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It’s Almost Here… “The Best Yes”

July 5, 2014

Every time I release a book, I go through this intense time of fear. It’s a bit like standing in front of the whole world with a bathing suit on which is scary on so many levels.

I package my heart up, the good and bad, in pages and release it into the world. It’s thrilling. It’s terrifying. And so goes the life of an imperfect girl, imperfect writer.

I’m never the hero of my books.

I write from the hurt of my struggle and the hope of God’s truth. My books seem to travel like whispers from deep places and end up leaking out through pixelated letters.

Beth Moore once said, “Authors don’t always choose their books. Their path, and more often their pain, does the picking.”

My new book, The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands, did just that. It picked me.

I wrote this message because I need this message.

And now on August 12th I’ll (sit and chew my fingernails to the nub) watch as it finds its way to friends like you.

Having you as my blog friend is a gift. It’s a good feeling to not be alone.

And today I want to share why I wrote The Best Yes.

I wrote it because I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life. I found myself saying, “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” But no one in the history of the world has ever found more time or made more time.

We all get 168 hours a week. No more. No less.

And too many of us are missing out on too much.

We have to slow the rhythm of rush in our lives so the best of who we are can emerge.

The Best Yes

Part of the rush is due to people pleasing. I’m a chronic people-pleaser. I’d love to say I’m a recovering people-pleaser. That sounds so much more tidy.

The truth is people pleasing is so engraved in my thinking process, I really have to be conscious of it every single day.

So knowing how to say no and when to say yes is definitely woven into this message.

But there’s something deeper that pulses through the pages of this book. When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.

Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.

And I guess I’m just tired of that deep ache.

Maybe you are too?

Instead of constantly dreading saying yes and feeling powerless to say no, there’s another option.

And that is to ask, “What is my Best Yes in this?”

In The Best Yes, we’ll discover together how to:

• Cure the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love.
• Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no.
• Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.
• Rise above the rush of endless demands and discover your Best Yes today.

When I unrush myself and use the Best Yes as a filter of every decision I make, the best of me emerges. And I want to live with the best of me, front and center in my life all the time.

I suspect you want to live with the best of you, too.

So I want to invite you to be among the first to pre-order your copy of The Best Yes today. Pre-ordering is fun because I have gifts for my friends who order their book now. (Besides me blowing kisses and whispering “thank yous” in your direction) you’ll receive free resources that won’t be available once the book hits stores August 12th:

Pre-Order 1 copy today and you will receive for FREE….
The Best Yes audio book
– New, exclusive mini eBook from me
– A 2-minute “Thank you!” video from me
– A keynote message teaching The Best Yes
– 25 beautiful, shareable, printable quote images from the book
Valued at: $50

Pre-Order 8 or more copies today and you will receive for FREE…
– All of the above plus…
The Best Yes eBook
– Group discussion questions
– 4 posters featuring artwork with key phrases from The Best Yes
The Best Yes Study Guide (Available to the first 100)
Valued at: $125

Pre-Order 100 or more copies today and you will receive for FREE…
– All of the above plus…
– FaceTime call for me to connect personally with your small group or ministry (Available to the first 20. Each call will last about 20 minutes.)

Click here to find out more information and to purchase your copy (or copies) today!

And just in case you can’t wait until August 12th… I’m giving away 3 copies of the Advanced Reader Version of The Best Yes.

(Insert me sweating and hoping I used awesome deodorant today.)

Leave a comment below telling me what part of The Best Yes message resonates with your life right now.



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  1. Lara

    This book sounds awesome and well-timed! I have this constant tug-of-war with myself over such minor decisions just because I want to keep people happy! I so relate to you saying you’d love to say you’re a recovering people pleaser! I really believe we can be and I’m looking forward to reading your insights in your book:-)

  2. Lisa

    I’ve said ‘yes’ because I thought as a Christian mom that’s what I was to do. But, what I have come to realize is that my ‘yes’ wasn’t always right. I’ve missed out on a lot – my children are young adults-one a recent graduate and another still in college. But, instead of being discouraged I am choosing to be encouraged and setting a different way of saying ‘yes’ and leading by example. Some could say that this book is too late for me, but I think otherwise. #onlyGod

  3. Darlene

    The disease to please … me in a nutshell. I have worn myself to a frazzle with my need to please those around me. I have a horrible time saying that very simple little word . . .NO . . .usually among the first words we learn as b a baby learning to talk, but one of the most difficult to say as an adult. I am very excited about your new book, and cannot wait to read it, and learn to overcome my incessant need to please.

  4. Starla Jensen

    I have so much rush in my life that is stealing my peace and don’t know how to change that because I, too, want to please!! Help!

  5. Tammy Howard

    People pleaser? I have the t-shirt, the ring, the hat, AND I know the handshake. Growing up with a mom who was depressed much of the time, from a young age I learned to do what pleased her so I would not have the guilt of pushing her “over the edge.” Then I lived in a prison of my own making through most of my adult life over not wanting to disgrace my family over the abortion I had at the age of 19. Always telling people what they wanted to hear. I was the good church-going girl who felt guilty and and always said yes. I never wanted to disappoint anyone. I pray and pray for God to set me free. It is beginning to happen, slowly, but I still have a LOT of work to do. I am trying very hard not to put that kind of pressure on my own daughters. I don’t want them growing up with “the disease to please.” I thank God for you, Lysa, and how your book releases are always so well-timed for what I need in my life. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were spying on me….LOL….God bless you; I have never met you and yet I feel like I know you. And I certainly can say that I love you!

  6. Melissa

    Lysa, I am so excited about your new book. Thank you for sharing this message with us. 🙂

  7. Melissa

    This book resonates with me because I’m always thinking that filling the calender is the only way to live. But when I do that I feel anxious and rushed and so do my little people! So I’m not giving them the best of who God has made me to be and they are struggling.
    I would love to read this book so I can have help saying no!

  8. Amy N

    I am right there with you, and I adore the phrase “recovering people pleaser.” That is me! I’ve often, and recently, found myself having said yes to something that I thought probably was not the right time or fit for me. However, I said yes anyway out of duty, or because I was asked, or maybe even a tad of pride that I could handle the task. This always leads to a disappointing mess, and it is hindsight that reminds me how I was forewarned by that little tug of the Holy Spirit. I need not worry about pleasing others or myself, only pleasing God and allowing Him to work through my efforts. Sometimes that may mean that I step back to watch others and let Him work through them. He will even teach me and grow me through that! Whether or not I win a free copy, I will be watching for the release of this book so that I can nab a hard copy. (I am still a book reader. I like the feel of turning pages and the accomplishment that a bookmark halfway through represents while beckoning me on to read more.)

  9. Margaret

    Here’s what hit the nerve for me:

    “… she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.
    And I guess I’m just tired of that deep ache.”

    So tired.

  10. Susan Cox

    This sounds like a great book not only for me but for every woman and my husband too! The part that struck me the most is people pleasing. I feel guilty not stepping up to the plate ALL of the time when I’m with other people who seem to be saying yes and being able to handle it all and feeling whiny when I have to explain why can’t do something. This would be a GREAT small group study!

  11. Tammy Breckenfelder

    Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Once again, you are so ridiculously relevant to my life! 🙂 Definietly struggle with the saying “no” because I don’t want to disappoint. Also, I am not the best at prioritizing my to do list, and usually end up getting nothing done because I don’t know where to start. Ugh. I’m a mess Lysa!! Haha 🙂

    • Tara

      Tammy I thought I was the only one! 😉 I live in that place too often as well of not knowing where to start with all the things that need to get done and then hardly anything gets done. I’m tired of being frustrated with myself and with my house. It seems enough is never enough. Can’t wait to read Lysa’s book!

  12. Jill Beran

    Looking forward to this Lysa!! Our summer schedule seems to be crazy and I know there are things we could have and should have said no to, but… As a mom with 5 little busy people, who God also has in women’s ministry I know I need to be diligent with my time…trust He will speak to me through this. I also relate to everything you say about being an approval addict who also suffers with the disease to please!! Thanks for putting your heart on paper…praying God will use it to to touch and transform many!! Blessings from the farm!

  13. Stephanie C

    Oh Lysa! I cannot wait to read your book! God has been speaking to me about this very thing over the last couple of years (well probably longer but either the message is getting stronger or I’m finally listening). I am a chronic people pleaser as well but God has been speaking to me about discernment and how it’s not the choice between a good thing and a bad thing, but a choice between good things – which is what makes the choice so hard. Even knowing this, I still struggle with knowing what my best yes is or should be so I am so looking forward to reading what God has put on your heart to share with us. Although I’m sure there are others who need this message like I do, I am certain that I am one of the people God had in mind to hear from you with this message He has put on your heart to share.
    Love you and am so thankful for your willing heart to say yes to what God has put on your heart.

  14. Tracy

    Fellow ingrained people Pleasers everywhere need to get this book and study it 🙂 thank you for bringing the Biblical aspects of this tendency to light so we can all learn and grow in making healthier daily decisions. Toughest for me seems to be work-related decisions. God bless you!

  15. Juanita Head

    I have always been a people pleaser. The best way to deflect conflict is to make everyone happy. This leads to everyone happy but me. I have always been the one to strive to keep harmony in family, friends. … everyone. It’s way to hard and I see that I deserve more for me. It’s not an easy change. Old habit die hard. Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us who dont. God bless you!!

  16. LuAnn Fischer

    Oh Lysa…. it ALL resonates with me. The stress the too many yes’ s people pleasing, not liking who I am when I say yes to too many things. Missing the joy of the now. It makes me tired just thinking about it!

  17. Tammy

    I teach in a christian school, mom and wife, and a life where no needs to be in my vocabulary. I have been worn thin and my sons are growing up before my eyes and I mo longer want to miss out. I can’t wait to read your book you always touch my heart.

  18. Brandy Madson

    Every last bit. I never say no, even when I’ve planned on it in advance. Then I am frantic trying to get everything done. And then I long for rest days. I think this is a must read for me right now.

  19. Marnet Lopez

    I am at point in my life where I am always rushing to the next yes on my schedule without even thinking or stopping to enjoy what’s around me. The day is over I end up tired and weak and then wake up and repeat. Your book comes at the perfect time can’t wait to read it and apply to my life. You’re the best Lysa !

  20. Leanne

    Sometimes, you find yourself doing good things- like sharing Jesus through testimonies and the Gospel via my blog. I love writing and feel the Lord has embedded it into my blood- I can’t do life without it. But lately I have been wrestling about whether I should continue my blog. It’s good but maybe not the best for me right now. The hard part of it is I just started blogging again after a year off- the Lord showed me I needed a break. Well I just started up again after couple months ago and I’m questioning God’s will again. I love to write and don’t want to disappoint people. I wrestle because I don’t want to admit I may have started again prematurely. The Lord is good and will direct my path. May I know it clearly and walk it joyfully!

  21. Bekki

    I felt the Holy Spirit dancing inside of me when I read what The Best Yes is all about! I love that you call yourself a recovering people pleaser!!! I am
    also in the process of recovering from this same disease! I never even realized that I was a people pleaser until recently. I allowed my fear of letting everyone else down and my fear of hurting others keep me from standing up from what I knew God wanted from me. It took me a divorce, 2 abortions, worldly living, uncountable mistakes from drinking, to finally find my way to being reborn in Christ and accepting His will. When I hear myself doubting how to respond to other people, I now take a step back and think it through in a new perespective. Trust me, I still fear and I still struggle and so I just know this book is meant to help me release even more of that! The goosebumps and peace that flooded my body as the Holy Spirit was dancing inside of me couldn’t have been any clearer that this book was written as the next step in my recovery!!!!! Thank you Lysa for all you provide women who relate to your stories!!!

  22. Melissa Ann

    Wow-I’ve been praying for a new book (and possibly a future bible study) to take me into this Fall’s crazy schedule I see ahead of me. I so want to enjoy everything but quickly get overwhelmed with all of the daily expectations! Then I feel like a failure and that is not what God wants of us! Thank you Lysa! God is working through you!

  23. Mary

    Just got laid off and am finding the time to do the things I need/want to do for me. The problem is I need a job. Hopefully this book can help me find a good life/work balance without going crazy.

  24. Aimee Roddel

    Hi Lysa! I just forwarded your quote, “We have to slow the rhythm in our lives so the best of who we are can emerge.” to some great friends … LOVE that inspiration! These words speak volumes to me as I prepare for my first mission trip. In the busyness of preparing my family for my absence and in looking forward to sharing God’s love with those I cross paths with during the ten days, connecting with the beautiful children and people in Mozambique, I know all too well the importance of slowing down and allowing God to work in me and through me. A great transformation has begun and will continue … looking forward to seeing, feeling and hearing His best in me. Lysa, I am grateful that you have recognized His still small voice in your life and that He has encouraged you to share His love … you are a blessing in my life! I look forward to reading your new book and to sharing it with many!

  25. Char

    Thank you Lysa for the books that flow out of you – I seem to relate to all of them! Growing up as a middle child in an alcoholic family, I became a caretaker and a people pleaser and had many fears. God has saved me – pulled me out of a “pit” – and has blessed me with a wonderful husband and family, but when you stated that people pleasing is so engraved in you that you need to be conscious of it every day I so relate! I get so wrapped up in the rush of life that I have to make efforts to take time with God and with my family. My husband is good for me as he really knows me and helps me say no to certain things. I can’t wait to read your book! Blessings to you!

  26. Nancy R

    Lysa, thanks for the opportunity to win a copy as well as congratulations to have the courage to follow God’s leading. I too have been a people pleaser and now with my children out of the house, I am not even sure who I truly am. I was visiting my Mom last week–she lives across the American continent from me–and found myself right back into the role of trying to please her!

  27. Mocha with Linda

    So excited – definitely need this book.

    BTW, I don’t see the form to use my receipt on the page. It says “use the form below” but the only things “below” on that page are the P31 preorder buttons. 🙂

    Hugs to you!

  28. Jodi

    I am such a people pleaser. I can’t wait to read this book. Just moved back from living over seas for 4 years and this sounds like it would help me. Thanks for all you do.

  29. Tracey

    I’m learning to know myself and find ways to refresh my soul…one of which is slowing down & do things I truly enjoy. That’s tough when you’re a people pleaser. So I’m looking forward to learning about all the points you listed on what the book is about. But one part of your blog post really resonated today with me… “When I unrush myself and use the Best Yes as a filter of every decision I make…”. Using the Best Yes as a filter for every decision will be something I’ll look forward to learning to do! Please enter me in the drawing for today. 🙂

  30. Rebecca

    Lysa, how did you know I needed this book?! Seriously though, my oldest starts kindergarten this Fall and my husband and I are praying through how I can cut back on my job so that we can spending more time together as a family. My other sweet babies are 3 and 1 so my life never stops and neither does the ministry for which my husband is a pastor. Thank you for sharing your transparent heart with every book and every devotional. Christ is always the hero and I’m thankful you’re wiling to share with many what we all struggle with individually!

  31. Christine

    Lysa – as a Mom to six children I struggle at times to balance the needs/wants of my time. So often there are many “good” things calling out for my attention. I love the way you spoke of filtering it threw His priorities. I look forward to reading it.

  32. Dawn

    Every word spoke to my heart and to the very desire I long for! I lost my husband 12 weeks ago to the horrific disease, ALS, and God has taught me so many life transforming lessons during this journey that have all brought me to this place of total surrender to my Savior, to my Jehovah-Jireh, my Jehovah-Rapha. I now find myself with this burning desire to serve like I have never served before and to be the best me He designed me to be but some days I am not sure what to choose and what to say “no” to so as I read the words you used to describe your book, I felt my heart and struggles connecting with yours as they have so many times before! I look forward to seeing how God will use your words to help grow this “Hot Mess” of a woman who loves her Jesus more and more everyday!

  33. Chris Carter

    I am contacting my Pastor today to see if we can pre-order for a small group this fall. My women’s group has absolutely LOVED reading all your books, and I can’t think of a better message to dive into with my sisters- full of your wisdom and His truth and the raw reality that we all live…

    I cannot WAIT to read this Lysa. No nail biting. Has not your God been faithful through each gift you have shared thus far? 🙂

  34. Kathleen Eichenlaub

    Wow – all of this definitely resonates with me! I almost always feel stressed & rushed; and, unfortunately, don’t like who I am while stressed & rushed. I am really looking forward to reading your latest book; and feel it will help me the way “Unglued” has helped me. Thank you! I appreciate you putting yourself out there, as I relate so much to the challenges you face as a “capital C” Christian woman, wife, & mother.

  35. Sara Miller

    We just got finished with a four week sermon series at my church titled “Rest”. It brought so much to the surface if how sometimes I’m busy just for the sake of busyness. I want everyone to be happy, I want to serve my wonderful husband, have a career, create our home, spend time with my family, the list goes on and on. I don’t say no, and I think I can do it all on my own, so therefore I don’t rest. This book sounds like just what I need! Thanks for writing it! I know it will be great.

  36. Stela (P31 OBS Volunteer)

    Lysa, you’re books are always awesome. I’m looking forward to reading the final version. Thank you for the advanced copy. I’m looking forward to this study with my OBS sisters. ❤️

  37. April

    This word TIME can be such an enemy if not used wisely. We want more time and sometimes we want less time. I wonder how much one would spend to get more time. This word TIME has been on my heart lately. I have felt the Holy Spirit’s nudges with this word TIME. So I had to giggle to myself when I opened this email this morning. I just love God and his sense of humor. Thanks for taking your TIME to write this book.

  38. Shameika

    As per usual, a book authored by you is either published or discovered when I need it the most. So looking forward to reading this book and seeing the truth revealed to me as they have been revealed to you through the Spirit and His word.

    Escaping the guilt and rising above the rush of endless demands go hand in hand to what I am dealing with at this time. It’s truly hard to curb a people pleasing personality, but learning to do so through the process of choosing the best yes will lead to more self control which is my fruit that I am working on this year. So excited for the release 🙂

  39. Tara

    I would love to win a copy of your new book! • The part that resonates with me the most is “Rise above the rush of endless demands.” I am tired of the rush of endless demands and tired of doubting if I am good enough as a mom, wife, ministry leader etc. I feel like I don’t always do it as well as I should or as well as others. I would love your book. It would confirm the permission I feel I need to slow down and savor the present moment. It would remind me to breathe and not care so much about what everyone else wants from me. I think it would help me to STOP and LISTEN to the still small voice inside that’s beckoning me to just say MY BEST YES!

  40. April McMichael

    Oh how you sound like I did a few years back. But Jesus has shown me my sweet spot and I have been leading, along with my husband, oyr Pastoral Care/Prayer team at our church. Now I am able to really listen to God’s direction and know for sure the other areas He needs me to say”Yes”to!

  41. Kristina D

    I have been anxiously awaiting the release of your new book. I struggle with telling others no. I especially feel guilty saying no if it is a church related activity. I don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings or make them upset towards me. Deep down I think we are all people pleasers…we just don’t want to admit it. Thank you for writing from your heart!

  42. Kim

    I can not wait to read this book. I am also a people pleaser and have a hard time telling people no. The stress of everyday life with a family and now I have a sick mom that I’m struggling with. I’m having a hard time right now saying no to people when I should be focusing on other parts of my life. I know God will see my family through this difficult time. I have learned so much from your books. I can not imagine not learning from this one. Lysa thank you for being such an inspiration and doing God’s work!

  43. Vickie

    Hi Lysa! So excited for this study. I turn 51 today and it’s definitely time for this people pleaser to learn how to slow the rhythm of my life so the best of who I am can emerge! Looking forward to The Best Yes!

  44. KrisZ

    This sounds like a great book on a topic that resonates with so many of us. Like a previous poster, my kids are grown and mostly out of the house but I, too, believe it isn’t too late to make some better decisions. My tendency is to say “yes” to things that are good without stopping to pray about it and consider what is best. My growth group recently did “Unglued” and just finished “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. Loved them both! I am still making imperfect progress but at least I now have a different perspective from which to work. Thank you for following the Lord’s leading and sharing that with us!

  45. Deanne Garrison

    Though my own life is less rushed at this point, the need to make wise choices is absolutely necessary due to my chronic illness. I recognize the true need to keep God as my top priority, yet clearly demonstrate my love to my children and grand children. All three of my adult children battle living in a state of RUSH. I also have had a life-long tendency to be a people pleaser. I believe this book will help me be a devoted disciple of Jesus and leave my children a loving legacy of putting God first in their lives. I am reminded of Jesus’ teaching about the greatest commandment–loving God with all our being and loving others as ourselves. I believe this new book addresses both areas.

  46. Beth Johnson

    I feel guilty and selfish for taking time for me and doing what gives life. I need a system to understand how to make decisions in the Spirit and not in my people-pleasing, flesh,

  47. Ana

    This sounds like just what I need! Thank you for once again writing something so relevant to today’s women!

  48. Sarah

    This resonates all too well. I’m am very much like you and some other ladies who have commented on here. I want to do it all to please everyone who asks. I want to participate so much with ladies days, church functions, kids activities, and family activities. As you said we all have the same amount of hours in a week but it seems like we could do so much more. I’m excited to have the opportunity to read this upcoming wonderful book.

  49. Danielle

    I have always been a people pleaser, never able to say no even though I didn’t really want to do whatever it was I was being asked to do. It seemed more important to say yes so I wouldn’t let the person down never paying attention to what that yes might look like for my family and our lives. I’m learning to say no to things now so I don’t get burnt out!

  50. Michelle

    “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I find time.” 🙁 Guilty, guilty, guilty! I dont want to be on my death bed wishing I HAD made time to LIVE.

  51. Cathy McCoy

    Oh my gosh do I need to hear this each and every day! I grew up with a Mom who passed on her need to be perfect, not make waves, please others, etc. to Me! Oh boy have I been struggling over the last few years to rid myself of this bondage and find who I really am, the real Me God intended me to be and not the one Mom made sure I was in her dysfunction.
    What I still struggle with most is not disappointing others with the decisions I make, when maybe my want or desire or even opinion may differ from theirs. I’m a heart driven person and don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings
    So I really need to continue working on the saying no part or to know that just because I may say no or have a different opinion or voice it’s really okay.

  52. Andrea

    Um, can you say good timing? I believe, without knowing it, I have just started down the road of the “Best Yes” journey with the decision to put my schooling temporarily on hold just in the last week. It’s like, I just backed out of the driveway and am putting the minivan into drive and looking forward to the road that lies ahead. The thought that I am not really saying “NO”, but rather “YES” to the best choice and basing that on biblical wisdom, well, it is just so liberating! The incessant “need to please disease” fueled by the dreaded condition FOMO (fear of missing out) has run me ragged and robbed me of that peace I long for. Looking forward to reading Lysa’s interpretation of God’s words of wisdom and applying them to my life.

  53. Jen Johnson

    I am mom to three wonderful children ages 7, 6 and 16 months and wife to a loving man who travels almost weekly. My vocation in this season if life is to serve my family and, given their ages and needs, the demands ARE endless. I would love to read your thoughts on how to keep the peace, the joy present even amidst the crazy. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent.

  54. Amber B.

    I can’t wait to read this book. The part the I can relate to totally is the people-pleaser part. I have such a hard time telling people no that it’s caused me so much added stress and anger at people and myself. It’s usually family which makes it harder to deal with and saying no to. My husband is a civilian contractor working in Afghanistan and this is when my family pulls me one way or the other and if I don’t do something they want, they’re mad at me and I hate that feeling because I’m such a people pleaser. My husband and I are planning on moving to the Olympic Peninsula next summer, but for now, this book sounds like it will help me tremendously in learning to slow down and enjoy life with our kids while their daddy is working overseas. Thank you so much for this book…I can’t wait to read it!!

  55. Liz Cress

    You are a hero to me. I especially saw you as a heroine in Unglued. When I was able to meet you at WOF in Columbus I was so nervous to met you. I knew I had limited time so that is why I wrote a letter. To get a reply back from you was very emotional for me! It would be amazing to have time with you without my nerves attacking me!

  56. Anne

    I want to be the best me

  57. Brandee Loftis

    This is definitely a message I need! I love this thought, “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” Knowing when to say yes and when to say no is such a struggle in my life. I want to say yes, but what is that BEST YES? What is God’s best for me? I can’t wait to read this book!!!

  58. Polly Schneider

    I’m a people pleaser too, so your comment to ” cure the disease to please with the biblical command to love ” got my attention. I would love to win a copy.

  59. Donna

    My mind is in such turmoil and unrest as I learn those things I have not surrendered to God. I’m finishing up with a group of ladies a study by Kyle Idleman on our idols, little gods we place before our great God. I need to slow down long enough not only to take captive the lies that satan would have me believe but to allow God to soothe my weary soul.

    “When I unrush myself and use the Best Yes as a filter of every decision I make, the best of me emerges. And I want to live with the best of me, front and center in my life all the time.” What a great quote. I want to use the Best Yes as my filter for making decisions. I want to be the best that God designed me to be, and I’m certainly not that person when I’m rushed, over-committed and stressed which makes me an irritable, ugly and frantic person to live with hurting the people I love most. I rush through life doing and not being and miss out on so much refreshing for my soul. I want what God intends for me, to please Him, THE Audience of One instead of so many others that He didn’t design for my story. He selected certain people for me to serve and will assign the rest to others. I don’t want to miss out on the best He has for me because I choose other good things, but not what His best is for me.

    This sounds like another of your great books to read and reread as a handy reference and reminder to learn to slow down and take in “all the beautiful” that God has and wants to offer me if only I will Be still and listen.

  60. Tammy Garrett

    This book has come at the right time in my life. I’m a mom, wife, grandmother, have a full time job, I have three different big jobs I our church, along with that a full job for our South Carolina church conference. I don’t know how to say no and want to please everyone and try to do my best at it all, yet I’m so busy I’m not able to give my all. There is no me time or alone time with me and The Lord .

  61. Glenda

    The thing that resonated the most with me was about making wise decisions when to say yes and how to say no. I struggle all the time with whether I am going in the right way or not.

  62. Tracy

    Well…. It was just so nice of you and God to get together and write this book for me (and I’m sure countless others). I KNOW that God of the only one I’m supposed to please. I read about it. I teach it to others. But I STILL lived gripped in fear of letting others down. And it does STEALy joy. I hate it, I’m sick of it. I need this book like a dog needs a bone.

  63. Annette

    So exited for this book!!! I hate to be rushed and I definitely don’t like the me I become when I am. I hate feeling guilty when I say no because I’m such people pleaser. Feel like I’m letting someone down. I think this will be a great study to share with some of my gals at church!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  64. Missy Birkhead

    Wow! People pleasing – at first, as I thought about this I said I’m not a people pleaser but then the more I thought I’m a pastors wife and we serve people and minister to them so it’s very difficult to say no and then when you do say no then you have guilt. It’s very hard trying to find the right balance cause your family should come before the church but it usually ends up being the church. Even when you take off a few days from physically being at the church we find our minds thinking and being on church stuff. I think this book can be a great book for me and my husband. Can’t wait for this!

  65. Pam

    I would really like to be able to not feel guilty when I have to say no to someone. My sanity is important to my family but then the guilt of not doing enough?

  66. Robin

    Being able to say “no” without feeling like I let that person down would make saying it a LOT easier.

  67. Ellen

    I SO look forward you your wisdom on this topic! I long for a slower pace
    and am working toward living that way. I love to read almost more than
    anything else…yet unread books stack up and library books are returned
    unopened because I save reading for when I have finished doing
    everything else! No more! The other “stuff” is going to have to wait
    or go undone. I will preorder this book and it will not go unread.

  68. Stacey C

    I can’t wait for this book to come out. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from your other books. I always have a hard time saying no and then I feel guilty when I do. My mom has MS and has a lot of complications with it. I am her “go to” person for everything. I need to learn how to say no and not let my mom make me feel guilty when I have other plans or just need time to myself.

  69. Shannon Rose

    I absolutely need this book. This is right where The Lord is speaking to my heart right now!!!

  70. Deborah Pearle

    Lisa- what a timely book! One of my life- lessons learned the hard way is that when I say “Yes!” to everyone else, I’ve just said “No!” to myself…and sometimes even to what God wants for me. Looking forward to reading your new book!

  71. Lynn Utley

    Your statement snagged me: “I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life”. Ouch. Really, really looking forward to reading the book! Bless you, Lysa!

  72. Mara

    I enjoy your writing so much and cannot wait to read this latest book!! This sentence jumped out at me:

    “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”

    I just about cried. If this is indication of how inspiring the book will be I am thoroughly excited. See you at the P31 conf in a few weeks!! 🙂

  73. Dolores E. Torres-Green


    How did you know my current situation? 😉 Friend, this whole book is exactly where I am! The title stood out to me so I proceeded to read. There are so many pressures, demands, and simply just now learning to say no so I can say YES to GOD then there are so many yesses that “look” like what God wants but then I went to HIM in months of deep prayer, fasting, and seeking until HE led me to a place where HIS BEST YES is Now so much clearer for me! I now know where I am called to, why, and how HE wants to use me. I just told a friend yesterday that GOD is the one man in my life making all the difference in my world, I do not plan to give up on HIM anytime soon or forever. He has whispered HIS love into my ears and held me close to HIS bosom throughout 50 years of traumatic events. I will not turn around and I will not retreat after HE has made my crooked paths straight and has been the voice crying out to me from the front lines of life’s wildernesses. I so look forward to reading and help share “The Best Yes” online and with my local library. Thank YOU, Friend for writing such a powerful and much needed MESSAGE! ((BIG HUGS)) xoxoxo

  74. Chris T

    I am making an effort everyday right now to be the best version of me. I know I can only do that with God’s grace and guidance. It is a constant fight to find me and the woman that God wants me to be. After so many years of loss and losing myself, every piece of me that I put in place feels like a breath of air. I look for the “yes”, I listen for the “yes”, and I long for the “yes” in all that I do. I am so excited about your new book and I am holding my breath with you!

