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When Being a Mom is Hard

February 16, 2015

Have you ever felt like a failure as a mom because you got a not-so-great call from the principal’s office? Me too.

On the flip side, have you ever felt like the greatest mom ever because your child got some special recognition? Me too.

We moms should never build the stability of our identity on the fragility of our kid’s choices.

I need to let this crucial truth sink in. I’m posting about this today if for no other reason, sweet sister, than the fact I need this message. So, forgive me if the blog on this Monday preaches a message only to myself.

I’ve got five amazing kids. I really do. They are wildly funny, imaginative, moody, opinionated, strong, weak, happy, sad, good and sometimes not-so-good. In other words they’re pretty normal. And while I’ve done everything in my power to raise them to turn out amazingly awesome – and they very well might turn out amazingly awesome – there aren’t any guarantees.

Sometimes bad parents raise terrific kids.

And sometimes terrific parents raise kids that chase bad things their whole life.

So, what’s a mama to do?

Embrace the process. Learn from the process. Let God speak to us during the process. And see the process of raising kids as an ongoing opportunity to invest beyond ourselves.

We get to love our kids like crazy. Pray for them faithfully. Talk to them regularly. Listen to them tenderly. Model honesty and integrity. And point them to Jesus at every turn.

We get to do all that.

And tucked within these privileges is the reward. As long as I look for the reward within the process, I won’t misplace my expectations. I have to rest in the assurance that God sees everything I invest in these kids.

And He will use every step of this process for good. The process will be good for me. And this process will good for my kids. It will be good. But this process won’t always make me feel good or look good.

If I always expect my kids to make me feel good or look good, I am setting us all up for failure. My kids were never meant to carry the weight of a mama’s need for validation. I can’t let their failures send me to bed. And I can’t wear their successes like mommy medals of honor.

Motherhood is tough you know?

It really is.

However, it’s also our only opportunity to reach into the generations to come and make a difference. So, an imperfect but wonderful difference I will make.

Connect with other moms who are determined to make a wonderful difference in their kids’ lives at the Hearts at Home Conference, March 13-14! I’m excited to be a keynote speaker along with my friends Dr. Gary Chapman and Ken Davis. It’s going to be a fun time with other mamas who understand our struggles.

Today, I’m giving away one VIP package to the conference with gifts for 2 people so you can bring a friend with you if you win! The package includes:

– 2 tickets for the Friday conference
– 2 tickets for Mom’s Night Out
– Free parking passes
– A gift basket from Hearts at Home
– 2 backstage passes (so we can hang out!)

To be entered to win, leave a comment below telling me who you’d bring with you and why.

To find out more information about the conference and to purchase your tickets, click here.

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  1. Starla Jimenez

    I’d love to win! Being a mother is hard and I could use some encouragement right now. I’d bring my friend Jacky, Jo, my sister Charity or my mom….Because we know that being a mom to adult children can be hard still. Thank you for a chance to win! I appreciate it!

  2. Debbie Sutherland

    I’d bring my friend Shirley who always understands my anguish with my sons choices because she has s daughter twiced my sons age who made some poor choices which has left their family estranged but their faith intact’

  3. Shaun

    I would bring my best friend forever, Donna, because we both need this. Our kids are growing up and we are praying and trying to do God’s best for them and it’s tough.
    Thanks for offering this wonderful opportunity!
    You are amazing Lysa and I would love to meet you. You are so real and give me hope.
    Thank you.

  4. Jonava Johnson

    your articles always hit home for me. I’d bring my mother. I think my mom is awesome. She is meek, kind, gives great advice and is a great listener. She also reminds me to pray. I am always amazed at how she raised three daughter’s alone and how well she did. I couldn’t always see that as a teenager but now my heart is so appreciative for my mom who isn’t validated by her children’s good choices nor does she feel horrible about our bad choices. She just loves us and is always there for us. I struggle with getting validation from my children’s choices. I need this conference to learn to become the best mom I can be like my mom is. I choose my mom and i’d be honored to attend with her. My mom would be too because she just likes coming to my home to hang out with me. She lives in Denver and I in Atlanta. We just said its time to get together again. We talk everyday. Thanks Lysa for this article. I just woke up at 3am to talk to God about a decison my son has made that I am not pleased with. What can I say? I.m his mama. He is my first born. It’s tough but I know God will see us through. Jonava

  5. Tracy

    What a nice post … And conference! I would bring another single mom who I know could use a break and some support right Now. Maybe this would be just the blessing she would need to accept the idea and make room in the schedule for a more regular supportive time of studying God’s word together with me as we discussed and have yet to do… God bless you! Tracy

  6. Esther

    What an amazing opportunity! The last 2 years have been very rough for me and my family…through the losses we’ve had there have been a couple of friends who’ve been the kind that stick with you through thick and thin. Those friends for me, have been Sara, Ashlyn, Erika, and Xiomara. All of whom have children and work their tales off loving their precious ones and wouldn’t trade one moment for anything in the world! And they could use a good word being poured into them for a change. I would narrow it down to one 😉 but at the moment I had to name all of them!

  7. Lisa Sapperstein

    Thanks so much for making this wonderful opportunity available. I am a bus captain in my church and have a burden for a special lady that rides. She has five children also! Her husband is Muslim and she basically is raising those precious kids alone. He is a truck driver and rarely at home. I believe in miracles. To win the trip, finding her a sitter and see God work in her family is my prayer.

  8. Brenda Newberry

    What an amazing article to read while trying to wind down in order to sleep! If I was chosen to receive this incredible gift, I’d love to take my precious friend, Antoinette Smith. We met by Divine appointment three years ago in July. I am the meals ministry coordinator for my church and received a call that a young single mom with three kids needed a meal.

    Not knowing any other details, I called her. Our conversation led to the reality that she had learned that her son, then 4, was diagnosed with leukemia. She was without a job, and resources and felt without hope. As the following days, turned in to months and years, Antoinette clearly clung to the Lord through the long days at Kaiser, then City of Hope, places where her son received the medical attention needed. She allowed those of us who came to love her, her son and two daughters to see her utter dependence on God working through all of the community to help her and her family during this horrific season.

    Joyfully, her son, Marcus, is still here and is a godly young man — with wisdom well beyond his years!!

    Antoinette is definitely due for some “gal time” and the break away to an event like this would be a wonderful gift to share with her!

  9. Heather

    I would bring my friend who is a youth pastors wife. Her and her husband are constantly busy with the church. She is an amazing woman and has two kids under 2 1/2. She doesn’t do anything for herself and is with her kids 24-7.

  10. Karla Salsbury

    I would bring my friend, Joanie with me. She has been my true friend and we have done life together with our families…up & downs, always there for one another!

  11. Debra H.

    I would bring my best friend from college. Our children are all different ages and we are learning by living the very things you are talking about. Time spent with her is always special even when were only spilling out our insecurities and crying together.

  12. Mrs. TCB

    I would bring my friend Alex. Alex has 3 children and is married. I’d bring her because I appreciate the way she’s been pouring into my life honestly and from a biblical perspective. I’ve been trying to implement her suggestions. She prays with and for me. She’s proving to be a great friend and confidante And I’m grateful for her presence in my life.

  13. Jessica

    I would bring my friend, Mandy! I am in San Diego and she is in Atlanta, so it would be a great time to reconnect! Also, I would love to meet you. I am also an operators wife and recently made the connection that your husband is a CFA operator!

  14. Ann Worley

    If I won I would bring my youngest daughter Meleah, mother of 3 and an 18 year old daughter who just left home under duress, to encourage her that she is a wonderful Jesus girl who loves the Lord, and not a bad mom!

  15. Sherry H

    This conference looks amazing!! And exactly what my friend, Veronica, and I both need!! You see, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and she became a first grade teacher. We’re both completely frazzled most of the time and we’re pretty sure we’re screwing up our kids. LOL! It seems that with all the new stresses in our lives, we’ve kinda lost touch with who we were called by God to be! I’m pretty sure God never intended for us to be so stressed and emotional to the point that we cry on each other’s shoulders nearly daily. I should mention that we live 800 miles apart and while I know she wants to be here with me to help while I’ve been going through cancer treatment, and I want to be there with her to help with her kids…. We don’t see each other often enough. This conference sounds like something we both could use!!! Thanks for this amazing opportunity to potentially be a part of it!

  16. Racquel Gordon

    Hello I’m a stay at home mom of 17 years and I’d love to come to the conference and bring a new mom that has decided to stay home with her kids. I don’t know who that is yet but I’m sure that God will let me know. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Jodi

    Hi Lysa!
    I would bring my friend, mentor, and fellow mission-trip momma, Bethany! I have had the privilege of serving beside Bethany in our mom’s ministry at church and also alongside her in Honduras. She is an incredible mom of 3 beautiful girls and an even better wife! She is like a mother to me and I cannot explain how much her friendship and mentor ship means to me : ) We would love to come and see you together! Thank you in advance! God bless!

  18. Carol

    I would bring my friend who has just gone through battling breast cancer. Her husband has been battling heart disease. And now they are in the trenches battling to save a teen who is rebelling. This has all happened back to back over the past 3 years and I’ve never known anyone to be so faithful in the storms! She inspires me daily to run to our God boldly and faithfully!

  19. Cara

    I would bring my best friend, Brittany. She and I both have experienced our ups and downs with motherhood. I need this because we decided to homeschool our two little girls this past year, and some days it feels like the whole world is just my fault. If my sweet littles have a difficult day it’s a reflection on me because who else are they with all day besides me? I feel like I’m the one that’s to blame when there’s bad attitudes, bad days, etc. Brittany has two little boys, one of them is about to be a year old. This year hasn’t been easy for her. The transition from one child to two and the fact that this second little one isn’t the easiest child in the world. She calls on average about once a week just crying because she is just positive she has messed her children up. We would LOVE to come to this conference!

  20. Kim Hamann

    Lysa, Thank you for again bringing a devotion to me just when I need it. I should not be surrprised by God’s power to provide the words this humble Momma needs to hear. I would love to be able to come with my sister, who like me, struggles to be the best mom we can be to the precious children God has intrusted in our care. Life can be messey but with God’s amazing Love and Grace we can learn and strive to be better.

  21. Kim Werdebaugh

    I would bring my sister. We have done this “mom” thing together for over 25 years. We still don’t have it right. Our kids have made us proud and they have disappointed us. I need to learn how to not let my disappointment change who I am. I have been heart broken over choices my son has made and have been in bed for days at a time trying to mend my broken heart. I know this isn’t how God wants me to live. I want my son to see Jesus so strong in my life and to be the example of a Godly mother to him.

  22. Christa

    Wow! This sounds like an amazing opportunity! Would bring a fellow mom friend who is really struggling through some things right now. Thanks for making this a possibility for us, Lysa!

  23. Michelle O'Brien

    I would bring my sister in love Jessie! We are just in the mama of littles trenches together

  24. Jessie Tucker

    Thanks, Lysa, for being so honest and encouraging. Your ministry makes a difference!! I would bring my friend Jessica because we are hardworking teachers and young moms who desire God’s best for our children.

  25. bev

    Oh Lysa, you’ve hit me square in the middle of my forehead – yet again. Thanks for these words of encouragement. If I could, I’d take my sister Marilyn who is raising 5 amazing kids. But as a mom of 5 kids, can always use a break and encouragement. Life is hard, but God is good.

  26. Sally

    I would bring a dear friend that has been my rock of support through my divorce. She and I go on long hikes to talk about choices our children make. What an awesome opportunity

  27. Cindy

    I would bring my friend Stephanie who i share and have accountability with on many issues. She’s a dear friend that I walk through life with and our journeys are similar. Our kids are different ages so that helps us so much when frustrated with our kids and their choices at times.

  28. Christine Noggle

    I would bring my friend Chris. She us struggling right now with soo many things. Her career, husband, and two grown boys she won’t let go of. She could really use this to help her open her eyes and for a girls getaway. No husband no kids.
    Me too. Lol
    Thank you,

  29. Tiffany

    My sister, we are the closest of friends and she is expecting her second and I know we both would benefit!

  30. Samantha Thomas

    I would bring a friend in the trenches with me who is having a tough time with all the different “hats” we wear in our role as Mom.

  31. kelli

    I would bring my friend Katie. She doesn’t know the Lord. She has two small kids and struggles so much. I know that if she had an opportunity to go it would be life changing for her. It would be life changing for me too!

  32. Jennifer Frazier

    I would bring my friend Kivonda Harris. She is a single mother of 2 beautiful girls, one with special needs. She is a fantastic mother in my eyes, but I know these issues creep up regarding her performance as a single mother. We could both use this encouragement to know we are working to impact the next generation.

  33. Kandi

    Lysa, thank you form this Godly reminder that mothering is a journey hard to remember that we have been entrusted with our children, that aren’t ours but, His. It is truly His plan and will.
    If I could attend I’d take my sweet friend Bridget. We have children just 10 days apart and have lives each step literally daily together.

  34. Beth

    I’d love to attend the hearts at home confernece. I’d love to bring my sister or one of these amazing military spouses friends I have met along the way.

  35. Jen Hartmann

    Thank you so much Lysa for offering this opportunity. Your godly wisdom is so encouraging and I pass on your encouraging words to others who need to be lifted up as well.
    If I were to win I would bring my friend Karen. She is a mom to my friend who I was best friends with in high school. She took me into her home when I was rejected by my own dad and step mom for mistakes I had made. She has always been there for me throughout the 20 yrs I have known her. Her daughter and son have had some rough challlenges in life and I have been blessed to be able to be there for her to offer encouragement, this conference would be such a blessing to us both. Being a mom of 4 is tough, especially when our kids do make choices that are not right and can put themselves in danger and make us feel inadequate, but we have to rely on God’s grace and mercy each day and trust He sees ours kids each day and is blanketing them in His protection.

  36. Kelly

    I would bring my friend Emily. Emily and I both have a challenging child. We are always calling each other and sharing our stories. We encourage each other to get through the tough days of this journey called motherhood. We would both love to get away for a couple of days and come to an amazing conference!

  37. Betsy SAJDAK

    I would bring my best friend, Cathy. She’s amazing but all of us need the support to be a Godly moms.

  38. Bari

    I would bring my friend Jennifer because we both could really use a girls’ getaway like this to nourish our souls!

  39. Angie Rutland

    For years all my friends were on church staffs and I always wondered why so many of them had children that grew up to make such aweful choices. Now, I think that is why I was drawn to them. It made me feel better when my kids made terrible choices. Not sure why as a Mom we take that so personally but certainly glad we don’t have to pay the price for their choices.

  40. Michelle Chumley

    I needed this posting so much right now…thank you. My husband and I have been struggling so much with the “fragility” of our daughters choices this past year. (What a great way to put it!). Thank you for sharing this.
    I would love to attend the conference and would invite a fellow homeschooling friend of mine who is also a pastor’s wife. Pastor’s wives have such a difficult role and rarely get to have a break! I’m sure she would love some refreshment!

  41. Kristal Sproul

    Thank you, Lysa, for posting this message. I really needed to hear it today. I would bring my friend, Leslie to the conference. She is a mother of 9 children; 3 biological and 6 adopted.

  42. Diane

    Being a mom; and grandma IS hard…but also very fun I would bring my bff Kathy with me because she is and always had been an inspiration to me! She is The Best Mom and Grammie ever. So Godly, consistent and loving !!! I have always wanted to meet Lysa too- also such a Godly example!

  43. Angie Rutland

    I live in Greenville, SC but I am fairly new here and have not established a super busy life here (yet). I am making some new Christian friends that mean a lot to me through women’s Bible study groups. My husband works for an airline so I do not have to pay for airline tickets. I could bring another sweet airline employee Christian friend and we could just make it a “Road Trip,”

  44. Stephanie Clayton

    I would bring my friend Carissa. She’s an amazing been single all her life Christian woman who chose to adopt out a child with an abusive past of foster care. Her daughter, who came to her named Heavenly, is the most beautiful little girl ever. I would love nothing more than to offer her a weekend to relax and refresh at this conference! Plus I need it for me too cause patenting a special needs budding adolescent is making me need to read a post like this every day!!!!! Lol 🙂

  45. tamara

    Being a mom fills my heart with joy and breaks my heart at the same time. I would bring my friend pam.. we both have passion for the Lord and love our children immensely. We both have had intense heartaches and struggles as well. This would be so awesome to share ~ together and fill our souls with the knowledge and renewing of our spirits! God bless you

  46. Jessica

    Thank you so much for these reminders- my girls are
    15,12, and 9 and it seems these days are harder than
    ever. Your words really hit home. I have always wanted to attend one of these- I would bring my friend Racheal who is a constant source of encouragement to me and vise versa. 🙂

  47. Sherry

    I would bring my friend,prayer,and running partner Amy. We pray and encourage each other daily as embrace our calling of raising kids for Christ in midst the pressures of jobs, school and extracurricular activities! We’ve read the books, but always need encouragement on our motherhood journey!

  48. Angela

    I would bring my best friend that I grew up with Kristin. She and I had our children 12 hours apart and now they are graduating from high school this year on two very different paths.

  49. Christine Bushuiakovish

    I would bring my friend Linda because she is a wonderful, faith filled woman who daily encourages me to keep the faith while raising my kids. She has 2 kids that both recently graduated from college.

  50. Sheree West

    I will my daughter-in-law. As a new parent, she is struggling with some of these emotions already. I’d like her to know the truth early on so she doesn’t spend too much time beating herself up. I’d like her to be open minded and enjoy every step of parenthood.

  51. Lauren

    I’d bring my friend Kelley. She’s always telling others how I’m such a great mom (still not quite sure what she sees!), but I’m not sure she sees herself the same way, because she’s an amazing mom. Going to this conference with Kelley would be an opportunity for both of us to see our strengths as well as learn from “veteran” parents.

  52. Marcy Tincher

    I would bring my mother, her and I are both
    Foster parents and struggle daily! I can’t speak for her but just yesterday, I told my husband over the phone while he was at work that I was a failure as a mother and that I’m messing my children up. I struggle daily with so many things and parenting is a big one! I have 1 biological son, 1 adopted daughter, and a foster daughter who we are fighting for! I love your blogs and encouraging words you always have and would love this opportunity to go & to meet you.

  53. Ella

    I’m in a hard season now with one of my teens. Good reminder to look to the One who made them for support – not our children’s achievements or the world. I’d bring Kimberly – my friend who is always there and has the perfect balance of truth and grace.

  54. Diana C

    I would bring my daughter Stefanie. She doesn’t have any children yet, but I would like for her to get all the information she will need to be a less frazzled mom… she is very much a planner and organizer and this would help her feel more ready to take that big step into parenthood!

  55. Patty S.

    I’d bring my dear friend, Dori! We’ve been friends for about 25 years. We’ve prayed together, cried together, walked together, talked together, lost weight together, gained weight together, and sipped many a drink at Starbucks one night a month for years. Our husbands have been friends for even longer than the two of us. Dori is a very special blessing in my life and we were hoping to attend HAH in our home state even before I saw your post. We can’t wait to have a little more time than a few hours at Starbucks together to worship, talk, and spur each other on in our walks with Jesus.

  56. Kaylee

    I would bring my friend, Sarah. She an her family are fostering two little boys right now, and while here is great joy in that, it also takes a lot of extra energy. I think she could use the rest and fun of a weekend away.

  57. Trina

    I’d bring my friend Shannon!

  58. Kathy A Shuffler

    I would bring my best friend Jill. She is a good Mother. She always outs her kid first. She has been struggling for the past five years trying to get a divorce. She sure could use a weekend away with lots of inspiration.

  59. Carrie Bass

    Hi Lysa:) If I get the chance to come I would bring me friend Michelle. We have recently been meeting and holding each other accountable as moms and wives. To be honest, I have been facing a lot of condemnation and battling a while now with my son

  60. Kristy

    Your devotion is just what I needed to hear this morning! Being a mommy is tough work, but also the most rewarding job there is! I would love to be chosen for the conference just simply because,
    what mommy doesn’t need a Christian mom’s getaway!!!??? Then to make it better, amazing speakers to share with you during your time away! I would bring my life long best friend, she is a
    mommy to two little kiddos & a full time worker….she would love the getaway!

  61. Tyra

    As a mama of 5 ages 11 and under I agree that parenting is by the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It keeps me clinging to the cross. I would bring a woman who took a biblical parenting class I was teaching 2 years ago. She has since become my friend but in taking that class she bared her heart and longs to love and nurture her children while going through difficulties at home.

  62. Stacy

    Hi Lysa!
    I would love to attend and I would bring my friend Kim. Although distance has separated us we have remained in touch raising our kids who are now teenagers to age 9. It’s a constant struggle to find the right prayers and encouragement for these years of our kids. She is a big fan of yours and introduced me to Proverbs 31 online studies and your books several years ago. I would love the opportunity to give back to her some encouragement!

  63. Carrie Bass

    Oops! It posted before I was done! I have been battling some things with my son and fight those lies about failing as a parent. I have always wanted to go to one of your conferences so this one would be timely. 🙂

  64. Michelle

    I would bring my friend Jeannie who is a single Mom of 8! She has taught
    Me what Faith looks like & trusting God! After being a stay at home Mom she
    Recently completed nursing school and works hard to be sure her 3 still at home
    Can go to Christian schools! She struggles with the guilt of time away from younger
    kids when she was able to be home for older kids But I can see that she is raising
    Compassionate & independant young women who are learning to Trust God by their
    moms example! I think this conference would help my friend see how God uses
    everything for good if we Let go & Let Him have His way !
    Thanks for the way you Bless others by sharing your stories of “imperfect progress”
    Helping others see that they’re Not alone!

  65. Melissa

    I would bring my sister, Erin. Our children are entering the teen years and we want to raise them up the way they should go. It would be such a blessing to be able to learn what God is using you to teach us.

  66. Tiffany

    I would bring my friend Heather, we both strive and struggle through raising amazing kids. We often feel like you described in today’s post. Thank you for your encouragement, may God continue to bless you!

  67. Beth Dockter

    This post hits home with me. I look at all I invest in my children and have to realize, at the end of the day, they will have to make their own choices – which may be good or may not be. I have to stay strong in what God calls me to do as a parent and do it for HIS glory and trust in HIS Strength and sovereignty. I would invite my good friend and mentor Mary. She is an amazing homeschooling mom and her and her husband take a night out each month to mentor me and my husband. Mary and her husband fully live out her faith and are great examples to me and my husband. They work hard, give generously and live for the Lord. I am so grateful to her for her prayers, encouragement and advice. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing opportunity.

  68. Pat

    I am a single parent. I have a daughter that I have raised alone since she was 6. She is in her last year of middle school.
    Up until now it was easy to guide her. She has such a sweet heart. I fear what is ahead….peer pressure, boys, making big choices for her future. Thank you for being honest …. We r all right there with u!

  69. Kristin

    OhI would take my friend Christy – her faith inspires me to trust God’s promises every hour, to not depend on how I feel or where I am , but to know God loves me and He is the I AM. And we would learn so much from a weekend together with teachers directing us how to fill our children with the Love of Jesus. Thank you Lysa for speaking through my Inbox each week. K

  70. Tammy Thomas

    Wow! It would be soooo awesome to attend this conference… so timely!!!!
    I would bring my best friend Cassandra Carrizo. We have been mothering side by side (heart by heart) for over a decade. She and her family moved up north 2 years ago and it’s been really hard not being able to do life together anymore. It’s amazing how important having prayer partners, encouragers, challengers, and godly fellowship, people to grow alongside with, is for moms and kids too!
    Praying for this opportunity and blessing….
    With gratitude,

  71. Marla Jeffers

    Thanks so much for this article. It really hits the nail on the head; so pertinent. I’m a mom if 2 adult daughters & also have 3 adopted teens & Tweens. I also have 3 grandchildren. It’s tough being a mom & Grammy, but I love every minute of it!!!! I would bring my daughter. Even though we’re at different stages of parenting, I know we could both really enjoy this conference. Thanks!

  72. Gina

    I would bring a friend from moms group who would love to go, but had a financial emergency arise and isn’t going to be able to attend after all. She always encourages me and the rest of our group and pushes us to see the bigger picture and put our faith in God. She is an amazing mom to two little boys and always seeing the good in other people so I would love to be able to help her get to go the conference! We have done 2 of your books in our group so we have all been talking about this for a few months!!

  73. Stacey

    I would bring my sweet friend, Laura, as she is a true sister in Christ.

  74. Stacy

    I would love to bring my very best friend and sister in Christ, Krysta. She has been there for me, encouraging and praying for my role as mother, for the past 18 years. She too is a mother of two beautiful children, one having special needs, and has been an inspiration to me how God blesses and amazingly equips us to walk with joy the path he has laid before us. She lives 6 hours away, so this would be a blessing and a wonderful way to spend some much needed face to face friendship time while being filled with encouraging Godly advise on how to continue to be the best moms God has allowed us to be.

  75. Anne

    I have a friend with a toddler and a preschooler. Its a challenging place add pastors wife to her plate and she just needs to be loved and encouraged. I have 5 children ages 23-8. Older children doesn’t mean the job is done or necessarily becomes easier…the challenges a are just different.

  76. Pam

    Lisa, thank you for this post I needed this. While I know that you specifically asked for us to leave a comment about ‘ Who I would bring and why” That to me is the simple part….. I think for me, I truly feel I NEED TO BE THERE so many time I loose control of my emotions ( raising a teenager is tough ) and I find myself loosing it (for lack of a better word) weather its yelling, crying or sometimes walking away. I think I need to hear some of your words and reassure my that its ‘normal’ but the choices I make are so very critical in the raising of our kids. Our kids are great kids, respectful yet shy, funny yet moody and emotional, Wonderful to everyone outside the house yet difficult within. They seem to be making good choices for the most part and sometimes they don’t( or won’t) I get that. I react too much with my words, I work a lot and take on a lot of stress I need to keep things in perspective and realize ‘its okay’ ‘deep breathes’ before you blurt out something – so while you are asking me WHO I WOULD BRING AND WHY.. My first thought is ME MYSELF AND I because I deserve this I need this – I see so many workshops that intrigue me. Could I take the time and register and go why yes but of course I will make excuses and it will not happen. I am took busy at work, I need to be home, I have laundry… bla bla bla.

  77. Shelly Lott

    I would bring my friend Heather. She has just had a recent struggle with feeling like her kids would be better off without her. She is an amazing mom of four spectacular kids. I also have four kids (3yr old triplets and a 5 year old ) who make my world a wonderfully crazy mess. It would be great to hear from others about parenting and to get some much needed encouragement .

  78. Karen

    Woke today to words my weary soul needed to hear.
    Thank you!

    I would bring my best friend Michele. We are both raising boys who are taking different paths than we’d expected to see. We don’t live close and have been trying to plan a get away for a while. I’ve known her since second grade. When I gave my life to Christ 14 years ago, I struggled with how to be the same me around her while wanting to share who I now was in Him. Only to discover she too has given her life to Him!! We haven’t yet had a chance to really just sit and connect about our faith. I think this weekend would be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and encourage each other that we are doing an ok job at this momma thing!

  79. Jennifer Collins

    I would love to attend this conference and bring my dear friend Jerilyn. She has to hear ALL of the stories and events, good or bad. I have 3 wonderful, amazing and good-hearted kids; however, the baby of the family puts me on a whirlwind adventure most everyday of our lives. Your post always inspire me to be better and remind me that when I feel like the world is against me and I don’t know what else to do with this child, to just pray and I pray a lot! Thanks for your posts and encouragement hope to see you at the conference.

  80. Michelle

    First, thank you Lord and thank you Lysa. I woke up this morning feeling like… what should I say or do with my 20 year old son, because I want him to be the perfect son or to be the young man I know is he should be. As a single mother of two boys and no family to really call upon, I have signed up for so many devotions to help me get my day started. This morning as I went to wake my oldest son, and try to tell him what he should do with his present situation I felt the need to pray and ask the Lord to help him. As the Lord knows best I directed my attention to your devotion and inspire notes in my bible entitled “doing your best.” I really needed to read your post this morning and I plan to print and read daily. Thank you so much for encouragement and sharing. I must be honest I am not sure who I would bring if i should be selected, but it would definitely be a mother who feels the same way we do. Loving our children enough to let them build their testimony but standing right by their side loving them during the journey. God Bless.

