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I need your prayers

September 23, 2013

I want you to meet a dear friend of mine, Christine Caine, who works with the A21 Campaign to rescue victims of human trafficking. Today is Christine’s birthday and I couldn’t think of a more perfect gift than to launch a prayer campaign for her ministry.

Will you join me for the next 31 days to invest prayers that will make a powerful difference for the silenced, suffering and enslaved? Watch this video and then write out your first prayer for the work of the A21 Campaign in the comments below.

(If you’re viewing this post in an e-mail, click here to watch the video.)

Pray for Victims

Day 1: Lord, today as I pray for the A21 Campaign, the word I’m focusing on is “Protection.” God, please protect those who have been taken and are currently enslaved. Please help them. Show them a safe way of escape. Help A21 workers or trustworthy government officials find them. And then, as they escape, blind the eyes of those who would want to impede the rescue. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Day 2: For their protection, freedom, and justice:
Psalm 82:4, Psalm 103:6, Psalm 146:7

Day 3: For their strength and salvation:
Psalm 138:7, Isaiah 40:29, Luke 19:10

Day 4: For their hope and healing:
Psalm 40:1-3, Jeremiah 30:17, Jeremiah 31:17

Day 5: Lord, today as I pray for the A21 Campaign, I’m once again focusing on “Protection.” Jesus, protect these young girls, women, boys and young men being trafficked today. Please put conviction in the hearts of those holding these dear ones hostage. Send a searing pain into the hardened hearts of these captors so that they may open their eyes and see the wrong they are doing. Bring alive their conscience and give them the courage to set free their captives. And help those being held hostage find safety in one of the A21 transition homes or another place of restoration. Protect them spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they learn to be empowered to live in freedom. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for Traffickers

Day 6: For conviction, repentance, and salvation:
Isaiah 55:7, Romans 5:6-8, Timothy 2:25

Day 7: Lord, as I pray for the A21 Campaign, the word I’m focusing on today is “Prosecution.” Help the leaders of A21 and other organizations who are working to prosecute the traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking. Please provide the right legal counsel for every victim so their voices can be heard and justice can be served. In Your Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Day 8: For criminal networks to dismantle:
Psalm 7:9, Psalm 37:17, Psalm 37:20

Day 9: For the oppressors to be arrested and prosecuted:
Isaiah 16:4, Jeremiah 22:3, Amos 5:15a

Day 10: Lord, as I pray for the A21 Campaign, I’m once again focusing on “Prosecution.” Help the A21 Campaign send a strong message with every arrest and prosecution of the sex traffickers, that this is not okay. This horrible injustice will not go unnoticed and it will not go unpunished. Give them wisdom to know how to find trustworthy officials and legal representation to send a strong warning to all those participating in the criminal acts of sex trafficking. In Your Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for Governments

Day 11: For corruption to cease:
Deuteronomy 16:19, Amos 5:12, Zechariah 8:16

Day 12: For implementation of just legislation:
Proverbs 8:15, Proverbs 29:4, Nehemiah 9:13

Day 13: For discernment in forming alliances:
1 Kings 3:12, Proverbs 3:21, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Day 14: Lord Jesus, today as I pray for the A21 Campaign, I ask for justice for the innocent and freedom for the enslaved. I pause right now and stand in the midst of safety and ask for safety to be restored to those who are in danger and being abused. Lord, bring to my mind today reminders to keep praying for those who wonder if anyone is looking to help them. Please give them hope and help through our prayers. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for the Root Causes

Day 15: Against poverty:
Proverbs 14:21, Isaiah 58:7, Isaiah 61:1

Day 16: Against greed:
Joel 3:3-6, Luke 12:15, 1 Timothy 6:10a

Day 17: Against prejudice:
Genesis 1:27, Psalm 45:9, Galatians 3:28

Day 18: Lord, Jesus, as I pray for the A21 Campaign today, my heart breaks at the reality that every 30 seconds another human becomes a victim of human trafficking. This is a massive, horrible reality. I am but one person but Lord, You promise my prayers are powerful and effective. So, I stand today and ask that power and effectiveness be unleashed in the war against sex trafficking today. Help the A21 Campaign to see results like they’ve never seen in the history of their ministry today as my prayers, our prayers, do serious battle on behalf of those in desperate need. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for Global Awareness

Day 19: The reality of trafficking is unveiled:
Mark 4:22, Luke 12:2, Ephesians 5:13

Day 20: For strategies to raise awareness:
Psalm 25:4, Proverbs 3:5-6, Isaiah 55:9

Day 21: For people to be stirred to action:
Isaiah 58:6-7, James 1:22, James 2:16-17

Day 22: Lord, today as I pray for the A21 Campaign the word I’m focusing on is “Prevention.” Jesus, please help those who are raising awareness though schools, orphanages and universities to connect with those at risk. In the power of Your name, I pray today many young people will become aware of the dangers and warning signs so we can prevent trafficking before it begins. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for the Church

Day 23: For the church to awaken to the issue:
Isaiah 60:1-2, Matthew 5:13-14, Matthew 16:18

Day 24: For advocates and laborers to emerge:
Psalm 94:16, Proverbs 31:8, Matthew 9:37-38

Day 25: To unite against injustice:
Psalm 133, John 17:23, Romans 15:5

Day 26: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… sometimes we don’t need any more powerful prayer than simply uttering Your name over and over again. Lord, I whisper Your name into the spaces of need with the A21 Campaign. Jesus, help them. Jesus, empower them. Jesus, provide for them. Jesus, protect them. Jesus, strengthen them. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Pray for the A21 Campaign

Day 27: For divine favor:
Psalm 5:12, Psalm 90:17, Luke 2:52

Day 28: Lord, Jesus, as I pray for the A21 Campaign today, I ask specifically that a mom who is praying for her daughter she believes was taken to get good news today. I pray her daughter is found, rescued, and returned home. Lord, help the A21 Campaign workers see the fruit of their efforts today in this miraculous way. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Day 29: For divine wisdom:
Proverbs 4:7, Proverbs 16:16, James 1:5

Day 30: For divine provision:
Deuteronomy 28:12, Psalm 111:5, 2 Corinthians 9:8

Day 31: Lord, I ask you to protect Christine Caine, her staff, and her family as they work every day to prevent trafficking, protect those who have been trafficked, prosecute the traffickers, and partner with local law enforcement agencies around the world to see this injustice abolished. Today, we ask Your angel armies to surround them, guard them, and empower them to fulfill this mission. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

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  1. Veronica

    Dear Lord I pray for all victims of human trafficking around the world who are held against their will. Please Lord give them a way out and save them from the horrors they live each day. I pray for their families who also suffer from not knowing where their precious children are. Shine your light upon the evil doers so they may recognize their sins and turn away from this horrendous crime.

    • Jessica Aschoff

      I want to ask u Lord to watch over these families who loved ones r in trouble an i pray lord that the restoration of their lives is on a shooting star any wish they hav jesus answer. give them the hope they need to restore there hope faith an love in u. In Jesus Name we pray AMEN.

