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Friday Favorites: A Relaxing Weekend

June 7, 2013

If you’ve already taken a sneak peek at the picture below to see what my Friday Favorites are for this week, you may be thinking, how do all of these random things relate to each other?


That’s what all of these things speak to me. Sweet, sweet ways to relax.


1)  Okay, so this is an old school movie ticket. I know. I wish they still had old school movie prices – yikes. But I do love spending a weekend afternoon with my kids at the movies every once in a while. We check the reviews, make sure it’s appropriate, and off we go. No real planning involved – just an opportunity for us to spend time together.

Then after the movie, I make sure to engage my kids in talking about what we saw. We’ve had some amazing conversations around topics like courage, adventure, and faith after watching good movies.  Do you know of any family friendly movies due out this summer? Do tell.

2) Another thing you might find me doing with my girls is taking a little trip to the nail salon. Sometimes it’s my treat if we are celebrating a special day. Sometimes it’s dutch treat — which means they have to save their own pennies for this fun time.

My personal favorite color for this time of the year? O.P.I nail polish color “Bubble Bath.” It’s light, fresh, not too much of a statement — but still kinda girly. And that’s just perfect for me.

3) Speaking of bubble baths, I love to take them. It’s an easy way to relax in the comfort of your home — no spa appointment required. It’s also a prime location for some serious quiet time.

4) Lavender. Maybe one of the most lovely relaxation inducers known to womankind. This stuff is great. And if you poke around Pinterest long enough you’ll stumble across tutorials on how to make lavender bundles to enjoy personally or give as gifts.

5) Putting something on your calendar that you’re excited about and can look forward to is always fun. My family and I take time each year to go to Camp-of-the-Woods in New York. It has become a memorable tradition that is wonderfully relaxing and spiritually enriching.

For us, this is the perfect getaway spot. For those of us that like to sit in the sun lakeside and make the most strenuous thing we do all day turning the pages of our book, we can do that. For others in my family who are crazy wild and need zip lines, putt-putt golf, and fishing for creatures, they can do that.

Then at night we sit around the campfire and bond (get in crazy fights) while we lovingly (compete like no body’s business) play family games.

I won’t tell you who usually wins. Me. Okay, I couldn’t hold back.

How will you be relaxing this summer? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll choose one person to win an Unglued Summer Sanity Saver Bundle complete with a copy of Unglued, Unglued Devotional, and a set of Unglued key tags!

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  1. Chris

    Lots of porch sitting, watching my boys play ball in the front yard and bonfires with family and friends. 🙂 Good ole country living.

  2. Manda

    Our family loves the water. Playing in the sprinkler, spending time by the lake, boating…anything water related is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the summer. It’s so nice to hear our 4 girls laughing and having a good time together.

  3. Sally

    Going camping with the family. Lots of good food and of course hot dogs on the fire!!
    so, one needs a bubble bath when they get home from that!! we all know what the campground shower house is like…

  4. Anne-Marie A.

    I’m hoping for some quiet weekends at home with nothing much on the agenda so i can sit and read a good book. Also looking forward to church family camp.

  5. Beth

    I’ll be sitting on the porch at my house and the beach reading a lot!! I love summer as it gives me a chance to slow down and rewind from the busy school year!

  6. Marlene Deschler

    Summer means days at the lake tubing, water skiing, swimming, and relaxing. And a favorite game to play in the boat….Boggle (no cards to fly away and it is great for the summer brain!). It’s also tradition each summer to go on the boat late at night to star gaze…we alway seem to see at least one shooting star. Extremely peaceful on the lake at night and conversations are easy and fun. Just having a not-so-stringent-school-schedule is also wonderful!

  7. Valarie

    I am going to a quaint little cottage this weekend in Michigan (Pine Garth Cottages – I should get advertising $$ for this). I have 2 books that I WILL finish (Dinner with a Perfect Stranger and A Day with a Perfect Stranger – GREAT BOOKS (more $$?). I plan to, also, sit on the beach and talk with God and do alittle antiquing. A perfect weekend!

  8. Kirsten

    Campfires, Camp of the Woods (though we stay with my parents in town and just visit the Camp daily), lots of time playing outside, and lots of reading…often until way too late at nite.

  9. Lisa Gunther

    Lysa, My family and I are taking our first Family Camp trip to Pine Cove in Texas. While I usually do all the vacation packing, cooking & entertainment planning, I will be, I’m told, fully enjoying the luxury of doing nothing I don’t want to do and spending seriously quality time with my husband, 13 & 15 year old girls. No TV, cell phones, computers, social networking, etc. just real time spent together, maybe we will actually talk to one another in lieu of texting! I am praying this is a great way to kick off our summer and hold steadfast to the riches of one another. Have a truly blessed summer!

  10. Tammy

    I love to sit on my porch and read or at night stargaze. And hopefully, if finances work out, go to the beach for a few days and do some more reading while feeling the mist of the ocean water. aaaahhhhhh………………..

  11. Diana Bero

    It has been almost 2 yrs. since my husband & I have gone away by ourselves and even then it was only for a night. So, we are starting our summer off by going away for 2 nights, staying in a cabin in the mountains, away from our two kids, 2 high maintenance dogs & my mom(who I take care of). I need this sooooo bad or I really will come unglued ! We almost thought we were’nt going to make our trip as our 17 yr.old just had emergency Gallbladder surgery on Tuesday ! God is good, our son is healing well on bouncing right back ! The rest of summer will be taking the kids to their favorite pool about once a week !

  12. Halona Luna

    Oh what a relaxing summer, first for me & my kiddos. I have been off work since last fall so we plan on lots of inexpensive ideas. Home day spa ideas for my three girls and I. Dad and son will go fishing. Weekly free movies at nearby theatre and lots of bible studies!!

  13. Philana

    Starting every day with a cup of coffee and my Jesus! Movies and swimming with the kids. Visiting antique stores with my hubby – lots of neat stuff to see. Family games.

  14. Julie

    We spend time at Lake Anna, Lake Murray or on our boat on the Potomac. All are very relaxing and away from the normal hustle bustle.

  15. Melissa Peiffer

    We love to camp out by our own pond and boat, swim and fish the weekend away. The house is far enough away that we are not tracking in and out, but close enough that I don’t need to stress over what we might have forgotten to pack!

  16. Wendi

    With our fourth baby on the way in two weeks, no big summer plans have been made. Relaxation may just come in the form of reading a good book by the pool as I enjoy watching my other 3 play happily (or sometimes not so happily) together. We may need to just invite a few other friends along sometimes :).

  17. Barb W

    My relaxing summer will consist of sitting in my gazebo reading a great book, I love reading in the evening and doing my devotions, that way I do not feel rushed as I can spend some alone time with just me and Jesus. Plus sitting by a fire at our cabin with friends is a great place to sit back and socialize and have lasting memories. I love a great pedicure too, and with the summer months I love showing off my toes.

  18. Shaunna Troop

    I am fortunate to live just 20-30 minutes from beautiful Lake Tahoe, Nevada, so my plan is go there as much as possible and sit on the beach with a good book and take in all the beauty and serenity!

  19. Darrelyn Kelley

    We are going camping at the lake next week! After today, my husband & I will be on vacation! We live in Western KY not far from the lakes. I’m not sure which lake we will be going to (Barkley or KY). I always get them mixed up! lol!! Anyway, our daughter will be with us and we will all be fishing, camping, & will will make a trip to Nashville. We are wanting to go see Antique Archaeology store. Mike Wolfe from “American Pickers” owns the store. I would love to see what all he has in his store. I’ve been stressed out from work these past few months, that a get-a-way is exactly what I need! I pray you & your family have a wonderful, blessed Summer!

  20. Karen

    Sitting on my back porch in the early morning, reading with my dachshund in my lap snoring.

  21. Esther

    We’ll be spending quite a bit of time at our local beach. Quite. A. Bit.

  22. Jenny Corrado

    Sitting at the pool with my kindle while the kids swim!

  23. Michaela

    I plan to spend lots of time playing outside with the kiddos and lots of swimming and laying out in the sun!!!!

  24. Tammy

    I’m enjoying being home with my kids. We’ve gone to the movies and will soon go to the beach and water/amusement park. Funny thing is I’m also loving being able to stay on top of the laundry and house cleaning for a change.

  25. Nicole

    I will relax this summer by spending time with my family doing the things we love! Camping, fishing, sitting out in the sun, going to the beach, going to the park…etc etc! I looooooove summer!!!!!

  26. Jane E

    I just got a new picnic table so I plan on a staycation and grilling out A Lot and catching up on reading.

