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A Message From Hope And A Giveaway!

April 11, 2013

Hey everyone! Hope TerKeurst here – I’m taking over my mom’s Encouragement for Today devotion AND her blog for the day. So we’re gonna have a lot of fun together.

If there’s one thing I love to do, it’s spend quality time with others. Whether it’s with my friends, my family, or someone I just met, I love to take time to see what’s going on in their world. It’s fun and I find a lot of fulfillment in it. So when my mom and I had the opportunity to work on a book together, I was really excited to get started.

Now that What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God has been released, I want to share a little excerpt from the book with you. Maybe it will help you to have an encouraging conversation with a young woman in your life about her relationship with God.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 
Believe me, this is a question you’ll hear often as you make your way through high school. I have friends who let that question take over their thoughts, decisions, and worries, but I want to share with you a different way to look toward the future.
Try asking “Who do you want to be?”
That’s the question I focus on because it challenges me to find my identity and path in God and not through circumstances. Maybe another way to say that is: Whose do you want to be?
I want to be God’s daughter now and in the future.
At any given moment, if I’m striving to seek God’s will and trust His leading, I am doing the right thing. Someone recently asked me how I made the decision to do my first mission trip.
When I look at that time in my life, I clearly see God’s leading and intervention. The opportunity presented itself through a school requirement. I’m a planner, and I always think through my next steps, but in this case, I just went for it. I had no idea what I was heading into, but God gave me a great peace and the strength to say yes.
This ended up being a life-changing, faith-building, passion- forming event. I would’ve missed this vital part of my story if I had given over to fears sparked by the “what” questions. What will happen when I’m there? What will it be like to not have the comforts of home? What if I’m not good at this?
We can ask these questions until we make ourselves sick with worry, or we can embrace the yes life and the extraordinary story God is calling us to experience. As for me, I plan to keep asking who I want to be and whose I want to be. When I look beyond the world’s expectations and toward God’s best for me personally, the future is bright, exciting, purposeful, and incredibly inviting.
Will you join me in the yes adventure?
 Let’s look forward together…fearless and faithful.

I know my mom usually does Friday Favorites, but this week, I’m doing a fun giveaway with all of my favorite things to enjoy the Spring weather!

Blog Pic 4-11

It includes…
– A Starbucks gift card
– My favorite nail polish color
– Tote bag
– Sun hat
– Necklace
– A copy of What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God

Just leave a comment below telling me who you would give this to and why. I can’t wait to read your responses!

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  1. Reagan Collier

    I would give this to my mom 🙂 she has worked her life away making sure I have always gotten to do what I wanted and put me through college! My inspiration and role model!

    • Rachelle

      Hi, I have a friend from church who has a 17 yo daughter who is on a rocky path I life and just left home. My friend has another daughter who is obviously being affected by the actions of her older sister and has started to have negative actions . She is a very sweet, compassionate young lady who needs all the encouragement and love she can get right now. I would give the gift pack/book to her in hopes that she will realize the plan God has for her. Thank you, Rachelle

  2. Dena Neely

    I would give this to my daughter Shelby Lynn she is 15 years old & struggling with a lot of issues. Thank you for your time & consideration….:0) God Bless!!

  3. Elena

    I would give this a really good friend’s daughter. She’s a 15 year old freshman and is a really good girl. She at times seems a little lost and is a bit of a follower. I would like to give her some encouragement to run hard after God!

  4. Jean Ancell

    I would give this to my granddaughter (who will be 13 this month) as a reminder that she has the most precious Heavenly Father who loves her unconditionally no matter what. HE will not leave us like some of her “friends” today do. She loves Starbucks and girls girl stuff. I had here chose a devotional for Youth on YouVersion so we have th same thing to read daily and can discuss the topic when she calls me every evening prior to going to bed.

  5. Melissa

    I would give it to My 17 year old daughter Jordan. Thank you Hope!

  6. Jennifer

    I would give this to my this my 13 yr old cousin as she is getting ready to go to high school this fall and is being baptized this Sunday.

  7. Mandy

    Hope, what an amazing young lady you are and very much a godly role model to young women. If I won this contest I would most definitely give it to my oldest daughter Maddy. She is an amazing young girl with a huge heart who loves God and who desires to be the hands and feet of Jesus serving others.

  8. Cassie Watson

    I would give it to my oldest girl 🙂 She is my beautiful sunshine. She really is a terrific girl and I want more than anything for her to have a super close relationship with God. I wasn’t saved until I was 27 and it has taken the last 8 years for me to realize how important my relationship with God is. It has changed my life, but I’m still working on it. I guess we are always “still working on it”, but I want her life to be so much fuller and happier and peaceful than mine. I know all of that truly comes from God. No matter the circumstances, you can have happiness, peace and fullness from God. He is such a good Daddy 🙂

  9. Jennifer

    I would give this to my mom- all things she would enjoy, I am sure of it. She was the first Christian in our family, dragged us to church and things, and I am glad for it for now I have my faith in Christ. Yet as such, I know at times she feels inadequate in her faith to really guide me, and it seems at times that I guide her; we’ve talked about how when I was young, I asked her if I was a Christian and (thinking I wasn’t one, which was true) asked her how can I become one, and she didn’t know how to answer me. I think this particular book of yours will help to affirm her own faith and the things that she is saying “yes” to.

  10. Brenda Andersen

    I am a mom of three daughters age 18, 12 & 4.
    The 18 year old has already moved out, but her last year in high school I felt an urgency to develop more of a relationship with her, so I started taking her to Starbucks every Friday after school.
    Now that she is gone, I have been wanting to start the same tradition with the 12 year old, who has expressed interest in spiritual things. For Christmas I bought her a devotional.
    I am very intrigued about a book written by someone closer to her age & will purchase your book regardless!
    Your mom has been an inspiration to me through her books & blogs & it’s a beautiful thing to see you desiring to do the same.

  11. Lana Leos

    I’d give this to my 18 year old sister & buy the same goodies to make one for my 16 yr old sister. I love them both so so much and pray for them daily. I pray that they don’t make the same mistakes I made at their ages {I’m now 27}…I try my best to be a Godly role model to them & my 4 year old daughter. I missed out on much of what God had for me at their age. Oh how I wish I had a Lysa Terkhurst or Hope Terkhurst in my life then! Your mom’s What Happens When Women Say Yes To God was LIFE CHANGING for me! 🙂
    I want my little sisters to have know God’s love for them in a powerful way. ♥

  12. Sue Astill

    I would give it to my eldest daughter to encourage her and let her know that God’s opinion of her is more important that peoples. (Wow! I only just saw that book on the Proverbs 31 website……I was looking at buying it for my 15 year old daughter who has some anxiety issues and could use a big helping of Gods truth and His peace in her life)

  13. Bridget

    I would give this to Faith one of the young ladies in the mentoring group that I am in. She is in that in between time of life with lots of what ifs and to herself. I would hope this would help her to open up more maybe find some answers. Thanks for the opportunity to win

  14. Anna

    I LOVE your question, “Who do you want to be?” instead of “What do you want to be?” The different focus would have changed my life. I would give the contest prize to my wonderful niece who is a freshman at a Christian College. Her heart is to serve Jesus as a missionary in Uganda.

  15. Ericca Franco

    If I won this I would give this gift to my son’s nurse. She works full time as a home care nurse to my quadriplegic son and its because of her help that we can manage as close to a normal life as possible. 🙂

  16. Cheryl

    Loved your message… anxious to share this with my granddaughter.. she is 20 and is autistic with learning disabilities. . She lost her mom when she was 9.. she kept hearing what “she wouldn’t be able to do”… she chose to do more then anyone had hope that she could do & she always knew she would be someone great in Jesus. ..This gift would go to her.. she is my hero.

  17. Becky Brooks

    I would have to give this to my daughter. She is 13 yrs old – a very strong willed but also very angry child. She was raped when she was 3 and molested several times since. She’s also continuously harrassed and bullied at school. Tho I have tried to give her a strong foundation of Christ, she’s angry at God for these things happening to her. To add to it, her dad and I are divorced and he’s never really been here for her. I still take every chance I get to make something a God lesson for her, a teachable moment about whpo God is. She doesn’t believe she can ever forgive the people who hurt her nor have a normal life. I try to instill in here Gods truths, but she’s at that age she is struggling between being that good Christian and dealing with peer pressures and past hurts.

  18. Lori

    I love your enthusiasm, Hope! Thx for stepping out and sharing with us! I would love to give this fun stuff to my niece Rebecca who is graduating from HS and joining the marines this summer! I want her to ask herself those Who and Whose ?’s as she enters a whole new, life-forming world in the military!! Keep it up Hope!! 🙂

  19. Xen

    who do you want to be?

    I just got the email regarding your post, i read it and honestly, it made me think.
    I want to be a living vessel of God. I want to make God proud. There is so much I would want to be to please God, but right now, i want to be a person after His own heart. I have always tried defining my life goals as what i want to be. And i know that something has been missing ever since the “Me” came to know “God”. With God, I feel that life is filled with hope and a certainty. Thank you for your post, it came at the right time, as this week i realised i had not been focusing much on God when i knew that i want to be near Him. My actions speak louder than my words. Time to reflect, look in the mirror, and renew my mind, actions according to his good and pleasing will. 🙂

    I live overseas, in Singapore thus i don’t think i am eligible for those rewards. How about blessing somebody who needs it?

  20. Dawn Harris

    I would give this to my mom. She has always been supportive and given my so much encouragement No matter what. She has always been like a best friend to me and it would be something I could give back to her for all her support.

  21. Kristin Granato

    I would give this to my sister and my beautiful niece. My sister is a single mom and her ex is an absentee father. My niece is young and you can already see the impact it is having on her. My sister is new to her faith. I would love to give this to them so they can read it together.

  22. Amy Milliron

    My fourteen year old daughter would enjoy this very much. I would love to read the book with her.

  23. Latrelle

    I would give it to my one & only precious daughter as a reward for her struggles. Thank you for a Weds. treat ! She’ 24

  24. Linda

    I would give this to my daughter. I have raised 2 wonderful boys that turned my life around and back to God. Now having the opportunity to be raising a young daughter and see the love of The Lord in her is such a beautiful thing. She has such a heart for Him and at almost 12 years old has such a fire in her that I want to help keep burning in her! To continue to follow in the path God has in store for her!

  25. Halona

    Hope, what a great blessing for any young woman. I would give this one to my oldest & then recreate another one for the middle & youngest daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  26. Tracey

    Great job Hope! I would give it to my daughter, Bailey, who is a college freshman who is not sure of a major but knows she wants to be an influence for good. She went on a mission trip during spring break and is anxious to go again. I will send her a link to your article– I think it will be a comfort to her in not worrying about what to be, but voncentrating on whose to be. The what to be will come.
    And hello to Xen in Singapore! My husband and I have travelled to Indonesia for mission work and stop in Singapore on the way. Your country is very beautiful. God bless!

