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A Few Gut Honest Whispers…

July 23, 2013

Who knew an unglued girl could scribble some words for other unglued girls and God could take it all to use it for good?

I’m amazed at how He continues to use what I’ve learned through some of my biggest struggles.

In Unglued I unpack so many lessons that I wasn’t always jumping at the opportunity to embrace –

…The moments that have been the absolute hardest to bear during this motherhood journey.

…The uncertain, rocky places in my marriage.

…Each decision to move toward making imperfect progress with my reactions.

Yes, He continues to work through it all.

I thought I’d share some gut honest whispers from a few girls who have been making their own imperfect progress through Unglued. Actually, the reason they’re so excited about it might be because they’ve realized that I’m a LOT crazier than they are.

And it’s always comforting to know we’re not alone. is selling Unglued right now for a special price of $5.00! Click here to get your copy.

{Note: The link in this post is a referral link. All proceeds go directly to Proverbs 31 Ministries. Read the P31 disclosure policy here.}

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  1. Rhonda

    God is using “Unglued” to reverse the legacy of emotional exploding and stuffing I inherited. The poison of resentment and misdirected anger manifested in behavior for generations, well . . . “Unglued” illuminated it in MY heart.
    As I practice the principles outlined in your book, a great purging, a “letting” of bad blood, a carving out of necrotic tissue followed by new growth – a thing I’ve craved for years – “Unglued” is taking me through this journey. I am grateful beyond expression.
    Thank you for writing “Unglued,” the devotional, and continuing to unfurl the treasure within your God-given, life-changing message. You go, girl!!!!

    • Jennine G.

      I totally agree with Rhonda. That is exactly where I am coming from and what Unglued is doing for me!

  2. Chris Carter

    I know that Unglued has deeply affected every woman in my women’s group. We still talk about it and I want to re-read again and again. One of my closest friends has been TRANSFORMED by it. Truly. Oh Lysa, God is using you in a mighty way! Beautiful and broken you…

  3. Andrea

    I am so encouraged by the whole idea of Unglued. I plan on purchasing the book soon and look forward to reading it and allowing God to remind me He is in the “imperfect progress”. By His amazing grace He uses the stuff in my life that I usually try to hide as tools for ministry and spreading the Gospel. He is truly is so patient and kind! Thank you, Lysa, for letting God use you!

  4. Mary Lou

    I’m reading Unglued now. It’s always amazing and humbling how God leads us to what we need when we need it. I started the book about 2 weeks ago but didn’t get very far because life happened–work got busy, my older daughter and my best friend had some health issues. I started reading again this morning. And the part I read was the very message I needed to hear today. Thank you for allowing God to use you and your book.

  5. La Shaine Reynolds

    Dear Lysa,
    Yesterday something happened and if it wasn’t for reading your book Unglued, my actions would have been very bad and not Christian like.
    A friend that I loved dearly and known for a little over 2 years stopped talking to me. I texted her and she wouldn’t answer back and it took my husband calling and telling her that we were worried about her and hoped she was ok. She texted me back later that day and told me that she was horrified at something that happened about 20 years ago and trying not to judge me. The following is the email I sent to her:
    I could easily and harshly judge anyone. But since I’ve been baptized and dedicated my life to the Lord, I’ve realized that people can’t judge others when they do not understand their circumstances. I’ve not lived their story. And how can I judge them for only what God knows is truly in their hearts and state of mind.
    I’ve learned that Jesus can bring forgiveness to anyone. The blood of Jesus is enough to wipe away even the worst of sins. I mean look at what some people in the Bible done. But they are forgiven because they asked for it. I trust in Jesus Christ and now there is no condemnation from God. He has forgiven me. It doesn’t matter what I’ve done- Jesus has brought me forgiveness. I know I will need help and this is why I keep praying that God will forgive me of my sins. I know that God is with me every step of the way.
    The Bible teaches us that we should confess our sins to other so that we can pray for each other and find healing. This is why I told you Karen. I was needing this and your friendship. I have to admit I was upset and hurt. More hurt than anything. But I put you in a situation that you could not handle and for that I am so sorry.
    You are a wonderful and loving person. That’s why this makes it hard and me sad to do this but I think it’s best if we move on. It will help us lead fuller lives and I don’t think our friendship can survive because of all this. You are always welcome to talk to me and I hope that one day you get to open your spa. Thanks for all the great times. I will never forget them or you being there for me. You are always in my prayers.