  81. Stephanie

    Wow! How I would love to grab my neighbor and come to this conference! Our kids are similar ages and have similar personalities/difficulties. I’ve never been to a conference like this. I have 3 boys (ages 13, 9, and 7) whom I’ve homeschooled their entire lives. The great thing is I’m with them 24/7 – the difficult thing is I’m with them 24/7 🙂 My oldest and I butt heads a lot now and I’m concerned about the direction he is heading and the choices he is/is not making. Some days I simply throw my hands up in the air and wonder what do do next, and then I pray 🙂 I would love to hear the wisdom this conference will offer.

  82. Anna

    This post is a Godwink in my life! I am currently reading my heart is at home (for the second time) and I have just bought my sister a new Bible featuring devotions from you and other proverbs 31 women. My sister is the one I would bring. We are both trying to walk through this messy thing called parenting with Christ at the center and it is hard! Any guidance for intentional parenting is such a blessing, thank you!

  83. Eutona

    Good never ceases to amaze me! This is how my Sunday went. Thank you for this!

  84. Julie

    I would bring my sister, who has always been, in the words of another Christian writer, “Jesus with skin on” for me. Despite her own trials, she gives calm, wise counsel or just a listening ear – not to mention the great times we have whenever we’re able to get together! When our then 19 year-old daughter attempted suicide, she kept me calm and focused (over the phone, no less!). She’s a choir director in her church in another state, so we don’t see each other enough but are still very closely connected at heart.

  85. Eutona


  86. Sheila

    Amen! How often I’ve felt pride or personal disappointment over my child’s actions when I should have been seeking His face and letting those times be what they are, His design to mold us both into the image of Jesus.

  87. Marisa

    What a wonderful post that I needed to read this morning! I would bring my dear friend Corey. She has been such a support to me as a mom and she also has young ones. The package sounds like such an uplifting event for moms!

  88. Alyssa Dorsey

    I’d bring my friend, Nikki. She goes to church with me and she and her husband have 3 children that they homeschool, and 1 is adopted from China and is a hand full. We both would benefit greatly from this conference!

  89. Lauren

    I would love to bring a mama friend of mine who is currently separated and going through a painful divorce. She has two wonderful kids but senses them “changing” with all that is going on. She feels like a failure and although we try to encourage her and point her to Jesus, she is having a tough time. She used to do everything for the kids and they were always with her – now she is apart from them every other week. I think this conference would brighten her spirits but more than that focus her heart on God and accepting Him. I’d love her to feel His presence and have Him as a friend throughout this difficult journey.

  90. Karen Umholtz

    Definitely a good reminder! Sometimes it’s easy to think I’m not making a difference or my humanness is messing up my kids. I would bring my longtime friend Ang who is a busy mom also and us a

  91. Ashleigh

    I am entering to win on behalf of my mom and sister. My mom has been so selfless and has always put us children first all of her life, so she deserves to win something for herself. My sister has a precious two year old daughter that she’s raising on her own, so I thought this conference would help encourage her. Thank you for the opportunity!

  92. Lauren

    I would love to bring a mama friend of mine who is currently separated and going through a painful divorce. She has two wonderful kids but senses them “changing” with all that is going on. She feels like a failure and although we try to encourage her and point her to Jesus, she is having a tough time. She used to do everything for the kids and they were always with her – now she is apart from them every other week. I think this conference would brighten her spirits but more than that focus her heart on God and accepting Him. I’d love her to feel His presence and have Him as a friend throughout this difficult journey. She needs the love and encouragement that your devotional so provide. We all do and many mornings I share them! We both feel inept on this motherhood journey!

  93. Jill Beran

    I love this post Lysa!! I always remember you saying, “We can’t build the stability of our identity on the fragility of our kid’s choices.” at Rise and Shine years ago. It was a pivotal truth for me. I too have 5 wonderful, amazing, normal children and yes, it is hard!! But God teaches me much as I try to teach them and I watch them grow physically, I’m growing spiritually.

    I’d love to join you and bring my friend, who loves the hard job of being a mom to her 2 boys, but is walking through the loss of her 4th child because of miscarriage. Not sure we’ll make it to Illinois, but we have Rochester on our calendar!!

    On a side note, this past weekend I had my 1st official speaking engagement and I thought of you and She Speaks. Grateful for how God used you to play a part in bringing me to where I am!! Blessings from the farm in Iowa!

  94. Jodi andrews

    Oh man, your message was tailor made for my ears and heart! I wanted to pour a coffee for you and let you keep chatting….but that’s not happining, so my friend and sister in Christ Melanie is the next best thing. I already have imagined the laughter, pure Joy, tears ( north and south, if you know what I mean!). Yep that would be my conference buddy, Miss Melanie.

  95. Sarah

    I would bring my friend Kathleen. She’s a single momma and widower. I think she could use the encouragement.

  96. Louisa

    Oh Lysa….I soooo needed this message today. I have watched my prodical stumble, start to turn around, make more difficult choices, pay the consequences of this choices and have struggled with what I did wrong all along. I gave that over to the Lord a few years ago and our relationship is better since my burdens have been given to him, I realized she is making her own decisions and the Lord can redeem all of them. My job–to love on her and then includes the hope that is talked about in the Love chapter because we know God can make beauty from ashes and I have peace about how he is going to do that very thing in her life. A single strand of hope is a powerful thing! My hope comes from Jesus.

    As for the retreat….it sounds glorious. We’ve been through a hard year but God is so good—-we are seeing amazing healing in our 7 adopted children. We are in process of adoptingtwo boys from China. My dearest friend Mary would be my choice to go….she is my support in adoption and just recently came home with 2 more from Bulgaria….we’ve met late at night in the past to do your Made to Crave study or just hang out together.

    Thanks for all you do with sharing your heart in these matters. You are such an encourage,net to this mama’s heart!

  97. Kimberly beaver

    I NEED this 🙂 I am a Mom of 4 GREAT kids 12, 11, 9 and 7. I have home schooled since the start and there are days I question myself as a mom. I know we all do but sometimes I need to let go and let them figure it out. This is a time of year my husband is out of town for,work and life just seems hard. I never give myself me time. I would bring along another friend that needs the time off to focus her. I have so many that come to mind but I would bring Alicia that has 5 kids that are around my kiss ages. I know she is where I am at now too.

  98. Holly

    I would bring my fellow mama in the trenches Jen. We text each other almost almost every encouraging each other as moms, and sometimes just letting the other know we are in the same boat and don’t have it all together.

    • Nico Smith

      My mom didn’t do such a bad job with me. I was always the kid who studied as hard as I possibly could in school, even if my grades didn’t always reflect my perseverance. Ultimately, I never got sent to the principal’s office, even though I only ever had one detention. This was all a learning process for my mom because of what learning challenges I had.
      “Have you ever felt like a failure as a mom because you got a not-so-great call from the principal’s office? Me too.

      On the flip side, have you ever felt like the greatest mom ever because your child got some special recognition? Me too.

      We moms should never build the stability of our identity on the fragility of our kid’s choices.

      I need to let this crucial truth sink in. I’m posting about this today if for no other reason, sweet sister, than the fact I need this message. So, forgive me if the blog on this Monday preaches a message only to myself.

      I’ve got five amazing kids. I really do. They are wildly funny, imaginative, moody, opinionated, strong, weak, happy, sad, good and sometimes not-so-good. In other words they’re pretty normal. And while I’ve done everything in my power to raise them to turn out amazingly awesome – and they very well might turn out amazingly awesome – there aren’t any guarantees.

      Sometimes bad parents raise terrific kids.

      And sometimes terrific parents raise kids that chase bad things their whole life.

      So, what’s a mama to do?

      Embrace the process. Learn from the process. Let God speak to us during the process. And see the process of raising kids as an ongoing opportunity to invest beyond ourselves.

      We get to love our kids like crazy. Pray for them faithfully. Talk to them regularly. Listen to them tenderly. Model honesty and integrity. And point them to Jesus at every turn.

      We get to do all that.

      And tucked within these privileges is the reward. As long as I look for the reward within the process, I won’t misplace my expectations. I have to rest in the assurance that God sees everything I invest in these kids.

      And He will use every step of this process for good. The process will be good for me. And this process will good for my kids. It will be good. But this process won’t always make me feel good or look good.

      If I always expect my kids to make me feel good or look good, I am setting us all up for failure. My kids were never meant to carry the weight of a mama’s need for validation. I can’t let their failures send me to bed. And I can’t wear their successes like mommy medals of honor.

      Motherhood is tough you know?

      It really is.

      However, it’s also our only opportunity to reach into the generations to come and make a difference. So, an imperfect but wonderful difference I will make..”~
      Amen! What a wonderful thing to remember! The future generations look up to us. We should set an example of how we are to conduct ourselves at all times.

  99. Shalena Douthit

    I just recently moved back to my hometown after 8 1/2 years of being away. I am now much closer to my best friend in the whole world. If I won, I would bring her with me. After being away from each other for so long, this would be the perfect opportunity for us to spend some much needed time together. Thank you Lysa for being an amazing woman I can look up to!!!

  100. Melody Bloxsom

    Thank you! With a child with ADHD and ODD, I needed to be reminded that regardless of how/what we teach our kids, they still make their own decisions and determine their behavior. I would bring my friend Cindy who is my virtual carpool buddy and helps keep me sane.

  101. Ashley

    I would bring my sweet friend and mama of four precious ones. Not only would it be great to spend time with her before she moves away this summer, it would allow both of us a time to re-center on the work God has called us to… Being mamas.

  102. Marsha

    I ‘d bring my friend. We are the same age, 45. Our birthdays are a week apart. We both are single moms. We both have daughters roughly the same age. They are 18 and soon to be 17; six months apart. We have been friends for 25 years. She has been in church her whole life. I have always believed in God and prayed intermittently over the years, but wasn’t til baptized 35 and realized I could have a REAL relationship with Jesus. Not just throw up a prayer every now and then. The past ten years have been in preparation for the past six months. Without God I don’t know where I would be. Our daughters live in small towns where I think boys, booze and experimentation are seen as entertainment. I have tried unsuccessfully to NOT wrap my mothering “success” into my daughters behavior. She can be a great, talented, loving, sweet, smart kid but she’s making some really questionable choices and I’m fearful for her future. One of them is “in love” with a 24 year old man who lives with his mom and doesn’t have a job or license. They are biding their time til she turns 18 and the daughter can join in the mix, Her birthday is in four months. WE NEED THIS~! Help, encouragement, prayer, time to not worry, for like a minute and then to not feel guilty for not worrying for that minute. It would be such a blessing. Thanks for listening.

  103. Kristal Strong

    I would bring my sweet friend Angela who is a mommy to a sweet 1 year old boy & is a new stay at home momma who could use some encouragement.

  104. Cindy

    I needed to hear this today! I have 2 young boys. Sometimes I feel like I have set my expectations too high for them. I have been getting so frustrated lately but I need to remember they’re just little boys.
    I would bring my friend Shannon. She has 5 children who are wonderfully different from each other. They have their own unique personalities.

  105. Dee Robinson

    This hits home with adult children also. Motherhood doesn’t stop with children over 18. I am needed just as much, but in a different way. I have a friend who also needs direction as her adult children are wearing her out. God blessed us with children, but this gift must be seen and known for what it really is. At this conference, we could gain invaluable knowledge together!

  106. Jeanne

    If I won I would bring me friend Cassandra with me. We have kids the same ages and have watched them grow but realize that just because they get older doesn’t mean the job gets easier or that you worry less.

  107. Christi McInnis

    I loved this post. For the last 8 years, I have tried to control my environment to make me feel good. From manipulating my kids behavior to a positive outcome, to nagging my husband and nit picking every little thing to make me happy. The illusion of trying to control my environment turned to an unhealthy relationship with family and food. You see my dad had a diagnosis of early on set Alzheimer’s disease. Being the oldest of 4 kids and a stay at home mom raising 3 boys of my own God clearly said you are to care for your dad and help your mom. I ate the pain, tried to manipulate every situation to make me happy all tegu while trying to raise 3 boys. Thank you for the reminder through this message that no matter what God is in control not me. It was refreshing and freeing to be reminded of that today.

  108. Rebecca

    That is exactly what I needed to hear today. I would bring my younger sister with me. She is always there for me and understands the whole being a mom is hard – she has three boys!

  109. Nicki

    I would bring my sister in law. She’s a dear friend and has 4 beautiful children that she home schools. We could both use the break and we have read alot of the speakers books. Thx 🙂

  110. Suzanne Griffin

    I needed to hear this today. We have 6 kids and home school and I still feel at times as if I have failed with my oldest. I would love to win the conference passes and I woukd bring with me another mom and close friends that has 5 little ones and a fellow home school momma. 1st because I know we both need a break and refresher, 2nd because she would be thrilled to get to meet you.

  111. Lori

    Thank you for this opportunity! I would definitely bring my daughter who is learning to be a stay-at-home mom to her two precious little boys. It’s hard to find friends, especially strong, Christian, encouraging friends, and make it through the ins and outs of daily life. I love to support her but we live 12 hours apart! Bonus for me, you have been one of my favorite authors for many years and I would be beside myself to see you live in person!

  112. Tammie Ross

    Thanks so much for all your honesty in the reality in raising kids in today’s world. I needed this so desperately this morning. I just returned from a trip to my daughters this weekend, it was my grand daugher’s bday. I left her home struggling with where I went wrong because I know she is making such wordly decisions. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your struggles and God’s redeeming love and forgiveness for our families. I see Satan ripping our sweet young families apart and somehow our young adults cannot see that their marriage problems are from the enemy. When I speak with my grown children about who the real enemy in their marriage is they look at me like I am speaking GREEK. These are people who have been in Church from birth!

  113. kim rodgerson

    My sister and I both within a year’s time are going through a divorce due to adultery by our husbands. While our stories have many differences, they are alike in many sad, scary ways as well. We have both had the most challenging year of our lives, as women, Christ followers, and especially moms. I know Gods design is Great for I have seen our faith grow incredibly through these horrible tragedies. However, being human has proven to be a terrible burden. Emotions want rule over everything. We both have custody of our children and need as much help and encouragement to lead them through things that we ourselves can’t even understand. I would take my sister, of course.

  114. Lisa

    Beautiful message! I am a mom of a sweet 16 month old (going on 3). I would bring my sweet sister of God, April. She is my best friend and the strongest person I know and has turned a great tradegy (death of her son) into a triumph. It would be so fun to have this time with her!!

  115. Jenny Harwood

    I would bring my sister. We are both SAHMs, and she recently started homeschooling her 3 kids, and I will started this spring. We have not always had the best relationship, so I think it would be great to be in an encouraging environment with her and have that time just us to connect. Thanks for your generosity.

  116. Julie

    I would bring my friend Erica as we are on this mom journey together and I know it would greatly benefit both of us.

  117. Penny Diamond

    I would bring my sister-in-law Heather with me as she and I struggle with some of the very same issues as moms and she has a blended family and we could REALLY use the conference and time getting renewed. 🙂

  118. Marsha

    I would bring my daughter to hear this much needed word. She is a single mother of a 4 year old and 7 month old. Raising two children without a father involved in their life is a struggle beyond words. She is doing a marvelous job with her children but the fear and insecurity overwhelms her at times. She has made a lifetime of unwise choices but is making sure her children are in Sunday School and church every Sunday. My heart aches for her to feel, beyond a shadow of doubt, that she is loved and forgiven and is worthy. Just knowing she is not alone in her thoughts and concerns would be a great reassurance.

  119. Sara

    I love this post! It was such a great reminder. I would bring my sister in law with me.

  120. Patti

    Lisa, Reading your blog posts & the Prov 31 daily devotions has been such a blessing and the source of many much needed words of encouragement over the last year. I often feel like such a failure as a mom, but the words of encouragement I have read have really helped me to refocus & gain new perspective. After a year in which I have dealt with a wedding, a graduation, some pretty intense struggles with my youngest daughter, discovering that a family member is an alcoholic, the strain and weight of a new job, the death of my mom, and lots of guilt over my failures as a wife & mother, I believe this conference would be a great source of renewal.
    I have 2 friends that I would have to choose between to come with me; thankfully they do not know each other 🙂 One is a pastor’s wife & mother of 4, and one is a single mother of 5. Either of them would benefit immensely from attending.
    Thank you for the great work that you allow God to do through you!

  121. Misty

    Lysa you are preaching to my heart strings today! I have been praying about feeling like a failure as a mother because of the choices my son has made. Thank you for this blog today!!! Words of encouragement badly needed for this momma.
    If I were to win I would bring my momma who has taken the task of raising her grandchildren and often feels overwhelmed and discouraged. She has battled some hard times over her life, and could use some encouring words from other mommas as well.

  122. Shelly Fisher

    I would ask my friend Mandy to go with me. She and I are on the same page about a lot of things. WE are also both passionate about family. I loved the post because my 3rd grader has had moments of giving me the teenage rolled eye look and I looked up at God and said, “I’m not ready for this.” Thepost was a good reminder that I just need to keep on with doing what I am doing- loving my girls, praying for them, teaching them, disciplining them, and sometimes just doing something for me so I can be refreshed.

  123. Angie

    Do you secretly listen to my calls? Read my e-mail? You could be reading my mind with your books/blogs!
    So needed this reminder! Kids range from 24-11 and some days I can’t see the good – other days I can’t see the bad. They are incredible gifts. Thanks for the encouragement.

  124. Mindy South

    I would bring my friend Kristin. We are both working through being mom’s of four and homeschooling. She is working so hard to help one of her munchkins with extra therapy and a special diet. Her schedule is very busy and I know the rest and encouragement would be amazing for her.

  125. Angie Weathersby

    I would bring Kim Dean. She is an AMAZING MOMMY of 4 beautiful children. She sacrifices every day and night for her awesome children. She has a very special story that is so GOD!! Her third son went to be with Jesus just days before he turned 2 years old. It was a tragic accident and she struggled not to blame herself. She had to trust God to hold her family together through some tough times. She wasn’t able to have any more children, but God blessed her a little more than a year after the accident with a beautiful baby girl ( she was adopted ,but every aspect of the story is so God appointed th er e is NO DOUBTING it was all God ). The daily walk is still often tough and I would like to tell you everything was easy from the moment they got the baby, but the truth is, life is hard BUT GOD !!! KIM DESERVES A MOMMY BREAK!! This one would be perfect. Thanks for your sharing your heart Lisa. I’m loving The Best Yes bible study!!

  126. Darla Miller

    Being a mom is definitely the most difficult job. I’ve learned that being a mom to adult children is just as trying and emotionally draining as being a mom to mischevious toddlers sneaking in to the bathroom to “play” in the toilet! 🙂 What I do know is that I’m not alone in this journey and reading your books, blogs, articles, etc. have been a tool that I’m so thankful I’ve had through the years! I’d love to attend the conference with my friend Danette as we are in the process of revitalizing our Women’s Ministry at our church and this will be a wonderful way for us to glean more wisdom in the process. Thank you for your years of encouragement in my life!

  127. Kristin jones

    Proverbs 31 has been a lifesaver to me. I look to it daily and have been inspired to encourage others because of it. If I were the winner , I would bring one of two friends my best friend working wife and mother of three. She is extremely dedicated to
    Her family and worries about her role if being a great mother. The other friend is a single mother of a 10 year old who put everything she has into exposing and providing the absolute best for her child. A chance to be renewed and poured into would do all of us well. May your ministry be blessed as much as you bless others .

  128. Jennifer Mundhenk

    I would love to come to the conference and bring my friend Amy with me. We are both dealing with little boys that have ADHD and are struggling to find a balance with them on a daily basis. She is a new friend to me and is also just starting to reach out to the Lord. I think this would be a great opportunity for the both of us.

  129. Leanne

    Your website and blog are such an inspiration. I would bring my best friend Christy. Parenting is hard and wonderful. Christy is currently going through a separation which has been hard on her kids. Often she feels overwhelmed and even incapable.

  130. DeAnn Huxman

    I have a couple options of friends to bring – but Emilie and Vanessa would be at the top of my list as they are dear friends to me and mother’s on this journey with children that challenge us at times. Thanks for your inspiring words today on your blog – I SOOOOO needed to hear that today.

  131. Dawn

    I would bring my closest friend, Tabitha. We love our kids and each other’s kids. We encourage each other in the ups and downs and unknowns of parenthood. We would love to come to this event! Thanks! Dawn

  132. Carolyn Rogers

    Hi Lysa,
    I need to hear that every day. Maybe I’ll print your post and put it on my mirror!

    I’d bring a friend who’s a mom of 4 girls. She and her husband are doing a wonderful job with their girls but I’m sure she could benefit from this conference, just like me.

  133. April V

    I would bring my best friend with me because we’re both going through the process of raising teenagers & sure could use some help & encouragement 😉

  134. Lauren Laird

    I would bring my sister in law (my husband’s twin sister). We just celebrated their 40th birthday together. Our conversations over the years have been exactly what you wrote about….the struggle with finding validation in our children and their choices. She has 6 children (high school down to kindergarten) and I have 3 (middle school down to kindergarten). I know it would be an incredible blessing to get to spend time with her and hear such wonderful truth we can implement in our families. I have learned so much from reading your books and I know it would be a huge blessing to be able to spend a few minutes with you as well. Thank you for this much needed truth this morning.

  135. Dionne

    Thank you for this post. I so appreciate your writing. I love that you speak right to the heart of every mama. Imperfect people who love Jesus and love their children but are often too hard on ourselves! I would love to attend the coference! I would bring with me my dear friend Jenny, my fellow “imperfect mama.” She is like a sister to me. We share our struggles and our triumphs with eachother. We carpool to the gym in the early morning hours before the sun is up, before our kids and spouses are up and on our way home we read your Made to Crave devotional and discuss each reading. Its been an awesome opportunity for mutual encouragement and growth. Thank you for your courage to write such important material!!! MANY are blessed by it.

  136. Brandi

    I would totally bring my BFF April! She has 5 kiddos and a hubby who is disabled. She teaches second grade at one of the most challenging schools in our town. She gives constantly and deserves a special treat for herself! She could def use a getaway!

  137. Barbara

    I needed this desperately today, Lysa. Thanks so much for sharing. My adult daughter has known a lot of hurt at the hands of Christians — most recently, through her husband and her father-in-law/pastor, and I believe she has decided that God doesn’t exist at all. She grew up with a girl who grew up in a Christian home but has turned atheist and is very radical about her new belief. I have been praying for her for a long time along with several others of whom my daughter grew up and are children of my friends who have also chosen not to believe. My daughter spent some time with this particular friend recently, and I believe she influenced my daughter more than I would have ever thought possible. Please pray for my daughter — that she will encounter God and Jesus as she’s never encountered Them before. Please pray that God/Jesus will show up in her life in such a way that she cannot deny Him — that, like Paul, she will be changed forever and desire nothing more than to follow Jesus. Please pray for all of my daughter’s friends who have walked away from God as well. Words cannot convey my gratitude.

  138. Nakita Coles

    So needed this!! I would bring my husband. We have three girls and baby #4 is on the way. And it’s a BOY!! Finally! We got into a fight last night about the girls. Our first born is VERY strong willed and it’s very frustrating because we’re not quite sure how to discipline her because the things we’ve tried are not working. There days I just cry because I want her to be good and I want to be happy that she’s my daughter. And reading James 1:2-4 breaks my heart and makes me feel weak. I want to be strong and in control.
    Thanks Lysa!

  139. Tawnya

    Lysa…I so needed this blog!! A reminder that I need often! Thank you for writing!! I would bring my mother…she raised my brother and me as a single mom and worked very hard for us. She was far from perfect and we all kinda grew up together. But by the grace of God I have seen her change the last few years and she is in a good place now. It would be good for her to hear a message like this. I think it would help her heal in a lot of ways.

  140. Tina Jones

    Wow. What mama wouldn’t benefit from this reminder? And who doesn’t need Biblical encouragement? I’m trying to think which of my friends need this the most. But think it’s probably my sister. She has struggled because her daughters have both made bad decision after bad decision. I believe this would meet her right where her heart is torn.

  141. breanna

    My mom – no doubt. You said all the reasons why and we always need to continue to lift each other up in faith. It starts with your own family! 🙂

  142. Lia Corral

    My kids are grown up and on their own. But man have I made some serious mistakes in raising my children! My heart grieves over the “if only” but I can’t change the past so I’m praying fervently for them especially my oldest daughter who has 7 children. I’m helping her raise her kids. She started having them very very young. I would take her so she can have the tools she needs to raise her children well. I also mentor many young mothers and this would equip me to better help them.

  143. LaDonna Abbott

    I would bring my bestie, Shelly. We are deep in the trenches raising teenage children and working so hard to instill Godly principles in their lives each step of the way. What a privledge it would be to be a part of this conference with a road trip to get there!!

  144. Rita Vandament

    I would bring my friend Kelli Hutchins. Why? Because we both have a child (actually they are both in their 20’s) that, dispite raising all of our children in church we each have 1 that has chosen to make choices that are not godly. I really needed this devotion today, it has been a rough weekend. Thanks so much for being led by God!

  145. LInda

    Thank you so much for this truth today – I so needed it. If I won, I would send my two sisters and maybe come too (I have other plans that weekend, but I may be able to get out of them 😉 ) The three of us are always calling each other with our Mother of the Year stories – not good Mother of the Year – but so embarrassed we need to cry Mother of the Year stories. I am good at giving God credit for the good, I am not good at giving my child the credit for bad… (oh and all three of us are stuff and explode moms) I think it would be a wonderful conference for me and my sisters. Thank you so much for the blog post again!!!

  146. Sandy Gartman

    I love receiving your e-mails…thank you! They often give me the encouragement I need for the day! I would be thrilled to attend your conference. I would bring my childhood friend, Sarah. We live in the same small town where we both are stay-at-home moms. She is raising 5 boys, ranging in age from 7 – 17 and I have been blessed with 3 kids, ranging in age from 12- 18. Sarah and I were also blessed with Christ-centered homes, so we pray daily that we can give that back to our kids. Attending a conference like this one would give us more insight and determination to continue to be the best mom to our kids. Thank you for this opportunity.

  147. Connie

    I would love for my sister in law to go to the conference. She has three grown children, and two of the three are still struggling to find their place in the world. I often think of “Made to Crave” when I think of them because although their struggles are not food related, they are trying to fill the God-size hole in their soul with anything and everything but Jesus. But we stand on the promises of the Word of God because they were raised in a Godly household, and we know that God has a good plan for their welfare! I would just love some encouragement for their Mama. She could use some good news!

  148. Kimberly Robertson

    Whoa. This spoke to me this morning. We go to a Christian school where I serve as a Board Member. Talk about wearing their accomplishments on my chest like Super-Mom. Gotta watch that and let Jesus do His work, not mine.

    For the conference I would take my friend Beth. She is the mother of 5, ages 15-2. Beth has so often spoken truth, encouragement and peace into my life, I would love to do the same for her. She has recently gone through a time of situational poverty and they are only now getting their feet under them. She could use a break and this would be a gift which would fill her cup for a long time.

  149. Shelly

    Hi Lysa! Love your blogs, they are truly inspiring. I look forward to your emails everyday! I am a young mama of 4, and I can relate to having those good and bad days. I often find myself asking God for help to make me the best mom, wife, sister, aunt, cousin and friend I can be. I often feel like I fall short of all of these sometimes. If I won these tickets I would bring my best friend Stephanie, She is also a mama of 2! I have known Stephanie since the 6th grade and although we don’t get to talk or see each other a whole lot we always pick right back up were we left off the last time. Thank you! Have a very blessed day!

