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Turning a House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 1

June 23, 2014

I stood in the grocery store line staring at all the picture perfect homes featured on the displayed magazine covers. Their glistening perfection mocked my reality.

Those homes looked so inviting and put together.

How did they know to paint that table that color? Put those different patterned pillows on the same couch? And hang those pictures in an offset way that still looks so very balanced?

I decided to go home and give it a whirl. But I walked into my space and felt overwhelmed and paralyzed.

Have you ever felt that way?

We want our homes to have a welcoming look that functions well for our family but for the life of us, we can’t figure out how to pull it all together. And even if we have a decorator’s knack and a grand vision for making our space lovely, our budget taps us on the shoulder and reminds us of just how limited we are.

Well… what if I told you that what you’ve already got in your home, coupled with a little thrift store shopping, is enough to turn at least one of your rooms into a space you’ll love?

Turning Your House into a Home on a Thrift Store Budget: Day 1

That’s why I want to do a special series this week. We are about to learn together how to turn a house into a home on a thrift store budget. One of my co-workers, Alison, has agreed to be our featured makeover.

Alison only has $250 and three days to take her den from drab to fab.

And since I’m really no help at all in this area, I’ve invited my sweet friend, Myquillyn Smith (also known as The Nester), to do this fun decorating project with me and my team. You don’t want to miss our thrifting and sifting and wandering through all kinds of fun places!

I think you’ll find some simple ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own space.

And the best part? You won’t break the bank. Not even close.

Watch the video below to see what I mean. (If you’re viewing this in an email, click here to watch the video.)

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“Nester Notes”: 5 Simple Reminders for Thrifting, Yard Saleing and Antiquing

1. Go with an open mind. Don’t walk in looking for a 20-inch green leather ottoman. Instead have a general idea of things you could use like a wooden chair, a lamp, a large decorative vase, etc.

2. Ask yourself, “If this was in Anthropologie would I love it and want to buy it?” If the answer is yes, you should buy it now!

3. Look first at size, shape, condition and function of items. You can usually change the color and fabric if you like it.

4. Don’t expect to find something every time you shop. Grab a drink from Sonic and just enjoy the process of looking through the items. If I can hit five stores in one day, I usually (but not always) end up with a few interesting items.

5. Start small and work up to bigger risks. Don’t buy the $150 dresser from the thrift store in hopes of refinishing it if you’ve never tried it before. Instead, start with the $7 night stand. What’s the worst that can happen? You hate it and lose $7. But if it works?! You now have a nightstand you LOVE for just a few dollars; this is SO worth the risk.

Isn’t Nester so smart and adorable? You will absolutely want to get her book, The Nesting Place. Click here to purchase your copy! You’ll find it chock-full of great tips, beautiful pictures from Nester’s home, and sweet perspectives teaching “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” You’ll feel right at home reading it.

The Nesting Place

Today, I’m giving 3 commenters a signed copy of The Nesting Place. To enter, leave a comment below telling me which friend you plan to invite to join us here on the blog this week.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more decorating tips and to see the exciting progress on Alison’s room makeover.

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  1. Liz Lynn

    I would love to freshen the look of my living room, but have little money and not much energy due to chronic pain. I look forward to any ideas and help you can give.

  2. Carlene Brown

    Sounds like exactly what I need …… just removed wallpaper, textured and painted the laundry room, bath and an upstairs bath. Bare walls, needs some “stuff” ….. looking forward to some ideas for wall “dressing” ….. great idea, thanks!

  3. Ajeenah Gayhardt

    I plan on inviting my friends Crystalle, Ty’Isha and Aisha to the blog this week 🙂

    • Ajeenah Gayhardt

      Also, me and my husband are also purchasing our first home and will be closing in the middle of July (God willing :-)). I need all the tips I can get on how to turn my house into a home while on a budget because a budget we will be on for sure 🙂

  4. Susan

    What fun and I like that it sounds doable…. beauty without being perfection! Thankyou.

  5. Susan

    What fun and I like that it sounds doable…. beauty without being perfection! 🙂

  6. Melody

    I’m a plain Jane farm girl and need help with this. I live in town in a small 3bdrm house with 5 of us. So excited and am going to share this with my sweet friend who enjoys tips too

  7. Shannon Kemp

    I am so excited for this series! We just moved into a new home with more space, and I am so overwhelmed with trying to make this house feel like “home”! I become paralyzed, just like you said! I am also sharing this with my friend Heidi. She will love it! Thanks, Lysa, for ministering, once again, on just what I need! God is so good!

  8. Loree

    This sounds awesome, I always say that I wish someone would come & help me move & reuse things to redecorate my home.

  9. vanessa beazle

    This is so great! Thank you – n i’ll b inviting my friend Jen…

  10. Amanda Bacon

    Hooray! I’ve been waiting to see what you guys would be up to when I saw the sneak peek on Instagram a few weeks ago! This sounds so fun. 🙂 Thanks for taking us along for the ride! I think I’ll invite my dear friend Anne-Renee to check out this series.

    P.S. I’ve been dying to get my hands on The Nesting Place!

  11. Vici

    Lysa, I will share this information with my sister. She is a fabulous Mom and decorator on a very limited budget. Her home oozes of spirituality. I am a teacher also with very limited funds. I am excited to participate in this new series. Thanks bunches for the hope of getting a signed copy of “The Nesting Place”. (Sorry about the quotes, the text box won’t let me underline. It’s the teacher in me.)

  12. Kimberly

    Going to find a friend to get on the makeover wagon with me!

  13. Shelli

    I’m excited about this series. I am very curious about design but I never take the steps to redesign rooms in my house, however,my friend Jaimee author of the blog All Mimsy (http://allmimsyblog.blogspot.com) is a wonderfully creative and brave designer. It’ll be fun to go through this series together. I think it’ll motivate me to try something new.

    I can’t wait to read the book “The Nesting Place.”

  14. Shelli

    I’m also excited to invite my friend JoLynn who is a master Garage Saler. She finds the most amazing deals and unique items. I go to the same Garage Sale and have difficulty envisioning items that would look good in my house. I can’t wait for this fun series.

  15. Barbie

    Looking forward to this. I need lots of help!

  16. my2boys11@hotmail.con

    I will invite Lillian and Nishika because we are always trying to update our homes on a budget .

  17. tammy

    my friend barb

  18. Robin Jackson

    Looking forward to this weeks inspiration on budget decorating ideals! I’m sharing with two sweet friends!

  19. Jan Schroeder

    I love repurposing things.. Sounds like this will be a great series!!

  20. Debbie W

    House therapy! Yep, that’s what I need….in more ways than one! It will be fun to watch you guys. Hopefully inspiring enough that I will want to go thrift store shopping which is not my favorite things to do. I’ll share this with my friend who loves thrift stores.

  21. Laura

    Thank you for this series! I will definitely be following. Just yesterday I was paging thru Better Homes and Gardens looking for inspiration. I love thrifting and antiquing, but sometimes have trouble rolling out my vision. Similar to Alison, I have “nail in the wall commitment issues” so will look forward to hearing what the Nester has to say about that topic.
    I will be telling Judy and Mary (my antiquing mentors) about your series.

  22. Susan Bradbury

    I have always lived on a thifty budget. It is amazing what you can do with next to nothing! 🙂

  23. Kathie S

    As a creative and crafty type of person i can’t wait to read this book. My sister struggles with depression terribly and on many occasions I have helped her clean and organize her home for her and my niece. I think this will give me some great ideas to use to help make her house her true home where she can seek refuge and feel the true love of God. I want her to feel good about herself and help my niece feel at home and comfortable, just as my Mom did for us growing up.

  24. Amy N.

    Love thrift store shopping! I love to organize and rearrange things in my house and often go looking for just a little something to dress up a room, or just wander around. It’s something my children enjoy doing with me, too!

  25. Glenda

    I am soooooooooo excited to find this blog! I was just sent your devotional “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. I plan on doing that AND sharing this blog with my friend, Heidi!

  26. Sandra

    Yeah! Help on a budget. I am going to love this and can’t wait to share with Pats. Thanks!

  27. Lorraine

    I’ve been living with my adult daughter for the past 4 years due to a uninsured disaster in my life. We are going separate ways soon and I own virtually no furniture. It’s going to be a challenge to make myself a new home on my teeny tiny budget. I could really use some help.

  28. Jess

    My mom and I both would love this book!

  29. Brenda

    Wow! What a great idea. My husband has been refinishing furniture for our son and his new bride. They love the look of antique furniture. I will invite her along! We have found some great finds for our home also!

  30. Lori

    Looking forward to this series! I’m going to share this with my two daughters who are starting out in places of their own.

  31. Kayla Graves

    I am inviting my friend, Stephanie Van Loo to join us this week! She has just inherited her grandmothers house and plans to redo it but is on a tight budget like the rest of us! Looking forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us!

  32. Gerri S.

    I’m inviting my friend, Jenni! We are yard sale junkies in the biggest way, and you know a yard sale find is the beginning of a new decorating project! 🙂

  33. Deeana Grasa

    Looking forward to this weeks tips! Would enjoy the book too!

  34. Debra

    Sandy Gladding

  35. Linda Thomas

    I’m inviting my daughter, Christy to join us. She is an amazing bargain hunter. It will be a joy to learn together how to add extra pizzaz to our homes on a budget.

  36. Debra

    I would love to redo my home and have the book. I would invite Gerri.

  37. Lisa

    Oh this is exactly what I need. I love reworking my home when I get bored with it every so often and I’d love tips on how to better find things at Thrift stores. I’m so intimidated by those stores. Also would love to know how to better visualize those things redone and in my home. Great sounding book!!

  38. Kristi Clenney

    I’m going to tell my friend Tracy about it. She’s great at yard sales and thrift store shopping! I can’t wait to see the tips and ideas.

  39. Patti Wentling

    So excited for this series. Would love to win a copy of this book. I, too, have great ideas, but get overwhelmed and just give up!

