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Could I Be The Worst Mom Ever?

November 15, 2013

I am so completely spent. I have nothing left to give. What’s wrong with me? I am so afraid I am going to be a complete failure as a mother. Lord, am I going to mess up my kids?

These thoughts have swirled around and around in my heart over the course of my motherhood journey. I’ve spent many a day half questioning myself – half begging God for help through the tears and the doubts.

Over the next 4 weeks, let’s answer the crazy question many of us have asked: Am I messing up my kids? No, I don’t think we are. Join me each week right here on my blog to participate in the conversation. You’ll be encouraged and empowered to be the mom God knows you can be, and by the end of these 4 weeks, I think you’ll agree!

I felt pulled in a thousand directions.

Ashley wanted me to watch her at gymnastics. Hope wanted to be dropped off at a friend’s house. Brooke wanted a friend to come over, and the boys had to be taken to their soccer game. All in one day. It’s not that I didn’t want to be with the kids. I love my children and love spending time with them. It’s just that I was tired.

I was serving from the dregs of my bucket rather than the overflow.

On a scale from one to ten, my stress level hovered around a seven. I wanted to take time to be with the Lord and allow His Word to bathe my parched soul and bring my stress back to a manageable level, but constant time crunches kept me distracted. Feeling tired and underappreciated, I should have known I was setting myself up for failure.

On Saturday morning, I was out the door by 5:45am with four boys and Ashley in tow. About halfway to the soccer game, the kids brought it to my attention that nobody had eaten breakfast. My stress level jumped to a nine and voices of accusation started dancing in my head. What kind of mom sends her kids to play soccer with no food in their bellies?

We didn’t have time to stop before dropping the boys off at the field, but they would have a warm-up time before the game started, which would give me time to zip through a drive-through and bring food back to them. So I dropped the boys off and then Ashley and I went to find biscuits.

When I got to the window to pick up my food, I was surprised by the enormous size of our drinks. The cups were so large they wouldn’t fit in my car’s cup holders. I told Ashley to please hold on to the drinks as they would tip easily if we weren’t careful. I had no sooner turned out of the parking lot when I hit a pothole, and what seemed like gallons of tea dumped onto the floor of my car. In a frustrated huff I raised my voice. “Ashley, I told you to hold on to those drinks!”

My stress level jumped past a ten when Ashley snapped back at me, “Mom, YOU just made me spill the drinks!”

I don’t know from what dark, unbridled corner of my heart my next response came. It must have been lurking there for a while just waiting to pop out and horrify me.

Me, the mom who had taken such pride that she’d never cussed at her kids.

Me, the Proverbs 31 woman with a ministry teaching women the importance of using kind words to correct her children.

Me, the woman who teaches Bible studies, whipped my head around to my daughter and yelled a sentence that included a word I couldn’t believe I said. It’s the same word that is used when referring to the houses beavers make. But that’s not what I meant. There it was in broad daylight…a cuss word that spilled from my lips.

The same lips that read bedtime stories, say nighttime prayers, and tenderly kiss my children good night. The same lips that tell others about Jesus. The same lips that sing God’s praises. Oh, the horror I felt.

After a few moments of silence, I apologized. We drove to the soccer game, and while Ashley delivered her brothers’ biscuits I called a friend. With tears in my eyes, I recounted the morning’s events. Then, before I told her the dreaded sentence, I warned her, “You are going to think I’m the worst mom ever. You’re just not going to believe what I did!” Then I whispered what I’d yelled at Ashley…beaver home and all.

“That’s it? That’s it? That’s what you are so upset about? Apologize to her, ask God for forgiveness, and get over it. So you had a hard morning. Stop letting Satan get the best of you and ask God to give you a new attitude.”

What? She didn’t condemn me? She didn’t agree that I’m the worst mom ever? She didn’t hop in her van, speed my way, and stone me? What freedom. What a gift of grace. What a friend!

I bowed my head and asked God to protect Ashley’s heart from the dart I shot at her, and I asked Him to wipe this whole event from her mind. I asked God to forgive me, not just for my ugly words, but most of all for getting too busy to spend time with Him.

As I mopped up my van overflowing with tea, I realized I’d been living life backward that week. I was letting my to-do list overflow while withholding my time with the Lord. When what I should have done is let my time with the Lord overflow while withholding my to-do list.

It’s a mistake I think a lot of us moms make. We’re slaves to the tyranny of the urgent. But how can we continue to pour out if we aren’t being filled back up on a daily basis? The flood of demands will consume us if we don’t take the time to let God right our perspective, reduce our stress level, and whisper His tender truths of love in our ear.

Have you ever had a “worst mom ever” day? Take heart, so have we all. Take my friend’s advice. Apologize to your children. Ask God for forgiveness. Get over it and stop letting Satan drag you down. Spend time with the Lord getting a new attitude, and He’ll help you leave the dams to the beavers!

Today I’m giving away 3 Am I Messing Up My Kids? bundles.
Each bundle includes two books: one for you to keep and one to give away to another mom in need. Comment below with who you’d give the other book to, and why, for your chance to win!

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  1. Kate

    Oh do I ever need this book bundle.

    Lord, help me.

    My friend Nia….she could use one too. I’d give the extra copy to her 🙂

    Sweet giveaway. Thanks, Lysa!

    Kate 🙂

  2. Jill Tidwell

    I would give one to my sister in law and one to my friend, Joy. We’re starting to meet weekly to check in on each other and encourage each other. I think reading this together would be really helpful. I’m a “boymom”…I have 2 boys (4 and 6) and it’s a wonderful, amazing struggle daily. Love reading your gems!

  3. Niki Blake

    I would give the other book to my twin sis….just because. She loves to read and we are always chatting with each other about our kiddos.. I think she would just love it! So would I! thank you for the opportunity and for the great story!

  4. judy koday

    My dear friend, Susie , who is a Christian mom with 3 kids. She is amazing.

  5. Melissa

    I’d give the other one to a friend and fellow homeschooler. We lean on each other on days we feel overwhelmed.

  6. wendy

    I would love to win this book and I would give the other one to my SIL who is a wonderful Mom to 7. I would want to bless her with the book because she has the sweetest heart and has been there for me when I needed a friend. A real friend.

  7. Sabrina

    I would be blessed to give a copy to my sister. She is a mom of two that I pray will soon know the grace of Christ. As the children of addicts, she and I are figuring out this “mama stuff” without a mom to model our actions after. Only by His grace and love have I not messed up my kids-not yet anyway! God bless!

  8. April Moore

    I would give the second book to my soul sister, Eva.. Not because she needs it, I’m quite certain that she is one of the best Mom’s ever and the patience she has with 4 children far exceeds mine with half this many! No, not for her to use in her own situation. But for her to use to remind me of what I am reading in my book as she is also so wonderful about encouraging and supporting me in this crazy, wonderful, frustrating, beautiful walk called Motherhood!!!

  9. Esther

    We definitely allow for more grace when we are able to be real with each other and share that we all have similar struggles.

  10. Kelly Goodman

    I would give the extra copy to my daughter who has a 3 year old daughter and 8 year old step-daughter. She is a wonderful mother but finds herself beating herself up and letting Satan bring her down over messing up. I am sharing your story with her so she can see that she is not alone. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and for the opportunity to win the Am I Messing Up My Kids? bundle! God bless you!

  11. Keri Williams

    I would give the other copy to my sister. She is whist like me and we both feel as though we have made horrible mistakes! Only her girls are now entering into their teenage years where as mine are atill younger and I see the pain on her face daily!

  12. June

    I would give this to two young moms, who are sisters. They have both been coming to our church, Valley Christian,after having not been going to church for a very long time. Plus, we are wanting them to come to our new home in Speculator, NY, and join us @COTW!

  13. Shari Ramsey

    I would give the other copy to my good friend and fellow homeschooler. She leaned on me when making the leap to homeschool and even still while raising her two boys who are just a bit younger than my two kiddos. I know I would LOVE to read this book and I know that she would really appreciate it too.

  14. stacie

    I would love to give to a friend who is going thru a horrible divorce. She’s worried about other’s thinking she’s a bad paren … and she’s not. She’s amazing and lives for her kids. She needs to know that she’s not messing up her kids 🙂

  15. Janetta Dobler

    I would give this book to my best friend, Brianna. She is going through a rough time in her marriage and is raising two teenagers. She and I are always wondering if we are ‘doing it right.’ We love our children, but teenagers come with a unique set of challenges.

  16. SueD

    Wow— that could’ve been me talking– I have totally been there 🙂 So glad we serve such a loving and forgiving God!
    Thinking about who I would share my extra copy with— think it would have to be my prayer sister Stacey — I would just love to bless her 🙂

  17. Clair Herrera

    Thank you for this incredible lesson!!
    I would give the extra copy to my close friend. She and I bounce ideas and stories of our kids off each other and I would love to discuss this book with her!!

  18. Janetta Dobler

    I would give this book to my best friend, Brianna. She is going through a rough time in her marriage and is raising two teenagers. We are always wondering if we are ‘doing it right.’ We love our children, but teenagers come with a unique set of challenges.

  19. Jacqui Hobbs

    Thank you for sharing your life with us! It is so nice to know someone as together as you seem to be when you write, can still be human. It is so easy to get caught up in the “to do list”. Thank you for your inspiration! I would love the copies of your book! I would give one to my daughter. She is the mother of 2 year old twins (boy & girl) and a 5 month old boy. She is already amazing and is wonderful with them. She loves the Lord as we do and needs all our support. Thank you very much!

  20. Larissa

    I think we’ve ALL had those days as mothers, and you’re right – the enemy certainly latches onto those days and digs in deep with accusations that inflate the wrongs we’ve done so often, that it is so easy to wonder if we are the worst mother(s) in the world, and if in fact our children would be better off with another mother (well … that’s usually where my thoughts go on particularly alarming days 🙁 ). If I was lucky enough to win one of the bundles, I would give the second copy to my best friend who, with 6 children who just don’t seem to want to learn or exercise self control, and rarely seem to want to help her around the house or look after their things … leaving her always feeling exhausted, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. This would totally be a fabulous book for her! In fact, me thinks I might go with this for part of her Christmas present! … I look forward to reading the rest of your series on this Lysa!!

  21. Jacoba

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I think I have definitely been living my week very backwards indeed. I would give the extra copy to my sister, who is in the trenches with two sick toddlers.

  22. Samantha Lee

    I would love this book!! I am a single mom to a 2 year old, and things get so busy and hectic and all it feels like i am doing is failing! Reading your blogs inspire me so much! & I also thank Jesus for his forgiveness!
    I would give a copy to my best friend that is also a single mom, and hopefully encourage others to purchase so we could all have a moms day out to talk about the book!
    THANK YOU AGAIN for your posts on here, they make me feel like a better person and get closer with God!

  23. Wanda

    Wow I need to read this book, I’m a Gramma raising my 3 little grandchildren,and I ask myself this question a lot,I would give the extra copy to my sister,who I know has ask this question about herself too.

  24. Miranda Marsh

    I would give this to my dear friend Torri who is the mom of a toddler like me….we both find ourselves busy, tired, and wondering if we are doing this mothering thing right.

    I am new to the mothering thing…I prayed for 12 years for a child and have since adopted a little girl..,but my world is upside down and even though I’ve been a mom for 3 years I still find myself wondering if I’m being a good enough mom….should I clean that mess or color with my daughter? To do list vs spending time with her…it’s a battle for sure! Thank goodness I’m not alone

  25. Kath Elsbree

    While I doubt I’ll “win” the books, someone has to, right? I might as well have hope! Just like I hope that God will lead me through my “worst” days of motherhood, the days I’m “sure” my kids will remember and be talking about with their therapists as adults. It helps me to remember that He is in charge. I’m a conduit and doing the best I can with the tools I have. Thank you Lysa for once again being “real” and sharing a part of who you really are with us. I know many a woman who could benefit from this book, it will be hard to pick!

  26. Wendi

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you, Lord, for giving us community and fellow moms that lift one another up and encourage each other in our toughest parenting moments. I can think of numerous fellow moms who would benefit from receiving your great message, Lysa. Thank you!

  27. Sarah

    I needed this so badly right now. I’m pregnant with our third child and the other two are 5 and 3. It seems I’ve had a string of “worst mom ever” days lately and I really don’t like myself when I’m pregnant, hormonal, and just plain mean…

    I would give the other copy to my mother who also struggles with these days. She and I are alike in many ways and she’s also good at giving me way more grace than she gives herself. 🙂

  28. Margie

    If I won this, I would give a copy to two of my friends-Jaime and Kelley-who are in my Small Group. I would actually ask them to share their books with the other moms in our group..I’d share my book too. We’re all part of this group-a parenting group-because we love our kids and what to be able to share Christ with them through our lives. We know that helping them comes from examining ourselves and living what we preach. This book might give us great insight and encouragement. Hope I win! 🙂

  29. Karen

    I am blessed to have come across this in my email today. Yesterday was a hard parenting day (ages 3 and 1) and I found myself yelling constantly, then beating myself up for it. So often we get caught up in the daily mess that we miss all the blessings God is pouring out in front of us. I would give this book to a coworker/friend who is a single mom of an 8 yr old girl and a teenage son. She is an awesome mom who feels overwhelmed at tines and we go to each other for godly encouragement on those days when we feel we are messing up our kids. You are such a blessing, Lysa!

  30. Brooke Cooper

    I would give the other book to my friend Cortney. We both have young children who mean the world to us.

  31. sandy harley

    I’m a single mother of 4 children. Ages 21,19,10 and 6…as you can see, I have all kinds of things going on by having all different age groups. I also have a grandbaby that is 7mos old and another grandbaby due in February, so, I would give the second book to my daughter that is the mother of my grandkids. This world changes day by day but, I always let her know, the Lord doesn’t change and as long as she has him on her side, there is no chance of messing up those amazing boys of hers…thank u 🙂

  32. Jodi Rosser

    Lysa, I love how you are so real and honest in your blog, Proverb 31 devotionals and books. It is helpful to know that we are not alone in our mommy meltdown days. Sometimes I read your blog or book and think, that is exactly how I am feeling and I can so relate. Thanks for reminding us that we will never be perfect but we can make imperfect progress especially as moms! Thanks, Jodi

  33. Jenny

    Thank you for sharing your struggles and reminding us how to overcome it. I have been asking myself this question lately and love my 5year old and my 10 month old only at times I have lost it and yelled at her or even used bad words toward her 🙁 the frustration comes from me and i think i just want to hurt her unconsciously. I would bring the extra book to my bible study and let anyone mom pick it. I would also definitely give my book to another friend who is far from me as i have learned there is no good for a good book to sit on my shelve but instead to pass it alone to share 🙂 thank you!

  34. Joe K

    I think my friend Karen could use one. And I KNOW I could. Great give away. Thanks!

  35. April Kelly

    I’d send a copy to my sister. She is a great mother but I’m sure like us all could use some encouragement.

  36. Cristi

    My friend and running buddy from church. We share the struggles and frustrations of raising tweenage boys.

  37. Virginia

    Lysa….I took my daughter and daughter in law to a church retreat several years ago. They would both love this book so they would get the two books. I may be getting the women of faith DVD 2013 video with you on it!

  38. Christy Buchanan

    I would give the other book to my friend who struggles with working full time and being a full time Mom as well. I would love to win this giveaway!!!! I need it!!!!

  39. Kristin

    Clearly, I would be considered in need of this book. One of my poor babies seems to hear “about those beaver homes” often. I know it’s bad. I don’t even use swear words! But for some reason this slower than molasses moving child o’mine gets the brunt of my frustration.
    I would share with my bestie, Corrie. She’s such a great mom, woman, friend but she doesn’t know herself to be so. I would like her to see just how awesome her boys are because of her loving Momma heart.

  40. Audra Flamini

    I am a Mom of 4 children, ages 20, 17, 13, & 11. As a young mom, I had two precious older women who mentored me. I am trying to do the same with a couple of young moms. I would love to share one of your books with them.

  41. Michele

    Thanks Lysa ,
    I have been in your Crave classes love them 🙂
    Funny I have come across this tonight this home school stay at home mom just had one of those days and just asked my self that question “Am I messing my kids up ?”
    I NEED this !!!!

  42. Shannon

    I would give the other book to a woman in my Bible study group who has four kids and recently lost her husband. I think all mothers could benefit from this book but I think that she would greatly benefit from this book because of her current circumstances.

  43. Susana

    Wow- it’s in my mind all the time. I so needing to read this- being a single mom, stress levels are often high. I would actually share it with my church’s women’s ministry. We have a book club and it’s full of first time moms and 3 mom-to-be.

  44. Karla Montes

    Sweet and simple! I am a young mother, 19 years old, raising my one year old daughter by myself and I am blessed to have found this website to guide me and help me on my journey of motherhood. I take advantage on any parenting book I am able to lay my hands on, especially books that relate to God. Coming from a family who did not show the meaning of love or morals.This book is exactly what I need to raise my daughter in the Lord and help her grow. and it would be such an awesome opportunity to share with my friends who are young moms as well that don’t know the Lord and desperately seek for help when it comes to parenting.

  45. Alberta

    I would give the book to my bestie who has 2 children (4 & 12) along with helping to care for 2 stepdaughters ( teens) and her mother relies on her as well. We are always talking about the stress and time needed to slow down to hear God, seek God and use more uplifting language with the kids. Same for my sister who has teen boys still at home and now a 14 month old boy who needed someone to care & love him. They both are my two to share with.

  46. nanny Lin

    thank you Lysa for your reality check for us moms. I would give this book to my daughter who has had the brunt of my tongue and is now a mom herself. thank you Lord for your amazing love and patience with us. the enemy would try to hold us in condemnation but the precious blood of Jesus is effective and makes us whole again!
    to have friends and true companions on this road is to be blessed and normalised!
    ” a new heart will l give you ” is our promise when our heart is weary and tired !
    bless you for your encouraging ministry, and keep being real! love from nanny lin

  47. Tom

    Thanks for your post. It really touched me. I believe a lot of moms have those kind of days and the devil takes full advantage of it. Thankfully you had a Godly friend to set you back on track. If only every mom had a friend like her.

    Going to give the other book to a lady I am counselling who often has days like yours with 4 kids.

  48. Crystal Stevenson

    I would give it to my dear friend and possibly my long lost sister, Terri! Here and I find that we are alike more than we realize. We both gave 4 children but 2 of hers are grown and all of mine are still young. We each lunch together often and talk about our lives and families. We end up venting about something that a child or spouse did or his we reacted terribly to a situation and at times we end up in tears then we hug and laugh. I think we could both use the book and do a book study together!!

  49. Sandra Sullivan

    Dear Lysa ,

    I love your blogs and such. I am a single mother whom relies on the Lord to lead and guide me in motherhood . I wasn’t raised in a Christian home in fact my mother and father were divorced and married and divorced you get the picture also my mom and dad had drug and alcohol addictions and mental illness. I came to the Lord when my daughter Hope was 4 months old and the Lord is my guide and the Leader of our home He is also the only Father that my daughter has ever known and He is so faithful. I would love this book sometimes I feel like I fail miserably . I also would give one to my sister Allie who is just know coming to know the Lord she also is in recovery from alcohol and drugs and is a single mother. The other person I would give it to would be one of my church friends Chris who is having great difficulties with her now grown children and I know she could get a lot of good from your book .

    Thank You and God Bless,
    Love In Christ
    Sandra Sullivan

  50. Jancy Peter

    I would give the other book to my sister from the Lord who between the two of us now have enough kids to have or own basketball team not only with starters but people to rotate in. We both need the encouragement from each other and the advice your book gives breaks it down so well. Satan surely is working in our lives and she truly is my soul sister who God placed in my life to help each other in those tough days as a stay at home mom.

  51. Nadia

    I would give the second copy to my cousin and best friend, Ericka. Our love for each other, our children and the Lord fuels our constant desire to parent from that love. Although we live miles apart, we cheer each other on through various mediums, books and technology driven book clubs are our go to resource. We would love to add this one to our bookshelf and our hearts.

  52. Kylie

    I can definitely relate to this. I ask myself this question almost daily. I often feel like my best isn’t good enough. I would share this book with a friend that I know struggles in the same way. She has struggled with depression and constant illness but is a awesome mum and could do with reassurance I’m sure this book would give. Blessings Lysa. Kylie.

  53. Tatyana Azarov

    Lysa, thank you! This was so encouraging to me right now, it was perfect timing, as always.
    I am REALLY in need in this book my self, it is one of my biggest fears, messing up my kids with my imperfections and insecurities. But Jesus is just so good to me, reminding me tonight that I just need to focus more on Him than my ‘to-do list’ or current circumstances, I just need to let Him hold me and love me and fill me up with everything I need to keep on going and loving everyone around me. And I don’t know who I would give it to, I will need to pray and let Jesus put those mommas to who He wants this book to go to on my heart.
    Thanks for being so generous and honest with us Lysa, we all are in need of it so much, knowing we are not the only crazy ones 😉

  54. Jodie

    I must confess, I read some of your books about parenting, and because I wasn’t a parent, I didn’t exactly “get” it. But then I became an au pair to 6 kids and worked 24/7 to take care of them (because I worked for a single mum who had to work).

    I get it now. And don’t worry about your kids, I grew up with a mother who constantly seemed to yell and I turned out fine.

  55. Kim

    I would give it to my friend Taci because we feel the same about our mothering errors often and cry on eachothers shoulders about the things we said or how we acted……… But im MUCH WORSE!!!! God help me and protect my son from the darts that are flinging his way whenever i get upset or frustrated!!! I am a single mom and it is very very trying and challenging to do it right!!!! Plz pray for me Lisa!!! God Bless!!!

  56. Christy Largent

    I would give the other book to a friend who is really struggling with a very difficult 4-year-old. (Major sensory issues plus more…) My girlfriend is about at the end of her rope and I imagine this book would be full of encouragement for her sore, discouraged soul. Plus, about once a day I pray I’m not messing my kids up too badly…so I’m sure the book has tons of encouragement for me too! 🙂

  57. Jen Patin

    Oh my goodness! This blog was refreshingly real and so needed! I have many of those days!! I would give to one of the fellow moms in our marriage class!

  58. shaun

    Lysa, Thanks for everything you do! You are a blessing from God! I would give the 2nd copy to my best friend, Donna, so we could read and discuss it together. We need to be reminded of God;s Truths. God Bless You Lysa!!!

  59. nina

    I would give it to my Sister in Christ Tish, she has 4 kids, she has cancer and she is going through a seperation right now. So I know for a fact that I, being a mother of two with very little patience sometimes could use this book. I know she would love to have it as well.

  60. Sue C

    I would give the other book to my daughter who lives overseas at an Air Force base with her hisband and three kids: ages 7, 6, and 3. She does a lot of driving kids to schools, helping with homework, hurrying to soccer practice, etc. She is short on overflow and has yet to find a church home or close Christian women to fellowship with. Thank you for this book.

  61. Rose

    I would give the other book to my friend who is overwhelmed raising her 3 kids. Thank you.

  62. Shannon Rose

    I Really Need To Read This Book 🙂

  63. Jenisa

    I would like to give the book to my sister in law. My niece is starting that pre teen attitude. I also feel my brother and sister in law need to take a bigger priority in coming to church and bringing their kids. She loves to read so this may be one step in getting them back in church, I am a mother of three boys from the ages one month to five years. My five year old is very active itch a strong personality. I am constantly wondering am I doing things right!?!? I would love to read this and share it with my family!

  64. Biggsbert

    Thank you so much for sharing that…. I’ve been there, makes me feel not alone. I’d give one to my cousin who is as overwhelmed as I am.

  65. Laura Blizzard

    God is so on time! It’s 5am and I couldn’t sleep. My 4yo got her hands on a bottle of perfume last night. She bit the top off and possibly drank some. She has development delays and was playing in our 6yo daughters room with friends. Normally makeup and perfume lives in my bathroom. I did very well not having an unglued moment and chanting “if this is the worst that happens, it’s still a pretty good day” the hour I waited to call the very caring lady at poison control to tell her all was well, even after I gave her milk that you’re not supposed to do anymore 🙁 Anyhow, I forgot to pray about it before going to bed b/c I’m up at this awful early hour with thoughts of what a terrible mom I must be and here is your blog post!! God’s timing is always good!! I would give a book to my best friend Toni. She and I both have 3 children, the oldest 10 years from the younger two and we are in a daily battle to remind ourselves that we can only pour in but ultimately God has control of our children and we have to trust Him to guide them toward right decisions and us toward right actions while we teach them to lean on Him and work to model the way. God Bless You for being so transparent, Lysa. It’s refreshing and appreciated!!

  66. Dusti

    Your very bad day and feelings of “being spent” spoke volumes. I needed to hear the remedy for these kind of days and was gently reminded by your post that it all goes back to the basics – time with the Lord. So THANK YOU for that – I so needed to hear it.
    If I received the book bundle, I would share it with my very close friend. We both have two boys each and we chat with each other about this very same subject quite often.
    Thank you for the work that you do – IT IS MORE THAN IMPORTANT!!

  67. Halona

    I would love to give this to my best friend. She has foster cared several children and adopted some of them as well. I think she is an excellent mother but like me doubts that we are doing the right thing. I would love to win this to help me with my crew of four kids.

  68. Jessica Nelson

    I would give the other set to my dear friend who has 7 adopted children from the Ukrain. 🙂 We talk about this stuff ALL the time! It would be a big help to both of us. xo

  69. Amy R.

    I would give the other book to my friend Stacy. She and I both work in an Early Childhood classroom, and have (collectively) about 40 years of experience with children, but we STILL seem to biff it daily with our own child/children. Thankfully- we’re able to confide in each other with our daily struggles. It just goes to show you- no matter how much time you spend with children, how much education you have- you still don’t have all the answers, and don’t want to mess up your kids.

  70. Laura

    I would give this to my friend Crsitina becasue she is a widowed Mom of 3 ages 12, 10 and 4 and sometimes her days are sooo filled and it is hard for her. She does really really well but there are times that Satan gets in and tells both of us lies. Your blog is such a blessing to me!

  71. Lynne

    I would give this to a friend who struggles as I do each day with the thoughts of are we doing the right things for our kids. Will they turn out to truly love and serve our Lord? We are prayer partners in our journey.

  72. Ellie

    I have often asked this question…”Am I messing up my kids?” I have had to ask my kids to forgive me so many times. I have an anger issue and I have been working for many years to change this. I think things have changed so much from how I dealt with my first child to how I am talking and disciplining my 4th, but I have a long way to go. Thank you for reminding me that I need to ask God for His forgiveness. I have asked Him to change me, but not asked to forgive. If I won these books, I would pass one on to my friend Kristy. She is a mom of a one year old and has #2 on the way. She has a beautiful spirit and has taught me a lot. I would love to help her get on the right path and not make the same mistakes I did.

  73. sue

    I would give this to a friend who struggles with these thoughts. Thank you!

  74. Kristy Daniels

    I thank you for your post. It showed up just in time as I am in that vicious cycle where nothing seems to be going right. I would give the extra book to my very best friend that I am blessed to work with on a daily basis. We have had several crying sessions about the things that has happened in our crazy lives as law enforcement wives and we label ourselves as part time single mommies, when most of the responsibility of the caring of our children comes from us due to our husband’s crazy work schedules.

  75. Twylene

    I’d give it to my niece. We’re both moms to busy toddlers and both need this message!

  76. Lynn

    I would give the other book to my daughter, who has a 3 year old son. Thank you so much for this blog, this applies not only to children but to life in general. How easy it is to overload with the”good” things at the expense of the best. May God bless you abundantly in your ministry to women.

  77. Kay

    I would give the extra book to my friend Jenny who is raising 2 kids she adopted out of foster care. She is a single mom that is 47 and has given God her life and her time. She is a selfless example of caring for the orphaned child. She gives couples no excuse, because she does it without a spouse! God bless her! God has been strength!

  78. Janet

    I would give the second book to my daughter who is a much better mother than I ever dreamed to be. She has recently started a full time job and may be feeling the pressures of leaving her 3 precious gifts with others

  79. Molly Courcelle

    Lysa! This is just what I need! And as soon as I read your post I immediately forwarded it to a friend who struggles with the same insecurities. Just this week I have had tears in my eyes and the guilt has been overwhelming. I really don’t think I feel worse than when I feel like I have failed my kids.
    I am excited about this–thank you, thank you!

  80. shelly

    It’s going to sound kind of strange, but I would give the second book to my Mom, even though all her children are grown now.
    I think it would help her understand how my siblings and I are trying to raise our own children now, which would make her a better mother to us, even though we’re grown.
    I also think it would help her be a better grandmother. She doesn’t seem to worry about the power of her negative words to my kids, and consequently, I have to limit their exposure to her, which is a shame as I believe she has a lot to offer under all the cuss words!

  81. Gwen Lange Manning

    To my lovely friend, Angie, who has four girls – two who are stepdaughters. I don’t like using the word “step” but included it because there have been and will continue to be lessons and periods of adjustment in her mothering role of these four precious girls. They all need a doting, loving, forgiving Mama SO SO much. Angie does her best and is such an amazing woman. I know it would do her heart good to hear your messages and bring her closer in her relationship with Jesus.

  82. Meredith

    I needed this reminder straight out of the gate this morning. Thank you so much for your spirit filled encouragement. I am a good mom, and I am not going to let satan rob me of the joy of raising my children for the Lord. May God bless your day. Thank you for your honesty, integrity, love and humor Lysa.

  83. Kristy

    I would give this book to my sister Jenny. She and I seem to call each other and share our worst “mom” moments b/c we won’t feel judged. I think I need to read this book right now to help at home with my two children and at school with my 23 first graders. I have some students who really need me to “see the best in them” and it’s a challenge that spills over into my home life. Thank you for writing books that are so real and yet help to make progress towards becoming the women God wants us to be.

