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4 Gifts That Help Make a Difference

November 25, 2014

When I spend money on buying Christmas gifts this year, I want to invest in things that will honor the Lord.

Let me explain.

I’ve found that it’s hard to even turn on the TV or look at social media without hearing about something terrible going on across the world or in my own backyard. A shooting. An ISIS attack. Children being kidnapped and sold into sex slavery.

My heart has felt so heavy about this lately. I keep thinking, “How can I help these hurting families? What can I do to stop this? How can I help bring light to a world that seems to be drowning in darkness?”

While I can’t change all the evils of the world, I can make purchases that will make a huge difference in the lives of rescued women, Godless families, and people in need.

So this year, I’m buying these items for my family and friends which feels so in keeping with the real meaning of Christmas:

1) The “From Bullets to Blessings” Jewelry Collection: I’m so thankful Proverbs 31 Ministries has partnered with Fashion & Compassion this Christmas season to create beautiful jewelry using repurposed bullets recovered from the rubble in Ethiopia.

The “From Bullets to Blessings” collection is assembled by vulnerable and rescued women throughout Mexico and Charlotte, NC. By purchasing a piece of jewelry, you are directly helping to financially support women who have been saved from the horrors of sex slavery, addiction, and more.

Purchase your jewelry here.

2) “Wake Up The Wonder” Elevation Worship CD: Our souls were created to respond to worship. And this new CD, released today, is so powerful! It’s the perfect music to play first thing in the morning to set your heart to the life-giving realities of Jesus. God moves me and changes my perspective through these songs being used in my church as well as other churches all over the world.

Download the album here.

3) It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change: This is the children’s book that I wrote to help kids discover that no matter how new or fearful their circumstance, God is always with them. I’m passionate about equipping families with the most powerful tool – God’s Word. So I’m praying this message will bring His truth into unreached places. You can buy your copy through Proverbs 31 Ministries with confidence that your investment goes to support ongoing initiatives such as training pastors in the underground church of China, building homes for orphans in Africa, and more.

Get your copy (or copies) here.

4) Personalized Christmas Ornament: My friend Lisa Leonard creates the most beautiful jewelry and decorations for homes. Recently, she partnered with workers in the Dominican Republic to handcraft these ornaments and other pieces. Through this initiative, she’s been able to help provide full time jobs with health benefits for workers in a country with 40% unemployment. Receiving fair wages has enabled these men and women to care for their families and pursue higher education!

Purchase your ornament here.

Today, I’m giving away 10 copies of Elevation Worship’s “Wake up the Wonder” CD. Just leave a comment below with which gift you’re buying for a friend or a loved one this Christmas.

Together, through small acts, we really can help change the world in a big way!

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  1. Sharon

    Lysa: I’m so excited about the projects to help people support themselves. Not only are they financially improving the status of their families but they are gaining a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Thank you for making these available.

  2. Jennifer H

    Elevation Worship for my stepmom…can’t wait!

  3. Judy

    Thank you so much for the suggestions for shopping, what a blessing it is to know that what we buy will be helpful to someone else besides the receiver.

  4. Jen Leech

    I love these options for Christmas presents. I live in Ireland and we are still going through a deep recession which is hurting many families. This year, like last year, I bought local hand crafted items. But you have swayed me to think further afield. I’m going to opt for the hand made jewellery. This touches me deeply. Many thanks for your blog.

  5. Ellen

    Thanks Lysa for these wonderful suggestions. I’m right there with you. What better way to start the day than listening to worship music. I grew up in a house where we often started the day listening to the latest news broadcast. Nothing uplifting there!

  6. Michelle Waldo

    The worship CD is going to be a perfect gift, thank you Lysa for the wonderful outwardly focused ideas.

  7. DeAnn Huxman

    It will be okay book.

  8. Shannon

    Lysa, I’m getting a copy of “It Will Be Okay” for my little girl! She is learning to read, and will make a great gift for her! She can be blessed by your ministry just like her Mom!

  9. Karen

    I need a gift for my Jesus sister in Texas. The Bullets to Blessings will be the perfect gift for her. It also hits we where my hear is – MISSIONS. I recently went to Liberia on my first mission trip (first time outside the country). I was so blessed and I want to bless those who don’t have the same opportunities that we have. Patti will love this necklace. Thank you for your inspiration for the perfect gift. .

  10. Deandra Ashley

    Number 1 for one of my closest friends who has become such a blessing in my world this past season of hardships.

  11. Beth

    I’m getting a copy of “It Will Be Okay” for our friends kids they do not have it and thought it would be a good gift.


    I am going to purchase the necklace for a friend at work. I am going to purchase cd’s for my adult children along with the ornament and several books for my grandchildren and their friends at school to hand out at the Christmas party at school.

  13. Michelle Shellenberger

    I am going to buy the book for my daughter who struggles with anxiety. Thank you for all you do. God Bless!

  14. Melissa G ~

    Such meaningful gifts in more ways than one! I am definitely getting the Lisa Leonard: ‘You Are Loved’ necklace (in her shop) to my teen daughter! My sister gave one to me and it’s super special to me. I Thanks for sharing the Elevation CD with us…can’t wait to listen to it!

  15. Molly Koenig

    Love the personalized ornament for my family–2014 marks our 25th Christmas. I’ll probably put it in my husband’s stocking. And the CD for a friend.

  16. Perri

    I am definetly buying at least one book and when I get home ill look at other sites( I can see better on an iPad than my phone!) thank u so much for posting these! Courtney Defeo ( little light o mine) has great sites too. This Christmas I want to make a difference in others lives by gift giving! THANK U!

  17. Lisa Shellman

    The From Bullets to Blessings necklace. What a perfect gift idea. Thank you!

  18. Leta Boraggina

    Wow! What a wonderful message! I am definitely going to purchase some things from the Bullets to Blessings initiative. This is exactly what people need to do, find true meaning in the gifts they give. Thank you!!!!

  19. Terrain Edwards

    Thanks for sharing the awesome ideas on gifts that will be a light and blessing to others !

  20. Christy Martin del Campo

    I will be purchasing the ornament.

  21. Lisa Lawson

    Thank you for the great ideas of Christmas gifts that will help others. I am going to buy an ornament & a necklace.

  22. Janet Trenda

    Thanks for building a bridge of perspective between the harsh realities of the world and the beauty of the celebration of the Babe in the manger. It’s tempting to shut out the tragedies so we can have our celebration of Christ coming to redeem us. But those being harmed are also those He that came for.

  23. Kathy

    Hi Lysa, I am purchasing the book for my 9 year old granddaughter for Christmas. She is a very smart little girl, but even she has questions and fears, and I want her to understand that God will always be with her…no matter what comes her way. She is also an excellent reader and I’m sure will enjoy this book. Thank you for your ministry.

  24. Lisa Derrick

    Thank you for the beautiful gift suggestions! I will be buying that CD for my girlfriends! We love worship music! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! God bless you for all you do. 😉

  25. Kate

    I’m buying It will be ok for five young children who just lost their Dad in an untimely death. We know he’s with Jesus, but it’s still very hard for this precious family.
    I already bought the bullet jewelry for my daughter. What a great way to help on both ends.

  26. Sharon

    I am excited for the worship CD and children’s book:)

  27. Susan

    I am struggling financially working two jobs. I can’t afford any of the jewelry, but do love it and giving is always better than receiving. Prayers for these brave warriors.

  28. Diane Rullestad

    What a great blessing to purchase gifts that bless the recipient and those creating the gift! I’m getting the book for my granddaughter and the worship cd for my daughter.

    Thank you for being a blessing!

  29. Heidi

    Hi Lisa, I purchased the ‘From Bullets to Blessings’ jewelry collection for my daughter who is away at college. I also bought the ‘It Will Be Okay’ book. I am looking forward to giving these as very special Christmas gifts this year!

  30. Jamie

    Hi Lysa, I purchased your book for my 5 year old son and the album on amazon today. I would love to win the cd to give as a gift. I love Elevation Church and listen to your pastor every single week, loved your recent series as well, The Best Yes. thanks for all you do to show the rest of us that you aren’t perfect and you mess up too :-), thankful for God’s grace… take care and may God continue to bless all that you do.