  27. Emily McCargar

    You’ve touched on some of our favorite ways to “chillax” too! I look forward to summer reading even more these days because I’m back in school during the year. Our family loves to swim and lay my the pool in the summer. Camping is always a highlight. We are spending a lot of our time this summer at the ball field with my sons playing baseball and although its not relaxing for them, they absolutely love it and I find it relaxing to sit and cheer them on! Some days it’s the only time I sit and park it for awhile! My long drawn out quiet times are a favorite in the summer too when there is no morning rush to get to school. BBQs with friends and family and weekends up at my moms cabin are at the top of our list.

  28. Janet

    My husband travels so much when he works that we have not made any concrete plans for the summer. Plus, finances won’t let us do some of the things that we did when we were younger. Weeks at the beach….. Ahhh….Those days were long ago but absolutely not forgotten. Hopefully we will be able to get in a little antiquing and a number of “cruise-ins”. We love the older cars and have several of those planned. Just anywhere we can get away from TV and cell phones will be perfect!

  29. Mia

    My husband is a farmer and in harvest right now so we don’t take a family vacation until September. We go to Lake Tahoe with his family. There we boat, play on the beach, read lots if good books, hike, and whatever else we want. During normal summer, I spend time with my boys swimming and relaxing as much as possible.

  30. Sherry Hubbard

    Relaxing and enjoying the summer with my beautiful girls!

  31. Ellen Young

    Reading in the hammock by the pool.

  32. Paula Cribb

    Watching the sunrise and sunsets from the back deck of our home out in the country,spending more time in HIS word and with HIM,taking trips to see our grandbabies,watching our 15 year old drive for the first time (SCARY),writing letter to our little girl we sponsored in Uganda and a mission trip with our youth before school starts again in August.

  33. Amy Cr

    I love our summer childcare program at our gym. I buy the unlimited pass for the summer, when we are all getting antsy we go to the gym. I sweat it out and feel ready get through the rest of the day!

  34. Leanne Lytle

    We just moved from New Orleans to Nashville 2 weeks ago, so making our new house a home will be relaxing to me…as well as taking advantage of the community pool as much as possible between opening boxes and hanging decor! We are hoping to visit family in California in July, too.

  35. Christena Cox

    I will be trying to take long weekend trips with my boys. They are growing so fast, and I don’t want this time to slip away from me. I believe I will look into Camp In the Woods! Thanks for the ideas. Movies and water parks also work for spending time together.

  36. Belinda

    Last week, we were all outside & I pulled out a blanket & a few books. We relaxed in the shade & read books in a different place. 🙂

  37. Kelly

    I plan to do some reading. I hope to visit our park for a little walking. Probably do a little swimming and camping as well.

  38. Randi

    I like to chill out and watch tv by myself (during nap time) while working on my string art BUT I really like to walk or run outside. Hopefully my foot will allow me to do that soon (stress fracture since March). 🙁

  39. Julia

    Just having time together. I spend my days running them everywhere so, when we get take a deep breath and just hang out together (wherever!!)

  40. michele Johnson

    Drinking coffee on my back porch is always so relaxing. Followed by a good book or a trip to the spa! 🙂

  41. Dawn Johnson

    Having fun with my kids!! We have a list of fun, simple, inexpensive things to do this summer. I have to work, but we own our own business – so thankful to God for the freedom to spend time with the kids without being on someone’s else’s schedule!!! Thank you for all your encouragement. Love your facebook posts!

  42. Michele Morin

    As many family trips to the beach as possible!

  43. Kathy

    We spend LOTS of time at the beach. Camping, crabbing, fishing, kites, sandcastles! So much fun with our kids. They start asking about our annual beach camp out weeks before school is out:)

  44. Jackie

    This summer, there are things I would love to do. I’d love to go away for a week with my family. I would love to go to Disney World with them and not be stressed at all.:) My reality is, this summer, my family and I are planning on taking a day trip, because I have 7 children and overnight is a little tough right now. We will start early and come home late (and I am sure one of them will throw up from the excitement but oh well) and we will go out to eat and see some different things. I would also like to get to the beach and watch the fireworks one night. All other moments will be spent here using what we have and enjoying the beautiful yard that God has given us, pond and all. No matter what, we will make beautiful memories. Stress is the one thing that could hold me back but it is something that I am trying to overcome.

  45. Gretchen Heitkam

    I enjoy grilling outside while my husband practices soccer with our daughter or taking a family walk with the dog. but my number one favorite is scrapbooking the afternoon away (especially rainy ones).

  46. Maria Wilson

    Relax, what is that. I will probably be climbing a ladder to paint my house all by myself, this empty nest thing has issues. Anybody want to help?

  47. Teresa Tabb

    We just purchased a travel trailer and plan to spend the summer roaming round California. My husband of 25 years has had a job that keeps him away from home a lot for the past 6 years. We have a 12 year old daughter. After a friend’s recent sudden death, we decided that it was time to put priorities in order and do what we can while we can and not wait for ‘the future’.

  48. Jessica Allen

    I smiled, OK laughed, when I read your question. Relax, what is that????? However, I remembered last night and the wonderful walk I went on with my husband. No kids, just us. And I was relaxed. So I guess my answer is trying to walk more with my husband.

  49. Jen

    I am beginning each day with a cup of coffee, a walk outside to see the progress of my flowers and fruit trees, then a few minutes of refueling spiritually. I plan to be more relaxed in my responses with my family. I am planning to keep the tv off more and spend more time looking into the faces of my family…listening and responding with my full attention. I am looking forward to playing dominoes, going out for ice cream, swimming, and reading all those books I’ve been wanting to read!

  50. Meredith Pitts

    Not worrying about school work. Having play time, pool time, just fun!!!

  51. Melody Shaver

    I am looking forward to a week at the beach with my sister and her family. We will enjoy playing games in the evenings after the beach time is done for the day. Lots of wonderful memories have been made when we have come together over the years for this time of relaxing and refreshment together…We also live on a river and we enjoy having friends here to go down by the riverside for impromptu campfire cookouts and just listening to the river flow. Blessed times!!!

  52. kam

    Walks in the woods with my dog, enjoying the sights and sounds of God’s wonderful creation, and finding a place to sit and relax, meditate, pray, or just enjoy the peacefulness and listen for the Lord’s still small voice. Then in August, after a good long hot day helping at my church’s “Round ’em up Cowboy Bible Camp” for disadvataged youth…sitting around the campfire reflecting on the day and listening to the kids reflections…and on Sunday sittin back and enjoyin the outdoors, horses, and Cowboy Church.




  54. Penny

    We spend our entire summer in North Dakota at our home on Lake Sakakawea where we get as many extended family members ( I have 7 siblings plus many neices and nephews as well as their kids) together for what we call floatillas! We tether together anything that floats and anchor in the middle of a bay and swim, chat, but most of all laugh! No better way to relax on a hot summer day!

  55. Casey Bachus

    I’ll be relaxing this summer by spending some time at home, working on my tan in the backyard by the pool. And when I say pool, I mean the $20 blow up kiddie pool I bought just for me. I will also enjoy some gardening, and sitting around on the couch doing nothing!

  56. Holly Paulette

    I’m a teacher and school just got out for summer so I am ready to relax! I’m taking a class for recertification right now so I’m trying to find a few moments in between for a break! My methods of choice are pool side reading, Starbucks Frappucinos, Netflix watching, friend chatting, Zumba classes, and movie watching!

  57. Alyson Joyner

    My method of relaxation is cleaning. It’s odd I know, but organization is soothing to me. I plan to spring clean and organize my mothers house. She battled and beat breast cancer this year so I can’t think of a better way to apply my obsession. Haha!

  58. Aleta

    In North Dakota we try to cram as much fun & sun in as possible since our summers are so short. We won’t see much “relaxing”…but it will be completely worth it! 🙂

  59. Maria S

    Staycation! Both hubby and I are serving on a Chrysalis Walk for teens which will take all weekends in June, then in July we serve on another team for prison ministry soooo I will be enjoying my view from the back patio. My kids are teens so it’s a fun time for them to sit and chat with me instead of me chasing them all over the place. I have a stack of books to read, “Made to Crave” is on top! yea! I love the peace our country home has to offer and there is no place I’d rather be!

  60. Anita

    We’ll be travelling from Eastern NC back home to Huntsville, Alabama for my family’s annual 4th of July celebration at my sister’s house. My mom always rents a huge blow-up water slide for the grandkids and great-grandkids (& crazy adults) to enjoy. My sister also has a pool to relax in. There’ll be lots of food, fun, an incredible after-dark fireworks show, and lots wonderful memories made with the people that mean the most to me in this world. God is currently guiding my sister through a battle with breast cancer so my family is especially aware of His rich blessings in our lives this year. I always count it a huge blessing to be able to make the trip back home. God is SO good!