  75. Anna Chaudoin

    What part resonates? Every.Part!! This is a wonderful topic that so many of us face today. Bless you for writing on this important topic. We are formulating our church’s fall women’s retreat on “Busy”…would love to have an advance copy of your new book for inspiration and to pray over as you count the days anxiously till the big release. Thanks you Lysa for being such a faithful heart-felt messenger of God!

  76. Dorothy Palmer

    I’m a people-pleaser! That when I say,”NO!” I feel guilty because I said,no! I love all your books and have learn so much. About becoming a Jesus girl!

  77. Ginger M.

    Struggling between time with kids, parents with health problems, work, taking care of my home, etc. There is never enough time. Reading the Proverbs 31 devos and your blog have helped me find a peace that helps me get through the day. I can’t wait to read your book.

  78. Deanna

    After buckets of tears yesterday and telling my husband I can’t do “everything”, I woke up to your email this morning about this book. God knows where I have needs and struggles / the timing (as always) is impeccable. Thank you for using your gift of writing to help us know we are not alone in this struggle. God bless you.

  79. Loretta Pearson

    I pre order the Kindle version weeks ago! Should be a message my heart needs

  80. Tracy

    While reading this today the sense of “it is time!” What? IT IS TIME! God time for what? It is time to stop trying to “please others and start pleasing me”. Now for the hard part. I have been co leading a GriefShare group and a Small Group for 3 1/2 yrs. I can lead BUT I love behind helping, helping the people, when a problem comes up ideas come quick to fix it. With chronic health issues the “stress of leading” amplifies my health. So through emails I’ve let her know I’m done and this is not my sweet spot to help God. I love her and she is very pressing when people say NO and SHE thinks we should say yes. I have been excited since the beginning of hearing this book coming out. Downsizing our lives the last year truly allows you to see where your heart lies and I’m praying my heart will continually seek “GOD’S Best Yes for me.”

  81. Michelle

    Reading this email is like you were reading my mind.
    People pleaser? Check.
    Yes girl? Check. Because it’s so hard to say no to all the good things!
    Wondering where all my time went this week? Check.
    Promising to do better next week? Check, check, double check.
    Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks!!

  82. Carol

    Yes! I crave that sweet part of my life that tends to get hidden in my rush of being a ‘efficient’ single parent …mainly disciplining, buying, cleaning, etc and my self-care gets lost in the dust.

  83. Karen

    Oh I need this message!!! Last season, my theme was “less is more” in hopes of serving more simply…in hopes of decreasing the busyness and stress I cause myself. But a mantra is not enough! I still ended this season of serving burned out and depleted…it all snuck up on me. I need help evaluating my “yeses”…I am a girl who says “yes” to God but how often do I confuse what I think I need to be doing with my unique assignment from God? Help me!!!

  84. julie

    Oh my gosh, this is exactly what I am looking for and have been praying to find. I have been a nurse for 25 years with the majority of that time a single parent with 3 boys. Professionally as you would say I got it together. Personally there was always a gapping hole. Finally, I remarried and I can’t say it solved all my problems. In fact, I had 3 young boys and he was strict attempting take over with his military and police officer background. We were miserable. None of us adapted well. My oldest left to live with his Dad. We have a son together so I tried to make it work. He was controlling and verbally abusive. We did separate for 6 months and went through counseling which helped. Back to the point. My job became much like my personal life. Finally, after two job changes I am teaching. This allows me to be off with my youngest. The point I am getting at is as I struggle with my marriage and finding contentment with work. ..my heart is still empty. We attend church and I am saved but there is so much room for improvement. As I read your story to why you wrote the book, I related to it so much. I can’t wait to start reading. I am 50 years old and have lost what contentment I had for my life. I feel as if God is tugging on my heart but not sure what specific path he is leading me to follow. I love your devotions. They help me on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing!!!

  85. Latisha

    This book is very timely for me also. I struggle with pleasing people and saying no because sometimes it is easier to do what they want than deal with the guilt or condemnation that comes with saying no. I look forward to learning how the Lord has helped you in this area and I pray it will show me how I can deal with things in a way that is pleasing and glorifying to God instead of the unhealthy cycles I find myself in currently.

  86. Tami

    Hi Lysa, I’m teary-eyed from reading several things in your post that resonated with me…”I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time…people pleasing is so engraved in my thinking process…she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.

    And I guess I’m just tired of that deep ache.”
    Thank you for sharing your struggles with the rest of us, it helps knowing we’re not the only one who struggles. I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  87. Melissa Mulvaney

    I’m SO tired of rushing around and missing the important moments of enjoying my kids in the hecticness!!!

  88. Jada Smith

    I’m trying to figure out this mess of parenting teens and what God has in store for me in this new season of life. Can’t wait for your book! 🙂

  89. Deb

    I think the best part of The Best Yes is all of it. Really! I need to learn how to slow down. I’m always sooooooooo rushed and rushing my kids and always have a mental to do list a mile long.

  90. Lindsay

    Yes! I feel overwhelmed even with just daily ‘cleaning/paying bills’ life and then adding in wife, momma, pastors wife, friend, sister, I feel like they all think I have IT together.
    But I don’t!!
    I want them to see I’m just a regular girl striving to know Christ more and more daily. I want be about the best things God has for me, life is so short and I want it to count for Him and His kingdom advance 🙂

  91. Cassandra

    This book resonates with me because I have deep soul longings that I want to act on in obedience but life gets in the way. And when I look back and ask what did I do with my time, I don’t have an answer. I want the rest that allows those longings to be heard and ultimately cultivated!!

  92. Lesley

    Every time I say “no” to another meaningless demand, every time I choose to put family first, every time I do without for the sake of my family, I feel the strength of God helping me along this path; just like your book will do! If we want to rise above the mentality that ‘busy is better” then we need to be reminded how to do that because it certainly isn’t easy and it can wear on you over time. Great books give us the boost we need! Kudos Lisa on putting yourself out there to make all of us better!

  93. Reynada

    This resonates with me because there are ao many things I deem “worthy” and want to be involved in, but know I can’t. Deciding what, which one, and when is so hard!!

  94. Julie

    I have slowed considerably and as another prepares to leave the nest, will slow even more. However, I love, love, love your books. And a dear friend’s name came to mind over and over. She could be your poster child. Would be grateful for the opportunity to share your wisdom with her. Hugs, Julie

  95. Stephanie bahm

    I enjoy reading all your books…many times. They are great reminders of what women of God should be doing. I would live to preorder at least one of these books. Thank you for your Godly encouragement.

  96. Nicole

    I need to be more discerning in what to say & what to say no to

  97. Julie Sunne

    Oh, I am such a people pleaser, Lysa! Time to go into recovery for that. The Best Yes sounds like an awesome resource.

  98. Teri

    I have the hardest time saying no to my kids, my work, and especially to things I feel I need to serve (church, bible study). It’s a vicious cycle that has to stop. I am looking forward to your book!

  99. Jennifer Stohr

    Learning to make the best yes to be the best me possible is what I truly need right now! I’m also a major people pleaser – which I think came from unrealistic expectations from my mom and helped lead to getting into an abusive first marriage.

  100. Patti Chriestenson

    The part of “The Best Yes” that resonates with my life right now is the strength and encouragement that comes when we boldly face the uncertainty of saying YES. Not always knowing what the outcome will be, but putting our trust in God – that when we do His will and say yes to Him – He will meet us.

  101. DeAnn Huxman

    I feel rushed all the time and need to say “yes” to my kids and put some of my to do list to the side. I need to say yes to the best me I can be.

  102. Katie O'Fallon

    The minute I started reading about your new book, “The Best Yes” I thought of my sister, actually all of my sisters. All four of us are people pleaders, saying yes even when we don’t want to say yes, but today I am really thinking this book is a MUST read for my older sister, Shannon. The reason is because she is struggling right now with pleasing everyone…her husband, kids (2 and 5 years old), mother-in-law, friends, and even us, her family, at the same time taking care of herself, mentally and physically. Shannon was just diagonised with brain cancer in May, stage 4 Glioblastoma. We are praying constantly for a miracle and so many people are trying to help support our family. I think sometimes Shannon gets overwhelmed and just says yes, when she is not physically or mentally wanting to say yes. She is also trying to make the most do her time with her kids, whatever time God is allowing her. I just think this book would allow her biblical deal with the demands from other well meaning people and kindly say no when she needs to say no. I am looking forward to sharing this book with her, just wish I could give it to her right now! 😉

  103. Anne

    I’m so excited Lysa to read your next book! I wish you knew the positive impact you’ve had on my life. It’s like you led me by the hand into a daily relationship with God that I cherish more than anything. You’ll never know the impact you’ve had on my life and those I’m sharing you and Proverbs 31 ministries with. Thank you!!

  104. Jill

    Oh Lysa – have you been walking around in my life lately? Sure sounds like it…little by little, one icky onion later peeled back at a time, I think God has taken the last year or so to show me that the life I have created, though pretty enough on the outside, is squelching my soul. That life looks pretty good at quick glance, successful, lovely home, good kids, husband of 27 + years, and the truth of it all is that I am ridiculously blessed. But the uglier truth is that I am not embracing those blessings, and I find myself admitting that my roles create conflict in my soul more than they nourish it and certainly more than my soul glorifies the One who gave it all to me. This is one of those seasons where I feel like God is nudging (no, make that outright pushing) me to get this right once and for all. Yesterday being the 4th of July, our day was free of work commitments, and for the first time in a long while, we had a quiet day at home. We spent a little time with friends last night, and as my husband and I laid down to end the day last night, I found myself saying my heart felt full and genuinely happy. We talked about the day – about time at home, about the 20 year friends we had just been with, and as we did, I began to realize that those things were little pieces of what had been a very good day, but the over-arching piece was that it had been a day free of striving, completely free of ‘should’s. And those little inklings that have been showing up, the conflicts I’ve been feeling within, the nudges – they all became a giant flashing neon sign of truth of the bigger problem. I sat straight up in bed and began to share my epiphany with my husband – that we had to create our lives, our work such that every day had some of the elements we had just enjoyed in this day. Being a go-getter, a doer, he tried to logically calm my excitement, my revelation, by saying, ‘But, Jill, this is just our life. The busy-ness – this is just the way it is and you’re resisting it. Maybe the answer is just to accept it.’ His comments brought my feet back to earth, but I was far from being willing to accept our frenzied pace as the way God intended it to be. It’s one of those conversations that wasn’t going to have a resolution, so I drifted off to sleep pondering and then woke up this morning still pondering. I have to admit I felt lost – I am so strongly convicted that there is a better way – no, not just better – it’s God’s way, and I am craving it with everything I am inside. Yet where do I begin? How do I know what the right first step is? Who is my mentor and guide for this very important journey? So many questions and what felt like no answers were swirling round and round in my head this morning. This all matters to me more than I know how to express because it’s more than a better way – it’s way of uncovering the me that got covered by people pleasing and the addiction to having the approval of others more than 25 years ago – the me that God created me to be. So to see this blog title and this book that’s coming feels like a God-nudge of huge proportion – the answer to a prayer I really haven’t even known how to pray. Forgive my ramblings – it’s just a heart spilling over that feels encouraged and hugged in anticipation of the words you are sharing. This is my encouragement and reinforcement that a soul-filling, full heart path is possible.

    • Jill

      And is true to the current state of chaos, I just realized the emai address I originally typed in to post here is not working! So if you were so kind as to reply, I wouldn’t receive it! Sooooo, the email above, [email protected], is the correct, actually working, email to use. Thanks bunches!

  105. Halona

    I can’t wait to read your book. Over the past 10 years with my health I have had to say NO a lot more. With four kids I miss out on so much and the guilt floods in.

  106. Rachel Campbell

    The Best Yes… I wish I could find it. With a husband on disability, a blended family of 5 kiddos, a part-time music teaching salary and a second job to keep the lights on and the health insurance we desperately need, finding time just to ci8ddle my babies before they’re too old to want me anymore… begging for the ability to make it through quiet time one week straight… waiting on a God who is present even when He is silent… being still and KNOWING… and wondering when the struggle will lighten and I can find a YES that will leave me healing instead of creating a bigger hole that hurts… if your book can help, PLEASE Lysa.. send it my way

  107. Kim Garner

    My life always seems to be in a rush. But, I attribute it to making bad choices the week, day, or even hours before. This book sounds like it would be a great help in slowing down and doing what is most important.

  108. Kate Lantry

    Congratulations on your new book! I look forward to reading it; I’ve loved your other books. I would have to say you talking about setting your life “to the rhythm of rush” really spoke to me. Wow! That sounds like me. Always going, going, going. But I’m not the Energizer Bunny; eventually I run down and crash. Then I feel guilty because I can’t do everything and feel as though I’m disappointing everyone. I’d love a Biblical perspective on how to say no.
    Blessings to you and yours 🙂

  109. Jacque Watkins

    Yes! With endless demands and good opportunities, I DO want to discover my best yes, and I can not wait to read your words! You are a gift Lysa. Thank you for saying yes to writing this needed and timely message. So. Much! xo

  110. Tami Grandi

    This part right here: “I wrote it because I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life. I found myself saying, “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” But no one in the history of the world has ever found more time or made more time.”

    YES, that is me- I feel like I am missing out on life because I rush and stress over too much! Can’t wait!

  111. tammie jones

    oh my! my life is one rush after another. I am a pastor’s wife who works as a full time volunteer children’s ministry leader. We are moving to another location and though I am bone weary, I am wondering what I will “do” at this next church in order to be accepted and fit in. Your book could not be more timely and if i do not win, I will definitely pre-order.

  112. Moriah

    The part that resonates with me is I am currently in the craziest season of my life. My husband got a job, but it’s 1200mi away. After much prayer, we decided the best thing was for me to stay one year here with the 5 kids. I made a decision to not allow company stay at my house during this time and I have made people upset with my “no.” I definitely need to know how to choose the best yes and not live guilt-filled when I say no.

  113. MelcWilliams

    The part of this that resonates with me is that I don’t need to do what everyone else thinks I need to. I gave lived my entire life trying to ensure I do “all the right things” to ensure everyone is happy with my choices. I am realizing that I can not possibly continue on this path. I am so very excited to read this book as I continue to grow!!!

  114. Jane Turner

    I can’t wait to read “The Best Yes” because I, like so many mamas and wives need to slow the rhythm and find out how to extract the very best good out of the day and the events of the day no matter how they unfold. Thank you.

  115. Ann : )

    Slowing the rushing. Saying “no” when I should

  116. jennifer

    I am going to read this book. I’m so ready to live an on purpose life!

  117. Tammy Hill

    I also don’t like the rushed me. I’m helping to raise three grandchildren and the rushed me is always angry, or rushing, and too tired. That’s not the memories I want to leave with my grands. I want memories like I had with my grandmother’s. Who always made time for us. I need to learn how to find my best yes.

  118. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama

    I feel like every day I struggle with this idea of “what on earth do i want to put my time into” and i feel like i never even scratch the surface of what i want to do, so i definitely feel the rush. i want to slow down and yet i still want to do so much!

  119. Megan

    I want to be a recovering people pleaser! I feel guilty when I say no but then feel annoyed that I’m frazzled from trying to do too much. Guilty and annoyed are not my best and that’s what I want to be for myself and my family. Thank you for your wonderful books!

  120. Angela

    “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life.” Sometimes I rush, sometimes I’m caught up in my to do lists, sometimes I’m dwelling on the fact that I’m an introvert who is denied her precious re-energizing alone time because I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3. No matter which it is, I always I feel like I’m missing out on something good.

  121. Suzanne VanSligtenhorst

    This post (and the description of this book) really resonated with me. My life is way too busy and I also feel that I’m missing out on some really important time with my boys (9 year old son and hubby of 12+ years).

  122. Lori

    To “rise above the rush of endless demands” sounds like something I’d like to be able to do. As a stay at home mom with 8 homeschooled children this is something I face on a regular basis. Being able to make decisions out of wisdom and to decide what is the best yes is certainly something I need help with.

  123. Jacoba

    I was struck by your statement: I found myself saying, “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” That is me right now…things I have been putting off for years, feeling so frustrated, thinking I will never be able to do them. I am really looking forward to reading this, and hope to do this as a study with a group of women.

  124. Cathy

    I too, have lived a life of people-pleasing, losing myself in other peoples lives and causes. But God has been teaching me and reminding me that if I stay focused on Him and His will for my life that is the “sweet spot”! The spot where I discern the “yes” that pleases Him! I look forward to reading your book as I continue on this journey.

  125. Michelle Brinson

    I’m a single mom… my son turns 5 tomorrow. I turned 45 on my birthday. I’m worn out. Juggling a job, freelance work to offset income… being a mom, a sister, a friend an employee… etc. Some days I feel like I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the moments because I’m overwhelmed. I want to learn how to say yes to some things and no to others. I can’t wait to read the book and do the study.

  126. Angela

    All the demands from different areas of my life and being able to say no and stopping myself from volunteering because no one else will is what is taking over my life. I want to enjoy it!!

  127. Kimberly

    I am a people pleaser rushing around sometimes not sure where to go to next. Some decisions cause me to freeze. I over analyze and no conclusion seems possible. I think I need your book.

  128. carrie lynn

    I could have identified with this topic years ago but now that I’m in my sixties I have learned to take time for myself, more solitude, less noise. (I am currently reading your devotion Craving God). I’m thinking of how my daughter Catie could apply the message of your new book to her life right now. She is a 36 yr old mother of 4 (ages 9-15) whose husband works for the railroad and is away from home for stretches of time. She also works 5 days a week and has recently taken on the responsibility of raising her 10 month old niece. She is having difficulty with time management. She thinks she needs me to conquer the world. Whenever I speak to her these days she is quite fragile and frazzled. To have some time to sit down and read a book that pertains to her struggle would be ideal.

  129. Anna

    “Rising above the rush of endless demands…” this resonates with my life right now. Unfortunately has been for a long time. Im running like a chicken with their head cut off. Work, errands, practices. I wake up tired. Dont keep up with family and friends like I should because I’m doing way more than I should be. When my kids were younger it seemed like I did more but I wouldn’t be exhausted at the end of the day. Knowing that I’m doing more than what God has given me the grace to do bothers me. God bless you, thanks for following the leading of His voice

  130. Janene

    The people pleaser in me has a hard time saying no and we are at a point in life with a 21,11,9, and 4 year old where we may be saying yes to a 143 year old foster so. And I’m overwhelmed with the decision.

  131. Brittany

    I work in a library and in a bookstore…and lately I’ve been checking the shelves for something that will help me simplify my life. I get so caught up in doing so many things, but can I really put in my best when I say “yes” to as much as I think I can handle? Put simply, I can’t do it all, and do it all to be in excellence. So, I’ve been working on simplifying.

  132. Cyn Rogalski

    I’ve gotten to know you thru Twitter, & I have gained such wisdom from your posts & Instagram. God has given you such wisdom & understanding of scripture, as well as a gift of applying it to (my) life. Thank you so much Lysa!

  133. Amber

    I have a hard time saying now to church responsibilities.

  134. Crystal

    I am constantly rushing in everything I do and go so fast to get to the destination that I miss the journey. The even crazier thing is that I’m single and no kids so what is that about? I’m pretty sure I rush in my sleep-:(.

  135. Becky

    I just had a new baby boy, and I’m realizing how much I’ve missed with my older son (now 5 years old) because I was so busy trying it do it all. I don’t want to make that mistake again with this new baby and any more babies I may have! I want to say NO to things that are not as important as soaking up my time with my little boys …they grow too quickly!

  136. Barbara Eagle

    I have your book “Unglued” in the stand next to my bed – quick reference before going to sleep to deal with some of the “happenings of the day”. That book truly was a God-send!!! And now He’s sending me another one via your hands – can not wait to read “Best Yes” cause I am so tired of the grumpy, stressed version of me (as is my recently retired hubby – ha!) I just finished a class at church based on the book “Boundaries” and know God is now providing your book to support what I just learned there. THANK YOU LYSA!!! and may God continue to bless you richly!

  137. Carol G

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway!! My women’s group needs to begin looking for another study as we are set to finish up (barring very few rabbit trails) this month. Will suggest this book. Most are 20-30 years younger than I. ( yes I am blessed!!). Anyway…just in your description of the book :
    Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” hit / resonates with me today. Embarking, stepping out into water that’s a bit deeper than I’m use to. Know it’s a great yes from God, but to juggle everything and everyone else …I hunger and ache for God time/ filling my soul time. Thanks again.

  138. JJ

    I am a Christian woman who works hard to please everyone. Now, I’d just like to be a mom who follows Jesus. I think this book may be a read for me! Thanks.

  139. nancys1128

    I really need to learn how to rise above the rush of endless demands. I sometimes find myself with so many things that need attention that I do nothing. Then I end up in emergency mode when they all need attending to at the same time. Not a healthy way to deal with family needs. Or my own for that matter. Looking forward to this book. I know it will be a huge blessing, not only to myself, but to all those around me. And being a blessing to others is what it’s all about in the end.

  140. Jill

    I sent my teenager to buy some groceries, including deodorant, and she bought “stress response” scent. She said she thought maybe it would help me. So obviously my stress is evident to my kids. I want to be a better example to my daughters of balance, rest, hard work, and God’s peace. (By the way, “stress response” scented Secret smells like peach wine-coolers! Not sure how those two things are related…..)

  141. Patti

    The ability to get beyond the NEED to please others, regardless of the cost and overcome the measurement of success by how many “to dos”got marked off today’s list. God has regularly showed me that I can plan and he laughs, but somehow when I settle down at night it always seems to come back to those 2 things. I’d like to think that if Jesus came to my house that I’d be at his feet, listening, but I fear I’d be trying to pick the house up and fix food…not what I want to be!

  142. Jenise

    Oh, I SOOO need to read this book! I am a chronic, obsessive people-pleaser to the point that I am absolutely terrified to say no. I have 4 kids, run two businesses and take classes online to finish my teaching degree, but I will still run myself into the ground to accommodate any request made of me. Your statement “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” resonates deeply with me. The things in life that bring me joy are constantly falling victim to the demands of my never-ending to-do list. A few weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to accompany the teens from our church on a week long missions trip. For one week, I neglected work issues, family demands and most schoolwork and focused exclusively on serving and loving the teens and adults that I was serving with and the community that we had come to serve. It was incredible! Unfortunately, as soon as I returned home I was once again suffocated by the self-imposed demands that I have imprisoned myself with. I desperately need freedom from my need to people-please and my constant “busyness”. I cannot wait to read your book!

  143. Jamie .

    Learning to say no and slowing down!! I’m very excited to read this book! 🙂

  144. Deanna

    Woot Woot — Super excited for you!

    If I can learn to give a small no, and still leave my friend feeling blessed by me, I’d be excited about saying no when needed!

  145. nylse

    These 2 statements resonate with me:

    When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.
    Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.

  146. Melissa

    Too often, I’ve let circumstances dictate my life. Now is the time for me to open my eyes, study the choices before me, and choose the BEST yes.

  147. Robin Lee

    I have thought, for sometime now, that you follow me around reading my thoughts. So if don’t recognize the need for The Best Yes, you must know it is right for me. I am not so much a people pleaser, but I DO SO want to live a life that matters which…as it turns out…can only really be if I am saying MY BEST YES. Happily, I DID say YES to She Speaks and talked a great friend into saying YES also, so this IS the time to find the deeply personal BEST YES ever.

  148. Joyce

    Wow! Congratulations, Lysa! Your books are always so lovely. The Best Yes releases a week before my birthday! Yay!

    Maybe learning how to say no and not feel guilty? The thing is–people I say no to never make me feel guilty. I just do all the negative feeling myself. But if they don’t mind, why do I?

    I can’t wait to read the new book! I’m so excited for a new Lysa TerKeurst book for my collection.

  149. Sarah Guevarra

    I am def a people pleaser as well, I always want to help others and am guilty of feeling guilty when I say no, “just because” – I want to break the guilt!!

  150. Mandy Nydam

    I have lived through the mess of saying yes even when I heard the whisper of God telling me no. I have so much more to learn about the secret of the quiet no. I am looking forward to reading your book. Thank you Lysa.

  151. Crystal Storms

    I am just finishing a rushed season, and I didn’t like the me I saw. So I want to learn to say yes only to the best yes so the best of me can emerge and stay emerged.

  152. brooke

    I too care too much about what people think… always striving for their approval. I would LOVE to win a copy! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  153. Melanie in SC

    Lysa, Congrats on your new book. Such a great need for so many of us. I esp what to learn how to escape the false guilt of disappointing others in using a small no,….and learning what a “small” no is!

  154. Beverly Lewis

    I am every woman – I am this woman you are speaking to. Busy, but not always productive. Industrious, but not always in the things that are most important to God. There’s a yearning in my soul to be my best for Him. This book is going to fly off the shelves because we are many – a great company of women who want to live in the The Best Yes.

  155. Susan Hurst

    Your new book sounds like you have written it just for me! I am such a people pleaser that I always bite off more than I can chew! I look forward to August 12!

  156. Shara Wright

    I wish I could say I DON’T need the wisdom in this book… But I do. I get overwhelmed day after day, and I just can’t.keep.up. Sometimes you just can’t get past the day to day to enjoy life. I love my four kiddos & my hubs. I just wish I took the time to enjoy them too… ❤️

  157. Tiffany

    I need help saying No! I am really excited for the release date. I have 4 children, a husband, my side of the family, my husbands side of the family, needy friends. I am tired mentally and physically. My in laws absolutely despise me and they have directly told me exactly how they feel but not as nice as I have put it. BUT I still try to bend over backwards to try to be excepted and to make them happy. I send happy birthdays and Christmas cards and rarely get a thank you. I continue on inviting them to participate and they come up with every excuse to bail and then I’m sad again, but I jump right back on the saddle trying to do something that I hope can make them happy. My mother wears her feelings on her sleeve and if I actually do say I am unable to do it, I get this story that makes me feel guilty and then I cave. I have friends that have virtually fell off the planet until they need something and then I of coarse say yes to keep them happy. I am just so tired and even if I don’t win a early copy, it’s okay…I’m buying the book regardless. I am a huge fan of Lysa’s and I have ALL her books. I have incorporated so much of her teachings in my life and I feel that inside my home with my family we have made huge strides. Lysa is so real. She actually admits to not being a good Christian and falls to pieces. The first time I ever read one of her books I thought to myself, thank you Jesus for sending me an author with realism, that I can relate to. Blessings to all and good night!

  158. John Sayers

    Greetings not sure you get many guys, but maybe you do. My name is John or in my world they call me Chaplain John. I have been a pastor for over 20 years but starting in 2005 I enter a new world as a Jail Chaplain, working with Good News Jail & Prison Ministry in Tulare County California. One of the wonderful Volunteers who helps keep me in Jail, Good News Chaplains are not paid by any tax dollars, we are missionaries in jail, told me about your book MADE TO CRAVE, and God must have wanted me to read it. I just started and it is going right along with a journey Jesus is leading me on today. Even at the age of 64 I am finding that HE is note done with me. I would appreciate your prayers because I am hoping God might open up a door for me to share this book with my daughter. Ericka is 28 and since high school has been very over weight. Her mother and I do worry about her health. What I did like about this book is that it is not a diet book. I would appreciate your prayers to see if this might be, at least one answer, that might help my daughter start to CRAVE GOD. By the way it is helping this old Chaplain guy. Thanks

  159. Carole

    I am a people pleaser too! I can’t wait to read this book. God has brought you into my life to speak to what He wants to change in my life! Thank you for listening to His call.
    God bless,

  160. Erica

    Lysa – I am also a people pleaser. Adding too much to my already busy work/home life. I’m slowly beginning to learn to say no but occasionally it rears its ugly head and leaves me overwhelmed and short tempered! I have loved all your books that I have read. You are a wonderful writer. I always seem to see to pick up one of your books that pertains to my life at just the right moment 🙂 One day I hope to meet you in person. You are an inspiration!!!

  161. sandi from NE

    I am learning to take time to be me–i have been a care giver of others my adult life, from being a nurse, raising kids, taking care of a grandparent, elderly parents and a husband with terminal liver disease( we are celebrating 11 months of a new liver for my dearly beloved, prayers always for the family that made the decision to donate life while mourning the passing of their loved one). Your book sounds great.

  162. Melanie

    Oh… How that description speaks to me ..
    I’m self employed with another part time job,
    mom of two little ones and a wife to a great husband.
    I often feel like I’m sinking under a list of obligations….
    And the fear of disappointing someone makes the list
    Longer…. It’s a crazy circle ….. Help!

  163. Babs

    Can’t wait to read your next book. People pleasing and saying yes feels like love so I will be interested to read how I say no.

  164. Janna

    These things resonate with me: When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul. And “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” But no one in the history of the world has ever found more time or made more time.