  150. Amber

    Every mama needs this post and needs this conference!! I would take my own Mama because she is my best encourager when it comes to raising my kids to love The Lord with all their hearts, minds, souls, and strength!!

  151. Yolanda

    My dear friend Magda. She and her husband are raising 3 beautiful girls. In this day we need to be sure we are raising women of integrity who find their identity in Christ.

  152. Sylvia S.

    Thank you for this reminder today. Life is hard right now for my kids and I sometimes forget that God is guiding me. That God is taking care of them. That God has entrusted them to me and knew that they would need this momma at this time.

    I would bring my good friend, Ashley, who is struggling with choices she has made before being a Christian, a wife, and a momma. These choices keep her in the workforce and she doesn’t always feel like the best momma. But I know she is who God wants her to be.

  153. Christina thomas

    I would bring my sister Melissa. She has 4 kids and I have 3. Ages 20-6 and one grandchild on the way. We have both also adopted and each of our children are quite different which makes parenting hard for momma’s at times. We would love this time to grow in the Lord and learn how to better parent and teach our kids.

  154. Mandi

    I’d love to win this prize package for my sister and I! We live about an hour outside of Bloomington and have attended Hearts at Home together many years ago. I’m in need of a parenting conference and your encouragement! I’ve heard you speak at a Woman Of Faith event and would love the opportunity to hear you (and MEET!) you again 🙂

  155. Sundi Jo

    Sometimes we’re not only blessed to have our own mothers, we’re blessed to have the mothering of other amazing women of God. Sometimes God uses them to fill areas our mother’s maybe didn’t know how to. Enter my friend Jennifer O. White. She doesn’t have children of her own. But she’s one of the greatest moms I’ve ever met. She has loved me when I was really hard to love. Shown me grace and mercy when I know she wanted to ring my neck. She has walked with me through darkness and redemption, and NEVER left my side. She speaks truth to me when I need it. There’ve been times she’s just let me cry on her shoulder and no words needed to be spoken. I would love to honor her by bringing her with me.

    • Mare L.

      Sundi Jo- You are so blessed to have someone like this in your life. As an adult, I finally have someone like your friend, whom I desperately need to help me thru the valley’s of this life, as my own mom is not a very compassionate person. Thank you God, for sending people into our lives to fill the voids, and show us your love thru their love for us!

  156. Lori Walker

    Lysa, thank you so much for these truths.. I needed this message so much and it spoke to my heart. My oldest daughter, who is 20, just for engaged to a guy she’s sated for only 4 months. He is a Christian- but needless to say this weekend I’ve been very down and my hearts been heavy. If I won I would take my oldest daughter – it would be such a gift for us to have this time together… I’ll be praying for God’s will and whoever He wants will be chosen! God bless you and your ministry!
    Love in Christ,

  157. Jennifer Liggett

    I would like to take my twin sister too. We both need some encouragement for raising our kids. She has two girls and I have two boys. We would love to spend some quality time together but also with other moms who go through the same struggles we do and to know that we are normal.

  158. Tammy M

    I would bring my friend Liz! She has 2 amazing kids – but both of us grew up without a mother guidence and without God’s love in our home. I’ve raised my child and made a pile of mistakes and now that I have found Christ and his love I pray for him daily and try to mend the heart of the one I so I love so and bring Gods love to him. Liz found Christ before I met her and she is raising her two teenager with Gods love, but oh the trials – and without the examples of a loving family to begin with we exchange advice and rely on God’s wisdom. Sometimes as I read your posts and we talk about them, we gleam onto truths we know God is handing us. Bless you for this!!!!!

  159. amy E

    id bring my neighbor whose kids are just entering the teen years- she could definitely benefit as they enter this new stage!

  160. Gina

    My kids are 14, 15 and 21. We have been through so much this past year with one of our children – extremely hard, heartbreaking and scary. Every day we rely on God to show us what to do and He has been faithful. The battle is not over but I know the victory is the Lord’s and I have learned to remind myself of that when fear wants to take over.

    If I came to the conference, I would invite my niece who has four children, ages 1 to 12.

    I have been blessed by your ministry over and over. Thank you for all you do.

  161. Dawn U

    I would bring my sister:)

  162. Courtney Conyac

    I am a mom who is struggling to get the hang of all this. I didn’t have the best parents growing up. They divorced when I was five. My mom had many boyfriends/husbands in and out of the house. She was an alcoholic And my dad… He wasn’t there to help much. He was still so young (8 years younger then my mom). There are five of us kids. my older brother left my moms to live else where so it was i who tried to do my best with my younger siblings. My youngest brother has sever autism. That was a stuggling. To say all this so I can say this…. Im not sure what a mom is to look like. I know I want to do better/offer more to my kids then what my mom was able to offer us. I just really struggle with all this. And I am hard on myself. Fear gets the better of me bc I am so afriad I will treat them the same way my mother did us bc that’s what I know

  163. Nicci Ramirez

    I would bring my friend Lisa …..can’t give my “why” because it is too deep and confidential, but it would be a HUGE blessing to her during this time of parenting 4 children….

  164. brenda

    What if your child is older. I have a 23 year old son who I love dearly, but I worry about as he chose not to go to college, and has a full time job at low pay. He lives at home, which is fine. He is currently enjoying his job, but I worry about how he will make it if something would happen to me. I pray that he will come to know the Lord and be able to hear his guidance. I am extremely worried, and I don’t know what else to do?

  165. Jessica G

    I would bring my friend who is also a single mom as myself. Our children have entered their teenage years and many times I feel like I have a stranger in my house. It has been a tough transition but one that I know God will be glorified in. I think we would both benefit from this awesome weekend by one getting some much needed R&R and also connecting with other Moms. Thank you for your consideration.

  166. sherri M

    I soooo needed this message today. Thank you!! and thank you, Jesus, for providing this message to me. I would bring my daughter with me. Oh, what a blessed mother-daughter trip this would be. 🙂

  167. Theresa

    I would take my lovely friend Andrea. She is my go to person for mommy confessions. We talk weekly about our “shortcomings” and encourage one another. She is also a writer and is a women’s ministry leader. You are her inspiration ❤️

  168. Hannah

    This message was perfect for me today! Being a mom can be very hard and it is so easy to try and measure my success or failure off of my kids behavior. I would so love to attend this conference and I would take along either my best friend and mom of 4 kiddos or my sister-in-law who is a pastor’s wife and mommy. 🙂

  169. Melody Byrum

    I would bring one of my best friends. Either Paula (2 kids) or Tabitha (3 kids). Both have kids that can be a challenge and everyday I hear from one of them about how they feel like a bad parent, or it’s me who feels like the worlds most awful mommy. We encourage each other and are there for each other. Both of them would benefit from it.

  170. Angel Adams

    Thank you for this message – sometimes it is easy to forget the rewards of being a Mom. I would bring my work friend Bertha with me. She does not have any children yet, but she and her husband are truly believing for their miracle baby this year. It would be such a blessing to give her a “head start” on being a mother. Oh, what I would have given to have access to some of this information before becoming a mother!

  171. Veronica

    I would take my best friend Sherry who first introduced me to you when she gave me a copy of Unglued. We’ve been following you and reading your books ever since. Thank you for always speaking from the heart and offerring real words of encouragement that are practical and realistic!

  172. JEANIE

    My friend lil Nik. She is an amazing momma of 3 and always encourages my heart when I need some momma advice on raising a daughter on my own and trying to do it in a God-honoring fashion. She is such a blessing….and I’d love to be that blessing to her in return and have us get some good Momma advice together!

  173. Molly Kieser

    I would take my friend Jen. She is an incredible woman of faith. Her life circumstances right now are really challenging, like I don’t have words to quite share the hard horrible details to the full extent. She has five lovely beautiful amazing kids. Her husband has abandoned them. Her story has countless more ugly and evil pieces but I’m not going to go on and on about the dark part of her story. She is clinging to God! Her family and friends are being the body of Christ. This week our “bodies” job is to get them moved out of their home so they are safe. That’s who I would bring….my amazing servant and faithful friend!

  174. Leticia Aleman

    I would take my sister Sylvia. We are both moms of young adults and wow no one
    told me how difficult that would be. I am always looking for encouraging words from other mom who know Christ and have young adults now.
    My sister and I can use all the loving advise of parenting we can have.

  175. Reesa

    I would love to attend the conference with my sister, Candy. She is a most amazing mom to three young girls and she and her husband Aaron are in the adoption process now to possibly adopt three young boys! They will need all the help they can get to learn to shepard 6 kiddos and learning about boys at the same time!

  176. Trudy

    I would bring my friend, Jody, a Christian single mom of 4 (Ages11 – 25). She is so in need of encouragement as she navigates through the despaire of older “children” making unwise choices.

  177. Traci

    Oh Lysa! My sweet friend and I were just talking about this last night! She is a mom of 4 amazing kids and homeschools them each day. I see the sweet love of Jesus in her, but I know she struggles to see the rewards you talk about. I am in that walk with her as my oldest has ADHD and some other issues that make it hard to be his momma. I love how you talk about the reward in the process. It gives me a new place to look for the reward and what God is teaching both of us!

  178. Z

    Hi Lysa, first off thank you for this post. Being a mother is definitely one of the hardest callings in this life, though it is also among the greatest joys. I would bring my best friend, Stephanie, who is my “DJ”. Over 10 years ago we used to live of this world together, partying/drinking and really not considering the effects it had on our children and families. Glory to God that He saved us both and now has saved our families. Our friendship now is based on Christ as our foundation. Truly an amazing gift from God that we pray we never take for granted. We are so like minded and have a David/Johnathan friendship. I love this lady with all that I am. She is a terrific mother of 3, fantastic wife, and the greatest confidant a girl could ask for. thank you in advance for this opportunity.

  179. Terri Ricks

    Thank you for this. I needed it! I’d I were to be chosen to go to the conference, I would bring amother mother from my small group. Each other woman in small group is a single parent and this idea weighs very heavy on each of us. Thank you, Lysa.

  180. Amy

    I would love to come and bring my best friend Natalie! She has 4 kids and is a wonderful mother, but doesn’t get a break very often. I know this would be great for me as well.

  181. Shannon in MN

    I would bring my bestest friend, Julie, with me. She is such an encouragement to me and she loves the Lord with all her heart.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

  182. Carol Ann

    I do not have the means to get to Illinois from New Jersey, so I would give away both tickets. I would give one to my “cousin” who lives in NJ and who could get to Illinois and her daughter how lives in Chicago. The mom is a woman with a heart for God and her daughter is not married yet. It would be a great experience for them.
    P.S. I love hearing Lysa speak. I have had the privilege to hear Lysa in Long Island, NY a four hour drive and again in Chadd’s Ford, PA a two hour drive. There’s no way I could make a 12 hour drive to Illinois.

  183. Aimee

    “So, an imperfect but wonderful difference I will make.”
    Thank you for this today. I feel guilty for not always responding to my children in the most calm, kind manner. Daily reminding myself that God’s grave and mercy always fill in the gaps where I mess up.
    As for the conference, I would bring my mom. She too feels guilty sometimes for messy mistakes. Grace, Gods grace. Thank you, Lysa!

  184. Sue Fawcett

    I would bring a wonderful friend, and amazing mom, Tori who needs this message right now.

  185. Miranda

    I would bring my BFF Amy! We became friends when we were first married and we’ve had 5 kids between us in the last 3 years! It’s a bumpy road learning to navigate being a new wife and mom! We have been there for each other as encourager, prayer warrior and confidante through it all and I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without her!

  186. Christy Buchanan

    I would bring a friend of mine who is a Stay at home Mom as well.

  187. Misty H

    I’d send my friend Tracy! She is a mother of two, and the most devoted wife and stay at home Mom. I do not know one other Mom who gives and gives and gives like Tracy does. And through it all, she still finds time to be the best friend I’ve ever had. She’s full of love and wisdom and patience. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of a spirit filled conference for Mama’s!

  188. Mariann

    I love how your blogs come to me with knowledge I am in need of hearing at that precise moment. I would take my friend Alicia. She is a fellow stay at home mom and she is an awesome inspiration in how to hive kids what they need the way they need at that precise moment.

  189. Dawnette M

    I have a dear friend that while very different than myself in personality we share a love for Jesus, our children and laughter. Like most moms we have crazy busy schedules. I have 2 children and she has 5. It would be an incredibly special trip to be able to take her to this conference.

  190. Cindy

    I would bring my dearest friend Erica who has helped speak so much calmness into my life!

  191. Megan Pratt

    I would bring my ‘sister’ friend Laura. She is an amazing mom to two young adult children and now a wonderful step mom to four equally awesome young adults plus a grandmother to three. She has proven her loyalty and love to me over the years by being there for me throught the darkest times of my life – when our precious 18-year-old daughter was killed in an automobile accident and I thought my world was coming to an end. And then three years later when I suffered a stroke, she was right there by my side in the hospital and with me through my recovery. She even drove me to and from physical therapy three days a week for five weeks after I came home so my husband did not have to take off work. She has prayed for me and helped me in more ways than I could ever repay. She has remained faithful to God even while facing the end of her own 24-year-marriage. She is the most Godly woman I know, and I am truly blessed to call her my friend by ‘heart’.
    Attending this retreat together would give us time to spend away from the day-to-day responsibilities of jobs and demands of college aged children and even older adult children who are trying to make it on their own, but still need help and guidance from parents.

  192. Jennifer Gunter

    I so needed to hear this. Having an 8th grade girl is super tough. Especially when you know how she feels because you felt the same way at her age! So why do I have such a tough time with helping her?
    I’m going to encourage all my bible moms to go, but there is one in particular I’d bring with me. She is struggling hard with her 8th grade daughter, she has not really relied on her faith until now. She has joined our bible study group as we are doing the “Keep It Shut” book now and she is also reading “Unglued” on her own. I’m encouraged by her willingness to start depending on God!

  193. Laura

    I would bring my sister who is such an inspiration. She was not able to have children of her own so she and her husband became foster parents which then led to them adopting 5 children thus far. They’ve had various other foster children through these years, along with his children (5) from previous marriages. One of which committed suicide years ago before my sister married this man. She took on 3 teenage boys when she married her husband. They were not thrilled with their new step-Mom, but she handled it so well. She committed herself to getting up early every morning and making them a hot breakfast and never speaking a word of discontent or rebuke to them even when they were less than loving to her. I believe they have all become followers of Christ over these 8 1/2 years they’ve been married. These boys have come to love and adore all these adopted children. The middle son, who is in the Marines in Japan right now just aches from missing all the kids back home. It has been such an amazing journey and such a joy to watch from the sidelines. What a blessing they have all been to one another and what a blessing God has bestowed on all of them!

  194. Chris

    I would give the tickets to my beautiful wife Candy and her sister Sue. Both are awesome mom’s: Candy, the mother of our three “wildly funny, imaginative, moody, opinionated, strong, weak, happy, sad, good and sometimes not-so-good,” kids. A stay-at-home mom, Candy put her career aspirations on hold to “invest” in our children and it was the best decision we ever made. Sue, my sister-in-law, is the mother of an 8-year-old bundle of energy named Emilee. She is married, but shoulders much of the job of raising their daughter. We live just an hour and a half away from this conference and I would love to be able to “win” this gift for two of the most special ladies in my life!

  195. Lauren

    If I were to win, I would bring my friend Chelsea. She is a mom of 5 the oldest being 8 the youngest are twins at 8 months! I have four kids around the same ages. Next school year I’m transitioning to full time homeschool, Chelsea and I are starting a co-op and I feel so out of my league. I need all the encouragement I can get! Every time I read your posts I am encouraged. I appreciate your transparenc, You give me hope that I don’t have to be perfect to do this mom thing well 🙂

  196. Debbie

    This conference sounds awesome! If I win, I’d bring by sister-in-law who lives in Illinois. I live in Virginia, so I don’t get to spend much time with her! 🙂

  197. Kori Shimmel

    Thanks Lysa! I would love to attend with my two sisters. My one sister is a widow and the other sister has a husband who isn’t a Christian so the moral training falls completely on her. Thank you so much for your ministry. Your messages are never just to you. Not only are they things that encourage me in my walk but they help me realize how much every mom struggles with same things so they encourage me to reach out to others. Thanks for honor God with your messages!

  198. Michele

    If I were to win, I would bring my dear friend Beth who has leukemia and is preparing for a bone marrow transplant. She is a dear friend, mother and grandmother who has been a light in the darkness for her family and friends. Through her struggles and pain her faith has never faltered. She has watched her children make decisions that have caused them pain and loves them enough to use their struggles to point them to their loving Heavenly Father. She would love the encouragement that sisters in Christ give to each other. I would love to bless her with this opportunity.

  199. Vickie

    I would bring my best friend April. We have been friends for about 30 years, and have both experienced the loss of our dear mothers in the past 6 years. Our sons grew up together at school and church, and both strayed away from the Lord. While my son is now married and attends church faithfully now, her son and his family have not lived Christ`centered. We both have talked about how we could have done things differently, and would that have made a difference in the outcome. So we seek God and pray for her son to come back to the Lord. I would very much like to hear your conference on this topic.

  200. Carrie

    A very encouraging reminder as I just sent my 2 teenage boys to their room for arguing with each other! I get so discouraged by their constant bickering. Thanks for reminding me it’s the process that’s important and it’s not all my responsibility or my fault they argue. But, I can pray everyday for their hearts to soften toward Jesus’ words and to each other!! I fight everyday to not let them steal my joy! And, for my love for them to grow! God bless you and thank you for your transparency!! You are like a dear friend and sister in Jesus! Can’t go to the conference because I live in Florida. But maybe you could make it down our way sometime!

  201. Amanda

    I would take my sister. She has 3 kids and is always doubting hersel and how she is raising then. I am a new mom and we try to encourage each other. This conference wiuld be great for both of us.

  202. Mare L.

    I wish there was a Proverbs 31 forum for mom’s of adult prodigals. It would be so helpful and useful. I know I’m not the only one out there. When you write of feeling like a failure as a mom, I totally relate. The problem is, my child is in his 30’s and a parent himself, and my grandkids are not being taught about Jesus and salvation. It’s hard, very, very hard to keep Satan’s taunts from tearing and wearing me down, especially because I have a triple whammy happening. 1) Both my sons are prodigals, are angry with me for “indoctrinating them in a lie” (Christianity of course) and they feed off of each other 2) I am estranged from both because I brought up a truth that neither wanted to hear 1 1/2 ago, and haven’t seen my grandchildren since. 3) I am disabled and have been the last 12 years. They don’t want to understand my disability, and think I use it as an excuse.

    As much as I try to leave this issue in the Lord’s lap, it’s a daily struggle. It’s hard when your babies are grown up, and out of your reach/ physically and emotionally, and prefer to hang on to their anger rather than have a relationship with mom. I don’t want to say prayer is my only option, but want to say prayer is my best option- yet sometimes, that doesn’t “feel” like enough.

    I’m sure there are other mother’s with Prodigals, who like me, could use emotional and Biblical support.

    Any thoughts on this Lysa??

  203. mari beth

    Those are some wise words. I have for children ranging in ages of 14 to 7. It is a daily process. I am also a teacher with 100 other kids to pour into so some of this can be applied to my vocation as well

  204. Rebecca Ann

    I love Hearts at Home. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to attend a conference but I would take my sister if I could.

  205. Hollie

    i loved this, and needed it this Monday morning!! Thank you for as always being real, and speaking real truth into women’s lives!
    I would bring my little sister to the conference:)

  206. Kathy England

    Hello, I would like to attend this conference because I am weary. The kind of weary you cannot sleep off. I would bring my daughter. She is 16, adopted from Vietnam and was born into a battle she does not deserve. she has wonderful strengths, is musical and artistic, beautiful, and loves the Lord. She is weary too.

    • kathy england

      I would also ask my good friend to accompany us.

  207. April Moore

    I would bring my friend, Eva because she is the most amazing, faithful, Mama I know! She is always pouring into others with great wisdom and advice and u would just LOVE to return the favor by blessing her with this wonderful event!!

  208. Lisa

    Thank you so much, Lysa! I have a 15 year old son, a 4 year old son, and a 3 year old daughter, who are all blessings and allow me to practice different parenting styles each day 🙂 Your blog got right to the heart of the matter, which is that we are all imperfect people blessed with the grace of God to perfect us! I would bring my BFF, my mother, who also practiced parenting with grace and loving kindness. She is my inspiration, hands down and my prayer is to imitate her as she imitated Christ. This event would be great to attend With her.

  209. Mary

    I would bring my bestfriend/sister Kim, – we email daily and encourage each other by forwarding your blogs/devotions and other proverbs 31 devotions that tough our hearts.

  210. Tracey

    I love your blogs. Every day they help me learn how to care for my kids with a strong Christian influence. I would bring my mom. We have a very close relationship. She helps take care of my 3 nieces and I’m sure could use the information as much as I could. She also has taken in a young boy to help raise and get through high school. I know she would love to get away also. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  211. Vicki

    How true your words ring to my heart! ❤️ Until I found the Lord my expectations of motherhood were to be sure my kids were shiny and clean…so I looked good. Not so and how freeing it was once I understood the truth- through the Holy Spirit!
    I would bring my dear sister from another mister…Dana, whose life of motherhood has taken her from the top of the mountain to the valley of tears…her strength to endure the troubled lives of both her sons with bi-polar disorder and ADHD. Her and her hubby have lived and raised these boys with many a sleepless nights. The challenges in their lives kept her close to the Lord. This would be an amazing girlfriend getaway for her… Time for us to laugh, cry and pray our weekend away!

  212. Cherie

    Preach it, sister! This message was also very important for me today! I have a 16 year old son who is going through his first heartbreak. All the JESUS he needs is right at his fingertips, but he is not choosing that right now. Such a heartbreak for his dad and I as we struggle to lead him back to the WATER!

    I would bring my bestie. Her kids are a little older. She is a great mom, but knows they don’t all make great decisions.

  213. Stephanie

    Just what I needed to hear today! I would bring my good friend, Deanne. She is entering into a new phase of her life–grandparenting–but still prays over her grown kids. This would be a perfect weekend for us to worship together and get away from it all for 2 days!

  214. Pam

    Thank you for this wonderful message this morning! I read your blog and the Proverbs 31 blog daily and value the real life stories, trials, and triumphs that are shared. As Moms I think we tend to forget there are others who struggle with the same things we do and that we aren’t alone. I often read the devotional for the day and think, ‘that is exactly what I needed to hear!’. Thank you for your positive messages and encouragement!

    I would bring one of my good friends with me to the conference. She homeschools her 4 beautiful kids and is a beautiful example of a Proverbs 31 woman. I don’t get to spend much time with her since we both have busy schedules with kids, work, etc. While I know she has her own struggles, to me, she is the type of wife and mother I strive to be.

  215. Donna Haley

    If I were chosen to receive this package, I’d bring my 31 year old Beautiful daughter, who is also the single mom of my delightful almost 3 year old grand-daughter. My daughter tries so hard to be the best mom she can for our adorable gift from God, little Evelyn. God gives us hope through Evelyn. We hope that Evelyn can reach her full potential in God. She can leave a legacy for future generations of our family. We hope she can have a brighter tomorrow. We hope to learn Gods way of freedom, to love, to forgive, to die to self, to live gloriously in Union with Him, to enable future generations the same pathway to Love, freely. My hope is for Evelyn to walk in the freedom of God’s love and Grace for all eternity! Thank you

  216. Jennifer Johnson

    I would bring my friend Lori Bluhm. She and I have been on a crazy journey, especially the past two years. (We worked together for 12 years.) She left her job that she’d poured her heart into for 12 years & took a leap of faith that God has something MORE for her life. I’ve recently adopted 3 siblings from Peru and am settling into the “new normal” while still working in the place Lori left. WHEW! We are both reading your “Best Yes” book as we (in our 40’s) try to navigate this crazy, amazing life. xoxo

  217. Rachael

    I would bring my sis in law because it would be a great time to enjoy being friends and to recharge.

  218. Rebecca Portteus

    Oh my goodness, I would love to go! I have been looking at this for a while and trying to figure out how to make it work. My kids are still pretty young, but still it is hard to separate their choices from my ability as a mother. Great post.

  219. Holly

    I would take a good friend from work. She has grown up children and has had great insight for my younger children. She reminds me that there are always concerns just the concerns for your children change as they grow up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  220. Emily

    I would love to go and would bring my friend Jane. She is mom to three boys and we both hope to have large families and desire to point them to Christ with our lives and words. The conference sounds wonderful!

  221. Geneva Kemp

    I can so relate with your message! i would bring my aunt Lydia Ann along. she has gone thru a divorce and has 1son and he is very rebellious and she carries the weight of providing. getting away and having time with moms would be refreshing. right now i’m going thru that tough time of knowing how to be mom to my daughter. when I see so many gifts that God has placed with in her. but she chooses to believe lies. thanks for your prayers for her and as well for my husband and i that we can truly show the love of Jesus to her.

  222. Jenise Shupe

    I really needed to read this post this morning. I have a teenager who is making some very poor choices right now that are breaking my heart. She and my son who is now an adult and serving in the army both claim to no longer believe in God. Their lifestyles reflect this. I feel like a total failure as a parent and now fear that i will “mess up” my younger two girls. They deserve so much better than me.
    As much as I would love to go to this conference, i live too far away and could not afford the transportation to get there. If you draw my name, please discard it and give to someone else. I would love to order the conference to go pack to share with some friends, though.

  223. Frances castelli

    I would be honored and blessed to win tickets to the conference. I would take my 17 year old daughter with me. She has had so much happen to her in her young life and though she struggles some days she is courageous and pulls through. I need her to grow in her faith and know Jesus as I do. Please consider us. This will be her blessing. Thank you

  224. Jill

    What an honor it is to tell you about the friend I would take, Samantha. We are constantly praying and encouraging each other not to give up on being the best mom God made us to be. Samantha and I have both had “stupid stages” where we were far from God and living according to the desires of this world. We have both made so many mistakes, especially as moms, but our heart’s cry is to have a teachable spirit and depend on the Lord daily for His grace and wisdom to do this life thing. Being a mom is so hard! We do not live in the same city and when we do get together, our precious daughters are always at our sides. What a joy it would be to have a getaway together to fellowship and grow.

    Thank you for this giveaway, Lysa!

  225. Jess

    Wow, this would be perfect! I am in the middle of a one sided divorce, my husband has filed and I would do anything to still be married. Up till this point I have struggled with the right and wrong ways of parenting since I never really had an example set for me. My Mom left me with my Dad at 3 months old after she attempted to have an abortion but it failed. So, I felt that I was learning day to day how to be a Mom. I have a 13 year old daughter and a 8 year old son. Now, that I am forced to enter into this divorce I feel like the ultimate failure as a mother. I feel that I am destroying my kids.
    I would bring with me a dear sister/mentor in Christ. She has 3 children (2 of them are adopted) they are older children but she is currently really struggling with the one. He is in his early 20’s and has been going through huge periods of depression and then when he decides to come out of his room he goes on a rampage and is destroying stuff in their house.
    This post was perfect for me today and I appreciate how your messages are always something that I need. May God bless you and your ministry.

  226. Tiffany Frisch

    Wonderful article reminding me that I’m doing the very best I can.. I can’t parent out of the fear of “what if my kids don’t choose Jesus or what if they end up making horrible choices” I need to trust in The Lord and be confident in the example we are showing them at home. I’m a youth pastors wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids spiritual mentor to 100’s of others over the years 🙂 I would bring my best friend Brianne she is a fire fighters wife and often a single mom to her 3 littles while her hubby is off keeping others safe.

  227. Caitlin

    Such a great reminder. I find myself stressing about the choices my kids are making and how they reflect on me daily. I would take a great friend who has been uplifting me in the darkest times I’ve had in my marriage and in my mothering adventure. She has her own 3 kiddos and together we are doing our best with the help of God to raise godly someday adults.

  228. Tami Styer

    I would take my sister, Melissa. She has 2 young children, a husband who is very hard to live with, and lots of stress.