  27. Anne

    I would give this to my 16 year old daughter because I love her more and more each day. I want her to know God her father loves her more than I do and will never leave or forsake her. She’s in need of some extra love and encouragement during this difficult time she is experiencing. God bless you Hope

  28. Heather

    I would give this to my daughter Alyssa. She is 14. We sent her to Christian school until 6th grade then had to switch her to public school. She struggles with today’s society and falling into peer pressure of wanting the privileges that kids her age have that we don’t feel carry christian value. We struggle with her understanding why we make our choices we do. I know one of her spiritual gifts is leadership. She hasn’t found what God wants her to do with it yet though. She will start high school next year and signing her up for classes has already brought up those questions of what she wants to be.

  29. Tami

    Hi Lysa … thank you ever so much for your pearls of passion to the One who ignites my heart when none other can! I would love to grant your gifts to my biological sister who has just received one of life’s shocking blows. Her younger husband, who stated up until January had the perfect marriage and who also gifted her with a beautifully romantic Valentine’s Day card … has now asked her for a divorce. He denies having an affair, however this behavior is so untypical of him, that I find it hard to believe any other cause for his irrational and bizarre behavior OTHER than an affair. They are both business professionals – practicing as RN’s in the management field. There is also two adult children in their early 20’s who are involved here also. Talking is a moot point. He listens yet then states that her words are useless. He reveals that he cares for her, yet no longer feels anything else. He rejects the idea of counseling. My sister’s world has become dark and hopeless even though she is a believer and a Deaconness in her Presbyterian church. She simply doesn’t want to hear about my relationship with my Lord and Saviour. I am so worried about her … yet I know that He has her in His loving protection. Perhaps these gifts might provide her with a ray of hope … a beacon of SONshine into a world that has become suddenly dark, scary, and bitter to her. Your gifts just might provide her with that needed “spark” of SONshine to bring that healing ray of forgiveness and perseverance into this new season … both of the upcoming summer, and the day that she can lean – once again – on her loving father for the answers that might bring clarity and perspective to her life once again. I love her so very much. Blessings to you and yours … and may you have a beautiful summer season! ~Tami

  30. Karen S

    I would give it to my 13 yr old granddaughter who struggles with self esteem issues due to some medical conditions that she has. Would love to be able to sit down and read the book with her. It would be a blessing to have this book and then pass it on to another young lady and her mom to also use!

  31. Jessica Klinker

    I would love to give this gift to my daughter. I would love to remind her how much God loves her and let her know that no matter how much I love her, God loves her even more!

  32. Tina

    Hi, Hope.
    What a wonderful post and excerpt from your book! Even though I am not the age targeted, it was very helpful to read as I am going through several transitions in my life right now. I believe it’s important for us to continually ask ourselves who and whose we want to be in order to continually strive to rise above our circumstances while on this earth.
    I would give this package to my cousin, Christy. My Dad was in ICU for 18 days before passing away on April 1st. This was all very unexpected and very heart-breaking for me… even though I know he is probably dancing on streets of gold right now.
    Christy owns her own business and has had it among her top priorities for years…I’m not saying that is a bad thing. My company is among my top as well. Many were depending on Christy at work including clients; however, during the last few days when we knew things looked worse for Dad, Christy dropped everything to drive me back and forth and to support me in every way possible – including prayers and God-sent words as needed. I was way too emotional to drive the 80 or so miles one-way to the hospital at this point and certainly needed someone to be by my side. She was my angel, so to speak, through this period, and I thank God for her. (She also has a daughter who is getting married in about 2 months who was very supportive and prayful for my family during this time.)
    Thanks again for sharing with us!

  33. Brenda Andersen

    Is there something wrong w/my comment?

  34. Liz

    I would give it to our babysitter. She’s a senior in high school. She goes to public school and really tries to live out her faith there. She’s been a blessing to us and our children.

  35. K´Lynn

    My daughter just turned 14 this week. What a fun gift! I´m looking forward to reading your new book!

  36. Carli

    Hope, I loved your post today. The question, “Who do you want to be?” really spoke to me so I printed it and put it up on my corkboard. I don’t have children but I do volunteer work with at-risk youth, particularily children in foster care. I would love to have to book on hand so I can draw on its words and share them with the young women God puts in my path.

  37. Eloise

    I would give this to that special person who supports others in prayer and believes that the key to living is faithfulness and NOT perfection.

  38. Marilyn

    Hi, Hope! I would give this gift to Angel, an 18-year-old lovely young woman. Angel is in her first year at a college away from home. She is a Christian girl and has a heart to help others. Angel is one of 12 children. She and 5 of her siblings were fostered and/or adopted into their family. A great family, a great young woman who would be thrilled to receive the gifts.

  39. Ruth Hill

    My mom needs some encouragement, so she and I would probably share this. She is currently recovering from a horrible bout of pneumonia.

  40. Karla Herbert

    If I won this cute giveaway I’d give it to my 14year old daughter, Lauren. She starts high school in the Fall and I’ve been praying for her and the choices she’ll make. She’s been a great strength to me. We just discovered a massive tumor in my hip and she’s been so helpful, yet terrified. My job as her mom is to bring hope and encouragement to her. I love her to the moon and back!

  41. Kimberly

    Hi! I would give this to my daughter, who turns 14 in a couple of weeks…because all of these are HER favorite things…and she wants to say “YES” to God but could certainly use some support and encouragement from someone who is closer to her age!

  42. Tiffany_m

    Thank you Hope, what a wonderful message and great perspective to share with us mother’s and even our daughters. I’m grateful for just that small nugget from what i can only imagine to be a divine encouraging book for many young women!
    I would love to have the opportunity to give this book to my only daughter, eldest of 4, who will be 14 years old this Sept. and going into high school. It has been a rough time for our family with many old hurts (the divorce of her father and I) and many new hardships (her half-brother moving back to GA and family members battling addiction). We are a young Christian family, just a few years, but my honeygirl has seen the Lord and knows that He is so faithful, I’m so encouraged by her. But in these many struggles I realize, I haven’t been able to pour into her the kind of encouragement and teachings she may need to be prepared for high school and walking in faith. She is stronger than I can ever imagine but to bless her with a extra dose of encouragement would be wonderful. I know God is faithful, thank you for just those amazing words of encouragement and also the beautiful display of a healthy, Jesus centered mother-daughter relationship. That ministered to me most!

  43. Lee Gardner

    I would love to give this gift to both my daughters, 15 and 16, to share. They struggle with their identity from time to time. I encourage them to turn to the Lord, share their heart, and follow Him. They still have MANY questions! Thank you for your book!

  44. Mary

    I would give this to my daughter as she embarks on a new life as a wife this year. She has always been open to Gods call on her life and never hesitated when he calmed her to Israel to teach for six months last year she dropped everything and went. She endured much their but her live for God grew. She is an amazing woman of God I pray she continues to seek after who he wants her to be.

  45. Kelli Palmer

    Pick me so I can give this cool gift to my book loving daughter Anabella. She is a nail polish fanatic who loves life, people and having fun. This would be a wonderful reward for all her hard work at school….THE PERFECT GIFT for an honors student questioning God and looking for proof of HIS goodness…:-)

  46. Xen

    Hello Tracey, it is a very clean country 🙂 God bless you too~! May God heap many happy blessings on you and your family.

  47. Andi

    I would give this to my oldest daughter who is a delight in every way, confident in who and who’s she is, yet still struggling to balance that with her desire to please others. She would be blessed and I love blessing my girls. Thank you Hope for your desire and obedience!

  48. Irma Logan

    I am stepping out in faith. I live in South Africa and don’t think I qualify for this giveaway BUT I would love to give it to my one and only daughter. She is on her way to becoming a Scientist – a Christian Scientist amongst those who only believe in evolution. She has to stand very strong and sometimes it is difficult. We have prayed together for the Lord’s direction he wants her to study in. She is presently doing her Masters Degree in Immunology. She wants to help people and so far, looking back, every choice she has had to make was directed by God (through prayer and then the doors of options that closed and every time only one remained open). She gave her heart to Jesus when she was only 3 years old.

  49. Jeanette Zwart

    I am a so-called “retired” missionary (we never do retire!) and I have foster children in Ghana. I would like to give this to my favorite foster granddaughter in Ghana. She has trouble finding a job, but trusts the Lord to work things out for her. I admire how she stands firm for the Lord in difficult situations and thank God for her.

  50. Heather

    My daughter Kayla is searching. All her life, I’ve been sick. I was diagnosed with systemic lupus in 1998, when Kayla was 3. Over these years I also fought non-hodgkins lymphoma twice (& won, praise God!) Recently Lupus started attacking my heart and lungs. My cardiologists told us in January to make my final arrangements. I am 37, in congestive heart failure with pericarditis, and no hope for the heart surgery or transplant that could save me until my Lupus (incurable) settles down and goes into remission. This makes my sweet sweet daughter angry. Angry at God. She says I am the best person she knows and doesn’t understand how a loving God would let me suffer this way. I see my illness as an incredible testimony to show the world that even in all this illness, God is still with me, carrying me day by day, hour by hour. I know He is healing me. My daughter is angry that He allows my pain to bring me to tears. She really needs to understand faith and I can’t afford to buy the book for her right now, so we would be so grateful to win your giveaway. My daughter also loves the other items and it would be like a gift from Christ just for her to show her He is there and He is with me through my illness. Thank you!

  51. Kasia

    I would love to give this gift to my oldest daughter (out of 5) who is your age, Hope 🙂
    I pray for God to bring into her life a friend who would have a godly influence on her.
    Who knows, through the book, you could be that friend 🙂

  52. Gail

    I would give this to a young lady I work with who says she knows The Lord but she is not faithful in her walk. She is ready to graduate from High School and I would give it to her to get her life started in the right direction. I love your thoughts and direction thank you so much for your inspirations.

  53. Angie

    I held my daughter last night as she wept silently because she puts all of her energy into making other people like her. I tried to give her some encouragement, but she can’t see past the rejection of her classmates. It is very hard to explain to a 12 year old girl that God is all she truly needs. It is my passion to reach out to young women about this subject, as I too put all my eggs into the “why do people not like me” basket as a young girl and it led me down a rocky path. Your post gave me encouragement to keep fighting the Good Fight with my daughter. I pray that the Lord gives me wisdom to help her through these tumultuous years.

  54. Jenny

    My daughter (23) is serving in the United States Army and is deploying to Afghanistan this June. She is struggling with some issues regarding her faith and needs all the encouragement she can get. This can go to A’stan with her, while I buy the book at home and we will read it together and discuss on our Skype sessions. I try to answer her questions regarding God & faith; however, I need the right answers and right words for encouragement. I am so afraid for her and don’t want her to be swayed by others into the enemy’s (both Satan and the Taliban) path. ~Blessings!

  55. Casper

    Thanks Hope… I would give this to my daughter turning 14 in June, starting HighSchool in the fall & having to make all new friends… Praying she will always know Jesus as her one true friend, walking by her side, holding her hand daily. Amen.

  56. Cathy

    I would love to share this with my daughter. We adopted her almost 3 years ago. She is an older child. It’s been hard lately to connect with her. So i would appreciate some prayers for dicernment and wisdom. I try to encourage her to do things and she doesn’t want to try. It might be a teenage thing too!