    Thank you for writing this book. I would love to read it before August 12th when we are getting back to homeschool. 🙂

  165. Kim

    I am looking forward to reading your new book. I have been a people pleaser as long as I can remember. This has caused me to make bad choices. I am especially interested in learning how to have a servant’s heart and still say “no” sometimes. Thank you Lysa, for being so open and honest and letting God use you in my life and so many others.

  166. Patti

    I need to be able to say no. I, too, am a people pleaser and can get tired just trying to track what I said I would do!

  167. Audra

    I have been looking forward to reading this book since I found out you were writing it back in April. Currently I have 4 part-time jobs, am a wife and a mother of 2. My heart is in women’s ministry, but I also feel the pull to be everything to everyone, and in turn, miss out on THE BEST. I look forward to reading this book and reflecting with a fellow sister-in-Christ how I can look for God’s best yes for me day in and day out.

  168. Miriam B

    I really struggle with saying “yes” to too many worthwhile things. This books sounds like a tremendous source of wisdom and encouragement!!

  169. Martha Nelson

    I, like so many commenting before me, am a world class “People Pleaser”!
    My husband is the baby of 10 children and his Mama started spoiling him,
    and after 33 years of marriage, I have finished the job.
    Although not having been blessed with children, a very sad thing, I find that in God’s sovereignty, it has been a blessing in disguise.
    My husband went through bladder cancer and many other challenges
    and I could not have been there for him in another circumstance.
    I tend to gather “needy” friends, and, although I love to be a helper (my name IS Martha after all), I have many times taken too much on my shoulders to the detriment of everyone.
    I know God has a ‘better yes’ for me!
    Thank you for writing this.
    I love your heart and you writing.
    Lord bless and keep you!!

  170. Jenna Stewart

    Hello Lysa,

    I read the post above and see myself so very clearly I weep with frustration, especially:
    I wrote it because I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life. I found myself saying, “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.” But no one in the history of the world has ever found more time or made more time.
    And too many of us are missing out on too much.

    I am tired of missing out – thank you for this amazing resource – bless you!

  171. Randi

    Oh darling, the need to please and the wisdom-based choices. That’s what I want. I want to just love others and sometimes I can’t say no and get worn out. 🙂

    If you happen to need bloggers to review your book also, I’d be interested.


  172. Jordan Fortenboher

    Oh, this whole book looks like it is going to be the right message for my heart. I think I need to overcome that need to please people and start giving my yes to the right things! Thanks for writing! Can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  173. Heidi J

    sounds like just what I need to read!

  174. Amanda Ehst

    As the mom of four (ages 2-8) and wife to a self-employed husband/business owner, my soul often feels like it’s missing something. I am struggling all day to keep up with the demands of keeping a home (in a present and semi-temporary living situation that is not ideal) and spending time with my children who, at their ages, demand plenty and being available to my husband and our business. There are things that feed my soul that I left behind at some point and other things that I still have but struggle desperately to make time for. I need to find the balance of the right yes.

  175. annie

    Looking forward to this book. My life is just so hurried, and I see how detrimental this is for my family.i want to be who God wants me to be and say yes! To Him!!

  176. AnnaRuth

    I am so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, I think I check out a tiny bit more every day. I need to be present and take every hour of the day as it comes and learn when to say yes and to what. I would love to read this book!

  177. Stephanie

    I am so happy to learn of your new book. I just finished Unglued and am leading a Bible study with a few other momma friends. What a blessing you and your writings have been in my life! I am a new SAHM after juggling a full time adoption ministry job and motherhood I finally felt God telling me to slow down and focus in Him and my family more. What a blessing to hear His voice so clear now. Now that I am home more I have noticed I’m being called a lot more by my church and family to “do” all the time. While I want to get more involved it’s hard to say “no” all the time, especially because I’m a people pleaser. I want to be able to decipher how God wants me to fill my time so I don’t get worn out. I want to enjoy this time He has granted me to do His work for my family and for others. Can’t wait to read this book!

  178. Carrie V

    I have 4 children under 5 and two stepchildren, 20 and 16. I feel like I say no a lot due to the demands of the family, but I would like to give my family more positive responses. I need encouragement to give my best yes.

  179. Shelley Sawyer

    I an trying to find the balanceand your books have already helped me.

  180. Mary T

    Lysa, after the OBS for What Happens When Women say Yes to God, I wasn’t sure what this Best Yes book and study would be about, but this is absolutely just what God, the Divine Physician, would be prescribing for me right now. As an extremely active volunteer, member of committees, full-time Special educator, advocate for children and families, etc., mom to 3 and “Mimi” to 3, one of whom, Andrew, is medically fragile, needing 24 hour care and also a student in my class, I can never say no…I love all that I do, but know that I am often jeopardizing my health (at 56) by living on coffee, whatever I can grab for a bite to eat, and thankfully God! He is my main course every day! However, I often think to myself and mention to God, “can you stop the world? I need to step off for a few minutes”…I usually laugh to myself and keep going, but deep inside, I know that I cannot keep up this pace forever. If I could sort this all out with God, it would be great! I often sense him answering me, but I am selfish and love all that I do…HELP! I hope this book will help me to hear His voice and discern the Best Yes!

  181. Monica tucker

    The best yes is goin to my elderly mom to enjoy the rest of her life as close as I can !!

  182. Nicole M

    The part in this post that resonates most strongly with me is where you shared is “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul.” I think so many of us women, living in a “rhythm of rush”, feel so worn and defeated. It would be so great to have your book as a source of encouragement to myself and other women around me.

  183. Tess

    Sometimes I think I feed off the rush but my heart aches when the rush takes away my energy to do things that I know I need to do to stay balanced and whole… things like creativity or gardening and even more importantly… staying in the Word and spending time with Jesus.

    • Kelly Loukides

      This is an answer to many years of prayer. From what I understand and have read about this new book from Lysa Terkeurst it sounds like the story of my life. I rush and rush until life is no fun, all I’ve got to do is live and die but I’m in a hurry and don’t know why, do you remember that song? After an extraordinary adventure through Lysa’s book, “Unglued” God has and continues to change my heart. My emotions, as Lysa taught, “are indicators not dictators”. This is an enormous change that God has done in me through the working of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lysa for teaching me that God is continuing a work of imperfect progress in me. I am thrilled to hear of this new book coming out in only a few weeks. I anxiously await to embark on this journey that God has used Lysa’s authentic, humble spirit to share her imperfect progress with us and in so doing enthusiastically encourage many others including myself to grow and be stretched of God. Thank you Lord for pursuing me in my sin and lovingly molding and shaping me into the person that You LORD see in me through the wonderful and mysterious working of the Holy Spirit.

  184. Kodi

    I love every thing you have to say. Your Made to Crave book is seriously changing my life! And I can’t wait to dive in to Unglued. Your new book is my life. Every part of it!!!!!!!

  185. Tina

    Lisa, I too am a people pleaser. What’s worse is I cannot even say I am a recovering people pleaser like you can. I will work at pleasing people at the risk of my own sanity. Overwhelming myself to tears and to a lot of heartfelt prayers to my Father telling him how tired and overwhelmed I am. I guess I feel that if I am pleasing others, I am pleasing Him. But I am so overwhelmed all the time. I don’t like myself or the person I become when I say yes to every little thing. I have no energy or time to do the things I REALLY want to do. But if I dont say yes, I feel guilty for days, what will they think of me? What will they say about me? All my yes’ are causing me to say no to the people and things that are more important. I need help to stop being a people pleaser, to say yes when the Holy Spirit leads me to instead of saying yes just to please others. I really doubt that all my yeses are pleasing to my Father especially if I am so overwhelmed that my attitude and actions are not bringing my Father honor or glory.

  186. Linsey Outlaw

    Many parts of The Best Yes that resonate with me. I want to say no without guilt. I want to do that thing that makes my soul come alive without feeling like an inadequate house keeper. More than anything, and this is hard to even write, I want my life with 3 kids to feel like a blessing instead of a rushed, never ending to-do list.

  187. Sherri Y.

    The part that resonates with me? This…”When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”

    I just came through a season of many (good) activities, yet the overwhelmed & rushed feelings took away the meaningful moments of those activities. I’m learning to slow down, to say ‘no’ to distractions & ‘yes’ to God & family. It’s freeing & beautiful!

  188. Lisa DeMarco

    I’ve lived the “what-I-thought-was-me” life too many years in a row. In my early twenties, life was being caught between what I thought my culture, family, and faith wanted from me, while the later twenties was more about what I thought I deserved after all that drama. My early thirties brought me the reconnection to a place of searching through where God was in all of life’s moments and my past few years has been learning and growing in who that God really is to me and following after what He wants for me and from me. I began the process of “The Best Yes” last year when I felt led to go, in the middle of my painful process of releasing the control that I never had anyway, on a missions trip to Thailand. As I’ve said yes to Jesus over and over again, God has released me from chains of control, perfectionism, and the pressure to please anyone before Him. It’s really happening in my life and I know it’s the beginning of my calling in this world! Thank you for your words, Lysa!

  189. Marie

    The part that resonates with me is also “when I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I quite honestly don’t like who I am.” It reminds me of the verse “what I want to do, I do not do, and what I do, I hate.” I catch myself wasting precious time by trying to create more time, and in the crazy process, have missed out on moments I should be cherishing. I will over-organize, yet not follow through! Just reading your description of the book warmed my heart in knowing I am not alone! I am looking forward to August 12 to begin reading! Thank you so much for sharing your true self – it is so comforting to read your words of honesty and “realness” – you support and encourage so many women! I will pray you will enjoy the release day and trust you are impacting and inspiring us, and doing God’s work! Thank you!

  190. Dianne Ricw

    Releasing guilt is definitely one of my largest struggles. Cannot wait to read this book. “When Women Say Yes to God” changed my life. Excited to see how God uses this book for another chapter in my life. Thank you, Lysa.

  191. Hannah

    I cannot wait to read the biblical wisdom on looking toward God and not man for my value. I so often try to please others in my life and live a “perfect ” little lie, but God is really growing me in this address that I’ve struggled with since my parents divorced 7 years ago, when I was 12. He is good and is healing me and I can’t wait to see how He uses this book as a part of that!

  192. Linda Adcock

    Everything you said about being a people pleaser applies to me too. That guilt of disappointment others has been with me my whole life. At 63 years old, you would think I would know better. Now i feel guilty about not knowing better! It’s a vicious circle of guilt that has to stop…..and stop now! Looking forward to reading your new book. You always hit the target with me and speak straight to my heart and head.

  193. Christy

    This resonates with me because I have spent the last 15 months rushing to get everything done for everyone else. I have taken little to no time to do anything that wasn’t on my to-do list. Having 4 kids from 2-15 years means I get up early and stay up late and work. I have forgotten how to stop and enjoy the moments.

  194. jody

    A wisdom-based decision-making process…oh how I need to be able to embrace that! Struggling with single-parenting, which I didn’t expect or see coming. Two teen girls, the oldest preparing for college, and I’m wondering and praying about managing that financially and surviving her being gone. Really wanting to retire from teaching and do something else…and have time to write, but I can’t see that as an option or possibility. Sometimes just the small, daily decisions can be overwhelming. Apparently, I need to read this new book and reread “Am I Messing Up My Kids?”

  195. Heather Carey

    This blog actually touches me. I aspire to share my soul and what I’ve learned with the world in written form. But I am scared to death of the hurts likely to come from hateful people in the world when I bare my soul. I did daily devotional thoughts – a scripture and a couple sentences – through Facebook for a while until everything I wrote offended this certain friend who felt like it was all pointed at her. I’ve moved those writings to a blog that I *think* is anonymous. It is both scary and refreshing to hear those same anxieties from a regularly published author. I’ve been “writing a book” while you’ve published your last three, it seems. Inspired tonight to actually get to it!!

  196. Amy

    I’m a chronic people pleaser,peace keeper, and carry guilt with me when I say “no”! This book resonates with me and I’d love to learn some new techniques!

  197. KS

    Escaping guilt and concern of disappointing others.

    I am a single mom of 3 children recovering from trauma from abuse. I work full time to try to provide, but there is not enough of me to fulfill my sweet children’s needs, work commitment, church family, etc.

    I daily feel guilty for marrying a man who I had concerns about and an aching in my gut, but I grieved the Holy Spirit by allowing people who I believed to be older and wiser than me to convince me I was just being critical. God delivered me and my children from the grips of an abuser, but there are scars I know only the power of God can heal!

    But my load of striving to make it right, give them a childhood, show others I won’t fall apart, help others as much as they’ve helped me, be successful at work, etc etc etc is taking a toll on my spirit.

    I know I need an Elijah nap under a Juniper tree and an angel bringing me cakes to renew my spirit. But how as a mom of 3 hurting little ones do I take it when there is no backup to stand in the gap for me because everyone either thinks I’m tough and can take it all (my fault because I don’t want to dissappoint) or people make comments God wouldn’t give you this unless you could handle it so handle it (and I would never talk back because that yucky concern of disappointing someone).

    So, discovering how to escape guilt and use no effectively and know the best yes to ultimately be the Woman of God He desires me to be fully you would be my angel bringing me cakes!!! I look forward to reading your new book!

    And most importantly, Thank you Lysa for being brave to share your pain and struggles for the ones of us who still have too much shame and guilt to share our story with others!! Many Blessings!

  198. Bethany Coffee

    I have a horrible time with the disease to please!! My need to make others happy is detrimental to me on a regular basis. I am pathologically honest regularly but my desire to please even threatens to derail my honesty at times. I am so looking forward to gleaning some much needed guidance in this area!

  199. Mary Ellen Erwin

    Thank you for always writing what’s on my mind! You have a gift to always seem to write what I’ve been thinking about. This is what resonated with me this time: “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” Thanks for what you do best…write to my soul”

  200. Katrina

    The Lord has blessed me with many wonderful friends and often times I’ll hang out with 3 of them on any given day and 3 different times. I love catching up yet I’m finding I end up not having much time to myself along with not having much time to clean and organize my house. I can’t wait to read your book as I could definitely use wisdom when it comes to managing my time.

  201. Sara b

    I struggle with the part of just doing something because I’m waiting for the perfect time. I’ll do it when…. I’m so looking forward to your book Lysa. Love your heart and your willingness to share 🙂

  202. Tammy Mashburn

    The struggle with the daily “busy-ness” of my life resonates with me! Would love to have this book!!

  203. Michelle

    What resonates with me is:
    • Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.

    I am having to make some hard choices with my adult (prodigal) child.

  204. Deb

    I was people pleasing and rushing so much that I started to have panic attacks and anxiety all the time. It was like God spoke to me and said, “You have to slow down, you only have to please ME” and I am trying to do just that. I can’t wait to read the next book. I always feel like you are writing just for me! 😉

  205. Kelly

    I think what hit me is I am also a chronic people pleaser and have to check myself, because I take better care of others than I do myself. I am a Christian and a single mom who look after my aging parents. I work full time and whenever I treat myself I feel guilty. Oh, and did I mention I have chronic pain from fibromyalgia. God is so good to me and I love to give, but it sometimes comes at the expense of my health and well being. I too cannot say I am a recovering people pleaser! I am a greatly organized person, so I don’t really rush. I just have a hard time putting myself first.

  206. Pam D.

    This sounds like a great book! Over the years,I have found it hard to say no, even though I want to. Finding how that is best, and allowing others to be disappointed will be freeing. I feel at times, I need to be super woman and be able to do everything. Looking forward to reading it.

  207. Terry

    “I’ll do that when I find the time” is a quote I use too much because I am the woman with the overwhelmed schedule. My head knows what I should do but I have to align my heart in order to get back to having joy in my life. Thank you for writing books that resonate with so many women!

  208. Hannah

    The part that resonates with me is that I would love to have this message in my busy life. Working, ministry, wife, children, exercise, friendships, aging parents…. It feels like the list goes on and on. To have some knowledge to help combat the stresses would be wonderful.
    Much love to you, Lysa!

  209. Kymm

    “Instead of constantly dreading saying yes and feeling powerless to say no, there’s another option.”
    And thank you for so graciously allowing me to interrupt your conversation with your husband to take a picture of you to encourage my dear friend…enjoyed your talks at COTW!!

  210. Jeanette Pham

    I am feeling the call to slow down, to live in the present moment, to see the miraculous in the mundane and to live daily for the glory of God. Feeling called to say the best yes to God today!

  211. Shauna

    I can relate to the rushing around & being so busy and feeling like I haven’t accomplished anything but making myself tired. My family recently left a church that was exhausting our talents & time, yet we thought at first we were doing what God wanted us to do. I started to say yes to almost anything ministry-wise, as did my husband because we felt like we were needed, not necessarily called to fill some of the positions. I was weekly, almost daily, getting headaches until we left the church a month ago. An emotional, physical, & spiritual burden has been lifted now that we know we weren’t supposed to be there anymore. It as been wonderful to slow down and be fed at our new church. Both my husband & I are recovering people-pleasers, so your book sounds very helpful. Thank you, Lysa, for your vulnerability ad transparency in your writings. It helps us recovering people-pleasers to know that we can do this with God’s grace and wisdom.

  212. Deb

    “Rushing robs me of the sweetest part of my life…” stands out to me. My Mom passed away in the spring of 1995 – 5 months before my 40th birthday. My heart’s cry was “God, how could You do this to me?” When in reality, He had been gracious. God got my attention in realizing how temporary this life is – it showed me what His plan is for me to live life now – don’t wait for the tomorrow – notice the beauty of every day/moment life, opening the eyes of my heart in ways I’d never imagined! I’d love to have a copy of your book – to read, then share! Thanks so much!

  213. Theresa Thompson

    As an overwhelmed mother of four, I need to be able to overcome the guilt of disappointing others.

  214. Leona

    I need to get over re guilt I feel when not measuring up to others about what I can do or can’t do. Esp during this time of midlife and sickness.

  215. Diane dodge

    Please pick me for your advanced copy. I am a passionate school teacher. During my summers I do a lot of reflecting on my practices, my beliefs, the demands put on me and most importantly on what I know about children and how they learn. After 22 busy years I am exhausted , but not defeated. As a people pleaser and a type A personality and a teacher leader it is hard to find any sense of balance. I have a commitment to my job because of who I service. The students in my class need to have the best year of their second grade lives!! I read extensively during the summer for fun and inspiration along with new practices and professional development. Your book speaks to me. I would love to read it now with a clear head!!!

  216. Corissa

    I need to read this book for a lot of reasons. I don’t make decisions easily. It brings on anxiety and lots of what ifs. I hate disappointing or upsetting anyone, even when it’s a good reason or beyond my control. I am looking forward to reading a Biblical perspective on this. This is a part of my life I’m actively working on.

  217. Mary Kennerly

    As another commenter wrote, this is the portion that totally speaks to me: “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”
    My family and I experienced a failed adoption of twin babies that we had in our home for over 15 months last year. I worked as a full-time nurse and felt overwhelmed with no time to deal with my grief or to even help our biological daughter (8 y/o) process hers. I felt disconnected and empty after our loss. I recently decided to take a break from my career (which is huge considering I’m the “bread-winner” for our family) to invest full-time in my family, especially my much-neglected daughter. The most disappointing revelation that I’ve had is that even with all my “free time” I am still struggling every day to carve out quality time to re-connect with my daughter. I feel this time slipping away and wonder, “Is this just me? Am I just unable to slow-down and focus on what really matters?” I always have the best intentions but I find myself constantly beating myself up thinking that I’ll never be the mom that I know I’m called to be.

  218. Joan

    I’m so looking forward to this book and OBS. This is right where I’m at trying to find and develop my Voice.

  219. vicky

    I am a helpless people pleaser, I need some advice!

    • Lara

      I need to remember that by slowing down, we can see and enjoy those sweet moments with our friends & family rather than being in such a rush that we miss the moments completely!

  220. Jennifer Fisher

    I NEED this book. As a mom and wife, employee, and student. I’m pulled in all directions. I have many responsibilities, and I don’t have room to add anything else. In fact, I should cull some things. By the way, I love the cover of your new book.

  221. Erin Raleigh

    I have spent the last 17+ years trapped in the rat race. Wanting more stuff, over-involving my kids in things, trying to get people to think I have it all together. All the time, completely losing sight of what is truly important. I have let the rush of life overshadow my relationships – God, family, friends, my community and the world. I have just begun the journey to unravel the mess I’ve created and this book sounds PERFECT for where I am in my life right now. Thank you for writing it. I’m sure it will be so impactful to so many women.

  222. Elizabeth

    I feel like I’ve always rushed through everything in life. My husband also agrees with me. I’m not sure why I feel the need to do that. But as a new mom to a newborn,I really hope I can learn to slow down and cherish the moments more before they are gone. I’m looking forward to reading your new book.

  223. Elizabeth

    I feel like I’ve always rushed through everything in life. My husband also agrees with me. I’m not sure why I feel the need to do that. But as a new mom to a newborn,I really hope I can learn to slow down and cherish the moments more before they are gone. I’m looking forward to reading your new book.

  224. Tammy

    I feed off the rushing until I crash from the stress! I am fortunate to be able to spend the summers on a lake where I can hop into my kayak, camera in hand to capture the beauty of God’s created world. Returning to the rat races I try to hold on to the calm but always find myself spiraling out if control.
    I am looking forward to your new book!

  225. Andrea

    I’m a chronic struggler in knowing when to say yes or no. I constantly overcommit and feel like I’m in a whirlpool of trying to please other people. This book hits home big time for me today because I’m trying to figure out how to ask my boss for extra time off so I can spend time with my husband and kids. There’s lots of pressure at work right now but my husband is at the end of his rope and needs a break. Either way, I will make someone unhappy. I’d love to hear what you have to say in your new book -I could really use the advice!

  226. Betsy S.

    Lysa- I’m so excited for your new book. A huge thank you for sharing from the deepest parts of your personal struggles & journey through life. The way you allow God to speak through you truly blesses me (& so many others). This portion of The Best Yes is resonating within me…”When I unrush myself and use the Best Yes as a filter of every decision I make, the best of me emerges. And I want to live with the best of me, front and center in my life all the time.”
    I’m at a personal crossroad in my journey & feel God asking me to step out of my comfort zone & let the very BEST of me shine for His glory. I’m confused & nervous what that looks like, so I feel your book comes at just the right time. Your boldness inspires me to live boldly too.

  227. Elaine Segstro

    Wow, I can hardly wait! So much of what you wrote resonates with me – being a “people pleaser” governing what we do, having an overwhelming schedule but underwhelmed soul, knowing when to say no….THANK YOU – I am excited to read to it!

  228. Rita Walters

    The part that resonates with me is the “people pleaser”. Maybe the problem is really not the word Yes but to whom we are saying yes. Since I started saying Yes to the Carpenter and spending precious time with Him by having breakfast with Him at the park (even when snowing). He and I feed the ducks, read the devotional for the day from Jesus Calling, and then spend time in His Word. I do not plan anything between 9 and 10 for that time – and me during that time – belongs to Him. No cell phones no, ipads, no noise. Just Jesus and me. I say Yes to Him !Starting my day that way gives me the wisdom to know to whom I can say yes to rest of the day and give me the strength to say no when I know from Him that I need to say no to the request being made.

  229. emily

    I look forward to combatting people pleasing with biblical truth!

  230. Amanda McClelland

    I am a chronic people pleaser and I feel guilty when I need to say no. I always wait until the point of needing to say no even I I want to. I’ll do whatever needs to be done when I’m asked. I don’t want to cause conflict or let anyone down. I would love to read your journey on finding the balance and for me the courage to say no when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m 24 years old and want to change my outlook now before my life become even crazier.

  231. Lisa Roma

    I suffered a heart attack at the age of 48. I really had to embrace the message that it is ok to say no. The Lord has graciously been teaching me to please Him, first and foremost. I have renewed my body and mind with His word, and learned it is well worth finding joy, and peace in saying yes only to the things He has for me to do. Being still before Him allows me grace to hear His precious voice. God Bless your message we need it! I need it!

  232. Shelly

    I am a yes person, people pleaser and miss the best because I am over ccommitted. This book sounds like a great encouragement to me as and those like me Thank you Lysa you always touch my heart blessings to you!

  233. Earl Ann Bumpus

    It all sounds great and helpful! Looking forward to reading it!,

  234. Anita

    Lysa your book sounds amazing and exactly what I need to read for exactly what I’m struggling with in my life RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks for your faithful writing and spiritual inspiration. People pleasing is a constant temptation as I fear disappointing others, yet more importantly I want to honour and tend to the gifts God has already entrusted to my care like my husband and kids. So the part of the Best Yes message that resonates with me the most is to help cure the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love. I know it all begins there.

  235. Dorie K

    What a great message, especially in today’s culture where we are expected to do and be more than ever. It’s a refreshing message to hear! I can’t wait to read your book and learn more, Lysa! Thanks for writing about such an important topic.

  236. Patty O'Hair

    The part that resonated most with me was the title, “The Best Yes”! I am always trying to ascertain which yes is best, since there are so many good, godly things to do. I have always defended Martha over Mary because I identify with her. Maybe she too was seeking to constantly please people, and God. It is so hard for me to grasp that saying no pleases God more than saying yes. I know this will be another excellent book, Lysa. I appreciate your transparency and lack of judgement of us in our weaknesses!

  237. Rhonda Castle

    I sooooo need this book. I am a homeschooling mom of 4 whose husband works 6-7 days a week and as much as we love being together as a family I too feel robbed of the feel good moments we should be experiencing because of the mood changer of rushing around nonstop. I can’t wait for this book!!!!!!!! ❤️🙏💜

  238. Shannon Freeman

    A lot of this resonates and sticks out to me. I have a hard time saying No! I have a family of 7 and I still try to put others things in with ours. Also being a people pleaser. I guess that comes from wanting to be liked since that was tough in school. I would love to be able to read this book and learn how to put these things in the right place and to give my best yes!

  239. Kimberly

    I’m always the good listener, never allowing myself the freedom of having someone listen to me.

  240. Julie

    Would love it!

  241. Karen

    Wow. God is certainly using you to minister to me!! I just finished the “Unglued” Bible Study with some of my friends. I related to you on so many levels. Your book/study was exactly what I needed at just the right time! Isn’t that just like our wonderful Father? Now, He knows how much I need to choose the “best yes”. I am so excited about your new book!! I would love to do it at as study with my friends. Thank you for being obedient to what God has called you to share. You are a blessing to me and so many!

  242. Laura Jump

    Love all your books!!! Love how real you are!!!

  243. Carol

    What resonates? The slowing down to care for my soul. And I’ll add– and caring for the souls around me.

  244. Cheryl Haag

    I’ve said yes so much I don’t even realize I say yes anymore. Find myself coming and going and lying in bed after the day is done with an ache in my heart.

  245. Lauren

    I am so excited to read your new book! Ive read made to crave & unglued. I follow you on fb & just love how God speaks truth through you in such a practical way. Like many people am very very busy. I fill my time helping people so that im not left in my bedroom alone looking at fb posts of others living up their life. Yea my life involves a lot of working(overacheiving) & helping others but I then am exhausted. I am hoping this book helps me to know what is the best yes’ to say in my day to day life. Thanks Lysa for always be so real with us & pouring out your heart. You have an incredible gift.

  246. Sarah

    Oh the struggle…

  247. Nicole pollard

    Can’t wait for this to come out & study guide! I’ve read all your books and they literally have changed my life!

  248. Tess

    I have my first baby and have been running her all over this year making sure everyone gets to see her. It is a struggle because I feel there isn’t any downtime to rest. It seems there are only a couple people who visit us at our house. I cannot seem to say no even when my husband, baby, and I need to rest. I can’t wait to read this book and learn how to be less busy and say no and not feel guilt!

  249. Kristy

    It’s hard to comprehend that we all have the same amount of hours in a day. Just choosing those things that make us shine is a hard thing to do. Looking forward to this book!!!

  250. Katie Reames

    It sounds like you describe my life in this new book. I am ALWAYS in a hurry.
    You inspired me at WOF Dallas in 2013. I’m reading Unglued now! Life changing!

  251. Molly

    A friend of mine said it best, “I’m a recovering people pleaser.” 😉 So true. I desire to be a blessing to those in my sphere of influence, but in the process I can so easily become buried with guilt. I want to grow in wisdom and in learning what it means to live for an ‘audience of 1’. . . the One above. Sounds like from the description above I have lots to glean from what God has shown you in these realms. Blessings to you Lysa as you launch this next book! To Him be the Glory!

  252. Jill Bryant

    Lysa, I’ve read every one of your books so far, and if I didn’t know better, I would think you’re reading my journal! We seem to face the same struggles, so please know you do NOT struggle alone! “Unglued” had such a profound effect on me – each of the EIGHT TIMES I’ve read it that I’ve had all the ladies in my Sunday School Class read it and I’ll be leading the study this fall! I can’t WAIT to read your new book, I KNOW it will speak to me! Much love, my sister!

  253. Metta Wickham

    I love reading your posts on Facebook! They are always speaking right to me. Good to know I am not the only one going through life this way. Thank you for putting your heart message out there and taking the leap of faith! I look forward to reading your new book. I just finished “What happens when women say yes to God” Awesome read! Love seeing God work through you to encourage the rest of us. Be blessed!

  254. Shelley

    I used to think that if I didn’t fill every minute of time with doing something that I was lazy or not succeeding! I’m starting to learn I’m much better if I leave sometime unplanned. So excited for your book!

