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Friday Favorites: Intentional Gifts

November 22, 2013

I love getting gifts and giving gifts that have a deeper meaning to them. Gifts that are wrapped in love, have Scriptural teaching, or support organizations that are changing the world in Jesus’ name. Yes, I treasure the rarity of finding intentional gifts to bless those closest to me.

And after getting to know you through the sweet comments you tuck away on my posts, friend, I think you feel the same way.

So, as Christmas approaches, I’m gathering up ideas for intentional gift-giving.


1) Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl – My friend Brittany makes these scarves to help put her husband through Bible school – they are truly an example of a couple who works together as a team. Every stitch she knits is such a beautiful act of love.
2) Truly Treasured Wallet – This wallet has a unique flair to it, not just because of the design, but because it has Scripture (Romans 8:28) embroidered on the other side. Each time you go to use this wallet, you will be reminded you are treasured and that God is working all things for good to fulfill His purpose in your life.
3) I Am His Medallion Necklace – I love this! It was given to me and I wear it often. The necklace proclaims that “I am His” with Scriptural affirmation on the back. (Jeremiah 1:5)
4) His Christmas Names Ornament Set – These special ornaments proclaim timeless truth as you trim your tree this year. Each set includes seven names of Jesus and a small book with stories to read about the significance of each name. This is a beautiful way to connect the wonder of Jesus with your children, family, and friends.

Leave a comment today with the name of one of your friends and which of these gifts you’d like to give her. I’ll randomly pick one commenter to win the gift you picked for your friend and an extra one for yourself.

So fun. Happy Friday!

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  1. Amanda

    Lysa, I would give the I am his necklace to my good friend Jennifer Child’s…..on a different note I did not realize that the cover of unglued was a person until I finished the book, I thought it was a hatchet that wasn’t buried! How funny! I read it on my iPad mini. 🙂

  2. Lyndsey Cooper

    I would love to bless one of my friends with the “I am his” necklace. As I type this I can’t get a specific name to come to mind but I know God would give me a name if I was chosen. It could be my neighbor, co-worker, friend, I just don’t know yet.

  3. Lynn Bass

    I have a dear sis who would wear the cowl scarf or the necklace and she would use the wallet so any one of those items would be special to her and with her gracious heart, she would dearly appreciate the love put into making the gift. God bless you and I hope you and your family have a fabulously blessed Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for all the ways you bless and inspire our world!!

  4. Vicky D

    I would love to give my daughter in law the His Christmas Names Ornament set.

  5. Jen5253 Range

    I know my dear friend Beka could really be encouraged by the “I Am His” necklace.

  6. D Epstein

    I would love it if you could bless my precious nice with the “I Am His” necklace. She is an amazing wife & mother of 6. Raising her children to know Jesus in the way He so desires. She also serves selflessly each week in Children’s church. I know she would where it and use it to minister to others.

  7. Nadia

    I would love to bless my first cousin and friend, Ericka, with the I am His necklace – because often times we forget; what a beautiful reminder!!!

  8. Toni G. Davis

    Would you be able to give me contact info on how I can order these products? Thanks so much.

  9. Toni G. Davis

    Never mind- see the contact info.

  10. Ann

    My friend Fe will be delighted to receive the I Am His necklace because I know her heart for Him

  11. Lori W

    I would give the, “I am His” necklace to Carolann. She’s been such a dear friend over the years to help me through struggles and strong holds. She’s my “spiritual mama”. I give glory to God for her and her friendship. I know she would like it.

  12. gayle

    The knitted cowl for my friend donna. Being able to surround her in warmth and love would be the best gift.

  13. D Epstein

    I would love for you to bless my sweet niece, Danielle with the beautiful “I Am His” necklace.
    She is an amazing wife & mother of 6 who is raising each one to know Jesus in a personal way, just as Jesus desires. I know she would use the necklace as a way to minister/witness to others too. Thank you for even considering. =]]

  14. Donna Carter

    I have a special friend who right now is dealing with health issues, but also an unexpected financial issue as well, and through it all she is serving Him and helping others. The necklace would be perfect for her.

    Thank you.

  15. Sonya

    I would love to give my best friend, Karen, a wallet or a scarf.

  16. Nancy Hammond

    Would love to give my best friend Luci the scarf, she is always chilly.

  17. Kathy

    My sis-in-law, Sharon, is always there to provide encouragement as I struggle. I am picturing in my mind how wonderful the ornaments would look on their tree this year and forever.

  18. Summer

    I would love to give my friend Diane the beautiful I am His necklace. She lost her husband this year and in her grief, she often forgets who really loves her. This would make a beautiful reminder that He is in control and has claimed us as His own!

  19. Kim H.

    I have a friend at work named Kelly, who would just LOVE the “I am His” medallion necklace. I have had the privilege of sharing Christ with her, and now have the privilege of watching her grow in Him.

  20. Dee G

    My friend is Patty. I would choose to give her the cowl scarf as a reminder of how I appreciate her wrapping me in her love and friendship.

  21. Aja E

    I would give the ornament set to my dear friend Amanda. She is such an amazing person in Christ. Her love for God is just amazing. Also how she sews that into all 7 of her children is just wonderful. This would be a great gift of encouragement to her.

  22. Darlene

    I have the sweetest cousin, Amy! She has had a rough year. She is the one usually taking care of everybody, but she has had a health problem this past year & has had to slow down. She has struggled with wondering why & keeping the faith. I would love for her to have the “I am His” necklace to help her remember who she is!!! Plus when I saw it I thought of her looks like something she would love!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  23. Mandy

    One of my biggest blessings and gifts from God is my best friend Chrissy! I would love to give the “Queen of Scarfs” the beautiful scarf made by your friend!! What great gift giving ideas:-)

  24. Rachel Elrod

    I would love to give my friend Leslie the wallet. My sweet friend is currently struggling with some self esteem issues that I myself have struggled and overcome. The Lord has placed her on my heart as a beautiful sister to reach out to and be an example of unconditional love. And by being that The Lord is also teaching me how to contour to find my own worth in Him. Thanks you Lysa for you wonderful stories and raw emotions. The Lord has blessed me beyond what I can describe because I have learned by you as a vessel how to find my worth in Him. 🙂

  25. Echo Littrell

    I would like to gift the knitted cowl to my sister so she can feel the warmth and love God is providing her as she fights breast cancer and continues with chemo and radiation.

  26. Giny montalvo

    My best-friend Danielle always gives me gifts that are wonderful and unique. I would love to give her the truely treasured wallet. She has always had my back financially and spiritually.

  27. Tonya

    Judy…I am His Medallion Necklace…great reminder so close to the heart!

  28. Kathy

    I would love to bless my friend Lisa with the ornaments! Ornaments are special to me, and these remind us of all of our Lord’s names.

  29. Jocelyn Wilson

    Lysa – All of these gifts would be so wonderful to give to my secret sister for Christmas! Blessings – Jocelyn

  30. Traci Davis

    This is a wonderful idea. I enjoyed the necklace, “I am His”. I have a sister in Christ who has been going through a valley. It started two years ago and her husband has been through surgery after surgery. He has not worked in months and now she had to have surgery. She works in ministry and holding tight to Jesus has been hard at times. This woman opened a door that had been buried in my teenage son 2 1/2 years ago and helped my husband and I keep him from a dangerous path he was on. I am forever in her debt. Her love language is receiving gifts and I want her to have something to hold onto in her tough season. We were together in a Unglued bible study and we all adore you, so my thought was if it comes from you it would be a reminder light that Chris needs and would treasure. Blessings,

  31. Penny

    I would love to bless my friend Liz with the knitted cowl because she is always cold!

  32. Twylene

    My best friend Crystal has been a constant in my life. I’d love to give her one of the cowls…they’re beautiful!

  33. Andrea

    I would choose the I Am His necklace to give to my mom as a reminder that regardless of the situations and circumstances, she is His and He sees, knows and loves her.

  34. Denise

    My dear friend Wendy. Like the knitter, always giving of herself to others. I would love to see her heart warmed by this scarf as she is busy warming the hearts of us all.

  35. Carol

    I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now with the loss of her husband. I first saw your post on Instagram about the scarfs and she loves all things cozy so I bought her one. Now that I see the others gifts she just might have to get more them one present from me. Melanie has been a dear friend of mine and she has such a caring heart, she deserves all those gifts.

  36. Teri

    I have a friend, melissa who wears scarves almost every day when it’s cold. We are teachers and get 30 minutes for lunch each day. We try to laugh and lift each other up everyday. Our conversation always turns to what God has done that day. Love your blog and ministry. God bless you.

  37. Mary Ann Anderson

    What beautiful gift ideas your have brought to us today. I would love to give the Christmas Ornaments to my sweet sisterchick, our pastor’s wife. We are kindred spirits serving together in leadership of our women’s ministry. I know she loves the names of our Lord and Savior and these would be a blessing to her this Christmas. Bless you and your ministry to so many, Lysa.
    One your sweet Jesus girls,
    Mary Ann

  38. Kristy

    My friend Shannon Beckham and Alexis Vanderveen. They have been so inspirational to me over the last year. They never knew my husband before he past away in August ’12 but they accepted my family and I with open loving and praying arms. I love them both and I love the ” I am His” necklace.

  39. Julia

    I would love to bless my friend Jamie with the “I am His” medallion; sometimes we go through periods of time in which we need very tangible reminders – this would be perfect for her.

  40. Kari Moncrief

    Heidi- and she would LOVE the “I am His” necklace! Me too! Gorgeous!

  41. Doreen Bennett

    I’d love for my daughter Mallory (21) to be reminded everyday of who she is and who’s she is, and the I AM HIS medallion will do that everyday. Blessings.

  42. Elissa

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend Amy. She is a teacher and has been finding joy and blessing coming out of her hard work with kids lately, and I would like her to know that through God many more blessings will come in all areas of her life.

  43. Heather Ausbrooks

    When I saw the His Christmas Name Ornament Set I immediately thought of my friend Carnetta. She and I are both teachers in our children’s church. I could see her teaching the children and then adding the ornaments to her tree as I type this!

  44. Janet

    I have a friend who has recently gone through a very hard break up in her marriage. Now, Jen is struggling to keep showing up at church each sunday as she knows that people are talking. My girl will always have a place in my pew with me and my family and I think that she needs something that will constantly remind her that SHE IS HIS! That necklace would help 😉
    Thank you for what you do for Him!

  45. Melissa

    As soon as I saw the pic of that scarf, I knew my sister would love it! And it has such a beautiful story to go along with it. 🙂

  46. Jordan Webster

    My very good friend and co-worker (we are teachers) is experiencing a rough, rough patch in her marriage. Her tears have broken my heart. Her relationship with The Lord is weak and she has voiced to me that she wants to strengthen that precious relationship. She is not much of a jewelry wearer, but I know she would love the wallet!

  47. Colleen G.

    Happy Friday : )
    I would give my friend Amy the beautiful Jesus ornaments because she is leading a school wide cookie ecxchange at our kids school and would like to have a tree decorated for the event and this ornament set would make great tree decorations. The cookie exchange is called “Cookies for a Cause” – women coming together in fellowship, with cookies and to support a local cause (homeless students in our County). Love the ornaments – Thanks!

  48. Danielle

    I would love to give that necklace to Dr. Tracy. She has been instrumental in my life in such a short time.

  49. Annette D

    I would love the wallet for my friend Rula who is going through a painful divorce. She is a strong and sweet woman who loves the Lord and her family (2 daughters). Many blessings to everyone this day (we live in Illinois and are still just in awe of the power of the tornados that went through our state last Sun – please pray for the town of Washington, IL that had substantial damage).

  50. Michelle

    These are all beautiful gifts and would touch anyone’s heart. I would gift to my Mom, Joy, who brings such joy to others. She is a wonderful example of being “joyful” even when caring for my two 95 year old grandparents by herself. She is my gift!

  51. Linda Smith

    I would love to give the beautiful, warm, cozy scarf to someone homeless.

  52. Marilyn

    I would love to bless my dear friend Sherry with the necklace. Last year she lost her baby and this year she is again expecting … but is having some unexplained complications. She is such a dear sweet young lady. I know the necklace would be a constant reminder that the Lord is in control of every aspect of her life and that of her little one. Thank you.

  53. Kimberly

    I would give the ornaments to my friend Jessica. She is truly blossoming in her relationship with the Lord and what a wonderful gift she would treasure. She is a hard working mom and trying her hardest to follow God and use her relationship with her husband to help him to see the light to a God he has never known. I believe she would be encouraged and to read the stories of all of Gods names would be a blessing to her.

  54. Debbie Sutherland

    I would love to bless my friend and spiritual mentor Shelley with the names of Jesus Christmas ornaments. Shelley loves Christmas and she has such a big heart. She came alongside me and patiently waited 3 years while I questioned and stumbled and I ran…until finally I went running headlong into the Father’s arms just about 10 months ago. He was absolutely the best thing that happened to me! I am His and not certain I would have come to Him on my own. I have lots to be thankful for!

  55. Ginny Vaught

    I would choose my friend Jenny for the necklace! She is a single mom of 3 and struggles with each day and with the fact that she ‘is His!’ Thank you!:)

  56. Mimi Kolb

    I would love to give the I am His bracelet to a great friend of mine, who is like Jesus with skin on for so many! My daughter would love the knitted cowl….Beautiful items 🙂

  57. Tammy Rude

    Last Sunday I had the privilege to witness a former client of mine get baptized. When I say client, I’m referring to a program (post-abortion) that she went through with me being her mentor using the study “Forgiven and Set Free.” With her, like all the women, a relationship forms and we soon become friends.
    I would love to give her ‘I am His’ medallion necklace. It would be a perfect reminder of the day she came up out of the ashes into beauty.

    Thank you for offering these wonderful gifts!

  58. Marlene

    I would love to surprise my friend Mary with the I am His medallion necklace! She has been so loving, kind and generous during this season in my life and I’d love to bless her 🙂

  59. Mary Bernard

    I would choose the necklace for my sister, she loves anything monogrammed and she is the only person in my family that has been there for me through good times and bad. I have a lot of sickness and hospital visits and she always comes to sit with me. It would be nice to be able to say thanks. 🙂

  60. Nancy Silvers(OBS Small Group Leader)

    These are all such pretty gifts! I would love to give His Christmas Names of God ornaments for my secret sister 🙂 Can’t put her name here but if I win I’ll e-mail it. Praying you have a blessed day today Lysa!

  61. Tammy T

    I would love to give my friend Beverly (Bev) the “I Am His” medallion. For a long time my faith was on the backburner. Bev & I became friends when we studied for our Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) exam and then for our Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam. While we were both members of IAAP, we would always share a hotel room at functions. Thanks to Bev’s unwavering faith, I attended a bible study at her church, and slowly began my journey in rediscovering how wonderful, forgiving, and loving God. Thanks to Bev, I have committed to daily Bible reading for the past four years. She’s the first person I call when I’m giving praise or having a crisis of faith.

  62. Janet Dolence

    My sister, my friend, Theresa Reichardt would love the ornaments! Me too!!

  63. Susan

    Thank you for these ideas, it does make giving more meaningful!
    I would like to give my daughter the twist scarf, she wears the one
    I have alot!

  64. Misti Gil

    My friend Johnna loves scarves so I think the cowl would be perfect for her. Beautiful gifts!

  65. Hope @ The Flourishing Tree

    Lysa — I love these gift ideas! I know one in particular I’ll get for my mom, but as for a gift for a friend, the I am His necklace would be perfect for my friend Wendy!

  66. Sylvia

    Lysa, oh how you bless us with your ministry! I have shared the ‘personalized scriptures’ with my sister and they so ministered to her. I have a dear precious young Mommy, whose sweet 7 month old baby girl went home to Jesus. The service is this weekend. I so love Esther! I would give her the “I am His” necklace to remind her both she and her daughter belong to our Lord.

  67. Jennifer Cone

    Lysa, these gifts are precious!! But one stood out to me and in an instant I knew who it would be intended for. The “I am His” necklace. My sweet daughter has had some really rough seasons in her 22 years (one of which she is just coming out of). Each time God has revealed Himself to her and shows her how He is working in her life. It is so tough to stand on the sidelines while she is in the thick of it, but oh, how heart-stirring to see Him work in and for her.
    Thank you for the suggestions and the opportunity!! 🙂

  68. Jo Ann Cooper

    I would love to bless my daughter-in-law Maggie with #1 the twist cowl. After 10 years of trying to have a baby they quit fertility treatments only to find out 2 months later that she was pregnant. 1 of her church ladies knitted her a prayer shawl for her high risk pregnancy. Now that little boy is 6 years old and to the surprise of everyone has a 1 1/2 year old brother. When she wears the cowl it would one a reminder of how God comforts us at all times.

  69. Shelly S. Cantrell

    Lysa: thanks for always leading us in the adventure of faith with your words, actions, and gifts (spiritual and physical ;-).

    Hmmmm… it’s hard to pick between 1 and 3 because I have 2 friends (intentionally) in mind for each of these…

    Tell you what:

    For Gift #1: Could you pass along the info to order straight from Brittany? I’ll buy 2 from her to support her husband and give one to my friend Andi.

    For Gift #3: This is the one I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to give to my friend, Beth Wright. She saw the spiritual gifts in me I couldn’t see and encouraged me to be a writer/speaker… hired me for my very first women’s retreat… told me about She Speaks… and helped send me my first year. Here am I, 4 years later (published, writing, and speaking for God … doing ministry). Beth often gives me jewelry for birthday/Christmas and I want to give her something special this year.

    The “I Am His” necklace is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!! Please consider my Sister, Friend, and the woman who raises me to higher standards, Beth Wright, when you consider who might receive this beautiful piece of art.

  70. LINDA

    I would greatly enjoy giving my dear sister that lovely wallet and that scripture on it would just add to the gift!

  71. Lindsey

    I would love to give my bible study friend, Robyn, the I am his necklace. She’s had a rough year losing her sister to murder and her mother in law recently died. She has been the strength and glue for both families yet she is hurting and grieving. She was extremely close to both women. She shows up to bible study weekly and loves God. Through it all, I think this gift around her neck would remind her who He is and who she is.

  72. Christine R

    The “I Am His”, necklace is perfect for my friend Cathy. She has been going through a bit of a difficult time the last several months. I would love to encourage her with this daily reminder of Gods love for her and that He has her in His hands.

  73. Lisa

    OMGoodness, I LOVE 1 and 3, I think my daughter, Noel, would love the scarf or the necklace. I do have to say I love the idea of the money made from the scarves are going toward a great cause!

  74. Hannah L

    I would live to give my dear friend the wallet with a great reminder if Gods love through this season of life!

  75. Cheri

    I would love to gift my sister and best friend with the lovely handmade cowl. It reminds me of our relationship- a closely knitted bond that we have treasured through the ups and downs of life. Yes, even though sometimes we drop a few stitches along the way! We are always there for each other to pick one another up and help “darn” the gaping holes that a messy life can bring. The cowl is such a nice reminder of the love, beauty and warmth my sister weaves into my life each and every day.

  76. Kim S

    They are all neat; The scarf would be for my walking friend Liz, the necklace would be for my friend Lori or Me. The wallet would be either for Ann or Jodi. the Ornament for be for Jessica. All are very dear friends. They all help me to be a better person.