  57. Penny Johnson

    I would give it to my 23 year old daughter Madidie. She works in a greenhouse and the sun beats down on her many hours a day, it’s created a freckled patina on her fair skin which looks lovely now…. But you know what later. The Starbucks card would be an extravagant treat….she has a second- hand espresso maker to keep the yummy coffee drinks affordable. Maddie is good from the inside out; lso the necklace and polish and tote would be like icing is to cake, it sweetens an already good thing! Maddie lives halfway across the country but often calls for advice on “boyfriend” issues and finding a church where they can worship together (he comes from a different religious background) she knows the importance of being equally yoked before they would become engaged. I know she would enjoy reading about what Happens when Young Women Say Yes to God!

  58. Heather

    My mom! Not only has she been there all my life to encourage me, she has been helping with my 3 year old and 1 year old while my husband is away on business. I don’t know what I would do without her this week and always!

  59. Rena

    I would love to give this book to a friend. She is currently struggling with a major transition in her life. Within her ministry and home church. I think this book would be an incredible encouragement to her in reminding her who she is in Christ regardless of the storms and chaos.

  60. kesha

    I would give this to my daughter. She is 12 and so sweet! She has a BIG heart and a true love for GOD! She worries so much about her friends and what they think about her. She is a follower of the crowd and not a leader. I pray that she will find her TRUE self and follow the plans that the Lord has in store for her!
    Thank you for the chance to win. BTW, she LOVES Starbucks too:)

  61. Dawn

    I would give this to my beautiful daughter in hopes that she could find her way back to the one true God who loves her unconditionally and can restore a peace and joy that only He can give!

  62. Kim Haulter

    I would give this gift to my niece Zoie. She is about to be 13 and I would love for her to have these insights into a solid foundation before she gets lured the wrong way in High School.

  63. Dianna

    I would give this to my eldest granddaughter. She just got married and has a beautiful future ahead of her. She has always been a little adult and now in nursing school and starting a life with her husband, the only one she has ever dated. She is beautiful inside and out. I know this would build her confidence and encourage her in her relationship with the Lord.

  64. Vanessa

    I would present this to my beautiful daughter Cassia Amanda. She lives true to her name Cassia which means “an offering to God” and Amanda which means “worthy to be loved”. She handles life in the most precious way possible and I learn so much from her life everyday. She is indeed a blessing to me and I am blessed to be her mother.

  65. Lynn Graham

    I first would like you to know Lysa that I have done a few of your bible studies. now for my church, Monday morning we are studying Made to Crave and Wednesday night at my church I’m going to be studying Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study for the question you had asked: if I was a winner, I would give my prize to my friend Donna, because she has been such a dear friend always there for me, and not only that, when she was a winner at our small group bible study, she gave me the tote bag (purple with the handles has scripture. )

  66. Jill

    Hope, I would want to share this package with my oldest daughter, Mallory. She’s only 10 so not all of it would suit her yet, but I love the idea of going on a date to Starbucks, with her wearing the hat and carrying the tote, and with me wearing the necklace:) I love your suggestion of asking “who/whose” you want to be, as opposed to “what” you want to be. That is so right on, and as of now, it will be my focus question for each of my kids. Their Christ-like character means the most to me as their parent and this question helps form that priority. I look forward to reading your book!

  67. Angela

    I just started at my new job as a youth leader for a local church. I’m so excited that this book is out. I wish I had something like it to help me through the tough-school years. There are so many girls I will give this too in my fragile group. As they branch off to go to school, or just on their own, I’m praying they continue to grow their own identity in Christ apart from what their parents have established. That the struggles are lessons not destructions to their faith. Thank you for blessing us with these encouraging words, and for the opportunity to pay forward hope with these gifts.

  68. Amada

    I have two beautiful nieces who are in the spring of their lives.
    Just starting high school, they would be so blessed to read your book together and begin a journey towards God’s plan for their lives as young women. I know that they would happily surrender to our Lord as His servants as they share His love with others in their scope of influence. Thank you!

  69. Dee Gray

    I would give it to my niece. She is mentally challenged but strives to be the young woman God wants her to be.

  70. Laura Morris

    I would give this to a young lady I have been praying for as she is graduating from High School and I have been praying for her all year. She doesnt know I am her senior prayer partner. This is such an exciting time!!

  71. Mary Pohlman

    First of all, congratulations on your book. Secondly, great job on the devotion for today. I liked the way you expressed yourself and the truths that God is showing you. If your book is written in the same manner, then it would be perfect for my daughter, Sarah who is 17. Since Sarah has been raised in a Christian home with a mom who often times “preaches and teaches” too much…I now feel that she has a hard time hearing any more “truth” from me at all . It sounds like your book would be the truth telling… not teachy preachy message from a girl that’s been there and has found her own relationship with the Lord! The other goodies in the give a way would make the gift even better! Thanks!

  72. Becki

    I would give it to my daughter who is about to turn 16 and like so many teenage girls struggles to figure out who she is.

  73. Loralee Druart

    My daughter just started high school….I love the question, “Who do you want to be?” so much more. Thank you for sharing this message….for getting us to think differently. Beautiful.

    I would share the book with my daughters and her friends.

  74. Jenny

    Hi hope: I would give it to, my young friend Amy not her real name. 3 years ago she left her home and school her freshman year of collage, for what she belived to be romance, this young women comes from a christian home, so yes her preants ,are hurtting for her , She has now left this young man ,this is encouraing.She has found a place to live (she is welcomed back home with open arms however has chosen not to at this time ) and she has a job. I will keep encourging her as to the fact that in God she will find the greatest romance of all times, and i faith that i will see her back in church where she is loved. Love in the LORD JENNY

  75. N.D.

    I would give it to my daughter.

  76. Susan Ruffalo

    I would gift my 12 year old daughter. She has a heart for God and this could strengthen that bond!!

  77. Bobbi Peppin

    My 15 year old who has a great heart for GOD & other young girls.

  78. christine noggle

    I would give the book and gifts to an 18year old friend of mine that just found out she is pregnant and is kind of lost in the world. she has backed off communication with her family even and they have always been close. she could use an uplift in her life right now.
    thankyou for thinking of others,
    Christine noggle

  79. kareng

    Hope this is so encouraging. My step-daughter has walked away from the Lord and away from us she is 17. In her world I am the enemy and she wants nothing to do with me this book may be an answer to a prayer as she may embrace wisdom and truth coming from a peer.
    Thank you for your Kingdom work!

  80. Cyndi

    I would love to share this book with my 15 year old who entered High School this year. Our favorite verse is II Corinthians 5:17 For in Christ I am a new creation. I would love for her to read this book which seems to give practical application to this verse. Belonging to God and truly grasping her identity in Him, will give her the wisdom to navigate through life in school and beyond!
    Thank you for sharing today, Hope!

  81. LoriAnn

    After attending a Secret Keeper Girl event in the Fall of ’11 (& seeing many there from our church), I purchased Dannah Gresh’s 2 books: 8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters in order to develop a better relationship with my 7 year-old daughter. You see, I work a full-time job & a part-time job and we have 4 children. Because my daughter is a middle-child, sometimes she “falls through the cracks” as I spend time with our high school senior getting college plans in order or with the younger 2 children who need my help in getting ready any time we go somewhere. She was SO excited about these books & the opportunity to spend more time with her mommy! I hoped & prayed one of the moms would start a mommy-daughter group focused around these dates since I am a true introvert and it is difficult for me to put myself into new situations with many people, and also because many of the moms at our church (I feel) are “better qualified” to lead a group like this. No moms stepped up.

    After almost a year of pressure from my daughter to get started on the books, I felt God was telling me that this is something He wanted ME to begin. I got a list of moms from our church & my daughter’s school of ‘tweens and emailed them to start a Mommy-Daughter Devotional group. I was nervous, especially since I am NOT outgoing. The response was HUGE and we’re now into Date #4, and finding that all of the daughters are SO excited to do this devotion! Many of the daughters have said that meeting 1 time a month is just NOT ENOUGH!

    For our children on the summer of their 10th birthday, they get a special trip with just with mommy & daddy to DisneyWorld (since we can’t afford to do big trips like that often) while their siblings stay back home with aunts, uncles, grandpa & grandma. This summer my daughter turns 10 and she’s announce that she’d like to use this year to go with me to Honduras to serve alongside me in the orphanage that I have been going to for the past 5 years, RATHER than go to DisneyWorld. I was ecstatic, and it truly warms my heart!

    She has said YES to God, in a “More Jesus, Less World” sort of way.

  82. Bridget

    Hi Hope! I would most definitely give this to my friend Teah. She’s going through a very rough time in her life where she says she feels like a failure and at times so overwhelmed she feels like she can’t even breath. I know this would be a small gesture to show her how God is still in control, and she is very much not a failure!

  83. Shelley Summerville

    Hope, I had the chance to meet your beautiful Mom a few weeks back in your hometown. She has been a gift from God to me- because of her faithfulness to following the call God has placed on her life, she has helped me continue to pick myself up and dust myself off and continue following Gods will for my life- no matter what Satan tries to throw in my way. I just finished her original “What happens when women say yes to God” and I immediately bought the new one that you wrote with her. I actually purchased it for my oldest ay the time. I happen to have 3 daughters of my own and my middle one, Ashley (12) is going through the most difficult time of her life. Satan is just consuming her every thought and action- she feels worthless and has just lost all strength. I am praying every moment of the day for The Lord to give me the strength to fight this battle with her- and to encourage her to look to God to help her through this…If I was blessed with this gift I would give it all to her and read it with her- at Starbucks;) her favorite place ever! I think the more she knows that she is not alone, the less afraid she will be. Just these comments are a gift for me today- I want to share them with her, I can’t believe the amount of 12 year old girls that are mentioned! Hope, thank you for stepping out in faith and doing what you are doing- your post not only my gave me encouragement to help with my Ash, but it reminded me of why I and going on a mission trip that I am leaving for in about 2 weeks- my first one, and although I can’t share here where it is- I can tell you I would never in a million years have agreed to this on my own terms. God is sooooo amazing- he brings beauty from ashes and I know He is with me and my beautiful girls. Thank you and God bless!!!

  84. Jen

    I have two daughters that I would love to share your book with as they grow into their teen years.

  85. Vicky S.

    I would give this package to my 15 year old daughter, Sarah. She struggles with knowing where she fits in & how to focus on pleasing God & not people. Lastly she lives in the shadow of her brother’s spotlight & needs to know God has a special plan for her as well.

  86. Cheyenne

    Thank you for the lovely, encouraging message, Hope!

    I’d give this to my sister, who has twin three-year-old boys and never seems to have a moment for herself. I live in the UK and she lives in Kansas City, so we rarely get to talk, let alone see one another. Last summer she left her boys home with her husband for the first time since they were born to travel to my wedding in Scotland, and I’m still trying to make it up to her! 🙂 She’s such a hard working (and praying) mom, and I know this would be an amazing treat for someone who’s always thinking of others but never of herself.

    Have a great week!

  87. Theresa Clark

    I would give this to my daughter, Andrea. She will be graduating from college in a few weeks and I know how much your mom’s book helped me so I would love for her to have a book with such encouragement to read and refer to as she seeks God’s plan for her life beyond a college campus and in the great adventure that is the rest of her life. And the fact that we could talk about a book written by Godly women that we had read, would warm my heart and help us both so much.