  255. jodi51474@bellsouth.net

    I can’t wait!! Unglued was amazing. I have given my copy to several ladies It has been awesome. I felt like if I had kept a journal Lysa read it!! I can’t wait for this new book❤️❤️❤️

  256. Gen

    I can’t wait to read your new book “The Best Yes”. As a mom of 2, holding a very busy planning position at a major corporation and balancing my own side business to support my family — believe me, I can understand the word “busy”. As I build my relationship with God, I realize that there is divine guidance there just to help us. To help us see the priorities and help us to make the best decisions with the very little time we have not only in our week, but here on this earth. I have recently just begun to tap into that divine guidance and I think that your book would be a great way to participate in understanding more. Please consider me for the copy. I am very interested in reading and participating in your study.

    Warmest Regards

  257. Elizabeth

    Looking forward to the online bible study in September and getaway at the cove!

  258. Julie Hernandez

    As a mother/foster mother of 9 (ages 6 months – 18 yrs) I often struggle with rushing from thing to thing and rushing around getting prepared for everything. Looking forward to reading this 🙂

  259. Christy

    As I read this the part that stuck out the most is that Yes…I do miss out on the joys around me because as a mom….my schedule pulls me into different directions and my soul sometimes longs for the quite moments. I to say yes when my schedule is already packed. I would LOVE to read this now.

  260. Marilyn Gore

    Loving your FB posts and I read Unglued ..it was wonderful…thank you for your uplifting ministry to women….. I was on a fast treadmill of life until a stroke in 2000,.since then slowing down made me realize that I am not made for the Fast Pace…it’s been wonderful getting to know the Lord more intimately…..His timing is perfect as now I am going thru emotional and mental changes with menopause so I am clinging tightly to Jesus even more…all the adversity is just drawing me closer…walking through….some days being carried…..through…:0) Love my God Man Jesus Christ…

  261. Zoe'

    So excited too read this book. We are in the process of selling our house with lots of acreage to lighten some of our loaf too spend more time together as a family. With working full-time, school, volunteer work etc, there is little time for family.

  262. Judy Sartain

    I am a broken woman, devestated by the rejection from my husband and desperately trying to raise our four children by myself. Stress? You betcha! A need to feed my soul? Yes, Ma’am. I’ve had tickets to see you the past two years, and had to miss this past January because my son was in the middle of recovery from seven surgeries and three amputations and a skin graft from an accident in August, 2013. Right after my husband left me for – yes – a younger woman. Stress? Sadness? Have a deep ache? Honey, you don’t know how many times I’ve come close to being Unglued……. and remembered something you’ve said in one of your books. I want “the Best yes”. Because I need to feed my soul. Thank you for reading this.

  263. Jessica

    Looking forward to your new book. I really need this.

  264. Susan

    So, I’ve just set my mind to doing those things I’ve been saying no to for far too long. Right now is a safe time…I’m on summer break from teaching. I know life is going to come rushing back at me mid-August. This book is timely!

  265. Jamie

    I don’t like who I am when things become so hectic and rushed! I have blended a family over the past two years. When it’s just my husband and I, all is well. But with us and the 3 kids it is a circus and makes me into a

  266. Twila Bickford

    My hearts cry has been for as long as I can remember is to please those around me. In His great mercy He is teaching me to be satisfied and thankful for His pleasure of being my Abba. My ability to do what is right is fleeting but His love is consistent. I am so excited about this book.

  267. Allison

    Would. Love. This. Book!!

  268. Amy Miller

    The people pleasing really resonates with me! Something I really struggle with!

  269. Jennifer

    Doesn’t this resonate with EVERYBODY?!?!? I could use every possible resource to help bring the chaos that is everyday life under control. Thank you for being obedient to your calling and sharing your gifts with is.

  270. Judy

    Sounds like a book with lots of nuggets in it that I could learn from.

  271. Ruth

    This is the cry of my heart!

  272. Janelle

    My whole life is made up of decisions based off of guilt. I hate it but I feel like if I have no reason to say no, it’s easier to do the task than to have the guilt. I want this to stop!

  273. Sherri

    I NEED a good decision-making process when faced with how to spend my very valuable time. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  274. Cindra

    I’m SO looking forward to your book…..I am a single Mom of two who has been caregiving for my 2 parents (I live with them). My Dad just passed away and my Mom was in the hospital for 3 weeks during that time (she is still not home). I have never felt to overwhelmed and pulled in so many directions as I do right now….trying very hard to find time to find the joy in my day but I’m really struggling right now. Trying to be everything to everyone….because I’m all they have. I guess I’m pretty maxed with no end in sight. Can’t wait to learn from you. By the way, I am thankful for your postings on facebook. They always seem to come just when I need the encouraging word!

  275. Jacki Morris

    Your post spoke straight to my heart! Can’t wait to read it!

  276. Danielle I

    I am in this funk right now because my summer has been way overbooked (my fault) that I’m not sure if we have had time to enjoy just us as a family. Sometimes you have to learn from experience and I am truly learning not to do this again. Not only for our sanity, but as for our souls spiritually.

  277. Amber Grace

    Saying little “nos” just means a better yes to something else. In January, I already determined to say no to volunteer work this summer, and instead to focus on spending time with my children. Having already decided it in my mind, it made it so much easier when 4 different people asked me to volunteer for various things, without letting emotion influence me.
    I can’t wait to read more on this as we navigate the upcoming school year!

  278. Desiree Taylor

    This whole message resonates with me. People pleasing has been such a struggle. I have made such progress but God said to me recently that he wants to pull that root of people pleasing right out of my heart. The rush part as well. I feel like I missing out on God’s best even among the many things I do. Being a wife, mom, friend, and leader at church that it is just too easy to say yes to good things but not always the best things. Thank you Lisa for writing this. I know it is so needed and it will bear much fruit. Thank you for your obedience to God in walking out your calling here and using your pain and gifts to serve and love others.

  279. Krista

    Each of your books have hit home with me in some way. Since I have always struggled with being in a hurry with everything I do, from home to work. I am sure I will benefit from this book. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to get a copy through you, rather than wait for it to hit the library.

  280. Sharman Dorsey

    I am so excited about your new book. God has been nudging my heart about the dangers of our busyness, not only to our souls and relationship to Him but also to the relationships we have with the ones we love. This will be a great book to share with the young mothers in my life. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! I reap so many benefits from Proverbs 31 Ministries!

  281. Michelle

    I know this message is gonna speak to me cause I’m a new pastor’s wife and mom of four young children. This year has been insane. Add my personal struggle as a “people pleaser” and it’s a formula for stress. I’m trying to exercise the power of “no”. I know get excited about things and bite off more than I can chew and honestly my family suffers from it. I need this lesson! Thanks Lysa for taking the time to speak into the lives of many women who struggle with this!

  282. Lisa

    Wow…just Wow! I’m so struggling in the area of “rush”. Currently I’m struggling about returning to my job in the school system, because as I’ve said before, I’m a much better Mom and wife when I don’t have to work! My rushing evening schedule just causes irritability and unkindness in my attitude and words. I want to do what is overall best for my family while still liking myself, as I dislike my words & attitude when I am stressed!

  283. Pam Adkins

    I would love a copy!

  284. Deb

    I neeeeed this book. Struggling with the demands of job/ministry and my precious family.

  285. Kathy

    All I can say is – I need this!! can’t wait for it to come out!!

  286. Christa

    With owning a business, being a children’s director for a church plant EPIC City Church, a wife and mom to 2 wonderful children I need to find a way to slow my rush. I find your Facebook post stop me in my tracks and make me think.

  287. Lindsey

    I would love a copy of this book! I follow you on fb and can relate to every single one of your posts. You have ministered greatly to me. Thank you for being so vulnerable.

  288. Sandra Gonzalez

    As a single mom with two great but very busy kids, I struggle with saying no especially when it comes to my kids’ activities. My kids come first in my life but sometimes this leaves me run down, tired, unhappy. I wish I could say no to some things and say yes more to spending time in God’s word and praying. When I make time for God, I feel peace. When I put everything else first, the last thing I feel is peace.

  289. Karen Good

    I would say probably the most part that may resonate with me is the fact I wonder how much I have maybe disappointed some people with some of my life choices, whether my own or because of someone in my life. I have had self-esteem issues for many years and this is probably the best I have felt in a long time. I still continue to question though if it is enough for myself, my son and of course God.

  290. Marilyn Howard

    My daughter has MS and is the mother of 2 teens… I think this book will be wonderful for her to read!

  291. Cynthia Smith

    Totally love reading your books! Also enjoy reading daily posts on Facebook. Your words are very encouraging to me!! 🙂

  292. Marnie

    I can relate in feeling as if I will disappoint loved ones if I don’t get everything done. Yet, there is not enough time or me to do everything! Thus, I get overwhelmed and feel like a failure! Am looking forward to seeing if this book can help me!

  293. Debbie Oliver

    The part that resonates so much with me is the rushing. I feel like I always have to be somewhere, doing something, finishing something, starting something, etc. I feel like never have the time I need alone with the Lord to just sit, refresh, replenish, and gain the strength I need to do it all again the next day. I need to learn to slow down the rush of life and balance my time. I think this book would be amazing to help me with that! As a single mom for almost 7 years, and all 3 of my kids under the age of 11, plus working full-time, going to college full-time, starting a ministry, household chores, errands, absolutely no help from the father or family

  294. Jessica Fall

    The part that really pulls me in is the fact that when I am too busy the best part of me doesn’t get to shine through. That’s God’s part and that means He’s getting robbed too! Oh how I desire to get this in the right order. Can’t wait to read it!

  295. Sheila

    Lysa looking forward to reading your new book! You and your ministry and your book Unglued came to me at a time in my life when I was hurting and I must say it spoke to my heart and helped me on the road to allow God to heal my broken heart.

  296. Denise S

    The best yes was when I said “yes” to Him. But then when I said yes to Him when I gave my life totally to Him, was the next best & life-changing “yes”! I must say “yes” to Him daily though so that I make sure that the day & me are His!!

  297. Louise Couillard

    I am juggling, home, family. work in addition to helping my Dad care for my Mom who has dementia; which means I am taking time to give him respite. Feeling like some days there aren’t enough minutes to get everything done and I don’t want to give up my time with God, reading the bible daily. Often, when things are feeling rushed, it’s me who takes a backseat and gives up something I felt was important to do. I pray God gives me the strength to endure. Your posts and previous books have been a great inspiration to me, so yes, I would love a free copy of your book. Thank you for the opportunity . Blessings!

  298. Faith

    “…stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul” speaks to me. It is an ache only Christ can ease, and fill with the Holy Spirit.

  299. Amy


    I can’t wait to read your new book! I so relate to being in the rhythm of rush and constantly trying to please others.

    Thank you for your willingness to share what God has laid on your heart which so many of us relate.

    I am praying for feel God’s love as you read the encourgaging notes from your sisters! 🙂

    Much love,

  300. Michelle Csaon

    I’m looking forward to this book because this working mom with teens is having a little trouble finding ways to say no to things that pull me away from my family. I would love to find out which “yes” is the best, and say “NO!” To the rest.

  301. Jani R

    Picking just one part of how this speaks to my soul would be an exercise in futility. Being a full time working mother of two- one of whom has special needs, I feel constantly rushed. I would not ever give them up for anything though! Add to that the fact that I am in grad school and it seems like the things that feed my soul are so far away that they have become a shimmery blur across heated pavement. I not only have to do everything… I have to do it perfectly. One day I will figure out the balance.

  302. Michelle

    I can’t wait for this book! I am so challenged to figure out what to say yes to – I have been better about qualifying my yes – I giving others my boundaries and expectations. I am struggling getting more involved in my daughter’s school. I want to support the school but not at the expense of my family, myself or my other commitments.

  303. Shari

    I am practically in tears. That ache you mentioned, that’s me! Can’t wait to read this book!!!

  304. Debi

    Looking forward to some great advice. Life has become such a blur lately… Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  305. Tosha Rives

    The part that resonates with me the most is living with an overwhelmed schedule and having an underwhelmed soul! That is so me at this stage. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with the stresses of work, kids, church, school, marriage and everything that goes along with all those things. You said it perfectly when you stated the underwhelmed soul! That hit the nail on the head with me. I’ve been trying to explain how I’ve been feeling it and you nailed it!!! Can’t wait to read your wonderful new book!!!

  306. Jana

    Needing help and encouragement in the whole “Wisdom-based decision-making process” area. I have 3 small children who are at a demanding, high-maintenance phase of life. The things I say “yes” to in my free time are more of an escape than anything productive. Desiring more wisdom in how I unwind and use my free time!

  307. Jackie Bailey

    “Wisdom-based decision making” is something I’m sorely in need of studying! Thanks for your continued obedience to God through your teachings 🙂

  308. Judy

    Rising above endless demands to discover my best yes! For years I’ve been the sole caregiver to my husband who is very ill. (terminal with ALS) The demands really are endless and God is calling me to find a better way..for me, for my husband, for my kids, for Him. I need to find my best yes so I can be the best me! Can’t wait for this book!!!

  309. Amie

    Life is always constantly go go go. But sometimes my “No” to the world is “Yes” to God. I just forget that sometimes. 🙂

  310. Ree Clark

    I can’t wait to read this book; you seem to read my mind.

  311. Lisa

    As I pulled into the parking lot at work last week I started to mull over in my head the people I’d already let down that day…and it wasn’t even 8 am! “Escaping the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no,” is what I’m hoping to learn in your new book. The truths you share, prompted by hard life lessons, encourage and inspire me: nuggets of gold (and I share the “pot of gold” with friends)!

  312. Jen

    All of the plates have come crashing down, to be left permanently at the foot of the cross. No more control. I give it up. Beginning to learn how to say no, so that I can give all of me to those I love most and be used of God for His glory. Waiting for His direction and fullness of joy!

  313. Dawn

    The rushing and stress of being a single mom, full time nurse, caregiver to a parent and all that goes along with an active sports driven teenager..where do I find peace. This has been on my heart and trying to figure out how I have time amidst the rush.looking forward to your book coming out!

  314. Jen

    I never thought of having a choice of a “best yes.” It seems I have to give all or nothing and I agonize over every decision. I rush to be the best wife I can be, speed cleaning or speeding on the road…rush to be the best mom, rush to be the best daughter…and more often than not, my rush creates a mess. Slowing down to do my best and listen to God’s still small voice is so necessary. It’s hard to hear God when I’m in a noisy rush!

  315. Alisha

    Thank you for sharing your heart, it allows other women (including myself) to feel like they are not alone with everyday struggles.

  316. Laura

    I can’t wait to share this new book with one of my best girlfriends! I think I see a book study in our future!

  317. Rebecca

    I would just love to read this.

  318. Katie Ault

    I can’t wait to read this book. Rising above the rush of life. There is lots going on raising three kids, but I think all to often I am missing to remember to be still before God.

  319. Pat W

    Like you, I’m a chronic people pleaser, I want so much to find God’s way to live my life, not the world’s. And I need to do it now, because I’ve already squandered too much time.

  320. Annette Hassen

    Lysa you speak to my heart. I just downloaded and read the sample of your new book. Can’t wait to read the rest. Unglued and Made to Crave were so spot on for my life as a woman and a Mom. Thank you for sharing your trials. Your honesty is such a comfort and inspiration. True authenticity.

  321. Crystal B

    I’m still living by “imperfect progress”. I’m constantly on the go and have a hard time saying “no”. I’m really looking forward to your new book. Thank you for being real and sharing with all of us.

  322. Allanna

    Learning to say no makes the yes sweeter . . . it is still difficult at times though. Looking forward to your new book!

  323. Dawn K

    I am excited to get a copy of this. So excited to see what you have to share, Lisa.

  324. Jessica Pickens

    Yes! I need this! Thank you for being you and loving Jesus – your transparency and and success have been such an encouragement to me! <3

  325. Elisha

    I can not wait to read this! I’m a wife, mom of 3 young kids, co-pastor with my husband of a church plant and work outside of the home. I feel rush is my middle name at times. It often leaves me feeling unsatisfied because I feel like there is never a moment to breath. Your book unglued spoke volumes to me. When I read your books I feel as if I am sitting down and having coffee with a friend. Be encouraged that God is using you to speak into lives. I know you have spoken into mine.

  326. Lucy

    Funny how I’ve been going through the same issues you have discussed above. As a single mother of a teenage girl, I tend to stress quite often about the demands of a full time job & the demands of a full time mom. I am looking forward to reading your book as I’m very much open to what God has to say to me through it. Thank you for blessing my life & many others Lysa, I don’t know if you’ll ever know how much you encourage us!

  327. Kathy Holmes

    I am so right here now! My constant refrain – what I know in my head and what I often tell others in my own blog – breathe! Slow down! I know I need and want to live in His un-rushed presence. I know we should not dance to the rhythm of the world….but, my “do” doesn’t always match my “want”! Family demands, ministry demands – the urgent too often crowds out His best. Knowing your obedience to the Lord, I KNOW this book is for me! You will be speaking directly to my heart! Bless you!

  328. Noel Copper

    I’m looking so forward to reading this. Unglued and Made to Crave were such blessings. I’m sure this book will be also!

  329. Heidi

    I need to learn how to say no and say yes to the right things!!

  330. Lynn Kaufman

    I’m in my 40’s, been a Pastor’s wife for about 20yrs, and currently serve as our Denomination’s (volunteer) Director for Women’s Ministries. I’ve spent all my life in some form of ministry. My specialty? Filling in and doing whatever still needs to be done; sort of a Jill of all serving trades. Looking back, I can see I’ve become a chameleon; which has it’s good points. However, I sense a change in the winds. I want to focus on ONE area of ministry; to give my all to one emphasis. But I don’t know what that is. But I do know when I find it it will be, “My best Yes”. In 2yrs I’ll be termed out with my Director’s position. Now is the perfect time to prepare for what my next season will be.

  331. Michelle

    Overcoming guilt of my own insecurities of wanting to please people. We are so excited to grow and learn about Gods victory!

  332. Amanda

    When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.
    This sadness needs to hit the road!

  333. Jenny

    “Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no” – can’t wait to read your take on this. I struggle with this one and am learning to say no however the guilt most of the time remains. Looking forward to your encouragement, how God will use it in my life and sharing it. So thankful for you and the relevant God inspired truth and stories you share in your books!

  334. Janna

    This sounds like an answer to prayer! Can’t wait to read it!!! Thanks for pouring out your heart

  335. Shilah Seale

    The part that resonates the most with me is how much rushing and the constant busyness of life robs me of the sweetest parts (and people) of my life. I have 5 children and homeschool. My husband is a detective that works inconsistent, and usually long hours, leaving me to the tasks of everyday life. While I don’t think we have an unusually overwhelming schedule, it naturally becomes that with 5 children. My biggest obstacle in rushing life honestly, is me. I can get so overwhelmed by the day to day ordinary ho hum-ness that I find myself rushing the day, the week, the month. I see the piles of laundry and messy kitchen and dirty floors and I find myself rushing the day to get to that time of the night when I can tackle these chores or the vacation when I won’t have to worry about them for awhile. Or rushing the time in my children’s lives to those times when they will be easier or life may be easier. In doing so, I miss the precious moments that each day brings. I miss playing with my kids or spending time with friends. I need to tell myself NO more and embrace my word this year….GRACE. Grace to not be perfect all the time and grace to allow myself the sweetest parts and people that God has blessed me with. It hurts my hurt to see the times I’ve already wasted and the times I am still wasting because I can’t say NO to myself. How sad that it is so easy for me to say no to the newborn who wants to snuggle or the toddler that wants to read or my 8 year old who wants to just talk but I can’t say no to the mopping or cleaning or laundry???

  336. Lynn Kaufman

    I’m in my 40’s, been a Pastor’s wife for about 20yrs, and currently serve as our Denomination’s (volunteer) Director for Women’s Ministries. I’ve spent all my life in some form of ministry. My specialty? Filling in and doing whatever still needs to be done; sort of a Jill of all serving trades. Looking back, I can see I’ve become a chameleon; which has it’s good points. However, I sense a change in the winds. It’s time to focus on ONE area of ministry; to give my all to one emphasis. But I don’t know what that is. But I do know when I find it it will be, “My best Yes”. In 2yrs I’ll be termed out with my Director’s position. Now is the perfect time to prepare for what my next season will be.

  337. Maureen

    That deep longing,,,,

  338. Sarah brower

    Wisdom with 4 kids and making decisions.

  339. Becca Johnson

    “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of my life”. That is my story in motherhood. How can I be what God intended for me to be for my four children if they are only getting the leftovers. I am not taking the time to smell the beautiful fragrance of God’s gifts: my husband and children. The roses of my life are not getting watered because my can is empty so many more times than it’s full. I am a pleaser as well, so the “yes”‘s and the “I can do that”‘s take over and next thing I know I am bone dry and weary. That isn’t how God intended me to parent; I know this and yet my yes’s out way my no’s. I can’t wait to read your book! Thank you for your honest and open testimonies. It is such an encouragement to see I’m not alone.

  340. Kim A

    Oh Lysa this is coming just in time. This is how I feel my life is. I so want to be able to take a step back and enjoy life and the simple things.

  341. Bree

    My best yes is the one that seeks His face and listens for His voice each morning. My best yes is the one that sets aside my agenda daily and humbly walks in His way. My best yes lays aside my selfish desires for His perfect plan. Lord, help me to offer my best yes to you!

  342. Kimberly Lenenfelder

    Lysa, I am loving getting to know you thru your post’s and your bible study “what happens when women say yes to God”. We just completed it at our church, and I felt compelled to open up my home and offer it at my house. I so loved your post about the cluttery bedroom. If I waited till I was ready, house was clean, I might never host a bible study. I know have ladies coming in my home, some who don’t normally go to church. If you choose me to receive your book, I would read it. I am not a reader, although I have read the bible through twice, which is a real accomplishment. So excited at what adventures God has in store for me, as I say yes to him.

  343. Cheryl salser

    I recently (like 3 days ago) lost my father….my second lost parent as my mother passed away just 2 years ago. My parents instilled in me early the love of doing for others. A blessing and a curse as I manuver my adult life. I try to live my life the way my parents taught and respect this r etchings but at times it is so overwhelming. Learning to balance that is a lesson I must master to keep both my sanity and peace in my life.

  344. Jessica Evans

    I need the reminder to set down the plan, walk away from the computer… and say Yes to Him. I am looking forward to reading another wonderful inspiration from you!

  345. Tiffany Price

    As a church planter’s wife and mom of two young children my life tends to always feel like a big rush. I must learn to say no to things that aren’t a priority in order to make time for all the things that truly matter. Can’t wait to read this book!

  346. Kathy R

    We rush, rush, rush to keep up with the demands of our busy lives. It is all so overwhelming! Like you said, “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” I make a conscious effort everyday to slow down and enjoy my children and my family. I know there is peace in God when we “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). I can’t wait to read your new book!

  347. Julie

    Endless demands…that’s exactly how I feel most days lately as we continue to repair and clean up after our house was damaged by a tornado, raise three young kids, and attempt to nurture relationships with family and friends. My best yes is saying yes to God every morning. I need to follow Him, first and foremost!

  348. Patty Johnson

    I turn 50 next month and I often feel myself “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul”. I want to live the second half of my life without the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, and no longer aching with underwhelmed soul. I was fortunate enough to read Made to crave 2 years ago and have successfully lost 43lbs BECAUSE of YOUR STORY. Now that I know how to feed my body better, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of that labor and feed my soul!

  349. Crystal

    The best is yet to come and I can’t wait to meet our maker! What a joyous day that will be!

  350. Shana A

    This book is going to be great for so many people and so many reasons. Your reminder that we only get 168 hours in a week and we are missing out on what really matters is what touched me, so often we think we can do it all and be it all but end up neglecting what is really important (God and Family) for the fear of not doing enough or being enough for anyone and everyone. Thank you for writing this book, my church has a womens group that has studied alot of your books (currently on living your life on purpose) and i’m sure your newest book will soon to follow.

  351. Tyler Mayser

    I NEED this book. I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day and the ones who deserve the best of me get the leftovers. I can’t wait for the release. God always speaks to me through your books, Lysa. Thank you for writing them with God’s direction.

  352. Tricia

    I want to official and formally try to find words to thank you for your book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. God used Proverbs 31 OBS and that book to pursue me, and a closer relationship with me again, after I had been fleeing from Him for so many years. Your book was the beginning of a brand new, beautiful father-daughter relationship with my Heavenly Daddy. I learned I had many trust issues that needed healing and that until I learned to say Yes to God, I would forever miss out on what He wanted to bless not only my own life with, but how He may *use* me to be a blessing to others. How many “divine apppointments” I may have already missed because of my own distrust and stubbornness.

    It has, however, been a struggle at times to find that when I feel like I’m saying yes to God, I’m sometimes also saying no to people or opportunities that are very dear to my heart. I find myself praying and asking God for clarification…knowing that when I’m serving God and doing His will and I certainly don’t feel I’m NOT going against His voice/call, yet still feeling awful (deep down) for “neglecting” my children or family time. I try to be more creative about how/when I can find that perfect balance to budget my awake time to get it ALL done, then, **sigh** I find myself in the infamous RUSH that you spoke about in THIS post (which, by the way….have you been spying on me?…pretty sure you’ve been watching my home life).

    This right here is what speaks the most to me:

    “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul”.

    Tired?! Yes…I am *exhausted* with this deep ache.

    My absolute passion is photography. I don’t know enough about it to actually make money selling pictures for people, but I know enough to attempt to make it my mission to capture as many of my family’s special life moments on film. When I glance back through our digital files on our computer, which I do every few months, THIS is what rips my heart out the most…. The fact that I have rushed through the sweetest parts of my life, and if it weren’t for these precious photographs, I’m not sure I could even remember many of these moments. This reality literally rips my heart in two because I realize this is the only life I have on this earth with these precious, precious gifts (family members), and I know none of us are promised tomorrow. Seeing those precious moments…moments I should have been savoring… flash up on the screen, flying away at warp speed (almost as fast as I’ve lived my own life) makes me literally sick on my stomach.

    Just as your yes to God book changed me to profoundly, I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to read Your Best Yes so that I can learn how to give God my best yes every single moment of every single day and learn how to make (and keep) the very beat of priorities. I want to learn to live the life of peace and happiness and JOY that He intended for His children, not one filled with such stress and rush-rush, and people-pleasing.

    Cannot wait to read your new book. Thanks again for sharing your gift of writing and your heart with us. Continuing to pray for your ministry. God bless…

  353. Adriana

    My best yes resonates with me because when I overschedule myself I find that I miss divine appointments God had waiting for me and Im not available to help those in need because I have so many plans to keep. I noticed that it is when my schedule is free that I am able to do more of God’s work. Plus, Im an introvert at heart who needs time alone to recharge and refocus on what is important.

  354. Maura

    I am looking forward to this book for many reasons.. Feeling so overwhelmed saying yes to keep everyone happy. I feel as though I need to stop everything that I am doing to know exactly what I really should be doing. Can’t wait to read this book!

    • Mandy

      I can’t wait for this book. I am a personal trainer and I talk daily to women about this subject. At times I struggle what to say to them on the subject of how to reduce stress in their lives so they can live happier fuller lives. Women are such givers of themselves and taking time for themselves doesn’t come naturally.

  355. Heather

    “Part of the rush is due to people pleasing.” I am certainly guilty of this. I look forward to reading this book!

  356. Regina

    I think that this book would do me some good right now. My life is stressed because my husband has decided something for the both us that has me on an emotional roller coaster. I just think thus would help me focus on God’s plan and not man.

  357. Natasha

    This is exactly what I need at this point. I have a hard time saying no. Need to figure out my best yes that will lead me closer to our Loving Savior Jesus Christ. I am still a baby Christian growing in my faith everyday. This year was my first women of faith event and it was just so moving…the Holy Spirit was present in that place all weekend. I am looking forward to reading this new book of yours.

  358. Natalie

    I’m so busy I don’t even have time to write a beatiful response to why I need this book so much!!! 🙂

  359. Allison Boyd

    You are amazing and have helped me through so many tough mommy days!

  360. Lori

    POverwhelmed doesn’t even begin to describe my life right now. Can’t wait for the release!

  361. Heather Dasilva

    I feel as if I say “yes” to everything then I feel overwhelmed. Need some balance in what I say yes to whether it be family, work, friends or church.

  362. Kindra Colgin

    I am really forward to this book. I am a wife and mother of 2 adult children working full time and helping my husband with his chiropractic clinic. Somedays I can’t even imagine getting myself in my car and driving to work. I have to work extremely hard to find time for myself, and when I do, I shop because that’s what makes me feel better. My house stays a mess, and the list goes on and one. Your advise and facebook posts really resonate with me and I am trying to be wiser to take care of myself. Your Best Yes sounds like a breath of fresh air. Cant wait to receive it. Many blessings to you and your family.

  363. KIm McAbee

    I don’t like who I become in a rushing rhythm. I want to enjoy life with less anxiety.

  364. Laura LaRiviere

    A lot of your inspirations help me get through each day. Especially lately, in April some very dear friends of ours asked us to be God Parents to their unborn baby. Then baby James went to be with Our Lord! He only lived 18 hrs. This has been a very difficult time for them and for us as well. My husband and I have tried for 4 yrs to have another baby. Then in June we found out we were pregnant. It was a whirlwind of emotions with the death of our God son, already having 2 children, one 9 and one 6. We felt like “why now” we had been trying for 4 yrs but why now? We were very very excited….then I lost the baby! I was only 4 short weeks and some would think that I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant but I did. One day we found out we were pregnant and told the kids who were very excited and then two days later we found out I miscarried. It’s been so hard to understand But we know one things for sure that God has it all under control and I’m just trying to trust in him. Thank you for your daily inspiration it reminds me of what’s most important!!