  61. Cindi L

    relaxing summer day for me is sitting out in my gazebo in the swing with the overhead fan blowing on me, my dog laying on the swing beside me, and I have a cold glass of sweet tea w/lemon and a good book to read…and nowhere that I have to be!

  62. Amber Bennett

    I plan to sit and relax on my patio reading as many books as I can. I am starting a new job on the 30th of this month and it will involve a lot more stress since it is a lead position. So those times on the patio will be my do not bother me time…except for my babies…dogs that is. They can help you relax just because they are relaxed in your lap. If we can find time to get away for a camping week-end we will take advantage of that also…but not sure that will happen with the new job at least until we are all settled into our jobs. I loved the unglued book…we did it for our book club. It was the first book we did.

  63. Franki Martin

    Summer/ weekend fun to us is a family trip to any of San Antonio’s awesome destinations after breakfast at a local taqueria! We pack up a variety of fresh fruit all cut up & ready to enjoy, crunchy granola bars, popcorn and lots of water to take with so we stay refreshed and hydrated in the South Texas heat. Some time to play or watch basketball is the icing on the cake. It doesn’t have to be a day of spending alot of money, just spending time together! I’d love the gift pack if selected, but thanks for the chance to share a bit!

  64. Bri

    My husband’s job takes him away from our family most of the year. . . but the month of July is his “month off”. We typically try to go back home to Hawaii, but this year we decided to save on finances so we will cherish this “summer month” with simple walks to our local nature park (while he tugs our 4 year old in his wagon), working on teaching him to swim in our community pool, and frequenting our local farmers market! Things that don’t cost much, but the time that’s invaluable. 🙂

  65. Jeanne Yates

    My family loves the river and camping/picnicking. We will be spending time outdoors. We also enjoy hiking. We live in the beautiful Redwood country and let me tell you, they are some awesome trees. And add the Pacific Ocean beach to that and you have a beautiful place for picnics. We have a large extended family living under our roof and lots of things are going on all the time. Hunting, fishing, swimming, hiking, playing. Reading is one of my favorites and reading prayer requests and answers is a great pass time of mine. I also love to write and am currently in a writing class online and need to finish my story in two weeks. EEk!

  66. Mippy/Sabrina

    I will be relaxing this summer by helping my mom in the flower garden and soaking up some sunshine! 😀

  67. Penny Baslee

    I will be changing careers in a few weeks which is going to allow me to be more available to our two boys ages 9 and 11and my husband. I have been working evening shifts for quite a few years now and my husband has really stepped up to the plate–not only does he get up every single day and go to work but plays mom while I am gone at night. I thank God for this opportunity. It never could have happened without my faith and my life group at church praying for me! I feel so blessed.

  68. Stefanie Boe

    Just being with each other around a fire with marshmellows or going to the park as a family.. hanging out and being free! This year is weird for me.. I’ve always had a job and don’t this year. It’s the first time I’ve ever just been “still” with my kids. Love it.

  69. Toni Miller

    We have had a very hard year with an unfortunate events includeing a divorce that has left the kids and I devestated. I plan to try and make new memories since we have to sale the house and the kids and I have to find a new place to go. Lots of healing with Prayer, Bible reading and holding, and hugging. I am sure some crying and talking and just learning to trust outside ourselves again. This is what I pray that we will accomplish.

  70. Phyllis Wiley

    When my boys were little we always spent a week at the beach at Kiawah Island SC. Now they are grown with families of their own, and we all spend a week at the beach, all of us in one beach house! What a blessing it is to sit back and watch our boys be great dads, watching our daughter-in-laws bond and be great moms and watching the little ones run, laugh and just have fun together! It’s a great time of togetherness! I really enjoy having time with my “daughters” we always plan a women’s retreat or two for us to do together during our beach time. It is my absolute favorite week of the year!

  71. Cathy Davis

    I will be taking my two girls to the beach in July for some R&R. It’s been a while since we have been able to sink our toes in the sand at the same time!

  72. Deb H.

    I love sitting out on the back patio in the evening watching the fireflys and listening to the locust, watching the stars and looking for a falling star to wish upon.

  73. Susan Sweeney

    I was surprised to see Camp of the Woods on your list! As a former staffer, that place will always hold a place in my heart. So glad it made your list!
    I am hoping to find some peaceful time in my garden this summer!

  74. Erin

    I will be planning my wedding! My passion in the summer is to be outside reading as many books as I can. I recently just moved school ISD’s so I’ll be setting up my new classroom and getting lesson plans ready for my upcoming kiddos! I’m in such a phase of transition currently, but all of them are blessed!

  75. Melissa Potocnik

    Camping, amusement parks, and road trips.

  76. Katie

    Planning on spending some time relaxing with my little girl this weekend doing our nails together at home!

  77. Amanda

    We love family board game night! Lots of fun and inexpensive!

  78. Sarah

    Relaxing doesn’t come easy for me. I have an 11 month old who is all over the place now and a 4 year old who has been bravely battling Leukemia. These girls keep me on my toes and the endless doctors’ appointments and hospital visits wear me out! BUT! I plan to relax by making more time for ME. That’s something I don’t really do at all. I will give myself some time to dive into God’s word because I desire to do that but have been too “busy” to. I will also take time to crochet, and do some other relaxing hobbies of mine! AND, if all goes as planned I will be taking a trip to see my sister in South Caroline before she and her family move to Germany, which means beach time!! What a great way to relax!! Hoping I CAN relax like I plan to!! 😉

  79. Kimberly B.

    I will be relaxing by spending time with family and just watching my kids play. Hopefully a few date nights with my husband as well!

  80. Pat Cobb

    I’m starting my summer off by having the opportunity to spend a long weekend at the beach…One of my favorite places that God ever made! I have much to be thankful for!! Being here at the beach allows me to give some undivided attention to being still and soaking in God’s creation. Also, I did “just happen” to bring along my new book to read (because I never stop when I’m at home to make time to read). Maybe you are familiar with the book… It’s called “Made To Crave”! LoL!! Can’t think of any better way to spend a few days to get re-energized and refreshed for this summer…God’s creation of the beach, good book by a great author, and spending time with my significant other…All gifts from God!!!

  81. Tammy Trietch

    I’m looking forward to a trip to Gatlingburg with my hubby during Labor Day week That’s our time together, free to enjoy ourselves (we hardly ever make a plan when we’re on vacation, just “spur of the moment”-what do you feel like doing today) – cell phones on twice a day to check for emergencies. We’ve also decided to be “tourists” in the towm we live – so we’ll spend Sundays going to museums, catching local attractions, etc – Sunday is our down day.

  82. Fay

    We usually go to Florida and enjoy one of the parks. We usually stay at a very nice resort that caters to the kids…hyatt grand cypress orlando or the omni orlando resort at championsgate. Love both of these hotels for kids! We usually enjoy going downtown disney and going to the shops. Lots of pool time and enjoying family moments.

  83. Carol Brown

    It’s the “Brown family and friends fishing trip” to Cozy Cove Resort, on Marion Lake in Dent, Minnesota! We will have six cabins (each has a front porch for relaxing), a playground for the kids, a sandy beach for swimming, a fire pit for marshmallow-roasting, boats for fishing and free popcorn at the lodge. Lots of fun and great memories for everyone!

  84. Dee A

    My family loves racing of almost all kinds. We are going to see a truck race on a dirt track and spend a few nights away together. It will be dirty and probably hot, but the memories will be wonderful! Being the only female in a house of men, I have learned to love sports of all kinds and can keep up with most of it! Our boys are young men in college now and time is getting away from us, when they will leave home, so we take advantage of the times we have now!

  85. Amber Sim

    We are also going to Camp Of The Woods this year for vacation w/my family. I am excited about spending time w/them & enjoying all of the fun activities there. Our family likes to take mini-vacations…weekends away from home to experience things. Next weekend, we are going to Baltimore, MD to visit the Aquarium & take in an Orioles baseball game.

  86. Jennifer D.

    This has been, and will be, one of the busiest,craziest summers my family has ever had. To relax we are taking as many quiet moments at home together as we can. A few major league baseballs thrown in there, and some good ole root beer floats. For myself, I’m heading to a women’s conference by myself in July and I can’t wait!!!