  40. Sabra Penley

    Lysa, this is just what I need this week. A breath of fresh air–in my heart and in my home. My son is leaving soon for law school. We’ll be empty nesters for good this time (well, that’s how it looks right now), and I need a guest room/writing space. I’ve been thinking about how to make it just right–with very little money–and your words come along this morning. Can’t wait to read what you have for us next. Thanks, Lysa…and Myquillin. Blessings to you both!

  41. Dayna DeLoach

    I am really looking forward to this week’s series!!!!!! I longingly look through the pages of home improvement magazines knowing I do not have the funds to transform my rooms like the magazine’s cover shows. I have shopped at thrift stores but don’t really know what to look for. I’m inviting my sister Vivian!

  42. Carolyn Rogers

    Overwhelming is right! I can’t even begin to wrap my brain cells around decorating. I’ve settled for “what I did 10 years ago before the kids seems to be enough” and not even go there. Thx, Lysa for a fun few days.

  43. jessica

    My mom!! We go yard saleing every Saturday together and have a great time! It is a bonding experience for us because we spend time together and also help each other get great deals and ideas. I have saved so much money by decorating our home with second hand finds and have so many unique pieces!

  44. Angel

    Hi Lisa! I’d really like to have a home that feels inviting. I will be inviting my friend Melissa. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

  45. Annette D.

    Love the sounds of this book. A friend just recently dumpster dove an old dresser and it looks awesome how she remade it. Seeing beauty in all things 🙂

  46. Jennifer

    I love these tips, the 2nd one being my favorite. I posted this on my FB page and invited all of my friends to join. I would really enjoy this book (and my husband would probably be appreciative too). Looking forward to future posts
    Be blessed 🙂

  47. Debbie

    I’m sharing this with my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law because she and my son will be decorating their new home soon and I know she will absolutely love this book!

  48. Wendy

    I am really excited about this! I’m going to invite my son. He is on a tight budget and needs some great ideas!

  49. Natalie C

    I would invite my friend Cece to the blog as we are always talking about having a Proverbs 31 home and always saying how we often fall short of this goal. With me with 5 kids and her with 3 it can be often very overwhelming at times so I would love a copy of this book 🙂

  50. Glenda Jackson

    I really need this help. Several,of my friends always know how to put things together. I am completely inept at doings this. I want my home to be more inviting, and I have very little money. Also, I need help with the steps for doing this. I plan to share this with my sister. Thank you so much Lysa. P.S. I am so very excited that you are coming to Fitzgerald, Georgia in February 2015. I already have my ticket. Fifty of us are going together from our church Northside Baptist in Tifton, Georgia.

  51. Vivian T

    I can’t wait to read this series! And I really need this book! We’ve recently tightened our budget “buckle” and money is not flowing as freely as it once was. My friend who is out of work (and so is her husband) will love reading this!

  52. Georgia

    Hi, Lysa! Looking forward to hearing all the tips! I will share this with my friend Loretta. Thank you!

  53. Anne

    Love this and I am excited about this series. I love thrifting and find it so much fun to reuse treasures in my home.

  54. Pam

    Hi Lysa, I’m so excited to follow along. I’ve lived in my house for 17 years and still haven’t painted the walls. I just don’t know how to pick the right colors, everything is mismatched, and there’s always something else in our household that becomes a higher priority. I’m always so envious of my friends who have this skill and their homes are so beautiful. Now that everyone posts on fb what they’ve done to their homes, it feels like so much pressure! I can’t wait to follow along and become inspired and equipped to make some choices.

  55. Michele Morin


  56. Sonya McCllough

    I would love to win a signed copy. I will share share this with my best friend and husband as a move is in order for the all of us! Super excited.

  57. Diane Decker

    Lysa – I am in a book club studying your book – Made to Crave – we met the other night and one of the girls was talking about redoing furniture so easily. Well you know how us women are – we were all ready for a transformation at home.
    Actually I have two pieces of old furniture just sitting – one is that “$7 night stand” you spoke of. Thanks for the inspiration – can’t wait to follow along. would love the book too! I am sharing this with my sister – the friend I share everything with!
    Thanks and God Bless your ministry.

  58. Elosia

    Oh boy….this type of stuff stresses me out! I’m not a perfectionist but I like to be right or wrong when I do things and when I’m wrong I want to fix it. Yikes!! So crafts, painting, decorating, etc. stress me out because there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do these things. I’m the friend in our circle of friends who doesn’t like to shop, doesn’t like to decorate, because I can’t be “right” at it. Help!! I’m going to invite Kathryn, Tonya and Stacie to this series so they can watch me transform 🙂

  59. Paige

    I am going to share this with my mom. She just bought an old fixer upper, and generally she doesn’t thrift shop but with her budget I think she’ll find it useful. Looking forward to the tips!

  60. Paula

    Hi. I am planning to tell my daughter-in-law, Alexis about your blog. She is a young mother of 2 adorable daughters. She and my son are in the process of taking over a thrift store that was started by a man at their church in mid July. This book would be a definite encouragement to her!

  61. Joy Brenneman

    Decorating is so frustrating for me. I need HELP!

  62. Tracy Hatcher

    This is an excellent concept! I definitely want to know more! I have loved the concept of thrifting and did a lot of it when my daughter was a baby (now she is expecting a baby) more for clothing than anything else (because most baby clothes don’t wear out before they grow out of them). Now I find myself really trying to follow God’s plan for me and am feeling the call to be a better steward of what he gives me/us. We have an empty room (well almost empty) that gets excellent morning sun that I would love to use more often and have wanted a solution but have such a tight budget that to purchase a sofa would blow the entire thing. So that said, I am very excited about this series. My only issue is that I have little time to act on it with two full time jobs and full time school, taking the time to browse is not something I typically have a lot of time for.

  63. Lynette

    This is a fantastic book – I have re-read it NUMEROUS times!!! It gave me the courage to finally paint an old dresser that I bought more years ago than I want to admit (like 10ish) I took the leap, and I absolutely LOVE it! Why didn’t I do it sooner??? LOL

    I will invite everyone I know – this is awesome!!!

    God bless!!!!

  64. Wanda Webb

    I have just divorced and moved into a one bedroom apartment. It’s going to be great to watch how to get help decorating frontroom/dinnig together. Just starting over with nothing.Thank-you so much this came in the right time in my life.

  65. Wanda Webb

    Forgot to say that I’m going to invite my daughter Amanda she’s pretty crafty to begin with.

  66. Jo Ann Burnham

    I am going to invite my daughter. She has 3 children, all under the age of 7 and in the past year has really started couponing and also trying ways to decorate their home on a very limited budget. It would be a great way for us to share some time together and also gather ideas that we can share together.

  67. Robin

    I can’t wait to invite my mom!

  68. Shebrina

    My house is full of handy me downs and cheap finds and I have to admit as Allison has done I have from time to time picked stuff up off the side of the road. I’m constantly rearranging but never feel settled about my house. I love orangization and until we build our new home we are constricted to limited storage in our home now. So excited about the blogs this week.

  69. Stacey

    Fun! Can’t wait to see what y’all do. 🙂

  70. Julie

    I have always struggled with these topics! How do I make our home for family of 6 welcoming, and beautiful…but yet how do I afford what I like? I am crossing my fingers I can win this book to help me on our quest! Please please:-)

  71. Lori Myers

    Hi, Lysa! Wow, wow, wow…… I am super excited about your new series and I have invited my friend, Tammie, to watch the videos with me.

  72. Christy

    I want to share this with my sister, Debby, who lives in another state. We both really try over the years to accomplish these things and like to do it “together” over the phone when we have the time to do the work and then share with one another. It is always more fun when we can do a project together when we can, but that does not happen very often. The blog and book will be wonderful inspiration and addition to keep on keeping on!

  73. Deb

    I’d love a copy of the book! In anticipation of putting an addition on our home, I began looking for items we’d need – thankfully, we had an extra stall in the garage to store them in. Before the work began, we had several items; by the time the work was completed, we were pretty much set with yard sale, thrift store, items picked up by the side of the road to completely ‘outfit’ the room. We had a budget way less than $250 & were able to spread the buying over a period of about a year. It was exciting to share with family & friends how God provided! Thanks for offering people this opportunity to decorate & not break the budget!

  74. Joyce

    I think most women struggle with decorating. I am older and have recently downsized.
    I have three grand daughters in law who have just purchased their homes. Life is exciting.

  75. Karen

    Sending this link to my momma who is ready for some serious change at her house!

  76. Marion

    Thanks, Lysa. I’m looking forward to seeing this everyday – sounds like fun. I’ll invite my friend Jo to enjoy it also.

    I was blessed to be a student of your series “When Women Say Yes to God” this past spring. Thank you for sharing your life and God’s word with so many women.

  77. kathy

    I am going to invite my daughter. She is on a very strict budget and is trying to put together her rental house since her roommate moved out and took most of the furniture!



  78. Andrea

    I am redoing our bedroom right now on a $200 budget so this is totally where I’m at! I’d love a copy of this book! I plan to forward this email to all the gals in my small group (Rachel, Tasha, Danielle, Kristen, Jill, Cheryl, Cathy, Arianne). Thanks!

  79. Helen

    I’m going to invite my soon to be daughter-in-love, Jackie, to join me. This will be something the two of us will enjoy together and it will definitely be a tool that she could use because she is putting a home together on a shoe string budget. I would love a copy of the book. Thanks Lysa for always coming up with something fun and practical. Blessings to you today!!!!

  80. Cheryl

    So excited for this! I have been in my house for over three years and have yet to make it feel like a home. Budget is always knocking- so excited to see the transformation -using a little to make a sweet space that feels like home!

  81. Linda

    My 25 year old daughter is moving into a new apartment and I’d invite her on this decorating adventure with me!

