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5 Scriptures to Help Your Child Through Fear & Change

October 7, 2014

One of the hardest life lessons for me to teach my kids has been on fear and worry. As their mom, I feel what they feel. I hurt when they hurt. I worry about their worries.

When one of my daughters was seven, she suddenly became afraid to get up on a stage in front of her school. This was something she’d loved before, yet anxiety was paralyzing her now. So, I told her I’d sit on the front row and she could keep her eyes locked on me. My presence could give her reassurance and my smile could give her courage.

It worked great because I was there, in person. But as my kids have grown, I’ve had to get more creative. I’ve needed to be intentional in helping them find this same assurance and courage to face their fears by keeping their eyes on God and turning to Scripture.

If you’re a parent or have children in your life, I suspect you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So, here are 5 Scripture memory verses that will be helpful to tuck into your kids’ hearts or stick on their mirror, to equip them with the most powerful tool – God’s Word:

1) Psalm 56:3-4, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid.” (NIV)

2) Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV)

3) Genesis 28:15, “’I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go,’” (NIV)

4) Zepheniah 3:17, “The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves.” (NIV)

5) Jeremiah 29:11, “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” (NIV)

For 5 more Scriptures to memorize with your kids, check out my brand new children’s book called It Will Be Okay: Trusting God through Fear and Change. With this book, your child will:

• Discover that God is always with them as they overcome new or scary circumstances
• Replace doubtful thoughts about God’s plan as they learn to trust Him through change
• Build their relationship with God by introducing them to the scripturally based characteristics of who God is

Click here to purchase your copy of It Will Be Okay.

And please know my mommy heart is praying for you and your kids as you memorize these verses and read this book. I’m praying for you as you translate this story into the unique fears and worries your kids are facing today.

And then hopefully they can carry this lesson of trusting God into the days ahead that will no longer end with bedtime stories.

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  1. Suzanne Minor

    Congratulations on your newly published book! How exciting for you! Can you please tell me what age group of kids this book is good for? My grandkids range in age from 6 to 16. Curious of the best ages to purchase for. Thank you!

  2. Missy

    Lysa, I needed that first psalm to pass along to my 11 year old THIS very morning! Thank you you for sharing these verses here. Wisdom is gathering!

  3. Tiffany

    These verses as well as this book release come at a perfect time. We just recently moved to a new town – not far from our old town but into a new school district. My two young daughters, ages 8 and 5, will be starting their new school in just a couple of weeks and as the time draws closer, I can feel their anxiety building. I just ordered your new book and am hoping reading this together, memorizing the scripture together and just spending that time together will help ease their fears and worries. thank you!

  4. Carissa D. Huffman

    I pre-ordered a copy of this book for ny 5 year old son, and it is scheduled to arrive TODAY. THis is going to be a great blessing for him–it is like you knew Conor when you decided what to write about! 🙂 I love your books, and now he can, too.

    Many blessings!
    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  5. Laura

    Thank you for these Scriptures. As a mommy of grownup children and now grandchildren…I am the one who needs Scripture to overcome fear! Somehow it is easier when they are under your roof to talk about trusting God. But when they are out there on their own and all you have is the knowledge you hope you did your best…well….how we need to lean on God’s word and not our own understanding!! Bless you today for encouraging this “child” of God <3

  6. Valerie

    Thank you Lysa for your encouraging words and stories. 🙂 This one really has hit home for me. I come from a long line of worriers. And its something I want to overcome and NOT pass on. 🙂

  7. Sihle Zondi

    Wow what a relevant book. R u in SA or abroad?

  8. Shannon @ Distracted by Prayer

    Although these scriptures are all familiar, I’d never thought about the power of grouping them together. Now you’ve got me thinking about more Scripture-themes I could post around the house. Thanks, Lysa!

  9. Hollie

    Wow, thank you for this post! My three boys all struggle with and suffer from one form of Anxiety or another, so does their mom=) I know how hard it is to live with, and to fight, so I’m thakful for the reminder of these verses for them to learn and to declare in their own lives and hearts. I’m ordering the book too, it will so good to connect with my younger two. Thank you for the encouragement!

  10. Brielle Cotterman

    God led me to your webpage today, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to bring this book into my home and share these scriptures with my children. God’s timing is perfect! Thank you for offering such an amazing book!