  84. Cynthia Z

    I would give a copy of this book to my dear friend & accountability partner, Kristen. She just recently fought to bring in her two nephews & a niece (ranging from ages 2-7) into her care from a very abusive situation. She is understandably overwhelmed and praying to do this “Mom” thing properly, to give these sweet little ones a chance to know peace and love in a Christ-centered environment. I believe this book would provide her reassurance and insight.

    Thank you always for sharing your heart Lysa.

  85. Sadie

    Oh man. I need this book. I’d also give one to my sister who is raising teenagers, and my best friend who has a 3 year old and a 1 year old.

  86. Cindy

    I would give a copy of the book to my friend Kristie. We both are single moms and feel the stress of doing all for our children. Asking for help is a very hard thing to do as a woman, as we feel like we all need to be super woman, be it has become much harder since becoming a single mom. Our kids mean the world to us and we want them to grow up loving Jesus as much as we do…but we have to be that example.

  87. Michelle Batten

    I would use this book as the basis for a small group discussion with a few other friends who share this concern. I know I am not alone in feeling completely inadequate for the job of being a parent to two teenage girls. We Moms need to stick together and help each other!

  88. Sarah

    I love seeing that I am not the only one.

    I would love to give a book to my friend Heidi. In the past two years she has gone through a divorce and her oldest has been put in a treatment facility because of a drug problem. She has felt like a failure in both aspects and still has two younger children at home to take care of. Heidi does not have a relationship with Jesus but I can do see him tugging at her. Any biblical encouragement she can receive now well only benefit her and her younger two

  89. Susan

    I would read the book first and pass it on to a young mother I know who struggles with this issue. I would give the extra copy to my daughter, herself the mother to 2 young children. My daughter was greatly affected by my craziness which was the direct result of my family life! We have worked hard to overcome much in our lives and even though I am a grandmother, I still guilty about how I raised my child. I pray daily for guidance!

  90. Nancy Murray

    Really need this this morning. Had one of those days, without kids, yesterday. At home, everything was going great and then one thing happened and then another and then another and I let the happening take over. Ended up in tears and feeling bad about myself. Later my husband reminded me that satan was trying me. I was finally able to do as you did, ask forgiveness of our Heavenly Father and this morning start a new day beginning with Bible Reading and Prayer and Praise. Thank You.

  91. Samantha

    Love the way you write….so real and speaks directly to my heart. I would love this bundle and would share with another mom friend who struggles with the very same question!

  92. Marlene

    Wow… This hits close to home when I’m rushing kids to a hockey arena! Thank you for sharing this, especially adding your humour with your friend not driving over to stone you :o. I would give a copy to my friend Lizanne or my sister. We’ve all shared our morning chaos stories!

  93. Alisha Bolyer

    I can totally relate! I would give the book to my friend Jennifer. We have asked each other this question before. Even though my oldest is 21 and my baby is 13 and her baby is 7, we both still get that over stressed mom thing going! Thanks for letting us know that we aren’t the only ones!!

  94. Beverly Bruce

    This title has become a real appeal to the Lord for help as for the last 7 years as we blended our family of three children with a 13 year old Ukrainian orphan. I pray daily that God would help me not add one more mother issue to my traumatized daughter yet find myself feeling guilty over feeling repelled by her angry attitude. I would share the second copy with my 28 year old daughter with two boys.We talk almost daily about how hard it is to know what to do with two busy toddler boys who seem to tag team in keeping my daughter in a state of frustration.

  95. Cindy

    I am a youth minister’s wife. I can sooooo relate to this post. I have 2 boys. I would give the other book to our minister’s wife. She has 5 children & sometimes it feels like we only have time to wave across the room. Your post really spoke to my heart today.

  96. Anne

    I’d give the second book to my friend, Leslie. She battles a chronic illness and just went back to teaching after working part-time for several years. We have many conversations about how to squeeze everything into our days.

  97. Julie Kaye


    Saw you at Platform13, really enjoyed your talk. Just last night the same thing happened. I am not your faith, but have been practicing meditation and it’s really helped. Breathe, stay calm, be kind. But I was stressed and so were my kids. We are having to put to sleep our very elderly dog today. My son was very upset but I harped on him that his room wasn’t clean and he overreacted, then I over reacted and I feel horrible. I should have comforted him. Like you, I apologized, but the yelling changed the tone in our house and I was really unhappy about that. All we can do is try harder, stay calm and keep moving forward.

  98. lynn

    I would definitely need one myself, I think I am the worst parent ever and the other to a friend who always asks me, am I doing the right thing and am I too hard on him. She always questions herself and feels guilty. I would also share mine with my husband and anyone else who would want to borrow it. Thank you!

  99. Tylette Lloyd

    I would give one book to a friend who is a single mom who has a desire to raise her children for The Lord.

  100. Katrina Morgan

    I can definitely relate. I have even had a few of those days! If I won, i would share mine some of the ladies in our church’s Mom2Mom group, since we are all in this together..I would share it with anyone who asked, and once I read through it, would donate it to my church’s library or donate it to the ladies in our Mom-2-Mom group. Thank you for the opportunity!

  101. Becky

    Just what my heart needed today! I would give the other copy to my lifelong best friend Amanda. She is my lifeline all the way across the country. We call each other almost daily asking the title’s question, & encouraging each other through the different stages of our children’s lives and our journey of motherhood, where the right answer and the things that work change just as we think we might have figured it out 😉

  102. Karen

    I need one, and I would give one to my friend who is coming with me to Hershey, PA to see Lysa in person!!

  103. Tiffany Wilbourn

    I would love to have a copy for me & a co- worker of mine. We both are elementary teachers. In our career, we are “Mama” to all our students all day long. Although, we both believe it is a calling & our school is a “mission field” sometimes it takes us away from our own families way more than the 8-3 schedule most think we work. For instance, she & I just got back from chaperoning an overnight 3 day/ 2 night trip with 80- 5th graders. We love what we do, but we do feel the stress of being away from our own children. She and I would love to have copies of your book.

  104. LauraS

    I am looking forward to this discussion over the next 4 weeks. I have 8 children and it is so easy to let satan make you feel like you are the worst mom ever! I am a Titus 2 mom in our churches mom to mom group and I would love to share the books with the young moms. I am forever learning how easy it is to lose focus and not look to God when we are stressed.

  105. Lindsey Edwards

    I definitely need to read this book. And I would love to give one to my sister.

  106. Serena Hanson

    As a mom of four with a husband who works 2nd shift Mon-Fri, I definitely have these days! I think I’ve felt more regret over my bad mom momenrs with my oldest tgan with any of the others during his lifetime. Why is that? If I win, I would guv we the ither book to my neighbor and friend who has 7 children, ages 13 to 1, and who is struggling with thestress of a custody battle for one of them. She is really struggling and we all knowhow stress impacts our interactions with our kids. I’m sure we have all been there!

  107. Gloria

    I would love to give this to my daughter, as she is having our first grandchild in February. Then she has several friends that are having their first child as well, so it would be nice for them to discuss the book together as new parents.

  108. jenn

    So good to know I am not the only mom, that has felt like the worst mom ever and wonder too am I failing at being a mom!? We have a moms group at our church and I know several ladies that are in the same boat as me. I give one to my close friend Kristy and a new friend Tracy that I see has been struggling with this and her faith.

  109. Gigi

    I would wait until I knew which person to give it to…..I think sometimes it is good to let God show you who at the right time.

  110. Jessica

    I have moments like that quite often. Especially when I am to busy for quiet time. Thank you for the encouragement.

  111. Anna

    I would give one to my summer Thursday adventure friend. We both have 3 very active kids and we have these days. Thanks for doing this series.

  112. Laura

    I recently had a day like this and reading your words have certainly helped with my feelings of guilt and “worst mother ever” thoughts. I did apoligize and now I can let it go! I would give the second book to a friend who always says she is praying for more patients with her kids.

  113. Meredith

    Wow. This message could’ve come at a more perfect time. Last night, during the dreaded bedtime routine, I was “out of nice” and said some pretty nasty stuff to my girls. After everyone was in bed, I noticed a friend had posted a similar experience on Facebook. We talked on the phone and encouraged each other. How refreshing to know I am not alone in this! What a great gift this book would be to both my friend and myself. Thank you again, lysa for having the courage to be real and share with us your triumphs and low points too!

  114. Mary

    I would love a copy as we still have that parent/child relationship even if our children are grown or on the way. The second copy I would give to my three daughters to pass back and forth and write comments to encourage each other through the challenging but wonderful times of motherhood. It could be notes to support each other in a separate small notebook. That’s what it is all about…..being “real” and knowing there will be a few stressful moments along the way!

  115. Christin

    I would give this book to my good friend Misty, the mother of twin boys and with whom we’ve asked this question of repeatedly. She is really struggling with her job right now and could use this wisdom at her fingertips when she arrives home. She has been a blessing in my life for the past 13 years!

  116. Lisa

    How refreshing that you are so open and honest. Thank you for being so real.

  117. Robyn

    I would love to share your book with my friend Laura. She is entering into a relationship as a stepmother. Never having her own kids she feels inadequate as a mother already. But honestly I think I could share the book with most of my girlfriends. Dont we all have the “worst mom days ever”!

  118. Nichole

    I would give BOTH books away…because as I was cleaning up my room just last night, I found my own copy!! It was covered with dust and a little bent, but it was there. And when my hubby and I get on the plane to our vacation spot tomorrow morning, it will have a new home…in my carry-on bag! I got through half of it last time, but plan to read it all while on vacation. Thanks for being so honest and true about “real” life! I love knowing God gave us all these other Sisters to walk with us and encourage us when we’re struggling down the same road 🙂

  119. Lori B

    I just had a worst mom ever day yesterday! I so needed to read this today. I would give the 2nd book to my friend Kris. She is always there to encourage me when I feel like the worst mom ever.

  120. Cindy Smith

    Lysa – thank you so much for sharing your story today! It gives me so much encouragement! Bless you and all the P31 ladies! I feel like you all are close friends of mine!

    Thanks again!

  121. Jessica Sigman

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It is comforting to know that I’m not alone on my mommy journey and that there is one who understands. I would give the other book to my best friend who has always been there for me and always encouraged my during my darkest times. She is just starting her mommy journey and I want her to always be encouraged!

  122. Tonya McCoy

    I would give one to my daughter. She has a lot of her struggles with her daughter. We isn’t a Christian & when she calls me & asks me for advice I always try to point her to God. I have struggles with my step son & I know if it weren’t for God I wouldn’t even be writing this right now.

  123. Katheryn Donaldson

    Wow! What a testimony! We all need friends full of God’s grace when we ourselves are empty! I believe EVERY mother can relate as there has need a time we have all done just what you did & not only with our children but husbands too! OUCH! Thanks Lysa for being transparent and honest! It’s only by that we can all learn & grow! I lead a step family group at my church & have a mom who lashed out at her 8 year old son! She is on several medications as she has just lost her mom, & moved in with her stepdad for help! She had lost her job as well & was hunting for another! My friend does not know The Lord but comes to group with her step mom so we are planting seeds while she is there! With all the stress in her life, I believe your book would help in many areas of her life, and of course sow more seeds for God to water! Thank you for sowing into so many lives!! Xoxo

    • Kelly

      That just made my morning. I thought I had been keeping up with laundry. But this morning I realized I have no clean pants. My husband and daughter have a full clean wardrobe and I have everything but pants. so I will be heading to exercise in a pair of my husband’s pjs.

      if I win the drawing I will give the second book to my neighbor will see who has a daughter the same the same age as mine and is going through the same crazy phase.

  124. Michelle McCaskill

    Wow…I’m struggling right now in this area…and it’s not even the Christmas season! Working full-time as a kindergarten teacher, and as a single-parent to my two little boys (ages 6 & 7) I have felt overwhelmed this week. I would give the other copy to a precious parent of one of my students. She has been struggling, and opened up to me recently during a parent-teacher conference. We would BOTH be blessed to have this book in our hands:) Thank you, Lysa!

  125. annie

    Living backwards is a comment I will remember each day now. thank you for the encouragement to turn it around! I would give the extra copy to my friend who raises 2 teenage daughters alone. We both have kids who have had some serious struggles with depression and all that goes with that. She is an inspiration with her philanthropic efforts outside the home, yet raising daughters who are aware (though they don’t know it) of how to serve others. my friend needs to know she is doing a great job. we all make mistakes. teens struggle but become more resilient adults for those struggles.

  126. Heather

    Thanks for sharing with honesty!

  127. Linda

    Oh my you just made my morning. Your testimony brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that I am not the only one who does this but that too maybe I should ask god to help me too! You inspire me and I look so forward to your E Mails!
    God bless you!

  128. Kathy

    This is a struggle everyday, thanks!!

  129. Christie

    These would both be passed around the women in my play group.

  130. Kim M.

    I let my to-do list dictate far more than I should. I must admit I have had countless times where I have questioned whether or not my “ugly” reaction to some of the smallest things (in hindsight) is leaving permanent scars on my children’s hearts. I would like to share this with my oldest daughter who is now starting a family of her own. Maybe she can learn God’s truth early enough to avoid some of her mother’s pitfalls.
    Thanks Lisa for the reminder of God’s love and forgiveness.


  131. Karen

    I would love to give this as a gift to my niece who has quadruplets! They are one and a half now and I’m sure she is gonna feel like the worst mom on a few occasions going forward. Great Christian woman with a bucket if patience and an awesome God!

  132. Trisha Collis

    Amazing! My to-do list is constantly taking over my life. What a wonderful perspective! Ask for God’s forgiveness and move on… Hoping this book could help me be a little more proactive about this. I would love to read this book and share with my friends. 🙂

  133. Carol Ann

    Thank you for being so real!! Oh my! There been far too many mornings in the rush of it all that my dear son has experienced an out lash – not necessarily with an ‘explicitive’ – but God help me – I’ve asked myself many times – am I messing him up??

    If I won the books – maybe I should keep them both – one for each eye to make sure I get the message!!! (Just kidding) I would pass one along to my friend Joanne – who wonders the same thing – are we messing up our kids? We could sure have more positive discussions on how to parent our kids.

    Blessings on you and your wonderful ministry!

  134. Erica M

    My friend and I were pregnant together twice in a row! Our kids are only 15 months apart (now ages 1 & 2). It’s such a blessing to have her to call and share my unglued mama moments…because she has the same demands that I have! Would love to send her this book and have a copy myself!

  135. Jennifer Smith

    I have been there….more times than I want to ever admit. I have learned that it’s not easy to tell your kids your sorry and you messed up–but as mine have gotten older I have found that they appreciate and realize we are not perfect and we ALL live in a sinful world. So thankful that my Savior forgives me and lavishes His love on me at my worst!

  136. Amy

    Oh my. Did i need this to help me start my day!! Thank you, thank you for your continual transparency & honesty. So often I am sure I am the worst mom out there and no one could possibly understand my struggle. Thank you for reminding me that God forgives and so can my children.

  137. Yvonne

    Am I messing up my kids? …I feel & truly believe I am. I have an adopted 10 yr child we’ve had for 6 years & the issues arising from this child in the last 2-3 years have been horrific to our existing family. The RAD, ADHD, OCD, anixety, defiance… name it, we see it. But I am the one that is always the ‘bad guy’ & has to tolerate the anger, the cruel words, rudeness…And I have lost all my love & concern for this child cause no matter what I do, it’s not right or good enough. So yes, I am messing up my kid 🙁
    I have a best friend that has 5 children also & she has one that basically gives her similar problems. And she has asked that same question about her parenting.
    We both need all the help we can get cause I know deep down that I was not a bad mom to my other 4 children.

  138. Stacy Lahm

    I loved the blog. Thank you for sharing and helping us realize we are all imperfect progress. I would give the extra book to a woman in my small group. Thanks.

  139. Amy Bates

    I have four kiddos and sometimes I’m feel to busy for them or to tired….. It makes me sad! God sure knew I needed to read “Am I messing up my kids” this morning. My sister also has four kids. I would definitely give a copy of this book to her!! Thank you!!!!!

  140. Kandise Bertelson

    I have a friend who is a sweet, precious lady. She loves God with all her heart!! She has 5 boys between the ages of 11 & 6 that she home schools. I grew up in a household of 5 boys & know how challenging there rambunctious ways can be. They live in a small apartment & know money is very tight. I would love to bless her with a gift that she could laugh, cry & completely comprehend!!
    Thank you for considering us for this gift basket.

  141. April R

    I needed this message today! Yesterday God gave me Proverbs 14:1 after a much less than stellar mommy moment the night before. I shared the scripture experience with my daughters while asking their forgiveness. My youngest, fireball of an 8 years old, announced after reading Proverbs 14:1,”well mom, you sure tore us down last night!” …..Lord help me! I wanted to blame it all on the bake sale I was preparing for, but God used her to nail it home. I soooo need God to keep me on track, and his little helper too.
    I would share this book with a super sweet stay at home mom of two who has recently tackled the job of home-schooling her fourth grader. I am a working mom of two, but our stories aren’t much different.

  142. Dianne

    Perfect! Just what I needed to hear! 3 years ago, with 3 hours notice, we took in our 9 month old, 3 year old, and 5 year old granddaughters. (My step-son’s daughters.) Whoa! My youngest was a senior in high school, and now I’m cleaning bottles, cooking with a hip baby, sleeping on the couch with them when they are sick, baths, baby dolls, and hair-do’s!!! I had little support from my husband in the daily care giving. Talk about putting God on the back burner. Talk about rages! Daily I prayed for God to give me what I needed to handle this situation. Daily, I failed (in my mind.) They stayed with us for 11 months, while my marriage disintegrated. The children are now in foster care, (and very happy 🙂 ), God is in the process of restoring my marriage, and I still (not as frequently) beat myself up with the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve thoughts. God has shown me many positive things that came from this experience for many, including myself. I know that only God can handle this complex situation, yet I still struggle in my heart. Your testimony today has been a stepping stone towards my healing. Thank you so much!

  143. Chris

    Thank you for the inspiration today, Lysa! My business partner likes to call this my “mom guilt”. I am constantly making myself feel guilty for things I do that effect my children. I have a very dear friend who also suffers from constant “mom guilt”. She works full time and travels overnight on a weekly basis. She is constantly complaining about the trials of her job and how she’s going to “miss it” with her children. Her husband is an atheist so it’s hard to bring God into the conversation to help her feel better. This would be a subtle way to introduce God’s power to her in a subtle way while making her feel like she’s not messing up her kiddos at the same time. Thank you for all of the guidance and inspiration you give to moms; I look forward to your emails each day!

  144. Cindi Smith

    I so enjoy reading your blog! It helps me remember to praise God on a daily basis. I would really like to have a book to give to my granddaughter who is raising a daughter of her own. Some days I want to SCREAM at her to put her phone down and pay closer attention to her daughter. She is borderline neglecting her and missing all the joy that baby is giving to those around her. But I’m also wondering if this is a line of generations of messing up my kids….

  145. Jenny

    “Lord please allow my kids to have a heart’s desire to know you and love you more intimately so that they can serve in you kingdom….inspite of their mother. Please don’t let me warp them”. I have prayed this prayer so many times. My sisters and I call on each other when we think we deserve the blue ribbon award for being the worst mom ever! We concern ourselves with the constant nagging of our mommy hearts wondering if our kids will survive our “mothering” and become God loving God fearing productive members of the kingdom. Thank God for Grace and Mercy and loving mama-sisters that lift each other up when we are overwhelmed with the tug-of-war that occurs in our mama-hearts. I will share the prize with my sister who lovingly and purposely homeschools her three “100% boy” boys!

  146. Rebecca

    I am a homeschool momma. I have a circle of of homeschool mommas that I meet with regularly and we have discussed this very issue. I would definitely pass the book through the whole group. We struggle daily with worry that we might be messing up our kids.

  147. Leah

    I really need this right now. Constantly feeling like I’m failing as a mom. I know that the enemy uses good deeds n busy-ness to keep me from putting Him first yet I keep finding myself with crazy to do lists and running ragged. My son then gets the third degree for not finding his shoes cause I hv 2 sec to get out the door! Thank you Lisa, I really needed this! I have a girlfriend who is a non believer but constantly feeling the same , yet doesn’t have the same hope. Would love to give a copy to her. It just may do even more than intended for her ;)!

  148. Katie

    Been there, done that in a very similar way. Its so refreshing to know that I can ask forgiveness from even my kids. I would share the other two books with two of my mom friends

  149. Annie McKeever

    Mandi would love one of these books. She has been such a great uplifter and encourager to me. We both share our struggles in our roles as stay at home moms who dearly love our kiddos but sometimes feel like it is a thankless job.

  150. Toni Eicher

    Send me some of your grace because I need it apparently.

  151. Moriah c

    Thank you for bring do honest and fir desiring to help other moms who feel the sane way -that we’re failing at this mom thing. I have 5 kids, 2 with health issues, and my BFF since we were 3 y/o has three little ones, 2 with health challenges. We both struggle to keep living forward – not backwards. Thanks for the inspiration & the giveaway

  152. Janet Dolence

    Oh MY!! I believe this one is for ME!! I would read front to back & then share with all the other “worse mommies ever” in my life 🙂
    Thank you for your transparency!!

  153. Sarah

    Thanks for sharing. Had a “worst mom ever” day yesterday. Just couldn’t get it in gear to be the mom I thought I needed to be. I would love to have this book to read myself…and then share with a few of my mom friends.

  154. christine carreon

    I would give one copy to my oldest daughter who is a single mom raising a teenage boy on her own and everyday wondering if she is doing the right things.

  155. Debbie

    This brought laughter and tears 🙂 Who can’t relate to this? We’ve all had those days and pray that same prayer – “Lord, please don’t let them remember this day.”

    If I won this package, I would share one with one of my younger sisters, who all have young kiddos right now. I would want them to know that they are going to make mistakes along the way, but that God’s grace is bigger than that.

    I can’t wait to read it 🙂
    Thank you!

  156. Michelle Stone

    Thanks once again for your raw, honest words! I absolutely love reading your blog! I would definitely give the book to my sister. We are on this parenting journey together, we each have 3 kids. It’s a tough job but I am blessed with a great family that loves me no matter what 🙂 Today is exciting because my sister and I and a bunch of girlfriends get to listen to you at the Hershey Lodge tonight! I am soooooo excited 🙂

  157. Lisa Spies

    I would give the second book to a mom in our church. I had the pleasure of meeting her over the summer. She is a single mother trying to raise 4 children ages 10 to 18 and she is struggling and has shed many tears wondering if she has ruined their lives..

  158. Connie Alexander

    Hello Lysa,

    I can definitely related and agree with your friend’s advice. I believe we have to let our children see some of our frustration so they can learn how to handle their frustration now and in the future. I would give my extra book to my nephew and his wife. Greyson and Robyn are stationed in Great Falls, MT. They have two boys under 3. Have a great day Lysa. I truly enjoy the work you do for God’s kingdom!

  159. Elaine Segstro

    THANK YOU for this devotional. You are SO real. I am a “slave to the tyranny of the urgent” too. I love my boys, but I don’t always show it. I do feel like a failure many times, thinking about what I SHOULD have done when they were younger. You never stop being a mom – my boys are now 21 and 23. I would give a copy to my wonderful sister-in-Christ, Trudy. What a blessing she is to me! She experiences many challenges and trials and heartaches in her parenting.

  160. Tammy Perkins

    I would give the book to an old friend who is raising 3 daughters and on a foster parent journey just like me.

  161. Brooke I

    What a wonderful book for mothers of any age, but I feel as a mother of young boys it speaks so loudly to me with the busy hustle and bustle of our lives. What a hard choice as to with whom to share this wonderful book. It would have to be my sister, with two teenage children or one of the wonderful girls in my bible study group.

  162. Beth

    This book would definitely be for ME! I am an overwhelmed, very stressed, sleep deprived, fatigued, 40+hour a week working, married, but single mom, raising a very beautiful, strong willed, 5 year old – who most nights is not asleep before 11 – and my tank is running on empty most days!! I am choosing to stay in a marriage that is on the rocks and doing what I think is best for my daughter, but most days I ask myself that very question, “Am I Messing Up My Daughter?” As for the other 2 copies – I have 1 good friend and 1 sister in law in mind 🙂

  163. Brittany falling

    I would give the second book to my friend, Sara. We have kids the same age and often offer each other sanity!

  164. Cora

    Hi Lysa! Yes! Yes! yes! What a freedom it is to know that no matter how bad I think it is I am forgiven! I am set free! I bought this book but would love to give one to my sister because her journey with her little ones is just beginning. The other I would give to one of my preschool moms. Thank you for reminding me that no I am not God.

  165. Rachel Q

    Right there with you, Lysa! Here I am suppose to be an example to my kids and others and I blow it. Thanks for the reminder of His Grace and filling up on Him instead of my agenda.

  166. Farrah

    This really hits home with me. So many times I think I have everything finally running on time, on schdule then it completely goes wrong and I ended up so rushed, stressed and discouraged. Thank you so much for this I really needed it this week, I so many times push my quiet time away to get the extra time instead of the opposite. I think any of my friends would live the book but my sister in law would really enjoy. I think with school, marriage and little ones she sometimes needs the same reminder to spend the time with God and that she’s doing a great job.

  167. Janee White

    “I was letting my to-do list overflow while withholding my time with the Lord. When what I should have done is let my time with the Lord overflow while withholding my to-do list.”

    These are exactly the words I needed to hear – the words I couldn’t find for myself. Thank you for bringing to Light the MAIN issue, which will now be my the focus of my prayers.

  168. Ann : )

    Thank you for the encouragement. I would give one to my daughter. Read the other and share it with our church library.

  169. Farrah

    This really hits home with me. So many times I think I have everything finally running on time, on schdule then it completely goes wrong and I ended up so rushed, stressed and discouraged. Thank you so much for this I really needed it this week, I so many times push my quiet time away to get the extra time instead of the opposite.t My sister in law would really enjoy. I think with school, marriage and little ones she sometimes needs the same reminder to spend the time with God and that she’s doing a great job.

  170. Pam

    Thank you for being so real. I would share both with the ladies at my church. We’re a small group and I know we all think those thoughts upon occasion.

  171. Liz C

    When I hear you speak of your faults as a mom it’s makes me relieved to know I am not the only one to become ‘Unglued’ which I loved and am going to go through it again!

    I would give one book to my friend Rebecca. She has mentioned several times how she has gotten tips from my parenting! REALLY??? I never had anyone say that to me, that they like my parenting.

    The other is a friend that is always so instense with her kids and those around her. I gave her my Unglued devotional, because my book is in my nook, hoping it would give the peace that I found. She will probably get mad at me for giving her a book like this but I can handle the heat!

  172. Kory Hawks

    I can not count how many times I have beat myself up with this very question. Thank you for your words of encouragement this morning. I really want to thank you for always being willing to be real and honest with us. Your devotions have touched my heart so many times. I would love to receive your book and I would share the other copy with a friend at church that is struggling to raise three little ones. She had her children close together and she has struggles all her own with that. My children are 16, 12, and 7. Two girls and the boy is our youngest, they keep me very busy just in a different way but both my friend and I would be so encouraged to receive your book. Again, thanks for always keeping it real!

  173. Martina

    Wow! You have brought a very true and sensitive topic to light. It’s a fear that many moms have, messing their kids up. But, I used to think it was only my kids that would end up writing a book about their messed up lives as youngsters. I mess up everyday. And as I do, I’m living real life in front of my kids. Apologizing to them and loving on them not only frees my heart from the pain that I’ve caused, but it also shows my kids that life can be a mess but God’s grace can make it beautiful again. I would give this book to my best friend who has 7 kids. Her kids range in age from 15 – 11 months. She’s just recently started taking classes again toward her first degree. From my perspective, she holds it all together so perfectly. However, I know there are days where she wonders, “have I messed up my kids?” I would be blessed to share a copy with her. Thank you, Lysa, for sharing this story so personal. We have all been there. Isn’t God’s grace AMAZING?!!!

  174. Tiffany

    I would love a copy of this book I can totally relate to this story. I think I would give the book to my SIL, she is blending a family just this year and is easily stressed. I think this book would be awesome for her.

  175. Christa

    AHHHHHHHH! I just did this today after spilling my coffee whilst running out the door, but I’m SO grateful NO one heard me. 🙂 I would share the other copy with my friend, Rachel, who is walking through the same frustrations and victories as I am as a mom. 🙂 LOVE it!

  176. Cara Graves

    Thank you for this!

  177. Julie S.

    Great post! I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say in the following weeks. Your friend is wise. I’m not sure who I would give the book too, it seems everyone can use it, but the great thing it can be passed on. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. Like I said, I can’t wait to hear what else you have to say.

  178. Malinda

    Thank you for being so very real.

  179. Sherry

    As a mom of three boys 10 years old and a set of 8 year old twins I have had many “unglued” mom moments I am not proud of. They are really great boys I just get in a mode where my patience has run too thin. My twins have a friend in their class who has no Dad to give him the father figure he needs and the Mom Kristina has had her days where she can’t control her son who is on medication for ADD and doesn’t get enough sleep at night which snowballs into the next day. I would bless her with this book to give her direction.

  180. Kim S

    Right now I have a lot of Mom (friends) that I can give this book to and it will be hard to choose but if I win the bundle I will pray for God’s direction on who needs it the most, the one with 5 children and homeschool’s or the one going through a divorce with 3 children.
    Thank you for the encouragement as well. It was manna that was needed.

  181. michelle

    I need this right now. I have really struggled with ib my spiritual journey with God because I feel like Satan is working on me overtime. I am a mother of 2 young children and with me using these resources to grow spiritually in God’s word I will be able to be a better parent and be able to raise my children in God’s word as well. I would give the 2nd book to my friend Gloria that has supported me whole heartedly through my journey while never evershowing her personal struggle with her daughter.

  182. Debbie

    This sounds like a great book, with wisdom I could use with my daughters. I’d give the other book to a young mom who’s been coming to our Moms & Mentors group at church and has been having a hard time with her young daughter.

  183. Malinda

    I would share the extra book with a dear friend who, like me, has a full plate – and amidst all the hustle and bustle of life – sometimes worries about how she mothers her children.

