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What Ignoring God Could Have Cost Me

April 3, 2015

Well, we’ve been working hard to spruce this place up a tad. I hope you like it. After all, I want you to feel as at home on my blog as I do. (And if you’re reading this through email, you may want to click here to see what I’m talking about.)

I’m so glad you’ve popped over for a visit. Feel free to poke around, but before you do, read this…

It was a hot day inside and outside at the orphan village in Liberia. The 12 boys inside, practicing their choir music, found their eyes wandering over to the soccer field, where the promise of fun and the cheers of their friends tugged at them.

They were feeling the pull of wanting to go outside and play soccer. But these boys determined the choir was worth the sacrifice.

Years earlier, Liberia had been ravaged by a civil war that left more than 25,000 orphans to be cared for. So to raise money and support, an a cappella boys’ choir was formed to travel throughout the country of Liberia and perform in churches.

Two of the teenage boys in that choir, Jackson and Mark, had been orphaned as babies when their parents and most of their siblings were killed by rebel forces.

Night after night these boys knelt beside their makeshift beds and poured out prayers of thanksgiving and hope that one day they’d hear six simple yet life-changing words, “You are my child—welcome home.”

God had a perfect design for their prayers to be answered and worked miracle after miracle to bring the boys choir to America. But little did I know that we would be part of the answer to Mark and Jackson’s prayers.

Our life was busy and full, and we were enjoying being the parents of three little girls. So you can imagine my surprise the night I went to see The Liberian Boys’ Choir concert at our church that I was stirred to consider adoption.

As I sat in the concert, God whispered to my heart that two of those boys singing were mine. No, I thought. Not me.

I felt like sticking my fingers in my ears and singing, La, la, la, la, la . . . I’m not listening to You, God! But the stirring in my heart wouldn’t stop.

I decided to try a new tactic with Him. Lord, I just came here tonight to bring my girls to a simple little cultural event. I’m not looking for a major life change. My life is already very full with speaking and writing and homeschooling three girls. Besides, all my friends would think we were crazy.

But God wasn’t discouraged by my response. His directive in my heart became more intense as the evening went on. After the concert, I asked the coordinator of the event which of the boys still needed homes so I could pray for them. He told me that eight of the boys still needed to find families and encouraged me to walk into the reception area where they were. If God intended for some of these boys to be ours, he was sure I’d know it.

Reluctantly, I walked into the reception area. In a matter of seconds, Jackson and Mark walked up to me, wrapped their arms around me, and called me Mom.

I was moved and terrified at the same time.

What began as a small heart prompting had turned into a very big decision for our family to make.

After discussing it, we cried out to God, desperate for His guidance and wisdom. We pondered every aspect and wrestled with this decision deep in our spirits.

Still, doubts and questions flooded our minds: How could we financially increase the size of our family? How would we find the time in our already crammed schedule? How would we raise boys? How would we find room in our home? The list went on and on.

One day, I called my friend and poured out my heart. I told her I could list off many other parents who I felt were much more qualified than us. She patiently listened without much response as I asked, “Why me?”

Then quietly and prayerfully she answered. “Because God knew you’d say yes, Lysa.”

I was stunned. It was the highest compliment I’d ever received. My heart was filled with joy as memories filled my mind of the years of small steps God had me take to get me to the place where I could be prepared to take this much bigger step.

Now, over ten years later, I think back to me sitting in that church pew, just going about my ordinary life when God’s extraordinary invitation burst forth. I could have so easily walked out of that church and ignored God’s stirring. I’ve done that more times than I’d like to admit. But look at everything we would have missed out on had I done that.

Hear my heart: I’m not saying that everyone is called to adopt. But each day we can look for His invitation to leave our plans behind to join Him in His wondrous work through our own unique small steps of obedience.

What if the next big step God wants you to take is actually small?

Remember, my big step of faith came after years of taking small steps of faith. But no matter where you are or what God has called you to, you can take the first step. Find out more in our next FREE online Bible study of my book, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith. Sign up today.

I’m giving away 10 copies of What Happens When Women Walk in Faith today on the blog to help you get ready for the study. To be entered to win, leave a comment below telling me what small step you’re going to take this week.

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  1. Tonji Mitchell

    The small step that I will take this week is to incorporate more “personal time with God”

  2. April Spillers

    I took a step of faith this week when I applied for the administrative assistant job at the church I have been attending. If I am hired I’m fairly certain I will have to take a cut in pay & will have to start paying for my health insurance, but I truly believe this is what God wants me to do. I believe He provided this opportunity for me to serve Him. Thank you, Lysa, for sharing this beautiful story about your sons. It touched my heart. May God continue to richly bless you and your family!

  3. Charlotte

    10 years ago next weekend God called me out to out life as a single parent and pressed into my hear and soul I could do this. What a blessing my son is and ohhh how God has grow my throughout these 10 years. In ways I would never have experienced to saying yes I will keep this child and count on YOU to be my all. It id a challenge and can be depleting yet God always provides financially and mentally as well as psychically. I would not go back and change a thing and I love what God has found locked away within me to shine for Him and His glory.

    • Charlotte

      Sorry for the crazy typos. 🙂
      Good Friday and all is forgiven!!!

  4. Sharman Harrell

    I’m going to make the first move in mending a relationship. 🙂

  5. Heidi

    Oh this is perfect timing, thank you! I have been asked to consider taking on a larger role in our special needs program at my church. I have been thinking about all the reasons I should say no, but then I come back to the idea of saying yes to God (no matter the question). So I am saying yes and leaving the rest to Him 🙂

  6. Lisa

    What a timely word! Thank you. It’s time to take the next step.

  7. Kim

    I am making small steps to be consistent in my reading, worship, and eating habits. Procrastination has been a huge part of my life coupled with perfectionism. I must take daily steps in victory over this huge issue and trust God during the journey.

  8. Teresa Tabb

    Adoption is a wonderful thing. Helped us become parents when we ran out of medical options and were not willing to proceed any farther with their plans. I didn’t care how I became a parent because we are all adopted by God. I honor the choice that my daughter’s birth mother made to give her a better life by being present for my child and honoring God. I am grateful for her choice to place our daughter in a loving home and value that decision by cherishing the opportunity to shepherd this life and help her to grow into the person God wants her to be. That is the little thing I do everyday that will make a big difference in her life.

  9. Jodie

    I want to say Yes to GOD!

  10. Angela Clark

    Try not to let my past define me anymore.

  11. Bonnie

    I would love to learn how to hear the Almighty better. I am going to try to listen more. Thanks

  12. Julie

    Today I will go about the business of caring for my family and preparing for a large Easter gathering. Sounds simple, but feels so overwhelming at times…

  13. Sarah

    Considering the step of homeschooling my son next year

  14. nancys1128

    I am going to work at keeping my ears tuned to God and not all that goes on around me. It’s too easy to get sucked into the goings-on in our day-to-day living. And I think I actually started while on a plane earlier this week. I was listening to the recording of Phantom of the Opera, and for the first time I was struck by the spiritualness of some of the libretto. So struck, in fact, that I made notes on my phone about what I heard behind the words being sung. I love when I get that tuned in and need to make a habit of always being there.

  15. Kinta

    Thank you for sharing this. I truly needed to read it today. This has been a trying week, but I keep getting assurances that it for a much bigger purpose. This week I intend on listening to God when He tells me that He has it and to give this worry that I have completely and totally to Him. I intend on stepping out of my comfort zone as much as I desperately want to cling to what is known and familiar. I intend to find my quiet place and have a truly intimate conversation with God about just what it is He has for me.

    Thank you again for sharing your testimony. I truly appreciate it. God bless you and your beautiful family.

  16. Jennifer C.

    To be content and share with others.

  17. Audrey

    God has laid on my heart my entire family, I must admit that I freely share the gospel this so many strangers and people I don’t know and with friends. But, why I have found it so difficult to share Jesus with my 4 siblings and my father, and they all need Jesus desperately. We have a very troubled past and I feel God wants to use me in their lives. So I have begun this most precious week I have decided to move Audrey out of the way and listen to what God has to tell me. Thank you for your message at “Woman of Joy” in Branson. I really enjoyed reading your posts and all your words of encouragement. Thank you and I pray God blesses your socks off today!!

  18. Arlene

    It has been on my heart for a long time to find a volunteer project outside of my church, something that will bring joy and blessing to those that don’t have the ability to do for themselves. I have considered Assisted Living or a Nursing Home. My 94 year old mom was in Assisted Living for just under a year, then in a Nursing Home 6 hours away from my home making it difficult to visit often. The Lord took her home last week after much pain and suffering. Such bittersweet joy to be there when she was ushered from this world into heaven! Seeing her in the nursing home opened my eyes to the deep need for loving hands to be there when family is not present. And just recently I had a conversation with my new neighbor’s daughter who works for an organization that administers the care for a group of Assisted Living facilities here in my city. My next small step is to get her phone number and give her a call to see what opportunities God has in mind for me. His hand and timing was on my mother’s passing and it is no coincidence that I met my neighbor’s daughter just days before leaving to say goodbye to my mother. His hand at work in our lives is amazing!

  19. Carol

    I had to make the decision to leave my 55-60 hr a week job for the well being of me and my family. It is incredibly scary, but see God’s hand all in it. For now, every day, I am focusing on trusting that God led me to the decision and He will see me to my next adventure.

  20. Jean

    What a beautiful family! God has a beautiful plan for each of us. I want to listen to His word of knowledge to my heart everyday.

  21. Erin

    I would love to win this Bible study book. God has been teaching me recently what it looks like to walk in faith, and I want to be more sensitive to the opportunities (big and small) he puts in front of me. Thank you!!

  22. Lisa V

    That’s a beautiful story Lysa. I am learning to take small steps to be a woman of faith… We have kids and grandkids who are struggling, at times my marriage is struggling, we have friends who are struggling. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in ten different directions trying to keep up with just the small circle around me, but I am trying to be still and listen in the middle of it and just follow my heart and my Lord. I am dedicating each day to Him and asking to be useful. Last night I picked up a developmentally challenged young friend from church because he had never been to our Easter play and doesn’t drive, and then picked up two of our grandsons. My husband and I were suppose to greet people coming to the play – he was home terribly sick. I was undecided. Should I stay home and take care of my husband or stick to my plans and take these three young men (10, 11 and 25) with me to church – and it was snowing like crazy! I picked up my friend and the boys and we went to church and all three of them took the alter call and accepted Jesus into their hearts! Walking, one step at a time, in faith. Thank you for your postings! They are encouraging and appreciated.

  23. Cierra

    Thank you for this blog!!! The Lord has really been placing on my heart to prepare to move to another state and to be ready to go into full-time ministry. Although I was apprehensive at first I’m now putting the situation in God’s hands and will begin to pray and ask Him to prepare me for the journey ahead. I will not allow my circumstances to cause me to doubt what God has shown me and will hold tight to His vision. For me the small step is to just trust that He has got me and everything will go according to His plan, as He leads me into this new season.

  24. Norma

    Thank you for sharing your heart. Ready to take that next small step. Praying for open eyes and an open heart.

  25. Anne

    I’m praying for open ears and an open heart to hear God, even when He says things I don’t want to hear, like “slow down”.

  26. Becky M

    Perfect opportunities these weekend to take small steps. I am an accountant, and this is our busy time, so I frequently cannot help out with the Easter Egg Hunts sponsored by both my church and by my kids’ 4-H club. As it turns out, I will likely not have to work tomorrow, so my intention is to show up to help with at least one. Because of the start times, I don’t think I can make both events, but I can certainly make it to one of them.

  27. Elena

    My husband moved out several months ago. After being very angry and hurt, I decided to leave that all behind and move forward. That produced great results in our relationship, so much so I thought we were headed toward reconciliation. A couple months ago, he completely pulled back again. We have minimal interaction, mostly involving the children. At this point, I don’t even think I’m that angry anymore, but I am sad. For me, for our children, even for him. I never thought my life would come to this. I am doing my best to have faith in God to provide financially, spiritually and emotionally. Even though I waited so very long to get married, I don’t relish the thought of being alone again. I am having faith in God to just get me through each week, each day, to move forward and be the best parent I can for my babies. Your story brought tears to my eyes! I need to let go and have the faith that God can move mountains!