  229. Lisa Moniz

    I would love to go!! I would bring my best friend of 26 years and s mom too!

  230. Hollee Johnson

    What a beautiful reminder 🙂
    This trip would be an amazing opportunity. I would be so honored to attend along with my SIL! She has been so encouraging throughout this journey of motherhood. The best part about her, is that if I told her how much she has been an encouragement to me, she would probably stand confused. She has shared with me her own internal struggles and weaknesses. However, I learn so much from watching her love her 3 little ones. Her humility, patience and commitment to train them up in the ways of the Lord speak so much louder than any words could. It would be such a fun experience to share with her.

    Thank you for the post. What a much needed refreshment!

  231. Krista Boston

    I would bring my friend Chelsea:). I moved from Illinois to California a year ago. She is coming to visit me this next week, leaving her 4 kids (all 6 and under) and husband to relax with me mans my two toddlers while my husband is away for work. She has always been a super mom and it would be awesome to treat her to the awesome weekend that hearts at home provides:)

  232. Lisa Adams

    What a beautiful reminder of what our privileges of being a mother should really look like instead of the pressures we put on ourselves as moms. I needed to hear that!
    If I were to win tickets to the conference I would bring my sister, Lori. She has three kids and I have four. We are trying to do this mom thing right and would love the encouragement and fellowship of other moms on the same journey. We lost our mom almost 6 years ago from cancer, and we lost our father 21 years ago from cancer as well. So we have so much appreciated all of your blogs and devotions on subjects of parenting and raising children to love the Lord. They are always a blessing!

  233. wende

    It would be an honor to attend this conference. I live in the Boston area and suffice to say there are not a lot of great Christian women speakers coming this far north!! I would bring one of my dearest friends, Cindi, who is my pastor’s wife because she teaches me every single day what it looks like to be faithful, to love people even when we don’t like their behavior, and to trust God with everything.

  234. trishelle jones

    I’m a single mother in the military. I would love to attend and bring another single mother of 2 in the navy with me.

  235. Konnie

    I would bring my sister…my fellow mom. We are so different and hsne different personalities and interests. Buts, we share the journey of motherhood and it is hard and we haven’t had great examples in our lives. Sharing this weekend together would be challenging, but strengthing and the right thing to do to bless and encourage her in her relationship with God, with me and with her boys.

  236. Michelle Selent

    I would take my sweet friend Christy. We both have a lot of kids. I have 6 ( 2 with special needs) and she has 4 and also 2 with special needs.) I think we both could do well knowing our identity can’t be on the fragility of our kids choices.

  237. Laura

    I SO needed to hear this today. As a mom who struggles to know her role–while helping other moms find theirs–Gods love spoke straight to my heart in these words. I would love to go and take my friend, Jessica, with me to enjoy some spiritual refreshment.

  238. Becky Thomas

    I would take my God-given friend Laura Hall. As a mom of a child with autism I’ve had to let go of feeling like a good mom only when my kids behave well. Laura has helped me see my true self, not just as an autism mom, but as an person, a friend and Jesus follower.

  239. Moriah

    Great post. Thank you! I’d bring my friend, Jennie. She lost her daughter to Lyme disease (which I have) and then her husband lost his job. She had to go back to work and her other 3 kids are struggling. I’m a mom of five and my hubby was relocated 1200miles away so I’m doing life solo this school year. We both would love some girl time to be refreshed and renewed. Thx for the giveaway!

  240. Julie Hunse

    I would take my good friend, Jessie. She has six young children and I have five. We are a source of encouragement to each other. We could both use some time away!

  241. Patricia McDavid

    I would take my friend Carolyn. I have three children and she has two. Our daughters are best friends. One is a freshman in college and the other is a senior in high school. Each has struggled in separate ways over this last year. As moms, we could each use some encouragement and guidance as we journey through these next phases of life. Parenting is indeed hard and demanding, yet filled with many joys, much love and happiness along the way. Hoping to win!

  242. Laci

    I would hit this conference up with the ridiculously awesome Ashley Richardson. Her name may not ring a bell for ya. She’s not like a household name or anything. But I guarantee you, her kids, husband & anyone who has the extreme pleasure of knowing her thinks she is the jam. And she is. This woman gives to everyone who needs anything she’s got. She is the ultimate mom. Like she belongs in the extreme sports of motherhood category. There’s just not a more selfless, godly, sincere , honest & beautiful soul than my girl Ash. We would freaking do this moms getaway up right!

  243. Tina Hill

    I would bring my fellow traveler with Jesus and sister Teresa because we need some bonding time. Thank you for th chance to do this that I could not afford otherwise. Tina

  244. Karla Hudson

    This sounds awesome! I would bring my sister!

  245. Bikendra Van Buren

    Hi….I live in MO and would love to attend the conference. I am the single mom of an amazing little girl, she is absolutely the best part of me….but I feel like I fail her all the time, by carry the weight of the world by myself. I am currently reading Unglued and can completely relate to everything that is talked about and am praying that the information will sink in and I can learn to be more balanced. If chosen, I would bring my fellow single mom and friend Holly….we together help each other learn to be the mother’s that we strive to be. Thank you

  246. Rebecca

    I would take my friend Lyndsay. She is such an example of what a Godly mom looks like. She is full of humility, grace, and love. She has been such an inspiration to me in parenting my boys.

  247. paiget huber

    I would bring my friend Jen who is a single mom

  248. Julie Sunne

    I’d bring my wonderful friend Dawn. We just never seem to have the time to connect anymore. It’d be a wonderful way to reconnect.

  249. Shakira Frantzen

    Hi, Lysa:) Thank you for your blog and for continuing to press into Him regardless of how you feel or how things appear in the natural. Thank you for giving of yourself… sharing a real walk with our very real God. I enjoy reading what you write…brings much encouragment and refreshment to my spirit and soul:) I have never entered an online comment and for sure not an opportunity to win anything…lol. If the opportunity of coming to a ladies retreat comes I would choose my friend Dina to come with me. There are many reasons for my choice, but the one that means the most during this season is her love and support during a difficult divorce. She has prayed for me, loved me, and stood her ground in defending me. This may sound like a true friend…and sister in Christ…absolutely! she has been these things, but even more than that she was my sister in law for 19 years and decided that regardless of where life takes us or if we will no longer be @ family functions together she will stay connected to me and be more than my friend…my sister:) We have been apart of each other’s lives for such a long time and you don’t stop loving or disconnect from those in your life just because of a divorce. The journey is only getting sweeter as we share not only in friendship, but as mothers to wonderful children. She and her husband have an amazing little girl they adopted who fills their lives (& mine) with much joy. I have seen Dina grow into an amazing woman who is stron in her love forthe Lord and others. A privilege to call her sister and friend:) Well that wraps up my first offical online comment or book:) I am excited about hearing everything He is doing in the lives of all the strong and beautiful women of God who read, support, and comment on your web site. Keep pressing in ladies…knowing He is Faithful and the Word you speak/publish will not return void:) have an amazing afternoon:) Shakira

  250. Adrienne Hall

    I would bring my best friend and amazing mother because she has taught me everything that I know about being a mom and for the first time in our lives we live away from one another. I miss her guidance and constant companionship.

  251. Stephanie

    I’d bring my good friend Teresa. She’s such an encourager to others. It would be great for her to have some encouragement for herself.

  252. Jamie

    I’d bring my daughter with me. She is in her first year of college and I’d love to have some time to just be with her. She’s my pride and joy and I’m so proud of the young woman she has become, this would be a wonderful time to just enjoy each other!

  253. Nicole Pilet

    “My kids were never meant to carry the weight of a mama’s need for validation.” Loved this line. I need to hear this frequently.
    I would bring a dear from church who has raised her own kids but has a significant role in the lives of her many grandchildren.

  254. Jennifer

    I would bring my sister-in-law. Our kiddos are about the same age and I think we could both really benefit from this conference!

  255. Tamara Morgan

    I was so blessed by you at the Fitzgerald Outrageous & Contagious Women’s Conference the other week. I had never heard of you before (I know must have been living under a rock). Lol. I would bring my sister-in-law, Gail. She is parenting 2 teenage girls and caring for a sick husband. She could surely use some encouragement. My husband and I are the proud, exhausted parents of our two 4 year old adopted boys ( not twins, but only 10 days a part); they’re brothers by love. Did I mention that we’re in our 40s, like I said proud but exhausted. One of our boys was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor. The drs have told us there is no cure medically, but we’re thankful that we serve a God that nothing is impossible for Him, our Jehovah Rapha, God, our Healer!

  256. Tracie Calhoun

    If I were to win the VIP package, I would bring my friend, Cheryl Bailey. Cheryl is a hard working wife and mother of 2 daughters, Melia and Catelyn. Cheryl has been a Registered Nurse by trade since graduating college 13 years ago. Sadly, she has recently had to give up her job which supports their family due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. She is now a stay at home Mom and struggles still with days where she has no energy because of treatments or days that she is in so much pain, she can hardly walk. She feels like God was calling her to be home with her children because of their needs, so she is new to being home with them full time. I believe that this time would refresh her and give her some insight to what it really important in the life of her children to raise them up to be godly women.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Tracie Clhoun

  257. Maggie S.

    I would take my sister. She is a mother of 3 children, 2 of which have special needs. She takes her mother in law to chemo therapy twice a week and though her life is full of daily struggles, she is constantly praising God and lifting others! We live 2000 miles apart and with 4 kids of my own, I would love to get a way with her and fill our spirits with this amazing weekend!

  258. Margaret

    I didn’t have to think twice about who I would bring to this! I would bring my bff Gina! We met when our older boys were just 4 years old and our younger boys were just 1. They became fast friends (well, okay, maybe we pushed that a little because we liked each other so much), but our older boys did become the best of friends and now, as seniors in high schools, they still are. Gina and I became best friends as we realized that our hearts for our children were the same: for all of them to know Jesus and walk with the Lord all the days of their lives. We quickly figured out that our parenting styles were similar and we both desired to “go against the grain” in order to raise our boys in Christian homes, using godly principles, and not the way the world wanted. We have poured into all four of our boys for many years. We face the same struggles as many moms of teenage boys–trying to direct them in the way they should go without controlling them and by loving them through even their “not so good” choices. We have cried on each others shoulder on more than once occasion and we will likely do so again. We have prayed with and for each others children and for each other. And we continue to lay hold of our calling to raise godly young men that will serve Him. We have wonderful husbands who are godly role models to our sons and that helps us in more ways than we can even comprehend. But the journey is long and sometimes really hard! We are smack in the middle of the more difficult path on the journey. We know our boys love Jesus, but let’s just say they don’t always look like it 🙂 (Nor do we all the time but that’s a different post for a different day! ha!) Grace sista…we all need grace and unconditional love, don’t we? We both read your devotional daily and often share parts of it with each other. We laugh and cry together sometimes just talking about our boys! So that’s about it…we’d love to hear you in person! Either way, you are a blessing to me beyond measure! And I pray for His favor on you and your ministry today and in the days to come!

  259. Tina

    I’d love to go and bring my best girlfriend, Carissa. Even though our children are far apart in age, we both share similar motherhood problems of having an only child. We both struggle with financial issues and trying to give our children every opportunity possible and we sometimes forget about taking care of ourselves along the way. This conference would be a blessing to us both!

  260. Jen Meagher

    You know with as many friends of mine who I know would love to go to this and deserve it and my sisters who I would love to spend that time with, I think I would choose my mom. She is just such an inspiration to me, a joy to be around, a huge prayer warrior, hard working (doing more now then when my two sisters and I lived at home I think), always serving others, and could use this more then anyone I know. For me to be there with my mom would be such a pleasure and honor! For the two of us to get away, a little treat for her and a little break for me from my kids and homeschooling and the hectic pace of life would be great, but wow how I wish I could give this to my wonderful mom. 🙂

  261. Elizabeth Ostrander

    Thank you, Lysa. Good speaks to me through you. May He continue to bless you as you share your heart and His.
    I would bring my best friend with me!!

  262. Laura Cornman

    I would be blessed to bring my bestie Martha Myers. We both have teenaged children. And although they are good kids. We struggle like you. We’ve had an exceptionally hard year. Our children decided to date each other. Then through a tough break up our friendship took a hard hit. We still are besties, but we could use some Mom time together. To work on raising kids and being moms. I appreciate your consideration.

    In HIm,
    Laura Cornman

  263. Nanette Metz

    I would bring Krissy because we all could use more Jesus!

  264. Erin

    I would bring a friend from church!

  265. Kristi

    I would bring my best friend. She has been there for me through a lot!

  266. stacie

    I need this because I am tired of this life and all it entails at times. Life has been hard for years and terribly difficult for several months… for me and my entire family. I would bring my recently divorced friend with me because she loves me where I am… and I believe we both would learn from the conference and from each other.

  267. Kim Merichko

    I would so love to go! I have always wanted to go but it hasn’t worked out because I have 2 kids with special needs. I would bring my friend Allison. We were roommates before I got married. She is a mom of a toddler and is always thinking of others. She seserves a break! Thank you for considering me. 🙂

  268. Jill

    I would bring my beautiful, tired and brave best friend! We could celebrate how awesome we are and get a chance to catch our breath and recharge for our families! I know it would be a huge blessing!

  269. Alicia Weiman

    I think this conference sounds awesome and would love to bring my friend, Katie. She’s a great inspiration to be around and is always upbeat and brings out the best in people. My life has been full of a lot of ups and downs including losing my 4 1/2 year old son to cancer in 2009. My life forever changed then and I still have 3 little ones at home and finding a good balance between working and being a mom is always a challenge. I’m looking forward to attending this year!

  270. Annette E

    I would take my friend from high school – we live far apart and don’t get to see each other often. We try to encourage each other over the phone as much as we can but we could both use the encouragement and bonding of attending together! Being a mom is tough but being able to turn to friends in this rocky road makes it that much easier! Would love to worship and grow with her at Hearts at Home!

  271. Mary

    I would bring my best friend, who can’t afford to go, so we could both benefit from the workshops and company of the other women there.

  272. Wendy

    I would LOVE to win! And I would absolutely bring my friend, Amanda. She is a new SAHM, as she recently quick her nursing job to focus more time on her family. Her husband’s new job takes him away from home for weeks at a time, and she deserves a break and some spiritual uplifting!

  273. Cammy Perez

    I would bring my sister in law. She loves my 5 children like her own. I adore her 4 boys so much. We could use the time to be built up!

  274. Ginger Martin

    I would bring my best friend, Katie, who moved to NC this past year. I miss her dearly…would love to be able to help her to come up here and go to hearts!

  275. Kelly K

    I’d bring my friend, Ashley. We have boys the same age, and we try to encourage each other when the stress of motherhood and life weighs on us. We try to lift each other up, and I know she would love HAH too!

  276. Emily Williams

    I would take my sister.. We need the bonding time and we each have two kids under the age of four! We could use the trip and Bloomington is only 1.5 hours from us! I want to reconnect with God and have been thinking about registering, this is the push I need!

  277. Tori

    I would love to win! I want to attend the conference this year so bad!

  278. Sherry

    I would bring one of my dearest friends from high school. We live far apart and don’t get much time together, so this would be awesome! We try to encourage each other as much as possible, but we both are super busy, so it’s hard to even get time to talk to her. This would be a wonderful experience for both of us to be able to share together. Being a mom is hard and sometimes I feel like the best mom and sometimes I feel like the worst mom ever!!! We need some girl time together!!!

  279. Jennifer Langley

    I think with God’s prompting I would bring my friend Nicole. I attended a conference over 4 years ago with two friends. One since is now with Jesus. It was one of the last “normal” things we did just weeks before she was diagnosed w/breast cancer. I remember how we bonded, and felt encouraged and refreshed, and I could see this being a blessing to my mom friend. She’s a mother of 4. I’m a mom of 2. It is a blessing that you provide opportunities like these to those of us that are in a place of not being able to afford to attend otherwise. I’m in the midst of your “Made to Crave” and just clinging to Jesus for the very real changes I know I need to make. I would love the opportunity for the behind the scenes. I help lead women’s ministry. Nicole and I have taken turns leading summer Bible studies these past 2 years. I think there is probably not a single momma on here that isn’t deserving. May God help you make the best choice. Whomever that momma might be, may she be immeasurably blessed.

  280. Chelsea Duke

    I would ask my sister to come along with me. Excited this conference is in my home town!

  281. Kathy

    Hearts at Home has been such an encouraging experience for me each time I’ve gone. I have a friend who has been going through a rough year. She is a wonderful, sweet mama with a lot to offer, but she doesn’t always see it. I’ve been trying to get her to come to HAH since last year, but I think the cost of the entire weekend is too much for her family right now. I just know she would benefit so much and have a great time!

  282. Kristine Trone

    I have never been to hearts at home and would love to go and bring my friend!
    She needs to hear of Jesus love for her and to feel loved on by other mamas!

  283. angela polter

    I would take my best mom friends. We work together at helping and encouraging each other. Who else would i want next to me as we grow as mothers? We make each other better moms just by being friends!

  284. Marquita Green

    Omg. This sounds like an awesome experience. I am the mother of the beautiful girls and I have a step-son who lives in another state. The words of your blog reminded me of many thoughts I have on a regular basis. When I got to end and read about the conference, I immediately thought about my mom. Age lives in another state so this would give us great bonding time. More importantly, she had adopted two children and provides long term care for a third child. She does this as a single parent with very little support. Her girls are between the ages of 3-10. She has also had serious financial challenges lately, so time away to restore herself as a woman and mother would be very helpful right now. I have no doubt that winning this package would be a true blessing to both of us.

  285. Julie Bilbruck

    I am so excited at the opportunity to come this year. While we are stretched a little thin with our three year olds occupational and speech therapies, an 18 month old who is almost allergic to everything and four other amazing kids….I would be so honored to be able to bring an amazing friend to our family who also taught our now 4 year old at the church preschool when she was two. I was pregnant with our youngest who is now 18 months and my 15 month old had his first or two unexplained seizures and started a downward health spiral to what looked as though we were heading for a cancer diagnosis due to bone marrow shutdown. Angela helped our daughter and her anxieties as well as helping us get to doctor appointments, help at home after the unexpected c section and care after my heart attack at the young age of 36. Yes, we have been through a lot and Angela has walked with us step by step ensuring we had help and understanding. She’s like an older sister to me. Recently, she has been faced with her own health issues (a stroke right after Christmas) and some family tensions with her just recently grown kids. We absolutely love you, Lysa and I would love to bless Angela with a couple nights away to focus on her faith and hear the encouragement she shares without hesitation to others. I feel like this post was intended for her to see and pray that she doesn’t hold her success as a mother in the choices her kids are making. She is a blessing to many!

  286. Jayne Shirky

    I have heard amazing things about this conference. The Lord has really been working in my family in the last few years and He is ripping up the old and laying new foundations all over the place. The Lord has really blessed my family through some big changes in life and one of them is our families decision to the venture down having me (momma) stay at home and home school after working 8 years in a high stress job. The Lord is teaching me how to be a SHM and true servant to my family. I have a sweet friend Mary who has also been through lots, has baby number two on the way and is seeing her husband through his last stint in medical school. I would love to share some quality time with her and just soak in as much as God who offer! Blessings!

  287. Cassie Mann

    I would bring my friend Nicole! We met through PTA and we both have a heart for serving our kids’ school and the Lord. We have just clicked and wanted to share in HAH together. She is teacher and funds arent always readily availabke for her My usual HAH buddy moved away this year so I’m having a hard time clicking “register” but if I won this we could both go guilt free!

  288. Carrie

    Hello! I would love to attend with two of my best friends. I would give both tickets to my friends, Vicki and Michelle. Vicki is a home-schooling, stay-at-home mom of four whose family is being financially taken care of but not always spiritually led. Michelle is full time working mom of one who is financially supporting her husband who is a pastor as he finishes his masters degree and home-schools their child. I am a part-time working mom of four, financially and spiritually leading my family. Each one of us take something different away from attending Hearts at Home, but we benefit greatly from one another’s company at the conference and the one night we get away from everyday tasks and responsibilities to spend time with each other and encourage each other on our journey through motherhood and life. Thank you for this chance!

  289. Nikki Butler

    I have never been able to go to Hearts at Home and really want to. I would love to take my best friend as well.

  290. Brandie

    I would bring a young mom friend who is just starting her motherhood journey. I have been so blessed by hearts at home and would love to share the experience with a great friend who is a newer mom.

  291. Bobbi Jo Neuman

    I’d bring my sister. She recently joined mommy hood with the birth of her baby boy in November. The information, guidance and support shared would be a great way to start her 1st year as a Mom. I myself am a Mom to 4 girls and can use some time with other seasoned Moms and amazing speakers ! I’d love to come experience this wonderful conference !

  292. Michelle Christiansen

    I really need a chance to unwind. Motherhood is hard and I look forward to the encouragement at this conference the past two years. Getting the prize would be a special blessing to me this year. I would ask one of my sisters to go who are amazing moms or a special friend from church. We could all use a break. Thanks for doing this!

  293. Dori

    I would take my dear friend who is raising 3 girls and 1 boy. She often doubts herself as a momma, but she is amazing!

  294. Melissa Watson

    I would bring my friend Alicia because she’s there for me and encourages me when I have alone.

  295. Jamala Francois

    I would take my best friend. We both are struggling with parenthood but at different levels, Her kids are older than mine. What we do share besides having 3 girls is our mission on making sure our daughters know the Lord. I know I cant fix everything with my girls but I will pray them through whatever it is.

  296. Kathy Walker

    I would bring my daughter because I gained SO much knowledge for years going to these conferences when my kids were young and I KNOW she would benefit greatly from the information there as well as the fellowship.

  297. chrislynn

    I ALWAYS look forward to this day of rejuvenation as a mom a and wife! This year finances are so tight due to loss of income. I am a mom to 3 great kids, one of whom was born with a rare condition! Nerves can be raw and strained, HAH always gives me the pick me up I need! I’d love to take my good friend whose always there with an encouraging word or some other sort of blessing to me and my family!

  298. Jenny.U

    I don’t have anyone that comes to mind off hand. Maybe one of the nice ladies from church.

  299. Kara

    I have attended the Hearts at Home conferences for the last 8 years, and have been very blessed by the information I have taken home with me. My relationship with my husband, my girlfriends, and most importantly, my Savior have been strengthened by attending these conferences. If I won a couple of free tickets, I would give one to my closest friend, Shannon. She has came to a few conferences with me, and we have had a blast while taking in all of the good stuff!

  300. Kelly

    I don’t need a free ticket, I’m already signed up for the conference & can’t wait to see you there! I’ll be coming with my momma, aunt, & cousin.

    But I do want to say thank you so much for listening to God & being led by the Spirit… You always speak life straight to my soul & give encouragement I desperately need!

    Blessings to you, Lysa. So looking forward to hearing you speak in person!! 🙂

  301. Kelly Green

    I would bring our Pastor’s wife, Patti. She recently lost her son to a battle to cancer and she is an awesome lady and great role model and great friend.

  302. Lisa

    I would bring my friend who needs a reminder that she is a good mother, friend, and aunt.She watches her nieces and nephews whenever asked. She’s the first to volunteer. And yet, she forgets all those and lets herself feel overwhelmed. She needs to learn her Best Yes!

  303. Mandy Chase

    I would bring my mom–Ive told her how much Ive learned by attending and want her to experience it!

  304. Amy Charbonneau

    I’d bring my friend Tatiana if she could get off from work, or Susan if she could get childcare 🙂 tatiana is a wonderful friend who blesses me so frequently by inviting me over to get some mom chit chat time in for sanity sake :). She watches my kiddos in a pinch, so I don’t have to take them to doctor appointments with me. She and her husband are serious about not spending what they don’t have, so she’d never go to this on her own. She’s working as a waitress at night to pay down debt, and stays home during the day homeschooling her girls. She is a great friend who encourages through hospitality. Susan is someone I’ve always felt like we have a lot in common, but we never can seem to find time to just hang out. She has 4 kiddos and is like me with no family in town. We both are trying to break cycles of angry parenting, and both feel like loved kids are more important than perfect houses ;). I picked two, and honestly could have chosen two others that cannot come because of babies born in November, because I would love to share this conference with someone. I have gone several times (my first time was when Lysa was the key note last time!). This conference, and the speakers I have learned from and authors I’ve bren introduced to have served as distant mentors to me, and I’d love to share that with someone new!

  305. Lisa

    My husband and I are support raising missionaries in northern Wisconsin. I would bring my bestest friend with me. Because when we get together we talk until our voices are horse, we pray and cry together, and we snort laugh until we wet our pants from laughter (well four pregnancies will do that to ya #justsayin’). We live two states away from each of other now… and when we are together we have husbands and kids … and whoever else jumped in the van in tow. Alone time with the sisterhood-of-sisters would be great. I haven’t been to the conference, and unless God makes a way… there seems to be no way it’s happening this year.

  306. Alicia

    I would bring my friend Courtney. She is struggling right now as a mama and a wife. She desperately needs our Lords light in her life.

  307. Julie

    I would love to bring my friend Laura. I haven’t seen her in a while because I moved, but she just had a new baby and is transitioning into motherhood and I have three little ones so I would enjoy the encouragement and direction.

  308. Brandi Sterling

    I would bring my friend who lives two hours away……we RARELY get to see each other but talk on the phone frequently trying to help each other through this ride called parenthood!
    Bloomington is a middle ground for us and it would be wonderful for us to share this experience together since we have both never been to the conference ♡

  309. Jena

    I already have my tickets for the Hearts at Home Annual Conference… so I’d give away both VIP packages to a couple amazing mom friends, Paula and Leslie! Both of these ladies are incredible mothers, wives, friends… and the list goes on! This would be an amazing opportunity for both and would be an answer to my prayers! They both deserve this so, so much! Also, both are participating in “The Best Yes” Bible Study that I will be hosting in my house, beginning this evening. They would absolutely love to meet Lysa in person, as would I!

  310. Sara W

    I would love to take a friend who’s never gone before. This will be my third year and I can’t wait! I would love to meet you and say thank you for encouraging me to be the best mom and Jesus girl I can be!

  311. Kim

    I would bring my dear friend Kathy, a fellow mommy to two little boys, to share in this amazing experience. Thank you for the chance!

  312. Tammy

    I would bring my friend, and Pastors wife, Jennifer.

  313. Holly Sloan

    I would bring my best friend, Dianna She is my go to girl for all things. I wouldn’t be the person or mom I am without her!

  314. Missy Brown

    I would like ti bring my friend Jennifer H. She has lost her Dad this year and is moving ro another tiwn due to her husband’s job. They also have a three year old with special needs. I would love to bring her to have a girl’s weekend away and Hearts at Home has amazing speakers to be inspired by.

  315. Sara

    I am already coming to see you, but I would bring my BFF who is a first year homeschooling mama and pastors wife. She promised she would come this year, but then they had to make some tough financial choices. Then I would share it with a mom who bravely gave her testimony at our mops group last spring. It was heartbreakenly difficult, but she was obidient and did it. We were all blessed. She can’t make it financially and I would love to bless her for her faithfulness! Please pick my girls, I have the hotel rooms ready!!

  316. Keri Fidler

    I would bring my friend Kaysha. She is a mother of 3 expecting number 4. We are two young mommas trying to figure out how to be godly moms while also trying to encourage other moms/women. We’d really appreciate the opportunity.

  317. Sherri Ramey

    I would take Angie Sanders! Mom Now Wow is soooo fitting for her. She has been my best friend since Jr. High (She just turned 40 years old in January just so you know how long). She is such a fun & loving mother of 2 children, which the oldest is an awesome awesome 12 year old daughter with disabilities but this girl & her mama are totally amazing & lets just say the stars are the limits regarding of the disabilities she faces. Her youngest is a young gorgeous 7 year old son of a different race who they adopted at birth & she has been raising him with such wisdom & grace. She so deserves to be in the mom now wow conference! Also we have had this joke from about 4 or 5 years ago that started at a yard sale we had that is also fitting to this conference. Angie was making a yard sale sign for our sale & messed up a letter on it so she changed it & some how it ended up reading “Sale Now Wow”, so this literally has been our motto since then! She just turned 40 in January & so of course we “40 Now Wow” on her window….when we seen the conference motto, we just got so excited & want to go so bad! This is our “Now Wow” motto! We would Love Love to go! I am a working mother of 4 chikdre ages 12,10,8, & 6 and man could I also use a “Mom Now Wow” conference experience!