  365. Hannah

    As a young Christian just embarking on my career and being single, I sometimes feel that I take what Paul said a little too far. Paul says that there is a reason single people are still single, and to make the most of this time period in my life to honor God. I took a spiritual gifts evaluation and found out that I am gifted in volunteering and hospitality. since discovering this, I have filled every night of my work week with volunteer organizations and opportunities. I struggle with the constant battle of just wanting time for a hot bath and a good book at night, or the heart warming feeling of contributing my time giving back to the least of these. I can’t seem to find the balance of giving my time which results in a wonderful feeling and giving so much of my time that I am exhausted and just want to be lazy – and being idle only gives way for the devil to work. I am looking forward to this book because I think I need direction in what to say yes to and what to politely decline. if it is anything like your Unglued book, in sure to find new direction and get closer to God. thanks for all you do!! ☺️

  366. Anna Teague

    Yes, I am aching for the best from my Father! I so want to help my four children to slow down and not miss the fleeting moments of pure joy that go unnoticed. So grateful that I have lovely women like you to relate to!

  367. Lora @ my blessed life

    Dealing with the ‘endless demands’ rings so true with me. I feel so overwhelmed by the pace of my life.

  368. Lynn Royal

    Thank you for having the courage to write what you live. You have been a wonderful, timely encourager. I can’t wait to read The Best Yes!

  369. Laura Waymire

    The guilt of disappointing others is all to often paralyzing. I look forward to reading this book with my small group!

  370. Laura Duff

    Cannot wait for the new book! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  371. Brittany Casteel

    The Best Yes is calling to this girl – I am a mother, wife, and many other roles, but also a full-time teacher. When summer comes, I become known as Summer Brittany (truly my BFF and my husband and many others wait all year for her to appear!) Summer Brittany is more chill, more fun, more at peace with the pace of life, has more time for her, and her sweet child, and her friends and family. Oh, it is almost sad to me because I long to be Summer Brittany all year long. I understand it is a blessing that I get to press the pause button on all the crazy and get to be Summer Brittany and enjoy my life, and I understand that this exact pace can’t exist year long; however I do believe I should be able to obtain some sort of balance and become a Summer Brittany all year long – I don’t want to miss this beautiful life He has given us! Thank you for writing the book and I look forward to reading your God-breathed words!

  372. Amanda Cresse

    I am concerned that all the rushing and busyness for my children is going to send them the message that that way of life is okay. It isn’t. I find myself rushing them through meals, out the door, to and from activities that really don’t matter. I need to give my children the gift of time. Instead of saying, “Hurry” I need to say, “Be still and let me give you a long hug.”

  373. Michele

    Your comment on the overwhelmed schedule creating an overwhelmed soul…. That is me. I have felt so overwhelmed this weekend and spent the better part of an hour last night praying for guidance and relief. Will definitely be reading this book!!!! All of your writings speak to me. Thanks for all you do!!!

  374. Regina Shumans

    Slowing down sounds good…

  375. Danielle

    I am so glad that I was privileged enough to attend a Bible study where we all saw your testimony and were challenged. While I cannot related to many elements of your story, I have a story of my own and there were many elements that certainly did hit home for me.

  376. Lynda Butler

    You wrote to add a comment here for a free book, so here am I! Love your books & can’t wait to read your new one 🙂

  377. Amy Durham

    with 5 daughters I struggle daily to make sure they each get a piece of me, to feel loved. add to that, daily responsibilities… I have trouble identifying things that I can actually say no to. very interested to read this book… as mothers don’t we all need help with saying no?

  378. Andrea

    You have become such an inspiration to me in my walk with Christ. I look forward to reading this book, as I know you speak what The Lord puts on your heart!

  379. Stacy Davis

    “Rise above the rush of endless demands and discover your Best Yes today”…endless demands….as a single parent of three children, this resonates with me. Being a mother has endless demands on its own, but to add a full time job, volunteer work at the church, leading the praise team on Sunday mornings…..the demands seem endless. Now, I love doing these things, however sometimes the stress takes over. I would love to read more about how to discover my best yes, how do I better balance my job as a mother and doing God’s work? I want to discover how to rise above these endless demands and give my best yes!!!

  380. Marianna Romero

    I need this Lysa! I’ve been praying for an answer to this rush I am always in and I hope this is it. My husband died 7 yrs ago when my girls were little. It’s felt like a mad dash ever since to take care of them and work full time. I’m missing so much and they are learning to rush from me. I can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. You are such a blessing!

  381. Hannah Tomberlin

    I struggle with people pleasing and saying yes to everything which leads very little time for the important things in my life. My time with God and family tend to get shortened to make time for unimportant things. Something has to change.

  382. Veta Millard

    I have an overwhelming schedule it seems with 4 children and my mom living with me.I feel this book will help me get ahold of my priorities and focus on what is important !! I love just reading your post and I have done online bible studies to feel more connected to the “busy women” and the online community.Thank you for all you do!!!

  383. Amanda S.

    “I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life”

    Life with three kids (one preteen and two teens), a hubby and a dog is busy and full. And of course, I want to be involved in Bible study and ministry and friendships and . . . YES, sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on the sweet parts of my life.

  384. Amy

    “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” – Did you write this about me? Every time I harshly correct my children (which is often, as my fuse is short these days) by telling them, “I’ve told you ‘this.’ Why won’t you listen to me?! If you will listen to me, it will make things easier on you.” Then I hear God whisper, “isn’t that what I’ve been telling you? When are you going to stop and listen to me?” Thank you for writing and sharing with us!

  385. Katrina Redman

    I was privileged to be a part of the group that brainstormed this book into existence. I’ve always been a yes person because it’s a natural part of who I am. I have the spiritual gifts of mercy showing/helps so it’s hard for me to say no. In the last year God has allowed a chronic illness to come into my life and force me to evaluate where I say yes and where I need to cut back. I’ve still be blessed to serve others by saying yes to the important things. I also learned allowing others to help you blesses them.

  386. Maryann

    I am a people pleaser that hates to upset anyone by saying no or disagreeing. We are going through “Made to Crave” right now and look forward to seeing you in Lincoln in October at Women of Faith. This book sounds like it will be a great one to study next.

  387. Christie

    YESTERDAY, in 1993, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. TODAY, in 2014, I woke up and she is twenty-one years old. Somehow, someway, between yesterday and today, I gave birth to another beautiful baby girl and a cute baby boy. That’s how I feel! Where did the time go? Did we do enough? Did we make enough memories? There were so many more things I wanted to do with them and so many more things I wanted them to see. They’re young adults now. I feel like my life has been one big “rush” with my family, and I just want to get a redo (I guess that’s when God gives us grandchildren). My hope is that my husband and I showed them enough love and manners to help them in this world. More importantly, I hope I wasn’t so rushed that they only saw blurs of Jesus in me. Life has a way of keeping us busy. When will I ever stop rushing around?

  388. Gloria

    I have already raised my children and then helped with four grandchildren…three if which were 2 and 3 yrs olds…those were a joy and I was able to spend that yr nurturing them and teaching them how they should treat others and be treated and then gave them back to their respective parents…the fourth was 15 and much harder to help, already defiant and thought that I was like all other adult figures in her life had been, had to prove to her that I was different and spent time not only as her grandmother, mother but also as a friend…we were very close until age 20 when she decided that she was too old to live at home and moved in with a young man that she had only know for a few days, she had now been with for the last five yrs and she has supported him, because he would never get a job to support her…her grandpa and I have been very hurt by her decision to move to NM with him and live off if his grandma, as now neither of them have a job…so the point I am sharing is that no matter how much time you give to some, you don’t always see rewards…I do fell that your book will be a great inspiration to young and old alike…I plan on sharing it with my granddaughter…because no matter how things have turned out, our love for our children and grandchildren will never faulter…thanks for reading this…

  389. Lisa

    Will I ever learn to live life to please God alone? From one chronic people pleaser to another, I hope God will use your book to unlock the deep broken spaces and fill them with His Love. Amen.

  390. Kris

    Soul underwhelmed. I always feel guilty for spending time on my own soul when there is so much undone and yet I have no energy, no motivation for those things when my soul is hungry. Would love to learn how to say yes to my soul more often so I can enjoy the things I do get done as a true service.

  391. Rachael

    Sounds great, excited to read!

  392. Teri Stark

    Lisa, you put words to the exact feelings I experienced in church this morning during worship…an underwhelmed soul. I am a school teacher and usually spend my summers catching up all the things I cannot accomplish during the school year. Sadly, though, my “soul” gets moved to the bottom of the list as I “rush” to mark all the things off my to do list, all the while feeling an emptiness that screams for attention. So I work harder, run faster, sleep less and try to accomplish more. It truly is a vicious cycle. I am anxious to receive your book.

  393. Never Understood

    How is that you know what I wonder and try to convey to my husband and friends..and yet, they just stop me and say why can’t I be happy with what I have….loneliness can run really deep even when surrounded by so many amazing people…working 60 hrs a week…3 kids…travel and never knowing which hat is next…when do I get to be just …and is it ever enough?

  394. Virginia

    Interesting I retired 6months ago and find the simple life is so much more then the stressed out life of rushing to work rushing through lunch when I took one , rushing home. No time for enjoying the Awesome life God gave me.
    Since I retired I rush nowhere! Have planted a garden and God has blessed the work I put into it . Also has taught me to have more patience. Not with just waiting for the food to grow but all around ,standing in lines, grandchildren, it is a better life. I would love to have a copy of your book. Since I am retired my income is less then half of what I once earned so I can’t afford much outside of necessities but I am not complaining because it is a good life. So if I am chosen I will be very grateful ,thank you.Virginia

  395. Magen Robison

    I received your book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” for Mother’s Day from my very own momma. I’ve read and reread passages of your book because they’ve reached me and touched my heart so deeply. As a mom, full-time government employee, praise and worship leader, and leader of an online bible study community, it’s so easy to feel rushed and overwhelmed. God has been teaching to slow down and spend time getting to know my Savior and not just live for Him. I’m so excited about your new book because I know it’s going to help me even more on this journey of slowing down and enjoying the beautiful life God has given me. I’m so thankful you said “yes” to God so many years ago and have continued to share your heart and bless others through your obedience to God. I pray God blesses you and increase you as you continue your beautiful journey with Him!

  396. Jenny Veleke

    My best yes is seeing the best crowded out by the all the good things that are fine but not God’s best for me. It’s having the faith to say no to what seems like a good thing in order to say yes to the best thing. This is exactly where God has walked me over the past year as I gave up leadership in an awesome Christian scouting group and my dream of finally teaching women’s Bible study (Made to Crave!!) so that I could say yes to the bigger purpose and calling God had for me – beginning a homeless ministry in our church and casting the vision of what missional community looks like. Excited to read your book! I know it will resonate with the heart God is growing in me these last twelve months.

  397. Sarah

    Thank you

  398. Wendy

    I often “say yes” to please other people when saying yes may not be what God wants me to do. I want to get to the place in my spiritual walk where I seek to please God first.
    Our ladies Bible Wednesday night class has studied “Made to Crave” & “Unglued”
    Cannot wait to read your new book.

  399. Debbie Wadsworth

    “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”

    Underwhelmed soul defines the place where I right now. I thirst for the place to be in holy balance.

  400. Rebecca Straseskie

    As a full-time working mom of 5 – 2 stepdaughters 15 & 11 and a 4-year old, 2-year old and 9-Month old, choosing what to say yes to and what to say no to is of utmost importance…and all too often I say yes when I should’ve said no. I look forward to some refreshing insight about truly balancing time to match priority! Thanks for sharing your gift yet again! I know it will be life-changing!

  401. Beth

    As a military spouse, June & July this year include:
    My husband coming home from deployment (yay, but time consuming!)
    Selling our first house
    Driving across the country four times, flying once
    Packing our house-alone
    Changing jobs and career fields
    Saying farewell in an appropriate manner to everyone I have held dear for the last three years

    Oh, and I get to move AGAIN in March.

    What a blessed life I live, but goodness is it hard to rise above the rush! I would so love some Biblical insight into how to wisely prioritize and separate “good” from “best.”

  402. Melinda

    Boy do I need this book! I don’t feel like I am enjoying life or motherhood at all….the demands are high and the stress level is thru the roof. Having 1 high achiever in college, a senior in high school suffering from depression and a 16 yr old autistic daughter with severe behavior problems…my 20 yr marriage is on the rocks and I just decided to go back to work full time to meet financial demands!! Whew….I need to learn the art of being content where I am (somehow) and not wish the days away…..your book sounds like a breath of fresh air 🙂

  403. Shanann

    Missing out on the sweetest parts of life. I am a single mom, self employed woman and I love to volunteer my time with cub scouts, school library, being room mom and spending time with my family that lives almost 2 hours away. I feel like I am always rushing even to do the things I like to do. At the end of the day I often feel like I am not really enjoying things fully because I am stretched so thin a lot of the time. Would love to see the insight of your book 🙂 I have greatly enjoyed your teachings so far!

  404. Becky Murel

    As a wife of a church planter and working full time outside the home, this book really is of interest to me! I feel overwhelmed by it all many days and just wish so many responsibilities didn’t always fall to me. Enjoy your books, blog posts and FB posts!

  405. amy nelson

    Cannot wait to get this one!

  406. Stephanie

    This really resonates with my heart right now. My oldest daughter is 16 and I keep thinking- we should have, why didn’t we, can we, can we afford too, how will we? I feel like I have squandered some parts of motherhood away with stress and I am trying to see the new things I their eyes and not get frustrated when things don’t go “just right”. Like teaching her how to drive andon a stick no less. Your words are always timely for me and relevant! I’ve enjoyed all your books and I have seen you in person. Thank you (& your family!) for allowing God to use you.

  407. Heather Jones

    The rushing caused by people pleasing, the never enough time to do the things that make my soul come alive…. I can identify all too well and long to stop the rush especially during the school year when our schedule runs in many shades of crazy.

  408. Sharon Martinez

    I would have to say everything resonates. My kids may be grown, but it seems being a parent is even harder!! The worry over my kids and grandkids never ends. Not only that, but I am a grad student in a nearby city, who is unable to say no to ANYONE! UGH!! The result is that not only is my plate full, but so are the table and kitchen counters!! I would love to be this supermom-supernana-superwife-superstudent-superassistant-superjournalpaperwriter! But I can’t, and yet I keep trying. The result of all this is, God gets left out of the picture. My thoughts are not always of Him but tons of other stuff. Feeding my own soul gets put on the back-burner in my always cluttered kitchen. I am glad to know that I am not the only one. 🙂

  409. Debby Sheldon

    I am a new pastor’s wife, to a small church that was hurt deeply by their previous, planting pastor. I love these wonderful people deeply and we have worked hard for a year now to earn trust and allow space for God to heal. But I find myself too often saying yes without thinking and usually for all the wrong reasons….because it needs to get done, because no one else is doing it. When I read these words: “Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no.” My heart yelled “YES”!
    The sermon my husband spoke today was about Saul, sacrificing, serving for his own glory and not God’s. I knew the Holy Spirit was nudging me. When I jump to serve because of those reasons, I am serving for my own glory. I am serving out of self protection. Instead of moving and serving out of obedience for the glory of God. I would love to read your message of ways to step out of this trap. Thank you for writing such a relevant message for us!

  410. Angie Dailey

    I cannot WAIT to get my hands on this book! I am so done putting off my spiritual growth for other things. Life shouldn’t get in the way of Jesus. I’m tired of it happening. Thank you Lysa- keep em coming!

  411. Amy Privett

    I think I often say Yes to many times and God gets left with what little time is left. I want to intentionally and purposefully say YES to God and hopefully pass that love for learning and growing to my two children. Your books have helped me thru some pretty difficult situations and I often find myself going back to them for reference. I’ve also lead to amazing womans bobo let studies using your Made to Crave and Unglued… It’s been the heart of developing loving relationships with other like minded God Girls! Good luck and I cannot wait to read this one!!!

  412. Kellie Runge

    Can’t wait for the release!

  413. Stacy Blackstone

    Saw your FB post and immediately it resonated with me. Just had this very conversation with my husband yesterday. Eager to read your book.

  414. Janet Staley

    I lost my husband of 37 years last 8 months ago and I have seen God turn my life around. Instead of saying yes to everyone, to please them, I try to please God, instead. It’s been grueling, but so rewarding. A lot of guilt, and insecurity, as I have no one to bounce these decisions off of, I say no one, I have God in a way I never did before. I am so looking forward to your book. I have been blessed by your other books and I am finally slowing down long enough to enjoy the passion I have in reading. God has taught me so much in these months, Dick’s death was sudden and unexpected, but God has been there through it all. Thank you for your honesty. Life is too short to pretend and not be honest with each other about our struggles and the victories we find in God and the way He walks us through whatever we are going through. I pray blessings of God’s love and grace on you and thank you again, for your books. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to be honest sometimes, but all of us appreciate it and let us be more real, ourselves. You give us permission to be who God made us to be!

  415. Marlene Mostek

    What resonates with me is…all of it. Especially these: 1. “Cure the disease to please, rather than be who God made me to be” (I need to know who I am in the Lord) 2. Learn how to “Escape the guilt of worrying about disappointing others and actually seek out what’s best for me and my family. 3. Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process. (This one I took word for word from your description because it fits so well.) We are right smack dab in the middle of some big decisions and I do not know where to begin. Lysa, you are always so “right on” with things and I am so anxious to read your new book!

  416. Amy

    I have 5 young children and am trying to find the balance between time with them, my husband, helping at their school, keeping friendships alive and thriving, chores, church, etc. I need this book!!!

  417. caryn keefe

    The best yes to me was saying yes to Jesus. Without HIM I am How lost we would be. So Blessed that HE lives inside my heart. He Blessed me with a wonderful Husband and 3 sweet little girls. When we put God first and say yes to Him all the other relationships in our life will be where they need to be.

  418. Crystal Porter

    THIS.IS.ME. homeschooling mom of 2 and 1 that is a senior in a private Christian school. 7 years age difference between #1 and #2. I am reading “Unglued” right now…I have my highlighter out to mark things that apply to me. My eldest asked why i didn’t just highlight the whole book?! Love your books…I laugh out loud at your real life stories because I can soooo relate! Would love to have a copy of this!

  419. Sue

    I am SO getting this book as soon as I can get my hands on one! I am 61 years old…and constantly dreading the days ahead because I am so overwhelmed with my schedule! My youngest daughter has the same problem…she must have ‘inherited’ it from me! *smile* I want to enjoy each day for what it has to offer…and not enter each day with an impossible ‘list’ to accomplish! I am leading a Bible study of ‘Crash the Chatterbox’ right now…and I’m thinking that this will be out next study! Thank you, Lysa!

  420. Kelli McDonald

    I feel like sometimes I say “yes” to fill a void… Will this new activity make me happy and make me feel more complete?

  421. Dana Maccord

    Is it too late for the free copy? I’d love one!!

  422. Diane

    When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul.

    Rushing makes me very crabby and anxious… I miss so much of what God has in store for me to see when I’m rushing…

  423. Jennie

    This line is what made me stop and literally have to take a few deep breaths and blink a LOT in order not to cry! “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.” That one line hit the bullseye in my life right now…I feel like everyday I am in a rhythm of rush and I can’t seem to find my way out. It really hits home in regards to my kids…I often don’t like who I am as a mom when I’m in this constant rhythm of rush. I’m looking forward to reading this new book of yours and gleaning wisdom from what you have walked through and experienced. Thank you so much Lysa for being so transparent and willing to share your struggles in order to help those of us who struggle with the same issues. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry!

  424. Denise

    I can’t wait to read your new book!

  425. Shelly

    I really liked to Unglued Bible study! It spoke right to where I am at this moment in my life…mother of 3 year old and 4 month old, bivocational pastor/full time college student’s wife, called into ministry and counseling myself (can I just say that I have had my share of Unglued moments!) but working on my response to things differently now! I think your new book is going to be another eye opening/life changing experience! I can’t wait to read it! Thank you for your ministry to us!

  426. Karen

    I cannot change the not so recent past. Many times I said “yes”, when I should have said “No”. I ran myself ragged. Cramming to much in to very little time. The every growing, never ending to do list. Mark one item off, add three more. I have started to keep a list of things I don’t want to do. And if I can say no, I will. I have said no and have wrestled with the self imposed guilt. What happens if I don’t work overtime? What happens if my Church doesn’t have enough volunteers? What happens if I am not on my daughter’s band booster committee again? What happens if my boys. . . What happens? What happens? What happens. Ugh!

  427. Kirsta

    Oh Lysa, even this blog post has me tearing up — I honestly doubt I’ll make it through your book without shedding tears! You are so real and eloquent and truthful and Christ-centered… And somehow I always read your words right when I need them. This new mama who can’t say “no” has been battling with giving her “best yes” since first taking a Andy Stanley “Guardrails” class. I can’t wait to read this dose of realness & advice!

  428. Sarah Downey

    THE DISEASE TO PLEASE!!! How satisfying to know that this affliction is not incurable. How motivating to realize I am not the only woman in the world who struggles with this.

  429. Amanda Norton

    I can’t wait to read this book!!! I have love unglued so much that I read it all the time!! So excited for you!! God bless you Lysa!!

  430. Kristina

    Lysa, thank you for sharing your gift of writing the truth. I love the way you are able to address issues that are normally ignored. I feel like each of your books have told parts of my story. I am excited to read this book because I know how overwhelming schedules are the tactic Satan is using to keep women from fellowship with one another. Women also struggle with saying no. I have been in ministry for 19 years and it’s a habit/fear I have developed. The fear of saying no. Because of this I find us overcommitted and stressed. I have been working on this area for a while and very much look forward to your book. Thank you again for sharing your heart.

  431. Lisa

    We try to be very intentional with our time as a family, but it still seems to get overwhelming far too easily. I think figuring out which choice is best in any situation is key. Would love to read this book!

  432. Annie

    This rushing will be my reality come school/work in about 5-6 weeks and I am just not quite sure any of my busy at that time can be put off, it is all important and overwhelming…hoping this book will shed some light as all your books have for me that I have read! Thank you!

  433. Stefanie

    I don’t think my other comment “took”, so I just wanted to say how always rushed I feel and it exhausts me. Can’t wait to read this book!

  434. Karen Peterson

    The biggest part that resonates with me is that the rushing and stress seem to never end; I feel as if I am missing out on my kids lives especially as they get older. How come I thought I would have more time when they were older?

  435. Jane

    I always feel overwhelmed. I also wish I knew how to study Bible in a more efficient manner.

  436. Hope Reyes

    After a ling struggle to feel like I belong somewhere in this new town. I feel lost and without friends. I long for fellowship I long to know that there is a better day coming. God is suppose to be my everything but I long for a day that Gods promises come true.the best is yet to come. That’s what my boss use to tell me all the time.

  437. Michelle Krol

    I was so excited in March to attend your talk at a great local church, but I had to leave as my son was playing in a tournament that was scheduled last minute. You have given such a gift to me as a mom of 5 boys, including a set of quads, and your words have been so timely and such a balm to my soul. God has used you to touch the hearts of us mamas so deeply. While I love my kids so immensely, I feel the pull to please others as I always have and try not to disappoint anyone while still putting my family at the forefront. I know your words in this book will help me along that path. I have always tried to see the wonder and beauty in every single day, especially the tough ones, but I don’t always succeed. Words are life to me, they keep me on track, I need the constant reminders and appreciate how timely your posts are. I know this book would so resonate with me and many of my mama friends whom I am already telling about it!!!

  438. Terisa

    I wonder why I always find myself filling the white space/margins in my life. When I say no to something’s I feel guilt. For a moment. Then I find delight in not rushing. One place I still rush is at home after a full day of work. Really looking to hear The Lord in that area!

  439. Kathy Mullins-Engelhardt

    Hi, I can really understand how hard it is to decide on the best course of action when so many things are calling out for our time–chores (house cleaning, dishes, laundry…). Our time for bible study is one priority–also time to prepare a lesson for church. Cooking requires some time as does shopping for groceries and necessary errands. What is best to put off and what is best to do first? Your book sounds like it will help with making these decisions.

  440. Racquel Chariah

    My best yes is reading this post and having the very first line remind me of what is important in life. Giving God the best of me allows me to give the best of me to others. My regret is that I didn’t realize sooner how important every second of my children’s life is over other things that have kept me busy and taken priority over sitting on the floor and playing with them. Thank you for helping me to open my eyes.

  441. Denise Kellum

    I’m unfamiliar with your books however, I came across a post on FB that led me to your Face Book page and your book “The Best Yes”. I am so looking forward to its release and reading a much

  442. Astra Aker

    The part that resonates with me is “I am tried of that ache.” I am tired too. That’s all I can really say at this point, I’m tired and I need to slow down some.

  443. Christine

    I SO need to slow down and say yes to God more often and be able to enjoy my time with Him instead of rushing through my devotions because there are always a million things on my to-do list. I so badly want to enjoy my children more and play with them more and be able to focus on the good they are and the good they do instead of focusing on what messes have been made and what tasks are STILL not completed. I keep thinking that when THIS project is finished, THEN I will have time to sit down and have some quality one on one time with each of my children, but new things always come up and I find myself putting my most precious blessings on the back burner – ugh I HATE that I do that!!!

  444. Allison T Jones

    “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”

    This sentence from your blog post speaks to me. I want to live for God and know what He wants me to be/do. To be able to let go of what I think I ‘should’ be doing. And to not feel guilty for doing this!

  445. Robin

    I would love a copy of this book. I keep reminding myself that too much good stuff is still too much.
    Thanks for this book. I’m excited.

  446. Jenn Soper

    Hi Lysa, I am really looking forward to your new book! I think the part that resonated most with me is being a people pleaser. It negatively affects my marriage and my family, because I give everything in me to others, then I have nothing left for my family.
    Thank you for being brave enough to write your books and share yourself in such an honest and real way… I always feel like I’m talking with a close friend over coffee when I read on of your books. 🙂

  447. Laura Bartoszewicz

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. As a mother of three kids rushing is what I’m forced to do to keep up. I had my first two kids when I was young. Now, years later with a newborn I’m much more in tune with slowing down so I don’t miss a beat.

  448. Danielle Pray

    With seven babies (okay kids), I feel so tore in how to give them fun, freedom and “proper activities” like sports and extra curriculars…by the time we get home at the end of the night we never have a chance to eat dinner together or have family time or conversation. It’s basically get stuff ready for tomorrow and go to bed so I can go to bed because I’m exhausted!

  449. Jessica Odofin

    I definitely need this book. I know the best is yet to come

  450. Amanda

    I feel like every book you wrote speaks to me! I was just saying today my life is too busy, what’s important to me gets the leftovers because I can’t stop saying yes, and pleading others. My family is getting the leftovers. I love that you are real and that your books are real. Thank you for being that way so the rest of us know it’s something we all struggle with. Can’t wait to read this new one!!

  451. Amy

    “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.

    Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul. When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” Those three sentences sum up my life right now. I love my life and feel blessed beyond measure, yet I struggle with feeling rushed and having to race through routine after routine, missing the sweet parts of motherhood, just to meet the daily demands. I keep thinking I must be doing something wrong. I can’t wait to read your new book. I have to tell you I read a post of yours one night–the first time I learned about your blog–and it allowed me to breathe for the first time since my son was born. I was sitting up that night, watching him, praying over him, afraid for his health. I know God lead me to your post that night and I am so thankful to both Him and you for the peace that brought me that night. My prayers were answered and my son is healthy again and I am eager to get to enjoying more of those sweet moments!

  452. Alissa

    Guilty chronic people pleaser right here! I say “yes” all day long… 🙂

  453. monica

    Hi Lysa.

    I really enjoyed your UNGLUED book and have shared it with many friends to borrow. I really would love your audiobook package that for your new book “The Best Yes”. I am getting married August 23rd and my fiance and I are still in school and working. Money is really tight and I cant afford to spend the $50 for the audio book. I would love it soo much and could really use the wisdom found in your pages. Is there anyway that I can get a discount or anything for this bundle? I have to drive to work and school and would love to listen to it in the car! Thanks a bunch.


    Monica Rietze

  454. Jill G.

    At 5 months pregnant I learned my husband was having an affair and had a 2 month old baby with the other woman. I was devastated. I always knew how hard being a single mother could be, so I thought I did it right…fell in love, got married and then planned our future which included a family. It took over a year to get pregnant at 37.

    6 weeks after learning about the affair and other baby, I was told at my 39 week ultrasound that my son would be born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a defect with a 50% survival rate. My world was rocked again.

    Trying to overcome my husband’s betrayal was hard enough, but to face that I could lose my son was a deep emotional pain.

    I found comfort in a women’s group at a local church. My son was born that May, he had a long hospital stay and surgery at 7 days old, but I got to bring him home.

    2 months later it was time to return to work. While I love my job and my company, I work 50+ hours a week and I have no family in my city. I have full custody of my son, if I am not working, I am with my son. Today he is 3.

    I know how lucky and blessed that we are, but being a full time single mom is hard. I’m not a part time single mom, I’m an all the time single mom.