    • jb

      me too

  28. Jamie

    Oh Lisa…I never tire of hearing your story! Love the family pic! I feel God leading me in a “new” direction in my life. I pray for ears to hear and the patience to wait on HIS timing. In the meantime, I choose to continue to GO…praising Him in my daily life. Look forward to this study.

  29. Alex Warren

    My small step of faith is to signup for, and participate in, this bible study. I KNOW that I need to grow in this area. Perfect timing!! EXCITED 🙂

  30. Jenni DeWitt

    My small step will be to focus on God’s voice and not my fear.

  31. Lana

    I would like to start a Celebrate Recovery group at our church. I feel that God is telling me that’s what I need to do! Also, there is a need for it. I already have done my research and I’m aware of the commitment that’s needed and all I can say is “Let’s get started!” I have also talked to my pastor about this passion of mine and he’s on board!

  32. Stascia Hardy

    Thank you for your post. Right now, I feel so much in my heart. I left a 50-60 hour a week job too. I have a new job with less money, but a lot more peace. I am very thankful for my new job, but I know God has called me to more. I know I want to work with teachers and students and eventually open a school for impoverished students. I just don’t know how it is going to happen. Yesterday, I spoke with my boss about my dreams (step one), and I am going to research grant opportunities (step two).

  33. Cindy

    The small step of faith I am taking is joining this online course to take me further in my journey with the Lord than I am right now. Thank you so much! God bless you

  34. Candy

    Recently God has brought a man into my life, he did something a long time ago that has haunted him his whole adult life. I found out about it not from him, but another source. I kept praying about it, if I should confront him, not spend time with him etc. God kept telling meI have forgiven him, do not judge him. Trust me and let me continue to work in his heart. We have since talked about it and God is taking him to a place of healing and being set free that he has not known in his life time. Is this the person God has for me, not sure but I know that I am in in life at this time to help bring hope and restoration to him! It is amazing what happens when we are obedient. Such a blessing not only to ourselves but to the lives that God uses us to touch! We may never know the impact we have in this lifetime! Use me Lord!!

  35. Bikendra Van Buren

    This week, my small step will be to just breath, allow the holy spirit to envelope me with His love and be present in that moment. I get so busy being a single mom, that I do not always take the time to be present….I will this week!!

  36. Beks

    It might sound small, but this one act of obedience is one I’ve always struggled with. I’m trying to actually tithe. I’ve always been paranoid that I won’t have enough money every month to cover my bills, let alone give to the Lord what is His, but when I started selling Jamberry, after much prayer and the money to start falling in my lap the day before I removed money from my savings, I said I would tithe off it every month. Starting this Easter Sunday, I will be making my first tithe payment, and hope to continue to be obedient, and that I can grow from this experience of obeying God.

  37. Marty Walden

    Your story is so similar to ours. God prompted us towards adoption when we had 2 biological children but when he nudged/shoved a sibling group of 3 into our lives we said yes! We’ve never doubted those giant steps even though the ensuing years have often been heartbreaking. They have been years God has used to mold us and build our character. Thank you for our transparency! My next small step is to continue to walk in faith with my blog through the doors God is opening!

  38. Sherrie E

    I’ve been avoiding signing up for this study because for 2 weeks of it my husband and I will be on vacation. I think my next step that God is calling me to step out in faith on is simply doing the study. I’m not on vacation from my Bible study but from the daily issues that pull at me. Thank you for the encouragement of obedience in today’s blog, I needed it.

  39. Joyce

    I cried when I read this post but it wasn’t like a normal cry…something just happened in me…changed. I’m not sure what that change is yet but I’m certain that reading this was a step in the right direction to accepting that change. I have been praying and seeking God for direction lately and I sincerely want to know what HIS will is for my life. Thank you so much for listening to God when he spoke to you. I pray that I will also listen and receive whatever it is that He has for me. You have a beautiful family.

  40. Amy E. Wells

    This week my small step is to follow through with myself.

    Too many times I will make a choice in my head or out loud to do something that I know I need, big or small, and somewhere along the way I forget how positive it made me feel at first and I have now since decided to just maybe do it some other time. I don’t know if it’s out of fear that it won’t make a big difference, or out of fear of it being selfish and maybe I’ll miss an opportunity to be there for someone else. But I’ve at least come to realize that I don’t want to fast forward to a month or just 1 week from now and see how many opportunities I had to be present, be there for myself and help my Faith grow, and instead of taking advantage of the umpteen opportunities.. I accepted 0. Sometimes life can get to a point where I feel like I am working harder to catch-up, when I could be applying my hard work to growing more and enjoying my past hard work paying off. If I don’t value my own worth enough to listen and follow through with myself, then where is this day taking me to and do I want to go there?

  41. Gwen

    God has taken me to another level of faith through an illness I have and the treatment. I’m asking God to help me take what He has taught me these last few years to the people in the park where I live – to show them Jesus Christ and their need for Him. That’s my next small step – one person at a time.

    Thank you for showing us how God does speak to us and does lead us in His way.
    God’s blessings…Gwen

  42. Jenni Fong

    My small but ginormous steps are to finally turn over my weight/health issues to God, and to get back to church. It’s been a long time since I was a regular at church and boy does my soul need it.

  43. Jade N

    My small step would be to not only pray to him but to really truly listen to God and let Him lead me.

  44. Allyson

    My next small step is going back to work after a year off. I wasn’t too be open to whatever job God has for me. If I’m in His place I know I will be happy.

  45. Wendy

    I’ve been struggling for a while with some real heartache. God is telling me it’s time to let it go. My first step is to be willing. Thank you, Lysa, for this study.

  46. Donna

    I feel a stirring in my heart that God is calling me to something more. I just cannot figure it out. Thank you for sharing your stories and your love of our Lord.

  47. Tiffiney Holmes

    So touched. Thanks for sharing. My hubby and I are hoping to adopt in the near future. This post is quite encouraging and courageous!

  48. Natalie Tull

    I am saying YES to God. He has been putting on my heart to attend She Speaks 2015 to help me learn how to speak in front of groups of women better and share my story of God’s transformation in my lifestyle from drugs and how He has changed my life in miraculous ways!!! Lord whatever you want from me, I AM WILLING! Thanks for sharing this today Lysa.

  49. Susan Orr

    My daughter and her family are now foster parenting, which is so amazing because I once thought I wanted to do that. It was very long ago before my daughter was even thought of. But my husband wasn’t on board. Somehow I think that dream is being lived out through my daughter. And I get to be Grandma to all these fosters. God is good!

  50. Kelley

    its amazing to see how God speaks to you if you will just stop long enough to realize the extra pressure on your heart or tears (you think) for no reason is actually God working on your heart through the only means He has…the blessings will pour out if we slow down long enough to listen and to act upon those fluttering feelings or silent nudges. God is so faithful!

  51. Rosie Bachand

    i have found that I signed up for EVERYTHING Lysa does, twice (at least). My goal for this week is to be patient (our grandson says “patient is waiting and being happy”) for something to happen. and NOT sign up or order anything. What a blessing she has been. so please do not send me a book, i already have one (at least).

  52. Denise

    I am trying to stop directing everything around me and to listen to what or where God is directing me.

  53. Disha Moreau

    I was blessed and challenged to pray with faith for some impossible situations in my life. Waiting and wondering is not easy but it does build character.

  54. Christa

    My small step is to continue walking in my calling as a new writer just because God called me – not because it seems to ‘make sense’ to those who knew me as the ‘corporate America’ version of myself.

  55. Debbie

    Focus less on my perceived inability and more on God’s ability!

  56. Brigitte

    My small step is to be in the word daily, so that I can be ready to encourage others when the need arises.

  57. Jenn

    Meet with my pastor and women’s ministry leader about the ministry and starting a young women’s Bible study.

  58. Niki

    My small step is to just sit back and listen. Quit focusing on what I want and start listening for what God wants. It won’t be easy, but I am going to try.

  59. Denise

    To let go of hurts, disappointments, and discouragement. To start healing.

  60. Lorna Jordan

    After finally sharing about difficult circumstances in our ministry with my women’s small group, I took the step of meeting with a counselor at our church’s counseling center. It can be hard for those of us in ministry to admit the truth that struggles are real and we need help.

  61. Demi Miller

    My next step in Faith will be to make time to truly talk to God. I hope that as the conversations grow I will learn to hear him speak back to me as well.

  62. Andrea

    While reading this, I thought doing the online book study was a great place to start. To be honest, I’m not sure which steps to take, so I’m going to do the only thing I know to do at this point, pray about it.

  63. Cathi Nichols

    This week I am going to block out that part of me that gets annoyed when a certain co-worker just stops by to talk just to talk and try to be the Christian that God has called me to be.

  64. angie Dailey

    This week I plan on making a writing schedule- and implementing it.

  65. Nancy R

    Due to mental healthy issues, I often cannot attend church. One small step this week will be to try to attend on Easter Sunday and sit through the whole service.

    • Debra Anderson

      Nancy, if you are ever unable to attend services, my church has all our services online. You can watch “live” or numerous pre-recorded messages. Just go to newspring.cc and I am sure you will be blessed.

  66. Alexis

    I have four young sons. While my life is full of joy, lately I feel so discouraged. Whenever I feel embarrassed of my messy life, And start to berate myself for not being “in control” i vow to instead say Thank you, God, for keeping me humble and reminding me that YOU are in control.

  67. Beverly Rosand

    My Bible Study group recently finished The Best Yes. We enjoyed the walk with you. What Happens When Women Walk in Faith sounds like it is up our alley. I love your sharing about your family. We are learning to love them with you from afar.

  68. Natasha O'Daniel

    Get more involved with the women’s ministry at my church. Be a more Godly influence at my job. Share with others my experience in watching the movie with my parents,, “Do You Believe?” Great movie of the stronger faith I desire to have in God.

  69. Michelle Parrott

    I’ve been in education for years, in a number of settings. For almost a year now I’ve felt the nudge to work in Christian education somehow, somewhere. I’ve resisted exploring such possibilities for all kinds of reasons (excuses). My small step will be to submit my resume to area Christian schools and churches, whether they’re hiring or not. A little bit of a bigger step is declining an offer to return to my current school next year. Next week is my Spring Break – also now “leap of faith” week. Which as I think about it is practically every week, yes? Hugs for you Lysa!

  70. Natasha

    Sharing the love of Christ with my co-workers in all I say and do.

  71. Maria

    I am trying to hear God’s direction above the loud sounds of my confusion, frustrations and fears.

  72. Headless Mom

    Your words are right on the money today Lysa. Maybe later this summer I’ll have a great praise report for you.

    God bless you today Lysa. Thank you for saying yes.

  73. Elizabeth

    If it is his will, I am going to open my heart to the possibility of a reconciliation as we celebrate our son’s first birthday.

  74. Colleen

    my small step is this right now…commenting on your blog post…wondering if God led me to this post and to this book for a reason…on Good Friday.

  75. Shelly Eby

    What step am I taking this week is small compared to yours. However, it is tragic for me. My dog passed away suddenly on Wednesday. She was my world. It’s silly I know, but I’m single and she is my comfort (now, what you also need to know is that my father passed away only 8 months ago). She started getting sick last week and we traveled down a harsh road until her passing on Wednesday. Every night I would pray, “Lord I know it’s silly to pray for a dog, but you brought her to me, please heal her”. Nothing. Monday night, she took a severe turn for the worse and had to be admitted to the hospital. That night I prayed, Lord, she is in your hands. I know you will do what is best for her as you do for all your creatures, even though I may not think it is best for me. Wednesday morning he took her from me. I prayed a tearful silent thank you for not making her suffer any more and for him to heal my heart. He is slowly healing my heart, but he kept my heart open for another dog who may need me. I pick her up tonight. Her name is Bo. He allowed me to take this step out of my pain into his gracious healing.