  87. melissa mayo

    so i enjoy almost all that u posted minus the bubble baths i have never really gotten in to those but a long shower works for me. I love love love to be with friends and talk and laugh and talk and laugh, right now the hard part is some of my dearest friends are far away, i went last year to visit them in Jacksonville Florida and got to hear you speak at Southpoint church i loved hearing you. So for summer i try to register my kids for every vbs then church camp and lots of ice cream and slushies , i like to shop with my daughter my sons well they just want toys, i love to camp and love to stay in motels , those are my summers likes thanks for all u do for Gods kingdom

  88. Rebecca Fernandez

    We have a lake house on Lake Santa Fe in Florida. We love spending time swimming and boating. It is a great time because there are no phones or t.v. Just fun in the sun and water. In evenings we love to play Apples to Apples. It can get pretty loud when we disagree with the card the judge picks. But it is all in fun.

  89. Lisa F

    This summer I am playing in a band, conducting another band, cleaning my home, spending time with friends and family, and hopefully taking a vacation.

  90. Nikki

    this summer I have declared summer of new beginnings. in Feb. I came to the domestic violence shelter. over the past 4 months I have opened my eyes how God has taken the mess in my life and has begun to turn it around, my testimony is getting stronger and better everyday. I plan on starting an egroup this summer. I can’t find a better way to relax other than staying in Gods word and sharing him with others. I have an incredible peace thanks to the prayers of others and plan on giving back to show Gods love, and give others the hope that things can turn around. One of my favorite sayings is make your mess your message.

  91. Tara M

    As a preachers wife I don’t get much relaxation and we are getting ready for a 13 day mission trip to Africa (sooo excited!). But I love curling up with a good book and reading.

  92. sallie

    I will be helping my daughter this summer by spending the days with my soon to be 7 year old granddaughter. We have created her 2013 summer bucket list! things like surprise someone with a sidewalk chalk message, play in a stream, bubble day which includes learning to blow a gum bubble-a bubble bath, tyedye day when we will make tshirts, reclining and watching the clouds, an amusement park trip, a walk through the mountains, reading a book, journal and a whole lot more…. so I guess my plan for relaxing this summer is to act like a 7 year- old!

  93. Anne E.

    I’m not sure how relaxing it will be, but we will be spending a lot of time at the baseball field this summer. My son’s team will be playing in Cooperstown for a week in August and we’ll be prepping for that exciting week. It will be a great time for us to hang out with our friends from our baseball team and meet new friends from the other 99 teams who will be there that week. There will be probably 2 ball games a day but still plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company. Prior to that, we’ll spend much time in our pool where there is always an exciting game of volleyball taking place.

  94. Alita

    Bubble baths are my favorite stress reducer.

  95. debbie pete

    family games and time in teh hammock

  96. Carly

    Running outside! My new relaxation time – probably because I’m by myself Hopefully getting some camping in and downtime with the family outside!

  97. Candace H

    I have been taking walks after supper this summer with 2 of my kids. It is relaxing for me just to be outside. And to only have 2 kids with me!

  98. Deana

    We buy a family membership to the local swimming park and spend several days a week swimming and enjoying the sunshine. The kids play happily and I get to relax and enjoy it with them. This year I even think I will be able to bring a book!!

  99. Jessica

    Because you are so real with us….I know I can say….Ugh! Your list almost makes want to cry. Yes. I am having a pity party. Life is just overwhelming me today. I hope I can find a way to relax and SOON. When summer does arrive I hope that when we go down to the lake for the day, or to the ocean, or out for ice cream, or on a blanket at the park..that I will be able to relax and enjoy the moment instead of getting irritated, worried, and stressed. 🙁 Sorry- just trying to be real.

  100. Marilyn

    As a working Mom I cherish the time I spend with my kids. I get as much of them as I can and really make an effort to create great memories with them. Swimming all summer long in different places is one way where we really have fun. I take them to different beaches, different lakes, different pools. And we sometimes pack a picnic or have a cookout at the same time. I have been doing this with them all their lives. My kids are ages 7 & 9 and before they are teenagers and won’t want much to do with their Mommy for those few teen years, I want to get as much of my values and the values of Jesus in them as much as I can.

  101. Heather

    My kids are 3 and 2 so any sort of relaxing in the sun is welcomed by me. While they play in the sandbox I can relax in a chair. I also like to make time with my girlfriends and quiet time with my husband.

  102. Emily

    I have a 1 & a 3 yr. old..who are always climbing like monkeys & BUSY! I love to read & I’m learning to garden…if I can just find a few minutes to myself! Bubble bath nailpolish is my fave, too! Xoxo

  103. Wendy

    My husband retired after thirty years as a Master Chief in the United States Navy. I plan to relax by enjoying having him home! And we plan to spend time with our grand daughter reading and swimming with her. Mostly I plan to read the Bible and enjoy God’s beautiful sunshine, and give thanks that my husband has returned home safely.

    Thanks be to God!

  104. Linda

    Camp Of the Woods is one of my favorite places on earth! I used to go there every year as a kid and then worked on staff 2 summers. Now our family is too big to afford it so last year was the first we had been back in 13 years! and what a joy to have been there the same week as you so I could enjoy your seminar. 🙂 Hoping to make it back in the not so distant future…perhaps once the children can pay for themselves! hehe

  105. Susie Daggett


  106. Ryan Burge

    All the things in your list sound right up my alley. In fact I just pulled a recipe off pinterest for Lavender bread. My husband and I are working on the back patio so that it will be very relaxing for reading and drinking some tea and eating lavender bread this summer. I can’t wait!

  107. Pat S.

    After an eventful school year (graduating my first homeschooled), dealing with public school districts’ special education department for two others, and back surgery for the fourth child, birth of my third grandchild, I am planning some ME time to rest and refresh. Hopefully we’ll be able to do a staycation camping in the woods behind our house. In the fall, I plan to go away to a state park with my mom and five sisters for a LONG weekend away.

  108. Sandy H

    How do I spell relaxation?……good book & camping w/my faves – my family and my first granddaughter (5 mos…..can you say, “Proud Grandma”?) ahhhhhhhh! Contentment…..did I mention a smidge of chocolate? I won’t forget to pack the Toffee Crunch bar from Aldi. Yum.

  109. Judi Jackson

    Relaxing? Is that possible? 🙂

    We’ve got a summer of travel planned, so it’s those moments when we’re back home with no company that I think I will find relaxing!

  110. Penny A.

    This summer we are actually planning a family vacation that everyone can fit into their schedule. The kids and their families will be coming home and we will be driving to North Padre Island, Texas for a fun filled week of family fun. I was even able to talk my parents into going with us. They don’t travel at all anymore since my dad is on dialysis now, but I checked with the dialysis center and we’ve found a place he can go to during our week there so we’re all set. I can’t wait to have the whole family together for a week and my dad is so excited about going, he loves the beach.

    I also wanted to let you know how much you helped me a few weeks ago. I had to give a speech in front of about 200 people from our company and I watched your video where you were talking about speaking in front of the country club with white shoes, and your “ten fingers”. I wrote the ten fingers statement down and put it in my wallet and read it several times that week before my speech. It really helped me to get my courage up. Thank you.

  111. Angie Good

    What do I do to relax in the summer? Go to the lake with a good book. Sip on an iced mocha and prop my barefeet up on my lunch pail. (Sigh.) I heart summer. 🙂

  112. Tammy Watson

    I get so tired of the busy hustle and bustle. I LOVE BEING HOME but don’t get much time there I’m afraid! Evenings are short and patience even shorter. I would LOVE to spend some time at the beach, reading and napping to the sound of waves! NOTHING more relaxing to me! My soul is tired! But every new day presents a new opportunity to chase after JOY! Nothing besides God brings rest to my soul! So, I will try to be patient and fun loving and just truly enjoy whatever it is we decide to do!! God Bless you Lysa! You’ve been a huge blessing to my every day! I boost in my spirit and perspective on life! Thank you! =0)

  113. Dawn smith

    With my mom in hospital/health care facility & my dad has health issues & he cannot drive & my brother who has epilepsy & cannot drive, I really don’t getuch time to relax. Maybe a movie on Saturday matinee or a play but I’m busy running between work, church & visiting mom, as well as anything my family needs.

  114. Tiffany

    Our family doesn’t have a lot planned with three kids under 5, but we make the most of our time together like swimming and parks. I personally relax by reading. 🙂

  115. Karin

    Today is our last day of homeschool! Beginning tomorrow, we will be relaxing by the pool in the afternoons! We also have a beach trip planned. My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in July, so hopefully we will be able to get away alone to spend some quality time together.

  116. Bree

    I’m looking forward to late-night summer walks.