  2. Katie Graves

    Thanks, Lysa, for bringing this to the forefront of our minds and hearts.

    Lord, I pray for Christine as she is working tirelessly for this cause. These are YOUR children, Lord. I pray that you will surround them with your love, your presence and protect them as they are in horrific environments. Please lay this on our hearts daily, so we may come to you, boldly asking you to rescue and save these women and children! Thank you for these ladies’ hearts for you and for their fellow sisters in Christ. Help us all to do what we can to help bring them home! May you receive ALL the glory!

    In Jesus’ precious name…

  3. Nancy

    Lord I pray for A21 Campaign efforts to rescue women and children. Lord put a hedge of protection around all those involved and make a way before them so their work will go forward without anyone coming in their way. Help and protect the women and children that need to be rescued, give them confidence that you are working on their behalf. I pray this in Jesus Name, Amen.

  4. terri nicholson

    Dear Father, in your precious, most powerful name I ask for protection today for those who are victims. Thank you in advance for the work you will do.

  5. Nancy Silvers

    Gracious Heavenly Father, My heart aches to know that children are used in sex trafficing-taken from their mothers who are also trapped in sex trafficing. Lord I pray that A21 ministy team members will have a hedge of protection around them as they do the dangerous work they HAVE to do. Lord I thank you for all the resourses available to these children and women when they are saved from this horrible life style. I pray for each person involved with their rescue, persecuting their captures and for each and every worker who loves and helps these children and women through the emotional trauma and eventual re introduction into everyday life. Lord I thank your for what you are doing in this ministry. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  6. Carol

    I’ve been praying for A21 since the Women of Faith conference in Des Moines , Iowa.
    (Last weekend in Aug). Happy Birthday Chris!! I will continue to pray.

  7. Debbie

    It would be an honor to pray for Christine. I have been praying for A21 campaign for a little while now. Thank you so much for asking us to share in prayer with you.

  8. Karla

    Father God we come to you today as women with the utmost power… the power of prayer and we thank you for that power. Our hearts are broken as we hear of the evil happening in the world. We ask you to please free these women, continue to send those to rescue these innocent ones. Give them the knowledge and wisdom to know exactly where to go and when to be there to make the most difference. Father give them the strength to walk in to these situations and stay strong. Help these women to find their inner giant and to plan a safe escape, to protect each other and find some peace somewhere, somehow. Help them know that we are praying, we are searching, we are filled with hope that we can and we WILL bring them to safety. Father thank you for all of those involved and we know that we are making a difference. Thank you Jesus for all you have done. IN your name we pray. Amen

  9. BB Godfrey

    Please just wrap your arms around your innocent children. Protect them from harm. We know you have a purpose and plan for them and I pray you direct A21 with the knowledge and patience to continue to protect your children. Only you can save them, and with your help A21 can rescue these women and children. It is very risky to go up against some of the powerful sex traffickers, so please guard A21 and provide a way to free your children and put the sex traffickers away. I love you in your precious name, Amen.

  10. Kristi Ann

    Dear Lysa,

    Father in Heaven my heart goes out to Christine and her ministry A21, Please Help them succeed and prosper in this, I also Pray for the Others mentioned here, I Lift them up to You Lord Jesus, Father Please Help Our Nation the USA to God Back again to You and Love You as You Loved us First ( I John 4:19 ), Thank You Lord Jesus for Helping us, and Blessing us. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen!

    Love Always, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

  11. Glenda

    ‘…He saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shephard.’ Father God,thank you for being our mighty El Roi, who sees these precious girls scattered, weary and alone. I pray your angels are discharged to protect them. Shut off the evil ones from harming them even one more hour. Gather them quickly. In the holy and powerful name of Jesus, amen

  12. Ryan

    Dear Lord we ask for your protection over those enslaved in the horrible cycle of sex trafficking. We ask for protection over the victims & their children. We ask for protection over A21 & the many people working with this campaign. Lord we ask that Your hands of great protection engulf this mission & those affected. You hear our prayers & we know Your Might!

  13. Irene Quick

    Lord I pray for all the young girls who are victims of slavery around the world. I pray that You will confuse the devil’s plans against these lovely girls, and protect them from all evil. Lord You see a You know exactly what to do Our job is to trust you. Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers.

  14. Mary Geisen

    As I pray for A21, Christine Caine and all those involved and/or effected by human trafficking, I rest in the knowledge that God truly hears our prayers. Resting in this verse today: But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me. (Micah 7:7 NIV)
    Heavenly Father,
    Hear the prayers of all as we come before you and lay down the struggles of all suffering from human trafficking. May you surround them with your loving arms and provide them with safety, healed hearts and a knowledge of who you are. Thank you ahead of time for all you are doing to end this problem and continue to work in the hearts of the leaders of this human devastation. We ask this in your loving name Lord! Amen!

  15. Sharon Baker

    Lord, today I come to you asking for a layer of protection over every single person involved in A21. I ask for your strength and guidance fore Chris, every worker involved around the world, and for every single victim of human trafficking. I pray you give Chris the knowledge she needs to run such an amazing organization. I pray you surround all the victims, as well as the employees, with love and safety. In Jesus name I pray! Amen <3

  16. Stela

    Oh my! YES! I will pray. I will pray for the 31 days & I will blog about it too. It’s a terrible & frightening thing! My prayers go out to those who have found themselves to be victims to trafficking & to those who are helping the victims. Lord, I pray that you release the bondages that bind these beautiful people, help them Lord to know that you are there holding there hands as they go through this ugly season in their lives. Lord give wisdom to those that help them. Lord, I ask you to bless all who are enslaved, still living in the fear from being enslaved, bless those who are helping. Lord, give us the courage to protect & to teach about this horrible business. We thank You God that you are a God of love, of protection, of mercy. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

  17. Temarra

    Lord I pray that these women and children will be rescued. Lord I pray that you raise people up to be passionate about sexual exploitation and for them to create change. God I pray that people will stand up and take notice. I pray for justice. I pray for rescue and peace for victims. I pray God that you will save these women and grant them eternal life. Lord God heal their hearts. Give them visions, dreams revelations of you Lord. God hear our prayers, cause more to pray and Jesus please make a difference. Amen.

  18. Lynda

    Lysa, I had the privilege of being at Women of Faith in Dallas this past weekend. I so enjoyed listening to you, Chris & everyone else. I will definitely pray for the A21 campaign. Our most gracious heavenly Father, I pray for the protection of those who are victims of sexual slavery. Dear Lord, please help them find a way out & give them the courage to escape if possible. Wrap your loving arms around them & let them feel your presence. We ask this in your most Holy name. Amen.

  19. Robin Lee

    “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” Revelation 3:15-16.

    Father God, Forgive us. Forgive us for apathy; forgive us for comfort that delays deeds; forgive us for not becoming the people who remember more. Awaken us in the middle of the night to cry out on behalf of those devastated by human trafficking. Give boldness to those who can immediately affect the devastation, and grace to those who are wounded.