  82. Carrie

    Hi Lysa and the Nester, Yay! what a fun idea. I love it. I’m sharing this and sending the link to my daughter. She is the thrift store queen with clothes, and I think this will inspire her to use those skills for her home. : )

  83. Jen

    What a great series this will be. I bought this book for my friend Denice and she devoured it! Will be asking her to join in. Thanks for the chance to win a copy for myself! 🙂

  84. Stacey

    Oh, I just saw the give away. If I won this book I’d use it for myself and my son. I’m not the best at thrifting and he’s 24 and in need of everything. We could have so much fun with the advice in the book. Also, he’d probably like Nester’s style more than mine. 🙂

  85. Lynn R Turner

    One friend?? It’s funny that inviting a friend is the entry for this contest because after the first paragraph, I thought, I have to share this with everyone I know! My husband and I are paying our way out of years of irresponsible credit debt, and while thrifting has always been a part of my life ( my friends and I had ‘alternative taste’ in clothing in high school and Hot Topic didn’t exist ), this life-style and economy have drawn me into a much deeper level of my relationship with thrift/consignment stores! Thanks once again for being so ‘real’! I often share your posts, credited of course, some public some private, on facebook and receive thanks for doing so from many friends.
    Erica is the first friend that comes to mind… Thanks!

  86. Tammy

    Oh boy do I need this! All our chicks have flown the coop so it is time to do some sprucing up. Since my dear husband let me quit my job, the budget is much tighter so this will be perfect! I am sharing this with my friend Shelly, she could use it too!!!

  87. Leah Adams

    I will invite my friend Julie. Thanks for a neat opportunity!

  88. Monica Davis

    My best friend, Barbara, has lived in her home for a few years now and has yet to decorate because of their financial situation. She’s always “oohing & awwing” when we browse at different stores, but never purchases anything. I will definitely invite her to view this fun and exciting decorating adventure. In fact, if I am chosen to receive the book I will pass it along to her as a nice gift of encouragement. Thanks Lysa!

  89. Jane Smith

    I just saw this book at Barnes & Noble & loved it! It was the first home book that encouraged me instead of overwhelming me! Looking forward to this series this week! Would love a signed copy! 🙂

  90. Sarah Blasing

    I will be sharing this with my sister! And some church friends! I would love this book to help make our house a home on a budget. I am a stay at home momma and do daycare and this would be such a blessing! Decorating definitely is not a natural gift I was given. :). So I would love some tips!

  91. Chris Carter

    How about I just invite all my FB friends? Yeah. I’ll do that. 😉

    What a lovely book and a great series!!

  92. Jana

    Thrifting s so much fun! But, it is easy to forget how ‘do-able’ it is when you are feel financial and social pressures. Thank you for the reminder that this can be an achievable and happy pick-me-up!

  93. Shawnna

    So excited for this series. I get paralyzed too!! I’m sharing with my newlywed SIL ……. remember newlywed feeling of wanting to make a cozy home buy having no money to speak of 😀

  94. Chris Carter

    And btw- my sister is just moving into an old farmhouse. I couldn’t think of a more perfect house warming gift!!!

  95. Tina Nobles

    I am excited about this series, I am one who gets overwhelmed quickly when it comes to something like this. I plan on inviting my sister. : )

  96. Vivian

    I would invite my neighbor and thrifty, homeschooling mother of four precious children to joiin my in my shopping and planning adventures.

  97. Crystal

    I love the Nester and the encouragement she provides about loving your home right where you are. Her story is so inspiring.

  98. Shirlyn

    Getting ready for thrift shopping, rented a house for my college students and roommates. Looking forward to the helpful hints! Love this hint: “Would you buy it from Anthropology?”

  99. Sherry

    I love decorating on a shoe string and am looking forward to this series. Thanks for doing what you do best Lysa, encouraging your sisters.

  100. mandy

    I’m going to invite my friend Joy. She loves to remodel furniture and she’s very good at it. She’ll love this blog 🙂

  101. Lisa

    This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to invite my best friend Crystal to check it out.

  102. Jamie

    I plan on sharing with my friend, Teresa!

  103. Devan

    Looking forward to this series! Decorating on a budget can be so challenging!

  104. Ashley

    I am going to post this on Facebook so all of my friends can enjoy it. If I won the book I would give it to my friend Missy, who is a young mother (with #2 on the way!) and she and her husband are on a very tight budget so this would be perfect for them! Thank you Lysa!

  105. Wendi

    I have fallen in love with antiquing and thrift store shopping!! – especially on my low budget!! 🙂 I love Pinterest and just want to b able to try all th homey decor ideas on there. It’s become a happy place for me and I just love to walk thru th stores and dream of how to turn my not so pinteresty home into one!! I’m gonna love your ideas!! Thanx!!

  106. Amanda

    Excited to follow this week…I need new ideas! I am going to share with my friend Jennifer.

  107. Crystal N.

    I plan to invite my mother-in-law to check this out this week! She’s already got great talent in this area, it’s something she really enjoys – I just think this might give her fresh inspiration. 🙂

  108. Kellie

    Today’s my birthday! And I love books, especially this one. This would be the perfect present! I would tell all my fb friends about the book, the blog and with my best friend, my daughter Sophie.

  109. Tiffany Lamar

    Oh I hope I win this! I need so much help fixing up our house!

    I plan on inviting my mom to join in on this fun series!

  110. Felicia

    What a fun project! Can’t wait to see the end results.

  111. Michelle

    Such a fabulous idea! I believe that decorating with thrift store finds makes your space a little more interesting than if you were to only shop retail stores.

  112. Mindy

    I followed Nester over and this is my first time on your blog, so I guess I’m inviting myself! I’ve been wanting to read Nester’s book since it came out. Thanks for telling her to write it!

  113. Susan Sharp

    I’m telling my three amazing daughters, Lauren, Karlee & Mallory and my friend, Brenda who’s moving from her log home to a rental after losing her husband to cancer, starting over completely- with a drastic change in style and very limited funds !

  114. Linda

    Thank you for this…I am not a decorator! I will invite my daughter who loves to rearrange and decorate.

  115. Rose Giese

    This so describes me. I don’t have the gift of “putting things together”, but I do enjoy seeing a room well-done. The tips were great. I’ve never thought about thrift store shopping like that. Blessings!

  116. Marcia

    Hi Lysa, I’m going to ask my daughter to join us. she has a house w/ 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and is on a limited budget. Sounds FUN!

  117. Christa

    I’ve already told a couple friends and relatives about “the Nester.” I love her! I live in an old farmhouse that I’m looking forward to updating and using ideas from this!!!! Unfortunately I haven’t read her book…yet! I would love to receive a copy!!!

  118. Tracey A

    I will invite my creative friend, Melanie. This sounds fun!
    BTW, you are inspirational in many, many ways! We love you!

  119. ginger

    i need to do some updating in my home, and my mom and aunt were both an inspiration, and a great help with redoing things. they are both in Heaven now, probably looking down and wondering why i haven’t changed anything 🙂 this series and book could be just
    the inspiration i need to get started. i am going to share this with my sisters, rachel and hayley, and my son, jake.

  120. Lou Ann

    I will share this with my sweet friend Sherry, who is already decor genius, but loves getting inspired by the creativity of other!

  121. Lori

    I love that decorating has become more about personal expression and less about trend.

  122. Gabrielle

    I love this idea! I’m inviting several of my besties to follow this series- this is one of my favorite pass times and I could use some creative inspiration lately so YAY and thank you for throwing a splash of fun into our summer:)

  123. Cheryl

    Love this . Sharing with Taryn Iavicoli

  124. Liz

    Just stumbled upon this website and I can’t wait to share with my mom, aunt, and good friends! Love it!!

  125. Candace Long

    Looking forward to your series and reading the book! I have been haunting thrift stores, yard and estate sales for years. Love “the thrill of the hunt”! I will share my book with all my friends that I help seeing their visions come true. So excited this am to see this as my first post!

  126. Holly Alexander

    Sharing with my bestie Ginger! We both have been in our marriages 20+ years, both of our older children are out trying to make it without moms doing it for them (which is so hard…totally need to get your book “Am I messing up my kids”). And both of our youngest will be seniors in High School…oh my! With that being said we laugh at each other daily about our messy, teen days, husbands trying, dog hair-filled homes. We always talk about the things we see on pinterest and how we can So do it…then just giggle.

    Thanks for always sharing the words I need to hear. I always pass along what I’ve read…these are great little nuggets I plant in my besties ear…and in my heart!

  127. Kristina Meyer

    I would love to win your book Lysa. I would share it with my daughter who is young, single and in her own starter home. She is just starting a new job and has little to spend. She doesn’t understand how you can create the “magazine” look on a minimal budget. Thanks for the chance to win.

  128. Lisa McCracken

    The Nester is my favorite! I love her blog and her style. She has been such a decorating inspiration to me! Gallery walls for the win! 🙂 I have pointed many in your direction, Lysa, because you speak truth and inspire. My small group just last night decided to study “Unglued” starting next week. We are so excited! Thank you so much for your words and guidance you provide every day. And thank you for the chance to win a signed copy of Nester’s book!

  129. Judy Pearson

    I will be sharing this with several if my cousins, one who owns a thrift store, my sister in law and daughter in law along with several thrifty friends…would love to have a copy of the book as we too work on our little farm house!

  130. Lisa

    What an encouraging thought that I might actually be able to get that “unified” look. I definitely have a hodge podge of ‘stuff,’ and I’m looking forward to these videos and suggestions. And, of course, I’d love to win a book. 🙂

  131. Annette E

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  135. Railey

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  136. shawn

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  138. tarot

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    much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

  139. Catherine

    I have this ‘fear of failure’ when it comes to decorating my home but I LOVE the treasure hunt of second hand & thrift stores! This is just what I need to be confident in adding to hide touches to my home! Thanks Lysa & the Nester!

  140. Nicole Thompson

    I already own a copy of the book, but would love a signed copy enabling me to pass my original on Jenelle Ingle, Bev Cox, or Kim Toadvine!!! I’ll invite them to join!

  141. Jessica

    I’m going to tell my sister about this series! I am no stranger to that paralyzed feeling when I think about decorating my home. There are so many fun ideas circulating Pinterest, but when it comes to choosing just one I’m at a loss. Looking forward to all of the upcoming posts!

  142. Karen G

    I will tell all my friends about this series in a facebook mom group I am part of. I am excited to see more!

