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I Found What I Want to Do the Rest of My Life

December 10, 2014

As a mom, I’ve always wanted to teach my kids how to embrace Biblical characteristics like generosity, loving others, etc. Maybe you can relate and you’re wondering, like I did, how to do it.

My friend Courtney DeFeo has done an amazing job of not just telling her kids about these things, but showing them.

I think you’ll love her guest post today. And be sure to take a few minutes to watch the video. I promise, it will make you smile and tear up all at the same time. Excuse me while I go get a tissue. Here’s Courtney…

I am 38 and I have just discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life.

It’s to show heartfelt appreciation for others in a way that shows them the love of God.

And for the next 10-12 years of my life, I intend to show my two girls how to do this while they are under my roof.

I believe our kids learn more through laughter, not lectures. They want to experience WHO we know not just WHAT we know.

This is exactly how my mom taught me about virtues. She showed us. She wasn’t perfect – and I am so thankful for her authenticity and mistakes. Those very moments taught me forgiveness and unconditional love and gave me the freedom to be the same imperfect person covered in God’s grace.

Just the other night, our family had a chance to go surprise Miss Curlie at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. She’s one special cast member who has been working there 41 years with 25 years of perfect attendance.

She had no idea that her love to my kids left a mark on ME! I was simply trying to SHOW my kids what gratitude felt like, and I was in turn blessed by this woman. She has cleaned the bathroom on Main Street for all these years and I didn’t want to assume someone else was thanking her.

As God’s children, I want our family to be courageous and generous with our kindness. The first to step up and out of our comfort zone.

When we do that, we just never know what hangs in the balance of our obedience.

Watch this video below and read the full story here – you’ll see. Of all the thousands of employees, God knew Miss Curlie needed a simple “Thank You.”

(If you’re viewing this post in an email, click here to watch the video.)

My girls respond so much better to my virtuous parenting attempts when I am not lecturing them on how to shape up or ship out. Instead, I am inspiring them to be more like Jesus. Because it actually feels good to serve! It feels great to give!

And when I invite them into these opportunities, I see their hearts swell. Everyone likes to be involved with something bigger than themselves.

I am taking an army of moms through 2015, one virtue at a time, with my new book, In This House, We Will Giggle. It’s got 12 virtues and 12 family fun activities. We will go slow and focus on one virtue each month. We will never be perfect but we will giggle.

Today, I’m giving away 10 copies of my book to randomly chosen commenters! Just leave a comment telling me one thing you’ve been teaching your kids lately to be entered to win.

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  1. Brenda

    I am teaching my children the value of really look at a person and see their heart. Is there a hurt? A need we can meet?

  2. Tyra

    I’m currently teaching my children to speak words that build others up (words that bring grace to the hearer) my complementing their siblings, then passing that along to their friends at school. We are also working on rejoicing with those that rejoice. One of my children won a award and a siblings was sulking about it.

  3. jennie

    I am teaching to speak kind and loving to everyone.

  4. Margaret

    I’m teaching my grandchildren to care quickly and have empathy when they’ve done something wrong to their siblings. And, to always go to God in prayer first.

  5. Amy Grable

    I am a big Courtney fan. I have been doing Light Em Up with my kiddos for the last 2 years. I am trying to teach them to notice others and appreciate the work they do for us. I would love to win her book.

  6. Cindy Smith

    I am working hard to teach my children to speak words of encouragement to each other. I’m working hard to teach them that sometimes families are hardest in each other when we really should be falling into each other for support, love and encouragement! I’m also trying hard to teach them how to speak their minds but be tactful. They’re 12 year old boys so tact is a tough one! 🙂

  7. April Moore

    I am reading this from the hotel laundry at Disney!! I want to find and Curly while we are here!! How do I find her?? What am amazing story!

    • Courtney DeFeo

      She is the bathroom near “casey’s corner” – the hot dog place on main street. she would love some more love!

  8. Debra

    I am always trying to teach my kids to think of others first and be loving and kind in any way they can. I pray and hope that they are able to see those around them that need prayer, a hug or even just a simple smile and Hi.

  9. Danelle

    We bring dinners to those who have been sick or going through trying times. I want to teach my children compassion for others.

  10. Rachel Throne

    I’ve been trying to show my kids generosity lately. Recently it was my 6 year old’s turn to take our alluminin cans to the store to get the money. There was an old man and woman (on oxygen) who were digging thru the trash to find extra cans to turn in for money, obviously they did not have a dime. I whispered to my son that we should give our cans to them. The look of disappointment came on to his face and he reluctantly did. The old man was delighted and stated they use can money to pay for their medications. I then decided to give him some more money and the look on my son’s face was again disappoinment. Afterwards I explained everything and he began to understand. A big smile came over his face when I decided to give him the money that he would have gotten for the cans. Afterall, I told him, God rewards us for doing good for others. I hope he gives his cans to someone else again some day.

  11. Carmelita M.

    I’ve been teaching my children gratitude. It’s easy for them to complain about what they don’t have yet they have been blessed with so much to be grateful for.

  12. Karen

    I have been trying to show my children what it means to trust God even when the circumstances seem to be very hopeless. He has the answers and He has the provision we need for every circumstance. I want my children to run to God first in hard times, not as a last resort when they have tried everything else!

  13. Halona Luna

    We have been working on the True meaning of Christmas lately. With limited income, four kids, and two adults we struggle with everything. Always praying for God’s miracles.

  14. Erin Crowder

    I love this! My hubby and I are currently teaching our children to do nice things for others as well. Whether it’s the special gifts we bought for our Angel Tree kiddos at church, or our 4 year old picking out a bouquet of flowers to give to his sissy because she read him a story at midnight last week when we didn’t hear him crying on the monitor–we too believe it’s so important to serve others and put them first, just like Jesus did.

  15. sharon revis

    One Important thing that I am teaching my to girls are to be different, and be who God has created you to be. You don’t have to be apart of the in crowd.

  16. Alyssa

    Would LOVE a copy of this book to help me incorporate fun and giggles into our home- four kiddos ages 18 months- 12… Thank you for your faithfulness in blessing others with your gifts!!

  17. GLaird

    I have been working on teaching my kids to not worry as much and to trust God’s plan for our lives. We talk about how when we complain or “wish for more”, we are not celebrating the blessings that we already have. To express gratitude more to others as well.

  18. Elisabeth Neill

    We have been teaching our Children to be Thankful and to show kindness! Thankful for everything they have been given, each other, ups and downs in life, show kindness to each other and those around, to live life leaving a example of Christ love.

  19. Jenelle

    Oh gosh! Lysa this book is right on time! Today I was riding in the car listening to my audio book, What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, and I was listening to a chapter on GRATITUDE; being filled with the spirit of appreciation in all things. I had a big AHA MOMENT because I recently just purchased a white jar that has a label “Count your blessings” and really intended to use it not only for decoration but to have us, as family write one thing we are grateful for daily for a month and then have a ‘family party’ where we read them. Your book is the big sign from God #3 that I need to step up and be intentional about my family culture. I have 2 girls, (6 yrs & 3 yrs) and I have been so focused on making sure that they know the basics of living but I have done a horrible job on everything else (I feel). This book is a wonderful time for me and dad to be intentional about our home’s spiritual culture. I want to make sure my girls know that I love them & God loves them . I want them to have the warm feelings about home that I didn’t have a child (my mom had me when she was 13 years old). Thanks so much for being led by God and writing this book.

  20. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

    That was so wonderful! My children are grown, but I have 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. I find that even when children are grown you are still modeling your faith. I have gone through tremendous trials (right now I have a brain tumor) and my adult children get so much comfort when they see that I trust the Lord with everything in my life.

  21. Michelle Selent

    This post grips my heart. How I have been falling on my face lecturing and not giggling. I wish I could type with pride with what I have been doing right lately. I just posted on my blog today how I have been struggling with my parenting. I need this book. Thank you for inspiring your family and writing this book to inspire others.

  22. Kristen Pachan

    At our house we really have been working on taking initiative and helping others without being asked.

  23. Kelly Barnes

    We have been working to teach our children that we don’t have to go out of our way to find people we can help. God put’s people in our path everyday!

  24. Debi Schuhow

    Gonna buy the book if I don’t win it! LOL!!

  25. Julie Wilson

    So many things I’m trying to teach my kids And so many things I’m still learning! 🙂 we work on chores and hard work. Kindness to each other and thinking of others and how to get along… And Grace and forgiveness when we make mistakes

  26. Michelle

    My heart swells each time my children, on their own, make those choices you pray about or when they express compassion towards others or gratitude for the efforts of others. My children are my greatest accomplishments. Seeing their love for the Lord, their kindness towards others, is such a blessing.

  27. Bree

    I am prayerfully teaching my kids to be part of the body of Christ. To recognize and use their God-given gifts to glorify the Lord.

  28. Meri

    For the past few years I have been working with my young son to share with him how very fortunate he is, and to learn to share with other children who are not as fortunate. His favorite tradition is his yearly Bear-Book-N’Sock giving project to children at our local homeless shelter, as well as a children’s hospital. We are also doing what we can to teach our son about helping people around the world who need assistance. Sharing God’s love with others can help to fill your own heart.

  29. Amanda

    We are teaching our 1&4 year olds that it is better to give than receive.

  30. Sandra

    Teaching my grandchildren that is is so much better to do good things for others and not expect anything in return. They try now to secretly do things without getting caught. They Are 7 and 8 yrs old .

  31. andrea helfer

    I can’t wait to read this book!

  32. Rachel S.

    I’m teaching my teens to make sure their faith is theirs and not just teachings they have grown up. My younger kids I’m teaching to pray over all concerns, even forgotten thoughts, because God is concerned about everything about us not just the big things. I’m teaching all of the to remember that everyone needs love and kindness whether it’s a family member or a stranger.

  33. janene@everydayeo

    We have been working on gratitude for ALL we have been blessed with me. We count our joys together nightly:)

  34. Barbara Prince

    Hi Lysa, I don’t usually comment for a chance for a book, but this is one I’d love to give my granddaughter. She would accept it better if I told her I’d won it and thought it was more appropriate for her since she has little ones.
    You know I love all your books! I loved your 1st children’s book and read it 3 times before giving it to my great-granddaughter. I’m looking forward to the next book!

    Love you!

  35. Lina

    Laughter has always been a huge part of our family heritage and that will continue forever. My “kids” are grown young women but I am noticing how much mothering/mentoring/guidance they still need through their 20’s (and I am sure beyond). The biggest thing I have been teaching them lately is that we need to rely on God for EVERYTHING and not to be self -sufficient! To be aware that it is not culturally acceptable since they are told to be “grown-up” and “on their own” by now. No way – they need God now more than ever!

    Best, Lina

  36. Pennyburke

    I need this book! I am mom to teenager that God gave me when he was 9 years old! For lack of wisdom I have been so hard on him trying to correct bad behavior that was caused by neglect of nonparenting and abandonment issues he was handed early in life!! We need to giggle!!! We need to laugh!! We both need to be light hearted!! I need help!! Amen

  37. Missy

    Oh, just one? Well mainly respect for & kindness toward others. That humbleness is not a weakness but a strength.

  38. Kelly Blackwell

    Because it is Christmas season and my son’s birthday is two days after Christmas, I have been teaching him how important it is to make Christmas about loving like Jesus. It is easy to think it revolves around you when you are surrounded by gifts for so many days. 🙂 We made a point this year to celebrate each of his 19 years with an act of giving back. We have brought new towels to the humane society, left quarters at the laundry and took the time to write thank you cards to the managers at several local businesses to show appreciation for their employees who are showing kindness during the crazy Christmas shopping season. Every morning my son comes up with an idea, and I take him out when I get out of work to do it. It has been amazing.

  39. Janine K

    We are teaching our daughter to be gracious and kind. We show her that it is important to give our time as much as the physical needs being met, Volunteerism, respect, patience, compassion, kindness and love are the best gifts given to others.

  40. KariB

    I think this is just the sweetest thing and I love Miss Curlie! Its the unseen workers that make this world go round! Thank you Miss Curlie! May you be blessed abundantly every day of your life!!!!

  41. Kristin D.

    I am teaching my girls (age 4 & 5) about treating others like you want to be treated. This is a hard concept for them to understand at this age when the tendency toward selfishness is overwhelming. I would love to read your book. It sounds like it would be a great resource to have!

  42. KariB

    When my children were little we would go on the holidays to the Mission kitchens and serve the homeless, they always picked a gift tag off the Angels Trees and gave up one of their gifts for some other child that was in need of gifts, and I taught them how to pray for those they didn’t get a long with, teaching them that God loves everyone and that we should too! They grew up to be fine young adults and still share with others! After my youngest died in 2009, on the Holidays what I would give to her I find someone else to spend that money on in her memory. I love giving to Operation Warmth who gives coats to those kids that need them! And Bible Sticks to the Military who serve us because they can’t carry Bibles with them on tours.