  184. michelle

    I am a mother of 2 young children and with me using these resources to grow spiritually in God’s word I will be able to be a better parent and be able to raise my children in God’s word as well. I would give the 2nd book to my friend Gloria that has supported me whole heartedly through my journey while never evershowing her personal struggle with her daughter.

  185. Melodie

    I came to the site this morning for help and encouragement. I was hoping that it would point out some spiritual truths that would help me be a better mother. I am struggling with the responsibilities of being a mom, and to think I’m expecting another beautiful baby in a few months scares me. I wonder why God chooses to bless me with another one when I’m failing him with the ones he has already gave me. My husband and I are first generation Christians, and are desperately trying to get rid of the habits of our upbringing, and replacing then with biblical responses. Alot easier said than done. I find myself saying and doing things that are so beyond how Christ would have me to act, because I respond in the flesh, and have no rule over the spirit in those stressful moments. my biggest difficulty is dealing with my 14 year old daughter who in more than one way an incredible young lady, but has become so disrespectful and difficult, that it puts me in a place that I am not proud of. I need help dealing with her. I do not want to lose her to this world because I am not who she needs me to be.

  186. Mona

    I love this – I don’t know how many times I’ve thought this. If I actually won, I would pass this on to my daughter. Not because she is married with kids yet but because she will be and the sooner she knows she will sometimes feel like the worst mom ever and understands we all do, then she has an advantage before she ever gets started.

  187. Cathy Baldiizon

    As a mother of adult children I often think back to the ways I wasn’t the mother I would have liked to be and remind myself that if I had known better I would have done better. So if I were to win this I would share a copy with my son and daughter-in-law in order to give them better tools for their parenting journey and to open healing conversations about our relationship.

  188. Leigh

    I really needed to read this today – thank you so much for this post. We have a toddler and a newborn and I am constantly battling with myself about whether or not I am doing a good job with them. My sister has two boys and she is going through a very hard and messy divorce. She is such an awesome mom and wonderful woman, but she thinks she is not doing a good job. I would give her a copy of this book.

  189. Cheri M.

    Wow! That really hit home. I have felt this way so many times. Time with God is so very important!!! My attitude is so different when I spend time with him and not being stressed about what I think I need to get done,

  190. Amy Strouth

    Thank you so much for this. I had a moment last weekend. Called an ’emergency family meeting’ and everything! It always feels so good knowing I’m not alone.

    I would LOVE a copy of this book. I would give the other to my good friend, Heather. I care for her sweet 18-month-old while she works every day. Just the other day, she shared with me the struggle she’s been having with the fact that she’s working instead of being home with her daughter. She really doesn’t HAVE to work, as her husband has a good job, but it helps.

    The thing I love about Heather is that, through it all, she’s faithful to the Lord and what He is asking of her right now while she prayerfully seeks His direction for her life. She knows that, despite the stress she encounters at work and the internal battle she’s having with it right now, there are people at her job that she knows she is to be ministering to and being an example to, so she’s content to be placed there at this time.

    I pray for her and I tell her often how good of a mom she is because I feel for her situation and she does the same for me. But the title of your book still seems to be the topic of a lot of our conversations, as I’m sure it is for most other moms. I think it’d be great to maybe read this book together with her!

    Thanks for sharing and for the chance!

  191. Amanda W

    I would love to read this book! I am a stay at home mom of 3 little ones starting this month as I have previously worked full time outside the home! It could help me tremendously at this time in my life. I’d also love to give one to my good friend. She is pregnant with her 2nd child and often questions her mothering skills, but she is a great mom!

  192. Ashley Duran

    I have asked myself this same question. Being a homeschool family and active duty army family with four children ages 7 and under… Life is busy! Sometimes my kids see the absolute worst in me, but they see that I’m still in need of Jesus. They see me ask for forgiveness when I mess up. The Lords mercies are new every morning! It’s not about getting it perfect but about acknowledging the One who is! I would give a copy of this book to another army wife or military wife struggling through deployments and raising the children with daddy being overseas.

  193. Cindy Van Wyk

    Oh how I love to read your stories Lysa! You make me smile and laugh! I can relate to everything you’ve said in your story today. My children are grown up now but you took me right back to so many instances when they were smaller and I was a frazzled mom on the run doing my best but still feeling like a failure. Worrying at the end of the day what kind of influence I’d had over their lives- feeling guilty at the same time by some of my worn out reactions. And honestly, some days I was just happy to finally have them tucked safely into bed so I could take a breath and re-center telling myself that tomorrow was another day and I would do better. Of course those dreaded hormonal attacks didn’t help the situation either! 🙂
    As I said, my children are grown and I’m delighting in being a grandmother. And now, I smile with my memories as I listen to them sharing with me the exact same struggles in raising their children that I went through with raising them. They’re both wonderful moms who love their children dearly and work hard to teach them Gods love and mercy. And that’s the reward. God’s love and mercy even in the midst of spilled Mountain Dew in a freshly cleaned van which was my story of the day I swore at my children. 🙂

  194. Tricia

    As I read this today with crocodile tears in my eyes…word for word describing my day everyday for about 4 months now…I love my children and want the very best for them…but if I hear Mom he hit me…Mom I don’t know what to wear….Mom I need $10…Mom….Mom…Mom…I have allowed the stress of everyday life to absolutely consume me…I realize this morning by reading your post that spending time with God must be my priority….explosion of Mt. St. Tricia was about to happen this morning…thank you for allowing God to use you to talk to ME today….I have a special friend in mind to get this book for…win the giveaway or not…I will own your book… 🙂

  195. Stephanie Jackson

    I can’t tell you how much I needed this today, I am in tears and feeling so overwhelmed right now. I am a pastors wife, but I also work a full time job and I have two young children. This morning was “one of those mornings” and I very often feel like I am always trying to catch up and that I am never on top of things. I am pulled in so many different directions and my own spiritual life is many times the area that gets the most attention. Thank you so much for your honesty, it was truly a blessing to know that someone else is dealing with similar problems as myself. I have another young mom in my church who I know this book could be a blessing to as well. She is 23 and she has a three year old boy and one year old twins. I would love to be able to give her this book.

  196. Denise H

    I’d give the book to my friend, Jessie. She just married to a guy with 2 kids and she has one of her own. She is constantly scared of her parenting and screwing up the kids…. especially not her own. I don’t have any of the answers she seeks. This book would be a great help to us both, and will grow our friendship as we struggle through it together.

  197. Jamie Holbert

    I would give the book to my niece woo had two young boys and she has to raise them on her own. My niece is barely 20 with a 3 month old and a 1 year old. She has made some bad choices but through her new commitment to God she is working to change her way of life. Bring a young mother who struggles constantly with wants, needs, and demands children brings she would benefit greatly from this book.

  198. LeeAnne D

    Isn’t this the story of our lives! As moms we’ve bought in to the lie that we must be involved in everything. We must both hold a job and perfectly manage our families. We must keep our children involved in every activity available or they will some how be “missing out.” We must serve on every committee, participate in every activity, and say “Yes” to everything to avoid that dreaded feeling of guilt. All the while we miss the most important piece of this crazy life we lead – time to let our Savior restore our soul and order our steps! Worse yet, guess who benefits from our anemic spiritual state! You guessed it! The very ones we love the most! What a timely message for me! As Christmas approaches and my schedule just gets busier, thank you for the reminder that no day is a good day without starting it the right way!

  199. Stephenie

    As I had a morning of no one listening and my voice becoming louder and louder, I really needed this today. Thanks for the honest encouragement. I would give the other copy to my friend michelle. Sometimes we all have our “monster mom” moments, we just can’t let it dictate who we are in the grand scheme of things.

  200. Leann

    This is so my life….

  201. Krista Beigle

    I would totally give one of the books to a mom in my MOPS groups, but I would read the other for sure! Since I didn’t grow in a home that loved Jesus, I often question whether I am doing things right with my kids. It’s a constant prayer that God would convict me where I need to change in my parenting, but the condemning thoughts are a constant battle for me and feel defeated a lot! Lysa thanks for being so real about your life, it’s always encouraging to me an many other moms!!!

  202. Stephanie Seniour

    Thanks for being transparent!! Blessings!! :))

  203. Tia

    I SOOO need this book! My 10 year old daughter and I just had this discussion the other day about feeling like a “Failure” in so many areas INCLUDING parenting. It was nice we could both share together and talk about it. I would share this book with every mother I know because I am sure they ALL have felt like this at one point or more in their mothering journey.

  204. Molly Higle

    OMG! I probably have more days like this than not! I think about how I am effecting my kids all the time (or not effecting them). I really sturggle with this one. Thank you for your wise advice. I wish I had a friend to call in those times, but God is faithful and takes care of me.

  205. M.J.

    As a working Mom of 2 children my day begins at 4:30 am I am a nurse and I work with kids everyday…My son one day asked me a painful question “Mom why are you nice to all the other kids but not to me” My heart sank that my son who I love so dearly saw me as a not nice Mom. I have high expectations from my children, but know that I am sometimes too overbearing. I would love to read this book and give the other to my friend that is a youth minister’s wife.

  206. Mary Lou Kleveland

    I would give the other book to my best friend of 34 years, Pam. We are each other’s cheerleaders in life, especially as moms. I know we both would benefit greatly from the encouragement you offer, Lysa. We already love your blog and other books. Thanks for being so real and transparent. That is so helpful to the rest of us in the trenches with you. Blessings to you!

  207. Jessica

    Would love to have these books to read along with the friend who actually introduced me to your books. YOur words have been such an inspiration to me and many others.

  208. Colleen

    This article really hit home. A lot of times I feel like I say the wrong thing to my girls and yell too much. It is good to know I am not the only mom that does not feel like a super mom.
    I would give the other book to my sister-in-law. She has a 5 year old and works full time. And we know what guilt that brings.
    Thank you for all your uplifting emails. They help me thru the day.

  209. Andrea Wydick

    I would keep one to read myself and then when I am done pass it on to my friend Alicia. I would give the other friend, Marlana, the 2nd book with he instructions she had to share it with our friend Elise when she was done. We all have 3 or 4 children, work fulltime, do things with our churches,do things with our kids schools, and have a clean house for our husbands to come home to. We are always arguing over ‘who is the mom of the year’ with our horror stories just like yours. We all need help and encouragement. I love your book Unglued and would love to read this one.

  210. Chris Carter

    I love love love this…. I absolutely love how you painted this story and this meltdown so vividly and so perfectly reflecting every single mom out there- at one time or another.

    And another…

    I love your friend’s advice. It’s exactly what we need to do!!

  211. Terri McCoy

    Dear Lysa,
    Believe me I have had those days when it all seems a bit too much to handle. You have tackled a few more children than I have, by the way. My heart goes out to you. I have a very hard time thinking that I am any good for my children. Do I do enough for them? Do they realize how much they mean to me? These questions are often hanging around ruining my day. Sometimes when I am having one of those hairy days, eventually I am able to stop in the midst and realize what wonderful gifts God has given me and I just have to stop and take some deep breaths. I have two boys, one is 14 and the other almost 17. It has been ever so hard to get close to my oldest son and still I wonder if he will ever want to be close to me. I often think because I have not been a perfect mom that they will always see me for my faults. I have to remember and trust in God that when its all said and done, he will make sure that my children will be glad that I am their mother.

    Reading your blog always encourages me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Terri McCoy

  212. Kayla

    Love this! I would share the other book with a friend of mine who’s child I babysit every day, who can be a little hard to handle some days.

  213. Margarita

    Thank you. “Am I Messing Up My Kids” is a question I’ve asked myself and still ask myself. My sons are grown and married but I still have a teenage daughter at home.
    Sometimes I’m more concerened over this question with her than I was with the boys.
    I can remember my mom thinking the same about me and alot of what she worried over I don’t even remember (some I chose not to remember). Words hurt but I appreciate your words of truth that have sponken to my heart today. May God get all the praise and the victory for each mother’s heart.
    I hope to share this book with my dear friend, Mary Ellen. We’ve shared a close bound with raising our children. She is the friend I call when I lose control.
    Thank you.

  214. Melody Byrum

    I would love this set. I would give one of my books to a friend of mine from church. She has a disease that causes her to be in constant pain and she’s raising two small children too. And her daughter has ADHD. So it’s constant stress for her and she has trouble keeping her cool. I would give this to her to remind her of God’s love and remind her that she’s not alone in her daily struggles.

  215. Kristin

    I would love to read this for myself and the other copy I would give to my friend Yolanda. We are both homeschooling moms who have days full of mess ups. We are not only mom but teacher as well. I believe these roles together can make for many days of asking yourself “Where did I go wrong?” Yolanda has been second guessing her decision to homeschool with the exact same question being posed almost daily…”Am I messing up my children?” I think this book would be amazing for the both of us and create a beautiful time of fellowship as we sit and discuss its contents over coffee 🙂
    Thank you, Lysa, for your encouraging words and reminders that no mom is perfect and we just have to take it to God and let it go.
    Kristin (a mom on a mission)

  216. Ellen Wright

    If I won this “bundle”, I would give it to my younger sister, Nancy, who at 62 years old (her dear husband is 64), is raising two precious adopted girls. One is from China and is 12 years old, and the other one is from Viet Name and is 9 years old. I so admire that she (and her husband) persevered many years ago in the complicated and expensive adoption process to receive her two girls. You see, for whatever reason, the Lord had not allowed Nancy and her husband to have biological children. Now, she is in the trenches (as I call childrearing) having to deal with such mundane topics as deciding to continue coloring her hair so people won’t think she is her daughters’ grandma!! This, of course, is the tip of the iceberg being an older mom. There’s the reduced energy level of keeping with two very creative and active girls, there’s the memory problem which becomes more challenging with the extra demands of two young kids, there’s the challenge of finding alone time with her husband amid all of her children’s needs/activities, and, last, but unfortunately not least, are the nasty voices in her mind telling her what a bad mom she is. I try hard to encourage her with God’s truth, and I do see so much growth in her! Along those lines, I think your “bundle” would be further encouragement to my dear beleaguered sis! Thanks for reading this/for this mom’s encouragement idea!

  217. Mavis

    Thank you Lysa for sharing. What happened to yo happens to all of us. This time last year it happened to me. I so beat myself up over it. It was not my child, but some teenage girls that I oversaw. The stress level was very high when out came something inappropriate. I apologized, but continued to beat myself up. The Lord did help me to move past it all, and to get a grip with His help. Thank you for being so transparent. We all need to know we aren’t the only one going through these trials that come our way. Blessings

  218. Kelly Burrow

    Through tears I am reading your message…I had the same experience last night. My kids brought home their progress reports… My heart sank to see that some of the A’s had dropped to B’s almost C’s. The first words in my head were you are a horrible mother…you don’t spend enought time helping them study…the rant in my head went on and on. My daughter obviously felt like I was condeming her for her B’s so she had a melt down which resulted in a huge fight between us…I was absolutely physically sick afterward. I am pulled in so many different directions and I constantly have this tune in my head…you’re no good…they are going to go down the wrong path in life if you don’t pull yourself together…You put God last on your list and you will pay for it…I know better but it is still there day after day. I teach Sunday School to a group of wonderful Mothers….our class is called PEACE…LOL… but we nicknamed ourselves the tired mother’s class. We are always processing our “UNGLUED” moments in class…we love doing your studies Lysa…It makes us feel normal and loved. I just keep wondering why I can’t seem to pull it all together and be the Mom I think I should be…I guess because I keep trying to do it in my own strength, I am like you….I think…I just want to spend some alone time with the Lord…but when??? How??

  219. Kecia

    Thank you for sharing this today. I have asked myself this question so many times. I have two grown daughters living out of the house and a son who is 11 living with me. I have just gotten out of a relationship(very long story) that was very codependent on my part and that has instilled some negative behavior on my son’s and also my part. He and I both lash out and I blame myself for living in what I did. I am learning more to rely on God’s truths and promises in dealing with it. It is amazing how many people go through the same things that we do until we get to the point to where we get to rock bottom and give it all over to God. I pray that he helps us all be the best we can in our daily walk with him and our children.

  220. Michele Morin

    I would give the extra copy to my friend Lori because she would be very surprised to find that someone has actually written a book about the conversation we have been having for the past 14 years — we both have 14 year old sons!

  221. Meg

    Amen and amen! I feel like you just wrote my story! I’m constantly having to refocus and get back on track. I’d love the book and I have plenty of friends who’d fight me for the other 2!

  222. Suzanne Rowan

    Hi Lysa – Thanks for you’re honesty today, what a refreshing woman of God you are… what a blessing you are!
    I am currently reading “Unglued” and just finished “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” (P31 OBS) I love your frankness and humor. If I am the recipient of these gifts, I’d read one and then pass them both on to my children, both of whom have children of their own now.
    Thanks for being who God meant for you to be and sharing your life with us!
    Blessing’s to you,

  223. Melissa Sumner

    If I had 3 copies of ‘Am I Messing Up My Kids’, my husband and I would share the first copy. I would give one of my other books to my ex-husband and his new wife. The last copy I would give to my husband’s ex-wife. Amongst these 3 subsets of our family, there are 7 children – I think that God needs to be in the midst of all that!

  224. Deborah

    I had almost the EXACT same thing happen to me this past week…curse words and all. When I apologized my daughter said to me “I should be used to it by now” which REALLY hurt b/c I do not swear! When I contacted my friend she reminded me of my imperfect progress and how she saw baby steps in the right direction of me controlling my temper/words. Such love and grace.

  225. Rhonda Brasseal

    Thank you for your transparency. My only child, my 17-year-old daughter is at a wilderness treatment center for recent defiance, self-destructive behavior, and for ADHD treatment. I am horrified. We are finding out that traditional parenting doesn’t work with Anna. She feels smothered, has some real executive-functioning deficits, and needs lots of help. We had no clue. We feel so inept. But God is healing Anna. He is teaching us all. We’ll bring Anna home a week before December with a plan in place. In the meantime, her Dad and I (also my husband) are doing everythingweI can to overcome our guilt, to set clear boundaries, to connect with her emotionally. I would LOVE To also read your book to gain wisdom and insight. I would love to share it with other parents who have feelings of guilt and fear in parenting their children.

  226. Thea

    I am part of an amazing Moms group at my church and I would love to share a copy with all the ladies in my discussion group because we frequently share that as one of our biggest worries “Am I messing my kids up?”

  227. Tonya

    Thank you for today’s blog! I find myself doing the exact same things, and then feeling like I am the worst mom ever and not the child of God that I am. Thank you for the reminder that we can get forgiveness thanks to God’s grace and mercy every day! Every morning his mercies are new!! I would love a copy of this, and I would give one to friend that I know also has those “mommy days”! Thank you for your ministry!

  228. Olivia

    I would give the second book to my friend Gloria. We both have 12 year old boys with whom we struggle to parent. We call each other for support & to make sure we are aren’t losing our minds.

  229. Jayme Jeane

    I would love to have this book! And I would give the other copy to my friend Jennifer. I truly appreciate you sharing your hard days with those of us in the same boat. I have been trying to be so intentional with parenting and it is so hard to do in today’s society.

  230. Amy

    What ifs constantly plague my mind. And I’m only 4 years into parenting my only daughter. What if being strict harms her soul? What if being lenient makes her spoiled? What if she grows up to hate me? And what if I’m the worst mom ever? I need this book and I would give the second to Rhonda Brasseal above because her struggle has touched my heart. Rhonda, you and your “little” girl are in my prayers! Thank you Lysa for your powerful ministry!

  231. Dana

    I am a married mother of 2 (12 yr. old Son and 16 yr. old Daughter). I work 3 jobs and been known to work 4. I am truely blessed to have a husband that helps with all the craziness at home however, I find myself in this exact situation letting the “TO DOs” take precidence over time with God. One of my jobs is actually working at our church with the Youth & Education pastors. I have a wonderful friend that helps with leading youth and she teaches the High School Sunday School class and she is definately the person that I would give the book too! She is the one I call to discuss the lack of urgency or caring of my daughter for school, education (College) or priorities in general! Just when I feel completely DONE, she helps me find peace and resolution and of course points me to God. She actually sent me this link this morning. I am blessed to have “Betty” in my life! She’s the best!

  232. Grace Jones

    Oh Lysa, have I ever been there!! No beaver home words have left my mouth, but the thoughts in my mind against my kids some days feels worse. And since it is in my head Jesus says it might as well have come out my mouth.

    I am a “new” (8 mths in) foster mom and I am currently in a season of wondering if I am royally messing up the son God gave me through birth and the two kids God has given me to love for a time. I would love to read your book, whether I win it or not.

    Thanks for posting the ugly truths. I can’t wait to read more… not more of your ugly days but how God used them to change you.

  233. Season Callaway

    I have this day a lot. I would give the other to a friend who is having that thought with her teenage daughter.

  234. judy

    We’ve all been there, but not all of us are as truthful about it as you. I applaud you for sharing!

  235. Melissa

    Just this morning when I arrived at work (I am a school nurse), a student who has had ongoing health problems was vomiting all the way into my office. Since I was busy with cleaning her up, her teacher was on the phone with mom reporting what happened. Pretty soon I saw tears running down her cheeks. Not only was she feeling bad about all of the struggles this family has on their plate with an “ill” child, but this teacher also has her own plate full taking care of her troubled child and aging mother! I read your article just now and I am going to share it with her! Thank you!

  236. Stephanie


    Thank you so much for your honesty! Its so nice to know I’m not in “that” same boat alone….

  237. Heather Wendler

    I absolutely LOVE that you can tell an honest story about the ups and downs of motherhood. Your testimony yesterday sounded like I had wrote it myself. It is so strange how one minute I am so full of love and appreciation and thanking GOD that he has blessed me with such beautiful children and then in a matter of just 3 chaotic minutes, I turn into THAT mom…..the one who unintentionally tears down her children under the pressure. Unnecessary pressure and stress that we let ourselves get so worked up about. I’m constantly praying about my mothering skills and I KNOW that every word I speak and every move I make is affecting my kids in one way or another. That is so SCARY! I need this book. And in regard to the spare copy, it will make the perfect Christmas gift for my best friend. She is not quite as high strung as me, but she is a single mom of FOUR boys, ages 13, 7, 6, and 4!! She is self-employed and runs around trying to make ends meet AND runs errands for her parents on a daily basis. She needs your words of encouragement WAY more than me. However, I know she has God at her side, otherwise she would’ve already thrown herself into a lake by now. LOL!
    Love you Lisa. Keep up the great work…..God has truly led you to your calling 🙂

    • Heather Wendler

      LYSA…..darn autocorrect.

  238. Shalena

    I would send this book to my greatest friend ever, Katie! She and I both are growing in our walk with God and we always encourage and pray for each other. She may be 2 states away from me but she is just a phone call away. She is ALWAYS there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I just love this blog and how God always speaks through you Lysa!!!

  239. Elizabeth M

    I would love this book for myself but I would love it even more if I could give a copy to my friend, Ashley. She is so hard on herself as a mother, she’s hard on herself, period! She questions everything she does. I wish and pray she would see how valuable she is not only as a woman, but as the wonderful mother that she is! We were neighbors by chance and have been friends by choice. I know God put her in my life for a reason and I think it’s because she needs that encouragement. She is such a sweet, caring, kind hearted person and is not saved. Her life growing up was rough and she has overcame that and parents her children the best way she knows how but still has the greatest fear she is screwing up everyday! I pray she will find that firm foundation to raise her kids on since she didn’t have it growing up. I, too am a mother and I ask myself the same questions, have the same doubts and I KNOW the truths of what God says. Why is it hard to put those into practice when we know better? lol. So thankful for other moms sharing their stories and knowing I’m not alone! Thank you Lysa!!!

  240. Karaleen

    I would give the other copy to my twin sister. We often encourage each other with your thought that “bad moments don’t make bad mamas”. Your inspiration reaches so many mama’s hearts!

  241. Jodie

    I know exactly who I would give a second copy to, my dear friend Michelle. We have had this conversation before. We know God’s grace covers a multiple of “I blew it again” and we know His grace is new every morning, but sometimes those days are hard, hard, hard and it’s easy to forget. Thank you Lysa for being so candid and encouraging so many women in the process!!!

  242. Brandie Potter

    Words of Wisdom today for this MOM! I just had those moments this morning where I felt like the worst MOM ever! I had to stop and pray for forgiveness, because I believe it was eating me alive! Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  243. Heatherlee

    I would give this book to my best friend, Gayla. She and I have boys close in age and are going through close to the same struggles and frustrations with our teenage boys. We both could use the encouragement and help from your books. We keep each other held up with lots of prayer and love to get through. Thank you Lysa for your honest stories to keep us going!

  244. Crystal Toy

    i love that multiple times in this blog Lysa refers to filling ourselves up so we can give out of our abundance to our kids. I KNOW that to be the truth, and feel so good when I do that. Yet even knowing it, I still neglect to do that sometimes. My friend Libby Crespo (fellow mom of 3) told me about this site . She and I are going to begin a bible study with one of Lysas books. I would give this book to Libby to thank her for sending me here! This blog and website are now bookmarked on my computer!

  245. Amy

    Thank you for the encouragement. I would share a book with my friend at work. We both work full time and have young kids and often talk about what we could do better. We pray for each other and encourage each other as we can. It is nice to have people around to grow together! Thanks!

  246. Amanda

    I needed this encouragement today for sure. Thank you, I had an epic fail Mom day yesterday. I’ve got two boys, 3-year old and a newborn. And I certainly felt at my wits and yesterday; spent half the day yelling at my toddler and the other half crying about it.
    I’d give the other book to my older sister, Ronda. She’s a mother of three boys and is a teacher. She often feels that her own children only get her leftovers.

  247. Angie

    I do live in that defeat more often than I wan to admit. Thank you for what you will be letting God do over the next four weeks.

  248. Rachel Curtis

    I had a similar situation this morning with my daughter. I was mean and grouchy and petty. I could blame it on a lack of sleep due to a precious 10 mos old but there’s actually no excuse. And I certainly felt like the worse mom ever- dropping my daughter off at school this morning the way I did. I feel horrible. Thank the Lord he forgives and allows us to apologize! I would give another copy to my sister with 4 kids. 😉

  249. Kelley

    Thank you for being such an encouragement to fellow Moms. <3

  250. Lisa Pepper

    I need this book so badly as I just had one of those days when I saw the not so great SAT scores on my son’s second SAT test. Telling him, “how in the world are we going to pay for college with these scores.” Ugh, it was just a kneejerk response sounded so bad once it came out of my mouth! I would definitely appreciate being able to read this book and to pass it along to someone, not sure who as all my friends don’t share things like this even though you know it MUST happen with them too.
    Encircled by seemingly perfect moms,

  251. Franki Martin

    LYSA!! My Sister! I needed this today!! I talked with my daughter, who’s 6, this morning, about her crush on a little boy in her class! She cried, feeling badly that big girls like her (her age) shouldn’t have a crush! I hugged her and reassured her that her feelings were normal, and that God already knows how she feels. I asked her to tell me how she felt and assured her that when she gets to be a grown up lady, that God will send her the person who was meant for her. I encouraged her to continue to be her awesome self- funny, smart, and compassionate, until the time comes for God to send that person. In the meantime she can be friends with boys and girls at school, on her teams, and at church. Still working and praying that the Holy Spirit be with me, especially in times of guiding my daughter!! I saw you at Women of Faith in October and I love your work and your heart and your honesty Lysa! Thank you!

  252. Bettie R.

    I would share these books with my mom’s group at church. It seems that the guilt we moms carry was something that was never meant to be. Between what the Bible and the world says we should do, our heads are spinning.

  253. Lori Hickey

    Hi Lysa,

    Would find this book encouraging right about now! After 20 years of an abusive marriage I have finally taken that step of faith and made a decision to get out.
    Unfortunately, I feel like my kids are soooo paying for the marriage that I continued to try and make work. For years my son, Noah, who is 16 has seen his father as a roller coaster. One minute he loves me and then the other Ive been called every name you could possibly think of. Noah has seen no respect at all towards me. My daughter, Katelyn, who is 10 has seen the same as well. They neither one have seen what its like for a mother and a father to love and respect one another!
    As a result I feel like my kids have no respect for me at all. Sometimes I feel as if they are angry at me for staying in such an unhealthy environment. I mean its pretty bad when your kids are begging you to get a divorce.
    I finally read the book by Beth Moore, “Get Out of the Pit” was that my eye opener.
    For so long I’ve allowed fear to paralyze me! The devil has used it as a stronghold. Being in an abusive situation after awhile you sometimes begin to think…its not gonna change, just ignore it, or better yet just stuff it down inside like I did for years. I was definitely an enabler and have learned at 42 yrs old that I’m a person who has been insecure their entire life. Boundaries???? what are those????
    Boy, did God speak loud to me! I’m special, unique, created in His image! I’m a child of The King! I don’t deserve this type of lifestyle nor do my kids!
    I don’t know how everything will play out but I do know that I’m going to try like all get out to Trust the Almighty that He is ultimately in control of my life.
    His promise of Jeremiah 29:11 is what I’m holding onto!
    Thanks so much for your ministry and your encouraging life lived stories!
    God Bless You and continue to use You for His Glory!
    P.S. I would share the other copy w/ my bestest friend who has been there for me every step of the way. She has 3 kids herself, has a career, shes a Dentist owns her own practice, doing it all on her own. She too never gets a complement, kind word, or even a good job! Feels like shes gone to battle every morning just getting the kids off to school and sitter before she starts her day! Feels like theres no time w/her kids because of her hours and her schedule so she can provide for her family. She calls herself, The Hot Mess Mom!” we laugh to keep from crying. cause its sad that we feel like this.
    I’ve learned that you appreciate Mom when you become a Mom! lol 🙂

    Lori Hickey

  254. Cindy

    I need this book b/c it seems as if all I do is get frustrated with my children. I don’t sleep and I am very tired. Being very tired throws me in a downward spiral of negativity and harsh words.

    • Kara Adams

      Lisa’s book/study called Unglued is great for this….helped me alot.