  77. Lori

    Any one of these gifts would be awesome, but I especially like the necklace and would love to give one to my daughter, Emma. What a wonderful, tangible reminder of His love…I can imagine one of us wearing it, maybe we’re having a tough day and be able to touch the necklace, remembering we are His and He loves us.

    Thanks for sharing Lysa!! 🙂

  78. Gloria

    These are all wonderful gifts. I love the scarf for two reasons. I love that the couple is working together and striving for something good and how God has knitted them together. I would share this with a co-worker, friend at work. Her name is Pam. God has knitted our lives together and I am very fond of her.

  79. Katheryn Donaldson

    I would give the His Name Christmas orniments to my dear friend, who has walked away from God for 2 years now. She has struggled & been in pain & just won’t come back. Believing in God & His plan for her life! Lysa you are amazing for always giving!! God bless you! Xoxo

  80. Landon

    I have an amazing friend, as we probably all do, that has been a treasure to me for over 22 years. We rode the bus together, we went to college together, we served in the armed forces together (though in different branches), and now by God’s design (I have no doubt), we are back in our home town raising our kids together and holding each other’s arms up in the process. She truly is a picture of Jesus like no one I’ve ever known! I would give her the ornaments because she is an unbelievable mom of 4, soon to be 5, children – three of which are adopted from China and two of those are special needs. She pours herself into these children daily – teaching, discipling, serving and loving them. I have no doubt she would LOVE something like this to proclaim Jesus’ name to her children and all who enter her home.

  81. Laurie H

    Thanks for the great ideas! I would so enjoy giving the I am his necklace to my sweet friend of 34 years, Mary Ann. You have met her so you will understand why she is the best. She is a warrior for Christ every minute of her life. Thsnks for the opportunity to share about her!

  82. Tammy

    I would love to bless my friend Lisa with the I Am His necklace. She has been a single mom for 9 years and has been going thru a lot of struggles this year, from losing her job, to health issues, and dealing with teenage drama. Yet, with all of these challenges, she continues to trust in God and encourage others. In this time of waiting for her abundance to come, this necklace would be a reminder to her that she is not alone, and as long as she has Him she has everything.

  83. Gigi

    I would give one of the necklaces to my oldest sister Debra because she lives so far away.

  84. Sherri G.

    I love the ornaments!

  85. Cora Nash

    Good morning! I would give the scarf to my younger sister who is also a dear friend and a wonderful mom! She lives in north Texas where they actually get a winter unlike here in Houston:) thank you for sharing these beautiful gifts with us!

  86. Maridel

    You are a woman after my own heart. Always looking for ideas for meaningful gifts that contain encouraging scripture. I have a friend, Pam, who has had a hard year. I would love to have any of these for her, but especially the wallet. Maridel

  87. Lorie

    The wallet or necklace both of my daughters would love them. Do I guess if you pick me they both will have them. LOL all are GREAT and beautiful. Could you please post how to purchase these items?

  88. Robin Thomas

    I’d give the necklace to my sweet friend, Debi! She would boldly and proudly wear this pretty necklace. Debi is definitely HIS!! She’s such an example of a woman of God. She’s truly a blessing to all and you want to know her God just by meeting her.

  89. Kiley

    I would give the Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl to my friend, Gwen!

  90. Carlotta Mattox

    I would give my co-worker the I am His necklace. I’m not sure why but I feel she is going through something difficult. She doesn’t seem the same&I just want to give her something meaningful. Her and I talk about GOD at work and how we can’t go through anything with out Him in our lives. She always seems to find the perfect gift for others&I would love to bless her with this beautiful&meaninful necklace.

  91. Debbie

    I saw you in Hershey last week end and was so blessed! Thank You for coming.
    All those gifts are wonderful , I would enjoy the His Christmas names ornaments, and I would love to share a set with my friend Ruth who is like a sister to me.

  92. Angela

    I would give the cowl scarf to my dear friend, Grace. She would love it! It’s so pretty. Thank you!

  93. Crystal Subject

    I would give the truly treasured wallet to my sister Heather because she has blessed me in more ways than I can count and I know that she is truly treasured in God’s sight! She would love it! Thanks for your blog posts, they are such an inspiration.

  94. Debbie

    I would love to give the necklace to my girlfriend to remind her as she goes through her cancer treatments God will be with every moment because she is His!

  95. Danielle Kleber

    The wool blend knit twist cow scarf would be awesome for my friend Christene Logesky, I always see her wearing the infinity scarfs and I would really love to be able to give her a gift.

  96. Gretchen

    I Would love to give the Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl to my friend, Sara. She is always kind and warm… her home is one of those places where I can go, sit, and breathe . She is truly an example to me, and the Lord has knit our hearts together through similar circumstances.

  97. Donna Leigh Hinkley

    I would love to give the “I Am His Medallion Necklace” to my sweet friend, Jenifer Stephens. <3

  98. Cindy Smith

    Lysa – thank you so much for sharing those wonderful gifts! All my girlies would be thrilled with any one of them! I would pick my loving and wonderful friend Kimra to receive the “I Am His” pendant. She would wear it proudly!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful, loving blessings you pour out daily through your honesty and truth!

  99. KariB

    I would love to give the cowl scarf to my wonderful friend Wanda. she has been through soo much these last 6 years and I’d like to bless her with a nice warm present this year. I pray heal her and she shall be healed Lord, save her and she shall be saved! That is my cry for Wanda. Total emotional and physical healing Lord.

  100. Tonia Jolley

    I have a friend, a sister in Christ, who is going through a tough time and needs affirmation from God every day. She has a chronic illness, and after 25 years of marriage, her husband has left because he is “tired of having a sick wife” and “tired of having to pay her medical bills”. The wallet would remind her that God is working all things for her good, even as her life changes drastically. The necklace would reminder on the most lonliest of days that she is His and she is not alone.

  101. Melissa

    I love these gifts! I would love to give the clutch to my Mom b/c that is one of my favorite scriptures…& what a great reminder & way to encourage someone!

  102. Lynn M.

    I would give the ornaments to my dear sister Gail. Our birthdays are three weeks shy of three years apart (Dec. 11 and Jan 1) and we exchange gifts. Wouldn’t “we” love to receive these!!

  103. Cheryl

    The “I Am His” necklace is the sweetest gift I can give to my girls this Christmas. My own daughter, who at 14 has had to go through a very tough time recently, and to my stepdaughters, who at the ages of 14 and 17, lost their mom to cancer. These young ladies mean the world to me and I always want them to know they are dearly loved. They have blessed me in so many ways and I adore each one of them.

  104. Deb

    I would love the ‘I am His’ medallion for my niece – her Dad passed away 14 years ago & her Mom passed away in May of this year – she’s an orphan at 23 & is struggling. I love her dearly & this would be a sweet reminder of who she is. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  105. Michele Morin

    I would give the knitted cowl to my friend Lori because she is a knitter, and would truly appreciate the workmanship.

  106. Beth Stowe

    I would give the Truely Treasured wallet to my dear friend Ashley. She came into my life about 4 years ago and changed it for the better. I no longer see her as a friend, I see her as a sister. We both decided to go back to church and we are doing this wonderful journey together, there is nothing greater then having God pick a sister to walk beside you. I am truly blessed to have her as a friend.

  107. Elaine Segstro

    I would give the medallion necklace to my treasured friend Trudy. She is ALWAYS there for me. I am truly blessed. She displays the heart of Jesus.

  108. Jonni Fredrickson

    I would give the Truly Treasured wallet to my sister, Penny. She has been so supportive in the last 2 years since our Father came to live with me. She listens and reinforces my fears and decisions with a Godly wisdom. All things do work together for God’s purpose. I would additionally give my wallet to my Penny’s daughter who is preparing to be missionary in the tiny country of Liechtenstein, where my Father’s Father immigrated from in the 1910’s. My neice, Jenny, could feel the connection to her Mom across the miles, and I could feel the Honor of bestowing that connection. Thank you.

  109. Jessica

    I would love the medallion for my truly best friend my mom Debbie.

  110. Amy C.

    I would give the His Christmas Names ornaments to my mother. She and my dad always put up a huge tree — perfect for declaring His Christmas Names!

  111. Elizabeth

    I would give the “I am His” necklace to my daughter, Whitney. She is trying to mend from a broken heart and claim the truth that Jesus is her one and only.

  112. Laci

    I would absolutely give the cowl scarf to my girl Errica. She’s that fashionista friend who you send selfies to when your in the dressing room and have no idea what your doing. So deserving of a gift as fabulous & stylish as she is:)

  113. Shauna

    I would definitely give one of the ornament sets to Danielle. How fitting because we have begun to study the different names! How awesome it would be to have these on my tree as a wonderful reminder of all that Jesus is to us!

  114. Jenny McDaniel

    I would love to win a scarf for my best friend/sister in law, Emily. She has been such a good friend and sister to me over the years.

  115. Joy

    My oldest son left for college this year, but his girlfriend of one year is still in high school, so they have been separated since August. They are managing to make it work, but she is having such a hard time being away from him… We text pretty often, and I’m thankful to have such a close relationship with this precious teenager. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to encourage the two of them in their walks with the Lord! I’ve been searching for the perfect Christmas gift for her, and I really think she would LOVE either the scarf or the wallet. Thank you so much for your willingness to serve the Lord like you do – He is using you to touch lives every day!!

  116. Dawn

    I would give the “Wonderful Counselor” ornaments to my friend, Janet. She is a beautiful example of God’s love, and as a guidance counselor herself, guides students to the True Wonderful Counselor daily.

  117. Ruth Montag

    I would give “The Names of Jesus” ornament set to our friend, Kelley. She is a Sunday School Teacher and is teaching about Jesus’ Names this year. It would be so meaningful to her. Love all these products! Thank you for what you do!

  118. Kirsten

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend Meghan so she can be reminded every time she wears it that she has Someone looking out for her.

  119. Amy E

    The wallet would make a great gift for my best friend of over 25 years. She and I have been through thick and thin together and are now learning to live life without the security of having a 2nd income in our households. Being primary bread winner is tough and the worry often creeps in. Romans 8:28 on a wallet would be a great reminder that no matter how hard the circumstances are, God is making something good out of them. Her name is Kinlee.

  120. Denise

    I would love to give my daughter the I am His medallion necklace. She is 17 and a beautiful young woman yearning for God’s direction in her life. I know she would treasure this and wear it often.

  121. Kay Youngman

    I would like the ornaments for encouragement to send to my friend. She has a lot happening right now.

  122. Missy

    Absolutely would love to gift the necklace to my friend Jeanie. She is not only a truly great friend, she is a sister to me in every sense of the word(well, except biologically). She supports me through everything without judgement, with some tough love at times, but has been a steady rock for me as well as a mentor as I grow in my spiritual life. I couldn’t imagine this journey without her by my side.

  123. Liz C

    How would I even pick! My first & foremost thought was the knitted cowl, so your friend can still be supported. I would give it to my secret spiritual sister who has gone through the process of having breast cancer- from discovery to surgery and honoring God throughout all of it. She is one strong woman!

  124. Angela P

    I would gift the scarf to my friend/daughter, Kelsey……she is amazing and deserves it and so much more. She keeps our family “knit” together 🙂

  125. Rita

    Lysa, I would absolutely LOVE to give my best friend of 30+ years, Wendy, the Names of Jesus ornament set. She is really going through a rough season in her life (and has been for some time), and I sincerely believe that this will remind her that, “It’s not about ME!” In her heart of hearts, Wendy truly knows that, but it is just difficult for her to see.

  126. Tiffany

    My sister she loves jewelry so I would pick the necklace. She is my best friend and I love her so much!!

  127. Maria W.

    I would like to give the ‘I am His’ medallion necklace to a friend, Sara. Once I made a beautiful piece for her that said, “I am my Beloved’s and He is mine” and this would be a nice reminder of that and of our friendship over the years. I enjoy reading your blog each time! Blessings to you!

  128. Heather Purvis

    I would love to give my high school age daughter the I am His necklace! She loves The Lord, and knows this is true but is struggling with friend issues right now and that reminder would be wonderful!

  129. Cheryl V

    my co-worker has started a bible study group during our lunch hour, would love to give her the necklace to remind her how special she is in using her gift

  130. Evalyn Elliott

    I am His medallion necklace for my friend Miriam Clayton. Miriam has been my friend for over 30 years, going back to sorority days at Baylor. She is now one of my dearest friends who has prayed me through multiple job losses, concerns about my children and most recently, through my marriage breakup and pending divorce. She is a true prayer warrior!

  131. Kelly Gilliland

    My friend, Cherene, is a pastor’s wife and very hard to buy for. She would absolutely love the scarf. She’s always doing for others in our church and I would love to surprise her with the scarf. She is a blessing to sooooo many people.

  132. Katie Wirth

    I would give the necklace to my sweet friend Shauna. Her love language is giving and she is always so thoughtful with her material gifts as well s her gift of friendship and prayer warrior!!!

  133. Val Kisamore

    My daughter, Becka, just turned 20 and is now at the “friend” stage with me. I think she would love the little clutch purse or the His necklace. My daughter drives to me many medical appointments and takes me shopping and out for visits because I am ill with an autoimmune condition and am not doing very much for myself. She often has to cancel plans with friends her own age to help with my care.
    she does it cheerfully, but I’m sure she is sometimes very weary and afraid. Either of these gifts would be an encouragement to her.

  134. Margaret

    Wow! I could think of someone to give each of these to, but probably what I would have to pick would be my daughter and the scarf. She loves scarves and I love the story behind these!

  135. Lisa

    I have a friend, Kimberly, that would love and truly appreciate the His Christmas names ornament set. She is such a wonderful blessing to me and my spiritual walk. I never knew what true friendship was until I met her. What a treasure God has given me in this friend!

  136. Pat T

    I would give the wallet to my friend, Kristy. She and her husband just received guardianship of their 9 yr old grandson. What an adjustment! She needs the reminder that she is treasured by God.

  137. sally

    My friend Ashley would be all over those ornaments! What a beautiful gift for a wordsmithy kind of gal.

  138. Jill

    My daughter just turned 19 years old and is starting her travels down the college road.
    She is already facing many, many trials that is testing her faith as a young adult.
    I would love for her to have the “I am His” necklace or wallet. This would be a
    reminder to her of God’s great love and strength he could give her to get her thru some
    of her trying times. Lysa, thank you so much for all your devotional gifts you give us
    all everyday!

  139. Pam Shaffer

    I love the His Christmas Names ornaments. I teach Sunday School for 3rd-5th graders. I have a small class – 7 kids. What a wonderful reminder the ornament would be for them during the Christmas season of the true meaning of Christmas. I would use the ornaments and the booklet to teach the kids each Sunday before Christmas about each name and how it applies to them. Then the last Sunday before Christmas send each child home with an ornament as a reminder of who Jesus is to them.
    Thank you for your ministry and the opportunity to share Jesus with others.
    Pam Shaffer

  140. Kerry Ann

    I would pick the the knitted cowl and give one to my daughter. She has grown so much in her faith – I am so proud of her! She is also very fashionable – so I know she would ablsolutely love to wear this! Thanks so much!

  141. Miriam Gueck

    I would give the wallet to my friend Julie. She is an amazing hard worker and provider for her family in the midst of chaos and she does it with style and grace.

  142. Margarita

    All these gifts sound wonderful and it is great how God has given each a talent and they are using their gift to bless others. The one gift I would chose to give to my mom is the Names of Christ ornament set. My mom has always loved the names of Jesus and what each one means. That is the gift she gave to me, to love the name of Jesus.
    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

  143. Rachel Martin

    I would like to give my friend the I am his medallion necklace! What a gorgeous reminder!!! This would be for my friend Christina! Thanks! These little give aways are so neat 🙂

  144. Mindy G.

    I would give the “I Am His”necklace to my boss Jenny! It is an excellent reminder and there are times when we need something to bring us out of a dark place. She could definitely benefit from this message:)

  145. Tina Spriggs

    These are some great gift ideas. My family has decided that we needed to get back to the real reason for the season. We have decided that gifts need to be meaningful. Not just because and since we have been living under financial strain, we decided that making gifts would be even more wonderful. I would pick number 4. I would like my oldest daughter to have a set to have for herself. She is 25 and dreaming of a wonderful marriage and family someday. I would love to give her this set so she could really put God in the center of her relationship right from the start.

  146. Rebecca McFarland

    I would give the wallet to my best friend Carrie. She has been such a treasure to me & I know in her shopaholic tendencies it would wonderful to know she is reminded that God loves her & so do I.

  147. Julie Naylor

    I would love to give the beautiful knitted cowl to my friend Lisa who is a hard working Mom of two & is a fashionista & I know she would love this as much as I would =) does your friend take orders or have a website ? Thank you Lysa for being such a blessing to so many !!

  148. Kime Kenslow

    I would love to give the “I am His” medallion to my sister in-law who just lost her father to cancer. He was an amazing man of God but her grief is conflicting with her knowledge that he is rejoicing in heaven as she was a true “daddy’s girl” It would be a great reminder to her as to whom we as believers all truly belong to 🙂

  149. Candace

    I would like to give the I am His medallion necklace to my friend, Sarah. She is going through a tough season and I would love to give her something that would be an encouraging reminder to her that she is not alone but that she belongs to Him!

  150. Cindy F

    I would give the “I am his” necklace to my sweet friend Linda!

  151. karen

    Lysa ~ Thank you so much for these beautiful ideas!
    I would bless my sweet friend, Jamie, with the “I Am His” necklace. She has reminded me so many times of His love for me and with all she is going through, she needs to hear this right now <3

  152. Mary Leigh Taylor

    This morning my daughter, Cory Leigh, who is also my best friend, sent me an email with a copy from another Proverbs 31 devotionals about being a mean girl. She had forwarded it to her sister in hopes of renewing their relationship. I love them both so much and this would be the best Christmas present if God wills. I would love to give her and her sister the grey scarf. the devotions from Proverbs 31 are so right on and to my heart. Love in Christ Jesus and keep up the good work!!

  153. MaryLou Kleveland

    I would give the I am His medallion necklace to my best friend of 34 years, Pam, as I know she would LOVE this gift.

  154. Anne Peterson

    I would love to give the scarf to my daughter-in-law. While it would keep her warm I would also think about all the loving stitches that went into it. She also knits and it reminded me of her.

  155. Michelle Cervantez

    I would give the “I am His” medallion to my friend Lisa. She is dealing with marital issues right now. She has been so down and feels that she has no where to turn. She is trying to hold onto God’s promises, but finding it hard to believe things will work out.

  156. Shamar Smiley

    I love the idea of giving intentional gifts. I am always searching for gifts for my family and friends that have a significant meaning to them. I would love to share the “I am His” medallion with one of best friends Kendra, who is such a faithful and loving servant of our God. She would not only wear it, but she would share its worth and meaning to others as she wears it, and spread the Love of Jesus. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful blog, and gifts with us.

  157. Sandy Jaynes

    I would like to give the scarf to my boss. I’ve worked alot of different places and the boss I have now is amazing! She is a true believer that walks her talk. In fact, her walk is such that she doesn’t HAVE to talk. People (kids included) are drawn to her because she is such a positive, encouraging and uplifting person. She truly seeks God’s heart in all she does and she’s raising her kids to be the same way….seek God’s heart. I thank God DAILY for having a boss like her, as well as an awesome, trustworthy, loyal friend.