    May repentance reign. May it reign in the hearts of those who profit and reign in the hearts of those who pay. May it reign in each and every one of us who could do something–anything–and have as of yet done nothing. Lord, a flood of people who let SOMETHING replace NOTHING will bring You glory. May YOUR mercy reign on all of us.

    We thank You for this first step.

    In the mighty and precious name of Jesus,


  20. Whitney

    Dear Lord, please give strength and protection to these victims of human trafficking. Protect them with your mighty power from those who wish to harm them. In Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.

  21. Joyce

    Just printed out the prayer schedule and am committed to it. These awful activities are so heart wrenching.

  22. Doris Boromei

    Dear Lord,
    Please hear all of our prayers and keep the innocent and helpless safe always.

  23. Loretta Pearson

    This cause is dear to my heart, count me in!

  24. Marie Moore

    Lysa, what a perfect time to ask us to do this A21 campaign- our United Methodist Women’s group is researching Human Trafficking at this time and to have the group all pray at the same time will hopefully be an asset.
    Lord, today I pray for the A21 campaign and it’s ability to help put a stop to the ruthless human trafficking that is going on. Lord, please protect our children, and adults as they become subject to the terrible abuses that happen to them and help us to eliminate as many, if not all, of the abusers. Please help them, show them a safe way to escape, and please help us to notice, and also help whenever and wherever we can. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  25. Carol

    Gracious Father I ask for protection for all the women and children involved. I ask that you surround them and watch over them as they attempt to get to safety and I ask for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing as well. Please protect those that are helping with the rescue and guide them helping them make the right moves. Nothing is impossible with you Father! It’s in your precious son Jesus Christ name I ask this. Amen

  26. Susan Heyn

    Dear Lord, I pray for all those held again their will. I pray they will find a safe way to escape. Thank you that all who would stop them are unaware of their escape. Thank You that all who are able to help will receive your Courage, Wisdom and all that is needed to rescue Your children. Thank You that Your children will receive all the help they need to start living the life You intended for them. In Your sweet name I praise You, I thank You Jesus. Amen.

  27. Nola

    Amen!! Bravo!! I am with you sweet sisters!

  28. Lorna Howell

    Prayers! Prayers! Prayers! I want to say that I have watched & heard Christine speak on Joyce Meyer’s Ministries & I know she speaks & works all over the world. She is dedicated and works so hard for these woman and children. GOD Bless her and keep her safe and strong! Through CHRIST All Things are Possible….but we have to do our part! So,I am in 100%!!!
    Thank You for the Blessing of being apart of GOD’s Plan for saving those who need saving! Let The Praying Begin!!!
    With Love & Gratitude!!!

  29. Cathy Staurovsky

    Happy birthday to you Christine Caine and we thank you for working with the A21 Campaign. May our Lord put a heavy protection field surrounding this human trafficking. May His hands touch each and every one that needs His help. I pray My many prayers will go far and wide to reach each one individually. I do a morning 2 mile in home faith walk and will add this to my walking and praying time. God bless you an all who are involved in the A21 Campaign.

  30. Barbara Abdallah

    Dear Lord I pray your divine protection for all the women and children and bring them out to safe pastures. Bring true healing and restoration to them all so they will be restored so in turned they will be able to help others.Judges 6:14 The Lord turned to him and said”Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of the Midians hands,”Am I not sending you..Please Lord give the government wisdom and direction so the wrongdoers will be brought to justice.We thank you in advance for what you are doing and we praise you for all you have done. In Jesus Name Amen.

  31. Annie BBM

    Praying with you girls!! Birthday blessings to Christine!!

  32. Valerie

    Dear God, please wrap your arms tightly around those affected in trafficking. We lift them up to you lord for your comfort and guidance, support and love. I ask you lord to please help remove them from their situations. You are our lord almighty and tell us if we have faith as small as a mustard seed- lord, faith is there. Please move these mountains, In Jesus name amen.

  33. Catherine Fletcher

    Praying for ALL involved. God bless. Will do the 31 days with you.

  34. Nan Barbee

    Father GOD,our Creator and Deliverer,who knows all the terrible tradegedies that are happening in this world. We praise you for working through Christine Caine with her Campaign A21. May the awareness send many “warrior angel’s” to set free the imprisoned women who have been force into sex trafficking. OH LORD, our GOD, please help and know that when many pray in your name that “miracles” occur, as You have always done though out the generations. We lift up all women and boys who may captured against their will to be released in YOUR NAME and send the dark one to the pit awaiting for him. We ask this in Jesus name ,where all miracles occur. P.S. Happy birthday Christine Caine, what a “warrior angel you are!! Praise !!!

  35. Janet F

    I printed off all the requests and will be praying. Love A21 and P31!! You ROCK!!!

  36. Sheilah Mullins

    Lord, use me. Let me be your hands and feet, accept my prayers for Christine’s ministry and show me how I can help in this courageous battle against our broken world.

  37. Judy from Clarks Hill

    Lysa, combating human trafficking has been the women of the church social action project this year. This prayer effort will serve to keep this issue front and center. We believe in the power of prayer and as Christine said when women pray things happen. Just 3 years ago this subject was taboo and now, thanks to the efforts of so many fearless people, it is being discussed with some surprising results. Our prayers will make a difference. Thank you for the suggested prayer points.

  38. Corrie Huddleston

    I pray dear Heavenly Father that you will be with these woman and children bring them comfort in their pain oh Lord bring them out of this darkness oh Lord. I know Lord you will put an end to this horrible horrific sin. I just pray Lord that these evil things will be put to an end in the name of Jesus I pray Amen

  39. Liz Cress

    I am so thankful for this! Through the study of “What Happens when woman say yes to God” it was confirmed that I would be very involved with victims of Human Trafficking. Mainly because my BFF and her children were trafficked at night/weekends by her now ex-husband! She got out and is roughly safe but her & the kids are still suffering emotionally. She is afraid to trust again since the system failed her MISERABLY!!

    A friend of mine from church has told me in no certain terms that I will be involved and to help in some way with the victims of Human Trafficking. Now its all prayer about our next step. 🙂 Thank you again for this!

  40. sherri white

    Father God,
    I come to you so humbled… that because of You I can offer my prayers for these precious women and children. You have blessed my beyond measure. And I pray that I can be included in Your army of prayer warriors!

    Thank You for Your love and protection,
    Your daughter…

  41. Karen

    Lord, I lift up those taken and currently enslaved, that they will know your protection, your power, your presence – even if they don’t yet know you personally. Give them hope and a safe escape from the darkness they are in. Lead them to people and places that will give them safety, but most importantly relationship with You so that the world will be changed through their lives and their testimonies! In Jesus’ Name,

  42. Linda Siddall

    Lord, please surround those who are enslaved in body or spirit and protect them from their captor(s). Show them Your grace and bless them with Your strength and peace of mind until You and Your army of angels lead them to safety. In Your Holy Name, Amen

  43. Deanne Garrison

    I commit to pray daily for this prayer campaign for A21. Since hearing Christine speak in Denver, God has laid this ministry on my heart. Praying specifically according to the requests. Praying also for a mighty move of God in response to this united prayer effort with A21and P31.