      • Kara Adams

        oops typo Lysa’s study

  255. Sherrie

    Lysa, I love your transparency!! All of us Mom’s need to remember that we have days like this and not beat ourselves up, even though it is hard not to do. I needed this today and this whole week, it’s been a rough one.
    I would give a copy to my co-worker who is dealing with the first signs of terrible two’s. I only wish that I had gotten some biblical advice to help me feel better about my parenting skills when my son was that little.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  256. Kelly

    Thank you, Lisa for these encouraging words. While I’m not a mom, I can still find parrallels to my life. I have two newphews whom I love. I help their mom and dad out on occasion by watching them and I help with a Wednesday night program for children at my church. I have found times where I’ve let the business of life “my to do list” overflow and neglected my time with the Lord. And I have found myself lashing out at those around me when I don’t mean too.
    I know two wonderful mother’s who could use this book. My sister-in-law and my best friend. Both of them struggle with managing day to day life and spending time with the Lord.

  257. Lori Hickey

    Hi Lysa,
    Thanks for sharing that us moms all feel the same at some point!
    Here’s this precious gift of a baby given by God to me and I’m totally screwing up…seems like all the time!
    My best friend and I were just talking yesterday about how we could write a book on “Dummies for Raising Kids” laughing so hard that we cried!
    Its a BIG time JOB and Ive learned that we really appreciate Mom when we become Mom!
    Blessings to You!

  258. Michelle

    I’m a perfectionist at heart so while I’m hard on myself – I’m also very hard on my children. Many days I think that my kids deserve a better mom. I also am guilty of letting my to-do list dictate how my day will go. The urgent things overshadow spending time with God. “Just let me do a few more things and then I’ll spend time with you God.” Well that mindset surely doesn’t work! Not only would I benefit from this book – I think my sister would too.
    Thank you Lysa for sharing so honestly about your life. It is what the rest of us moms go through on a regular basis. I’m encouraged NOT to justify my actions because other moms face the same struggles. Instead it reminds me to humbly ask God to forgive and help me be the mom He has called me to be. For when I am weak, He is strong!

  259. Melissa Baldwin

    I would give this book to my dear friend, Samantha… we regularly text each other with our “Mother of the Year” moments – FAIL! It would be great to read along together!

  260. Tandi

    Such needed words in the flood of life and kids sent through you by God to touch us. I would give the extra copy to my best friend and other half of my brain – Nikki – who struggles with me in this very spot. We struggle to set aside the frustrations of teens, pre-teens, band, fostering, homework, activities, selves and family to seek God’s will within it all and lean on each other as we miss the mark. I cherish the friendship we have that allows me to panic and vent to her and she respond with love and God’s word. I love that she gives me the opportunity to do the same for her. I would love to share a book with her that will touch us both!

  261. Kara Adams

    I’d give a comment to another single mom who is in my Sunday school class. We just last week had this conversation about hoping we’re not messing up our kids. It’s especially hard when you’re a single mom cause you second guess yourself without a spouse to bounce things off….

  262. Sunday Anderson

    I would give the other two books to precious moms I know who are each raising three kids. One mom is a Pastor’s wife who often feels that she has to be a “super” mom because of her position, and feels guilty at times when she is not. Another is a working single mom with two teenagers and a smaller child who is fighting hard to find her time with God. She is frustrated with life in general.

  263. Tracy

    I would give the extra copy to my friend Hollie because we both so often feel like we are failing our kids, our precious babies.

  264. Mary B

    Sounds like my morning…ever feel like your parenting is producing spoiled “fruits”? It’s not my children who need to change…I do. I have the fruit of the spirit…no excuses…my friends and I could have a great time encouraging one another in reading this book together. Blessings to every mom!

  265. Heather

    I would give the other book to my friend who also has teenagers. We are each other’s shoulder to cry on. It would be great to read this together!

  266. ~Julie

    I often feel like the worst mom ever. I need to read your book. The second copy would be featured in our church library to help other moms who might be feeling this way. Thank you for the give-away.

  267. Crystal Davenport

    I would give the book to my good friend Camillia….we often have conversations on how we have “messed up” our kids. But, God’s Grace is so good. Thank you for writing this book and the give away.

  268. Julie

    MY kids will be spending time on a therapists couch as well! (Haha). I’ve made a zillion mistakes, but Hooray! Our God and our kids offer us grace when I need it. Tired. Frazzled. Strung out. They still love me. I am a blessed woman.

  269. Susan Benny

    I had the same tearful experience in the past however, I thank God for speaking to me evidently how important it is to spend time with Him. Thanks for sharing and your blog encourages me a lot. I would give the book to our Pastors wife who has shared her feeling of guilt in parenting and possibly will share my book with my other sisters who are wonderful moms!!

  270. Lori

    I worry about being the worst Mom ever to my kids all the time. I have raised them in a Godly home and taught them to love Jesus. My children are starting to go off to college now. New choices and new lives bring things that I never thought we would have to deal with so much! We gave them a firm foundation and each time they make a choice that doesn’t reflect what we taught them, it freaks me out!! For example, we have always taught them to look for a Christian mate. Our daughter knows the benefits, but dates an unsaved boy. They are both good kids, he isn’t saved though and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to her! It breaks my heart because I know the Lord doesn’t want us unequally yoked and she knows it too. I feel like I have failed in teaching her and it makes me feel like a terrible Mom.

  271. Linda

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I would give the book to my daughter-in-law who is raising 3 young children.

  272. Sil

    Lysa, somehow exactly what I need to hear comes from you at the right moment. I have been struggling with my “worst mom ever” days right now. I’m even been wondering if my teenage son would be better off if I just left as there have been so many moments. One of my friend’s is in the same situation with her daughter (same age). It is so good to know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Can’t wait to read your book!

  273. Charene

    Thank you so much for sending out this email. This is one thing that I have been struggling for years. I homeschool my 4 children and there are days that I really do not feel that I am qualified to do this job of raising my children. But I always come back to, that God can give me the wisdom to do this job if I just spend time letting Him speak to me. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

  274. Casey

    I’d give copies to my co-workers, both directors of ministry and moms!

  275. Carol Brown

    I would give a book to my daughter. She has five children: a daughter who is a freshman at a Christian college, away from home; a sophomore daughter at an all girls catholic high school and a freshman son at an all boys catholic high school (both need rides to & from school and after school activities) an all day kindergartener who rides the school bus and a three year old daughter who goes to preschool so Mom can teach math 4 hours a day, 4 days a week at a small Christian school for high school students who have not been successful in the public schools. Her husband is in the Air Force and is away from home or a week, or more, most months. Mom and Dad are both involved in ministering at the Wednesday night youth gatherings/classes at their church and host small group at their home on Sunday night. She is a good Christian wife and mother, but each of us needs encouragement and reassurance. I’m sure that both are found in your book.

  276. Casie

    I can REALLY use this book!!! Being a single Mom of three children ages 9, 12 and 13, I’m constantly questioning the decisions I’m making for my kids and the example I’m setting for them. I’m almost through Unglued and LOVE IT!!! It’s so open, honest and raw. Gives me some perspective and helps me to feel I’m not alone. We are our worst critic and God forgives us so much easier than we forgive ourselves.
    I would give the second copy to my dear friend who is also a mother of 3. Always on the go and trying to keep it all together while giving our best to our family….when we should be giving our best to God first and He will help with the rest 🙂

  277. Jen F

    Thank you for your honesty. I wish more people were willing to share the ugly – the normal. Praise God for His forgiveness and grace – without it I would be doomed.

    I would gift this book to my sister, who has two precious littles. Just like any other mom, she could use the encouragement that she isn’t screwing up her kids!

  278. Krista

    Reading your email hit the target this morning! Thank you! I would love to share this with my sister who is going through a divorce right now and so worried about how her precious children will be affected and learning to manage a household as a single parent with so much stress.

  279. Alison

    Oh! I so desperately need this book. I love being a mother, but being a stay at home mom, the days can be tough sometimes. I try so hard and then get frustrated with the whining and the disobeying. I don’t feel like I have my husband’s support. He blames the children’s behavior on me. Man, it’s so hard to get past that. I so desperately want to be the prefect mom, but of course it’s a job I could never do perfectly. I would share this book with my friend Chasity who has the same struggles parenting a newborn and 2 year old. The other two a mom who lost her husband and is raising three boys. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be a mom without a husband.

  280. Mel

    I would give one book to a new Mom with a 3 month old son, in hopes of sparing her some of the anguish I have had over the fear of messing my children up! I would give the second one to a Mom who is struggling right now. I know the freedom that is available through Christ, and I would love to share that with her!

  281. brenda myers

    Lysa, I have had many days when I have felt like the worst mom ever. My husband and I are having some problems and there have been days my sweet 7 year old has to bare the frustration of the strain on our marriage. I would give the other book to my sister. She has had two miscarriages and by the grace of God was able to adopt a beautiful little girl in Feb 2013. Now she fears daily that she is doing something wrong. She is a fantastic mom but a little reassurance wouldn’t hurt any of us!!! Thank you for all of the inspiration you give me daily!!! Bless you!! Brenda Myers

  282. Angela Munoz

    I would give this book to my friend Nancy who is a single mom and is always feeling like she could do things better. She is a wonderful mother and sister in Christ who needs the reminder like the rest of us that it’s ok to make mistakes.

  283. Kelly L

    I would give this to the friends in my Bible study, and hope we can all pass it around!! We have been talking about things like this lately and I think it would be good for all of us!!

  284. Janice

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I would give the other one maybe to the Mother of my Grandkids. That, or a young mother at my church. 🙂

  285. Amber

    When I lose it…I wandering if I am messing up my kids. I would give the books to the other two Moms and good friends in my small group. We all struggle with this!

  286. Tristina Senter

    I would give the other book to my friend who just had a new baby and is struggling with being a mom. She feels she isn’t enough.

  287. Bridgette

    I might have to go find this book if I don’t win it. I would give one to my mom. I know these same questions have plagued her thoughts for many years as her children have grown and are now raising families of our own. Perhaps it would help her know in her soul that we’re more than OK and be able to release the thoughts.

  288. Deb

    Yesterday, I had a shouting match with my 24-yr-old son who still depends on me for ‘room & board’ (among other thing$). I said terrible things that I regret, but even worse, I said them in front of my 12-yr-old daughter. My first husband died when this son was 9-yrs-old (and my other two sons were 13 and 5), so I constantly struggle with trying to be enough mother to make up for them losing their father. My daughter is from my second marriage and it sometimes seems that my sons are jealous that she has a father and they don’t…. so I try even harder to fill their gaps. I am being pulled in several directions at once, while always trying to have the faith to accept that only God can fill the gaps in my children’s lives – and in my own. A tall order for a control freak like myself.

    If there is an “award” out there for worst mother, there is an excellent chance I could win it. But I’d rather my children win… all of them.

    • Deb

      P.S. I’d give the other book to my best friend who struggles to trust that God will get through to her only child as he goes in and out of rehab with a heroin addiction.

  289. Trish

    Good to know I’m not the only one that has placed stumbling blocks in my way. Thank you for sharing. I think that I would give it to my friend Shirl from church, but I would also want to read this book as well. I know that I could learn a lot from it.

  290. Lacy Stringer

    I would LOVE a copy of this and a copy to share with my friend and boss, Bobbie Jayne. We compare stories quite often and she helps me realize that what I’m going through is what many moms go through.

  291. Brandi

    I would give this to a dear friend of mine, Jennifer. She follows after God with all her heart, but, like the rest of us, she is human, makes mistakes with her two little blessings, and then wonders if she has ruined them forever—just like me. So I would love to bless her!

  292. Stephanie S

    I’d love to win this. Your post hit close to home this morning as I have done this more times than I’d like to admit.
    If I won I’d give a copy to my friend Courtney. She has so much on her plate and I know she worries she is not enough and that her kids will suffer because of her perceived shortfalls.

  293. Emma R.

    Wow, this question is always on my mind. I have had so many days similar to the one you recounted and the guilt sometimes overwhelms me. I would love to be able to win a package so that I can read the book and learn to let those feelings go and I would love to give the other book to my cousin who is also a first time mom too.

  294. Holly F

    I think this all the time – I didn’t even want kids before I got married because I was so worried I would mess them up. Now we have 3 almost all the same age & I LOVE having them but I get so frustrated sometimes with them and then with myself. So I would love to win this and have a friend named Amy that I would give the other one to. Thanks!

  295. Pam

    I cannot tell you how relieved I feel to know I am not the only one who has less-than-stellar-mama moments. I have wondered way more times than I should have about whether or not I’m messing up my kids. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your book. I would give the second copy to my friend, Missi.

  296. Rachel Campbell

    I am blessed to be remarried to a wonderful man of God! I have 2 biological kiddos and 3 precious step-kids. The moments I feel like the wicked step-mom overrule the days when I feel like I am holding it together. My husband was recently placed on long-term disability, lost half his income, and I work at a non-profit Christian school teaching music to 2-year-olds to 12th graders. Most days I feel like I give more to my students than I have to give, and then have to go home and find enough to give to my children and husband something that’s left – ANYTHING! Talk about feeling like the failure for mother and wife of the year! It’s nice to know I am not alone. Beaver houses are not unfamiliar territory 🙁 I would love a copy of your book so I could utilize it to stay calm and carry on! The second copy I would give to my sister-in-law who recently lost her husband to suicide and is struggling with how to be both parents to her 4 kids. Lisa, thanks for your work you inspire and keep so many of us going!

  297. Geri

    Your so awesome and real. Thank you

  298. Claudia Dalton

    I would give it to my friend Karen, she’s a mother of twins about the same age than my oldest child and we constantly talk about this struggle, the business of life and how it takes control over our actions, our words, our thoughts.

    This came at the perfect day – I had a hard morning with my children, it ended up with all of us in tears, because of the panic of running late, kids not listening, mom falling apart and well.. you know how the story goes, I don’t need to explain.

    Would love to use this book with my ladies group!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!

  299. Joanne

    I have had these moments as well. I can remember being in tears after yelling at my kids for what later seems like nothing. Thinking I must be a terrible mother. It is encouraging to know that I am not the only person who feels this way. I think your advice about letting our to do lists rule our lives is something I need to keep working on. I would give the other copy of the book to my girlfriend who is a single mom with 3 kids – one with autism. I know her struggle is especially hard without having the support of a partner at home.

  300. Sandra Chow

    This sounds so like me this morning. I’ve been so stressed lately and mornings are the worst. With 3 kids to get to school in the morning, I just snapped today. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone. I would give the second copy to my good friend SY who has alot on her plate driving her kids around to various activities.

  301. Tracie

    I would give one to my sister. She and I both struggle as single mothers of multiple children, both of us having a child with autism (runs in families). We both recently started participating more in our churches (we live on opposite sides of the country) realizing that the absence of one father shouldn’t be the absence of the Father. We often wonder what damage we are inflicting upon our children as we continue to cope with our single parenting and a history of hard tempers even though both sets of children tell us frequently that “you are the best mom ever!”. I took a lesson from them in that, reminding myself to tell each of them that they are the best children ever.

    • Laura

      I would give one book to one of my best friends Lesley. She and I met from horrible circumstances we both lost babies at 5 and 6 months but she became one of my best friends and she went on to have 3 kids and so do I. Although we know how much children are a blessing, your posts I always feel like they speak directly to me! I feel like a terrible mother often but I read your posts or talk to my friend and I am like there are others out there just like me! Not the Facebook picture perfect mommy! Thank you thank you for your writings!

    • Eloise

      I would give it to my friend, Paula, because she’s got OCPD, so she struggles with major control issues. I have a feeling this book might’ve therapeutic for both of us!

    • jennifer

      I would give one to my sister in law. We both get much good out of these articles!

  302. Pat


    My girls are grown and married, but I have to tell you how refreshing it is to have a Christian public figure be so willing to share the mess-ups. We women are bombarded with messages about doing it all and being perfect Proverbs 31 women, so it is so encouraging to hear someone share a time when they completely lost it while under stress. We’ve all been there, done that, and then berate ourselves for being the worst moms on the planet. I love your friend’s advice….apologize to those we offended, ask God’s forgiveness, and move on.

  303. Donna Cain

    Your bare honesty and truth make me feel less alone in my struggles with marriage and motherhood. I mean if a famous mother/speaker/blogger can feel the same horrible and gut wrenching feelings/thoughts like me AND share them with the whole world— then there is hope for me. I no longer feel alone and I long to be with God more than ever in my life. Because you bared your soul and became an honest testimony to the struggles women have. Bless you!!!

  304. Meghan

    Thank you for sharing…I think a day doesn’t go by where I don’t struggle with this question.

  305. Melanie

    I just had lunch with a girl friend and our conversation was very much like yours! What a blessign to know we as moms are not alone and we arent the only ones that have those kind of days! I know Jennifer and I would both love this book! Thank you for being such a blessing Lysa and keeping it real!

  306. Wendy

    I needed to read this today! I enjoy all of your and Proverbs 31 ministries posts. I would give a copy of this book to my friend Crystal. She is the friend I would call or text like you did in your situation. She encourages me and prays for me and I do the same for her. We both are moms to boys and can relate really well to each other.

  307. kelly wells

    Oh my gosh did you tap into my brain today???? My best girlriend and i are always atking turns being the “worst mom ever” and looking to support one another thru those awful moments that sometimes turn to days!

  308. AnnMarie Dixon

    I would love to get one of the bundles. I would give it to my neighbour who is a young single mom with 2 children. I am in that season right now where I am questioning myself about my worth as a mom because one of my children thinks I am not supporting her. i encourage with scriptures, tell her everything is going to be all right and take quotes from people like you and give to her but she criticized me and said that’s all I do. Pray for me. I really need the encouragement. Running on empty right now. There is nothing in the tank.

  309. Missy B

    I have a friend who has two children and one is very ADD, ADHD. Her husband works long hours and is already gone in the mornings before the day starts. She works really hard adjusting with her sons behavior and learning disabilities. Parenting is hard normally but you throw in other challenges and you can have one really tired desperate mom.

  310. Kim

    I would give one to my sweet sister. She has 4 kids and is a single mother. I know she would benefit greatly with this book:)

  311. Inga Harris

    As a single mom of a daughter with ADHD, there are more than one bad mom days in my life. I would love to be able to share and study this book with another mom that has a son with ADHD as well and two other younger children. She is experiencing a stressful time in her marriage as well and I think it would bless both of us to remember that our children still know that we love them and we aren’t messing them up too much!

  312. Hilary

    Thank you for posting this….I no longer feel alone in this journey called motherhood 🙂 I have a wonderful friend who also has two children the same age as mine 3 & 6, we would both benefit from this great reading.

  313. Lori hastings

    I would give one to a friend of mine. She is a pastors wife, has 2 small boys, is in charge of our children for our district and is an absolute mom. She always worries about everyone. I would also share with my sister. We both have our grandchildren alot I so enjoy your blogs!!!!

  314. Meg

    I would LOVE to win one of these books! I actually went to both bookstores we have in our small town looking for this book! My son is 2 and the Terrible Twos are here! I feel like a failure almost every day because I am so quick to loose my cool with him. At the end of the day I feel terrible when I think about how he just wants my attention but I am going in a million different directions and can’t always give it to him…. I also have a good friend who has 3 kids and would love to read the book as well. She has a 9 year old, a 7 year old, and a 2 year old. We’re all the time talking about how we just don’t know if we’re going about it the right way …..

  315. maribeth

    In all truthfulness you are not the only mom to have used those words around their kids. I have done it in the past. I am a teacher and last year was an awful school year. I had some really bad teenagers in my Chrisitan School classroom. I took a LOT of anger home to my kids. It was really unfortunate that I let Satan tear me apart like he did. This year my husband and I made the decision to have me cut back to part time. Next year I am cutting back to just subbing the Lord willing. My stress level is not nearly what it was last year. I also am spending a lot more time in the Word and with the WORD! I can always tell when it is being neglected because then those tense lose it moments are more frequent.

  316. Mary Keeter Nichols

    I feel like you just wrote this to me personally as a friend. I often get stressed out with running by boys to their sports, trying to be out every one’s school meetings, games and making sure they stay active in the church. My house ends up being a mess, my heart feels broken, and my body exhausted. I would love to have your book as guidance to a better place. I have a friend who desparately needs to as well. She is a newly single mom trying to figure it all out. Thank you for all you do to spread the word.

  317. Landon G

    Oh yes, I’ve been there many a day. It so nice to know that even the “cream of the crop” moms 😉 have horrible, “Why did God make me a mother” days. It’s always a refreshing reminder that amidst our shortcomings and weaknesses, God is the one who is truly in charge of our children. Love ya, Lysa! Thanks for being SO honest! 🙂

  318. Becky

    I am obsessed with your posts! You’re an inspiration! I would give my book to my friend who just had her 3rd child, a woman who didn’t want anymore kids and is fighting for herself to be the mom God made her. She needs this.

  319. April Keene

    I would love to be able to give this book to my friend Rachel. She is a hardworking single mom with four kids. She often struggles with thinking she has completely blown it with her kids. She is a great mom doing the best she can to raise her kids to love Jesus while working and going to school.

  320. Heather

    Thank you for your honesty. Regardless of all the hats that you wear in your Christian service Mrs. Terkeurst, you make yourself transparent for our encouragement. Often times, when I read your blog, I feel such a since of relief. Even though God has called us to a greater calling, and equipped us accordingly, I am not the only “Jesus Server Girl” who has become a victim of the flesh. Again, thank you for your unedited honesty.

  321. Lori

    I am relieved to hear that others have those moments too. I would give the book to my sister who is a single parent. When faced with a boyfriend who wanted her to terminate her pregnancy she stood her ground and gave birth to a very bright strong willed daughter. The past seven years have been a rollercoaster for her. Her daughters father chose not to b a part of her daughters life . She struggles with patience like all of us but she doesn’t have a partner to give her a break or take over when she is weary. We try to help her as much as possible but I’m sure it’s not often enough. She said to me two days ago that she ” needs church.” I’m praying that we can get her to church and she can see blessings in her life instead of only struggles.

  322. Amy

    I had one of those “worst mom ever” moments last night just before putting the kids to bed. I cried myself to sleep afterwards, even though I’d already apologized to them. It’s so shameful to hear those hurting words pour out of my mouth, knowing they can never be taken back. Thank you for your honesty, and for the hope you bring with this post. I’d love a copy of this book!

    • Amy

      I forgot to say, I’d give the 2nd copy to another friend struggling with the same issue.

  323. Kathy smith

    I would definitely love this book. I feel very much like I have ruined my chances at raising my kids right. It often feels hopeless and discouraging. I would give a book to a neighbor mom of 2 boys…….5years old and 1 year old. She could use the encouragement too.

  324. Julie Sunne

    You move me to tears, make me laugh, convict me, and inspire me all at the same time, Lysa! Loving your heart, embracing your encouragement, studying your communication. In a phrase, you bless me!

  325. Christina May Andrews

    This was wonderful– heartwarming and funny. I hate it when things just slip out!

  326. Melanie Nolan

    I would give one to my sister. She is raising triplets on her own since her husband passed away after a long battle with a brain tumor. She lives on the other side of the country from the rest of her family. Daily life is a struggle on her own.

  327. Catherine E

    Ah Lysa, the realities of life 🙂 Thank you so much for your honesty and realness. I would love to read the book and I would give the second copy to a dear friend who has 4 young children and is looking after her Mother who is going through Chemo whilst she herself is living and battling with her own serious health issues.

  328. Jane BB

    I would put the other copy in our MOPS group’s fledgling “library.” This fits perfectly with this year’s theme of a Beautiful Mess.

  329. Ashley P

    Wow!!! Everything you say/write is designed for me to hear exactly when I need it! I’m a mother of a 2 yo and a 1 month old and some days my toddler really pushes me to the limit! I end up hating myself after my explosions toward her and let satan tell me that I’m a horrible mother and that I’m going to make her into an insecure child that hates her mother. Aaaaah! Thank you for letting God use you to reach so many!!! I would share this book with my mom2mom group that is full of moms who have expressed their same frustrations. (And love your writing as well)

  330. Melissa

    Oh how I would love to read this! And I would share a copy with one of my other new mommy friends!

  331. Kristi

    I would share this with my friends from Mom groups and school. I think we all need these reminders.

  332. Pat T

    Lysa, Thank you so much for being so open to sharing with us. I used to think that Christian writers and pastors were so close to God that everything in their lives were perfect and I could never have that. But God has been showing me we are all human and make mistakes, whether our kids are toddlers, teens or young adults. I would share this book with a sweet neighbor who loves God and is trying so hard to raise godly sons (one with autism). Blessings to you sweet Lysa!

  333. Deb

    I became a mom again, (foster mom), for 4 children ages 4-8 and I am 60 Years old! My own 3 daughters are grown and my mothering has changed and I felt as your you stated in your blog that I was the worst mom and now to start over without a lot of support I think I would find the book more than helpful. I would share the other book with a friend who is struggling with her 22 year old daughter who calls her mom and curses her mom and states she has messed her life up when in actuality the daughter has unresolved emotional issues. I believe in my heart this book would really touch my friend’s heart and reassure her that Jesus loves her and that she would find some peace and encouragement through the pages of your book. Thank-you for being so real and dealing with real problems and not being ashamed to tell us and help us.

  334. Christine Noggle

    I would give a copy to my best friend Peggy Schilling because she just got done with a thre and a half year battle with luekemia with her 7 year old, and asked me the other day if she was doing things ok as a mom bcause of the way she treated him, spoiled him, and not the other 2 siblings.
    I would also give a copy to a co-worker who is pregnant with her first child and questions herself sometimes worried about being a goood parent.
    my copy is bcause i am sick probably won’t last too many more years and want to know how to not mess them up so when i am gone they will be good christians!!!
    thank you,

  335. Jacqueline

    I would love to give this gift of encouragement to my friend Ashley. We’ve recently become wonderful friends, even though it seems like we’ve known each other forever, and she has been such an inspiration to me (a new mom). Ash has 3 little ones (9mth -5 yrs) and her sweet spirit is contagious. And she is hilarious! She truly has a heart of gold and she is changing the world
    everyday by raising these amazing babies and helping others feel gorgeous on the outside while she listens to who they are on the inside (beautician). She is a such hard working wife, mother, and friend. I love my friend and am blessed to know her!

  336. Rosalinda Avilez

    I would love to read this book book because lately I have been asking myself if I am messing up. My son is 11 years old and I can’t seem to understand his decisions. He has a very bad attitude and talks back. We have tried many ways to discipline but I always wonder if thats what we should be doing. My husband works a lot. I have a 7 yearl old and a 6 year old too. I need to learn what God says when it comes to parenting. I want to do His will. I need Him. I would give the other copy to my friend Erica who is going through a few bumps on the road too. We both pray for each other and encourage each other.I can so relate to your blog. there’s a so many things to do school, baseball,volunteer time, cleaning, doing laundry, dropping off kids, picking up kids oh the list can go on and on. Then I realize I didn’t spend time with my Lord in the morning. No wonder I’m a mess. The last two weeks I have been getting up early to read my bible and it makes a day and night difference.

  337. Ramona

    I would love to have a copy of this book for myself and would give one to my dear friend, Stacey. I have had days like the one Lysa described and appreciate her honesty and testimony that we need to be sure and spend time with the Lord, even more so during those hectic, stressful times that a lot of moms encounter!!

  338. Crystal Stone

    I think every parent has moments of doubt and wonders if they have or are going to mess up their kids. I have two girls and I sometimes lay in bed and wonder which one is going to need the most therapy! I would love to share a book like this with my friend Denise. She has had a tough couple of years with her marriage and work. She has a daughter that just turned 19 and a son that just turned 3! She is pulled in a lot of different directions, and I pray for her all the time that she will have a better knowledge of God’s love, and will know his peace.

  339. nancys1128

    I would give one of the books to the fellow-mom with whom I am starting a girls mentoring group next year. I think it’s key for leaders to be on the same page, and if we each had this book it would only enhance the existing same page position in which we currently find ourselves.

  340. Tania J

    I’d give this to my friend E. We both have four children and some days we need a do-over–this book will likely give our do-over days a better focus. 🙂

  341. Jennifer Chambers

    I would give one to my friend Alana. She has two kids almost 2 years and 3 years. We both seem to feel the same way as being a mother. We often feel we aren’t giving our children what they completely need and what we can do to be better mothers (more patient!!!). We share the same feelings of not feeling adequate enough! We both strive to be the best mothers we can be to our children.

  342. April Selby

    I would give a copy to my best friend. She and I both struggle with anxiety/depression issues. I Am constantly fighting a war between my disorder and what I knoW God wants for me as a mother. I would love the opportunity to share this with my BFF so the two if us can be encouraged as mothers.

  343. Chelsea Rustad

    I would give the other book to my sister – she was due three days ago with her first baby! I am so excited to get to fly to help her with her baby, but wouldn’t it be amazing if she could begin motherhood with this in her tool chest?? Perfect new baby gift!!

  344. Tia

    I would give one of the books to another mom in my mom’s group, and get the enough for the rest of us to read together and learn together from. We all have children, ages 7 and under, and think it would be a great learning tool, and a way to grow closer to each other and God.

  345. Stacia Dunning

    We have a big group of single moms at our church. We have come to lean on, cry on, laugh with, hold up, and praise God with each other. It would be fabulous to share this book with ALL of us to reinforce that even though we are sure we are doing it wrong, God will help us to do it right!!

  346. jen

    A good friend of mine b/c she is real about her fears and failures.

  347. Angela

    I need this book! We are adopting our 2nd and 3rd child and boy it can be so hard sometimes. If I was blessed with this bundle I would share the other 2 copies with other adoptive moms that question their parenting and need God to help them through the tough days.

  348. Kerry

    I would give one to my sister. She has 4 yr old twins and one has been recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Through this experience with her child, she has come to know Jesus, and her need for Him! Praise, that God can use the scariest circumstances to bring us to Him at just the right time (I have prayed and tried to teach her about Jesus for 18 years!). She struggles daily with blood sugars and discipline, and just seeking God in a way that she never knew how to do before. It’s a scary time for her, but a blessed time!!

