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Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 3

June 25, 2014

It’s day #3 and I’m so excited to do the big reveal of Alison’s room makeover!

And I know you’ve been waiting ever-so-patiently this week to see the final result. I love that about you. I won’t make you wait one more second. So, without further ado… (drumroll please)

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(If you’re viewing this in an email, click here to watch the video.)

As a recap, here’s the whole process from beginning to end:

1. Shop your home – look for artwork, frames, and greenery from outside.
2. Head to the thrift stores with a general idea in mind of what you would like to purchase.
3. Bring it back home, paint it, distress it, and mix it in. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! Thanks, Nester, for that freeing thought.

Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 3

“Nester Notes”: 3 Steps for Successful House Therapy

1. Start in one room.
2. Don’t do everything at the same time.
3. Start with what you have.

I’m so thankful my friend, Nester, was able to join us this week! But this isn’t goodbye – you can visit her blog anytime by clicking here.

You can also bring her style and expertise into your home with her book, The Nesting Place.

The Nesting Place

Click here to purchase your copy! Buying this resource today from Proverbs 31 Ministries is a great way to support our ongoing mission of getting Biblical truth into every home. Makes a perfect treat for yourself or gift for a friend. Thank you for your support!

Today, I’m giving away 3 signed copies of The Nesting Place. To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite thing you learned this week.

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  1. Ashley B

    Favorite thing I learned: head to the thrift store with a “general” idea. So many times I get caught up in thinking I need to have just the “right” piece for a space. Having an open mind about what will fit in the space makes things much more fun and flexible 🙂

  2. sarah

    My husband lovingly lugged a heavy stump up several flights of stairs into our home. I knew I wanted it, but wasn’t really sure how to make it work. This post gave me fresh encouragement. So delighted to see some stumps in action! (and when I show my husband, he may not think I’m crazy for bringing the woods into our urban home)

  3. Tracey Dolamore

    The idea of just starting with “one” room! When you look around at everything you feel overwhelmed but if you just start with one room there is hope!

  4. Nico Smith

    I love how you used the idea of redecorating inexpensive. Isn’t this like how God wants us to declutter our hearts to allow Him to have His way with us?

  5. Linda Nietz

    I am SO style challenged! Thank you for doing this segment on Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget. All week I have been near tears trying to figure out how to pull my house together. I’m so frustrated I just want to move. What I learned by watching the videos is that I should take out all the “stuff” and just leave the furniture. Then from that basic structure – the bones – starting shopping my house and making a list of what I really need. I still don’t know if I can put it together, I’m hoping to get the book and see if that will help. Thank you for doing this segment. It was perfect timing for me.

  6. Tracey A

    I learned that you just have to use your noggin’ and you can be creative and make your home beautiful, just like you did! Awesome job! Thanks for sharing all the lovely information and pictures.

  7. Diane Pruitt

    I realized I need to be more open minded. Maybe I won’t find
    what I thought I was looking for but something else might pop up.

  8. Nicole

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series, thank you!
    My husband and I own our home and never really decided to love it. We always lived each day with the thoughts of selling so we never made it our own. Just recently, we’ve decoded that there is no place we’d rather be and let’s start making it our own! Our teenager graduated and moved out and moved on so no more things are breaking or disappearing…lol! We’ve never done this before as this is our first real home! This book would be very helpful as we journey through this next exciting stage in our life!
    Thank you for your consideration!
    God bless,

  9. Tricia

    I like the part about how it doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty.

  10. Kristy Sturgill

    I’ve learned I need color!! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  11. Brenda Merrick

    Your posting of the “Nester Notes” (Start with one room, Use what you have, etc) were a lifeline of hope to me. We began a major (old farmhouse) remodel almost a year ago, that has snowballed to the point I had almost given up hope of ever seeing it finished. I had never heard of “Nester” but look forward to checking out her blog and hopefully getting her book.

  12. Dawn

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

  13. Debbie

    To start with one room at a time, be open minded and start with what you have! We just moved into a new home and have very little in the budget for decorating. Now I no longer feel overwhelmed but I feel empowered…, “Yeah, I CAN do this!” Thank you!

  14. Becky Gupton

    Thank you for this practical series. It is so funny how I had already started following The Nester thru Anne Voskamp and she was with another favorite author Lysa. Getting ready to reread your book Lysa with a friend for the summer, Unglued. I learned to shop my home for ideas and things to use in the room I am trying to redo.

  15. Carmela Koeneman

    I learned to use what I have in my apartment first to start decorating then take it from there. I found the series very helpful!

  16. Amy N.

    Color, lots of coordinating colors with mixed styles and patterns make for a warm and refhresing look. That’s something that I learned!

  17. Melissa

    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation! Looks great!

  18. Regina

    I love, love, love, love it all! I am apartment hunting, and these ideas and inspirations are just what I needed! What a beautiful blessing.

  19. Heather

    I learned to pull everything small out of the room- I had never thought of that before! Thank you!

  20. Amy kennedy

    My fav: the obvious but not practiced. ..don’t do all at once..take one room at a time. 🙂 thanks for doing this series!

  21. Michelle W.

    The room looks beautiful! I love the thought that it doesn’t have to be perfect.
    I like how pictures are grouped together on the wall and the use of color!
    Would love to have the book and will definitely check out the blog!

  22. Shonda B.

    This week, I learned that it’s ok to have a hodge-podge of furniture. If it is arranged correctly, it will go together. This has been one of my fears when it comes to room decor. Lesson: Everything doesn’t have to be so matchy-matchy!

  23. Heather Kirsch

    I learned to start with what I have. It makes sense, but I think I’m too eager sometimes to get more stuff that I don’t think about this.

  24. Jennifer

    I love what she said when shopping at a thrift store–if you saw this at Anthropologie, would you love it? If yes, then get it. Good advice. Thank you so much for this series and be blessed 🙂

  25. Heidi

    It was good to be reminded to start with what you have. So many times I want to go out and buy a bunch of new things when I probably don’t need them and probably can’t afford them. I really loved all the tips! 🙂

  26. Kay Daniel

    I love the emphasis on “doesn’t have to be perfect”.. Such great advise. For our daily living as well!! Not perfect but forgiven!!!

  27. Dayna DeLoach

    The best thing I learned this week is it doesn’t have to be perfect. So excited to start practicing her suggestions!