  44. Natasha Smith

    Father God, Bless the people who are serving you by saving those who have been held against their will. I ask that you will protect, shelter, heal and provide for the victims. Give them peace and surround them with love and compassion. I thank you God for being loving and kind.

    In the name of Jesus, I pray and believe it will be done. Amen

  45. Avis Reaves

    “The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
    The LORD liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.”
    Psalm 18:2, 46

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    For such a time as this, you have equipped a team of Warrior – Christina and A21 Campaign for the work of the ministry to rescue victims of human trafficking. God, I praise you for being their Rock, Protector and watching over them during this season. God, you saved David and keep him from Saul – his enemy. I pray to God which art in heaven that the victims of human trafficking will learned to depend upon God and trust God to keep them safe. Thank you, God for embracing them with your love and may your peace rest upon them. I pray to God which art in heaven for the enemies to repent and to acknowledge their sins before Thee to be delivered and set free from bondage and brought out of darkness into his marvelous light by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our God is so BIG and there is nothing too hard for HIM. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  46. Marsha

    Father God,
    I thank you for the work of A21 and other organizations that are working to do justice, seek mercy and share your loving message of love and hope to victims of human trafficking. God as we pray for protection tonight, I ask that your once again you make the seemingly impossible, very much possible! I pray that wherever your children are in chains tonight because of human trafficking that your break those chains. I pray that doors be left unlocked and that your children are filled with the courage and the opportunity to walk through those doors. I pray that cards with the Helpline phone numbers be found and that cellphones be made possible to call that number. I pray that Johns drop these victims off a shelters and turn themselves in. I pray that traffickers are filled with unimaginable conviction that they let your children go. I pray that you heal and restore each one of the lives of your precious children that have been systematically broken by this unthinkable injustice. Thank you for the work that A21 does to help these survivors find their true worth and identity in you. Amen

  47. Nikole

    Happy Birthday to you Christine! I pray God will continue to provide for all of your needs as you fight this good fight. He is faithful, He loves everyone of us! Peace and protection tonight and always for Christine and all of A21 ministries, In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  48. Amber

    Father I pray your protection over women and children who are enslaved, or in danger of being slaves of human traffickers. I ask Lord that you would cover them with your feathers and you would shelter them with your wings. Lord I ask they would have opportunity to know You and they would make You their refuge. Father I ask that you would order your angels to protect them wherever they go. Thank you Jesus! Amen

  49. Janet Trenda

    You came to heal broken hearts and set people free. These women and children desperately need your healing and to be free of the trauma and abuse. Thank you, Lord, that have already purchased what they need at the cross. Now, I ask that you would show each of us the invitation to join you in bringing it to them.

    Thank you, Lord- that you are greater than all of these needs!

  50. Amanda

    Absolutely! I’m in for the next 31 days.
    I’m praying my own personal rally cry in II Timothy 1:7
    “God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-discipline.”
    Father God, protect the children of trafficking. Show them Your power and love to endure rescue and recovery. And give me the discipline to pray as I’ve promised. We love You because You’ve loved the least of us.

  51. Cindy

    Father I pray for the protection of these women and children that they are rescued and can feel safe because of laws that would keep this from happening anymore. I pray for repentance of these people who traffic poor individuals for such horrific crimes. Lord wrap your love and peace around these women and children, in Jesus name we pray Amen.

    • marietjie boonzaaier

      Dear Father,I pray for your protection over these girls,who daily lives in fear and shame.Father,you know their names,you know where they are.I pray the blood of Jesus over each and every one and I also pray Ps 91 over them.May they experience in this injustice your loving arms around them.I pray for miraculous escapes.Father, send your army of angels to protect them.I specially pray for Madeline M’Cann-That she may be found.Please put your loving arms around these girls parents and family.In the powerful name of Jesus.

  52. Brittany jacobson

    Lord Jesus we come before you lord lifting up the girls lord we pray that your angels would take charge over them. lord we pray that verse lord I cried out im slipping but your unfailing love o lord surrounded me. lord there crying out there slipping God put you have a plan in place they will be surrounded by your love lord. Lord we pray that verse exodus 14:14 you need only be still and the lord will fight for you . lord I ask that you would fight for them as they are still. they call out hearts to fight for them in prayer call out hearts to fight for them finically call out hearts to fight for them spiritually. amen

  53. Dawn R Anderson

    Thank you Lysa and Christine for doing this. Christine thank you for always being of this terrible crime. We have helped you at our church, Lakewood Church. I agree that the word protection should be the word for the 1st day. Lord we are all Your children, we want protection for the women, the young ladies, and the little girls. Comfort their parents that don’t know where they are. Help the sex offenders to realize that what they are doing goes against what You stand for and against who You are. Thank You Father for giving us ministries like these two, P31 and A21. Father help me to be Your hands and feet in this horrific crime, in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

    • sherri white

      What a beautiful comment…. thank you sister!

  54. Donna Norris

    Thank you for this Lisa – I will join you in prayer for these precious women and for those who fight for their freedom!

    • Shelly Contes

      I will keep with this and will PRAY for this and seek HIS face here and HIS protection and direction to save the children from the darkness and have been taken into.We shall see our GOD move in this. Jesus name.

  55. Susan Heyn

    I’m drawing a blank… I read the psalms for day 2. I will try later.

  56. Lynn

    Sweet Jesus our hearts break with yours at the atrocity of the sex trafficking industry. We ask that you unleash your power to stop the trafficking and heal & restore your children. In the powerful name of Jesus we stand against everything & everyone who intends and does harm. We pray for protection & your full armor for all those fighting for healing, justice and restoration. Thank you Lord that you love more than we can, you see all & you desire this to end. We stand with you, you are for us. We love & praise you for all you do but most of all Lord for who you are. You are love & we need you. We ask this in Jesus precious & powerful name. Amen

  57. Jody Glass_Chapman

    Heavenly Father, you are the commander of Heavens Armies….you are the giver of life and decider of our paths here on earth. We humbly leave our greatest desires and deepest concerns in your very capable hands. You have given us your word Father that where two or more of us are gathered that you will hear our cries and answer our pleas with your divine wisdom and discernment. As we gather in online community Abba I pray, I hope, I have faith that you will hear our plea to end the disease that is human trafficking. Father as the Commander of Heavens Armies we ask that you release a force of mighty angels such that the world has never seen to protect and guide the paths of those who are currently being trafficked. We come before you as a faith filled group of believers to implore you to guide and protect those that would seek to intervene on behalf of those all over our world who are being trafficked. We know that all things must come in your time Father and we are so very grateful for your wisdom and daily mercies. Please Father extend those mercies with haste to those who are in the deadly path of trafficking. Release them from their bonds mighty God so that they may sing the praises of your Glory and Mercy. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