    • Sandy Jaynes

      I would also appreciate information where I could purchase the scarf. What a wonderful ministry to support! Thank you for any help you could give me with that. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  158. Cindy Bohling

    Hi Lisa,

    I believe that my friend, my sister, Renea, would love the I Am His Medallion Necklace!Thank you for your inspiration!


  159. Paige

    I would give each of my kiddos an ornament. I give them each an ornament every year, and put the date on it, and the last few years I have tried to be intentional about making them reflect the true reason for Christmas.

  160. Akemi Stoker

    Lysa, I so much enjoy receiving your posts. I went through ‘Unglued’ with my women’s group last spring and shared the information I gained with my daughter who is now a freshman in college. She has struggled a bit with homesickness that is compounded by the fact that her roommate left college after Fall Break because of homesickness. She is finishing the remainder of the semester with no roommate. I would give the “I Am His” necklace to my daughter as a reminder to her as she goes through her first year away from home that she is a child of God and to find hope and peace and joy and love in Him.

  161. Jenni

    I really enjoy reading your posts. They are very uplifting! I really like the “I am His” necklace. I would give it to my friend Chantelle who is expecting her second baby in March. She is such a strong woman of faith, encouraging me through everything. I thank God for her that she is my dear friend.

  162. Lori Harvey

    I work with high school students and have a special Senior girl this year who has become like my own daughter (God blessed me with giving birth to two sons). I so enjoy her laughter in my life and I would love to gift her with these items so that she remembers every day Who holds her future.

  163. Robin

    I would love to give the wool blend cowl to my friend Steph, it would look so cute on her! Thank you for sharing these wonderful gift ideas!

  164. Nancy Smith

    The “I am His necklace ” I would give to my precious daughter in law. This year has seen such change in her- she knew about Jesus, but didn’t Know Him. Through a turbulent time in their marriage-they have been through a lot, and somedays the only thing that’s held them together is my son’s love for her and the determination God placed in him to make it work. They’ve been married almost 5 years, have an 8 year old daughter and a 2 year old son and have a little one on the way. They are currently living solely on my son’s income from being a musician at church and other church functions with several churches around our area. They were on the point of breaking- she was about ready to leave the marriage and the children, when it came to a head one night and she arrived at our door after a phone conversation with her mother where her mom said “Just leave him” and hung up. She stood there, in the doorway, saying I’m so sorry and crying non stop, we brought her in, she stayed the night with us, we talked a long while, and through the orchestrations of God her heart was changed and the Hand of God in her life was revealed clearly to her. Shortly after, she gave her heart to Jesus. Now she and my granddaughter attend BSF with me and I am clearly reminded of the joy of the wonder of learning about Jesus through her eyes. As we left our class one evening she said to me: “I never knew that the Bible is the story of Jesus, that it’s one story start to finish. Now it makes sense.I just want to read it all now, start to finish.” None of her family are believers, her parents have divorced and both remarried, their value system is far removed from ours and they are in conflict over this change in her (their advice was to leave my son and start over and do whatever she wanted to do with her life). She still has baggage and things to work out in her head (don’t we all!) and It’s a struggle for her some days to trust that Jesus has her in the palm of His precious nail-scarred hand. I think the necklace would serve as reminder to her on those days it gets tough.

  165. Sandi

    I would give the “I am His” necklace to a friend who just went through a divorce she didn’t want after her husband chose to leave her and her five children. She’s struggled with the emotions of this obviously, yet has also seen God’s hand so much in providing for them right now. He is constantly assuring her that He really is a husband to the widow and a father to the fatherless. This would be a great reminder of how much God loves her.

  166. Melody Byrum

    I love these gift ideas. I always have such a hard time buying my sister-in-law gifts because she doesn’t wear jewerly and has most of what she wants, but the truly treasured wallet is just her size and style. I would love to get her one of those for Christmas. It was through her and her friends that my husband and I found Christ. I still turn to her with questions and answers and she always finds time for me to answer them. She and my mother-in-law are the two people I love most of all, after God, my husband, and my kids. We spend every holiday with them and she does so much for us. I don’t know what I would do without her and this wallet would make her a wonderful gift that would show just how much we treasure her and how much God treasures her. Thanks for this post.

  167. Darcey Jordan

    I have a friend who has been such a blessing to me. Her name is Joelle Taft. We attend the same church and are going through somewhat similar circumstances. We have just recently finished your Bible Study book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. Through the book she has shared the story of her calling to adopt 2 little girls from Ghana. Her and her husband have met the children and have been declared their legal parents in Ghana but because of some issues all forward progress has been halted. I too have been in a period of waiting for direction from God as to my desire for a child. I have been married for a little over nine years and we have been unable to have children even through fertility treatments. Joelle has been such a support and friend to me. We have cried together and prayed together. Recently, I have received an answer to a very long prayerful time of waiting from God in the direction of adoption. Although I do not know exactly know what avenue He would have us pursue yet, I have a peace that He is definitely pointing us toward adoption. I just want to nominate Joelle as that very special friend to receive the scarf because she has truly been a blessing to me as well as an answer to prayer for God to send me a friend that could understand what I was feeling. Someone that I could trust will pray for me and love me. She doesn’t judge me when I share my feelings, but also is willing to be truthful with me and hold me accountable. She saw the adoption calling on me before I did, but instead of pressuring me, she just prayed for me. We were talking the other day and I totally had a light bulb moment! We were talking about her adoption and the adoption of one of our other friends that was just completed from Ethiopia. I shared with her that I was open to any direction that God had for me, but that I wasn’t willing to move until I had total confirmation from Him. I told her that financially it was not in our grasp to pursue adoption at this time. I realized that with that statement I was saying that it was BEYOND ME and that the final confirmation of the 5 ways you can know if God is calling you to something from your book had been realized in this journey. She was totally excited and supportive of the realization and I am confident that she is going to be there for me through every step of this new journey that God has set before me and my husband. I am just overwhelmed by her love and support and very thankful for who she has become in my life.

  168. Lori

    I would love to give my daughter the wallet as a reminder that everything works out for Gods good for them that love Him. She is recently divorced and needs that encouragement!

  169. Susan Moore

    I am constantly thinking of my 18 year old daughter. The constant reminders that I must give her about God. Every Wed and Thurs she calls me at 5 pm. She knows I’m heading for bible study but wants to know. Lately she has told me, “you’re not in such a good mood. Did you go to Bible study”. I have to giggle at that. In itself I hope this gives her an example and she is heading back to the closeness we once had. I like number four for her. She loves to trim the tree, yet I do not any more. I used to do it because of her, for her. Now watching her I like to film her because she likes “theme” seasons in terms of “colours”. Our first tree only had child toys on it with her footie *star on end* as the topper.

  170. Philana Rogers

    I would give the wool blend knit scarf to my closest friend that moved away from Atlanta, GA all the way to Oregon!

  171. Charity

    Wow, I think all these gifts are wonderful and it’s really hard to narrow it to one person that I would give just one of gifts to!! But, IF I had to pick just one person to give just one gift to, I think I would give my friend Justina the wallet. She lives in almost constant pain, has been through two back surgeries, and needs to know that God really is redeeming all that she has and is going through for good somehow.

  172. Kelly Willie

    I would love to give the necklace to my best friend who has been through a rough last couple of years, but due to her faith, she has come out on top. I’d love to know where I can purchase these. I love them all! Thank you Lysa for all you do for us!

  173. Tanja

    Hi Friends,
    My sweet friend Heather lives on the other side of the US and I haven’t seen her in years, but the Lord has renewed our friendship recently though emails and texts. I am so blessed to have her in my life. A true “kindred spirit.” She is going through a dark time in her life. Her husband lost his job yesterday! She has three kids and is basically a stay at home mom. Their home is not finished and she has NO money to fix anything and her dad is struggling with depression. She has no idea how she will pay for groceries this week. I would LOVE to bless her with the beautiful bird necklace to remind her that God has NOT forgotten her today. It would be the next best thing to actually being there to hug her in person, which I really wish I could do. PLEASE keep her and me in your prayers today. I LOVE your ministry! Thank you for everything you do.

  174. Jessica Mason

    I would love to give to my great friend and co-worker – Amber the necklace that is pictured on your blog. She and her husband have been patiently trying to conceive a child. She has never waivered in her faith that God has plans for her to be a mother. I have seen such growth in her as she draws near to God in this journey. She has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for your blogs Lisa – I love them!

  175. Amanda Harding

    I would give the “I am His” necklace to my friend Toni. She and I both at times need the reminder that “I am His” and He loves us unconditionally. She has been a good friend for years and we have stood by each other through thick and thin. But we know that there is One who sticks even closer and we are so in love with Him!!

  176. Joy Rector

    Ashley B. is a new teacher at our school. This week she asked to go into my “prayer closet” where I keep a prayer list for anyone in the school to write names and just take a minute away from the kids to have a moment with God. Her brother (special needs) is in a coma and has not come out. They will begin dialysis this week. DMV in NC has taken her driver’s license due to an episode of low blood sugar that she reported to them after a surgery in February. She now has to depend on her family to drive her 90 miles round trip each day to bring her to work. She NEEDS the necklace to confirm the prayers that we prayed with her this week. She is a child of the most high King…and no demon in hell or on Earth can change that when she has been washed in the blood and redeemed by His Almighty power. I have only known her for 3 months, but her story and determination has brought me closer to the Lord. I am so blessed to know her.

  177. Sabra Penley

    I would like to give my friend Cindy Graves the Christmas ornament set with the names of God. How beautiful a gift! I want her to be reminded this Christmas of how wonderful our Lord is.

  178. Carol

    I would give the scarf to my friend Krista.
    I would give the wallet to my friend Stephanie.
    I would give the necklace to my friend Cheri.
    And lastly, I would give the ornament set to my friend Jean. These ladies are my very good friends. We encourage, pray, & challenge each other. I love them a lot & am very thankful for them. I would be honored to bless them with such wonderful gifts.

  179. Lynda Matthews

    I would give the I Am His medallion to my sister-in-law. She is a true example of Christs’s love and is struggling right now with her mother’s dementia and some major problems with their home’s foundation. She is maintaining her faith that God works all for good. She is such a blessing to our family.

  180. Stacey W

    The Truly Treasured Wallet is just how I feel about my sweet daughter & daughter-in-love, they are truly two wonderful young ladies who keep this Mom’s heart growing every single year! Love these ideas for gifts!!

  181. Annie M

    I would LOVE to give the necklace to my sister, Maggie. She really is seeking to know deep in her heart that she is His!

  182. Traci

    I love all of these gifts! I’d say you are really good at this! I would give the wallet to a very true friend of mine, Gina. We were friends in middle and high school and lost touch from college on up until last year. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have her back in my life. She has reminded me how much God’s plans are the BEST plans even when we don’t think they are how we want them to be. And that He loves me and wants to bless me always. We are true sisters in Christ and I’m so thankful that we have been brought back together to encourage each other and build each other up. She’s very much into fashion and things that are unique – between the verse and the style -this is a perfect gift for her! Thank you so much for sharing!

  183. Deb

    They are all wonderful!!! May God bless the young wife working to help pay for her husband’s schooling. I love the reminder of Romans 8:28 on the wallet. The ornaments are beautiful. HOWEVER, the “I am His” medallion grabbed me. I need that constant reminder of who I am in Him. I would love to give one to my daughter who is my dear friend. She is expecting my first grandchild and I want her to always know her identity in Him. Blessings to you and your family this very special holiday season!

  184. anna das

    i would love to give the Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl to my friend deborah james, because she is my best christian friend,and also Truly Treasured Wallet to my mom(Eunice das) because they are my most treasured people along with my dad

  185. Emily McCargar

    Thanks for the ideas! I have also been enjoying finding meaningful gifts and recently found a cupcake sold in our local grocery store that when purchased 100% of the profits go to fund Courage House…a home in our area that rescues, loves on and gives a home to young girls who have come out of sex trafficking!!!! Wow – how easy is that? Guess what my kids teachers are getting for Christmas?

    I have had my eye on those ornaments with the names of God on them since last Christmas (Family Life, right?). I would so enjoy giving them to my dear friend, Rebecca, who has walked with me faithfully through some ups and downs over the past ten years. She has shown me Jesus’ unconditional and many facets of His love!

  186. BethA

    I’d love to give the ornaments to my friend, Wendy. She gets a new ornament each year and I think this set would be a great addition!

  187. Michelle Sigler

    Thank you Lysa! What a fun giveaway! I would love to bless my worship pastor and his family with the ornament set of the names of God. They have helped me so much in my faith walk this year and studying those names has been a very special and growing time for me this fall so it would be such a meaningful gift. Pick me Pick me! 🙂

  188. Pamela Blair

    Those are all wonderful and incredibly meaningful ideas! I would have to say that I would give the Wool Cowl to my dear friend Amy in North Pole, Alaska. My husband was stationed there a little over 7 years ago and when we arrived I knew absolutely no one and was brand new to being a military wife. Two weeks after we unpacked he was shipped off unexpectedly to Iraq and I had no one but my 2 year old to keep me company. Amy, being the big hearted woman that she is, became my NM (meaning Northern Mother). She would even walk to my house 5 days a week to do pilates with me at 5:30 in the morning (trudging through snow and all). She has always battled with her faith and still calls me to pray for her – hoping that my prayers have more power than hers (although I have told her many times that is not the case). She often feels defeated and needs so much encouragement. I envision this Cowl wrapped snuggly around her neck giving her the comfort of a hug – letting her know that someone cares for her and God does see and hear her cries.

  189. Brenda

    Thanks Lysa for the great gift ideas – I too love to give and receive gifts that have a deeper meaning to them and that speak to and about the person I’m giving too! I thought about my 22 yr old daughter and would love to gift her the Truly Treasured Wallet. It looks like her but more importantly would remind her how God has a purpose in everything she is and has gone through, how God works all things together for good to those who love him. Her Daddy passed away in early 2012 and she needs to keep this verse in her heart as she still works through the grief and trauma of his death, as he ended his own life.

  190. Charlotte Hammer

    I love these ideas. I would give my sister-in-law Stephanie the “I am His” necklace. She is a lovely lady with the gift of hospitality and encouragement.

  191. Amy M

    I love them all! I would give my sister the necklace so she would have a reminder during her day that she is Gods! She has M.S. and is trying her best to raise her children as believers with an unbelieving husband. Her husband is not supportive and does everything an unbeliever does and the stress is making her M.S. worse. This would be a great reminder throughout her day that she is God’s child and she needs to give Him all her struggles and trust in Him. Philippians 4:6-7, 13

  192. Kathy

    Would love to give any of these gifts to the girls in my life. My daughter, and two daughter-in-laws. They are all believers but each one in struggling in different areas.
    Thanks for your inspiration.

  193. Kathy

    I love the scarf and the fact that this sweet wife is working to put her husband through Bible school. I have a daughter that just started seminary this semester to be a Christian marriage and family counselor and we all know how hard it is financially for her so I would love to give this scarf to her.

  194. Pam Stewart

    I, too, choose the I am His necklace for my friend. She is always proclaiming this anywhere & everywhere she is that I think she would enjoy the reminder in necklace form. It is just BEAUTIFUL!! If I don’t win I’m going to tell Santa I want one!!

  195. Lisa

    We have a new 16 year old living with us, she comes from a very broken family. id give her the Necklace to remind her that she is His and He will never leave or forsake her!

  196. Kay

    I would give my daughter the scarf. She just moved to NYC and that way she could wrap up and remember that her mom in Texas loves her.

  197. Susan

    I would love to give my 9 year old daughter Rebekah the I Am His necklace as a constant reminder to her that my little Princess belongs to the King!

  198. Kelly

    These are all such great gifts, that mean so much. For my friend, I would choose the scarf because she is a scarf girl. The time spent stitching this is priceless because every stitch means something. As for myself, I really like the necklace. Far to often, everyone needs that reminder that we are his and that’s our purpose for being on this earth.

  199. Donna Brady

    I would love to give the knitted scarf to Jackie Waswa. She is one of the ladies in my Single Parent Moms class. Thank you for the opportunity to bless her.

  200. Melody Placker

    There are actually two very important women in my life right now. My sister who, until recently, I was never very close to. More recently she and I have embarked on a spiritual journey together and while we build our relationship with Christ we are also building a true sisterly bond as well. The other woman in my life who is very special to me is my sister in law who was a good friend before she became my sister. She has also joined my sister and I on this spiritual journey together. We are three sisters, who have begun the “Made to Crave…” journey and learning that we are indeed His and that with Him we can be his Victorious children. So the gift I would give would be the “I am His” necklace. While I realize that you said you would give one to my friend and one to me I would give up mine so that both my beloved sisters could have one.

  201. Teresa

    I would give the necklace to my dear friend Kiya who has stood by with with love and truth through many hard things that I have encountered over the last 20 years. She is grounded and real.

  202. Tracy

    I would choose the “I am His” necklace for my friend, Deb. We have both been through painful divorces and need that reminder that we are loved and treasured beyond measure. Thank you for your many words of encouragement!

  203. Nancy Peterson

    I would pick #3. God has given me a wondeful friend that I can be transparent with. Her love for the Lord is contagious and we pray together weekly. She has been such an encouragement to me. I would love to give her a reminder to wear about belonging to our Father.

  204. Laurie B

    I would love to give the “I AM HIS!” Necklace to my best friend, Kristi. She is an amazing youth pastor, carrying on the legacy of her late husband, Guy, who passed away from cancer 8 years ago. She has raised her four children to know, love and serve The Lord on a minimal income. Kristi is passionate about shepherding our youth. She defines HIS in my book. Thank you graciously for the opportunity.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    BTW…brought some women to see you in Sacramento…you were God-great! Thank you for your ministry to us women!

  205. Donna Jackson

    Today I would choose the I am His necklace for my friend Latisha Johnson, who lost her husband, best friend and soulmate a year ago. I am amazed by her strength as she walks this new path, she encourages us on trusting God no matter what. She has made herself available to support other women in her town who have lost their spouses. Always has a servant heart!

  206. Tracy

    Oh, I would love to give the scarf to my sister Ashley! It’s great to have a Christian woman that I can talk to about anything. I am also so very proud of her, because she and her husband have surrendered to God’s call to become foster parents.

  207. carleeh m.

    I have this wonderful friend her name is Diana. She is so patient, kind, and loves the Lord with all her heart. She is a true proverbs 31 woman with a servants heart. She is a courageous wife,mother, and friend. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t bless someone with her smile or a kind word. And she loves Jesus. She raised each of her kids to love the Father and she was a pastor’s wife for many years. She is fervant in prayer and always uses the many names of our Savior to share his majesty. I think she would be truly blessed to be blessed with the His Name ornaments. Partially because they are beautiful and partially because I know she could use the extra gift this year. She has worked so hard, giving of herself and many times she gets nothing in return to make her feel special. I also know she wont be with family this year. This woman has been my best friend through this very rough year and I finally appreciate her. She is my mama, the one I have always over looked, the humble and submissive wife I never understood, and the one God used to bless me. She is a precious woman. Always busy but her arms are strong for her tasks. The best friend a girl could ask for 🙂

  208. Katelyn

    Lysa –

    I would love to give the wallet to my best friend Autumn. We both have little boys which means diaper bags. So we try to lighten the load by making the diaper bag our purses(means we only leave our essentials in them and the rest is all baby gear). The wallets would be so great/cute. Love that the scripture is on the side of it. The pattern is right up our ally. Plus it won’t get lost in between the diapers, snacks, and wipes. Thanks! Love the gift ideas.

