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Your Prayers Are Changing the World

September 25, 2013

Prayer does make a difference – a life-changing, mind-blowing, earth-rattling difference. We don’t need to know how. We don’t need to know when. We just need to kneel confidently and know the tremors of a simple Jesus girl’s prayers extend far wide and far high and far deep.

Look at how our prayers the past couple of days are changing the world. I got this text message from Christine Caine last night – amazing!

A21/P31 - 31 Days of Prayer

We’ve created a 31 Days of Prayer PDF which you can print off straight from this post. Click here to view/print the daily prayers. If you are praying with us, leave a comment below.

Together we are changing the world!

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  1. Alyssa

    LOVE this a lot !!!
    Joining in prayer and can’t wait to get more updated and praise reports on how these prayers will shake up our world !!
    Blessings !

  2. Heather Purvis

    I am praying! God is so good!! I love to witness (and be able to recognize His miracles!)

  3. Kris

    I am praying and will pray along with you all for 31 days.

  4. Susan

    Yahoo! That’s awesome news. Can’t wait to see what happens in 31 days! Had gotten out of the prayer habit in the mornings but started back yesterday and so blessed to be in prayer for the A21 campaign. God can and will work miracles….

  5. Mel

    Oh yeah!!! Looking forward to hearing the continued reports of answered prayers.

  6. jamie

    Yes, I will.

  7. Liz cress

    Every time I read that text I feel the Holy Spirit with me, knowing that this is right. It will be huge as we pray! Crying tears of joy!!

  8. Stela

    Praise God! That is great news. Imagine the difference after 31 days! Woot woot! I’m expecting miracles!

  9. Chelsea

    PRAYING! ♥♥♥

  10. Tracy Schrimpf

    I am praying for the A21 campaign. Hallelujah! Such great news to hear! God saves.

  11. Makay

    So passionate about this cause. We serve such a God of freedom and redemption- I feel blessed to be praying and to be a part of what he’s doing.

  12. Carol

    I am praying!

    • Michelle

      Praying for A21 for 31 days expecting miracles God will answer prayers Amen so blessed to be a part of this, God is our comforter, strength and ever present walls will be torn down in the name of Jesus!!

  13. Leslie

    Praying! I love this, I’ll spread word of it!

  14. Jayne Post

    I will join this force to overthrow evil for good! On my knees with all of you!

  15. Janet V

    Praying with you for A21. I am so blessed and want to share the blessing.

  16. Charlene

    How great is our God! He hears and answers the cries of HIs people! Thank you, Lord! Continuing in prayer for these precious ones.

  17. Paige

    Standing with my sisters in prayer for A21!!! Expecting miracles that can only be explained, “The LORD set them free!”

  18. C Rogers

    Praise God! Thank you, Lysa and Christine, for challenging us to pray about this. Thank you, Father, for being faithful and hearing our prayers. AMEN!

  19. Karin

    ooohh…..the power of prayer…will keep the prayers coming!!!!!!!

  20. Suzanne

    How awesome this is, what a wonderful testimony for our God!
    I have been praying, tonight I will invite others to join me

  21. Pat S.

    Praying and asking God to show His power in a mighty way. You are so faithful, God and we are praying for everyone involved in A21.

  22. Uta Zach


  23. Renee

    As one person it seems daunting…. As a company it seems exciting… With God ALL things are possible ….. I am expecting a miracle, are you?
    There are 7 days in a week and someday is not one of them.
    Parting with you!

  24. tammy

    PRAYING THE 31 Days of Prayers and beyond those 31 Days for ALL the Women and A21 and for those around the world who are Praying! Taking and STANDING FOR Women and for A21
    Now and Always

  25. Terri F.

    I am praying!!

  26. Sarah

    Praying. XXXOOO

  27. Kim

    Yes, praying for all of them! I have set my phone to remind me everyday in the car line at 3:15. Funny thing, got your email update at 3:27!! Our God is truly Amazing!!!

    • Cindy Finley

      LOVE this idea!

  28. Melanie Edel


  29. Louise

    I’m praying!!!!

  30. CarolAnne

    Oh.My.Goodness. Happy tears! Sing a new song unto the Lord! I was a bit down in the dumps, but this has made my day. Will continue to pray w/y’all! xo

  31. Mariola

    I’m praying.

  32. Regina

    Praying <3

  33. Mariola

    I’m praying. James 5:16.

  34. Phyllis Nichols Gutierrez

    I am praying with you!