  58. Jennifer

    Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You would be with A21 as they work to free Your precious children. Please open blind eyes, turn hearts to see. I ask in the precious and powerful name of Jesus. Amen

  59. shelly

    Dear God,
    There, but by your Grace, go I and my daughter. Please protect those still safe, and protect those on the way out, and please cover with protection the souls and bodies of the women caught in the net right now. Amen

  60. Melissa

    Lord, I pray for all girls and boys, women and men, who are taken into the sex trafficking nightmare. I lift up Christine and the A21 team to be able to help all who need help, dear God. You are the Mighty One. Praise the Lord. Amen

  61. Patricia Forte

    Lord , I pray that for every person that will be free from the sex traffic industry. I thank you that they will be free with a freedom that comes from you. I lift up Christine Caine and collective teams everywhere that are partnering together with A21. We trust in you Lord and acknowledge you and know that you will direct the paths to freedom to set captives free. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

  62. Corrie Huddleston

    Dear Heavenly Father I pray Lord for all of these victims that are enduring these horrific acts. Lord I pray that you would free these innocent woman and children from this terrible misery. I pray this in your precious name Amen

  63. Christine Doiga

    Father God, today I pray for your divine protection over those being trafficked and those who are currently enslaved. Lord, please let them feel your presence and rest in the assurance that You are mighty and able to rescue and restore! In Jesus Name, Amen!

  64. Sheila Cargile

    May they come to know the Truth more fully today and then Truth make them free. May they be free indeed because the Son has set them free.

  65. Evangelist Marcia R. Brown

    September 24, 2013 10:00 a.m.

    Dear Heavenly Father, please here my prayer this morning. Lord I am praying for your compassionate loving arms to protect men, women and children from the dreadful hands of evil people. I pray Lord the your will be done in heaven and on earth. May your hand of mercy and grace be on these individuals who are suffering at the hands of people who are not saved. I know Lord that you know what is going on and I believe that you will move in this area. There is power in prayer and I know that it can move this mountain.

  66. Stefanie

    Lord in heaven, creator of all, please protect those held against their will. Give them opportunity and courage to escape and be saved. Punish those who hold them; change their hearts. Please Father guide those to safety and give those who are trying to rescue them the cleared path. Thank you Lord for my safety and that of my family from the worry of this horrible crime. I love you Lord!

  67. Karen Birkedal

    I will pray. God taught me first about the eminent dangers of human trafficking in 2001. I have been called to pray, share, and act. I will daily ask God to use this ministry. I am so thankful for all the ways God uses you!

  68. Kelly Blackwell

    Father I pray for protection and safety for the women and children caught in this horrifying web of sex trafficking. I pray for their value to be seen. I pray that the silence that has allowed this to go on be broken. I pray for your powerful love to encompass these dear angels of your’s father. Bring them hope, bring them freedom Lord, bring them safety. Father I ask that you move like never before for these dear precious souls. I ask Lord that your hand remain on them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  69. Ann

    Father, we join together with A21 and Proverbs 31 in prayer against Human Trafficking in this world. Uncover this places where these victims are being held. Uncover the enemy’s plan and cause them to release these victims. Open our eyes up to see whats going on under church steeples!

  70. Irene

    Our loving heavenly Father, may all those who are experiencing the horror of sex trafficking feel your loving, protective arms around them. May they find protection and safety . Watch over those who risk so much to save these children and women and help them to restore their lives. I praise Your Holy Name and ask that Your will be carried out. I love you. Amen.

  71. Carol

    Father, I ask that you would protect and bless Christine and all those on the front lines in ministry at A21. Free the captives, Lord. Protect the vulnerable and abused. Inhibit the efforts of the abuser, prohibit their success, bring justice to those who violate the God-given value of each human being. Specifically Lord heal the hurts and scars of those who have been freed from slavery and struggle to find a new life. May they run headlong into your grace. May they find mercy at the foot of your cross. May they find the power of your Spirit. We love you Lord. Please bless the efforts of all those who defend the helpless in your name. We don’t understand this awfulness, but we trust You-to right the wrong-for Your glory. Amen.

  72. Kristian

    Father, you are the holy one and to your glory and honor I ask that you bless A21 as they minister to the least of these. You are our creator, the Almighty God, please by your divine intervention and mighty power in the name of Jesus make a way of escape for those enlaved against your will. Give wisdom and clarity to those that are able to help and open the hearts of those you have chosen to be your children to be sensitive to your Holy Spirit in all ways that you may be exalted. All in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  73. marilyn

    Please hear our prayers Oh Lord and protect every child, woman and man who has become an innocent victim of human trafficking. Father, we pray and believe that you will position your angels around each victim of human trafficking forming a Godly shield of protection around them protecting them from all evil. Please hear our prayers Oh Lord.

  74. Jennifer Dougan


    I am so thankful that you are doing this piece on human trafficking. It is a huge issue and one that needs all of us to tackle it. I appreciate too these organizations’ against it too: International Justice Mission, Breaking Free, The Exodus Road, The Emancipation Network, and Not for Sale.

    May God do great things through A21, and all this prayer too. Joining you in prayer and in fighting this,

    Jennifer Dougan

  75. Sheryl

    Holy and Loving God, sometimes I wonder how you can stand to see how Your awesome creation has turned out. But, in the midst of horror, we find wonder, the wonder of You. The ministry of A21 has become Your hands and feet in the subhuman world of human trafficking. May Your grace, Your strength, Your peace, Your comfort and Your healing surround those who have been subjected to this horror and those who are working to end it. Only through You can their work succeed and only through You can those who have been lost, be found and healed. We thank you, Father, for Your unending love and for Your promises which are never broken. In Your precious Son’s name I pray. Amen

  76. Moira Conley-Jackson

    I lift up prayers on behalf of those who have become victims. I pray that they would be protected from further harm, that they would become free, and that they would heal.
    I pray for those who have escaped, that they would use their experiences to help prevent harm to others, and that they would be instruments of healing, having known the ravages of abuse. I pray for families of those that would-be trafficking victims. I pray that they would be educated about the lies that potential captors tell, and that these families eyes would be opened to false promises, and be encouraged not to believe, and not to submit their children into slavery.
    I want to share a tool used in the efforts to PREVENT trafficking through education. It can be seen at

  77. Rev.Betty Fankhauser

    Father, I ask that you be with those who are victims of human trafficking. Father, please let your presence be felt by them. Give them strength and courage to break away from this dreadful situation that he or she may be in. I ask Father that you would keep them from any further harm, keeping the safe, giving them comfort. Father I also ask that you be with the loved ones of these victims. Give them peace and comfort Lord as they wait for the return of their loved ones.
    I pray also that the law enforcement officers, and governments alike find the resources they may need to stop this terrible act from continuing. Father, I know that you are a just God and that you will be back to judge those who have committed this evil against women, men and especially the innocent little children. I pray that the law enforcement can bring these victims home to be with their families soon. Lord I pray all these things in your Sons’ Most Holy Name; Jesus. Amen.