  43. Amanda

    I have been trying to teach my children to love Jesus by making time each day to read bible stories to them. I have 3 small children and often feel so inadequate. Kids are hard work. I have been a stay-at-home mom since my son was born last year. And it has been quite a change but I am so glad I took that step of obedience because God had placed the desire in my heart years ago! I would LOVE to teach my children the virtues in this book. Her story about Curliest was so touching!

  44. Kate

    I wish I had great examples or stories of leading my kids in this area. My desires are there but my actions fall short. And no matter how great my intentions, my go too method is to lead with lectures. And we all know how well this is working. 🙁
    Is it too late to become part of the army of moms working with this book as mentioned above?

  45. Susan Kintzel

    Because my children are now mothers and fathers, I am teaching them that some of the little irritations, and even the really big ones, are opportunities to react to their children (my grandchildren) with humor and grace rather than anger and recrimination. I sometimes wonder if this is only something that can be seen from the vantage point of being older and wiser, but I pray that more often than not, they will give grace to their kids.

  46. Teacher Mom

    I want to giggle in my home in 2015!

  47. Melody Hankins

    This would be such a good gift to my two single mom nieces, they are busy with life trying to support thier 2 kids. They are new to folllowing Jesus it would be a great tool.
    Loved your post. 🙂

  48. Kristy

    Our first baby is on the way, but my husband and I are always trying to remind each other that we are ridiculously blessed by God so that we can bless others.

  49. Elizabeth

    First of all, thank you for sharing this! I’m teaching my children Christmas is not about receiving gifts. It’s so easy for kids to get caught up with what they want. I’ve encouraged my kids to create or find gifts they want to give they’re family members or friends. I’m totally not involved with what the choose or how they wrap it up. However, there are many interestingly wrapped gifts under my tree that I cannot wait to open on Christmas Day. I’m sure it will be a treat or laugh, but the joy the are receiving while thinking of others is priceless!

  50. Mary

    I’m trying to teach my young daughters (3 and 1) that other people matter and that we are called to give to them. It’s been really fun!

  51. Julie F

    I’m trying to teach my son compassion and acceptance of others and himself. He is 15 and struggles with autism and OCD. He is aware that he is “different” so we talk often about showing compassion and acceptance to those who don’t look or act “normal”.

  52. Brenda gentry

    This book sounds like a wonderful book to read/study. Love, love this blog!

  53. Tina Miller

    Hi my daughter is grown now, but I’m teaching my niece & nephew what I wished I had known to teach my daughter when she was young.. To love like Jesus, treat others the way you would like to be treated and no matter what Jesus loved no matter what color a person may be..Life is hard so enjoy every minute of it..Share
    the love of Christ!!

  54. Jennifer

    We are working on teaching our children that it is important to show Gods love to not only people outside of our family- but to each other, as well. With girls that are 20 months apart, sometimes that lesson needs repeated and repeated ;).

  55. Kristal S.

    I have been teaching my girls (12 & 8) to be kind to those they come in contact with at school, or wherever they are, and to be a good friend. Serving others is so important. My desire is that they radiate the light of Jesus for all to see.

  56. Gretchen Scoleri

    I am teaching my son (who is 14) responsibility.

  57. Kymm

    Trying to teach my kids about the importance of salvation through Jesus. We are going through Truth in the Tinsel.

  58. Taryn Lenon

    I am currently teaching my son not to hit! good luck right hes just over one and likes to smack momma when he fits. Not sure how he learned this cuz momma doesnt smack or hit him.. I would love a copy of We will Giggle.. I am struggling with how i will teach my Son about God. My Husband just left cuz I was to spiritual.. I never wanna turn my son away from God.

  59. Sharon Tavers

    Crying!!! Love this I’ve been teaching my girls the art of apology and that we are perfectly imperfect but if you can give a sincere “I’m sorry” it’s goes miles!!!

  60. Kim S

    The Jesus loves them as we make imperfect progress and that they are fearfully & wonderfully made.

  61. Gretchen

    With it being Christmas time and so much of our focus being on gifts, I’m trying to teach my children that they’ve already been given the greatest gift ever and His name is Jesus. I want them to learn now while they’re young that nothing will ever satisfy them like Jesus can. I hope that they will seek Him always and not try to fill the voids in their lives with anything other than Him.

  62. Jennifer Frazier

    I’m teaching my kids to appreciate life through all kinds of music.

  63. Kathy A

    YOu know we could all take a little extra notice of the people we call behind the scenes. There are a lot of people out there that doe things for us that we take for granted. We can learn a lot from these kids.

  64. barbara

    OH how i want this for my 2 1/2 year old grandson….. he is in full time montessori and the focus seems to be on how bright he is academically ( :/)/ I am more concerned with him knowing Jesus at an early age and loving Him…spiritual and character…

  65. chandra

    I am trying to work on perseverance, self belief and compassion. 4 kids all with different personalities, some are having more trouble getting these than the others!

  66. Crystal S

    Thanks for being so open and sharing what’s on your heart! Right now we are trying to learn how to love on others with what we have.

  67. Melissa

    I have been working on teaching my kids thankfulness and kindness this Christmas season.

  68. Kimberly Carmody

    I am trying to teach myself and my children that our days belong to the Lord. “What would you have us do today for you, Lord? How can we serve you?” is my daily prayer and heart’s cry. The other day while playing at the park we found out that 3 siblings in our neighborhood didn’t have a chocolate advent calendar because their mom said they didn’t have enough money. We told them we would buy them one and meet them at the park the next day to deliver. So the next day our mission was to find and buy those calendars and deliver on time… well, we did and they had huge smiles on their faces. I want to teach my girls to look for opportunities to give, share, love, show compassion and kindness. I want them to see serving the Lord as task #1 on the to do list for each day.

  69. Carletta

    I have always tried to teach the true meaning of Christmas to my five children and how Santa Claus fits into the story. I have taken Santa out of the story as the “hero” and made him a servant of Jesus Christ. Now, I have two grandchildren and two step-grandchildren ages one to six years of age. I am doing the same with them and teaching them that Jesus sends his blessings to all of us all year round. Not just on Christmas Day.

    • Danielle McManus

      I love what you are doing! I teach my three children to serve in the community we live in, we volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Each month we go we try and serve the poeple who live and work there, the kids will bring them treats, notes pictures. This summer were away and they all asked about the soup kitchen and when we were we going back. We go once a month and it is great to see the kids look forward to serving others!

  70. Roxanne Alder

    I am working with my girls on showing love, grace and mercy to others. Beautiful story. I can’t wIt to read your book.

  71. Doreen

    This post really hits home with me as I am raising 4 teenagers and am having the most difficult time. I feel like all info is lecture and they are tuning me out as they turn up the volume on their headphones. I would love to have laughter Instead of lecture moments–it’s a great lesson.

    What I’ve been really trying to teach them is patience. They are so used to this world of convenience and instant gratification that they don’t know the value of waiting. That there is a time for everything. And if its not instantly given to you, then it’s not the right time. There’s a reason we have to wait. Learning to patient is one of the hardest lessons teens have to face today.

    Thank you for the guest post. I am very encouraged by your lesson!

  72. Latoya Mewborn

    I am teaching my daughter to be selfless by devoting my time to others. It has paid off because on Thanksgiving Day she decided to spend some time with a resident who didn’t have visitors instead of thinking about her own family time. They were able to put up a tree in her room & just have that time. It truly touched my heart & made me look at my daughter in a different way. By the way, my daughter is 16 years old.

  73. Lisa

    I am teaching my children the importance of respect.

  74. Shannon d

    I am trying to be real with my girls, showing them that says will not always go their way but God always has a bigger plan. We talk about the ways that God is working in all circumstances big and small. Love this reminder to think of all we interact with on a daily basis.

  75. Rebecca Monroe

    I have been trying to teach them patience with others. Patience is not my greatest gift, so it’s a lesson for me, too.

  76. Angel

    I am teaching my daughter how her words effect her life and the lives of others. She struggled for years to be understood but talking is her gift so I am teaching her how to use it to bless.

  77. Rebecca

    Gratitude and a giving heart during this Christmas season.

  78. Lori K

    Excellent idea. I am not sure what are virtues and i would love to get my son off the computer and teach him! I really wasnt taught growing up specific things except morals. Which i think is dfferent. We live in an area of kids that feel entitled and that really worries me. That is a great example!

  79. Janine

    Thank you for your awesome encouragement! I look forward to walking through the 12 virtues in 2015! Your book is on my wish list! 🙂

  80. Phoebe

    I am a mom of three ages 6, 5 and 3 they fight alot and am teaching them to say sorry and to be fair to each other.

  81. Janine

    Forgot to add….my two girls and I are doing a prayer challenge each school day…learning the power of prayer. My 3rd grader had a tough morning and was in tears. Our prayer devotion was on God turning your sorrows to joy and mourning to dancing! She happily reported at dinner that her day was filled with joy! 🙂

  82. Jennifer

    Service…..I include my almost 15 yr old daughter in teaching Children’s Church with me each week. We have a small church and she doesn’t get chances to serve like I did growing up. My son (11) helped out at a church dinner this past week, serving desserts and clearing plates. My youngest is eager to help in anyway, even if it’s cleaning. I’m so happy they are willing to serve others.

  83. gayla

    I like to teach the little ones that we have hands to serve and arms that can give. Our eyes see what is right and wrong . Our shoulders help lead the way..we’re given all these to work together every day. Likewise we all need to work together as one to bring unity to this world we are passing through. I am substituting in my daughters 2nd grade class tomorrow and it’s wonderful to tell them of God’s love.

  84. Debbie McDonald

    I have been trying to teach my granddaughter about the love of Jesus and last Monday she accepted Christ into her heart. She is 3 years old.

  85. Rebekah

    I’ve been trying to teach my kids the value of gratitude and praise. It can change your whole outlook on a day no matter what is going on.

  86. Teri

    Love and service. However, the remarkable thing is how much I learn from my child while I am teaching him. Oh to have the faith of a child!!

  87. Emily Dosch

    We are working on teach our children who are 12 & 5 the importamce of community within our church. Making attending every weekend service part of our lives. This wasn’t important in my life as a child and we want God and faith to be their number one love and path.

  88. Michelle Wahl

    Yes, we all need more giggles and laughter with our kids but we need to also show them giving and true kindness. There is nothing like a Christ center giving heart-it is truly better give then receive. This would be an awesome small group at my church! Love the way you made her day and made a difference to so many by this one kind act. It is like throwing a rock into a pond the ripple effect continues-thank you !

  89. Anna

    I am teaching my children to “see a need, fill a need.” We embrace small moments all throughout the day to give and serve.

  90. Cyndi Clowney

    I am teaching my 7 year old daughter to be accepting of others. When I see her staring at someone I remind her that that is God’s little girl, just like she is.

  91. Kerri

    We have been working on gratitude with our kids and having them list their many blessings, thanking God for each one. We want to cultivate grateful hearts.

  92. Christa

    Beautiful story! 🙂 Over the last few weeks, our family is discovering how to look at the “bright side” of life’s circumstances, being happy where we are. Philippians 2:14 has been our focus verse… “Do everything without fussing and fighting.” 🙂

  93. Tiffany

    To spread Gods love to everyone we meet.

  94. Heidi

    We are trying to teach our kids that giving is better than receiving.

  95. Lisa D

    Thank you for this great and inspiring post. I have three teenagers so we Re working on MANY lessons all the time! Respect, service, gratitude, and not judging others…. Just to name a few.

  96. Lisa D

    Sorry, the rest of my comment was cut off…thank you for the giveaway, God bless and Merry Christmas 🙂

  97. Rita

    This story really touched me. I have been feeling God dealing with me personally about giving to others and reaching out to others need. I am definitely teaching my kids!!

  98. Rubi

    My son is too small to teach virtues yet (he’s less than a month old). I tell him everyday God loves him. I would love this book to get ideas.

  99. michelle D

    Trying to teach my kids not to gossip about kids at school

  100. Becky M

    I’m trying to teach my kids about volunteering and donating. We frequently donate to an area thrift shop and also volunteer to help work at the store as well.

  101. Amy

    I actually just started teaching my children about integrity. Explaining what integrity means and reading the many verses in the bible that refer to integrity. Also the people in the bible who are referred to as having integrity.

  102. Nickie Moseley

    I too am 38 also with 2 young girls & I try to teach them to help in big & small ways before having to be being ask – do it to be a blessing to anyone (even mom & dad 🙂 … They will also be giving a gift bought by them to someone random or someone they think will not have a very merry CHRISTmas – thank you for your kind give away!

  103. Julie

    How awesome everything God created is as well as serving others.

  104. Stephanie Mink

    Love this. We have tried to do this as a family as well. It has been a blessing to watch my 12 year old son doing some of the same things he’s witnessed from us through the years growing up. Praying it continues through teenagerdom and into a grown man. My 9 year old son continues to observe with a watchful eye. We having let a single gift go without a thank you note over the years as well. People ReALLy appreciate that. A lost art, thankfulness is.