  35. Barbara Perser

    Hi Lysa, It was sooo nice to meet you at Women of Faith in Dallas this past weekend. What a blessing you are to so many! It was my first time to attend and I’ve already purchased my ticket for next year. I accepted your challenge to pray the 31 days of prayer for A21 and have to say that I am EXPECTING miracles! Please keep sharing them with us!!! I am also committed to pray for Taylor – the daughter of the singer for Gateway. When you get information about her, would you let us know that too?
    Hugs, Barbara

  36. Bev @choosing4balance

    Praying for with you and for you all.

  37. Cindy Finley

    SO excited about this. Our youngest daughter is from Ukraine. In the process of adopting her four years ago we learned about the prevalence of trafficking in Eastern Europe. I have continued to work to raise awareness and stir everyday moms to become kitchen table abolitionists. And I love A21. So THANK YOU for highlighting the issue and this organization.

  38. Jessica

    So blessed and honored to be joining with you all in prayer!
    Lord, hear these prayers!!

  39. Kim Good

    Im joining in prayer. Amen!!! God is moving!!!

  40. Sharon Sloan

    Praying. <3
    "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." – Proverbs 25:25

  41. Anna

    I am praying, Lysa thanks for sharing the text from CHristine. God is amazing, and sends miracles. I will continue to pray and will keep checking your blog for news…
    Blessing Anna
    Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” AMEN!

  42. Elizabeth Parsons

    Praying for women in bondage to be freed even today!

  43. Carol - Wisconsin

    Father you are soooo good – I praise you and lift these 35 up. Covering all of the A21 team – bless you all!

  44. Stacy

    I’m praying!

  45. Marie Moore

    Praise the Lord, our prayers are starting to be answered already. Please do keep us informed of all the miracles that do happen, as you hear from Christine. God bless you both for all that you do.

  46. Krystal

    My heart danced at the sight of this good news. P31 + A21 = intercession and breakthrough
    Thank you Lysa and Christine for leading women in their walks with Christ Jesus. I am honored to pray with everyone on behalf of these victims who will be made new conquerors for His Kingdom here on earth.

  47. Elaine

    Praise God! We do serve an awesome God who cares about each and everyone of us, and was sure quick to act after hearing our pleas yesterday. His heart must be breaking for the afflicted, especially, as are ours. I’ll continue to pray.

  48. Lynn Black

    Honored to join you in prayer! Received an email from Elijah List featuring Freedom 21. They are also leading a bold and massive prayer initiative to end human trafficking. Go God!

  49. Jan

    I’m joining in with prayer!

  50. Debbie Blackburn

    Praying for protection, freedom, and justice.

  51. Donna

    Fantastic!! We support this in any way we can. We are joining you in prayer and also the Elijah List. God will move tremendously. He is mighty and His arm is not too short to save!!!!

  52. Sheila

    Christine and Lysa, what a wonderful project. So honored to be involved. Praying right along with you all. May the peace of God’s love be upon these victims until their day of rescue and thereafter during their time of healing and restoration.

  53. Anni

    Praying with you!

  54. Marcie Bullock

    I am praying and printing out the pdf.

  55. Pam Parker

    I will definitely be praying.

  56. Toni Lucas

    I have been praying for the A21 campaign for years now. I’m happy to join in your 31 days of prayer.

  57. donna

    YES, on this prayer journey with you, so thank you for sharing and WOW!

  58. Peggy

    Praise God! 35 and only 2,999,965 left to FREE and end this atrocity! This is awesome! I’m committed and joining you. Shared this on my MISSION blog and pray others join in.
    Thank you so much for encouraging us to pray for making a difference in ENDING TRAFFICKING NOW with P31 and A21. Love you all and Christine Caine (and her newest book “Undaunted” is great!) I’m sure you are aware of the many organizations working toward this end but I also received a newsletter and praise report from Born2Fly, wotking out of Florida (that has a curriculum for our schools and kids worldwide are using them) In fact, that’s part of the praise report, that Florida will be using this curriculum by Diane Scimone (here’s a link:
    and for her organization which is also her book title

    Hope you don’t mind me sharing. I have a long list of other organizations, but her blog has other great praise posts regarding this in USA and worldwide. Project Rescue, Beauty from Ashes Ministry (also in FLA), IJM, FAAST (Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking), Women At Risk (WAR) and a new one that covers more than trafficking: ActivistFaith (dot) org … Pray for ALL who are combatting against this.

    Love to see results of PRAYER! Thanks Christine and A21 and Lysa!
    Believing God for much more!

  59. Hannah

    I’ll be praying!

  60. Janet F

    Praise God!!! Thank you Lord that you answer our prayers and that you LOVE US to much!! I will continue in prayer for all the days requests!! Thanks for the PDF file so I can prayer specifically!!!