  88. Paula

    I would give it to my daughter who is turning 16 next month. Despite some circumstances that happened to her as she was growing up, she has developed some strong clear goals. I’ve already witnessed the miracle of so much healing in her life and our relationship but my prayer is that she will totally seek God in every situation…in the boys she meets, in her friendships/relationships, her job choices and everything that comes her way. She’s become such a strong individual and I am so proud of how far she’s come. We still experience some setbacks but I know God is there. I’m trying to raise her to see God … even in the little things.

  89. Andie

    I would share with my 12 year old Granddaughter who is struggling with finding her place in a new middle school where being a Christian is not “normal”.

  90. Amy

    I love your post, Hope. I would give this gift to my girlfriend who does not yet know the Lord, yet she has a teenage daughter who is very curious about him. Thanks for doing this!


  91. Annette D.

    Good morning! I would give this to my daughter who is turning 15 on Sat. She struggles in school, both academically and socially. I think it would be an awesome pick me up and a good book to read for her that is age appropriate. Thank you 🙂

  92. Becky

    Hi Hope! I am so blessed to see you saying “Yes” to God. I would give this book to my four daughters, ages 9, 15, 18, and 20. Unfortunately, my 20 year old has yet to say yes to God, and my 15 and 18 year olds are wading through the rough high school waters of peer pressure and staying true to the Lord. It warms my heart that you and your mom are helping others through this new book. I have loved all of your mom’s books, and I can’t wait to read this one too!

  93. Hope

    I would give this to my beautiful daughter Hannah. She struggles with what do I want to be when I grow up question. This would help her answer that question.

  94. Sherry

    I would love to give this to my 18 year old niece who will be graduating from high school next month! She is a beautiful young woman inside and out! As she moves into the next stage of her life, with all the stresses and pressure that go along with going off to college, I would love to give her this encouragement! Thank you!!

  95. Sherri

    I am so excited about this book and its valuable message. My daughter is graduating from high school in June. She is going to serve with Youth with a Mission in Brazil for 6 months beginning in July. We are so thankful for her heart to serve The Lord and know that she will grow and strengthen her faith during this journey. Asking ‘who’ instead of ‘what’ do I want to be– is a wonderful way to rethink and focus our hearts on Jesus and seeking His plan. My daughter will have lots of opportunity to seek Jesus while she is away and grow in her faith, discovering who she is in Christ. Thank you writing a book for young women – with wisdom in seeking The Lord.

  96. Janet Dolence

    Thank you,Hope! What a great topic..I would give this to my 12(almost 13) y/o and 15 y/o daughters..Middle and High school is so tough and mama can only say so much about “I want everyone to like me” to them..
    Thanks to you and your mom for all you do!

  97. Terry

    If I should receive this, I would give it to my daughter, Carrie. She is 20, finishing her junior year of college, and preparing to embark on a study-abroad program this summer which will take her to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for five weeks. I try to encourage her in strengthening her faith, but I am “Mom!”, and hearing the same things from another source will have a greater impact than my words alone.
    Thank you, Hope, for stepping out in faith and writing to all of us from your heart!

  98. Ashlyn

    I would love to give this to my niece. She started college this year and lives farther away than we would like! She has a great faith, and is a stronger person than I have given her credit for being. She is finding that most of the young people she is in school with make choices that she is not making for herself. While remaining strong with her convictions, she is feeling a little lonely.Very proud of my niece!!

  99. Jen Nish

    I’d love to win this for my beautiful daughter. She’s almost 15 and loves The Lord but still has normal doubts at times. I think these prizes would bring her great encouragement 🙂

  100. Renee Punzel

    I would give it to my 12 yr old adopted daughter who feels helpless, alone, hopeless. She has a history of so much trauma including sexual abuse. She was just hospitalized last week for threatening to harm herself. praying she would embrace God’s love for her and that she is His treasured possession. Praying for healing in our relationship.
    God’s timing is perfect! I couldn’t sleep and opened up this email. God’s gracious hand is on me and my loved ones! His LOVE never fails!

  101. Jacqueline H.

    I would give this to my older daughter who is away at college. She has worked incredibly hard this year to pay her bills, manage a budget and her time, and has grown in her walk with the Lord. She inspires me!

  102. Patrice B

    Hope, good job on the devotional. I really needed to hear an encouragement today and I received just that. This gift would go to my oldest daughter away at college. She is starting law school this summer and is struggling with if she will be able to handle it. She is the oldest out of 6 kids, we had her when I was 17 and still in high school. My husband left college “to do the right thing” by us and life was hard. I am so proud of my daughter, she is the first of 3 generations to graduate college and be 23 with no kids, she feels a lot of pressure. She wants to develop a closer relationship with God and I’m sure this gift would help. Thank you.

  103. Carole

    Lysa, actually, I would give this to my Mom….
    Mother’s Day is coming…she is in her 70’s. And, we are never too old to say yes to God…She cares for our 50 year old retarded brother and still works outside of the home. Mom would enjoy, not only reading this book, but also sharing it’s message to her Granddaughters who are in their early 20’s; a beautiful way to stay connected to our precious girls’ hearts. Perhaps a rare bit of time for her and I to enjoy that Starbucks together, while her nails dry, too! Mom is a ray of light to those she touches…as she struggles with age, our very dependent brother and a detached husband, I believe it’s the small things that make the sweetest impacts on those we love.

  104. Jeanette

    I would give this gift to my daughter who has just gone through a broken (heart) relationship. It would help teach her to delight in the Lord and He will give her the desires of her heart. The verse really means that His delight would be her desire not vice-versa. Growing in Him even in spite of a broken heart is a true gift. I would use these items to teach that object lesson. Thank you.

  105. Dena Masterino

    I would give this to my sister and my niece. I wasn’t blessed with the ability to have children but my nieces and nephews are constantly on my prayer list and I’m looking out for things that might help speak truth into their lives. I seriously do not know how my sisters would parent without the hope of Jesus. Knowing that he loves them far more than she does. I would love to give it to my sister and oldest niece and see it passed down so that all the girls in the family would benefit. Plus the accessories would be awesome enticements!!!

  106. DebB

    This would be a gift to my 14-year-old daughter. She has a big heart for the Lord and is already planning a mission trip in her senior year of high school. We are starting to home-school her this fall – at her request because the environment at her high school is making her uncomfortable. She is a kind, sweet girl and I am very proud of her – and I know God is proud of her, too!!!

  107. Mary Beth

    I would give this to my 22 year old daughter who graduates from college in May. She would love it.

  108. Brianna

    I would give it to a lady I work with. She’s young and newly married but she’s struggling with life. I pray she finds Christ in her life soon.

  109. Leslie

    One of my repeated prayers is that I would be a source of encouragement to moms of young children. How I wish I would have had a mature woman encouraging me when my children were little. If I would receive this give away, it would be saved for my newly married daughter and given as her first gift when she tells me, “Mom, we are going to have a baby!”.

  110. Karen

    I would share a copy of your book with my two daughters and my DIL. Changing the question from “what do you want to be when you grow up?” to ‘Who do you want to be?” is a good change of focusing. Enjoyed reading your post. God Bless!

  111. Aletta Cherry

    I would love to give this to one of my former students (and one of my favorites!) She is a beautiful young woman who is in the 8th grade and comes from a loving family that seems to believe in God, but doesn’t go to church and doesn’t have a relationship with Him. She obsesses about being the best and gets accolades for many things, but this desire causes much stress in her being. She tries so hard to get acceptance this way, and it breaks my heart. I long for her to know Jesus and know how beautiful (and talented) she is in HIM.

  112. Stacie

    I would love to give this book to my daughter Miller. She has a passion for Jesus and a compassion for others. She always helps the underdog and hates the meaness she sees in girls her age. I can see the enemy trying to defeat her in her thoughts towards herself. Thanks for writing this book with your mom.

  113. Patty

    What a beautiful name and represents our God…I have a daughter who is 30 and has struggled all her life of self worth….I would bless her with your gift….and remind her how much she is loved by her heavenly daddy and to where her Hope comes from…

    Ty for sharing

  114. vanessa

    I would give a copy if the book to a precious young lady named Jordan. I was her babysitter when she became 4 wks old. She is now 23. We have a relationship like no other. I love her from the bottom of my heart and I know she loves me . I think your book would be a great asset in her walk with God.

  115. Tracy Jahn

    I would so love to give this to my 15 year old daughter who is the oldest of 3. She has had many questions about life and walking in the footprints of Jesus but pressure from peers and some family to make choices that she has to be mature enough to take to the cross and lead one way or another. My heart breaks for her sometimes because I know she is old enough to be accountable but I often want to rescue her and make decisions I know she should.

  116. Carol Fischer

    What a blessing to find young women rising up to take a place in JESUS’ world and telling others about HIM!!!
    I will give this to my awesome grand-daughter, Courtney, who is finishing up her Freshman year at Kent State in Ohio. She has her eyes set firmly on HIM and has plans for leading a Bible study next year for in-coming Freshman gals.
    She will be able to use this new book.
    A very proud “Jammama”, as she calls me…8-}}}

  117. Lorie Coffin

    First of all I would like to thank your mother for the “Encouragement for today”.My mother in law signed me up for them, and I am very grateful because they have helped me cope evey day, reading them is better than talking to a Therapist.
    So I was very excited when I heard about this chance to win your book. I have a 13 year old daughter that could really use some encouragent and God’s guidence right now. Although we have great communication I have a lot of trouble answering questions about not only what but why she should do things in certain way. I fill that this would be perfect for answering those questions and give her encouragement while going through this next journey of her life ecspecialy when it comes to boys, pier pressure ext.. and making sure that she does not let go of Gods hand.

  118. Terri

    I would give this to my grand-daughter for her birthday. She is a wonderful young lady and walks with her Lord and Savior but we need to supply whatever we can to help them stay with Jesus.

  119. Carol Thompson

    I really enjoyed reading your testimony. But I am disappointed that you are giving away a Starbucks card. The CEO of Starbucks is against Christian values and does not want to be held accountable. Please do not give him your money. This includes teavana that they now own and tazo tea that they own also

    • Brenda

      I am in agreement about the Starbucks giftcard. I am telling everyone I know not to go there. I would however like the book to give to my daughter. She needs some extra guidance and this would be a good thing for her.

    • Sarah

      Oh please….leave your feelings to yourself dear

    • Sarah

      Oh please. How many places do we shop that are owned or run by people who do not believe in God. The corporate world is corrupt but i bet you buy something from many of these companies

  120. Susan Hill

    I would share the book with my husband because currently we are on a ‘journey’ of following God through some exciting/scary new steps. And the rest of the stuff?…I’d probably keep for myself. My daughter is too young and my mom is no longer alive. Besides I am in LOVE with hats. 🙂

  121. Deann

    I would give this gift to my 16 year old cousin. She is struggling with who she is in this world. She was adopted as were her two brothers and sister. This weekend we had a long discussion about God and how much he loves us and how he has adopted us into his family and that in him we have all we need.
    Thank you for the devotion and post!

