we feel bogged down, overwhelmed and helpless. I am praying you feel the warmth of His embrace as He wraps you in His arms. God bless you!

    • Michelle

      Praying for you Brenda! He truly does love you more than we can fathom. I pray you will feel His loving arms around you.

  192. Carrie

    It is so easy to “become entangled with the worries of this world,” to get distracted. We think we are following our Abba when in reality, we have lost touch with our True Love. I want desperately to fall deeper in love with the Creator of Love and to pass on that intimate relationship to my children.

  193. Sarah Withey

    I am super excited about the upcoming bible study!! I love all the ladies of Proverbs 31 , they have helped me in so many ways. I enjoy to the updates, emails and all the fun you ladies share with us. So excited!!! Thank you for this.


  194. Kim

    Oh how I long to know with absolute certainty that anyone truly loved me, especially God. I have been hurt so many times that I find it so hard to trust, to let go and truly believe that I am loved. How I long to erase my doubt! I have studied the bible, have memorized verses, attend worship, but all that has gotten me is head-knowledge ABOUT God; I still don’t really KNOW him. I really want to have a personal
    relationship. Even when I pray and tell Him that is what I want, I doubt, and therefore never feel the peace that I imagine I should.

  195. Chrissy White

    I am so excited about this Bible study. I feel like I have been going through the motions lately. Ready to be sold out!

  196. Michelle

    I have periodically looked at this book on proverbs 31 ministries website and thought about purchasing it. I am one of those people that can decide to do something and stick with it. Sometimes I wonder if that’s not how I approach my relationship with God. When I am going through a trial, I can feel the pull of His love and I think my relationship becomes just that- more of a relationship. But in the easy times, it seems it just becomes something I do. I would love to learn how to change that so it is a relationship all the time.

  197. Melissa Ray

    I would love to win this book.
    We go to church every week, and I try to read the Bible and pray daily, but I feel like I am in a rut. I long to feel like I have a real relationship with God and Jesus, one in which I can feel his presence more fully.
    I would hope that the book would not only help me to “overcome the issues that pull your heart away from the Lord by gaining passion and confidence about your faith”, but would help me to inspire the same passion in my children.

  198. Kathy

    Looking forward to being less religious and being more assured of God’s love for me!

  199. Regina

    I am looking forward to this study because I have experienced a lot of circumstances that others would say “Why would God let that happen” and I want encouragement as I continue to grow and He allows new circumstances to refine me into His image and cause the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to manifest and strengthen in me.

  200. Stephanie

    I’m most excited about becoming closer to God, rather than just going through the motions. I have a strong faith, but sometimes can’t back up the scripture…. I just have faith!

  201. caitlyn

    I definitely connected with your story as one of my few single friends. It can be hard not to question gods love sometimes but it is so important to take the time to remember that He made us. Lysa, your words really resonate with me and I loved your unglued study. Cannot wait for this one!

  202. Lisa Gowen

    To grow closer to the Lord; making it an everyday natural.

  203. Jujuan

    When i first read your story about the mom that asked about how to help her daughter process the situation of being single at 30, it caught my attention. I serve in my local church as community as a Certified Biblical counselor and i can’t begin to tell you how many young women struggle with this. I look forward to learning much wisdom from your study!!

  204. Susan Caugh

    I am really looking forward to this bible study because I want to get to know Jesus on a more personal and intimate level. I have put Him high on a shelf, out of reach because I know I will never measure up. But, I do know He wants to get to know me, the real me. I want to learn how to let Him walk with me in this life by my side. I want to include Him in every aspect of my life, bring His love with me down in the trenches of my day to day living. I want to get to know Him, He knows me and He loves me.

  205. Julie

    I feel like I’m just going through the motions every day. I want to be fully, fully alive in Christ!

  206. Kristen Cruce

    I would love to learn how to have absolute faith in everything!!

  207. Carolyn Rogers

    Lysa, Although I know your devo is applicable to many situations that make us want to push away from God, recently my heart has been weeping for several beautiful women (inside and out) that I know that are so lonely. My heart breaks that they may feel they are not good enough (that’s probably how I’d feel). I’m going to try to find a way to share your devo with them-it is so true! Thank you.