  28. EmilyB

    Start in one room – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in my small house with infant twins and all their stuff and while remodeling a bathroom, but I can still feel like I am creating an inviting space in the other rooms. Start small and work in one space till it’s done….

  29. Lisa Shellman

    It has inspired me to shop thrift stores and to see things differently… Love artwork I could actually make and that everything does not have to match. Great information! Thank you!!

  30. Rita Brannon

    I learned that I need to get over to proverb31’s website and get this book so that I can get some awesomeness going in my own home ASAP!!

  31. Joy

    I LOVE the idea of “shopping your home”. It’s amazing what re-arranging can do and simply moving a tired item from one room to be a lovely addition to a different room can make it look new. Gracious, it makes the item look new and the room too!

    I absolutely love this book!!!! I actually already have a copy, and ordered and have given away another copy to a young mom who just moved to our city and was feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by the “make-shift” home she has settled in for now. She knows it’s a temporary stop-over, but this book is PERFECT for those “in-between” homes too. I’d love to give away more copies too 🙂 I think one of my fav things is the idea of “quieting a room”. I’ve done that now to my main room (family room/great room/living room), and it’s soooo peaceful. LOVE IT!!!

    Can I just share a quick story? When our family moved to our current home about 10 years ago, we felt it would be a short-term move. (Our son was soon entering High School and we moved to locate him in a better school district.) We felt once he began University we would move again. Because I felt this home would be just a “stop-over”, I wasn’t becoming attached to it. I had a beautiful wall-art stencil that I had purchased, but refused to put it up on the wall as I knew I’d have to leave it behind when we decided to move. One day the Lord really spoke to my heart. Just as He told Moses to ‘settle’ in certain places, He asked my heart to ‘settle’ here. Although I wanted to resist, to show my obedience, that afternoon I pulled out my beautiful stencil and applied it to the wall over our bed in the Master Bedroom. Guess what the stencil says: “Home is where your story begins”. Yes God is writing His story over our lives in this home, and here we are still, and our son is now entering his 5th year of university. So glad my heart has found a home here. We still may move at some point, but for now I’ve found my rest…and “nesting place”.


  32. Joy

    I LOVE the idea of “shopping your home”. It’s amazing what re-arranging can do and simply moving a tired item from one room to be a lovely addition to a different room can make it look new. Gracious, it makes the item look new and the room too!

    I absolutely love this book!!!! I actually already have a copy, and ordered and have given away another copy to a young mom who just moved to our city and was feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by the “make-shift” home she has settled in for now. She knows it’s a temporary stop-over, but this book is PERFECT for those “in-between” homes too. I’d love to give away more copies too 🙂 I think one of my fav things is the idea of “quieting a room”. I’ve done that now to my main room (family room/great room/living room), and it’s soooo peaceful. LOVE IT!!!

    Can I just share a quick story? When our family moved to our current home about 10 years ago, we felt it would be a short-term move. (Our son was soon entering High School and we moved to locate him in a better school district.) We felt once he began University we would move again. Because I felt this home would be just a “stop-over”, I wasn’t becoming attached to it. I had a beautiful wall-art stencil that I had purchased, but refused to put it up on the wall as I knew I’d have to leave it behind when we decided to move. One day the Lord really spoke to my heart. Just as He told Abraham to ‘settle’ in certain places, He asked my heart to ‘settle’ here. Although I wanted to resist, to show my obedience, that afternoon I pulled out my beautiful stencil and applied it to the wall over our bed in the Master Bedroom. Guess what the stencil says: “Home is where your story begins”. Yes God is writing His story over our lives in this home, and here we are still, and our son is now entering his 5th year of university. So glad my heart has found a home here. We still may move at some point, but for now I’ve found my rest…and “nesting place”.


    • Joy

      Ooops…so sorry, went to ‘edit’ my comment and it posted twice! UGH. A thousand apologies!

  33. Bonnie

    Thanks. I see there is hope for my house after all. This has been very helpful.

  34. Twylene

    I’m excited to try moving all the “tchotchkes” out and looking at a clean slate…can’t wait to try some of these tips!! Thanks for this fun series!

  35. Tiffany Lamar

    I have learned that it’s not a good idea to try and do everything all at once and to always be on the lookout for cute things!

  36. Cindy Patton

    I love being reminded to shop my own home. I tend to get a mental block and think, “Oh, that ‘belongs’ in the dining room,” when i should be rethinking the purpose of my pieces. And, color makes my world happy so I loved seeing how Myquillyn put it all together on the gallery wall and with the pillows. Lovely, happy, and completely customized!

  37. Sara Cobb

    I like the tip: Don’t expect to find something every time you shop. I hate shopping– shocker I know– but if I get a Sonic drink like she suggests and spend a morning or afternoon devoted to going to a few places for the “fun” of it without any expectations that might help! I don’t need to try to squeeze shopping at thrift stores into a day already jammed packed with stuff.

  38. Nikki

    I learned its good to let my kids spread their wings. I let my daughter go to a youth retreat down in Kentucky. I miss her but I know she’s down there growing in her faith!

  39. Mary

    I am beginning to embrace the idea that I might be able to do this!!

  40. Ashley dempsey

    I love your openness and honesty in this (Pinterest) world where we think homes are created overnight.

  41. Lynn R Turner

    I enjoyed the examples of coordinating things instead of trying to match things. And, I love that when you say ‘affordable’, ‘budget’, and ‘inexpensive’, it actually is for real people. Not what big design means when they use these words.I hope you have a great day!

  42. Courtney J

    My favorite tip is DON’T DO EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME! That struck me hard because I try this method with every area of my life an burn myself completely out. Then the stress sets in….. >.<

  43. Karen M

    I love the idea of shopping your home. I had so much fun moving around lamps and finding things I had forgotten about in storage.

  44. Amy Biernat

    I’ve learned that you cannot do everything all at once. The one hour shows on TV make it look so quick and easy but they are even weeks of planning. So with my own home, I need to take my time and love what I do to reflect my style and my family.

  45. Janet

    Love the concept of using what you already own! Trying that and then on to thrift shop/garage sales.

  46. Kristina PB

    I love how she said to focus on the main wall first. The first wall people see is most important!

  47. Kristy Jensen

    I love the idea of shopping in your own home for decor. I have lots of things I don’t use and this would be perfect.