  143. April Mae

    I’ll be sharing with Gina Garrett, who just told my daughter yesterday…”your momma has got to be the thrift store queen bee, how in the world does she know what to do with this junk that looks so junky.” WELLLLLL when you work and have absolutely NO MONEY at the end of the month, but your children don’t want to have friends over because they are embarrassed of your house and decor you do what you can to keep a hint of smile on their faces. Now my kids 19 and 17 no longer roll their eyes at me saying I think I am going to check out the local thrift store, they now ask to go with me or they can’t wait to see what I bring home to add to a room, I love it ! BTW, I lost some weight in the last two years, and of course with NO MONEY who could afford a new wardrobe, all my clothes come from a thrift store. I teach, not one day goes by that I don’t get a compliment on something I am wearing. My son got married this time last year, my dress for the wedding….Yep, a thrift store $4.99.

  144. Ritha Bates

    I’m so thankful I found this today! I will be sharing with all my friends on Facebook and especially my friends Danelle, Mary, and Holli. I will also share with my sisters Kelly, Stacey, and Thalynn. I love to thrift store shop and I am so overwhelmed by the choices. I never buy anything, but go all the time.

  145. Kasey

    Love these ideas! We are in the process of moving to a new city. I hope to use some of these ideas as I decorate my new home.

  146. Ashley

    Just texted my friend Erika. We both love Lysa and are Pinterest-aholics. Both on that 20-something’s budget with a love for all things anthropologie. So excited for this series as I’m working on turning my new apartment into a mini-home so it’s ready for my soon to be husband to move in after the wedding!

  147. Margaret

    It would be wonderful for Kelly and I to visit Thrift stores together. I could use the second opinion.

  148. Beth Conant

    When I was a child (I’m 52) my mom taught us to shop at “Second Hand Stores”, Flea Markets etc., may I say wayyyyy before it was cool. As I grew up and married, our financial life has taken some major hits. As I’ve reflected I realized how my mom teaching me to shop was preparation for my life. I didn’t need to designer this or that, I learned to look at something and see all it things it could be used for. So grate ful to my momma. I will challenge my friend Terri to join in this journey!

  149. Lisa Jamerson

    Oh Lysa! Bless you for this series. I also wonder the same thing. I know what I like but I can never piece it together. I am going to share this on my Facebook page so my friends can check it out. Thanks!

  150. Sherry

    This is such a cool ideal. I will tell Misty to check this out we love to thrift shop together.

  151. Jenny McDaniel

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  152. Katelyn

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  153. Marion Starnes

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  154. judy houston

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  155. Kathy

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  156. Renee'

    How exciting. I am one of those women who look at the magazines and dream of winning the lotto (which I never ever play). I look forward to the blog this week. I invited my sister-in-law and a friend from work Mishael.

  157. melissa w

    I’m sharing on fb. I love the nester! She is right up my alley! The only pieces of furniture in my home we bought brand new were the pieces from our nursery set….and of course our mattresses but you know. Lol. And a few of those particle board bookshelves that are being replaced one by one with awesome thrift finds.

  158. Marcella

    Lived in our home since 1998 a fixer upper. I have yet to be able to put even one room together. I’m just not gifted that way. Going to share this with my daughter in law. She accomplishes so much with getting stuff on a thrift store budget. This is right up her alley.

  159. Kam Reagan

    I am going to invite my sisters, Robin and Bobbi, who both work within budgets and would so enjoy this.

  160. Julie

    I don’t have the gift of “seeing” the potential in my house and in thrift store “finds” so this is great!!! I am sending to my friend Cheryl.

  161. Barbara

    I can totally relate to feeling the desire to make my home inviting for family and guests but then I just don’t know how. Things I try most often look goofy at best. What a blessing that you’ve seen this need and are trying to help those of us not gifted in this area! Thank you Lysa and God Bless! 🙂

  162. Cheryl Luckie

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  163. Beth

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  164. Lindsey

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  165. Susan Boyd

    I’ll be telling my sister Becky about the make-over. I already read the ‘Nester’s’ blog every day and love it!! Also, my daughter-in-law is a world class ‘thrifter’ – very fortunate for my son!!

  166. Opal

    I saw this blog on a friend’s Facebook page & had to investigate. Now, I’m signed up! So excited to see what’s next.

  167. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life

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  168. Rebecca Ann

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  169. Suzanne R. from EastTexas

    I must be honest… I am the “friend” who needs this the most! My other friends have very nicely decorated places, I in a little help :/

  170. Michelle

    What a great book and fun idea to share! My sister-n-law is visiting next week and she has a tiny apartment in NY that she would love to spruce up a bit!

  171. Adriane

    I am sharing this with my Bible Study Ladies this morning. We are all Army Wives and move every few years. What works in one house doesn’t always work in the next. This will be a great way to learn how to make our houses homes. Thank You Both!

  172. Lynne

    Exactly what I need! Especially this week, since I am taking a “‘house vacation” and want to simplify, decluttering and enhance our home. I will be sharing this with Cheri, Hope, and Audalee

  173. Shelley Otto

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  174. Brenda Galligan

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  178. Maureen

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  179. Karla Kinsky

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  180. Erin

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  181. Monique Birkeli

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  182. Carolyn Campbell

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  183. Amy

    I’m inviting my sister! 🙂

  184. Jessica

    Loved the video and really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series! I think you all live fairly close-by to us, too. 😉 So, maybe I can get some thrift store ideas? We are pretty new to the area and I don’t know the good thrift stores yet. ha
    I plan to share this series with my Australian pal, Melissa. 😉

  185. Chris

    Love, love, love this idea. Would love this book. I’m going to invite my niece, Amy, to this site to teach her how to feather her nest on very limited funds. If money was no object (it is!), I would still put my house together this way. I love the thrill of the hunt!

  186. Libbie

    Sharing with my sisters and friends, though no one needs this book as much as I do! God bless!

  187. Nina

    I’m sharing this link and an invite to follow the series of posts this week to my sister Angela who just moved and had to down-size in the process. Would be awesome to win a copy of the book that we could both get more ideas from.

  188. Stefanie

    This is coming at a time that is so appropriate for me. My best friend is redoing her home and it is gorgeous. I find myself jealous and prideful because I feel like my home is a pit. It is outdated, old and needs renovation bad! We have never been able to put any money into the house due to my husband being laid off multiple times and barely being able to keep afloat. I would love this book to be able to have hope that I can do something with my house!

  189. Sandi Mayo

    Going to share this with my daughter – she has three kids, limited budget and is always looking for ways to decorate!! Can’t wait to see all your ideas!!

  190. Angela

    Shared with Patti Boliou. Have loved the Nester for years!

  191. Kathy

    THANK YOU! I visit thrift stores all the time and get overwhelmed with what to get and what not to get. I go in with ideas and walk out confused. This helped a lot. Thank you for making this process a little easier. I can’t wait to get the book.

  192. Lori

    Love this! I am so excited for this series!! 🙂 I always struggle in this area – sometimes I buy stuff, it doesn’t work the way I’d hoped then I end up returning everything! And I LOVE the idea of repurposing things, I’m all about reduce reuse recycle. I love the cover page of the book too, it looks so comfy and inviting – how I’ve always wanted my home to be but can’t seem to get there. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks Lysa! 🙂

  193. Carrie Kittinger

    I’m about to be an “empty nester” and am ready for some fresh ideas for my home! Looking forward to gleaning some ideas this week and would LOVE to have the book:))

  194. Dona Haggerty

    I am going to tell my newlywed daughter about this. She wants me to go “thrifting” with her and help her make her apartment into a home for her and her new husband. 🙂

  195. KK

    I am going to share with my sister-in-law! We both love finding things like this to work with! 🙂 I’ll definitely have to check out this book.

  196. Rachael

    I was just talking about the Nester yesterday! I visited a friend in her new (older) home and as we discussed paint colors we both confessed the desire to be more creative with the things we already own… Like the Nester.

  197. Denise

    I’m sharing this with my daughter, who with her husband and brand new baby, moved into their first house recently! Such an exciting, yet sometimes, overwhelming time! This may be just the inspiration she needs to make her new home perfect for their little family!

  198. Dona Haggerty

    I am going to tell my newlywed daughter about this. She wants me to go “thrifting” with her and help her make her apartment into a home for her and her husband. 🙂

  199. Randee

    Im going to share with my friend Alisa, excited about this book!

  200. Molly Higle

    I plan to invite a couple of friends this week. My husband’s cousin’s wife, Debbie and our friend Sabrina. They are both very stylish women who would love this.

  201. Miriam Joslin

    So excited to share this with my Sunday School Young Families1 ladies who are always interested in how to create a beautiful home on a small budget! Would love to have the book to share with them! Also plan to share with my daughter, Alletta!

    • Nico Smith

      I am not one for buying things that are ex-tremely expensive. Ultimately, buying what you want can be difficult when you’re on such a tight budget every month. Nothing is more fun than working together to save money for something we really want to complete our use-ful DJ equipment set-up.
      “I stood in the grocery store line staring at all the picture perfect homes featured on the dis-played magazine covers. Their glistening per-fection mocked my reality.

      Those homes looked so inviting and put to-gether.

      How did they know to paint that table that color? Put those different patterned pillows on the same couch? And hang those pictures in an offset way that still looks so very balanced?

      I decided to go home and give it a whirl. But I walked into my space and felt overwhelmed and paralyzed.

      Have you ever felt that way?

      We want our homes to have a welcoming look that functions well for our family but for the life of us, we can’t figure out how to pull it all together. And even if we have a decorator’s knack and a grand vision for making our space lovely, our budget taps us on the shoulder and reminds us of just how limited we are.

      Well… what if I told you that what you’ve al-ready got in your home, coupled with a little thrift store shopping, is enough to turn at least one of your rooms into a space you’ll love?

      That’s why I want to do a special series this week. We are about to learn together how to turn a house into a home on a thrift store budget. One of my co-workers, Alison, has agreed to be our featured makeover.

      Alison only has $250 and three days to take her den from drab to fab.

      And since I’m really no help at all in this area, I’ve invited my sweet friend, Myquillyn Smith (also known as The Nester), to do this fun dec-orating project with me and my team. You don’t want to miss our thrifting and sifting and wandering through all kinds of fun places!

      I think you’ll find some simple ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own space.