    Your Sister in Christ,
    La Shaine

    I was baptized the Sunday after we finished your book in women’s group. It made me take a closer look at my relationships and especially the one with God.
    Anyway thank you so much for writing this book and I can’t wait to hear you talk at the Women of Faith tour hear in Kansas City, Missouri in September. God bless you!!!
    La Shaine Reynolds

    • Susan

      Dear La Shaine,

      Although my situation is a bit different from yours, I cannot imagine the heartache you are enduring in light of this seemingly broken friendship. I am praying for you and surrendering you as I type this message. God sees all and knows all and is at work. Praying for your friend, too. It is my sincere hope that the two of you heal completely and totally from this and I am sure you will, because that’s what God wants for us. Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind: For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good, plans to prosper you, not to harm … That verse was written for you, friend. Blessings on this journey we call “life.”


    • Anna

      La Shaine, I am praying and will continue to pray for you and your friend, also praying that your relationship will be restored. I also had a situation with my sister not to long ago, and I was reading the Unglued book, I was blessed, because it helped me respond in a Godly way, not in my “exploder” way. I agree with Susan about Jeremiah 29:11, I turned to this verse too, several times. I praise God for giving you strength and guiding you trough this. Be blessed……
      Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am God

  6. Donna J.


    Thanks for this post. I’ve not read this yet but I do have it in Audio Book and E-Book form! My schedule has been so crazy that I’ve just not gotten to it. Thank you for posting this today and reminding me that I can actually listen to it! I was wondering what I could listen to while I’m in a lonely, quiet apartment packing it for a move into a new home! I can’t wait!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Susan

    I’ve had the book for weeks now. Struggling to make myself read it. And I think it’s because I feel so convicted about the evil I spew at the ones I love the most, including my children. I am a terrible witness to my husband and I so want to do better, be better, be like Jesus. I feel caught in a vicious cycle of horridness. Praying that I pick up the book in these next moments.

  8. Ardis George

    I just wanted to say that I am crying.. ALL … the way through this book!! It has helped me make some better decisions that were “holy” in hard circumstances … crying of course! In a few months from now, I will look back and rejoice at what God has done!! I will be so grateful for the ~ imperfect progress that I have made! Thanks for writing this book!

  9. Anna

    Lysa, Thank you so much for writing this book. I had been receiving the Proverb 31 devotional for quite awhile, and they were very helpful, my walk with God was in a good place but I knew I needed more, one day my daughter called and told me I could listen to a part of devotional by clicking so and so button, then she said you can go to the ladies blog. Ok, dah! I’m not very good with a computer! I read about your “Unglued” book, and wanted more info, so I read a sample, “the towel incident” I knew God had lead me to research this. I could not control my laughing, BECAUSE!!!! A few days before I read YOUR towel incident…. I became UNGLUED about MY towels ;o) I had washed the used towels, placed them in the dryer, taken clean towels out and placed them where they belong. Well my son, and my husband decided to open the dryer and grab the “just washed and dried towel”, I went haywire!!!!!! I felt bad afterwards, but I had already done it, and apologized… I realized I wasn’t the only one!!! I ordered the book, for myself, my daughter and my sister. I am so grateful, it changed by relationship with my husband and my children, it changed me. I had an incident similar to La Shaine’s, but it was with my sister. It helped me respond to accusations/lies in a Godly manner, and stay obedient to God. The pages in my book are almost all highlighted and I wrote here and there, on page 173 you wrote “I realized God’s grace always allows for second chances.” AMEN I accepted the Invitation to Imperfect Progress!!!! Thus started my journey with Proverbs 31 and all you wonderful ladies. I said YES to God, and just received my signed book “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, thank you for loving all us sisters…. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!

