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What if the Next Big Step God Wants You to Take is Actually Small?

March 26, 2015

Do you ever feel called to do something greater and more fulfilling for God, but can’t figure out where to start?

Or maybe you scroll through social media, seeing how God is using others and wonder if it’s too late for you?

Don’t believe that lie! God has powerful plans for each of our lives – we just have to be willing to take the first step.

So let me ask you a question: What if the next big step God wants you to take is actually small?

God may eventually ask you to take a leap of faith. But I believe there are some small steps that come first. And I can’t wait to show you what they are.

That’s why I’ve put together “A Guide to Stepping Out in Faith.” It’s based on the five phases of faith that many Biblical characters went through when they followed hard after God.

A Guide to Stepping Out in Faith

You can get your guide today for FREE by clicking here.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!

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  1. Linda


    Please pray for my sister, Terri. She lost her job after 26 years with a company and she is devastated. I sent her your words today and told her I know that God has bigger and better plans for her, just be still and listen. This is one of those times that prayer is the only, not only, the thing that we can do. Thank you for your willingness to share with us. Love, Linda

  2. Elizabeth

    I’ve been struggling with this so much recently! I really feel I need to be doing something more, but I just can’t figure out what “it” is. It can be frustrating to be feeling like I’m not fulfilling God’s plan for me, when I truly am ready and willing to do so. Thank you so much for this! God bless!

  3. Jenni DeWitt

    It has struck me lately how different our plans and ideas can be from God’s. The apostles had grand vision of Jesus reigning over an earthly kingdom. Time after time Jesus tried to tell them that was not the plan, but they were so set on their ideas they couldn’t even comprehend that it might be different. I can see that in my own life. I get blinded by my earthly ideas and miss the heavenly aspect to God’s plan. These worksheets sound amazing, Lysa. Thanks!

  4. Jill Beran

    Lysa, it’s exciting to see “What Happens When Women Walk In Faith” being talked about and everyone getting excited for the study. That’s one of your first books I ever read and God used in it BIG ways for me and really started changing me into a girl who says “Yes” back in 2006 when I first read it. Well, those yeses keep coming as I’ve said “yes” to Him leading me to NC this summer. Looking forward to seeing you at She Speaks and trusting God has more to say and teach!! Blessings to you from the farm!

  5. Cori Westerfield

    Thank you for your encouragement! I am close to tears of joy at the possibility of beginning a ministry at my church for people with disabilities. My desire to actually do something began after I read this post. That even I can make a difference. Your words to just take a small step resonated in my heart. I’ll never know till I move. Then other posts were lovingly presented to me via Gods awesomeness! I was thinking of my sister who I advocate for as she has a learning disability and I want to say God whispered the idea of a ministry for people with disibilities. I’ve been praying with her faithfully every night and I’ve seen God really do some awesome healing to her heart and His drawing her closer to Him. I want her to have an outlet to serve as I desire to also. It’s in its dream stage but I “took a small step!” making inquiries at Key Ministry and my church. Praying for peace and patience as I see whether this is truly His will. Looking forward to the Women of Joy Conference in Louisville Kentucky in May! Praying for you and your healing servants heart!

  6. Corie

    Thank you so much Lysa for your encouraging words. After reading the above a few days ago I began a journey I have been afraid to take. To believe that God has a definite purpose for my life has been overwhelming. I am an advocate for my sweet younger sister Faith who has a learning disability. I made a commitment before God and to my mother before she past in 2013, that I would watch over Faith and do my best to take care of her. I promised my mom that I would help her see God bigger as she wished she had done. I pray with her every night and am so blessed to see God drawing her closer to Him. I’ve been thinking about what you stated about the “small step”. God has put other encouragements before me that reinforced that He was wanting me to take the step. Today I did. My dream is to help with or begin a ministry for people with disabilities. I’ve taken a small step and contacted my church and Key Ministry, which is a site to find info on beginning such a ministry, to see how to begin. Thank you again for your heart and for your ministry. I am taking my daughter to the Women of Joy Conference in May in Louisville Ky for her birthday. I am so excited to be able to hear you in person! Praying for you!