  31. Carolyn

    I love all of your wonderful Christmas gift ideas. I may purchase the book for my boys.

  32. Amber Groce

    I’m buying the CD today for a friend who desperately needs to hear truth! And one for me as well, because who doesn’t? 🙂 thanks for your ministry.

  33. Kristen

    I am definitely buying your children’s book for my neices and nephews. I watched the Max Lacado seminar when you expalined your book and knew it would be the perfect gift! Thanks for the other suggestions as well. I will be considering them all.

  34. Linda Carranza

    I’ve already bought “It Will Be Okay” for my granddaughters — and they just loved it! It brought such joy to my heart to see my 8-year old granddaughter reading it to my 5-year old granddaughter. Thank you.

  35. Julie

    I’m giving my kids and godchildren the It Will Be ok book. I ordered them after listening to the Before Amen webcast. Got them in the mail and couldn’t wait to read it. It is so awesome! I’m going to recommend it to everyone I know!

  36. Kathy

    I love these gifts! I have wanted something like this that makes a difference to give to the people I love. I want to reach them with the love of Jesus so much! I’m buying the ornament for my teen age granddaughter! I’ve been getting her an ornament every year for the past 17 years — with the hope that she’ll use them on her own tree someday. It has always been a special thing between the two of us. So this is absolutely perfect!
    Thanks so much, Lysa.

  37. Rhonda Ellison

    I am buying your three of your children’s book for my grandchildren. I can hardly wait to receive them!

  38. Leslie Ramsay

    I’ve already purchased a bullets to blessings bracelet for a friend. Now, I will be purchasing the worship CD for my family and the handmade personalized ornaments for a few friends.

  39. Sandy Petre

    I am so glad you posted this….I love to give my family and friends items that people make. I think they mean more due to the hardship of where they come from. So glad to spend my money on things that matter, instead of items that are used for 10 minutes and put aside. Thanks Lysa…….so grateful to God for you and your ministry….I LOVE IT SO!!!!

  40. Lori Dunham

    I love the idea of using bullets to make jewelry… Taking something meant for harm and making it in to a piece of beauty !! I will definitely be buying those

  41. Cindy

    Love all of these wonderful ideas. I purchased your book It Will Be Okay to give to our new minister of education’s son. The father will begin on December 1st, and the son is afraid of the changes that are going to go along with moving to a new place. As soon as I saw your book, I knew this was for him. He’s 10 and will be in my 2nd grade Sunday school class. The children in the class have signed the book as well as the other teachers. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.

  42. Becky

    Music is the foundation of my testimony.
    Daily I choose to teach my children the wonder of
    God’s love through it !!!!


    Love Love Love the Bullets to Blessing Jewelry!! I will definately be purchasing several as gifts this year! Thank you for sharing!! :)))

  44. Stephany Welzien

    Will be buying several Bullets to Blessings…thanks for wonderful suggestions! Where/how can I sponsor women thu World Vision like you mentioned in WOF conference?

  45. Lacie Ernst

    What wonderful ideas! I’ll definitely be buying a copy of your book for my 3 girls- ages 11, 8, and 6! Thank you for writing it 🙂

  46. Jan Carlson

    I just purchased 3 of the Bullets to Blessings necklaces. Thank you so much for featuring them today! Now to look at the other things you shared……..

  47. wende

    I absolutely love this message today, and am completely supportive of giving meaningful gifts that help others. My teenage daughter has been hospitalized with mental illness this fall, and it has changed my perspective on what is important. I will be purchasing a variety of your items – the children’s book, ornaments, and probably the music!! Thanks for all you do to encourage me each day.

  48. Sandi

    buying your children’s book for the children of my new son in law; they’ve gone through so many changes and I just know this will help them. Would love to win a copy of this worship cd; worship music is such a blessing to me

  49. Cassandra

    This year was the first I filled a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse! It was so fun to think of the joy the child would get from my gifts! The best part was the Bible I included and the verse cards with prayers on the back!

  50. Mary Jane

    These gifts are fantastic! What a tremendous way to bless others during this wonderful season of hope. I will be looking a getting a copy of your children’s book to use in my classroom. God bless you!

  51. Jennifer McCalmont

    i love Lisa Leonard’s design and her heart to help others! I’ll be getting a personalized ornament.

  52. Emma

    “Elevation Worship” is my gift, I just love the name because we All need to Elevate our Worship to Jesus! Thanks Lysa for your blog, books and all the encouragement we get from you! May God Bless you and your family.

  53. Angie

    Buying the Bullets to Blessing jewelry for some special family members…

  54. Lynne Koch

    I am buying 2 of Lysa’s books for my grandchildren. I am excited for them to have them.

  55. Caroline

    Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I were just talking yesterday about how we want to give back this Christmas because we have been so truly blessed this year. We want to share those blessings with others who haven’t been as fortunate. I know I’ll be purchasing your book for my son (he’s 3). I’m also making a list of friends/family that would enjoy the cd and the jewelry. Again, thank you so much for this post; the timing couldn’t be more perfect. 🙂

  56. Heather Medina

    I love the ideas! I want to buy the jewelry that helps with the victims of sex trafficking. I also love the handmade ornaments. What beautiful suggestions you have given us! Thanks you.

  57. Heidi Burkholder

    Thank you for the wonderful gift ideas. How to help others has been on my mind so much lately and these would be such meaningful gifts. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  58. Krista Beigle

    The kids book for my kids

  59. Angie

    Oh my gosh, I want to buy them all. Your book speaks to me the most right now, as my children and I have been through a tough year with their dad. I am pretty sure I will be getting one of these items, just praying where my money would be best spent right now.

  60. Angie Tripp

    I hope to buy one of each! Love the necklace & have heard the CD is amazing. Definitely grabbing the book for my two year old & his cousin!! Thanks Lysa!!

  61. Tess Bowie

    Will be using the book for some friends as this is their first holiday season their parents are divorced. Also love the ideas posted here. Will buy some jewelry. And for those really hard to buy for folks who have everything, a good idea would be to make contributions in their honor to these excellent ministries.

  62. megan Johnston

    Great ideas

  63. Tanja

    I receive your emails and really enjoy each one as a drop of rain from our Father. This week my husband and soulmate has been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer with a tumor behind his bladder, hot lymphs, almost kidney failure, blown out tube from one kidney to his bladder. And we are waiting for bone scan to hear that part which his Dr has prepared us for. I am without words on the depth of emotions right now. I did download a few songs from this album. I am so thankful for the recommendation of this album. Thank you so much for allowing the LORD to use you for Hos Kingdom. Tanja

  64. Jayne

    the CD for myself and roommate to listen to don’t have a lot been thru rough times so if I can get enough cash together I will buy the cd

  65. Angel

    Buying the children’s book for sure

  66. valerie

    I already purchased your book, but through Family Christian Bookstore. I hope some of the proceeds will still benefit others!

  67. Wendi Weber

    I’m buying three ornaments!

  68. Frankie McLaurin

    My bracelet is on its way!!!! I can hardly wait to see and wear it! In have been thinking about getting one for my daughter and my daughter-in- law.

  69. Susan Brierly

    The book, i have several close friends that have children that I want to give this to !!

  70. Kamea

    I ordered “It will be okay” for my little niece who struggles with anxiety. I am so excited to give her a book with Scriptures to help when she is afraid, and a beautiful story about how God is good, and is looking out for our very best. Thank you Lysa 🙂

  71. Candace Reid

    Wow, Sure opens up your eyes to what matters! I really want a bullet necklace now, knowing what it’s supporting. Ten thousand villages Canada has some beautiful items as well as fair trade chocolate. I have a scarf from there that was made in India. So beautiful!


    All are on my list! Thanks for sharing!

  73. Barbara Churray

    I want to buy It Will Be Okay for all of my grandchildren. Thanks for these ideas!