  105. Erika

    I’ve been teaching my three children, ages 10, 8 and 5, to let God’s love shine through them, to others.

  106. Jessica

    My daughter is only 2, so I have been teaching her to share with others. I also like to think that through my hugs and kisses when she is crying, I am teaching her compassion. She is so young, but I know that she is just a little sponge soaking it all in.

  107. Lindy Boss

    I have been teaching my kids to be careful with their words. Practicing what they will say when they are upset, etc.

  108. Susan

    I’m trying to teach my daughter (#5) the thing the other 4 before her learned – the only way to deal with a mean girl is to pray to God in her behalf , asking Jesus to cover her with every blessing possible…,every good and wonderful thing she needs!

  109. Stacey s

    We are working on gratitude . . . Everyday gratitude . . . 🙂

  110. brooke

    I already have the book and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thanks Courtney for being the “hands and feet” of Jesus. May He continue to shine in your life. Nice to put a face with Ms. Curlie 🙂

  111. Kim

    I am teaching my kids to be thankful for all of our blessings and to love on everyone!

  112. Ashley Ishmon

    That was a beautiful story. It looked like Ms. Curlier was really blessed by your generosity. God bless you and your family!


  113. tanisha g.

    Your video was very beautiful. I ca tell you made her day. I teach my children to love everyone with the love of God.

    • Nico Smith

      I ♥ learning about the Bible with good friends, no matter where I am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Nothing is better than learning so much about just how we are so important to God, no matter whether we feel like we’re falling short in our spiritual journey.
      “Guilt is always connected to behavior, while shame is always connected to identity. While guilt draws us toward God, shame sends us away from God.

      We can’t completely abolish painful reminders of shame that show up uninvited on the doorsteps of our souls, but we can refuse to answer the door.

      When the old shame tapes began to play, I hit the “eject” button and boldly declared out loud today’s key verse, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Over and over, I proclaimed it until, once again, I believed it. I showed shame the door. And you can, too…”~Lysa TerKeurst
      Wow! What a wonderful thing to always remember! No matter what may be causing you to feel shame, you can “show it who’s boss, shoving it out the door”. Isn’t it nice to realize that we’ve got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when we’re living right with God?
      “As a mom, I’ve always wanted to teach my kids how to embrace Biblical characteristics like generosity, loving others, etc. Maybe you can relate and you’re wondering, like I did, how to do it.

      My friend Courtney DeFeo has done an amazing job of not just telling her kids about these things, but showing them.

      I think you’ll love her guest post today. And be sure to take a few minutes to watch the video. I promise, it will make you smile and tear up all at the same time. Excuse me while I go get a tissue. Here’s Courtney…

      I am 38 and I have just discovered what I want to do with the rest of my life.

      It’s to show heartfelt appreciation for others in a way that shows them the love of God.

      And for the next 10-12 years of my life, I intend to show my two girls how to do this while they are under my roof.

      I believe our kids learn more through laughter, not lectures. They want to experience WHO we know not just WHAT we know.

      This is exactly how my mom taught me about virtues. She showed us. She wasn’t perfect – and I am so thankful for her authenticity and mistakes. Those very moments taught me forgiveness and unconditional love and gave me the freedom to be the same imperfect person covered in God’s grace.

      Just the other night, our family had a chance to go surprise Miss Curlie at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. She’s one special cast member who has been working there 41 years with 25 years of perfect attendance.

      She had no idea that her love to my kids left a mark on ME! I was simply trying to SHOW my kids what gratitude felt like, and I was in turn blessed by this woman. She has cleaned the bathroom on Main Street for all these years and I didn’t want to assume someone else was thanking her.

      As God’s children, I want our family to be courageous and generous with our kindness. The first to step up and out of our comfort zone.

      When we do that, we just never know what hangs in the balance of our obedience.

      My girls respond so much better to my virtuous parenting attempts when I am not lecturing them on how to shape up or ship out. Instead, I am inspiring them to be more like Jesus. Because it actually feels good to serve! It feels great to give!

      And when I invite them into these opportunities, I see their hearts swell. Everyone likes to be involved with something bigger than themselves.
      I am taking an army of moms through 2015, one virtue at a time, with my new book, In This House, We Will Giggle. It’s got 12 virtues and 12 family fun activities. We will go slow and focus on one virtue each month. We will never be perfect but we will giggle.”~Lysa TerKeurst,
      Wow! What a wonderful way of starting a brand new year! Why not learn a little at a time about what it really means to be trusting in God? I ♥ learning about who He wants me to be, especially when I explore His word with my Bible study group each and every week.

      • Michelle

        I have been teaching my teenage daughter about an attitude of gratitude. I have asked her to send one gratitude text daily. She’s been doing it for several months now and they really touch my heart AND keep her focused on others instead of self.

  114. Guia

    It’s okay, I love you, we’ll get through this. There’s a power in The Name of Jesus!

  115. Brie Zapatka

    I have taught my 9 year old daughter to always be thankful for what she does have because there are so many less fortunate children out there. I have taught her to always have Jesus in her heart and he will always be there for her. I also work at an elementary school and I try to instill in them to always do nice things for others out of the kindness of their heart and not to expect something back in return. I also try to encourage kids to play with the children that don’t have anyone to play with. I just found this site and I can not wait to read your book! Thank you for all your inspiration that you give to me and everyone else!

  116. Karen

    I have been working on teaching my children the importance of doing our chores and how it is a blessing for all of us. So I’m teaching my children to love each other with our work.

  117. Janelle Appley

    I wish I could say I have been teaching my kids something amazing, unfortunately, I feel I have been falling short of what God would want me to be teaching them, and this worries me! I want so badly for them to have a wonderful relationship with Him…yet I am struggling with my own relationship with Him, so how can I be a good teacher!? I don’t struggle because I don’t believe, maybe I struggle because I don’t feel worthy? I’m not sure…maybe I am…I have become so busy, that I have lost sight of what is really important.
    If I had to post something that I have been trying to teach them recently, it would be honesty. My youngest(of three), has a friend who like to lie(a lot!). ..
    So, I have been trying with all three, to show the importance of being truthful, and let them know how lies can become a much bigger problem than just a little untruth, and how they can be hurtful to themselves as well as others…not to mention how those lies can push some of the most important things in your life away.
    Thank you for the post, and the opportunity to put things into perspective….as well as an opportunity to possibly win a book!

  118. Robin S

    What a beautiful story! My girls are grown and have become wonderful, caring, giving, amazing your women. They have chosen careers where they get to help others every day. They have both worked with children and adults with disabilities. They feel like they are the ones receiving blessing from the students in camp, though they are the ones who are blessing others. They do not see it that way. They just enjoy giving to others. I look forward to reading this book,

  119. Andrea

    I filled our family’s Advent calendar with 25 acts of service and gestures of gratitude to teach my children to focus on others this holiday season because we are so blessed.

  120. Tiffany L.

    I’m not a mom (yet), but this story was awesome! It’s definitely a blessing to see you teaching your girls through the lives of others.

  121. Heather N

    Great story and so inpiring to just thank someone for what job they do….that we may take for granted! Something I am working on teaching my kids is to carve out time each day to spend with God.

  122. Rita

    I am a mom of 3 children, an 8 yr old, 6 yr old, 3 1/2 yr old. My desire is that they see Christ in me. Thank you for sharing!

  123. Sara

    As anther of three small children my attempts at being virtuous often fall short, but by the grace of God I ask for forgiveness, dust myself off and attempt it again the next day, and in some cases the next moment. We are working hard on being patient, respectful, and filling others “buckets” with kind words. We are also learning to serve each other in various ways through the out the day. I would love to read this book and will add it to the “hope I find time to read again” list.

  124. Crystal W.

    I am a mother of four amazing kiddos. I try to teach them daily to always be an example to others and let their light shine in this world.

  125. Julie Maxwell

    What a wonderful example and idea for a book!
    I am a grandmother now, but do want to read it anyway. I can use it with my grandchildren! I’ve always thought it was important to tell restroom attendants “Thank-you!” and I HOPE this makes everyone start doing it!
    Thanks you bunches! Julie Maxwell

  126. Rose

    With all the abundance of stuff, I am teaching my grandsons to be grateful and that all kids do not have many toys, clothes and food. At four and five they don’t quite understand, but this is good time of year for them to learn giving is fun. We take goodies to the neighbors and have adopted a family so they can have a joyful Christmas.

  127. Kelly

    I have been trying to teach my 5 year old daughter about the true meaning of Christmas. She now wants to throw Jesus a birthday party with a cake, songs, and finish by reading the story of Jesus’ birth. She is even making him a birthday card! I am super excited about this fun new tradition and getting back to the real meaning of Christmas!

  128. Elena

    This was such a great post and video. It’s such a blessing to be a blessing to someone else. I have a 6yo son and 5yo daughter and particularly with the holidays coming up, we’ve been focusing on gratitude. Being grateful for, not only presents, but for the everyday mundane things that others do for us. Your book sounds wonderful and even if not chosen, I see this on my upcoming book to read list. Thank you.

  129. Patricia Klein

    We are raising our 8 year old grandson. I volunteer for NBI. I help at a building that gives away clothing to homeless and women of the street. My grandson donated a basketball game with small hoop (that would have been a Christmas present that he found early)to a boy that would not have gotten a Christmas present. When I told him about it the look on his face was priceless. Thank you.

  130. Julie

    Great idea! Giggle! Love the book and hope I win a copy. We have been working on learning respect.

  131. Deb

    One thing I enjoyed was teaching my kids the alphabet with bible verses. A- all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, B – believe in The Lord Jesus and you will be saved. .. We had 3 x 5 notecards on a ring.

  132. Bari

    I am trying to teach my kids to love the Lord first of all. This book looks wonderful!

  133. Michelle McMoribe

    I’m in tears reading this story. What a wonderful way to pass on knowledge to your sweet little ones. I will definitely be buying your book!!

  134. Melissa Wright

    I’ve been working on teaching my boys to think of others before themselves. They are only 3 & 5, but I know it’s important to start now.

  135. Hazel

    I have 2yo son who’s repeating everything so we are working on manners. I’ve found myself setting a better example of using my manners since he’s repeating me!

  136. Cindy Toner

    What a blessing you all were to her. This would be a great book for me to give my girls as they raise families of their own. My husband and I do mission work and someday we want to take each of grandchildren with us to teach them about showing God’s amazing love to others but we want to them to learn how to do that in their daily lives also.

  137. Donna

    I teach my children empathy and compassion by taking in foster children who need hope and encouragement.

  138. shermil

    I’m trying to teach my girls the meaning of christmas. We painted a wooden advent tree and everyday open a box and find one thing to remind us of that special day. Today it was a piece a hay… we learned that the prince of heaven left to be born in a manager

  139. Irene Talaasen

    Such inspiration and thankful for your reminder and sharing. I am a grandma of one and I so want him to be kind, thankful and giving. Would love the book!

  140. tammy cordery

    I try to show how to be grateful for what people give you. Some children when they are given a gift that they don’t like they just put it on the side and don’t say to the person how grateful they are to them that they took the time to get the gift for them.

  141. Carol Fisher

    I’m teaching my kids to be a happy family with peace in our home.

  142. Cheryl

    I’ve been teaching my children to be kind to the homeless and throughout the year we make “homeless packages” in large zip-lock bags and include some food, candies, handiwipes, tooth brushes, combs, scarves, gloves (etc.) and a Bible verse with a handwritten note to each person, not knowing who will receive it when it’s made. We have a lot of fun making the packets and even more fun handing them out in the days and weeks after we make them. We pray for the recipients, and it’s rewarding to run back into someone who has received a package before and they are excited to receive another one, or we see someone wearing one of the scarves or pair of gloves that we have given them in the past. They’re learning that it’s fun to give and they always look forward to it! 🙂

  143. Michelle

    I have been teaching my three young children the Fruit of the Spirit. We take one fruit a week and try to live out examples of it with each other. Then I gave them special stickers they can give to each other when they identify a sibling showing them a Fruit (kindness, patience etc). It’s so fulfilling to hear “mommy! I just gave Nate a sticker because he showed me kindness by helping me carry my books!” Happy Mommy moment 🙂 Your book sounds amazing! I look forward to reading it!

  144. Tracy

    I have 2 daughters, age 11 and 13. Lately I’ve been trying to teach them about “ownership”. I am trying to teach them to take ownership of their faith, their grades, their rooms, their relationships, etc. I believe we can’t continue to coddle them and let them coast through on Easy St. It goes against every fiber of my being not to help them sometimes, but I truly believe God made me their mom to teach them, not do everything for them. I want them to desire God on their own, to pray because they desire prayer and to seve bc they have a servants heart.