  117. Lisa Batt

    I have always relaxed by hiding in my bath tub! I will read, pray, and even watch TV (if I turn the TV just right in the bedroom). I love my bubble baths! However, since reading Made to Crave and changing most of my lifestyle 🙂 I now find relaxation in my workouts. I NEVER thought I would say that, but if I don’t have my time running or doing Taebo in my room with no one yelling “Mommy,” I feel like I missed something in my day. Thank you for helping me crave Him, not food.

  118. Debbie Cardwell

    I had a heart attack in April (I am only 51), therefore all my views have changed. I plan on spending all the time with my family and dear friends. I hope to go camping and play some competitive 42 games. Mostly, I just am so happy to be able to spend my days thanking God that I am alive and loving my family.

  119. Deb

    It looks like this summer will be spent taking weekend breaks, spending time with family, walking through the grief journey with them, holding hands, sharing memories, & letting Jesus heal our hearts.

  120. Lina

    Well, my husband and I have made a commitment to get away to the beach on the weekends even though the garage is overflowing with stuff and we have big “to-do” lists. We decided it is important to our sanity and our relationship to take this time out to be together. I am looking forward to weekend trips since I have no vacation time at work.

  121. ShaShawna

    I will relax by doing some reading while my kids play in the back yard. We are also supposed to take a family vacation.

  122. Katie Wirth

    Enjoy my husband and kiddos. My husband is inbetween jobs, and I am praying we use this time God has given us to enjoy each others company and not worry about what lies ahead.

  123. Amanda

    I like to take the kids on walks in the morning, read in a rocking chair while they play in the drive way and eat breakfast out on the deck when it’s not too hot.

  124. Janet Axelson

    Because I’ve been unemployed for almost a year, we will be “tourists” in our own town…we will see the museums “on free admission” day, the beach, 1.00 movies, free music on Friday nights and picnics at the park….Because my daughter is 10, I will sign her up for all the bible schools she can attend…it’s a great way to make new friends, have fun, and learn about God!

  125. Claudia Masinter

    Summer is the time when I throw away he schedule. After 10 months of back to back events, having very few things that we HAVE to do is the highlight. However, with four kids pretty much anything that allows them to play nicely for more than 10 minutes is a blessing. Play dates, trips to the local park’s splash pad, hikes, and the occasional evening out with a few girlfriends for dinner or coffee, are all favorite summer activities that give this stressed out mom a break.

  126. Chris Utter

    Relaxation is so important. Summer is a busy time for us. With my husband’s two jobs, my part-time job, and our church based activities and other obligations; we have to work at relaxing. We’re getting ready for a five-day campout next week. We can hike, fish, ride bikes, read and just enjoy nature together.

  127. Kim

    The children and I will be going to our Pastor and his wife pool once a week. We will be going camping with our church, mountains with my family and maybe a trip to Michigan. We are also going to organize some rooms.

  128. Julia Reeves

    I look forward to sitting in the sun on my days off work, playing board games with my family, taking long walks, going to garage sales and sleeping in a little later than normal…like 7:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m.!

  129. Mary Margaret Smith

    Oh the beach and a good book would be sooooo relaxing but that is probably not gonna happen, but I can settle for my back yard and the swing. My dad passed away Saturday, June 1, but he is happy now he is pain free. God is good!!! Summer will be going through his belongings and getting his things in order. But during this process will be reminders of precious memories. He got to give my mom and my son a hug for me!!! Christians are so blessed to know where their loved ones are and those that don’t my heart breaks because they can’t rejoice.

  130. Holly

    With 3 boys, ages 6, 5, and 3 months, it’s hard to find time to rest and relax. They are truly a blessing. To relax I try to either read or take a nap!

  131. Kristy Kay

    My favorite way to relax is to get in the car and drive 20 minutes away to the state park…I jog/walk the three and a half mile loop around Lake Defiance. It’s a true escape…into nature and the beauty of God’s creation. I always come back feeling like my batteries have been recharged and a breath of fresh, cool, clean air has blown through my soul!

  132. Stacey Thomas

    I will be relaxing this summer on the front porch in the early morning with a good devotional and a cup of coffee. Late nights with family and friends around a bonfire is an awesome way to end a summer evening.

  133. Kari Tate

    I have a 2 and 6 year old. Our summer will consist of sleeping past 6:30 am, pancake breakfasts, pj mornings and splash park fun. My kids and I are all home bodies and like to just stay home and relax! God Bless!

  134. Karla Kramer

    This summer we’ll be simply enjoying each other’s time. Camping, playing games, having friends over. Just hanging out.

  135. Hannah

    I love that Camp-of-the-Woods is on your list! I worked in the Purdy Center the summer before my freshmen year of college. Great memories! Hope this summer finds you blessed. My favorite way to relax is a bubble bath w/ peppermint & eucalyptus oil…that is until my 2.5 year old daughter insists on joining. LOL

  136. Jenny Johannsen

    Summer fun is pool time, riding bikes, family trip to Florida, little local excursions, and for just mom pedicures, and my mom’s group has fun activities for family and just moms too!! I love it all!! Summer in Chicagoland is very treasured time!!

  137. Cassie

    I plan on taking naps when my kids nap!!! I work during the school year as a counselor, and my summer is very busy already with different things at church (minister’s wife!)…anytime I can take a nap I take it!

  138. Jessica

    I will be moving this summer (along with my hubby, four kids, and three dogs) to a farm while working full-time and trying to sell my house. We are buying my parents farm, which means life is about to get crazy and wonderful all at the same time. At my parents’ house is a large deck perfect for reading, watching the deer, and cuddling with my kiddos and hubby.

  139. Lauren

    Curling up in the hammock in the backyard with a good book, while the kids play… there is nothing better!

  140. Diane

    This summer I will be relaxing (some of you may not think of this as relaxing) by spending a month with my grandchildren, who are 5 (girl) and 3 (boy). They live in Florida and my husband and I live in North Carolina so we only see them a few times a year. My son and daughter-in-law are kind enough to let them visit us for a long time and we have SO MUCH FUN. My husband is, at this moment, in the backyard building them an awesome swingset/playyard and he’s having a ball doing it. It will be a complete surprise to them becuase we’re not telling them about it beforehand. We also spend time swimming, reading. riding bikes, blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalking (is that a word?) baking together and many other delightful things. Their visit is the highlight of our year and the best news: grandchild #3 is on the way, due in September.

  141. Missy

    Relaxing at our rented beach house on the Jersey Shore (NOT near the Jersey Shore folks) with my husband’s brother and his family. Nothing on the agenda. No plans for meals. Just the beach, an occasional shower, and LOTS of reading time.

    And, oh, how we love a good summer movie to beat the heat and discuss our favorite lines afterwards.

  142. Courtney Maggs

    I too LOVE OPI nail polish and CAmp of the Woods – was recently there for an amazing women’s retreat! I just came across your blog lately and have really been enjoying it. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Courtney Maggs

      Oh forgot to say – this summer we’ll be relaxing as a family by the Great Sacandaga Lake, and of course, in the water, swimming and jumping in, and getting a little reading in, between building sand castles!

  143. Silvana

    I am planning to sit outside as much as possible and enjoy the weather. Hopefully, I can get through a couple of books as well. That is my plan, however, we all know what they say about the best laid plans! 🙂

  144. Kim Schweizer

    relaxation would be awesome…

  145. Laura

    I really feel relaxed listening to music, working out, reading, being outside, and just hanging out with family and friends. In my dream world, a relaxing day would consist of all day at the spa and a bubble bath with a book that evening. However, being a single mom of 2 girls, ages 5&6, I don’t see that happening for at least 13 more years! Lol this summer we will enjoy relaxing at a nearby lake, swimming and fishing. Our local theater and library have several activities for kids this summer, so while they participate in things like story time, I plan on finding a corner and reading also:) we also love to play board games, but I’m not sure how relaxing that is! Lol it should b a great summer tho:)!

    • Laura

      In my dream world, a relaxing day would consist of all day at the spa and a bubble bath with a book that evening. However, being a single mom of 2 girls, ages 5&6, I don’t see that happening for at least 13 more years! Lol this summer we will enjoy relaxing at a nearby lake, swimming and fishing. I also plan on getting some reading in and taking guitar lessons!

  146. Billie Jo

    Great thought to actually plan some time to relax. I would like to go on a hike with my husband in the beautiful Pacific North West. We live here and we forget to make time to enjoy this amazing place God has made.

  147. Kathryn Bonnett

    Our local theater shows second run movies and you can buy a summer pass for $5!! So we do movies.. and s’mores over the fire pit.

  148. Michele Carter

    Summer relaxation to me is simple dinners, evening swims with the family in the Lake we live around, camping trips, vegetable gardening, and reading on the front porch ’til dusk.