  122. Lisa s

    I would give this to my 13 year old daughter Abby. She is at an age where she is being tested at every turn. She is starting high school next year and I want her to be equipped with ” whose she is” going in to that environment. She loves Starbucks and fashion, so I have a feeling this would be a super fun way to introduce her to your devotions and blog … Hope – you should consider doing a blog for young women! Today these girls are living in ” Babylon” and it’s really hard to be a Daniel . The things of this world pull so hard at young women that they need someone to encourage them and help them navigate through the mess. I think Abby will like and relate to Hope, so no matter what I am buying the book so we can sit and read it together. Hopefully it will bring us closer and spark some good conversation.

  123. April

    Loved your devotion today! I would give the goodies to my 16 year old niece …praying that she says yes to God in all areas of her life!

  124. Kerry S.

    I was very inspired by what you shared here today. I would give your book (and goodies) to my 11 year old daughter who is always asking me, “mom, what do you think I should do when I grow up?” She embraces many passions in her life with poise and enthusiasm and certainly could benefit from your words of wisdom. Whether it’s in the show ring with one of her 4-H dairy cows, on the soccer field, at youth group, or surrounded by her school friends, she faces choices every day. Choices that are made clearer when resting on faith and “hope.”

  125. Katie Connor

    I have had the opportunity to mentor a friends daughter who is preparing for her confirmation. What better gift to share with her? It’s been so fun and rewarding to get to know her and share our faith stories!!

  126. Cindy

    Thank you for your sweet testimony! For someone so young, you have hit on a great truth – considering who we are. That is certainly the truth that drives what we do. I would be interested in reading your book to learn more about your point of view and your thoughts.

  127. Kathy

    I would love to give this to my daughter, Natalie. Even though she will be 7 at the end of the month, we can share the journey together. We could both learn from this.

  128. Pro356Mom

    Hi Hope! I love your post! My daughter is finishing her freshman year in high school, and the pressure to choose the right classes, think about colleges, and plan her future are overwhelming. I love your questions of “who” rather than “what”, and agree that “what” is sometimes not the best avenue. Better to leave the “whats” to God, and focus on the fact that we belong to Him and He is our Heavenly Father. I would love to share the book with my daughter, and she loves hats, and would appreciate the gift bag and accessories as well. Thanks again for a thoughtful post, and reaching out to my daughter through this devotional and blog!

  129. Cindy M

    Hey Hope!
    Welcome and nice to hear your ‘voice’! So proud of you walking in you mom’s Godly footsteps.
    I would share all these wonderful gifts with my daughter- even the Starbucks card! 😉
    She desires to be a godly girl, but is just about to graduate and I’m afraid the world will gobble her up!! I plan to share this devotional with her too.
    Cindy 🙂

  130. Coleen

    Hope, its such a blessing when a young woman seeks to know and follow the heart of God.
    I am so hoping that I am able to get the book to give as a gift to my first born Nicole. Nicole is 23 years old student in her second year of law school. She went away to school a year ago and has been struggling since then. She is now at the point of questioning her ability to complete a decision she made after much prayer and fasting. I am confused but I so want to support her on this.

    After reading your blog today I emailed it to her to encourage her.

    You are a blessing

  131. Wendy

    I have two daughters Codee and Coree that are 14 and 12. We would share this book and read it together. This is my biggest prayer right now, with Codee entering High School and Coree struggling with who she is, I want them both to be Yes girls for God.
    I enjoyed your testimony and only pray that they will follow the path God has for their life.

  132. Amy

    I would give it to my niece who is graduating from nursing school next month! She has been through lots of ups and downs the past few years and is feeling a little uncertain about what life after college will be like. This would be an encouragement to her!

  133. Sharon Royster

    I would like to give these things…..especially the book… the young woman next door that will be graduating from high school in a few weeks and has everyone asking her the question of “what” she wants to be. She is walking with the Lord so He will show her “what” He wants her to be.

  134. Charlene

    Hope…I love your sweet spirit & how God is using you to touch lives! I’m so blessed that your mom let you take over for her today on the blog! 🙂 I would give this to a young lady that is away at college and away from home for the very first time in her life! She is really struggling with some things in her life that she just doesn’t have answers for! She knows God but because of some circumstances that have come up at college she is really wondering where God is! She is so precious and I would LOVE for her to know that God had great things in store for her life! And that she is loved! Thanks is for this awesome giveaway!

  135. Terrie Walley

    Hey Hope,
    What an encouragement you are to young women. I would give this book to a friend of mine in our neighborhood who has a 10 year old daughter. Then I would ask her to pass it back this way, since I have a 6 year old daughter. I think it’s so important that you are so Christ centered at such a young age. I pray that I do the right things to lead my daughter to be a Godly Christian woman.

  136. Jeanie Kelley

    I guess the reason why I would love to get the book so I can read it and begin to share with the people around me just how much Jesus loves them. I do have a copy for the online study, but I would either share it with someone who wants a closer relationship with Christ or to share this with my mom. She is a Christian and would love to walk closer with Jesus.

  137. Ashley

    I would give the book to a young girl who hasn’t had the opportunity to be raised by Christian parents. In fact, she lives in a one bedroom apt with her mom, her boyfriends, and her brother. My heart aches for her, and maybe she would find some hope in your book.

  138. Kim S

    I have a daughter I would give it too or one of my nieces.

  139. Lisa King

    Thank you for our testimony and a new way of asking “What do I want to be when I grow up”. I would give this gift to my daughter who has just completed her confirmation and right now has a real passion for God and Jesus. She is an amazing young woman who continually teaches me more and more about our faith that we share. It is a pleasure to watch her grow in her faith.

  140. Judi

    Love your testimony about missions, and your adventurous spirit. I would givethe giveaway to my 15yr old daughter, Carly. She loves hats,wears them everywhere, including church! She loves God and participates in local missions and ministry, but its also strongly pulled by school and friends. I’ve wanted too read the book with her this summer, but havent picked it up yet. Thanks for the generosity for the beautiful gifts!

  141. Deb Daigle

    I am a 59 year old Grandmother with 13 grandchildren (only 4 granddaughters). I would give this gift to Josie she is just finishing her freshman year in high school…(this has been her first year in school her mom has home schooled all five of of their children Josie chose to begin high school as a freshman. This crazy world we live in is hard for us as adult Christians. Teenagers are face with so many choices and temptations, I would love to give Josie What Happens When Young Woman Say Yes to God, she is a avid reader and I am sure she will share it with her younger sister. ( Even if I don’t win I will buy it). Its question is so relevant and one I still ask myself daily. Who do I want to be when I grow up? I know I am one of Gods Children….But what kind of child am I?

  142. Janis

    To understand the difference between what are you going to be and whose are you going to be is HUGE!! Thanks for sharing this insight!!! I would give these gifts to my 15 year old sweet Avery!! Like you, she is a planner and loves her Lord. She has been leading a small group, “Christian girls” for a couple of years and this book would be a tremendous resource for her and the other girls! May God speak richly in all who read the words of the book! Trust His Plan, Janis

  143. Melany Boone

    I am a single mom with a 13-year-old daughter. She accepted Jesus at a very young age, but your statement about asking “Who you want to be” instead of “What do you want to be” really struck me. Being a young teenager is very difficult in today’s world and she is faced with choices that I was not at her age. So, I would give the “prizes” to Emily. I want her to know WHO she is and always remember WHOSE she is…then God can reveal to her WHAT HE is leading her to be.

    Thanks, Hope & Lysa, for sharing your hearts.

  144. Jaime Crow

    Hope, I really enjoyed your post today! I wish I had someone like you as a friend when I was your age.

    I would give this to my niece who just turned 15 in January and is lost right now. She is fighting between being very popular and being who God wants her to be. I have talked to her, her dad (my brother) has talked to her, but she is still viewing popularity as her main priority. I know there is a God-fearing young woman there but she desperately needs something to show her not only is it ok to choose God, but it is the only way to live!

  145. Char T.

    My daughter just turned 13 last month. This would be a wonderful “growing up” gift for her and the book would be a huge help for this Momma!

  146. Gwen

    Wow!! I love that.
    My daughter is a junior and is “stressing” about her future – college, career, what if I make a bad choice etc. I am printing your wise words as I write….and planning to read the book with her over the summer.

  147. Andrea Fritz

    I would give this to my beautiful daughter because she would adore everything in this package and I’d get to take a memorable photo of her wearing it which doesn’t occur all that often anymore as she is approaching 15. I definitely want her to find her path in the Lord and not the world. Thank you.

  148. Carroll

    Hi Hope, Thanks for this message today. I have a 16 year old daughter who has been going through a rough junior year in high school. Many prayers have been answered, but many more things are still being prayed over. I would love to give my daughter this book to remind her that it is much more important to consider what you said in your blog. “Who” do you want to be – not “what”. She is so driven and organized and I know she will be sucessful in whatever she does, but I don’t want her to lose sight of who God wants her to be. Thanks again for this message today.

  149. Tracy

    I would give this to my daughter Rachel who is finishing up her second year of a discipleship internship in Arkansas. The first year that she decided to do this was a big step of faith for her because she was a girl who didn’t like to be far from home. In so many ways since she has started this journey she has said yes to God and her faith has grown incredibly. I pray that she continues to say yes to God, even if it means that we will not live close.

  150. Vickie

    Hi Hope!

    What a blessing your blog post was to my heart! I am thankful for your decision to be God’s daughter.

    I would choose to give away to one of my High School students who always seems to give to others without worring about receiving in return. She is always a blessing to others 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today!

  151. Sheilah Mullinsm

    I work with a young gal who is a very sincere, lovely person but hasn’t found the Love of God in her life. She values my opinions and life attitude and think this may open some doors for her that have previously remained closed. My wish would be for her to rely on the God in her life and put the Tarot cards away.

  152. W

    I have two daughters that are high school age that I would share with. We’d have to flip for who gets what because everything is adorable. It is so encouraging to have read your mom’s testimony and now to read about you. It reminds me that we do have influence in the lives of our kids and that God has a great and unique purpose for them. That as moms we have to say yes to God first and lead the way for our young women to say yes to God too!

  153. Erin

    Good morning, Hope!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post. When I first began reading it, I immediately knew who I would give this gift too. I just had a conversation last night with a mom from our church. Her 15 year old daughter has started to make some not so great choices. She is really trying to do better, but understands that it isn’t always easy to make choices that honor God – especially when others around you are trying to sway you in the complete opposite direction. I was telling her mom what I had just learned in your mom’s “Unglued” Bible study about “Remember who you are.” This young lady is not just a member of her own family. She is a member of a youth group, a high school, but most importantly, a daughter of the King! I know that this book and the other awesome goodies will help her with her journey of remembering Who she belongs to.

  154. Kristen

    This blog is one of my favorites and really enjoyed your hack/takeover of your mom’s blog! 🙂 Do you have one of your own?
    This was perfect timing for a young woman that I mentor. She is in high shool and is asking exactly that question: what do you want to be when you grow up? I think she’d benefit greatly from the book if it challenges just as much as the excerpt into what our thought process should be in the Lord. We pass books back and forth and discuss them usually over a cuppa java, so this giveaway would be perfect for her!

  155. Library Momma

    I would read it myself, and then save it to share with my baby girl, when she is old enough!