  318. Susan Humes

    I will be serving as a speakers assistant at the conference, so I don’t need a ticket. I have a friend who is adopting and they are watching their finances. I would love to make it possible for her to attend as well as another friend from church. They are awesome women who would be richly blessed.

  319. Rachael Pocock

    I would bring two of my fellow LifeGroup members Jessica and Christine. Both have inspired me so much in my faith walk, mom walk, and wife walks this year. I have no idea what state my family (and my faith) would be in after the difficulties my family has experienced this year. God bless you all!

  320. hollyberry

    I would bring my friend Amy. We’ve been through toddler, preschool and elementary stages together and have shared prayer requests, coffee, and tears.

  321. Christine

    I would bring myself and a friend who has many super powers!! However, we will bring damaged hearts, yet open minds for a renewing weekend!

  322. Janis

    It would be tough to decide. I guess my first pick would be my friend L since we both missed the conference in November. I would also really want to bring my friend H along as she is such a blessing to me and helps me through many a rough mom moment.

  323. Kristine Dederich

    I would bring my best friend, my mom. She is such an inspiration to me.

  324. Lisa W.

    I would bring my friend Shannon, who has inspired me, guided me, and showed me how to have God in my life for myself and for my family. I have observed her letting God be her guide in all of her struggles and her triumphs, and I continue to observe her with her family and two boys and try to gain wisdom on how to raise my family and keep God in our lives. She is an incredible mother, wife, friend and more. Neither of us have ever been to the conference, so it would be a fun time!

  325. Katie

    I would love to be able to come to the conference. I would have to prayerfully consider who I would choose. Probably a new mom from my church who would not be able to pay for the conference.

  326. Bev Fordham

    I would take my best friend Karol. She has been having a hard time lately with some medical issues. She moved 2 hrs away and when she lived close by she always attended. Now that I have kids and am a stay at home mom I would love to attend and be able to spend some much needed time together with my best friend, God and all the other wonderful ladies at Hearts at home!

  327. Lori

    I am already signed up for the conference, but would bring a friend who ever year wants to go, but finically can not swing it. I have a child right now who is making choices that I should shake my head at and pray. Looking forward to being refreshed again.

  328. Paula Manier

    I wouldbring either my good friend jenny or my other good friend shawna because they are both there for me when I need it and they’re both real and are good mom to their children and when they want to v godly women who leave a heritage

  329. Tricia

    I’d bring my friend Billie Jo. We’re both navigating the joys and struggles of being single mommas. We’d both benefit and so would our kiddos!

  330. Jen W

    I would bring my sister in law. She is having to be a single parent of 3 while her husband is out of the country.

  331. Shawnna Smith

    I would love to bring a friend that is a new Monmy! She recently said to me that she didn’t understand why she could look at her new baby and feel so much love and the cry from feeling so happy! I told her because now you know what it is for your heart to live outside of your body! 🙂

  332. Janet Flesch

    I would bring my sister. We have supported each other through the journey of motherhood.

  333. Shawnna Perreault

    I would bring a friend who is need of a pick me up and some good quality mommy time

  334. Mendy

    I would bring my sister and sister-in-law because neither one has ever been to hearts at home and I know they would be encouraged by it! 🙂

  335. rachel

    I would bring my niece. I’ve know the encouragement of Hearts for several years, but she is a new mama ♡.

  336. Sarah

    I would take my younger sister along with me to the Hearts at Home conference! She is the mother of three little ones. I have teenagers. I heard you speak, Lysa, at Hearts at Home in Lansing, Michigan, years ago when I was a mom of little ones. Your teaching really touched me then and your words continue to help me become a better lover of Jesus and mom to my five kiddos. I would love to have her join me to be encouraged by you as I was so a decade or so ago.

  337. Lori Stickling

    i would love to go, but have been on the fence this year because of cost. If I win, I will offer the tickets to other moms in my same boat and give 2 other moms an opportunity to attend of finances are preventing them from attending!

  338. Amanda Pitts

    I would bring my friend Brandy. We are great friends and she is a great encouragement. God has placed us in each other’s lives- to help each other. Iron sharpens iron. We have a lot of the same struggles. So we totally understand each other and she inspires and encourage s me in my walk with Christ. We would LOVE to to come to this conference together!!!!

  339. Tracy

    I am going through a challenging teenage stage, and feel like EVERYDAY is imperfect process, I doubt my parenting skills, and constantly pray for more patience and wisdom and grace!!! It is hard, and I know I’m not alone, I need constant reminders that I am doing my very best to raise our daughter to be God-fearing and loving to others. I would bring my daughter’s boyfriend’s mom with me so we can learn together, this journey is short and we are on the “right” path! THANK YOU!!

  340. Pamela

    My girls have turned our pretty awesome and I’m often reminded to give God all the credit and glory for it because who I was as their Mom is NOT the adults they became!! Thank you for the reminder today, too!! I would love to have the opportunity to stop in Middle Tennessee on my way to Illinois to pick up my niece that is going through a very difficult divorce right now and still being Mom to a 12 yr old and 5 yr old!!

  341. Stacy Johns

    I am bringing my friend, Jillian. She is a great mother to one little girl and one on the way! She is a stay at home mom and often does things alone because her husband is a firefighter who is gone on call and at trainings a lot!!

  342. Wendy Rogers

    I would bring my sister in law. I had strayed away from the church and Christmas and she has brought me back. I am so much more happy and at peace then ever before. If u ever have any questions, she is my to go to. Since I have gotten back to my faith, my husband has joined me at church and my son. That means more to me than anything. So my sister in law is one great person who has changed my life and has no idea!

  343. Levi's mom

    My sister-in-law and I would really like to come. We are believers that are trying to be better followers. 🙂

  344. Rebecca

    I would bring my friend Anita, an amazing mom of 5 (ages 3-11), beautiful woman of God, great encouragement to me & others and that one person everyone should have in their life that asks the Hard questions. Finances are tight for both our families BUT we’d be super blessed to have a weekend together growing closer as friends, daughters of Almighty God & moms. Thanks for considering us. 🙂

  345. Amanda Alexander

    I would love to come as I am overwhelmed at this phase of being a single mom for 12 years with teenagers and now an adult son with grandchildren. I would bring my friend because she is on overload with her marriage falling apart, a teenager, and an 8 year old. She also teaches middle school.

  346. amy armbrust

    My mom….she hekped me and i would love to learn more with her

  347. Megan Ernst

    I never got the chance to sign up for Hearts at Home and would love to go! I would bring my best friend Ashley with me because she is the kind of friend I can lean on for anything. I cant imagine my life (or Hearts at Home) without her!

  348. Kim

    I would bring my friend Vicky. We met a year ago and she has been more than a spiritual sister to me! She is so encouraging and a fabulous example of a true friend. She’s there in the trenches with me when I’ve had a bad mommy day and she reminds me that I’m not so bad after all and that God chose me for my kids! She applauds and celebrates with me on the good days and helps to push me on the days that I don’t think I can go any further. I hope that I have been the same type of friend to her as she as been to me! So blessed that God allowed our paths to cross! This would be a WONDERFUL way to thank her for all she has done for me!

  349. Jenna Bryant

    I would definitely bring along my best friend Tracey! She isy workout partner but also my worship accountability partner. We listen talk and when needed remind each other of the word and how it can guide us. She is an amazing mom for an adopted daughter that could really benefit from the many workshops and women at hearts at home. Ive only been once but still to this day rely on that informations an time with other moms.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  350. Julie

    I’d bring my best friend of 26 years. We are each other’s shoulder to cry on in this motherhood journey. We also have been SO encouraged by made to Crave, have been quoting it to eachother for years now. So would be so awesome to hear you speak in person, together!! We are Lysa groupies.

  351. Rachel C

    Ooohhhhhhhhhh, LYSA!!! I cried from the beginning of today’s devo. i cried harder when i found out there was yet another conference I would miss. My heart went to my throat when I read the part about the ticket giveaway. Oh girlfriend…

    My 11-year-old son made a choice that has ripped our blended family into shreds. My husband’s ex-wife (who was my closest friend) deserted our friendship and it almost cost me my marriage, my step-children, and for the moment I have lost my baby to a residential treatment facility indefinitely (which praise You Jesus is NoT jail!!!!) my life as I have known it has cometh fallen apart and I don’t know how to stop spinning. I cannot shake the guilt I carrying for my son’s choice, for my bio-daughter’s deep depression, for my step-children’s hurts. I live with the pain and regret 24/7 even though in my heart I know Gkd loves me and does not hold me reaponsible for the free will choice of another???

    I would use this time of love and renew to bring my best friend, the mom of my step-kids who I admire and respect SO much for both if us to feel the love we need from Jesus so our relationship can begin to heal for our family and so we can someday look back and point to all the ways God has walked WITH us carrying us when we needed it to the other side and we watch the beauty that came from our ashes and the evil that was meant for good redeemed and made pure and amazing by OUR GOD!

    Lysa, this conference could be the jumping off point – the catalyst- that two broken spilled out and desperate mommies need to begin building their family back together again. I hope you will seek The Lord and if you feel Him leading you, you will choose me to come to your conference.

    Thank you for this ministry and all it does for us women. Thank you for saving me more days than not and reminding me I do have a reason to get up and keep going. May ALL of you be truly richly blessed exceedingly abundantly!

  352. Nicole Henson

    I would bring my friend Tasha who is going through a rough time in her life and could use the uplifting experience and to be reminded that she is loved by God no matter what else is going on in her life.

  353. Rachel C

    Ooohhhhhhhhhh, LYSA!!! I cried from the beginning of today’s devo. i cried harder when i found out there was yet another conference I would miss. My heart went to my throat when I read the part about the ticket giveaway. Oh girlfriend…

    My 11-year-old son made a choice that has ripped our blended family into shreds. My husband’s ex-wife (who was my closest friend) deserted our friendship and it almost cost me my marriage, my step-children, and for the moment I have lost my baby to a residential treatment facility indefinitely (which praise You Jesus is NoT jail!!!!) my life as I have known it has cometh fallen apart and I don’t know how to stop spinning. I cannot shake the guilt I carrying for my son’s choice, for my bio-daughter’s deep depression, for my step-children’s hurts. I live with the pain and regret 24/7 even though in my heart I know Gkd loves me and does not hold me reaponsible for the free will choice of another???

    I would use this time of love and renew to bring my best friend, the mom of my step-kids who I admire and respect SO much for both if us to feel the love we need from Jesus so our relationship can begin to heal for our family and so we can someday look back and point to all the ways God has walked WITH us carrying us when we needed it to the other side and we watch the beauty that came from our ashes and the evil that was meant for good redeemed and made pure and amazing by OUR GOD! This could be the jumping off point – the catalyst- that two broken spilled out and desperate mommies need to begin building their family back together again. I hope you will seek The Lord and if you feel Him leading you, you will choose me to come to your conference.

    Thank you for this ministry and all it does for us women. Thank you for saving me more days than not and reminding me I do have a reason to get up and keep going. May ALL of you be truly richly blessed exceedingly abundantly!

  354. Kristin Zimmerman

    I would bring along my dear friend Kendra who found out last week that she and her husband lost their unborn child. It would be a wonderful way to lift her spirit, let her feel she isn’t alone and give her HOPE that she desperately needs right now . The registration fee is not in her budget but I have been praying that she will find a way to get there. My parents live less than a mile away from the conference so we will not have to worry about food or lodging! Please consider helping Kendra begin the healing process at This conference!!!!

  355. Amy Snow

    I would bring my sister in law with me. We both struggle with Mommyhood a bit. 🙂

  356. Lisa Alexander

    I would bring my sister. She is a new mom (8 month boy). Her and her husband are just starting to listen and ask questions about Jesus. She is opening the door and I am so excited to see God work in the lives of her family! She isnt at the point that she e o uld spent the money on the conference, but she would go with me.

  357. Melanie Clayton

    I love mentoring young women/moms so I’d probably bring one of the precious ladies from church.

  358. Angie Nortrup

    Hi Lysa! I would love to win this! I would take my friend Jacque with me. She is such a busy single mom with three kids and so devoted to God! I love her heart! She would definitely benefit from this conference! And I am a mom to a set of twin one year olds and a three year old! I need this conference to refresh my soul for my kids!!!

  359. Deb Mack

    I would bring my BFF Jax. She is the mom of 2 very rambunctious boys and a 2 year old girl that is following in her brothers footsteps. Jax is also pregnant with her 4th! She needs a break.

  360. Kellie

    I would bring my sister who lifts me up and never gives up on me. She does her best to understand my tears as a single mom. As a mom of three, one with special needs, and I the single mom that feels like the ultimate failure on so many levels, we have forged a bond, as opposite as we are, with God at the heart of it. Supporting each other as sisters is special, but supporting each other as moms is immeasurable and a gift that allows us to remind each other to keep looking up. So appreciative of all the advice, faith and love people have to share.

  361. Shelly Woods

    Would love to bring my daughter in laws to this!

  362. Kim Young

    I would love a free pass. Unfortunately, I dont have any girlfriends that would attend this with me.

  363. Rebecca

    I would bring my twin sister with me because she has been my best friend forever. With being a new mom she has been there and given me helpful tips. Neither one of us have been to this conference and would love the experience and to learn new things and becoming better moms.

  364. Sarah C

    I’d bring my mom!! She’s my best friend and she gave me such a great example for how to be a mom!!

  365. Rebekah

    I would bring my friend Natalie who has moved 5 times in the last year with her 5 kids. She has moved from NC to Minnesota and now back to Indiana. She has had a very tough year and could use the encouragement. I would also bring my 4th and newest child because right now she is only 3 weeks old and I couldn’t leave her.

  366. Amy

    id take my beautiful sister Julie. I’m so blessed to have her as my sister and role model. when I’m having those moments when I don’t feel like the worlds greatest mom she’s always there with encouraging words. She reminds me that moms aren’t perfect and that’s ok.

  367. Nicole

    My best friend who lives in a diffrent state. We rarely get to see each other with out the kids along. It would be an awesome girl weekend.

  368. Jennifer Wilder

    I would bring my daughter in law, Stacy. She is a young mom, to my not so perfect but insanely beautiful granddaughter, Aryanna and a wife to my work in progress prodigal son. Their family is beautiful and in so much need of Jesus to guide them. A getaway weekend would allow her to rest (she’s expecting their 2nd baby) and be filled spiritually. Jesus has a perfect plan for their family, and I’m certain it involves Him!

  369. Amy

    I would bring a friend from my bible study group. We have similar-aged kids and I would like to get her know her better.

  370. Megan

    I would bring my best friend Ashley. She is always helping me through my mom hardships. I am a mom of 3 boys and it’s hard some days! I’m thankful for her words of affirmation when I need them most.

  371. Carla

    I would like to take my middle sister. She and I both have children with special needs. We struggle with helping them navigate the world as it is and how it views them. While we keep our minds and hearts on returning them to their heavenly Father who created them in His image.

  372. Amy

    I would bring a friend from my bible study group. We have similar-aged kids and I would like to get to know her better.

  373. Robyn Still

    I would bring one of my very best friends, Rae. Rae is always there for me with encouraging words when I feel like I’m having “bad Momma moments.” She always makes me laugh and makes me see the situation in a much better light. She is very strong in her faith and her walk with God and isn’t afraid to share God’s word with me or anyone else. I am also there for her when things aren’t always going good for her.

  374. Kim

    I struggle with this so much. I was raised with the notion that everything I did reflected on my parents and so I was never “free to be me” . I always had to measure up to their expectations. Consequently I grew into a perfectionistic controlling woman always seeking validation from the people around me. My beautiful sister-in-law to-be (then) introduced me to Jesus some 25+ years ago and has been a rock for me as I have struggled to accept God’s unconditional love. It is still an uphill battle daily and I know that I put unrealistic expectations on my own children. Especially in public places. I would love to take this wonderful woman to Hearts at Home. We live only a block apart and almost co-parent, trading our kids back and forth (her daughter is 10 days older than mine, and I also have 2 boys). I lean on her to balance out my perfectionistic ways and I am so very thankful to God that from her my kids get to learn how to live in His grace.

  375. Nicki Petersen

    I would bring my friend Katie because she has been going through tough times and this would
    Be some great girl time.

  376. Kim

    I want to clarify that I do not blame my parents or hold them responsible for my perfectionism; they had their own challenging childhoods. I love them and have a good relationship with them.

  377. Tricia

    I would bring my sister. I remember what it was like to have little ones. A fun weekend away with her would be a nice break.

  378. Amanda

    I would bring my best friend Kim! We both have 2 little boys and have been best friends since birth, right now we live in different cities so it would be so nice to have a weekend at a wonderful conference with her!

  379. Angela Dahlhauser

    I would bring my girlfriend Melissa. A mother of two beautiful girls, and a friend that has been such a rock in my life. She is always going above and beyond for everyone else, and simply is a shining example of Gods amazing love.

  380. vicki wachowiak

    I needed this post today. If i won this giveaway i would bring my best friend of 15 years, Maggie. She is my rock and i am hers. She raised 3 very diffcult, very individual teenagers and before her husband passed of cancer & she had a wonderfully unplanned baby girl at 42 years old! I had a five year old girl at the time and my husbad was very emotionally detached. We embraced the fact that we could help each other any way possible. We help each other along the very bumpy road called mommyhood. My daughter is now 14 and i have 3 step-teenagers and it as if the roles have reversed! She now has the only child at home and i have 4! We lean on God for guidance and patience. It would be like a dream come true to go to the Hearts at Home Conference. We share Lysa’s books and love all her encouraging parenting and marriage stories shared on Klove and forward each other P31 daily devotionals through our emails.

  381. Lindsay Graham

    I’d bring one of the young moms from my church. I have never gone to a conference, but have heard amazing things, and I have many I can think of who would love the chance to go, learn, and be renewed!

  382. Paula OBrien

    I would bring my bestie, Angie. 🙂

  383. kari mcmurtrie

    I would bring my mom. She is one of my best friends and we don’t get to spend enough time together. She is having her 3rd surgery in the last year the week after hearts at home. It would be wonderful to cheer her up and get some one on one time and be refreshed by uplifting speakers.

  384. Jennifer Bish Wagher

    I would bring my cousin with me who could use some encouragement from other women as well as I could. I would love to spend a weekend laughing together. Its been a long couple of years for both of us. I know a gret christian get away for both of us would make a world of difference in our lives!!

  385. Erin

    I’d bring my best friend for a much needed Mommy recharge getaway!

  386. Stacy Melton

    I would bring my friend who has 5 children 11 and under. Our 3 are all 14-11. I think we could both learn a lot from this!

  387. Sarah

    I am already coming but I would find 2 more friends to throw in the minivan and bring along!

  388. Marlana mullis

    This is excellent! I would give BOTH tickets to two of our deserving single mothers within the ministry!

  389. Kim

    I really needed to read this today! Thank you! If I won the tickets, I would bring a friend from church. We have children that are close in age, and it would be a wonderful trip to get to know each other better.

  390. Laura Kaseman

    I would bring my friend from OK because she said it would be worth the drive to see you, Lysa!! She was in band with me and I never even knew she was a Christian but she is an inspiration to me today. It would be great to spend some time with her and with you!

  391. Damika

    I would like to bring my best friend who is currently going through a seperation from the father of her child. She deserves a reassuring break and celebration of how great a mom she is.

  392. Melody

    I would bring my sister or one of my friends! I don’t think it will be hard to find someone willing to go 🙂

  393. katie

    I would bring my friend Vanessa. Shes always been there for our family. I can not wait to see you at hearts at home this year. Ive followed you since I went to purity classes with the book “and the bride wore white”. Your inspiring 🙂

  394. Mara

    I’d love to bring my sister or my best girlfriend, Amy. I’ve only made it to one Hearts at Home conference and was so tremendously blessed!

  395. dawn Sauder

    I would bring my friend Tammy or Heather. What a great way for moms to “refresh & renew”!

  396. Valerie

    I would love free tickets. I have never been to Hearts at Home conference. I am a mother of three teenager kids. I would bring my good friend of mine, Amanda for the last year she has stood by my side as I start my journey with God. She is there when I need her and even to answer the most ridiculous question thats comes up when I am stuck in a rut with life.

  397. Sheryll

    I have actually already paid to come but I have a friend who would like to be there but can’t. I would offer my win to her and whomever she would choose to bring. She is a sweet person with a heart for the Lord and a devotion to her husband and kids. She has a 1yr old so I am sure this time away fro renewal and refreshment would be a blessing to her.

  398. Krissi

    I would bring my sister…won’t go into all the details, but she’s had some big relationship challenges, as well as her oldest daughter’s illness. She is spending the week in the hospital with her daughter this week, while her daughter receives medication to try to get bone marrow functioning properly. It’s been a very rough year. Both of our parents have passed away, she’s not even 40 yet. She could definitely use the encouragement!

  399. Christine

    I’d bring my mom. She has paid for my “on the job mom training” (aka Hearts at Home) many times because she wishes she would’ve had something like it raising us. I’d love for her to get see firsthand what an awesome experience a Hearts conference truly is.

  400. Nichole

    I would come overjoyed and full of hope. As a mother who lost her mother way too soon I would relish the opportunity to soak up some wisdom – and receive some encouragement. I would bring with me a sweet friend who has just adopted 2 sweet little girls from the Congo. She had her husband have 2 young boys and have now opened up their hearts and home to two sweet sweet little princesses. I know that as a mother her journey will have ups and downs. But as a momma who has also adopted she would truly treasure this time and opportunity.
    Thank you for considering us!

  401. Shauna C.

    My life long best friend, Starr, she is an amazing person in every way imaginable and I would love to be able to spoil her and show her just how much I love her(with a little time together without our amazing kids and hubbies).

  402. jessica

    Hello..this would b my first time attending and i as well as my best friend I would bring are new mom’s and i believe this would help us really see that we are not alone out there and connect with other moms!

  403. Tammy Pazdro

    I would bring myself and another stressed mom! Personally, I have constant guilt about my divorce, & feel like I have to make it up in everything I do for my kids. Then there are times I lose my patience, temper, and totally fail. Really hard to find a balance, & even when there are good moments, you know they’re short-lived. Overwhelmed.

  404. Kenya

    Wow what a great opportunity to pass along to two wonderful women in my life; My bestfriend and her mom! My best friend of 32 yrs who has a 2 yr old daughter and is currently in the midst of relocating her family from Chicago to Arizona in April to take care of her mother that been diagnosed with breast cancer and a brain tumor. She is under a lot of stress as she has to manage her young family & support her mom during her treatments. She always puts everyone needs ahead of her own and doesn’t seek pity from anyone. She loves The Lord and depends on Him for strength. I think it’ll be nice for her to finally receive some refreshment & encouragement in the midst of chaos.

  405. Linda Schuhmacher

    Would love to see you again Lysa… has been sometime since I have been to a conference! Always wonderful for the heart.

  406. Tanisha G.

    I would bring my mom. We have had our ups and downs in our relationship and at this time in my moms life she is struggling to get to her happy place. A part of that is her finding her confidence and encouragement. This would be great for her.

  407. Katy Epling

    I would bring my wonderful friend Stacy, because she is at all stages of motherhood… Two in college, two in high school, and one toddler who is in the adoption process. We could both use the time together to refresh and to grow!

  408. Michele Bone

    I would love to win this. As a mom of 4 girls, any guidance I can receive is a blessing. I would bring my friend Sonya. She is going through a custody battle and I know it would be a blessing to her heart.

  409. Ada Marie Troyer

    If I were to win the free tickets I would bring my best friend! She is a devoted wife and mama of 3 boys. Her oldest is in kindergarten and the youngest are 3 year old twins. The last year of her life has been almost a “Job” story and she still comes out praising God and with such a beautiful heart. They had to spend a lot of money to do home repairs because of flooding. The repairs were inside as well as re-excavating the outside and building a new retaining wall. All 3 of the boys had ER visits in a matter of a few weeks. Stiches, a broken arm, and meningitus which meant almost a week long hospital stay. She herself had injured her hip (torn cartilage) a few years ago and was trying to heal it through chiropractic, but was finally told the only thing left to do was surgery. A week before Christmas she had her surgery, and had to be on crutches and no driving for 6 weeks. She is now walking with a cane and driving again. I would just love to see her be able to get away for a weekend without worrying about a huge cost, as I know financially times are tough…

  410. Kim

    I would take my sweet friend, Shannon. She is a single parent of four…ages 9, 10, 12 & 14. She left an abusive relationship and has the children 24/7 while going to school full time . She has come so far in her life but could sure use some time away. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  411. Danielle Ludwick

    I would bring my best friend, April Cronce. Both mothers of three, both striving to do our best and approach each new day clinging desperately to His grace.

  412. Dana

    I would bring my friend Christina because she is a young mom who wants to grow as a mom and wife, and I think Hearts at Home is one of the best ways for any mom and wife to do just that!

  413. Angie Sanders

    I would bring my bff Sherri. We have been so blessed by this conference in previous years. Helps draw us closer to God, be better friends, moms, & wives. PLUS IT’S ALWAYS SUCH A BLAST! And backstage passes, that would be an amazing birthday gift for my bff. She’s turning 39 – seriously, for the first time! 🙂

  414. Laura

    Please!!! My college roomie is who wants to come with me!!! 20+ years of friendship & we need a girls weekend!

  415. Amy Coats

    I’d bring my own mother, this year!

  416. Michelle

    I would bring my friend, Dana!! It would be an encouraging time for both of us!

  417. April Richardon

    I would bring my friend Nikki. She has been through so many struggles this past year. Her daughter ran away from home and was missing for over a week. It was a very trying time for her. She has also been suffering from depression. I know that this would be a wonderful getaway for her. I would also appreciate the chance to be part of this wonderful conference. I am in the process of adopting two children that have been through so much. It has really made me question whether I am good enough to be my mother, but most of all I want to learn about Gods love for me. I am really struggling to believe that there is a God who loves me and wants a relationship with me. I have wanted to attend this conference from the moment I saw it advertised. I know that there are many people who deserve to attend this conference more than me, but I would be overwhelmed to get this opportunity. I am loosing hope very fast and would love a chance to learn about God’s love for me. It has taken a lot of guts for me to be this open with you, but please if there is someone that needs to go worse than me then please pick them and in the meantime please help me find the truth about God. Thank you for all you do for others.

  418. Amy Coats

    I’d bring my own mother so she can be uplifted like I always am when I attend.

  419. Shiela Bassett

    I would bring my daughters teacher who also happens to be a dear friend! We frequently talk about the challenges of raising our kids in this current culture and the increasing pressures on Moms who want to raise our kids up for the Lord. Would be a wonderful weekend full of wisdom and worship.

  420. Angelika

    I would like to bring my sister. She has heard me talk about the conference for 4 year. Her struggles are real and she doesn’t grasp the reality that there are hundreds of us that are living her reality. I really feel as this could be the life changing even she needs to draw closer to Jesus!

  421. Stephanie Coonce

    I would bring my friend Rachel. She is a wonderful mother to 6 beautiful children that range from college students to a toddler! Boy, could she use a break!
    We share the bond of both having children that face some different challenges in their lives;ADHD, Autism, & Down’s Syndrime. We rarely are able to get together due to life changes mad would love spending time and refreshing each other.

  422. Jamie

    I’d bring my cousin, Sabrina….she’s always been more like the sister I never had. We’re both Moms of littles and would love the getaway to refresh, challenge, and encourage our hearts.