  349. Ally Roscoe

    I would give the book to my friend from my mom’s group, Jeana. She is also a military spouse and we both struggle with the stresses of “single parenting” and small children, as our husband are currently on or headed back to deployable status. Oftentimes, we are alone, doing the early morning, the bedtimes, the middle of the nights so our husbands can get their sleep. We are blessed to be able to stay at home, but sometimes when you carry the majority of the load alone, it can be more of a prison than a safe haven. I LOVE your books, your studies and Proverbs 31 – no matter what happens,. THANK YOU for all the encouragement I already receive daily from your sites!

  350. Ashley

    Oh could I ever devour this book!! I’d share with my friend B. We as mothers all worry if we’re doing this right! Lord knows we need some encouragement!

  351. Andrea Vrtikapa

    I am so happy to have found this blog and hope I get to read it often. I feel like this happens to me every day! I would love to give one book to my sister-in-law a single mother.

  352. leann

    I would pass these around a whole group of women who are dear to me…we all have shared these moments with one another and take turns as worst mommy. 🙂 So thankful for these women who share honestly through great mommy moments as well as worst mommy moments. 🙂

  353. Megan

    I would love this book right now! I have several young mom friends like myself and we have these same “I’m a horrible mother” moments that we share with each other that I’d have to read my copy and lend out both books! Thank you for your honesty and encouragement:)

  354. Leah

    Thank you! I struggle so much with the same issue, thanks for making me laugh today and maybe forgive myself. I would give one of these books to my sister in law. We have children the same age, and struggle with some of the same issues.

  355. Angie Uher

    I would give it to my friend Casie because the other night in our Bible study class we both were saying how we hadn’t grown up in a Christian home or with Christian parents and that we feel like we are messing up left & right with our children with the challenges they face among their peers. We have seen some major improvement since taking the Unglued Bible study but I still ask God daily to forgive me for my parenting mistakes.

  356. Jennifer

    I would give one to my sister and then when I finished with mine I would add it to my school library to allow my parents to check it out and read it.

  357. Fran Cornish

    I am a mentor mom. I would give one book to the group of young moms that I am mentoring for them to read & pass around the group. I would read the other one & then send it to my daughter who is a mom to three of my beautiful grandchildren! I’m sure I will greatly benefit reading it from a grandmother’s standpoint as well!

  358. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for this blog post! It brought tears to my eyes. Especially the part about stop letting Satan get the best of you. How often I forget that I can start over again at anytime! That I just have to go to my heavenly Father & ask! Instead I will spend an entire day beating myself up and making matters worse. I would LOVE a copy of your book and I would give a copy of it to one of the other moms in my church. Not sure who yet…..we all struggle, and we all need the encouragement. I would pray about it & ask God to let me know who needs it the most. Thank you for this post!

  359. Stephanie

    I just bought one of these when I heard you speak recently… so I’d give BOTH away! 🙂 Probably to my MOPS group so they could give them away to a couple of moms in the group!

  360. Rachelle S

    I would give this to my friend Kim. She has a lot on her plate but never ever refuses to serve others.
    I have to say, your post could not have come at a more appropriate time for me. I have uttered these words out loud. Thank you for sharing your life experiences. 🙂

  361. Christina Stollmack

    I would give a copy of this book to a great friend so we can read it together.

  362. SLewis

    I would give one to a sweet friend of mine. We often share our insecurities as mothers and I know she would love to receive it!

  363. mamabethy

    Yes please. I need this book. I don’t know anyone as dysfunctional as me yet…so I would have to pray who to give it to.’

  364. Marlena Bell

    I would LOVE to read this book! As a working mother, I find myself asking myself this question daily! I would gift a book to a friend who struggles with this as well. We could both use the encouragement these days!

  365. Adele

    I would give one to my friend Megan. She is constantly on the go and pouring out into to others

  366. Kendi

    Your honesty is a breath of fresh air! This blog is EXACtLY what I needed today. Between two little boys, a husband with a job and full time college and a precious baby on the way life is crazy! Thanks for the reminder to not choose the urgent!! I’d love to read this and pass on to a good friend.

  367. Jaime

    I’d give one to my best friend. We are both stay at home moms to small children and we often lean on each other when we have one of “those days.” So excited to make this book part of my quiet time.

  368. Mandy

    My son is only 18 months, but these thoughts go thru my head almost daily! I would give the book to another mom friend I met at church. Her son is the same age and I feel we go thru all the same experiences at almost the same time. It seems like we trade days on comforting one another and saying, “It’s okay, no you aren’t a terrible mother, I went thru that situation yesterday.”

  369. Michelle

    I would give one to my close friend because we both question if we are doing right. If we are making right decisions regarding our kids. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life.

  370. Lisa

    Such wonderful direction we get from you Lysa. If I won this contest I would feel so blessed. It has been a really rough year for me. After I dried my tears of joy…I would give the extra book to my friend that brought me ultimately closer to God by gently being there for me and sweetly suggesting I try her church. Funny to read this today…I blew up today so bad I went back to bed. Good luck to all and to all be unglued.

  371. Donnell E

    I would love to read this book. I have had so many of those same questions in my mind. I would share the extra books with my friend & sister who could also use the encouragement as a mom,

  372. Jeannine

    I’d share one with ladies in my life group. Our kids range in age from pre-school to entering jr high, and we’re consistently re-affirming each other as good mothers. This would be good to read together.

  373. Jessica

    I would give the book to one one of the moms in the life group that I lead…maybe turn it into a drawing! Most of us have one or more young kids and could all benefit from a book like this!

  374. Tina Fussell

    Thank you for always being so transparent. Unfortunately I’ve had too many of those days lately. I can think of several friends who would benefit from this read. Perhaps we would just take turns reading and passing it on.

  375. Trisha

    I would love to read this book. I am always feeling harried to get things done and oftentimes, I don’t put parenting at the top of my to-do list. I would give the extra copy to my sister, who is also my best friend. Her son and my daughter are close in age so we like to compare notes!

  376. GMC3MOM

    I would give the 2nd copy to a friend who is struggling as a parent right now. She is second guessing everything she is and has done. She is navigating teenage years and still adjusting to her growing family (due to a recent adoption their family doubled). She is a great mom, but puts a lot of pressure on herself …. feeling ultimately responsible for their outcomes (as do we all). I think a book like this would be great for her.

  377. Terry Thielen

    I am holding it for my step daughter when she gets older.

  378. Amanda

    I have asked this question so many times and I have had one of those worst mom days ever this past Monday. Pre-existing conditions like PMS never help my worst mom days either! 🙂 All that to say…I think I’m going to have to ask for this book for Christmas!! Thanks Lysa, for inspiring moms like me to remember we are just human, we have to look to God first for help in raising our kids, and it’s not crazy to let your kids know you are not perfect and to ask their forgiveness (I have been looked at like I have four heads for saying that out loud–I asked my kiddo for forgiveness–and people treated me like I had just committed a giant parenting sin!). Thanks Lysa!

  379. Erin

    I would donate it to my MOPS group, I know this is something we all deal with, how refreshing that it be brought to light, and to have something to save us from “mommy guilt”.:)

  380. LaurieW

    I would love to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

  381. Pamela Borders

    I would give the other copy to my friend Meredith. She has a 9 year old stepdaughter and a almost 2 year old son. Her daughter has lived with her and her husband since she was four years old but it has been a rough five years. Meredith has been struggling with her faith lately and that bleeds over into her family relationships. She tries to be a good mother, and she really is, she just needs to find her faith again. I myself have five kids (9yrs-6 months) and struggle daily to keep my time with the Lord first. It seems I’m always being pulled in all directions. Thank you for your words to let me know I’m not alone in my struggles.

  382. Susan

    I came across your blog at the best time, and without a doubt, I know God led me here. I am in the midst of a difficult situation with my oldest son, and early this morning with my eyes full of tears, I cried out to God in prayer for direction. God showed His grace and mercy to us today, and we are soooo thankful. However, as a single mother, I often feel like I’m failing my children. I try not to be overwhelmed and distracted, but it appears as if my strength is always being tested. I know we have a mighty God, and I understand that He should be glorified in EVERY situation. Above all else, I want my children to see, know, and understand that their lives should be lived for God’s glory and purpose.
    The second book I would give to my sister. She lost her husband 3 years ago and became a widow with 2 beautiful children at a very young age. He passed away from a heart attack at 33. It was a tragic and sudden loss. This book would be an awesome way for us to learn together and support each other even deeper than we already are.

  383. Mandeep Rayat

    I would give it to my dear friend and sister in Christ. Who is 7 years younger than me. She has no kids, never been married or divorced. But she often shares with me what she has learned through various experiences through life (so many) She blesses me when she imparts her wisdom when I struggle as a single parent and breakdown. She dreams so fondly about having children of her own. I would like to give her this gift to encourage her to believe God for her desires to be a mom, like she forever encourages me through my brokenness, I want her to never have to go through some of the trials I have experienced.

  384. Becky Graves

    I would give the free one to a member of the study group I hope to get together that we could go thru this with!!

  385. Meghan

    I would give one of the books to my older sister. My sister is single and 4 years ago decided to step out in faith and adopt two little girls, biological sisters from the foster care system. She had always wanted to be a mother and just had not met a Christian man and knew that God had laid it on her heart to adopt. At the time the girls were 2 and 3 years old and had come from a very rough past life. She knew that it would be a challenge being a single mom and working a full time job but she trusted God and made a commitment to the girls that she wouldn’t leave them. Now the girls are school aged and one of them has struggled in school and my sister has entered a very challenging time. I know she is stressed and questions many times if she is messing up. I know this could be an encouragement to her. I am a stay at home mom of three young kids and I tell her all the time I’m not sure how she does it on her own. I look up to her so much and have always admired her faith and strength. Thank you for this opportunity!

  386. Lisa

    I would give one to my best friend, who is a single mom and an awesome daycare provider. She has given up so much for her kids and I know she has lots of days that threaten to put her over the edge. But she always turns to her God for the strength to keep going. She is an angel in disguise!

  387. Kim C

    I would give your book to my sis-in-law. 🙂 About 2 weeks ago she said that she had a “worst mom ever day.” She & my brother have 2 birth sons & adopted sisters (2) from Ethiopia. My brother recently completed a deployment to Afghanistan. This lady is a hero!
    I would love a book for myself, to help me in raising my 5 blessings!

  388. Kristy Moore

    I would give one to a mom to be. Someone that maybe I could help before hand to let them REALLY enjoy being a mother!!!!

  389. Carrie Converse

    I would give one to my best friend who has seen me through thick and thin over the past thirty years, even when I wasn’t so sure if I would have stood by me. She is a awesome person and struggles with the role of mother even though not only I but her kids. She had four of her own and adopted 9, so she has 13 children total. In many of the case the children had some emotional issues that made it more of a challenge.One of the children has alcohol fetal syndrome and is an added challenge. She supports her children and they are wonderful. She has a deep love for the Lord and I think that she would really enjoy this book, as would I

  390. Sarah

    I would raffle the other one off at the mops group I coordinate. Everyone could benefit!

  391. Michelle Albrecht

    Thank you for your honesty!! So many days I lose it on my kids and think the same things! I doubt my faith because I think, “how can I be acting this way if I am a follower of Jesus?!!” “From the overflow of the heart…”, right?! You have also stressed the fact that it is so imperative that we have an accountability friend. Thank you for encouraging this mom and helping me to remember that it is so important not to stay “stuck” in the negative light that we tend to see ourselves in. We need to remember how Jesus sees us! I would love this book and know a good friend who would appreciate it, too!

  392. Amy

    Lysa, I just want to first thank you for helping me with “unglued” book. I also thank you for having Facebook blogs and messages daily that in courage me not to give up on myself!
    I would love to have this book and saki give the other to my best friend, Ginger who is my god sent Christian friend who I can call with situations like your “biscuit run and soccer morning” and would respond exactly the way your friend did.
    I am a mom of 4. I have a 4 year old daughter (with my current husband) 10 year old daughter (from previous marriage) 15 year old step daughter and 12 year old step son (both from my husbands previous marriage). I thought being a mother was hard but a step mother has really torn me down lately. Daily I feel like I am a failure at being a Mom all together. I work a full time high stressful job as a 911 dispatcher and teach bible study to children K thru 5th grade! I try so hard to be the wife, woman, & mother God wants me to be but satan attacks me daily!! I have read so many books about being a mom, step mom and Christian woman but none have touched my heart as much as Unglued!!! I know I’m rambling but I know this book would help me, my friend and so many other women in my life!!! Thank you for helping moms like me feel normal when nothing seems normal!!!
    Love & Blessings

  393. Erica

    I would share this book with my beautiful friend Jessica. She has been such a blessing to me during my momma journey =)

  394. Michele Barrett

    Thanks for your encouragement & heart to share even the stumbles in parenting.

    If I win the book bundle I want to say I’d give the 2nd book to my sister Rox, but I’d want to pray & see if the Lord put someone else on my heart.

    Have a great day 🙂

  395. Meridith

    Thank you so much for your honesty – I’ve been feeling like such a failure lately. This book would be a great gift for any of my Mom friends but I have one special friend in mind that could use a soft place to land.

  396. Nicole Sansom

    I would give the other book to my sister-in-law. She is a wonderful mother to her boys but over analyzes every decision she makes. I know if she read this book from Lysa it would soften her heart and boost her confidence that she is NOT messing up her kids!!!
    I would read it with an open heart and mind to accept the changes I need to make in my own life to be a better mother.

  397. Traci

    Oh my goodness! Lysa, you have spoke so much truth into my life it’s unreal. I recently did a study through your book Unglued with my church ladie’s group. I just looked up this book last night and thought about buying it. I always feel that way about my life & my children. I’m a young mom, had my first at 17 and twins at 19 and I’m only 22. I always feel like there is more everything else than me! I would give the second copy to my best friend, who is a foster mom and often struggles with the same things. She takes in these children and loves them to pieces and tries to set their lives back on track. I know she would benefit from this book! Thank you for being you, Lysa, and working hard to enrich others’ lives!!

  398. Leslie

    I would give one copy to my sister and the other to a dear friend. Being mommy has been the most rewarding and taxing experience of my life! I would love this encouragement on this walk. And I would love something to read while I’m up nursing baby number four who is three weeks old!

  399. Alyson smith

    This story is plucked from my life… Except I lost it with my kids in a Burger King drive thru- complete with getting out of the car, walking around and opening the van door. Yes I was a CRAZY MINI VAN MOM!! No one was listening and everyone was talking while I tried to order lunch.. I would give one book to my friend who has three children and would so appreciate it. We talk about what we do and how we react to our children convinced we are “messing them up.”

  400. Leah

    I’d keep one and give on to my friend Mary Anne. We both have boys and work full time and between balancing work, home, being a wife and other family obligations we both feel like we don’t give enough to our children. It’s hard to balance a career and being a mom bc we always feel guilty about not doing something. This book seems like it would be a great encouragement to both of us!

  401. Twana

    I’d give the other book to my BFF, who is raising a teenage daughter that is beginning to rise up and give her trouble in rebellion. She’s raising 2; I’m raising 4. With Christian husbands/fathers that are so busy/overworked, the job is often left TO US to do EVERYTHING. We are doing our best, but regularly discuss the fact that instead of saving for the kids’ college educations, we might consider putting away a small bundle to cover their therapy sessions… And, that’s if they ever speak to us again after leaving home! 😉

  402. Jen

    I’d love to share one with my widowed sister who has three kiddos and is raising them alone… And is probably a better mom than I am WITH the help of my hubby! Lol!

  403. Jess W

    I can’t really think of anyone not to give this book too. I guess we have all been there. I think I live there at the moment though. It is so hard with so many littles not too. Each day I pray for strength, love, and patience and each day it seems I blow it. I just hope God can redeem it, my kids will forget the bad, remember the good, and draw close to Him despite my flawed example.

  404. Becky

    I’d give the book to my friend, Amanda, who’s cut from the same cloth as me: the short-tempered kind. I struggle so with anger and am constantly repenting and asking my kids to forgive me. I’m making imperfect progress!

  405. Kathy

    I ask this question almost daily. My biggest fear is loosing my children to the world, and being the one that blindly pushes them toward it. I would give the book to my sister, who is going through a messy divorce and now raising her three children alone. She needs Jesus. Her kids need a mom that needs Jesus.

  406. Leslie Crysel

    I would share one with a dear sister in Christ. We both are walking through some trials with our kids and have been asking ourselves that very question. At times we both feel like we have failed miserably and have to remember who we are in Christ and that He ultimately is the one we have to hold on to.

  407. Heather Morales

    I’d give the other book to my cousin because we often ponder this question together. I have 4 kids, ages 5-13 . She is raising her little sister, her husband’s little brother and their son. They’re expecting number 4 in March.

  408. Kim

    I would give one copy to my sweet, young friend, Amy. She is a single mother to two boys, one of whom is very angry and the other has special needs. Her parents died together in a tragic drowning accident a few years ago and she has struggled ever since. She has recently come to know the Lord and embrace Him. She would definitely benefit from the book! And after I’m doing reading my copy, I would pass it on to my friend/co worker, JoAnn (working mom of three boys). Thank you for the opportunity and being so honest and “getting it!”

  409. melanie

    i’d give one to my best friend. because we’ve both said these things. THIS WEEK. if i don’t win i am going to buy this book anyways. i appreciate your real-ness. you keep me going when i feel like giving up. God speaks through you. Thank you.

  410. Jeniffer fowell

    What a blessing these words you spoke today were. I have 5 axing children but it most certainly isn’t because I am an amazing mother and I feel as If I fell them everyday. These words encouraged me to put my to do list down and pick up my word first…… If I was to receive you books I would give my wonderful sister-in-law the other boom as she is a new believe and is havin issues with her daughter whome is almost 7. She takes a lot of the responsibility of her daughters issues on herself. Really she is an amazing mother and just needs to realize that.

  411. Loren

    I would give my second book to my friend Michelle. We have thoroughly enjoyed our MOMS small group that has studied two of your other books so far. We keep thinking we should give other authors a chance too, but you keep coming out with books that speak directly to us!!!

  412. Janene

    Lysa, THANK YOU for being transparent!! My heart needs to hear that someone else has the same spiritual attacks in everyday life while serving the Lord and attempting to be a good example as a parent! I have been a christian for over 1/2 my life ( a long time ) & I have a real relationship with Jesus but I am ssoo hard on myself & I find it hard to forget the mistakes I have made in raising my boys & am constantly wondering what people must think of me! I admit there are times that this hits harder than others but its been hard for a while it seems. I have been praying for a help, something that speaks to me in a language that clicks?! I “get” things when I hear you speak or read your words on page…I would love to read this book & pray that God would use it to help me put the past in its place & live the future more victoriously! I have a friend who’s story would be very similiar to all Ive just shared & I would give the aecond book to her & bless it with prayer as I out it into her sweet hands. Thank you & God bless & bless & bless your ministry!!

  413. Darcey

    Oh, this book is for me. I have been wanting to read it, but haven’t had the money or time to read it. Love that you wrote a book for all of us. Who would I give a copy to? One of my friends who always feels the same way. Thank you so much!!

  414. Dawn Johnson

    I would give one to my neighbor. We share a lot of the same struggles. Definitely could use some encouraging words. I love your other books. I find that I can really relate to you. They have been a great blessing to me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  415. Allison Rickett

    I would love to get a copy if this book! And one for my friend who has 8 kids and one on the way! She definitely seems to have it all together with such a large family, but in our talks our struggles are the same even though I currently have one! This is such a far reaching topic and enjoy reading things like this to know I’m not alone with my struggles as a first time mom. Thank you for all that you do!

  416. Lara

    I had 4 daughters & now have 8 grandchildren with 9 coming any day & 10 we just found out arrives in 7 months I would give other to my girls. They are wonderful ladies & mothers! I’m thankful I thought my girls to love The Lord ! Job well done!

  417. Andria Booles

    wow! I so need this book. just this week, God asked me to surrender my oldest child to Him. Over the last 8 months, he had to be put in several rehabs and his biological father fights me on every inch of help I seek to find. With my up bring of having parents who can’t stand to be in the same room together, I have offered so much forgiveness and grace to my ex. Sometimes, I think to much, but God keeps reminding me that it is boundless. However, I am reaching the end of my sanity as the fight to have proper parental boundaries overlap relational distance when my son ran away to his father’s house. My husband, who raised him since he was two, and other three children are devastated. The triangular relationship is farther compounded because my ex lives five houses down and he has a child from another marriage the exact same age as mine, in the same classroom. Then add several educational, biological, and emotional diagnosis to my children and we have a recipe of pure mother failure! Against all my best efforts, against me crying out to God for direction, against them having the most loving Godly father, my husband) in their life to direct them, being a parent is the most painful, wonderful, and complicated job there is! And if my heart’s desire matched up with my ability, I would be the best parent in the world!

  418. Keri Tifft

    I feel lost and overwhelmed most days. I find myself doing something I swore I never would, wishing time away. I have taken on way to much this year, and I am ashamed to say God has taken a backseat. I work part time in the emergency room, seeing the worst of the worst (although I love my job and feel that it’s my calling, it is stressful). I started homeschooling my 7 & 5 year old to try to infuse God more into their lives. I want to be a stay at home mom to better my children, but can’t afford it, I love to teach, so I started back to school for my masters in nursing education so I might be able to work from home in 2 years. I also just had a baby 2 weeks ago. I have realized that I can’t do everything that I’ve put on my plate. I wasn’t expecting the pregnancy, we had been praying and trying for 2 years and I had given up hope. I was blessed with a beautiful healthy girl, and I am ashamed of myself how after being given such an amazing gift, God answering my prayers, I still don’t make enough time for Him. I worry that with being so overwhelmed I’m not giving my children the nurturing support they need. I find myself being short with them and getting frustrated. I feel so rushed I don’t take time for what they love, arts and crafts. I just check the boxes that need to be done. I feel lost and just looking for something to help me find my way back to God and know I’m not alone. Other mom’s struggle too, right?

  419. Megan Palmer

    Oh I can so relate to this!!! I feel like this almost daily. I know I don’t spend enough time reading the word and spending time with God. I have three kids 7 and under, they test my patients more then I ever thought possible, and I know I fail them at times. I’m not sure who I would give the other book too…I have many girlfriends who I know struggle with the same things I do, we could probably all pass it around! LOL
    Thank you Lysa for showing is your heart and being vulnerable…it helps to know I’m not alone!

  420. Heather B.

    I would give the book to my best friend, Sarah. We both have a passion for raising our children to love The Lord and to love people. She has 2 children and I have 5. We talk to each other frequently about our “unglued” moments and our struggles. We encourage each other and help each other along this journey of motherhood. I’m so thankful for her!

  421. Tracy

    I’d give one to my sister… She constantly stresses about her kids and maybe a voice of reason that is not me will bring her some peace and much needed reinforcements.

  422. Sherry

    It is a lie if I said that though never crosses my mind from time to time. I know however that it is the thief that comes to steal that tries to put thoughts like that in your head. I am in a blended family, we struggle all the time to do what is right in God’s eyes and so many times we’re faced with opposition that we will fail. I know that through Gods grace we have made it and will continue to push against the people that put us down. Including the voice in my head that wants us to fail. We are raising our kids for a higher purpose, they are not really our kids, but Gods. So many women forget that. I would share this book with my soon to be mom, sister in law if she would read it. She has never had a good relationship with me because I believe she prefers my husbands first wife, but I think it would be good for her to read it. I love all your books and follow on FB. Thanks for your courage to write.

  423. Erin Sykes

    I would give mine to one to a dear friend. We both seem to come To each other sometimes feeling that we’ve done the worst. We both can come together and encourage each other and sometimes laugh at the silly thing we or our children have done. We do have a lot of stories to share as our oldest boys are in he same class together! I would love to be able to share this book with her the next time we are pouring our hearts out and praying for each other.

  424. Sharon

    Hi, LOVE you so much, Lysa! I would give a book to my best friend Alisa, who JUST moved across country, and I miss her terribly. She & I used to sit and talk for hours about things just like this… so she would relate, like I did, to the thoughts of “Am I ruining my kids?” Thanks!

  425. Stephanie

    I’d give it to my dear friend who struggles with me and never judges, who makes me laugh with her worst mom stories and shares the proud mom moments. She has had a rough year and could use the encouragement. Thanks for sharing, Lysa!

  426. Maggie

    I would love a copy of your book! Boy could I use it! With two kiddos under 4, a military husband, and a baby on the way I am always second guessing my parenting!! Lord, help me if I’m not on my knees daily asking him & them to forgive me for my short temper!! I would also share a copy of your book with a dear (non-Christian) friend of mine who could really use the encouragement, both as a mother & coming from a Christian woman!! Oh how we all stumble!! Thank you for this blog & for your willingness to be so real with all of us!! I can totally relate girl!!

  427. Breanne

    I would love the opportunity to give this gift to another mom who God’s presents to me as some who needs this encouragement. Personally I would love to read this as well to help with my inner terminal. I was just telling my husband this very same thing when this post popped up in my Facebook feed. I am a mother of three all under the age of 5 and I know I have unrealistic expectations for myself and need God’s guidance more than ever! I feel God pulling me closer to him daily.

  428. Davina

    I would give book to my bestie – Ashley! I think we all have those days where we feel like we are the worst mom in the world. She always reminds me that I am not and that its just a bump in the road and its going to be ok. I hope that I can do the same for her – Even though I am pretty sure she is super mom and doesn’t need my help! =)

  429. Justina

    I would give one a good friend of mine at church! She and I talk often about raising our children and often times “Losing It”…We both know we are works in progress and continue seeking HIM together!

  430. Teresa Shelton

    I love your openness! My daughters are grown now and reading this story brought back many memories of what I called the “mommy monster”. As much as we want to be perfect mom’s, we never will be but with God’s grace he can equip us with what we need! One of my daughters is now raising her own precious little ones. I would definitely give her a copy as well as my sister-in-law who’s is a single mom trying hard to raise two kids on her own. Thanks so much for sharing your stories!

  431. Christine Sullivan

    “I asked God to forgive me…but most of all for getting too busy to spend time with Him.”

    That statement just stopped me in my tracks. I would give both books (after I read one) to multiple parents through our school library. I am a parent of three but also an administrator at a K4-8th, Christian school of discipleship. We have parenting course that are required (Tripp brothers) and are always looking for down to earth, practical resources for our parents. Thanks for the encouragement and “realness” of your publications.

  432. Cynthia Salas Rodriguez

    I love the topic. I’ve asked that question several times for many years. I’m a single mom so all the tugs, all the questions, all the hurts, all their ailments, all the homework, all the demands, all the laundry, all the cooking, all the house chores, etc… the list goes on and on fall on my shoulders. Sometimes I can respond in a loving way while other times I can snap at my daughters in harsh ways. I feel so guilty when I do that. I know the Lord and I know what He requires of me but I am human at many times I find myself exhausted, warned and depleted and unworthy of being called a mother. Although I have struggled for 10 years as a single mom my girls are wonderful girls. For that, I am grateful to my precious Father that regardless of my struggles He finds me right where I am at and He helps restore me, guide me and leads me in being the best mom I can be.

  433. Christa

    I have to say thank you to a friend that shared this with me. I have another friend that I would share this book with as we chat on a regular basis about how we messed up with our children.

  434. Maria R

    Let me first explain that I am part of a dual military couple. My husband and I are in the US Navy and have been for 16 years. We had two handsome, kind, energetic boys who are 9 and 7. They have had an interesting and challenging life; my youngest has already endured 3 moves and two schools and just under half his life I was deployed (the other half dad was gone). I mean that in itself is enough to make a mother (or father) question their choices and priorities. I have to admit just remembering the separation brings tears and pain as I question ” is this going to mess up my kids”. So as if that is not enough I also tend to let little things set me off ” seriously, we are about to leave the house and you didn’t even brush you hair, COME ON!” God has blessed me with conviction so I too regret saying things like this as soon as they come out. I give myself a couple second to cool off and then explain in a calmer manner what I meant to say. Well I feel like I could go on for days talking about my “bad mom” moments. I would love to have this book and I would give the other to my son Daniel’s 2nd grade teacher who has become a friend as we talked about our kids during soccer practice. I don’t think I need to say this but in our line of work we don’t have a great deal of support and working all the time makes it hard to make friends especially for an introvert like me. Lysa you don’t know how much your “confessions” make me feel normal. By the grace of God our kids will turn out great. I am so thankful for God’s love and mercy.

  435. Lisa

    I would give one to my dear friend who is the wife of a pastor. She works a full time job and is also the worship leader at our church. I think the church (especially the ladies) forget that they (pastor’s wives) are by no means perfect and so often they feel pressured to be perfect knowing that they are being more carefully watched because they are the wife of a pastor. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  436. Kristi

    I would give one to my best friend, the friend to whom I’ll tell your story and we will laugh, oh we will laugh, that saying “beaver’s home” to your kid would make you think you’re the world’s worst mother! Seriously, I was expecting something much worse to come out! Glad to be wrong!

    I regularly fear I am messing up my kids (and though I’ve not yet sworn at them, I think you’re doing much better than I!), and I would love to read your book. I’m a big fan of your Made to Crave book and workbook.

  437. Keilani Kibby

    I struggle with this constantly. Being a single mother I always feel so overwhelmed and I say things that I wish I hadn’t said after they are said.

  438. Lisa Richardson

    I have so done exactly what you said you did with Ashley, I am horrified about how I talk to my children when I have a bad mommy day. I have a friend that I am mentoring, we are working through an online Bible study now, but this would so be good for her too. She tells me all the time that she gets frustrated with her son and “loses it” with him. I would love to give her this. I can’t wait to read this study, I will definitely have to make this book a new addition to my collection. Thank you for your honesty about your momma moments, it’s so nice to know that we are not alone.