    My life feels like a series of rushing moments that leD right into the next. I don’t get to focus on me till my son is in bed. That focus is called laundry, dishes or just trying to escape the ever present reality of all I must do alone. Most don’t realize how much work it is to work full time, raise a child, run a household and still try to create margin.

    I need margin, I need the always present voice that is telling me to slow down to teach me how.

    How do you slow down and not let your soul be underwhelmed when your life was jolted to the core and you’ve never overcome it.

    I am surviving, but I am not thriving. I want to thrive. Help me do that!

    I can’t wait for your book! Having read other books, do e bible studies and experienced you at Women of Faith. I know you will share incredible words thT will inspire and the tools to implement them.

    Thank you for writing from your soul, for sharing your struggles so we can learn through you!

  455. Miranda Marsh

    The need too please is one that resonates with me constantly! How easy it is to forget that I only need my heavenly Fathers approval NOT the approval of others!

  456. crystle

    I love your writing and how you are so real with your stories. I just finished your unglued book with some other ladies at our church and now cant wait for this one so i can share with them and hopefully do a study on this one too.

  457. Carrie Baxter

    For me: the thing I know I need and that this book can offer is freedom from guilt of not being all things to everyone. It’s so difficult to realize we were never meant to be that- but to point others to the one who is the all to all.

    For my best friend: her son died last Sunday evening and even as we arrange services, and has been worried about how the services and things that need to be done affect others. Her pleasing nature is struggling even in the most tragic of situations. She need to find her best ‘yes’ now.

    I can wait til the book comes out (I’ve been on a journey of discovery {and weight loss and spiritual awakening} and can hold on a little longer but she can’t. This would be an amazing help to her.

  458. Cyndi Coleman

    I have laughed and cried with you along the way. It sounds like my thirsty soul wrote this book. I can identify with you on do many levels! I cherish the WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN SAY YES TO GOD book! It absolutely changed my life and the way I approach many aspects of my relationship with Christ. Thank you, Lysa for being so transparent and vulnerable. It is this that God uses to comfort and challenge the rest of us as we all journey through the murky waters if life together. I would love to win your book. I need it. The women in Bible study group need it! I will be presenting this to them soon!
    All glory to our Heavenly Father!
    -Cyndi <

  459. Amy J

    Wow, I always feel we are journeying through this life together, you always seem to be writing about my own struggles! 🙂 thank you for ” sweating ” it for your sisters in Christ! I can’t wait to read this book. I learned well how to say “no”, but am struggling now how and when to say ” yes” again.

  460. Suzann

    Now that my children are grown up I thought life would come at a slower pace. But, it doesn’t seem to be working that way. I would love to find a way to savor more time and just live in the moment. I hope that your book helps women find this balance.

  461. Veruschka

    I have never read one of your books but I love you facebook posts. I would love to have the privilege to read one of your books. God bless and thank you for all your messages.

  462. Karen

    Oh, there is so much that resonates with me! “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life”. Oh to “unrush” and live with the best of me, not just the leftover me.

  463. judy piercy

    I ache from a over whelmed soul. I need your book. Can’t wait to read

  464. Pamela

    The book intrigues me. I too feel the guilt? of saying yes too much too often. My Best Yes is a phrase I’d like to make a part of my thinking. My whole soul wants to live out God’s will for me as a wife and mother and grandmother. To love my husband and my children has its ups and downs but ALL of its struggles seem easier if I see them “as unto Christ”. This view gives me fuel. I then feel that I don’t do enough. My physical health is weak after suffering two cancers within two years and many operations and Chemotherapy. I refuse to let my health issues lead me. I will take them “For Christ” as I live continually to Love my husband and my children.If I could learn a little wisdom from your book, You can be sure that It will be appreciated. Thank you for your service. I wish I could afford to purchase one, but I honestly could not. If I ever get one, after reading it for myself, I will surely bless another with the wisdom. God Bless you and yours! XOXO in Christ. Pam

  465. Karen M

    Hi, I’m Karen, I’m a people-pleaser, and I need to read this book!!

  466. Christina Bulgin

    Having 16- and 17-year-old boys and a 4-year-old girl, leading worship at my church and teaching a small group…all this is great, but it means having to say no to my sanity and peace of mind more often than not! It takes incredible discipline to be able to pick the best things to say yes to, and to pass that ability on to my kids; discipline that doesn’t come naturally by any stretch of the imagination! My schedule is everyone else’s schedule and it gets very complicated. I wish I wasn’t so consumed by schedule that I can’t focus on relationships.

  467. Traci

    I constantly make choices based on what other people perceive to be the “best yes” instead of making choices based on the “best yes” for me and my family. I can’t wait to read your new book!

  468. Bethany

    Oh, to get over the rushing through life!!!!

  469. Rae Belle Creager

    I, too, am a people pleaser, always doing what I feel others expect me to do becoming so overwhelmed and torn between letting someone else down or letting myself down, again, and, of course, I put what I want/need on the back burner to please someone else. I have such a deep longing in my heart to get to know Jesus on a much deeper level, such a hunger and a thirst to get to know Him more, to just sit at his feet and talk/listen to him, but, sadly, I don’t take the time. I have dreams and longings in my heart that I know God put there and every time I get closer to taking that one step that would set me on the path to actually pursuing those dreams, fear and guilt and responsibility set in and I find myself staying where I am and being the responsible/dependable mother, grandmother, wife that everyone else expects/needs me to be – staying overwhelmed and exhausted and feeling so insecure – like what I long to do is not important, that I don’t count. Maybe this is a little bit much to share but I’m feeling brave/bold today hoping I have the courage to post this before I change my mind and hit the delete button. Thank you, Lysa, for the books you have written and I thank God for inspiring you/enabling you to write them. I have not read all your books but the ones I have read have a been a wonderful blessing to me.

  470. Denise

    The one that stands out most to me is me always trying to be a people pleaser. Learning to gently say no I cannot do just one more task this week is what I need to do. There are always projects that need to be done and help need to be given. I would really like to be able to just sit and read your new book with no distractions for just a short while. I am looking forward to seeing the new book.

  471. Sandi

    oh my. making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands ….if only that were truly possible. I so identify with everything you have written in this blog to introduce your book. I absolutely have to get this book. I have been so ministered to by your books and am excited to see what I can glean from this new one that will help me be more effective!

  472. Jessa

    All of your books and posts have been a huge encouragement through each struggle I have faced. Now I am married and have a daughter and a step daughter. Finding time for devotional time is a real struggle and I keep making excuses in my mind. Maybe after the move I will have more time, or after my daughter finishes homeschooling. How do I make it happen now?

  473. TaNesha Bryant

    I wish I had some snazzy wording to explain why I want this book but I don’t. I am trying to do better as a wife, mother, daughter and sister but with work demands and life demands I find it hard to slow down until I end up being worn out and have to be. I watched my sister lose her mom. We lost our cousin before 40 and she had 3 kids the youngest being 7 months. I have a desire to live life better and to serve God more in each and everything.. I don’t want to lose the time I have by focusing on time that may never get to come. Thank you for considering me.

  474. Melissa

    The message that resonates most with me is “I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.” I have found lately that I not only don’t like who I am, I find that I don’t even know who I am anymore. My life was so full of schedules, and turmoil that I forgot…simply me. I forgot who I was, and what I wanted trying to do for others.

  475. Janet Clark

    This is sure to be another good read. As a mother I am stressed and busy enough already that I refuse to fill my children’s schedules to the brim. I’ve received some criticism for this too, friends wondering why I don’t let them do sports, or this and that. I grew up on a farm and now live in a city. My kids won’t have the same experiences I did and are sure not to if they are too busy to do play dates with their own siblings. I do enjoy taking them to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm, they have more freedom from busy streets, running errands and the push and pull of life in the city. I also get a sense of calm when we are there. Thank you sharing, I always look forward to your posts, wise words and the next online study I’m excited for.


    “I wrote it because I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life. I found myself saying, “I’ll do that thing that makes my soul come alive when I can find time.”

    I was totally meant to see this today… the story of my life as I am struggling with now!!! Now I CAN’T waiting for AUG 12TH!!! Thank you – I look forward to reading it!!

  477. Yakisha Bookard

    I can honestly say I’m in the people-pleasing recovery phase of my life. Growing up as a PK, I think I never truly learned the art of saying no without guilt or condemnation. In fact… we were taught we couldn’t say no! Any opposition was met with forceful disapproval. After living like that for so long, I found myself in poor health. By the time I was 30 years old, I had extremely high blood pressure and I suffered with chronic back and knee pains. As well, I suffered with debilitating migraines. I just didn’t have the power to make the decisions that were best for myself and my family and like you… I was beginning to hate the person I was… always jumping through hoops to please others. It was exhausting. After giving birth to my third premature child because of hypertension and an aneurysm scare, I decided to make some necessary changes. It has been a refreshing, wonderful change. I love your messages. You’re just so real and down-to-earth. You remind me so much of myself. I hope to meet you one day. I look forward to reading the book.

  478. Sandy

    Echoes of a constant struggle in this heart. Sounds like I book I would very much like to read…and revisit frequently!!

  479. Christa Kohlhouse

    I have the hardest time ever saying NO! I am a People Pleaser to the max and I need to realize that it is OK for me to say no to others. I spent so much time working when our older 2 kids were little. Now that we have 2 more kids and the opportunity & blessing to do it all over again, I need to make more time for them/us!

  480. Jennifer

    The rushing robs me of the sweetest moments…resonates with me. I don’t like who rushing makes me either. But it is a part of my life w 3 kids involved in various activities plus a 3 month-old baby. I want to learn how to be a better me even with the rushes & demands of life.

  481. Liz

    I am very excited to read this book and share with my daughter as well. She is on the go always which I guess is normal for mothers with young children

  482. Mandy Bourland

    Anxiously awaiting your book!

  483. Susan

    The part that most resonates with me is when you said “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul. And I guess I’m just tired of that deep ache”. Thanks for the dance to win!

  484. Lauren

    Wish I could learn the secret of the small no! I tend to be a people pleaser, too, Lysa! I want to focus more of my energy on spending time with my husband and 2 year old, and want to be able to say no graciously when outside demands are overwhelming. We are reading Unglued right now in my book study group and can’t for The Best Yes!

  485. Mandy W.

    I’m a people pleaser, too! And I long to start the imperfect progress of overcoming it. Can’t wait for your new book!

  486. Tara

    I have had a difficult year. I would love to feel less overwhelmed and more peaceful!

  487. melissa l. j.

    Endless demands… truer words were never spoken. 3 kids, different ages and stages, always changing. Momma having to learn more and keep up with what that next stage is. Keeping house. Loving my husband. Finding time for me. (Is there time to serve anyone outside my home?) And most importantly, time with my Creator. And yet, daily, I make bad choices out of impatience, busyness, frustration, and discouragement. I so look forward to your newest book and am already praying for how it will impact my heart.

  488. Alyson Smith

    So excited to read this book. It sounds like just the kind of message I desperately need- mom of two, work full time, kids activities 3x per week, then add on the house stuff and it’s a stressful but wonderful life. I feel like as I try to keep up, I run ahead of The Lord and miss the time to be at His side. Thank you for writing so many books that speak for women and moms. God bless you, Lysa.

  489. Donna Boyd

    I need hope with overcoming the “rushing” and learning to slow down.

  490. Amanda Martinsen

    Lysa, all of your books have such powerful messages and resonate with me so much, but I have a feeling this one is going to hit me harder than any of the others. I desperately need this message. Thank you for your ministry!

  491. Charlotte

    Your books have connected us as a community to remind us that we are not alone in our daily life struggles as we become the women od created us to be in the skin we were born.I have been so hard on myself until I connected with this community of women believers. You must have been reading my mind when you wrote this latest book. I am so excited to read it and glean your knowledge and words as I look upon my own life for areas I can improve in order to cut back on the daily demands that I feel drown me as the sole parent of a growing 9 year old boy who take therapy 3 times a week, fulltime work ministry and responsibilities with cars and house and pets and just life like exercise and time to feel healthy inside and out. Thanks for connecting us broken woman and reminding us we aren’t in this alone and we ALL have these struggles and encouraging us that we can be better and bringing a new perspective into our lives.

  492. Kristy Laird

    • Cure the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love.
    • Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no.
    These two are what I need help with! And just like your other books, I know that you can help me. 🙂

  493. Barbara Grimsley

    My Step-Daughter gave me your Devo book for Christmas this last year. I had gotten out of my daily devotional time and had been searching (she did not know this) for a good devo book that could get me back on track. Now granted, I wasn’t prayerfully looking, but the action and thought of the search made me feel like I was at least trying!! I immediately connected with your words and thoughts. God has opened my heart and challenged me through His Word in the words you write. Also being introduced to the 31 Proverbs team, because you are willing to be used as A vessel by God to share His love and encouragement!! Thank you, and I thank God for that awesome Christmas gift!!
    From rural Texas, Barbara

  494. deb

    I also am tired of rushing, stressing, and missing out on the best parts of my life. I just got back from a long trip, I have a ton to do, but took my granddaughter for the day. I want to put her first and have some play time 🙂

  495. Beth

    Lysa please consider me for your new book..I good friend of mine got me started reading your books and what a help in my life!! I have been doing the bible studies also looking forward to the next one..You have a way of getting our attention n teaching us and its like…Wow..I needed just that today..How did she know?…thank you n God Bless u n your family…

  496. Marcia Valera

    Lysa – your teachings are always spot on for me! I look forward to your new book!

  497. Gilda Everett

    Lysa you always speak from your heart and it resonates with all women. I have been where you are rushing around and trying to do it all. I have worked 38 years in health care and learned to survive by saying no and finding a moment of joy each day. I look forward to reading your book. You always do a great job telling us God’s truth for our lives!

  498. Michelle Outman

    As a mom of adopted twins recently diagnosed with autism, plus two others in high school, and I run a not for profit ministry I have found myself “living the stress of an overwhelmed schedule and aching with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.”
    I’m looking forward to reading, “The Best Yes.”

  499. Vonnie Kronk

    When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.Really Hits Me! I’m glad I made it thru our accident But don’t like my New Brain since-Its very slow & I have to learn things all over many times too….

  500. Barbara G

    When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am — these are the words that jumped off the page at me. It is so true. When I am stressed, and rushed, and not in tune with my Heavenly Father, I really.don’t.like.myself.

  501. Kim Sullivan

    During my quiet time this morning, I was just praying, asking God to help me be more present with my children. i am always so overwhelmed by having 50 more things to accomplish “before” I can play with them. Of course I never make it and I am missing precious, valuable time with my boys. Life has been very overwhelming lately…my father had heart surgery, my mother is not well, my husband is preparing for spinal surgery, we are getting our house remodeled, along with just every day life…I am not complaining as I am grateful to be able to help and care for my loved ones, I just have such a guilt that I missing out on my time with my boy’s…always feeling like I am failing them. That is why, when I read your post this morning Lysa, I cried. God is telling me to slow down. I can’t wait to read this book! Thank you for all you do!

  502. Melody Byrum

    My son just turned 2 and my daughter is entering the 5th grade. Last Sunday it struck me how much they have grown up when they were moved to different Sunday School groups. I hadn’t realized how much time passed. I am always rushing. Rushing in the mornings to get both kids ready and out the door and then either off to school or off to grandma’s (she’s my sons caretaker during the day, bless her heart for that!). I don’t even have time for quiet time in the mornings or evenings for that matter. By the time I get home from work, I have maybe 2 hours with the kids before bedtime and i have to cook dinner during that time. My son won’t sleep in his big bed by himself, so my last two hours at home to relax is usually spent sitting in his dark room being quiet so that he will fall asleep. I don’t have time for anything else and I am always rushing as a result. I need to learn to slow down and actually enjoy my children and my husband. I miss them and I can’t figure out how my daughter got to 5th grade and how my son is already 2 years old. I need this book to help me make wise decisions and help me to stop.

  503. Lorrie Suffi

    Family is so important and time is flying……..this book sounds like a great reminder of how to enjoy the moments we have together.
    Lysa, You are a blessing to me at God’s perfect time. I love reading how you are just like me and so many others.
    Thank you!

  504. Anna

    We see this so much, woman having no time for fun and relaxation with family and friends. I would like this book for myself and also as a tool to help others.

  505. Lesly Verbeten

    I definitely want to be the best me I can be, and that does include limiting myself to the right things…the ones that the Lord wants me to do and not everything that people ask me to do all the time. It sounds like “The Best Yes” will be very helpful in discerning how to do that. I love your writing style so much. You have been so helpful to me in the past couple of years as life has fallen apart and the Lord has been rebuilding me. Thank you for your ministry!

  506. Kelly M

    I’m so excited about this book. Since the first of the year, I have read Made to Crave, participated in the OBS at Proverbs 31, read and participated in OBS for Made to Crave action plan, read Unglued and lead a women’s study group at my church on Unglued. Since I have finished all that, I have been searching for my next read to help me on my journey to grow. Your books are really speaking to me during this current season in my life. The Best Yes, has spiked my interest as a way to learn the Best Yes filter for decision making in my life. I really want the best me to come out and your other books have really helped me on this journey so I anticipate this one will help me continue on this journey. Can’t wait!!!

  507. Tracy Middlebrooks

    Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life… This is so me I just feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything I need done. I work full time and have 3 kids (9,7,5) all of which are very involved in sports and church activities so we are on the go all the time and I feel like there is never any time to enjoy the time we do spend together as a family because I am either, washing clothes, helping with homework, giving baths, cooking supper, or washing dishes I wouldn’t change it for the world but I feel like I am so rushed that I really don’t get to enjoy the time we do spend together. My husband tells me all the time that I cant say no for anything and its true I guess I am one of those people pleasers also. Like I said I am very happy with my family and I love my kids being involved I just wish I could slow down and enjoy them being kids because before I know it they will be grown. I know that if I could just allow myself to slow down God light would shine through me more and that is definitely what I want. Blessings to you and your family.

  508. Christy Batterson

    Wow, “we have to slow the rhythm of rush in our lives so the best of who we are can emerge” that resonates with me on so many levels. I have a hard time saying NO because I feel a need to better the world doing whatever it takes. I’m a natural helper. I see a problem I fix it. But at a huge cost. And as a mother of an asperger child who thrives on routine, calmness etc, I bring on so much undo stress in our lives with the rush-overscheduled life!!! Can’t wait for your book!

  509. Ardis George

    Thank you for your emails! Everyday I look forward to opening them for encouragement during a break at work! When I read yours today I had tears … for a couple reasons. first, because the Lord always knows what I need. Next, happy tears because sometimes I am sure that my picture is in the dictionary next to the word people-pleaser!!
    I am looking forward to reading your new book! God bless you!
    ~ Ardis

  510. Jenni K

    I’m a recent graduate wading the waters of developing a career while my husband and I also ponder starting a family in the next couple years. I’ve already felt the pressure of trying to separate opportunities that fit where I sense God leading me…and opportunities I say yes to in anxiety to keep up with what other people in my field are doing. Or even just not to appear stagnant…all thoughts that have a lot to do with what other people think of me rather than what God is saying to me. I struggle with this same pressure when it comes to service in ministry as well. All that to say, I’m excited to read this book!

  511. Melanie Dorsey

    What you wrote above, “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am” resonates with me. I really do not like to rush, to feel rush or to rush others along to get to the next thing. I’d like to savor more and slow my mind down more.

  512. Lisa Johnston

    this is an area I have been working on balance in. Need this book!

  513. Jessica Pelno

    Within the past year I accepted Jesus into my life, was baptized, and became an owner at Newspring Church in Myrtle Beach. I have (2) little boys, 4 and 5, teach preschool within a baptist church, and wait tables 5 nights a week. I constantly struggle with saying no to all the extras going around me like volunteering, birthday parties, playdates (just to name a few) which limits the me time I give to myself and the us time for just my husband and myself. These things are so important and I know it deep down. The sermon you gave on mothers day was AMAZING!! It really hit at home for me. I can’t wait to read this book and of course would love an early copy 🙂

  514. Jody Steury

    I have enjoyed and learned from every one of your books. I love that you write about your own personal struggles in a way that is so easy to connect with. I also appreciate the hope you give to me of God’s forever truths in our lives. I look forward to yet another book that I can tell others about to encourage them. Blessings to you!

  515. Nancy

    I too am a ‘need to please’ gal with the inability to say ‘no’ and then the struggle to deal with the guilt. I feel as though I get lost more each day because of not feeling I can stop and take a breath. It certainly makes me wonder how often I miss what God is saying to me and the chance to be more focused on my walk with him.

  516. Heather James

    I’m so excited for the release of The Best Yes!! I’m a stay at home mother to 3 beautiful boys. I’m also a nurse. During my last pregnancy, I was laid off from my job. My entire life has changed and I don’t know who I am anymore. I’ve purchased several of your bible studies and through them, reading my bible, and lots of prayer, I’m struggling through finding out who God created me to be (hard work). Thank you so much for everything you do. You are so special and the way that God uses you for his purpose is amazing!

  517. Kelli Moore

    It all resonates with me. Rushing. People pleasing. Wanting so badly to be the best I can be in and through God. He has already purchased our freedom, I want to walk in it. I want to savor it and be filled up with so that it radiates off of me and others see it and want it. I believe that your book would be one more tool in my belt to help me become who God made me to be. I’ll either win it or buy it! 🙂

  518. Shannon Dusza

    I feel as though I am treading water most days, between several moves over last two years, new jobs, pleasing others and making sure kids are adjusting well to new environments. Would love to read and develop nuggets of wisdom needed now. Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

  519. Shannon Fox

    I have been waiting and watching for more news about this book and am so excited – and eager – for it’s release. White space, margin, balance, whatever you want to call it – *that* is my next big thing to tackle in my journey to wellness and health. I homeschool our 4 kiddos, lead and minister to the new homeschool families at our covering, & also serve as an administrator on a 50,000+ members facebook group for healthy eating… plus help with a local group of ladies who are learning more about healthy food choices, etc. Busy. These things easily take up a lot of my time, but I know I often let some of these things I enjoy take up TOO much of my time… time away from hubby and kids, and the Lord. Would love to have a copy of your new book to read before our homeschool gets to involved into the next school year – while I still have some summer left to read something for myself! Blessings!

  520. Paula

    Slowing down . . . intentionally. I just read “An Altar in the World” by Barbara Brown Taylor and loved the part about Moses being the kind of person who would stop what he was doing and turn aside to see the burning bush. Too often I keep my nose buried in the busy-ness of my life when God might be trying to show me something over to the side. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the new book!

  521. Rose Chandler Johnson

    Oh yes, Lysa, the entire premise of your book resonates with me. I wrote about “sit still” and finding our strength and confidence in Him, in waiting on Him on my blog Write Moments with God this very morning. Our best “yes” is always to God first. I look forward to reading this book. Congratulations and thanks for writing it.

  522. Courtney J

    The one thing that really spoke to me was when you wrote, “Part of the rush is due to people pleasing. I’m a chronic people-pleaser.” People pleasing is a huge part of my life. I want everyone to be happy and like me. This often leads to rushed decisions, being overwhelmed, compromising my morals, and leaving me empty. I can’t wait to ready your thoughts and how to overcome this issue!

  523. Lucy Proctor

    Entering the fourth year of our marriage working as a live – in – nanny for a busy family with 3 children and attempting to not drown in my pursuit to earn my Elementary Education degree… I truly need some guidance! I look forward to your book and would be ecstatic to win a free copy 🙂

  524. Suzanne R. from EastTexas

    I need to learn to make good decisions, not based on guilt

  525. Con Schafman

    Escape the disappointment by learning the secret of a small no. I can see where I need wisdom and maturity in this area. God has given me a heart and burden to serve others, but I can’t do this in a healthy way without the insight and leading of the Holy Spirit.

  526. Tristi

    can’t wait to read it!

  527. Ritha Bates

    I hate to even accept the fact that failure is a possibility (which is one reason I rush and people please). This blog today jumped out and grabbed me and refused to let go. I had that sudden panic feeling, hard to swallow, tears filling my eyes and I reluctantly admitted that this shouted ME all through it. God has been working on this for a LONG time in my life and I’ve tried to fix it so many times and always fail 🙁 I can’t wait to read this book. You said this book chose you. I feel like this message today chose me.

  528. Shannon Davis

    Your statement, “We have to slow the rhythmn of rush
    in our lives so the best of who we are can emerge.” I want to be the best me. I know God’s way is best. Any other way is a lesser version of me. May the best in me emerge.

  529. Jacqueline Robertson

    I love reading your messages and books. Would love to win an advanced copy. Thanks.

  530. Cathee Slade

    I am interested in your new book, particularly the portion on curing the disease to please with a biblical understanding of the command to love. Thanks and looking forward to the release date. 😉

  531. Linda

    I am always waiting until things are “perfect” and we have enough money or time or whatever, etc. Your book will help me to live more in the moment and cherish what I have now. I love your books! It’s like we are sitting across from each other at the local coffee shop. 🙂

  532. Jaime

    I was diagnosed with a rare and serious chronic illness a year and a half ago. In addition to “adjusting” to being sick and the many limitations I have now, having to say “no” much more often has been very difficult and discouraging. I am looking forward to the much needed encouragement God has in store for me as I read your book. Thank you, Lysa!

  533. Pat Burk

    One of my co-workers told me once that “You worry as a hobby”. How embarrassing is that! I am 61 years young and want to learn to de-stress and stop trying to please people and learn to please GOD! Your a blessing Lysa! Thank you!

  534. Sydney Gunlund

    I am living in the raging river of life at this very moment. My internal struggle revolves around the rush of this life of mine. I spent so much time and energy on my education, degree, and career, but as soon as my first child was born, no other glory of the world outside my home was going to pull me away. Even though I know that home is where I need to be, I still feel very heavily that I am missing out on opportunities. I found a bible verse that spoke to me and I learned that my home, children, and husband are my job at this time. He tells me to be still daily. Time at home has given me the opportunity to be the woman, mother, and wife God has been waiting for me to be. I struggle everyday with being gentle, patient, and pure with my faith but I know that living in this moment without entering the rushing waters of life has given me so much peace. My soul is more alive than ever because I am living His will for me and not where the world tells me to go. I adore you and your encouragement as a mother and a woman. I need women like you in my life and I am so thankful for your insight and ability to put your words into treasures that I am able to read. I can’t wait to read this book!

  535. Charlene

    As I am sitting here as a student (soon to be full-time) and a wife and a mother, I am job hunting and kind of freaking out! I need to find a job for my family, but I don’t want to fall behind in my schoolwork causing bad grades causing a loss of financial aid! The thought of taking on more right now scares me! How do I know who gets the dreaded “no”? Is it wrong to say no if they “really need my help”? This book appeared in my newsfeed at the perfect time!!!

  536. Achama U (On the Road to Healing)

    Hi Lysa,

    I could have definitely done with this book for most of my life (sighs). It’s only by God’s sweet Grace that He has taught me the tools to say no without any fear or guilt whilst still being able to give and show love. What an uphill battle… phew, I’m sure so many women will appreciate this gift of empowerment. I think the number 1 lesson I have learnt is that it’s OK to say no, you would never believe that I thought no was a bad word!

  537. Jessie

    Such a great book topic! I wanted to say that you have many adoring and grateful fans. We are excited to hear from you and deeply appreciate the risks you take with your loving honesty.

  538. Melanie Johnson

    This sentence really resonates with me “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am.” I just finished reading “Unglued” last week and loved the message so much. I’ve felt so much more in control of my emotions this week, which are quite often triggered by my inability to check off the staggering number of things I add to my “to do” list. I love the idea of The Best Yes and look forward to reading it!

  539. Kim

    I need to read this before fall schedule kicks in….I am a pleaser!

  540. Danielle Hicks

    I would love to read your newest book, Lysa. I think I own every book you have written and I gladly loan them out to ladies needing Godly guidance. Thank you for offering this to us!

  541. Alaine

    After saying yes to something and putting it on my calendar, later I ask myself..”did I really want to do this? or just because someone asked me to and I feel obliged?” I feel guilty for thinking that I’m selfish with my time, but I guess I need to be! Thanks for this!

  542. Amy

    Can. Not. Wait. For this book!!! Sincerely, a recovering “people pleaser” 🙂

  543. dianna swenson

    I want to be able to rest in the shadow of the Lords wings. I want to experience the father’s love and know I am enough.

  544. Shannon

    There are days I am so busy that’ve don’t ever really hear what anyone says to me;( I need to slow down and relax, refresh, restart but where and how?

  545. Linda N

    I often find myself saying “yes” because I too am a chronic people-pleaser. Then I find myself overwhelmed, stressed, & exhausted. As Patsy Clairmont says, “Sometimes we just need to say “holy no.” That works for me when I know it’s something I don’t have time to do. But when several things come along that at the same time, I like your suggestion about asking myself what the “best yes” would be. I’ve never heard it stated like that, but it makes perfect sense. I actually had the chance to use that earlier today & it worked. I chose one project to participate in while politely declining a 2nd one that would have involved more time that I have. Thank you! Would love to win a copy of your book.

  546. Sheila Kidd

    Your ability to discuss or address an issue that seems to be speaking directly to me is amazing. Thank you.

  547. Sarah s

    This book is just what I need. Just this week I started to get overwhelmed again and I need to take a step back.