  208. Janet Carson

    Would love to learn more about applying biblical truths to my life.

  209. Karen

    I’m looking forward to this – I always come away from a study of Lysa’s books with something that really impacts me long-term. Can’t wait to find out what it will be this time!

  210. Mitzi Crain-Dillon

    This year I said I would like to be able to say at the end of the year that I have really tried to spend time with the Lord daily. I have heard about Proverbs 31 on the radio, and Lysa came to my church and spoke a while back. I really enjoyed listening to her and I hope we have her back soon. I don’t believe I have ever been to this website, but I came to it tonight because I was looking for an encouraging word that would be scripture based to share with a friend that is trying to decide that a relationship she is in may need to end. God is so good all of the time, so glad I came and found out about the Bible study.

  211. Julie Giles

    This jumped out at me….. “Move past simply knowing about God and discover how to become vibrantly alive as you apply Biblical truths to your life” . Im at a point in my relationship with Jesus, that I need to go deeper still, trust more fear less.

  212. Deborah

    I want to learn how to let go of my feelings so that I can operate in faith.

  213. Billie

    Looking forward to the study 🙂

  214. Janet Lynn

    I see so much heartache all around me and a world so wicked and I grieve at what Gods chosen are going through and I do look up and say ,Father it is too high for me..I want to learn to filter it through HIS Love and see beyond what my human eyes that my first thoughts are NOT why..But that HE loves us and I WILL find peace in that alone…

  215. Amy F.

    I look forward to growing closer to God through this study. I want a more intimate relationship with Him. I currently have a Daily Bible Reading Calendar that I picked up from my church because – I admit – I have never read through the entire Bible. While I think this is a great resource from my church, I believe your book will (as you say on the back cover) help me learn how to make a Bible passage come alive in my devotional time! Thank you, Lysa, for your gift of writing and sharing God’s love!

  216. Linda S

    I am looking forward to this study to help me focus more on God, get closer to Him and help me avoid all the distractions that seem to take over even when I don’t want them to. Can’t wait to get started!

  217. Kiffany Stollings

    I do bible studies all the time, but a lot of the time I come down off my “mountain top” and have to deal with everyday life and my mind wanders from what I was excited about…Jesus. I’m hoping to learn to keep Jesus in the forefront and stay excited

  218. Lauren Gaskill | Making Life Sweet

    This is such a great reminder for me today, Lysa. Exactly what I need to read as I continue to fight and pray for healing for freedom from Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility syndrome. I feel that God has placed a call and desire on my heart to touch the lives of young women. I even just finished my first book and am working on getting it published in the hopes of traveling and speaking to young women. But the enemy is trying to wear me down with the pain and fatigue of my condition. In desperate moments, my soul cries out, “why God? Why?” Thank you for the reminder to keep trusting that everything is in God’s timing and His love will never end. Have a blessed day!

  219. Sherry Photenas

    Learn what God wants me to learn about love

  220. Chargaile Askew

    I am looking to grow deeper and stronger in my love affair with my Lord. I want to spend this year of 2016 having a heart after His. I want to hunger and thirst daily to read His word and hear His voice. This Bible Study will be the perfect start to this New Year.

  221. NancyL

    Just need to get back to regular personal Bible study and be accountable to get to done! Loved your story about the girl who didn’t have a boyfriend. I had the same thing with our middle daughter, her older and younger sisters were married. God is faithful, she is now married to a wonderful man who loves the Lord and her, and they have 3 sweet little kids. All in His timing.

  222. Renee Markovchick

    Lysa, I would like to have a closer relationship with Jesus. I don’t have a set routine for reading the Bible, and I am NOT a good Bible study girl. 🙁 I beat myself up for not reading/studying the Bible on a daily basis, and then I feel so guilty, that I don’t read it as often as I should. I feel so ashamed. By doing your Bible study on “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl,” maybe I could find passages that “speak to me,” so that the Bible is not so overwhelming. I do love the Lord and know that He loves me, but I desire to BELIEVE in HIS love, above all else. I want to FEEL HIS love and be able to share this with others.