  145. Elizabeth

    Love this idea of teaching our children virtues, intentionally. I’ve been working on grace with our kids. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  146. Joy

    Recently we’ve been reading Christmas books together: fun books, beautiful books, adventure books and thought-provoking books. In all of them, we’re learning how precious the Bible is and how important it is to seek truth from that source.

  147. Nancy

    I loved the video! I also couldn’t agree more that we need to lead by example and not only SHOW our children how to live, interact and embody these virtues, but also discuss, explain and teach them- so they understand them fully 🙂 happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

  148. Mone't

    I loved and NEEDED to read this tonight. It’s so meat how God just pops an email to me at the perfect time 🙂 I’m working on simple obedience with my 4 yr old son. Listening the first time. I try to explain how just as we obey our parents we are also obeying God. We’re getting there, slowly but surely!

  149. Deb

    The importance of being in God’s word and leaning on God and not our own ability.

  150. Kathy

    We are learning what it is to be selfless and to do something just to benefit someone else! I would love to read your book! I am so glad that you have shifted the spotlight to something so important. Thank you!

  151. Jessica

    What a precious story! Love this idea for my six precious kiddos.

  152. Nicole

    i am in desperate need of this topic!! I feel like I have hit a brick wall and am sad at the lack of Godly character (and giggles) I have in my home : ( the one I just five minutes ago was talking to my son and daughter about was showing Gods love to each other. My 3 year old made a mess and my 9 year old was not willing to help clean it up due to it not being his mess. The thought of them being under my roof for this really short time is a bit stressful and daunting. I feel like there is more to teach then I have time. Or maybe it’s that I feel like they are not really learning the good things I am teaching and I will be pleasantly surprised when they are adults and pull these lessons out of the pocket they are hiding in.

  153. Laura

    Thank you- this is what I needed to read today, for renewal in being intentional! I am (trying my best with God’s help) being a teacher through my example first! I am teaching my kids that studying God’s word and stories never gets old! He meets us anew each time with insights, comforts and deepened relationship! I love how personal God is with each of us and it is exciting to share that truth.

  154. Jill


  155. Jessica

    that was the sweetest thing ever!! people like that dont get noticed, but someone will be the first to notice if its dirty or out of supplies! I am teaching our two boys (7 &9) to treat the handicapped people with respect and happiness. Compliment them on anything they can think of. My son, Kaidan(9) has a little girl in his class with autism and they were playing kickball and she kicked it right to him, but instead of being the star athlete he is he pretended he couldnt catch her and let her get a home run!! She was bragging the whole day and still does! I was overjoyed by his act of kindness and so proud!! <3

  156. Kristin

    Gratitude……we always strive to have greater appreciation for gods goodness in our lives

  157. Amy

    Hi!! I’ve just been trying to teach them how fun it is to learn bible verses through song- and lots of dancing 😉

  158. Megan F.

    I hope I’m teaching kindness and generosity by example.

  159. Amber

    I have been teaching my children about forgiveness and the fact that adults aren’t perfect. We never “arrive”. But that I like them continue to strive to be more like Jesus every day….and that I am definitely a work in progress.

  160. Colleen

    I am trying to foster my daughters natural desire to be helpful. My impulse is to not want her help because it won’t be quick or right…my way. I am training myself to slow down and allow her to experience life and learn along the way.

  161. Kristin

    I have three boys under the age of 6 and expecting my 4th child. We talk and pray around our house a lot about self-control. 🙂 More than anything though – I don’t want my children to be governed by a behavior gospel! I want heart transformation for them (and for me!). This book sounds amazing! I would love to get a copy. My heart’s desire is that my children would love God with all their heart, mind, soul & strength and love their neighbor as they love themselves. May it be, Lord!

  162. Charlene

    I have four children ages 2,5,10,11. I have been trying to show them how much God loves us and cares about us in every moment of our lives and how He has continuously had His hand on us even in something as simple as finding the extra quarter we needed in the washer machine to be able to dry out clothes to something as big as blessing me with a new job opportunity that will provide for us. God is good and I just hope thatmy kids understand and see how He works in every single area of our lives.

  163. Diane Bassett

    I am a Grandma now and I have the great privilege of teaching my Grankids about the love of Jesus. I share about how Jesus died for our sins and how much He loves us. I love to pray with them every time I babysit.

  164. La Rae

    I have two teenage boys…. and for us, it’s practicing compassion and humility.

  165. Carol

    This book will be a wonderful blessing!! Thanks for sharing your video and life with us!

  166. Jessica H

    I try to teach being grateful, being kind, and being truthful. I tell them there’s always going to be someone who has it better than us and there’s always going to be someone worst off than us, and we need to be content and grateful with whatever we have been given. I tell them you really only have one real chance for truthfulness, and if you lie to someone and when they catch it, it’s going to be really hard to gain back their trust. And kindness I try to lead by example, and I hope I’m doing well, I’m not the nicest person when I’m tired.

  167. Lynne D

    I am teaching my children to give. I take them shopping to buy things that are needed by families we know or to meet some ministry needs through our church. We are also trying to volunteer our time when we see a need.

  168. gloria c

    My girls are grown; however, I always remind them to be thankful in all things. I pray that my one daughter teaches this to her children. Also to love and respect others. What a wonderful story.

  169. Rachel Saunders

    I try to spend a little time each night reading the bible with my kids who are 13 and 15. I want them to desire to have time in Gods word each day so they can have the knowledge of his word to help them through each day and see his love for them through his word.

  170. Laurie B

    Looking forward to more giggles around here!!!

  171. Amanda Bingham

    I am teaching my son and daughter about kindness. It is so easy to be self centered and but when they take a minute and think about how to react kindly, they see the difference in the outcome. Thank you for your book and I look forward to buying it and reading it. Merry Christmas.

  172. Mandee

    I totally agree with teaching our children through experiences and not lecturing. Our kids learn from watching what we do, whether it is good or bad, and I know I need a lot more giggles in my home with my girls.

  173. christina Collins

    The current lesson taking place in our house is handing our fear over to God and trying to live with more joy. I like the idea of giggling more and reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus with this study. Thank you!

  174. Missy Thompson

    I am a mom to two teenage boys and we’ve recently been discussing their feelings toward (bad kids). They refer to those who make poor decisions or get into trouble as “bad”. I take this opportunity to ask them to really look hard at the background and upbringing of these kids. Some are sad stories so I remind them that Jesus commands us to love and pray for everyone. Even those who aren’t easy to love.

  175. Jennifer D.

    We are currently working on hospitality and generosity in our house. It is my desire to have a home that is welcoming to others and where others feel welcome and loved.

  176. Amber

    my husband and I have been trying to teach our kiddos to think of the world outside of themselves. Instead of receiving birthday gifts from friends, we ask in a birthday party invitation for donations to either the local humane society or rescue mission.

  177. Ellen Cole

    I don’t have children of my own, but read your idea about leaving several bags with $1.06 and a note in various places in a Dollar Tree…and I absolutely loved it. I plan to do the same and I shared the idea with my girlfriend, who has a 10 year old daughter. She was very excited by the idea and plans to do it with he daughter too! Thank YOU for all theses wonderful ideas! Your impacting more people than you will ever meet in person.

  178. Dee

    Oh how wonderful!! The video is simply precious. There are so many simple acts of kindness we can do with our kids to show them how to truly share Gods love & his light. And these simple acts of kindness mean so much. As a mother of two boys I do my best to be an example to them on what this looks like and I have been blessed to see them do the same. Thxnk you got sharing. It would be great to receive your new book. Blessings

  179. trish johnson

    To be kind to each other within our home. Sometimes we show much more kindness to others & give each other the left overs.

  180. melanie hartel

    I have recently lost my best friend to cancer.Teaching my three daughters how to praise Jesus even through the darkest times has been my goal. His peace passes all understanding.

  181. Kasia

    What I teach my 5 girls changes according to the circumstances we find ourselves in.
    Lately it’s about loving others because God loves them and hating the sin while loving the sinner.
    Learning to apply the virtues into our lives would be wonderful 🙂

  182. Alysia

    Being the month of December, I have been teaching my three year old son about giving. We pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, buy toys for our church’s outreach ministry, and clothes for needy families at the school where I teach. He is at such an impressionable age and it is fun to do these acts of service together and show him how to love others and that it’s not all about us.

  183. Leslee

    We have a preschooler’s devotional that I try to read with my son daily and now we are trying Ann voskamp’s advent book.

  184. stina babb

    I have 4 children, 12, 9, 7 and 3. This takes things to a new level with being thoughtful in a creative way. This post encourages me to do not just think of something to do, but to do it. Ty

  185. Mary Jane

    I am trying to teach my kids the True meaning of Christmas! Not about getting but our Savior.

  186. Tina Marie

    Quite simply, I started to read children’s bible to my two sons ages 4 & 7 every night. They look forward to our time together. They even ask questions and comment on what we learned. Then we pray together. I want my boys to love God’s Word and know how to pray. Most importantly, how to have an authentic relationship with Christ. However, I don’t just want them to be readers of the Word but, teach them to live their lives out as Christ followers/leaders. As the opportunity presents itself I teach them to be aware and sensitive of other needs and feelings. Sometimes it’s tough love to redirect undesired behavior but I know the end result will be God fearing, strong, and loving men one day. I also teach them to volunteer and help out. They feel great about contributing something positive. I very much hope this will teach them to value the right things, teach them to give and be generous, and get their confidence from something more internal on a heart and soul level. There are so many things could teach my children, but I believe that if I teach them to love God (& His Word) and love others everything will fall into place in other areas. I also teach them to be honest, to apologize, be themselves, learn from their mistakes, and to have fun; laugh,dance,play! It’s such an honor to raise two boys who will be incredible men one day. I’m blessed.

  187. tasha g

    my kids and I have been reading a daily devotional and love that it is a daily reminder to us about God’s unconditional love for us no matter our circumstances.

  188. Barb

    We have 5 children, ages 3, 7, 9, 11 and 12. Right now we are struggling to simply learn to be kind to each other. Since we homeschool, we are always together and sometimes forget that each day with each other is a gift from God! I want us to live out God’s love, because He first loved us…to strangers and siblings alike. 🙂

  189. Megan

    I would love to be one of the chosen recipients of this beautiful book. I am a first time mommy-to-be due in May and I pray for these virtues for my unborn child everyday. I would love to learn how to show my sweet child how to live them out once he or she has entered this world!
    Thank you for all that you do!

  190. Amanda j

    I have a three year old and a 9 month old. I feel like it is a never-ending balancing act of teaching them (mostly my three yr old) “everything they need to know”. Every day I feel like there is an opportunity to work on a different virtue. We’ve been more focused on respect for others and loving others as Jesus loves us. I’m excited to read this book, as all momma’s know…there is no “going it alone”! Thank you for writing this!

  191. Jamie

    I’m trying to teach my kids that this season is really about giving to others! We created a list together of how we will be showing God’s love to our family, friends, and community. Including them in the process of deciding what our plan was really helped me to see their hearts and where even as young children, God can use them! ❤

  192. Michelle Chandler

    I just recently lost my mama and daddy. My daddy past away a year ago and my mama past away four months ago. My mama had Alzheimer’s and moved in with us after my daddy passed. My daddy promised my mama that he would never put her in a home, so when he was diagnosed and had months to live, he called me over and asked me to take care of his bride. I knew what he meant, so I started preparing my home for my mama. My mama did not know me but she knew she was safe. My husband was so very supportive through all this. My husband and I are teaching our son to serve, love and stay committed to your promises even when it’s not easy. My son learned so much in those 2 years and we are forever changed as a family. This video makes my heart smile

  193. Ruby

    Being kind and generous.

  194. Melissa Brown

    Definitely working on teaching my kids that it is more important to give than to receive, especially during the holidays. Love the idea behind this book, would absolutely love to read it!

  195. Andrea

    Kindness. We’ve talked about disagreeing with kindness.

  196. Denise Akkerman

    We are teaching our little grandchildren to extend their little hand out to others and say, “it is nice to meet you”. They are bringing joy to others’ lives. Would love to read your book!

  197. Stacy

    I am trying to teach my 17 year old daughter to be happy with herself and also to not get caught up in all the drama that comes with being a teenage girl. She and I go out and do things and just have fun – with no worries!

  198. tina

    Praying I can effectively show God’s grace to my 17 year old daughter as we await the birth in the coming weeks of her child, Madelyn Grace. Love is the only choice and there’s blessing in this season. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  199. Anita Hurdle

    This article touched my heart! I love that so many people have put “what works” in print. I’m a grandmother, but in our house–we definitely giggle. I am so glad this book is available to my precious daughter-in-love now–she will love it!!!

  200. Mona

    What a beautiful example of letting God replace our heart with His and loving like He loves. Thank you for sharing.

  201. Tonya Thrash

    Please, please, I would love to have this book for my three children and myself! I am always trying to do this same thing but would love more ideas to actually live it!!! Thank you for sharing!