  74. melissa

    I am buying my daughter a necklace. I love the idea and hope it will inspire her to pray each time she wears it. I would also like to buy the ornament as a family or ament this year, although all of our names won’t fit, so it will just have to be a kids ornament 🙂

  75. Renee Orlopp

    I will be putting ALL my on christmas list and purchasing bullets to bracelets for loved ones 🙂

  76. Amanda Roberson

    I appreciate all you have shared! I love
    All of these ideas! I am looking into buying the Christmas ornaments 🙂

  77. debbie

    I already own a necklace from fashion and compassion. This year I bought a gift for a high school friend currently undergoing chemo from brave girls. I hope the receiving blesses her as much as the giving blessed me.

  78. Mindy

    I will be buying the children’s book to allow my kids to see change is inevitable but God never changes. Being pastor’s children their lives change constantly but they can know their God is always there in every situation!

  79. Liz Gonzalez

    I am going to order gift 1. I think it is a very creative idea to gift not only to the person receiving the gift but also for the women who have made this jewelry. God bless them!

  80. Julie

    All the gifts are great, but I love the ornament the best. 🙂

  81. Katrina

    I love this post. I love that you are encouraging others to purchase meaningful gifts. That is what Trades of Hope is all about. Please check out this amazing organization and if you find it as incredible as I do, please consider sharing with your readers. The more who know about these artisans and their stories, the more change we can create in this world.

  82. Kim

    We have four boys ages 14-10, all of whom have accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour except one. I will be getting him the book, It Will be Okay.

  83. Dawn

    i am getting the CD for a few people. Thank you for these suggestions. We can make a difference!

  84. Shannon Vega

    I want to help out this Christmas to show my children the real meaning of Christmas and by helping give back to those in need. I believe my children and I will receive a blessing giving to others these precious gifts and in return helping others in third world countries. God bless

  85. Becky

    Love the bullet jewelry and the cd! Will make some great, meaningful gifts.

  86. katina

    We purchase as much as we can from local shops and make home made gifts as well. I love the book !

  87. Andrea

    Oh my gosh I think I will be buying some of all of it. I have purchased the cd already for myself and love it am planning on a couple more as gifts.

  88. Kelley

    I’ve already bought a couple of CD’s to give to family this year. I love the bullet jewelry and I think I will purchase those and the ornaments for some friends. Thanks for the suggestions!

  89. Katherine Coombs

    I love them all but think I’ll purchase the neclace for a friend of mine. Thanks for all you do!

  90. Sally

    I love the ornament.

  91. Missy

    I like the necklaces and ornaments!

  92. Beth

    Thanks for the ideas!

  93. stacy

    I love the jewelry, and have been looking at that for the past two weeks from your site. Thanks for these other suggestions!

  94. theola

    I love the kiddies book. Today our kids face many challenges. I would love to get all my family n friends this book. I ve actuaLly stopped buying toys for christmas and birthday gifts. I buy christain books and bibles ;_)

  95. Debbie

    I like them but I will be getting the book as it deals with fears and anxieties.

  96. Krista

    I want that CD!

  97. Laura

    The ornament is so special. I love to buy my friends ornaments for the holidays.

  98. Jill Robinson

    I love Lisa Leonard anything. Her pieces are so thoughtful and well made! I actually lost the charm from my favorite necklace of hers recently, so maybe I’ll treat myself to a Bullets to Blessings necklace to replace it! =)

  99. Sue

    I will be buying the book, “It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change” for my grandchildren. My daughter and her four biological children were in a horrific car accident in May. My 5 year old grandson went to be with Jesus that day. His two older sisters both suffered TBI’s. The oldest also had multiple broken bones. She is doing remarkably well. My other granddaughter still has a long way to go with her brain injury. I feel this will help them and the younger sisters.

  100. Melissa

    I will be purchasing the jewelry and an ornament! I love purchases with a purpose 🙂

  101. Kim

    I am going to purchase the jewelry for the ladies in our family. We have been debating about gifts this Christmas and how there are so many needy people in the world. Thank you for the ideas!

  102. Joni

    I am excited to purchase the new Elevation Worship cd for several friends and your book for my step-son who struggles adjusting to change. God bless you for all you do to share Christ’s love and message with the world!

  103. Kaitlyn

    I want to buy my mom and grandmother a personalized ornament!

  104. Cassie Hickel

    I’ll be doing the book for our little girls. Our oldest is so sensitive and we remind her she doesn’t have to fear with God, but I know she’ll love to have a book that can help illustrate this important value for her!

  105. Donna

    Purchasing the bullet jewelry and your book; now I ould looove to win a copy of the CD!

  106. cortney

    Love them all! Planning on the necklace and the ornament.

  107. Amanda

    I purchased the children’s book! For my three small children! I LoVE it!

  108. Donna Kusche

    I will buy uplifting books perhaps the jewelry for my daughters

  109. Nikki

    The worship CD sounds awesome for a gift!

  110. Megan

    I plan to get the children’s book!

  111. Staci

    I bought the book for my five year old.

  112. Crystal

    We recently relocated to Uganda and I would love to do something like the ornament project… that changes generations to come. AWESOME!!!

  113. Crystal

    I would love to give your book to some children I love this Christmas!

  114. Tracey

    Already purchased the children’s book.

  115. sandy Feole

    I will be giving the book it will be ok to my 5 year old son.

  116. Rochelle

    The book is on my list for my kiddos! Love the ornaments and will be ordering for family. Thanks for sharing!

  117. pete McCollum

    I will have to say the jewlery. That is a cause I stand behind.

  118. Linda

    They are all great but the personalized ornament is my choice!

  119. Melissa

    I want to get the book for my kids. They’ve have been, and still are, put through alot by their dad when we divorced. It would be good for myself too!

  120. Shelley Gutierrez

    I’m buying the book, It will be okay for our little girl and maybe others. 🙂

  121. Lyn Cox

    Hi Lisa, I’m so very happy that you were obedient to the Lord in posting the idea of making Christmas purchases to bless not only our loved ones but children and families in need. I will purchase the book “It Will be Okay” for my grandson and the necklace from the from Bullets to Blessings Jewelry Collection for my daughter. Thanks again for this awesome opportunity to make these purchases for the cause of those less fortunate. Merry Christmas and God bless you!

  122. Kateri

    Well since we already have your book (PS – the whole family loves reading it!) I think I will get the ornaments and maybe the music as stocking stuffers 🙂

  123. Cindy Smith

    I would like to buy a bracelet for a dear friend!

  124. Patty

    Hi Lysa,
    I’m a missionary teacher serving my tenth year in Senegal West Africa.
    All great gift ideas! I am hoping to buy the jewelry for a high school senior I mentor, the cd for my husband, the ornament for my parents and the book for my elementary class!

  125. Lisa

    like all gifts but the music the best!

  126. Sherri

    I will order some ornaments for family members. Love this idea

  127. Amanda

    I am buying the children’s book for my son’s and 2 nephews!

  128. Janet

    Lisa…First, thank you for your daily encouragement. Second, this post was an answer to prayer. I have been asking the Lord to guide me in my purchases this year. I will actually be purchasing a few of each. Bless and be blessed…

  129. Amanda Crooks

    I love the bullet jewelry. I will also be purchasing scarves from An awesome ministry combatting sex trafficking. 🙂

  130. Jodi Pilot

    I’m buying the book for my grand daughter who is joining our family in March 2015. I want her to be surrounded by messages that God is with her, for her, and she can count on that. I want those lessons to start early in her life.

  131. Karin

    I’m planning on looking at the Bullets to Blessings website to find that perfect gift for my sister…

  132. denise wall

    My neighbor will enjoy the cd this season. Thank you for sharing.

  133. Tammy Trietch

    I’m looking at the children’s book for my foster child. About 6 months ago, she experienced a traumatic event (her mother passed out in a car – from drugs; the child wandering tin the middle of a busy intersection (at night)). We’re working thru some of the issues, but I’m sure Lysa’s words will speak right to the child

  134. Mary Anne Knight

    Thank you for great options for Christmas gifts. They are all unique in their own way. I will be looking into the jewelry and the CD.