  76. Katie

    My next small step is joining our healing &prophetic prayer team. I am attending my first Graham Cooke Confrence next weekend! …just trying to walk as Jesus walked…knowing he’ll guide my path!

  77. Heather

    My small step will be to listen–really listen. Not just while waiting to hear God’s prompting during times of prayer, but to bring that same thoughtful, respectful quiet to the words of friends and family. He may choose to speak through the voices of those I love best.

  78. Debra Anderson

    I am going to overcome my shyness with the Lord’s help and invite several people to Easter services. In fact, if anyone is reading this and doesn’t have a home church, my church is having services Friday, Saturday and Sunday (check times at newspring.cc). Come as you are and worship with us!

  79. Sondra

    My small step is happening on Easter. I will be going up in front of the entire church and partipating in giving a cardboard testimony! I can hardly get in front of a small group of people and talk so this is huge. My cardboard sign will say: I grew up in an abusive and unloving home. Flip it over: I found restoration in Jesus! I AM LOVED! Pray for me! This feels like a huge step for me but I know God has bigger plans for me and this is a small step towards them! I just have to have faith! I got this!

  80. Christy Roach

    I’m believing God is going to provide me a job. He’s been faithful through my unemployment before and I know he will see me through this. I’ve been applying to no less than 5 jobs every day and reaching out through every network and association I’m in. I had a second interview with a business today and I’m believing God’s best is around the corner even if this job isn’t it. I would love a copy of When Women Walk in Faith and I’m already signed up for the online bible study. I just don’t have a copy of the book. I want to do the study and use it to prepare to lead a small group during our summer small group semester this summer. Thank you and have a Happy Easter!

  81. Hilary


  82. Rita

    My next small step is to try hard to get up early each morning to seek God & listen for His voice! We are going through a rough time right now because my husband lost his job 8 months ago. We are considering a move because jobs are scarce in our area. We really need God’s direction!

  83. Dawnielle

    I said yes when God laid it on my heart to lead healing bible studies with the women at my church. The first one is complete and he laid on my heart to do a transformational one to bring healing to the women, including me. Stepping out and sharing is very scary for me, but I’ve said Yes lord. Which includes posting daily on our Women’s Group page on Facebook and sharing how Proverbs 31 devotionals spoke to me. Currently I’m the only women commenting on the devotionals, but God said to do it, and to ask the other women to share as well.

  84. Katie Cox

    My small group just purchased the participant guides and DVD to start a study on Lysa’s “The Best Yes.” It will be a six week study and I’m so excited! I really need to learn what my best yeses are!!

    I would love to do our next study on “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”. That would be great to win the books!! I love Lysa’s insight and wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

  85. Nisha

    Love your testimony, it’s amazing what God will do when we say yes! My one small step is trusting God at His word no matter how uncomfortable I feel, by simply saying “okay,” in my heart.

  86. Amy

    My small step will be to somehow bless my elderly neighbors this week. I feel God calling me to bless them, I’m just not certain how to go about doing so just yet.

  87. Lori Johnson

    I’m not sure if this is where you leave your responses to win the book or not, but here goes! I actually took the step of faith last week or so. I help care for my parents, my husband is still dealing w/headaches and much missed work and family time due to a tumor being removed in Dec. 2013. I have 2 boys, and am a co-leader to our Children’s ministry at church. I also attend a Wed. Bible Study (BSF). They have asked me for the 2nd time to come aboard the Children’s Area there. I felt like I missed a blessing the first time they asked. And I prayed about it for a week. I kept finding lessons in the notes about God’s provision, His strength, even when things are hard, etc…..So I accepted. I am now a little unsure about the reality of that commitment. I know that if I can pull that off successfully – w/a husband, 2 boys, needy parents, life in general….that it will by the Lord’s doing and nothing of my own! I also don’t want to over-commit myself. I do want to step out and walk in faith even when it is scary and doesn’t make sense…because I know in the middle of His plan is the best place to be. I did buy THE BEST YES yesterday….I have no idea when I’ll get to read it! 🙂 Not this week. I have a BIG week of reading for BSF (more than usual, for some reason), and I am teaching at our Association’s VBS Clinic. Just thought it would be good to try to get this book, as well….as I am trying to balance being HIS girl, a wife, Mom, and daughter walking in Faith!

  88. Susan

    One year ago I suffered a severe nervous breakdown following my mother’s death the previous Christmas Eve and taking care of my father for eight weeks while he was in and out of hospitals due to heart complications. I have long suffered deep bouts of depression and have migraines up to 25 times a month while also dealing with anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. After my nervous breakdown, my family doctor led me to a psychiatrist and a counselor that works with her and thus my journey began towards living again. Both the psychiatrist and counselor are beautiful Christian women that believe God placed us together for a new work in Him. It is only through the power of His grace that I have survived this past year. Until just recently I couldn’t’ t even feel God’s presence and when I would cry out to Jesus in my loneliness and despair I believed at times that He had turned His back on me. A few weeks ago I was finally well enough to return to our church where welcome arms of those that have been praying for me were wrapped around me and I have begun to feel Jesus’s joy once more! This Sunday as we celebrate our risen Savior, my small step is to be amongst fellow believers, worshipping The King Almighty with praise and honor!

  89. Elaine

    To be able to let go of the past and forgive those that have hurt me

  90. Joanna

    Your words have been swirling around in my head all day. This morning I read your post about reaching to God as my comforter…not food. A private struggle played out publicly. Today I will take the small step of seeking comfort through God. I need to care for the body He gave me.

  91. Tiffany L.

    To pray about meeting with my pastor about the women’s ministry at church.

  92. Christine

    He is right now calling me to be patient as my husband and I are getting ready to start a marriage ministry at our church. I feel him leading me to stop, seek, pray, gain wisdom and let go. Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow, but I am trusting Him today for it.

  93. Melissa

    Today, while reading my lesson to teach on Sunday, I finally gave into God telling me that I was investing more time into the lives of these kids than I was investing spiritually in my own. Our church has outgrown us and our kids have been crying out to go somewhere that felt more like home. I just couldn’t stop with “my babies”. Today, I heard The Lord, and I heard my kids. Sunday is our last day. He needs us somewhere else.

  94. Jenn

    My next small step of faith is to keep listening and trusting that God will lead us and show us Hos purposes in the move across the country that my husband and I feel He is calling us to make.

  95. Jen W

    I was truly blessed by your story and was reminded that God doesn’t ask us to do anything He won’t then equip us to do. Thanks for your blog.

  96. Lisa

    A few months ago I felt a nudge about starting a food bank at church. A few weeks later I felt another nudge on the way home from church. My life has been so crazy busy over the last year I couldn’t see where I could find the time. I am stepping out in faith next week and meeting the lady at our main local food bank to get it started.

  97. Christy Largent

    To stop thinking, reading and talking about it and DO it. BTW, our family was made complete through adoption. We have 2 born in China who have made our lives full. Love, love, love Adoption! 🙂

  98. Carol

    I have recently left my job and am trusting God to show me what to do next.

  99. maryannbettis

    the small step, but ever so big to me, is that I am going to quit trying to play God in my husband’s life. I am going to stop being the HOly Spirit to him. I will let God do the speaking if He feels like there are areas my husband needs to change. Believe me, there are plenty of areas I need to seriously work on in my own life.

  100. Liz

    Listening for that still small voice….and be quick to obey! :o)

  101. Tina

    We are in the searching process. I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 20 and I am going to be 47 – we have two boys of our own right now and can’t wait to add one or two girls to the mix. It’s going to be crazy but my heart is ready – bursting really – I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing.

  102. Cathy H

    Sometimes walking out on faith is all we can do, but just never know it! I look forward to reading your newest book, What Happens When Women Walk in Faith. Thank you for your encouraging word and sharing your life lessons.

  103. Vivian T

    I’m going to listen for God’s voice and trust what it says to me.

  104. jade

    I am going to smile more!

  105. Kathi Griffin

    I am going to try to do the one thing God told me to do in August 2013. I believe He will not give me the next thing He would have me do until I finish the one He has already told me.

  106. Janet

    I want to step out with purpose and strive for excellence!


    Dear Lysa:

    I have been struggling for 18mos now with PTSD and Dissociatve Identity Disorder. My life has been difficult. Yet each day I tried to walk in and have faith. All came crashing down when I dissociated and ended up in the hospital and now in a facility for PTSD. It was devastating to go into the hospital where I work handcuffed and admitted to the Pysche unit. Then I was transfered here. My life as I knew it is on hold. Yet, each day I give it to God. I have to face the problem and the moment. Rely on God to walk and carry me through. I have to step out in faith to get through this, do the hard work. The only way I will survive is through faith. Thank you. Please pray for me and the other 11 women. KMS

  108. Dawn

    We are a blended family with one adopted son. Currently we are fostering another 12 year old son. Even though I feel I’m way past parenting age, both my husband and I feel God may not be done with growing our family yet.

  109. Andrea

    God has been nudging me to start at grief support group at our church. My husband passed away 4 years ago. Our church didn’t have a grief group, so I went to one at another church in town. Since then, I have kept thinking, if there is going to be a grief group at our church, then I am going to be the one to get it going! I took the first step this week and met with one of our pastors. We are both excited to get the ball rolling. Although I am nervous, I know this is what God is calling me to do.

    • Darian White

      Andrea that’s so amazing. So many lives are going to be comforted through the love of Christ you will show them 🙂

  110. Angela

    I will continue working on being patient with my kids. I’m making some good changes/improvements in 2015!

  111. Laci

    I have been asked to serve/volunteer in an out of my comfort zone way. I will work hard to pray and listen to God to see if this is where he would like me to go.

  112. Ann

    listening to God and obeying about making “the best yes” in not getting so involved in more activities

  113. Yentel

    The step that I am going to take in faith is allowing God to use me at my new church. My father in law became a Pastor of a church some years ago. My husband is a musician and my father in law really wanted his help. The church that we were attending I had been there since I was 15 (actual met my husband there). Making a long story short we ended up leaving to join my father in law’s ministry, which has been a struggle for me because I miss the teachings at my old church. But I know God has a plan, and me being there can allow me to utilize the teachings that I have learned to be a help in the ministry

  114. Linda N

    Understanding that prayer is a two-way communication, I want to spend more time listening instead of talking.

  115. Rosemary G Moore

    I want to take the small step of faith of obeying God’s voice without knowing how it will all work out. I want to know too many details.

  116. Leah

    This week I’m going to work the habit of memorizing Scripture back into my morning routine after letting it slip for a while. Thank you for this post – and the opportunity to win the book!

  117. Paola

    Asking the Lord for a daily nugget of wisdom in His word, and then trusting and expecting that He will stir and speak to my heart.
    Asking the Spirit for a quiet teachable heart.

  118. Vickie

    God has Blessed us greatly over this past year. I lefty job, and a little over 2 months later my husband was seriously injured at work. I have been his caretaker through the 6 week hospital stay and therapy and more surgeries and more therapy. It is time to hear if he goes back to work. God has carried us through it all and it is time to ‘move on’, but I don’t know what that means. I don’t know which one or if both of us will be going back to work. I pray God gives me that NEON sign. That He helps us to hear his plan and strength to carry it forward.

  119. Roxanne Stark

    With Gods help, I commit to being obedient to write & share about his Goodness. Thank You Lysa for your inspiration. I am blessed.

  120. Kimberly

    This week, Lord willing, I am going to say no to the nasty thoughts that plague me regarding my husband and, instead, speak love and peace and respect out loud to him.