  149. Lisa M

    I purchased a cheap plastic bench for our tiny outdoor mudroom. I plan on handing the kids some waterguns, grabbing a glass of iced tea, picking out a good book, and listening to the laughter that unfolds. ahhhhhh, I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

  150. Sonya Greear

    Any activity involving water is so relaxing for all of us…a trip to the beach, lake, creek or backyard puddle. the kiddos seem to magically become calm and I find peace there too!

  151. Carol

    I’ll be heading to my first She Speaks conference. Not sure how relaxed I will be until after I have given my first ever presentation – but so looking forward to it.

  152. Laura H

    In my dream world, a relaxing day would consist of all day at the spa and a bubble bath with a book that evening. However, being a single mom of 2 girls, ages 5&6, I don’t see that happening for at least 13 more years! Lol this summer we will enjoy relaxing at a nearby lake, swimming and fishing. Our local theater and library have several activities for kids this summer, so while they participate in things like story time, I plan on finding a corner and reading also:)

  153. CarrieBeth

    My triplets are turning three so summer fun includes lots of sandbox time and looking for pinecones in our “pine grove.”

  154. Laura H

    this summer we will enjoy relaxing at a nearby lake, swimming and fishing. Our local theater and library have several activities for kids this summer, so while they participate in things like story time, I plan on finding a corner and reading also:)

  155. Lisa Shuler

    I plan to do some reading this summer. It is catch up time! Also, I would love to do some swimming and biking. I just have to get a new bathing outfit and a bike! lol

  156. Amber

    We will be hanging out by the pool and spending lots of time together. I send my first baby to kindergarten this year so I’m going to soak up as much time with them as possible!!

  157. Marilyn K

    Every summer we take our 5th wheel RV up to a spot in the Sierra Nevada where we just park it and relax. Wonderful lakes to swim in, great hikes to enjoy. It’s just the hubby and me, and if our grown sons can make it up to join us, all the better. This is a place I’ve been going to my whole life, so usually some of my sisters and their families are up there at the same time and we have some good sister time. The RV had a shelf for a TV, but we don’t even watch TV at home– my husband put an extra shelf in there for more room for all our books. A great time to be refreshed in the beauty of God’s creation, to enjoy each other, and some nice naps under the trees. Ahhhhh, can’t wait! Two weeks in August…

  158. Harla Cooper

    This Summer is bittersweet, my daughters will be turning 16 & 17. They are officially now a senior and a junior, soon they will leave the nest. As a single mom I haven’t always enjoyed them. I’ve always taken care of them, but I didn’t take the time to enjoy all the little things and the silly moments. God showed me that I needed to relish every part of parenting (the good, the bad, and the ugly) awhile back. I still get caught up in being mom, dad, provider and forget sometimes to enjoy. So this summer I plan to create some wonderful memories for my girls and I to carry with us the rest of our lifetime!

  159. Randi Ewing

    I plan to enjoy some hiking on the rare days that my hubby is off to go with me, library time when he’s working and hopefully date nights at the shooting range! =)

  160. Twylene

    Camping, trips to the cabin, reading a good book…

  161. Judi

    We have cookouts with family and friends, take walks, read on the front porch, Saturday pool dates with my friends (we are mostly empty nesters). The best is the family week at the beach where I take things to do with my sister-in-laws 4 youngest kids so she can enjoy some time to relax. Always a year round ralzing by taking bubble baths and getting pedicures with OPI nail colors – they are my favorite polish!!!

  162. Michelle Hudson

    Our summer fun is coming up at the end of June and I am so excited. My husband’s family (his mother, his three brothers, their respective spouses and five nephews) and he and I are going to St. Maarten. My mother-n-law has a timeshare there and this will be our third time in 15 years. The last time was 8 years ago and the first time was to scatter the ashes of my father-n-law out in the ocean there. We are all so looking forward to this getaway. Sure hope your summer is blessed.

  163. Sophia DeLonghi

    During the Summer we spend time barbecuing, gardening, campfires, and spending time with grand kids and other visitors including family. It is usually pretty laid back just like the lazy, crazy, days of summer!

  164. Cathie Calvetti

    Teaching at kids camp for one week. Time with hubby’s folks at the family cabin. They are well into their 80’s and love playing board games with us. Taking bike rides, geocaching, canoeing, enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

  165. Jessica B

    I’ll be so happy to be done with the school year that everything I do will feel like relaxing!! As soon as I say goodbye to my 7th graders, my hubby and I are headed out on vacation to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Relaxing at the beach, good books, and thanking God for our wonderful marriage!

  166. Mary Jane

    I love to relax in a bubble bath, too. My friend is growing her own lavendar. We are going to try to make lavendar soap. That should be an experience. 🙂
    Blessings, Mary Jane

  167. Rhonda Brasseal

    I’ll dig in dirt to plant my fav flower, zinnias. I’ll dig in “junk” shops for pieces I can refurbish. I’ll decorate my home with greenery and flowers from my back yard. I’ll also bring them as gifts to friends.

  168. Judy Kay

    My happy place is the lake. In the morning I watch the sun rise over the water and listen to lake awaken. The birds begin to sing and the fish jump, creating the ever widening ripples of water. I read and nap and fish. At night the sound of tree frogs screaming like unruly children bounce back and forth across the lake and mingle with the deeper voice of the bullfrogs. I’ve seen the milky way. I see the beauty of God everywhere.

  169. Kristine

    My husband and I take the kids out for evening bike rides on a wonderful scenic trail hidden in the city. We stop to pick blackberries or go to food carts right on part of the trail for a cheap dinner.

  170. Janelle Nelson

    I am going try my very hardest to not plan the whole summer out. *gasp! I want to relax by not planning out every detail. This will be hard for me, but I am feeling a tug to simmer down and let things go and I know our summer will be relaxing and fun!
    And to read some of the books on my must read list! 😉

  171. michelle h

    we’re looking forward to relaxing by serving! Our whole family (kids age 9,6, and 3) are going to spend a week serving at an orphanage in Mexico. can’t think of a better way to get away from our “problems” and stressors here!

  172. Cindy

    I love just being home with my husband, working in the yard or getting him to go shopping with me.

  173. Alyssa

    I’ll be relaxing at an awesome youth camp in Texas called Count Me In Youth Conference. Not sure if you can call getting amazingly intoxicated with the Holy Spirit “relaxing”, but I can’t wait!

  174. Kim Garner

    My relaxation started last week by going to the beach with my long-time girlfriend. It was wonderful! We talked, read, watched Jane Austen movies, talked some more, walked, ate delicious watermelon & moose track frozen yogurt, & took naps whenever we wanted! Other activities I enjoy during the summer are: nightly strolls with my husband & dog, family cookouts, reading, & enjoying being home.

  175. Amy Miller

    Doing fun things outside with my little family!

  176. Christy Buchanan

    I will be hanging out with my three year old daughter and newborn son on my maternity leave.

  177. kitty ball

    I believe I will be reading the Bible alot this summer to help me get past some old anxieties that have resurfaced. As I let them go, I am sure I will start to relax and be able to enjoy life once again.

  178. Michelle Thomas

    No vacations planned this summer, however I will be finding rest in the Lord and and waiting expectantly to see how He is going to reveal Himself through this season of trails.

  179. nancys1128

    Not sure about any vacations this summer, but Imknow for sure there will be lots of time relaxing on the patio surrounding the ‘cement pond’ that came with the house we purchased this past winter. I may even make my way into it on occasion. (Does anyone else remember the Beverly Hillbillies?)

  180. Joyanne

    I, personally, read to relax, but we sometimes watch movies at home together as a family (with some neighbor kids mixed in as well) and play board games like Ticket to Ride, Life, Apples to Apples and Wits & Wagers in the evenings during the summer. We also take a week to attend a Faith-based Family camp in late June. I think we will get to visit with family over the 4th of July near Traverse City and we might make a 3 day get away in August too between Marching Band Camps. The memories we make with family & friends are special and so easy to take for granted, but I love it when we are able to carve out the time to be together and enjoy one another’s company.

  181. Andie

    My girls (14 & almost-13) will be at Camp Rock w/ TobyMac in a week!!!!! And after that, our family is going to Hawaii for 9 days!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  182. ruth paul

    Thank you or posting and asking the question as I’m reading it got me thinking what will I do with the hubby I work evenings all school year this my first day summer vacation thank you for provoking my summer plans and for motivation I really need we are empty nesters so let our summer begin!!!!bikes hikes and letting the Holy spirit move our direction thank you now my wheels are turning

  183. Renee

    I will be relaxing in the presence of my 3 almost 4 blessings, my children. Our first little boy will be hermany the end of the month and we spend one last summer before my oldest heads off to kindergarten.