  223. Bree

    I’d love to learn how to be closer to God when times are difficult.

  224. Jenny C.

    I want Biblical truths to guide my life more & more. This study has been on my ” radar” a long time…so glad you’re doing the study online 🙂

  225. Melanie C.

    It all boils down to perception, doesn’t it? The truth will always be true but if I have an poorly skewed view of myself then the truth of His abundant love for me doesn’t seem real. How do I learn to live daily in His truth, especially when I don’t feel it? This would be a life changing revelation.

  226. Jennie

    I would love to find a way to know God better, to hear Him,understand , and just be in His presence .
    I am looking forward to the study

  227. Deb

    I have quite a few beautiful on the inside and out young women in my life who are asking those hard “Why is this happening to me?” questions. Looking forward to doing this study and helping them learn that God is trustworthy.

  228. Natasha Cooper

    I’m looking for and hope to receive a total spiritual healing!

  229. Sarah Cayton

    I am one of those single and nearing 30. I identify very much so with the girl in your story. I have recently embarked on a journey of falling in love with Jesus. I feel this study would help me to go deeper in that relationship and be encouraged through the hard of it.

  230. Robin

    So many people struggling with God’s love when they ask this question. Can’t wait for this study!!

  231. Karen Senden

    I’ve read Unglued and made to crave and felt like you must have been reading my journals! I’d love to be more than a good Bible study girl and know your book would help.
    Thank you!!

  232. Jo Anne

    I was that girl who was waiting on Mr. Right. I got married in my late 30’s had two daughters at 38 &39 years old. I am now 53 & my daughters are 13 & 15.
    I still lack confidence in myself and want to break out of it and feel the radiant joy and confidence from my Father God. I need to teach my daughters by example. I fear the same happening to one of my daughters who has a difficult time in social situations and buries herself in work. My other daughter rarely leaves the house.
    Thanks for listening. Blessings JoAnne

  233. Joy

    I feel so Blessed to have found a Bible study that I can do with my 20 year old daughter. So looking forward to having God’s purpose revealed to us along the way. Bless You, Joy

  234. Marian

    My sister sent me today’s devotional. It is a GREAT reminder for all of us.

    I look forward to your new study. It will help brighten our winter days and doldrums.

    Thank you! God bless you for touching lives.


  235. Geri Benko

    Our family is currently traveling the road of marital distress with our eldest daughter, her husband, and their three precious babies. I am aching to be God’s vessel to all involved, and not to do more harm than has already been done. I am open to any and all avenues through which He might instruct me; possibly this Bible study. Thank you!

  236. Linda Cox

    This topic is really speaking to me and has been for awhile. I watched a faith based movie a few weeks ago called The Encounter and one character resonated with me. The wife who was a Sunday school teacher but was only going through the motions. It seems that I am so busy these days that I don’t have time to really think about why I am doing all that I do or to even appreciate what I do. I know that may sound shallow but a line in the movie was said to her along the lines of ‘if only she had the faith that the children in her Sunday school class had’. I started to doubt myself and my intentions. I need to get back to wanting to be closer to God and that is why I do any activity not ‘because it is what I am supposed to do’. Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost the passion and I so desperately need it back. Thank you for writing this book!

  237. Dawnielle

    I really need to learn how to apply biblical truths in my life and have a more personal relationship with Jesus. I really struggle following my childhood being destroyed by Adultery and all of it’s fallout; and then to suffer a double betrayal from a supposed friend and my husband and their selfish Long Term Adultery in my home. Adultery is so destructive to the innocent children and the betrayed spouse.

  238. Christine

    I want to rest in God’s love, for me.

  239. catherinebrown

    Please enter me in the contest for the book.Thank you

  240. Evelyn

    I am struggling to have my quiet time and to focus on my personal relationship with God these days. I work a very stressful job and come home with no energy to keep up with my daily tasks, I sit and want to have my quiet time and fall asleep and upset I missed the opportunity to be with God. I do pray daily and read a few verses but miss the reall quiet time I once had. Trying to focus again and to not feel so overwhelmed.

