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I want to take you backstage at Women of Faith!

August 30, 2013

I’m so excited to share something really cool Women of Faith is allowing me to do. I have the opportunity to take you backstage at one of the Women of Faith Believe God Can Do Anything events I’m doing in September and October.

We’ll have a chance to hang out, chat, and see what really goes on behind the scenes at Women of Faith.

Check out the video below to find out more!
(If you’re viewing this post in an email, click here to watch the video.)

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To see what cities I’ll be in and to reserve your spot, click here. Be sure to use the code Proverbs31 when you register. I can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Stephanie

    So glad to hear you are part of this tour, but a little bummed you aren’t coming to Pittsburgh, PA. I know God will use you powerfully in the cities you are visiting!!

  2. Mary Davidson

    Lysa, this is so exciting!!! But my mom and I bought our tickets almost 5 months ago for your Anaheim visit. How do I go back and register now with the Proverbs31 code? I really want to go back stage and visit with you. Can I still get on a list? I’m so excited to hear you speak (my first time in person), but meeting you and getting an opportunity to pray with you would be incredible. Please let me know what I can do.

    [email protected]

    Thank you.

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Hi Mary,

      Yes you can! Please click on the link for more information – there are details on there for those who have already registered 🙂 Thanks! ~ LT Staff

      • Mary Davidson

        Thank you!! Praying that my mom and I can be two of the 25 people. What an incredible blessing! Especially being in the midst of #YestoGod right now!

        • Kristin

          Lysa, in the past, some presenters have only presented on Friday night and not Saturday. I really want to be there Friday night, but I might not be able to make it. Do you speak both times?

          (Like Mary, I have attempted to get backstage as well! 🙂 )

          KC, MO Event

  3. Mary Davidson

    I found it! There is a spot for us to register if we have already bought our tickets. Wonderful!!!

    • cATHY white

      Can you tell me how to find it. I’ve not been able to so far.

  4. Rene' Newsome

    If you end up adding this opportunity to the Louisville event, I would be SO excited! It would be such a blessing to meet you in person 🙂

  5. Michelle Axton Kelly

    Hi Lysa! I would LOVE this opportunity but don’t see Denver on the list. I pray you are still part of the Colorado lineup. I’m a She Speaks grad and can’t wait for this amazing weekend!

  6. Suzanna

    Anything in the works for Atlanta? I would Love Love for that to happen:)

  7. cATHY white

    what if you registered with a big group and you didn’t get your ticket on your own, will I still have a chace to visit with you Lisa and go back stage with you?
    I would so love that, you are one of my favorite female authors because you always say such great things that I can relate to.

  8. Chris Carter

    Ah…. I can only dream of doing this!! When do you think Columbus, Ohio will be a stop? I believe you didn’t make that stop this year with the WOF conference. I can’t wait to meet you some day Lysa!!! You are my inspiration. 🙂

  9. Dyana Bounds

    I would love to attend this WOF conference and have the opportunity to meet you, but I have not been able to find anyone to attend the conference with me and I really didn’t want to drive, stay in hotel and attend by myself. My place would be San Antonio, TX (I live in Round Rock just north of Austin). Do you know of any women groups going from this area that I can join?
    Also I noticed on the link above, the date for San Antonio shows September 11-12, the registration page shows it to be OCTOBER 11-12. 🙂

  10. Audrey

    Just signed up for Anaheim!

  11. Lisa

    Lysa –
    Can I just say that you look fabulous in that mint green blouse with the flowers on it? WOW!

  12. Amy Maddox

    We are attending the Denver event. Please, please open up backstage with Lysa for Denver!!

  13. Diane Sands

    Hi Lysa, Thank you so much for this incredible opportuinty. I registered my daughter Jennifer to see if by chance she gets into the lottery…she has just begun her Biblical Studies Degree this year and hopes to someday become an author like you!! Having this opportunity to meet and talk with you would be such a blessing in her life! We are attending the conference together and I too look forward to being filled by your words!
    We will be praying for you as the event grows close!

  14. Sondra Haarberg

    Oh this is such WONDERFUL news that I might have a chance to get to go backstage and see you Lysa and to see the “behind the scenes” of WOF! I’ve had my ticket since before last year’s event was even over! 🙂 I hope they’ll be able to locate my name as already “registered” because the lady in charge from our church couldn’t remember if registration was under her own name or our church name?! So I listed both! Just want to make sure I have the same chance as others for this awesome opportunity! I HOPE to see you in September Lysa!!!!! Either way I’m beyond EXCITED to see and hear you on stage! What a blessing you and WOF are to me and so many other women!!!! I hope that you enjoy Dallas!!! 🙂

  15. Stephanie Budlong

    Lysa Miss Lysa-
    First off let me say God has used you to be such a light and example in my life! Your books have helped me grow in him more than I can say!
    I have signed up to volunteer at the Portland Conference in October and am wondering if as a volunteer if I could still have this chance? Please let me know as it would make my cheeks hurt from all the smiling I would be doing:)
    I can not wait to see you and all the others and watch God move!!

    • Randi

      same here for KC, MO volunteers!

  16. Jettie

    So sad…backstage isn’t available for the October 18-19 WOF in St Paul MN. But no matter, Lysa you are a blessing to all of the women out there. Love your down to earth…just as I am approach. May God continue to bless this ministry!!

    • Joan

      Jettie, I can relate to how you feel because I’m also disappointed and sad. This #YES To God women would have loved to have a chance to meet Lysa. I also am so looking forward to conference. I know it will be a Blessed time, and women will leave there changed.