  48. Lea

    I learned that I don’t have to purchase expensive, matchy furniture for my home to look put-together! I can be fearless when it comes to expressing my personality and style in my home, and it doesn’t need to look like it’s torn out of “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine.

  49. Becky M

    I like the idea of decorating in layers -starting with an empty room, add the big stuff first, then fill in with the accent pieces and small decor. It’s a whole new thought process when it comes to how I think about my rooms. Thanks for the great advice!!

  50. Helen

    I learned to”shop” what I already have!

  51. Diane

    Very practical but great ideas. My favorite is start with what you have. Several ladies in my SS class have started “redoing” furniture and it is beautiful. I can’t wait to start. Thanks! I would love to order a book for myself and my new daughter in law – they are big time thrifty shoppers.

  52. Maureen

    I loved the reminder that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Take one room, empty it out and go shopping around your house.

  53. carolyn s

    Loved the series!! Used to USE WHAT I HAVE if I can…great advice!

  54. Kristin W

    I learned that a room can be totally transformed merely by playing with color and accessories. Love the final space! Thanks for such a fun series!

  55. Carrie S

    I loved the comment stating that it doesn’s have to be perfect to be beautiful. You would think that if you “shopped your home” first it just may not all come together because you are putting such an array of things together, but clearly after reading this blog and seeing the finished product it can look amazing!! And I love that you can make your home look beautiful even if you are living with a tight budget. Thank you!!!

  56. Beth Ann

    Love the common sense approach of it all!

  57. Stephanie H

    I think what I learned that had a great impact on me is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am redecorating my daughter’s bedroom and she really wants a vanity. Well, have you priced new vanities? They are expensive! So we are heading to some off-the-beaten path locations over the summer to find something unique, cool, not so perfect! I know this will work out! This article just confirmed that this is a great idea!


    I can’t wait to “quiet my house”. Doing it this weekend!

  59. Nicole Valentine

    I love it! I’m an avid follower:) cannot wait to use these ideas , especially how easy it is to create artwork for pennies! I’m in process of making our loft a teen hangout room for my daughter and I will definitely use her artistic touch on the wall;)

  60. Tina Kostreva

    This was an awesome little series! I am not very creative and really don’t have many ideas for my decorating my house. I loved that this all could be done within a small budget. Sometimes I look at magazines and feel down-hearted because I don’t have the kind of money they are talking about. This, however, is totally doable!

  61. April R

    This reminded me that I have great stuff in my house/garage/basement that isn’t being used and can be re-purposed.

  62. NJ

    Start in one room and start with what you have. Shop your home.

  63. Karen G

    I learned to not be intimidated to nail things on the wall :).

  64. Samantha B

    I loved this series! I learned to shop my home first before going out to the stores. Great idea!

  65. Jill

    I am a recent empty nester, after having 4 children who were very active and ate what seemed like a ton of food a week, I find myself having soooo much time all I want to do is re-do the house. This has lead to spending more money than I have budgeted.(Hubby isn’t fond of PB & J sandwiches everyday, until I re-coup what I spent ! ) What a wonderful reminder to shop what you have and by just moving furniture/artwork from one room to another you see it in a different perspective. I think my favorite tip this week is if you would like it in Anthropologie, then get it. Oh yes and another one, buying canvas art at yardsales/thrift shops and painting over them!!! Who knew that??? Have a blessed week ladies.

  66. Karen G

    Amen!! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I’m free!!!

  67. Lois

    You did not take these pictures from the same view point – so it is difficult to really see an improvement.

  68. Alissa D

    I learned that I need to focus on one room at a time! This will certainly help me not feel so overwhelmed 🙂

  69. Jacs B

    Lysa, Loved watching this. When I was a younger and just starting in my home one of my Elders wife did home interior and I remember her coming over and we shopped my house, was so surprised at how much she found in other rooms for my Living Rm ( and it looked better in the LR then where she found it ). Alison, if you don’t want to put nail hole in your freshly painted walls “Contact” has the picture hangers with the hook and loop system works well. Great look in your LR love your art work. Especially love the deer touch for your hubby 🙂

  70. amy

    Love the intentional layering that is very inviting but not cluttery! Thanks for the reminder that it doesn’t have to be perfect….amen for grace!

  71. Toni

    I need to take more time making my home reflect us and our interests. Also, break up some of my sets so I have less matchy-matchy furniture! The Nester is a master of both! Love this series. Maybe you could do it again?!

  72. Charlotte losapio

    I learned to be bold and not be afraid to mix mix mix and not match match match. Electric is the word.

  73. Marla

    To use what we have and not needing to buy all brand new stuff.

  74. Julie

    Shopping with a general idea – I tend to be too specific (not being very creative, I think I need to think I need to copy a look instead of using it as a guideline or reference).

  75. Claire Maudlin

    Love that this can be done inexpensively but still be so chic and purposeful. Doing my formal living room. With a houseful of boys making a small space for me and my husband to connect and relax. Also love that you can mix styles and preferences and make it so much more personal.

  76. Michelle Rodgers

    I loved, loved, loved the idea of shopping within our own home!

  77. christina britt lewis | the redesign company

    ohmygoodness, this is FABULOUS! my favorite part that most everybody can totally do is bringing some green in from outside. it breathes life into a room. myquillyn, PLEASE come be our first “guest designer” at the redesign company. you point, we’ll place.

    well done, my soul sisters!!

    just fabulous.


  78. Amanda

    I learned to start small and be open to the things I love…..

  79. Nancy Johns

    Loved the ideas! Helped me in understanding to keep things simple rather than becoming overwhelmed as I often do when trying to decorate.

  80. Robin White

    “Start where I am”…I’ve heard it before applied to other situations but today I really “heard” it.

  81. Lisa Selan

    The idea of puling everything out, then putting in the big stuff before you begin. It’s cleansing – like refreshing your palette for a new start.

  82. Jenny R

    Not perfect to be beautiful……….use what you have.

  83. Leslie B

    The reminder to start with what you have. We are decorating the bookshelves in our bedroom and so I started by doing a walk around the house picking up things and digging a few items out to start with!

  84. Kathyj

    Love this look. Looking around the house for things to change. Once in place doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Move the pictures change the setting of the furniture. A new look sometimes changes how we feel. I’ve learned that it’s okay to be creative.

