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Pushing Through The Impossible For Writers

August 13, 2013

I distinctly remember the day my dad brought home a typewriter. His office had gotten these new machines called ‘computers.’ Something within me stirred and went wild at the thought of possessing a typewriter.

I loved the way it could strike and fill a page of nothing and make it something.

Maybe, I could one day write a book? The thought came and delighted me until I placed my hands on the keyboard. And the only words that came to me were all the reasons I couldn’t possibly write a book.

The dream was silenced.

The same thing happened to me when the high school choir director announced we’d be doing a musical. I got so excited. I could see myself playing the lead role. Until I heard my friend practicing with bold assurance and booming accuracy. Suddenly every note I sang felt painfully hollow.

The dream was silenced.

And then in my mid-twenties I dared to tell a friend of mine I thought I might want to speak at the women’s event we were planning. Originally, I was just going to help plan the event. But the stirring to speak wouldn’t leave me. So, I gave voice to my crazy thought.

She just tilted her head and said, “No. I feel certain you aren’t supposed to speak.”

The dream was silenced.

Has this ever happened to you? Voices within remind us of all the reasons we’re incapable. Voices around us all seem more confident. And the voices of the naysayers are just flat out rude.

Oh how impossibility loves to scream into silenced dreams.

And here’s the thing about impossible: there is some part of what we’re attempting that isn’t impossible. All impossibilities have a weak spot. And that’s the exact place where we must attack.

A book might seem impossible. But writers have to start writing somewhere. There’s an article that could be written. Or in today’s world a tweet that could be crafted. Or a blog posted.

Write there. In the weak spot of impossibility.

It’s there. Ask God to show you where it is. Ask God for just enough strength to attack there. Tear it down one good decision at a time.

And soon it will be clear, inside every impossible is the word “possible”… if only we dare to see it.

A great way to push through that “impossibility” in writing is by equipping yourself with the proper training. Tackling your insecurities with the right tools. Seizing opportunities to impact an audience with your words. The Re:Write Conference will help you do just that. Re:Write is a conference that addresses the primary questions and challenges that writers are facing every day, such as:

– How do I reach and build my audience?
– What are creative, new ideas that I can start practicing as a writer?
– What are innovative ways to market my book, blog or writing?

And so much more.

I’m one of the keynotes at the event AND you’ll have a chance to win a publishing deal through a writing contest! You don’t want to miss it. Click here for more information on how to register. (Hint, hint: Use the code LYSA2013 to save $150 on your registration.)

I can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. Hannah

    I’m SO excited about Re:Write! I’m ready to learn and get my hands dirty! I can’t wait to see you there and learn from all of you gifted people. (Ps. I’m the gal from Twitter who said she owes you the high-fives she gave you while reading Unglued.) 😉

  2. Crissy

    WOW! For a minute there I thought you were writing about me. The writing, choir and speaking. The naysayers…all of it! I have barely begun to write my first book. I have about 30 in my mind, hahaha! But I can’t seem to sit down and just write for the very fear of it not being good enough or because I keep hearing those same people’s opinions in my head and taking them for fact.

    Oh how I would love to go to this event but it is to far away for me at this time. Thank you for this blog post and for helping me to see that I can do this…it’s possible!

    God Bless You!!

    • Ashlie Baldwin

      Hello Lysa,

      My name is Ashlie Baldwin. I just heard you speak at Women Of Faith. I live in Des Moines, IA. This weekend you had mentioned a life event that you persevered through. I was hoping to find out how you made it through.
      If you get the time please E- Mail me at [email protected]. Thank you for spending some time in Iowa this past weekend.



  3. Stela

    More confirmation. I just started my blog last week. I wish I could go to the conference but, I have to keep our spending down. Some day, some day.

  4. Dawn Wilson

    I absolutely love this article, but not only as a writer. It “speaks” to me about dreaming other impossible dreams. I made a quote block for my site quoting you And I’ll likely be quoting you in a book I’m writing (and praying for a publisher).

    Keep up the great work, Lysa … encouraging us, inspiring us, stirring us to do great exploits for God!

  5. Chris Carter

    I have been writing my blog for almost three years and even put together an ebook… I keep praying through each turn, or each defeat of my dream being “silenced”. I will keep pursuing and keep pushing forward with each word, each thought, each message I am inspired to share.
    I am sure my email to you ended up in a spam folder somewhere, perhaps. Maybe it’s just still in an inbox with thousands to possibly still open. Either way, I have been praying about it and have faith that His timing is perfect. Just like what happened to you in Unglued with your book deals and your friend. That was such a profoundly new perspective for me to take to heart Lysa. I am sure I have lots more growing to do as a writer and a believer.
    Our women’s group just finished your WHWWSYTG book tonight!! WOOHOO!! We thank God for you and your gift every time we meet. (I even give my gals a LT update notice, which includes me telling them I haven’t yet heard from you… BUT I did share that you responded to one of my comments!! I wrote it in my book! LOL Can you see how much I adore you? Promise I’m not creepy. PROMISE.)

    I love writing. I love reaching through my words. I love shining light in dark places. I pray He leads me through it and uses me how He wants. 🙂

  6. sonyamacdesigns

    Still thinking about and most grateful for that thing you do with the table of contents. {she speaks memories 2013}

  7. samantha

    I wish you were coming to Australia!

  8. Kim Kamp Leslie

    I needed this TODAY. I need to see your words every day. God speaks to ME through you right now. I’m having a very alone, sad and scary time – have or awhile. You help ME get a grip. GOD IS USING YOU – please keep writing. I’ll become string again one day and will start writing again too. Please pray for me ….. All of you, please pray for me to move thru this yucky stuff. I’m praying for you and me too …. Thanks for allowing me the post.