  439. Kaia Ackerman

    My good friend Michele. She is a newly single mom with a 2 year old boy and 4 year old girl.

  440. Nina Lapuste

    I would give one to my amazing sister in law. We both love your books so very much and love how open and honest you are. I am currently reading ‘Made to crave’. I have been on my new eating healthy plan for close to a month now and dropped 10lbs!!! Also I ran yesterday for the first time in 10 years. Thank you so much for the amazing work you do and for encouraging me to crave God not the things of this world. You are a true blessing and inspiration to women!!!

  441. Janet

    My family is being torn apart and I struggle with this thought daily and more so as I receive my children back from their Dad and his family. Thank you for the support!!

  442. Nicole S

    Oh my goodness! This has been the burning question in my life for several weeks now. I would share the second copy of this book with a girlfriend of mine who is in a very similar place as I am in this awesomely tiring parenting journey — who is wondering if she’s on the right path or in the process of screwing up her child, too.

  443. Kim

    I surely need it. I’d have to pray on who I’d give the other on to because no one pops in my mind.

  444. Sue T.

    Wow! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I should read this book. I have far too many “I’m the worst mom” thoughts and moments. But, I know I’m not. Just need to believe it and lean in to Him more. I would give a copy to a friend. She is a mom and step-mom of four. She and her husband have recently adopted an older child who has had lots of needs and challenges. She has also recently experienced the loss of her unborn child. They’ve gone through so much in the last year but I pray that she knows she’s a terrific mom. I’d love to encourage her (and myself) a little more!

    • April Boone

      I would give it to my sister

  445. Kara Hays

    Hi Lysa. Im a single struggling disabled mom of two boys. Ive taken every parenting class that has come to town. Im reading many books to help me out. This book looks like something that could help calm my fears about my part in parenting. For now I will continue looking to god for answers.

  446. Jamie

    I am a military wife with 6 kids (ages 13 to 3 months) that I homeschool and my hubby is currently deployed. To say I could use this book is an understatement! lol It is such a struggle raising them alone while he’s gone, but also worrying about his safety- mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If I won the books I’d definitely give one to another mom who’s husband is deployed. It’d be a great resource for our base chapel as well.

  447. Amber

    I’d give one to my friend Cassie–// not because I think she messes up but b/c I know we’ve both asked the question a lot and I know she is a big fan as well. We did Made to Crave together, so it would just make sense. As my oldest daughter is a full fledged pre teen and not the most wonderful teen experience myself…. I think to myself “it’s not IF I’m messing up my kids, but how badly?” I say that half jokingly with a lot of reality sprinkled in.

  448. Heather Maise

    I would give the other to my best friend because ALL mothers need this book! Even the best of moms lose it every now and then. 🙂

  449. Kiffany

    I would read the book, then give all of them away since I have managed, somehow, to raise all of my children and they have survived. Even though, when I look back, there were times that I know I was the “worst mother ever” and my children would probably agree. So, I would share one book with my daughter who is raising her daughter alone. I would share another with the mother of my 2 granddaughters (my son’s ex), who also is raising her daughters alone and the third book I would share with my son’s soon to be wife, who is the mother of my grandson. All of these women are Christian women who can always use encouraging words.

  450. Sherri Y.

    I would love to have this book! And I would give the other one to a friend who is doing her best to raise her 3 energetic children!

  451. Jen

    Boy did I need this today. Two phone calls from my 16 yr old asking why I couldn’t just run him a Gatorade to practice. (Because I am 10 miles away at a doctor appt, because I am sick is a pretty good reason!) Another call from another child needing a ride, my 6 yr asked if we were going to skip devotions again tonight. My daughter adamantly declaring the second I walk through the door that she is NOT going to her brothers game. My mind was screaming, “Please just leave me alone for ten minutes!”.

    Then the dog took off. That was my break, chasing him up the road while the neighbor tried to “help”.


    Man, I love my children, more than they could ever imagine.

    p.s. the extra book is going to Momma I know that must be having a better day than I am 😉

  452. Kelly

    I came across this book awhile back (actually my husband did) and would love to read it. I’m always questioning my ability as a mother, since I grew up without one. I know many of my friends would love this book but I’d probably give it to my closest friend who has two girls under 2 and homeschooling her older child.

  453. Laura

    I would give the book to my friend who is also a fellow single mom. We both struggle with being mom AND dad to our children. That is not how God intended it to be and is so overwhelming at times. We have good days where we feel confident and “seem” to have it all together. But then there are “those days” where the kids are extra fussy, we are extra tired and impatient, and things seem to be going wrong left and right. That’s when words slip out, bad attitudes rear their ugly heads, and chaos and craziness ensue. After the kids settle into bed and the dust settles, we wonder “Am I messing up my kids?” That’s where God’s grace and forgiveness comes. And we are grateful that His mercies are new EVERY morning and we can start afresh!

  454. Karissa

    I would give the book to my sister in law.

  455. Nicole RIDENOUR

    I need this. I recently went back to work at my kids’ school in addition to my other job as a dance instructor. I am empty. I feel like a total failure. I don’t even know what the next step is anymore. I would give the 2nd copy to my sister who is expecting her 2nd child in March, as a preventative measure to help her before she begins life as the mom of two, which is so different than the mom of one!

  456. Barbara Farley

    I am a homeschooling mother of two, preparing to foster some children. I would love to have this book and would love to give the other one to my friend Ariel. She is a wonderful mother of 3 children, one of which is newborn and she also has a career and homeschools! This would be a great exhoration for us.

  457. Charmaine

    Thank you for being real and honest. Thank you for having real answers. If share mine with a great friend K and then I know we’d share with our whole group of mommies who are loving, encouraging and real gals doing our best for our families and God 🙂

  458. Amber

    My 2 best friends and I could really use this. Thank you for being so honest and willing to share. I seem to feel this way daily!

  459. Stefani Sternett

    I live this everyday. My family is split between two states. My husband has to work in another state. I am home with my twins. We adopted at birth 4 yrs ago. I would share with Ashley Shockley and Kristen Gillespie. They are wonderful moms who struggle to get it right every day. I admire both of them!

  460. Donna

    I would give one to my friend and fellow mother in the trenches!

  461. Sandrine Neely

    I need to the book because I’m a new foster to adopt mom of toddlers, with 2 other bio kids. I would give the other book to one of my foster / adopt mommy group friends as encouragement

  462. Candace S.

    I would love to have this! This is a question that haunts my mind every day! I also have 2 close friends that struggle with the same question that I would love to bless with this book! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  463. cindy

    Man, I can sooo use this book! Love the idea of having one to share with a fellow mama in need. We need a reminder to give each other encouragement and grace.

  464. lissette

    I would give a copy to my sister. She and i are both trying to raise our kids with God at the center. We both grew up in a very non Christian, very disfunctional home. The things we lived through as children really were setting us up for a different life, but God took was meant for bad and turned it into a beautiful creation for His glory. However, i know we each battle with self doubts – are we doing this right?

    • Michelle Letcher

      I have a precious friend with a special needs child who may quite possibly never leave home…. And right now they are having some real struggles and my friend has had multiple days of being tired, frustrated and trying to give from a depleted reserve… We all know where that leaves us…. Beaten and bruised and sucked dry…

    • Natalie Jackson

      I would like to donate it to our MOPS ministry. We lend books out and at some point we all feel like we are messing up our kids. I know this book will be a source of encouragement.

    • Emily

      This sounds like just the book for me and my sister. I would give it to her. Unfortunately, we had lots of darts fly at our hearts by someone very close to us and struggle to not let that behavior come out in us as we raise our families. We want so much to be good moms and often beat ourselves up when we have bad may moments.

  465. Patti

    I am a working military wife and mom to 3 beautiful children9,6 and 2.. My middle son has a ADHD and a learning problem and requires me to devote much more attention to him which in turn stresses me out and takes away time from my other kids. I would give another copy to my neighbor who struggles with the same difficulties I do

  466. Ricci J Bachar

    I would use the other book as a give away in the wellness ministry that I facilitate at my church because the class is full of God fearing mothers trying their best not to mess up their kids, me included!

  467. Jennifer

    My children are 18, 13 and 4. I wonder if it’s too late to fix my relationship with my 18 year old. And some days I wonder if I’ve ruined my relationship with my 13 year old because I have gotten so angry (worse than the beaver home word, I hate to admit). And then I look at my 4 year old and pray I haven’t already messed her up. So I could definitely use the book. I would give the other book to my friend who has a 2 year old. I think most, if not all moms, question if we are messing our kids up and I think she’d appreciate reading this when her child was very young. I wish I had read a book like this when my oldest was 2!

  468. Melanie Y

    I am a mother of three who is currently attending grad school for psychology in the field of marriage & family therapy and I am learning the truth about how our actions affect our children for the rest of their lives, which I must say I already knew it was important because I am the product of a divorced family where my father left my sister & I and my mother tried to compensate for his absence. Anyway, I would love to read your take on the subject because I respect your opinion. I have a friend who is close to me who has found herself divorced and remarried with 2 children one from both marriages and I too have been divorced and remarried and have children from both marriages. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity!

  469. gayle manculich

    My friend Donna who is the greatest mom I know but sje don’t know it

  470. Rachel

    Thank u for this, it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’m a single mom of 2 boys and somedays I feel I just have nothing left. I love my boys so much but my youngest is 2 years old. One moment he’s my cuddly sweet toddler and the next minute I swear his head is going to start spinning! Lately I have really felt drained and that’s when I tend to snap and then I totally feel like the worst mom ever. I appreciate your honesty and encouragement. If I received the books I would give the other one to my friend who recently went through a divorce and is learning how to navigate the difficulties of being a mom w/o a man in the house.

  471. Shannon

    I would draw a name out of a hat at our mom’s group at church.

  472. Donna

    I, too, have days in which I feel like the world’s worst mom!!! I teach elementary school and often feel as though I give more to my students than I do to my own two personal God-given blessings. Both are teenage boys and NEED more from me some days than I have left to give….or so it seems. I would definitely benefit from this book bundle! Additionally, I would share a copy of this book with a teacher-friend who experiences the same feelings with her two boys.

  473. Kara

    I need this because I pray to be a good mother all the time and that I am not messing up my little ones too much. I have a friend who is a military wife and I would share the second book with her. She is a mom to a middle schooler, a toddler and twin boys on the way. Did I fail to mention she home schools and is a super woman. She lost her mother years ago when we were in our late teens and has tons of questions even though she is a super mom and without a mom of her own to ask I know she reads a lot. We would both love to read this and I have a craving for it since unglued and crave. Love your books and thanks for being so Real.
    Kara Willis

  474. Nicole McClung

    I would share the other book with my girlfriend Carly. She and I have kids the same age and she is my go to girl to keep it real and not throw judgment at one another. In a Pinterest, social media drenched world it is easy to feel like a failure as a mom. She always helps me come back to reality that I am enough. I am enough for my children! Love the friends who can keep it real and encourage.

  475. Ashley Ivy

    I would love for one to go to a friend of mine. She had her baby boy when she was younger. we were pregnant together with boys. her son was born premature with a heart condition and spent several months in nicu. he is almost 6 now and very lively and loving. she beats herself up thinking she’s not doing good enough all the time and I think she could use some encouragement.

  476. Jennifer

    I would give the other copies to two dear friends who, like, me think they are the worst mom ever.



  478. Rhonda Delaney

    I would give my book to my friend Tina. We are both struggling with older kids who haven’t quite left home yet, but our kids are having difficulty figuring out life.We pray for each other and our kids that we would continue to point them to Christ even if they don’t think that is the answer.

  479. Shauna

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always way too embarrassed to give all the details when retelling a situation like that. Your stories are always so encouraging to me. I would love to read the book, as soon as I finish Unglued, loving it! I would give a copy to my sister who is also a Mom with everyday struggles. I have a 16 year old, 10 year old, 2 year old, and 1 year old. I’m struggling with the reality that my oldest will be leaving for college in a few short years and I don’t want to “mess her up”!

  480. Sabrina Young

    I would love a copy for myself and one to give to a friend of mine with 3 kids ages 6, 4 and 2. She is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom who could really use the encouragement right now! She just told me a few days ago that she feels like she is messing up her kids, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I saw this book today! Thanks!

  481. Kippy Hawkins

    I would give the book to a friend of mine who lost her husband back in August. She was pregnant with their second child when he passed. They have a 6 year old son. She needs all the encouragement in the world. You see, she was only 17 weeks when he passed and she has since delivered their beautiful daughter. My friend has struggled with the fear of not being able to do it alone but her faith has been remarkable.

  482. Nichole

    I feel like I ask myself (or my husband and friends) this question all too often. I let satan run rampant with my thought life and it often stems from not spending the time I need in the Word and in Prayer. I would love to read this book and would give the extra to my good friend and accountability partner. She’s at the same point in parenting and we could use the books to be the great moms God designed us to be! Thank you for your writing and the blesseings you pour on me as I read it!

  483. Erin

    I would give mine to my sister. We are both trying to raise our children to love The Lord. My sister has five kids. Her husband does not know The Lord. She has such a hard time finding the balance.

  484. Emily

    I am in the birthing stages of a Moms group at our church. It is in desperate need, and although I didn’t want to be in charge of it…God nudged me to. There are at least two, if not 9 other women who could use this book. I am searching for a study we could do! Loved the last couple of books from Lysa, so this is right up my alley! Praying!

  485. Charity

    What freedom is right! Thank you Lysa- this was so timely. I am in a Bible study that is finishing up Unglued- it has been such an incredible tool and I’ve loved it so much. This study was my first book I’ve gone through by you. What fun it has been! My girlfriend who I invited to our study and has loved it as well is who I would share this book with:)

  486. Sabrina P

    I would give a book to my best friend, Mel. We both have young children too, and are struggling in these areas of temperance and lack of self control. Thanks Lysa for pointing out we all make mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but I’m glad to know we have a forgiving and perfect God to turn to!

  487. Kim

    As a mom of three I find this to be a daily struggle. Worrying if I’m doing the right thing. Aside from the personal development I’d hope to achieve, I’d actually like to check it out as a possible book for a mom’s study. Some of the ladies in our church are feeling a need for companionship and mentoring from other moms. I’m feeling pulled to start a group and this may be the perfect way to jump in. I’ve never led anything before and, in fact, I am very uncomfortable even praying in front of other adults. I honestly cannot say who I’d give the other book to…I look around and see some very pulled together moms – at least on the surface. 😀

  488. Nicole garner

    I have done that exact same thing twice :(, and I am a pastor’s wife of three kids under the age of 5. I am personally dealing with doing a lot of the parenting alone due to our progressive growing church pulling at my husband on an hourly baisis. So my nerves are frazzled all the time :). I would love to read your book for added encouragement and wisdom and I would share this book with my friend who also serves on our ministry team! I want want to be kingdom minded all the way!

  489. Amy

    I need one for sure and I would give the other copy to my great friend Casey from my MOPs group. Thank you Lysa for you books are Awesome! I am in the bible study when women say yes to God! I love it!

  490. Melinda Ross

    I would give the book to my sister. We both have three kids and my oldest just hit 14, and man do I feel I am doing it all wrong. Her kids are a little younger but would love for her to not feel like I feel now.

  491. Carol Lawton

    I would love to read this book! Everyday I feel as though I am not being the mom I should be. Taking time to bring God into the mix would definitely help me to be a calmer mother. If I were to win, I would give the other copy to my neighbor. She needs encouragement in this area too. Thanks!

  492. Adrienne Terrebonne

    I feel this way so often. About a year ago, we had out third child and then immediately moved to a new state. I’m still trying to meet people and make friends here and because I don’t have a lot of outside support, my stress level has the tendency to get out of control. I would love this book and I would give the second book to my friend Wendy. She works part time and home schools her children and I know she could use some encouragement.

  493. Angelina Pagan

    I would definitely give a copy to my mother, who feels like she screwed up with me. She hasnt accepted Jesus Christ yet, but I am trying to be the light and fill her with the word! I would then read my copy and give it to my bestie, single mom with 2 kids!

  494. tiffany williams

    I would love to share this with my friend Stacey!

  495. Cathy

    Gosh, I could really use this book for encouragement right now. Pretty sure I just made the statement “I’m a failure as a mom.” to my husband just a couple of days ago. I would give the copy to my friend who has struggles in the same areas of parenting as I do…patience, grace, clashes with the oldest son, etc.

  496. Brandi Hein

    I would give one copy to my sister who is a single mom and is doing such a great job but I am sure she would love some encouragement and perspective like the rest of us. The other copy i would put in our church library for many women to be able to use. My copy I would read and then have to load out also to women from the Unglued bible study that I will be leading the first of the year. I have found Lysa you connect to so many of us moms and it is such a blessing to have your thoughts and crazy life to help us see Jesus working in you and thus us. Please keep up this awesome ministry! God Bless

  497. Crystal Loyd

    I would give this book to my dear friend in the ministry, I am a pastor’s wife and she has said that she will help me in the new Woman of Purpose, Women’s Ministry we have started at our church recently. I believe that we could read and study and help the other woman in our church. And personally we could use this for our lives as well. I have a thirteen and a twelve year old and she has a sixteen year old. It could help us and then in return we could help the woman/mothers at our church with the help of this book.

  498. Kimberly Samoyedny

    I’m sure I have a couple friends who would like this book. I ask myself this question often. So many times I let Satan get a hold of me and fill my mind with lies about my mothering skills. I know, I have made many mistakes, but I can learn from them.

  499. Alison J

    Boy could I relate to that story! I have seasons where that story rings especially true. I’m in one of those seasons now. My children range from newborn to 18. I could definitely use that book and I’d share one with my sister who is 5 years into her parenting adventure.

  500. Laura Rogers

    I would give my other copy as a door prize at our women’s bible study. we gather together weekly to study and learn more about praying God’s word into our lives. It’s absolutely amazing what God is doing through this ministry!!

  501. Julie

    I would either give the book to my friend Amber who always listens and never condemns my confessions-or my sweet sister in law who struggles with this.

  502. Karman

    I would give a copy to my sister Morgan. We both have 4 kids and she is pregnant with her fifth girl. I could have planted my own name in this story! Life gets so busy with sports, practice, homework, and all the tasks a mom has to complete each week. Prayer and the Proverbs 31 daily devotionals help keep me going!

  503. Trish Krieger

    I come to the complete understanding of the feelings you went through in your story. With me being a full to working mother with four kids. I know how those stress levels are and how uncontroling them become. My friend,Leslie, that has the same frustration. As a wonderful friend she seems to find the most amazing ways to help when I have reseached my frustrat level to say the right Godly words to bring me to my level of love and kindness! She always is there for anyone she knows and is willing to help.

  504. Alissa Brandenburg

    This post spoke right to my heart today because today was one if those days. It most definitely was due to my lack of time spent in God’s word. The hardest part is that when I get to that point, I’ve screamed at more than one child and threw my own tantrum, I feel as if I’m not worthy to come to Him and talk–which is even worse because I totally know that is satan’s foothold on me not wanting me to make amends. You are a strong woman to have someone who can keep you accountable and look at a situation from the outside and call you on! Many times that’s the hardest part is to be vulnerable and admit you screwed up for the exact fear you described. Thank you!

  505. Jen DellaPenta

    I have 5 kids aged 6 and under. 4 boys, 1 3 week old girl. I feel like with 5 so close in age, I’m totally screwing up! I would give the other book to a random woman in my MOPS group. There are 70+ of us and we all feel like we’re failing! (Even though we’re not!)

  506. Amber

    I would share it with my best friends, we are always passing books around that we think might up lift each other!

  507. Jenny

    I keep one in my car in case an opportunity arose to minister to a mom out in the world.

  508. Liz

    I would give it to my friend, Lori as we both are in the same boat parenting little ones and homeschooling and both have newborns.

  509. Gabby Zárate

    I would give a copy to my friend Mary who’s a single mother of four kids, three of them being teenagers.

  510. Erin DeBusk

    I would give one to my twin sister. We weren’t raised in a Christian home but because of our Aunt and Uncle became saved! We are trying to raise our children to love and honor Jesus without having had Godly examples. But we can do all things through Him who gives us strength!
    Thank you!

  511. Charity Tolbert

    I haven’t even read the blog yet but the second I saw the link on facebook I clicked on it because I KNOW I need this book. I’m constantly doubting myself as a mother and wonder at tunes why God even chose to give me children that I seem to just be messing up. I’m trying not to bawl while typing this because I feel like such a failure so often. I have two sisters who soothe with the same thing and they are who I will give the other copies to.

  512. Kyra

    man, this has exactly been my week. God is to amazingly timely. I would love to share the other book and about 3 more with the moms I work with in the Growing Families ministry at our church. Our hearts desire is to raise kids who deeply love the Lord, and then life happens and our imperfections surface. I see God moving mightily at our church and with that the enemy gets nervous and he brings it on.

  513. Hannah

    I would share the books with a few ladies at my church. You see, I was privleged to lead “Unglued” with an amazing group of women that didn’t want our group to end. Since we found all of our conversations going back to how we react to our children while discussing “Unglued”, I saw “Am I Messing Up My Kids” on your website and decided maybe my ladies needed a little deeper discussion on motherhood. We have been reading through “Am I Messing Up My Kids” together as a Bible Study and are finishing the last chapter next week. We have all learned so much from both books but “Am I Messing Up My Kids” has a way of speaking to mothers in a way that I have never seen. I had a few women who couldn’t join us but would benefit greatly from this wonderful insight to motherhood.

  514. Christina Stica

    I’d give the other copy to a fellow foster mom. She hasn’t had kids before fostering, so I feel like she’s new to being a mom, and is harder on herself, since she’s had no learning curve. I want to encourage her and build her up in this work.

  515. amy bleich

    I love your books – can’t wait to read this one! If given an extra copy K would share with my dear friend and prayer partner. Wd read unglued, madd to crave and confident heart together. It means even more as we share your insights and His love together.

  516. Kelsie

    Thank you for those words. This week has been tough, with a baby and a 2 and 3 year old that seem determined to drive me, and eachother, batty. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve felt a few times that I don’t even like my kids all that much this week. And felt like a HORRIBLE human being, let alone a MOM, thinking that. I came to the realization that it’s partly because it’s MYSELF I’m not liking very much lately, and for the exact reasons you’ve listed in your post.

    I would give the second copy to my friend who I talk to on a daily basis…her kids are about the same age as mine, and we seem to struggle with the same inner battles…I guess every mom does? Even though I know they do, it still seems most often that it’s only me… 🙁

  517. Pam Sheldon

    I would give one to my best friend, Angie. We both have multiple kids (she has 2, I have 3) that we are doing our best to raise to love Jesus. we talk every morning & we encourage, love, & help each other in our daily struggles. & we are both working through your “Unglued” devotional…& both our families are noticing the differences in us!

  518. Kate Franken

    I would give the book to a friend of mine who is moving and expecting her second child. It’s something that every mom needs to hear! I’d share mine with others after I read it also! Because frankly, I had one of those days this week where I was sure my kids were being messed up by what I was and wasn’t doing for and with them.

  519. Pat H

    I would give a copy to my sister. She has battled infertility and depression. Now, she is told, one of her lovely twin daughters has autism. She can’t see herself providing the structure and consistency she’s told is required.

  520. Katrina

    I would give the extra copy to my friend, Robin, who often feels she is inferior in her parenting as I often do myself.

  521. amanda


    ! I so needed these words tonight. As the mom of three, ages 7, 8, and 10 who are heavily involved in sports, dance, gymnastics, etc…,I have been in this spot lately. It seems like the bad days are by far surpassing the good. I have felt like mommy failure, swamped in the stress of daily life and its hustle and bustle. Satan has tried to keep me in a deep rut. I pray everyday for the joy to return, knowing that I am indeed too blessed to be sressed.

    If I were to win this gift pack, I would share with one of my long distance friends who is facing the struggles of dealing with a messy divorce, juggling life as a single mama of two beautiful girls with work and trying to financially support a family on her own, all while trying to cope with her own heartache and pain, yet still be strong for her girls.

  522. Cathy Davis

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It is great to know that I am not the only one having these thoughts and struggling with Satan getting the best of me. If I won, I will give this book to my friend Katie – she doesn’t believe in Jesus, but she has shared her struggles of feeling like the worse mom. I hope God will use me to show her that we cannot do this alone without strength from our Father. Thank you for having this giveaway!

  523. Amy Brewer

    I would give the extra book to my friend Becky. We are both trying to instill Gods word into our kids lives.

  524. Cindi dickey

    I would love a book that could give me an insight that I might not be the worst mom of all time. I would give the second book to my best friend and “snap out of it” sister. She just had her very unexpected 5th child and feels at times that this has been the ultimate test from God on her ability to mother in a Godlike fashion.

  525. Sheila

    I would love a copy of this book! I need it in fact. I ask that question daily, and go to The Lord at the end of every day in tears wondering why he gave such great kids to such a bad mom as me. I’d give the second copy to my sister in law. She is nervous about having her second baby early next year, and she’s not a believer, so maybe this would be a good way to get the word in her heart and encourage her a little too.

  526. Jolene Sale

    I would give a copy to my sister. She became a mom when she was still just a kid. It would help her to have some encouragement.

  527. Melissa g

    I would give a copy to my sister. She thinks she could be a better mom, but I know she’s the best mom EVER!

  528. Michelle

    Thank you for your blog that is right on. I have read your other books and tease to my friends that I think we are long lost sisters because I can relate so well with your joys, struggles and looking to the Lord to refine us in the midst of it all.

    I was a month away from being 20 when I had my first son, and boy have I learned a lot. I know I have made my share of mistakes. 20 years later, I have 4 children. They are 20, 17, 17 and 16. If I were to win a bundle pack I would give the other copy to my younger sister Lisa. Her kids are 4 and 5. She tries so hard to be an amazing mom and I applaud her for that. I also know, having been there, that she needs to remember to take time for herself and allow the Lord to fill her to overflowing. She does not have to strive to be perfect, but grow in relationship with the one who perfects her, and for her to give herself the same grace she gives others. So many things I have learned along the way that I wish I could go back and redo. I must say though that as I have grown in the Lord that some of our families toughest times have also been our best times. I will forever remember one of my daughters having a terrible day, she was mad at everyone, everything was falling apart and she was not very fun to be around. She literally hit her bottom for the day and fell on the kitchen floor crying, and I layed with her in the middle of the kitchen floor and hugged her and encouraged her. I did not handle everything perfect that day, but that is not what we remember when we look back. We remember sitting on the kitchen floor (her sister joined in too), crying, and sharing our hearts for an hour. When we were through we were laughing.

  529. Shavonne McDaniel

    I would give this book to my two girlfriends whom are struggling with their kids and life as well. We all live on the nevajo reservation and our upbringing wasn’t as great. It’s kinda like we all rely on each other for guidance and comfort but failed many-times. Well I’ll be crossing my fingers 😉 keep my family in it prayers!!! God Bless!!!

  530. Nakeshia Smith

    I would give this to my sister in law who has three boys under 7. Enough said 🙂 She is a great mom, but I can imagine even she has her moments- I know I have. The other one I might give to a new believer in my church with four kids or to a new mom who doesn’t know what’s coming 🙂

  531. Mary

    Two of my closest friends! We all need extra encouragement and to know we are only human, doing the best we can each day.

  532. Jennifer

    Wow..have you been following me around?? Or possibly listening to that voice inside my head?? This is so me! I have two sweet children a 11 and 2 year old and I thank God everyday for my two blessings! I would give a copy of this book to my best friend whom has 5 boys. Not only does she have 5 boys she also home schools them. She’s my!!

  533. Beth

    I would share this book with my two sister-in-laws, between the three of us we have 5 girls under 5. I think that it would be such and encouragement to them as moms as well as with their walk with God as both are seeking and sort of wavering on the edge of making a full fledged commitment for Christ.
    I am looking forward to reading what you have to say over the coming weeks and will definitely been having your blog sent to my inbox so I don’t miss any of them!
    Thank you for honest reflection and thoughts, they are an inspiration!

  534. Amy D

    My friend, Debbie. Because I know me and we’re two peas in a pod.

  535. Lindsey

    Oh boy can I ever relate! I have found myself repeating your phrase “bad moments don’t make bad mamas.” Especially at times when I find myself yelling at my two preschoolers who seem to make messes as I’m cleaning up the last one. I could so benefit from this book and I would share with my sweet sister-in-law who is more than overwhelmed these days. Thanks for once again being so honest!

  536. Natasha

    I would share with my Sister in the Lord she has been my go to person in helping me fast &pray to be a proverbs 31, Mother &wife in the mist of my brokeness. I am learning that I am worthy to be loved, after a life full of rejection. I desire to break the generational curse of abandonment.

  537. Allison A.

    I would give it to my friend Angie. We are both moms with young kinds and are still trying to figure out this motherhood thing.

  538. Nicole

    This story was so encouraging; encouraging to know that it’s not just me and I’m not in it alone. I would love your book and I would love to share it with either my sister or my close friend. Both have expressed the same desire I have to figure this mothering thing out and how to do it better and more Godly.

  539. michelle

    I would give it to another single mom so we could encourage one another.

  540. Vanessa

    My sister could use this too. Sometimes she scares me with the amount of yelling in her home! I recently found the Orange Rhino website and am on a 30 day no yelling trial with my kiddos, so this would definitely boost my encouragement in that.

  541. Silvia Rambaran

    It’s so good to hear from an honest Christian mom. I was raised to always behave in front of strangers and no one must ever know about the madness that went on at home. But that way everyone suffers in silence and nothing gets worked through. I’m a mom of a 2 and 4 year old and at first it was bliss (much like marriage) lol and then the lack of sleep and constant “mommy” lol starts working on you. And at first I had this high expectation of what a mother should be because of how I was raised but after listening to you and reading your blog I’m starting to realize I’m not the only non perfect mom. And even Christian mothers have bad days. But we can’t let that guilt of not being that picture perfect mom bring us down. We are all imperfect but by Gods grace we are able to learn to love selflessly and remember that He forgives everyday. Thank God! Thank you for your ministry truly have helped me as a mom. I would keep one and give one to my friend who just found out she’s pregnant and started asking tons of questions. Would love to give her the book.