  121. sharon

    In two weeks I will be speaking at a state-wide church convention. I almost said “No thank you.” Because the session is 75 minutes long and my only speaking experiences are for small events and are about 30 minutes long. But I said “Yes” because I knew that I need to walk in God’s confidence and not my own. I’ve been studying. He will give me what I need to write. So today I began putting together my speaking points and whispering “I’m walking in Your confidence God. I’m listening.” In a few days I will begin to practice out loud. My prayer: He will order my mental steps and my spoken words. I might stumble, but He upholds me with His hand and it will be alright.

  122. Jenna

    I am going to start going back to class. A few months ago. I prayed to God for him to release the burden of this weight not just physically but emotionally. He. In his own way. Helped me to find a wonderful Christian woman who is a health coach and has God filled classes to move my body every morning.

    I have recently been ignoring and not going. But I know the feeling I have. God wants to do good work in me.

  123. Pam

    Leaving my problems in God’s hands and trusting him to take care of them/me.

  124. kaelya

    I’m prayerfully considering returning to school to finish my degree in education. I can think of a million reasons not to; having a 2 and a 3 year old are two major reasons! But I feel God’s leading and need to be faithful.

  125. Ruth

    I am adopting my 2 yr old next week. God is asking me to trust him in adopting this child with many food and environmental allergies. God is asking me to trust Him to meet my needs as a widow. He provides and blesses,if only I trust.

  126. Patricia

    I am a single mom and this week my friend moves in with me to relieve some of my financial burden. It took a long time to decide to share my space but I am hoping that this step not only helps me financially but also gives me a little more freedom so I can return to bible study! I also look forward to the free online Bible study starting on April 13th!

  127. Lynnette Green

    I will continue to believe that God is still healing me. It has been a long process, but I will believe that God is not finished yet.

  128. Kali Davis

    This week I’m going to start back doing devotionals with my kids weekly.

  129. Jennifer D.

    I’m going to focus my heart on God’s promises. My mind and heart both have difficulty remembering God’s promises from His Word.

  130. Rachel Q

    I am saying yes to God by working on writing everyday. Plugging away and crafting words even when it’s easier to put it off or just simply leave the blank screen blank. It takes a lot of discipline of time and energy to keep faithful to what He is calling me to.

  131. Kelli

    I’m going to call & talk person to person instead of texting. It sounds silly but it’s a big step of faith & trust & God is helping me each step of my comfort zone & trust Him & others!

  132. Karen Eberts

    I’m going to take the step of choosing to not allow the annoyances of my husband’s little irritating behaviors to affect me. Read this on Kirk Cameron’s Facebook post recently, and it really hit home… so easy to respond with annoyance, rather than CHOOSE to not allow that “tone” or impatience to creep into my voice. With God’s grace…!

  133. Claudia Carter

    The Lord has led me to raising sheep. One of the ewes, (my girls) is having her lambs (babies) within the next 24 to 48 hours. They will be Easter lambs and the Lord will be shepherding me so that I will have the strength to shepherd them.

  134. Jessica

    I teach Kindergarten and my prayer this week is that God will give me a spirit of discernment in order to love my students the best that I can. They have so many needs and I just want to love them the way that Jesus desires for them to be loved.

  135. Rachel

    Going to a women’s encounter with my mother in law at church for the weekend after being asked 3 years in a row!

  136. Melissa

    I need to keep doing the small things that lead to the big dream God has given me to write, and eventually speak. Like another blog post. Another Twitter quote. Another FaceBook share, another Instagram pic, another connection with the world outside. Which isn’t always so easy for this introvert.

  137. Kelly

    Saying yes to God

  138. Laura

    My small step this week will be after putting my 7month old son Joshua to bed, to make sure I don’t go downstairs to waste time watching tv, but to invest in my future and spending time with the Lord.
    I have also decided to take a step of faith and quite my job, after quite a while of gods prompting. To step out and wait for the miracles. (If you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat). Yesterday I wrote my resignation letter. Eeek!

  139. Diana

    Lysa- your words and posts are more encouraging than I will ever be able to express! I thank God for you. My small step is to really quiet myself and listen and think before speaking or doing.

  140. Nina

    praying authentically every single day this week- that’s where I am starting.

  141. karen

    Not giving in to the anxiety that closely follows my heart.

  142. Chris Carter

    Oh just LOOK at your gorgeous God-Planned family, Lysa!!! Oh my heart just burst with joy over your decision- to truly honor God’s (albeit loud!) call. They really ran up and hugged you and called you mom? How can you ignore that one? It seems God really had you pegged… 🙂

    It’s good to come back here to be filled by your beautiful words and powerful message. I’m so glad I came.

    This book sounds amazing… Good Lord how do you kick out these books so fast? I can barely pull off some blog posts in a week. God just knows a good vessel when He sees one, apparently.

    God bless YOU, and all of your amazing Kingdom work and the inspiration that you are to so many…

    Including me. <3

  143. Laura

    My small step this week will be after putting my 7month old son Joshua to bed, to make sure I don’t go downstairs to waste time watching tv, but to invest in my future and spending time with the Lord.
    I have also decided to take a step of faith and quit my job, after quite a while of Gods prompting. To step out and wait for the miracles. (If you want to walk on water you’ve got to get out of the boat). Yesterday I wrote my resignation letter. Eeek!

  144. Julie

    Going through a lot of upsets in my life at this time. So blessed to have found you to guide me through some things. I am putting myself out there more,reading his Word daily and praying a lot! These are small things that are helping me spiritually,emotionally and in my relationships. I am feeling hopeful and blessed. Thank you so much!!!

  145. Kathy

    This would be the perfect next book study for me. I did “Made to Crave” last year and it continues to change my level of obedience to the Lord. My walking more in faith has shown itself in starting a business, a continuance of my work as a Music Therapist to demonstrate God’s love and light. Every step of the way I skittishly suck in my breath and say, “Yes, Lord, I’ll follow you,” and the blessings – to them and me – are unbelievable. Walking in faith means living on our knees, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  146. Maggie Roesch

    The small step I am going to take this week is to try to teach 25 preK-2nd grade children how to hear God’s voice and pray for each other.My close friend is the director of our religious education program at our small conservative church. This weeks lesson is on healing prayer. She came to me in frustration, not knowing what to do. i heard a voice say “you can do that”. So I am.

  147. Mary Frantz

    The action I am going to take is to intentionally stop and listen. What is it He wants me to do. Very often I am to busy to listen.

  148. Laura Weibel

    I love your what happens…book. I changed me and allowed God to change my marriage.
    I’m exited that you are creating a bible study for it!

  149. Melissa Chambers

    I will not worry about the drama that may happen this week with family visiting, I will cling to the Hope of Easter and Believe my God is for me so nothing can come against me! Lisa God has used you in huge ways over my six year wall with Him, Unglued came at a time that I was lower than low and contemplating suicide but now I am a confident daughter of the most high and am blessed my #P31OBS as a cherished friend and servant!

  150. Sarah

    God is asking me to walk in faith in having a newborn and 2 yr old and being a stay at home mom and not finding my identity in anything but Him!

  151. Tara

    Today, the small step I’ve determined to step into is to be faithful in the small things. God has blessed my husband and I with 4 beautiful children. They are 5 years old and younger…and we’ve recently found out that #5 is on the way. Our lives are full and busy and some days are like a roller coaster with all of the demands to juggle everything and everyone. BUT God is showing me how truly blessed I am to have these precious gifts and I will be faithful in in serving them and raising them up for Christ. Some days the tasks feel mundane and seem so small- but not to God. I’m realizing that the calling of being a mom is not a small calling at all but a rather HIGH CALLING and I’m blessed that God has chosen ME to raise this precious little family. <3

  152. Sharron

    I am going to believe God and trust His plan for my life.

  153. Rachel Stepaniak

    We have felt the call to move closer to elderly family and friends for a while, but the timing has not been right. Even today, we will be working in the yard to get our current home ready to list for sale. It’s a scary thought after 17 years, but it’s a small step toward trusting God’s plan for our lives! Thanks for all of your encouragement.

  154. Denise

    The steps I will be taking is to be Present and leave the past and future were it Is.

  155. Dawn S.

    I’m going to try to be more diligent about being still & quiet before God…so I can listen to Him. I want to hear & follow when He calls me!! Thanks for sharing this blog Lysa! Your ministry is a blessing….

  156. Janice Bittner

    My small step is to watch less TV so that I will be better able to hear God when He speaks to my heart.

  157. Leslie

    I am going to slow down my own busyness and priorities and listen more purposefully and carefully for Gods leading.

  158. Justine Kangas

    I am going to listen and trust in God that he knows what is best for me.

  159. Cheryl Thompson

    I desperately want to do the steps God wants. There seems to be a fine line between being in motion so God has something to bless and being in His motion and waiting for direction.

  160. Nina

    I am just getting back into spending time with God and listening to his still small voice. I am almost an empty nester (my youngest son is moving out very soon and is rarely here now) and I am struggling with this. I have signed up for your Bible study and would like to get a friend to also sign up. If I win the book I will give it to her.

  161. Justine Kangas

    I will listen to God and trust that he knows what’s best for me.

  162. Tammie Thessing

    Praying bold prayers. Not holding back.

  163. Meredith O

    I’ve sinned a lot this week. A lot. I feel further from God than I want to. I feel like I’ve done too much to gain His trust back. I have to remember Jesus died for me. I have to remember we are all sinners. He still wants me to talk to Him. That is my small step this week.

  164. Joyce

    To walk in faith of God’s mercy. Yesterday, I really messed up and hurt some people by not trusting God in my assignment for the day. Today, after a long night of guilt I am choosing to walk in the faith of the Cross and God’s forgiveness. And the faith will come in by not trying to fix the problem or restore the relationship BUT trusting God to fix it.

  165. J Maxwell

    OH, Lisa, you are so inspiring! I am over the age I can adopt, health wise and etc, but we support transition homes in Moldova to help young adults that are 16 get into transition homes where they can finish “growing up” until they can survive on their own, without getting into drugs, prostitution, or be trafficked to another country. I Pray that this week I can think of more ways to promote that, through church or on my own.

    GOD BLESS you this Easter and ALWAYS, JULIE M

  166. Tracy Abraham

    stop and take time to listen for God’s voice.

  167. sherry painter

    My family is praying and asking God to give us clarity in a life changing situation. How scary it is to step out on faith. This week I’m going to continue to pray that God will show my family what his ultimate plan is for our lives!

  168. Holly M.

    Researching and prayerfully considering the idea of going back to school for a second bachelors degree in early childhood special education. (Stay at home mom of a four year old boy and a four year old girl.)

  169. Mandy

    im going to step out and submit my writing to another church’s yearly liturgical guide. A big small step for a gal who’s not from a liturgical background!

  170. Abby

    I am going to get in touch with a grandmother, Deanna, I met in the Whole Foods parking lot a few weeks ago. She was asking for loose change to help with her 4 grandchildren because her daughter was in jail. Hesitant to give her money, I asked her what she needed. With my kids in tow, we marched into Whole Foods and bought diapers, some fresh fruit and veggies and a chicken, which my girls carried with such purpose for this woman in need. It was the most satisfying $30 I’ve spent in a long time. I can’t stop thinking about her, and my husband and I have agreed to see what we can do to help. We don’t have a lot extra to go around, but the same week I met Deanna, he got a new client, which gives us more wiggle room…which is no coincidence! I’m excited to see what the future holds for this new relationship we are hoping to embark on.

  171. Grace

    Letting go of my worry of never getting married

  172. Julie Sunne

    Asking for God’s guidance on the direction my writing is to take for the audience He wants me to reach. I just need to take the time to listen and process.

  173. Salliann Rider

    I have noticed how often I “whine and complain”, usually without reason (there is no valid reason). The LORD has shown me that when I whine, I am telling HIM that all HE does for me is not good enough. It defeats my life, and effects my joy. AND it is a very poor witness of my life in HIM !
    I am going to try to practice Ephesians 5:20, “Always giving thanks to GOD the Father of everything, in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.”
    The LORD has been speaking to my heart about my “careless” words, and how easy it is “to be joyful always; praying continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is GOD’s will for me in Christ Jesus.” (IThess. 5:18) I just need to trust HIM for it.
    Thank you for all your words of wisdom that always point me to the LORD.