  61. Susan

    Joining with you to “set the captives Free!” in Jesus’ Almighty name! Amen

  62. Cindy Meade

    Thank you Jesus for rescuing these women and children! Please continue to guide A21, Psalm 32:8

  63. Lynn

    I know that prayer is the answer and God is waiting on us.

    In Christ, Lynn

  64. Barbie

    Thank you so much for making us more aware of A21 and also for creating a way for us to faithfully pray for a specific number of days and more. I feel so blessed to be a part of this ministry through intercession. Our wonderful and Almighty God is able as we have already seen. God’s abundant blessings on these ministries!

  65. Cathy Staurovsky

    That is wonderful and blessed news about the 35. PRAISE THE LORD FOR PRAYERS. I for one have been doing the daily prayers. I also do my own 2 mile in home faith walk for everyone and have added the human trafficking to my list in my heart. So blessed to be a part of these prayers. Amen!!!!

  66. Marilyn

    Almighty God our heavenly Father thank you for allowing us to come before your throne to praise and honor you God and to thank you God for not only hearing our prayers but for answering our prayers. Lord Jesus we pray for each person who has fallen victim to human trafficking. Lord Jesus we ask that you place your army of angels around each victim, protect them and fill their hearts and minds with love and peace that only You can provide. Comfort them Lord Jesus and heal their bodies. Sustain them and strengthen them Lord Jesus as You create a means of safe escape for every person. Hear our prayers Oh Lord. Amen.

  67. Carey

    So wonderful to see what happens when women pray! We serve a GREAT GOD!

  68. Melinda

    Lysa, Thank you for doing this. Christine thank you for your ministry. I will join women in prayer for these precious women and children.

  69. Su Re

    The power of prayer should never be underestimated. I’m in for this! Thank you for this amazing present and for Christine’s ministry. May we be intercessors for all those captured in human trafficking and may God’s power come through the next 31 days.

  70. Moments of words

    Wonderful project!I’m joining you with my prayers!

  71. jorie

    praying with you xxx

  72. Lynn Cowell

    Lysa, thank you for leading us in prayers as we unite together and KNOW that Jesus is using us all to CHANGE THE WORLD!!

  73. Terri McCoy

    I pray for these women and children all over the world that have had there identities and there safety taken away. I pray for their healing touch that only God can give them. I know the Lord our God is with them and I pray that he deliver them from these horrible circumstanced that they are having to go through. May they always feel God’s Blanke of safety as he brings them back to their home.

  74. Christina Karr

    How might you invest humility, gentleness, and patience in her or him today?

    Forgive, hug, smile, send a card!

  75. Sheila

    God is working overtime on me! I got your email, was intrigued by Chritine’s message Printed out the daily prayer list and following along faithfully.
    Yesterday I was looking at an online calendar for local events and saw that our little, itty, bitty town was having a speaker on human trafficking next Saturday. I went to a local festival today and they were handing out flyers on the same subject for the meeting next week. The group was organized a year ago. I looked at the member list and there are 3 women from the church I used to attend who are on the board of directors for the organization. I haven’t been to church in a long time, but it has been a whisper I’ve been ignoring. Oh Heavenly Father, How Great Thou Art. I don’t think it takes a genius to see the messages He is sending. How blessed I feel. Lysa and Christine, I don’t even know if you will read this, but somehow I hope you know what an impact this project has made on me in so many ways.

  76. Mechele

    I’m usually late on reading my emails, so today is Sunday, & I’m just printing out the 31 days of prayer, but I promise to pray today forward. God bless this ministry.

  77. Kayla Rash

    Praise God for answered prayer! I also have a praise report… My cousin, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma has been declared cancer free after 4 treatments! She has to finish 2 more treatments, which the doctors call “extra insurance.” Many of us prayed that God would allow her to keep her hair through the strong chemo, as a testimony of His power, and He has done just that! Please continue to pray for her.

    Please check out my blog, also. God placed it on my heart to share it with you. I am praying the devotionals on it will help someone. God bless you!


  78. Karla

    Praying and believing together with you! Thank you for your love…..your initiative and willingness! God bless you and continue to enlarge your territory for his Kingdom to be seen here on earth!!! We exalt the name of Jesus!!!!

  79. Barb

    Lysa, I was so excited to hear an announcement made at my church yesterday morning. I’ve shared the campaign prayers with my church friends and shared the post of each day’s prayer on Facebook. But I’ve not really talked about it much…which is why I was so surprised to hear a frequent visitor to our church, who is a church planter, say that a sort of halfway house was being established for victims of human trafficking right in our state. He was asking for volunteers to consider it a mission trip to do some work on the two-story house that is to be used for the residence. To God be the glory!

  80. Jessica

    Praying with you

  81. Tasha

    15 women from the Bible study I attend are praying!!!

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