  11. Beth

    “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3 is a scripture my son learned in Cubbies & we talk about it any time he has been worried about something. 🙂

  12. Karen Moxley

    Lysa I am lying in a bed at a Ronald McDonald House in Savannah, Ga. I am about to walk my 8 yr old daughter over to Memorial Hosp. for her second round of chemo. She has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She must have this book! Please pray for her. You can follow her journey on fb at Team Ansley.

  13. Jennifer Dougan

    Congratulations, Lysa, on this new book! Tackling fears with our kids is important. Your first verse there is one of the verses my six year old and I sing together after bad dreams. That one and Psalm 4:8 too. Do you make up songs with your verses too? 😉

    Jennifer Dougan

  14. Rose

    This is a great book that I know will daughters will cherish. Thank you!

  15. Karen

    I have two grandsons and my daughter is a single mom. My oldest worries about his mom and school. I haveprinted these scriptures for him to put on his mirror to remind him that God is with him thru each day. Thank you!

  16. Britni Bradford

    My not quiet 3 yr old just learned #1 last week. We made up a fun song to help her learn it. I’ll have to add these others to her memory verse soon.

  17. Jen

    Lysa, I just got back from my very first WOF – wow! I loved every second of it, every speaker, every song, every single stirring moment in Orlando. I especially identified with you because I too, thought my first born was WAY WAY more blessing than I deserved. Well, 20 years, 3 kids, 2 marriages and lots of God’s grace later, here I am. I looked you up after the conference and saw this blog and your Prayers for Sons. My first-born blessing is going through a very difficult break-up with his college girlfriend. His heart is broken and he 6 hours away from me and in a very dark and painful place. I have never stopped my day and got down on my knees to pray for someone, and have definitely NEVER texted scripture to anyone outside of my Christian sisters. But after reading your blog, I did both. I chose Jeremiah 29:11 and sent it to my son after praying for him. He immediately texted me back saying he and his roommate were at the roommate’s parents’ house asking about which church would be a good place for my son right now. This, from my son who doesn’t shun my faith, but doesn’t have his own yet. This from my son who hasn’t been to a church of his own volition since childhood. I know God works in my life and the lives of others, but when he works this fast, when he gives me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone, he rewards me so fully and so quickly. I am in awe and at peace. Thank you for your work, your humor, your honesty and your inspiration to me and women everywhere. You rock!
    Jen Wilson

  18. Josie Lopez

    These scripture verses are the very same ones the Lord has spoken to me, he’s told that all things work together for good to those that love him, and when I don’t understand all that He’s doing in my life he insist that I trust him,and he continually assures me that he is with me. I just want to say that even though I don’t know you are my mentor. I Thank the Lord for your gift of writing that inspire many women around the world. I always enjoy reading your books and chering with others.

  19. Jodi R.

    I bought your new book and I love it!! I read it with both my boys last night and I have a story to share with you. I bought your book and have had it on my desk to read to my boys for the last week but never had the time during the week. Last night, we all decided to snuggle in bed because my older son was leaving for outdoor ed camp the next morning. I saw your book and decided it would be fun to read together. It was perfect timing because the message was just what my older son needed to hear- to trust God even when we are worried. He was feeling anxious about going to camp so we read through all the bible verses at the beginning of the book and decided that Phillippians 4:6 would be perfect for him to remember up at camp. I love how much this book helped me and my sons! Thank you for writing it and I love the message to trust God even when we are worried!! Thanks again, Jodi

  20. Daphne Fitzpatrick

    I received a copy of this book as a gift, as I volunteer as a small group leader for OBS. I love it. It has sat on my desk, waiting to be shared, outside my home, for a few weeks. Today I needed to go to my son’s school for a conference, and I felt the tug to bring it and share with another teacher that I know works with children’s ministries. I described the book, pointed out the scripture, beautiful illustrations and spoke briefly of the message. I told her to borrow it, and return it when she’s ready. She got teary eyed and very touched, and I knew I was sent there this morning, to share that book and God message. The children were beginning to stream into her class, and school was starting, so I said a silent prayer for whatever is in her heart today. I am so humbled by His great love, and amazed when a simple share makes me feel right where I’m meant to be. I ordered a few more copies to hand out for Christmas, to people with children who have touched my/family through ministry. I’ll be reading a copy to my Sunday pre-school class when I get them in! Thank you so much for the scripture, love and message in your writing.

  21. Tara

    Karen, I pray for your supernatural strength in Jesus’ name.. That God would give you the strength you need to face each new day.. That Ansley would walk in health, healing and wholeness. Praying for you today Karen!

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