  548. Kathy

    This is so perfect for me, and for my small group. We are all at that stage in our lives where we have too much to do and our children are growing up around us and feeling like we’re missing it. The underwhemed soul describes it perfectly. I can’t wait to do this with my small group.

  549. Rhonda Best

    I have been going through this and talked with my pastor about this very thing today. I have felt overwhelmed and noticed myself withdrawing from others at church that I don’t seem to be able to say no to because I have a problem people pleasing. I have felt suffocated with all the pressures of the things that get scheduled for me to take care of to the point I finally had to quit answering my phone some. Help! The world is spinning so fast that I want to jump off to some level ground somewhere! Would love to read this book and figure out where things got out of balance!

  550. Traci

    Excited bout new book! Enjoying 2 books by your now! Growing in the spirit!

  551. Denise Adams

    My soul aches!

  552. Rebecca

    Lisa, this book, I must read! My life has been all about rushing, hurry up, I’m out of time, oh no I’m late, come on let’s go!!! …breathe… When I saw your post, I wanted to comment.. I never do that 🙂 but, I wanted to respond to this, in hopes to maybe obtain a copy of your book… Rushing has stressed me so much, and now at 50 yrs young, I still need help in this area. God bless you Lisa and your ministry!:) You are a Blessing to us women out here; you speak our language, read our mail, and address these issues head on. Thanks, and many blessings!:)

  553. Kristin

    My son is 14 months old and I am still learning how to adjust to life with a toddler. You speak to me, Lysa, and I want to thank you for that. You give me hope, you let me know everything is going to be ok, and that I am doing a good job. Thank you for your daily words of encouragement!

  554. Peggy Gaines

    Oh sweet Lysa, you don’t know how much I relate to your books that I have on my nook, What Happens when women walk in faith and What Happens when women say yes to God. I follow you on Facebook and Instagram. You see I was always that want to be everything mom and wife. I have a 9 yr old college student, daughter and a 13 yr old son. Been married for 23 yrs to a wonderful man. I am alo an elementary school teacher. Right after the new year after I made all these New Year resolutions about making my family a priority, my life shifted. On Jan 10th, went to hospital, had a UT infection and kidney stones were found, while they were blasting the stones, I went into cardiac arrest and lung failure and I coded on the table. Thankfully I was brought back and spent 3 weeks in hospital. At 46, I never thought I would go through something like that. It was by keeping my faith that I wasn’t afraid of what I went through. I was trying to be a perfect mom, wife and teacher that I let myself run ragged. I had to rely on my husband and close friends to take care of me. I read your books and your Facebook posts got me to see that we are all moms, imperfect doing the best we can. I let go and let God…

  555. Erin

    As a mommy to a 3-year-old and a newborn, I need this message! Can’t wait!

  556. Amber k

    I read this on Facebook and was intrigued. I am a mom of 4 boys 11 and under. I preach slowing down all the time but it is hard. I would love to read a copy of this book on vacation which starts at the end of July! Hope to read fibs soon!!! It sounds amazing!!

  557. Christi Whiten

    I am so excited about this book! I can’t get enough of the words God sends through you to pour into my soul and that of million other women…. God bless you richly and continually sweet lady!

  558. Tina

    I am sending this to my very best friend who struggles in this area. I love her SO much and I want only the absolute best Christian walk for her without agony, guilt, or remorse in saying “no.” She is an amazing woman who is a great inspiration to me and many other women who surround her.
    I thank God for Janee’ in my life!!
    ~TinaW 🙂


    Such an AWESOME and MUCH NEEDED Topic!!! In our Life of all of our Modern-Conviences that are SUPPOSED TO give us more Time; it does in fact do just the opposite!!!

    We need to Learn to know when to say NO so we can YES to our selfs!!!!

  560. Jamie Aldridge

    Can’t wait to read this book!! I never know how to say no and it can leave me feeling hurt, used, and resentful. Not good for anyone. I know I need to slow down and trim away some things but unsure of where to start.

  561. AnnMarie

    I would love to learn the secret of the small no. I am getting a little better at saying no to things I know will completely overwhelm my schedule, but all the “little things” that I say yes to add up quickly. Before I know it, schedule overload! And oh this one…..• Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process…… I am a single mom now. Sometimes being the only one handling all of the decision-making get’s overwhelming. The Best Yes sounds like such a blessing!!

  562. Melanie

    I look forward to reading this book. I struggle sometimes with saying “no” or even delegating. This tends to lead to a very rushed and stressed schedule.

  563. Melanie

    I can’t wait to read!

  564. Krista

    Look forward to finding the cure to please and then that guilty feeling of disappointment when I let others down. That is what hits close to home with me.

  565. Rhonda

    This book sounds like a need for me than more of a want. Living in a city that is all about status, and all about being involved in everything, I always feel I need to say yes to everything and it ends up a struggle to just stop and really enjoy life. To realize my kids don’t have to be in every sport, dance class, camp, club, etc… Or that we as a family having to volunteer for every event and be “noticed”…this book is definitely a need!!!

  566. Jodi

    I just found you on Facebook and knew immediately that I had to follow you… I am in great need of your inspiration right now. THANK YOU…! I would love to receive your book too… =)

  567. Kindra Szarka

    Your books are always a blessing to me Lysa! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with the world!

  568. Minnie Sutton

    I resonate with overcoming the agony of making hard choices…the fear, anxiety, worry, & even anger that comes up is extremely agonizing & tiresome.

  569. Susan Plahitko

    Having health conditions and trying to keep up with my husbband and 3 kids is emotionally exhausting, let alone physically. I cant wait to read and learn more from you. I have been reading Unglued, and it has helped with coping. But sometimes I just want to get alone and cry because of my hurried state of life and my health, because I just hurt all the time. Thank you for writing and for all your encouragement. You are a blessing!

  570. Kim Haines

    Just what I needed to hear during this season of my life. Living in a way too busy Suburb of D.C., teaching elementary school, trying to meet the needs of my family, as we try to raise up 4 children to be grounded in the Lord. I find myself constantly pondering a new activity, a new sport, a new decor & missing what is really important. This books seems to sum up what I’m going to need to help me stop chasing the approval of others & slow down so I can start living for what I was created to be! Thank you Lysa for sharing these words with me!

  571. Sarah

    I have an adult child and a teenager. I still go back to Unglued every now and then to help me stay grounded in my parenting and my faith, It can be emotionally draining during certain life events/situations/choices that our children make that may not be safe/acceptable I have also been reading Made to Crave, this helps with the emotional eating that we tend to do during these times I am so excited to read your new book. Rising above the rush of endless demands is something I am striving for personally. I appreciate hearing about how you have overcome certain personal/professional struggles and do my best to learn from our similar experiences. Thank you.

  572. Natasha

    At the end of the day or the rush, I lay in bed with my “mom guilt” realizing that I never sat on the floor to play Legos like I promised or read that book to my youngest. It is never ending. What is the best yes so I don’t miss the best?

  573. Jen peterman

    I can’t begin to describe what your books have done in my life! They have absolutely changed my life. Can’t wait to read this one. I know it will be a great read and what my heart needs. <3

  574. Jacinda Bitely

    I L.O.V.E. the subtitle! When I get overwhelmed with the ‘stuff’ of life, I don’t like who I become… I need to live ‘slow’, remembering that life is not an emergency. But living ‘slow’ involves making lots of intentional choices… I would LOVE to read your book & glean from your insight…

  575. Polly

    I’m always overwhelmed because I over-commit!! And then my poor husband and daughter end up with the tired and stressed out version of me! I could use some help discerning God’s plans – when I should serve and when I should step aside.

  576. Ashley W

    Hi Lysa,

    I am in the midst of a big decision right now! I have been praying and feel some agony mixed with clinging to the promise/hope in God’s Word. I would LOVE a wisdom based decision making plan to use in the big decisions.
    I also really would love to overcome my people pleasing and learn to love the right way. This goes back to my 1st issue of decision making, I tend to make decisions, even big ones, based on what will make everyone around me happy/pleased. So those are the things I resonate with most. 🙂

  577. Jessica

    I am excited about this book. I am at a point in my life where I struggle with balance, despite my best intentions! I am always so inspired and encouraged by your teaching and writing that I can’t wait to read your new book!

  578. Alison J

    As my oldest has just graduated high school, I do think about how much “wasted” time I spent rushing everyone around, getting uptight, and simply missing out on the joy of just being. God has given us a new little one and I pray I can learn to take it all in stride this time.

  579. Heather Taylor

    This is something I struggle with daily. The rush and stress of the many roles I perform on a daily basis really leaves me exhausted and overwhelmed. As try to juggle being the best I can with the following titles: mother, wife, full time Registered Nurse, daughter, grand daughter, aunt, friend, maid, cook, child of God, and taxi service. I find myself trying to “keep up with the jones’ and rush around not feeling like I’m performing any of my roles well because I take on too much. I long for simplier times and more quality time with the people who matter most.

  580. danielle broz

    I don’t ever make comments on websites because I’m never sure what to say. I’m unsure of myself always looking to please anyone by always saying yes to anything anyone asks of me, my husband says I say yes to everyone but him and I never find much funny or have fun and relax . When I do have a day with nothing going on which is rare , I have no energy or motivation to do the things I should be doing . My marriage is rocky to say the least. Rebuilding yet again after almost 13 years of being together and 2 kids 7-12 years old. I’m a baby Christian only being reborn for the last 3 years . For some reason this book cought my interest im not a reader but i would love a chance to get a copy of it. Thank you Lysa for your facbook posts they help me and I can relate to so many of them.

  581. Kristi

    Well this resonates with me big time! I’ve had such a hectic and hard year, as many of the people that have commented have had as well. But in the midst of this year, I observed someone I know (that I work with – ok, he’s my boss) who I learned from as a bad example! He works, works, works, then when he’s the most stressed, works some more. He yells at people, wants to control what everyone does, so they work just as hard as he does. He thinks everyone that takes a break or vacation is lazy. I’ve watched him become a tyrant over the years, and most worrisome, a slave to money and his own pride. Sadly, I tried to be like him for the longest time. So here I am, in this crisis year, and had this moment while watching him and it hit me …Wow, I sure don’t want to be like this – this is no kind of solution to anything. So I decided to just try to let go of that stress, and follow the real deal – Jesus! I started reading devotions more, just trying to feel some sort of healing spirit. Guess what? I found it! It was slow, but I did find it! No, my problems didn’t diminish instantly, but wow, did it ever lend me perspective to know I was on the right track. I still have to work to help my family financially, but I have some new eyes with which I see things. I hope this book will help me further because I’m only human and make all sorts of mistakes. I am a people pleaser, and watch the clock more than I should. This book sounds like the perfect book for me at the perfect time! Thank you!

  582. Joetta

    This is an area of my life that needs work. This book would help so much. I want to slow down and enjoy each day with my children.

  583. Ellin North

    As a new grandmother, the mother of grown children, full-time worker and pastor’s wife, there are many demands (real or imagined) on my life. As I’m looking at the last quarter or so of my life, I need to be mindful to only say yes to the things in each of my categories that bring honor to God and purpose to my days. Looking forward to reading The Best Yes to dind my best yes.

  584. Amanda Mason

    Please “rush” me the book so I can hurry and read it!

  585. Rhonda

    I’m looking forward to your book as I am constantly finding more demands on my life and time. I want to enjoy the hours I have each day and not feel guilty for saying No. It puts stress on me and then when family situations come up that need to be handled that is just added on top of an already stressed life. You have a way of saying the obvious, but with God putting that special touch of love in each word. So much of what you say speaks to my life right now. I am thankful for finding your website and FB page. God Bless you..

  586. Katie

    I’m just a busy mom who needs a minute.

  587. Your Kindred Spirit

    I have determined after reading Becoming More that’d we in fact were cut from the same cloth. We have to be the same age and we both have demanding careers and families that we love. I had not thought of Holly Hobby in 30 years until I read your book recently. I also want so desperately to spend more time with Jesus. I would live to win your new book but also am glad I got to say these things to you. Thanks

  588. Maggie Swanke

    wow. I had fooled myself in to thinking ‘life would slow down’ with only one child left in the home, a junior in High School. Welcome home older brother and a change of life sabbatical here, welcome to the family a 2 year exchange student commitment. Reality: I’m in ‘rush again’ oh boy. Cant wait to read this and help me enjoy the here and now and stop looking to ‘when things settle down’!!!

  589. Lynn Wellsand

    Your blogs and postings always help me get through my stuff! Blessings!

  590. Shelly Watson

    I feel like I needed this message a month ago when I agreed to do of the things I am now having to prepare for. I am so overwhelmed, and I don’t even know how to pray about it.

  591. nicole windsor

    I cannot wait! This will be a very timely message for me….they always are!

  592. Amanda F.

    I’d say that these two sentences would be accurate for where I’m at… “When I set my life to the rhythm of rush, I just quite honestly don’t like who I am. And… “Rushing robs me of the sweetest parts of life – the parts of life that feed my soul.” Sometimes I feel like I running around in an never-ending circle… during the school year – trying to help daughter get homework done, study for tests, activities in, husband’s in school for Master’s and works full time. Out of school, trying to fit in doctor’s appointments, play dates, and a little bit of fun for the family. I feel pushed for time, and I’m missing out on time with my family – trying to fit in all the stuff. Some of the stuff I don’t even want to do, but don’t know how to say no. Unfortunately, I’m a people pleaser too. I’m really wanting to plug in to new area of ministry within our church – preparing food ministry for children. I’m also looking for FT work, and I’m not sure how all this will work! Praying for God’s guidance (Matthew 6:33).

  593. Katrina

    Oh, the rushing and the people pleasing that steals my joy….especially in mothering my children in public! I need this book in my life!

  594. Dianne

    I am so excited to read your new book! This is coming at a perfect time, as I am constantly feeling overwhelmed. All of your books have been life-changing for me. Thank you so much!

  595. Dana Julien

    You seem to always be speaking to me..my heart…I love,your teachings, winning a copy would truly be a blessing

  596. Bethany smith

    I am a mom of a two year and a four year old boys. I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, soon to be aunt, a small business owner with 32 employees and around 1500 little students. But I am first a daughter of God! My family went through far to much this year and it was mostly my fault. God had made the unthinkable reunion of our family possible and it has been amazing but also difficult. Forgiveness is something my husband has shown. Grace and mercy so much line Christ that it could only be from Him. In trying to get through this and the effects it caused on family work and our family life and dynamic it has been a busy roller coaster to say the least. I could really use this book to help keep me on the path of putting priorities in there proper place. Please consider me when choosing how to pass on this wisdom that God enlightened you with to help those in need of the knowledge he bestowed to you. Thank you and thanks for making time daily to bless others with your inner most stories to help me and others see things from the proper angle from above.

  597. Lyn

    The need to please and the guilt of never doing enough makes my heart ache and my mind race. As my mom struggles physically nearing 80 years and caring for a daughter with severe multiple impairments along with serving in church ministry full-time, I’m eager to read and to live out your Biblical insights. I’d be so grateful!

  598. Nora

    I rush around and do all sorts of non-important things like check Facebook and Instagram too much. I need to slow down and take more time to pray, and seek God.

  599. Mary Beth Powers

    So excited for this!! Business seems to be the root of all evil these days. I would love to teach & learn with our ladies at church!!

  600. Becky

    Wow I really needed this today. I’ve been feeling guilty about all the things I planned to do and didn’t while my kids are away.
    What did I do instead? Slept, walked, prayed, visited a dear sweet little girl in the hospital.
    Nothing to feel guilty about I know. Can’t wait to read it.

  601. Maria H

    Can’t wait to read this book Lysa. I’ve been suffering from people pleasing since my mom passed away when I was 18. My security blanket was taken from me at that time and I felt that people pitied me and didn’t know how to behave around me. I wanted so badly for everyone to just be normal around me but I understand now 21 years later than it wasn’t their fault. No one really knew the level of pain I was in and how uncomfortable and painful them feeling sorry for me, made me feel. I began to please people thinking that if I would, I would be loved and accepted differently. I wanted to be loved by everyone because I thought it would fill the hole and the emptiness I felt from my moms death. I later learned that only God can fill that hole and make my life whole again. It’s still something I struggle with. Can’t wait to read your book! It’s coming at the perfect time for me because I am drained and with little energy. Don’t know you personally but I love you dearly and admire you so much! Maria

  602. Elizabeth Brito

    Oh man, does this hit too close to home! This morning I over slept and was rushing myself and my daughter (I’m a single mom) out the door when she stops me and says “Mommy I don’t like you when you rush me! You’re not showing me Jesus.” My heart sank. All I could do was ask for forgiveness, tell her she was right and that I don’t like myself either when I’m rushing. My daughter is three. At times like these I need an extra abundance of grace to not beat myself up. God bless you Lysa for allowing God to be glorified in your imperfections.

  603. Jennifer Holland

    Lysa, God gave you the wisdom and the words. I know you have sought Him throughout the writing of this book. It’s all for His glory and every life that your book touches will be a testament of the power God has to transform and heal and make us whole in the way he intended and created us to be. All because YOU said Yes to God when He gave you the dream and the vision of The Best Yes! You agreed to be His vessel. And in that truth, you won’t find failure. I can’t wait to read it 😉

  604. Kristy

    I love reading your blog and I’m excited for your new book! Thanks for the daily encouragement:)

  605. Merle

    “When I unrush myself and use the Best Yes as a filter of every decision I make, the best of me emerges. And I want to live with the best of me, front and center in my life all the time.” Making the “best yes as a filter of every decision” is what resonates with me the most!

  606. Corliss Waites

    “rushing robs us” enough said!!!!!!


    Lysa! I’m so excited about your new book. I’ve endured a difficult year and a half and have spent countless hours reading God’s word, reading your books, listening to your messages, as well as others. I’ve learned to fully rely on God and though the road has been hard and not one I would wish on anyone, I’m thankful that I’ve fallen in love with My Jesus!! Thank you for the part you played as you reminded me over and over in your messages, my job is simply obedience, God’s job is results! I’ve changed from the inside out and have learned to pause and let the Holy Spirit have control. Thank you for being faithful to share God’s truth and for being honest and real as you share your life with us. Praying for you, your family, and your ministry team. Thank you for being obedient to God.

  608. Christy

    Overcome the constant rush of endless demands and say no more often!

  609. Michele Hazelip

    So excited about this book! I loved unglued!

  610. Lisa

    I feel like such a failure. I am always rushing and missing the moments. Praying for clarity.

  611. Beverly Russell

    This book sounds like it’s coming out just in time. I’m definately in a season where I am too rushed and busy with work, school (working on my nursing degree) and trying to take care of a husband and 3 children still at home. Definately overwhelmed and being robbed of my joy. Trying to do so much but often feeling overwhelmed. Can’t wait to read this book!

  612. Karen

    As a single woman, I feel a lot of pressure to keep many people happy: family, friends, coworkers, etc., etc. I have recently been trying not to say yes just because I know someone else wants me to do something, but because I actually want to do it. I’m not allowing guilt to be the driving factor for my saying yes. I think this book would really resonate with this time in my life.

  613. Lisa Fink

    I am a pleaser, not like to let anyone down.. This book for me

  614. Amy S

    As summer gets closer to August, everyone will be gearing up for the fall ministries and school volunteer opportunities. Since I work with kids as my ministry, I will get asked to server in many capacity and wll need to make my best yeses carefully!

  615. LauraLS

    I have the overwhelmed schedule. In fact, I’m really good at it. Been trying to conquer it for so long. Eagerly wanting to read the book!

  616. Brooke

    I’m single and I work at a school. I’m going back to get my Masters degree and trying to juggle work, school, summer activities such as VBS, vacations, etc… It’s been stressful at times. I’m also trying to keep my relationship with God first above everything else and knowing that everything will fall into place like it should.

  617. Christine

    Even though we’re essentially empty-nesters now, I find ‘rushing’ built in to my nature quite strongly….something I’ve wanted to break for a long time. I look forward to delving into this topic and I think it’s something each of us can relate to in some way because as the saying goes: “a woman’s work is never done.” Even if it’s only on behalf of her husband and dog….oh yeah, and herself somewhere in the mix! Thank you, Lysa, for baring your soul in order to bless so many of us!

  618. Nancy

    Have a hard time saying no to anyone. Doesn’t leave much me time. So excited about this book! Hope I win a copy but ok if I don’t. I’ll buy for Christmas presents!

  619. Coryann

    Many years ago I worked for a small company that put God first! The owner even encouraged us to start our morning in prayer and we did a 30 day challenge of The Prayer of Jabez together. I have seen miracles and blessings in my own life as well as in others. Then I let life get in the way and pull me in many directions, stretch me thin until I cannot even give my children much of my time, love, energy. I believe your new book will rekindle that flame that made my desire to slow down, put God first and actually see the people that HE puts in my path. Instead of rushing past them to check the next thing off my list. For people who have not seen or lived this peaceful way, I pray that your book stir that desire and allow them to learn how God intends us to live and be present in the moment!! The role we play as women is very important if we learn how. The women of the bible that put God first were used in amazing ways and I would love to be one of those. Chosen by God to do something amazing for the kingdom.
    I look forward to your book coming out soon!! Peace to you, in the waiting Lysa

  620. Gena McCown

    Can I just say yes. Yes. YES! This is so very true and poignant. I have been saying yes to too many things, for too long. Putting aside the things that God has really been putting on my heart. Just this past week I resolved to change that, and return to a focus on my writing. Each day, God has presented me with tasks I need to complete & that has resulted in my having to say NO!…. but it is so hard. Especially if you were raised to always be helpful and always give them 100%. I was running out of energy for myself, my kids, my husband and even God. Coupled with an illness that can drain my energy, I really didn’t have that much to spare. This book sounds like just the right thing for women like me,like US.

  621. Sarah

    You spoke to my soul when you used the term “underwhelmed soul”. My life is overwhelmed and my spirit is underwhelmed and aching for attention. Why do I have it so backwards? I strive for a life led by God, I strongly desire God, I want God in my children’s lives more than anything, so why am I running the other way? Today I googled “How to fit in bible study when you have young kids”. I didn’t get anywhere with that search, but my soul is thirsty and I need to quench it real bad. I would love to win a copy of your book!!

  622. Kelly Perry

    I’m in the process of divorcing and moving to a new home. I’ll be alone for the first time in as long as I can remember. This was scary for me, but I’m finding peace in knowing I’m not shine, God is with me. I have not come to divorce lightly, especially since we have children. Yet I see myself having an opportunity for change, exactly as you’ve expressed. Realligning my focus, slowing down. That why the book resignated with me from when Renee Swope shared your picture on facebook.

  623. Sharlyn Splean

    Everything. I have been working on resetting my internal metronome so I’m not in rush mode all the time. Rush is addictive and let’s me skip some if the tough stuff. But it’s not the gest way to live ….

  624. Kathy M

    I am tired of the deep ache of being rushed and having a hard time saying no. I feel my kids lives are flashing before my eyes because I am so in a hurry to do things for others.

  625. Margaret

    I would really love to have a copy of this book. I have been going through a lot lately and every bit of encouragement and insight helps. All the postings I read from you all help so much and it always seems to be right on target with what is going on in my life. My heart is heavily troubled about slot of things, things that I would have never thought would be a problem for me. But I was wrong God is putting me to the test and I am tryin hard to still pray and read my Bible. I know that as long a I stay faithful to Him all will be ok. But the outcome of something’s really scare me. But I want His will to be done.
    Please keep me in your prayers as I go through this season in my life. Thank you ladies for everything you do.

  626. Erin M.

    I can’t wait to read this book! I love your style of writing and your topics are things that I find myself dealing with in my own life. My husband and I recently stepped down from full time ministry as it was slowly tearing apart our family. We were so busy helping others that we neglected our own family. It has been 6 months and we are a stronger family who is closer then ever. We are still learning how to juggle our family time and helping others and our church, but I know we are on the path God wants us to be on. I look forward to reading your book as I know it will give me tools that will help me even more in being the wife, mom, and Christian I need to be. Thank you so much for all that you do. Your work has helped me more than you will ever know!

  627. Jackie Hughes

    I want to break the habit of rushing and start lingering a little more.

  628. Patti

    As a mom of 3 and navy wife of someone to be deployed I can’t wait to read his! I agree that I need to let things go and be more present with my kids

  629. KLynch

    Man, I know if I’m not doing something out of love, than it’s pointless anyway in God’s eyes, but it still is so hard to not say yes to something I “should” do! So I guess overcoming guilt when saying no is the part that stands out to me the most.

  630. Jennifer Ransom

    Sounds like a great book! I am always on the lookout for more info on how to make my life/relationships/prayer life better and “The Best Yes” sounds like one I want to add! I appreciate the way you speak from experience, Thank you!

  631. April Ball

    Yes, yes, yes……..can hardly wait for the release of your new book! I feel as if I’ve allowed my schedule and my life to become overwhelming and it’s like a merry-go-round that I don’t know how to stop. Would love to hear your thoughts in you down-to-earth manner that doesn’t feel as if I’m being reprimanded but is truly coming from someone who has struggled with the same kinds of issues. I love your writings and appreciate your honesty.

  632. Jabrooks22@gmail.com

    Thanks Lisa, I needed to hear that this morning. I have been struggling with this already with the addition of my second son. I am dreading returning to work this fall and trying to balance it all. I just need to remember God is in control and make Him my first priority:)

  633. Shanna Burt

    This has described me perfectly! My husband and I have two teenage boys plus both of us have aging parents. My parents operate a family farm, which I am heavily involved in. Add to that church and a large circle of family and friends that we both are quick to volunteer to help out anytime…I am way too overcommitted! I know that I am not completely pleasing anyone because no one gets undivided attention. Then the guilt is overwhelming when I feel like I have disappointed everyone, especially my husband and children.
    I am ready to read this book right now and put this into practice.
    Thank you Lysa, for speaking light into my heart just when I need it.

  634. Lisa

    Can’t wait to read this book. This is something my husband has really pointed out to me lately – how I need to use my time more wisely and stop the rush. Thank you for always sharing what’s real. Your words really have made such an impact on my life.

  635. Martha Brewer

    I can’t wait for your next book!! and the next OBS. Love it!

  636. Jenny Speakman

    For me it is being on the treadmill of life and constantly on the go that is wearing me down right now. Never really stopping to enjoy but just plowing through to the next thing. I find your books and posts speak to the part of me that wants to be a better woman, wife and mother lead by God and not this world. Thank you.

  637. Beth Crawford

    Cure the disease to please I think is the part I’m most looking forward to followed closely by the it’s okay to say no. I tend to do anything & everything anyone wants to the point at the end of the day I have no time for myself.

  638. Melissa Shaw

    I’m excited for the release of this book. I know it will bless and encourage many people.

  639. ann

    Looking forward to your new book. Thank you for all that you do to lift others up! !! You are a great role model. … HUGS

  640. Renesha Chambers

    I NEED this book…on my To-Do list, there is a spot listed, “Some Day.” My “some day” list includes the things I love and have a passion for the most…and unfortunately, my daily grind forces these things to the bottom of the barrel. Every time. I must learn how to say my “best yes.” Thanks, Lysa.

  641. Deb Matthew

    Cannot wait for this book. I am suffering the chronic people pleaser syndrome and being enough. I am eager for God to speak through your transparency and teach me to say no and that it is okay.

  642. Lora~

    I love the way you write! The Lord has used you to speak so deeply into my very being. Thank you for serving the Lord and being real. blessings!!!

  643. Rita Stilwell

    Lysa, just the title & subtitle of your new book speaks to a constant draining of my soul, frustration. The one longing to steal, kill and destroy has used this ploy against me for so many years; Satan wants me to run through life being frustrated with all the responsibilities, barely managing to do what’s necessary, feeling inadequate….I could go on and on. It took me years to realize this and even now, I can so easily slip back into this sin, this pattern of everyday inadequacy and frustration. This is most definitely a topic for women today! Thanks so much for sharing yourself and your relationship with the Lord. Can’t wait to read your new book!

  644. Lisa Sadik

    When I read your post on FB 15 seconds ago, I thought I could have written that, that is me. I have been learning to say no to things, but it is a very hard thing to learn, and relearn and relearn. I cannot wait to read your book! Lord bless you and your ministry!

  645. Katheryne

    The hope of unrushing ourselves resonates most with me because the people who are nearest and dearest to me are very busy. Watching them in the spin of a fast paced life and culture is heartbreaking. I can only do and say so much. This book looks to be the answer to fleshing out both the situation and the solution.

  646. Serrena Westerfield

    If we are not finding time then we are not following the spirit that desires more of Him. As I have studied more of the word the more I desire and more I look to seek Him. My soul craves to be closer and closer, so it is not whether I have time, but have I made time. There is always time to play a quick game on the computer or watch that favorite TV show which we call our down time. But what about seeking Him as our downtime. Just thoughts as I deal with the management of my time, which I believe is part of our sinful nature to seek control of our lives instead of letting our Father control our life.
    Blessings to you Lysa. Love your Bible studies as they truly have led me closer to our Father. He have gifted you with telling others what we need to hear.

  647. Katina Chappell

    Everything you write resonates with me. I am so excited to read this new book because, I too, become miserable when I am in rush mode. I hale from the Midwest where everything is at a slower pace but now that I live near the nation’s capital I feel like I’m busier than I can handle. I too easily get caught up in work and many activities, then come home exhausted, thinking I have to handle everything myself. It becomes hard to be a good mother. My patience wears thin and I am miserable as I continue to think of my to do list and showing a not-so-Godly nature to my husband and children. I am looking forward to the encouragement and Godly strategies this book will undoubtedly give. Thanks for displaying your life through the written word, the good and the bad so I don’t feel alone and can continue my life with hopefulness and renewed faith in God’s love.