  202. Melissa Wall

    I am trying to teach my children to love others even through the difficult times, even when you feel the other person doesn’t deserve it. Love them anyway.

  203. Nancy DeMarco

    I was already encouraged by the very title of your new book. I have two girls who I feel were raised in a house of “giggles” wondering if I have ever made a serious dent in their virtue learning. My husband and I once took the girls out to an after Christmas book sale in hopes of buying presents for the next year at a good price. I of course cut out all the necessariy coupons and was reviewing them in the car on the way. When it was time to pay, I could not find them anywhere in my purse. I checked twice. Finally I sat on the floor and dumped my entire bag of contents on the rug. My kids and husband scattered in embarrassment. I couldn’t find them. My husband insisted we just pay without the coupons, but that was like missing the whole point of why we came. I asked my husband to check in the car. Mind you it was a snowy cold day. He reluctantly did and reported back rather quickly that they weren’t there. “Are you sure?” He was sure, sooooo I dumped the purse out again! They scattered again. I then told the family that I was going to go to customer service while they waited on line and ask the woman if she would honor my coupons that I could not find. To my surprise she did! We saved $20 that day. “You see girls, there are people left in the world who have faith and do believe you are truthful.” We then hopped in the car to get some Chinese take out and there on the front seat were the coupons! We all laughed. I then asked my husband to drive up to the entrance again so I could return the coupon to the woman who extended the courtesy. They were shocked. “That was the right thing to do girls to say thank you to that woman for believing me” We got to the Chinese place to pick up our order and there on the curb where we parked was a $20 bill.

  204. Michelle

    I am always getting my girls to put themselves in the other girl’s shoes. When they start telling me about a “conversation” they had with another person that didn’t end so well. I always tell them to stop for a minute and think about the other person and why they might have spoken to them that way… Sometimes their eyes are opened and they remember the other person is struggling at home or in some other way. Some times they don’t know but they are reminded that sometimes we don’t know what all is going on with a person. Thank you for your example and I can’t wait to read your book. God bless.

  205. Leigh F

    What a beautiful example of sharing God’s love with others. I have to get your book. I want to teach my kids to be kind and generous.

  206. Bethie

    We are teaching our two foster sons, ages 4 & 6, about grace and forgiveness. When we have wronged someone, we say, “I’m sorry for breaking your toy, will you please forgive me?” The response is “Yes, I forgive you for breaking my toy.” Then we hug it out. As parents we apologize to our children to show them that we are not perfect as well and need forgiveness too…a lot! The boys have been with us 16 months now and I can see a difference in there behavior when we extend a little grace.

  207. Sheri

    I have been teaching my children to give to others this holiday season. We have chosen two families to bless with gifts this Christmas. One family struggling with a child with cancer, the other a family just down on their luck. We are purchasing gifts for these families, extending love to some less fortunate. We are also trying to instill in our children a pay it forward mentality. I love the title of this book! I look forward to reading it!

  208. Meredith Strain

    Good Morning- I have been showing my children the importance of giving back. Showing the servant heart. As hard as that is sometimes for children of the ages 9, 8, and 5. My husband and I are youth leaders at our church. We focus more on service with this high school group so that they can feel and experience God in that amazing way. When we are engaged in serving others, we bring our children with us. They are right there serving and learning and feeling with us. Whether it is making cards and taking them to the residents of a nursing home or assisting with sorting of toys and essentials for children that receive from the Salvation Army Angel tree Program. I want my children to experience LOVE to the fullest by serving others the way Christ did. I believe their memories will never fade from these acts of kindness.
    I would love to introduce this book to a group of women that I conduct book studies with starting off this next year! God Bless you and Merry Christmas

  209. Charlotte

    my son and I are working on a Jesse Tree for Christmas this year,. He is 9 and recently committed his life to Christ so this Christmas I wanted to focus away from the world and deeper into our relationships with Christ. As a single mom and sole parent and come from a unhealthy home life in my adolescence I would love your book to help me to become a better mom and a more fun less rigid mom who is just trying to get everything done. Your book has me excited!!!!

  210. Aubrey

    We are trying to teach our kids to go above and beyond for others without being asked and without wanting anything in return. It’s hard but worth it!

  211. Sheila

    With Christmas quickly approaching…I really want my little girls to totally understand why we celebrate this day…and to genuinely know that it’s better to give than to receive!! I want them to really experience that deep in their hearts!

  212. Jasmine

    I am trying to teach my daughters how to be selfless during this Christmas season.

  213. Noni

    Hi! In our house we talk a lot about angels, earthly and divine.
    my hope is that my kids will always strive to be ‘someone else’s angel’, through love, service and kindness to anyone and everyone.
    Your book sounds wonderful!

  214. Tina Nobles

    what a precious story, and awesome way to teach your kids.

  215. Carrie Stringfield

    This message came at the perfect time, which is always in Gods perfect timing!! My 11 year old daughter was having a rough morning and I was rushing around trying to get the baby ready as I beat myself because I didn’t simply stop and listen. This book sounds amazing and I cannot wait to read every page!!

  216. Kim

    I’ve been teaching my children the Biblical Christmas story.

  217. Elisha Robertson

    I’m teaching my kids to love and respect each other the way they want to be loved and respected

  218. Rachel Nestman

    I don’t have kids yet, but I want to teach my children to open their eyes to the hurting World around them and also that, through the power of the Holy Spirit, they can do something to help others in need.

  219. Summer exum

    I have been teaching my kiddos that it is so much fun to give to others
    I have them carefully watch the person we r giving to’s face and see how much joy comes to it!! We helped a family with their rent this month and we all felt so happy!!

  220. Melissa

    I love this! My son is only two but this year we’ve shopped for Operation Christmas Child, adopted an elder at the nursing home and a little girl through inner city missions. Would LOVE ideas for all throughout the year!

  221. brenda

    I see such a wonderful change in Lysa’s writings this year and enjoy how uplifting and inspiring they have become. Her writing is so much better, and is inspiring rather than miring. I appreciate how the stories reflect the joy she finds in the Lord rather than the muck of the situation. Keep up the great work!

  222. Kim

    During December, when we say our blessing before dinner, we choose one Christmas card we’ve received and pray for the family. We also purchase gifts for needy children every year. How we’d love to add this book to our collection!

  223. Jill

    Teaching them to love the elderly. I want them to respect and care for the older generations.

  224. penny diamond

    I must learn to laugh with my children more. Always too busy fussing at them and lecturing them; I want to influence my kids and be a better example!

  225. Tammy

    My 7 year old 1st grade daughter is dealing with how mean some kids can be at school…unfortunately most are girls….I’m teaching her that’s not how Jesus would want us to act. We are to show His love, kindness & be thoughtful towards them. Trying to teach “who” she is in God’s eyes, not who they say she is. She has a “bbf” from church so I’m also teacing her the difference between a true friend and not so true; and what a gift that is. Would love your book to show her others ways to be like Jesus.

  226. Julie

    We are teaching religious education to our 2nd graders in Holy Family School. To love others and treat others as you would want to be treated!

  227. J S

    Trying to demonstrate and show my 2 daughters (8 and 5) how to be giving to others and how to help those in need and recognizing how blessed we are. Donating shoe boxes to Operation Christmas Child, donating cheer bags to local food bank and feeding/serving the homeless.

  228. Amber

    I was just talking to my 2 year old son last night about how when we bless others God blesses us. We are fortunate and have more than we need. It’s a blessing to give. In the end we are the ones that really receive the blessing. God is so faithful!

  229. Laura

    I have 2 in college and 2 still at home in Jr. High.
    I am now working, and more stressed, and my husband let go of his business because of finances and is a seasonal landscape designer, so stress is high. I see the girls giggling and often it is too much for me. I ask them to settle down, but I’m aware that I should be joyous that they are so happy.

    I think your being intentional in being joyful is wonderful! Maybe if I change my mindset, all the other things will work themselves out.

  230. Rachel

    I was raised in the “lecture hall” by a minister’s wife who had the best of intentions but it always felt like we were in trouvé when we were “learning” about virtues and others. Now a mom , I’ve noticed I have no clue where to begin and even though I PROMISED myself I would never do the same, I find over and over me talking and those precious eyes looking at me like “say whaaaa?” I would LOVE to have your book not only to read dr myself but perhaps share with the group of moms who went through “Am I Messing Up My Kids?” together. My husband is on disability and I just lost my job (Merry Christmas!) so to have this boo would be such a luxury and blessing! Thanks for reading – and be BLESSED for following The Lord’s direction over your life. I hope if you come anywhere near Denver I can hear you speak. You are annointed! God bless you, your precious girls, and your ministry!

  231. Denise wall

    God bless and thank you for sharing.



  233. Mandy

    I have 4 little girls ages 2,4,6 and 8 years. My husband does a really good job of sharing and learning with laughter but I could use some help! I will look for your book at my local library if I am not one of the winners. thanks!

  234. Leah

    This post brought me to tears seeing a loving mama teaching her sweet girls through action. My son turned 4 last week and we have been working on making eye contact when speaking, especially when thanking someone. It is such a sweet moment to see this tiny boy stare up at an adult and say “thank you” in a small but sincere voice. Thank you for your reminder to faithfully teach my son by example the character of Christ.

  235. Laurie Velazquez

    Good Morning,
    I am the mother of 3 grown boys. All of whom are married. I have been blessed with 2 grand daughters. I can’t begin to tell you how very much I love those girlies. My son and his family live with us. They are going through some very trying times and it’s been a long 7 years of marriage for them. My sweet sweet Roree will be 7 in January. She sometimes makes me sad with some of her faces because she knows that her world is sometimes not so much fun. I like to see myself as a fun grammy. Believe me when I say the blessings are all mine. I get to see them daily and kiss them goodnight. Just this morning as I walked this sweet girl to the bus stop slipping and sliding all the way, she told me how much this was the best morning of her life because of all the giggling we did. I made her hold my hand so I wouldn’t fall. She thought it was wonderful. Roree and I have a special bond. I want to keep her giggling because she is so worth the effort and she has a beautiful smile and a sweet spirit. I will be purchasing your book. Roree has a sister Leslie. She is 2. She is a free spirit. I don’t know how else to describe her. She is the very best of her sister in a “I am gonna throw myself into life way”. She is just beginning to see how much fun grammy can be. I can’t wait for her to catch up to Roree so she can embrace the things that Roree has. I delight in watching them grow into beautiful girls who love the Lord. I really believe that God makes grammy’s and poppies as a second chance to delight in his creations. What a huge blessing we receive daily through these two beautiful girls. Praying your all having a wonderful day.
    Grammy V
    (Laurie Velazquez)

  236. Megan K.

    My kids are 3 and 1… I think this would be handy now and in the coming years. Thanks for the post!!!

  237. Paige

    Gratitude! We live in a very affluent area and are surrounded by entitlement mindsets – not just in the kids, but the adults too. We are not affluent ourselves – comparatively – but trying to teach my daughters that we are so, so rich is hard in this environment!!

  238. Angela

    This is wonderful! <3

  239. Valerie

    Wow! This is exactly what we as parents need. Not just our children. We need to be able to laugh at our parenting mistakes and teach our kids in a way that will have a lasting impact on them so that they can actually apply it to their lives. One thing we have been trying to do is to laugh through mistakes, spills, messes and blunders at home. Would love more tips on how to do this especially with my daughter.

  240. Joycelyn

    I teach my children that not only is it nice to do for others but it is also our responsibility. If we see someone in need whether it is a physical need or just a smile, it is our responsibility, if it is within our power, to fulfill that need. We all are in our struggles together so as human beings and children of Christ, we should always stay willing to give a listening ear and provide for those that may feel no one else is listening or cares.

  241. Amy

    I have a 6, 3 and 1 year old, and my husband and I have really been trying to work with them on what it looks like to serve others and WHY we do it! Would LOVE to have this book! Thank you!!!

  242. Kristy

    A family member has a son diagnosed with Deuchanne Muscular Distrophy. This form of MD is 100% fatal. Most children lose their battle as early as age 10 and up. He is about to turn 11… I have no idea what to say to her. She is so angry and desperate. She’s running herself ragged flying all over the country getting in clinical trials trying to save her son or at least buy some time. I’m sure I would do the same. I just can’t imagine what she’s going through knowing her son will die within the next few years or sooner. Do you have any blogs or teachings on this subject? If anyone tries to tell her to hold on to hope she feels she’s being patronized. I just don’t know what to say to her or how to lead her to the Lord through this. She’s angry with God for her son being fatally ill and I’m finding it hard to understand myself…

  243. Angela Phipps

    My two girls ages 3 and 5 are grumpy gusses by nature- they wake up grump, they get grumpy easily and head to bed tired and grumpy. So I have been trying to teach them to be more joyful. Every morning I wake them and say to them- Psalm 118:24- Today is the day the Lord has made, we will be glad and rejoice it it. I have been saying it for months and wondering if they are really hearing me. Then the other day, it was my dad’s birthday, I came home from work and was going to have my girls call Pappy and wish him a happy birthday. I came home and said to my 3 year old- do you know what today is? I was fully expecting her to say no and me to reply that it was pappy’s birthday, but to my astonishment she said yes. So I asked her, what is today? And she matter of factly said, mom, today is the day the Lord has made, we will be glad and rejoice in it. I about fell to the floor. They are listening and they are “getting it”. Just keep giving it to them every day.