    • Corie

      Sorry for the repeat. I’m new to this and a little computer illiterate.

      God Bless!

  7. Darcy

    My small group is doing “The Best Yes” study. We are in the third session. In our discussion last night, we came to the point in the study guide where you talk about pushing yourself and allowing for more errors at first when learning and practicing wisdom. We weren’t sure what that meant. Would you be willing to shed some more light on what that means? Thank you so much. This is our third study of yours in a row. I enjoy them very much and walk out feeling refreshed and encouraged every time.

  8. Lori

    This was written for dme!! We are about to pull out sweet, shy 6th grader out of private school and put him in public school, NOT because it is MY plan (my plan is far different) but because we can no longer ignore God stirring our heart to acknowledge that this sweet boy is destined for great things and ready to bring his strong faith to many who have no faith. I admit my nervousness at times, but if you could just see how God has worked all this out, then you’d know like we do that THIS is the RIGHT decision!!! Thank you for your post!!!

  9. Jocelyn

    I just want you to know how awesome you are. Thank you for al you do Lysa!!!

  10. Roberta

    My small step that I am going to start this week is to begin journaling daily. I have had a passion for language and the written word since I was a young child. I believe that in addition to singing and teaching, He is calling me to write. Even as I am expressing this thought, I have no idea what possessed me to say writing, I just know that I tried to erase it and put something else down and I could not finish this response. I love you , Lysa TerKeurst and as always thank you for being such an inspiration to me. It is still on my bucket list to meet you face to face and give you a big hug.

  11. Brandi

    I know that God has bigger plans for my family than I can imagine. I have watched him work for years and we are still learning each day to trust him and give him all the control. This week, I will surrender to him daily and watch him work!!!

  12. Denise

    Small steps are awesome!
    My head and life get so full sometimes that I can forget to take the small steps and just go go go.
    Gods so good. He asks me nice then when I keep go go going; He simply just shuts me down. This could be viewed as bad but I’ve come to learn it’s how He’s asking for my attention.
    So my small step is to slow down myself and make more time for Him. Then I am be able to do His small steps as He wishes not as I have viewed they should be done.
    I also look forward to the download your giving. Thank you so much.

  13. Pamela Moody

    I am hoping to take the step to get my spirt back to where it was. I have lost it recently due to so many different things that has happened in my life recently. I am not happy at this time without Jesus….. many blessings. ….hugs

  14. Diane

    Just feeling bored and flipping thru my phone. I didnt want to go to FB or social media, so I thought ‘i’ll check on Prov 31 ministry’…I havent gone there for awhile. (Like a month…) I have been sitting here wondering what step to take next in kife. God has really been tugging on my heart in a couple of ways and I keep pushing it back. Yesterday I took the day off work to do our taxes but first read my ‘verse of the day’…which totally spoke to stepping out in faith. Before I knew it, it was an hour later and I had been led to other pieces online that continued to speak to me. I started taking notes so I could document what was happening. Then today i’m led to this post by you Lysa…it’s got to be God and I better start listening! Please pray I will have the courage and faith to listen to God speaking to me. God Bless…and I would love to read this book as I have not yet!

  15. Tonya

    Please pray for my family we are currently going through a divorce that is heart breaking after 13 years and three daughters.

  16. Lauren

    THIS. Every single word of this. I’ve felt down deep in my bones — since I was a young girl! — was meant for so much more. I’ve followed it and hit brick wall after brick wall. I decided to give up…. but it still niggled in the back of my mind. Recently I’ve decided it’s not me… but it is. I’m not ready yet. You’ve addressed this before: God’s timing is crucial. And small steps are what it takes to reach his Big Goals. So I’m still taking steps — such tiny steps — and each one feels “ordained”. And it’s gut-wrenching and holy and good and madness all at once!

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