  135. Elaine Ruppert

    The necklaces, CD, and the book!! Blessings!


    I’d love to give one of the special ornaments to my mother-in-law for Christmas.

  137. Molly Besaw

    i love the repurposed bullet jewelry . I will be purchasing it for my daughter who has a true heart for helping other women an leading her friends to Christ. Great list!

  138. Aleasha

    Thanks so much for sharing! I will be buying the CD for my mentor and checking out the jewelry for my son and daughter.

  139. Jennie Jackson

    The Bullets to Blessings jewelry is such a powerful statement and it always gives a great way to start a conversation when someone asks about it… can’t wait to order one for my friend!

  140. Christel Nazario

    I will be purchasing the Worship CD for my mom, who needs uplifting every morning. I would love to see her forgive herself and heal before it is too late.
    I will also be purchasing books to help my children (and husband) find peace in their fear of losing me to cancer. I want them to be okay! Thank you for making these available and blessing us to be able to bless others. God bless you all!

  141. Tamara Collins

    Music is so powerful in redirecting my anxious and often overwhelmed heart! Can’t wait to hear Elevation Worship!

  142. Jen

    I will be buying The jewelry!

  143. Nicole

    I purchased the ornaments set for a gift this Christmas! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful website and all you do! God bless!

  144. Suzanna

    Ordered jewelry for my mom and a friend. I also ordered a leather journal from the Honduras collection for another family friend. I love that these gifts have a positive impact and a great story!

  145. Debra Winterrowd

    The jewelry!

  146. Ally

    Getting the book for my 3 year old who has been having a hard time with anxiety lately. Today he had a mini panic attack during his Thanksgiving program because his class was pretending to be turkey’s hiding from the farmer. He was afraid the farmer was going to get him.

  147. Heather Pressley

    Love the jewelry! What a great ministry!!

  148. Brittany Stanofski

    This is such a wonderful article! I’m going to email it to family! Thank you! Blessings!

  149. Nicole Hess

    Christmas ornament and the jewelry are super cute and unique!

  150. Taylor Emmons

    I am going to purchase the personalized Christmas ornaments for many different members of my family! Thanks for sharing!

  151. Aubrey

    I think your children’s book would be perfect for my young child who lives each day with anxiety disorder. Knowing that God is with her always really helps her to cope with the everyday life that we all take for granted as “normal”.

  152. Mandy

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!! I love the Christmas ornaments!! My tree is filled with all different kinds if ornaments with different ” stories” about where they came from or who gave them to us,etc.

  153. Jennie

    Love Elevation, I listen to them on YouTube. Books are the best gift, that is what I am giving!

  154. Tara

    I think the earrings are wonderful and I love the book as well. I am trying to find a way to fit the ornament into my budget as well. What wonderful ideas!!

  155. Amanda Bacon

    I fell in love with Fashion & Compassion at She Speaks, and have been stalking their website this last week, along with the P31 bookstore… Finding some great gifts for a cause!

  156. Traci

    I will purchase the jewelry for my 3 girls, and the book for my little soldiers! Even soldiers worry sometimes….

  157. maranda thompson

    I will be buying the cd for several young adult and adult family members, then making gingerbread playdough for the little ones in the family. I would love a cd for myself!! Thank you!!

  158. Sharon

    I will be buying the jewelry for my sisters!

  159. Christina Irizarry Torres

    I’m going to purchase the ornaments for my coworkers.

  160. Lori B

    I’m going to buy “It will be okay” for my 11 year old daughter who is struggling with anxiety. At her young age, it’s hard to cope with all life throws at her. But your book is just the tool to help me reassure her that Jesus is always with her & she should not fear!

  161. LaSha

    I am buying the jewelry-it’s beautiful, and I love its story!

  162. Kerri

    I love the idea of repurposing something terrible and making something beautiful out of it, while giving jobs to people who need them.

  163. Jenny

    I will be giving the Worship CD to my sister this Christmas. I was really stuck with her and what would be a good gift. She is not a follower of Jesus and this might be a great way to show her God’s love for her.

  164. Gina

    What great gift ideas! I am purchasing at least one of each one as gifts this holiday. I plan on including the thought and reason behind the gift I chose for them.

  165. shannon

    bought your book for my kids! 🙂

  166. Jason


  167. Michelle B.

    I’m planning on purchasing the From Bullets to Blessings jewleryfor my sister and a secret santa. The jewlery is beautiful!

  168. Linda Ellis

    i would buy the book and the cd to give both beautiful gifts

  169. Wanda

    I am buying this book for my grandson. His parents have recently separated and my daughter is an emotional wreck. I just want him to know God is good, wise and he doesn’t have to fear this situation. He is 5 and doesn’t understand.

  170. Debra Reilly

    im buying the book for a child I raised since she was 2 1/2 years old. I inserted myself into her life when DCS couldn’t find her after I told them she was being beat. By the time they caught up a wk later there were no bruises. She became my heart. Her bio mom abandoned her, her father recently did to avoid prison time. Her step mom whom she loved died 4 years ago. I’ve got severe COPD and had to move in high rise and call social services to place her with Christian family who has known n loved her since head start. I still see Mya, she’s amazing, she loves the Lord! She’ll love the book!

  171. Martha

    I bought the ornament for my sister for her birthday. She has a beautiful family with 6 children ranging in age from 20 to 5, 3 biological and 3 adopted. We don’t get to see them very often because we are military and live in Missouri and they live in Texas. My sister is one of the most amazing women of God I’ve ever met and sees and meets the needs of so many.

  172. Melanie

    I love these gifts and the special meaning behind them. I will be buying the children’s book for my two daughters and the necklace for my sister. Thank you for sharing this!

  173. Theresa

    I am not buying gifts this year as money is really tight & I do not have may to buy for, but the one very special person in my life is my great niece who is 14 years old & she actually gave me this idea to give to her & I thought it was such a wonderful idea when she ask me what I wanted I told her I would love the samet hing. So here goes: You take an envelope an put on the front a subject like ” Open when your losing hope” then I write her a letter given her advise on what to do when she feels that way. So she has that from me. She gave me a list of ideas & then some I can come up with some of my own also. I thought this was such a wonderful way to not only share my feelings with her but some scriptures with her & then she will always have a piece of me forever to look at when she feeels that way throughout her life. She even had one that said When I need to know how much you love me. That really touched me because once I am gone from this earth she will always have those words to look back on like a legacy I have left her. I also am excited to see what she has to share with me as she is always the one that is here for me the most as I am disabled & can not much yet she takes the time to come spend with me to just talk or she messages me on facebook or skyps me just to talk & see me. I am a very lucky person to have a great niece like her in my life & a very wise one. I hope you like this idea & maybe others will possibly like it & be able to use it.

  174. Donna

    Love buying gifts that keep on giving. Thanks for these great suggestions. The ornament will be a great gift for my newly married daughter and son-in-law. The jewelry for my other daughters.

  175. Robyn

    The jewelry is perfect for my daughter. A good reminder to be thankful for the peace we have here.

  176. Kourtney

    I purchased two ornaments!! What a wonderful gift, not only for those who receive them but for those who are benefiting from my purchases.

  177. Edwina Rains

    I love to give inspirational gifts that will be used. These are all great ideas, especially the CD. You never know when it might be just the right song at the right time that will help or inspire someone.

  178. Erin

    I am buying your book “It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change” for my nieces. Thinking about the others for some other family members.

  179. Cheryl

    I am getting ready to get the new Cd & I am interested in the things from the Dominican Republic ( I went there on a mission trip) wonderf, life changing experience

  180. Kaitlin

    I LOVE the ornament!! Do you know if the ornament tagged is the only ornament supporting the DR, or if it’s the entire website???

  181. Dana

    I’d love to purchase the necklaces from the bullets, as well as the ornaments from the Dominican Republic. I’m so thankful there are ministries that make it easy for us to give into them!! May The Lord continue to bless you!!