  156. Toni Davis

    I would be thrilled to give Friday’s Favorites to my daughter Ashley! My grown children kid me as I use to say when they were going out at night “to stay the course” :-). But Ashley has because she knows Whose she is! Ashley is 2 years out of college and works in ICU at her local hospital- she is a blessing to all she meets and takes care of. It would be so much fun to surprise her with these fun gifts – it just puts a smile on your face!

  157. Lea A Theurer

    So inspired by the young women in my church you have such a mission to develop a heart for God. My 2 girls are only 5 and 7 but they will have great examples to follow in the girls who are making smart choices today such as those in my church and you Hope as you follow your mother’s wonderful example!

  158. Jeannine

    Hi Hope! Great job on the blog! It is inspiring to me to see a daughter who loves being God’s daughter! If I would win this, I would share it with my daughter. She has no relationship with her dad, he is an active alcoholic and isn’t capable of giving her that at this point. She’s been so hurt and feels so abandoned that she doesn’t let anyone get too close. All of this has put a real strain on her freshman year in high school and she is really struggling with even passing the year. I would love for her to see that God isn’t just for “old people” and that he is a father that will never leave her. Thank you 🙂

  159. Trish

    My daughter is almost 10 so I would keep it but then share it with the leader of our girls group of an outreach ministry. :).

  160. Debbie B

    Hi Hope! So great to hear your heart for The Lord. Your parents have certainly taught you the importance of putting Him first in all situations and being sensitive to His leading. Your book sounds like something I’d love to give to my daughter. She’s also a teenager & starting to ask & be asked the same questions. She has a good idea in her head what she wants to be but we are still waiting to see how God orchestrates that in her life. It’s easy to say whose you are but when faced with pressures & other things of this world (friends, One Direction, TV) it’s easy to loose that focus & try to find identity in those things. She’s learning that things have no value eternally but her position in Christ is worth soo much more. I remember those days as a teenager…it’s not always easy…but thank you for being a “peer” who will share openly & honestly the importance of being a daughter of Christ & following Him.

  161. Amy

    What a wonderful message! I would really love a time machine to travel back and give this book to my high school self. But since I can’t do that, I’d give this to the daughter of a friend who is graduating from high school soon. She is talented, intelligent and a caring young woman. From a distance, I see that she’s missing a relationship with God and that has, and likely will continue to, caused her struggle with good decision-making. This is the perfect graduation gift God Bless you, Hope, and your family!

  162. Wendy Vaughn

    My daughter is going to be entering Middle School and dreads it! This would really helps give her the tools to succeed!!! Enjoyed your post!

  163. Mary c hartfield

    Just yesterday, I listen to a friend who is going through frustration in her life and says she is about to lose her mind. I listened and then we prayed. I think this gift would truly bless her life.. Both her husband and her is unemployed. Based on what she was saying yesterday this book would hep give her direction and help her at 42 to raise a 4 yr old daughter. Thank you for paying it forward,

  164. Sunday Anderson

    I would give this to my daughtet. She is a junior in high school and has been dealing with the “what” questions. What if I go to college there?, what if I don’t major in this?, what if I make a mistake? What if I choose a Christian college? I think she can relate so well and the book will help her see that others struggle with the same thoughts! She is not alone.

  165. Mary Ann

    Hi Hope
    I loved your blog. I think you have a future in writing. :). I would give the book to my niece, Bailey. She is not a believer. I have been praying but she lives in another state and it is difficult for me to be a constant example in her life. I am going to buy a copy for a friends daughter. They divorced about a year ago and I see the daughter has a heart for God. She is 14 and needs as much direction as she can get. The hat and nail polish will go to my mom. She loves fun polish color and would wear the hat as she works in her garden. She is currently reading Made to Crave. Thank you to you and your mon for being such a blessing!

  166. Nicole

    So wonderful! I spent years helping college students explore career options and would often talk about the pressure teenagers feel to choose a career for the rest of lives. Jesus’ plan is far better than anything we could dream up for ourselves! I love how you are encouraging students to desire what He desires for their lives.
    I have a teenage cousin (I’m nearly 40) who comes to visit us over the summer. We have been encouraging her to seek Jesus. She doesn’t receive much spiritual guidance when she is at home with her mom. I would love to give this gift bag to Emily– and have it waiting on her bed when she comes to visit! 🙂

  167. Jenn Albright

    Hope, I enjoyed reading your message as I have your Mother’s messages! I would share the book with my 21 year old daughter who is currently on strict bed rest trying not to go into labor 12 weeks early. I would love for her to be inspired the way I was from your Mom’s book “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith”. This past weekend I spoke at my first Mother & Daughter Retreat because your mom’s book inspired me to step out of my comfort zone & trust God in it. I went to serve those women in ministry & I came home realizing that I was blessed mightily from it too. I also came home to my eldest daughter in the hospital with preterm labor, it has slowed down & she is home now and God has used this time also to bless us in our relationship, drawing us closer through this trial the past few days. There is a renewed relationship blooming for us now. I would love to share your book with her while she is here in my home, resting and trying to keep her baby safely inside. She has the time in her schedule now to read like never before! Blessings to you in your Ministry!

  168. Teresa

    Good Morning Hope! What a blessing you are to your mother! I can feel how proud she must be of you. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement today, it is just what i needed. My daughter is 17 and we are looking at colleges. As we were talking the other night i got so wrapped up in the cost, that I forgot, Whose I am – and Whose she is….God’s got this! Thank you for reminding me. I would give this gift to my daughter to remind her – she is God’s Girl!!

  169. Bernadette

    I would give this to my daughter Ellen. She is 18, and graduates from high school in May. She is brilliant and beautiful (I’m not at all biased, of course); she is cautious and kind; she has the whole world ahead of her and (I hope) the foundation with which to make the right choices.

    But I know from experience that the college years can beat you up and leave you in pieces. And I would give this gift to her to assure her not just that she is loved, but that there are good, kind and gentle souls in the world, and that the higher road is always the right one.

  170. Lauren Y.

    My secret sister at church is also one of my dearest friends. She is very selfless and giving and I can’t think of anyone who would deserve these gifts more than she would 🙂 God bless you for your ministry!

  171. Mary M

    Hope, I would give the collection of your favorite things to my daughter, Gabrielle. Her name means “a woman of God” and she certainly lives up to that! She attends college in Oklahoma, so we don’t get to see each other often, but we keep in touch via text and Facebook. We have set aside a week for a family vacation this summer. These things would make a perfect gift of encouragement for her!

    Thanks for sharing with us today. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

  172. Whitney

    I would give this to my best friend Rachel. She made Jesus Lord of her life a little over a year ago. She is one of those people whose life radically changed the day she got saved. I have loved watching the Lord work in and through her. She is such a blessing to me and I would love to bless her with this little gift!

  173. Shawn Delaney

    I would give it to my youngest daughter. She is just finishing her 1st yesr of college. She doesn’t know what she wants to be, and I feel she is growing apart from the Lord. This book would be awesome for her to get some answers. The goodies are just a nice bonus.

    She loves jewelry, nail polish and is fair and we live in FL so a hat is a must for her.

  174. Brooke

    I would give these items to a good friend of mine. She’s been going through some hard things with her daughter recently & I would love to bless her.

  175. Susan

    I would love to have a copy of your book What Happens When Young Woman Say Yes To God. I have twin daughters that I pray daily God will lead them in his direction for their lives. We would love to read it together and find God’s purpose and meaning for their sweet lives! Thank you for offering such a wonderful book on such an important topic to mold and make Godly young women.

  176. Tanisha Grant

    Hope your mom should be proud!!!I think that you did a wonderful job with the devotion today and I am so proud that there are young ladies out here who are strong in there belief in God. I would give this giveaway to my daughter Amani who would love everything in this giveaway because she is a girly girl and a fashionista. Most of all she loves to read books and what a great book we can read and learn together. It would be a great opportunity for us to grow together . Thanks Hope have a good day. 🙂

  177. Rachel

    Wow! The Lord answered my prayers! Thank you Lord! I would give it to my 18 yr old daughter Lauren. She is a senior this year & feels confused & scared of what to do when she graduates May 31, 2013.

  178. Kathie

    I would give this to my fourteen year old daughter. She is just growing into an amazing young woman. I am so very proud of her!

  179. Beth

    Hi, Hope! Great job on your devotion! I teach a teenage girls Sunday school class at my small country church & we’re planning on doing a study on your book. As far as the other things in the giveaway, I may have to divy it out between all the girls! 🙂

  180. Ellen Cole

    Wow Hope…it’s really great to hear from you. You definitely sound like you’re on the right track in asking WHO/WHOSE you want to be as you grow up. It’s amazing how one word can change a sentence so dramatically. Similarly, one choice can change a life dramatically and I’m so glad you’ve chosen to ask God to take you by the hand through your life. Have a wonderful day! Ellen

  181. Pamela Hallmark

    I’m sending this to my egroup. We met last night and discussed our sermon from Sunday about God’s will for our life. This fits in with not what is God’s will but who are we. We also discussed doing a mission trip as a group and are researching options so this hit right on. It always amazes me how God wraps it up with the tools I get from my sources!

  182. Tonya

    Hope, I know your mom must be so proud of you! Look at you writing all these amazing, inspirational devotions and now a book. You go girl! I would love to share this stuff, especially the book with my 12 year daughter. She made the choice to accept Jesus into her life at the age of 10. I want to do everything I can to keep her on fire for God. She has entered middle school and you probably know these years are the most vulnerable for a young lady. Thanks for the opportunity to win and be encouraged today. P.S. Even if we don’t win, we will be purchasing this book. Thanks for the little excerpt.

  183. Jan

    Such a timely post for my 18 year old daughter who will graduate from high school in a few weeks. She was just saying last night how nervous she is about college, the pressures of the Honors College she was selected for, and the fact that she has no clue about a major. Since she’s a worrier like her mom, she needs this book to reassure her that God already has a plan for her life and will be walking right beside her through her college years. Plus the other happies as a nice surprise. 🙂

  184. LC

    Hope, what a blessing you are to so many! Thanks for your inspiring words today and being such a great example to other young women. Our 18 year old daughter is a college freshman who is, just this week, trying to decide whether to change her major. She had a rough first semester (stayed sick), but is doing so much better this semester. She has made God the center of her life and found fellowship with other believers. She told me the other day that she wished she knew God’s plan for her life because it hasn’t been working out like she thought He had planned for her. But I know He has great things planned for her. What a blessing this book would be to her at this point in her life!

  185. Janet Rabig

    I love this giveaway! I have a girlfriend who has given me so much so I would give it to her. She lives the outdoors, reading and has a pool so I know she wouldlove it!

  186. Laura

    I would love to give this to my daughter who is in college

  187. Georgia

    Thank you for your post, Hope. It is wonderful to see a young girl so sincere about her relationship with God. I wish your and your mom’s book was around when I was growing up. I would give the book to my 14 year old niece. I admit I would keep the hat and necklace as I am a jewelry and hat addict. LOL 🙂

  188. KB

    I would give these items to a young lady whose Mom died very suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks ago. The family was planning to go on a mission trip with our church and now the mom won’t be going. This young lady, her dad and her brother are still planning to go. This will be the first mission trip for the young lady. She is in her third year of college. Your book may be exactly what she needs at this time in her life.