  85. ashley

    I learned that money isn’t necessary which is good because I don’t have a lot of it. You can shop in your own house for things and change the whole look of it. Its inspiring.

  86. Sabra Penley

    Lysa, these were such fun posts! And so timely for me. Looking forward to hitting the thrift stores for a desk, chair, and other lovely things to put in my soon-to-be guest room/ writing space. Thanks for sharing The Nester with us!

  87. Karen

    I love the idea of shopping your home. I have plenty of stuff sitting in other rooms but really want to redo the living room so it is time to empty the room and start looking around the house for items to use in the LR for a new look.

  88. Carol Grenz

    I loved the relaxed approach, on budget and lovely out come! Thanks so much!

  89. Melanie @ Carmel Moments

    Love it! Try to re-purpose what I already have. Thanks for a great mini-series!

  90. Denae

    What best stuck in my mind- It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! That’s great for me, because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist.

  91. Candace

    It’s amazing how shopping your own home can change your home! I shopped my own home yesterday to update my living room and now have a fresh look for summer. Thanks for the vision and bless your creative soul! Keep on doing what you do – one design at a time.

  92. Margaret K

    I like the idea that we should start our shopping at home in other rooms in our house.

  93. Beth

    Now that I have an empty nest I’m thinking it would be fun to get a little creative in my space! Thinking of getting rid of the tired piece of art I’ve had over my couch for 15 years and bringing in some pops of color! Loved this series!

  94. Sarah

    That it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I have an old brown pitcher on my table that I got at the thrift store. For the first time I saw beauty in the imperfections… where tiny chips were broken off the spout and the white shows. It REALLY is beautiful~! 🙂

  95. Michelle S

    I’m hoping to have learned to not try to do it all and stay with one room.

  96. Ashley

    Using white space is important!

  97. Lauren Rund

    Wow! I loved this segment. My favorite thing I learned was that you can take pieces you already have and give them a new purpose. How indicitve is that of our own lives? So often I think of only one way to use an item in my home, but I think The Nester really made repurposing a bit more real and practical for me. Id love to see what else she has in her book!

  98. Julie

    Love it! Adorable! Can she come to my house????

  99. Kendall Honeycutt

    To start where I am, with what I have and to focus on one space at a time. Loved this series!

  100. Lindsey Edwards

    I love the artwork on the wall, the painted stump and how you can incorporate the head of a deer and it look GOOD!

  101. Stacey Thomas

    I loved the post this week. I especially loved the idea that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I try to live a life striving for progress rather than perfection. I know I won’t be perfect until I get to heaven, but I can progress to be better every day with God’s help. Thank you for helping me on that path.

  102. BeeMarie

    I love how Nester makes you feel like you can do it! She is a great encourager. I never really thought about shopping my house first, before trying to go out and find pieces. I am going to try that this week. I am inspired!

  103. Michelle

    I am so inspired to shop what I already have and try new combinations. Thank you!

  104. Kristy

    Start with ONE room an Start with what I already have!!

  105. Deb

    What an interesting transformation! I’m looking at our home & will be rearranging/removing some items – less clutter/cleaning, reusing decorative storage containers to ‘hide’ paperwork & being more ready for unexpected guests! I have a friend I’d love to ‘gift’ Nester’s book with! Thanks much!

  106. Vicki

    Need help after all 8 kids have moved out.

  107. Judy A

    Re-purposing items that we already have – like the tree stump from yard into little side table. Loved all of it!!

  108. Cindy

    Don’t be afraid to look at thrift stores and it doesn’t have to be perfect!

  109. Gail VanHoy

    I am not a creative person and seeing how much you can really do on a very tight budget is great!!

  110. Dustina Stout

    I learned that I may have a new blog to follow. 🙂 Love it!

  111. Donna J

    This was fun to watch. I learned to go into a thrift store with a general idea rather than specific.

  112. Arlene

    I learned that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

    But yours turned out so great! Looks perfect and beautiful to me!

  113. Carrie

    It made me think more about shopping my home instead of having to go out and buy all new stuff!

  114. Amy P

    This was so fun to see! I learned that I can use some simple techniques to create my own art in any color and size I need.

  115. Cindy

    This room turned out so beautiful! I will have to remember to shop my house & use items I already have – use them in different rooms/places! Thank you!

  116. Sarah Armer

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

  117. melanie

    “Tchotchkes and Gee-gaws.” Love it.

  118. Gina

    I liked that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to transform a room. You can start by using what you have around the house.

  119. Erin Keaton

    This is my favorite take away:

    Ask yourself, “If this was in Anthropologie would I love it and want to buy it?” If the answer is yes, you should buy it now!

  120. Julia

    I learned that I need to find some good thrift stores!!!

  121. Kathy Bright

    What a beautiful living room! I am a thrift store junky and have painted some furniture finds. The originality that comes from each repurposed piece is the true treasure! Thank-you Nester!! You are an inspiration!!!

  122. Beth Anne W.

    I have been hearing about this book everywhere and I love the blog! I can’t wait to get a copy of the book! I have had my home for only two years so I am still working on updating areas of my home. I love changing things occasionally and I love hunting for beautiful things at thrift stores and garage sales! I learned that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. It doesn’t have to look like something from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. 🙂

  123. Jean Sundquist

    I learned it is best to take all accessories out of the room, then place the furniture, and then add the rest.

  124. Kim Bumgardaner

    I love the idea of purchasing a canvas and repainting it.

  125. Wendy

    I love thrift store buying! This helps me decorate by using things i have and then adding to it!! Thanks!! 🙂

  126. nicole

    Favorite thing I learned is to have a general idea of what to look for in a thrift store but to not have the exact item in mind – more apt to find a suitable piece that way!

  127. Meredith

    My favorite thing I learned this week was to shop my own home! Once I purchase a piece for a specific room I often feel like it has to stay in that designated room forever. I can’t wait to go through my house and repurpose things I already own for our living room makeover!

  128. Trena

    I loved that you painted the fireplace! I have a fireplace surrounded by a full wall of dark wood and I am really inspired to paint the whole thing now! I am FAR from the decorator so this is a little intimidating for me, but I really think I can do it now! Thank you!!!