  209. Nancy

    Lysa, I love receiving your emails everyday. There is always a way that it connects to my life or what I am struggling with.. I find encouragement and faith in your post. It makes me feel as though you are talking just to me. So, Thank You so much for the encouragement and making me feel like I am not alone. I would like to bless my friend Debi with the I am His Necklace. She is always there for me to hold me accountable and to guide me. She is strong in her faith and is always telling me how I am Gods child and how much he loves me… Even though she is strong in her faith I would love for her to have this necklace as a way of telling her the same thin. Thank You Again~ Nancy

  210. Kathy

    I would love to give the “His Christmas Names Ornament Set” to my Sunday school teacher & his wife (David & Lee). They are a wonderful example of Jesus to the world! …in their homes (3 daughters) and in the workplace. I know they would treasure this gift! Thank you for sharing these gift ideas! I love them all!

  211. jana

    I would love the knitted scarf for me and a friend. Thanks

  212. Damika Withers

    Hi Lysa!

    I would give the necklace to my younger sister. She has been a mom for 4mo now and she looks to me a lot for all the “mom stuff”. Recently I reminded her who was in control of her lives and allow God to guide her through the daily wife and mother duties. The necklace would serve as a reminder of who she is doing it all for. Thank you, Damika

  213. Rene' Davis

    I have a wonderful friend and she & I are doing the ACH OBS. She commented she’d like a scarf for Christmas. I’m 65 on a limited income and would love the scarf as a gift. It would remind her of Jesus’ love around her neck and my unfailing love in Christ and friendship. I call her a Princess. Since we’re Kings Kids ! May God richly bless you for all you do.

  214. Damika Withers

    Hi! I would give the necklace to my younger sister. She has been a mom for 4 months now and she looks to me a lot for all the “mom stuff”. During a meltdown recently I reminded her of who was in control of her life to allow God to guide her through the daily wife and mother duties. ( I was really talking to myself). The necklace would serve as a reminder of who she is doing it all for! Thank you.

  215. Amy

    I would love to give “His Christmas Names Ornament Set” to my dear friend Marlou this Christmas season. She is going through some difficult times in her life, and I think this would make her holiday just a little brighter and a reason to decorate the Christmas tree!

  216. Rebecca

    I would give the I Am His necklace to a young woman I have known for years. Her name is Dixan. I have watched her grow up and had the privilege of being her youth leader. Now that she has graduated I don’t see her as often. I know that there is a struggle our young people go through after graduation. This would be a beautiful reminder of how she is wanted by God.

  217. Barb

    A good reminder to my children, family, and friends, yes. But what a great daily reminder to me as I look at my Christmas tree many times a day.

  218. MaryAnne Constantine

    I would give the names of Our Lord ornaments to my best friend Nancy. She is a beautiful reflection of Jesus with skin on to me and to those around her. Thank you Lysa for being Jesus to all of us. You are dearly loved!

  219. Susan

    I would love to give “I Am His” necklaces to my 2 daughters, and my niece too! And the wallet for myself!! And a scarf! Lol

  220. Misty Ansted

    I would give the I am His necklace to a sweet girl I am friends with who has gone through a divorce and who struggles with understanding just who she is in Christ and how worthy He has made her! She needs the constant reminder around her neck that proclaims truth in the midst of the enemies assault on her life!!

  221. Christy C.

    I would love to give the scarf to my friend, Annie. She has been through an emotional time these last couple of years after her husband of 20 plus years had an extramarital affair, left their marriage and has since divorced her. She is a wellspring of strength and hope though, even in difficult times. She has been a rock for their two daughters who are now young adults. I also have attended Bible College and think it would be great to show some support to this family. Blessings!

  222. Yvette McDononald

    Gosh, I have someone I want to give each of these. Definitely the cowl to my Book Club Leader L.M….she is so stylish and this would look absolutely great on her. The wallet would go to either Su or Bria….both dear friend of mine and gals who like wallets. The necklace to a mentor woman friend of mine; Ms. Arlene and the ornaments to our Youth Pastor’s wife, Ms. Stephanie.

  223. Kelly Goodman

    I would love to give the “I Am His” necklace to my daughter. What a great reminder for her that she is special in His eyes.

  224. Tricia

    LOVE the I am His medallion necklace! I would give it to my friend, Michele, who has been undergoing marital and financial issues for over 10 years now and has NOT caved in… to encourage her that she is TRULY and COMPLETELY HIS!! The medallion would be a great reminder to her of how deeply He cares for her, every day! Would love to know if we can order the medallion or the ornaments anywhere, btw, if it’s possible!

  225. Lesly Verbeten

    My friend Joyce has been there for me through the awfulness of my marriage falling apart, and directed me to the Father time and again- I would choose the “I am His” necklace. The scarf is beautiful also.

  226. Robin

    I would love to gift the I am His necklace to my best friend Dena. She has been there with me through the highest highs and lowest lows. Now her father has had a remission of a very aggressive form of leukemia. I want her to have a reminder that she IS His. He will take care of her. Everything passes through His hands. And, it would be especially special for each of us to have one. We stick together, through everything.
    I would love to find out where to purchase each of the items listed.

  227. Kathy M.

    I love the necklace! I exercise with a dear friend each weekday morning and we encourage each other sharing our family life. This would be a special gift to give to her!

  228. Aneela

    These are great gift ideas! I would love to give my best friend Katie the knitted scarf.

  229. Kerrie

    I would love to give my friend and mentor Carol the necklace “I am His” because as we meet every other week we are continually reminded of whose we are. What a comfort that is! Thank you for the opportunity to be a recipient of such a lovely gift! God bless you!

  230. miss honey

    i would give the knitted scarf to my daughter….because she is a special woman of God!

  231. Kristy L

    I would give the wallet to my mother in law. She is a wonderful friend to me and this wallet looks like her. I would love the scarf! It is so beautiful and I love the story behind it. Amazing!!

  232. Gwendolyn

    I would love to give the scarf to my mom. She loves to look fashionable, but she also tries really hard to save money, so she has a very simple wardrobe and several scarfs that she changes out. She would love this!

  233. Karla

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend Jenny. My friends have been so dear to me this year.

  234. Pam

    I would give the necklace to my friend Kristi who lost her husband. Just a reminder that she has a heavenly Father who can be a husband to her.

  235. Valerie Aleksandruk

    I would give the “I Am His” Necklace to my girlfriend who loves the lord and desires to be pleasing, obedient and changed by his word, while not understanding quite fully how much He loves her. The “Cross Necklace” that she wears around her neck is beautiful, but her lack of confidence in who she is in Christ Jesus will only be realized by her knowing that she is His and nothing and no one can separate her from Him. Rom. ( 8:39). Not the past nor the light afflictions of this life can outweigh the eternal glory that we who are His will receive because He loves us just that much!.

  236. sue santoro

    I’d like to give my friend the I am His necklace. She needs to be reminded that God loves her during this difficult time with all the change in her life com the death of her mom to the many changes especially having to move and also surgery on both of her knees at the beginning of the new year ahead.

  237. Angie Swanbeck

    I would love to give either the necklace or the Ornaments to quite a few choices. I have so many friends in need of Jesus! Thank you so much for Proberbs 31 ministries and your daily thoughts. They remind me of MY need for Jesus

  238. Roxanne Erdman

    What a wonderful idea.

  239. Piper

    I would give the necklace to my friend Beth! She would love this type of thing and deserves to receive such a treasure.

  240. Annette

    I would give #3 necklace to one of my daughters and then give the one for me to my other daughter…. They both are dedicated to the Lord with all of their heart (and one is crazy about birds too). They would absolutely love this and love using this to share Christ with others.

  241. debbie

    What beautiful gits, they all look so nice. As I was looking over the gift and trying to think of who I would like to give it to. I thought of my friend Valerie. Her and her family are going through such a hard time right now, very emotional and stressful. We have been talking and sharing verses of how we can our strength through Christ, which is why I would choose the wonderful Counsellor gift for her. He is our wonderful Counsellor.

    God Bless

  242. Sarah Jo

    I love the idea of giving intentional gifts – and I think that my sister-in-law, Kaytie, would love the “truly treasured” wallet. It’s such an awesome concept, and lovely, to boot!

  243. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez

    I would give the scarf to my friend Beki. She has been through thick and thin with me and is the proverbial “scarf girl.” 🙂

  244. nancys1128

    I would love to give the wallet to my best friend as a going away gift when she moves to Hawaii next summer. {tears}

  245. Christina Fuchs

    Hello and first I want to thank God for you Lysa and how He is using you in many lives!
    I picked the I am yours necklace on account of a friend that is our bible study teacher and friend and we share grandchildren together. 2 years ago she almost died dr’s told her to call her family for she would not make it, but the Lord had different plans. she has a replacement val and a stint. For her to die is gain. She has shown us women what it is like to love the Lord with all our heart, her passion is teaching God’s word to the women in our church and to all who wants to come. She surely does belong to the Lord!! God bless

  246. Brady Wilhelm

    I would SO go for the necklace. I have a friend that needs reminded that she IS HIS!! It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.

  247. Krista Fogle

    I love the necklace and all of the other items as well. I would love one of the necklaces for my mom. Just having that reminder that she is HIS is just what she needs, as we lost my brother 3 years ago. This has been a most difficult journey, but especially for her.

  248. Sandra Pearce

    Such awesome and beautiful gifts!! I would love to be able to give the necklace to my mom. She would be so blessed by it. I love seeing your emails in my inbox. They always make my day!

  249. Deanna Roberts

    All of the items are so beautiful, however My eye immediately was drawn to the wallet. My friend Melissa and I have been through a trying time financially this year. We have remained in faith by encouraging each other through prayer. We have agreed to do a cookie exchange in lieu of gifts. That’s great for her because she is a wiz at desserts. On the other hand, I was not blessed with the golden cooking spoon. If the wallet became my gift, I would feel so much better about not cheating her with store bought cookies lol. Also, the wallet is beautiful just like her heart!

  250. Rhonda Souza

    These are beautiful and thoughtful gifts! I would give the necklace to my sister Celeste. She has been through a lot in recent years and would love the reminder that she belongs to God.

  251. Jenny

    I would love to give the scarf to my friend Rosa. She’s a single mom who is always a blessing to me. She enjoys pretty, stylish accessories but doesn’t have any extra to spend on herself.

  252. Julie Wilkes


    My friend would love the wonderful counselor ornaments, we love the names of Jesus. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. It helps to know others experience some of the same things you do.

    Julie Wilkes

  253. Apryl

    Wonderful ideas! I love the scarf and would love to give it to my friend, Laura – she absolutely would love it and the meaning behind it.

  254. Kara Adams

    I’d love to give scarf/cowl to my neices! Does your friend have a website to order!?

  255. Leslie

    I love the necklace and would love to give it to my daughter as she prepares to head to college as a reminder of who she belongs to!

  256. Suzanne Rowan

    These are all SO nice, it’s hard to pick just one… my friend Cindy would enjoy ornaments of the names of Jesus … my friend Thelma would like the wallet, and I love them both

    • Amy Noyes

      I would choose the “I am His” necklace for my friend Bethany. She is a wonderful godly women, that I admire so much. About 4 1/2 years ago she moved across the country because her husband got a more secure job. They felt the Lord was moving them there. She was pregnant at the time and she left all her family back here in Maine. She misses her family and friends SO much, but she knows she has a new/different calling on her life. Because she is “His” she desires to do His will and follow His lead. I just think this necklace would be a constant reminder that wherever she is God is with her because “She is His”.

  257. Melissa

    I would give the ornament collection to my best friend, Samantha, as a reminder of who Christ is in her life. She’s been through a rough year.

  258. Joli Conley

    #4 for my friend Danielle. God brought us together in a most unexpected way. She and her husband have come alongside my husband and I and I am so unbelievably grateful for their fellowship. She mentioned wishing for something like this to share with her three young sons. I would love to be able to give this to their family 🙂

  259. Jennifer Range

    I love the “I am His” necklace. I would share it with my friend, Michelle who is battling a chronic undiagnosed (as of yet) illness and truly is a conqueror. She faces every day with beauty and grace because she KNOWS that SHE IS HIS CHILD! 🙂

  260. Kellie Burkhart

    Hi Lisa. I was wondering if you would consider sharing with your community our gifts that GIVE a better quality of life also. My name is Kellie Burkhart. I was wondering if your show would be willing to share a very special online boutique — where every purchase GIVES a better quality of life to a local little boy who has cerebral palsy — our son!

    The shop is on Etsy. A local glass artist set it up as a way to raise money for our son’s expensive and ongoing medical bills. Andrew is in 1st grade and has cerebral palsy. The treatments that are helping him IMPROVE in huge ways are not covered by insurance and are very expensive. We are doing all of this on the modest school teacher salary of Andrew’s Daddy (who teaches both High School and Middle School math and works 3 teaching related jobs just to pay our bills and toward Andrew’s medical bills).

    The artist makes & donates the jewelry and I (Andrew’s Mom) run the shop! ALL of the profits come back to us for Andrew’s medical care. The jewelry is GORGEOUS, affordable and comes gift wrapped. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind.
    For only $19.95 folks can have a gorgeous glass heart necklace gift wrapped and shipped to their door — or the door of the person they are sending it to as a gift! Earrings and bracelets are just a little more. These pieces would make beautiful holiday gifts — and they would be GIVING a better quality of life to our son with every purchase.

    Thanks for considering it. Please advise. Shop link is below. It is called Hearts For Burkhart Boutique on Etsy.

    Sure pray that I hear from you!
    ~ Kellie Burkhart

  261. Alicia

    I would love to present the necklace to Kathy. She taught my boys at a secular preschool, and we became dear friends. She showered all the children with her love and hugs and then took time to reach out to me. While I am Protestant, and she is Catholic we share a love for God and a concern for each others’ needs. I am so honored when she texts me and asks me to pray for something that’s pressing on her, and I know when I send her similar messages that she will truly take the time to pray for me.

  262. Rhonda Castle

    My best friend Maria. I would give her the necklace. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  263. Gina

    I would love to give the necklace to my daughter. As she prepares for college lift. this would be a great reminder to her!

  264. Shelley Dodson

    I would love to give the ornaments to my daughter…..she will be having her own tree soon.

  265. Jeannette Steward

    I am loving the I Am His medallion and I would love for my best friend and sister in Christ, Jennifer, to be the recipient of this wonderful treasure. It would be a daily reminder for her that she is His, called out by Him personally. She is such a treasure to me and I am so very thankful that God put her in my life! She goes above and beyond what is asked of her to bless others. God bless! 🙂

  266. Karie

    I would love to give the knitted scarf to my BFF and sister-in-Christ, VAL! She is an amazing friend! The last year and a half for me has been challenging! I have found myself in circumstances I never thought imaginable and she stood by my side through it all! I could spend all day telling you all the things she’s done to support me. One example is, Val used $1,000 of her own money for a down payment on a car I needed! This kind of generosity is rare these days! I can’t repay her, but the ability to give her something this Christmas season would be wonderful!
    Thank you for considering!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  267. megan tappan

    Love the story of the wife supporting her husband. Would love this for my friend, Leslie!

  268. Marcie Gunter

    I would love to give this necklace to my friend Jackie. She has been through so much in her life and yet through it all she has trusted God and given him all the glory. She is our Wednesday night ladies bible class teacher and is an excellent example of what a woman of God is. And I just want her to feel loved on. 🙂

  269. Linda Payne

    Definitely the necklace…my daughter, Jade, is absolutely my best friend. She has had a difficult time lately with the understanding of ‘a plan for each of us’ and is concerned she’ll never fully understand her purpose. I constantly remind her that she belongs to God…and that’s always enough purpose for anyone.

  270. Liz Barto

    I am the mother of 5 children and I have so many amazing mommy friends, who have been amazing encouragements! One of these amazing friends is my friend Antonia! She has been such a blessing, through my divorce of an abusive marriage and was my bridesmaid, in my wedding, to the amazing man God created for me 2 1/2 years ago! She would love the set of ornaments, for her Christmas tree, as we both teach our children the true meaning, of Christmas!

  271. Kerri

    I love the necklace and would purchase it for my daughter, Whitney, for Christmas. I am thinking it might be the perfect gift for some other young women that I mentor and have Bible study with too!

  272. Diane

    I would love to give the I am His necklace to my friend, Robin. Her husband is very ill with cancer. I think it would be a great reminder to her that God is with her and will take care of her.

  273. Brandi Hein

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend Sara. She is such a great friend and loves the Lord so much. As she is finishing up nursing school at this time and balancing a house and family she loves all the encouragement and reminders she can get that God is with her always and this would be a perfect way to help her remember that.

  274. Laura E

    My wonderful friend, Whitney, would love that knit scarf, and so would I! She lives in cold Minneapolis, and I live in chilly SE Washington. I’d love to be able to give a gift to this wonderful friend whom I don’t get to see very often.

  275. Nicole Kiel

    I think my friend Kelly would love the scarf. She lives in another state and we didn’t get to meet up for our annual women’s weekend this year so I would love to send her a gift 🙂

  276. Melanie Lacy

    My 16 yr daughter requested a wallet for Christmas> She would love to have one with meaning and a start conversations about Jesus especially in public school.

  277. Pam McBride

    I would give it to my daughter. It’s so
    Important that she remembers who she belongs too)

  278. Pam McBride

    I forgot to say the necklace 🙂

  279. Sandie

    those are all so beautiful! it’s hard to pick just one. I think, though, that Cynthia would like the medallion necklace. It’s such a beautiful message to carry so close to your heart. A close second for Cynthia would be the ornaments of the names of Jesus. She is so intentional when decorating her tree. She takes time to think about and reflect on each one as she decorates. She has been the best mentor and friend that I could have asked for. I am grateful that God placed her in my life.

  280. Paula Clevenger

    I would love to give my friend, Sharilyn, a gift. She is going through tough times emotionally and financially, slogging through a marital separation that was not her choice. I would sure love to bless her with a gift!

  281. Brenda Black

    I love each of these gift ideas but the names of Jesus ornaments most ! I would give them to my sister who has had a very difficult year in her marriage and with her children ! Thanks Lysa

  282. Judy Kelley

    I would love to give my friend Carol Reed the I am His medallion necklace, perfect for her!!!

  283. Amy Wilson

    Anyone of this would be a great gift for the person I am a Secret Santa at work. Shh! Can’t list their name…it’s a secret. But this woman stands on the Word! She lives it. And I am grateful God put her in my life. She inspires me every day to be a Proverbs 31 Woman.

  284. Sheri Leonard

    I would choose the necklace to give to my BFF Penny. She is going through a “rough spot” and I would like her to be reminded that, no matter what, she is HIS!

  285. Donna Lytle

    I would love to give my friend Stacie the necklace. She is such a sweet lady and when I think of her, I know that “she is His.”

  286. Jennifer Ervin

    My friend Ashlee would love the medallion that would remind her of that truth as her husband recently left her for another woman.

  287. Laura Freeman

    I would love to give my sister Sherri His Christmas Names Ornament Set I do not get to see her at Christmas’s any more as she lives 630 miles away. I would love to but a smile on her face.

  288. Ang

    Oh, I wish I could give #3 to all my girlfriends!!! However, if I had to choose just one it would be my dearest friend Abby who has been such a blessing to me, especially when it comes to reminding me that I AM HIS!! Love when a gift becomes a reflection of your heart. Thanks for these ideas!!