  182. Bridget McCarthy

    I’ll start with the ornament. (Extra special since the sudden death of my 11 year old.) Then, I’ll buy the book for my 5 year old son. (He needs God’s truth in a voice he can relate to.) And, then I’ll buy the CD – because there’s power in music. (And, truth be told, some mornings I need the reminder that my world is still overflowing with God’s wonder.) And, lastly, I’ll buy some jewelry. Because feeling beautiful feels really good. But feeling beautiful while knowing you’re making a difference in the lives of others feels extraordinary!

  183. Cathy Curtis

    Thank you for the post. I have been trying to make similar choices this year and these are great ideas!

  184. jeanhee cho

    I love the ornament. Want to get for a few families.
    I like all of them but can’t get them all…

  185. DeAnna

    I want to buy ‘From Bullets to Blessings’ for my best friend. I really appreciate the sentiment of these because we have been through a bad situation where a bullet was shot toward us, thank God it missed us and became a blessing in our lives.

  186. Valerie Coronado

    As a single mom sometimes I try to overcompensate with gifts for my kids instead of time and affection which is the reason I opted on a different type of Christmas this year. Instead of buying decorations and all that jazz I decided to let my kids make our home their very own Christmas wonderland. Only homemade decorations. It looks like a crazy mess but the fun we had making our paper garlands, and popcorn garland, marshmallow snowmen pics, finger paintings, etc made so many memories that I hope will continue for years to come. It also left me entirely stress free of worrying about things breaking and how much I spent for it to break. My kids had time with me and we had such a great time. And at the end of it all they each asked for more craft stuff for christmas to do this for all our holidays. My little blessings filled me with so much joy.

  187. Kristan Hartman

    I hope to be able buy my daughters the bullets for blessings, and my son the It will Be Okay book. He is struggling following severe abuse from his father.

  188. TinaW

    I am LOVING the ornaments and necklaces! I think I will have our last name’s initial made for our Christmas ornie this year.
    Thank you for sharing!
    ~Tina W

  189. Jessica Thorp

    I will definitely be getting your children’s book for my niece who doesn’t have a whole lot of Godly influence in her home as well as the jewelry line for some of my favorite ladies! How perfect-was going to do jewelry anyway! I bought the napkin holders as well with the talking points! Unique gifts for sure!I get daily inspiration and wisdom from proverbs 31 ministry!! Thank you for all you put into it!

  190. Kristen

    The cd!

  191. Tasha

    I think the children’s book would be great for lots of my friends children. Oh, and mine. 🙂

  192. Diana

    Actually the cd I know will be a great gift. mood/atmosphere changer. Lets continue to put the focus on God

  193. Karen

    I already purchased your book It Will Be Okay for my granddaughter. She is at an age where she worries about many things. She has many Bible verses memorized to help her.

  194. Shari B

    I just saw the ornament ForThe first time and I know my sister would love yo have one engraved with her grandchildren’s name. She has been raising them for the past several years because their mother struggles with many personal issues. This ornament would commemorate this year of being together.

  195. Shari B

    I just saw the ornament for the first time and I know my sister would love to have one engraved with her grandchildren’s name. She has been raising them for the past several years because their mother struggles with many personal issues. This ornament would commemorate this year of being together.

  196. Pamela

    The jewelry from Bullets to Blessings will make an awesome gift! Thanks,

  197. Dawn Kesselring

    I love the personalized ornament- will make a great family gift for friends.

  198. Rosa

    I purchased the book for my kids for Christmas.

  199. Rachel W.

    Will be buying my mom one of the necklaces, what a great mission. Love the gift ideas! Thanks!

  200. Ka'Lon Dewey

    I could get your book for my friend’s little boy. It would be the perfect gift for a three year old who has had a tough time in just the first three years of his life.

  201. Carrie M

    I am going to get the book!!

  202. Dena

    Bullets to blessings for my nieces.

  203. Teri

    I ordered the necklace for my daughter. I am all about giving gifts that serve a purpose.

  204. Amy Gaddis

    I love the idea of giving this children’s book to my grandbaby this year! A win-win, investing in this book will help a worthy cause as well as teach my grandbaby more about Gods love for him. 🙂

  205. Kacie Teetet

    I am purchasing the necklace for gifts 🙂

  206. Cindy Salotto

    Thank you for these ideas. As families get ‘older’ we just end up exchanging items that don’t really matter. This is a great way to let our loved ones know we are thinking of them with a gift, but it blesses another life. As believer’s I’m sure the receiver will be blessed to know someone else besides them were thought of. This is the first year without my Dad. I was a caregiver for both of my parents these past 28 years of my 51 years of life. I’m not up for the holidays this year, but my parents always helped those less fortunate. What a great way to give a gift and help others at the same time. Blessings to you.

  207. Danielle

    In my family we are each making a donation to a charity or non-profit of the receivers choosing. I have chosen DeliverFund which is a non-profit dedicating to rescuing children that have been trafficked overseas. More information can be found here:

  208. Cindy Salotto

    Thank you for these ideas. As families get ‘older’ we just end up exchanging items that don’t really matter. This is a great way to let our loved ones know we are thinking of them with a gift, but it blesses another life. As believer’s I’m sure the receiver will be blessed to know someone else besides them were thought of. This is the first year without my Dad. I was a caregiver for both of my parents these past 28 years of my 51 years of life. I’m not up for the holidays this year, but my parents always helped those less fortunate. What a great way to give a gift and help others at the same time and do it in the memory of my folks. Blessings to you.

  209. Gena McCown

    Years ago, we took our $ for gifts and purchased from the Samaritan Purse Gift Catalog. To make it personal, we selected an item based on the person we were “gifting” it to. For example, my uncle who is an advocate for education… he got a “donation toward building a school”… my Father in Law who is an evangelist got a “donation toward building a church” … my mom who has a soft spot for children got a “donation toward healthy babies”. — In most cases SP had a item that was equivalent to the amount we would have spent anyway. — It has really been on my heart to do something like this again, this year. Our kids are getting old enough to understand what is going on in the world. And often wonder how they can help. I’m thrilled with the introduction of the “Bullets to Blessings” jewelry line & can’t wait to purchase pieces for gifts this year. What a great idea, and important physical reminder of what happens beyond our front doors and borders.

  210. Jaimie

    I will definitely be gifting items from “From Bullets to Blessings”! I LOVE when I can support a cause at the holidays instead of filling overstuffed pockets, my gist can be a blessing to both the recipient and the creator!

  211. Linda

    I purchased a pair of the “Bullets to Blessing” earrings for myself, and your Unglued devotional for a gift. I love your Facebook posts.

  212. Linda

    I am buying Wake up wonders for a friend who save my life from years of pain.

  213. Shelly Bissell

    I am going to order the book for my children. I would also like to order the Christmas ornament for my pastor and wife.

  214. Erica

    Definitely your children’s book! This mommy is a fan of your work so I am sure my kiddos will be too :)!!

  215. Andrea Mitchael

    I’m planning to buy the “It Will Be Okay” book for my 4 year old nephew — he can let scary things affect him, and I know that this book will be a cherished treasure for him. Shhh don’t tell him I’m getting it 😀 Thank you for this wonderful post! <3

  216. Sue Carlson

    I love the Bullets to Blessings. I know my Mom would love to get a heartfelt gift like that.

  217. Alex Andrews

    I have bought the book It Will Be Okay: Trusting God Through Fear and Change. I also want to get the “From Bullets to Blessings” bracelet and the necklace.

  218. Melanie Saxbury

    I bought the It Will Be Okay book for my kiddos.

  219. Katie

    I’d like to buy one of pieces of jewelry, but just because my heart goes out to those poor women.

  220. Katrena Beckham

    I plan to purchase the book, “It will be okay” for my grandchildren,ages 9, 6, and 3.

  221. Robin Grosso

    I will be purchasing several necklaces to help those in Ethiopia.

  222. Sharron

    My 5 year old daughter, who is adopted from China is getting your new children’s book for Christmas. Because of her beginnings she struggles with change and various fears of all kinds. Your book sounds like it will be a great tool for us to help her overcome these things.

  223. Callie

    I think I will need to buy one of those necklaces for my sister in law!

