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The Best Yes Webcast Replay – Now Available!

August 13, 2014

Thank you for all the kind comments and posts you’ve sent me about last night’s webcast. What a relief to know I had so many friends joining me as I released my heart into the world through the pages of The Best Yes.

For those of you who couldn’t join in last night, great news! The replay is below. And if you’re wondering whether or not the shoes I wore were comfortable, absolutely not! They were awful, terrible, horrible but really cute shoes 🙂

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If you’re reading this in an email, please click here to view the webcast replay.

Click here to purchase your copy of The Best Yes!

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  1. Denise

    Great Webcast! I loved your outfit Lysa, you always look so put together. I also loved the story you told of the flight mishap. God always puts us exactly where He wants us. It was a good reminder to look outside our selfish wants at the bigger picture. I can’t wait to download and read your book.

  2. Michele

    OHHHHHH! So excited I can now watch it. I missed it yesterday because I just couldn’t navigate traffic fast enough to get home in time. I was really hoping it would be available as a replay. THANK U SO MUCH for all you do for us P31 and Jesus girls!!! Absolutely love your books and my copy arrived yesterday…. super excited!

  3. nancys1128

    So glad to get this email! A wall of rain made me turn around while heading to a webcast party to view it live. Southeast MI is rather wet right now.

  4. Lisa

    Thankyou. So much .

  5. sophie

    this is awesome thank you! being French, I was asleep yesterday when you were online! I am so glad I get to watch it now!!:) thank you Lysa, you are the BEST (YES!)

  6. Katherine Coombs

    I absolutely loved the webcast and look forward to watching it again and sharing with some friends who missed it! Can’t wait to read the book; have so enjoyed all the others. Thanks for your inspiration; You always leave me with a smile and thoughts to ponder. You’re a truly gifted storyteller!

  7. Christy

    Went to B&N today and picked up my copy after joyfully watching last night’s Web cast. The Best Yes continues, and I’m so grateful to watch Our Lord at work. Thank you!

  8. Leticia

    Great webcast! Loved the message! So excited for this book to come out. Can’t wait to dive in. Thank you for putting up because I was not able to watch it live yesterday.

  9. Holly Hanson

    Do you know how long this will be posted? I would love to show it to my moms group in about a month and a half. Will it be available on your site then?

  10. MaryJane Fischer

    What a great presentation and thrilled to hear the proceeds will be used for missions in Africa! Am so thankful my life broke out of “the rhythm of rush” – have friends and mentees to whom I shall share “The Best Yes” as this is the desire of our hearts; to slow down and be able to sense the rhythm of God’s direction daily!!! The Lord bless you in the many ways your life and work is blessing others!

  11. Valerie

    Enjoyed listening to the replay of the webcast very encouraged and looking forward to getting my book soon, it is in transit, and looking forward to the Bible study as well online! Blessings to the P31 team for all that you do in reaching out to women around the world and bringing them to a deeper knowledge and learning of God and what He has for our lives.

  12. kathleen Sullivan

    Wonderful word for us tonight! Learned a lot and had so much fun! Thanks!

  13. Florence

    What an amazing message. Your lesson about Abigail was so encouraging because I was also studying her character a few days ago…..yes! The panel was so encouraging and very real. That you for saying “Yes” to this message from God. Florence

  14. Tula Prewitt

    love this web-cast have been to several woman of faith events. no longer able to travel so happy u ladies are once again a part of my life. to god be the glory.your friend from kentucky. having to type with one hand as i have a broken capitol letters. lol

  15. Donna Sheppard

    Thank you Lisa and Proverbs 31 Ministries for making this webcast available. I needed to hear this message. I’ve recovering from a mission trip to Asia and pacemaker surgery. I’ll feel no more guilt for resting, reading and studying God’s Word for several more weeks. My Best Yes is accepting and appreciating this time of being still! Thank You!

  16. Cyndee Phelps

    I was so happy to get the email to see this webcast since I missed the first showing. I am going to get this book & start reading ASAP! THANKS Lysa for the Best Yes lesson. I am “making the decision” tonight to get up in the morning and say NO so I can begin a new journey. . . and it Will be a good tomorrow!

  17. Pamela Smyth

    Thank you so much for recording this webcast for those of us who could not see it live. I found out at work today that I was going to be able to see it, and was so excited. Great message. Looking forward to the OBS on proverbs31 on the Best Yes.

  18. Alyson

    Thanks so much for posting this as timezone differences meant I couldnt watch live. So excited, cant wait to get my book & start the OBS next month

  19. Paige

    This just blessed my heart so much this morning! Definitely something I struggle with. I love “not every assignment is my assignment.” I have to remember, I am not the Savior of the world. Jesus is. Lysa, I truly feel I know you through these books! Thanks for putting yourself out there time and time again. I know it is not an easy thing. Keep obeying God, the blessings are amazing to others!

  20. cindy

    I probably just missed it but who is the singer–love the songs– she dose such a great job !!! Thanks !!! for the webcast and making it available after the live viewing. We watch it at bible study tonite after the first day of all the mamas getting their kiddos back in school–great timing as their schedules are gearing up for the school year.
    GOD BLESS you all !!!

  21. Chris Carter

    OHMYGOSH I AM SO EXCITED!!! I can’t WAIT to watch this… What I would have given to be there in person Lysa!!! I probably would have been ‘escorted’ out of the audience from all the squealing and convulsing that would have spiraled out of control!! LOL

    Thank you… for not staying home refreshing amazon, and instead taking these faithful steps once again to bring God’s Light to the countless hearts that need it!!