  174. Milly

    The small step I’m going to take is to finish a piece of artwork and get it ready to be displayed for people to see it, you never know what doors God can open up.

  175. April Anstey

    I don’t know what step God is calling me towards, but I know that he’s calling me….I’m struggling with trying to figure it out, I keep “looking” for an answer, a clue….something. Trying to be patient and hoping that this bible study will help me do just that.

    • Lauren H

      I’m right there with you, April. Praying for you!

  176. Buchi

    Asking God for guidance on how to reach my community for Christ. The little step I will start this week is sharing tract.

  177. Mary

    That I may relinquish my wants and desires and God will show me what He has in store for me.

  178. Valerie Thomàs

    After a life filled with struggles from addiction to breast cancer now at 51, trying to live a Godly life I find myself homeless due to very unfortunate events, separated from my young daughters because I have no place for us to live, and working hard at a job I love making minimum wage, my car is ready to fall apart and I ask God, why??? I have no family, and its so funny how friends seem to be unresponsive to communication ,maybe afraid I might ask for help. Which I don’t. God has a purpose and a plan for me I have to believe that. It is the only thing keeping me going. I’m praying for a Christian woman to reach out .I live in Spokane ‘Wa. If you know of any resources to help please forward’509-638-4302. Gods bless

  179. Christie U.

    To be more open to what God has planed for me. I too have times when I am like really God why me? I know that when I do listen to His ways and His plans, my life works out so much better then I could ever imagine!

  180. Darian White

    I am a college student, and for the pass 8+ years the performing arts have played a huge part of my life, however recently I felted God telling me to give it up, and take a break from it. I have been wrestling back and forth with decision for the pass semester, because I simply can’t imagine what my life would look like without music. I asked God the same question “Why me?”, why do I have to continue to give up the very things He has given me? Then God revealed to me, because he has something for better for me that I just don’t see yet. He is trying to upgrade me spiritually but that requires an upgrade in the natural to (Which requires getting rid of some things). So today I am taking that small step of faith and TRUSTING GOD, and taking a step back from my college show choir next year.

  181. Ashley

    I’m starting a scripture journal where I can write scripture that speaks to me on certain topics. Then when I wonder about that topic or get depressed I can have a place to go.

  182. Connie

    Awesome testimony. This week I’m going to trust where He leads!

  183. Stephanie Kozuch

    Lysa–I have been having “tugs” at my heart from the Lord lately about the subject of human sex-trafficking in our world and in our country. This is one of those things that has come completely out of the blue for me as I have never had any earlier interest or even much knowledge or background in it. I am a school counselor, so I recently used some connections to begin an online study about the subject in general from a counseling perspective. I have also been researching, Tweeting, and gaining lots of new connections and information from various groups across the world. In the meantime, I came to Normal, Illinois a few weeks ago through a friend’s invitation and was blessed to hear YOU and others speak at the Moms at Home national event. While there, I learned about Destiny Rescue. In the booth immediately co-joined with theirs at the display was a woman who handed me a mug and said, “if you can tell me what one next step is that God is wanting you to take, you can take this mug home.” I don’t remember what I said that day, but I KNEW that God was asking me to take the next step of faith in this new found interest. I am still exploring and learning where my place is in this new area, but I will tell you that next week I am hosting two jewelry parties–one in my home and one in my place of employment–in order to introduce more women to the ministry of Destiny Rescue and in order to raise some funds for their outreach. One of the reasons this is SUCH a big deal is that I am not generally much of a “social” person and rarely do we EVER have people into our home. I am so excited about following in obedience to the Lord in this “out of the box” area for me! And just FYI, a girlfriend who I recently renewed a friendship with and I have just completed reading two of your books together in Bible studies and we will see you in Lexington, KY in a few weeks for Women of Joy!! Can’t wait!! Can’t wait to start this new study with you as well online!! God bless!!

  184. Sharon C.

    Your story is so powerful. I don’t know what God is calling me to do but I know it’s coming soon. I’ve been feeling like I’m supposed to start a business at home. Birthing a business is almost the same as birthing a child. It’s what you do with what God has called you to do that makes the difference. I’ve been studying Tracie Miles book, “Your Life Still Counts” and it has showed me that just because I’ve always felt like a misfit that never belonged or felt love plus these last 13 years of medical problems when God could have given up on me, He didn’t. I’ve been listening to the wrong inner voice telling me lie and lie and believing the lies. Knowing that tomorrow is Resurrection Day I think of all Jesus did for me and I didn’t appreciate it. I’ve been depressed over my life situation instead of having gratitude of what is possible. I think your book will be like icing on the cake. I’m alive and breathing and that is very humbling. To know that I have time left to serve Him. Thanks for listening.

  185. Ayesha Daniels

    I need to start trusting my Lord with the small things, He has been so gracious, so loving and so so good to me. I need to get down in my knees and say ‘You are able Lord!’

  186. kristin

    To have more faith and patience with everything and everyone.

  187. Natasha

    I am willing to serve God in whatever way He would have me to. I believe in God and want to share His love.

  188. Lisa Streckert

    I’m taking the small step of waiting, not complaining. I’m not sure where God wants me to go, and I pray He shows me the path he has prepared for me.

  189. Jennifer Waddle

    My small step will be to start over in the Made to Crave book and video series. I have viewed them before, but I finally feel ready to jump in with both feet. I feel excited and apprehensive all at the same time. Truly I do want to crave God more than food.

  190. Stephanie

    This is a great story. I have shared it from a video of yours with my children. God is so good! He is Risen!
    I would love to add this book to my library!
    This week I am going to trust God and pause before I speak and ask myself, are my words kind, necessary and true to be a blessing that Lord brings across my path.

  191. Mary Beth

    I’m currently in a hard season in my marriage. There are many raw emotions that come out in my words and actions. Reading Unglued has been a tremendous help and has prompted me to take the next small step of refusing the labels of the past to define how I respond to my current circumstance.

  192. Sherrie

    I am not sure where God is leading me but I realized after reading this wonderful post that I need to start praying about it and paying attention to His voice. Thanks Lysa.

  193. Christy

    I will believe that God says that I am His. That’s a big step for me.

  194. Jen

    stepping out and finally listening to what He’s been saying!! obedient!!!

  195. Star

    With the recent passing of my mom, turning 42, not married, no kids and no job….I’m deparately seeking Him for “confirmations” as to what He may be calling me to….asking “what next”?

  196. Rebecca

    My husband and I have been having problems. I am a Christian and he is not. God is truly leading me to love him no matter what. Sometimes it is not so easy. This study sounds perfect for me at this time.

  197. April

    I’m going to study for a test, when I haven’t had to pass anything in 20 years and I’m unsure of what the next steps will lead to. But I’ve got to get somewhere!

  198. Leslie Todd

    2 weeks ago tonight we came home from China with our firstborn. My husband and I also too that leap of faith and followed God’s plan for our life to bring our daughter home from China. This week I am trusting Him to give me strength as my husband is going back to work on Tuesday after being off for adoption leave. It is a big step for me being home as a new mom with a daughter who speaks very little English. However, our God is great!

  199. Tracey Alvernaz

    I need to get back to the convalescent hospital, this week, where I visit, give magazines and bring gifts to friends I have met there.

  200. JennyBC

    I have been prompted to consider leading a nighttime Bible study specifically for teachers and possibly other working women. I went back to work outside the home this year as a Kindergarten para pro and I feel the loss of Bible study time. I have felt God stirring in me the need for more intense time in the Word and now it is evident that it is me who is to actually start the study.

    • Gloria M

      The small steps I am taking are being in God’s word daily.

  201. Shawna

    I need to slow down and spend more time in His presence. Not be ritualistic with my Bible study and prayer time but remember to be relational.

  202. Kandi

    I know God has called me to be Steadfast in my relationship with Him. To be present in MY LIFE and to CHOOSE JOY.

  203. Amy L

    I need tthe guidance and tools to walk in total faith in God’s leading. I pray this study would be one more step towards total obedience.

  204. Leigh

    What a beautiful post! My small step is to make sure the first thing I do in the morning is read my Bible.

  205. carol

    Hi Lisa,
    I am not sure if you will remember but God will remind you. A couple of years ago you cam to central Christian church. I had asked God for you to come not knowing a thing about you. There you were I spoke to you in the line in the lobby and I said you won’t believe this and you said honey I would believe anything God does. I said I had asked him for you to come and there you were and you signed a card for me which I still have. In so many ways except being a mom and wife I am a lot like you. I am not sure how to take baby steps of faith. I was raised in the church yet growing up I came to resent that. At a tender age of 13 I accepted the Lord but by the time I was 23 I had had enough of the rules and regulations. I bolted and left it all behind for almost 20 years. Over the past several years I have returned ever so slowly knowing that time is short and I don’t want to miss it. I am not perfect and no one is. Yet I know God’s time table is moving. I don’t want friends and loved ones to miss it either. I have to just put one foot in front of the other everyday and know God is in my mess even when I can’t see a thing. I thank you for your honesty and pouring your heart out. I know it must have been difficult but doing so healed you and enable you to move on. I pray that God blesses you and yours from the crowns or your heads to the souls of your feet. Thank you for all you do.

  206. Laura

    I don’t know if the vintage furniture business is something I still need to be pursuing…..and my son is almost ready to complete his masters and is so stressed out. I just want to be able to help without him getting so upset and stressed out

  207. Elaine Costa

    This week my small step would be having in fact a daily time to cry to God for His will for my life (every aspect of it) and my family.

  208. Gina

    To stop praying for direction and to pray for listening ears to hear the Lord.

  209. Stephanie

    I just resigned from my leadership position at the YMCA after 20 years of service. The Lord has been pulling me in this direction and I finally said ok without knowing where I am headed. I am realizing just how much pride I had in “my” job and just how little faith I have in “His” plan. It’s hard to wait, especially giving up an income to be in a posture of ready. Lysa–I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. Together we are stronger. Thank you.

  210. Becky

    Reading each of your books, made to crave and unglued and watching your videos… I have been so encouraged! However the knowing exactly what He calls me to do reg: the food issues remains a mountain. Years of struggle….the next small-huge step for me is to turn to Him…..when I hurt and not food….ONLY BY HIS GRACE…moment by moment… Thanks for your prayers!

  211. Kelly

    What a beautiful story of God’s love for your sons and faithfulness in answering their prayers! It’s a very moving thought that children are out there praying for families.

  212. April R.

    My small step I want to take this week is persevering despite the obstacles set before me, particularly in a few difficult relationships God has placed in my life. I want to keep stepping forward, trusting that even though these relationships are painful in the moment, God is working out something greater through these tough times than I could even begin to comprehend.

  213. Michelle

    My small step this week is to do a seven day social media fast and just focus on Christ

  214. Laura

    Lately, Faith is the word that keeps carching my eye when reading different devotionals. It’s the theme that jumps out when reading my Bible. It’s so basic to being a Christian, but I feel like I need to understand better what it really means for me in my everyday life and for my everyday, yet seemingly insurmountable needs. My small step of faith this week is to give something away to someone. I believe I will know what to give and who to give it to before the weeks end.

  215. Jodie

    Love this! God is so good and I have been wrestling with staying home with my children and home schooling, but I feel so underqualied and financially strapped.