  289. April

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend, who also leads an OBS. She is such a fabulous friend and person. Without her, I would not have gotten involved in OBS or become so much closer to God.

    • April

      My friend, Kyndra, that is.:):)

  290. Tina

    It’s hard to decide which of these beautiful and meaningful gifts I would love most. I choose the cowl scarf because it is handmade and it’s the perfect time of year to wear! I would love to give this to my long time closest girlfriend, Carissa. She is the one I know I can go months without talking to but if I call her at 3 am she will be there! She has never judged me, only lived and accepted me for who I was created to be. She has struggled with one thing after another in her life yet has remained faithful and obedient to God and is my biggest encouraging girlfriend! She is my soul sister!

  291. Jennifer Reinert

    I would love to give the scarf to my biblical counselor Amy whom is also my friend. Just as every stitch is made with love of the scarf, she is a vessel being used by God to teach me how creatively and wonderfully God has made me. She gives all of herself to serving. She is a biblical counselor, teaches bible studies, gives guitar lessons, gives haircuts and perms and doesn’t even get paid. She has so much joy in serving the LORD. She deserves to be wrapped in love.

  292. Jessica

    I would love to give #3 to my sister — the beauty of this necklace reminds me of her. She needs the daily reminder that no matter what, she is loved and she is His!

  293. Mahadia Madue

    My best friend Hatisha would love # 3. I t would serve as a constant reminder that she is a daughter of the most High. I tell her this all the time.

  294. JulieAnne

    I would love the wallet to go to my dear friend Lidka. She has been there for me for years supporting me through my walk with the Lord in prayer and encouragement from God’s word. She has always been such a strong example of God’s love and a woman of faith. She has sown into my life many times in so many different ways and has believed for God’s supernatural best for me and for the miraculous. I love her so much and thank God for our friendship. :)))

  295. Tywanna

    I love the purse! Trendy and true

  296. Joy

    I would love to give the wool knit cowl scarf to my friend Lisa, for helping keep my heart warm through a dark and cold winter last year, after facing some personal and spiritual challenges! Praise God for pulling me through and giving me this special angel friend for support!

  297. Sharon

    I pick #4. I would love to share it with my sister Pati. She has had a rough year and I think she is trying to be closer to God but doesn’t have the support around her that she needs. This would give her that support everytime she reads and looks at it. I too love giving things that I made with love or have Godly meaning. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and continue blessing us with Proverbs 31. My sister lives in California and her e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks again and bless you. I’m glad your doing your Made to Crave study again in January.

  298. Dawn

    If give the scarf to my friend Mandy. The army brought us together so many years ago and our rinds hip has been forged by all we’ve walked through together. She is Nordic in heritage and I can just see her wearing that scarf so beautifully – I make it my mission to support small business owners/personal artists like this – thanks for sharing!!

  299. Casey Miller

    I would love the necklace for my faithful friend, Jessi. She has been through so much this past year. In January, at just 34 years old, she found out she had breast cancer. A day before she was to have the lumpectomy, she found out that she was pregnant (after 5 years of trying to conceive). By God’s grace and healing, she carried the baby full term and her cancer did not grow, despite the fact that her pregnancy hormones were supposed to feed the cancer. Now she has a beautiful and healthy 4 week old and is undergoing radiation treatments. Above all else, she has a been a witness to those around her of God’s goodness and grace. I think the necklace would be a perfect gift to remind her that she is His!

  300. Sharon Christensen

    I love them all, I have to special ladies in my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. I would love the necklace to give to my friend Connie and I scarf I would give to Lisa, They have taught me how to to forgive and to relay on Him (Jesus). They both loves the Lord so much and they share it with so much Grace.

  301. Kristin Odell

    I would choose the I Am His medallion. I would give it to my daughter who is 10 and who I am constantly praying over as she heads into some very difficult years ahead of her. I want her to always know that she is indeed HIS and that she doesn’t have to be the prettiest or the most popular to be important or valuable. This is something we’ve started talking about already and I something I am trying to instill in her and I feel this necklace would be a beautiful reminder.

  302. Tricia

    I am going to get the necklaces for my daughters. Such a perfect reminder!

  303. amy

    My friend, Jen, would love the Jeremiah necklace! she and I work with a group called Young Lives that mentors pregnant and parenting teens. Jen is the coordinator, and she works tirelessly…loving on several girls while sharing the gospel. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she also is a wonderful mommy to her 3 beautiful kids and works another part-time job. I <3 her and her dedication to furthering His kingdom!

  304. Rochelle

    Love the I am His Medallion. Would give it to my friend Rachael.

  305. Katie Thieman

    I would choose His Christmas Names Ornament set for my friend Danelle, to be a reminder to keep our eyes and hearts set on Him

  306. Michelle davenport

    I love the necklace and wallet! To be honest I will probably buy both for myself as well as a couple for Christmas gifts!

  307. sherry ketring

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend BFF Terry. She is a Pastors wife who loves the Lord and pours her life into others. This last year has been incredibly difficult in their church body and the encouragement she would feel by getting a gift that reminds her she belongs to Him would bless us both.

  308. Camille

    Such a hard choice, but I love the wallet and necklace. I’d either give it to my mom or my best friend.

  309. Ellie

    Mary and the ornaments!

  310. Theresa

    I would love to give the “I am His” necklace to my daughter Sarah. I am excited to watch her faith deepen, she is wanting to live a life “sold out for Jesus”. Instead of one for myself, I would love to be able to give one to her friend Sarah. They have encouraged and challenged each other in their walk with God. They are in college and living for Jesus.

  311. Jen

    I would love to give the necklace to my dear friend Sherri! She is facing another open heart surgery this year. She had her first at the age of 21. She loves God above all but it would be a beautiful reminder that He loves her!

  312. Kelly Mosier

    I would love to give my friend Carla Johnson the I am His necklace! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂 God Bless

  313. Kiffany

    I would love to give the wallet to my friend, Judy. She has been with me through thick and thin. Her and I used to walk together every morning and would talk about everything from work, friends, family and God. She is my prayer warrior and I can always count on her for encouragement when needed or if I just need a shoulder to cry on, she’s there.

  314. Candice

    I love the blue infinity scarf – and if selected I would present it to my little sister, Carol. She’s a stay at home mom and I think this scarf would do two things – keep her warm (she’s always chilly), and also make her feel as beautiful as she is. I love her and am so proud of her for the sacrifices that she makes to be a good wife and mother.

  315. Joyce Nichols

    My friend Anna, would love the names of Jesus ornaments (my favorite as well). What an awesome way to decorate.

  316. Michele Barrett

    The ornament set – His Christmas Names is cool. I’d like to give one to one of my sisters (or maybe both) 😉

  317. Renee

    I love the Christmas Names of Jesus Ornaments and would like to give them to my new sister-in-Christ, Joan – one who I may never have know had we both not been praying for our sons to find a Christian friend at college.

  318. Kyra

    I would love to give the “I Am His” necklace to my friend Corrie who is going through a really rough road with her daughter being extremely ill. There is power in prayer, she’s living it, but there is amazing power in simply knowing who she is because of who He is.

  319. Kyra

    I would love to give the “I Am His” necklace to my friend Corrie who is going through a really rough road with her daughter being extremely ill. There is power in prayer & she’s living it, but there is amazing power in simply knowing who she is because of who He is.

  320. Jen

    I’d love to give #1, the gorgeous scarf, to my sweet friend Brandy, who is taking care of her sweet hubby, who just had shoulder surgery, as the stomach bug is sweeping through their two kiddos and Brandy herself!! She needs a little pick me up!

  321. Jennifer Warren

    I would give the set of God’s name ornaments to my mentor/spiritual mother, Cathy. She is a constant reminder in all my crazy circumstances of life, that God is my father, healer, and source of strength!

  322. Megan Featherston

    I would choose the I am His necklace to give to my daughter, Rylei. Her father and his family have nothing to do with her. It would be a great reminder of Who she really belongs too! (:

  323. Valinda

    I would love to give the ornaments to my daughter, Jill. She’s a marvelous woman of God, mom of 5 (homeschools 2, 1 is an infant) and always, always has time to help others. I think she could use a little something extra and inspirational right now.

  324. Sharleen

    I would give #2 to my bff Kristina! It fits her so well because she is full of life and full of color! She’s had some trials this year, but I know God’s going to work them all out for her good! I think that would be a fabulous reminder and a promise she could hold on to!

  325. Lina

    I really like the Christmas names and I have an idea for it. My best friend who is Jewish is also a counselor and the one name can be twofold in my mind. I would love to get it into her house. =)

    Wonderful idea for a post. Thanks! Giving that gives back.

  326. LaniQ

    My mama, Ruthie, would love the ornaments; the color and the font is very much her style.

  327. Angela P

    I would love to give the I am His necklace to a struggling young mother living with me vs. the streets right now. It is my prayer more than anything that she know that she know that she know that she is indeed His and how very much He loves her!!

  328. Sarah Banuelos

    I’d love to give the scarf to my wonderful friend and mentor Robin Miler. She helped me in starting a single moms ministry and has been a key role in leadership. Now as she moves away from Duluth, MN to Texas in support of her husbands bible school endeavor…well this scarf would be a very great farewell, best wishes, thank you, I love you, Merry Christmas gift…

  329. Amber Leigh

    These are all adorable! But I love number two, and more importantly I know that my friend and mentor Amber would to! She is amazing women who is near to my heart, She has helped change my life and I am honored to follow in footsteps as a strong women of Christ!

  330. Lori

    I Am His Medallion Necklace is what I would choose. I’d give it either to my friend Ginny or to my daughter Emily, as a wonderful reminder of Whose we are. I love them both dearly and they are precious gifts from God.

  331. Tori Rogers

    I would love to give my friend Natalie the wallet or my friend Jessica the scarf. They fit their styles so well (:

  332. Pamela

    I’d love my daughter Dani to have either the cowl or the wallet. She is a very special, sweet young lady & has opened her heart to the couple young boys that we have taken in. She is such a gift to me!!

  333. Tara White

    I would choose the names of God ornaments to give to my mother this year. This would be a reminder that even thru difficult seasons of life God is still God! He can be everything you have need of ex:Wonderful Counselor.

  334. April Barnett

    All of these gifts are wonderful acts of love and devotion and I appreciate you sharing your ideas with us! My mom is my best friend and I believe the #3 necklace would suit her perfectly as she struggles in her marriage. I’m constantly reminding her that her Maker is her husband. 🙂

  335. Brigette Shinton

    I’d love to give the I am His Necklace to my secret sister Sue Strohl at church. She loves jewelry and when she wore this it would be a daily reminder that no matter what, we belong to Him. God Bless you Lysa and your beautiful family this Christmas season.

  336. Kristian J.

    I love all the gifts! My friend Joy is going through a difficult time with her earthly father, so I would gift her the beautiful necklace that says “I am His” to remind her of her Heavenly father who loves her.

  337. Jenna Hamilton

    I would give the “I am His” necklace to my little sister. She means so much to me and is getting married on December 14th. I would give her this to remind her of how special and valuable she is not only in her family’s eyes, but especially in God’s eyes.

  338. Jenna Hamilton

    Forgot to add her name!! ALANNA! <3

  339. Amy Miller

    All these gifts are so lovely! I would probably pick the scarf for my sister and friend, Dorcas!

  340. Kelly F.

    I would choose the necklace to give my daughter. Would be a great reminder for her & great if we both had matching reminders. 🙂

  341. erica norris

    I would love to give the wallet to my friend Kristen 🙂

  342. Terri Kistler

    The wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl for my sister Liz. We work together, she helps hold me accountable. We are enroled in a Wed night Bible study that we started 5yrs ago. Started with Genisis and we are know into 1 Samuel. I truly enjoy studying the Word with my sister and having someone to bounce thoughts on.

  343. Connie Bjorklund

    I would love to give the wallet with the scripture inside to my lovely daughter. I want to remind her how much God loves her every time she opens it up. What a great gift that keeps on giving.

  344. Robin Snider

    My mom Gloria would love the ornament set!!! All of these are such great gift ideas!!!!

  345. Leslie Edwards

    All beautiful gifts that I would live to give to my sister… just because

  346. Inga Harris

    My dear friend Ria, is going through a difficult time in her marriage right now. The wallet would be a great reminder to her of how much she is treasured and that God is working in the details.

  347. Rachel Walters

    I do love them all, but I would love to get the wallet for my sister. She is super stylish and loves The Lord. I know she would enjoy it.

  348. Mj Alfeche

    Id like to surprise my mother with the truly treasured wallet 🙂 it perfectly fits her since she’s one of most generous person id ever known 🙂

  349. Jen

    “I am his” necklace would be an awesome gift for my friend who was abused and neglected as a child and struggles to believe she is a “child of God, holy and dearly loved, set apart for God’s mighty plan.” It would be a constant reminder that God is not disappointed in her and that she is precious to him, unlike the messages she received from her parents. Your predetermined plan is posted on my refrigerator and I read it often and will be sending it to my friend as well. Thank you so much for your ministry and for allowing God to work through you to reach out to others!

  350. Liz R.

    I really love all of these, but I think the cowls are my favorite. Would love to share with my friend Meghan.

  351. Deanne

    I love the scarves! They are beautiful and such a cool story behind them. My friend Bridget is coming home from the mission field in December and I’d giver her the scarf!

  352. Debbie

    These are lovely. I think my friend Cayce would love the wallet best! Thank you for the opportunity!

  353. Ruth

    I love all of them, but my friend Roylene would probably like the ornaments best. She loves things that sparkle!

  354. Timi

    My pastor’s wife, who is also my friend, would LOVE the ‘I am His’ necklace!!!

  355. Mary Jane

    I would pick the scarf for my daughter Katie. She is stressed out in college and I think she would love it.

    Happy Holidays, Mary Jane

  356. Michele Williams

    Necklace – my Mum

  357. Stacie

    I would love to give my daughter the scarf for Christmas. She would love to know that the proceeds go towards a young couple going through bible college. So inspiring.

  358. Amber

    I would pick the scarf for my mom. She loves scarves (especially since cutting off her hair) and would like the meaning behind it too!

  359. Amy

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend, Andrea. I know she would wear it with pride and honor. As would I. Thanks and may God bless you!

  360. Carrie

    Thank you for the gift ideas! I would love to give the I Am His Medallion Necklace to my friend Katy.

  361. Amanda

    I would pick the wallet for my friend. Her family is going through some financial issues and I think the wallet would remind her Gods in control when she uses it 😉

  362. Rhonda G

    i would give the scarf to my dear friend Jillian.

  363. Theresa

    SO hard to choose, but I think my step-mother-in-law (Judy) would love the 4th one…”Wonderful, Counselor”!!!

  364. Lisa Thompson

    I would love to bless my beautiful teen daughter, Chevonne, with the ‘Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl’. She brings such joy to all around her, and always shines for Jesus.

  365. Carmen

    Love the I am His necklace..and would love to Bless both my sisters..couldn’t pick one over the other..they are precious to me and my best friend!….

  366. Rhonda

    Love the necklace. i would give it to my friend Ann.

  367. Mollie Claire

    I would give my dear friend, Michelle, the I Am His! necklace. She fights the tough battles for kiddos without a voice through her vocation as a social worker. This necklace is a great reminder that she’d see in the mirror every day of who she belongs to, and who loves her beyond her imagination.

  368. Tiffany

    I would love to give my BFF, Lina, the scarf! We have been best friends for close to 20 years. We have walked through much…our weddings, her moving out of state, combined births of six children, divorce, my brother-in-law committing suicide, her brother being killed in an accident, and MANY, MANY laughs! I love her dearly and would love to bless her, as her birthday is in a couple of weeks, and money is tight for us both. Love you and your ministry! Blessings!

  369. beth lewis

    I would love to gift the wallet to my sister and friend Amy.

  370. Debi

    They are all beautiful, and filled with meaning that would be treasured; but, my oldest granddaughter and her husband and 2 children moved to Puyallup, Washington from Florida last year (he’s in the Army). Soooo….I would choose #1 for her to keep her warm on those chilly Washington days. She would be over the moon that it was hand made by a loving wife who is trying to help her husband in Bible School. My granddaughter is a young, new wife and has experienced the strength and faithfulness of God in very tangible ways in the last 7 months. She is in awe of God’s love for her marriage, and for her family personally.

  371. Delma

    Thank you, Lysa, for all off the great gift ideas, and for being a great inspiration to me! I would like to give my sister, Belen, the scarf. I know she would love it and I would love her to own one with a back story like these. Again, thank you for all that you do. 🙂

  372. Leah

    Hard to choose, but I think my friend Rachel would love the ‘I am His!’ medallion necklace.

  373. Lynda

    I would give one to my sister Kelsie. Her walk with God inspires me. The one that I would receive, I’d give to my sister Opal because she supports and encourages me.

  374. Carolyn

    I would love to be able to give the Names of God ornaments to my friend Lisa. She has been going through some difficulties, the most being her health problems all stemming form the spinal cord tumor that was removed. She has lost her mother, her brother, her father, her husband left her for another woman and she is struggling financially to support herself. These past couple of years are taking a toll and she has been struggling and feeling like through all these health issues she’s also feeling attacked through spiritual warfare. I would like her to have these ornaments as a reminder of who God is and that He is there through all our seasons.

  375. Connie

    Wow, lovely gifts

  376. Ruth Anne Cope

    I love each of these gifts and it would be hard to choose just one, but I think I would choose the necklace for a friend of mine that recently lost her daddy to cancer. I know the holidays are going to be hard for her this year and I’m praying that God grants her peace and comfort and that she always remembers that she is HIS!!
    God bless you and your ministry.

  377. Sonya Dixon

    I would want to give the beautiful necklace to my friend, Loretta, to remind her that she is his and it is evident her every word.

  378. Kim

    I would love to give my friend the scarf. Her name is Kelli and she has truly served The Lord while raising her boys all alone!

  379. Elizabeth

    I love the medallion necklace! It would be a treasure to my friend Lauren. We’ve been friends since we were 4, despite living in different states most of our lives. We encourage each other on our walk with God.

  380. Katie

    I’d give a necklace to my friend Alexandria she is a new Christian!!

  381. Kaye Cannon

    I would pick #3, “I am His”, for my niece, Sydney. She is a beautiful young lady, yet feels she’s not worthy. She needs this reminder much more often than most of you! They are all beautiful

  382. Alyson

    They are all beautiful and great reminders of His love for us! The necklace is breathtaking- I would give it to my sister in law. And the wallet is great- with scripture- I would give both away one to my sister and one to my daughter. Thank you so much for sharing! We loved seeing you at WOF in Sacramento this year! God bless and keep writing! Your sister in Christ- Alyson.

  383. Chrissy

    I would love the necklace for my best friend Carla. She is from NY & I am from PA. We are so different but so alike. We met 8 years ago when they moved to PA & started attending our church. We have been inseperable ever since 🙂 Thank God for good friends!

  384. Debra

    I would give the necklace to my friend.

  385. Samantha Birdsong

    I would love to give my friend Suzanne the “His Christmas names” ornament set. She led a bible study in her home earlier this year and I was pretty far from God. She loved me right where I was with no judgement and has continued to support me as I grow closer and closer to Him. Her daughter’s second birthday is today and with another baby on the way it would be a blessing for her entire family.