      And the best part? You won’t break the bank. Not even close.
      I stood in the grocery store line staring at all the picture perfect homes featured on the dis-played magazine covers. Their glistening per-fection mocked my reality.

      Those homes looked so inviting and put to-gether.

      How did they know to paint that table that color? Put those different patterned pillows on the same couch? And hang those pictures in an offset way that still looks so very balanced?

      I decided to go home and give it a whirl. But I walked into my space and felt overwhelmed and paralyzed.

      Have you ever felt that way?

      We want our homes to have a welcoming look that functions well for our family but for the life of us, we can’t figure out how to pull it all together. And even if we have a decorator’s knack and a grand vision for making our space lovely, our budget taps us on the shoulder and reminds us of just how limited we are.

      Well… what if I told you that what you’ve al-ready got in your home, coupled with a little thrift store shopping, is enough to turn at least one of your rooms into a space you’ll love?

      That’s why I want to do a special series this week. We are about to learn together how to turn a house into a home on a thrift store budget. One of my co-workers, Alison, has agreed to be our featured makeover.

      Alison only has $250 and three days to take her den from drab to fab.

      And since I’m really no help at all in this area, I’ve invited my sweet friend, Myquillyn Smith (also known as The Nester), to do this fun dec-orating project with me and my team. You don’t want to miss our thrifting and sifting and wandering through all kinds of fun places!

      I think you’ll find some simple ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own space.

      And the best part? You won’t break the bank. Not even close.”~Lysa TerKeurst
      My husband and I are turning our place into more of a home-like feel by creating our home sound system. Little by little, we’re getting the speakers that we are wanting. eBay has pretty good deals, so that’s where we go to get the stuff we want; however, we save mon-ey to eventually get the things that we really would like to have.

  202. Julie

    I’m telling my daughter about Nester…she’s making her inner city apt. a home by thrifting and repurposing and doing a great job. I love Nester’s blog and would love to have a copy of her book!

  203. Brittany

    I’d love a copy. I’m gonna invite my friend Austin to read along this week.

  204. Lori Thonas

    I love her! And you! I’m sending this to my friend Jenni who has made her rental a home, who loves to thrift and who has been awesomely supportive of her husband during this “unexpected” phase in their lives. She’ll love this!!

  205. Becky Gupton

    I love Lysa Terkeurst and I love The Nester. I am going to share this info with my bestie as she loves to redecorate and re-purpose items in her home and loves the thrill of a fun find as much as I do!

  206. Julie Sunne

    Oh, I could definitely use this series: from the budget concerns to the lack of decorating prowess! My sister will definitely find it interesting as well.

  207. Jenny

    I am a thrift and garage sale junkie, and a bit too much sometimes. I am looking forward to this! I moved from a boat to my current rental with my new husband on my honeymoon, crossing 2 states to Northern California. I am still in the recover from moving and consolidating shock mode, so I need major help.

    (PS Technical fyi: your video was turned way down on the right and up on the left. – I thought my headphones were broken. But when the music came on in full volume both sides, my headphones were fine. It appears to be an issue with your video pickup. 🙂 )

  208. Alison Harris

    Going to share with my daughter, Taylor, who is in college and in her first apartment. How exciting! Love this!

  209. Sandra

    I am a long time Nester fan. Love, love, love the fact that you ladies are sharing this room makeover series with us. I plan to get my friend Teresa to join in on the fun.

  210. Renee

    I love thrift stores! I’ve been using items from them for a while now & giving away things I don’t use to those who will use them &/or need them – like a trade-off for decor. I’m telling my friends about this book/blog as well…….thx!!

  211. Vicky Artelli

    What another great idea for your girlfriend/followers! I moved into my current home 14 years ago, and while we did buy new furniture at the time, it is in dire need of an update. Because our financial situation no longer allows these type of purchases, I find myself trading items from room to room with no real excitement or satisfaction. I would love to learn how to go to thrift stores and “see” pieces that would not only update my rooms, but would add the personality that I enjoy in others’ homes. And I am dragging my sister, Corry, along!

  212. Deb V

    I will tell my friend Tammy about this. She is always trying to redecorate but doesn’t have a big budget.

  213. Mary

    I have been in such desperate need of a book like this. I plan to tell my twin sister and dear friends about your fab ideas. Please pick me! 🙂

  214. Stephanie

    Sharing w/ friends Christina & Aren!

  215. Jessi

    Love thrift store decorating! Can’t wait to share with my Mom, Darla because she loves thrifting almost as much add I do!

  216. Rylee

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  217. Leslie

    This is gonna be

  218. Pam

    Love the Nester! I am so excited about this series. I’m inviting my friends Cynthia and Jennifer.

  219. Bobbi Liles

    Love All this! Been doing for awhile, and even helped a few friends that wanted some help and Patio Makeovers! Total fun, and you can do it almost on a dime! (I miss that show….design on a dime) My latest ideas was a Friends Living Room….paint, and ALL purchases…..$150 total…..it was Awesome! Blended, themed and just made it “POP”. Fun too, Exciting for changes, finally got her Husband to admit he liked her! LOL…Thank you always Lysa.

  220. Tammy Smith

    This is just what I have been waiting for. A REAL-LIFE Decorator. I have watched episode after episode on the big home and gardening network, read all the books trying to get inspiration for my new home. I even used Lysa’s home office picture as my inspiration room picture. I am so excited! Thank you so much for doing this series. I will be sharing this with all my facebook friends.

  221. Lisa Ebbesen

    Love her… “Don’t be afraid, start today with simple small steps! Begin where you are now!” And, who better to cheer on those of us who’ve always felt less-than-a-decorator, than someone who’s learned how to make where ever you live a home. And, even have some fun and enjoy the process!! 🙂

  222. Jennie

    I can’t wait to see more of this series. This is exactly how I feel. I was a designer- now a stay at home mom, and between small budget and small interrupters, I haven’t been able to set up our new home as much as I’d like. Can’t wait to read more.

  223. Jennie

    Oh- and I plan to tell my mom about this- she’d like it too.

  224. Lisa Weisenberger

    Sharing with ALL of my friends on Facebook!

  225. Kim Bumgardaner

    I’m so excited to follow this! I will share it with my sister. 🙂

  226. Leanna

    I am so glad that u all are doing this video series!! I love the Nester and have been following her blog for quite some time now. Haven’t had a chance to purchase the book yet but certainly plan on one for me and one for my sis. My bf Lori is who I am inviting to join in in the blog for the week. She’ll love it! Thanks so much!! 🙂

  227. Jamie E

    Lysa, thank you for this series! I often wonder the same thing…sticker shock and not knowing how to put things together. I am going to personally share this post with my friend Lindsay.

  228. Lynn

    This should be a wonderful series. I love both of you ladies!

  229. Carol

    Would love to have my fellow thrift store loving friend Roxann see the fun! And would love to have a copy of the nester’s book!

  230. Missy

    I am decorating challenged. I only have two painted rooms in my house and those are the kids’ rooms. We don’t have a lot extra so I’m really looking forward to this series.

  231. Laura

    Looking forward to this series! Like Alison I too have “nail in the wall commitment issues”. I love thrifting and antiquing, but have trouble putting my ideas into play.
    I will be telling Judy and Mary, my “antiquing mentors” about this series.

  232. Lauren

    I am so excited about this! This is exactly what I need. I am going to invite my sister to go through this with me; we both have big DIY plans but no actual DIY knowledge. 😉

  233. Cyndi

    I love the idea of decorating on a budget! With an international adoption, hopefully, nearing completion our budget has been stressed…BUT as a first-time mom, I can’t wait to tackle the nursery. I know this series will inspire and help me create a soothing space without breaking the bank. I’m inviting my mother-in-law, as she will be instrumental in making over the space.

  234. Julia

    My friend Michele! We just finished complaining to one another about how tired and stuck we felt about the “decor” (or lack of it) in our homes! I have looked at my church library and at my local libraries for the Nester’s book and no one has it :-(. I would love my own copy!!!!

  235. Debbie

    I’m so excited about this! I’m a thrift store adict and can’t wait to see what y’all do with this space. I’m going to invite my friend Tami and my daughter Amanda to follow you with this little venture. Could there be a better combination, Lysa Terkeurst and thrift store shopping? I don’t think so! Love then both!!! Happy thrifting!!

  236. Carol

    I am going to tell my twin sister about this!

  237. rebecca williamson

    I am truly a “nester”. while I love decorating, this is quite the challenge. I am using thrift store finds – painting and re-using items I have. I want my home to look different and fresh and new. My marriage of 42 yrs ended just earlier this year. God is restoring my true self of entertaining my friends and making my home ‘happy’ once again.
    I plan to share this post with my friend Angie, we walk together and share great ideas! thank you SO much for all of your encouragement daily !

  238. Sarah C

    What a sweet encouragment of a book! I hope I get a chance to enjoy reading it someday. I plan to invite myself to your blog, as well as Jennifer, Rachael & Elizabeth….all sweet sisters in Jesus living on meager budgets!

  239. Nancy Fluitt

    Hi Lisa! I adore receiving your emails! And, this one really hit home! I am close to retirement age (finally) and most if not all of my friends have already hit that mark. My BFF will be 70 in November, and you would never know it. She is gorgeous, vibrant, constantly on the go and helping others. She LOVES her home and still mowes her grass!! Being on fixed budgets, we frequent the re-sale, re-appropriate, and re-do stores together. She is a miracle worker, and thrives on it. I am so jealous!! 🙂 I am going to have her join your mailing list, and I would love to share the Nester’s book with her for or before her 70th! I look forward to this series, and I know you will continue to inspire me spritually and functionally as you always do. I know my BFF is going to enjoy you too!! Have fun!!

  240. Amy Lawrence

    My friend Jessica who shares my love of all things thrifty, DIY, and lovely!