    God Bless You and Your Family

  10. Launi Rogers

    Lysa, I am going to be putting on a Women’s Study of Unglued at my church. Please pray for us that we would grow together in Christ’s love and understand what community is within God’s plan. Next after Unglued, I want to do ‘What happens when women say yes to God’. I am excited and nervous! Thank you for being real and sharing God’s work in your life.

  11. Jason

    Lysa, my wife just read Unglued, and what you have written and what we have experienced throughout the difficult times in our lives is a great testimony to the fantastic way God excels at transforming bad into amazing. He is so good at that, and I hope all of you who shared above get to keep experiencing that as we have! 🙂 I’m sharing (and crediting you obviously) a quote from your post above later this week on my blogsite if that’s OK. God’s best to you all!

  12. Shelly S. Cantrell

    Unglued continues to touch my life in so many ways…

    Just yesterday, I wanted to react in anger when a certain situation with a certain someone did not go the way I certainly though it should.

    Because I’ve read Unglued (no doubt inspired words from Jesus), I bit my tongue and was able to throw my retaliation rock in the creek, instead of AT this certain someone.

    My tongue is scarred, but my reaction set the tone for the rest of the evening. And it was a good evening!

    Nowadays, when I’m tempted to react, I hear those sticky words echoing in my soul:

    Your reactions determine your reach.

    And that changes everything! 🙂

  13. Cici

    Dearest Lysa,

    Thank you!! Thank you for this book, thank you for your transparency, for the laughs, the tears and the encouragement the whole way through this amazing book! It touched some deep places in my heart…and I’m so very thankful to our gracious Father for “imperfect progress” – I think that sums it up for me the most. I praise God for you and your surrender to His direction. Whenever I sit down to read your books, I feel like I’m chatting with one of my dearest friends. I plan to share your book with my sister and precious friends and am excited! I hope to see you at an upcoming Women of Faith event. Blessings upon you and your family! Hugs!

  14. Bar

    Lysa I would like to request this be printed in a large type edition. I would love to give it to my mother but she needs large type as do I am sure countless others. If it is already available I can’t find it?

  15. wendy

    Hiya Lysa. I heard about “Unglued” on K-love but for some reason never got around to buying it. A wonderful friend, actually my best friend was on the hunt for a new bible. We went to a local shop and as I was looking around your name popped into my head. Then I remembered I wanted to read your book but totally spaced on the name. Thank God (literally) for the gal behind the counter. She pointed me in the right direction. I bought the “Unglued” devotional. I love the book. And yes it has changed my like but not in the way you might expect. As I was reading I discovered you wrote “Made to Crave”. I had the same friend order me a copy for the devotional. I read through the lines, “…I was thinking more about food than God…my food issues are too small for God to worry about…” It was after reading those lines (and crying) I realized I could not keep this to myself. I was talking about it all the time. I reckon my friends thought I was an obsessed nut. Most said “Why are you worried about your weight? You look great. I’d love to have your body.” Those comments made me uncomfortable and frankly angry. I thought, “If these women, friends only knew that is was only a few weeks ago I realized the first, last and in between thing I thought about everyday was food when it should be my Father in Heaven.” So after getting over the guilt of putting food before God it hit me. I didn’t know what “it” was until a few days ago. “It” was the Holy Spirit. I thought the Holy Spirit would never Grace me with His presence but He has…is. I realized He has be trying to Grace me for a long time but I was so worried about why He was not…what had I done… I could not hear Him. And now this might sound a little crazy but I cannot shut Him off. I bless you and your book for that. I believe a way I can appreciate His enthusiasm is to share your book with others. And so that is what my dear friend and I are doing. We purchased your 6 week set. Our first “Made to Crave” ladies group is August 3rd. Lysa, I will keep you posted on our journey. Thank you for sharing your testimony and writing your books. Please pray for us!!! Cheers and God Bless Wendy

  16. Tammy

    I have been praying & asking God for wisdom & help to become a better leader. I recently liked you on Facebook, now I know why. I will be getting Unglued this weekend. Can hardly wait to read it. Thanks for being REAL!