  129. Jenny McDaniel

    I think I was always so discouraged going to thrift stores/goodwill bc i was always going looking for one particular thing and would almost always leave upset not finding it. I think going with just a “general” thing in mind would help me to open my eyes to the things that could work but just not how I planned.

    Great job ladies on the room, it looks fantastic!!!!

  130. Laura

    I learned COURAGE to just do it!

  131. Molly B

    I loved re-learning to shop my house! I often overlook things that are stored out of sight that would give my decorating some oomph! thanks

  132. Brooke

    This is so great! Thank you guys for doing this!
    My husband and I are about to move, once again. I’m super excited for a clean slate to decorate, but it’s almost as daunting as it is exciting. Thank you for encouraging me to use what I’ve got and if I don’t got it, to find it for cheap! I’m also all about digging through other people’s trash and turning it in to new treasures, so thanks for the fresh ideas! God bless you three beautiful ladies!

  133. Nikki M

    War Eagle! I saw an Auburn University diploma on the floor in the video. Not sure if it is yours or your husband’s but it was really cool to see. I enjoyed the videos each day. I have always thought I couldn’t do anything in my home because of the expense but you showed us how it could be done! Thanks!

  134. Karen Gallamore

    I learned and am encouraged to look at items at thrift stores, with an eye to see how they can be changed to fit my tastes…..painted distressed, recovered etc. To see beyond their present appearence. Also to do the stripping, distressing painting…..not just admire pages in a book.

  135. Janet S.

    Thank you for this mini-series with the Nester! One of the helpful things I learned this week is to start by focusing on the most important wall(s).

  136. Jana W.

    I learned when working with a large wall to divide it into sections that all work together. Looks great Alison, good work ladies!

  137. Elizabeth

    I loved this segment. Everyday I sit in my living room I try to redecorate it in my mind but then I think I don’t really have the “decorating” gene in my body. This book seems spot on to help a design challenged person like me on a shoe string budget. Thanks for all the tips.

  138. Mindy

    I learned it is entirely possible for me to possibly create my own piece of art! Loved this series and what a cute end result.

  139. Pamela

    “It doesn’t have to be perfect” is what I learned, now to apply that! This is difficult for a perfectionist such as myself … I know imperfect progress! 🙂 Love you Lysa!

  140. Lynly

    It looks just like The Nester’s living room, just in a different set of colors!

  141. Pat Peele

    Clear out all but the big stuff!

  142. Eliza

    The room is incredible! My favorite thing that I learned this week is to shop thrift stores with a general idea of what you want and see the potential in items that can be painted/altered/etc.

  143. jill pulver

    I love the idea of decorating with artwork that YOU create – especially by painting over an old canvas from a thrift store with something simple like dots or stripes!! thank you so much for this series!!

  144. Janet

    thrift stores and garage sales! I’ve never been to either, but I’m going to go this weekend!!!

  145. Heather

    I have learned to start with one room at a time. I have recently moved (ok…not recently, but decorating SCARES me!!) and it seems the whole house needs work! It is a little more comforting now to know that the house will be better if I just do one little thing at a time.

  146. rebecca

    Oh for sure my favorite is how much you can find at thrift stores ! some one else just got tired of their stuff and its all new to you at a great price . i have even found some things with price tags still on. perfect.

  147. Christie

    I love the room. What thrift stores did you go to? Like Salvation Army & Goodwill?

  148. Audrey

    Love following The Nester…point to take home for me was to start with what you have.

  149. Nicole B.

    I love the idea of using thriftstore canvases and painting over them- brilliant! 🙂

  150. Rachel

    I liked the tip about clearing everything out first, and just leave the big pieces and get those where you like first….then find the biggest wall and focus on that. Makes it seem alot more simple and doable when you focus on one thing at a time 😉

  151. Pam

    Start with what I have!

  152. Donna

    I’m inspired to go decorate a room of my own! I’m not very creative but with the I think I can do it! My favorite from the week is that I can use what I have and it only has to be new to me (thrift store) vs retail

  153. Sandi

    I learned to empty the room first down to the furniture, see the bones, then shop your home. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

  154. Betty

    I learned to shop my own home, be patient and enjoy the process.

  155. Melissa

    This taught me that I used to be creative but spent a lot of money. Now I am going to frugal and dig in my basement (or yard!) for some ideas! =)

  156. Tina

    I learned this week that you do not have to spend a fortune to have your room look awesome!

  157. Krista Smith

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. That’s where I fail in so many things. When the pieces I have don’t match exactly, are somewhat worn, are too big or small for their current spot I get frustrated and tend to give up. This has been so encouraging beyond just decorating my home.

  158. Andrea

    “Start small and then work up to bigger risks” when shopping at thrift stores. I also like the idea of looking at form and function first. It’s so easy to think something is a good idea when you are standing in the store and then hate it once you get home. Nesters’ thrift store shopping suggestions will help keep me focused on the task at hand without buying unnecessary items!

  159. Christi

    I love you, Lysa! Now I love The Nester,too! Thank you both for sharing such wonderful tips and hints! I’ve prayed that our house would be a haven for the boys growing up in it, but also for visitors. It’s not a welcoming site now, but I have inspiration from these articles you’ve shared! My favorite tip was to start with what you have. My husband did some great art projects in college, and they’re stored in our basement! Gasp! No more!

  160. Amanda

    Shop the thrift stores with a general idea of what would work – more of an open mind when shopping will be a huge help.

  161. Beth

    Shop your house first because when you move something from one room in your home, it even changes that room. So often we keep everything the same and think it has to stay right where we put it on day one. But moving just a pitcure into another room can create a different feel.
    Love the space you live in!!

  162. Jennie

    White space is important too. Decorating takes time. Enjoy the process.

  163. Laura

    TRANSLATED to your own style, this is great basic info

  164. Margaret

    I’m not sure that I necessarily “learned” anything new this week, but I was reminded of the fact that you can’t be too specific when thrifting – just have a general idea of what you want or need. The finished room is really pretty – love the color combinations.

  165. Alicia

    Fun! Can’t wait to see more in depth pictures 🙂

    I learned to DIY my own art even though I’m not an artist.

  166. Rebecca

    “Start in one room. Don’t start it all at once.” I need to remember this! I tend to look around our house and just mentally rack up the to do list instead of focusing and actually making progress. I should probably start with the bathroom (I avoid it because the work needed there is more functional than pretty) and then tackle my bedroom. It used to be the oasis in our home, but now it’s started collecting the things that don’t fit elsewhere (the effects of adding two, soon to be three, children to a tiny apartment!).