  216. christy b

    For the age of 8 to 2 months before my 47th birthday I never acknowledged all that he had given to me. All my going above and beyond helping everyone and treating them better than me I was alway ungrateful and couldn’t understand why no one would help me. So last October god shared with me that he had always been there, when I asked why I could never see him his response was “I was right behind you carrying you, you were so hurt you were always looking past me. ” I decided to do the Max Lucado before Amen study (on my own) I had to travel to charlotte NC for work and I was going to do I than. I have take that trip now for 3 years. Right before leaving my home in MN I got an email about Proverbs31 doing the bible study. Thank you God I could do it on line with others not by myself. My hotel same as last year I never say the sign for the Billy Graham library, and you are based out of NC. I don’t expect anything in return from others I am just being who God wanted me to be. I have now for 3 days given him all my struggles I have accomplished lots. Yesterday was a bit hard, but we got through it. My step is small at the moment, he has a very large step coming for me in October exactly one year apart. I told him I was all his and whatever he wanted me to do I would. That was end of December first of the year and it took 3 emails for me to commit. On the 3rd email I made the call and there was only one spot left leaving out on NC for the Holy Land trip, so I booked it. Shortly after I return I have to work, the job is in NC. Proverbs31 has been a blessing for me over the last year. All of you women have been such a great inspireation for me. I always felt I was alone. I will continue to give him it all. I look forward to the next study. I am currently in the Tracie Miles and at church we are doing Beth More children of the day. I am learning so much. God Bless you all in everything that you do by reaching out to so many of use in need. I know he has a purpose for me, I am just having a hard time hearing.
    thanks for letting me put all tha t out here. Amen

  217. kelley

    My small step is to go back to work after a month off b/c of health issues. Would love to win and read your book!

  218. Joy

    I have struggled with severe social anxiety for years, and it has kept me from being in church and the choir, which I love. I have desperately missed being in a group of believers. I have felt a tug from God and have been convicted about my lack of trust in Him to take care of me, and made a decision a couple weeks ago to force myself to go. It was wonderful! I was welcomed back with open arms, and although it was physically difficult to be there, it was such a relief to make steps to hand that fear over to God and let Him deal with it!

  219. Natalie Driggs

    I am trying to stop and listen to God, especially in the small things.

  220. sheila

    Thank you for sharing♡ my next step is toage more time for God!

  221. Sandy Cooper


    I have been reading your blog since 2005 (?) maybe. Yours is the first blog I ever read, and for a long time, the ONLY blog I ever read. Yours was the blog that made me believe that I could start my own blog. I remember when all of this was happening with your boys and enjoyed reading about it again. And I remember seeing pictures of your girls when they were smaller. And I remember each and every time I’ve gotten to talk with you in person (She Speaks X2, Houston, St. Simon’s Island…)

    All that to say, this is the first time I’ve clicked over in awhile. And I absolutely LOVE the new design. But more than that, I am in shock at how your children have grown. You have a house full of young men and women.

    Thank you for your faithfulness over the years. You have had a profound influence on me and I’m honored to call you a “friend.”


  222. Ashley

    I believe my small step this week include jumping into a bible study and getting all the way through it without stopping. As a work from home mom it gets distracting between business, child caring, and home management to make time to read the bible. It’s time I make time for Him as He made me. I would love a chance at winning your book. God bless you and yours from me and mine.

  223. Tristina

    I started to go to Wednesday night bible study and I have started to meet regularly with other moms in my area. I am always so busy with work, military, and two little ones. I would never make the time for me to grow and fellowship. One of my New years goals was to fellowship, I am realizing right now that that’s what I am doing. I am stepping out of my routine and connecting with other mothers who are in my shoes and need an encouraging word. What a gift, I often get my cup filled and get renewed though these women. Amazing.

  224. Robin King

    I’m going to listen to God’s small and odd leadings. I’m stepping out in faith to pursue His calling for me by attending She Speaks 2015 but I will be faithful to continue in the “small thing” He has me in the here and now.

  225. Amber

    I have been asked toTo pray about and considering the thought of helpIng with VBS this summer. I also have had the thought of inviting some friends who have been distant in their faith to start a Bible study with me. I feel drawn to start these processes this week.

  226. Christine

    I am going to lay my spouse’s depression at Jesus feet.

  227. Sarah

    I have been struggling with how my husband & I manage our finances and it has taken a toll on our marriage. I do not want to save everything and this has resulted in us not doing anything fun (date nights, vacations, ect) for the past 2 years. The only thing we have done in the past 2 years is watch our marriage crumble. Last year we struggled with whether or not to divorce and through a lot of prayer on my part (my husband is not a believer) we are working things out.
    Last week his parents booked us a trip to Hawaii for spring 2016; they are paying for lodging and our flight. Having them pay for this trip made me uncomfortable, so I asked God to send me a sign that this was ok & His will. I stopped praying to be still with Him for a while right after and very distinctly heard the word “Gift”. This is not the word I would have associated with this trip, although that’s exactly what it is. I now believe this is one way He is answering my prayers to change me & my marriage. I am also taking more time to listen to what He has to tell me.

  228. adrienne

    Thank you so much for your’e ministry. Im new to your site but it blesses me everyday. Im currently in treatment for drug addiction however i have been a born again believer for a long time. Me and my husband seperated 3 years ago and he got custody of my little boy. I had been delivered from addiction for some time however I Had been praying for my marriage for a long time so when we split up I felt like God turned his back on me. I felt so lost and alone , I couldn’t feel his prescence no matter what I did. The anger and bitterness took root and that’s when a door was opened for the enemy. That’s when I turned back to drugs. But thank god for hid amazing grace! Now I spend every free moment studying his word and praying to him. My next step this week and beyond is learning to praise him during the storm even when it seems like he’s not there. To rely on him when you feel sad or mad.

  229. adrienne

    Ive signed up for youre bible study april 13th. But I dont have the money to buy the book. I would be so blessed if I could get the book somehow…Anyways, im really looking forward to this study.

  230. Diane Swan

    Hi Lysa!

    On Good Friday I took my step.

    What may seem like a small step to others, felt like a 5k to me.

    A couple days earlier, God blessed me with a vision, a sliver of the thoughts He had on that first Good Friday, all those thousands of years ago. His thoughts were so personal, so beautiful, so specific.

    They were thoughts of us. All of us. Real moments in our lives. Moments when we first accepted Him into our hearts, moments when we realized His great love for us, and moments when we received our healing. These were His thoughts, His focus, and His source of strength that day. He showed me that He wasn’t focused in on His pain, but He was focused in on what we would gain. I was moved to tears by the sweetness of His precious thoughts.

    Then He asked me to take a step. To share those thoughts and do a video blog. It is one thing for me to type words and post them in black on a sphere of white, it’s a whole other thing to video myself and put it out there for all to see.

    But I love Him, and so I did. That was my step, in what I feel Him saying will be the first of many. I guess I should buy some running shoes 😉

    Stepping out for Jesus,
    Diane Swan

  231. Jaimi Jones

    Small consistent steps to prepare for big steps!

  232. Theresa

    Lysa I am so blessed to have found you & your team that is when God started speaking to me to he knew I needed to find a way to connect with other women that are so faithful in is word & will teach me how to bring that out in myself more. I found you about a year ago & I have been so much happier since & I have reconnected my faith with God so much more & I want to do so much more. I am going to start this week by reading a beautiful book that I received in the mail this weekend from you that I won from you & written by Karen Ehman called Keep It Shut. This book is something I needed more then anything in the world & I can not express to you how thankful I am to you for it. I have been working to watch what I say & even more what I post online, but I still catch myself messing up so this week is the perfect time to challenge myself. What better way to do what God wants me to do & I really think he is telling me to read this. So I would so blessed to win your new book so that I could join your bible study that I really need to do to get back involved with other women & learn as much as I can. I do not get out of the house other then to go to the doctors & maybe to the store once in awhile because I am basically bedridden so my connection with others is through the internet & these wonderful groups you & your team have been called to serve for our God… Thank You!

  233. Shari

    My small step this week is trying to remember, before I withhold forgiveness, is to remember all that Christ has forgiven in me. There’s an old wound that just won’t heal, and the reason is that I simply won’t let go. I’m learning that part of the process of letting go of old hurts is to forgive. I know that when I do my part, God will be faithful in changing the heart of the other person.

  234. Jenifer

    I’ve read this book before but have been feeling called to read it again. Really looking forward to this online study. ❤️

  235. Jenifer

    I’ve read this book before but have been feeling like I should read it again. Really looking forward to the online study. ❤️

  236. Ashley

    I think God is calling me back to some form of ministry. I recently received a FB private message from a friend that revealed that I was the first person to really pray with her, and it was the beginning of a journey that changed her life! That was 13 years ago, and although I knew God was lighting that fire for me to pray with her, we haven’t ever talked about it since. We’ve actually only seen each other a few times in passing! I’m not sure what God has in store, but I know he’s pulling me back to Him! I feel utter disgust with where I am spiritually and a I know God has much more in store for my spiritual journey! It’s time, and I’m ready!! Just this post and reading about this study is being led by God! I have never read your blog and knew very little about you until I read this! Adoption has been on my mind for a while now, but I’m not sure if that’s it. I have struggled to be my best with my own children, how could I be made for adoption? This is my heart and the journey begins!

  237. Rochelle

    This week, my small step is keeping my focus on God and reminding myself that His plans are bigger (and better) than my own.

  238. Paula

    My small step is to be faithful to the vision of having several small groups for women available on different days of the week, at different times and in different cities within my county and the one adjoining by speaking this constantly into the women with whom I currently “do life.” I might sound like a broken record but I am not going to stop encouraging them to begin groups of their own to make more opportunities available to more women.

  239. Lana

    We met a little girl last night that is going to be transitioned into our home as a foster child, but we already know she will be our daughter someday… Her previous placement didn’t work, but we felt peace saying yes to her

  240. Amanda Cross

    Physically leave my home to go somewhere as in I haven’t left home since this time last year due to anxiety/panic attacks when traveling.

  241. Rebecca Riach

    Father is calling me into a deeper daily walk. Getting my daily strength and encouragement from His word.

  242. Suzy

    It’s so crazy that you posted this today. My husband and I are praying about starting a church and also were considering adoption, until we backed out of adoption because we didn’t feel comfortable about doing both things at once. I still think about the kids were were going to adopt (5 and 11 year old siblings) all the time. I am praying about this again, and the blog has prompted me to continue doing so. That’s my act of faith today.

  243. Brittney

    What a beautiful post! My small step will be to continue trying to include my children in my bible study time everyday!

  244. Angela

    I found out yesterday that one of the little girls we are fostering may have attachment disorder. I became overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, had thoughts of I can’t do this. All I’ve ever heard brings up red flags. Then, in my quiet time this morning I read your devotion from the Holy Bible app about praying for your sister, that “with God nothing is impossible”. It was as if God was saying “see, I’m here, I can help her”. Then, I thought I would check out your blog. I have never been on before, didn’t know your story about your 2 boys. It was very encouraging. I was reminded that I can’t let fear overcome me. Thank you.

  245. Holly

    Praying God’s next small step for me is clear…and that He gives me the strength and faith to follow.

  246. Tania

    My next small step will be reading His word everyday with the help of Proverbs 31 Ministries devotions. Today was a good start!

  247. Diane N

    My next small step this week is going to be remaining silent about a legitimate grievance. My flesh wants to tell others what was done, but I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me to stay completely silent and allow God to work it all out. I trust God and His plan; looking forward to what He’ll do.

  248. Alicia

    Gosh this is just what I needed to read today. My husband and I have been led to host an orphan for the summer. It doesn’t make sense at all to us. We have four children already. Two with Special needs one severe. There has to be a better home for that child for the summer. Why us? We are moving forward and have filled out all the paperwork and paid all but one payment to have her come (somehow we have had ends meet). Just pray the Lord can use us in her life even if it is a short time together. I pray the Lord will also help her find her “forever family” as that is what she is asking.

  249. Beth

    My goal right now is to find my joy in the everyday that God has put before me in caring for my husband, children and home.

  250. angela

    to take the step to getting rid of the debt that has been a weight on my shoulders for too many years and not be afraid to take the steps getting financial peace.

  251. Anna

    My small step is signing up for this bible study. Thank you

  252. Mayra

    My small step is accepting that being a stay at home home is where God wants me to at this time of my life. I have a desire to continue my education and reach my goal of becoming a teacher that I find myself at times resenting my place right now. When I see other excel in their careers or education, I begin to wonder if one day I will have my turn.