  241. brenda uithuisje

    Oh boy did that hit home. I have 3 grown daughters, the 2 youngest married and 6 children between them, then there’s the oldest at 33, heartbroken she has not found her true love by now and had a family like her sisters, feeling her clock ticking. There has been many broken relationships on top of an eating disorder. Being her mother I pray non-stop and have researched everything about her eating disorder and her skewed thinking on life. I try so hard to help her to the point that l cannot see other things going on in my life. I do trust God but have a hard time with the concept of knowing He has me going through this for a reason too. I think I would love to have this ” Becoming more than a good bible study girl” to focus more on myself and gain some tools on coping with this in a more Godly way trusting Him completely along the way.

  242. Ellen Weber

    I want to deepen my relationship with my God to the point that I live every moment KNOWING that he loves me.

  243. Amanda Franklin

    This sounds like an amazing book/study. May it touch many women’s lives and bring glory to God. You are such an example of faith and love. Thank you for your wonderful ministry.

  244. Shauney

    I’m looking forward to learning how to not go through the motions and not let my fear and frustration tear me away from God.

    My little boy is 9 months old and has been going through so many tests lately because the doctors believe he has something wrong with muscle deterioration. Physically he looks great, but bloodwork shows something different. Each appointment we hope and pray that God will give the doctors clarity and answers, but instead we are left with more questions. It has been so hard to not give into my emotions and fear. I get so frustrated and have asked God why does he have to keep going through the torture of blood draws and shock tests on his muscles?

    I’m looking forward to this study because I know the only way through this is with God, and not just following a check list of being a “good Christian”. I need to get to a deeper level with him.

  245. Cheryl

    I think this will be a great read for any young lady! will make a great group study book!
    Would love to get a free copy!

  246. Diane Iverson

    I look forward to finding out more about what I can do for Jesus. I feel like I must be doing something wrong because things just don’t seem to be going the way I think that they should be.

  247. Arlene

    My son is going through the same thing. He s not as verbal about it but I can see the longing for a partner, not just a date. He too has never had a girlfriend at age 28. I know God has a plan for his mate and is even now preparing them both to be the people they need to be for each other. Even now He is directing their “crooked paths” so that at the right time, they will cross. It might be today, next week or ten years from now. Time passing does not mean God has forgotten them. It only means that the time is not right for them to be together yet. I pray daily that they will both continue to follow God’s direction in their lives and not give up hope so that His plan may be fulfilled.

  248. Tina

    I had been raised in church my whole life. I know about God. Was the best at bible drills. I was the perfect bible study girl. I am 44 now. I WANT MORE! More than knowledge of where Philemon is located. More than smiles. I want real relationships with real ppl who aren’t afraid to talk about all their junk.

  249. Missy B

    Learning more about Jesus. Closer relationship with Him, not rules, not church.
    Opportunity to do a Bible study with a few other ladies.

  250. Regina @ A Journaled Life

    I appreciate the “voice of more”. So encouraged by the thought – no belief – that He loves me BECAUSE He allowed that thing to happen. Amen.

  251. Mical Thompson

    I’ve gone through the Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl study twice now, and both times, the part of the book that stood out to me most was praise and thanksgiving … how praise and thankfulness can bring something good out of our worst attitudes and circumstances. Cultivating a heart of thankfulness has been God’s main lesson in my life for over a year now. Thank you for this book, as well as many of your others. I know it will bless so many people!

  252. Susan

    This past Saturday my ‘nest’ became empty for the first time in 25 years. I was reading your Instagram that night and was dealing with so many emotions – happy for my kids (who are now both 6 hours away), was I a good enough mother?, what could I have done differently, what will I do now that there are no ‘children’ in the house? I immediately signed up for this bible study and shared it with others. I feel like this bible study is for me, to help me find my new place in life and it came at the exact, perfect time that I needed it. I can’t wait to start and I KNOW God has something for me in this. I anxiously await hearing from Him through this study.


    I would like an in-depth BIBLE STUDY because I need to have clarification of a lot of meanings of passages within the WORD. . .You see with so many different translations and teachers around I has become confusing as to who to believe (perspectives)…….I need some help…..The daily devotionals are good….but often times I may hear at church a different translation on a different format…..therefore I look forward to learning as much as I can by entering into this online BIBLE STUDY!