  244. Patti Chriestenson

    Our family is “practicing” being thankful for the food we have. And we tried to close the complaint department!

  245. Dee Corey

    This book sounds marvelous. I am blessed with 5 daughters from9 to 7. I am currently learning to give them grace instead of always correcting. It is so hard to change when you have trying for 19 years to nake your kids be good. A heart full of God’s love and grace us way more important than just outward obedience.. Myself and my girls need I to learn to giggle instead of being frustrated by our mistakes. This book would be such a blessing. Thanks Dee Corey

  246. Stephanie

    I would love to have this book…..our family has really struggled over the past year with a terrible custody issue. We have 3 sons living in our home ages 11, 13 and 15. We are desparately wanting them to learn about true joy in life.

  247. Dee Corey

    I meant from 19 to 7. Thanks

  248. Angela

    I have been teaching my kids about heaven since my grandmother passed away almost 2 weeks ago.
    I could really use this book. It’s a constant struggle to tame my lectures/yelling/anger issues. And I’m doing it with no help from a husband who is here but not present.

  249. Preslaysa

    I have a 4 and a 2 yo. This is a great reminder for me to lead by example rather than just telling them what’s the right thing to fo.

  250. Lori

    It is Christmas time of course and time to go caroling!! My kids never want to (much like I was at their ages!!) go and would try to find every excuse not to do it! However, I have such fond memories of the times we went with our church and I want them to one day look back and be thankful for the service to others by way of a song on a cold and frosty night! So… I am encouraging them to look for the light in peoples eyes when they open their doors and to give of themselves in this humble and gracious time of the year! Merry Christmas!!

  251. KimDM

    So great to hear about this book! It really encourages me as a mom of girls as well!!! I have really been trying to track my girls how important it is to always offer a kind word. We were actually talking this morning about how hurtful words can be. Even though at times we may appologize we cannot take back what we say. We never know someone’s heart or what they may be going through to cause negative actions or words but overall a kind word is worth a lot to a person because just as your story you never know how that person needed that kind word that day!!! God Bless You!

  252. Heather M

    I want my kids to learn to trust God. Truly, madly, deeply. To depend on his faithfulness, goodness, mercy and grace. That when all else fails, God will absolutely come through.

  253. Terri

    My 3 children are all grown now but I do try to teach them still each day to put their self in other peoples shoes before they judge them. It’s hard when you are not walking in someone elses’ life to really know what they are going through. Just love them and don’t judge them. Act more like Jesus would.

  254. Dale

    To ask Jesus for help in whatever… Do the best you can for Jesus (like Joseph in prison, David tending sheep…) in whatever…And leave the results with Him & fret no longer about the whatever…!

  255. Tanja

    I loved your post today. I feel like I fail my kids all the time, but this gave me some hope. When we go to the grocery store, I try to look for the boy who gathers the carts. It could be raining or snowing or 100 degrees out and yet I love having a nice dry cart inside. So ANYTIME I see a young man who works for the store gathering the carts, I try to thank him. Usually his strange look at first and then smile shows me that I have hit a small spot in his heart and that maybe he can see God cares through me. My boy watch me and ask me about it. It’s such a cool moment.

  256. Crystal Weeks

    What a blessing! I have two daughters also and attempt to instill the importance of kindness to others each day. I love reading and hearing about others’ experiences and ideas as to how to share the love of Jesus in that way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opportunities to witness with us!

  257. Natalie

    I have been trying to teach my kids to treat each other with kindness and respect in all things!

  258. Heidi Williams

    I find that now I’m a grandma, I so wish I had had this book when I raised my 5 kids. I pray my kids will giggle more than we did.

  259. Cozette

    I am teaching my children to keep Christ central to Christmas, to look for joy in giving, not just receiving and to be willing to help others in need even when it’s hard. This last one has been pretty front and center the last two months since I sprained my ankle and developed tennis elbow. Without my kiddos arms (ages 11 and 9) the chickens, dog and goats would not get cared for, the Christmas decorations would not have been put out and those Christmas cookies would not have been mixed. All the “work” of Christmas can suck the joy right out of this season. So learning to serve in love with a willing and grateful heart is our family’s lesson this month. I pray we get it. I don’t now if I can handle another injury. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  260. Krystal D

    My little boy is only 21 months, so right now we’re trying to teach that it’s not nice to hit/bite/pinch others 🙂

  261. Megan

    This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. Another comment said, “It’s not about us”. SO TRUE! I find my patience wearing thin as a momma sometimes, but I love the message of both Lysa’s words and Courtney’s words in these posts. I also love laughing, and I hope to look back and see much laughter and virtuous lessons learned with my baby girl! …and many moments “lighting up” others’ lives along the way!

  262. Jen Marcus

    I love your ideas and want to join you on this plan. I have one 9 year old boy and twin teen girls.

  263. Bonnie Howard

    We have been teaching our two girls (11 & 13) the importance of prayer and to always go to GOD first when they are facing a tough decision or are struggling with what to do. We want them to know that God will always be there to guide them but they have to remember to be thankful and to give thanks for their blessings. I love your ministry so much it has truly helped me in this area of teaching my daughters how to love and trust God with all their heart. Thank you for all you do!

  264. Tara

    We have been teaching our kids to serve others, even we don’t feel like it. I want to kearn to put others first and show christ’s love

  265. Margie B

    Teaching my daughter about outreach. How God has called us to serve others . Not to be served by others. We are on an outreach team at our church where we go out into communities and give out food and clothes and pray with people . (We also go into assisted living homes and nursing homes to play board games, work a puzzle and polish fingernails )that are needing these things. I always tell her that we are being the hands and feet of Jesus! We are thankful that God lets us serve . Thank you Jesus!

  266. Dorothy M

    To serve with diligence and gladness.To do what is before them now and then God can lead them on to greater things.

  267. Sandy Davis

    Sounds like I need a book like this in my house. There have been some negative vibes going on and I need to fix this. My focus in 2015 is investing in my family with positive attitudes and ALOT more family time.

  268. Tracy P

    Ohhhhh, I am such a lecturer and not very good at practicing what I preach. Sounds like this could hit home for me.

  269. Charissa

    This year has come with new challenges as my son started first grade, and has grown quite competitive. It benefits in some ways, like in school and learning, but when he loses or doesn’t do so good on something he gets really hard on himself. I’ve had to focus a lot on teaching him that it’s not about BEING the best, but TRYING your best. As for my daughter, my husband has called her princess from day one, and being four she’s really grown into her title. With a brother who babies her and a daddy who coddles her, mommy has had a lot to teach her, LOL.

  270. Abigail van kraay

    Amazing. This is truly inspiring! Thank you. I have two boys. 1 year old and 4 year old and there are many days where I just hate hearing my own voice with do’s and dont’s! I am now so inspired to model gratitude more freely. Today my oldest danced wildly with a flag in his bedroom. It turned into a kind of Marshall arts performance, so funny, so cute, yet always on the dangerous side!! I let him do it and smash his flag around and kept myself DNS babe secure in a corner! This boy, at present is do full of defiance and aggression but I know it will transform into incredible worship of Jesus and he will be might in battle

  271. Amanda

    Trying to teach a tween girl that it’s not all about self is an uphill battle to say the least. Avoiding lecturing & teaching by example can be a challenge, but we try to offer her opportunities to serve in many areas from church, to school, to community. We look forward to spending the new year in this book. 🙂

  272. Patty Mulay

    I’ve been teaching my kids-my kindergarten class in West Africa-how to be a good listener..quietly, smiling, looking at the speaker, thinking about what they are saying, asking questions about what they heard. Listening is not just waiting for your turn to talk. I feel like Jesus must have been a great listener!

  273. Melanie

    I loved reading this and whether or not I win your book, I am buying it and eager to read it. I have two girls (ages 4 and 6) and I want nothing more than for them to have a heart for Jesus and to know His Love. We have been working on forgiveness lately and praying for those who may have hurt “our feelings” or when they are sad or upset about something to talk to God about it. We want our girls to know that God is always with them and that he lives in our hearts. It’s so fulfilling when I hear them say this to other people or even to each other. I know that they are getting it and they are learning through my own actions of doing this as well as us doing it together.

  274. shannon

    Love this video and what you and your girls did for this sweet lady! I am trying to teach my girls to spend more time in God’s word, that the answers to tough times in life are in His Word! Thank you for teaching your girls and sharing with all of us! What an inspiration for something we can all do every day in some way…and what a difference it can make in someone else’s life, but also our own!

  275. Railey C

    As we wrap up our 2014 session of Divorce Care 4 Kids, I had ordered your book to give as a graduation gift to the kids parents. Winning ten would be a great way to share God’s love and laughter with those who are in need for our next session. Thank you for writing this book!

  276. Jeanette

    I have been teaching my kids the power Of spoken words; showing them that positive words pave the day to a positive attitude therefore producing positive behavior.

    Every morning in the car we say our confession and declare good things over our day, over our school and teachers and classmates and community and over behavior and attitudes. Proverbs 18:21 is my reference for them.

    Example: my son is in kindergarten and he is so vibrant. He would not pay attention and would
    Be out of his seat and not obey, acting like a true kindergarten boy. Every morning we would still say our confession, despite his behavior. Well he kept getting red faces and he said, mom it doesn’t work because I still act up, I still get red faces. I told him in the process of speaking the Word of God and confessing good things over your day, the outcome will be just what we confess. It doesn’t matter what it looks like now, you have to stay in faith and confess His Word. Soon enough he start getting green faces every day. The Word works. I just received a text from his kindergarten teacher today telling his dad and I that his behavior has tremendously changed, for the better of course.

    But my lesson to my children is to speak the word of God and command your day with positive confirmations.

    The power of the spoken Word. So good

  277. Barb

    We’re learning about Mary, Jesus’ mommy, and how she said “Yes!” to God, believed His promises, honored and praised Him with her words, and treasured up His truth in her heart.

  278. Shelly

    I love your post because this is something the Lord has been working on with me lately. I get all wrapped up sometimes in all that needs to be done and forget to stop and just laugh. Things get behind and I get tense because I feel like everything has to go perfectly. But the Lord has been showing me that I need to let go and let my children try to do things their way. And that it will be okay! We love to serve others, love to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

  279. Sarah Arthur -Hogan

    Sounds like such a fun book! Right now I am doing the veggie tales devos with my 2 & 5yr old daughters. My two year old grabs the devos book and the five year old finds our page. We talk about actions to show eachother. With my 13yr old we are reading The Story. We try hard to be proactive about living and loving like Jesus did. We regularly donate toys to our church, a foster care resource center and when I have other things to donate (just today it was a young single mother whom needed a humidifier for her congested infant) i take them with me.

  280. April

    L O V E this!!! We are working on giving to others… even when it is not always deserved. We have a 6 year old girl and an almost 4 year old who have attachments to “things” and so I feel like it is a constant battle in our house. 🙁

  281. Amber

    Teaching my children daily how to forgive and ask forgiveness. Showing grace and being grace isn’t easy, but it is so important to me

  282. Erin Baker

    This is so sweet. I love it!

  283. Morgan

    I am trying to instill in my kids that kindness goes a long way especially when someone treats you in an unkind way and that you don’t always know what people are going through so it is our job to show love and not get angry and judge them. Also trying to teach them how lucky they are and so many people aren’t a so we need to give of ourselves when we can.

  284. tami Vigesaa

    Right now, we are trying to teach our kids thankfulness/contentment. After I visited Haiti for the first time this year, I came back overwhelmed with the excess we have and how we are still wanting more and discontent or griping about things. Those people have what we would consider nothing- yet are full of joy. That is what I want to teach my kids.

  285. Stacy

    Kindness, and how saying things in a kind voice makes a difference. So much fighting between siblings lately. Trying to figure out how to teach them to be kind to each other is hard

  286. Jen

    I struggle to show rather than preach to my children about the virtues in the Bible, and the love I wish they more readily showed to others. I love your early comment about them needing laughter. So do we! I look forward to reading your book and adding the laughs back into our days.