  386. Erin Aldridge

    I would love to give my mom, Brenda Rodvelt, #4, the ornament set. She LOVES decorating for Christmas and celebrating the hope that is found through Christ.
    Right now she’s sedated on a respirator in ICU at KU Med Center as they try to figure out what is causing tremors, swelling, and loss of function in her body.
    It’s rough for us as a family right now and we don’t know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future.

  387. Kim

    I’d give the wallet or necklace to my friend Erika–she’s gone through a lot as a young girl, and has really began to lean more on God to help her. So proud of her!

  388. Amy

    I would choose the Truly Treasured Wallet for my friend Tammy. She is a treasure and she always reminds others that they are loved, worthy and a treasure to her and to God. Just as the chevron detail on the wallet, she appreciates uniqueness in others and sees the value in living this life together through all the ups and downs. Her bright interior always brings a smile to others and lifts them up in down times.

  389. Beth

    Hard to decide which gift to pick for my friend Cindy. She is dealing with a lot right now but always has time to listen to me and pray for me! I would choose to give her the I am His necklace. That way whens she feels down, she can remember she is His!!

  390. Brittany

    I’d love to give the necklace to my sister, Stacie. 🙂 I’d love to offer her a daily reminder that she is a beautiful daughter of the Most High!

  391. Marie Solla

    The wallet, for me and my friend Heps. As a reminder that HE is in control of our finances.

  392. marie

    I like the necklace for Phyllis. She has always inspired me and even sometimes made me feel a twinge of envy 🙂 about her certainty and security in her Heavenly Father. As I have watched, several tragedies ravage her family and personally touch my life as well, my faith in God has been strengthened watching hers. I personally like the wallet because Romans 8:28 is my daily verse that brings peace to my heart….no matter what faces me. It is all a part of my “process” which allows me to accept the process, take joy in the process on my way to the “PROMISE” because Daddy is in control!!

  393. Gail Oates

    I would love my daughter Rhiannon to have the gift of the necklace.

  394. Stacey Taylor

    All of these gifts are beautiful. I would love to give a dear friend of mine, Dana, the I AM HIs necklace. She has always been such a sweet friend to me,and always encourages me in my walk with Him every time we are together.but lately we have not gotten to spend time with each other like I would like to. This would be a super gift to give her to remind her of His great love for her and our special friendship.

  395. Katie

    My sister-in-law Karen would LOVE that necklace! Thank you for sharing, I’m going to order a few for friends and family.

  396. Jodi Howe

    Dear Lysa,

    I love “pay it forward” gifts. I’m thinking I would love something like this from my mother? She has been a beacon of Christ’s love for me my whole life, but more recently when her and I both excepted Jesus Christ into our life, Wholeheartedly, Forever, amen. We have both had some struggles in our life, no better or worse than anyone else’s, but I’m sure something like this would brighter her day & be a nice holiday gift to her. She has shown me that if you love and put all of your faith in Christ, you will have riches beyond belief. Thank You

  397. Tabby

    My friend Jean struggles with believing she is “good enough” for Jesus to love her. I love the “I am His” necklace for her…

  398. Shanna Seelye

    Both of my daughters would love the necklace and I would love the ornaments. Thank you for posting these great ideas for Christmas!

  399. Nicole Garrett

    I love the “I am His!” necklace. The friend that comes to mind is my dear friend and prayer warrior Jerrie. She has been such an encouragement and support for me. She was truly sent to me by God himself. I have recently started a blog by the leading of the Holy Spirit and Jerrie came to me and said that she wanted to partner with me in what God is doing through me. She said anything I need to let her know and she would be there for me and that she is praying for me in this new work the Lord is doing in my life. I am so blessed by her and thankful for her. Thank you God for the gift of Jerrie in my life!

  400. Jeanne

    Not just a friend, but my daughter…she has had a very rough few months and I think the beautiful scarf would remind her that she is wrapped up in comfort and love-no matter how bad things seem 🙂

  401. Ashley Conrad

    I love all of these! I would love to give the wallet to my sister. She is my best friend and I am so thankful God gave her to me. She is one of the best treasures I have. We both have daughters and its so nice to have her alongside me doing the mama thing. I truly don’t know what I would do without my sisters friendship. She is such a treasure!

  402. Nicole

    I have longed for intentional gifts to give at Christmas and throughout the year, but it’s so hard to find unique and affordable gifts that are truly meaningful. I would love to give the “I am His” necklace to every woman in my family and to each of my girlfriends, but if I had to choose just one person to give it to I would choose my sister Kelsey.

  403. Faith Gamble

    I have never done anything like this before with that said when I saw/read the Christmas ornament it reminded me of my friend Melissa. Something in me said leave a comment. She is truly an amazing gift from God. Her tree toper is a crown of thorns with purple cloth. She loves Christ with all her heart and soul and is truly an expression of Him. The wallet is my life verse so I just smiled when I read that. My saying at work is it’s all good. Taken from this verse because I believe He is at work in everything.

  404. Sheron Roberts

    I would love to give the names ornaments to my niece. She is a young woman 21, who had a baby in August of this year out of wedlock. The father of the child has been brutalizing her emotionally. She is living with her mother and step-dad and has returned to the church. The sermon last Sunday about Naomi and Ruth, focus on Naomi and her losses, struck a chord with Carly. She has now decided to turn her heart back to God and be the best mommy little Grayson could ever have. She has her mother and aunts (that’s me) and granny for support. This entire event has been emotional but eye-opening for her. I would love to surprise her with something special, like these ornaments proclaiming the wonder and awesomeness of the child born in a lowly manger for her sake and mine. She wants to return to college and start her life anew, with a renewed love of the Lord, and a desire to support her child. She owes student loans from where she started before but the boyfriend forced her to drop out, so offer up a prayer that a way will be made open for her to return to school. Thank you, and I love your daily devotions.

  405. Gayle

    My friend Joan would love the cowl!! It is beautiful just like her! She’s always giving and I would love to give her something special in return. (Plus I like how your friend is using them to help her husband fulfill God’s call on his life. Now that’s a Proverbs 31 woman!)

  406. Gayle

    My friend Joan would love the cowl!! It is beautiful just like her! She’s always giving and I would love to give her something special in return.

  407. Kim

    Hello, Lysa! It’s such a huge privilege for me to be able to post to you! Thank you for your daily inspiration, challenging books, and now this opportunity to bless someone with one of these gifts! I would love to give the necklace to a woman I just met this Wednesday. She came in to the pregnancy center I volunteer at and she is homeless and pregnant. She told me she feels God is punishing her and we were able to talk and pray and sob together. I would like her to know that SHE IS HIS!!! Thank you so much!

  408. Wendy Elis

    My mom Millie loves inspirational jewelry so the necklace for her.

  409. Camika

    I would like to give my friend June the Truly Treasured Wallet.

  410. Alysa

    These are all lovely gifts. I would love to give the wallet to my 15 year old daughter who just had her first babysitting job last weekend. The mother of three young kids gave my daughter $20 and when she came home she was elated! There was a new look in her eyes showing me that she “earned” that $20! She was so very proud! I’d love to give her a wallet as special as this! Thank you! 🙂

  411. Robin Bunting

    I find your blog to be very encouraging. What a wonderful way to share Christmas with a friend. Giving them a gift and having one of the same. Thank you.

    I would like to share I Am His Medalliion necklace with a friend.

    • Toni

      I love the ornaments…this would be for my niece and her family. I know they would cherish it.

    • Heather Lenz

      I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog. I was struggling after the loss of my son, and your words and devotions truly helped get me through some of the days. Thank you.

      I would give the medallion necklace to both of my daughters. As we struggle through our grief, it would be a great reminder that He is with us through the good and bad times.

  412. Melissa


    I would love to give “His Christmas Names Ornaments” to a dear sweet lady in our church who just lost her husband from a tragic work-related accident on Wednesday, November 20. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary. He was a deacon in our church and loved by so many!! This is all such a shock and we will miss him terribly! I think in the days ahead, especially with the holidays, she will need to be reminded that He is holding her and their family in HIS hands during this tragic time. The ornaments will be a great way for her to share this reminder with their grown children and grandchildren as they celebrate their first Christmas without him.

    Thank you for opportunity for me to share this 🙂

  413. Amy

    Love your devotions, books and your taste in gifts!! My sister-in-law, Dawn would like the scarf. She is always doing things for others and rarely for herself!!

  414. teresa

    i would love to give my sister the necklace… she is always so kind and loves to do for others.

  415. Dawn

    My dearest friend Sarah had surgery today to remove cancer from her body. I am so thankful that she will be healthy now and hopefully cancer free. I think she would love the scarf.

  416. Christy

    wool scarf- for my friend Joley that is always cold and she is always willing and there to WARM MY soul with her comforting words and her presence in my life!!

  417. Christy

    the wallet- for my sister who is ALWAYS giving!! She gives of her heart, her time and her money. SHE is a cheerful giver!!

  418. Christy

    the necklace- for my friend LISA. She is always caring, loving and a precious example of HIS mercy and LOVE!! She is a living disciple!! She is a blessing to ME and to ALL that know her!!

  419. Carol Cunningham

    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. I would love to bless my dear friend Tamara with the I Am His necklace as she has been a blessing to so many people. She is providing foster care for several boys who have been exiled from the FLDS community. And she recently was fired from her job without any warning.

  420. Kelly Irving

    The necklace would be a wonderful gift for my 25 year old daughter as she continues her walk with God as a young woman.

  421. Donna Ackerman

    These would be perfect on the tree at my church:) I love the ornaments! What a wonderful idea to decorate the tree with our Saviors names!

  422. Joy

    Ohhhh….they are all great….but without a doubt I’d choose the necklace. I would give it to my twin sister Japhia. She has walked beside me during my cancer journey, continually reminding me that I am the Lord’s. This would be such a meaningful reminder for her.

    Absolutely beautiful gift ideas.
    Happy Friday with love,

    • Sarah Fare

      My sister helped lead me to Christ. I would love to give her the necklace or scarf. Thank you for all you do to encourage our daily walk with Christ.

  423. Jessi

    I love the necklace and would love to give it to my sister. She has been there every step of the way as I made my journey back to Christ.

  424. Christina Steiner

    I would pick the Medallion Necklace for my mother, Mary. I love it too! What an awesome idea – all of them, it’s so hard to choose! Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  425. Charlene

    I would choose the scarf to give my good friend. She has had a HUGE part in both my and my kids’ walks in faith. It’s because of her “gentle prodding” that I started attending a great church and an awesome small group and was baptized in September! Nothing can compare to all she has done for our family, but a scarf would be a gift that she would love and appreciate.

  426. Lori Stilger

    I would love to have the CHRISTMAS NAMES ornament set. How BEAUTIFUL! I’d give one to my three best friends, and keep one. To be reminded to praise His Holy name every time we look at the tree!
    Thank you for your beautiful Friday posts. I’m really enjoying them!

  427. Casey Taylor

    This is such a great and meaningful idea! I’d love to give the necklace to my sweet friend Abby. I’m a big fan of yours and Love your writing! Happy Friday!
    Casey Taylor

  428. Pam Petteway

    I love the necklace! I have a friend, Karen, who is a wonderful Christian woman that walks the walk an talks the talk. Although she now lives far away in Arizona, our bond of friendship will never be broken.
    Thank you for the inspiring books and posts. May God bless you and yours this holiday season!

  429. Donna Islam

    Thanks for your encouraging words. I would love to share the necklace with my beautiful daughter. We live in different states now and want her to know the she does belong to God and He does care about her even if some days He feels distant.

  430. Donna

    I would love to give the Christmas Names Ornament Set to the new christian young woman I am discipling. I think it would make the perfect gift to remind her of the names and meanings of our Great God and to praise how holy He is. It would also be a teaching time for her two little ones of which her 5 year old son recently accepted Christ and is like a little evangelist for the Lord. Oh, the boldness of little children.

    Great gift ideas.

  431. Christine Moore

    First let me say how incredibly blessed I am by you and the beautiful women that work along side you at Proverbs 31. This ministry has helped me to grow so much in my relationship with Christ! To watch women walking the walk, talking the talk, make mistakes and willing to share it with others so that we can know we’re not alone. Thank you! As far as the gift, I would choose the necklace for my beautiful daughter in law Tomi who desires to speak about Jesus in every area of her life- her family, her children, the way she dresses, her words. She takes every opportunity to share about her heavenly Father.

  432. Marjorie

    My favorite is the scarf. I really believe that a marriage is the greatest example of a partnership. Each one supports the other at the appropriate times in life. I have 2 daughters and I would give them both one as a reminder to be a giving partner in their relationships (one is married and the other has a long-term steady relationship).

  433. Sindy

    Thank you for your giving and ministering heart. You have ministered to my heart in so many ways. Thank you!!!
    I would love to give my dear friend Farrah the wallet or necklace. She has been my breathing buddy and has shared and walked right beside me in the deep heartache of each of our divorces last year. The Lord knew we needed each other to walk on this journey. She has been there for me in the darkest times even when she was heartbroken herself.
    She is going to be starting this new year continuing her journey in her home state. She is moving January 1st. I’m very excited for what The Lord has in store for her and would love to send her off with a special heart warming gift. I love the wallet because it is one of our verses that we have clung to this last year. Oh how I’m going to miss her but am so thankful for the special gift The Lord has given to me…her!!!!

  434. Amie

    I would love the wool cowl for my friend. Especially since the proceeds are helping a family in need!

  435. Becki

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend, Martha, to remind and encourage her that she belongs to God as she struggles as a mother as a result of choices her children have made.

  436. jill

    Thanks for the reminder that gift giving is a gesture of love and not an obligation. I would enjoy giving the wallet to my sister in law.

  437. Heidi

    I would love to get my daughter the “I am His” necklace as a constant reminder for her.

  438. Tina

    The wool twist crowl would be a perfect gift for my son’s girlfriend. She would love it!

  439. Helen Voland

    Would love to give the necklace to my daughter-in-law, a worship leader and great mom.

  440. Kathy

    Love the necklace ~ a Truth I have been proclaiming for myself and the women in my Bible Study ministry these past several months!! Knowing and BELIEVING our identity as a Child of God is so very important ~ I think it is one of the new “go~to’s” the enemy uses in trying to rock one’s identity ~ and I see many struggle with identity crisis today. From girls to gals to women…..each life transition brings a new journey, yes, but we will always be and forevermore will be His. Thank you Jesus. Would love to share a necklace with my girlfriend, Lori ~ for many an unsaid reasons 🙂 So thankful that our God knows all.

  441. Robin

    I would give the necklace to my friend Carly. She has classy style and she is a woman of God. I think this would fit her perfectly!!

  442. Holly

    I have a dear friend that saw me slipping into a dark place of depression before I even saw it. She came and reached out to me, maybe saved my life. About five years before I taught her how to knit and because of all this time of depression had stolen from me she had to reteach me. I would love to give my friend this scarf.
    I know now that the M.S. I was later diagnosed with was causing that sudden depression. Even though I have finally beat the depression, the M.S. makes the knitting a challenge but she still loves it.

  443. Lisa

    The necklace. She is going through a rough time and needs to remember whose child she is.

  444. Jacqueline Robertson

    The cowl would be great for my friend, Mary. She (70) still works as a caregiver for a ninety-eight-year-old woman and teaches a kindergarten class at church. She likes scarves.

  445. Valorie MacDonald

    #3 (NOT AN EASY CHOICE because all the gifts are GORGEIOUS and my friend and I love wallets too! However, you will understand why I choose the necklace instead. Her middle name is Faith and we are childhood friends whom God reconnected “for such a time as this.” The past 5 years we have walked each other through grief and recovery from some very traumatic situations. God could not have hand picked a better friend for me than her and I know she feels the same. I don’t mean to wax long, but my heart overflows every time I talk about it! Even to her potential emotional discomfort she has been a steady companion in believing for my family, even when she has been left alone in relationship. She is filled with grace yet doesn’t hesitate to bring me back to reality when I need it. My prayer for her is that as she walks into the new season, new relationships, new future… (and as I do the same with my husband and kiddoes!) that God will solidify in both of us that our identity is IN HIM first and foremost.
    My prayers go up for your ministry as well; I’ve discovered Unglued and your site at a PERFECT time for me;. I am so excited! THANKYOU, Valorie
    PS I’m going to pin and share these images; I LOVE that you’re doing this!

  446. Sarah

    I would pick gift # 4 for my friend Kristina

  447. Leica McGill

    I would so love to give the wallet to my sister in law Pat. She is a wonderful friend and an awesome Christian mentor. She is always ready with a kind word or encouragement when needed! She would really like the uniqueness and beauty of it!

  448. Diane

    I would definitely choose the beautiful necklace for my friend and sister in law Lisa, she would love it!

  449. Linda

    I really love your encouraging posts. I also love the cowl scarf. I would love to be able to give one to my sister. She is so very special to me. We have become such good friends especially since the loss of our mother a few years ago. She does so much for so many people.

  450. Tina

    the ornaments to my friend Janee’. we were in a cantata called “I Believe” (back in the early 80’s!) and we sang a song proclaiming all of His names and these are it!! such beautiful memories. I play the CD every Christmastime!

  451. Tina

    Also the necklace for my daughter. She may only be 8, but I love affirming that she truly belongs to HIM!!

  452. Marilyn in East Texas

    I would like to give my best friend Toni the “I am His Medallion”- which I think she would treasure-Toni is the kindest, sweetest lady who has been dealt some very tough blows in her life and yet she remains full of grace and compassion that she freely gives to others-

  453. Jolene GunnInk

    I would give the cowl scarf to my friend Lynell who moved away 6 months ago to follow her husband in his new business adventure. She is in the process of publishing her first book and whenever she wears it, she would feel my love and prayers for her. I miss her tons.

  454. Martha

    I would love to give the ornaments to a dear friend who has had an incredibly hard few years, and we have prayed these names together.

  455. L Spencer

    I would pick 1, 2 or 3 for my friend Cynthia who needs a pick me up just for her.

  456. Nellie Schuckman

    I would like to give the necklace to my friend Joan. She is going through a rough divorce and she needs affirmation that she is His and not his. That scripture is such a perfect, comforting reminder of what true love looks like.

  457. Clair

    I would love to give the cowl to my sister. She has had a very difficult couple of years. I hope the cowl would remind her that she is always wrapped in Christ’s love. Thank you for this opportunity.

  458. Dana

    I love the necklace and would give it to my 13 year old daughter. She needs to be reminded each day that she is HIS. I know it was supposed to be “friend” but she really needs this reminder each day as she faces so many negative things at school.

  459. Jessica

    I would love to give the scarf to my daughter. She is in love with infinity scarves. She has been an incredible blessing to me. She is in her jr year of college studying to become a special ed teacher. With her free time she leads worship for the children of our church and last week gave an incredible testimony about coming back to church.
    God is good! Having a daughter like Camille has been one of the greatest gifts he has given me.

  460. candis

    My friend Linda would love the wallet She has been my most trusted friend for 38 years.

  461. Mary

    I love these gift ideas and the sweet purposes and meanings behind them. I would choose the wallet with Romans inscription for my best friend, as Romans is her favorite book in the Bible. We live 1000 miles apart, so it would remind her every day how much God (and I) love her!

  462. Jan box

    Adore the medallion. I have a friend recovering from a satanic stronghold and this would mean a great deal to her.