  167. Tonia Jeffery

    I love when it was said that sometimes to have to make something imperfect to make it beautiful. That is something I really need to remember.

  168. Laura

    How did you get the pillow off the cover of the book into Allison’s room. MAGIC

  169. Vivian T

    Go yo the thrift store with an idea, but keep an open mind!

  170. Linda H.

    Start with what you have!

  171. Sara Louise

    I learned to not be afraid, and to shop by own home.

  172. Sandra

    Reuse a canvas. Start fresh. Thanks for including us in the makeover.

  173. Allison

    As much as I love HGTV and all things decor, I have been terrified to hang pictures or paint pieces of furniture in my home for fear of making a mistake. Seeing this makeover and hearing the delight in your voices of trying new things and even nailing a hole in the wall in order to hang something that is loved has freed me to have fun with my home and not worry about pleasing others but making it a place that reflects our values and personalities. Thank you!

  174. Holly Ritchey

    I really enjoyed the piece – I already “shop” my rooms first, but the idea of going to a thrift store with just a general idea, instead of specifics, I liked that lots!

  175. Donna G

    Shop what you have, and be flexible.

  176. Heidi

    I love the start with what you have, use what you already have…SHOP your home!! 🙂

  177. Laurel

    My takeaway: It seemed that these ladies either already had “fresh eyes” for the space (because two of them don’t see that space on a daily basis) or, (as was the case for the homeowner) chose to take a fresh look at this living room. Setting aside former ideas about a space and seeing (imagining) a newer, fresher, revived version didn’t mean the room had to be stripped of all that was old, but that a few key parts of the room (those screaming “help!” the loudest–like the dark fireplace) should get a major update (at a very minor price).

  178. Kim Sullivan

    I love then new space! This has been such a great series to watch. Thank you so much for sharing!

  179. angela

    that i need to let go of my inhibitions of thrifting of that it’s old and someone else’s and remember that it can be cleaned and prettied up to make it mine!

  180. Tammy G

    I like the nester’s motto… that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!!! I also learned to clear the room out, adjust the furniture, then begin to add things. I love shopping my own home and moving things around!!!

  181. Margie

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Thanks for the reminder.

  182. Liddy

    The favorite thing I learned is to “shop my home” and find creative ways to change those things up!

  183. Nina

    I loved all of the Nester’s advice and I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to work but my favorite part of this little series that I’ve learned is that I am not the only one with this decorating dilemma! I put alot of pressure on myself and want every room in my home to be pinterest perfect, but it is so nice to know there really is no such thing as a perfect looking home..especially with two young children!

  184. jodie

    clear the room of everything but furniture FIRST. never occurred to me although it seems obvious now.

  185. Laura Johnson

    I loved the idea of taking canvases from a thrift store and repainting them to work in your space. And the painting doesn’t even need to be complicated…it could be dots, stripes, or just any simple pattern. I think that will really help me to bring more color to my walls!

  186. Lindsey

    I love thrifting. I’ve found some of the best pieces in thrift stores! No one really knows the difference. We did this for my wedding and found awesome pieces that we could paint to match the wedding colors and place throughout. I am working on reupholstering a bench to go at the foot of my bed.. Only paid $15 for the bench.

  187. Robyn

    Love the tip of taking everything out of the room and then bringing the big pieces into the room first.

  188. Maria

    The room is lovely! I’m feeling inspired to paint some canvases for above my couch.

  189. Debbie W

    Think simply. Don’t be overwhelmed. Have fun.

  190. Debbie W.

    Clearing everything out first – awesome idea and going to a thrift store. Now I need to try it! Can’t wait

  191. Melissa

    Use what you have! (It’s so tempting to go out and shop) Might have to try the canvases too!

  192. Teresa

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful struck a chord with me! I have been too picky!

  193. Danna DeMars

    “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” 🙂 Good thing!
    I really enjoyed this and am feeling a bit inspired! Thanks!

  194. Allison Humphries

    I loved the tree stumps and buying already painted canvases to reuse! Love this series, and the timing is perfect. I have been in my home for almost 9 years, and didn’t start to really beautify until we thought we might be moving:( I would also love to know the color paint that Allison used on her walls. Thanks for such a great very doable tips.

  195. Renee

    love it! i like the idea to shop my own house 🙂 now THAT is budget friendly.

  196. Susan

    It doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfectly beautiful! I really struggle with perfection, so I was glad to have this affirmation. 🙂

  197. katie sexton

    I want to update my house starting with the living room…..but I get so overwhelmed.
    These are such great ideas…..I would love to get a free copy of the book 🙂

  198. Lorrie

    Love, love, love that Nester incorporated the deer mounts!!! That is so my life!

  199. Rachel Lundy

    I learned to look for canvases at the thrift store. If I don’t like the painting that is on them, I can just paint over it!

  200. Melaie Gamlin

    I love starting with what I have. What a simple place to start.

  201. Rebecca Ann

    I liked the art work ideas and to use what I have.

  202. sandi from NE

    wonderful ideas, we love thrift store adventures

  203. Sally Ferguson

    Favorite thing? The power of friendship to equip a person to go out on a limb, when she’s afraid to put nail holes in the wall!
    Loved the ukulele music; so upbeat!

  204. Hannah C.

    Definitely appreciated the encouragement to start small and work your way to bigger, pricier statement pieces. I really want to finish decorating the home, but I don’t have the budget to furnish from huge retailers nor the guts to thrift and DIY. Inspired to take the first step toward being a braver decorater!

  205. Anita

    I stumbled upon the day 3 “Big Reveal”. I loved it!! My favorite tip was to shop from your own home. But I also love that The Nester, Myquillen (sp?) is promoting the idea that you can use what you love and already have to create your own beauty. Within a home, much of the beauty comes from the personalities, experiences, and memories of the people in the home. These can’t be manufactured and sold. 🙂

  206. Jessica Evans

    I love “It doesn’t have to be perfect”! <3 that alone was so inspiring, thank you SO much!

  207. Sonja

    I loved how you took one large wall and kind of made three sections of it, making each section sort of its own place. I have a HUGE wall that has varying heights and such and never thought to take it all one space at a time. I thought I had to do something over the whole wall.