  287. carmen bramucci

    This books sounds wonderful! As a children’s minister at our church and a mom of four, I am trying to teach all the kiddos I am over to connect, love, and encourage other believers. Doing life with other believers is such a blessing. I am thankful for authors like you who let us into your lives

  288. Melissa

    A week or so ago I mailed a large envelope to a friend and guessed how many stamps it would take to mail. Apparently I had guessed wrong, but I didn’t know it right away. A day or so later I found a receipt in our mail box with a note that said paid by Kevin. I guess my mail carrier had paid the extra .90 it needed to get to my friend. I wanted to do something for him to thank him, but I was embarrassed I didn’t know his name and it was a little outside my comfort zone. I decided to bake him brownies. So my daughter and I made him brownies and carefully listened to here the mail truck come up the street that day. I really wanted to just put them in the mailbox with a note that said thank you, but I felt that wasn’t personal enough. So when we heard the truck coming up the street we grabbed our shoes and ran out there. My 3 year old handed him the plate (still warm) and I said thank you especially for making sure that package got out to my friend. I know it’s not much, but it was a simple gesture or sincere gratitude. I hope to continue to grow and put myself in those uncomfortable situations because when I do, I hope that it sets an example for my children to do the same.

  289. Emily B

    I am so thankful to find this book. I have been looking for help on how to be more intentional with what I am teaching my children. I do a lot of lecturing and I know that doesn’t work. Lately I have been trying to teach my kids to be satisfied and thankful for all they have and to fight the urge to always want more or wanting what they see their friends have.

  290. Miss Lisa

    My kids are grown. I don’t really remember how I taught some of these things. But my heart got stuck in my throat when my now grown son told me that he shared his impromptu gift of warm homemade chocolate chip cookies after visiting me, with a homeless man that was sitting on a bench near his apartment. God has shown me that a couple of bucks is great and welcome, but conversation, and company are treasures too. When I do give a couple of dollars, I always ask them their name and chat for as long as the light will let me.

  291. Tracy

    Can’t wait to read!

  292. Brian

    We’ve been teaching our girls about being thankful. They say please and thank you. Try to make it fun adding sign language signs for thank you. Our girls find it extra fun to say (sign) thank you.

  293. Danielle

    My daughter is 16 months old and already loves to please those that she loves. When she does something to brighten others day, whether it is giving a hug to me or my husband, throwing away trash she finds on the floor, cleaning up her toys, etc. I make sure she knows It is appreciated and that she has done something for someone else that makes them feel happy. She grins and acts SO proud. I want her to grow up continuing to seek ways that she can serve others and have influence (big and small) on the world and reflecting God’s love.

  294. Jayne Barbour

    I desperately want my girls to understand how lucky they are but I can tell I’m coming at it all wrong when they tune out or tell me I sound “mean” when I talk to them about their blessings. Lol. So I would love your book for the guidance!!! This sounds awesome!!

  295. Shelly H

    My daughter is having an issue with A classmate so we are learning kindness when we really would rather not.

  296. Genny Armstrong

    My 4 sweet granddaughters live in a difficult environment. I would love to have this book so that I could make it a point to bring them to my house and focus on joy with them, rather than staying in crisis mode because of their stressful behaviors.

  297. Wendy

    I would love to win a copy of your book!!! I am working very hard on teaching my 4 children (soon to be 5) to have a servants heart. Whether it’s showing grace when someone messes up or helping an older person with their bags at the store or doing multiple small volunteer service projects throughout the year. …and I try to lead by example too by volunteering every week my services as a RN to help “save babies” & share Jesus with young girls. Such a blessing to be able to bless others.

  298. Amanda Francisco

    We have been working on teaching our 4 year old about patience and kindness. We remind him that God made all of us and loves each and every one of us, so it pleases God when we are kind to one another. I think the concept of your book is wonderful and I would love to read it!

  299. Candace

    Teaching my children the improtance of being grateful for what we have.

  300. Mary M

    I have been trying to teach my kids that honesty is important, and it’s always important to use nice words AND a nice tone. I also want them to be active listeners by acknowledging others feelings and then explaining theirs so the other person / people can understand their position. We don’t always have to agree with everyone, but it’s important to respect each other in a way the is honest and truthful.

  301. Laura de De Gracia

    So precious!! I love it! I am working with my 3 yr old son trying to teach him biblical principles and learn memory verses he can apply even at a young age. He loves it!

  302. Cindy

    I’ve been teaching her grace. Rather than getting upset when something goes wrong, I know little eyes and hearts are watching and learning! I was so tired during the 10 hour parent – teacher day that I tried to run over to Starbucks during my quick lunch break. My youngest daughter was in the back seat. Out of nowhere flashed blue lights – I was pulled over. I had not seen a stop sign as I made my way through a neighborhood as a shortcut. As the officer asked for my license and insurance, I stayed calm on the outside as I panicked on the inside – I couldn’t find the proof of insurance. As the officer called in he also realized our license plate had not been rented – a few days past due. I hope she remembers her Mom keeping her cool and showing grace. 🙂

  303. Lavonne Miller

    I’ve been trying to teach my children respect…respect for God, respect for parents/authority, respect for each other, respect for others, and respect for people’s personal property. Would love to have new and fresh ideas of how to impart this and many other virtues to them!

  304. Emily

    I have been teaching my two daughters to praise God even in tough times or situations. To look for the positive in every situation and know God needed this to happen to prepare us or someone else for something in their future.
    Would love to win a copy of your book I’m always looking for ideas to bring my girls closer to God and teach them the word!

  305. Debbie

    Your book sounds great! Your house sounds like a wonderful place to grow up! 🙂 I have been teaching my tween girls to rely on Christ alone for their sense of worth and not the things they do or what others think about them.

  306. LaDonna

    I try to teach my children to give both their time and their talents to others. As a family we have served at the local homeless shelter, purchased gifts for kids from the Angel Tree and served meals at Thanksgiving. But our favorite thing to do is to load up in my car and drive downtown Oklahoma City and pass out bottles of water and packages of granola bars, crackers or other goodies to people that are living on the street. The people that we distribute the snacks are thankful to receive it and my kids have so much fun meeting their needs and interacting with them. 🙂

  307. melissa

    My kids are still toddlers, so I’m trying to instill a servant’s heart and all of the characteristics that entails. Kindness, patience, love, humbleness… Having compassion and empathy for others, taking initiative with good deeds when we see someone with a need, no matter how small. Just taking time to love people on purpose.

  308. Deidra Bartow

    I love this! Thank you for sharing your heart for your family! I so desire to teach my daughter the same virtues! What a beautiful example you have set for your daughters and I hope and pray I seek and recognize opportunities to teach my girl as well. Right now she’s 2 so we are learning simple manners and discovering Bible stories together. We also teach our daughter to greet everyone with a smile and a hello. She brings joy wherever she goes…just like Jesus did! That is our prayer for her life…to reflect our precious Saviour. Thank you for the encouragement and the challenge!
    God bless,

  309. Lindsy

    I have been try to teach my three daughters to be LADIES. Not spoiled little girls who get whatever they whine for but graceful and polite women of God.
    I think by learning to be ladylike they will have a greater confidence to take on responsibility and know who they are in God.

  310. Michelle Hodges

    I’m teaching our daughter how its more important to give then to receive. We have done several things to bless to others. Also reminding her when she disobeys to be like Christ and share scripture.

  311. Jenelle

    We are very big on respecting others. It is hard to explain the idea that sometimes people don’t act in a way that seems to earn them respect. At that point, the discussion of grace comes into play. I think it is such a great idea to work on one a month to really get the concept down and make it a part of their life.

  312. Kara

    Grace. I didn’t have much grace shown to me as a child, so I have not been good with showing it in my home all the time. I’m now making a conscious effort to daily SHOW GRACE…with my children and my husband. God’s grace is such a powerful testimony to His love for us…I want GRACE to be my LEGACY so that it leads others (esp my children) to Christ!

  313. Rose

    We are leaning to get into God’s word daily and journal about what we learn. We are also working on our attitudes. I know this book will be a great addition and will give me lots of inspiration, encouragement and ideas to do with my kids. Thank you.

  314. Jennifer

    What a beautiful story and this is so right on, less talking and more living. I love the title and absolutely want more giggles in my house!

  315. Kelsey

    We are working on being thankful, appreciative and showing others Jesus in our actions, deeds, words, etc. I would LOVE to win a copy.

  316. Amy

    Thank you for your uplifting post. As a mom of four I want to instill in my kids kindness and compassion for others and wonder daily if I am doing a good job of this. Would love the chance to read your book!

  317. Heather

    I have been trying to teach my children about the power of prayer. I want them to always know that wherever they are in life, and at whatever stage of life, and whatever problem they are facing, God is always just a prayer a way. I really want them to TRULY RELY ON GOD and no one else, since He really is the only one that is with us wherever we go…

  318. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, I love it! This book sounds fabulous. Oh how’d I’d love to giggle more with my kids.

  319. Jenni

    I am a new mom of a one week old baby girl. She is my first baby and I pray every day that I will raise her in God’s ever amazing grade and love. I pray that I will teach and show her what true worship and following Jesus is all about.

  320. Martha

    Working on treating others with respect……even your siblings or the ones at school that are so difficult to love.

  321. Emily Ohmes

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll add your book to my wish list… Just in case I don’t get chosen. 😉 I love to surprise people with an unexpected gift!

  322. Ann Bradshaw

    How often we need to be reminded that it takes the body of Christ to raise our children. Also as your video showed with Miss Curlie, we need to remember that employees in service jobs in our society are real people too, and deserve appreciation. In Andy Andrews’ book The Noticer, I recently read similar thoughts to reinforce these ideas. Thank you for posting! Ann.

  323. Leslee McCoy

    🙂 What a great read!

  324. Allison Webbert

    What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing! I try to teach my children gratitude. It is so important to be thankful for everything we have and for everyone in our lives. Give thanks even in the small things!

  325. Krista B

    This book looks wonderful! Our plan for the new year is to be more intentional as a family to encourage others. Every Christmas, we have a present under the tree for Jesus and this year it will be filled with note cards so that we can send words of encouragement to those who need them. Our goal is to talk about it as a family and choose at least 3 people to encourage each week.

  326. Keri Unsworth

    My son is 5 years old and I have been blessed with a baby girl due any day now. I pray daily for wisdom in parenting and for my children to have a generous spirit. Throughout the year we work with struggling families to love on them in hopes they grasp God’s best for their life and experience the love of Christ. We are currently seeking the Lord on where we will volunteer Christmas week, but any time I am serving I take my son with me on site. We have been in some tremendously rough places, but its pretty amazing to see God work in his heart, an “invisible transaction”, as I witness him giving $4.00 of his $5.00 in quarters away at the arcade.

  327. Karis W

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been emphasizing gentleness with my children.


    I have 3 wonderful kids and I pray daily that they become greatful and generous adults. I know no parent is perfect, but I really want to learn to slow down more, giggle more and enjoy these flea ting moment with them that I know will undoubtedly shape who they become as adults.

  329. Emily

    Lately I have been teaching my 4 year old and 1 year old to be kind to one another. Actually, we’re always teaching that. Every day it’s a reminder- be kind to your brother- love your brother.

  330. Melody Byrum

    My daughter, she’s 10, loves to help others. She goes every Wednesday night and helps lug heavy boxes of food from our church food pantry to people’s cars. She goes once a month with our church to feed the homeless. She helps pick out gifts at Christmas to give to others who are in need. She loves to give. It wasn’t always this way though. Just 2 years ago, she felt a sense of entitlement and had an attitude that she felt she deserved better than what she got. So between me and my sister-in-law (who I adore), we started showing her what it was like to give to others. Now she loves it so much, she is bummed when she has to miss Wednesday night or Feed the Homeless. She was bummed when we didn’t have the money this year to buy Christmas gifts for needy families because of medical bills that are piling up and vet bills for a very sick dog of ours. She understands though that if we could have afforded it, we would. She knows what it’s like to love on others and I can only hope that her brother (he’s 2 right now) will learn by her example and mine and my husband’s example. Oh, and my daughter doesn’t have a sense of entitlement anymore.

  331. Shannon Evans

    I really cannot name one particular thing we’ve been trying to teach our son. Our son told us he tried to start a Bible study for a boy in his class because he needed prayer. He said it didn’t really work out but the boy thanked our son for trying so hard. Our son prayed with the boy. The boys were in 3rd grade. My husband and I were so emotional that he showed Christ’s love in school and was independent enough to do so. God is good!

  332. Suzanne Sholer

    The two most important things I’ve been trying to teach my daughter in the last year are
    I love you and God Loves you no matter what.
    You can always call on God and He will hear the cry in your heart for help.

  333. Elizabeth S Smith

    As a mommy to three LITTLE girls, I pray I can start this with them now! I’ve been too much of the rush here, hurry there kind of mom lately… Thanks for posting this!

  334. April Williams

    Oh this video brought tears to my eyes! Right now we are really working on focusing the fact that Christmas is about Jesus. Not elf on the shelf, not Santa!

  335. Melissa T

    I’d really like to say that I’ve been teaching my 3 girls wonderfully virtuous things because that is my goal. But I’ve found that, right now, God has other things to teach ME through them! Things like “life is messy, enjoy it anyway” or “you are not perfect or in control but you are always covered in my grace”. God’s love is big and overwhelming and I want to revel in it and teach my girls how to do the same!