  463. lisa

    Thank you for those awesome and meaningful gift ideas! I would give the medallion to my best friend Lynn who is distraught over her young son’s mental health.

  464. Joyce Levell

    I would like to share the necklace with my friend, Sara.

  465. noreen cortex

    I would love the scarf for my daughtet. She is a wonderful young lady. I am so proud of her. She amazes me every day.

  466. Tamara

    I would like to give a scarf to my friend Selena because she is the most generous friend and she would like it.

  467. Dori Fraser

    Love all of them!
    I would love to give my friend Tonia the scarf. She has had a big loss this year and I want her to have a special treat.

  468. Beka

    I’d love to give the scarf to my friend Shenel. I think that is really neat that they are knit to put a husband through Bible School.

  469. Michelle C

    These are all wonderful, meaningful gift ideas! I would love for my friend, Kathy, to have the necklace.

  470. Caty M

    I would love to bless my mom with the ornaments!

  471. Dee

    I would give the scarf to my friend who is always buying me Christian books and “making” me be a better Christian. She loves scarves and it would look great in that one (it is beautiful)

  472. Erin

    I would love to give my friend Jen the necklace! She loves birds and the verse is absolutely perfect for her!

  473. Lisa

    The ornaments are lovely and I’d like to bless my husband with them for Christmas. I’ve been a ba-hum-bug for years and I’m really trying to breathe life into our home this year.

  474. Lisa

    My friend, Mayela, would love the knit cowl!

  475. Jacquie

    My friend Wendy is a special woman. She has been diagnosed with cancer and is fighting for her life. i would love for her to receive the necklace “I am His” to remind her of God’s unfailing love for her.

  476. Mary

    This holiday season our family wants to focus more on serving others. We want to show our children it is important to help others in need. We are giving our first Thanksgiving basket at our church. I am always cautious about what we spend during the holidays but realize our family is truly blessed and want to do something for our community. I am hoping we can slow down this holiday season and see its true meaning. Your blogs do inspire me and I do enjoy reading them. The gift I would pick would be the scarf for my friend who loves to wear them. Thanks Lisa for all you do!

  477. Deb

    I would love to give the necklace to my younger sister who is battling cancer right now. It would be a wonderful reminder that She is His and therefore she is not facing this battle alone!!

  478. Darcy

    I’d like to give the His Name ornament set to one of my sisters to remind them what Christmas is really about!

  479. Renee Pollock

    I’d love to give the scarf to my friend, Kelli Webber. She’s one of my best friends who guided me in my walk to grow closer to Jesus!

  480. Lori

    Love the necklace. I’d give it to my BFF Jill who is a breast cancer survivor and now her husband is battling cancer.It would be such a blessing to remind her that she is His as she goes thorough this trial.

  481. Julie M

    I would give the ornaments to my friend Cassie as a house warming gift. She just moved to a new home.

  482. April Kelly

    I love all these. I would give my friend Allie the wallet, to remind her that God works all things for a purpose. She is going through so much raising a sick baby, that consumes all of her.

  483. Christel

    I’d love to give my friend Kathi the necklace. She struggles with depression and is very hard on herself. She wants so badly to be married and have a family, especially now that she’s in her 30s. Now that she’s moved away, I think things have been harder for her at times. I’d love for her to have this reminder that she is God’s child, holy and dearly loved.

  484. Joe K

    The first person I thought of when I saw the names of God ornaments was my husband’s cousin. She would love those. (And I would too!) 🙂

  485. Claire Hoffpauir

    I would give the scarf to my mother-in-law Ann. She lost her husband almost 2 years ago and we have come to rely on each other. She is sweet and deserves much love.

  486. Ellie

    Recently, I led my mom to the Lord and I would love to share the “I am His” necklace with her.

  487. Joan

    I would love to give the medallion necklace to my daughter. She has a tough time with her self-image, because her dad was/is abusive. (I am no longer married to him, but he’s still her dad.) I pray that she will know her worth in God’s eyes securely enough to avoid marrying the same type of man.

  488. Laura

    The scarf is beautiful and would love to share it with my best friend, Teresa!

  489. Debbie

    I would love to give the necklace to my MOM. This has been a tough year, as my only brother and her only son, is dying from cancer. She’s had to really trust her relationship with the Lord these past few months and I think it would be a great reminder to her each day, that God truly is all she needs.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Becky

      I lost my only sister in September. Praying for your family.

  490. Laura

    I would love to give that. Rock lace to my sister. She proclaims that message everyday! This would be perfect for her!

  491. Missy B

    I love all these gifts ideas. I have been trying to think of a gift idea for my accountability group of girl friends – Mindy, Alicia and Donna.

  492. windi

    I would give the wool blend cowl to my friend Susan…..a gift for her to keep her warm, and a gift for your friend to support her business.

  493. Amy Arnold

    I would love to give the medallion to my beautiful mother!

  494. Becky Trost

    Lysa, I lost my sister in September. There’s no day that is easy. Bear the thought of buying Christmas this year. What I would love to give is one more day to her two daughters to spend with their momma. The last thing I gave my sister was your devotional, unglued. Would love to give her two daughters, 24 & 27, something to remember their momma in a positive and happy way.

  495. Missy

    His necklace to my friend Lynnea… Awesome example of Christ every day!

  496. Lesley

    I love them all, but my most favorite is the chunky scarf! :o) Thank you for sharing these beautiful gifts with us. :o)

  497. BetsyS

    Lysa you speak life into so many women, thank you for your faithfulness and being real. Your words either here on your website or on the radio reach me at just the right moments. I would love the necklace for my friend Lori. Neither one of us have sisters, but our friendship has turned into a beautiful relationship, as we share our love in Christ.

  498. Amanda Kirkland

    Angel ~ Name says it all. She would love the necklace! She is “His” and what a beautiful way to proclaim it.

  499. Julie Dobrinska

    Beautiful gifts – I would have a hard time choosing between two that stand out for me. I work with a lot of wonderful people – the necklace would go to a friend/co-worker that is struggling with making a big decision about which path to choose: career v. home. The beautiful scarf for another co-worker who is always kind, considerate and helpful – it would look great on her. I think that I would end up getting the scarf because it helps your friend and her hubby.

  500. Lisa

    My sister, Linda, would cherish the necklace!

  501. Katie

    My sister, Kaci, has battled depression most of her life. Almost a year ago, she became pregnant and gave birth to her boy. During the pregnancy, she was depressed and even though about having an abortion. As someone who was not married, she felt that the community would judge her, and that she could not offer what the baby needed. Now that her son has been born, he has given her some light and hope. She still struggles financially, and is not back in church. By giving her the “I Am His” necklace, it would be a reminder to her that no matter what, we are always God’s. I would hope that this necklace would give her comfort and peace about her life.

  502. Robbin Coleman

    Each one of these gifts would be wonderful! I would choose the necklace or scarf for my beautiful daughter, Krystal, who has recently moved a thousand miles away from us with our four out of five, gorgeous monkey grandchildren! Encouragement is so important for her right now….32yrs old and never really been away from family!

    Thank you for this extravagant gesture! Blessings..♥

  503. Jeni ballard

    I love all of these ideas but my favorite is the scarf. I know several friends that would love them. Where would we go to order these items?

  504. Stela

    My daughter, Kristen, is a single mom. She’s raising a great man (he’s almost 12). She’s always making things for all of us & she’s always there for everyone. Her heart is pure gold. I’m so proud of her. It would be awesome to share one of these items with her. She’s still my baby but, she’s my best friend too. Thank You Jesus for my little girl.

  505. Amy S

    My daughter, Shalene, she is a teen who has Type 1 diabetes and has some very rough emotional days. I’d love to give her the wallet that would remind her each day that God knows all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  506. Tori

    My friend’s name is Chelsi and I would love to give her the I Am His necklace!

  507. Caroline

    I love your encouragement, Lysa. And your blog! I’d love to give the wool knit cowl to my dear friend, Nancy, who has been such an amazing source of encouragement & support during the hardest season of my life. Just typing that blinds me with tears! Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  508. Katie

    My sister has always battled depression. When she became pregnant, she considered having an abortion and was depressed most of the pregnancy since she did not think she could provide for the kid as needed with her being unmarried. Her baby boy (almost 1 year old) has brought happiness back into her life. She is starting to turn back to God, and seek Him. By giving her the “I Am His” necklace, it would be a reminder to her that no matter what, Christ is always our father and is there for us. I hope this necklace would give her a reminder of peace and happiness.

  509. Trish

    Where can we buy these great gifts? Super idea.

  510. Monica

    Hi Lisa. Would love to give the necklace to my friend Inez and the scarf for me. Love the gift ideas. Thanks for chance to win! God bless

  511. Vanessa Nowell

    I love them all! And I have a friend picked for each!

  512. Janet Axelson

    My daughter Sarah would love # 3, she is going to Honduras to work in an orphanage and this will remind her of God’s love!

  513. Kellie

    I would love to give the wallet to my mother as she always reminds me that I am treasured and God is working to fulfill his purpose in my life.

  514. KRISTA Ranson

    Wallet for my friend Laura

  515. Cindy

    Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for being such an amazing woman who offers so much encouragement to other women, including me!
    I love the scarf and immediately thought of my daughters, one a stay at home mom and one a college student. They LOVE scarves! I love that your friend is making them to help her husband through school!

  516. Lacey

    The Knit Twist Cowl is beautiful. I would probably give one to one of my sisters, we all love scarves/cowls but none of of has very many. This one looks near perfection! Beautiful work and what a great thing to support. Now that is what I call a help-mate, or help-meet, I really don’t know which it’s suppose to be, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  517. Loni

    I would give the wallet to teo friends…one whose husband wants to leave and he claims he no longer loves her, and another who has had several very difficult things happen in her life recently. Both need reminders that they are treasured and God works all things for the good!

  518. Peggy

    Please do not consider this an entry for the gifts, but I would certainly love to know the prices and information to order them all!

  519. Kathleen

    I love all of these gifts, but the one I would love for my friend is the scarf! She is ALWAYS cold and this looks warm and snugglie!!!

  520. Araceli

    I would love to give the necklace to my daughter to remind her of her true identity.

  521. Mary B

    I’d love to give the I am his necklace to my friend Jen. She made a tough decision this week that God led her to. Not the answer she wanted.

  522. Karla Reuter

    I would love to give my sister the wool knit cowl. What beautiful and meaningful ideas for gifts! Thank you for sharing:)

  523. Seana Shannon

    I would love to give the I am His necklace to a dear young mother of 3 girls. She is in the battle of her life for her life as she fights a very rare lung cancer. She is an inspiration to all who know her in her strength and convictions as she lays her trust in the Lord.

  524. Becky Hilliard

    Vonda Geter Cain would love the wallet! She is such a treasure to me as a friend! Such an inspiration to me!

  525. Michelle Gray

    would love to give my sister the wallet as she is going through an ugly divorce and could use use all the encouragement she can get

  526. Teresa Fullington

    The ornaments are awesome. I love these so much. I would love to give my friend Sheila my friend a set of these. She loves to decorate her house for Christmas. With anything that that speaks the real meaning of Christmas.

  527. Nicole

    I like the I am his medallion for a special friend!

  528. Jessica

    I would love to share the wallet with a friend who is more like a sister to me Kimberly.

  529. Jane S

    I would love to share the His Christmas Names Ornament set with my heart sister Sally. She is trying to decorate her whole tree with things that represent the names of Jesus! Harder than you might think!!

  530. Melissa Lewis

    Awesome ideas, I would give the necklace to Marie, my daughter’s friend that lives with us sure to family and financial issues. This is her senior year and she needs to know that no matter how hard the path in her future, God is always there

  531. Lei

    I would love to share a I Am His necklace with my mom. She loves jewelr; I think this piece would become one of her favorites. I think the message of this necklace would be a sstrong reminder to her.

  532. Renee

    These are all so beautiful it’s hard to chose. However, my friend Courtney referenced Romans 8:28 just the other day when she was talking about dealing with the unexpected death of her sister. I think right now, the wallet would be the most meaningful to her. Thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas.

  533. robin

    I am His for my forever friend Brenda.

  534. Andi

    My friend Amy would so love the scarf. She made a commitment of “I Will” at our church and it has been an amazing journey to their new daughter Grace from China.

  535. Jeanne Foret


  536. Laura Ecke

    i would love to give the scarf to my sister. thank you for the great ideas & sharing

  537. Catherine Westman

    I L.O.V.E. the His names ornaments! Would love to give a set to my sweet friend Marti, who has one of the biggest servant hearts I have ever known. Every single picture decorating her house is a Bible verse, so these would fit her perfectly, in fact she would probably decorate with them year round! 🙂

  538. Michelle Granrud

    I would give the necklace to my friend Sarah. She has been a source of strength and courage to her family as her dad is fighting cancer.

  539. Jessica Jernigan

    I would love the necklace for my friend Rachel because I am currently going through the hardest time of my life and she keeps reminding me that I am His because I am struggling to believe that.

  540. Paula

    I would love to share the “I am his medallion” with my daughter. She has had a tough life since getting in a wreck at a very young age. I read and enjoy your posts and devotions. Thank you Lisa

  541. Dawn

    I would love to give my friend Cheryl the “I am His” necklace.

  542. Sarah Owen

    The necklace is just beautiful! I would gift it to my friend Angelica. She and I have been walking by faith through personal challenges lately, encouraging one another as we both lean on the Lord. The bird on the necklace reminds us that we’re worth more than a bird. And the “!” reminds us to shout it…often. Please choose me for this gift, Lysa! 🙂

  543. Rebecca McConico

    I love the ornaments. I try to give Jesus the glory in December, and this would be a beautiful way to do it. My daughter-in-law, Melody, would be the person I would give the set to as she and my son are raising three little boys and this would be a meaningful way to teach them about Jesus. They are a military family far from home.

  544. jennifer unthank

    I love the beautiful scarves that your friend is knitting and the reason she is knitting them makes me love them even more. What a treasure! I too, love gifts that have a meaning behind them so I would love to have one to share with my best friend, Maria. We grew up together in TX but now she lives on the Cape and I am in KS. I know she would appreciate the story behind the scarf as well as the warmth it brings. Also, I love all of your books and devotionals. You write straight from the heart and keep it real which makes it easy to relate to. Thanks!

  545. Angie Russo

    I would love to give the necklace to a lady in our church. Several times when other women have commented they liked a piece of jewelry she was wearing- she gave it to them!!!

  546. Barbara

    Love the ideas!! My friend that I would like to receive is Pam and I think she would like the names of Jesus ornaments!!! 🙂

  547. Erin Thompson

    #3 – The Medallion!!! For my sister… He has carried her (and me!) through so much! He tells both of us all the time, “Not to worry because He’s got us!!”…. This medallion would be the perfect reminder, and the perfect gift for her!

  548. Tricia Smith

    I love the necklace! It’s a hard choice, though.

  549. Cory

    I’d give the necklace to my best friend, Becky 🙂

  550. Angie Rangel

    My friend Julie – his Christmas nMes ornament set. What a sweet reminder each time you look at your tree.

  551. CharlaMorris

    The wallet- for my friend Becca. Because I would love for her to have this visible reminder of the way God is using her and He is shaping her life. <3

  552. Lynn

    The wool cowl. I’d give it to my oldest sister Chris.

  553. Mattie

    The ornaments. I would gift them to the ladies of my bible study because we are always learning and studying together – it would be a great Christmas surprise..

  554. Jennifer L

    I’d love to give the Christmas names set to my best friend, Mollee. We are both on a quest to make sure that our children know the real meaning of Christmas.

  555. Lisa Basham

    The necklace for my sister 🙂 🙂

  556. Natasha

    The Wool Blend Knit Twist Cowl for my sister. She is going through a lot right now and could use a constant “hug” around her neck.

  557. Dana

    For my sister Kerri. My best friend.

  558. Pam Younkman

    I’d love to give the names of God ornaments to my daughter-in-law who just married my son on November 2. I find great comfort and strength in His names which exemplify His character; I’d like to pass along this reminder to my new daughter as she prepares to celebrate her first Christmas as a wife. <3

  559. Adena

    I’d love #4 for my sister 🙂

  560. Sharon Vaupel

    #2 I think my Mom would love the wallet as do I!! 🙂

  561. Judy Marsh

    I would love the wallet – for my dear friend who I treasure and who is truly a gift from GOD to me – and for me – to be reminded that no matter what the world thinks, I am a treasure to GOD. How wonderful HE IS!!!

  562. Tamara Whitaker

    I would love to give this necklace to my daughter, Katelyn. It would remind her that she is a child of the King. She is His!

  563. Sarah oconnell

    Beautiful gift ideas, especially like the scarf & necklace! I’m assuming the links above will give us more info on how to purchase? Thanks for sharing.

  564. Wendy

    His Christmas Names ornament set. I would share with my mom, Carole.

  565. debbie

    the necklace for my friend who has low self esteem and needs many reminders of God’s opinion of her instead of her family and others

  566. Carole

    The wool cowl, I would give it to my sister. She has unselfishly put her life on hold to be the caregiver to our invalid mother.

  567. Shari

    I am his! For my daughter who is struggling with being herself as a senior in high school.

  568. angel hough

    I would love the oranaments as a mother of 4 I want to teach my children about Jesus not santa. Every good and perfect gift comes from above.

  569. Andrea

    I would give my friend Emily the name ornaments!! I love these, what a beautiful addition to a tree!

  570. Catherine

    The Madallion for my best friend, she helped me find my way back to Jesus on October 6, 2013. Also, a perfect reminder that we are His and that He never leaves us, we leave Him.

  571. Holli Turner

    The wool cowl….my sister in law would love it, she is always cold : D

    P.S. I thnk it is pretty awesome too, and love the story behind it!

  572. Vicki Ballard

    #3 “I Am His” Medallion Necklace would be a perfect gift to give my friend Leesa who became a believer in Jesus at a Woman of Faith conference back in February of this year. She is growing leaps and bounds in her relationship with Our Savior! I call her my beautiful butterfly as I have watched her blossom from her cocoon into this butterfly knowing that she is fearfully and wonderfully made in Him. : )

  573. Mary

    The I Am His medallion as a reminder to my daughter and myself that even in the midst of turmoil and strife He will never leave us or forsake us!

  574. Vicki Lawrence

    The wool cowl. My daughter would love it. She had her first baby a year ago and is such a sacraficial mother.

  575. Diane

    The medallion for my sister Laurie because God has taken us on a journey that is amazing! Both separate journey’s , of course, but this is a great reminder for us on those days when it’s really hard. That we are His – which is so comforting!

  576. Pam Stapleton

    I would give the medallion necklace to my niece Vicky. She has had a trying year and yet her faith in Jesus Christ has never wavered. She is an amazing person.

  577. Jeanne D

    4. The ornaments.
    For my sons, Jake 9 & Cruz 5
    In the past couple years I have just started attending church and now they go to church with me, and they are in AWANAS. We are all discovering the Lord together, And Cruz’s birthday is on Christmas Eve. Each year we try to collect a special ornament for our tree that really means something.

  578. Marcie

    My best buddy, Corinne, is in Atlanta and I am in Ohio. I’d love to give her the wallet!

  579. Mary Ann

    The wool cowl – I would give it to my Sister-In-Christ, Marcie. Being up north, it would keep her just as warm on the outside as her Love for our Lord that she has on the inside. Marcie and I both enjoy Lysa’s ministries and studies.