  241. Cindy

    I LOVE this!!! I really feel a passion for this as a mom and keeper of our home…a passion to encourage other moms, especially those who are early on in the mothering process, that sometimes it’s okay to not have the expensive decor items and to just make things work. Paint and homemade things can go a long way!!! I plan on sharing this with everyone on my Facebook page as well as a couple of sweet girlfriends (and mommies of littles), Kelli and Johnnie about this. I immediately thought of them!! 🙂

  242. Jill Silveus

    Looking forward to some new ideas. My husband and I recently bought an old church and are in the process of renovating it into our home with six children and a small budget. Would love some inexpensive ideas for a “lived in home”.
    I plan on sharing this blog with friends Karen and Jenny…who both would love it !

  243. Mary Bergen

    Great advice! I LOVE Goodwill and especially love to shop them on half off days. I think eclectic, warm, home-made items make the most welcoming spaces.

  244. Mary

    I will be sharing this with my daughter who is just purchasing their first home to bring my first grandchild home too! Love your ideas!

  245. Amy

    Gonna share this on Facebook – I have several friends who I think would love it!

  246. Sarah Vaughn

    I am just now learning that imperfections can be beautiful. I’m only 59. 🙂 Our daughter loaned me her copy of “The Nesting Place” and it has given me hope and strength to hammer that nail and try new things. I want to share with my forever friend Joann.

  247. Chele Myears

    I would love to win this book!! I am currently on a tight budget and have been re-purposing items from throughout my house (love of spray paint). My dear friend Fae has shared her love of crafting and so we have been making some items too (wreaths)! 🙂

  248. Lana Bainbridge

    I love anything to do with decorating and repurposing furniture. I have tried my hand at a few things but have a hard time pulling it all together. I will invite my daughter to join me as she has a very small apartment and struggles with keeping the size of furnishings scaled down. I know she would appreciate some help with making it look homey but not cluttered. Thank you for bringing this topic to us.

  249. Angie Lemons

    I really dont have friends that I could do things like that with. So is you would yall could be my friend. I would love to have a copy of the book. After my divorce my house looks very dark gloomy and would love to make it look fresh . I live in a very very small house with 2 girls, My teenage daughter is going to have a baby so that make 4. I cant wait to see what I can do.

  250. Lindsey Edwards

    I will definitely share this with my friend Chelsey and my sister Laney! I can’t wait to see what you find and how it all comes together.

  251. Gloria McMahon

    I am inviting ALL my friends from Calvary Bible Church, where you (Lisa) will be speaking next year at Ladies Day Apart!!! Couldn’t be more excited. Check this out Linda Illian!

  252. Theresa

    Sharing with my friends at work!

  253. Sarah

    Thanks to The Nesting Place I am starting to display things just because they make me happy. This book has freed me. I want to tell Joann and Nancy about this.

  254. Danielle R

    I am going to invite my cousin to join me in following your blog this week. We are always trying to organize our homes on a budget. We love to shop especially at thrift stores and antique stores. This book by “The Nester” is right up our alley. We would love to have a signed copy of her book. I look forward to seeing the pieces you all find at the thrift stores for Allison’s house and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I know that my cousin will enjoy following your blog this week and I can’t wait to invite her and tell her all about it!

  255. nicole

    Inviting my mom to follow this week 🙂

  256. Tricia Harter-Carter

    Love the Nester and love the advice she gives. Can’t wait for the end result of the series. Thanks for having a giveaway. Sharing with my friend, Aprille.

  257. Christy

    My friend Robyn will love this series!

  258. Robin

    I am very excited about this weeks topic. I am a horrible decorator but love to make my house have a homey feel. I also love to go to garage sales so this will be perfect for me.
    Love it!!

  259. Jessica

    I would love to win this book and share it with my friend, Megan. I am inviting her to join the blog this week, as she is a single, 20-something in the process of buying her first home!

  260. Lori Linsmeyer

    I will invite my daughter, she just moved into a new home and will love this series! Thanks!

  261. Pauline

    I’m going to invite my sisters. Excited about this topic.

  262. Dani Flescher

    Oh my goodness. God is good… and he is telling me it’s time to get to work. I just finished my morning quiet time, reading the chapter titled “A Heart that Makes a House a Home” from A Woman After God’s Own Heart, and here I open my email and find this post. God’s timing is always perfect and never ceases to amaze me! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to the rest of this little series!

  263. Janice S

    I am going to tell my mother in law about this series. They are building a home next door to ours and will need to decorate it once they move in. She and I enjoyed going to one yard sale yesterday and I found several nice outfits for work that fit. I have lost a lot of weight since this January’s Made to Crave study and needed some new clothes, but since I am no where near my goal weight, I hated to spend much on transition clothes. I look forward to my mother in law moving in next door and having a yard sale/thrift shop partner.

  264. Lori

    I am going to ask my daughter to go on this journey with me. She just bought a house a year ago and is working on decorating it and I have lived in my house for 15 years and it still feels like it has no rhyme or reason in regard to the decorating aspect. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  265. Cathy rodabaugh

    I will tell my daughters, whose budgets can be very tight. Love that motto–such a wonderful life lesson that beauty should not depend upon perfection!

  266. Fawnda

    I would love a copy!

  267. Joanna Harris

    I am going to share this with my long time best friend who is in the midst of helping me decorate my new home. I have been stressed and overwhelmed and feel just like the opening paragraph! I would love this book to help us along. I am excited to make our new place home 🙂 I look forward to the rest of the blog!

  268. Lori H

    I’ll be inviting my mom…she’ll love it!

  269. Shelley

    Love to win this! I’m going to share with Tracey Bartula!!!

  270. Morgan Lewis

    I am inviting my mother-in-law to join in. We love doing this sort of thing together. 🙂

  271. Amy P

    Fun, fun, fun! My friend Erin would love this too!

  272. Gail Dudkowski

    My 25 year old son, Lance, will close on a house next Monday. As a family, we have for years gone to yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores and have a lot of fun and laughter and excitement about the treasures we find. Our home is full of treasures and memories that have bonded us together for years. It’s like talking about our highlights of the day at the supper table–but going to yard sales can be hours of quality fun each weekend.
    Thanks for the tips!!!

  273. Carmen Tucker

    I will be sharing on Facebook! Would love to read the book!

  274. Eliza

    I want to share this with my mom! She loves beautiful second-hand pieces and, of course, saving money!

  275. Katrina Porter

    I’m inspired! And ready to make it happen! I’m a kitchen designer that NEEDS my workspace to be orderly and beautiful! And I know just the friend to help!! Kerrie Masuen! Sending her the link to blog now!!

  276. Kim

    I, too, will post this on Facebook — I have quite a few friends that I know would be interested in following along! The more, the merrier!

  277. Rachelle C

    I love this! I am going to share this with my friend Courtney. We are both going through the process of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Freedom, while trying to move into new homes (to us) and shop for re-purposed furniture that we can redo ourselves. This is the perfect solution for both of us! Can’t wait for the rest of the week!

  278. Cindy

    Oh I love this! I’m a long time Nester fan as well as P31 & Lysa fan! This will be a fun week to watch the make-over unfold! I will share with my daughter who is newly married in a new home! Thanks so much!

  279. Amy

    Trying to work on my house now on a tight budget!! Love the tips already! I am Telling Fran Johnston!

  280. Kay Lewis

    Perfect timing. My house is going through a transition. Our daughter and 4 grands are moving in with us. I feel like our home is a thrift store! Thanks for coming my way!!!

  281. Andrea

    I’d like to invite my friend Sue to view these posts. She is a thrift-store queen and would enjoy reading about decorating ideas on a budget (as would I since I am decor-challenged and don’t have much to spend). Maybe the two of us could come up with some good ideas for each others’ houses.

  282. Kay Lewis

    Oops I forgot to tell you who I was going to invite. My sister Sherry–she is a thrift store expert. She is going to love this.

  283. Sonya Doornbos

    I would love to have this book! Cant wait to see the ideas for transforming my room on a thrift budget!

  284. Sara

    Fun!! I’m inviting my friend Rebecca!

  285. Tina

    I plan on sending this to my “thrifty” friend, Cammie (whom I adore!) because we L.O.V.E. thrifting together.
    ~TinaW 🙂

  286. Sandi

    Like the Nester, I have moved a lot – mostly recently, 4 moves in 7 years, 3 different states. It’s hard starting over so many times, and it’s hard trying to make a rental feel like home, but I keep trying because I want to feel “at home.” I’ve spent so much time the last 7 years organizing new spaces and trying to remember where things are in new grocery stores (and kitchens!) that I haven’t kept up with The Nesting Place as I would have liked…the book would be a delightful way to catch up.

    I’m inviting my husband to enjoy this week with me – he’s the one who turned me on to thrift stores and garage sales! 🙂

  287. ChristineMarie

    This is wonderful! Need to find a way to do some sprucing up on a budget! I’m going to invite my sister-in-law, she is an avid yard-saler.

  288. nancys1128

    I’ll share these posts with my recently retired and relocated friend. The relocation also included a major down-size. Thrift stores will likely be new to her, and having relocated to Hawaii (can’t wait to visit) I don’t know how readily available they’ll even be. But any ideas will be welcome, and if they don’t break the bank, she’ll be even happier with them.

  289. Jodi

    Absolutely love this topic and was just thinking about redoing a room in my home! Timing is def a God thing!! Thank you!!!

  290. Julie

    My husband and I are about to renovate our home. This would be a great book to have!!

  291. Norma Rosado

    Looking forward to learning how to decorate with you ladies

  292. Jan

    This book sounds amazing! I am always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate, and we are “trying” to remodel. I am also so inspired by my young daughter-in-law who is the wife of a youth pastor. She looks for creative and low-budget ways to decorate their home. She also looks for items she can paint and re-purpose, and then sell to raise money to support her sister and another friend who are on the mission field. This blog will be a blessing to her.

  293. Amanda Evans

    I’m going to invite my mom as well as my friend, Leslie!

  294. Char

    Had to share this post with my thrift store sister! Her whole house has been created with thrift store finds and it is absolutely beautiful! Would LOVE to share this book with her! She is a BLAST to take thrifting because she always “sees” the potential in the highly unlikely! 🙂

  295. Janet

    3 grown daughters, all in new living spaces and all looking for “how to decorate” them!