  253. Erin

    God has been calling me to write. I am OVERWHELMED by the many things He wants me to write. The small step I am taking is to journal daily. I used to do this with no problem until I got married and had a child. Now with my family and graduate school it is nearly impossible. However, since nothing is impossible with God, I am stepping out on faith and beginning to write. Prayerfully the ramblings in my journal will become the words of wisdom the Lord would like to speak through me. Thank you Lysa for being an inspiration and a motivation.

  254. Yasmin

    Today, I took the step to refocus my weight loss journey back to the track I once was on. I stopped listening to the voice of God and instead allowed the voice of stress, worry, and concern take over. Not only did that take me away from my focus on good health but it had pulled me away from having a happy/ healthy relationship from my family. Today I move forward to trust and listen to the voice of God.

  255. Amber Paulsen

    Your story is beautiful! I love your example, you are a mentor to me, Lysa. I thank God for your heart of obedience and compassion. The Lord is calling me to share my testimony of His redeeming work in my life. He has especially put on my heart to share my darkest times and how He has brought me into the light and walking in confidence in Christ. So my small step for this week is I’m going to dedicate 2 hours to working on an article (or articles). I just need to take action and do it and not let other stuff get in the way. Thanks for inspiring me to follow the Lord’s call. Love you! God bless!

  256. Dana

    This week I’m going to finally finish filling out the paperwork so my daughter and I can serve in the preschool at church. I’ve had the paperwork for months and I’m not sure why I haven’t completed it. Through you, God has called me to take this small step.

  257. Gretchen H

    My next small step is another conversation with a foreign missions recruiter to see if the Lord is in fact calling my husband & me into foreign missions! Which would be a HUGE step for my family of 5! We are taking one small step at a time, but I feel your study is providentially right on time for me in my journey! Thanks foe following the Lord Lysa!!

  258. Janice

    Pay my titles. I haven’t ever consistently paid my titles and my finances are horrible. On Sunday, I was spontaneously led to pay them and have vowed to continue to pay them and have faith that God will bless me for my obedience. My small step is the pay my titles and hopefully God will transform my finances.

  259. Jamie

    So my husband and I are going through a couple different small storms. Enough to have us moved in with my parents, as newlyweds, and just not living out our “plans” that we had thought. We are struggling with hurt from family and financial burdens. I’ve been almost frustrated with God with my “why me” mentality. I’m praying for the big changes (“steps”) and waiting for them to happen instead of being faithful with the small ones. So this week my small step is to pray. To talk to him everyday no matter how my flesh is feeling, because I know I can trust him and my spirit desperately needs his guidance. Encouragement is everything.

  260. Christi

    Wrestling with how to be purposely present with my kids and my husband, and do life well. Having faith that small changes we are making will bless our family.

  261. Sharon A

    This week the step I am taking is to be still and know HE IS GOD.

  262. Patricia

    For months I was stagnant & inactive with my blog writing. I’ve had topics I know the Lord wanted me to share, but I ignored the urging because I was “too busy”, or I procastinated. Even if my words only encourage one, I want to be obedient, so my small step is to commit to writing at least once a week, and being more prayerful about what topics the Lord wants me to tackle, and about having better time management.

  263. Chelsea

    I am stirred to be bold and courageous and preach this week at our church. My husband and I the officers (senior leaders) of The Salvation Army in Rockingham and I don’t preach very often (hardly at all) I keep sending Gods prompting to speak but it often seems like there isn’t enough time in my week or that I have anything to say.

    Your story is so inspiring and I love the title of your book. Intrigued.

  264. Jenn

    My small step this week is to make my Bible Study time a greater priority. I crave the guidance & need to be sure I’m doing my part to get that knowledge.

  265. Andrea

    My small step of faith I took this week was reaching out to my dad. Eight years ago my parents got divorced and my dad’s already destructive life went farther down hill (drugs & alcohol). At the time, I did everything I could to help him try and get his life back on track. I constantly told him about Jesus and the life changing Power of his love, I paid his bills, I even got him into rehab, but all attempts failed. Because of the pain he was causing me and himself I slowly shut the door on our relationship. Then just last week my sister called to tell me that she was very worried about his health and was fearful that he might now make it much longer. That night I cried out to God with such an overhelming sense of sadness at the broknness of his life and how I desperatly wished he could find the healing Power of the Lord. It was in that moment that I heard the small whisper of God say, “you need to open back up the door”. And like Lysa, I found myself saying “I’m not sure I can do that Lord. He has caused me so much pain.” But as I continued to pray, God revealed to me with certainty that if my dad was to ever going to find his salvation in him that he needed someone in his life to show him the way and that someone was me. So…without the absence of fear but with the power and strength of the Lord, I called my dad this week and told him how much I love him and then asked him to attend chruch with me and my family this weekend. He still hasn’t given me his answer, but I am trusting God that my small step of faith will turn into big blessings!

  266. Mary

    I am committing to homeschooling my children.

  267. Laine

    Just being faithful in the fight against human trafficking whether that be small or big

  268. Tricia

    I was told to pursue an English teaching credential instead of an elementary one. It turns out that districts laid off hundreds of elementary teachers but were still hiring English teachers and I ended up getting a job when I completed my credential.

  269. Meredith

    I’ve always had a heart for the fatherless. I recently returned from three weeks serving in an orphanage in China and everyone in my church seems really interested in my trip and what I was doing there! I’ve had several classes ask me to come and share. Speaking terrifies me so I vowed to myself even before I went on the trip that I wouldnt, under any circumstances, share or speak about my trip to a big group. Now God is asking me to and I seem to be asking him, “Why? Why me?” And deep down I know it’s because, like with you, He knew I would say yes. And what a compliment indeed! Thank you for bringing a new perspective to the table. This week I am going to be bold and take a leap of faith, doing the one thing that scares me most, in order to share about God’s most treasured ones that need families. I hope this step of faith will shed new light on the orphan crisis and opens the eyes of my church family to how we can care for them together! Thanks Lysa, for being an inspiration!

  270. Bryce

    What a beautiful story of adoption and what a beautiful family you have! As my faith grows I’m taking small steps every week. Joining a small group and hopefully a short term mission trip this summer to name a few.

  271. Kristi

    Lately I’ve been challenged to slow down and reconsider my priorities. I have some changes to make, some adjusting to do. My small step this week is going to be consistency in my time with the Lord so that He can breathe into me new life, new focus and new goals.

    <3 Kristi

  272. Tammy Berg

    Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of my husband and I’s miscarriage. We faithfully tried to have a baby over a year before that and now a year after miscarriage. I do believe God is preparing us for a different direction like adoption or foster care but my husband is not quite ready for that. I understand his deep desire to have a child of our own. I continue to pray for the Father’s will. I know He will provide the opportunity, He always does. Like a picture in my living room says ‘Make time for the quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud.’ Just like your blog today. Blessings to you!

  273. Carrie

    This brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I have also adopted and some people thought we were crazy, but through everything, I cannot imagine my life without our precious son. The small steps I am taking this week is trying to love a friend through a really difficult time in her life. She is making very poor choices and is not listening to anyone’s advice so I am simply trying to love her through it and I am struggling because I do not support her decisions.

  274. Jenny

    I will be fully present to hear God’s pull on my heart…even in the small things…no matter how crazy and out of control my day may be.

  275. Rachael

    This week…tomorrow. I need to trust and walk into my director’s office at work and speak up for why I will not take the pay cut they are giving. I will have confidence in my assets and lay them out on the table, showing they are at risk of losing these assets. Oh Lord give me confidence and lovingly assertive words to speak…

  276. Lisa

    I just had baby #5. A total surpise addition to what we thought was our completed family. I’m needing to just take one day at a time and obey his small voice that says things will get “normal” again. And to make an attempt to still get into his word even though things feel chaotic right now.

  277. Emily

    I am struggling with knowing my purpose. I am a SAHM of one-year old twins, and love being able to see them grow and learn each day. After working in the legal field for 10 years, it was a huge change to stay home with children. There is nothing to prepare you for that! I had a moderately successful direct sales business as well, but have scaled back to almost nothing. I feel like I have lost my sense of self and purpose. I know that I am not “just a mom” but sometimes it feels like it. Our family has been through very trying times in our marriage, finances, and faith. I am praying and believing God will sustain me and give me wisdom and grace to help our family recover from the past struggles.

  278. Erika Cook

    To choose Scripture passages to retain in my heart to encourage and keep me focused when trials or issues raise up throughout my day!

  279. Stephanie Noyer

    It seems as though I am walking small steps in several areas of my life right now. The two man ones are my daughter,Cordelia, who was recently diagnosed with Autism. Because of it I am having to get used to asking for help and having strangers in my home 4 days a week for her therapies. Both give me much anxiety. Then there is my baby brother, Shadrach, that was just put in custody last night. This is his second time in jail. The first time I was a wreck, I helped him more than I should have, I cried more than I should have, I stressed out over it more than I should have. This time I am prayerfully doing “tough love” with him. Even if I do not win a copy of this book I am doing this study. The timing us God sent!

  280. Jo Ann Gast

    My goal for this week is to put Jesus in front of me in everything – eating, relating with co-workers, loving my family.”Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe; sin had left a crimson stain, HE washed is white as snow.”

  281. Susan Knight

    I am SO glad I found your writing and website through a Facebook post. I am also a mom through having birth children and adoption of older children, mine were a sibling group of four from foster care. After a couple incredibly tumultuous years with one of my adopted sons’ traumatic past causing tremendous problems in the present, and a husband who chose to turn away from God through all of that with disastrous results, three of my youngest kids and I are now starting over with a new life. No matter what troubles came, or how hard life became, God blessed me with exactly what I needed to endure. He didn’t stop the ugliness the kids and I went through, but eventually rescued us in a very dramatic way a few months ago. Ever since then, He has provided every single need the kids and I have had, giving us such a beautiful experience. He has saved my life, and made it brand new. I have asked Him to guide every small step I take. . I KNOW there are BIG steps ahead. . but the small ones are all I need to know about, one day at a time. THAT has been my prayer for months since our new life began. Your Bible study coming Now seems to me another perfectly timed gift from God. Committing to stay focused on it I believe is an important “small step” God has chosen to use to prepare me for a Big step later.

  282. Liliana Gomez Garza

    My friend is celebrating her birthday at a country line dancing place. I’ve been there twice and the last time I went I told myself I wouldn’t go. But now my friend is celebrating her birthday and I am going to tell her that this place isn’t good for me; it causes me to stumble. I want to listen to my convictions and I want to honor God with my decisions…

  283. Carolyn

    My small step would be to prayerfully give in to The Lord.

  284. Amy Lynn

    To trust God in how to respond to my dad in the midst of tough family issues – how to show him God’s love and forgiveness when it is not my initial reaction of how to respond.

  285. Kristen

    What a great post. Your family is beautiful. First, I recently read Unglued and I am now reading Made to Crave. You are one of my new favorites!! But my small step I am taking this week is to quit feeling like a failure at being a mom when I have a bad moment and lose my cool. Stop letting the enemy win!!

  286. Julia Ruiz

    My small step of faith feels like a big step of faith, at least for me. God has slowly been preparing my heart for something I still feel too small to do. I have always had a passion for kids, but within the past year it has grown to a passion for children caught in sex traffixking. A few months ago, He told me I would be taking a trip to Thailand next summer to learn the aspects of sex trafficking in an intense program called the justice school. Today, my small but big step was to start a fundraising website to start raising the funds to go on this trip.

  287. Lis

    Taking steps in faith believing that I can successfully homeschool my kids

  288. Chrissy VanScoten

    Thank you so much for this Lysa. I’m so blessed by your faith and willingness to follow God’s nudges. I pray that I will have faith like yours as I try to follow His quiet voice.

    My small steps are to spend more time in prayer each day and to trust God to work miracles (I’m trying to raise money for A21 and am very far from my goal).