  189. Roxanne

    Hi Hope! What a joy it is to read your words and what encouragement you give to me and my hope in our future generation! I have one beautiful daughter and 5 granddaughters. We often talk about what they will be when they grow up, but I loved your insight as to Whose they will be when they grow up! I look forward to talking with them about this one day and I look forward to reading the book you and your mom wrote together. May God bless all your efforts and you!
    With love through Jesus and me, Roxanne

  190. Debbie

    I would give it to my daughter in college. She has been going through some very difficult times, but she is still clinging to God. So proud of her. She is dealing with the memories of being bullied in middle school after seeing a movie on bullying in college and not being able to find a job for the past three summers. Her self-confidence has been bruised, but Jesus can see her through. She could use a treat and a reminder that God can use her mightily!

  191. Barb

    You are your mother’s girl…reflecting the love & peace of our Lord. Thanks for your inspiring words! God’s peace today!

  192. cindy b.

    I would give it to my daughter, Abigail.

  193. Sandy H

    Way to go Hope!!! Writing a book….crazy.

    It’s all about what we focus on and I would love to share the book w/my niece. She will be entering high school next year. Your book would help her kick off her high school experience w/that right focus – “Who do I want to be?”

    Blessings Hope and Lysa.

    p.s. Lysa loved laughing “with” you here in MN at the BTG conference. xoxox

  194. Kay

    I would give the book to my daughter. After marrying the love of her life, whom she met when they were both working at church, he committed adultery and left her with a 2 year old and 7 week old. After 7 years (she is still been involved in a custody court battle), she still seeks to honor God in everything she does and God is blessing her with 2 young daughters who are following Him. I know she would be blessed by this book as she seeks to serve God wholeheartedly in the midst of great trial, and seeks to raise daughters who are devoted to Jesus in a situation where they are being discouraged in their walk in their father’s home.

  195. Bexky B

    Hi Hope,

    It is neat to hear from you! I keep entering comments in hope that I will win something someday. 🙂 My daughter is 14 and would love this giveaway. I would also like to read the book and maybe share some of the other items!

    Thank you and God bless!

  196. Aimee

    Good morning! I am a co-leader with 8th grade girls in our youth group programming and last night we ‘gifted’ our girls a copy of What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God. I have been reading ‘the adult version’ and have been so empowered by it that I knew we needed to share. Our hearts are so passionate for God’s love and to give these girls as much guidance ‘as they will let us’ … because we can’t be with them all of the time the plan was to let the words on the pages of this book seep into their hearts … hoping for transparent transformation. Because we opted to give a couple of extras to other girls we ran short for one girl who couldn’t come last night … it would be so amazing to be able to share this entire gift with her – all of the fun things in the package suit her personality to a T! Hugs & Love!!!

  197. Kristin Smith

    I would love this book for myself b/c it sounds lovely! 😉 But really this would be an awesome gift for any graduating girl this year…or the young women in our church YG. Thank you for sharing your heart!!

  198. Alicia Bennett

    I would give this collection to my oldest daughter. She recently has decided to dedicate her life to the Lord. I have seen the biggest change in her in the past 2 weeks! She broke up with her boyfriend of 6 months because of her decision to put Christ first. She has been praying for others. It has been the biggest blessing. She is only 15 and I can already see that God is doing a wonderful work in her life. I really enjoy Proverbs 31 ministries. It has always been a great source of encouragment for me. Thanks for sharing your post. I wasnt aware that you and your mom had written a book together. I believe this would be a great blessing to my daughter as well. Definitely getting it this weekend!!

  199. Karen

    What a great book for a 16 yr old! I would def give it to my 16yr old baby girl! We would fight about the rest of the stuff!!! 😉 Great job Hope! Working with your mom to write a book! You have a great, Godly example in your life! I can see her gift of writing has been passed on to you! Use it well my friend!!! God bless!

  200. Darlene

    I would give this gift to a Family Friend’s granddaughter, I had a conversation with her recently; she works as a volunteer Sunday School Teacher; loves children; and shares God’s word with them. Her name is Stephanie; when she was talking with me I could see the Love of God she carries in her speaking and her everyday life. She is activly involved at school in Drama class and wants to go to school for Theater/acting.
    Thank you for your Post, is is nice to see a young person excited about God; I worked with Youth when my son was a Teenager and it was very exciting to see young people excited about Jesus; I am a Pastor’s wife; and it is such a blessing to be in the ministry and experiance God each and every day; God Bless you Hope.

  201. Mary Ann

    Thank you for those words of Hope. In fact, our Ladies Annual Overnight Retreat theme this year is HOPE and I am one of the speakers. What an awesome blessing to know that our Lord gives us EVERYTHING we need to be a “Yes” girl! I would give this beautiful gift to my 29 yr. old daughter who was brought up in the church but has turned away for all that God offers. But, Praise God, we are still close and this awesome gift would touch her heart and perhaps lead her to read the book, too! She LOVES black and white anything,is adorable in hats and drinks coffee! God bless you and your ministry!

  202. Terri

    Hope, I loved your testimony. I would give the gift package to my granddaughter Hope
    who is graduating in May from high school and heading to college in the fall. She would
    love all of the gifts.

    Thanks, and keep sharing your faith with everyone you see.

  203. Sonya

    I would share this with a girl I taught in first grade. She is in college and such a Godly girl. My daughter is too young. What a wonderful way to think bout the future! That you for this devotion. It blessed me today.

  204. Teresa

    I have a 21 year old daughter that is such a blessing to me her name is Adrian Hope. She is a LPN and works with dialysis patients. She is such a blessing to me and others yet she lacks confidence in herself. She constantly things she can’t do something when in reality her smile can move mountains. A lot of her dialysis patients call her Angel. She wants to go back to school for her RN but just lacks the confidence just to get in there and take a course at a time. Pray for her she is truly a blessing to me as a daughter and a friend. Thanks Teresa

  205. Diane

    My mentee. But I want to read it as a mom of 3 boys anyway,

  206. Brenda

    I loved reading your post and almost felt like it could be my daughter. She graduates this May and has had the questions thrown at her non-stop since she became a senior! I would love to be able to get her this book.

  207. Sue Wiegers

    I would give this gift to my 18 year old daughter Nicole Joy. She radiates the meaning of her name “Victorious

  208. Sherry P

    I would give this to my 16 year old daughter. She is battling so many ideas of who she is and what she is expected to be. I want her to realize the most important questions are who does God want you to be and what does He want you to do with your life? Funny thing I almost ordered this book for her yesterday.

  209. Buffy D

    I would love to share this and read it with my 17 year old daughter! We did the study of your mom’s, “The Lies Young Women Believe,” a few years ago in her Sunday school class, and we really enjoyed it! It’s overdue for us to do another together. I think it’s encouraging to see you and your mom taking this faith journey together!

  210. Tiffany

    I am in pta at my sons middle school and would give it to a young lady that doesn’t have many friends.

    Thank you for your message, I loved your insight!

  211. Cindy

    I would give to my 16 (almost 17) yo daughter. I would use the card to To take her and start the conversation about her future couched in a whole different language.

  212. Natalie D.

    I love everything your mom writes. I have gotten all my friends reading her books now too. I would love that ensemble, it would be perfect for the beach where I live. Thanks!

  213. Kathy Sanderson

    Hi Hope! Thanks for sharing your heart with us this morning. I have a teenage daughter who is finishing her Driver’s Ed course today. I’m guessing you and your mom know that adventure! I want her to be equipped with faith and fearlessness for the yes life ahead of her, so I would give her the prize package.

  214. Kim M.

    Hi Hope. I enjoyed your blog today. I can see why your mom is so extremely proud of you. I would love to share this book with my 13 year old daughter. I want her to always know who she belongs to…..and to feel grounded in what she wants and desires to be. God bless you as you continue to pursue God’s destiny for you!


  215. Tammy Daves

    Such a great idea can’t wait to buy for my daughter.

  216. Margaret

    I would like to give this to my step daughter. She hasn’t spoken to me for over a year and her father for over two years. She is a bright girl who has gotten lost in the pressures of life. She claims to be saved but has walked away from it. I believe she has because of guilt about some poor choices. She’s having some health issues now, many stress related. I think the book would help her find her way by looking for God’s direction.

  217. Ree

    So wonderful you are on here! Fantastic job! I would love these things to give to my 8th grade niece. She is like my own, because of the amount of time I have spent with her, especially in her early years. Most of all I want to give her the book, because she enjoys having conversations about God and his miracles with me, but at home her parents don’t practice or discuss religion or relationships with God. There are so many things I wish I would have known at her age…the bonus, when she is done with it, she will pass it on to my daughters!

  218. K Burrow

    I would give these gifts to my daughter. She looks great in any hat she puts on her head! Keep up the great work of encouragement. It is sooooo important!

  219. Julie

    I am going to get this book. I love that you and your mom wrote it together. I would share it with my daughter which is 13. She is a beautiful girl and desires to live for the Lord. Her commitment this year was to study the women of the bible so she would know how to act as she grew older. I have been looking for something to read with her and guide her. Thank you

  220. Laura

    I would share the book with my youngest daughter who is struggling right now

  221. Kasey

    I love the excerpt from the book. I would definitely give this book to my nieces. They are only 14 months apart in age (soon to be 12 and 13), and both try to live their lives for Christ. They are just learning. I think this book would help them get a better foundation. They are smart, funny, beautiful, athletic girls. Yet they are so close in age, there has always been much comparison between the two. Their personalities are completely different though.

  222. robin

    God is at work in our MOMA (Moms’ of Male Athlete’s) small group. We are reading UNGLUED, which acts as a spring board into all kinds of conversations about ALL KINDS of things. One of our moms is a single mother who is struggling to keep her head above water. She works a second job, evenings and weekends, to help make ends meet, and is really discouraged because it’s just not enough. She feels trapped. Because she works so much, and is so committed to her kids, she doesn’t get to enjoy the encouragement of being with other women who can support her through this. A special “surprise” would remind her that Jesus loves her, and sees her need and feels her pain… and so do we.

  223. sandra

    I have the privilege to tutor in an afterschool program based in a low-income housing neighborhood. Over the past several years, we have offered a summer internship to a high school student at my work. One of the students is now in college and doing fabulous, but I sense she needs spiritual direction and I would love to be able to give this to her!

  224. Rebekah

    Great post, Hope! I’d love to give this book to my younger sister. She’s 21 and feeling the pressure of “What am I supposed to do with my life?” and I know she gets discouraged.
    Blessings on you and your sweet momma! Y’all have made an impact on me and the relationship I have with my young daughter. 🙂

  225. Megan P.

    I would give this to my daughter. She is 8 going on 18 and I think this would be a great way to start some of those conversations we need to have. The gift certificate is one of my favorite things too and I would maybe share that with her for a mom/daughter date! 🙂

  226. Jennifer Ames

    I would love to give this book to my daughter! She is finishing up her junior year in high school and finds herself stressing over the what, why’s, and how of her future after high school. She would love this book and, hopefully, find some peace and hope from it. Thanks!