  580. Susan Furlong

    The wallet for my daughter she is such a god Christian and even though life can be hard he has a purpose our Heavenly Father do us all He is our strong tower! Her and I live in different states the wallet would be a great reminder of how much we are loved! Thank You

  581. Gina Rodriguez

    Truly treasured wallet, beautiful reminder that God has worked all things for good for those that love Him. I would love to give this to my beautiful sister….

  582. Liz Hester

    Lysa, my daughter, Lauren, is an ambassador( representative) for Noonday Company. The woman who founded the company wanted to start a home business to raise funds because she had a heart to adopt children. She found third world artisans that were gifted (most of the merchandise is jewelry, accessories and a few home goods). The wonderful thing is the artisans are from all over the world…Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. The incomes that are paid to the artisans give them a sustainable income, helping them to rise out of poverty, and part of the profits of the company go towards helping with adoptions worldwide!!! And the icing on the cake is that these goods are really beautifully done..a wonderful chance to help others and wore something beautiful all in one!!!

  583. Amaya Albury

    Number 4 to my daughter Lafayette. She is graduating next year and going off to college. I would love for her to start her own traditions.

  584. Beth

    The medallion…. My friend Kathy who God sent to me as a best friend. He knew the trials I would be facing with my husbands addiction and his recent death as a result. She had been a constant reminder that God would see me through this

  585. Lenoir

    The Truly Treasured Wallet for my mom, who I treasure! She is a Godly example to me, my kids, and all that know her.

  586. Julie

    I would love to give the wool cowl to my sister.

  587. Tricia Garber

    My friend Emily. I am His medallion!!! :0)

  588. Samantha

    For sure the necklace for my teenage daughter, Alexa Rae. Every teen girl should have the affirmation in her heart that she is His!

  589. Becky

    The cowl. I’d give it to my daughter.

  590. Elizabeth

    The Medallion! I would give it to my sister. She has had an extremely tough year. Yet through it all, she claims Victory in The Lord!!

  591. Cathy

    The Truly Treasured Wallet would be the perfect gift for my daughter Taylor : ))!!

  592. Heidi

    I’d love the “I am His” necklace for my daughter!!

  593. Aleena Grosjean

    #3 The Medallion – I want one for me and my best friend!! We are both military wives with four young kids. She encourages me in my walk with Christ and in this crazy life of being married to a military man and raising kids as a single parent when he is gone. I know that when my day is crazy and I just want to scream, I can call her and she points me right back to HIM!!! She is the BEST of friends and an amazing sister in Christ. I would LOVE to share this gift with her. PLEASE pick us!!!! 🙂

  594. Leslie

    I would give the necklace to my friend Stephanie, she’s an up and coming speaker and writer, and she lives her life as His obedient daughter. She is a great mentor and friend to me 🙂

  595. Amanda Calnan

    The wallet for my secret sister at church so I can’t say her name, just in case 🙂

  596. Tara

    #3 for my sister. She struggles a lot with her self esteem and I would love to remind her where her worth comes from. (‘Cause don’t all of us ladies need that reminder constantly?) God bless. 🙂

  597. Alice

    I would love to give the I Am His necklace to my friend who just lost her home in a tornado, and wear one myself.

  598. Monique

    Definitely the necklace for my 18 year old daughter who’s is in her first year of college in another state. As she spends the next 4 years discovering herself, this would be a beautiful, wearable reminder through her journey.

  599. Jessica Shivers

    His Christmas names for my sister Ashley. Just to see all these names of Jesus reminding us both of all he is for us

  600. stephanie

    Definetely medallion!! My sister in law lost her husband, my brother to heart disease at 38 y/o with 3 young children. She since has separated herself and children fromm ALL of her family including her own mother. We are all hurting but especially her. All I have left is to pray!

  601. Judy Wood

    I would give the I Am His necklace to my daughter-in-law. She loves
    displaying scriptures and things to remind her of God all over her house
    and I know she would love wearing this.

  602. Melissa

    I’d give the medallion to my friend Chrisi. She always puts Jesus first, even though it has been a fight in her circumstances. She praises Him in the storm and is an amazing example to all who know her.

  603. Jen Sexton

    I have a dear friend whose son was diagnosed a year ago with leukemia. He has been doing great but at almost his 1yr anniversary she was then diagnosed with breast cancer. Would like to give her the medallion as a way for her to remember God is always with her as encouragement.

  604. Valerie

    Twist Cowl.. I’d give one to my MIL.

  605. April Burnette

    “I Am His” for my best friend Jennifer. She is such a strong woman and has made it through so much because she is His daughter. Love this!

  606. Cindi

    Love the medallion. I would love to give one to my oldest daughter. She has been praying for The Lord to give she and her disband a baby for over two years. She is full of faith but recently got bad news but still holding onto Gods promises

  607. Candace

    I would give the I Am His necklace to my daughter. She struggles so much with self worth, and this would be an awesome reminder for her.

  608. Allison

    #4 I would give these beautiful name of Christ ornaments to Diane, the Director of Children’s Ministries at our church. She goes far above and beyond anything I could have expected from anyone in her position. She is passionate about making sure our children know and love Christ, know the Bible, and have a desire for others to know Christ.

  609. Carrie

    Truely treasured wallet I would give to my friend Claudine. She’s a thoughtful gift giver and what a great reminder of how treasured we are!

  610. Cara Ellis

    Ooh I’d give the I am His necklace to my sweet friend Shaleigha!!

  611. Brittney

    I am his necklace for my BFF Lakynn. We are only children but more like sisters,

  612. Faye L

    I love the necklace for one of my best friends. She has had so many struggles this past year but has remained faithful to the Lord.

  613. Mary Ann

    The medalion for my best friend Kim, who has 6 children, the last two being a set of autistic twin girls. She puts all of her faith in Christ to help her get through one day (at a time) with these two precious children of God’s. She is more than deserving!

  614. Mary Ann

    For my best friend Kim, who has 6 children, the last two are twin girls both with Autisim. She puts her faith IN HIM every day dealing with these two precious children of God.

  615. cyndi

    His Christmas Names Ornament Set…for my employee who has a young daughter.

  616. Jamie

    I would give my mom the ornament set! She always has her house beautifully decorated for Christmas and she would absolutely love them!

  617. Linda

    #4 A wonderful conversation starter for young & old alike. (I’ve been blessed by your messages) Happy Thanksgiving.

  618. Shelbey

    I’d give the wallet to my friend Mia. As kids, we made a promise to each other to keep the other one guided in His name. She has been holding the lamp at times that I needed to be directed back to Him. (Also, she loves to sew, so I think she’s love the look of this piece.) This is a great way to choose a gift for someone. Thanks for sharing.

  619. Kelly

    I would give my friend Kara the Truly Treasured wallet because not only is she a dear and truly treasured friend, but because of her inspiring constant reliance on God as she and her husband raise their four sweet boys on a very tight budget simply because they both chose careers that involve spreading God’s word over higher income. She delights in the way He honors her faith and in His unfailing love and provision for her family.

  620. Rene' Novinger

    I would give a beautiful “I am HIS” necklace to my mom and my daughter. I feel so blessed, (at 51), to still have my mom in my life…she has been such a wonderful Godly role model in our family. Her gentle and humble spirit has encouraged all of us to follow Christ as she has. Without her influence, and my dad’s, we wouldn’t know Jesus and you just can’t repay that. I would love for my newly married daughter to also have one as an encouraging reminder to press on toward the mark…Keeping life’s focus on Christ!

  621. Roxanne

    I love the medallion; were can I get one.

  622. Laura

    The knitted cowl for any and/or all of my daughters!

  623. Nicole Garrett

    The friend that comes to mind is Jerrie. She would like the wool knit twist cowl. She would appreciate that it is made by hand from a woman that is helping her husband fulfill his calling. She has been a great encouragement and prayer partner for me in my new blog.

  624. Samantha Zamora

    I would love the I am his necklace for my bother in law gf she is currently at the hospital fighting against lopus and all the consequences of it, she is barely getting to know the Lord and through this gift I would like her to always remember she is not alone and that she is His.

  625. Brooke

    I would love the “I am his” necklace for my daughter Aeva. It would be a beautiful reminder to her, that even on the most difficult days , when she feels the world is against her, Jesus is there carrying her through.

  626. Pam

    Twist Cowl, for my daughter, and the extra one would go to my other daughter. 🙂

  627. Ashley

    I would love the wallet for my bestie. So she will be reminded that she is always treasured. I think as moms we are always putting others first we forget about ourselves and how treasured we are. Would love to remind her 🙂

  628. Melissa

    I would love to bring all the names of Christ to our four year old son’s Christmas tree. Keeping him focused on the true meaning of christmas is our number one goal.

  629. Lisa Wilkendorf

    I’d love to give the names of Jesus ornament set to my grandmother. She has been in love with Jesus her whole life, following his callin her life. This is the last Christmas she will remember as Alzheimer’s is taking her throughly. I wish I could share the holiday with her but these would be a very meaningful gift.

  630. Amy

    I am His necklace would be perfect for a beautiful friend going through the hardest thing a wife and mother could go through.

  631. Kelly

    I would love to give my friend, Andrea, the medallion!

  632. Debbie Philley

    My favorite is the “I am His” necklace!!!

  633. Jan

    Necklace. I would give it to my weekly prayer partner of 8 years Jill.

  634. Pam

    His Christmas Names set, I’d give them to my sister, they are so awesome!

  635. Chelsea Madison

    Lysa! I lie them all! But I especially love the Romans 8:28 wallet! How unique! I would love to gift it to my friend Lynsey!
    Thank you! 🙂 -Chels

  636. Erin Van Gieson

    I love the “I am His” medallion. I am walking through a challenging time right now & would love the reminder! My Mother would LOVE it too!!!

  637. Denise Browning

    I would give the His Name ornaments to my Sister-in-law Annette, she has an amazing God gift of engaging children and teaching them about God. I know she would display it in her home and show to every child that comes into her home but that she would also take it to her preschoolers at church and use it as a teaching moment in a way that only she does.

  638. Donna Torrado

    The Wallet for my daughter & on for my daughter in law so they both know how much God loves the & treasures them.

  639. Penny

    I, too enjoy the “treasured” gifts that have special meaning. Recently, my best friend fell & broke both her ankles. One week later, while attempting to walk with crutches; Joy fell & broke her hip. I would love for her to have the “I am His” necklace to bless her during this extremely trying time of recuperation.
    She could use the encouragement!

    • Penny

      Recently, my best friend/prayer partner fell & broke both ankles, One week later, Joy fell and broke her hip.I would love for her to have the “I am His” necklace as a constant reminder while healing.

  640. Jessica

    that scarf for my sister, Michele, who is like a warm comfort to me!

  641. laurie dipietra

    necklace, would give my wonderful new daugher-in-law

  642. john dipietra

    ornaments , son-in-law, new wife, new tradition for them

  643. john dipietra

    names, ornaments, new tradition for newly married son

  644. Heather-Lynn

    Number 1, I would give it to my sister, as she, has made so many sacrifices in her life, to help out her little girl Bella, who she is adopting from Haiti.

  645. Cathy

    The His Names Christmas ornament set for my friend Teresa since the names of God has been a theme in conversations, devotions and her mentoring into the lives of teen girls the past two years.

  646. Suzanne

    The “I am His” necklace. I would give it to a young lady (Abbie) that I just started mentoring.

  647. Sherri Richardson

    I would give the “I am His” necklace to my daughter. She will be going off to college soon. It would be a great reminder that she is God’s.

  648. Chrystene Anderson

    I would enjoy giving the necklace to my daughter or my friend.

  649. Betty G.

    The “I am His” necklace! I would give it to my twin sis for her birthday present – we don’t get to spend time together (about 3 times per year) because we live about 6 hours apart and she is a single mama – I would love to surprise her with something so meaningful!

  650. Thea

    #3 for my best girl friend Sarah Moore. I tried to give her a necklace last year & it broke & this one is even more perfect for her.

  651. LRF

    Maybe it’s too late to comment but it’s worth a shot:) ,I would like to give the ornament to my sister. She decorates a beautiful tree and this would go well with it. Also, my sister has try been there for me during recent struggles-praying
    and taking the time to call me even though she has her own little ones. Thank you for the chance to win.

  652. Denise

    I would give the I am his pendant to my sister Virginia. She is such a precious friend and sister. I am truly blessed and thankful to have her.

  653. Carissa D. Huffman

    I would give the ornaments with the names of Jesus to my precious sister-friend Audrae. She is so sold out for Him, and has a lovely home. She walks out among the homeless to minister to them, and is a prayer warrior. Thanks for showing us these intentional gift items!

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  654. Angie Miller

    The wallet for my friend Lena.

  655. Lisa Chapman

    I would give the ornaments to my friend, Tracy. Over the last two years, both her mother and grandfather have passed away. She was able to care for her mother the last few months of her life, but it took a toll on her! Tracy also struggles with many health problems that are due to Fibromyalgia. During this time she also had a wayward child and other hurtful situations at home. Most people would never know it, though, because she always has a smile on her face and an encouraging word to say. She has continued to show the love of Christ and trust totally in Him. She would be most deserving of this sweet offer! Thank you so much!!

  656. Sarah Koester

    I would love to give the necklace to my friend Karen. She is a single mom of 5 children, who works full time, goes to school and is still incredible active in her children’s school and extra curricular activities. She is patient an loving, warm and encouraging and is teaching her children to be Jesus hands and feet to the world. She is showing her children and all of us around her, that even when someone does hurtful things to you and turns your world upside down, you don’t play the victim. You lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus, place your trust in Him and get busy doing God’s work. She is amazing! I struggling to provide for her children for Christmas. I know there won’t be much under the tree period and definitely nothing for her. I would love to be able to have something placed under there, just for her.


    • Samantha Meyer

      She sounds like such an amazingly strong woman. God has great things in store for her and her family. She is blessed to have a friend like you in her life. I will keep her and her children in my prayers!

  657. maggie bober

    Hi: Just a note to tell you I enjoy your site. I am also thankful you love Jesus Christ as your Savior and serve Him in all your work. Christmas has a very special meaning to us as believers.

  658. maggie bober

    You should not fee it’s your fault when you child acts up. He/She is a child and hears everything you do say to him even if you think he doesn’t. I feel we need to pray for our children and also that we will have God’s grace and love towards our child..

  659. Maggie

    Where can I purchase these on my own? Contacts please if possible 🙂 Thanks!

  660. Samantha Meyer

    I would pick the Truely Treasured Wallet for my younger sister, Brittany because I would love for her to be reminded every day that God has a purpose for her. She has been through a lot the past couple years with a rocky marriage, going to school full-time, being a mother, and now they are having money problems. I want to be able to uplift her and make her feel better about herself, her struggles, and her life. She is a rock star 🙂

  661. Katie

    Loooove the ornaments! Christmas is very stressful for me so I am constantly looking for ways to help keep the focus on CHRIST! I have a dear friend who feels the same way … we would both cherish these! 🙂

  662. Michelle

    Dear Lysa,

    I just wanted to share something with you that the Lord placed on my heart when I was reading Chapter 13 of the “Made to Crave” book. I didn’t know where else to post this so that you would see it. Thank you so much for your obedience and honesty in providing this Bible Study for me. I pray that you will blessed beyond measure during this season of Thanksgiving and the birth of our Savior!

    My Fill
    In a dry and parched land that no man can fill
    I found comfort for my soul right in the center of God’s will.
    He covered me with His love and filled me to the brim
    I found my fill in the desert, and all I was lacking I found in Him.
    He quenched all of my thirst for the things of this world
    By reaching down, picking me up and calling me His little girl.
    To belong to Jesus is all that we need
    To satisfy our hungry souls and fill them with Him instead.
    Food is not the enemy, but the sin of gluttony is
    So let’s give our whole selves to Jesus and finally start to live.
    As we walk daily in His Word and reach out to Him
    He draws us closer to Him, to have the complete and total victory over our issues with food.
    Hallelujah I’m redeemed is now the song my soul sings
    I found myself in Jesus and my peace, my life is now completely, totally and wholly in my King.

    Michelle Hancock

  663. Mary Lou

    What great gift ideas! I would choose the cowl for my BFF Mychelle because we are both always cold. It looks so warm and snuggly. And knowing that that sweet wife creates them and sells them to help put her husband through Bible school just makes the gift even better.

  664. Bonnie Greene

    I would love to give the ornaments to my mom. She gave her life to Christ when she was pregnant with me and raised me in the truth. Now that I am a wife and a mother I realize what a priceless gift she gave to me.

  665. Shalena

    #1 That is such a beautiful scarf!!! My friend Angela who is such a sweet Godly woman loves wearing scarves and this truly would make her feel special! I love what you are doing Lysa! Thanks for the chance to share God’s love!

  666. Julia

    I would enjoy giving the “His Christmas Names Ornament set” to my niece. She’ll be six years old on Monday, and my sister is a single mom (they live with my parents). I stop by every chance I get to spend time with her. My other sister and myself try to instill God’s truths in her at every opportunity, because her mom is a bit of a prodigal and does not value a relationship with the Lord at this time. We aunts want our niece to understand that Jesus is the reason for the season, and our focus should be more on serving others than on getting more stuff. We’ve included her in various outreach projects over the past month (packing Operation Christmas Child boxes, putting together care packages for deployed soldiers, etc.). On Christmas morning we like to bring over a birthday cake for Jesus & sing “Happy Birthday, Jesus!”, and it would be awesome to have a set of ornaments like these with a book we could read to her and have discussion about what the names of Christ are/mean.

  667. Brenda Morehead

    I would give the wallet to my precious daughter, Jill.

  668. April

    The necklace! I would give it to my dear friend, Gretchen. She always reminds me of who I am in Christ and that He holds my future!

  669. Kara McCullough

    Happy Thanksgiving Lysa!
    I fell in LOVE with the ‘I Am His’ necklace and would be overjoyed to share this with a special sister in Christ.This lady helped my walk with God when we met in a woman’s small group in 2011. Ever since then, she and her family have supported me financially in times of need (when I was a single mom), supplied me with a family in a place where my daughter & I had just moved clear across the country from our other family; but most importantly, this friend mentored me so many ways in my walk with Christ. After finishing your book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” this very morning, I am set out on a mission of radical obedience! I want to share with this special friend how she was the person in my life that has lead me to give my life to Christ! Thank you!

  670. Cindy

    I would give the His Christmas Names Ornament set to my mother. She is always giving to others and never ask for anything for herself. Christmas is one of her favorite times of the year and she loves the reminders that Jesus is the Reason for the Season so these would be perfect for her tree.

  671. Kristen

    I would love #3. I would love to have one for myself and give one to my daughter. she would love it. She is only 10 but loves the lord so much and loves to help others. She said when she grows up she wants to be a missionary so she can go and help others.

  672. Sarah

    I would give the scarf to my sister. She is beautiful and I love her. We have been through a lot together, we didn’t have the best childhood and now that we are mothers, we face the same struggles together. She is my best friend, my go to when I feeling like i need to talk.

  673. jeri

    Lovely list. I did something similar on my blog. It’s so nice to buy a gift for someone that you know is also helping someone in return.

  674. Susan Wolf

    I’m interested in the scarves as gifts for family. I didn’t see anywhere but does your friend sell the scarves from a website? or how can I get in contact with her?

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