  296. Kate

    I just shared it with my SAHMs group! We are doing an organizational challenge this week, and I figured it would be helpful inspiration for what we can tackle after we’re a bit more organized! So excited for this little series, love The Nester and love thrifting!

  297. Laura Johnson

    I love this! I’m going to share this with my mom…both of us have areas in our homes where we struggle with this!

  298. Mary

    I’m inviting myself & alsom my best friend Clarissa! My husband and I have been renovating our 1937 bungalow since we bought it 3 years ago. We love it! We love thrited items, craigslist, and vintage!! But it’s hard to find even a budget for used items when you’re remodeling the kitchen and replumbing the house!! Totally excited to see how you guys give new life to items she already has in this video series, because that’s where we are at right now! So glad I found your site – and I would LOVE to get a copy of the nesters book!! Thanks!!

  299. Ann L

    I would love this book – and my Mom will enjoy it too!

  300. Holly Simpson

    Thank you for posting this article! I am always searching for ways to create an inviting space without spending a lot of money!

  301. Barbara

    I love thrift stores and yard sales for finding things to make my house a home and this is so interesting and a big help to know how to put it together. I want to share this with my Daughter she has just moved into an apartment and is on a really strict budget and needed so many things. Love this and thanks for the how to video’s.

  302. Crystal

    I absolutely love this Lysa! You have been reading my heart and mind…I’ve struggled with wanting my house to be perfectly decorated and then coming to realization that homes are not about perfection, but about love, peace, and family. I would like to share this will all of my 20 something girlfriends who are falling into the decorating craze and need this fun, practical, and uplifting advice. Thank you for addressing this issue that most of us encounter!!!!!

  303. Kathy Rice

    Dear Lysa,
    I plan to invite my sweet daughter who is already a very frugal person. She is married and has two daughters. Her name is Kristen and she loves finding things to fix up her home!
    Thank you,
    Kathy Rice

  304. Linda Hicks

    I can’t wait to share this with my daughter. She’s expecting her 3rd child any day now and she and her husband felt God leading them to live WITHIN their means and are moving to a less expensive, smaller, older home and they want to make it “theirs” on a thrift store budget! This will be the perfect NESTING gift!

    • Jillian Martin

      I plan on inviting my best friend to this blog. She is always looking for design inspiration for her home and now that she is moving, she will be at it again!

  305. Connie

    I love this and it is a great summer time project. My friends Kathy & Kelly & I were just talking about making a special area in our homes for our devotional time each day so I will definitely be sharing this information. Thanks

  306. terri burton

    I will share with my daughter Debi who is earning poverty wages in WV and wants to change her home to look prettier on a very tight budget. Thanks for the chance.

  307. Jamie W

    I have been telling my friend (a North Carolina native) all about Myquillyn and her book/blog. We live in Nevada now, but a dream trip for me and my friend would be to come antique shop in NC and attend an event in Myquillyn’s barn!

    I’m excited to see this design series. Thrift store decorating is my favorite!

  308. Donna Collins Tinsley

    I really could use help. My idea of redecorating is changing the burner covers on the stove:) Plus my budget is low, so If I could win the book, that would be great. Love the fact that things don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.
    Peace and blessings,

  309. Brooklyn Greene

    I’d love to do this book with my mom! We are always finding new things to put in our home. I love going to thrift shops but she hasn’t really branched out yet! It would be wonderful to have a book with tips to make a house beautiful but still stay on a budget.

  310. Cheryl

    My friend Nancy and I have helped each other decorate our houses for nearly 30 years and we still never tire of it! We are working on the Florida room in my house this summer. It still looks like it did when we decorated it fifteen years ago! 🙂

  311. Melissa

    I just checked out The Nester. Pretty Cool! I’ve been trying to start decorating my house. I have four children, so I am on a tight budget. I decided to focus on one room at a time. I will share with my friends on Facebook, and my kids (I will make it a family adventure!).

  312. Vel Smith

    I’m recently retired and rediscovering the fun to shopping my home. What an eye-opener! Still learning from you younger ladies:)

  313. Jan

    I would share with my daughter! She is very creative and loves to repurpose & recycle!

  314. Frances Thomas

    I recently saw some neighbors as they were taking a round dining table & 4 chairs to the road to get rid of them. Sometimes I need extra dining space when family comes to visit & always I can use an extra work space in my office. So I managed to get a freebie before the weather could effect it. Now I’m trying to decide whether to paint, refinish or cover it with a table cloth. I’m not at all crafty, so this will be one to carefully consider before I do anything to it, but the “free” price was too good to pass up.
    I’m going to share this link with my friends on Facebook, which includes my friends from church that I go to Bible study with as well as my family members.

  315. Kim Sullivan

    Oh my gosh…I am so excited for this series. It ranks right up there with your trip to the Holy Land! This is one of husband’s biggest complaints in our marriage. We have a nice house, but I have never made it a “home” because, well let’s just say, I’m rather frugal and our decorating tastes differ quite a bit. Well, for my 40th birthday, which is right around the corner, my husband surprised me on Saturday by scheduling a contractor to redo all of our downstairs floors and to redo the master bathroom. After 12 years, I’m getting new floors!!! I’m so excited, but now the pressure is on. With new floors and a bathroom remodel, I will need to add the homie touches to finish it off. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store!!!

  316. Perri

    I lovvvvveee this idea! I love going into antique stores/ thrift shoppes but always don’t know where to put those pieces I love. I’m also a sidewalk shopper… Any piece of furniture on the side of the road …I stop!! I will share this with my sister and sister in law… Whom both just have babies and live in small city apartments! Thank u! I need to look up the nester now! Thanks

  317. Amanda Young

    I’ve been lamenting over this very issue for the past few weeks. I’m a designer by trade but can’t seem to translate that into my home. Most days I don’t even know where to start when it comes to hanging my art. I think this is a great series and I have several friends who would benefit from this.

  318. Arlene Fukai

    I plan to share this with my friend who shops for EVERYTHING at garage sales. She has a great wardrobe that I am always admiring and when she got married and moved in to her first apartment, she furnished her new home the same way: from garage sales and other similar places. She is from Uganda and was the first of her family to attend a Christian university in the United States on a full scholarship and lived very successfully on a very limited budget.

  319. Sarah

    We’re getting ready to move so I’m getting a blank canvas! So excited! I’m going to invite my mom to read this with me!

  320. Diane McElwain

    The video is a great idea and I’m going to pass this on to my daughter Jenn. Thanks for doing it.

  321. Maria

    My sister and I love decorating our houses with thrift store/sale items, so I’m going to share this with her this week. Thank you!

  322. Emily

    Fun! I have a couple friends that could definitely use this inspiration!

  323. Wendy S

    I’m planning on sharing this site with my daughter Melissa, we are always looking for good thrift store finds to decorate with.

  324. Diane

    I loved this post! I’m been doing these things most of my life, and now I’m encouraging my sweet, newly-married niece to do-it-herself as she is trying to make the most of her small decorating budget. SHARING this!!!

  325. Julianna

    Looking forward to this series! I would love to share this with my girlfriend Joey, since I know she loves making her home inviting and, like the rest of us, is on a budget. I would also love to see what ideas I can apply in my own home – particularly for our VERY un-cute (and teeny tiny) guest room/office area.

  326. Christie

    With a large family on one modest income I AM LOOKING SO FORWARD to this series! My kids and I love to hit thrift shops and rummage sales a few times a month! I am going to share this with my best friend, my bosom buddy…aka my sister in law!! Thanks!!

  327. Maria Clemente

    I would so love to implement these ideas in my home! As a single mother of 5 kids ranging from 17-4 I want a kid friendly yet adult inviting home! Things that are simple and can help organize for easy clean up while looking beautiful to my friends when they come over for small groups, fellowship, and even play dates. I will so keep following this series for great ideas!

  328. leila

    Love it! Will invite my friend Sharon. Thanks!

  329. Nichole

    This is such a great idea! I shop at thrift shops but I don’t always see the “potential” that you all see in those pieces. I am excited to see this through this series this week! I will invite a good friend who is recently divorced and needs some cheering up.

  330. NJ

    I am going to share with my friend Lauren who was just asking where to thrift around here.

  331. Stephanie Williams

    Lysa, I love that two of my favorite, inspiring women are working together on a project. I alreaady have a signed copy of your book “Living Life on Purpose” and would love to have a signed copy of the Nester’s book, “The Nesting Place.”

  332. Terri C.

    I would love to share this with my friend Brianna!!

  333. Angela

    I am having several of my ESOL ladies over this week. I love for them to come. I want them to see an american home and to feel welcome and comfortable. They are always so thankful and excited to come.

  334. Melissa C.

    I just found you, and I am so excited! I love finding someone else’s junk (stuff) and making it my own. I have two daughter-in-laws and two daughters that I love sharing my thrifty style with. I will definitely share this with my girls!

  335. kelly

    My friend Michelle. She is very thrifty because she loves to give to people. She also likes good deals.

  336. Colleen

    I’m excited to see how this turns out! I have a house of mis-matched furniture, and even worse, my husband’s grandma’s maple furniture that is in super great shape and I’m afraid to paint the way I want! My house needs a lot of help… HELP!!

  337. valerie

    have been ‘shopping’ this way ever since i can remember (of course my mom thought i was a junk collector! to me – awesome treasures!). my personal opinion — there is no other way to live!!!! most of what i now own has had previous lives/environments/stories. it’s what gives character!

  338. angela

    I love thrift store shopping. It is fun!

  339. Tammi

    What great ideas!! My sister, Tiffany, and I love learning inexpensive ways to decorate!!!

  340. Michelle

    This sounds so fun…looking forward to inviting my friend, Katie, who always get me to try HER things!!!! 🙂

  341. Angie C.

    I am sharing this with my friend Lavera. She was a great support to me when I was going through cancer! She also has a limited budget like me and we talk about what we would do to our homes, if only we had the money:-)

  342. Beth Dove

    My daughter is moving into her first apartment and could use these ideas! We shop flea markets, but aren’t always sure what to do with items. I am excited to follow the series and get ideas for us, on how to be better stewards of God’s resources! Blessings!!