  254. Beth

    I feel like I have been going through the motions for the last 20 years trying to be a “good Christian woman” with little to show. I really want to experience God like I did when I was a young adult….with abandon. My faith has become stagnate and I want it to be alive and fresh again.

    • Judy

      something happened in my life in December 2015, that has drastically changed my life! First off, its only temporary, so not so bad, but I honestly was angry at god for putting me in this situation, and after being at home (as I can’t even work!) i began to see that God has a plan for every section, every chapter of our lives! I know He wants me to slow down and be more intimately involved with Him, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!! There’s a song that goes like this” His way is best I will not murmur!! What has happened is that my hip joint is in extreme bad shape and I was actually born with hip dysplasia; so this has affected thieving I do because whenever
      and it really makes every day MY DAY AND YOUR DAY AS WELL!!

  255. Kimberly Kious

    I just signed up and ordered the Kindle version of the book…but would love a paper version! Thank you and Blessings! Looking forward to this!!! 😀

  256. Tracie Register

    I have read several of your books and even heard you speak several years ago! I love how you put God in real form for me…often through your stories, it makes me see God better in my own story! God is real and He is at work through all things, however sometimes it is the human in us that fail to give Him credit or look for HIM everywhere! As I grow in my faith through this study, I hope to be more than just going through the motions, I want to grow my relationship with God to a point where He is my first not my second option!

  257. Karen

    I had a younger friend call me just last night to ask for guidance and prayer re: the subject you shared in this email. She is lonely and doesn’t understand why the Lord is allowing her to stay single etc. I would like the book for her and to connect her to your online bible study. God’s timing is so amazing! I hope I can win for my friend. I’ll connect her just the same.
    thank you.

  258. Kristy

    Lysa, I heard you speak a few years ago at Women of Faith – I am always touches by your REAL stories. I have a 14 year old daughter who is thirsty for more knowledge of Christ than I know what to do! We attend a small church in a small community that is not able to offer as much as I would like but we feel very loved by our church family and all my family attends there as well. I am a single Mom. I divorced about 4 years ago and my ex-husband passed a year after divorce. My daughter and I went to individual and counseling together with a Christian therapist. I believe my daughter does very well emotionally but I know I am missing something MORE with her. We each have devotional books we complete of course not as regularly as we should! I am wondering “Becoming More than a Good Bible study Girl” would be a great venue for us to connect spiritually as Mom and daughter. Thank you for sharing your life as a blessing to so many! Would love to have a copy for us!

  259. Sarah Feiertag

    Lysa, I can relate to your friend, but mostly her single, hurting daughter. I was her. Single for much of my adult life. I remember once telling my mom that I felt I was invisible. It felt like men just saw right through me. My mom told me, Sarah, perhaps God is protecting you, protecting you from all the men who are not the right one for you, protecting you from heartbreak, protecting you from disappointment, and preparing you for the right one. I remember her words to this day. And I found peace in the thought of God’s protection. Protection of me and my heart. I love the thought of His preparation of me, for whomever I will meet and marry. I met my wonderful husband several years later when I was 37 and we were married just after my 40th birthday. God is good. The love of a mother is precious. I am blessed by them both.

  260. Julie Jordao

    Boy, can I relate to that! Looking through the lenses of God’s love is a daily struggle for me, one that I seem to lise sight of more often than I care to admit. I have been trying to learn from my toddler, who not always gets what he wants or thinks he deserves, but whose best interest I have in my heart as a mom. How much more does God care for me!

  261. Ann

    I’ve read so many of your books and I’ve loved them all. I haven’t gotten around to reading this one and can’t wait. This should be a great study!

  262. Lisa Winters

    I see the same thing happening to my daughter. Although she hasn’t “asked those exact
    questions yet”, but I anticipate them anytime.
    I look forward to the study for both of us.

  263. Clare

    I’m looking forward to recalibrating my heart to the way it was when I was younger, physically and in my faith.
    I want the child-like innocence back that stops questioning every motive (of people and God). I want to be able to trust, to be able to relax and to be able to enjoy.
    I want to live out my Christian life and, not just have others benefit from it but benefit myself through the Holy Spirit.