  184. Amber

    Im going to take time to enjoy my children…each and every moment. I want to know them more, become a better wife to my husband and a better keeper of my home….with the approach of mercy in mind. Sometimes I get too crazy with the detailed plans and long lists of all that I want to do and change…so this is my approach to relaxing….I want to live and love what is right in front of my to the best of my ability, knowing and believing that God accepts me just as I am.

  185. Connie Douty

    After one and 1/2 yearsI am slowly regaining some strength after a severe debilitaring MS attaqck. Having rehab nurses twice a week, a nurse, unable to do housekeeping, barely able to bathe myself, I need to relax as my husband now requires a caregiver. He has donr hi best to care for me;, the timing for a reversal of our tasks is in God’s hands. and right on time. I thank God.
    To relax, I spend time with a prayer warrior friend in her garden watching the blue birds fly and the bees suck from the Rose of Sharon plant. We discuss the Word, enjoy the creator as we worship in beauty and attempts at holiness that please Him. I do this once a week and the healing I receive strengthens, heals, and supplies all my needs.
    I rejoice in God’s mercy and provision.

  186. Elaine Segstro

    We have 3 vacation getaways planned! Yipee!! One at a cabin with our family – 1 week with the kids and 1 week on our own 🙂 Two tent trailer vacations with lots of kayaking and canoeing hopefully – I can just see and smell and hear the lakes now. Just to be in God’s creation and marvelling at it!!

  187. Toccara Feliciano

    My summer is going to be filled with reading,projects. With the kids. And I have. A daughter. Starting middle. School so ive pulled some lessons from moretobe.com that has lots of resources for moms and teens. Also have a family reunion coming up.

  188. Marcella

    Favorite thing to do in the summer is go to my brother and sister n laws houseboat and pull up in an elcove and a group of us just hang out in the water listening to music and playing. Even the family dogs join in the swim and fun. Share meals together with several other people in their boats, just visiting and playing cards. No phones allowed. Unplugged and nothing but fun and relaxation.

  189. Carrie K

    I am a teacher so relaxing this summer means lazy mornings sipping a little coffee in some yummy creamer and afternoons poolside. It means baseball filled evenings and family walks at dusk. I have much to be grateful for!

  190. Andrea

    Relaxing in the summer to me means not having a crazy schedule.
    It’s about spending time with family – going to the pool, playing outside, naps, going to the beach, eating watermelon,
    visiting with friends, eating ice cream, & reading books.
    We also love catching lightning bugs in the evening!

  191. Diana R

    Summer in Southern California. We went to on Memorial Day Rodeo in Valley Center, CA to see my 5 year old granddaughter ride a sheep. The announcer said and we held our breath and watched, “Emerson Rockwell!!!!” (Will she ride the sheep?) and then we heard the announcer say, “WELL, a little lady can change her mind.” She said no way, I was able to encourage her when she came up so disappointed.

    In June, the San Diego Fair starts and I am going to go to the fair. I have two work parties. We have June gloom so I have not planned any trips to the beach. I meet with my friend each week and study God’s word together.

    In July, July 4th we have a front row seat to the fireworks. July 12th, I have my tickets to go see my father. He is going to be 88 on July 19th. Last year he was in a horrible car accident and I am happy to say despite three fractured vertebrae he is back to preaching. When I saw him last summer, he had to sit in order to preach and now he can stand. I will see my cousins. This will be the first time for my family to see me since I lost 102 pounds. I have lost eighty since last July.

    In August, a weekend trip with our fifth wheel. Several trips to the Oceanside Pier to see the waves, I love the ocean and how the ocean reminds me of how awesome is our God. Walking on the pier is an excellent way to exercise. I love to walk and talk to God. Have you ever praised God through the alphabet, God is awesome, bold, caring, devoted, everlasting, faithful, good…….your turn Blessings Diana

  192. Debbi

    We have had a crazy, busy year and are so looking forward to summer! We will (hopefully) get to go to the pool, and are anxiously awaiting “Despicable Me 2” as a family movie event! 🙂 We have camps and reunions, etc., but are looking forward to sitting outside with a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and spending time together.

  193. Mary T

    Lysa, my idea of a restful summer is to spend time outside anywhere…the yard, the park or the beach…reading my recently purchased NIV real•life Devotional Bible and books…Intimacy with God, Tested by Fire and hopefully yours Unglued…but most of all just resting in the Lord’s presence. I will also spend as much time as possible with my 3 grandchildren ages 16 months, 20 months and 5 years old…maybe not as relaxing but certainly filled with the Lord’s blessings and lots of love… lol! Praise Jesus!

  194. Kathy

    This summer I plan on having an “unschedule”. Just doing activities with my 3 girls without a time schedule. On the agenda: reading, swimming, bbq’s, meeting up with friends, etc.

  195. Donna

    We just kept 2 of our darling grand daughters!!! Joy 9 & Aubree 15! We made silly exercise video advertisements, chalked painted my driveway with Peace signs & went to cupcake shops & of course ate Pizza Hut’s buffet! 🙂 They love to draw so I got some amazing drawing books @ the library & boy were their sketch pads smoking!!!!! Every morning we sat on my sweet coveted patio & did our devotional & talked & prayed to Jesus! My 9 yr old Grand daughter wanted to see our sanctuary @ church when I went to pick up my conference shirt We stood @ the alter & I said girls this is where The Lord’s precious people were healed, delivered & saved:) If I don’t do anything else this summer Jesus gave me such beautiful memories!!! We had never had Joy in 9 yrs!!! I PRAISE his glorious name!!! Have a wonderful summer with Jesus everyone!!

  196. Denise Y

    Taking our grand girls on “field trips” locally….have a bucket list which includes ice cream, museums and libraries, picnics and art work!!!! oh and crafts, crafts and more crafts!!!

  197. Amy

    Mine are all teen-agers now & so my summer days are busy chauffeuring teens to part time jobs, getting my oldest two ready for college in August…which includes summer orientation in July & all that fun college shopping, etc. In between all the busyness I’m hoping to have time for some family cook-outs, time at the lake & whatnot.

  198. Amy

    Unfortunately there won’t be resting for me this summer. We can’t afford family vacations so I try and find free things to do around our town and schedule play dates every week (exhausting for me). We will be visiting family in Maryland (we moved away for Seminary) for two weeks which we are all very excited about but it is not relaxing. (I guess it is a vacation but we yearn for a family vacation so we can rest and be revived) We will be going from house to house visiting family we haven’t seen in a year. This year we have scheduled to do a few fun (free) things and we are inviting our family along to spend more time with them. When we get back I am sure I will need to pull away for quiet and relaxation. 🙂

  199. Stephanie

    Enjoying my kids being home! Swimming every day the weather is good and a little bit of camping.

  200. Catherine

    After many, many years of no vacations, my husband and I are returning to Mount Elbert Lodge in Colorado. We used to take our family there when the kids were young and always enjoyed the beauty of the Rockies. We just found out the other day that our daughter and son in law are also going there this month because she had so many fond memories of past vacations there.

  201. Crystal

    I will be enjoying as many beach days this summer as I can. Listening to the waves in the background while I enjoy a good book makes me feel like I’ve left the world behind. And every once in a while God blesses me with a dolphin swimming by 🙂

  202. Katie Call

    I will be hanging out with my kiddos by the pool, beach, and making sure that there are plenty of parades we go to see. 🙂

  203. Lisa Dilleshaw

    I enjoy all you mentioned, but I adore watching movies and even though I’m shy, when I polish my nails, they usually make a statement :). I have the blessing of keeping my granddaughter two days a week, which sometimes can feel like not such a blessing! Did I mention she’s 2 and a half! Also, my mom, who lost her husband in December is coming to live with us. My husband is turning our garage into “mom’s place”. Even though we’re the best of friends, I’m sometimes uncertain of this new adventure. My main form of relaxing is scrap booking. I get lost in it! Starting with the right backdrop (the paper) and choosing my embellishments, then deciding which colors I want to pop! Oh, my! For me, it’s the best! I’ve really been enjoying your blog, actually when my mom gets here, we’re going to try to get her started on one, she loves to write. Well, I’m sorry this got so long, guess I kind of enjoy writing too! 🙂

  204. Rosey

    Our summer relaxation as a family is volunteering at a Christian teen camp every summer. we have 3 children, none of which are teenagers. But God has used us each year to minister and teach the teens and help them grow closer to Him. My kids look forward to it every year, love the campers to pieces, and themselves grow in faith even though they’re so young. We arrive home physically exhausted yet spiritually rejuvenated and on fire. We all agree it is completely worth the lack of sleep. 2 of our children have gone to this camp to serve since they were born.