  343. Lois

    We are closing on our house on the 30th of June, this book would be such a blessing to me. I love the idea of it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful. Sounds like words from God, because we are all imperfect, but, He is perfect.

  344. Melissa

    My BFF 🙂 Would love to win this and redo my drab living room!

  345. Letty

    I can’t wait to share this with my sister!

  346. Jennifer

    I would love to have a copy of “The Nesting Place”. My husband & I and our son are currently building our “forever” home and when I read the title of this blog I knew it was exactly what I needed! The Lord has definitely provided for my family & I owe all the Glory, Honor & Praise to him. I want it to be a place where anyone who enters can feel his presence!

  347. Ashley Carroll

    I LOVE this blog topic. I am going to share/invite this with our home group ladies. All of us love to save and get a good find for cheap!

  348. Stephanie

    I’m sharing this with my friend, Denise. We are always talking about how we’d love to do various things in our homes to make them more inviting, but our budgets are limited. Looking forward to some money-saving tips!

  349. Michelle

    Great job! Can’t wait to see all of the episodes! Blessings! Michelle

  350. Leslie

    Wow! I so need help in this area. Since finally moving into a place of our own a year ago, I’ve desired to make our home a more beautiful place to be, but I’ve lacked the know how and budget. I’ll be sharing this with my good friend Jen who is in the same boat I am!

  351. Diana T

    I have no fashion or design sense. And I don’t have the money to spend on home decor items so our house looks plain (expect for the preschoolers toys that are scattered everywhere). Would love to know where to start and how not to break the bank!

  352. Sandy

    This sounds PERFECT ! Not only do I need these ideas – but my daughter lives in a small apartment in Beijing – and decorating is super important to get the feel of home !

  353. Sandra Kumler

    I’m so excited about this series. We recently moved to a different house. The rooms are small and I’m having a hard time knowing how to make the space work for me.
    I’m inviting my best friend Barb to check this out too. She recently had an elder parent move in with them. She and I are both a little overwhelmed when it comes to decorating. We both tried to choose paint for our livingrooms last fall and I can’t tell you how many sample jars we went through. I got to the point where I said just paint it, I don’t even care what color! LOL We both ended up with a neutral beige. I wonder if there is a term for fear of painting colors?!!

  354. Krista

    I’m so excited about this post! I desperately need help pulling the things we have together and make our space more unified. I’m going to invite my sister. She’s really great at seeing the potential in something and I know she would be great at helping me do some thrift shopping to spruce up my house.

  355. Rachel Smith

    I am going to share this with my friend, Courtney! I am excited to do a little decorating!

  356. Rebekah

    My sister just got into her first home after years of waiting and saving. I would love this book for her.

  357. Bonita Dale

    This is going to be great fun! Can’t wait to share this with my friend Susan who is retiring and relocating on a budget. One last fun thing to do together!!

  358. Mary Ellen Avritt

    I can’t wait to watch these videos; I need insiration. I’ll ask my daughter to watch also. My husband and I are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary on the 28th and It’s definitely time for an update on this house we’ve lived in since 1985!

  359. Lynn

    I would definitely share the book with my daughter but only after reading and using the tips here at home! My idea of redecorating is just moving what I already have around to see if my husband notices!!

  360. Christina moody

    I can not wait to see the finished product of this room!!!! I love thrifting, but never know what to do with the stuff once I get it home!

  361. Karen M

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  362. Carmen

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  365. Sheree

    I just discovered you and the Nester on Instagram. You are an encouragement to this pastors wife in the Pacific Northwest. Being a pastors wife to small congregation, most of what we make income wise goes to the church. I hope to use your ideas to make our little home a bit of heaven on earth. I’m going to share your blog with my BFF, my sister in Texas. We can’t be together in person all the time but we when do projects at our homes we are with each other in spirit. I look forward to following you. Blessings!!

  366. Lindsay Lovell

    I am SO looking forward to following this blog! I feel like I have the creative/decorative eye that you were talking about but lack the budget. I will definitely be sharing this with my good friend, who I love to go to thrift shops, yard sales, and antique shops with. She is expecting her first child in January 2015, so decorating a nursery on a budget would be a fun project for the two of us!

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    I work at a thrift store full time and I intend to share this post with our costumes to affirm the reusable, recyclable, restoration-can-happen-anywhere philosophy. Thanks gals!

    • Susie Fitler

      CUSTOMERS! (Though our Halloween costumes might benefit as well

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    Me? I’m more into yard sales and the side of the road gatherings.
    I know we both will enjoy and learn from this new adventure.

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    Thanks for hosting this fun series!

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    Thanks for sharing your ideas and expertise!

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  479. kara

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  500. Kayt Raquel

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    I will be telling all my friends as well as my daughter, we could all use these tips!
    Thanks, looking forward to watching the process!

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    I’m so excited you are doing this blog! We moved into our old (1865) house a year and a half ago. It’s wonderful, but I still feel I could embellish it so much more 🙂 I’m going to invite my daughter to watch too, as she loves to decorate, and loves “artsy” things as well. Thanks! Janet

  511. Sandi

    I will share this with my mom. I love thrifting and going on the cheap. I just finished painting in crisp white, a jenny lind style headboard and footboard for my daughter’s room! I got it at a garage sale for $20 over ten, yes ten years ago! 🙂 It’s finally done!

  512. Sarah Travis

    Oh my goodness…what perfect timing!!! We have just moved on a BUDGET for my husband starting seminary, and have an apartment to settle into by spending as little as possible!!! THANK YOU!!!

  513. Charlotte Orth

    I love yard sales and consignment shops. Most of my very unique furniture comes from these places. My best find is a knotty pine coffee table with hinged sides that make it wider. My husband refinished it and it is gorgeous.

  514. kristen

    my friend (and sil) becky!!! we love both the nester and you lysa!!! WOULD LOVE TO WIN!!!!!!!!

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    I plan to share with my mom. She and I could both use some tips. She has finally been relieved of my storage mess so she could stand some help in making her house a home for herself and my dad again.

  516. Rachel

    Love thrifting! I always find the best stuff for my kiddos and I love getting finds on craigslist…I just get overwhelmed when thinking about my style “vision” for rooms and have it be realistic+on budget. Can’t wait to check out this book!

  517. Jennifer

    I have struggled with this for years. I am just not good at making my home inviting and I have small choppy spaces to work on top of the fact that I am just horrible decorating. I long for it to be inviting and I wish fancy even if it were thrift shop fancy but we have put all of our money into our small business and our kids and I am overwhelmed from a time standpoint as well as budget. I have prayed for God to help me in this area because it effects my relationships. I often feel inadequate to other mom’s and friends and do not like to invite people over. My friends have pictures everywhere and they paint their cabinets and do all the fancy wall decor and when I try that it looks awful. Everything always goes terribly wrong. Most of my friends do not need help in this area but i share all of the Proverbs 31 encouragement with them. For this particular series I would share it with my friend who has 3 boys and very busy. I think she will appreciate the ideas for being on a tight budget and time.

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  519. Darlene Collazo @ {In Pursuit}

    I’m looking forward to this series. I love the Nester’s testimony about debt freedom. I love that she doesn’t use the finances as an excuse to disregard working on your home. It inspires me to open my eyes and see what I can find, too!

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    I’m so excited about this series….I’m in desperate need! 🙂

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  533. Heather

    Thank you so much! This series will be a blessing to many who can’t afford to shop retail. I have wanted to add a few welcoming touches to my home but did not know where to start. Currently, my home is mostly decorated with toys from my four and one year old. I guess it looks very welcoming, as long as you are a kid! I’m going to invite my friend Heather to read your blog. She is a single mom with three kids. I know she will love it.

  534. Pam P

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    I on the other hand have a hodge podge of sundry items and I just get things that I like and it’s difficult for me to find ways to tie them all together.
    I am really looking forward to us working on this together and honing our skills.
    I would llove to be picked to win your book. It looks perfect for both of us.
    Thanks to the both of you for sharing these techniques with us, the lowly decorating masses. Haha!
    God bless each of you with what you need and a dab or 2 of e hat you want. ☺

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  544. Sonya Caskey

    Just in time! I am ready for a change and that is all I have in my budget! Hitting the Thrift Stores tomorrow (and maybe Hobby Lobby)!

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  548. Rochelle

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  549. Danielle

    I am so excited abut this series. I can so relate to being overwhelmed and feeling paralyzed when it comes to organizing my space. I am asking my sister, Johnna, to join me this week for this series. Thanks so much ladies. Looking forward to this!

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  560. Kate Insley

    Totally going to tell my friend Sarah about this, she is the queen of craigslist and giving life back to old pieces! Currently LOVING “The Nesting Place” and would love to have an extra copy to give to my friend!! Thanks for doing this, really nourishes my soul which yearns to create and decorate…right now we have a very small canvas that comes very much furnished with the owners things, so I’m trying to stay positive and do small things while that’s all I have the power to do 🙂

  561. Crystal Storms

    I’m going to invite my mom because I know she would love going on the hunt for those special pieces with me : )

  562. Jan

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  563. Samantha White

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  575. Faye Lupfer

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  583. Lara

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  585. Dutchy

    What great fun to shop without pressure and to learn to make old things “new.” Kind of like grace..,

  586. Brenda

    Sharing with my daughter who is in the process of planning her June 2015 wedding and her new life as a new wife.

  587. Elizabeth Kierson

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    Many blessings and thanx for always encouraging me everyday!

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  606. Debbie Pinckley

    Lysa, I have followed you now for three years. While we have been serving God in Cambodia, you have pulled me through many difficult times! And I thank you for your words and your heart! Now we are returning in August. We had sold all of our earthly possessions, so will be starting over trying to find employment and setting up house! Am interested in this blog in the days ahead, hoping it will help me find furniture and how to decorate on a cheap budget! Please pray for us as we reacclimate to life in the US!

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    I will invite both of my daughters to join.
    Thank you!

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    This is a Godsend, my poor husband has been asking me to make our house a home and I feel so inadequate to do it

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  639. Jennifer D.

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    • Deb

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  656. Christina

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    I am sharing with my mom who shares my enthusiasm for decorating!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you do to Allison’s home.

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