  423. amy smith

    I would bring a friend whom I’ve met at church who since I am recently becoming a friend rather than aquintance. I met her while she was hosting the IF:gathering last year for out church. What an awesome girl, momma and wife she is.

  424. John-Peter

    Well, Dad here, but I’ve often felt inklings of internal pressure or guilt when my son acts up in public, or even when I have to correct him in front of others. Spotlight is on my to have to do it perfectly. Thankfully, that’s just a temptation.

    In reality, we’re doing the right thing, and like you say, it’s all about the process!

    I’m okay with getting better as I go. 🙂

  425. Sarah

    This mommy of 5 would love to bring Christina, mother of 2… Thanks for today’s post. I’m often encouraged by you Lysa!

  426. Sandra Kumler

    I would bring my Friend Katie. She became a mom for the first time this year when she adopted a baby girl.

  427. Denise

    I would love this! I would invite my friend Theresa to come with me.

  428. Amber

    I would bring my sister, Brittany because she is newly married, but already a mom….to help her embrace grown up motherhood

  429. Barb Otto

    I would love to share this opportunity with my mother-in-law. We share a home together with her son and two grandsons. I have been so blessed to have her and all she does for my family. I would love to be able to offer this to her to show just how much I appreciate all she does. God bless all the moms out there and all they sacrifice for the love of their families.

  430. roxane cuccia

    I am a pastors wife. I would love to give these to two single moms in our church family.

  431. Tiffany

    I would invite my friend Katie. We are both homeschoolers, and would love to connect with other moms, who know the road is hard, but one worth fighting!

  432. Joleen Prieatley

    I’d probably bring my friend Tonya , who is a single mom and could use the encouragement and the getaway.,

  433. Jill

    I would bring an amazing friend and spiritual inspiration to me, Heidi M. She courageously sent a Facebook message inviting friends to respond if interested in starting a bible study. A few responded and we journeyed through Am I Messing Up My Kids. We have continued our group sessions and I have never been more into His word. I feels wonderful and i am so thankful to have these wonderful women in my life! I am expecting our fourth child in June and pray that my husband and I can provide the guidance and love these little ones need.

  434. Jenn Hinkle

    I would bring my friend Sarah. My mom has attended Hearts at Home off and on for the last 20 years. As a kid I remember how refreshed she was when she would come back. Having been encouraged and equipped she always brought back new tools for teaching my sisters and Me. Last year I was privileged to attend my first conference and understood finally why my mom loved these conferences.
    My friend Sarah has a little girl and I think about the generational blessing that Hearts at Home has been for my family and would love to bless another family in the same way. If she attends she could come back encouraged and equipped and maybe one day she would have the privilege of her daughter attending with her just like my mom and me.

  435. Mandy

    I would bring another single mom from church. Being a single parent is so hard – so I would really enjoy and appreciate this conference to get recharged and encouraged. ( :

  436. Michele Tracey

    I would come because I am a mother of 3, one who graduated and movied out to work and take two classes. He it’s lost on what might be his future may be. I have twins who will be freshmen next year and wondering what changes will be down the road. I will bring ny best friend Kim who after 4 of her own ( ages 10 to 17 was compelled to adopt two Ethiopian children. Ages 5 a and 7. She is vert committed to these children but they are trauMatized and the emotional life they have is out of control. My friend and I both need built ip as we begin the next journeys of out life and she needs support to encourage her I want to help her encourages her and find resources for both of us

  437. Beck

    I would bring my friend Misty. We are both moms of four children. She has 2 teenagers and 2 toddlers, she is definitely in the trenches of motherhood! I have 4 kiddos under the age of 9. We love them dearly and could definitely benefit from a Godly weekend with other wonderful moms! 🙂

  438. Elizabeth

    I would bring my friend who has two teens, an adopted toddler. She and I are both walking through many different season of motherhood ( I have 3 teens) and we went to conference years ago together. It was refreshing and friendship building. Having recently lost my mom (who was one of my best friends) this would be a refreshing and encouraging experience.

  439. Laura

    I have two mom friends in mind that I would give the tickets to. One has a teen and a 5 year old and one has 4 children under the age of 4. I would love to go don’t get me wrong, but I believe they could both use it.

  440. Jessica

    I would bring my mom. I’m going through a difficult parenting stage with a teenage girl and she’s always there to encourage me.

  441. Kelli Carper

    I would invite my friend Lacie. She and I don’t see each other much since we both moved away because of our husband’s jobs. We have so much in common and really hit it off from the first time we met at a yard sale. I would love to reconnect with her at this conference!

  442. Gretchen

    I’d invite Brittany, the wife of our church’s youth minister. They are new to town and living away from their extended family for the first time. I know she’d be encouraged!

  443. Kellie

    New to this, are there conferences in other states?

    • Jean

      Yes, there is a conference in November in Rochester, MN. I have heard that Hearts at Home will be starting a 3rd one (conference), but not sure when/where that will be. Keep an eye on their page and maybe they’ll tell us soon. (That’s a recent development from what I understand.) I’ve gone to the Rochester one the past two years, and it’s a HUGE encouragement for me. Hope that helps!

  444. Jessica

    I haven’t been able to make it to HAH for the past 2 years so I would love to come this year! I would invite my best friend Alicia who also has 3 young daughters.

  445. Jessica sickles

    If I won I would bring my best friend Brandi. We are both busy working moms. She just overcame cancer, Praise God!!! It would be the only way the two of us could get away together, it could be our celebration trip! I would love to surprise her with this!

  446. Jenny Jenkins

    I would bring my best friend Stephanie. I met her when I was in 5th grade. We are now in our early 40s and are still best friends. She has always been there for me unconditionally. She is a single mom raising twin teenage boys. I have an 8 year old and a 13 yr old. Stephanie also gave her her 1st son up for adoption when we were in high school. She has now met him. Its been a long journey. She is such an inspiration to me. I am also a child therapist. I love Chapmans work and I would love to attend this conference so I can be a better mom and continue to help other parents too.

  447. Debra Scowden

    I would bring one of two friends, depending on their availability. Tammy or Torri. They are amazing women of God, devoted wives and loving moms. Not to mention heart friends.

  448. Stephanie Braunns

    A few months back, a couple joined our small group and his wife Sarah has been a down to earth woman of faith! She has been a genuine, real and honest person. This past Sunday we had an incredible sermon on Colossians and it spoke to the both of us so deeply. We both would love to win free tickets to hear you and some incredible speakers teach on the word of God!

  449. Erica Herr

    I would bring a mom friend that introduced me to hearts at home and who has been an encouragement to me many times as well as a friend do hers that I will be traveling with because we will be experiencing the conference together.

  450. Jennifer Proctor

    I would bring my friend Shelley because when u have 5 kids u can always use a little extra encouragement, and some time away

  451. Tina Miller

    Wow…did I identify with this post today…I definitely have allowed my kid’s actions to dictate how I feel as a mom and how I find my worth. I’ve had to learn to let it go as some of them are young adults still living in our home..making their own choices and finding their way through life…Oy… If I went to the conference I would go to laugh with my friend, Beth!

  452. Christie

    I have 2 ladies in mind – both need the Lord, both recently went through personal losses and both have special needs kids, like me. The conference would be a life changing event for them. They both need to get away and refresh. I would prayerfully decide who I would ask first.

  453. Kim

    i would bring my awesome SIL, Melissa!! We both have three young kids and are continually growing in our faith and trying to to God to help us through the bumps and bruises of motherhood!!! Would LOVE to win this giveaway and see Lysa!!!! Thank you!

  454. Alex Andrews

    I would actually bring my mom with me to this conference so she could be encouraged and it would be a great reminder for her and I could also learn and gain some knowledge and insight from the conference as well.

  455. rebecca

    I would invite my sweet friend Anna she and I are super shy 🙂 and both have only 1 kid each and met at a moms group 9 yrs ago and have been special friends since.

  456. Sara

    I would bring my friend since childhood. We both struggle with the same issues and would love to attend se of the wonderful workshops being offered to become better moms and wives!!

  457. Anna Hale

    I would bring my friend and ministry partner. We would love to learn and grow together.

  458. Lynnette Murray

    I would absolutely love this! I would bring my friend Danielle who God brought into my life a couple years ago. She is my spiritual sister and an amazing friend!!

  459. Valerie jones

    I would defiantly bring my friend Amber. We are both Christians but she has taught me to love unconditionally by looking at the inside of a person not the outside. She is the most unselfish and giving person I have ever met. I have two children. They are 8 and 10. She has 3 children and their ages are 6, 4 and a baby. Both of our goals are to raise Godly children. We would love to come to this conference. We pray for our children constantly. We would love to learn more about raising Godly children and then pass on what we have learned. God bless:)

  460. Gina Adams

    This stay at home mom of four amazing daughters can relate- big time! I would bring every friend I have if I could, cause I know you girls an PREACH! But if I had to choose just one? Oh dear. That would be tough. I’m gonna say, my friend Lesli. She is momma to five and wife to a full time Ambassador of Christ to the world! She’s pretty awesome!

  461. Steph

    Oh what a great opportunity that would be. I would bring my very best friend Becca. We both have three kids. She is a stay at home mom and I’m transisioning from being a stay at home mom to working full time again. What’s great about our friendship is we know life happens so we might not get to talk to each other everyday but if there’s a “mommy moment” and one of us sends a text like ” ughhhh!!! Stepped on a lego, crying baby, 5 yard old with an attitude, losing my mind.” The other will respond with a funny comeback and an assurance of prayer to get her through her day. Even if that’s the only communication we have all week we are still able to support and pray for each other everyday.

  462. Michelle C

    I would bring my new friend Denise, who is walking through a difficult season after the unexpected passing of her husband several months ago. She is now parenting their sweet children alone.

  463. Shamra "Amy" Keaton

    I would take my friend Kourtnie Scholz. Sometimes we both feel like we are unappreciated and that our kids and husbands get more out of us than we can give. Some days are harder than others. We would love to have a break, but at the same time we are trying to be better mothers and wives. Times get hard, we want to scream and cry and give up. We know we are the foundation that holds our homes together, but sometimes we forget just how important our roles are. I think think conference and the trip would allow us to rekindle our connection on why we are the important part of our household. That we are needed and we are appreciated even if it feels like we are walked on constantly. Plus it would be a trip where we could lift each other up and get back on track with remembering why we are where we are and that God has bigger plans for us than we could ever imagine and that he wi use us to glorify him☺️

  464. Jan Woods

    I would love to attend with my friend Gina! She has 3 young children & mine are young adults without children. Gina & I met at a summer Bible study at church. I loved her instantly after discovering it was her first Bible study! My best friend of 35 yrs, also named Gena, had passed away earlier in that year. Gina has blessed me with a special friendship & I would love for her to experience Hearts At Home as I did when my children were the ages of hers.

  465. Bren

    I would bring my unofficial sister. She and I have been through a lot of life together so far: college, marriages, raising our first set of children together, and now, our midlife miracle babies! She has modeled godly character more to me than anyone in my life. I would love to come and bring my “sister” with me! 🙂

  466. Amanda G

    I would bring my sister who is also one of my best friends and we enjoy doing life together as well as sharing struggles and building one another up as a woman of God, wife and mother!

  467. Jill Schmitzer

    I’d take my awesome mom friend who never judges me for what my kids do. We just walk each other through it with prayer and love, knowing next time it might be us.

  468. Mary Brus

    Oh my Goodness… I went to a Hearts at Home Conference years ago when Lisa Welchyl spoke and it changed my life. I still quote her to this day! Even though I live in California now I have to go to this conference… Especially since Lysa Terkeurst is my new favorite author! (All the ladies in my Bible Study say that we would all totally be her BFF! Haha!)
    I would most certainly bring my Best Friend that I now (unfortunately live 2,000 miles from). She has a heart for Jesus and her kiddos and has had a very difficult year. She serves in her community as a Sunday school leader, a coach, a volunteer at school and has as a family committed to serving Jesus is every way possible in her community. Sometimes as moms we just plain burn out. And the Heart at Home conference is the perfect refresher to get our hearts and minds aligned and back on track. Please choose me! I would just love to bless my dear friend with this… And then we could all be BFF’s with Lysa! Lol

  469. Cathy

    I would bring my friend Jen. We’re both moms with ADHD, parenting kids with ADHD and we could use the time away, to focus more on who we really are in God’s eyes, as well as learning from so many gifted speakers.

  470. 3 Wheeler

    My friend, Angela. We got to know each other because we were always being mistaken for each other. We have similarities (like our looks), but then there are many differences too. For instance, I have one child and she has 6! Praying that God leads you to whomever He would have attend whether that be us or not 😀

  471. Kiki

    I can’t decide which friend I should ask. Someone will feel left out. Maybe I can bring my sister?

  472. Sheila

    That sounds like a wonderful time of fellowship! I would bring my mother in law Pat. I would’ve chosen my own Mom but she recently went to be with Jesus due to ALS and Pat has been an amazing support. Pat will be retiring next month which will allow her to spend lots of time with her grandkids. This would be an amazing opportunity to get away from all the distractions so we can solely focus on how to ensure we are continually & lovingly pointing the kids in our lives towards God.

  473. Shannon Pelham

    I would bring My friend Casey. We have been trying to go together for years and it just never works out!! We are both super busy mamas! This would be refreshing!

  474. Christian windell

    I am bringing my friend nora who has gone with me for the last 5 years. We have grown in our relationship with each other as well as with our spouses and our children. Over the years we have had many trials but each year the conference speaks to me in a way that I need it to and the problems are worked out. This conference is a blessing and a way to rejuvenate each year.

  475. Heidi Fox

    I have several friends in mind. Basically, it depends who can take time away from their children the easiest since it means a road trip from Ohio to Illinois. I have been to the conference before, would love to return & also spend time w/ my niece Cara who lives nearby & also attends the conference every year.

  476. Katrina

    I’d take my friend Robin whom I had the pleasure of introducing to Lysa’s writings a few years ago. We are both working mamas of stinky, teen boys (& younger sons also, in my case) who could use some time to connect and refresh in fellowship with the Word.

  477. jessica

    I would bring my mom!

  478. michelle

    My friens who has five boys!

  479. Janice

    I would bring my friend Jill who has been my prayer partner for 8 years encoraging each other as moms and growing deeper still in faith in Christ.

  480. Anna

    I would as my girlfriend who is a single mom and who I love dearly to come with me.

  481. Nidya

    Loved the articulo! I would bring my friend that just became a mother, she needs it too.

  482. Lavonne Merkh

    I would take my best friend, Jennifer, with me. I know we both have struggled with mommyhood at times, and enjoyed the blessings too. Personally, I feel God calling me to let go of certain things that could possibly make me a better mom. I read a lot of your books, as well as the love language books by Dr. Chapman, and could use a personal kick in the butt, so to speak! And you know, sometimes we just have to get away to get a clearer perspective!
    Thank you!

  483. Amber thompson

    I would bring my mom! LYSA you and Dana have made a HUGE impact on my life and my mom’s life. My Mom is a new believer and your words are helping her grow into a more mature Christian. This would make my year if we could come!!!!

  484. Mandi

    I would bring my friend Erica because it would be awesome!! What a great group of speakers!

  485. Jennifer Gray

    I have recently started a beautiful journey to finding where I belong, how I belong with God in my life. There are times when God just lets you know it’s time to stand up and make a change. As a mom I have raised a son with medical issues. We spent most of his first 10 years in the hospital. Now 23, he is a testament to his life. He is driven, motivated and never lets a “no” stop him. My daughter, 13, and have have become part of a study at the Nationa Institute of Health for children with severe mood dysregulation. Through all of our challenges, tears, frustration I found myself trying to pray and believe. My faith was hidden and would sometimes buried so deep that I am not sure how we made it. There are days that I would shout and scream and cry trying to find s way to make this child listen, respond. In all of this, my marriage began to crumble apart. It was so broken by the lack of faith, by the sheer exhaustion of parenting a child that needs so very much. One day, one glorious day, I sent a message to a friend asking about a small group. I found myself walking into Lifeway. I found myself listening to K-Love. I found myself crying. My journey has just begun. It has been awful and challenging but also beautiful and enlightening. Everyday, I work to allow God to be a part of me and mine. I pray that God finds a way to openly husbands heart to Him. I know now that I made this far because of God working a bit behind the scenes waiting for me to wake up. It is happening. It is my new life. It’s still hard. My sweet girl is growing as I learn to be more patient and respond with kindness first. My journey is far from over, but it is my journey. It is my growth in love and faith and friendship.

  486. Cathy Phillips

    I’d bring my friend Kelly, who has stood by my side through all the struggle I’ve had with my children and who’s kids are getting to “that age”
    And who may encounter struggles of her own.

  487. Jennifer Gray

    *accidently hit send and forgot this part*
    I would bring my sister, Liz. She has quietly and sometimes loudly working on me and through me. She is my source, my strength, my reason why. She is just fantastic and shares her faith by her everyday actions and words. I can’t imagine my journey without her.

  488. Katherine Coombs

    I would so very much like to come to this! I would probably bring a friend from my Bible Study group it would be hard to choose because we would all benefit from it! I am a mother of teens and things are tough! All of the things in your message this morning resignate with me

  489. Amy Allen

    Wow, I’d have to really pray about who to bring along if I won….would love to do just that! 🙂

  490. Spring Thomas

    A very close friend and i were just discussing how we feel as if
    we’re ” not doing anything”. We hv big dreams n hopes n desires but it seems that God keeps putting these things on hold n telling us both to focus on raising our kids. Our day will come, we say, when they grow up n we hv more time n space to follow the ministries that God has put in our hearts. But then, in course of discussion, we both realize that there IS nothing more valuable rt now than raising these children up. In the way that they each should go….Motherhood is a most worthy calling. My friend n i would love to attend this conference n learn how to do what Gods called us to do. Better.

  491. Laci Shaffer

    I wouldive to come and this would make it possible! I would bring my friend Renee!

  492. Mary Ann

    I have been to a Hearts at Home conference in Rochester, MN. Two years ago this November. I am not sure who I would bring! I have several friends I would have to choose from, and see who it would suit. =) Awesome giveaway- God bless you for sharing!

  493. Kristin Anderson

    I would bring an amazing friend who just went through a divorce for some super fun girl time and some mommy recharge!!!!

  494. randi

    I would bring the wife of the pastor of my new church. My family just moved and started attending a new church. We both have children in elementary school and I would love the opportunity to get to know her better and bond over an amazing learning experience.

  495. Erin Cambier

    first of all – great post!!! Very very well said – I’m sending this now to share with several friends.

    Second, it would be hard for me to pick only 1 person to bring so I would definitely bring several including my mom and my sister. Would give the free tickets to both of them and then purchase my own as I’ve been to this conference and know how wonderful it is!! They both have given so much to being amazing momma’s and I would love for them to bag a weekend to recharge their souls. <3

  496. Beth

    I would bring my sister she has 10 children, I have five and somedays it
    Seems that we are doing everything right and others not so much! I would be great to connect with other moms who are going though similar times. Thanks Lysa for your blog and books they are a great resource for moms like me that think we have to be “perfect” in order to survive parenting !


    I would bring a mom from our Real Moms Bible Study

  498. Libby Folgers

    I have never been to one, but would love to go. I would bring my friend, Tammy, who is our leader in our moms in prayer group. Being a mom can be tough at times, and it’s always nice to get encouragement from other moms through prayer and support.

  499. Dawn Schoonmaker

    I would bring one of the moms from our mom’s church group. We’ve learned so much from those that attended last year’s conference. I think this would be such an amazing time for us to learn and grow together.

  500. Katie Hart

    i would love to come! I would bring my girlfriends from Church!!! We have a real moms group once a month and this would be perfect to attend! We could use information to discuss at our meetings

  501. Michelle Bills

    I would LOVE to come to this conference because being a momma is tough! Every day I say a prayer asking God to not let me screw my babies up! If I could come I would bring my dear friend Allison who is my cheerleader and prayer partner on this rough road of mommyhood. God has truely blessed me with her friendship. We live far apart and rarely get to see each other, but we daily say a prayer for each other and send texts often to help each other get through the long days.

  502. Karla Marun

    This message came as a blessing for me today. As I was truly feeling the hardships of motherhood although two out of my three kids are grown now. I guess as a mom you will always pray for your kids and hope everything you have poured into them will come to fruition and at times when you can’t see that happening, you hit this plateau or what I call a plateau in life where you see no change and you panic. I felt this way today and it mainly had to do with my kids among other things and was prompted to blog about it on my website in a general way; however, only God and I knew why I wrote about it and then I stumbled upon this post so thank you for listening to God’s prompting and writing. That is what I hope to one day do as well. I think for me I would bring my daughter. My middle daughter who will turn 19 soon. I want her to one day return to her first love (God) and to become the mother he intended her to be and be the woman he intended her to be. I know she will. I sometimes just need to remove the scales from my eyes to be able to see this instead of focusing on what I see with the natural eye. I am not a perfect mom and never have been and most likely never will be but I am a mom that loves with everything in her and wants God to be at the center of her children’s life. I just wish I wouldn’t become so discouraged when I don’t see that happening. But then again, he reminds me with blogs such as this one that he is still in control and always will be.

  503. Katie Wilkins

    This would be amazing! I would bring my mom who is struggling with serious guilt issues about the choices my 11 year old sister is making. She needs guidance and reassurance she is making the best decisions possible for both of them. I would love to come as I’m a new mom with 2 beautiful little girls and will take Godly guidance anywhere I can get it! Pick us!!!

  504. Naomi Mills

    I would bring my mom. We both love reading your books and discussing them. We also love travelling together and learning new things. 🙂

  505. Laura

    Such a needed word for moms of all ages. Our three are grown and two are married and yet still my identity can get so caught up in their choices. Always seeking that balance between the bond of motherhood and the bondage of control freak! Our oldest daughter and I are already registered for Hearts at Home! Can’t wait!! Thank you Lysa! God bless you and the others as you prepare to bring us God’s Word!

  506. Stephanie

    I would bring my best friend. Whose husband just entered rehab last Friday, its her daughters senior year (finding out lots of deception & lies), her 1st grandchild is due in August and they will possibly be returning to Indonesia for missions after the birth! She feels as though her world is falling apart…as a wife, mother, and as a women! I so desperately want to help. Please be in prayer for her..

    Blessings, Steph

  507. KArlyn Hillman

    What mom doesn’t need this!!! I would bring my close friend Tara she’s a new mom and works a new job and has just moved states and needs some girl time desperately!!!

  508. Tristina

    I strive to make an imperfect wonderful difference too. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old. I have a long road ahead so thankful for this ministry to help me on my journey.

  509. Jodi Dobscha

    I would love to take my friend Kristin, who is a stay at home mom with two young children. She and I have followed Proverbs 31 and in recent years, really garnered encouragement from the books and blog postings. We have children similar ages, and it would be an amazing opportunity to be chosen!

  510. Becky Young

    I would bring my daughter, a single mom.

  511. Liz Karrick

    I would take my good friend, whom we will be starting a mom’s group in the next few weeks. We are super excited.

  512. Trisha Eiden

    I would bring a friend from church that has teenagers and is struggling with parenting like i am.

  513. Hayley

    Love your message(s) – this fight/struggle is a continual one… Love your transparency and realistic approach so moms can relate to what you are saying! Keep it up!!

    I would love to win and I would bring my friend Kelli – she needs and deserves a mom break! 🙂

  514. Angie Smith

    I would bring my mom because I love quality time with her!

  515. Sandy Snyder

    I would bring my friend Jenny. We went together last year and had a fantastic time. Hearts at Home has been a huge blessing to me over the years. I was blessed as a new, young momma to twins and later while homeschooling them. Still homeschooling and a mother to teens now and a preschooler, I love the classes offered and the speakers! I soak up all that information and fellowship. Last year Angela Thomas touched my heart when she spoke of life after is still so hard even 7 years later. I would be thrilled to see Lysa in person…I have been through two of her Bible studies and I was encouraged and challenged in both of them. My friend Jenny is busy with 3 small kids. She is a kind, encouraging friend who never complains about how busy she is. I know that she loves Hearts at Home also!

  516. Jessica easley

    I’d bring my best friend who is a single mom that doesn’t do much for herself! It would be a blessing for her and I. She has been there for me thru thick and thin, recently I had a near death experience with a case of pancreatitis, the doctor put me in palliative care because he wasn’t sure I was going to pull through. I told him I had the power of prayer that pulled me through. Thank you for the chance of winning such an awesome trip! I met you last year at the WOF in Okc, I was a volunteer and I helped with security when you signed autographs and took pictures, I was bummed I didn’t get my photo taken, so maybe this would be my chance 🙂

  517. Lori Hirst

    I would bring a friend from church. I can be open with her about my mommy struggles and she understands. Our friendship is growing because of this.

  518. Lauren Jolly

    This sounds like an incredible conference and thank you for the message. I needed it too! I’d take my mom since she did an amazingly awesome job with me as a mostly single mama and now became a grandmama last year 🙂

  519. Ronalynne

    I would bring my best friend Grace because we pray for our children together.

  520. Stacy

    I would love to bring my friend Crystal. She and I have been studying your book, The Best Yes and we’re both feeling called in certain areas and feel like we are needing to make “best yes” decisions in our lives right now…we love your book! 🙂

  521. Susan Smith

    Well, to say that I’ve been struggling lately with parenting is an understatement. I have never done any type of conferences before – actually I just joined a community bible study the other week for the first time in my 34 years of living:-) I see how God is showing me that I need to be surrounded by encouraging women going through/have went through the same thing as I am. I’m growing every day and I dream of doing things like this, going to the Holy Land, taking my boys on mission trips, etc… and I guess the first steps to start those journeys are submitting comments like this, joining bible studies, praying for Godly friends for my entire family. I think I would take my friend Kami. She and I met in a Barnes and Noble in Dothan, Al while her husband was stationed there for 3 months and my husband took a banking job there for a couple of years. She is one of those friends that God sent me, that I know I can call and ask for prayers or encouragement. She lives in West Point now and I am back living in my hometown of Tampa, Fl. It would be quite an adventure for both of us:-) Either way, thank you for books, your encouraging posts and just being real. Sincerely, Susan Smith

  522. Ann Harmon

    I would bring my mother. We have had some hard times lately and I would love to find a way to reconnect and possibly forgive each other. I love my mother and not having her in my life has been hard. We recently started talking and working together on my first grandchilds birthday party and it has been great. I would like our reunion of sorts be started on a Christian based foundation and having these tickets would show her how much she means to me and hopefully give her a chance to see that even though we don’t always get along I would be nothing without my mother.

  523. Christina Fortier

    I would bring my friend Katie Bautch. She is a Mom of 7 and her husband has his own business. Money is very tight for this family, as well as mine. Lysa…Thank you for blessing whomever is chosen! !!

  524. Margaret

    My future daughter-in-law. She’s already a great mommy and I think she would love this!

  525. Katie

    I would bring my friend Christina. She is a wonderful mom of 5 kids who needs this annual encouraging conference to be refreshed.

  526. Janene VanBebber

    i would invite a young mom from our church that could use the encouragement. I love her sweet mom’s hearts for her little ones, but I can see the exhaustion and sense of overwhelming responsibility in her eyes. Parenting it is just plain tough. We all need each other!

  527. Karen Balkema

    I used to come to these in Michigan with my sister-in-law. While I would love to come to Hearts at Home once again, and meet Lysa, I think I’d send my sister with my sister in-law. They have been the dearest of friends since grade school. One has kids who live out of state and misses them very much, and is parenting long distance. The other recently lost her father to cancer and is helping her mom fight her battle with cancer. They could both use all this weekend gives to moms.

  528. Michelle Gray

    I would bring my coworker, who unlike me, is a single mother and has completely different struggles. I have four kids, a husband, and a job all while going to school. She works hard and barely makes it all while struggling with the emotional aspects of it all. I think this would be a great experience for both of us to come together as mothers and women of God.

  529. Heather

    I would bring my friend Rebecca. She and I have traveled the journey of becoming newlyweds, to first time moms, to homeschooling moms together. Even though distance has separated us, she always has kind and inspiring words to speak into my life!