  17. Trish Wallace

    I am in the process of reading Unglued and have read Made to Crave. I truly appreciate your humor, your spirit and the way you express yourself so the reader feels as if you are talking right to them. I want to thank you sharing your experiences so we can learn and realize we are all different, but so much alike at the same time. We are not going through this life alone. God is doing good things through you and we are blessed by them. Thanks!

  18. Carla Taylor

    I would love a copy of the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. I work at a treatment facility for women who are dependent on drugs/alcohol. I KNOW God placed me here to share with them my story of destruction and how God changed my life!!!

  19. Robin Baker

    I loved your CRAVE book so much that I bought Unglued before it came out! Then I convinced our bible study lady that we needed to do it as a study (didn’t take much convincing because its a GREAT book!) so we did the study last year and it was wonderful. Looking forward to this new book. I believe that God will at some point use me to help other women who are struggling in their marriages in particular with alcoholics. Also dealing with teenagers and adult children living with you. So as I believe he will use all I go through for good I know that it will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for all you do!!!

  20. Amanda S.

    God has been wanting me to share with others to never forget that our identity lies in whom we serve. Not our job, our bank account or how many letters are behind our name. We leave a legacy for our daughters and for others in how we shined the light of Jesus. Our identity is in Christ and Christ alone. 🙂

  21. Kristina

    God has used the marriage book for wives to other girls who are trying to become a better godly healthy wife. This book is awesome and has helped me so much. God has placed on my heart to start sharing my knowledge/experience as being a pastor’s wife for 10 years to new believers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  22. Kim Dant

    I would love a copy of “When women say Yes to GOD”. I have read all of your other books. I did not grow up in an environment that allowed me to know the Bible. I am just now starting my journey and getting to know GOD. I struggle everyday on how to “hand over my life to HIM” and how to be open and honest with others.

  23. Cindy

    After arguing w/God for many years about what was best for me, I finally, boldly, said YES 3 years ago to what God felt was best for me. Since that time, God has refreshed & revived me; physically, emotionally & spiritually. The only regret is that I didn’t say yes much sooner! I’m no longer living in the “get ready, get set” mode. I’m living in “go!” mode & loving it!!

  24. Christina Joplin

    God has led me to share my life as a broken vessel, & just how amazing His grace & mercy extends. To let other women who are also broken know that He is the Master Potter & His loves soothes all hurts & mends all hearts. He is the only one that can create you into something “New”.

  25. Shari Evans

    I can’t wait to get a copy of the What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. Working with young women at a Pregnancy Resource Center I love to see young women empowered in Christ to fully realize their infinite value in Him! Keep speaking God’s heart Lysa!

  26. Tammy Burkhart

    When you pray with a sincere heart, EXPECT a blessing!

  27. Lynda Guinnee

    what has God placed on my heart ? to START a small group Bible study ….and REALLY start it….. been procrastinating …


    First of all I would love a copy of this book, it sounds like a good women’ s ministry tool to use. I too have been procrastinating about starting a women’ s ministry Bible study, I really need to get with it. I gave a testimony 2 weeks ago at church during alter call that I had been convicted to read my Bible more, sure Satan has fought me on this tooth and nail, but guess who is winning…. not him

  29. Tammy Weber

    Life is not easy, but God has been God to me. I always have Hope, Faith and Love.
    I Crave These three.

  30. Michelle Todd

    God has been very good to me. I would like to encourage women to love your husbands even when they seem unlovable. Listen to your children even when you have worked all day and have 100 things to do. It is all worth it!!!

  31. Mia

    I feel like God encourages me to remind others of the power of his word spoken over lifes trials and troubles

  32. Maggie

    Not sure what to expect Searching like everybody else

  33. Karann

    Thank you, Lisa and team, for the daily words of encouragement from God’s Word. Sharing what is on your heart is a blessing to me.

  34. Kathy Hanley

    I am reading Unglued right now after hearing you at the Women of Faith Conference in Des Moines Iowa. You really helped me in the things you talked about. I can really relate to the stuffer. I’ve been battling anorexia and I could really see some connections. I am going to try and let God chisel me because I’m not doin very good at it!!

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