  289. Angie

    My small steps is listening to the Holy Spirit when someone pops up in my mind to call them or ask them to go out for coffee.

    Also some of my small steps that is leading to big steps is that my husband and I are taking a group of teens on a missions trip to South Africa in July! I am shaking in my boots! I am a preschool teacher not someone that deals with teenagers!

  290. Jessica Roan

    Hi Lisa,
    I just finished your unglued bible study. Loved it. I just took my BIG HUGE step. I asked my husband what I could do to be the best wife for him. His request was a little more difficult than Art’s. This week I am. Working on that. It is going to take much more time than a week. If you want more details, I will email and would love to share because my story is oh so similar to some of the things in the unglued, I was so amazed. However, I can’t subscribe to the blog for some reason. Anyway, I would Love the one hour offering. Love the chance to have a sit down at your sticky farm table as well.
    Have an awesome day.

  291. Melonie bearden

    To start this Bible study with you. God keeps leading me to it and I keep putting off buying the book and committing to it.

  292. Cristin

    I keep hearing whispers to write. Not just write grocery lists, to-do lists, and notes to the teacher, but a novel. A novel telling the world about how my family traveled from a tiny village in Germany to Iowa and the faith it took, as well how that faith has sustained my family for over 100 years. So, my small step is to spend time every morning in the word and commit at least 30 minutes each day developing a plan for this novel idea running around in my head.

  293. Georgia

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am at a crossroads right now and feel that God wants changes for my family. There has been problem upon problem and illness and I am trying to stay focused on Jesus. It gets so hard because it feels like everyone is struggling. I am looking forward to your study to have focused time with God and to be able to hear from other Godly women. Amazon is out of your book and I hope it will be restocked soon. Thank you hearing Gods call to write your books. They and the Proverbs 31 studies have been helpful.

  294. Dana

    Lysa, thank you. My husband has a call to missions. Things keep getting in the way and things aren’t working out the way he wants. I am doubtful and get angry everytime something goes wrong and want him to give up and pursue other things. But, this reminded me that if the Lord has something in His plan , He will provide and I need to concentrate on the small steps and truly walk in faith, faith in God and also faith in my husband’s invitation from God. God reveals Himself in the small things.

  295. Erika Crowl

    I am going to finally refer to myself as “writer” after many years of writing.

  296. Whitnee

    I need to set aside time each day to evaluate my schedule and plan accordingly. I need to make sure that I don’t over crowd my schedule so I miss God talking to me.

  297. Cathy Tibbles

    This could not have come at a better time, I’ve been filled with fear that the next step is gonna be a biggie. I’m living with my bf, we’ve combined our two families – 5 children in total. I feel as though my early christian beginnings are so completely off track I’m not sure I could possibly make the step big enough to get where I was let alone where I would need to be. In fact I have a hard time believing that I’m even writing this ‘out loud’.

  298. Lori Moyer

    Hi Lysa! I am in remission from cancer 2 years now…I was looking to go back to work and kept asking God, ” What would You have me do now Lord?”…. I have worked in the MRDD field for 30 years but have always felt pulled to work with young mothers. We have started a faith based group called,” Blessing My Sheep”.. We support young, struggling mothers with low income. We have an exchange program where they can get baby clothes, baby items etc. Our vision is to one day have a home where pregnant girls can go have their babies as an alternative to abortion where they will feel supported with God’s love. We serve such an awesome God.:)

  299. ashleigh

    I am going to try to let go of past anger bitterness and hang ups. I am going to pray each day that God will help soften my heart and hello me come back to Him. I am going to try to give my life back to Him.

  300. Michelle

    Newly divorced and raising four children by myself was never my plan. God has shown Himself mighty, but also gentle, and available for both major and minor problems. I long to know Him better and trust Him even more.

  301. Cynthia Royer

    I plan to seek the Lord daily and set aside my own agenda as I sit at His feet. I am looking for His direction regarding a job. I just finished my master’s in education and love to teach, esp from God’s Word.

  302. Bobbie

    My marriage has been a HUGE roller coaster ride…the first 9-10 years really tested my faith, my patience, my belief in life/love…but I fought through it…and now my husband and I are traveling this road side by side…now that God is our #1 focus blessings flow abundantly…of course we have obstacles, but instead of raising our hands to give upwe raise them to praise Him in the storms!! Right now we are up in the air about staying where we are or possibly moving where he can make more money. The location of a possible job was a ” dark place” for us…but he is confident that all of those demons will not overtake us again…so much leap of faith this week will be to help him submit his resume/application and believe that God will lead us where we need to be…huge leap for me because it’s the one part of our past that is the hardest for me to let go…but God is in control not me…God is in control not me…God is in control not me!!

  303. Izzy

    Thank you for sharing this story. I am new to your blog and know that it was God who led me here. I have always been a woman of faith but over the last few years have felt my relationship with God has grown so much stronger. I have finally truly found God and want to not just “have faith” but know His word and be led by His will. I never understood what people meant when they said that God spoke to them until the last few years. About a year ago we adopted our adolescent nephew. To have him join our family was an easy decision but it has a hard year filled with many struggles. I believe God was talking to me through your blog today and reminding me that we are doing the right thing no matter how hard it may be right now. This week I plan to focus on God’s plan and His will. That is truly the greater picture. Thank you!

  304. Carrie W.

    My next sMall step of obedience is not eating after 7:00. I said it was a small step, but feels so big sometimes.

  305. Linda Hammett

    Lysa, I had never heard of you before today when my SS Teacher said she had some of your studies that we might consider using in our Wednesday night Ladies Prayer Group. I looked you up and find your blog. This post about Jackson and Mark so touched me that I had to share the link so my daughter could see it also. Her family has back in their home a two-year-old that they had from birth to 14 months while his Mom was in prison and now at two he is back because his mom violated her parole and will go back to prison. My daughter will be encouraged by your writings as they are struggling with all the issues involved in this situation. Thank you for these encouraging words.

  306. Missy

    committing to reading my Jesus is Calling devotional every morning and staying positive with what I put in my head.

  307. Sarah Johnson

    Oh my! I definitely have a calling to take care of women and children. Its been on my mind for so long. I’ve asked the Holy Spirit to soften my Husbands heart. So we will see. 🙂

  308. Takeshia

    Thank you, Lysa for sharing. I love adoption and the beautiful gift that it is and how God uses this exchange to bless all involved and show a new depth of love and trusting Him. I’ve had the desire to adopt for a long time and look forward to stepping out in faith.

    Currently, I’ve been struggling with fear and it’s been showing up in several areas of my life. I know I need a faith booster to overcome this fear rollercoaster and am taking strides to grow in God, to increase my faith in Him and, today my friend, Kalila invited me to join your online Bible study on faith which is so timely. God knows! And, I recently bought your “Best Yes” book cause I need grow in that area, too! Joining this online study is my small step to growing and I’ve been professing the Word of God when fearful thoughts enter my mind. It’s a start.

    God bless your ministry.

  309. Mel

    A few weeks ago I felt God say something to me. It made sense in my heart and it filled me with so much passion when I heard it like a whoosh in my bloodstream, something so simple – “meet me on the mountain,” “build my house that I may build yours”, and one other thing I’ve been avoiding and avoiding because I have a gift for it (I am told) but it really costs me to practise it.

    I have just spent weeks forgetting this, recalling it occasionally then dismissing it again, like a nice distant memory. It has been so easy to further my own life, my own house.

    Tonight I opened my internet browser and I heard your name in my head so loud I came on to your website. (I had, many weeks ago, listened to one of your sermons on Elevation Church’s website). And reading this post … the whoosh in my bloodstream … God really is patient and he really doesn’t give up!

    Blessings to you Lysa for your courageous obedience – and thank you for sharing your journey, please keep doing so.

  310. Joy

    The small steps that I am taking this week is to really, really remember that God is there to hold me through each and every moment. When the going gets tough then I need to turn to Him in obedience and when the going is great I need to turn to Him in obedience. I need to remember to praise Him whether it is a storm or calm.

  311. Robin Becker

    May I believe and receive Lord.

  312. Katie Gibson

    Love the new blog- it’s just as beautiful as the words it contains!

    “The Best Yes” challenged me to step out in faith and start a blog site the Lord had been speaking to me about for years. Thank you for your encouraging, inspiring, and compelling words- they have played a significant role in my life.

    Can’t wait to hear you speak at Newspring in a little over two weeks… my husband and I are traveling from Atlanta!

  313. Melanie Philips

    I made the decision today to start a fitness/nutrition boot camp next week. It is going to be painful but your book “Made to Crave” has given me the motivation! Keep writing Lysa, I love your voice!

  314. Tonya

    Knowing God has heard my prayers and teaching my daughters how to pray and see that God has a plan for us during this tragic time of a divorce with 3 daughters after 13 years together

  315. Lacey C.

    We’ve taken lots of faith steps along the way, some huge and some small. I honestly don’t know what step needs to be taken next, or this week. But if there is one, I am praying I don’t waver and step right on up.

  316. Maggie

    I will be listening hear what god has to talk to me about. I feel something missing from myself, it would be nice to feel whole and complete and to have the ability to pass on my knowledge and wisdom and obtain ways to spread the lords word to my family so that we are all in this together.

  317. Karen D

    After hearing u yesterday in Derry NH, I’m encouraged to humble myself each day in one situation……to start. And that will become the start I need to change to become Prov 31 woman. Thank you, Lysa! God Bless.

  318. Tona Haywood

    I decided to post one of my poems on Facebook to encourage all those who read it. I am also going to continue to finish my poetry book. I want to really be able to build others up with words of encouragement.
    Let all I do Oh Lord in words, thoughts or deeds,
    Let those works always drive people to seek after Thee!
    By Tona

  319. Alek C

    For the longest time, I’ve struggled with my faith and belief in the Lord and his love for me. For many years, he has done so much for me but yet I have continued to doubt him. This week, I am going to work on strengthening my faith and belief in the Lord.

  320. Indira Alvarez

    I have only recently discovered God- and trust me, it wasn’t pretty. I want to be closer to God, but I just don’t know what to do sometimes. My small step is that I read my Bible everynight, and pray that He will break through my stubborn thoughts. Pray for me please!


    THANK YOU!!! OHHH LISA! I am not sure where to start… Maybe praising God for K-Love where I first hear about you. I am so grateful that he gave you all the right words – specifically for my ears- (I know to many other woman’s ears as well)…as you would say “oh sweet sister” words are not enough to express how much your words have touch me and help me to change my life in many different aspects in such a small period of time. Thank you so much for you words, your books your work…. I have been “bingeing” in your material for a couple of months now… first i listened to Made to crave… what a wonderful book and then unglued….. Both precious, honest and truthful books. I wasn’t sure where I could leave a message for you so I hope here is a good place to do it. I feel like I want to tell you all the ways your books have helped me but for now…one more time, I just want to say thank you. God bless you and your ministry. I love you Lisa! Thank you!!!!

    • Roz

      Amen amen amen… What a remarkable disciple of Christ Lysa is!!!!!!

  322. Michelle

    Love this article! How God blessed everyone involved because of your family’s willingness to obey Him. God is good, isn’t He? My next small–yet incredibly big–step is to let go of facebook. Something so simple, yet also complex in letting go of trying to keep up with the outside-of-my-home world. Phew…I pray for an obedient heart in all things.

  323. Cara

    Newly divorced and a single mother I have been displaced from my home for a week now and may be displaced for a few more weeks, but I’m not sure what is going to happen. Even though it is hard, and I feel like a failure as a mother, my sweet young child has been excited about the change and has encouraged me and helped remind me of our blessings. I’m on the verge of tears constantly, but then direct my thoughts and visions to God and remind myself that He has something great in store for us. My small step(s) are more prayer, more reading in His word and letting go of anxiety about our situation. I’m giving this to you Lord. Jeremiah 29:11 is something that I read and pray about daily.

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