  530. Taryn Wolf

    I would bring my good friend Megan. She is a great mommy but we can all use some encouragement every now and then. We haven’t seen each other in almost a year so it would be a really sweet time of reconnecting for us as well.

  531. dianne

    I would bring my daughter. She is an awesome Mom to my 3 sweet grandsons. But, she needs a break!

  532. Marcia Butler

    I would bring my mom and let her know she’s not a failure.

  533. Dawn

    I would bring my friend Bethany who is also in the ministry. She’s done a terrific job at being a mom of 3 littles and a teenager.

  534. Sheri Baker

    I’d bring a mom friend from our MOMS group who is struggling with the same mom worries that I am.

  535. Tami Benavides

    I would bring my Mom. We have connected in so many ways and I’m so thankful we get to do life together. And sometimes I question being a mom and she always seems to reassure me. We are not perfect but we gotta learn and get back up every time!

  536. Rachel B

    I would bring my friend Lynn. She’s an Air Force momma who is raising 3 great kids with a husband who has to be gone a lot for work.

  537. Kristy Ballenger

    I’d bring my sister. We are both raising two boys each, and we can always use the encouragement!

  538. Tonya Mosher

    I would bring my friend Cyndi, as we collaborate on how we can be more effective parents. To be Joshua and Caleb reporting back their spy reports in a world where there are 10 others opposing us. To raise our kids in a Godly manner, with our measuring sticks being the word of God, not others’ standards. She is newer to faith and has jumped in with both feet to immerse her children in the Word.

  539. Shannon Horton

    I would bring my friend Laura, we both have very unruly boys who we have cried over many times because of their behavior more so me lately as my son is dealing with anger and impulse issues and has been suspended 3 times on the last month. I am at my wits end and feel like the most horrible SINGLE AND ALONE mother on the planet but it helps sometimes to have a great friend like Laura who knows what I am feeling to talk to. We need a night out and and a BREAK.

  540. Beth Baxter

    I would bring my best friend Robin. We have been best friends for over 30 years.. since we were 8!!!! Love to introduce her to this true God led parenting. Something I knew nothing about while raising my oldest (16) but have 3 more behind him to apply these newly learned principles of parenting.. LOVE YOUR BLOG and the fact that you get to speak at a conference with Gary Chapman!!!! What an honor…

  541. Tammy Shields

    Hi Lysa, my heart is beating a little faster after reading your post and seeing about the contest. My husband died in August 2014, leaving me a single parent with 5 of our 8 children still at home, 4 of them teenagers. My loneliest moments come when I’m struggling to know if I’m doing a good job, self doubt often wins the battle.
    I’d like to bring my friend Lorie, if I win. She is a terrific lady, raising 2 of her grandchildren as well as a young foster son.
    I think this weekend would be the breath of air we both need.
    Blessings to you!

  542. Nadine P.

    I would bring my BFF Ashley with me. We both need to hear this!

  543. Shannon Horton.

    I would bring my friend Laura. We both have unruly boys and have had our share of crying frustrations. Me more so lately as I have a son who has been suspended 3 times in the last month for hitting kids. He has anger and impulse issues I’ve been dealing with and I am at my wits in and a feel like the worst SINGLE AND ALONE MOM on the planet. It helps tho to have a friend that has gone thru some if these issues and can let me cry and vent to her. We need a night out and a break.

  544. Dana Butler

    I would love to bring my mom. We have lived and learned together through so many situations. This experience would be no different.

  545. paola Zamora

    i would bring my sister in law shes part of my family and we have a very close relationship and we help each other with our walk with God ill be a great time for us girls.

  546. Tricia Barber

    I would love to be able to go to the conference. If i win, i would take my God-lovin and fun-lovin friend Tammy!

  547. Candice Friedrich

    I would bring my friend Marcia because 1) she’s my best friend and 2) because we both have a 12 year old, an 8 year old, I have a 7 month old and she is 10 weeks pregnant. This was not planned by us but apparently by God and we couldn’t be happier. But man, this is hard. And I can’t do this on my own.

  548. Sue Hamilton

    I’d love to go! I would bring my friend Michelle. We are both dealing with teenagers & continually doubt ourselves. It would be Sooo good to get some great insight & to get energized to keep on ‘keeping on”!!

  549. Johna Jones

    Im gonna bring my friend Anna bc she just had her 2 child & we both have 5 yr olds! She knows about God but she has been wanting to get back in church so i think this would be the best opportunity for her!!!

  550. Jackie Frymire

    This conference sounds like just what I needed — much like your blog today! I would bring my friend, Frances, as we are both mothers of teenage boys which is unlike any other experience I have ever had. Frances and I are always looking for ways to keep our boys on a “Godly” path. She is my inspiration, but more than that, an unawesome, nonjudgmental friend! Thanks for the opportunity!

  551. Pat Darby

    I would bring my friend Suzy. She’s going through a rough divorce and we both are almost empty nesters. She has 2 boys in college and 1 at home. I have a daughter in college and a son headed to college next year. Going through some rough waters right now both os us. You never stop parenting sometimes even when the numbers read 18.

  552. Tara Rinaldi

    I would bring my mother, she has been through a lot of struggles with me and is now my greatest supporter in raising my two sons, 22 and 13, who have some of their own struggles.

  553. lorree fleming

    I would bring one of my two sisters because they are the most amazing role models for me on motherhood. They are the best.

  554. Marisol Marrero

    I would bring my childhood BFF who is in the process
    Of adopting her nephew. This would be beneficial for both of us. I’m a pastors wife and raising kids and leading a church is challenging.

  555. Tabitha MacCready

    I would bring my friend Jasmine because together we try our best to figure mommy stuff out sometimes laughing and sometimes crying. New encouragement is always good!

  556. Dawn Wright

    I would bring my cousin and dear friend Crystle to the conference. She has listened to my sorrow and joy of raising 9 kids! My teens have devastated me in the past two years with their life decisions and she has been there to listen and offer wise counsel. She and I have embarked on a journey to homeschool or children (14 all together), and be intentional with our parenting. She is dedicated to giving her boys everything they’ll need to succeed in this crazy world, but is also realistic about the fall of man. She is getting a taste of it in listening to me and my trials. Thank you for giving away these tickets! I’m sure some deserving person will be blessed mightily! God bless you.

  557. Brenda Tuttle

    I would love to bring a new friend who is a single mom and struggling, but a great mom who loves her child and wants to be the best parent she can be.

  558. Lisa Boone

    Hi Lisa – I would love to attend the conference. I would bring a dear friend whose daughter has been battling Dysautonomia since her early teens and she just had her 20th birthday on Valentine’s Day. This friend (and I) could use the recharge and words of wisdom along with the fellowship of other ladies who truly have the toughest job there is – that of being a Mom!

  559. Heidi

    I’d bring my good friend,Keila…fellow mom/sister-in-Christ. I’ve had the joy of getting to know this beautiful friend better over the past yr. We’ve become a support group for one another. We cheer each other on to better-ness, in the arena of motherhood/wifehood (not sure if I’m using appropriate lingo, but you catch me, right? ) Keila is from Mexico. She married someone from our church, relocated to PA….to a new culture. She’s had a less than ideal life, but she’s the most beautifu5, cheerful, loving, caring, supportive woman I’ve had the privilege of getting to know. She recently lost her father to a sudden stroke & if anyone deserves to be blessed….it’s her! Love you, your perspective & what a blessing it would be to hear you….with her!!

  560. Rayna

    I have a friend from church that we encourage each other with our struggles of being working moms and trying to raise Godly kids. I would love to bring her.

  561. Jessica

    I would bring my friend who found her husband passed away in the night a couple Sundays ago. She has a junior high daughter at home still as well a senior in high school. I think this would be a good time of refreshment for her. And I myself have never been able to come but know people that say the have loved it.

  562. Jessica

    I would bring my friend who found her husband passed away in the night a couple Sundays ago. She has a junior high daughter at home still as well a senior in high school. I think this would be a good time of refreshment for her. And I myself have never been able to come but know people that say the have loved it.

  563. Jenny Miller

    I would either bring one of my besties or my mom. My bestie and I haven’t had much time to spend together lately and I just enjoy hanging with my mom. It would be a tough choice!! 🙂 I’ve never been to Hearts At Home, but was really want I g to go this year!!!

  564. Christie

    I would love to come, but don’t know exactly who I’d bring. I have a sister and several friends that come to mind that would likely be excited about the opportunity, but I would pray that God would direct this decision for his good and glory, that the person who has the opportunity to come is who he needs to come with me at this time.

  565. Sue Nebbe

    Hi Lisa.
    I loved your article on being a mom being hard. I often feel like you described. If I could come to your conference, I would bring a friend of mine who, like me, has a challenging parenting situation. I think we could both benefit greatly from the conference.

  566. Maripres P. Pascua

    I am a single mom from the Philippines& I know that much as I want to attend, distance will not allow me. However, if given the chance, I nominate the mom & daughter tandem of Juvy Pascua, my sis in law (3 kids) & her daughter Rasha Leigh, just separated from her husband who mistreats her (2 babies) who’re both bstruggling as both moms, tho’ both believers need a lot of encouragement. I pray they will both be able to attend. Thanks so much. stay blessed

  567. Laura Chaffin

    I would bring my sister, Sarah! We are both new/first time mothers! Through the help of fertility she has a set of 13 month old twin boys, that we have prayed for for years! And, I just brought home our first child, a beautiful 6 year old boy from Uganda! This conference would be amazing for us!!

  568. christina

    I would bring my friend Karen. We all need some
    Support from each other.

  569. Jenna Malone

    I would love to go with my oldest Sister to this conference. My husband and I have recently been fostering a 17 year old and have started the Adoption process with her. My sister is always there to lend an ear with any struggles we face! She has a 5 year old that is also a handful and this would be a great experience for her to get away from being a stay at home mom!

  570. Amanda

    I would bring my sister. I think this opportunity would be such a blessing to us both as we navigate the journey of motherhood. Very thankful for our gifts from God!

  571. Keelan

    So exciting! I would bring my daughter, so she could catch the excitement and vision!

  572. Jenn

    My sister of course. As moms of teenagers, we support each other. When it’s so hard, when there are joys, we love to share them. Best of all, we can feel what the other needs. Sisters first, supportive moms next!

  573. Heather Iverson

    March 13th is my birthday!!! What an amazing opportunity to celebrate and really learn how to grow. Since this is for mamas only, I suppose I wouldn’t bring my hubby who is my best friend and parenting partner so I would love to bring my best girlfriend, Staci, instead. She has younger children while I have pretend and teens- we would have something to learn and relate to no matter what scenario.

  574. jackie

    I would bring my friend who is going through a hard time. She is a mother of five. Her husband lost his job and she has been carrying the weight of their family. She is so strong and always giving of herself, I would lover to treat her to this. One of her kids is going through a rough time and this would be so uplifting for her. Thanks for a chance at this generous gift!

  575. Sue Randal

    I would bring my youngest daughter with me. She has a 5 & 6 year old that are going through trying times right now and some of it stems from her actions. She is an awesome woman of God that went astray for a bit, but is now back, but not without consequences. We need to heal our relationship along with her being able to see exactly what you posted today. She is the one that pointed me towards the devo. We are Proverb 31 women!

  576. Kailey

    I would bring my friend Val. Both she and I have full houses of young children and we are both trying to do this mama thing God’s way. A time.e of rest and spiritual nourishment would help us both right now.

  577. Teresa Martin

    I would like to bring my friend Serena. In the last couple years her son had a brain injury and praise the Lord recovered well, her mother had a brain injury and is unable to speak and is now childlike, and she has lost three Grandbabies through a miscarriage and stillbirth. Her husband has had financial difficulties with their business. They were considered in poverty for several years. Through it all she has kept her eyes on our savior. She has been an example to me of a godly woman who is trying desperately to be submissive to both God and her husband. Recently, I have moved about an hour and a half away from her. I would love to have time to be with her, and also to give her a gift such as this trip!!!

  578. missy

    Last year i went through some really tough times with my own daughter. We had always been close and then she turned 15. She lied, did things so out of character for her and lied some more. Her poor choices had consequenses, but as a mom my heart was disappointed, broken, and trust was going to be hard to rebuild. We did get counseling, she requested help and i got counseled as well. It went on for a year but i found out this was not all about her, but maybe about me and my heart. God really changed and healed my heart. He is still healing and i am trusting he will keep my daughter, Jenny, in his hands. I now have a friend who i turned to when i was going through all that with my daughter and now she is going through some trials with her own daughter. God has brought us together as friends to lean on one another when disappointment enters our family, home, and heart. I am still praying for her and her daughter as well as my own. Some good encouraging words from a conference would be a sweet fragrance to both of our lives and possibly our daughters as well. Who knows maybe we will get free tickets and if not, God is still in control and will continue to go before us as we mother our children with a heart like His!

  579. Jane

    The 13th is my birthday ;), I’d use this conference to meet up with a dear out of state mama who became a mom this year. Thanks for this post. I needed to read it!

  580. Teresa

    I would bring my friend who has experienced a son and mother who both had brain injuries, had financial difficulties, and recently lost three grandbabies to miscarriage and stillbirth. Through it all she has kept her eyes on her Savior. She has been a blessing to many. I would love to meet Lysa, as I have led several of her Bible studies and will be starting her new one in March!!!

  581. Beth Fabrega

    i have two friends that I would love for them to win. We all have boys the same age and have known each other through newborns to 1st graders! They now have three kids each and we still lean on each other through the good and bad side of parenting. I love these two girls for life and love that we all support each other no matter what.

  582. Teresa

    I would bring my friend who has experienced a son and mother with brain injuries, extreme financial difficulties, and recent loss of three grandbabies through miscarriage and stillbirth. Through it all she has kept her eyes on her Savior! I would love to encourage her!

  583. Jennifer

    I world bring my friend Karin- she invited me to my first H@H conference almost 3 yrs ago and we’ve gone together ever since! What a great way to deepen your relationship with a friend, your kids, your husband, yourself, and your faith- all at the same time!

  584. Lauren Clinton

    I would bring my best friend/sister-in-law. Her husband just joined the army and I know she could use the encouragement as well. They recently moved back closer to the rest of out family so she could have more help while he’s away. The adjustments of dealing with saying goodbye to her husband for an extended period of time and learning to depend on God in his place is tough. Our babies are 4 days apart and up until the move we were inseparable. It would so nice to enjoy this conference to recharge as moms and friends! Please pick us!

  585. Mel

    I would bring the friend I felt led to invite — this message is so real!

  586. Deborah

    I would give the tickets to my daughters raising their own children now. Lifted them in prayer constantly as I was raising them. They need this encouragement as they move into the kids teen years.

  587. Kristi

    I would love to attend your conference and would bring my best friend Sara. I have two grown boys ages 24 & 19. And just when one would think parenting wiuld get easier at there age I am finding out differently…the worries and advice just changed. She has 3 girls ranging from 3rd grade to a Junior. As I have needed her over the years and will continue to use her when I need advice I am ready and willing to listen and help her while girls are growing up!

  588. christine

    This is my first time on your blog and I’m not sure if I would benefit as mu h as others with young children. I have an 18 yr old son and 21 yr old daughter and I’m ready to throw in the towel. With all.that said I would bring my girlfriend who introduced me to your blog. If our children are to old I have a couple gfs that have young children that would benefit greatly. Thanks!

  589. Julia Cross

    Oh please please pick me!! I would bring my friend Sherry! I have two children a daughter who will be in middle school and a son that is 7 and she has a senior in high school and twin girls that are 15. Talk about needing some council!!:) She and I attend every parenting seminar that we can because we understand that parenting is so hard and however smart you think you may are all parents need the help! Her girls attend a private Christian school and there are certainly lots of teenage issues to deal with even if you give your kids the best possible environment to grow up in that you can! We are constantly helping each other and praying for each other as we parent and she has been my mommy Yoda! There is not another person I look up to more and I would absolutely love to experience this with her!!! We would treasure an opportunity like this and I know we would learn soooo much!! Please please please pick me!!!!!!;)

  590. Tori Wilson

    I would bring my friend Sue. We both have four children and have crazy busy lives. We rely on each other to vent, for wise thinking and laughter! Plus, we could really use the time away to regroup and be ready to move through our current stage in life. High school!

  591. Dashuna

    I would bring my mom, I think this would be a Great opportunity for both of us as we both navigate through motherhood. She is starting over by raising my sister’s five children, going through this not so easy task again:-).
    I would love to win and bring my mom-She will absolutely love this and Is In needs of a break!!!:-)

  592. Dena K

    I would love to take my friend Susan…between the two of us we have nine children and we could desperately us some time away to regroup and focus on what is truly important.

  593. Kelsee

    I would bring my friend Shannon. We both have a passion for motherhood/parenting. We can encourage each other on good days and celebrate, or cry together on tough days. Honored to have met her and grateful for the transparency of our friendship. Thankful for grace daily. Thankful for JESUS teaching new things daily about this parenting thing. We are all just trying to figure it out and honor him while doing it

  594. Julia

    I would either bring Tammy or Lee Ann. Both are friends that we have been stationed with in the past (we are an AF family) who have teenagers like I do. I am SO in this place right now! My kids are great! But….some of the 4 have made decisions that are “embarrassing”? to their Mama. Wow. I need help!!

  595. Sarah Jenks

    I would bring me because Lord knows I need this….of course I could bring a few people that struggle with this issue but I have never felt so defeated in this child raising as I do with my 14 yr.old. I love, I discipline, I love some more but he continues to make poor choices…and I am left to cry my tears,pray and reflect. Where did I go wrong?

  596. Michele

    I would bring my friend. She has 4 biological children 10 to 17 And 2 adopted ( 5 & 7) siblings from Ethiopia. It’s almost been a year since the new children came home. It has been such a difficult year and continues as lost of emotional issues are being dealt with. Her husband is out of town with work a lot so she has had little respit e. Because we are in different counties, during the school , our times together is irregular. Sh e needs needs a break!!! And I would love to spend it with her

  597. Nicki

    I would bring my friend Katie who has recently gone through a very difficult time. This would be some much needed girl time!

  598. Carol Preston

    I would bring my dear friend, Julie, who sent this blog to me, not to sign up for this conference, but to share your thoughts about being a mom. She knew I needed these words. Parenting is hard. And in some ways it gets harder the older they get. I’d just like to share with my friend to thank her for her wonderful blogs and the beautiful example of a loving mother she is to me.

  599. Kim Hutcherson

    I would buy an extra ticket and bring my daughters 🙂

  600. Darlene Giarratano

    i would bring my old HS buddy Lenora, she moved away right after HS, but we have kept in touch and had our boys months apart. We are raising them up in Jesus and you are right, it is hard work!!! We are in the world but not of the world, you know? I know God sees our hearts and our effort. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and for grace.

  601. Mary Mommy MN

    OK. I know I am too late for the drawing, but honestly I could NOT open that e-mail yesterday with THAT subject line. Afterall, I had just bawled my eyes out once again after our 13 yr old told me again how much she hated our family and that I was the worst parent ever. This from my fragile, RAD, child we adopted along with her sibling 11 years ago.

    Its been a ride.

    I wish I could say that I point them to Jesus at every turn. But sweet Lysa, I barely can point my own head towards the loving Savior somedays. That’s why I am grateful He comes ot me. Through e-mails and blogs and honest friends and even through Pinterest for heavens sake.

    Just when I need it. He shows up.

    Like in my e-mail from Lysa. But I was afraid to open it because I thought it would be more mom-guilt that I couldnt take. More of the —just lov eon them–shiny coating over the rusty bitter feelings.

    Thank you for being real. I should have know better. You are so real. I love that.

    So Lysa, I may have missed your fun drawing, but I’m glad I opened up the e-mail and read it all. Soaked it in.

    No matter what the kiddo does or doesnt do—its not me. It just is. I am a good Mom. I really am—no matter what and I cannot take the credit much less the blame. It just is.

    But God. He knows. He sees. He sees my tears. He knows. He loves us both no matter what she does or I do. He forgives. And then loves us some more.

    Thanks Lysa. Hope you sleep well. Im looking forward to hearing ya on Fabry live Wednesday on my way home form work. : ) I;ll be praying for you.

    • Laurel

      I would bring my good friend Stephanie because her and I have kids the same age and we like to share stories of our kids with each other, and Bonus we love you! =)

  602. wendy follis

    Ui would bring my friend who would benefit from this as much as me!!

  603. Ellen Howard

    We just had our sixth baby…5 boys and one girl:) I would bring my very sweet best friend. She has five boys. We both are in the thick of it of raising children. We could use this time away and refresh!

  604. Jane O

    I would bring my best friend/teaching teammate. It would be a great restart for us over spring break.

  605. Carol Ayars

    I would bring my 22 year old engaged daughter, Cassie.

  606. Melanie Duncan

    I would bring my friend and partner in crime, Shari. We have shared many ups and downs with our children and have always been there for each other… This would be so uplifting (and much needed) for us both! We just started Bible journaling today and are loving and have a agreed to walk in faith together.

  607. Erin

    I’d bring my friend Kim. She has taught and loved me so much, I would love to bless her!!

  608. SeAnne Kaufman

    I would bring my best friend Laura Canter. Mommy hood is so tough and we both have gone through so much with our kids. We were best friends when both our husbands were a Stationed in Camp Lejeune NC but like the military is so good at bringing people together it takes them apart. We have remained close since then and three years ago we moved only 2 1/2 hours away. Still it’s hard to see each other regularly we remain the best of friends. I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life a little over a year ago and as a young Christian I am trying to raise my girls 8 &4 biblically. Would love to win the package so I can share this special time with one of my best friends. Thanks

  609. Julia

    I would bring a dear friend of mine who has homeschooled her children along with me and now lives in a different city. It would be wonderful to reconnect with her.

  610. Laura K.

    I would bring another mom who is my best friend because between our dealings with children with ADHD challenges and all that goes along with that, she has the challenge of triplets with an older sibling. She is AMAZING and I admire her stamina along with her grace to go through each day with an attitude of gratitude which permeates so many who struggle as mothers for one reason or another. She is amazing,and together, we make a pretty good mom team!

  611. Karen Burket

    I would so love this conference and I would bring my sister who desperately needs this conference. It would be a God thing 🙂

  612. Kris Doyle

    I would bring another stay-at-home mom from my church.

  613. Cy Sarah Johnson

    I would bring my friend teresa because I would love to spend more time with her. She has four kids. She is a role model for me and her kids are role models for my daughter.

  614. Harmony

    I would take a dear friend who has been a great encouragement to me this year during a tough time of transition.

  615. heatherosborne

    I would bring my friend Shonda.

  616. Niki Carista

    I love your daily encouragements Lysa!! I have seen you speak at WOF and own most of your books!! God given talent for sure you have! I would bring my sweet friend Jessica. She is struggling right now as a mother of a sweet 1 year old little girl and a precious 3 year old full of energy little boy. She started to realize with the help of counselers that her 3 year old son has some sort of disability. They have been leaning more towards autism but can’t quite put their finger on it. She learned about his disabilities while pregnant with her daughter who came 2 months premature. So you can imagine being hit with your son may never be normal all while trying to focus on your new premie in the hospital. We have a moms bible study that meets and we’re just talking yesterday about sometimes us moms feel like the actions and behaviors of our children reflect us as mothers and our identities. I myself struggle with this as well when my 3 yr old throw a tantrum in public. But I try to remember to not take too much credit for their good and not too much for their bad either. I would love this opportunity to take my sweet friend and sister in Christ for some much needed encouragement! Thank you!! 🙂

  617. Winnie Hughes

    I would bring my very best friend who lost both of her parents to a murdder suicide 3 years ago. She is a single mom and could benefit greatly from this conference. Thank you for your generous offer. God bless and keep you. ❤️

  618. Heather Baxmeyer

    I would bring my dearest friend …she is an amazingly strong woman and with out a doubt the most sincere, loving, devoted mother who continues to live a Christ centered life despite these last couple years…loosing her husband and two sons to a tragic hiking incident, their family pet shortly after that,a year later to loose her dad to cancer and then her mom a few short months after that also from cancer. She continues to draw strengh from the Lord and have that unshakable faith, hope and understanding that always inspires me to draw close to our Lord. She has 3 beautiful children left on earth that she is trying her best to raise and I think this conference would be the perfect getaway weekend for us to attend.

  619. Deanna

    I would bring my very long time best friend since elem school. I don’t get to see her as we live in different cities and she is also very busy with 3 children- 1 of which has special needs. Our chats consist of occasional text messages these days but wish we could do more. 🙂

  620. Bonnie Worsham

    Your ministry is such a blessing to me! I appreciate your honesty. Because of this, you reach the hearts of many. Thank you!! 🙂

  621. April VanMeter

    I would bring my friend from Missouri. We’ve only met one time but have a close relationship in the Lord. She would really love this and she needs the encouragement as a Mom & wife so badly and I do also! It would be such a blessing! I absolutely love your posts. It’s sways exactly what I need to hear. Keep letting God lead you!

  622. Kate Semer

    Your words are such a blessing and I thank God for you and your honesty. I saw you speak a couple years ago at Weinbrenner Seminary in Findlay Ohio and love your books. I have pulled Made to Crave out to reread many times and received Best Yes for Christmas this year. If I were chosen for this wonderful gift I would give it to my two daughters-in-laws and pay there transportation to the event. It would be a huge blessing to them. Thank you.

  623. Rebeccah Thomas

    I thank God for your daily encouraging ministry. It is a blessing to me and so many moms and families. I would bring either my mom to thank her for doing the best that she knew how in raising us as a single mom. Or I would bring my sister Elizabeth who has 5 kids and needs breakthrough in knowing who she really is in Christ and her important & vital role as a mom. God bless you!

  624. Kristi

    I have made this mistake while raise my children. I have 2 older daughter who are making their choices in life and it kills me to watch them make choices that don’t line up with how we raised them. I’ve beat myself up over it, condemned myself and convinced myself that I have failed. However- I have to pick myself up by my boot straps because I have 2 younger sons who need me to be their mom. Understanding that my value/ worth as a mom is not linked to their behavior is something I am trying to tell myself.
    If I got these tickets I would invite my friend who has much younger kids with the hope that she wouldn’t make the same mistakes as me(finding value in self with how your kids behave or turn out)!

  625. Alanna

    I would bring my friend Liz. She is a God send, a friend/neighbor/sister who is with me through the good, the bad, and the ugly of dealing with Motherhood’s joys and woes.

  626. Jody B

    I have seen you speak in Hershey PA! You have made such an impact on some amazing people that I know in my circle just by you being honest and direct. The best yes, that is something that I am working on daily. There is a mom who I would love to attend this with as she has natural and adopted children – not going to sugar coat anything. You can tell who is natural and who is adopted, not by any other fact than the difference in treatment of the children. I believe if this is something that God wants to happen it will. If not, I pray that the right person gets this package. God bless each and everyone of the mommas and the dads and the caregivers of all God’s children. This world needs better foundations cemented for our future generations.

  627. Tricia Bowersock

    I am so blessed to have read this post. I have 2 children, my youngest is 13 and so well adjusted it hurts. My 15 year old however, struggles every day. She struggles with self worth, bad choices, and a belief in God. I have more or less given up my life for the last four years to parent her. I don’t regret a moment of that time, but what has suffered is my confidence as a parent, my friendships and a deepening depression. I am so thankful for your words. I often forget that my worth is not dependent on her choices.

  628. Kathy Weber

    I would bring my dear friend, Manda. She just recently started attending our church and her heart is on fire for God! We are both raising special needs kids with complex medical issues. We have to rely on God daily to help us through the complicated medical and school issues we face everyday. This would be a wonderful opportunity to get some well deserved time away and draw closer to God (not to mention getting to hear you speak!!!)