    • Kelly

      I am praying for you.

    • Penny

      I said a prayer for you Kim. Keep a positive attitude and keep praying!!
      God Bless You

  9. Merge

    The dream of painting grows still within me. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Lord, for a husband that speaks “possible” to my heart when others just look at me like I’m nutty. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but I always have his belief in me when the silly (but still painful) day-to-day gets me down.

  10. Ashley

    Thank you for the blog post Lysa! Thinking about writing all those words that eventually form a book seems daunting…especially when you are new to the process, as does successfully pitching the book to a publisher, publishing it, etc. God has laid it on my heart to write a book and while I don’t have outward naysayers, I do definitely have that “this is impossible” talk going on in my mind. I try to keep things in perspective by telling myself that God laid this on my heart and has instilled a passion for it within me. I wish I could go to the conference in Texas but, since I live in Ohio and I am a college student once again, that isn’t possible. Maybe in future years!

  11. Teri Uvodich

    OHHHHY MY! “Write in the weak spot of impossibility,” such challenging yet affirming words!!! Thank you!!!! Would love to attend such an opportunity, but there are so many rocks of distractions that drag me away from such a dream….daily life 🙂
    How good of you to write such words that will pull me out of the current of today and reach within for the soul to take hope in tomorrow! Forever grateful!


    Oh my goodness! What a serious God-send straight to my heart in this post . I am dancing around in the darkness, just outside the shining light’s edge, with the idea God has given me for a book for His glory. The light is very intimidating as it will actually cause me to be seen, to be honest, and to surrender to this calling completely. Thank you for the encouragement to take that leap into the light and do what I know God has called me to do!

    How I wish I was able to attend the conference and enter the contest, but I’m just not able to do that at this stage. I will be praying for next year!

  13. wanda

    Everytime…..I get in a funk and think I CAN’T DO IT! I’m not good enough or whatever else the “silencers” throw my way. God gives me new encouragement!

    Thank you for the boost!

  14. Connie

    You gave voice to all of us struggling with self-doubt! Thank you.

  15. Deanna Wiseburn

    You must be reading my mind today dear one. No I’m not talking about the conference. But the voices screaming that it is impossible for me to share Gods message when my life is far from perfect. The voices that say I will not find a job that is a good fit, because I have little to offer. The voices that God can’t use me even when I know that He will use me, because why would someone look at my mess, and want to listen. Because I am far from perfect, and I know this….and Yet, I know God has a plan. I just wish that I could see the next step, and not feel so terribly ill-equipped right now, just because I do not have a paying job, and sharing Gods Word on my blog doesn’t bring in money.

  16. Michelle

    Wow! I am speechless. I feel that God has been calling me for years to write a book. I started once and then felt silenced by the voices inside telling me how unrealistic that was, how I could never be a writer. I have been thinking about starting a blog. Several people on Facebook have commented about how they enjoy reading my posts and one lady (Who never has been that close to me) even called me “the next Max Lucado”. I thought maybe I was just supposed to encourage others through a blog. For the last few days I have felt God leading me back to writing, particularly in the area of support for spouses of child sexual abuse victims. Once again I tried to silence His voice with my own insecurities. Today it has particularly weighed heavy on my mind. I tried to push it away and the came home from my job as a teacher to see this in my Facebook feed. Perhaps He truly is calling me to write…..maybe it’s time I listen. Thank you so much for this post. I feel like God paused for me today, 🙂

  17. Crystal

    I so needed this right now! I feel like you’ve written the story I’m living right now! I’ve been in the first 2 positions – and I just came from Women’s Retreat planning event – and while I wasn’t directly told I couldn’t speak, my confidence in what God is calling me to as a teacher/speaker/writer has been shaken greatly. In fact I was just having a conversation with God about this on my way to the meeting. Thanks for sharing – and thanks for saying “yes” and not giving up! I’m trying.

  18. Anita

    Hi Lysa,

    Thank you for your encouraging post, it really spoke into my heart. I really wish I could attend the conference, but as I live in England it’s just too far. I wish you every blessing.

  19. Jason @

    Your encouragement is valuable! I went through the very same process, not knowing anything about how to start writing, who to find to help, or how to market and publish. Honestly, God (and others) kept pushing me through the process, and on 9/1 (after learning a ton!) my first book-Healing Hereafter-will be published! I pray it blesses the hereafters of many!
    God’s best at your conference!

  20. Jason @

    Oh and I forgot, I’ll be sharing this quote on Twitter. So true, thanks! 🙂
    “And here’s the thing about impossible: there is some part of what we’re attempting that isn’t impossible. All impossibilities have a weak spot. And that’s the exact place where we must attack.”

  21. Sue Molitor

    This was so encouraging Lysa! Thank you!

    -Sue (Prov 31 OBS Small Group Leader)

  22. Jennifer Dougan


    I’m so sorry that woman squelched your dream of speaking, and thankful that you kept at it. God gets glory through you, girl, and your story is an encouragement to me too. Thanks.

    May the ReWrite conference go smoothly.

    Jennifer Dougan

  23. Katee

    What an encouraging post! I am in the process of starting my own blog for a Principles of Social Media college course. The title, the template and the gadgets for my blog are all set. There’s just one thing missing: posts! Insecurity set in as I sat down to write tonight. I am my toughest critic; just like you said, I reminded myself of reasons why I wouldn’t make a very good blogger. Sometimes I struggle to find the right words, or any words at all! However, by the grace of God, I am a very good writer when I get past the negative thoughts and allow Him to help me fill the pages!
    The Re:Write Conference sounds like an awesome opportunity – definitely something I will keep in mind for the future!
    Thanks again for your uplifting post. I’m going to keep writing!

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