  542. Jennifer L

    I would give a copy to my friend Megan. She is one of the few friends that I have that I can discuss religion, politics, etc. and share the same feelings on most topics. We both have young children and husbands who are self-employed in the construction business. We both work full-time outside the home and try to be involved and volunteer in our community. We have busy lives and not much time to spend together. We try to be positive Christian influences when we are struggling in our marriages, with our children, our jobs and just life. Even though we don’t see each other often we encourage each other as much as we can.

  543. Emily Lewis

    I would like to give one to my dear friend Lynn. She is such a great Mom! She is always so hard on herself! Sometimes Satan has us spinning in circles making us for get who we are! I would love to read through this devotional together with her! Lisa I am so grateful for women like you who are talented writers and transparent people who encourage. Thank you!! Emily

  544. Lisa Ostreim

    I’d give the other book to my sister! 🙂

  545. Cp

    One for ME,so afraid of that very thing for my sweet singleton, and one for my bf who helps hold me accountable. Husband is great…. But I Couldn’t go this w/o her!

  546. Sunshine

    I would give a copy to my best friend/ sister in law…. She & I have raised our kids together & been there for each other in some very disappointing & devastating times…. We pray for each other & our children! We try always to uplift & encourage one another when we feel we have failed our children …. Helping each other to focus on Christ & understand satan tries to make us fell defeated but we are not as long as we trust the promises of our Savior! This book would be another tool to help better us as mothers!

  547. Christina Bellanger

    Dear Lysa,
    I am not sure where to begin. My tears are flowing. I recently completed your Bible study ‘Becoming more than a goo Bible study girl’. I have to say I was overcome with emotions every Wednesday night, but also everyday in between. I have never enjoyed reading or studying before. (Not even my Bible) Don’t get me wrong, I love reading the stories, but really digging in & asking God for answers to problems had never been my go to. I am the mother of four, my oldest I became expectant with at the age of 16. I married his father and we had my second son when I was 18. I was raised in a very strict Christian home and attended a private Baptist school from k-3 thru 11th grade when I became a mother. I knew I had broke my parents heart. I NEVER feel “good enough”. I struggle to always be more. I’m sure part of this comes from marrying a very verbally abusive guy as well as sexually abusive. After the verbal abuse turned into a life threats and eventually being held at gunpoint I chose to end the marriage. My pastor at the time, Bro. Brian Atwood, explained to me that God had me on earth for a reason and it not another humans right to end my life. God doesn’t like divorce but he loves me more. I fought for the divorce for three years. During this time I ran as far from Christ as I possibly could. Cocktailing, serving alcohol off my body, and dancing while highly intoxicated most of my nights away. My boys were ages 18 months and 3 years when this began. Within 26 months I had went from a virgin housewife to a stripped, bare, empty mom with no respect for Gods temple (my body). My parents were practically raising my boys. Their dad was in and out of their lives. I was introduced to my husband, Mike, through my best guy friend. We had both experienced divorce neither really wanting it and became great friends through our conversations. We ended up creating a life at the end of a very long tequila filled evening. I was happy. I wanted another baby and he was a good man. He proposed and I accepted. Well, I ended up with severe depression and attempted to overdose on pain meds and antidepressants while 7 months pregnant. We had separated at this time. While putting together my boys trampoline for Christmas Mike decided to attempt a backflip. He landed on his ankle wrong an it pushed a ‘v’ shape piece of bone out. In the craziness of getting him in the truck to go to the hospital, I, being 8 1/2 months pregnant asked him to please marry me. He said yes. We were married on January 5th. He went into surgery on his leg on January 15th, my water broke while he was in surgery. (I didn’t know it was my water. I thought I peed on myself). Hannah Marion was born on January 16, 2008 and was healthy as a horse. We gained a forth addition to our family. Andrew Michael is a lively 3 year old. I struggle constantly with the guilt that I was such a horrible mom for several years. I wish I could go back and hit “edit”. My marriage has been through a lot but diving into Gods word I have found more peace than I ever thought was possible. I still struggle with depression and also have one son who has ADHD. This creates high stress in our lives a good bit. My mouth is my weakness. Curse words were once part of my daily “bar language”. So as you hit that target I couldn’t help but weep. I was simply looking for the “buy button” and saw your offer. I hope you, Lyssa, do get to read this and know what a great inspiration you are for me. I look forwar to meeting you in person some day at one of your conferences. Thank you so much for being an open book.
    I wish I had time to share more details of my situations with you but my children await their bedtime routine.
    Love in Christ,

  548. JesusGirl

    I would give it to my best friend. We have mothered side by side since our boys were learning to sit up [and they are now 4 and best buddies]. We always encourage and build each other up. Thanks to JESUS & your books; Unglued, Made to Crave, & What Happens When Women say Yes to God-we have been able to live more godly and captivate our thoughts. We are still a major work in progress and we appreciate your realness <3 We love you!

  549. Staci

    I’d share with an unsaved friend of mine who has 2 young daughters and an ex-husband who decided to cheat on them. She’s a very sweet lady who needs to know she’s a great mom no matter what message she gets from her ex. Like all of us, with guidance and reassurance and the wisdom and help of our ultimate Father, being a mom becomes more blessed.

  550. Megan C

    I would give my copy to my friend Mindy. We both have four kids, some around the same age. We are constantly questioning whether or not we’re doing this ‘Mom-thang” right!! We cry and we laugh and we’re there for each other through support and encouragement.

  551. pam

    I have a friend at work who could really benefit from this book!! I would give a copy to a girl at work who is the sole provider for her household that includes her, her husband and their five children. she works long hours, often at the expense of missing her children’s activities and meetings at school. we talk often about her struggles to provide for her family without her family suffering from her not being able to be there and her struggles with the pressure she puts on herself to be successful at her job.

  552. Terry

    I would give the book to my daughter. She’s a working mommy to a beautiful 5 year old girl and a cute little year old boy with the deepest dimples you’ve ever seen! When I watch her juggle everything and get stressed out it takes me back to the days when she was the beautiful little girl and I was the mommy and I know she will have many days that she feels like the worst mom every….she’s already had a few! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  553. Angel

    I would give the other book to one of the young ladies in the Welfare Transition class I help facilitate

  554. Gretchen

    Wow!! Can I just say thank you for sharing.. I feel a little more “normal” whatever that is.. I’ve had a few moments like this.. So relating… I want to be like the friend you called!!! As for who I would give this book too?? I’d give one to my sister and I’d purchase a third for my sis in law.. We are all striving to raise our littles to know the importance of living a life that pleasing and honoring to our Lord.. We all three would admit we fail daily, but desire HIM to be on the forefront…

  555. Sharelle

    I would give one to each my sister that just found our she is expecting! My oldest four, and I have just now come to realize I need to admit that I need God every hour of every day. I wish had realized that sooner when they were tiny babies.

  556. Debbie Causey

    I have two daughters and a daughter n law who each have children and vastly different personalities and busy hectic lives on opposite sides of the United States. Your book would be a way for each of them to nurture their children while helping each other bond during this important stages of their and their young families lives . . Sharing with each other what they learn from you.

  557. Chrissy Durham

    A friend and I have had these same types of moments and been on the phone with each other confessing. I would so love to read your book! This moma of 4 feels those failing moment so very often.

  558. michelle

    amen & amen… that & worse… I am so grateful we do have a God that forgives… that wipes it clean… that He changes our name to Beloved… I would give it a friend of mine who is struggling with the mistakes she makes as a mom to her four children…

  559. Shanna

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I loved your book Unglued. I would give your book to my friend Kelly who let me borrow her copy of Unglued. She is also the friend that told me about Proverbs 31 Ministry and of course your Facebook page. We both have young children and share stories with one another very similar to yours.

  560. Nicole Reichert

    I would give the other book to my fried Heather, who just messaged me a few days back about your blog. I had liked a post of yours and signed up for your Unglued Challenge emails… we ended up deciding we needed to buy this book. I loved Unglued so she decided to buy it and see if it would help her out 🙂 Either way, thank you for how open and candid you are! It’s always nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with what everyone keeps telling me should be a natural instinct lol. This mom thing doesn’t seem to be as “easy” as they said it would be. I love my kids, and I know they love me…. but some days, in the trenches…. it’s easy to lose sight of that. Thank you for a chance to win 🙂 Good luck and God bless ladies 🙂

  561. Jennifer

    My sister and I were raised by our single mom. It was very rough at times. We have always said that we want to break the cycle. We question everything we say and do. I would give my sister a copy of the book.

  562. Sheri

    I would share with my niece. She just fled an abusive marriage. She has been away from him 3 months. During that time her baby girl had her first birthday. She struggles daily wih running back, even wih the possibility of risking her life, because of fear of failing her daughter & making her life worse. She can’t yet see that the grace of God is enough.

  563. Rebecca Rodgers

    Tears as I read this. I needed this. I want my kids to have the perfect mom and I mess up all the time. I would give the copy to my friend deb, who has 4 kids and is always on the go!

  564. Sara N.

    I’d give the book to my friend Koby. She and I have done MOPS together, worked together in Children’s Ministry, share, support each other and cried together. I had to move away and we still call and lean on each other for advice about our kids. We also do Bible Study via phone and have used Lysa books for some of the studies. I look to her for motherly advice and am so thankful God put her in my life. Right now she is struggling with being a mom, wife and working full time. It’s my turn to listen, support and pray with her.

  565. Jennifer S.

    I would give the other book to my best bud Ashlee who is also raising 3 children.

  566. Amy Smith

    Not only did I love reading Unglued, I shared it with a very loving friend. A person who I was connected with when I started attending church and has also become my spiritual sister: ) she rides with me on my journey with Christ. I would love to receive these books to share with her and if not, like your other books, I will just have to purchase it : )

  567. Donna

    I would give it to a dear friend who not only has two children under the age of 8 but is the principal of an amazing elementary school. I am sure she questions herself way more than most of us with her direct impact she has on hundreds of little ones.

  568. Kris Taubitz

    I would like to give the other book to my sister in Christ Rachel. She and I have been studying Unglued together and I know this would be another great read for the two of us to discuss

  569. Beth

    I just had a “worst mom ever” day the other day, and after beating myself up for hours, had a wonderful friend say to me “No condemnation!” (Rms. 8:1) Thanks for this post. So timely for me! I would share the extra copy with my best friend. Though separated by many miles, she and I have been walking through this parenting thing together. We often discuss our feelings of failure. More than anything we want to see our little ones’ eyes opened to see Jesus.

  570. Amy Miller

    I would love this book and would give the other book to my sister!

  571. Nichole L.

    I would give the 2nd copy to my dearest friend Alecia. We have worked through many ‘mommy trials’ together.

  572. Amy Miller

    I would love this book for me and my sister because we are right in the thick of motherhood and some days I have often wondered if I am messing my kids up!

  573. Leah R.

    Man – I had one of those days *yesterday*. I apologized to my daughter, but I kept thinking that God must’ve picked the wrong mom! I would definitely love to read this, and I’d give the other copy to my sister. We help keep each other accountable about mothering. 🙂

  574. Alicia Meyer

    This article was in my inbox at the perfect time! I am visiting a friend who love about 2 hours away and we were catching up while watching our four kiddos play. So sweet! But we were sharing how we just feel so busy all the time and that we don’t feel like we have enough time with God/or for ourselves. She had seen your article on Facebook and I said maybe that’s a book we should read together and we can talk about it and how we can apply it! So that’s so I would give a copy too! Thanks for your transparency and dedication to serving out great God

  575. Alicia Meyer

    This article was in my inbox at the perfect time! I am visiting a friend who live about 2 hours away and She had seen your article on Facebook and I said maybe that’s a book we should read together. So that’s who I would give a copy too! Thanks for your transparency and dedication to serving out great God

  576. Kathy C.

    I’d love this book for myself and one to give to a dear friend.

  577. jessica coonen

    I could definetly use a copy of your book. Messing my children up is my constant fear. I am a divorced and remarried mom trying to raise my children up with God in the center, yet I conatantly struggle with guilt for disciplining or setting rules because my exhusband is so laid back. The kids seem to always miss him and cry for him and yet easily say bye to me which puts horrible fear in me that they will one day chise to leave me and move with him. Although we do so much together, have great moments and share the word s much as we can, satan is always whispering its not enough. My husband had this happen to him 2 years ago with his son. He just decided from one day to the next to not come here or speak to him again. He now lives with his mom and no matter how much my husband has tried and begged he will mot budge. My husband has loved his son with his whole heart and raised him in the ways of the Lord as best he could, but hos ex made sure to fill his son with negativity about his dad since he was very little. Watching him go through this has made me fearful of the possibility of it happening to me. Its a constant mind batyle and replacement and captivating of thoughts. O also have a friend who really needs this book. Ahe was living with her boyfriend

  578. Charlotte

    I would give my second copy away to a friend of mine at church named Ronya. We share our mom stories.

  579. Kristi D

    I would love to have a copy of this book, b/c I am right there! I have three, young jewels in my care (my three daughters), and I am terrified that I’m screwing this up daily for them. I would love to give the other copy to my sister-in-law. She’s also a mommy of three young little ones. Thank you!

  580. Tracy goodwin

    I would give the other book to my friend, she has been having trouble with her oldest son and doesn’t know what to do! She has many doctor appt. for him that they are running too!

  581. jessica coonen

    My previous comment was cut off. I was explaining I would share this book with a friend who just ended a relationship with her live in boyfriend. She had brought her daughter to live with them and he had a son. Both the kids called the other parent mom or dad. Now they are yet again pulled away from a parental mom or dad figure. She feels horrible and like there is nothing she can do to repair the samage she has caused the kids in the midst of the relationship and the wrong choice of living with someone out of wedlock. I know we would both grow so much from this book. Its so easy to get caught up in the mistake that we cant see how to change the wrong pattern to bring healing in. But God is a God of restoration. I had the priviledge of gearing your messase in Anaheim, Ca for women of faith this year. Your transparency is so comforting and your gift of sharing the word is life changing. May God bless you and continue to grow you in the ministry.

  582. Judi

    I ask this question so often myself. We have had so many changes in the last there years with my husband’s illness, a move across state, new schools, new church, and having to find a job that can support my family on one income. The stress of it all often makes my temper flare. I lead the women’s ministry at my church, and I would use the books there and give one to one of the moms who attend. Thanks for sharing your books.

  583. Cheryl

    I really need this book because I have always been worried since the day I had my first born that my husband and I would mess him up. I know the wounds I have from childhood and don’t want my children to ever even be able to relate to any of them or others. Of course I want them to be compassionate to others who do come from broken homes, but I don’t want them to be able to tell their own stories of brokenness. Of course life happens and things will not always be “rosy” in their lives, but I don’t want them to ever be able to say, my mom did this and this (negative comments). I love my children so much. I stay at home with them, homeschooling them and try to do everything I can think of to be a good mom, but I still feel like a failure most days. I would also love to give a copy to my best friend Rita, who is an awesome mother. However I know that she also feels like she is not doing it all right as hard as she tries to too. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  584. Lauren Potts

    I am a HUGE perfectionist in ALL areas of my life. When I feel like I do not get it right with my children, it is the WORST low. I know exactly how you feel and feels good to know I am not alone (even though it seems like it during the “crisis”).

    I would give the book to my sister. She is my best friend and we share all parenting advice with each other. I know I can go to her and not feel judged about anything. She always has the right words to say.

  585. Amy

    We are going to read this book for a moms group! Can’t wait!

  586. Beverly

    You just described me and what I am going through. I am a working Mom to two young girls. My cup runneth over with responsibilities taken care of my kids, husband and aging parents. I would love to share theses books with some of the moms at my Church.

  587. Amy

    Whew! I needed to read this today! Thank you.

  588. Jennifer

    I’d give the other book to a friend. And then I’d go and buy 2 more copies for the other friends I was thinking of so that we could all read it together. Raising Godly kids is hard. It’s nice to be encouraged and to know you are not alone.

  589. Jennifer Dreier

    Wow! God’s timing blows me away, I said these very words to my husband (through frustrated tears, and the truth is I more yelled them than said them!) just today. I’d love to read this new book and give a second copy to my friend Anna. She also has 5 kids and we talk so often about how our deepest desire is to raise them to be godly adults and yet we both feel like we fail miserably on a daily basis.

  590. MomPlusKid

    Hi there! I would give this book to a newly single mom friend of mine. Thank you!

  591. Nancy

    I would love to get a copy for my daughter who is a young mother. Who has a very busy toddler and a new born. The other copy I would love to read and probably give it to the preschool director to let other moms read it!!!!

  592. Marsha

    I would give a copy to my friend Nikki. We are always asking each other if we are doing the right thing and I think this would be great help!

  593. Deana

    I would give this book to a friend of mine from church. We are both single moms of three kids, due to both of our husbands being out of the house due to addictions. I know I feel this way daily with all the hustle of working full time and keeping up with kids activities and play dates and homework!

  594. Jennifer

    I’d give it to my sister. She has two teenage girls. She supports their soccer and cross country meets as well as church events. She teaches high school and is going back to school at night to earn her masters degree. I have seen her come unglued, but when I lose it, she is the first person I call. She showed me how to teach my children to pray and to support them. She is level headed and can help direct my choices with biblical knowledge. This last year has been so trying for her, and I know she has second guessed herself as she tries to do it all. However, she seems to maintain it with her walk with Jesus. I have seen her spread so thin that I was worried about her physical, mental, and spiritual health. I’m so proud of her. Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement and direction for ourselves.

  595. Karen

    I would love to win a copy and share with my friend Tonya. Just this week, I was feeling discouraged about being a single mom to a preteen son and precocious eight year old daughter! I felt as though I was at the end of my proverbial rope- and was sure that my kids were not getting what they need from me. This book would be a blessing!

  596. Shelby

    I would give the other copy to my friend Joy. We have been in a church mom’s group together for 3 years and I love that I can go to her on my ugly mom days. She is always able to talk me down off the ledge of my utter despair when I feel like such a failure of a mom. We have gone through some of the same things and she is a dear mom friend to me so I would love to be able to share this book with her.

  597. Sandra

    I would share a copy with a friend who also has special needs adopted children. We often share our frustrations in trying to do what is right for our kids. We are Christian moms who sometimes find little support. Your book would be a great encouragement to us.

  598. Misty DeLaune

    I would give it to my friend Allison. She has 3 girls like me close to the same age and I know how hard it is to do your best each day when you are so exhausted and stressed. She also has a little boy too.

  599. Sarah Jordan

    I am actually not sure who I would give the book to. Honestly I think I would have to pray and see who really could use it at the time that I received it. I have so many family members and friends who I think could benefit from the words in your book, but how do you pick just one person to give it to?

  600. Leigh

    Wow, I am having just one of those days! Thank you for your encouraging words

  601. Aronda

    I would give the other book to my best friend.

  602. Velda Eash

    I would give my copy to my niece, we are doing this parenting thing at the same time and I know she feels like she is messing up all the time!

  603. melissa

    I would give the book to my walking buddy. We walk and talk and share our life issues, mainly our boys. 🙂 Then we pray for each other.

  604. Heather R

    I would give the other bundle to my friend Beth who is living in a rental house with her hubby, 4yo son, 2 yo son and 3 month old baby girl(who was born a premie after Beth was on bedrest for month with a year in her placenta) because they sold their house and can’t find a permanent place to land. Postpartum hormones and thyroid issues have left her anxious, angry and worried that she may never like her boys again(most of us who had baby blues or ppd can relate!) I would love to give her this type of encouragement so she could feel the hope I did just reading the blog today! Thank you for your transparency!

  605. Cynthia

    Love, Love, LOVE this!! You stepped into my life again! Can’t wait to read the book!

  606. Lynda

    I Love the title of the book!! I would give a copy to my good friend Tina. She and I both have boys 1 week apart in age. The boys are so similar & we have a lot of the same issues. We are trying to raise them to be moral, faithful, strong young men and in today’s world it can be such a challenge. Thank you for writing this book. I love all them.

  607. Stacy

    I belong to a MOPS group in a rural area, without a lot of resources for moms trying to raise their children in God. I would love to add both books as a resource in the MOPS library, so that all the moms dealing with this issue can read it when they need it most. This is a comment I hear over and over from the moms, including from myself on a daily basis, we all feel like we’re messing our kids up, not doing enough, not doing what’s right, etc. I appreciate that you offer resources to help us mothers find the correct answers, as well as love and support, through God’s word!

  608. Natalie Duran

    I would do the happiest dance if I was chosen and then gladly give one to my friend Jolie. her and I are both raising kids 6 and under while going through some major life/ family transitions, (moved across country for a job and awaiting for the right dwelling place and a second vehicle and the finances to cover all and only husband works.
    As well as a father diagnosed with cancer and is now residing in the home while also only one makes the income .
    Transportation to school and from and then to be pressed on time to allow husband to commute to work in To DC or MD…
    We see the doors opening and God taking care of us… But we stress, trying to hold it all together!
    We always talk about your books and mentoring words… We’d read this book and study it in a heartbeat !

  609. Karen M

    I’d give a copy to our best friends who are having a baby boy in a few months!

  610. Toni bell

    I would love this book! I woul share one with a dear sweet friend, Stephanie!

  611. Marcy

    This was a great article! I would give this book to my two friends who are stay at home moms just like me! We could use them!!

  612. Jennifer

    I would give a copy to my sister. We both struggle so much with a fear that we are going to mess everything up when it comes to our families. Thanks for the opportunity!

  613. Cathie Thomaa

    Thank u Lysa. Ur daily blog went to my Spam folder which I normally delete without looking but this morning I looked. I’ve been in the middle of a new venture for 6 weeks while my husband is working out of town. I have nothing left after a full day of work, homework, n activities with our 3 kids. I never even take time to laugh with them. I’m so excited to c what God has in store on the other side of this venture even after my days when I lose it cuz I have no patience nor time for me or God. Thanks for ur encouragement.

  614. Rachael

    An honest and accurate post. I’d share this book with my mom friends in my church life group and suggest a book study. We just did a day-long retreat talking over Unglued. Oh how we need to be constantly refreshed and forgiven as mamas.

  615. windi

    I’d give one book to a precious single mom in my church, and the other I would save for my own daughter – for when the time comes. I wish I would have had something like this when I was a young mother.

  616. Marie

    I would give a copy to one of my friends who has 2 children and one on the way. She’s about to make a big change in her life and I notice she’s been having a hard time lately trusting in the Lord. I believe this would encourage her deeply. Thank you! ♡

  617. megan muellner

    My husband and I work opposite shifts so we parent our 2 kids separately more than together. I struggle with trying to be both mom and dad while trying to raise Godly children when I feel like a failure all the time. I would give the other book to my sister who is raising 4 kids pretty much alone and trying to bring God into their lives.

  618. Parker Thompson

    I would give one to my sister. I am very excited to for this study!

  619. Michelle

    I too ask myself this question on an almost daily basis..I’m not sure who would give the other copy to… I would pray about it, and ask the Lord who in my life is really needing it right now. I appreciate your ministry.

  620. Robin

    I have been compiling your devotions for my daughters for when they become mothers because I wish I would have had these devotions years ago. Also, I always give books at Christmas to special young women in my life. But this year I have been worried because my husband has only been able to work part time for over a year now. So I don’t know how we will be able to buy gifts for others this year.

  621. Tina

    My kids (4 of them) are all adults now. I raised them as a single mom, and even though we were super involved i church, I’m pretty sure I messed them up!!! I did my best but…..Anyway, My oldest daughter has 2 children, a boy 7 and a girl 5, who she is doing a beautiful job raising with her husband. However, She often doubts if she is doing a good enough job of if she is messing them up. Since my children are adults, I would give the second book to my oldest son, a divorcee, who is raising his 3 year old son pretty much by himself. His faith is also very strong, but I know he doubts his parenting abilities as well. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. I gain so much from your teaching, online studies, etc.

  622. Monica

    You were wonderful at Women of Faith. Currently reading your book “Becoming more than a good bible study girl.” You speak to my heart with your real testimony. I feel like we would be friends because I often feel as you have. My 16 year old daughter and I had a moment very similar to the one in your article. Instead of witching for water, I told her to stop …….. at me. 🙁 Instead of grace she offered much self-righteous condemnation and once again, I felt spiritually inferior to my daughter. My children don’t respect me and I often feel isolated in my marriage and home. I know my walk is strong even though I am not perfect. Its just easy to feel bad about yourself when your husband and his family are “perfect” and your children have adopted the same attitude. I know I am a sinner completely dependent on my Savior. I would love to read this book, and would share a copy with my Mom. After 10 years of attending Women of Faith, I FINALLY got my mom to go this past year. We were literally on the last row of the sprint center which I found completely comical because my mom usually can’t wait to jet out of church. God has a sense of humor. She loved you and Jen Hatmaker! We appreciate real!!! God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for so humbly sharing your beautiful heart and testimony.

  623. Lizet Rodriguez

    I will give a copy to both my sisters. So I really need three books, one for each of my sisters and one for me. So if I don’t get the bundle I will have to purchase them 🙂 We all live away from each other and when we get together or talk on the phone we share moments of struggle with our children and how we handled those moments. They are the friends I can call to tell them what a horrible mother I have been. Raising children is tough, being a single mom is tougher…. So being able to share and have friends/sisters that listen and don’t judge but give advice to take a deep breath, pray and rejoice in The Lord is a great blessing from God. I look forward to reading this book and sharing with my sisters and many other moms!

  624. Tory Copeland

    Wow! I pray this every morning, “Lord, please help me to not mess my kids up, you gave them to me for safekeeping and to raise them up to follow You. Please! Don’t let me mess them up!” This book would be perfect for me! I have several friends and relatives with children of various ages. We always share/swap books, so a lot of ladies would also get to partake if I won. Thanks so much for the chance!!

  625. Tracy

    I would give one to my bff prayer warrior Krista
    Who has been my true friend thru the most difficult year of my life.

  626. Katie Pepka

    I would give the other book to my friend JaNita. She adopted two girls at age 19 and single. both girls were from abusesive situations one with disabilities and under one and only 6 months apart. They are ten now and my dear friend is struggeling.

  627. Nichole

    I would probably give it to my friend, Stephanie. She and her husband open up their home and hearts to us every week for small group. She and I are very similar in our parenting journey struggles, as her daughter is almost a carbon copy of my own daughter LOL!

  628. Sharla

    I have felt this many times. I think that when we go back and ask our children for forgiveness and admit that we messed up it allows them to see our humanness and the load that we carry at times.
    I have a sister that feels like she has completely messed up with her kids. She is now raising her two year old granddaughter. I know she fears that she will mess this one up. I would give her the book and keep the extra one to read. After reading my book, I will put it in my daughters hope chest.

  629. Maranda

    Can I get this book locally at a bookstore? I so need these reminders right now. I’m a single mom and my kids are 15, 13 & 11. I don’t just have “am I a bad mom” thoughts, one of them tells me nearly everyday.

  630. Stacey Powell

    We’ll one I am a pastors wife who related in kind to this very same issue. I feel like such a failure as a mom to my 3 kids 17, 15, and 9. They are great kids and I don’t know how they got that way. Lol. I would give the other book to my friend Marisa. Her kids are close to the same age as mine and we go through lots of the same struggles as moms. Since this article touched me so deeply, I know this boos would be great for the both of us.

  631. Merri Lewis

    I so much would love this book. I have 4 children, 2 have autism and adhd, one with severe asthma and food allergies. My fuse runs short often and I can SO MUCH relate to this! For the friend, I would give this to Susan. She is our MOPS group coordinator and after discussions last week, I think she would really appreciate this as well!

  632. Karla

    I would love this book and I’d give the other one to my best girlfriend who is single mom of 2.

  633. Rachel Pratt

    Lysa, I needed to hear your story today. I am a happily married mom of 3 but life gets so crazy all the time! My kids are 4 1/2, 3 and 6 months. I have been letting time crunches get the best of me too in that I have been doing everything else and not starting with God first.
    I would give the other book to my best friend who is in the same position I am but gets less help from her husband.

  634. Nicole

    I would give one to my best friend. She is pregnant with a third on the way. We both work with the youth in our church and teach, both have two kids, have full time jobs, and often times we ask ourselves “Am I doing the right thing?” When disciplining our incredibly ACTIVE AND HEADSTRONG children! God is good and has restored my broken moments in motherhood, with two boys 3 & 6, they seem to come quite often! I find myself battling the daily grind versus the replenishing time with my Savior. Your words spoke straight to my heart, as I was just there last night!

  635. Sheila

    I would love to win your books, and I would give one to my daughter, she is Mom to four very busy kids. She has an 13, 12, 9, 5 wide range of things going on. She has a very helpful husband, but still feels at times she is a failure. She is very busy as a sub teacher and all the kids just finished fall soccer, she is director over the kids ministry at her church. And also helps out with Awana program on Wednesday evenings. Her time is limited that I have heard her say she just doesnt have energy and she gets grumpy with the kids and then gets very upset for doing it and she always takes the child quietly into another to apoloize to them. I would read the other bood and then pass it on to a friend!!

  636. Jaime

    There is a woman in my small group who is consumed by the lie that she is messing up her kids with every slip up. She is an amazing momma who needs to know she can get past those moments by reading your book! Thankyou for being so real – I am not the only one, phew, hope!!!

  637. Vanessa

    I would give a copy to my best friend we both have three kids we struggle daily raising kids demanding schedules short tempers. I love your books blogs and study’s and quotes speak right to me and I know you wil be a blessing to her as well

  638. Vanessa

    I would give a copy to my best friend we both have three kids and we struggle daily raising kids demanding schedules short tempers. I love your books blogs and study’s and quotes speak right to me and I know you wil be a blessing to her as well.