  205. Sue

    We went to the Blue Ridge, GA for 5 days and stayed in a wonderful cabin in the mountains for a long Memorial Day weekend. The view was gorgeous and our time there was restful and relaxing. Then we had to come back & go back to work. That was the extent of our “summer vacation.”

  206. Kathy

    I’ll be relaxing this summer reading Christian Fiction on my parent’s 35 ft. Mainship when I’m not helping kids play the summer reading game at work (public library). I’m also currently reading Made to Crave, so I know I’ll be busy enjoying food that is good for me and praising God for guiding me onto the right path.

  207. Sheree

    I’m going to hang out with my husband…he’s a preacher and I’m a teacher so we will have lots of time! I will also spen quality time with my children who are 22, 20 and 15!

  208. Amy Tapp

    Since I’m a teacher, I will have some time this summer to read books that I WANT to read!!! Currently, I’m reading “Unglued” and I LOVE it! I’ve reread several chapters, especially the chapter on “negative inside chatter”—I can so relate! Also, I enjoy cleaning out cabinets and closets that are neglected the rest of the year due to being too busy teaching. I enjoy spending time with my precious family, my husband, Tim, my daughter, Carrie, who will move away to college in the fall, and my 13 yr old son, John. My goal this summer is to exercise on a regular basis, lose 10lbs, and tone up; so far, the Lord has provided some wonderful summer time fruits and veggies which are so much better for me than the high carb foods and joined a teacher’s aerobics class! We would like to go somewhere for the summer, but we must save our pennies to help with our daughter’s college expenses.

  209. Pam Stewart

    I love to read read read!! And I like to do it while sitting on our deck w/our 2 black labs (one 10 and one 11so they’ve seen their fair share of mama reading time!!). Thanks Lysa for sharing these Friday fun give aways!! You’re the best!!

  210. Sara

    Spending a week at camp.

  211. pattyap

    I’ll be having fun with my three boys as much as possible before we all begin school again in the fall. I’m sure the beach is included in there, alot.

  212. Tonja Herbel

    I hope I get some time off this summer. I like to go to San Antonio to the Riverwalk with my husband. And this year we are taking our two granddaughters with us. I also will be taking my grandchildren to the beach.

  213. Amie

    We will be bowling, going to the movies, VBS, and the beach. Relaxing as much as possible.

  214. Maura

    We’ve just come home from a concert in City Park. Took a picnic, got under a shady tree and enjoyed the evening listening to jazz. Greatly looking forward to silent listening prayer times all summer, swimming laps daily, and ranch-sitting for a friend in the mountains for my “vacation” away from home. All blessings from God!

  215. Heather Keeton

    I currently work 2 jobs so I will be working all summer. October will be my first break and that will be for my wedding.

  216. Mandy Barr

    My husband and I will be taking our four month on her first family vacation…and first trip to the beach at Hilton Head Island in a couple of weeks. It will be the first family vacation I’ve been on in quite some time with my family. My parents have offered to keep our baby one night, so that my husband and I can have a night to ourselves. We don’t really get to go on dates since Riley was born. I am looking forward to seeing my daughter’s face when she experiences the ocean and the sand for the first time.

  217. Amanda

    I love to relax by reading a good book. As a teacher I get my summers off, so hopefully I will be able to read many books this summer. I also hope to get some of my many project ideas accomplished.

  218. kay

    One of the ways I’ll be relaxing this summer is going to see my parents, about 2,000 miles away. Now that my kids are older and can’t get away from summer jobs and such as easily, I go see them alone, solo, just moi. And my parents still spoil me and take care of my every need when I go see them. Bliss!

  219. Linda

    I love to work outdoors…in the yard, or in the garden! Thanks for all you do!

  220. Louisa

    We just love doing things as a family…I am looking forward to sitting around the campfire, splashing in the back yard pool, a wooded hike maybe a quiet trail ride on one of our horses. Looking forward to many different ways to relax this summer and just take a break from normal–what ever that might be with 9 kiddos!

  221. Jessica

    Your lake trip sounds so great! We have 2 kids, 7 and 5. We plan on packing up some camping supplies and hitting the lake that is 20 miles from the house. Unplugging is the best way to relax!

  222. Janelle G

    We, six adult siblings, our assorted children and our parents are going to Fort Robinson, NE for and extended family weekend ;~} We love to hike, take in Gods beauty and spend time together. Sooo excited.

  223. Tina Hamilton

    Thanks Lysa for being such an inspiration :)) I would absolutely love to do all the things you and everyone here have mentioned. I remember as a child my parents taking us on roadtrips, camping trips to the beach and mountains, or even the backgroung bbq ‘s. Unfortunately for me now, we are unable to give our children all of those wonderful experiences. You see I am unable to work due any to many health issues and my husband doesn’t earn enough to support our family of five. So anything extra is impossible. The best we can do is, by the grace of God, spend as much quality time with them here at home and let them know how much they are loved:))

    much they are loved.

  224. Joyce G

    We are taking a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone Park and the SD Black Hills, to enjoy God’s peace and beauty, with my husband, my best friend. We will be going over Beartooth Pass in MT. It is a spectacular ride and the ability to get closer to God and nature than you can imagine. It will be a time to reflect on the awesomeness of out Maker and refresh our souls. We have been blessed in so many ways this last year and we want to praise God from the mountain tops. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  225. Karen R.

    I love your ideas for summer fun! Don’t get me started on Pinterest! I am addicted!! LOL I love the pool, s’mores, and just all around everything about summer! I am also enjoying a online bible study this summer! 😉

  226. Janice Wright

    I will be going to my nephew’s wedding a week early so I can help cook for the reception!! And yes, that kind of cooking will be relaxing (even though I struggle with what to make and when to make it for dinner every night at home). Also seeing my mom and sister for that week is a real stress-reliever for me, especially coupled with the fact that my husband and 10-year-old son will be taking care of each other back at home for a change!

  227. Jessica Butler

    I love to go camping with my family. Yep, we pack up the tent, canoe and everything but our kitchen sink. There is nothing more relaxing than getting away from our busy schedules, internet, computers, smart phones, etc. We have made so many wonderful, and cherished, memories during our camping trips – playing games, sitting by the campfire, hiking or while discovering new areas of a lake in our canoe.

  228. Lorie Lovingood

    I’m fortunate enough to live on the coast, so at least one day a week is devoted to the beach. When I sit there with my feet in the sand, the waves crashing around and no other sounds, I feel closest to God and can truly feel like I’m in his presence. I know God hears all my prayers, but I feel like I can really talk to him at those times. Besides my beach days, I plan to enjoy cookouts and gatherings of family and special friends, and the added benefit of just “being” with my kids – no pressure for homework or strict bedtimes.

  229. Maureen

    I will also be enjoying a relaxing, restorative week at Camp of the Woods! We are going the same week as you, looking forward to seeing you there. I can’t say enough good things about the camp!

  230. Karen Underwood

    I will be going to Camp-of-the-Woods for my 30th year in a row this summer!!! I look forward to my week there every year. We first started going to Camp in 1983 as a young couple without a family. We sat in the Hill dining hall with an older couple (at that time they asked if you’d like to sit together or alone). We had a wonderful week with this couple and kept in contact with them for several years. Over the years at Camp we had our family of one daughter and two sons who each enjoyed learning about God’s love from nursery through the teen shack!! Two of my children were on summer staff and now my son Tim is married and on Full-time staff!!! He met his lovely wife Lynnette while on summer staff in 2009. We have invited many friends and family members up over the years who have all loved Camp and continue to come year after year! I can’t put in to words how much this little slice of Heaven means to me!!

  231. Brenda Sue

    I will get to travel some but my biggest relaxation is sending the rest of the family off to Grandma’s for a few weeks so I can enjoy being alone in the peace and quiet of my own home playing catch up with all of the undone projects that I couldn’t tackle during my extremely busy year. No one to tend to but myself and my home and no one knowing I’m even there unless I choose to inform them. Sleep late, get up early, stay up late, live in my pjs,….doing whatever I want and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment as I whittle away at my to do list!! A great way to start fall stress free!!! And who else do I get to talk to that whole time but God because no one knows I chose not to go to grandma’s!! Love it. (I do miss my kids, but I love the peace and quiet – – a rarity in my life)

  232. Alison

    WE LOVE COTW! I grew up going there just about every summer and now my husband and I go every summer for the last 12 years! Enjoy!!

  233. Susan Whitaker

    I am reading some books and de-cluttering my space.

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