    I appreciate the helpful advice and also the idea of taking out the fireplace insert. Part of me is ready to rip mine out right now! XD

    Thank you, ladies, for the great tips and fun videos! 🙂

  208. Jenna

    I learned not to get overwhelmed by my space and to take what I have at home and work with that.

    Thanks ladies!!

  209. LoW

    I love the transformation! I totally want to try some of these tips. However, I think it would be more real if you had someone with NO artistic ability, aka ME, I am a Math and Science thinker I feel like I can never just go to a thrift store and buy items that work with my items I already have. But after watching this I am for sure going to try. Thanks for the tips!

  210. Janice Mullins

    I loved watching the revel! The thing I learned was to shop thrift stores before buying anything. Also, to reuse what I already have. I would really like to win a copy of the book!
    Have a blessed day!

  211. Marielle

    Love the tip on pulling everything out of the room besides big furniture, then taking the time to place the furniture in the right places then working from there. I’m on a “Clean House” kick at the moment and I noticed that that’s one of the first steps they do when redecorating a room. I haven’t personally tried it out yet, but I imagine it makes it a lot easier to envision different styles and opens up a lot of more options design wise that might’ve not been thought of prior.

  212. Lynn Cowell

    You all did a terrific job! Thanks for sharing this with us! It was really fun 🙂

  213. Megan

    My favorite part was the transformation of the fireplace. I absolutely loved it. The whole process of decorating intimidates me, but I learned that I just need to start with what I have and start small. Thank you for this video series.

  214. Jackie Hughes

    I liked the reminder to start with what I have and leave some white space

  215. Tina

    Love the transformation! My favorite thing was the idea of using what I have and re-do !Thanks for all the great ideas!!

  216. Kristine

    I love that she encouraged us to start with what we have! I get so discouraged looking around my apartment at times but this week, I’ve looked at things differently and found some ways to update with what’s already there. Thank you!!

  217. Tammi Davidson a/k/a Mrs Leonard Davidson

    I felt affirmed after watching the videos. I’m not the only gal out there that loves a challenge and also loves to take junk and turn into treasure. I also felt like Lysa exposes herself in such a way that made you feel like she was “normal” and “relatable”. I feel like she’d be easy to make friends with. And in today’s world we need more approachable mentors like Lysa, out there :-). My husband is a friend thru AACC and I feel like we could be too. !! Be Blessed and keep being You !!!

  218. Amy Miller

    I love how she said to shop from your home first, I love doing that!

  219. Heidi

    The best thing I learned was the order The Nester gave for tackling a room – remove everything, then place the largest items, focus on the most important walls/spaces, then add accents – it really makes it feel doable!!

  220. Amy J. Bennett

    I just loved this series! Thanks for hosting this!

    My favorite thing I learned (or relearned) was to go get fresh clippings from the yard!

  221. Andrea

    Shop your home- love that idea!

  222. Shalena

    I love, love, love how simple it was to add such a pop of color to a drab area!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  223. Susan

    Loved this! My favorite part is that The Nester 🙂 says it doesn’t have to be perfect and that it should be a collection of warm and inviting things to make you feel loved and at home! That’s how I want my family and friends to feel when they are in our home!

  224. Megan

    I learned to make a list of what I’m looking for and be open to the possibilities at thrift stores.

  225. Jo LeBlanc

    For me, the best “take-away” I got was starting with what I’ve got. The Lord has blessed us abundantly, and I know within this home I have tge beginnings of a fresh, new start! Adding a few thrift store and garage sales finds, and I’ll be well on my way to making this home more comfortable for us and our guests. Thank you for these tips this week! I’ll be putting them in to practice!

  226. Paula Jolly

    My favorite takeaway from this series: Start in one room… start with what you have.

    I have decorating ADHD! I’ll start in one room & then my brain starts processing all the other possibilities for other rooms – it’s cRaZy!!

  227. Lori

    Absolutely loved this!!! Loved the art wall and the idea of buying a canvas at a thrift store and painting over it! And the stumps! Oh my goodness, never would of thought of that but turned out great! It looks some homey and comfy and inviting! Great job!! Wish you could come to my house!! 🙂

  228. Nicole

    Great tips! My fav is one room at a time – otherwise it’s too overwhelming.

  229. Sandy

    I learned what kind of mindset to have when you go into a thrift store – so helpful!

  230. vicki r

    I love learning that is doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful !

  231. Robin t

    Trying again, thanks

    • Robin t

      Oops, I love that got says went don’t have to be perfect, just persistent…same thing the nester says in essence.

      • Robin t

        God (got)

  232. Patricia

    I think it will be more manageable to start small, one room at a time. I’m actually concentrating on a huge closet I will have when we move into a much smaller home. Strange, I know. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book.

  233. jane

    I liked not only starting in one room, but even doing one section at a time. I also loved the lines or dots on a white painted canvas. So simple, but looks cool.

  234. amy

    I learned how to look at the items I already have differently and use them again. Love the idea of finding canvas at thrift stores, too!

  235. angie

    Shop your own home first – brilliant!

    I loved following along this week, thanks!

  236. Sharon

    I love that you can completely transform a room with just 250 dollars!! It looks so different & ‘put together’. The room has a designer feel to it & at the same time I can see how I could totally try this by following the steps Nester mentioned. I love the gallery wall too.
    Well done

  237. JulieAnn Wynia

    Loved the whole series….but especially loved that she put her husbands deer head in the room. We have been taxidermists for 40 years…and had to close our shop due to my husbands’ health battle with Lyme Disease. 🙁 So was happy to see a mount used in her room – her respect for her husbands love of his trophy!! 🙂

  238. Allison A.

    Start with what you have!

  239. Erin F

    My favorite tips were to shop your home and use the yucky thrift store canvas paintings and just create over top of them. What a fun series–thanks!

  240. Kelly T

    So many great tips…and SO motivating. $250 for a large room, what? So encouraging! My fav tip might just be the use of thrift store canvas for easy and striking custom art. I CAN do that! Thanks for this series!

  241. Carolyn Rogers

    I love the 3 step process from yesterday that makes this less overwhelming and more simple to do. Thank you, Nester and Lysa!