  17. Melissa

    So looking forward to WOF in MN!! If anything changes and this opportunity becomes available for this location, please let us know!! What an amazing opportunity and God’s blessings in all you do:)

  18. Aleta

    Exciting!!! We will be in St. Paul, MN and I thought you would be too… But, I don’t see that listed as one of your cities. Maybe you won’t be there Friday night???

  19. Karen

    I’m excited to be going to 2 WOF events – but bummed you won’t be at either one. God bless you as you share God’s message across the miles.

  20. Cindy

    We were at the Peoria event in August. Would have LOVED to go backstage and meet with you. Perhaps next year? Ladies, if you are wondering if you should go to a Women of Faith event, GO! It is so worthy of your time and money.

  21. Randi

    I’ll probably get to see you in Kansas City but I’m volunteering so I probably can’t. 🙂

  22. Pat

    Lysa, I do no know what has happened. I clicked on your link regarding meeting you backstage at one of your speaking events. Now I can not get out of it. I cannot even turn my phone off. It is frozen in this email and I can’t do one thing except scroll thru your menu. Help! What has happened? Very frustrating to say the least.

  23. Laura K in SD

    Hi Lysa! So are you doing the backstage thing in Denver this weekend? I don’t see it on your register list even though you are listed as a speaker. Guess I’ll just “see you around”. Blessings!!

  24. Stephanie T

    I am volunteering and would still love the opportunity to meet you in person. Is there anyway I would be able to do so?


  25. Allison

    When will we find out who was picked for Dallas??? Can’t wait!! 🙂

  26. Stephanie Burrows

    Please send me a physical address for Lysa
    where I can send a CD as a gift.
    I live in the Bahamas, heard much about
    the Women Of Faith Conf. and would love to
    attend one day.

  27. Stephanie Burrows

    Please send me a physical address for Lysa
    where I can send a letter.
    I live in the Bahamas, heard much good news
    about the Women of Faith Conf. and would love to attend
    sometime in the near future.

  28. David Schultze

    Dear Lisa,
    I heard your story on K-Love Radio this morining.
    Your story of courage this morning is uplifting and it is great to see an overcomer like yourself get through hard times as a child and excel with God’s Grace. I’m a recently divorced Dad and I can tell you I do all I can through Christ that gives me strength each and every day to let both my daughter and son know how very much I love them and moreso our God-Who is the Father of love. Though this has been a very difficult time for me being without them in the same houselhold and not seeing them on a daily basis, I am reminded of God’s Grace and Mercy, but mostly His everlasting love in letting me know he is always their and that His Grace and Love is sufficient in our time of need. Thank you for being an inspiring woman of God and for sharing your story.
    Sincerely, David

  29. Mary Davidson

    Lysa, when will we learn if we were selected for Anaheim?

    • Audrey

      I was wondering the same thing…looking forward to tonight!

  30. Amy S

    I am traveling from Alaska to Minnesota in October to see you at Women of Faith. I am so excited!

  31. Lindsay

    what a great opportunity! Have you already chosen the anaheim attendees?

  32. Christie DAugherty

    I signed up for Dallas WOF just so I could meet you! I signed up online on August 30th…the day you announced the backstage event but couldn’t get past the screen because I’m not registered with a group. It’s just me and a friend. I called and registered but no one knew how to help me. I hope I’m still eligible!!!

    christie daugherty

  33. Sondra Haarberg

    I’ve tried to find information on “when” the winners will be notified but can’t find anything. Since Dallas WOF is this weekend I’m wondering if winners have been announced yet? If not, when and how will winners be notified? Thank you!!!!!!!!

    • Audrey

      Sondra – hope you are able to go backstage. I attended the Anaheim event – which was amazing! But was disappointed that we never heard a word outside of this post if anyone was selected to go backstage. What a truly amazing experience it would have been to see the behind the scenes activity. Enjoy the Dallas event!

  34. Pam Brown

    Hi Lysa- I am sure it is too late to get backstage, but I have a very pressing prayer request for this weekend’s WOF in Dallas. My 16yo daughter will be attending with me for her first WOF experience. She has struggled with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and self-harm for the past few months. On Sunday, after the conference, she will be checking into a behavioral health center for treatment. I am praying for a very special touch from God to give her the strength she needs to go through this scary time in her life. She is a Christian and I just pray for her heart to be open to receive the message that God is very able to carry her through this. Thank you and we can’t wait for this special time together!

  35. Pauline Mjor

    I hear you accasionly on K Love, and Will hear you in person at Women of Faith in Portland Oregon !! I am bringing my BRAND NEW DAUGHTER IN LAW . I would love to meet you in person. I recently downloaded Made to Crave on my Kindle-so I am walking into that thought process slowly. I am older than you ..In January of 2012 my husband of forty years told me he was leaving me for the women of his dreams I nearly died and then I was sad I didn’t !! But honestly Gods Mercy and Grace carried me through and the song by mercy me Where the Hurt and the Healer collide. They are going to be there at W.O.F. too !! Your book, your thoughts ,and feelings in Made to Crave is me I pray I am ready to let go of all this comfort food and walk into the land of freedom Love you Pauline 541-771-7090

  36. Tina

    I too would love to come back stage and have an opportunity to share wih you my life story as well .Plus learning how to write etc.God has sustained me through my life since I was a child .My mother died in a car accident at the age of 24 and I was 7 .So the journey since then I know has been God ordained and I am grateful for the hand of God holding me for if some of the events didnt occur like they did I would never know the Lord like I do today.Out of the tragedies has come a great victory and love for the Lord. I am so excited to see how the Lord unfolds the rest of my life .I dont see Milwaukee on the list either please advise.Thanks and God Bless Tina

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