  224. Carol emert

    I really like the children’s book. I think it will be beneficial to our whole family who struggles with anxiety. To know that God is in control and we don’t have to try to control everything.

  225. Leina

    #1 and 3. Number one for me and 3 for mom. 🙂
    Great ideas. Would love to hear more like this.

  226. Montesa

    I will be purchasing 4 jewelries from “Bullets to Blessing for 4 of my nieces because I want to impart to them the value of giving with purpose. This will enable them to have a heart for those who are less privileged and hurting. It is a blessing to read your posts daily.

  227. Christa Gardner

    I LOVE the jewelery!!! I want to buy some of those for my girls……heading back to the website to preview it now! 🙂

    Oh – – and if I don’t happen to be chosen to win the album…we’ll be purchasing that too! 😉

  228. Marcie

    I am buying your children’s book! I can’t wait to give it to my daughter! I would love to win the CD!

  229. Cammy Perez

    I love the necklace so I’m going to purchase that for my sisters. All of these are wonderful, thanks for bringing attention to great ministries!

  230. Carrie

    great idea. I’d love to do this too

  231. Wendy Settlemire

    I am a new Christian and still new to the bible, I want to live and be like a godly woman, but being so new to church and the Bible, and Jesus my savior, I’m not sure how to do that. I need to read the Bible more. My life style needs to change. I want the Lord in my life and all the love that comes with it. I now attend church every sunday and go to bible study for which we are reading the Best Yes. I could use some help in understanding what I;m reading. I hope I win.

  232. MB Kloiber

    I love the DR ornament!

  233. Darci B

    Great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I especially love the necklace!

  234. Debbie

    I love what you are doing! GOD BLESS YOU! I Would love to have a copy of your book for my daughter she Is awesome and has a true heart for JESUS but she surfers from anxiety. Also I absolutely love the bullet necklaces.

  235. Kristin Fleig

    I will buy the ornament because every year I would like my family to have an ornament for that year.

  236. Amber

    I am checking out the Bullets to Blessings website now. All of these gift ideas are very good. I love giving with the intent of helping someone else in the process. Seed planting!!

  237. Jami

    The “It Will Be Okay” book! Can’t wait to read it!

  238. Carol

    I loved your ideas! The thought behind each is meaningful.

  239. Monica Song

    It Will Be a OK for my niece. 🙂

  240. Leslie Volmer

    love your ideas. Thanks for the list! And your book sounds perfect for my son Ben, who shirs away from new things. Thanks! Leslie

  241. Elizabeth

    Thank you for these gift ideas! I want to buy my children your book. Thank you for this opportunity to win the music!

  242. Bernice Erazo

    I will definitely be buying a few copies of your children’s book 🙂

  243. Lexi

    Love the necklaces. Going to look on the website now. Have 5 girls to buy for and not only would they love these, it’s so great knowing it is also blessing someone else.

  244. Letty Oflynn

    I want to buy the necklaces becouse is for a good cause and love it

  245. Emily Stokes

    Wanting to buy the children’s book for my boys!

  246. Pattie DeBoer

    I was trying to think of something to do for all my grown kids and you solved it! Love it!

  247. Nicole

    I am giving foods I canned from my garden and gifts I’ve either knit or sewed for all the adults in my life. Knit stuff for some of the kiddos too. Not because it costs me less but because it means more.

  248. Dawn

    Thank you for your post – it offered me just the right gift idea for my sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and my mom! I just bought them each a bracelet and I appreciate the idea of giving a beautiful gift that comes with so much meaning.

  249. Brigette

    I love the family tree ornament!!!

  250. Heather Rodmam

    My daughter struggles with anxiety..she’s 7.. So your book will be an amazing gift! I had no clue it even existed. Ps your study The Best Yes has been an amazing journey and inspiration for me! That’s for sharing your struggles and helping other women!

  251. Angie Headley

    I think the children’s book would be great for my grandchildren.

  252. Angela Kelly

    Definitely buying “It will be ok” for my daughter!! Actually, she is getting baptized on Sunday @ Newspring, and I might give it to her then!

  253. Melissa

    Love these ideas!! I’m excited to use them- and so excited to re-read your Book- The Greatest Gift. It was such an awesome way for me to focus in on Jesus throughout the season last year! Thanks for all you do- you are so inspiring!!

  254. Melissa

    sorry, Lysa! That’s what I get for reading a post from you and Ann Voskamp at the same time, way past my bedtime! I also love to read everything that you write!! The Lord used your book “The Best Yes” in such a Powerful way in my life recently– thank you for writing it!!

  255. Krystal

    Hi Lysa,

    Thank you for this wonderful information and your heart to help others!

    I purchased an ornament for our Christmas tree.

  256. Carol Fisher

    I gave my friend The Bullets to Blessings bracelet. She loves it & says it means so much to her. She has a heart for helping others & the bracelet will help her through a hard season in life.

  257. Shari

    I want to get the book “It Will Be Okay” for my daughter. She worries about everything!

  258. Tina Young

    I’m so thankful you posted this, I will be purchasing all 4 for gifts and I adore the bullets to blessings collection. Thanks for always giving us choices. Love your Blog.

  259. Christina Null

    I would love to give the books to my class and to my children I teach a pre-k program. Also the other items I would love to be able to order from too to give to my mother and Inlaws and coworkers! Please let me know how to do so! Thank you! I want to give more meaningful gifts this year also!!

  260. Kimberly Stanfield

    I will be buying the book for my daughter!! She loves books and I love the message it will teach her. I just lost my Dad, and while she is too young to realize Grandpa is gone, we are never too old to need God as we grow older and face changes. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with and I think I will enjoy the message of the book as much as my daughter!

  261. Teri Clanton

    I have family members that I think might like the Elevation Worship cd. Thanks for the giveaway!

  262. Marie Yoder

    I’d want to give It Will be OK to my grand kids.

  263. Pam

    I want to give your book, “It Will Be Okay” to the grandchildren of a friend of mine. Their parents are separated and there is so much hurt in that family right now. The children are innocent and anything I can give to help them know God will help them get through this would be good for all of us.

  264. Krystal

    I will be giving my son your book. Our family has had a lot of illness and loss this year and my son has had a rough time.

  265. Tammy Stewart

    I would like to purchase one of each. The children’s book really stands out as a needed gift for a friends son who is constantly being ridiculed by his father and older brother. The cd would be for me to draw even closer to God each day. I was at women of faith this past summer and bought Jesus Calling and can’t tell you how much that devotional is changing me. I’m a happier person. (My hubby might not think so but I feel happier).

  266. latrisa roberts

    My granddaughters would love to have your book that you wrote for children.

  267. Mary R

    Thank you for the great gift ideas. I love that there is so much meaning in them. I’ve already bought your book about the seed and fox and read it. It’s a gift to either my granddaughter or grandson or I might just stay with me so when they come over. Thank you!

  268. Heather

    Thank you for this list! I really think I may be buying everything you suggested

  269. rachel g

    Thank you for this post. Wonderful ideas. I will be checking out the jewelry. I am buying my kids and family Christian CDs and movies. My daughter wants a new bible. So I will be buying her that.

  270. Kam

    I would love to give any of the gifts you mentioned, especially the “Bullets to Blessings” Bracelet and the ornament which are my 2 personal favorites. I can think of so many people who would love these gifts. However, I’m not in a financial position to buy material gifts this year. It is so hard because I love to give and I’ve always been more excited about giving to others than receiving. This year the focus will totally be on the greatest gift ever…the gift God gave us…His son, Jesus!!! I have made a few homemade gifts to give, but really plan to get back to the true meaning of Christmas…LOVE!!! Sharing the Love of Christ by loving and serving others. If I do win the CD, I have a good friend I would love to give it to. She drives several days a week over an hour each way to relieve her father and take care of mother who is in declining health and needs round the clock care. Then she comes home to take care of her husband and a teenage boy, who they have taken in from an abusive environment to love and mentor. They also help a low income single mom and her mentally ill son and three teenage girls with the many needs they have. They give up doing much for themselves to help others. She loves worship music, and I would give this to her to listen to on her early morning drives.