    And you can wear flip flops or slippers and I would still squeal and convulse out of control. Shoes shmoes. But hey- I hope that they brought you that girly glamour confidence!! 🙂 Ya gotta have that too…

    God bless YOU.

  22. Kim

    I am borrowing your new book from our public
    Library, so very good. I am having a hard time
    Putting it down. My best yes right is to make
    Supper & get my others things finished so I read but
    It’s hard. Thank you very much for your encouragement. Be blessed.

  23. Lysa Marie Hayes

    The only reason I’m asking is because in 52 years I have never met or seen lysa spelled with a Y. I was wondwondering if u had same experience. Your mom n my mom had two different reasons. My mom Said it was rhe oldest English way of spelling (Lisa) I am so happy to have come across someone else spelled thw same. Anyone else in my life includingbthw many Lisas i have met have never seen it spelled with a y either. Until now. I was curios if u have had thw same experience as i have?

  24. Melchorita Fahey

    Thank you so much Lysa for The Best Yes Webcast Replay. I was at worked that night was on. I can’t wait to read this book. I’m going to pick up my book tomorrow herein Australia that I pre-ordered last month ago, yeah…..Look forward to join online bible study of ‘The Best Yes.’


  25. Jeff Goins

    Well, that was fun to watch. 🙂

  26. Debbie F

    I missed most of the webcast the other night so happy to hear it again in full I missed so much. Wow…I need to really study a few people. Thanks so much for doing this and not staying home to refresh Amazon. I have the book and am excited to begin reading it. Again, very fun listening and learning and now I will go review the 4 people mentioned.

  27. Ashley

    Lysa! I attended the women’s retreat in Somerset, KY this past weekend. I’m so grateful for the abundance of blessings received through it. Left there so full and refreshed on the words I heard. Even though I sobbed through most of the last session Saturday. It was much needed. I will pray God continues to use you in big ways. Pray for me and all the other women out there that start on our new journeys to let Jesus unrush us and be able to find our best yes! Much love!

  28. lisa

    Love this book helping me more . Spreading the word.

  29. Kristin

    I can’t get the video to play. Is it just me or am I too late? I’ve tried two different browsers on my laptop and also tried my tablet. The status bar appears to be trying to load it, but is making no progress. I hope I’m not too late, I really wanted to listen to it.

  30. Peg

    I’m having the same problem as #29 Kristin. It won’t buffer, keeps skipping out. I have tried several different times & only make it almost 40 seconds before it starts acting up. So wished I could see it:(

  31. Karen


    Our Women’s Bible study is starting back up and our first study is “The Best Yes”. This would be a great way to kick it off!

  32. Kimberley Barrett

    Great message!

  33. Vanae Sainz

    Tonight I just saw the interview on Betty and James Robinson. All I have to say is God heard my prayer of finding a great, woman of God as a mentor for me. I watch most women preacher/teachers but after listening to Lysa tonight….I FINALLY found my spiritual mentor! Just like the story of her daughters persistance of poll vaulting, and the reward after her 3 yrs of diligence; I feel my reward for my 6yrs of diligence (struggling with my Faith) has arrived with finding a mentor to help me get to my finish line, my Promise land; and give me the strength, motivation, and wisdom I need to get me through to the NEW chapter in my life. So exciting…God is good; just because He may be silent and I think He’s not there; I see He is just working behind the scenes.

  34. Vanessa Stephens

    Lysa I watched you on Life Today and once again God spoke to my heart to keep going. God called me three years ago to start getting intentional with my life by tracking a 7 weeks of getting intentional and listening to God by reading His word to what He wanted me to get intentional with. It is amazing how it all came together and how I saw God work in this. When you said The Best Yes is about getting intentional with using the wisdom of God’s truth your life, I took a deep breath and said yes!!! I have read the book all the way through and plan on doing the online bible study. I came to the live broadcast and was amazed at how God is using this teaching to help aide the getting intentional sessions. I also attended the live conference call there at the office with Melissa, Nicki, and Renee. I shared with them while in the fourth week of training for GI, God began showing me that God’s word is transforming just like the cocoon butterfly analogy. Change is a hard process. While in the middle of writing and studying, I was in my fourth week of the 7 weeks of GI and I was reading one of your books; you mentioned about checking to see what your name means. I thought ah I’m not into that Lysa… LOL! Well I came in the house and God would not let me by with that!! I said to myself oh well let me check, this is silly but I will look. I pulled up google and typed in biblical name meanings and in Greek my name means bu

    • Vanessa Stephens

      Sorry don’t know what happened… In Greek my name means butterfly!! I stood there and stared at the screen knowing that this was all God’s confirmation!!! We start another 7 week GI session September 30th and I can’t wait to share what I have learned from The Best Yes with my group of GI ladies!!! Thank you for all you do in the world… This book is a world changer!!


  35. Missy

    Lysa, I am going to show this to our bible study group this afternoon. We have been a group of 4 to 6 until now … this afternoon there will be 11 women in my little living room. ELEVEN. We have a stack of Best Yes books and will start reading it today. It’s the first day we’ve all gathered together, so please say a prayer, if you will?

  36. Bettiann Lloyd

    Hi Lysa – I have tried everything and cannot get the webcast to open and/or play. So wanted to watch. I clicked on the link in email and on here….NOTHING.

  37. Cheryl Pingle

    Amazing. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the study!

  38. Tenina

    I loved the webcast. It really made me think when it was said “we are either becoming more like Christ or less like Christ”. I do believe that wise women gather where wisdom gathers, not where wisdom scatters.

  39. Stacey

    Thank you so very much Lysa for such an encouraging message! I loved that story before but not I love it so much more. I look forward to being able to get my copy down here in Australia soon. THANK YOU Again!

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