  336. Stephanie

    I heard a commercial about a gift box with bible verses you made for your husband. I was wanting to make on but wasn’t sure where to find this on your website. Will you please offer direction.

  337. Sharon Shoemaker

    Everyday I pray my children will love God and live for him. We as parents will disappoint them but our Heavenly Father never will. My husband and I were Sunday School bus kids. We came from dis functional homes. We taught our girls to always look up. Love and obey The Lord and To love one another! They are both Pastors wives today. We are teaching our grandchildren as we walk and talk with them the same Biblical principals of loving The Lord , obeying His Word and and putting him first.

  338. Melanie

    I’ve been teaching my kids to trust in God no matter the circumstance. Even when things seem hopeless God is there and is working. I’m also trying to encourage them to look outside themselves and see those around them who need Jesus.

  339. Hannah

    Love this post and the video! It’s so sweet and touching. I have a 3 month old and my husband and I have already discussed the best way to teach him biblical values in this crazy world. We want to be sure we start young and strong! I never thought about it from this perspective and think it’ll be very effective! It just shows how God shining through us can touch so many lives.

  340. Lyane

    i loved the video! i’ve been trying to teach my children to “pray without ceasing.” we pray for people who are hurt, whenever we hear sirens, for one another in our household. many many times, we forget, or we are distracted by the circumstance at hand, but i am so blessed when one of my children (11, 10, 7 & 4) remind me to stop to pray.

  341. Selina

    I’ve been trying to teach my daughter to be considerate of others feelings. At only 6 years old I am
    Already seeing a quality of self-serving manipulation. She’ll gladly get others in trouble to get what she wants. I really want to model this in my life so that she can learn and grow I’m grace. This book sounds like exactly what I need at this point. I’m tired of yellinh and lecturing. I want her to love others and I’m not doing a great job by myself simply telling her she has to. I need a me approach.

  342. Betsy Cockrell

    I love this idea! We have taken a year off from any activies for our family except for serving. I would love more ideas. The blessings our family is receiving by serving and giving to others has been neat to see. It’s been great to see how God has used this season to open our hearts up more to him.

  343. Theresa Walker

    I’ve been trying to teach my children to treat each other the way they would like to be treated, and not to react in an angry attitude when something doesn’t go the way they would like (easier said than done…even for adults sometimes!). And, I am trying to teach my older daughter than her little brother (even though irritating at times), will always be her brother, and that loving each other is what God wants us to do.

  344. Michelle

    Trying to teach the sibling to be kind to each other. Oh mercy it’s hard!!!!

  345. Celina Salazar

    I love how you picked a cast member who might not have ever been highlighted otherwise. As a teacher I understand how important our support staff is to our school- custodians, teaching assistants, cafeteria workers, etc. Everyone’s role is important.

  346. Rebecca

    I am teaching my children to honor each other and prefer each other. Recently the bickering between my 14 year old son and 10 year old daughter got so bad I had unleashed hulk mom and I it wasn’t too pretty. I realized after that horrible incident that my children didn’t always recognize their behavior as selfish and they didn’t always know what the ‘nice’ thing was. So I had a talk with each of them individually and told them that I realized I needed to help them more with their relationship. So I was going to start pointing out opportunities for them to demonstrate love to their sibling. I also apologized for my bad behavior and promised that I would be looking for those same opportunities to show that I prefer them over my own selfish desires. I have since started whispering in their ears at differnt times, when no one else notices. I tell them this is a time for love. Can you think of something you can do to show love? Often I have to make a suggestion on what to do. So the other night, (we had just been in the Magic Kingdom) we were at our hotel room and my daughter gave up her comfy spot on the bed to her brother, and made a pallet on the floor. Later when no one noticed she whispered in my ear, ‘Is this what you mean when you say prefer each other? Is this good?’ I was so proud!!!!

  347. Tammy Wiley

    I would love to get a copy of this. Trying to teach my son who is 4 all principles and the love that God shares. Also trying to teach my 2 yr old daughter how important that is to have God in our lives and to walk in his ways.

  348. Rachel

    Lately, we have been working on thankfulness with our daughter!

  349. Shelley

    My kids are grown but I wanted them to be kind and to see ways they could help others.
    I have had people tell me about the compassion my kids have shown.
    your book sounds fab

  350. Mary Murphy

    Trying to teach love through forgiveness. Not to hold on to anger or hurt when upset. To forgive, love, and move on to the next person that needs love and forgiveness. Trying hard to model. So not easy! 😉

  351. Liz R.

    I have been trying to teach my 2 year old daughter the difference between saying “no” defiantly (not okay) and “no” in answer to a question. It is a tricky concept. We had been saying “you don’t say ‘no’ to mommy or daddy”, but then she’d get worried when she answered ‘no’. So now we say, “you don’t say no to mommy or daddy when we ask you to do something. Your job is to listen and obey the first time.” It may seem like a lot, but she usually will chant it back to us so I know she’s at least starting to understand.

  352. Cassandra Semple

    I have been teaching my boys ages 6 and 8 the joy of practicing Random Acts of Kindness. They have really caught on coming up with several ways to R.A.C.K someone. What joy this has brought to our family! Excited to see what they will do next.

  353. Kim Wilson

    My daughter is 16; Is it too late to install these kind of virtues. I only have 1 year left before she’s off to college and not sure if I’ve done a good job In this area; although she is a girl of Godly character. I’ve tended to do more talking than walking it. I want to make this last actually year and a half count. Please pray for me and my only child and daughter that God’s will and character are deeply embedded in her and that the compressed time I have left with her will still be enough, right on his time. Thank you always for your encouragement.

  354. Rebecca Banta

    I so look forward to living this book. I have two girls, 3 and 4 years old. I have been teaching them to pray. When they get in a jam or are upset or had a bad dream, I tell them to say a prayer and ask for God’s help to get through it.

  355. Kimberlee

    I have been “steering” my children to pray for their siblings with specific prayers. They like to tell the each other that they prayed for them, and they also take an interest in what their sibling is going through.

  356. Marisa R

    I have been teaching my son what it means to be a leader like Jesus was. Not the flash and pomp, but service and standing firm in your convictions, and letting the love of Jesus shine through you to touch the lives of others.

  357. Ashley C

    Lately, I’ve been trying to teach my kids about giving to others — both of our time, love and energy, but also of material things. Donating clothes and toys to a little girl who was pulled from her home and sent to live with family when her mom lost custody, by going to prison. Giving a box of food to a family who had lost everything in a fire. And even dropping the spare change we have in our pockets in the Salvation Army buckets that we see everywhere during the Christmas season. So when my daughter saw a homeless man the other day, and started asking why he was out there, it filled my heart with pride when she told me, matter of factly, “Mom … why don’t we buy him lunch!”

  358. Lucy Sanguinetti

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I have tried to teach my children throughout the years about being kind and loving to “the least of these’….you know, the check-out clerk at Walmart or any grocery store, the greeter, the ladies at the serving line of the cafeteria at school, college or the sorority house. My daddy always did that…especially at a stressful time like Christmas, when the world gets busy and rude. He would stop and tell them their hair looked so pretty today, or that they are really good at running those groceries through that scanner so fast! They would giggle and their entire countenance would lift. He would let them know that they were doing a great job and how much he appreciated it! It rubbed off on me…and now my kids do it, too. Passing on the legacy of simple kindness!

  359. Katherine

    What a wonderful idea! I look forward to reading this and giving this to others as well!

  360. carol

    I’ve been teaching my eight year old to always pray before dinner and to know he is never alone and god is always with him even when I am not and never fear what is right no matter what .

  361. Karen Powell

    I would love to have a copy of this book for my daughter who has two young children … I think this is a book that would encourage and help her as she works with them in these tender years where they do indeed learn from our example…what they see, hear and feel…may we as parents even as our children are becoming adults continue to minister to them…”I want our family to be courageous and generous with our kindness.” … this was my favorite line here…may we all look for opportunities today to do just that…

  362. Jennifer

    That’s is exactly what I want tone in still in my two girls. They are getting older and they have been around their father a lot since I worked tthird shift for the last 10 years. Their father ddoesn’t have the same belief as me. And my girls spent more time with him, now they are starting to act like him. Not that he’s all bad but he doesn’t have a strong Christian belief. I want them to know about God and walk with Him. Just not talk about God.

  363. Dusty Croswell

    In the last year I’ve been teaching my 3 girls about gratitude and being a blessing to others. Every night we share how someone blessed us that day and how we were a blessing to someone else. It’s amazing how they strive to bless others and how grateful they are for the blessings they receive through others.

  364. Lisa Johnson

    I am working to show my children love. It often seems that they can spend so much time fighting and they need to practice showing more love towards each other. They tend to be very living to others just not their siblings.

  365. Nancy Jackson-Williams

    So encouraged thanks

  366. Jenny

    Thanks! I like the book already. Will buy it soon!

  367. Jennifer Meere

    I’m the mother of 3, a 17 year old boy, a 15 year old girl and a 7 year old girl. I have been trying to teach my children that loving the Lord and helping others will bless your life and bring you joy like no other.

  368. Terri Pierce

    I’ve been teaching my three year old how to “wait” or to be patient since this is the beginning age of learning self control. My pastor preached on self control a few weeks ago and shared how a study was done with a group of children who were told they could have one marshmallow but if they waited till later and saved it, they could have two marshmallows. One thrill waited and got two, these children were followed and research shoes that these children were more successful on test scores, college and careers. This of course, me wonder how many of us are not waiting on things that God wants us to wait on! So I decided to do this test on my daughter. I put a piece of candy on the counter, in her view, after breakfast and of course she saw it and asked if she could eat it. I told her she could eat it now or if she “waited” until after lunch she could have two pieces. I will never forget the look on her face, like are you serious? I can have two pieces if I wait!? So she put it on the table and a little while later, I came down our stairs and she had the candy tightly in her hands. She was shaking her hand nervously and said “Mommy can you please put it in the fridge?” In other words can you help me to wait, can you get it out of my face, can you give me away of escape as His word says in John 14:27 it was more of a lesson for me. How proud I was for her coming to me, how we need to turn to our maker to help us when being attacked with whatever He is telling us to wait! And In the process I got such a belly laugh & giggles out of it along with being overwhelmed with joy of her determination at age three to wait, to be patient,
    to want more! Gosh how I have failed at that at age 44! Now it makes us all giggle when I share that story ! I’ve even shook things in my hand and said God can you put this in the fridge ? Help me Lord!

  369. Terri

    I’ve been teaching my three year old how to “wait” or to be patient since this is the age beginning to learn self control. My pastor preached on self control a few weeks ago and shared how a study was done with a group of children who were told they could have one marshmallow but if they waited till later and saved it, they could have two marshmallows. One third waited and got two, these children were followed and research showed
    that these children were more successful on test scores, college and careers. This of course, me wonder how many of us are not waiting on things that God wants us to wait on! So I decided to do this test on my daughter. I put a piece of candy on the counter, in her view, after breakfast and of course she saw it and asked if she could eat it. I told her she could eat it now or if she “waited” until after lunch she could have two pieces. I will never forget the look on her face, like are you serious? I can have two pieces if I wait!? So she put it on the table and a little while later, I came down our stairs and she had the candy tightly in her hands. She was shaking her hand nervously and said “Mommy can you please put it in the fridge?” In other words can you help me to wait, can you get it out of my face, can you give me away of escape as His word says in Corinthians it was more of a lesson for me. How proud I was for her coming to me, how we need to turn to our maker to help us when being attacked with whatever He is telling us to wait! And In the process I got such a belly laugh & giggles out of it along with being overwhelmed with joy of her determination at age three to wait, to be patient,
    to want more! Gosh how I have failed at that at age 44! Now it makes us all giggle when I share that story ! I’ve even shook things in my hand and said God can you put this in the fridge ? Help me Lord!

  370. Lana Kuritar

    I don’t know if it’s too late to enter but I would love to own this book! I’m raising 3 grandchildren, one that has autism and the other is emotionally impaired. I have been raising each one of them since birth so to me they are my kids. I try everyday to instill in them how important it is to love one another regardless of race, to respect each other as well as others, manners and that God loves them and will never leave them.Winning this book would be wonderful!!!!

  371. Sarah Stimmel

    I found love the opportunity to read this book to help me raise my kids to love God as I do and hopefully teach their children same. And help me to be the best mom I can be to them.

  372. Anabella Villafana

    I know it is probably too late, but it’s ok, this message just blessed me. I am blessed to be the mom of 2 precious girls (12 & 7). Life can be tough and times all around us can be a bit scary and not to mention overwhelming, especially for children. However, I think the most important thing that I am teaching my girls to do, is to rely wholeheartedly on God. Fear and worry can easily rob them of the joys of being a child, but everyday of their lives I want them know that God has everything under control. I feel that if they have that instilled in their hearts, no matter what comes their way, they can fearlessly step out in Faith knowing that God goes before them.

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