  271. Danelle

    The book, It Will be Okay, for my four year old nephew who will be adjusting to a new living situation starting on Thanksgiving. The new judge made a change to his custody order and it’s going to be very difficult for awhile.

  272. Jamie

    Honestly, I’m not buying any of these, but I do love giving meaningful gifts that help others!

  273. Hannah

    Honestly, I don’t plan on buying any of those items although they are amazing. Although, I might go to the stores and buy the CD as I love God’s music! Thank you for the ideas though 🙂

  274. Cory

    I love each item you have handpicked here. After reading many of the submissions, I feel like if I won, I would give their item of choice to them and buy the worship CD! Especially after reading the submission above mine (Kam), what a dear request for a CD for her friend who is such a servant. God Bless You Kam and your friend, and all the lives you touch. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  275. Melissa Chambers

    I have purchased your children’s book for my best friend’s kiddos, you are my favorite author and I am excited to see how your God given gift to speak truth, light and God’s best for us into their lives.

  276. Lori

    Love them all; love the idea of giving gifts with dual purposes! My fav of the four is the music because it helps me focus on our Lord through out the day!

  277. Amy M

    from bullets to blessing necklace! so cute!

  278. Jasmine

    I will be checking out Lisa Leonard’s ornaments and the Bullets to Blessing jewelry.

  279. Laura Andriotis

    Starting the day with worship is the best way!

  280. Ashley

    Planning to buy your book for my daughter. She loves to read. Very excited, thank you

  281. Darleen

    I am getting the worship cd for my grandmother. Great ideas!

  282. Dianna

    The cd sounds like the perfect gift!

  283. Yolanda Groeneweg

    Wake up to Wonder will be a lovely gift for daughter and myself.
    Also, From Bullets to Blessings will be a personal encouragement to myself, as I have also suffered physical and emotional abuse. Thank you Lysa, for your many years of encouragement to so many, many of us.

  284. Jaysa

    I want to buy theM all! But I do plan to buy the book for my son and one of his buddies that has fears. Also the jewelry made bybullets for a niece or so.

  285. Susan

    I love the personalized ornament! I will purchasing that for my daughter! Also love the necklace too! Will have to gift it to a special friend! Thank you for sharing such treasure items. Love your website and the heart from which you share. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving

  286. Jessica collins

    I want to get the book, ” It will be okay” for my son. I’m really trying to instill god more and more into his perspectives. I’m praying everyday he carries this with him in his journey in life.

  287. Veronica

    The book seems like a wonderful gift for my youngest ! Thank you for the wonderful options for Christmas !

  288. Tami

    I’m purchasing the children’s book for my daughter!
    Thank you so much for the gift ideas that will make a difference.

  289. Amy

    I love these ideas! I too feel there is too much pain and negativity in the media. Actually,I don’t even like to watch the news or anything like that because of the negativity and do not want my son to see the evil. I haven’t decided which goft I will give – but love that you posted this. Really made me think and I too am going to try to buy gifts with meaning and positivity this Christmas!! Thank you!

  290. Joy

    Lisa, I so enjoy your posts and thank you for sharing these ideas for family and friends. I plan to purchase from bullets to blessings and am very interested in hearing the cd…

  291. Lana Black

    The CD sounds like a great gift. I love music and it ministers to people when nobody is around.

  292. julia wallen

    Buying the book for my precious five year old son …with my children having two different grandparents with advanced Alzheimer’s disease and him being recently diagnosed with chronic asthma, sometimes life can be scary. This can reassure him and my ten year old daughter. Thank you the great idea!

  293. Melody

    thanks for your book What Hapoens When Women Say Yes to God” a friend gave it to me and the courage and encouragement found within have kept me seeking after The Lover of my soul.

  294. Stephanie

    I am buying multiples of each. What great ideas for Christmas!! Thank you for sharing!!

  295. Mary katherine

    bullets for blessings would be what I would purchase as a gift

  296. Cari

    I just ordered the sweet Family Tree personalized ornament as a Christmas gift for a dear friend who is getting married this weekend and they are blending two families. I wanted them to have something special for their first Christmas together as a full family of 6. This gift tugged at my heart strings even more because they will be honeymooning in the Dominican Republic and she loves to “give back” in any way she can- this is just a tiny way to give back to the country that will bring her a wonderful week of celebration. Thanks for the awesome suggestions! I will also be getting a bullets to blessings bracelet for another friend!! Many blessings to you!!

  297. Stacey Dale

    I will be looking to purchase some Bullets for Blessings pieces for my daughters (and myself).

  298. Susan Coulson

    Thank you so much for the great ideas. I will definitely be checking out the jewelry for my daughters. The cd sounds so uplifting. Thank you again for all your God-sent wisdom to all of us. Blessings, Susan

  299. Dawn

    My friend Susan is the most generous woman I know. I would love to bless her with the jewelry.

  300. lesa Wilganowski

    I will be buying your book for my great nephews who never know where or with who they will be staying any given day. Hard part is where to send the gift. I will get the cd for a friend and myself (we need all the help we can get and praising God is the best way to get your mind off of yourself). Thank you for compiling this list!

  301. Linda Hughes

    Bullets to blessings jewelry for a precious family member who has such an incredible testimony through one of the most trying times a mother can go through!

  302. Lesia

    Worship Cd and thinking of maybe the ornaments too!!!

  303. Tyler

    I LOVE Elevation Worship!!! Will definitely be picking up that album!

  304. Donna Baker

    I already purchased multiple copies of “It Will Be Okay” and I love the book. The sweet children on all sides of our family will receive this as their Christmas gift. The message it spot on, and the illustrations (I am picky about children’s art) are lovely and appropriate without being overly cutsie. THANK you for this encouraging resource!

  305. Natasha R

    the necklace for my little sister!

  306. Misty

    I love giving books! That kids book is now on my shopping list 🙂

  307. Rosemary

    Thank you, Lysa, for giving us gift choices that bring us HOPE! Although ALL of the gifts are wonderfully uplifting for the times we live in & a reminder that we are “on mission” to be a light in this dark world – bringing the message of Emmanuel: God with us, I would choose – beyond a shadow of a doubt – the worship CD. Just reading the description of the music is like a soothing balm to my already worn-out body & my parched soul … only problem is – I NEED IT TODAY!! And I know SO many others that need it too. I would add this CD to my list of “things I am thankful for!”

  308. Ragan mcderment

    Purchased ” It Will Be Ok” for my 4 yr old. What a great way to encourage her heart! Thanks, Lysa!!

  309. Karen Paschall

    Im buying your book for my 8 year old son. I have been so moved by your writings and I hope this helps my “worry wart” son! You have been such a blessing in my life. You always post exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. I am going through a lot right now and you have no idea how your posts are helping me get through it. Thank you!

  310. Samantha Hammerschmith

    I’d like to buy the book for my baby girl and maybe a few others too!

  311. Mindy

    It will be ok would be a great book for my daughter!

  312. kellie metzker

    These are amazing gift ideas and as I read about each one I thought of the special people in my life I can give them to. I will be purchasing at least one of each if not more!!

  313. Krista

    Hi Lisa. Thanks for your generous gifts to the people who love you. I would love to get my hands on a copy of the Wake Up the Wonder music CD. One of the best and my favorite ways to communicate with God is music. I know my friends would love one too. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

  314. Krista

    Lysa, I’m so sorry… I messed up and spelled your name wrong ;-( I still love you though!

  315. Edith Kremer

    I’m buying a copy of , “It will be okay.” For my 4 year old great niece who has recently come to stay with us for a while. She has to get used to new rules a new house and being away from her mommy. I hope she gets to learn how to trust God through all these changes and scary new things. Thank you so much for caring and writing the way you do..

  316. Pam

    I’m buying one of the personalized ornaments! Thanks for suggesting gifts with a purpose.

  317. Margie

    I encourage you to look at ViBella ministry, Helping rescue people from poverty, no just at Christmas but each day of the year.