  639. Erin

    Hi! My name is Erin, I’m 20-years-old and the single mother of a wonderful 16-month-old little boy and a full-time student at a local university.
    I know all about those stress levels, trying to balance mothering with writing papers and reminding myself that at some point during the day, I need to find room for my faith but it doesn’t always work out the way we want it to, does it? 🙂 We go to church every Sunday, say prayers together before bed, at least I say a prayer and Andrew takes all of the clothes out of his drawers or tries to figure out how to take his diaper off or tries to pick my nose or something equally distracting. Even doing the smallest things that should make you feel better are completely overwhelming sometimes.
    I’ll admit that I want the book out of pure selfishness, I want it for myself. I’m my son’s only parent, I have to be mommy and daddy and that’s so scary to me. I want to be the best I can possibly be for my son. I want to teach him to be be good, kind, loving man but I don’t want to rip all my hair out in the process, lol!
    I don’t have any friends who are mothers right now but I do have an idea of who I would give the other book to. My best friend and son’s godmother is in the Air Force and she has been struggling with her faith being away from those closest to her and she and her husband haven’t found a church that has felt right where she is stationed. She has already announced that I will be her children’s godmother whenever it happens so I would save the book for her.

  640. Vanessa

    I would give a copy to my best friend both have three kids and we struggle daily raising kids on demanding schedules and short tempers and I have a disable preschooler. I love your books, blogs and study’s and quotes speak right to me and I know you wil be a blessing to her as well this book be blessing both of us

  641. Donna Benedetto

    Lysa, Lysa, Lysa, if you didn’t have the guts to blog what’s really on your heart, I don’t think I’d continue to follow you! I totally teared up when I read this blog and my kids are even all grown up! I related it to getting stressed AT my hubby instead of my kids. I LOVE your honesty and your realness about everyday living. Please continue to keep it real sister; that’s what I can identify with and that’s what I–we all–love about you! God bless you!

  642. Donna Benedetto

    P.S. Most importantly, I forgot to say that NOT putting my time with the Lord FIRST every day is the best way to have a totally stressed and chaotic day! Amen!

  643. Deanne S

    I’d give mine to a friend at church. I think it would be an encouragement to her.

  644. Calista

    I would love to have a copy and give one to a dear friend. She is a young mom who is trying her best to raise christian girls. She is struggling and at times I feel she is ready to throw in the towel. I love Lisa’s book and know this would be a great one.

  645. Amy

    I would give mine to my friend Kristin. She has much younger children than I do. We pray for each other and our children all the time. She is my sounding board, and always points me back to Christ, no matter what! Raising children who love the Lord is our most important job in the world!! SO very thankful for friends and family who pray for and encourage parents during the child raising years!

  646. Leslie Knott

    Thank you for saying what I feel and do. I feel so broken, as if I don’t deserve to be loved by God or be called a Christian. I feel as if I am a hypocrite if I listen to the Christian radio stations or if I read my bible after I have acted so foolishly. I want to be a better person but I just can’t seem to make it happen. Then I read in your book “Unglued” that I am not the only one. You say it how it is and I can relate, therefore I try and try again until one day, hopefully, I will get it right. Thank you for your words if inspiration & wisdom.

    If I won this bundle it would be such a great blessing. I don’t know exactly who I would give the other books to but I imagine God would help me with that decision.

    Once again, THANK YOU. Your words are so inspiring to me.

  647. Emily

    I would give the second to a friend…. She was married, had a son, was cheated on, then her husband died in an accident. She gave her son to her mother as she couldn’t raise him properly in her grief and confusion. It was temporary but lasted several years. They live near each other but he formed a bond with his grandmother that should have been with his mother. She met another man several years ago, they were engaged for 7 yrs, have a 5 yr old daughter together. He started looking outside their relationship and is now gone. She struggles with her son to let him know she is in charge, and struggles to help her daughter through this change. She worries constantly she is messing them up or going to fail in the end…. I think this might help her just as much as I hope it would me- a yeller, who doesn’t make time for God, who struggles with the different trials my children go through, and sometimes wish I could fast forward to the future to see how they turn out, hoping its a good ending in spite of my efforts/failures…

  648. Lee Ann Kramer

    I feel like this often! Being a mom and step mom could be hard. I have several people I’d like to share the second book with but I’d probably give it to my 19 year old step daughter who became a mom this year.

  649. Sarah Bostock

    I would give the other book to my sister. We are both traveling this road and have asked ourselves this same question. I think this book would be an encouragement to both of us.

  650. Jennifer

    I could really use this book! I would give the other books to my two friends and coworkers who spend their time questioning their abilities as a mom and teacher just as I do. It seems it impossible to be a great mom, teacher and wife at the same time. Some days, I feel like if I can get two of the three right then I’m doing pretty well.

  651. Kari Tate

    I would give it to my friend who has 3 boys and could use the encouragement. God Bless You!

  652. Lindsay

    I would love to win the books. I have four children (ages 7,5,3,1). I would give the second book to my dear friend Lisa. We both are trying to raise our children to love the Lord and not “mess them up.”

  653. Stacy Swagger

    If I win, both books will be used to share with all my single parent friends. We carry so much weight trying to be both mother & father that we often allow the lies to rule our lives.
    Thank you for this story. It has already encouraged me.

  654. Jackie

    Good night ! That is a question I have asked myself plenty of times !

    • Jackie

      OOPS I would do giveaways to our MOPS group We are A Beautiful MESS

  655. Nanci Sanders

    I’m a school librarian and often am a mom to 350 students along with the 3 children that God blessed us with. Everyday I struggle with a stress level that boarders on 8-10 and my own children never see the best in me. This got me thinking about all the conversations we have about stress in teaching and going home to our own children. These 2 books could be used to not only help our own children but the community in which we teach. These books need to be desperately shared with the low income parents we work with daily. I’m going to go buy the book today because your story just happened in my life and I know once I read it I’ll want to share it. Also, this should be a gift to every new parent as they are leaving the hospital.

  656. Kelli

    This looks like such a fantastic book! I think we’ve all been there. Would love to win the giveaway and share the extra book with a sweet Mom at my newly formed women’s group. Fingers crossed. 🙂

  657. Heather S.

    I would share this book with my MoPs lending library. We just watched Lysa’s video clip yesterday and it resonated so much with the group of moms, I just had to gush about the amazing things I have learned from reading her books. I am so glad to be growing as a person. Thank you!

  658. Marci Scruggs

    I am a Mom to 9 awesome kids and yes, there are MANY days when I feel like I’m messing up my kids. I thank God over and over for his grace and mercy! If I won this bundle, I would give one to my best friend. She has faced trial after trial with her husband and 4 children and is currently contemplating divorce after finding out her husband has had yet another affair. She is barely hanging on along with her children. My heart breaks for them.

  659. Melissa

    I appreciate your transparency and have been in the same boat many times I hate to confess, but God has used my failures to teach me humility and mercy and grace for those that I love. I can’t pick one person that I would share the book with, but have several in mind that I can pass both copies around so that we can all be encouraged.

  660. Nicole

    I sooo needed this today…our morning started out not so great! Isn’t that mine? Why are you using myyyy pencil? That’s my paper and on and on… It’s the little digs that really get to me with my kids! I love them beyond words! There are so many days that I feel I am messing up my kids, it’s so refreshing to know I am not the only one that feels this way and that GOD is merciful!!!

  661. Kathy

    I would give my copy to a gal at our church and the other to my daughter who is home schools her 4 children and feels like she is constantly messing up her kids lives.
    I had the great fortune of hearing you speak at Hershey this weekend. And I so wish my daughter was there with me on Friday evening when you shared your experience homeschooling your children for 2 years. I ordered the DVD of the weekend to share with her. God used you to be an awesome blessing to me this weekend. Praying He will continue to use you and bless you so you can be a blessing to many more. I have been so blessed by your books and your Proverbs 31 devotionals.

  662. Traci

    I just had a chance to see you in Hershey and this blog just resonated with me as I got home and my older son seems to be trying to find the very last of my patience. I would love this book and would love to share one with my cousin who is trying to find her way like the rest of us as she raises two babies.

  663. Amy Wiley

    Are you kidding? I am keeping the book myself! !! Lord help me here with some dynamite for my dams! !!

  664. Amanda J

    I can’t wait to read this book! I have 5 kids (ages 5-13) and DAILY feel like I’m messing them up. I have so many friends who would benefit from this book too, but I wouldn’t be able to choose! I would probably donate it to our church library, so the countless other moms who feel that way would know they’re not alone. 🙂

  665. Bethany Luchene

    I would give a copy to my bestfriend, Nettie. Nettie is a full time working mom who has taken on the wonderful challenge of raising her niece as her own. Her brother and her niece’s mother are both drug addicts and have mental and emotional issues that prohibit them from being responsible for a child and when my friend’s brother called her and asked her to be a guardian to his daughter, even though she only had a week to get their home ready for Kourtney, she did it and they have been raising her as their own for the past 2.5 years. The parents rights have been legally terminated and they are now in the process of trying to adopt her. Both my friend and her husband came from very dysfunctional homes and had not even begun to talk about having their own children yet, but when Kourtney came into their lives, she has become the center of their world and I have since made them my daughter’s godparents after witnessing their love and sacrifice for her. They both work very hard to give her the best of everything and they struggle as new parents and relatively new believers in a way that not most of us do, because, Kourtney has on both sides, history of mental illness and generational sin that could impact her, not to mention eventually knowing she was given up and adopted by her aunt and uncle. My friend and her husband must deal with constant scrutiny and intrusion from DSS as well as constant and continuing court battles to gain full custody and be able to fully adopt Kourtney and they handle it all with grace, but their is always fear of what the future holds. All the questions this book poses, are ones she faces in spades and I would love to be able to gift this to her and encourage her in her courageous and faithful journey as a mother to one who was once motherless.

  666. Jennifer D.

    Thanks so much for being transparent with us! It’s refreshing to know we all make the same mistakes and Satan can tear us all down. I have prayed often for God to make me a better mom and allow me to not “ruin” my kids. I also have to ask for an apology quite often too.

  667. Amy Rostance

    I am looking forward to reading this book! My husband and I are teaching a parenting class at church and I look forward to having this book as a resource for the parents! Thank you Lysa for putting your whole self into your writing! You are being used be Him mightily!

  668. Jenny Harwood

    I would give one to a close friend who is going through a busy time in her life with two little ones.

  669. Leann

    I would love a copy for myself and would pass it on after reading it the other copy I would give to some one I come in contact with at work I am a social worker and I work with preg moms in low income families. I have been a social worker for 24 years we are not hired we are called I believe that with all my heart. That is what i would do. Thanks

  670. Celena Daniels

    What a great read. Would give it to a friend

  671. Mlynda

    I have always feared Im not raising my children right. I am a Christian God is my foundation on raising my kids I do yell and scream and finds self apologizing a lot. I’d love your book. I would give the second book to church so all the moms could enjoy it too.
    Thanks for all your post Mrs. Terkeurst! God Bless.

  672. Jen

    I’d give the book to a friend in my BSF class. We are both trying to do our best and love to encourage each other and pick each other up each time we mess up.

  673. Michelle S.

    I would give one to my sister who asks herself the same question (except to me she says, “are we messing up our kids?”).

  674. Melissa Murray

    I would give the book to another military momma. We all have our doubts & fears that we are messing up our kids and the military lifestyle (moving often, deployments, etc.) can make that feeling grow 100%. Every little bit of encouragement can make a world of difference in your self-confidence as a momma.

  675. Chris

    I felt so relieved to have read your story above. So often I feel as if I’m the only Christian mom who doesn’t do this correctly. I expect perfection in my mind and it doesn’t take long for condemnation to quickly follow when the perfection doesn’t. I have a sweet friend with whom I’d share this book with. I woukd never consider her to be messing up as a mom but I realize she struggles with day to day life like the rest if us. I know her and I could both benefit from what I consider “words of wisdom.” Regardless if I win or not, I want to thank you Lysa for being real. I truly appreciate it!

  676. Amanda

    I can relate to this every single day. I would love to have this and would give the other copy to my friend Leslie.

  677. Marg

    I would give them to my two most beautiful daughter in laws. One has two children and the other is just about to become a mum. It would be a most beautiful gift for them both to recieve.

  678. Karen

    Good Morning Lysa!
    I am so glad you posted this and was so truthful about it! I think a lot of people make the choice to think that just because one is a Christian they shouldn’t or don’t mess up. Especially one who is in the “spotlight”. I believe it’s because some who do mess up try to hide it and not admit that they are still human! Thr devil doesn’t exempt Christians from him prowling around seeking whom he may devour!! I know because I used to think like that!! Thank GOD HE is an ever loving always forgiving GOD!! I have 1 daughter who is expecting her first child and I would definitely give her a copy and after I got done reading my copy I would give it to my daughter in love who along with my Son has blessed us with 3 lil angels! So again I thank you for being so honest and sharing this with us. This has helped me realize that I too need to stop beating myself up when I think I have messed things up!!

  679. Anita

    what a great post – would love a book for my sister!

  680. Connie

    Actually, i think i need them both 🙁 I also have friends as church who I know, any of them, would appreciate it.

  681. Brandi

    I would give one to my best friend. She and I are both young moms who often have questions and conversations about what kinds of moms we are and if we are making the right decisions for our children.

  682. Korrine Kerr

    Thank you so much for this post!!!

    I would give the other copy to my cousin who has always lifted me up and encouraged me in my walk with Christ. She has 8 kids and I have 5 and she is always giving me tips and affirmation that being stressed is normal and that her kids act the same as mine even though I feel like mine are always the ones acting bad! 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity!

  683. Nicolle Richter

    I’d give one to a friend that battles with a son having type 1 diabetes, and feels like she’s always so tired she can’t respond correctly to children issues. She doesn’t know how to cut herself some slack, and needs grace for each moment. I’d love one to read and then share as well. I do daycare and feel like the amount of negative out weighs the positive, though I know that’s not true in my heart. Need to get it through my head!

  684. Sarah

    I feel like I need this all the time! I’m constantly berating myself for things I’ve done or said (or not done that I was supposed to do)! I would share the other with my friend with whom I always share my bad mom moments!

  685. Susan

    Ahhhh! You speak to my heart, Lysa! 🙂 I would share the other book with the sister of my heart, Dixie.

  686. Nicole barczak

    I would love love love to receive your books! It has been on my wish list for a year now. I feel like a failure as a mom on a daily basis. I’ve said way worse than the d word to my children out of frustration and anger. And then dealt with piles and piles of guilt and shame afterward. Your book, Unglued, has helped me so much.

  687. Nichole

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this! I feel so alone at times (well, a lot of times actually) and wish I had just someone to ask what to do about different parenting issues. My mom has not been able to love me like a mother should most of my life and now that I have kids and they’re getting close to the teen years, I have so many questions on how to do things right. So often I feel like I’m going to repeat the mistakes my mom made and I don’t want to do that. I love my kids more than I thought I could love any thing and want so badly to do this mom thing right.
    I would give a copy to my sister, who lives 8 hours away and we talk every week by phone. We both want to do things better and change the cycle of dysfunction in our family.
    Thank you!

  688. Marji Winters

    Hi Lysa,

    What an encouraging book to all mom’s. If I were to win I would give the other copy to my friend Dana who raises 5 kids on her own. The Lord brought them into my life 6 years ago and I have been very involved in each of their lives. It is very hard for her to be a mom and a dad and their father has restricted visitation. I think this book would be a help to her and her family.

    Thank you,

  689. Nicole barczak

    I misread the submission guidelines lol! I would give the other book to my dear friend who introduced me to you book Unglued. She helped me through a tough friendship issue and is a sweet mama of 5 girls, 3 of whom she is adopting (and are all under 2.5 yrs old!)

  690. Judy Goff

    With 23 and 22 year old children, I often wonder how much I’ve messed them up. And now with a 12 year old and a different approach low and behold I wonder if I’m messing him up.

  691. Catharine Porter

    I would love this book!!! Always doubting my skills and actions as A mom. Would love to give a copy to my sister as well. She has 4 girls 8 and under, I have 4 boys 10 and under and a 3 month old girl. Wild times!

  692. Destiny

    I would keep a book for myself.. I’m a single mom and could use all the guidance necessary in gods word and the other to my older sister she’s got 5 children.. 2 of which are step but one lives with them of which has special needs… My sister is drained and when it comes to the other kids she doesn’t have such a strong hold.. I know she would love this book.. 🙂

  693. Jillian Patrick

    You are speaking to me – I have this inner argument – I know I’m not the only mom who struggles with patience and being kind and gentle with my kids….but I get sick of always needing to apologize….good reminder to prioritize everyday!!

  694. Christina Zimmerman

    I would give it to my friend kami! We are constantly calling each other crying..”I failed!!!”

  695. Amy Holland

    My sister Kristen because she is the busiest mom I know. She has 3 boys and works so hard for them. She needs to be reminded of how much God loves her!

  696. Mandy

    I have been feeling attacked in this area for awhile now… And I would love to read this book and continue on this blog to understand that it is just that: An attack of Satan. I would give another book to my dear friend who is struggling with her teenage children, and often asks me for advice. Sometimes it’s hard to advise her when I feel like I struggle myself. Love this blog!!

  697. Jillian Patrick

    Oh I forgot to answer the question – I organize a moms group at my church, we call it Infusion! I’d love to be able to share this book with a couple of the other moms – maybe we could pass them around and share with everyone eventually or use them as a discussion topic for our next meeting!

  698. Kristie Kent

    Hi I’m a mom of a 2 1/2 and 10month old. There have been many times I’ve felt I may be messing up my kids due from suffering from ppd. But my beautiful cousin Tunisha often assures me in a Christian Godly way that it will be ok and not to allow the enemy to steal my joy or energy from beating myself up; taking time from my kids. I’m blessed to have her as my friend and cousin. She is who I wld give this book too! She has a 4yr old and two teenage stepdaughters. Thank you

  699. Natalie

    What a wonderful post and timely for me. My best friend, Joanna, and I spend time encouraging and reassuring each other as mothers and women. I would share the other book with her!

  700. Laura Connelly

    I’d give the other copy to my husband, so we can stregthen our parenting skills together and get on the same page.

  701. Bethany McClure

    I am so thankful that I got to hear you speak at the Women of Purpose Conference this weekend… it was such a blessing, and I can’t wait to dive into the materials I got!!!!
    I am a stay at home mom who homeschools and it is HARD and daily I feel drained…

    I would give the other book to my friend Jenn…we have had so many conversations about the mistakes we have made with our kids and have held eachother up in some really difficult situations!

  702. Kim

    I would give the other book to a dear friend who has four kids, two of which are twins. They range in age from preschool to 2nd grade. I am forever regretting the things I saw and the time I don’t spend with my family and with God. I am a school teacher and it takes up a lot of my time outside of school. Thank you!

  703. Rebekah

    I would give it to my sister, most likely. 🙂

  704. Misty

    I could completely relate to everything you’ve written. As a Mom of four, I feel inadequate most hours of the day. Am I getting this right or wrong? I would give a copy to my best friend Laura. She’s a much more patient Mom than I am but I’m sure we could both learn a lot.

  705. Tiffany

    I would love to win a bundle!! I am a mom to 2 boys ages 5 & 7. My youngest with Secial Needs. Parenting is tough add a child with special needs in the mix and it’s a whole different adventure. I have a really good friend that I would give a copy to. She has 4 boys, 3 with special needs and I know this would encourage her!

  706. Courtney

    I would give the other one to my sister she has two boys and is a pastor’s wife. She and I both are trying our best to raise our boys to be Godly men. I think the book would benefit us both her having two boys and I have three. I had my oldest very young and I feel like I make two steps in progress and 10 steps back. My sister and I pray daily for our children. I just think we both would benefit from this book:)

  707. Amanda zook

    I would love to give this book to my friend amber and if I don’t get it I will probably buy it and do so anyway. Her and I were just talking about this. How the stresses of this world and being a mother can get the best of us sometimes and ugliness can flow out.

  708. Jennifer Balkey

    I would give the other book to a friend with 2 kids almost the exact same age as mine as well as number 3 on the way. We both love The Lord but at times, more frequently than we like, are distracted by satan and idols which lead us astray from being the women and mothers we want to be and God is calling us to be.

  709. Ursula

    I don’t need the books because my sons are grown, but i know of some Moms who would love them, so I would pass them on to them! I just want to offer a word of encouragement. I had many “worst mom in the world” days and my boys are turning out fine. Funny thing, when they think back and remember things, my worst moments aren’t the things they remember. They do recognize how difficult some of their behaviors must have been for me. They love each other and they love me and my husband, their dad. Be forgiving of yourselves. There are no perfect mothers, fathers, kids, or families. Work to maintain the values that are important to you and just recognize that God can work in the hearts and minds of our kids despite our mistakes!! Lysa, your posts and messages are so needed in this day and age. Thanks for offering real, honest, down-to-earth encouragement for moms. But on another note–when juggling the many activities of kids, you may need to let them know that there may be a game or two each season that you can’t attend. They learn that it is nice to have the family cheering section, but your absence at times doesn’t have to be the end of the world. If you have more than one child in activities, it may be physically impossible to attend every event for every child. Your child will be all the stronger if this is handled in a very matter-of-fact way. Hugs to all the hard working moms out there. They do grow up and some day you will be able to plan a day around your own interests and priorities!

  710. Jan

    These words are so encouraging to me! We were having this very conversation this morning in the Sunday School class I lead. Thank you for being so real & sharing your stories with other women!! I would prob have to give both books away to ladies in my class… They are such a blessing to me!!

  711. Katelin

    I would give it away at my moms group. We are just a group of moms all trying to encourage each other and get through this mom journey together. I am sure any one of them would appreciate the book!

  712. rebekah emard

    This has been on my heart for weeks now. My two older children (7&4) and my one year old twin boys get whats left of me after I’ve given the majority of my sanity to cleaning, laundry, planning meals and cooking them, keeping up with school activities, homework,bathtime,bedtime, bills, people….I am so burdened with guilt but I just dont seem to be able to figure out how to stop and simplify. I would definitely appreciate this book, and I would give a copy to my sister (whonis raising her two little ones in a travel trailer 😉 and my friend who has 8 children and homeschooling. Both could use a pick me up.

  713. Amanda Raucci

    I Would Give The Other Book To My Friend Debbie. We just Finished Up “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God” And Getting Ready To Start “Made To Crave”, This Looks Like It Would Be Another Great Book To Unpack.

  714. Tina

    I can’t wait to read this book! If I were to win the bundle, I would give the other copy to my sister-in-law Victoria. We are both busy, working moms, trying to raise our kids in a Godly home. Balancing home, husbands, kids, and work is a lot. We take it 1 day at a time. 🙂

  715. Bekah Gartshore

    I would give it to a friend in my Moms group at church who has shared on several occasions that she is sure her kids are going to be messed up… and who is a very, very sweet mom with three kids under three, and she is often overdone because those precious kids to not sleep! She needs some encouragement that it’s just a season and those kids are going to grow up to be great people, just like she is a great person!

  716. Rachel

    It’s hard to narrow down who I’d give one, too. God has brought up many conversations lately with struggling moms – ladies in my bible study, neighbors, sisters. I am excited for the next 4 week on your blog!

  717. Robin Blair

    I would give the extra copy to my friend Stacey. I’m constantly beating myself up about my decisions as a mother. My fear is messing up my son.

  718. Ramona

    I would give one of the books to my daughter-in-law who is pregnant with our 1st grandchild. She and I our son both already have questions and concerns about their ability to parent well, according to God’s design. I know she would blessed and encouraged by this book!

  719. Jennifer Barrett

    I would give the other book to my best friend Debbie. She is a super hard working mom of three kids. She works all day, often to come home and be in charge late into the evening as her husband usually works nights. She works so hard to be the best mom she can, but often feels drained from the stress and pressures of life. I’d give her this book in the hopes that it would give her strength and refresh her spirit!

    • Connie Rose

      Oh dear do I ever need to read this book! What a great reminder! I would give the other book to my best friend who homeschools her 3 children, one of them being a little girl that she and her husband just adopted from China. She’s amazing, but doesn’t know it.

    • Joy

      Oh sister, I’m right there with you! I used the beaver home word today and the guilt I felt was horrible. Today… After I had taught my first and secon grade Sunday school class. I often feel like I’m not worthy of teaching because of the kind of mom I am. I am certain that I’ve ‘messed up’ 2 kids and I have 3 more little ones. Oh the guilt. How and where did I go so very wrong?
      Anyway, I would give the other copy to my BFF so we can be on the same page to encourage one another.

    • Laurel

      I would give it to one of my dear gal pals. We have both struggled with yelling and overreacting at times when the kids were only guilty of a simple kid mistake.

    • Kari

      I would love to have a copy and give a copy to my new friend Sue. We were just sharing our hearts on this very same thing…trying to parent and not resting in The Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill is up at the beginning of the day.

  720. Karen

    I would give it to,my co-worker Jodie. She is a busy Soccer Mom like me. She and her husband have 3 kids and recently took custody of her Husband’s 16 year old son.

  721. Threasa Gunderson

    I would take the other one to our domestic violence shelter for women and children. They gave me strength when I needed it and I believe in paying it forward.

  722. heidi

    Always nice to be in good company when it comes to my continued parenting “failures”. Thank you fgor yet again a perfect reminder. I would give the 2nd copy to my friend Amanda. She is a young mom with many concerns of messing up her kids at age 3 and 4 months already! I am a mom of a 20 yr old, 11 yr old and 3 yr old…i run the gammett if messing up my kids!!!

  723. Jamie Belcher

    I would give the other book to my friend Heather. She is a single mom raising 3 kids. She works full time and is involved in various ministries!

  724. Molly McClure

    Thank-you Lysa for sharing your experiences, writings and journey with Christ. This summer I was looking for a bible study for our womens fellowship group here in Iqaluit, Nunavut in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. Your book Unglued had caught my eye and then a really nice lady on the phone at Christian Book Store recommended your book. I felt moved to get a few copies of your book that I have shared with some of my fellow mom friends who are facing the full-on daily challenges of parenting and marriage. We will be starting your DVD study with our wonderful women’s group this Wednesday night. I have personally had discussions with other mom friends where we have asked that exact question…are we messing up our kids? I have one woman in mind, who I know would really appreciate this book and others who I would love to pass my copy on to. Thank-you for your ministry, from this mom who has been humbled and drawn closer to God through the rich experience of parenting and marriage. Blessings to you,

  725. Terri Blunier

    Just had two days of shame recently when I let the stress & busyness of life got the best of me! I work full-time, have 3 teenagers & a dad who is not well & requires a lot of help. I want to give a copy to my co-worker who just went through a nasty divorce and has two daughters she loves very much and doesn’t get to see nearly enough!

  726. Blanca Reyes

    I would give a copy to my daughter who is a mother of a 2 year old boy and a 6 month baby girl. She has gone through so much health wise and I would love her to have a copy!

  727. Marcia Butler

    I grew up with a mother who was emotionally disconnected and was critical of everything. I vowed not to be like her but there are days I mess up and guilt and shame cloud my view as a mother of three wonderful children. The fear of failing is as painful as physical affliction at times. If I have the chance, I would give the other copy to my friend that grew up in a similar situation. Thank you for sharing.

  728. Amber

    I would give the book to my sister. We are both struggling trying to raise our kids but always feeling completely spent.

  729. Kerri

    I would give the other book to my sister and beat friend. We both have 2 kids that constantly pull us in all directions along with holding down full time jobs. And it feels like I we mess up everyday. This is an awesome study I can’t wait to get my hands on

  730. Kerri

    I would give the other book to my sister and beat friend. We both have 2 kids that constantly pull us in all directions along with holding down full time jobs. And it feels like I we mess up everyday. This is an awesome study I can’t wait to get my hands on

  731. Jen S.

    Oh I would love this book! I would give the other book to a mom in one of my MOPS groups. I think all moms could benefit from the book and would have a hard time making the decision on my own, so I think it would make for a fun giveaway. We are doing our Favorite Things giveaway at next month’s meeting, so I could do it then.

  732. Taryn

    Wow! Thank you, Lysa, for that reminder. I really needed to hear that today! I’m a mom of a 4 year old, 3 year old and 4 month old and I feel like I’m stuck in a rut where every day just runs into the next and I’m just trying to survive til the next day. I know that is not how Christ wants us to live. I heard you speak at the MOPS convention in Kansas City last month and was so encouraged by what you said and have been trying to pause before reacting with my kids, but it’s something that I will continually have to work on.
    I have many friends I would love to give your book to, but I would have to go with one of my best friends, Laura. She has 4 kids ages 4-12 and has also struggled with exactly what you wrote about here having negative reactions especially with her 10 year old daughter. I would also love to give her your book “Unglued” or do a bible study with a group of friends.
    I love hearing you speak! Thank you so much for being so real and honest!

  733. dawn w

    I would give the other copy to my best friend who is a new mommy so she can start out with clear thinking. Not that she hadn’t already asked the quesution even with her 3 month bundle of joy. But in hopes that together we can do better .

  734. Kama

    I would give the other copy to my friend Bonnie 😉 she has kids ranging from preschool to teen. And we would probably discuss it over coffee 🙂

  735. Joan Garner

    I would give one book to my grown daughter who has a 4 year old son and the other to my other daughter with a 4 year old son and soon to be adopted newborn baby girl:). I’ve already had my day to wonder if I’ve messed up these girls and their 4 other siblings. Now that they are grown, I sometimes find myself wondering if the problems in their current lives are somehow the result of my inadequacies as a mother . Mother guilt – the gift that would like to keep on giving. Thankfully, I have a Godly husband and friends who will walk and talk me through these times and back to trusting in the God who gave me those kids.

  736. Tanya Smith

    I would give two of those books away to two very special people….my son’s girlfriend and her mom. She could be aware of the pitfalls that await raising children one day and see that as parents we always have their beat interests at heart. Her mom and I always talk about whether we are hovering too much or maybe not enough…constantly second guessing ourselves … We always think we are the only ones facing certain problems with ourselves and our kids, but maybe not!

  737. Desiree

    I would give the other copy to my sister in law Layne as she just had her first boy this year!!