  78. Elaine

    Dear Heavenly Father, i praise you for your goodness and that you want the best for each one of us. I pray Lord that you would take the victory over all the evil involved in human trafficking, and open the doors wide for A21 to rescue many, many people entrapped in this form of human slavery. Please protect the A21 members and law enforcement officials who are involved in these rescue attempts and lead and guide them in their quest to help those who are afflicted. I pray that you would comfort those who are trapped in this slavery, and that you would give them hope and that they may come to know you and worship you if they are not already Christians. Please protect them from serious harm while they are enslaved. i also pray that people who are consumers of this type of sex trade would be transformed by the power of your Holy Spirit and not have any more interest in this type of activity, so the demand declines. Please help prospective victims to have marvelous ways of escape so that they won’t have to be a statistic in human trafficking. Thank you, Lord, for all you do to protect us. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  79. Peggy

    Heavenly Father, How Your heart must break when You see these precious women and children taken as victims and sold. How my heart breaks knowing that this tragedy is happening all around us and is increasing rather than decreasing! My heart aches for these precious children and women.

    I join together with this army of women at P31 and A21, and ask Your Mighty power and grace to help us put an end to this crime against humanity, against Your children. I ask for wisdom and protection for each victim and possible victim. I place a hedge of protection around them, those captive and those being preyed upon. As their Heavenly Protector, I plead for You to show us how we can best defeat this enemy and the territory that they are stealing, plundering, robbing and destroying. Keep these precious victims from harm and the evil that surrounds them. Put a shield around them until we can rescue them. Give global organizations like Christine’s the power and means to continue breaking down the strongholds and doors until each victim is saved.
    Then we ask for compassionate people to care and nurture these victims back with all they need to recover, with love, with physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological care and support needed. Open doors and strengthen those on the front lines meeting these victims and dealing with them. You are Our Deliverer and You desire to set these captives free. Protect each one that is vulnerable and put a special watch over them.
    We thank You for the efforts of those that are trying to penetrate and stop this human trafficking. We thank You for all the provision You are making possible. We bless You and give You praise for we know that You are greater than this atrocity. We ask for Your mercy and forgiveness that this has become so epidemic and wounded so many lives. May the many prayers offered up for the next 31 days make a huge difference in the lives of the victims and the beginning of the end of this! May this be just a start of many praying and standing up for the voiceless victims in this. We serve notice to the enemy that his days are numbered for this to end and we call upon all the heavenly forces and hosts to wage war against sex trafficking and tourism, we bind the root causes of this stronghold and the finances that back it. We take the authority of Jesus Christ, who came to save us, and set all of us free for He is Our Advocate before You, He is the Burden bearer and He paid the greatest price so that each of us might breathe and live eternally with You, this includes each victim of this human trafficking situation. Bring liberty and heal the many broken situations that lead to this evil. You are Lord of the Hosts, release Your heavenly armies to lead us into battle against this atrocity, guard each one doing this work and praying in Jesus’ name.

  80. terri

    Father of compassion and mercy, in your mosy holy name I pray for the rescue and salvation of these precious souls caught in this horrific circumstance. You oh Lord are their hope. Thank you Lord.

  81. Robin

    I was a day behind in seeing your email to pray for people enslaved in human trafficking. I saw it yesterday and prayed the prayer for day 1. There was a story on the news last night about a young lady from our area who had been missing and was a victim of human trafficking. She was found yesterday and her captors charged with human trafficking! Praise the Lord for answered prayers! Thank you, Lysa, for your ministry. Your blog and your books are a blessing to me and encourage me in my walk with Christ. Robin

  82. Catharine

    Praying for those lives to be protected, saved, and freed. Redeem them, Lord!

  83. Barbara Biechman

    Dear Lord, I lift up these beautiful people to you who serve A21 Campaign in protection and spirit. I ask that you give them what they need in serving all those in bondage with human trafficking, and the love and truth that you teach us in serving these beautiful young people who capitive of anyone who needs their service. Thank you Lord for all you do. Jesus name, Amen.

  84. Sherise

    Dear Lord,
    Please put a special blessing over Christine and her wonderful ministry, A21. Lysa said it so well when she said although we may not feel “at risk” for our own children being drug into this awful world, we have a responsibility to rescue other women and children who are not so lucky. God, I ask that you help Christine to guide more and more women and children out of this terrible situation. Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness. Amen

  85. Carmen

    Joining this prayer team for victory over these woman being sold. Our God will remove and revile each hour we are praying.

  86. Rhonda Brasseal

    Dear Jesus,
    Let the byword among traffickers be, “This business is changing. It’s not worth it any more.”
    In Jesus name, I see filthy nooses and lassos laid for potential victims snapping up the perpetrators instead. I see light for the path of women and children eluding and escaping capture because of the prayers of the fiathful.
    I see God holding the hearts of judges, turning them to flow in His will as we cry out to Him, “Vengeance is mine! saith the Lord.”
    Lord, lay your hand HARD upon the shoulders of uncaptured perpetrators. By the power of Jesus, inflitrate them with wave upon wave of baffling hinderances, with sicknesses that immobilize them, with roadblocks at every turn. Show them who you are, Lord!
    Right now, in Jesus’ name I say hope is planted in every captive boy, girl, and woman. That though they may not even know you, Your comfort, peace, and life-giving hope is welling up inside them.
    Thank you, Lord that you are lifting them out of the mire, providing them a firm rock on which to stand, and that they will soon sing a new song: “God saved me. I am free. And now I will learn to walk free.”
    Thank you for Lysa and Christine Caine. I say in Jesus’ name that Satan’s plans for them and their families are dried up; only Your plans will come to pass in their lives. May they flourish in Your love. Amen.

    • Peggy

      Amen! Prayer Warrior Rhonda! Standing in agreement with this prayer and the others (but this one struck a cord deep within me as I prayed it) …

  87. Patricia McGuire

    Lord please protect the week and broken in Jesus name alone amen

  88. Corrie

    I just praise your name father and thank you for freeing these 35 woman in Ukriane and Lord I know you are powerful Lord and there will be more set free! I pray for continued grace and mercy to be upon these innocent woman and children lord that they would be set free from these horrific acts in the name of Jesus I pray Amen

  89. Bryana-Christine Reeves-Sehn

    Father God, I pray that You will fill us Your people, overflowing with Holy Spirit to pray through for these victims and those who are making them victims. So that Your kingdom purposes will be fulfilled and the ploys of the enemy will be thwarted, to Your honor, glory and praise. In Jesus’ Precious Holy Name

  90. Patricia Wall

    Lord as I read all these prayers I agree in the spirit. I think of Daniel in the lions den, the prophets that were martyed in your name, the disciples that spread your word. Even Lot and his family when you brought them out of sodom. Lord I pray for the same kind of protecrion for the enslaved people. And Lord I ask that you prevent anymore of this disgrace to your name. We know satan will not win. Send your angels to help those you have sent to do this work. Amen

  91. Teri

    Almighty God,
    I stand in agreement with these other women of God who are interceding for these victims of trafficking and for Christine and others who are working on their behalf to have them released. I pray that You would raise up others to help in this effort, and I stand ready to become involved as You lead. I pray specifically that You would cause confusion and defeat and division among the ring leaders and their organizations. I pray for supernatural vision for those who are searching for the victims that they would continue to be freed and then brought to spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness through Your son and our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  92. Karla

    I am praying with you. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do. So excited!