  318. Jan

    Great ideas!

  319. Leslie

    It will be okay

  320. Stel

    Hi Lysa. Nice ideas! Are these items being sold in the Philippines?

  321. Martha

    Thankyou for the great suggestions!! Love everything and that they have purpose and meaning.

  322. Bethany

    The worship CD would be a hit with my kiddos. I love hearing them praise the Lord and sing along with praise songs.

  323. Ashley

    it will be ok!
    My two littles will really enjoy this book

  324. Sharon Brumbaugh

    I purchased an ornament with my daughter’s family names on it from the workers in the DR because her husband goes on a mission trip to the Dominican every year and she went with him 2 years ago when she was 5 months pregnant with their 3rd daughter which they named Dominica! I think this will be a very meaningful gift for them.

  325. Stacey

    I would live to give my 7 year old daughter the It Will Be Okay book. She has been struggling with fear lately. Thank you for your ministry!

  326. Sarah

    I’ll be buying a few of the bullets to blessings items for my sisters. Such a great ministry!

  327. Christy

    Will definitely get the book for my children. Going to check out the cd for teachers. Thanks for sharing.

  328. Christina

    The book is wonderful. I’m think it will help my daughter with her anxiety. She’s 7 and diagnosed recently with ADHD and aspergers. Trusting in the Lord is my only option and the source of my strength.

  329. Chris

    Great gift ideas. Love the concept of giving a gift that matters. This is a very small site but is making a big difference in the lives of a few families in Nicaragua

    Happy holidays

  330. Wendy Bullock

    I am buying an ornament. Love these gift ideas!

  331. Stacy

    Love the bullets to blessings! All of these really!

    I once read that you were involved in a charity that helps young women who are sold into slavery and I cant find the name of the organization anywhere now. Could you tell me the name of it? It’s hard to know what charities are legitimate and I feel like I really need to get involved in this cause. Thanks

  332. Jenny Dennis

    The personal ornament looks lovely

  333. Carol J

    I love books and always like to give books as gifts. My heart’s desire for 2015 is to mentor younger women so I am looking for good books to study together in a small group. The greatest gift I can give is to share Jesus, His love through my love and invest in people’s lives for God’s Kingdom.

  334. Jill Beran

    Hello Lysa!! Popping over via your devo today…the title grabbed me as I just shared a blog post titled, “When Thanksgiving is Hard”. Yesterday a good friend lost her dad just 15 months after saying good-bye to her mom. Really had me thinking – sometimes giving thanks is hard too. Sometimes it’s because there is pain and others it’s like you describe and our feelings interfere, but still it’s what God commands us to do in 1 Thes. As I thought about this I recalled your message at Rise and SHine a few years back! Pray you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Blessings from the farm!!
    (Excited to meet up with a She Speaks friend tomorrow!!!)

  335. Izzie

    Noonday Collection is my go to shopping spot this year. They have gone all around the world helping women create businesses and share their artwork with the world. Their beautiful jewelry is here at

  336. Debbie

    Love the ideas! Am buying your book and the new cd – have heard they are both great! Will definitely check into the other two ideas! Thanks for the help! I never know what to buy for people!

  337. Emy Wood

    Just finished your book “The Best Yes.” In love with it!
    Great blog post- I really love the refurbished jewlry. Considering buying one for my sister, I know she’d love it. In a world of consumerism, we really need gifts that give back.

  338. Vickie Mullins

    I hope to get 2 pieces of jewelry for my daughter and granddaughter it is so beautiful.

  339. Hannah

    I would love to give my Stepmom a piece from the Proverbs 21 jewelry collection. She is such a godly influence in my life and she loves stuff like that, so it would be a great way to honor her!

  340. rebecca

    I was so pleasantly excited to click on the gorgeous personalized ornament to find all of these wonderful handmade treasures! Praise God! I ended up ordering my sister and a friend an ornament and also my sister a Birthday Gift! wow! what a treat! I was going to send her a link to the website, but not until she gets both of her gift! Thank You!( and to think all of the people we are helping to!) Hallelujah!

  341. Angela

    These are all great gift ideas. I am will be defiantly purchasing some of these gifts to give. Just knowing that part of the purchase price will be sowed into lives who are broken and in need of healing ,makes it worth every penny. Thanks for the suggestions Lysa.

  342. Dawnn

    I am ordering you book “It Will Be Okay” for my son. He has had a rough year – his Godfather passed away from cancer & he was just diagnosed with ADD and depression. He is only 8. Anything to give his spirits a lift!

  343. Karla H.

    I am hoping to get jewelry for both of my daughters. It’s beautiful! I also am feeling a bit overwhelmed at times by the headlines, but God. I’m so grateful He is sovereign and He’s not surprised by any of this! Thanking Him for you and Provers31 Ministries!

  344. Barb Johnson

    I’m getting my kids the book “It Will Be Okay”. I am fighting breast cancer for second time at age 45 and I know God is using it to grow my faith and my trust in Him. I want my kids to know He never leaves us.

  345. Audra

    Lysa, just completed your guided study on “The Best Yes,” with my girlfriends. Thank you for blessing us with this study. This morning Family Talk Today referenced your book in their broadcast “Putting Christ First,” a family’s decision to choose their BEST YES this Christmas. Wanted to share with everyone here. Blessings, Here is the link.

  346. Christie

    I’m actually going to be gifting your book, The Best Yes, to a friend who is struggling with juggling a lot in her life! I also just purchased quite a few presents from Dayspring for relatives, including my 12 year old son. I’m excited that the gifts I’m giving this year are almost all through conscious shopping as well as being meaningful.

  347. jenni

    I would love to purchase the book ‘It will be Ok’. My kids Daddy and my husband died this year… Oh how hard it is to express to your kids that it is going to be OK… God is in control of our lives… He numbers our days… and he restores all things…. I pray that God will be glorified this Christmas around the world!

  348. Mary

    I purchased your children’s book for my special needs child who has difficulty with change.
    What a wonderful book and tool to continue helping him learn about God and how He is in control of our lives. Thank you.

  349. Nikkolena Riley

    I purchased the necklace for my husband to give me as a Christmas gift. I will also be purchasing the children’s book as we are in the process of adoption. It will be a great book for any child that we are blessed to have be a part of our family.

  350. Catie

    Lysa, this is exactly what I’ve been searching for. I knew my heart wasn’t satisfied with empty gift-giving, so I tried to find gifts with meaning. These are some of the most meaningful I’ve seen.

  351. Gina

    Thank you Thank you!! I just ordered a Lisa Leonard ornament for my BFF! What a sweet, special gift. Her family moved states away over the summer and I miss them so! ANYWAY, I read this post hoping it would be related to a radio spot I heard on KLOVE. I feel like it was only a few days ago at most but I was in the car and now can’t remember whose blog to look on!! It was about a special gift for your husband…..God’s promises with HIS name in them. I thought it said you could get them on someone’s blog but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t yours. I’m at a loss as I’ve looked at most of them but am not very hopeful I’ll find it. It is a great idea and very fitting for us currently. He has something similar from childhood– a bunch of little scriptures rolled up in a vase thing– so I think it would be so meaningful PLUS we can never read His promises too many times! If you see this and could email me a link to what I need or any direction it would be SO appreciated. But I know you are a busy lady….I love all you do for the Kingdom. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  352. Stacey briggs

    A few weeks ago. I heard you talk about at box filled with 365 versus for you husband… I cannot find the list can you help

  353. Deanne Afman

    I purchased 2 of “It will be okay” books, one for my granddaughter and a friend with 2 small children, 6 and 4 She told me she hasn’t really read any Bible stories to them yet and she really wants too. Thought this would be a good book to start with. Giving it to them today for Christmas. I have read it several times and I like it more and more every time I read it. It is tough growing up in this world for so many children and if they don’t know Jesus as their best friend even tougher. Thank you Lisa , you truly have a beautiful gift and you use it well.

  354. Tina H.

    Hi Lysa!

    Excited for my 17-month-old to unwrap your book from grandma and grandpa! Thank you for your ways with words!!

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