  242. Jean

    I really enjoyed your videos. The reveal was fabulous. Loved all the “things” that she already had in her house that just needed to be put together. Getting ready to redo the dining area of my country kitchen and would love to have The Nester’s book to get some ideals. This was really so much fun

  243. Liz

    I loved the suggestion of starting with cheaper pieces at the thrift store, in order to try my hand at refinishing. I can be such an overachiever and go for the big pieces of furniture..only to have them sit in my garage because I am entirely overwhelmed by the endeavor. Thanks for the inspiration, Nester and Lysa!

  244. Gerri S.

    I learned that you take everything out of the room, and start adding back to it!

  245. Cristy

    My favorite tip was the idea of buying canvases and painting over them

  246. Emily

    I love everything about The Nester and this mini

  247. Rebecca Portteus

    I just love that we are encouraged to take things we love and make it beautiful!!!

  248. Rosa

    My favorite thing I learned this week was that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! 🙂

  249. Christian

    What a fun series; I’ve enjoyed it so much! My favorite lesson this week has been the encouragement to take action using what I already have. Even if the space isn’t my ideal, chances are I can significantly improve it with things I already own. That’s been inspiring and empowering for me.

  250. bren j.

    This (and the related post from the Nesting Place) are incredibly timely for us. We finally have a bit of cash to decorate but trying to decide how to use it best and incorporate what we already have vs. what we’d still like to get has been a challenge!
    That said, what I’ve learned this week – unrelated to decorating – is that the temperature of the flour influences the outcome of the baking.

  251. Shereen

    I liked the “revolutionary” idea to even buy a canvas print you don’t like and paint it!!! What a great idea and not intimidating! Our family recently moved and my sister told me about you. I am so excited about getting your book!

  252. Ann : )

    Clear out all the knick knacks, etc. and shop what you already have. I know I need to add color but so lack confidence.

  253. Laura

    My favorite and most helpful was something I have NEVER heard before and makes perfect sense. Empty out everything except the furniture, and then look at the room and determine the main walls that are focal points. I can’t wait to do this with our family room!

  254. Ashley Neill

    I learned to not go into thrift stores with specific needs but instead general ideas– such great advice! Thanks for doing this awesome series!

  255. Samra Poole

    I learned to concentrate on one room. This is hard for me because I always think about the bigger picture.

  256. Peg J. Ribble

    I learned not to be to perfect, use what you got. Look in all the other rooms for items that could be switched to other rooms for different looks! Loved it all! She made it look so easy though.

  257. Kristen Allen Miller

    Clear everything out and place furniture first. Simple wisdom!

  258. Sharon

    I love these bite size reminders! I read The Nesting Place 2 weeks ago and couldn’t put it down! Yes the decorating tips were wonderful but the big picture perspective was exactly what I needed to remember. I need to make a comfortable home a priority, where everyone feels welcome. It does NOT have to be perfect. The things I use should make me happy, not please the decorating police. These are just a few of the highlights that blessed me. I’ve since hit the yard sales, shopped my house (where I repurposed a chest and painted it to be my first coffee table) and I’m making a gallery wall. As a busy mom I’d made excuses but God used The Nester to get me back on track. I’ll have to check out this book again (my best friend has the library copy now), it’s so timely!

  259. Lori P

    I love the idea of shopping in your own home and repurposing things.

  260. Mitzi

    I have loved this series! I was a little discouraged with my own living room and by starting with what I had and a little rearranging, moving things to other spaces, I’m totally satisfied with what I accomplished. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  261. Rachel S.

    I love the subtitle….”it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”! I definitely need to remember that. I also liked the tips about starting in one room and also shopping your house first.

  262. yvonne

    I try not to buy stuff that I end up not using. I have so many stuff that I have accumulated over the years and many of them still unused. I need to start with what i have and get rid of home items that I don’t enjoy. Thank you for helping me do a project ” a small bite at a time”

  263. Suzy Field

    I love the advice she gives when shopping garage sales or thrift stores – Would you buy it if it were in Anthropology? Sometimes its hard to see beyond all the junk at yard sales, so this was helpful advice!

  264. Barbara

    “Start in one room” would be one of the most important things I learned this week. I guess you could say I have ADD, especially when it comes to projects around the house. Focusing my time and energy on one thing at a time is a challenge for me, but if I’m reminded enough, I’ll get it! And I have to say that the idea of “shopping my house first” really inspired me and got the wheels a-turnin’.

  265. Autumn W

    Thank you for postings! I have a prayer request. Six months ago my husband walked out on our marriage for another woman. He has also turned away from God. God has made it very clear that I am not to give up on my marriage so I am standing in the gap for my husband’s relationship with Christ and his return home. At this time, he is in another state and I have no contact with him. I am asking everyone that I can to please pray for Shawn to turn back to Christ, his return to our marriage, and strength for me to see this through no matter how long it takes as I am beginning to lose hope. Would you please pray for us? Thank you!!

  266. Jill

    My favorite tip was to shop your home. I pulled a blanket from one room and put it on my bed. I found some hand me down wooden sconces that had been in my attic. I plan on painting them.

  267. Wanda Webb

    I’ve enjoy learning a lot for my new apartment. I always felt everything should match and I found out that is not always true. I love the part with the side tables and lamps. Thank-you I found a lot of help for my place. My daughter Amanda found a lot she wants to change in her family room. Thank-you so much.

  268. wendy

    For someone who is completely decorator challenged, this was great! Thank you for all the great tips!

  269. Evelyn

    I have a collection of some unique “finds” and ideas for repurposing and refurbishing many of these items. Now I have to dive in and get these projects done. Today, I got lots of inspiration from your blog and can’t wait to implement these changes!

  270. Kristen

    I love this! Thanks for doing this series! My son is getting married in August and I’m giving this to his new bride as they are young and broke! 🙂 What a triumph to create beauty within your budget!! Great job everyone!

  271. Kristen

    Oh, the favorite thing I learned this week is to go into a thrift store or garage sale with an open mind! I get too specific and frustrated. So freeing to have a general idea and let God provide what I need…:)

  272. Sherri Y.

    My favorite thing was the reminder to shop my home first & see what I can get for free 🙂

  273. Mary Borgsmiller

    I learned so much! Painting the brick is not the end of the world! Only one room at a time and shop your home. The stumps and canvas ideas are genius!!!! Love the transformation!

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    visit us to read your daily devotional at

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