  264. Andrea

    Last year, I told God I wanted to know what it was like to live a life totally trusting him. It is my heart’s desire. Thank you for this encouraging post.

  265. Myrna Gaye Dumas

    I have been listening to Klove 24/7 for 4 years. I have heard you & Renee come on the air from time to time. Everytime I heard you I thought to myself I need to write down that email address & check it out. You preached Sunday morning of the Klove fan award show. I heard the message. I was moved to tears and told myself I would surely come to this website to seek information about how to get that flame kindled to set my soul on fire again from within through His Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I kept letting “other things” prevent me from doing so until right now. Lysa, I know God has something special planned for me. I keep getting in my own way. I don’t pray for His eyes to see/His ears to hear/His words to speak consistantly. Perhaps He has been leading me here all this while & I haven’t paid close enough attention until now. I dunno. What matters is I want to get about doing God’s work and not my own.
    I am disabled & on a fixed income. I won’t get paid again until February 3rd. If I get your book complimentary to begin the study on the 25th I could purchase the book when I get paid to provide for someone else. If that isn’t a possibility, can I begin the study without it? I mean are there going to be pages posted online or anything like that for those that don’t have it? If not, could I just begin on the 3rd?
    Thank you for living your life as Jesus’ deciple. I want to live my life as His deciple, too.
    In His service,
    God Bless You

  266. Natalie

    I would like to become a better person, I would like to counsel young ladies who need help and I would like to beable to study my bible better, to have the answers and truth.

  267. TY

    I just signed up for this online Bible Study right NOW! I am a young woman who is hopeful that God has great plans for my life, even though everything at the moment seem to be at a dead-end. I’m stuck in my thoughts and feelings and I know the only way to get unstuck is to press into God and lean into his words. I’m looking forward to discover God in a new light and not only grow in my faith but remind myself of what Jesus already did on the cross. Thank you for this opportunity. I perceive it’ll make a great impact in my life.

  268. Mel

    I haven’t read this book before. Thanks for the opportunity.

  269. Timeisha

    Im looking forward to diving deeper into God’s word and knowing my identity in Christ alone.

  270. Cindy Underwood

    You always know how to speak to what women are feeling or have felt and connect it to God’s truth and love. Thank you for what you do.

  271. Vicki

    I just wanted to say this is my first time with Proverbs 31. I did sign up for the Bible Study which I am really excited about. Ive been fumbling around trying to keep up with the online technology of blogs, hashtags and videos but I’m getting it (I think). I am so looking forward to deepening my relationship with the Lord and sharing that depth with others. I’m not quite sure how I found this ministry, Bible Study and Lysa’s posts, but over the past few days of reading and clicking from link to another… I am. I stand in awe of how God led me here when I wasn’t even looking. He knew what I needed and where to find it….Thank You Father God for leading me to the pasture where I can be fed the words of Your truth. Thank You for including me to take part of this amazing study. I commit my time and attention with an open mind and open heart so that I can walk away with a deeper understanding of who You are.

  272. Tiffany

    I’m most looking forward to learning how to deal with the issues in my life that seem to fog up or even stump my spiritual growth. I’m anxious to get close to God and experience Jesus in a person way, as well. Years have passed and I fell short for a long time. I need my savior back in my heart and helping me through this life. Listening to everyone else hasn’t gotten me where I want and need to be.

  273. Tala

    GOD IS SOOO MINDFUL!!!! I just went to my inbox yesterday(which I don’t check often enough), where I receive your mailings and saw this article. It was so on time because it was EXACTLY how I was feeling. So many times I “think” I have the concept of your article down. Being able to see how when God allows certain things to happen(or not) in our lives, we can STILL be assured He’s doing so through His PERFECT love. Then my heart becomes “tangled” and I lose that focal point and begin to question Him and ask why there’s so much pain in my heart. He never scolds or becomes unseemly, He just gently reminds me that HE KNOWS BEST and that His thoughts towards me are for good. He did that today through your article and I’m so grateful that even in my “tangled” moments, He remembers me and more importantly He loves me!! Thanks so much for this article and being His voice for me today. May He continue to bless you and your ministry.