  93. Andrea baker

    Dear Abba Father, thank you Lord for tress two ministries.. Merging as one for your miraculous glory! Impower A21’s works to stop trafficking & to protect the victims who suffer the horrible effects there after.. May I lord stay committed to this cry for help & may I finds way to serve the justice that needs to happen! In your precious name, amen

  94. caren

    I truly believe in the power of prayer, and I join many others this month to pray for A21 along with P31 to pray for all of those individual who are in situration. to help women, children, and men who are false to do ungodly things. free them lord from there oppressor, guide them lord each & every day. I know that everything is going to be alright, because the good lord has a hand in it. I pray that each day we pray together will bring peace to those individual who being affected by other who choose to conflict pain on others. lord you said you will never leave them or forsake them. you are living god the creator of all things, lord here our pray in Jesus name Amen.

  95. Taña

    Oh Heavenly Father we lift up to you every woman and child enslaved and broken by this evil. We lift up to you each and every worker and their families, giving their time and efforts and gifts in this ministry for YOUR glory! Father we pray the blood of Jesus over each and every one of these people. We take authority over every spirit of poverty, greed, lust and bondage and rebuke them in the powerful name of Jesus! In the name of Jesus we proclaim that the enemy will NOT win. Father equip these women and men with every strength and blessing they need to work with you and break these bonds. We pray your protection and blessing over every enslaved woman and child, that you would reach down and pull them from bondage. We pray your divine healing of their bodies, minds and spirits. We pray that you lead these traffickers and people who turn their heads the other way to repentance and salvation. We pray a divine revelation and wisdom to law enforcement and governments in every country. Lord we ask you to equip these women and children with your supernatural strength and perseverance, put hope and faith in their hearts! We thank you and praise you God, that you are on the throne, that you have equipped your children with the armor and the weapons to defeat the enemy and his army. That you have given us the authority of heaven and back us with an army of angels for this fight. Lord we just thank you and praise your name and we know that whatever we ask in faith, in the name of Jesus, it will be done. We ask all of this on the finished work of the cross, in Jesus name. Amen! And Amen!

  96. Robin Hancox

    Praying for the A21 Campaign. Thank you for making us aware of what is going on in the world. I saw you both at the Kansas City Women Of Faith conference this past weekend. It was awesome!!!

  97. Chris Burman

    Dear God. You are all powerful and have full authority over all things. lord please give wisdom to those who have earthly authority over countries and states. Give them the sight to see these terrible things that are happening, and make laws to prevent these attrocities in our time. In and through the precious blood of Jesus, Amen.

  98. Leslie

    Dear Heavenly Father,
    Our hearts are heavy knowing the atrocities happening to women and children around the world. We often feel powerless to help them, however, today in our inbox, we were shown how we can support “the ground troops!” Lord, we pray for the women and children. Give them strength and courage. We pray for the captors and corrupt governments, that they may see the light, and we pray for all involved in the A21 Campaign who work tirelessly to change the world one victim at a time. Pray can move mountains and we are trusting You to cause great things to happen! We pray this in Jesus’ name—Amen.

  99. Heather

    Dear God, I pray that the governments of the world seek Your true justice and defend these defenseless people. Let good, honest governments stand up against the evil, corrupt ones, taking no bribes nor turning a blind eye to the human trafficking happening all around. May the prayers of your saints reach all the ends of the world! Amen.

  100. Patricia Lamoureux

    Dear Father- I want to be your prayer warrior. It is ever so powerful. Our prayers together today we pray in Jesus name you could break this horrific bondage. For strength and salvation today. Psalm 138 v7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes with your right hand you save me. In your precious name. Amen

  101. Amanda

    Heavenly Father-

    You are God Almighty, El Shaddai. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ we come against the evil of sex trafficking in this world. In prayer and in Spirit I stand in agreement with my fellow prayer warriors. Amen, I say. You are Yahweh Nissi- the Lord our Banner. I pray for a hedge of protection around the women, children and boys who are being trafficked and that You, Yahweh Shophet, will deliver swift punishment against perpetrators. May Your Holy Spirit be ignited throughout the world against this atrocity and may Your light spread into the darkest places. Thank you LORD, for You work against this evil, and for giving organizations like Proverbs 31 ministries and A21 a platform to gather believers in Your name. Jesus, You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords and Price of PEACE. Thank You for the victory. We love you. Amen

  102. Patty S.

    Lord, thank You for Your love for these afflicted people. Thank You for Your love for their persecutors and Your desire for their salvation. I pray that justice will not be perverted; that local officials won’t turn a blind eye but would work to correct this injustice and free them. I pray Your truth will prevail and that many will find both physical and spiritual freedom. In Jesus name.

  103. Lisa K

    Almighty Father God, I come to you now to life up these previous women, children and men before you Father – you are a righteous, Holy, and Just God. Father, I pray that you would protect those that are being trafficked around the world. I pray that the people who are guilty of imposing this horrific crime on others would be punished by YOU Father God in your time and in your way because your word says that vengeance is YOURS. You are Holy and You hate sin God so I ask in the name of Jesus for you to quickly draw the offenders to Jesus so that they will repent and confess and turn to You Father. I pray for the protection of the ones who are being harmed and violated, I pray for peace and I pray for mercy and I pray that You would quickly and mightily provide a way of escape or release for the men, women and children. I pray for their families Lord that you will give them peace and that their family members would be found! Almighty God, I pray that you would protect the people of A21 while they are on the ground and on mission to carry out the fight as yours hands and feet for this injustice. Make a way for them to find each and every person and make a way for the people of A21 and any other organization who seeks out victims of human trafficking to receive financial aid and assistance so they can carry out your mission Father God. I pray for you to raise up people to help in this cause as well. I pray God that this nation and the world would turn to YOU – Almighty God. In Jesus Holy name, Amen!

  104. Cathy

    Heavenly Father, we come together, standing side by side in the gap for our brothers and sisters and ask you to free the men, women and children in the world that are being abused and are taken against their will into a world of abuse and neglect and violence and many unspeakable things. Let all of whom are doing these things to others be held responsible. We ask you for justice to prevail and for freedom to ring for these people. I thank you for the hearts of the ones in the kingdom that are helping free these victims. I ask for protection, provision, safety, courage and your strength for them as well as their loved ones while they are away, risking their lives to help the lives of others. Your word tells us that we don’t receive because we don’t ask. We are asking your Father to help us stop this trafficking of human life. We are asking you to bring justice to the perpetrators and change the hearts of the authorities to be bold and stand up for what is right according to Your Word. We have the victory because of your Son and we thank you for loving us so much that You gave us Your Son so that we can live a free life. Let Your Son shine on the hearts of all involved. Let us all Stand and Shine for the Glory of God! In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

  105. Connie Reece

    In the sweet name of Jesus I claim freedom for those enslaved today. Freedom from all that is holding them in bondage. Blind the eyes of their captors and set the captive free. I pray I will be faithful to lift this cause to you Lord Jesus. Hear me now I pray.