  629. Kristina

    Thank you Lysa!! What a fabulous opportunity and very generous gift. I would bring my BFF, Molly. God called us to a new ministry three years ago and it was devasting leaving my kindred spirit. Being in ministry is lonely but after years of ministry God gave me a special friend. It would be so freshing to be there with her and especially the opportunity to meet you. Your books have changed my life. I feel like you know my stories. Motherhood has so many ups and downs. Again, thank you for your generous gift. God will richly bless you for blessing two moms!!

  630. Amber Marsh

    I would bring my dear friend Angie who desires to walk a closer walk.

  631. Jeanne Gardner

    Whether to bring my new friend Mina, another grandma like me, or to bring one of my daughters . . . I’m not sure. My girls and I have talked for years about finding a way that we could all attend Hearts at Home together. Perhaps we would just go together, pool our money, and fund the expenses of the other 2, so we could all attend together. I can’t choose between my children!

  632. Jami

    I feel so alone and isolated so many times trying to raise 3 little ones, I am not sure who I would invite. I would have to pray about it and let the Lord lead me in my choice, if given the opportunity. Thank you for strengthening my hope in your words.

  633. Jessica

    I so desperately need this conference. I’ve been reading so many mommy books lately but feel like I’m ffailing daily. This devotion really hits home. Being a mom IS tough. And I can’t do it alone, I nee d God. As a stay at home mom we cannot afford this conference but I would love to go w my friend Jaclyn. Shes always transparent with me so I never feel alone. Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us! God bless you always

  634. Amy Johnson

    Not sure if this is over but I would love to take my friend Michelle Stratton. I had a lot of issues with my son a few months back and Michelle was there at every step to walk through it with us. She too has had some issues with her oldest son and being able to walk through it with someone to lift you up at every turn has been a blessing. Love my praying friends!

  635. Rhonda O

    God gives us what we need when we need it. I was struggling, feeling as though I just wasn’t enough. I want to do something to help my daughter through some tough times she’s having. Which means Momma’s having tough times! Naturally I want to fix things; make them all better. She’s 18 and doesn’t want Momma underfoot all the time anymore and I know she needs some space. So now, I pray. I KNOW it’s enough but I still FEEL helpless sometimes. Being human I let her behavior and acts rub off on me. Lysa, you were preaching to me. I needed this. Thank you for the words of encouragement. Much love to you!

  636. Kim D

    Hello I honestly think I would bring a friend with me that has been through a lot! I mean a lot, there has been so many ups and downs with her and just recently she told me she just gives up. Gives up on communication with this child, gives up on all the lectures, the do this do that! My heart is sad for her. You know the thing that gets me , she has her kids in church every time you turn around, always!!! She is faithful!!! Would love to win these!!!

  637. Freida Wegener

    I would bring a young mama who is also struggling with a severely handicapped child. I have 2 with Down Syndrome, and hers has brain damage.

  638. Rachel Southerland

    I would bring my friend. I have 6 children, we are both homeschooling moms & pastors wives. We could really use some time away to refocus & be renewed.

  639. April Anstey

    I hope I’m not too late for the draw – but I just had to try.

    I would bring my childhood friend, Sally. We have recently been reunited after 17 years apart. We are now both mothers and doing this journey of motherhood together. It has been so good to spend time with her again. A weekend away with her to refresh our ‘mom” brain would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity!

  640. lisa miller

    I would bring my daughter n law. She is pregnant with our first g baby. I wish I could have started my mom journey better equipped than I did!

  641. Kim Tabladillo

    I would bring my sister. Her husband is dying of ALS and she has one son who is mildly Autistic and has ADHD and another son who often has to help out the situation at the age of 9. She isn’t really strong in her faith so I would love to see her encouraged biblically for the tough road she has ahead of her. I think this would be a great way to support her while supporting my own journey with 2 teens and 1 pre-teen 🙂

    • Kim Tabladillo

      Nevermind – I just saw the dates and know we couldn’t get all our ducks in a row along with the expense of flying from Idaho. Thanks for the opportunity anyway 🙂

  642. Katy Baker

    I would bring my younger sister Carey with me. I have been to this conference before and received so much insight and help. I would love to be able to share that with her. She is the care taker to her husband who is a disabled veteran. She is the emotional backbone in her home. How lovely for her to have a weekend soaking up what God would have for her. Carey even if we don’t win this…..I will always be on your team and pray for you faithfully. I love you!

  643. Kara Luman

    I would take my friend Keri, who is in my lifegroup, and I praise God for bringing her there. She has an amazing spirit.

  644. Margaret

    I’d bring my friend Meg. She is a woman of God and a perfectly imperfect person and a great friend.

  645. Cynthia shutter

    Please pray for my husband mike and myself chr is ready to leave after 24 years of marriage. Thank you

  646. Leigh Ellen

    I have been reading Jill’s book, “Real Moms, Real Jesus” this week, and then I log onto here and read about this conference. How neat! I’m not sure who I would take only because I’m not sure who would be able to travel, but if I would win, I’m sure I could find someone up for the adventure. 🙂

  647. Ashley Hicks

    First off I would so LOVE to come to this conference myself because I have read everything you have published and always feel like you are speaking to my heart. I would share the tickets with my younger sister. During our childhood things were anything but ideal and we were put up against eachother so much that it damaged our relationship for several years. Now that we are both moms (mine are 7 and her little guy is 15 months) we have begun to heal that mom. What brought us closer was us both looking for a relationship with the Lord and our struggles as working moms. In short I think we would both be so blessed to attend this event.

  648. Amy

    I know I’m too late for the contest, too, but this email was what I needed this morning! With a husband, 5 kids(2 bio and 3 adopted), a full time job from home, most days I feel stretched thin! It is hard to keep perspective in the hard moments, because with 5 kids, someone is always having a bad day.
    Thanks so much for all your encouragement and speaking the truth, Lysa. I just started reading Unglued, and WOW! Just what I need to work on!!
    God bless you Lysa, and you remain faithful to Him in all you do!

  649. Megan

    I would LOVE to come to the conference and I would bring my friend Kellee. She is the most amazing friend and we love having each other to do life with.

  650. Robin Taylor

    I would love to come and bring my friend Lindsay. I met Lindsay at a bible study 3 years ago in a bible study and we had an immediate connection. She is a stay at home mom of 2 and a navy wife who moves every 3 years. This summer we will be saying goodbye to each other as she moves across he country again. This would be awesome for her

  651. Jamie

    I would bring my friend Amy (we both have 4 kids each) because we would have an amazing time together at this conference!

    • Renee mueller

      I would bring my sister in law because she does so much for me. We both need a break her husband goes to full time seminary 2 hours from their house so she is a single mom 4 days and nights a week while he stays near campus. She is also in school to become a Christian counselor online and works part time. I am recovering from a devastating year in which I had a seizure at Disneyland the magical place isn’t so magical for my 7 year old who is now in counseling. My husband who is a youth pastor was my rock through it all! I would love to come and get away and spend some God time!

  652. Camille Rose

    If I win the tickets, I will take my best friend and fellow mom of a 4, 9 & 11 year old. We live in different states, 4 hours away from each other, but always try to reconnect (in person!) at the Hearts at Home conference. This year, money is tight, so I’ve decided not to attend HAH- but what I will miss most is spending a fantastic day with my fantastic friend.

  653. Rachel

    I would bring my friend June. We are coteachers and don’t get to spend time together just hanging out. She is a mom of 8 and I am a mom of 5. We could use the inspiration.

  654. Katie

    I’d love to bring my friend since second grade, Angie. We’ve been to previous WOF conferences and have always been blessed by our time together since we live in seperate states.

  655. Kim

    I would bring my sister that has two teenagers. She’s a mom that felt like your posting was speaking to her. My sister called and said let’s go! I’m a mom of younger ones and would love to attend.

  656. Erica

    I would probably bring my own momma! Or my sister who will be a mommy in time:)

  657. Sheryl

    I would bring my friend, Renee–she is a mom of 2 adult children, one of whom is making really bad choices & she is struggling to be hopeful that this son will turn his life around. She could use the encouragement & refreshment of this conference. 🙂

  658. Sheryl

    I would bring my dear friend, Renee. She is a great mom of 2 adult children–one of whom is currently making bad choices. She is struggling to keep hope that her son will choose to turn his life around. She could really use the encouragement & refreshment of the conference. 🙂

  659. Emily

    I’d give it away to my sister, Jacqui, a young mum of three little ones- a 3yr old and twin 2 yrs olds. And, then, she could bring whoever she wants! I’m not a mum.

  660. Sheila

    I am a single mom of a 16 year old son. But I love all the kids in our small community. For that reason a friend of mine; Sharla, whom I’d also bring with if chosen started a girls rock teen group at the local church. This sounds like a dream weekend!!

  661. Stephanie

    I have attended several Hearts at Home conferences over the years. They have always been a blessing to me as a mom and wife. I would choose one of my dear MOPS friends that have been walking through the same journey as a mom. It was in MOPS that I discover Hearts at Home and Proverbs 31 Ministries to assist me in my daily journeys as well. So grateful for these daily inspirations.

  662. Amber Potter

    this is an awesome post. I would love to bring a teacher my children had in school who truly believed this herself and taught this to my own children and others as well!

  663. Heather

    I would bring my little sister. She is a single mom, loves Jesus and her son with all of her heart! She rededicated her life back to God, 2 weeks before she found out she was pregnant. It was actually at MY son’s baby dedication at church, when she decided she wanted to put her life back into Him!!i think it would be encouraging & awesome for her to be able to go to this conference!! Thanks Lysa!

  664. Erin

    I would bring my sister, Rachel. She is the mother of 2 young children and she’s in the process of adopting another. She is the preschool director at our church. She loves children and leans in God and his word. She, like me, puts too much pressure on herself. We both want Godly children. We would benefit tremendously from this weekend!

  665. Natalie L.

    I just had a baby and am now a stay-home mom! I would LoVe to attend the conference so much! I would bring my friend Erin because we’ve both been through a lot and are committed to making our marriages and homes centered around Christ. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  666. jill

    I would bring my friend, because she is always honest with me about her struggles as a mom, wife and human being, and I feel like I can always be honest with her. There is so much grace in being honest about our struggles and not trying to portray our lives as perfect, which makes it harder on the women and thus the families around us. I wish more people had friends like that and I would love to share your encouragement with her.

  667. Amanda

    I’d just like to say how amazingly blessed I’ve been by you- by this blog and by the book The Best Yes. I bought it to look at for leading the Thursday Morning Moms bible study I lead. Honestly I wasn’t going to lead the study anymore- I was tired, drained and felt like I didn’t have anything to give.
    Your book has changed that for me- I’m analyzing my priorities, my life, and what has been taking up so much of the time that I should have been investing in my kids, my family and myself.
    I’m still learning how to say no, and how to discover ‘my best yes’, and also how to hear God’s voice as he seems to have been dulled by the constant noise that accompanied my life as a mom of young kids.
    I am becoming re-energized, excited about drawing closer to him and am so thankful that he brought your book into my life.
    Thank you for being willing to say what you do, for sharing your heart, and for helping me clear out the noise.

    Thank you.

  668. Angela Krenz


  669. Tara Knowlin

    I would bring my sister Tanya. I am a single mother and she has helped me raise, nurture and teach my daughters about Jesus. I feel like a failure most days and she is constantly there with the word of God to help pull me thru.

  670. sharolkucera

    I would bring my friend Karen because we have been on a journey fostering youth through trials and successes and wondering if we are cut out for this. Being obedient and learning about trusting in . GOD’S provisions and grace.

  671. Courtney Kirkland

    As a mom of two (one 6 and one 2), I haven’t been “away” from my kids for more than just an evening in almost seven years. I’ve read every “mom” book written by Christian ladies that has hit the market and it still never gets any easier…a bit more manageable with the help of prayers, but not easier. I’d bring my friend Tamara with me to the conference. She’s a mom of four and works a great, albeit busy, job; but I know she’s worn out as well. We get together as often as possible but she rarely does anything for herself. She’d probably appreciate the break as much as I would. 🙂

  672. Marilyn

    I have never attemded a Christian conference like this before and I don’t think my friend Jenn has either. It would be a great blessing to get away with me best friend and be refreshed by His word. We both really need to be refreshed by His Word as we raise our 5 and 3 year olds on the small island we live on.

  673. Becca

    I would take my best friend–and soul sister–Christy. She and I are so much alike it’s scary, and our motherhood struggles are no exception. We worry about the same issues: Are we raising our kids right? Are we screwing our kids up? Does this get any easier?
    While we love our kids with our entire being, it would just be nice to know that we don’t have to get everything perfect and to be around other parents who have the same struggles and perhaps some insight into this thing called motherhood.

  674. Jen

    I am encouraged by the reminder that motherhood is not just tough for me. I am not alone. That acknowledgement always makes me feel better! I loved Lysa’s advice to “Embrace the process. Learn from the process.” It’s true! We can learn so much from motherhood if we are willing to embrace it. I would love to learn more at the Hearts at Home Conference. I would bring my good friend of the last 15 years who always sees the best in me as an individual, as a mother and a friend, even when I don’t. We are both moms with a passion to love God, our families, and others more each day.

  675. Jenny

    I would bring my friend Kellie because we have a lot of the same struggles and understand and pray for eachother often. Ithink this conference could be just what we need!

  676. Colleen

    I have found so much comfort and joy in the words you share. As a stay at home mom of six your words ring very true! I would love the opportunity to attend the conference! What an amazing way to be able to rejuvenate the soul, all the while being surrounded by so many other women who can share your same struggles. I would bring my dear friend Holly. Thank you Lysa for sharing all that you do! God Bless!

  677. Amy

    I would love to bring my sister if she could come. We live many states apart and I know we both struggle with this parenting of teens gig. It would be a great way for us to support each other. We lost our mom this year and this would give us some time to connect as moms when we can’t give our own mom a call.

  678. Kelly Bowers

    I would bring my sweet, generous friend, Amy. She has been such a blessing to me by being a true friend, but she seems to never feel good enough. She’s one of those mommies who tries really, really hard to do everything “right” (whatever that means!) but has kids making bad choices so she feels like a failure. She is a wonderful, Godly example to all who know her but is constantly second-guessing herself, putting too much emphasis on what others think. She defines herself by her situation in life — which, I’ll agree, is an extremely trying one — instead of seeing the awesome, talented, big-hearted, loyal, funny, caring person she is. Always offering to help, she would do anything for anybody. I would love for her to see herself as others see her! I would love for her to get her confidence back! I would love for her to feel worthy! Why? Because she truly deserves a better outlook on life. Amy is a special person. I am positive she would benefit from your conference. She is also a huge fan of yours, reading your books and blogs but cannot afford to attend your conference at this time. She has the utmost respect for your words, taking everything to heart… trying to better herself… Please, please, please pick Amy for your VIP package!!! Just like me, you’ll be happy and blessed to meet her and to know her.

  679. Patti Chriestenson

    I’d bring my girlfriend from church so we can both continue to grow as a wife, and mom. Our children are friends at school and church – – so our families are growing together.

  680. Heather Stimson

    I would bring my beautiful friend Kara! Since last summer I’ve watched the Lord move in a mighty way in Kara’s life. She is hungry for more of the Lord and wants with all her heart to be a proverbs 31 women.

  681. mylinh bahtijar

    Lysa- Although I don’t know if I will get picked but hank you for taking time out of your day to write to the hearts of moms. I would choose my sister in law Samantha; we both are stay at home moms who are both so young and already on our 3rd child. Learning more about what God expects from me as a mom is somewhat hard for me to learn since there are days where I don’t know where to start. Thank you for this great opportunity; have an amazing blessed day!
    With love
    Mylinh Bahtijar

  682. Jamaca Thomas

    I would bring my sister. We both have 2 rambunctious little ones and not only do we need the break, but I yearn for ways to make me a better Mom! I love my kiddos so much and they deserve the best me they can get.

  683. Tamika Shine-Day

    I would bring a close friend of mine with me, she has 3 small kids. She could really use this uplifting,

  684. Haley

    If I win, I would bring my sister…a mother of 4 beautiful kids that she (and her late husband) adopted. Her husband was killed in a tragic accident in 2011 and she is doing a great job raising her young children as a single (now working) mother! She loves the Lord and it shows! She deserves this so much!

  685. jennifer B

    I just love your moments of truth and am inspired and encouraged by your transparent way that you share your own struggles and stories- thank you! I am a mom of a 6,4,2 and 7 month old. I would bring another stay at home mom who is struggling right now with her role as wife and mother. I recently passed her one of your messages from 2014 that I still have ringing in my ears. Thanks again~!

  686. Cynthia

    I would love to bring my friend, Pam, mother of two beautiful young ladies, who was kind enough to share one of your devotionals with me (which led me to check out your website, where I found out about this conference).

  687. Marion Reid

    I am a mom of 2 beautiful teenage children. I have been divorced 2 years and am trying to continue to be the best parent I can be even when I am tired. My children are my life and I so want to raise them in the spirit of Christ and teach them good values and raise them to be respectful and God loving adults. I would bring my friend Jennifer who is a mother of 6 (ages 4-17. ). She too is trying her best to be a good wife and mother but could use some companionship and spiritual support and guidance. She could really use the positive energy and support. We would love to attend this conference !

  688. Shannon Andre

    I would bring my friend Dawnya. We both are women of God and met in college in a Christian Womens club. Now days we live an hour away from each other, both work full time. Me as a teacher and she is in business. We both have 3 elementary aged kids who are involved in numerous activities. I know we both could use the chance to reconnect with God and get some advice from this convention on being the Moms God wants us to be.

  689. Anna

    Im a Mom of three amazing kids… I’ve been seeking after the Lord for some encouragement from fellow Moms … And feel His hand guiding me to write this post. I would love to invite one of my fellow homeschool Moms as well as a friend from High school. My reason for why would be to receive some much desired spiritual encouragement and fellowship from other God-loving Moms. Being a Mom hasn’t been easy but also been one of the greatest callings of my life… I would love to be a part of this amazing opportunity if it was Gods will — Thanks so much!

  690. Sherrie Herlein

    I would bring my sister, Dedee. We have just recently developed a relationship after many years of being apart. She is such an inspiration to me even though she is 4 years younger. We have really enjoyed sharing the Word together and catching up I think it would be a wonderful way to strengthen our relationship and give us a memory to add to our new relationship.

  691. Nancy

    I can’t come but would love for my two sisters to be able to go. They live very difficult lives and really need support of Godly women. However, even if they were given this trip though, they wouldn’t be able to go because they live in very abusive homes. So, instead of asking for my sisters to go to this conference, I would ask that you please pray for these dear, special women. Their names are Lisa and Kathy. Please remember them in your prayers. Thank you.

  692. Yanira Ramos

    Hi Lysa! It is so awesome of you to do this giveaway. God knows how hard it is to be a mom these days. I have 3 children & if I was to win I’d take my cousin, mother of 5, who’s also like a sister to me. She has been through one of the toughest situations a mother can ever go through. It hurt me so much to find out that recently her children were taken away by the county. They are requiring that she maintain a job and prove to be able to provide for her children. You can just imagine, how difficult it is going to be for her with no home or vehicle. She is a woman of good heart, a believer in Jesus and a loving mom. Unfortunate & delicate events in her life led to the circumstances she is enduring today. I believe this event will help uplift her spirits ! Thanks! God bless you and your ministry.

  693. Virginia Elkins

    As much as I would LOVE to see you and the others speak — there are two mamas in our group that could use the tickets much more than me. One of them has 3 kids, and one of them has 4 kids. Like all of us, they are just trying to figure it all out and trying so hard to be the Proverbs 31 woman. They are amazing moms, amazing wives, and amazing women — they just don’t see it yet. (:

  694. Jessica H

    This comment is NOT about today’s blog, it’s about DAY 10 Made to Crave (I didn’t know where else to make a comment). The title was Exercise makes me want to Cry. I’ll be honest, when I started the 21 day Made to Crave, way back, deep in my conscience I thought, “this ‘stuff’ is bogus”. This Lysa chick is nuts…. food, exercise, obesity and Gods word, what??? I am a believer, Day 10 and the message about rebuilding God’s temple FINALLY made me realize you are actually “onto” something here… the truth, Gods Truth! Thank you for being BRAVE enough to even “go there” with the Made to Crave, I’m blessed everyday now because of your boldness.

    • Erica

      Keep reading sister Lysa and all these women are really on to something. they got this Jesus girl thing in full effect. No matter what stage of life I’m in I know I can pop on this blog and get some insight in a Godly way.

  695. Dawn Schmidtke

    I just listened to you on the Focus on the Family broadcast this morning. I listened and cried as I often feel like I’m not doing a good job with my kids. We have four kids, ages 14 to 8. Our oldest was arrested recently for vandalism and spent a night in juvenile detention. We were dumbfounded and I was feeling like a total failure as a parent. We live in a relatively small community and I felt so judged by other moms. We are working through it and I have cried more in the last few months than I have in a long time….but I was so encouraged by the broadcast this morning and I look forward to listening to part 2 tomorrow.

  696. Chelsea Veltri

    I would bring my sister. We are new mother’s and need guidance and help to raise godly, loving children! I have a three and four month old she has an almost two year old. You are so inspiring Lysa, thanks for your wonderful words!

  697. Marijon (MJ) Waldron

    Would bring my new AMAZING friend Natalie!!! She is a fantastic mom and we would have a wonderful time!!

  698. Stephanie King

    One of my student’s mothers paid for my Unglued book at the conference in Texas last weekend. Let’s hope it was b/c she is just kind and generous rather than a reflection of her recognizing I could use all the help I can get in the unglued department 🙂 In tears by page 20 b/c I HAVE THE SAME DOG! One room has carpet, and that’s where she throws up. Thanks for making it ok to be a real mom with moments. Before last weekend I assumed the Proverbs 31 lady would be the Christian June Cleaver, the anti-me. Relieved and blessed by your honesty and wisdom.

  699. Tara

    Karen. My unlikely friend who rose above her childhood examples of domestic violence, drugs & all that goes along with that life… She had never known Jesus but I got to witness the beautiful moment she raised her hands to Him as tears streamed down her face. Because of that one moment in time, her children’s lives are changed. Satan still tries to own this family, but God’s light shines into the darkness through her… the ‘too alternative’ girl I secretly judged until my eyes were opened to pain of her life in that beautiful moment she raised her hands wanting more of Jesus. <3

  700. Erica

    If I could take pic of a text I sent to my best friend yesterday asking what do I do…I need advice for my 15 year old. Amazing smart, but just doesn’t get the concept of manners or respect for our rules. I have 4 kids and I would bring my best friend Teresa. We are the odd couple, but I love her dearly. She has two kids but they are not at the age of teenager like I am, but we can grab coffee and chat away. I sometimes wonder do she really understand how blessed we are to have found each other.

  701. Janie Hale

    Thank you for your post! I am guilty of judging myself by my boys achievements or short comings. So unfair to them and myself. Really needed to hear this!

  702. Kristan carter

    I would bring my sister in law . I have 4 kids and she has 5. All of your messages speak so much to us and would love to hear you speak in person !

  703. Katie

    My friend Holly. Co-worker, organizer & Lysa reader!

  704. Elizabeth

    I would bring my sister. She is suffering from cancer and cannot do all that she used to do for her family. She needs to know that even without performance that she is valuable and she is loved. She might even find some ideas about how she still has influence in her children’s training and other tips on helping her home run more smoothly through God’s great providence and wisdom. This would be a wonderful time for us to get away as sisters and friends as well.

  705. Caitlin

    I would honestly love to go myself- im a young single momm my to my beautiful baby boy who is 4 months. I would take one of my best friends or my mom- b/c my mom has been my support system every step of the way and it would be awesome if we could go together!! we both need a break and this would be perfect!!! ❤️❤️

  706. jennifer bovee

    I would bring my mom. She is my best friend and I just adore/admire her love/devotion to her kids/grandkids. My mom grew up in foster care and was never shown love or how to be a mom yet she loved us three kids and always put us first
    Three kids and all different activities she never complained. She is true definition of mom. We are doing your devotion study made to crave and it’s amazing. Eye opening, for years I have walked a bumpy path. The last few weeks getting to the core of why, without Jesus. I am a Jesus Girl. Thank you for everything.

  707. Crystal Dillon

    I would bring my dear friend Julie. We got to see you in Lubbock, TX not to long a go. You have have been a blessing to me. I am going through this with my youngest son of 4 children . I meet with the principal tomorrow. I would love to go! You inspire so my women! You have change my lives. God best you!

  708. Nicole Moore

    There are so many women who deserve to attend this conference more than I do and especially for free because I probably couldn’t afford to get there. I have been blessed by this post because being a stay at home mom my kids lives are what I use to validate my life. They are my”job.” There are no pay raises or promotions that people see in a corporate job. There are only the fickle attitudes of a 3, 4 and 8 year old I use to judge my success on. As I’m learning this is not how I should live my life I thank God for his encouraging words through people like you and other women who put there words to text to encourage us that God purpose is greater then the box we keep him in. Yes I would absolutely love to attend this conference and I know who I would bring with me but I want to just encourage you to keep doing what God has gifted you to do.

  709. Kayla Lupo

    My husband and I have adopted five children and only one we have raised from birth. The rest have come older and broken. I am a stay at home mother and struggle to find the refreshment I need to pour back into these children. I have been praying for an event to connect with other woman and I think this would be a great way to refill my tank. I would bring a friend of mine who has adopted 9 children who needs as much or more than I do!

  710. Mary

    Lysa, I had to look you up after listening to Focus on The Family. I took a deep breath as I never heard anyone speak about the challenges I have as a mom and always wondered how other moms are doing it. You refreshed my soul. I don’t want to learn from perfect people, I want to learn from people like me. I want to learn from real people with real situations. What you described on the show with focus on the family describes most of all my struggles. The juggling, the homework, the kids, cooking, the HOUSE, ugh, house work is never ending. Sometimes I’m at my best and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to “put out that next fire.” Thank you for reaching out to the rest of us, for being real, for being you. I struggle with Proverbs 31 and I said God, I want to be this can I manage all of this and try to save money all at the same time. I admit when I do finally get to watch TV, I’m jealous of the people on the couponing show. How do they do it!! I’m lucky if I can save $3.00 on my whole grocery list. I’m that mom that reads prayer books for my kids, that reads devotionals, that reads books and books to make sure I’m the best mom that I could be for my kids. I’m exhausted. I can’t seem to finish books or find time to work-out to release some stress. I need more time in the day. But all this to say…I’m glad we are all in this together. Glad I found you and your website and I’ll be encouraging other moms to stay connected. Thank you.

  711. Michelle P

    Thank you so much.

  712. Nombongo

    Lysa,thank you for your lovely posts-all are always refreshing,therapeutic and empowering.They always touch my very existence as a widowed mother of 2 ‘adult children’ (males), 2 teenagers (males) and the youngest only daughter who is 10 years old.

    Sometimes,I feel overwhelmed but draw strength and inspiration from material such as this.Thank you so much,Lysa.

  713. Kim Dukes

    I know this is an old devotion, but it came at the right time for me to read it. I have a 19 year old, 17, and a 13. My 19 is trying to sow his oats (we will say). I have been extremely disappointed in him lately and my heart just aches. I cry out to Jesus, but feel like I have repeated that pray so many times that I have come silent and tell Jesus you know my heart, you know what I need and what I am asking from you. Even though I know he wants to hear the words. I am heart broken. Your post has helped me realize that yes, I raised him right, I taught him from right and wrong, but his choices he is making now is not by my hand but my his doings. I just ask that you will pray for my son that he will return his heart back to Jesus. I pray for me and my husband for strength that we will need for the coming days, weeks, months, (I hope not) years.

  714. AF

    Thank you lysa for digging so deep with this devotion. It touched me deeply and helped to refocus me. I struggle everyday with my backpack of mommy mistakes and constantly wish I could have taught my children what the lord would have preferred me to teach them. The only thing that I have to hold onto to is that hopefully the lord can take all the ugly and turn it into something that would glorify Him and only him. I know he knows my heart…so I pray he intervenes in our children’s lives asap.

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