  274. Donna Evans

    Lysa, thank you so much for your ministry! Loved your Made to Crave book and all your articles each month!!! I wanted to leave a comment for you to ponder…. I was looking at your comments when you walked where the good Samaritan walked, and just wanted to give you a source to look at. Under What is the meaning of the parable of the good samaritan? And James Montgomery Boice’s book the Parables of Jesus. You are right I think in seeing Jesus, but only as a metaphor. The meaning within the text and the teaching from the text is I think to love our neighbors as ourselves and of course in the context of loving the Lord first. You are way smarter than me. I do not mean for this to be judgmental. Just was on my mind for awhile and thought i would pass it along. I know you want to be accurate because of all your great teaching that I have read. Praying for your upcoming weddings and for your continued strength and hope in the Lord. In Christ, Donna

  275. Mandy

    I stumbled upon your blog after looking into a conference coming up at my church. I plan to attend and hear you speak March 4-5. I am looking forward to your study now as well. It’s been well over three years since I’ve done a Bible study. Just discouraged that I always seemed the be the one disconnected. I have struggled to find God over the past few years. The three bullet points you outlined above are exactly what I need. I want to experience Jesus in a personal way. I want to be more than a good Bible study girl. Would love to win the book, but I am planning on the study either way!

  276. Julianna Healy

    I want so badly to please the Lord and when I fail Him it really does tear me apart. It can be easy to go back and forth, like a love/hate relationship when I don’t perform as I should. I’ve had a better revelation of His grace in the last 15 years, and yet I still find it easy to look at myself through the filter of my accomplishments and failures in different areas of my life. And sometimes I honestly am too soft on myself or don’t do what I know I should be doing. As a busy working mother, I find it hard to get regular study time in, though I meditate on the word and pray throughout the day. I know I need to set a regular appointment with the Lord to be filled because He is my real life, strength and peace. And I want the Holy Spirit to be my navigator as I travel this road called life. So I look forward to being more than a Bible Study girl.

  277. Jennifer

    Even those who were married much older than usual have absolutely no idea what it is like to be a 45 year old woman who has never been on a date, let alone in a relationship. i am not single because of choices Inmade but because no one has or ever will choose me. It is heartbreaking to be one of those rejected and unchose, an I can only hope that God has a special kind of love and compassion for those of us in that situation.

  278. Nancy

    Hi I am new to the page. I have 5 grown children 4 boys and a girl which is the baby of the family been married for 33 years and I gave my life to the Lord when I was 17. But now that the kids are grown it is like OK what happened and then I finally found my answer MY PRAYERLESSNESS so here I am learning how to pray Gods Word, Speak Gods Word and deal with the madness that I am surrounded with satan is wrecking havoc in the lives of my husband and children and I am in the process of learning but God is faithful He has let me keep my mind. So I am try to sign up for the Bible study Being more than a good Bible study girl but it sends me to the quitzilla one please help. Nancy

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi, Nancy!

      We are so glad you stopped by! The study of Lysa’s book “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl” is already over. I am so sorry you missed it! Nicki’s book “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit” is our next online Bible study. We hope you will still read Lysa’s book and find encouragement… or even sign up for this new study!

      Lysa’s Ministry Team

  279. edna Deacon

    I have been a Christian since 1967, and serving God has been a calling. I worked with the ‘Faith Mission’ founded by a Mr George Govan. I left to get married, having married into the Methodist Church, and as I worshipped God I saw a lot of double standards, for me this has taken its toll. I long to know the closeness of God again, I kow He has not left me but I feel such a failure at times especially as a minister’s wife. People within some circuits do not accept me, I feel alone at times, also the love of my life seems to believe untruths about me and my witness and character has been assassinated, I have felt so often like giving up and I call on you to help as at times I feel I am loosing my faith bit by bit. I believe God has got me to make contact with you as I have a longing in my heart and life to serve God and be fully anointed, God worshiping Christian He wants me to be. Please help me. I have faced verbal abuse, belittling, and have reached a sense of fear for my life and my future. Please help me to get to love and feel God’s Presence again.

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