  106. Melanie Freisinger

    Oh, Lord, hear our prayers! We trust You and know You don’t
    want these precious children of Yours enslaved and abused.
    Please be with them, help them to feel Your presence and give
    them hope. You are Almighty and All Powerful and we ask
    You to intervene today in these lives and the end the evil
    being done. Thank you, Jesus!

  107. Leigh T.

    Dear Lord of my heart and Lord of all,
    I praise you for your holiness and love of justice. Thank you that I never have to question your goodness, your faithfulness and your honesty. But, Lord, you know we live in a fallen world . You see each atrocity that occurs every day including human trafficking. We as a group come to you and ask you to move , Father. We ask you to bring justice and freedom for these precious people who were created in your image. You know the number of hairs on their heads and we pray that you will give them peace and protection, Father. We ask that you will provide them a way out. We ask that you will rescue them from slavery and then rescue them again with your gospel through salvation. We ask specifically today, Lord, for corruption among governments to end. We ask that you open eyes to injustice and change hearts. We ask that you would move in a mighty way to end human trafficking. We pray also for A21 ministry and that you would empower them to be your hands and feet in bringing perpetrators to justice and in rescuing the wounded. Lord, though our prayers are only a small sacrifice of our time, we pray that you would take them and use them mightily. God may we see your hand move as never before in ending this horrific problem in the world . Thank you for hearing us and thank you for what You are going to do in advance. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  108. Heidi

    Committed to praying. I pray God would forgive me for complaining and worrying about the trivial things in my life. How dare I complain when the unthinkable is happening to a child right now. Lord, I pray for the comfort of those parents who have lost their children and have had no way of protecting them. I pray for the children right at this moment who are forced to be involved in things we don’t want to even imagine. Oh, Lord, please rescue them. Thank you for blessing my child and keeping her safe. Thank you that when I lay down at night I don’t have to live in constant fear for her safety….Oh, Lord…be with these precious ones. In Jesus name, Amen. <3

  109. Tricia Woodard

    Father God, I come to you as humble as I know how, asking that you heal the hearts of ALL that have been affected by this crime. God you are the alpha and omega God the beginning and the end and through you God ALL things are possible! Please hear our prayers O God and put a shift in the nation God. Just shake us and make us and you repair what has been broken and make it new. God I love you for everything that you have done in my life and everything that you will continue to do in my life and in the life’s of others. God be the peacemaker and touch the ones that are committing these crimes that they may have a heart and STOP doing what they are doing. These and ALL other things I ask in your name God. Amen!

  110. Roy Lamont

    Having been blessed to read of your contributions to the service of our Lord Jesus I take this moment to both thsank you and congratulate for your devotion.
    I have recently recorded “The King’s Proposal” which can be found on a beautiful Christian website. If you feel led to visit this site, I believe you will be blessed with the message of our Lord’s proposal to His bride and another called, “Father’s Love Letter”.
    If there is something I can do for you please do let me know. I, too, live in North Carolina
    but in the western part of the state…Waynesville and Maggie Valley area.

    Pastor Roy Lamont

  111. Meredith Van Tamelen

    Lord I pray for the take down of those who are who have any part in the human trafficking and for the officials to have clear eyes to discover what is being covered up. Lord you are all powerful so we ask for the protection of angels around those who are the slaves to these operations. Help them to escape this horrible, unbelievable mess, keep them safe and help them to recover from what they have endured. Lord God we call on you and your love for your children, help them and see to their needs, in Jesus name I pray. Amen Lord I know there is wonderful power in pray. So release your power over the world Lord. Let us give you our praise and glory to our wonderous Lord.

  112. Joyce Miles

    Heavenly Father, We come to you today and so humbly ask that you allow us to not only think of ourselves, but to think of those who are suffering. We are asking that the laws that are meant to protect are enforced and that where they are lacking your grace and mercy will be their voice. We ask that attention is given to the blind eyes that are ignoring the issue and that a conscience and willingness will rise in those who have the power to bring about justice. God you are all powerful and in Jesus Name we say Amen.

  113. Kelly

    I am praying for the victims to be rescued and healed. I pray that the Lord speaks into their hearts so they will know Him. I pray for the caregivers that are helping the victims, that they have wisdom in how to help each individual with his or her special situation. Lord, I ask that you protect both the victims and the rescuers throughout the world. Provide safe havens for them. Connect them with resources and supporters. I pray that each person will know and believe that he or she is a loved child of God in spite of what they have experienced.

  114. Joyce Miles

    Heavenly Father we want to say thank you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you are about to do in this campaign against human injustice. We know that you are the almighty knowing and powerful God and when the righteous cry out, needs are met, chains are broken, and hearts are mended. We are asking that you send rescue to those who are powerless and at the mercy of the unjust. We just want to ask that you provide resources to those who are victims of human trafficking and feel that they have been forgotten and have no way out. Please allow them to be comforted in knowing that despite what may seem impossible and hopeless that there is hope in you and that all things are possible through you. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  115. judy

    Precious Father. How it must burden your heart when your children commit atrocities against one another. I lift them to You in prayer. Both victims and oppressors. You are the Redeemer and we stand in your promise to be a refuge in times of trouble not just for some but for all who believe in You and seek You. I pray the hearts of the oppressors be turned and the victims be released and comforted. In Your most holy and precious name Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  116. Joyce Miles

    Heavenly Father we come to you today in unity to ask that you allow the hearts and minds of those involved in this terrible crime of human trafficking to let go of their selfish desires. We ask that the spirit of greed be removed and that righteousness move their hearts to release the victims of their sinful ways. God we ask that you please continue to be the protector of the victims and be their warrior in allowing them to be free. God bless them emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Please give the captured and the captives the mind to seek you and know that you are the way, the truth and the light in. In your Precious son Jesus name, Amen.

  117. Joyce Miles

    Dear Lord,
    We come to you today against the crime of human trafficking and we are saying thank you for your love and you r mercy. We say thank you that you created us all in your own image and made us all beautiful creatures that are equal in your eyes. We come against any spirits of superiority and prejudice today. We are asking that equality and fairness be a guide to those in power and that those who are being oppressed be treated as children of God and be set free. We are all one in Christ Jesus. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  118. April Loyd Dunn

    Father, hear our cries for the captives, remember your covenant with us Lord, you said you would defeat the enemy and rescue us your people. You tellus to ask so we ask we boldly come before your throne for these babies, these girls and these womenmove swiftly Father Lord of Host and conque. The enemy. Move forward Father and give our Judges police government wisdom to those to help these women. In Jesus name.

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