  648. Kathy

    “Rise above the rush of endless demands and discover your Best Yes today”
    I am a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 20 years! I love teaching but the demands of planning and all the paperwork that does not get done during school hours, is huge. I need to be reminded to slow down! I believe God will show help me be creative and be concentrated in my planning and time that I will be able to slow the rush down! I can’t wait to read your book!

  649. Jennifer

    Can’t wait to read your book Lysa! You’re my absolute favorite author & speaker! So real & oh-so-funny! I suffer from the people pleasing syndrome so I’m excited to learn how to give my best yes!

  650. Diane

    I have learned from all the books of your that I have read. I even went to two bible study classes for your books. I have enjoyed then all, but right now I am my Dad’s 24/7 caregiver. My time is his, and after a 6 week stretch I am finally getting a break. But is is so tiring and at times he is so demanding. I just want him to keep moving. At times we argue about that. Well, I know we are blessed to have him. He is 91 years and 5 months. Well, God took Mom at this age and he is hopefully going to outlive her. Cannot do better than that I think. So your new book is a timely subject for me.

  651. Jenifer

    I absolutely cannot wait to read this book! I hate letting people down and telling them no. Often times this wears me out. The constant doing, serving and helping. While serving and helping are so very important, I need to say no sometimes. My relationship with God must come first, my family and my rest next.

  652. Rosa Debroy

    This soy da just like my life. No Mayer if I’m working
    Or staying at hime with my kids, it seems that I’m always rushing and habían yo make decisions at this pace is horrible, specially big ones like moving to another City, what schools to enrol my daughters? And always wondering if this is what God wanted me to do? What eould Jesus do?
    Seems like this new book can shine a light in this fast moving life. Thanks Lysa!

  653. Dawn Parrish

    Lysa – I read Chapter One and I am soooo ready to read the rest! I pre-ordered and know that once again, you wrote from your heart (or was it from mine – since you hit the nail on the head on my feelings – AGAIN!) and it is so good! The taste of the first chapter left me ready to keep reading, August 12 is so far way!! I shall wait patiently, well, I shall wait, maybe not so patiently…

    • Terri Webster

      Yes! Exactly Dawn Parrish. Just the title of the book and description already caused my feelings to rise to my throat AGAIN as I feel like she’s written another one about my current situation.

  654. Stephanie L

    Ready to start learning how to say yes more!

  655. Paige Estes

    Really excited about this one, Lysa! I can’t imagine the stress of throwing your heart out there and I pray God will bless you for it. I struggle a lot with people-pleasing and putting my faith in people instead of God. This has been a huge life-changing issue. Quitting a high paying job, not to stay home with my kids (which would be the acceptable reason in my circles), to take a lower position with half the pay (I still have to work to help provide for my fam) to lower stress and move toward the unrushed life. My extended family doesn’t understand this move. I no longer fit in with most of my friends who fall into one of the 2 major catagories: 1) working fulltime and having disposable income, or staying at home with the kids. So I can’t participate in taking my kids to theme parks and a lot activities, but I also can’t meet other moms and kids at the park during the week. I feel a little bit on an island, here lately. BUT GOD! He is blessing the mess out of my marriage, my little family, my husband stepping up into the leader position I so reluctantly relinquished. AMAZING. I know this book will speak to my heart, like having another friend on this island. The island I believe God has put me to learn to depend on HIM and love on others where ever I am. Thank you for being brave and sharing your heart. I am 100% confident God will use your uncomfortable stepping out to minister to people like me. Love your heart!

  656. Katie Reid

    I would love an advance copy of this boo!:). I often get distracted by the good and end up forfeiting the great. This book sounds like a timely message for today’s overworked, overcommitted and overwhelmed woman.

  657. Jennifer Mason

    I’m so excited about your new book The Best Yes coming out. Our Bible Study group loves to do studies of your books and we have been waiting! I know that many will be blessed as so many have through your other books! Praying that so many will be changed and encouraged touched by the Holy Spirit!

  658. carolyn friesema

    This sounds like exactly what I need right now!

  659. Tasha

    Oh…I just CANNOT wait! I need this book today! 🙂 I am trying really hard to be patient. I am a pastors wife and we are currently pastoring an average of 75 people IN OUR HOUSE! God has blown our minds and we are so excited about our next step. We have just this week started renovation on a building. EEK!!! I have loved every minute of pastoring in our home but I am SO READY to be in a church buidling. Praying it goes quickly and smoothly and that I do not overextend myself and I can save my BEST YES for One True King! 🙂
    Tasha Cantrell

  660. Debbie

    I need this book! I am frustrated that I don’t make time the way I need to! I am overwhelmed a lot of the time but it’s just because I’m not in the right mindframe. I need encouragement that ‘this too will pass.’

  661. Megan

    It’s hard to say no. There is no way around the feeling that leaves me anxious after I say no, thinking deep in the gut of my heart that I some how, some where let some one or some thing down. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend and all the like. Yet, I find myself chasing after future me with my head cut off as if I never have enough time to sit and marinate on the facts of what really can wait or not. I feel scatter-brained often times and unworthy most times. I feel distracted and scared, while gripping for confidence and truth. Like the others, this book could not come at a better time in my life. I want to search the Truth and get my fingers dirty as I turn the pages only to lift my hands up to Jesus and ask what yes’ and no’s are worth it. Let the whirlwind of insecurities come to a simmer and uproot myself in His strength to know I chase after one thing, MY KING!


  662. louise

    I just want to make better use of my time in spending it more focused on God. Looking forward to the book and also considering doing it in my bible study group. I have a small group of 5 women who meet weekly. Right now not feeling adequate as a leader. Hoping to get a good study going again. Thanks for your studies. I appreciate the hard work you do for others.

  663. Valerie Harp

    I cannot seem to find a balance in my life. I work full time, have 2 young boys, try to maintain a relationship with family and friends, volunteer at our church, and attempt to squeeze in some exercise here and there. Is there an easier way than this stressful, hurried life that I am currently living? Needless to say, looking forward to reading this one!

  664. Lauren

    Hi Lysa!! Don’t be nervous :o)

    This part: Escape the guilt of disappointing others by learning the secret of the small no.

    I was JUST praying about this the other day and here you are with an entire BOOK on this!

    God never ceases to amaze me!

  665. Traci Michele

    I’d love to win! I pre-ordred my copy. The part about the BEST YES… we can say yes a lot, but what’s the best? So good. Love you, Traci Michele

  666. Stephanie Craven

    I can’t wait to read this book!! Made to Crave and Unglued ministered to me so much!! As a wife and mother of 3 I often struggle with when to say yes and am learning to say no more often. I know The Best Yes will encourage me when the best yes is!! Would love this advanced copy!!

  667. Karen

    It sounds like a wonderful book and would work so well with the process God is working in me this summer. Thank you! Blessings!!

  668. Terri Webster

    Every time I read something Lysa has written my insides twist and turn because she’s so real that I feel like it’s me she’s talking about. Made to Crave did that to me. And now this “The Best Yes” resonates with me and I CANNOT wait to read it. I’ve recently gone through a complete “time out”, taking a step back from trying so hard to do it all. I work. I write. I publish and have a single-parent ministry, I’m a new ReeRee (grandma), a wife, mother, daughter, friend and you name it. I’m tired. Lysa, thank you for your obedience to the Lord, your ministry to us tired women and your love for women’s ministry.

  669. Dianne Parker

    Oh, Lynn, I so treasure this read…Teach me what you have learned about “letting your “Yes” be Yes and your “No” be No! Thanks for sharing generously with your followers!

  670. Sally

    Lysa – You could not have picked a better or more timely (no pun intended) topic. I cannot wait to hear and read your teaching on this subject. I signed up for the daily devotionals and am already 3 days behind… proof positive I need this book! Thank you for doing what you do!

  671. Rebeca

    Lysa, I would definetly be blessed if I read your book before August 16. Let me share with you a little bit of what God has made for me. Two years ago I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Most of the anxiety I had was because of my job. I am a teacher but also I am a chronic people-pleaser like you and I just don’t know how to say no. I ended up with so many more responsibilities that the ones my job description required. Because of that I had to stay late most of the time and had less time to take care of my husband and girls. God has been so good to me, he guided all my steps and helped me recover from anxiety. I changed my job position, and now I have more time. I put God first in my life and everything is just falling into place. I volunteer at my church with the children’ ministry and have time to enjoy the wonderful family He gave me.
    The school district that I go to starts teacher’s orientations on August 11 and it would simple be a blessing to read your book before to start this school year with a new and renovated spirit based on God’s word.
    Thank you Lysa for all you do! 😉

  672. Kaitlyn Bouchillon

    So I have this problem where I say yes to just about everything because I can handle it all. HA. I need my no to be as strong as my yes so that I can truly say a full yes when it’s the best yes to make.

  673. Krys H

    I always feel like I have to explain myself when I say no and then I ended up agreeing to do whatever it was I already said no to.

  674. Jess

    Lysa- I find myself currently struggling in all areas of my life, physically (as I face another round of health issues), emotionally (I am completed drained as I try and fight for our marriage), financially, and mentally ( I can’t even process what needs thought through right now). I have 2 amazing kids that have kept me focused on what needs done but I find that the busyness of life is overwhelming sometimes and I can’t seem to find God in my walk. I feel that I am walking alone even though I know what the scriptures tell me. Even though i want to absorb myself in the Word and follow it I find myself not even able to open my Bible. My husband and I have tore each other down for years, we have hurt each other in so many ways. I have started counseling and asked him to start with me but I feel it’s to late. He is a Christian man, further ahead in his walk than I will ever be. But, he tells me he is shut down. His heart is closed. He can’t invest any time or energy into our marriage. That he just wants space and to be alone. He has went to 4 sessions with me but I’m not sure why because he just sits there and says he doesn’t want to do anything except separate. This is so hard for me and I just don’t know how to handle it. I have been able to stay focused enough to read your Facebook posts and they have been really though provoking. I don’t know what to do. I make him angry when I tell him that I love him. He tells me he can’t believe me when I tell him I want to work on things. He tells me he can’t invest time into our relationship. I want him beside me as I face another round of testing and procedures and he isn’t even willing to walk that with me. Any words of advice or encouragement?

  675. Aubrey Leigh

    Lysa! You’re always a woman after my own heart. I just blogged this morning about the hysteria of my mornings as a mother. I used one of your wonderful quotes in the post and so I linked your name back to your blog for my readers. That’s when I stumbled upon this post. I didn’t know you were writing this book and I’m so very excited. Hysteria, rushing, anxiety, being so burdened, it’s my every day life like so many others. And the worst part? I want to help others through my blog and other social media, as I consider that my ministry as well, and that can easily become part of the problem – tearing me away from my children or whatever else is happening in the present moment to answer e-mails or comments or read others’ blogs. I have GOT to learn to prioritize and ultimately to say no. It pains me to even type “no”! Thanks for everything you do and everything you are.

    Aubrey Leigh

  676. Shawn Diddie


    Are you coming to Pitts, Georgia in the Fall of 2014? I did not see it on the schedule and a member of another church stated you were coming. I would love to hear you speak. I read the Unglued book and loved it. Cannot wait to read your new book!

  677. Amber Paulsen

    Lysa, the part that resonated with me the most was the part about “I’ll get to what I love to do someday, I’m just too busy now” (paraphrased). I LOVE to write, journal, blog and I’ve been saying “someday” for a long time because I’m so busy. Most of my busy-ness is good stuff but still, I must be doing something wrong, that I can’t find time to do one of the things I love the most. I need your book and I’m thinking the women’s bible study I am in (we are thinking about a new book for the fall) needs to do this book. I think many of us are people pleasers too. Isn’t everybody? Thanks so much! You are a BLESSING!
    Love in Christ,
    Amber Paulsen

  678. Jackie

    Even at 55, I still struggle to find the Best Yes every single day. I look forward to refreshing, Biblical knowledge to apply in my endeavors to be more like Christ.

  679. Andrea

    I am excited for your new book! I always relate to your words and your words always penetrate my heart in ways that not all authors can. Perhaps it’s your genuine spirit and you live a life of authenticity and don’t try to paint a ‘perfect’ life because of your success. That’s what I admire and respect the most from you, Lysa. And that is a few reasons of many why I am particularly excited for The Best Yes because it is the “people-pleasing” that I want to gain more of your perspective and wisdom on. That has been one (of a few major) points God has been really searching in my heart and refining my heart to change. I am a giver (I like to think it’s a gift from God) and I have struggled with respectfully saying “no” to others with fear of disappointment. God has definitely reassured me that it’s okay to say No when it comes to a greater Yes from Him… Thank you again for your wonderful and beautiful insight on life and thank you in advance for your upcoming book! Looking forward to having it in my hands during the release! God Bless, sister! xo

  680. Laurie Darnall

    I have 4 young children and I find myself struggling everyday because of this very reason. I take on too much and then I fail at the most important things that should be done. I need to learn what is most important for me to say yes to so that I don’t fail as a wife, mother, and housekeeper. Love your books!

  681. Gina Percival

    So overwhelmed I don’t think I have time to leave a comment! My husband and I both are overaccepters. :/ I am the zoom around happy for everyone, “eyebrows up!” kind (I’m sure you know what that term means), he is the EXTREMELY slow talking, visionary with tons of ideas streaming out of his brain via mouth every couple days and expecting me to be carrier of them all, as a partner, lover, wife should (insert vision of 650 yr old tortoise with a dozen tattered suitcases stacked and strapped on back, steadily trodging down the highway in the midst of speeding, honking vehicles). Boy, that was a mouthful! BTW, he’s not 650 yrs. old, but will be 75 on Jan 1. 🙂 I follow him by 18 yrs. Children, grands, business, church work <3, $$$ stress, and mor challenges every day = time to get order and enjoy loving life! No more frugal yes's. Only the best!

  682. Sarah Beth Marr

    You are such an inspiration to me…especially when it comes to being an author. The publishing world seems so impossible to break into. I wondered if you have any words of wisdom for an aspiring author. I feel God’s given me a message of a devotional book for dancers, being that my background is in professional ballet. The options of self-publishing or finding an agent or writing query letters seems overwhelming at times. I am humbled by the overwhelming feeling of feeling unqualified. At times it seems easier to not even try. I just wondered how you got your start. Where should I start?

  683. Bekah

    This topic is exactly what The Lord has been talking to me about. Can’t wait to read the book.

  684. Bonnie

    Lysa – I’m sorry if I’m leaving this request in the wrong spot. Another link that said you’d be honored to pray for hurting marriages led me here. This seems to be what it said to do. Long story short, my husband Dan left our marriage a couple months ago. He said he wants a divorce and that he will never ever return. I’m asking those Godly sisters in Christ that have a heart for marriage to join me in praying for God to do what only God can do and fully restore and rebuild my marriage with Dan. Thanks so much and thank you for all you do to help us daughters of the King!

    • Heather M

      Bonnie, My husband left a couple of years ago, he said he wanted a divorce and would never return. We had been married nearly 16 years at the time and had 4 kids. I came to accept that he was not coming back as painful as it was. I set up some clear boundaries for me and for the kids and I let him know that I would always love him. Wouldn’t you know he showed up to pick up the kids one night and completely broke down. Wanted to work things out if I was willing. I let go and let God. Here we are 2 years later and things are better than before. Even if things do not turn out the same for you, please trust God in this. Dig deep into God’s word and find out what he wants from you. I grew as a woman, as an individual so much during that time. God used that time to make me more into the woman he wanted me to be. It was a difficult process, but God really does work all things together for the good of those who love him. Walk this out honorably girl! Others are watching and listening and God will reward your faithfulness!!!

  685. Heather M

    I need to get rid of the guilt! God help me escape the need to please everyone, and simply please you Lord!

  686. Dawn S.

    I have trouble saying no to people…even when I have to say no! I need a cure for the “disease to please”!! I enjoyed reading “Unglued” so much, and can’t wait to read this one. 🙂

  687. Sandra

    I cannot wait for this book and the upcoming P31 OBS study! I most definitely need to learn the secret of the small no as I tend to say yes so as to people-please but just end up overextending myself by doing so. That quote about the overwhelmed schedule and underwhelmed soul really resonated with me. I am glad you wrote that message because I, too, need that message. So thank you!

  688. Sheri

    It seems like I always feel rushed and overwhelmed. I would love to know how to deal with this…I can’t wait to read your new book!!

  689. Kim Villalva

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your book! Your message really hits home with me, as the mom of two small boys I find myself constantly trying to balance time between my family and myself. I’ve found that the more I neglect myself, bible time, etc. I feel that struggle of trying to meet all of these needs. I love idea of the under nourished soul that you mention.

  690. Nancy

    So excited for this new book!!!! To be free of the guilt when I say no to the endless opportunities that come up in my life and learn to be peaceful and balanced Thanks Lysa

  691. Staci

    I have read the first chapter and cannot wait for the book. This had come at the perfect time in my life. God has gifted you tremendously. Thank you for using your gift to help us.

  692. LeeAnn G Taylor

    I’m definitely looking forward to the book…especially this part: “Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom-based decision-making process.” Thank you for sharing your story!

  693. Anna Keith

    Wow do I need this! I struggle to the point of frequent nervous breakdown about how to fulfill the purpose God has for me. I have Agway’s been too concerned with pleasing others and put off my own happiness because “it will be better when I accomplish/achieve/get X” and it just gets worse. How do I make the best choices as a Christian, wife, and student?

  694. Ginger McClendon

    Thank you for sharing, Lysa. This quote resonates with me: “When a woman lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule, she’ll ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.” Blessings to you and thank you for continuing to write!

  695. Lisa DeCarlo

    I feel like I have already taken some baby steps on this journey and now I am ready to take the full plunge! I very nearly burned myself out saying yes to everything that involved serving others and never saying yes to the things that would allow God to “re-fill” me. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  696. Shawna

    Yes. Just Yes. I feel like you wrote this post just.for.me. I have a husband who works 12 hour nights, an almost 11 year old daughter, an 8 year old daughter who are both home on summer vacation {and out for many sports!} plus I do daycare to a 4 month old, a newly turned 2 year old, a 2 1/2 year old, a 3 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and a 5 year old. In addition I run a photography business out of my house. I have worked and worked to balance it all and still be the best Mom and Wife I be, yet find there is never enough of myself. I KNOW I need to push pause on life and turn to God every day first thing, yet am consumed by all the things of this world that need done. I can not wait to read this book. Can’t wait!

  697. Sue Ellen Shealy

    I *cannot* wait until I can get my hands on this new book!!! For several months, I’ve struggled with too many things on my overfilled plate and worry about how it is affecting my family, ministry, and more. I hope that through the study, I will be able to gain some insight as to how to end my people-pleasing, yes-girl trait and grow more in the Word.

  698. Any

    The part about you feel when you rush really resonated with me. One of the things I struggle most with is yelling at my kids over silly things. Things that irritate me when I’m trying to get ready or we are running late. Things that are my issue, not theirs at all. I pray daily that I can be the kind of mom I’d be in front of a room full if people I admire when I am simply alone with my kids. I love that God gives me a fresh start every day, a chance to do better, and immeasurable grace to love me even when I don’t. I’m excited to read your book !

  699. Dianne

    Slow down stop rushing. My wish, I pray about it at times but cant seem to get off the wheel of life. Ive learner to say no in someways but still am running 🙂

  700. Sally

    I’m excited about this book, Lysa! I’m sure it will be a tremendous encouragement. Keeping our priorities straight is essential to enjoying health and happiness. It sounds like it will be a perfect fit for what I talk about on my blog.
    Blessings to you!

  701. Brenda Hall

    I too am a people pleaser. I am married, worked f/t outside the home and have 2 boys. My life is rushed 24/7…..I rush to get to work, to get home, to get to the store, to get the house straight, to get the kids to sports, to get dinner made, to get to bed…..everything all the time in a hurry…..and I hate it…… I want to STOP to enjoy things again and dont know how. I am looking forward to reading this book!!!
    THANK YOU! You and the ladies from Proverbs 31 continue to inspire me.

  702. Amber Chapais

    I hope it isnt too late for a chance. I hope to win because I find it hard to find my yes, just for self. My life is all about no’s and I need to hear from inspiring friends like you.. God Bles.. with wish I was brave like you to share what im feeling. Thank you

  703. tamara

    I need you book

  704. Amber

    I was so excited to hear about your new book!! I am so excited to learn from you! At the young age of 22 I am too quickly learning that I can’t say yes to everything. Feeling worn thin and over stressed because of all my church obligations has been making me put family on the back burner too quickly. I fear letting someone down, or that if I say no they won’t find a single soul to help. Knowing God and my family come first, and trying to learn and understand how to say no and not be fearful so my plate never gets overloaded is my end goal, and now this book can help me get there.

  705. Kristen

    The part that resonates with me is being a people pleaser and “I’m tired of rushing and stressing and missing out on the sweet parts of life.” I miss out on the great moments of life because of my people-pleasing and I want to learn the balance of saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ so I will live the abudant life God has called us all to live.

  706. Dalice

    My heart is broken because of the guilt I feel in saying no I won’t move across the country to be closer to a parent. Moving is not best for my immediate family right now and moving to Texas has never been in the dream process. I have such sadness and feel such guilt in telling my parent that I cannot move, cannot be closer. At this point all I can do is trust that God knows best and will lead me where I need to go according to His plan.

  707. Debbie F

    I can’t wait to read this book. I don’t know why I always feel so rushed especially now that my kids are early 20’s but it seems something is always going on or someone needs something. We have tried to take a vacation for 8 years and everytime things are so swamped we haven’t gone. My mother had heart surgery and I took care of her one year and she has recently had another heart surgery and took care of her. I think for me I have to set aside the time to be unrushed and say this will have to wait I am one person and can be in one place at one time. If I don’t make the effort to sit and say I will slow down it doesn’t happen.

  708. Rhonda

    I am not just the working mom of two teens, I am the traveling working mom of two teens. I believe 100% in the work I do mentoring and training teachers all over the place, but I get so tired of the strain of travel, being away from my family and losing touch with my close friends and church. My husband was out of work for longer than a year, and God blessed me with high demand for the type of professional development I offer for teachers. There is so much demand I could never physically fufill it, but we need the income desperately, and I am soon to put two kids through college. Despite my best efforts to call, text, and email, I feel so left out all the time from the day to day going ons of my kids, who are wonderful Godly human beings. I need to find a way to slow the rush, and refocus my attention off the public and back onto my family and those who have always been there for me. Your other books have spoken to me so clearly, and I often quote you in my speaking engagements, recommending you to others out there who become unglued and separated from their faith. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, I know personally the cost and true value of that sharing. God bless your work and continued ministry.

  709. Rosa

    In the past two years I have been on a Journey that I didn’t plan. I didn’t pack for it. There was no destination except Uncertainty. On June 26th I finished a 3 mo. course of intravenous therapy for an illness that has riddled my body. I had two choices, either I run away from Abba Father, or I run to Him. So I choose to Run toward Him. In the worst pain that I have ever known, I would sit or lay down & flood myself with Him. If I couldn’t move, I would put my mp3 player filled with His counsel and sit & soak, while my physical body was in pain. So I understand a little bit about not being rushed. This very Season has taught me to sit, & Search the Deepest part of my LORD’s Heart. I wouldn’t change any of it, as it’s been in this very place of Pain, that I have seen Him more clearly.

  710. Wendy

    A member of our work prayer group forwarded a recent message from you and it so described this season of my life. In reading your blog, I can see that my rush has left me empty and a life that is out of control. I didn’t realize it until now, which is somewhat amusing to me as it’s been out of control as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to read your book!

  711. Shameika

    Honoring the Sabbath has been the way that I take a break from being rushed. It is during that time that I can reflect and truly see what God is trying to tell me. Yes, I still feel a little guilty not utilizing the day productively (I blame my Type A personality for that one), but it always leaves me refreshed and renewed for the days to come.

  712. Colleen

    After learning a few years ago to put people first like Jesus did, I still struggled with having to much on my plate. God has a way of speaking to us when we aren’t hearing Him as he allowed me to break both of my shoulders in 2 different accidents in the last 2 years. I am trying to use this time to heal in many ways. I want to say yes to the best but I still try to cram as much in to a short amount of time. I also hope leading a class in this might be in my future but need more experience in waiting upon The Lord. As a working grandma of 2 1/2 and an almost empty nester I still have that tendency to run ahead. I will always need help with this.

  713. Bobbi E

    Im just in a space where there are no words. Im quiet. Trying to hear the Lords best for me. Lysa I follow many books and studys that you do. I can relate to mostof your story. Thank you for being a vessel.

  714. Leigh

    This speaks to me so loudly, I just know it is from God! Just this weekend I spent a total of 14 hours away from my family to help a friend. Although was honored to be asked, and I enjoyed what I did, I felt such guilt and longing for my family… all because I said yes. I want to know that it’s ok to say yes, if it fits, but it’s also ok to say no.
    I can’t wait for your book- thank you Lysa!

  715. Jackie

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. Your words tend to thoroughly explain my thoughts, feelings, chaos, joys, even my life!

  716. Lynne

    I have the “disease to please”, something which I have been trying to remedy for quite some time. I completely relate to what you said about not wanting to disappoint or hurt others’ feeling. Unfortunately, not disappointing them often means not taking good enough care of myself. Your book would be an amazing guide, helping me to take another step in the right direction, freeing myself of the pleaser/peacemaker mentality and allowing me to enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you to help pleasers like me! Can’t wait to read it!

  717. Alana

    I love the wisdom and insight that God shares through your obedience. I just did a weight loss challenge with some ladies from my church and we did Made To Crave and The Action plan with it. It was awesome, so insightful, and life changing. Can’t wait to share this one with them next!

  718. Julie Scott

    “Part of the rush is due to people pleasing. I’m a chronic people-pleaser. I’d love to say I’m a recovering people-pleaser. That sounds so much more tidy.”
    I like this, because I can tend to give myself “good” reason to be busy to make it sound better!
    I’m looking forward to this book! Thank you! -J Scott

  719. Chasity

    WOW!!! I so need this book!!!! I am a wife and a mom of 3 and my life is so rushed, I NEVER have time for myself at all! I don’t make time I am always putting my kids my parents my handicap brother before me. I am always STRESSED OUT, Worrying all the time!!! It’s awful but u know through all of this I find that these studies like these slow me down and makes me stop and listen and gives me HOPE!!! I know I need to give GOD MORE OF MY TIME I FAIL HIM EVERYDAY AND FEEL SO BAD AND BEAT MYSELF UP FOR IT! My life is stressful and it shouldn’t be it seems like like when I do these readings from lysa it fades away and and I sit back and say “ahhhh” let me breathe I could use all the PRAYERS I can get! Thanks for these all these books lessons that u share to let women like us know we’re not alone and there is hope and that God helps us through it all

  720. Terri Webster

    I just pre-ordered my copy!The Best Yes message resonates with me most of not being able to say no to certain people, people pleasing, feeling like I never do enough or what I do isn’t good enough. It’s really bad! I’m in single-parent ministry, I write for single moms, support my husband in his leadership role, I’m a new ReeRee (grandma), work part-time and the list goes on. This is just in time for my September vacation. Last year, Made to Crave was my beach reading. This will be at the top of my reading stack. Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  721. Katie Obray

    I stumbled upon the Proverbs 31 Facebook page last week after looking for inspiration after the passing of my grandfather. When I found this book and proceded to your webpage I became inticed to look into this book. After learning why you wrote the book I can’t wait to purchase it. All to often I have lived my life pleasing everyone and making sure they are ok and taken care of before I take care of myself. After dealing with
    family issues at my grandfathers funeral I realized that I take care of everyone and issues around me and not myself. I look forward to reading your book to learn how I can say yes to me and learn to put myself first and know that it is ok.

  722. Kelly

    God Bless You Lysa!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! Thank you for being brave & bold and being obedient!! So we can find Christ and be free from all that the world says we need to do, be, and say yes to! I pray you continue to speak to us and encourage us to be the women God intends for us to be! I pray you are strengthened inside and out to be a voice to us!! I pray all your needs are met spirit, soul, & body!!! XO

  723. Julie D.

    I also struggle with being a people pleaser. This really spoke to me and am so excited to read your new book. Thank you for entering me in your giveaway.

  724. Becky Williams

    We have three children who are grown and only one remains home. My husband and I were enjoying our time together when God put on our hearts to start fostering children. Our biological children were not involved in sports so it was a big changed to get two teenage girls who are highly involved in sports. I spend six days a week at either practice or games. So this added to my inability to say no as to not hurt feelings i am in a mad dash all of the time. Oh, and add the fact that i’m starting into menopause. Well, you get the idea 🙂 Thank you for this chance to share and I say a prayer for all those out there going through something similar. God Bless <3

  725. Pat

    When a friend told me about your online Bible studies, I felt such relief and thought that this is God’s way of telling me to “slow down”!!! I am a wife, mother, a grandmother, and a career woman. I sit on four Boards of Directors and I am V-President on one. I chair events and have now accpeted the challenge of Public relations for my church. I have to learn how to say NO graciously!!! I am so excited and can not wait to start this Bible study!!! Thank YOU !!!!!

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