  227. Elizabeth

    I would love to give this gift to my daughter Katelyn. She is becoming a beautiful young lady. She is a preteen and going through the pains of junior high. I want to guide her and lead her in a godly way. Thank you Hope for these conversation starters. Thank you for your insight. Blessings.

  228. Christy

    Last night I mentioned to the young adult, who is helping me with a group of 9th grade girls that I wanted to find something that was for them in their walk with God to reinforce their identity in Him and not guys, not the world. I was so pleased that He had me open your blog this morning and just know that this is one resource I will look into! The book items would go to the gal helping me who is working to put herself through school without family help as I mentor her so she can mature to mentor others, while I will recommend the purchasing of it to the others and their parents for us to work through together.

  229. cheryl

    i would love to give this to my 24 yr old daughter i want her to know god from a young persons view and i think this would really help to update and help her find him.

  230. Sue Wiegers

    I would give this gift to my daughter Nicole Joy. She radiates her name “Victorious Spirit”. She was born 14 weeks early and we cherish her life as a miracle. Over the past year she has endured 12 brain surgeries related to hydrocephalus which was diagnosed shortly after her birth. Because of this she missed almost a year of school and was not able to play school basketball and soccer which meant so much to her. She also will not be able to graduate with her friends this year since she needs to finish up her corse work next year. Through this past year Nicole really struggled to find her identity since it was so rooted in being a student and athlete. She was, and is, such an inspiration to everyone blessed to know her as she shares her joy filled spirit and love for God, life and people. Your book, Hope, would help to give Nicole the tools she needs to continue to search for her identity in Christ! Sue

  231. chris harwood

    Definitely would be sent to Texas for my oldest granddaughter, Sophie, not only does she love to dress up but she also loves to read. I hope pray that she would pass the book onto her younger sisters Rebecca and Julia also. God Bless you and your ministry.

  232. Kelly SorAhan

    Good Morning, I really enjoyed your post. God bless you. I have two daughters, one graduating high school and one a freshman in high school. I also have three sons. One a freshman in College and one will be graduating high school. I love your question- whose do you want to be? I will use it from now on. Their is so much uncertainty and so many decisions to make but one thing we know for sure is God is with us!!! Thank you for teaching a stressed out mom and reminding me whose daughter I am! God bless you, Kelly

  233. Erica Egolf

    I would love to gift this great bundle to my 12 year old daughter! She will be getting baptised in a few weeks and this would be a great gift for that! Thanks!

  234. vanessa stephens

    Wow!! Hope I am so encouraged by your post. I lead lots and lots of women and I this may have been meant for very young women other than myself, but to hear who you want to be instead of what you want to be, spoke volumes to me! I plan on sharing this with others. I’m praying for you and thank you for being such a sweet servant to The Lord. God is going to use you mightily for His assignments!! If I were to win this package, I would take the star bucks card and invite a young girl who sat beside me at church Sunday with tears flowing down her face to go have coffee with me so I can share this with her and give her this book. I’m not sure what she was crying over but to see a young lady flowing with tears like that, I’m sure it’s a hard place in her life. Also maybe she could take this and share it with the other teen girls in our church. Again thank you for your beautiful words!!
    Vanessa Stephens

  235. Jennie

    Loved what you shared and about fear. Those are great questions for anyone to ask themselves.

  236. Naomi

    Wow I have been so blessed and inspired to see your committment to seek God! I would give this book to my neice who was the closest cousin to my 19 year old son who was killed on Mother’s Day 2012. Our son was a real spiritual motivator and mentor to his peers. My neice has been struggling in trying to understand why God allowed this tragedy and what it is God is trying to teach her through this. Just about a month ago she was in a car accident and is just simply blest to be alive. She desires to be what God wants her to be and I couldn’t help but think of her when I read today’s post. She experienced a broken pelvis and vertebrate and is laid up at least for 3 month. She had felt God was calling her to go on a mission trip this summer and now realizes that is out of the picture. I think your book is just what she needs as she is right in the middle of her quest and detoured. The package looks just like her, Jennifer.

    May you and your Mom continue to follow Him. I enjoy your writings

  237. Jill

    I would share this w my niece. Such a beautiful perspective, Hope!!

  238. Dana

    I would give the gifts to my daughter, Hannah. She has a heart for The Lord and, like you, was presented with a mission trip opportunity and said, “Yes!” without hesitation. Thank you, Hope, for allowing God to use you in His work!

  239. Kelly

    Good morning Hope,
    I have the perfect person in my life that would enjoy your give a way. A former pastor friend of mine has a daughter who is in her senior year of high school. In December her father answered the call of God to move on to a senior pastor position 40 minutes away. She still continues at the same HS but right now her father lives in the new churches town while her mother and her live here in PA so she can finish HS. I believe it would be an encouragement to her since some of her favorite things are similar to you. I feel the book would be an amazing tool for her next step in her journey. Lets hope I can make her day!!

  240. Christin

    We have a wonderful babysitter named Hailey; she is the first person I thought of when I saw this give away. Hailey knows who the Lord is and believes in him but does not have a personal relationship with Christ. On our five minutes rides, we talk about many things and I have opened the door to letting her know that I pray for her. I would love the opportunity to share this give away with her; mainly in hopes that Hailey would read the book, but the chance to “introduce” her to such a Godly family (that’s you TerKeursts!) who strives to follow his will in their lives would be amazing.

  241. pat james

    I’m not a coffee drinker so that gift card would get shared with my sons. I have a great mom and mother-in-law who I will share with. Thanks for being generous.

  242. Dee

    Hope, I would share the entire gift with my Beautiful daughter who loves to drink Starbucka, paint her nails, wear scarves and hats but most of all, wants to be what God wants her to be. Keep your chin up and don’t get discouraged by doing what God is calling you to do!

  243. sue

    Thank you for this opportunity to win your new book. I will give it to my 16 year old niece if I win it and if I don’t I plan on buying it!

  244. Bridget

    Good morning Hope, I am so encouraged by your post this morning. My daughter also named Hope is a tween and struggles in her walk since she is still young enough not to know how to completely avoid the secular jumple around her instead she still takes it in and then wishes she had avoided it. I would defiantly give this to her but maybe in a year or two so she would be able to take it in better. Thank you for your encouraging words for young woman.

  245. Lynette Myers

    I would give it to my niece for her high school graduation gift!

  246. Sharon

    I am in agreement with the others about Starbucks. I used to go there quite often but since they do not want Christian’s business because of our (God’s) stance on same sex marriage I will not buy anything Starbucks. I would however give everything else to my granddaughter who will be graduating high school in June. It would be a great gift to help her take her first steps into adulthood. Thank you for your continued service to the Lord. I look forward to the devotional every morning.

  247. Debbie

    Well I can think of so many young ladies that I would love to give this book to in fact I wish I had read something like this when I was much younger, that being said my daughter is a young mother and I believe this is a book that would give her encouragement as she raises to young girls of her own and leads a biblestudy of teen girls at her church. I look forward to giving this book to so many other young ladies that I know. Thank you to you and your mom for letting God use you in this way.

  248. Amy Fisher

    Hey Hope
    My daughter is almost 12, loves hats and I’m always looking for good books and resources to read alongside her in her quest for God! Have a blessed day!

  249. Bridget Ferrara

    Good morning! Lovely to read your blog post, Hope. I would give this giveaway to my sister-in-law Lori. She is has some curiosity about accepting Christ into her life, and that book would probably be just the right thing to take her over the edge into a life with God. Thank you!

  250. Julie Anderson

    I would give this to a young mother whose family will be moving to Japan to serve the Lord.

  251. Cherie

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She’s a senior in high school and moving away to school in the fall. Although I know she’s looking forward to going away to school, I know she’s a little nervous about the unknowns, including finding a new church home and family. We go to a small church, where she’s active in our teen group and she hopes to find something similar while she’s away. This would be a great gift for me to give to her as she graduates high school and prepares for her new walk!

  252. Lynn Bass

    I would really love to give this gift to my daughter who is 11. She is involved with our church youth group and plays softball. I believe she could be a leader but so many times she is a follower. Following is not bad when you remain true to who God called you to be and many times she allows the stronger personality to influence her. I want her to make her own decisions and reading the advice of a Godly young woman could provide the insight that just doesn’t make sense when Mom is pushing it. Thank you Hope, you and your Mom are fabulous!! Hope you are blessed and blessed and blessed…
    Lynn Bass

  253. Ruth

    Good Morning! I would give this to a new young woman in my life. She is searching in her faith & I think this would be a wonderful way to touch her heart in a special way! So important for young women to know who they are in The Lord! Thank you for your devotional this am!

  254. Mary Buchanan

    If I were to win this, I would give the book to my younger daughter. She is in her early 30’s, and is a single mom with questionable lifestyle choices. I love her dearly and pray for her and my grandsons daily. A book like this might make a difference; it couldn’t hurt. God bless you and your Mom—you all are making a difference.

  255. Meeshia

    I would give this gift to my oldest daughter who is a Junior in HS. She is being pulled towards ministry but has the constant asking of “What do you want to be when you grow up” And there are a lot of people who wonder why she is even wanting to go into ministry. But she doesn’t know which direction God wants her to go yet. She needs to continually lean towards God’s whispers so that she knows she is going in the right direction. She needs encouragement!

  256. Jen

    I would definitely give this to my oldest daughter. She is a hat lover and this would be a great book to read together– thanks!

  257. Beth farley

    I would give this to my daughter Shannon because she is the mist giving young woman. She just opened up her home to her baby sister, (my daughter) emmawho is lost in life. She drive over 10 hours one way to pick her up. emma is now working and saving money and my two beautiful daughters are bonding. Btw emma didnt eant to come home and live with me. Mama’s got rules…beth

  258. Connie Chupp

    If I were to win, I would give this to my niece. She seems to be at a crossroad in her young life and this book might be just the little seed she needs. Thanks for the chance.

  259. Vivian

    I would give this book to my daughter who has been falling away from God for the past year and needs to be encouraged in her life again. Depression has taken a toll on her plans and I know withGod she can be whole again.

  260. Betsy

    Hope,What awesome words to guide young ladies and help set focus for life (and encouragement & re-focus for us ‘older’ gals). I have been praying for my dear friend’s 16 year old daughter (she feels like a daughter to me as I only have sons). She is an acomplished soccer player, student, artist, Christ follower. However, she has recently admitted to an eating disorder (bulimia). We now live many miles apart & I’ve been writing a letter of encouragement to send her & also been thinking about what I Could send as a fun care package. Your book & favorites would touch her deeply I’m sure. You are a bit further in your faith walk & journey & I think your words would help her remember who she is in Christ. Keep writing, you’ve inspired me today!

  261. Kim

    I would love to give this to my daughter. We were both baptized in November of 2007. It was amazing. Since then my daughter has drifted away from her relationship with her Heavenly Father. Her earthly father does his best, he is a good man, but still lives of the world. I would love for her to have the opportunity to read this book and be influenced with another perspective. Thank you and God bless.

  262. Susan

    I love the question of who do you want to be and whose do you want to be. I would give this to my niece who is 15. She has made a proclamation of faith but is not in a home that will nurture that. Even if I don’t win this book will be given to her.

  263. Elaine Segstro

    I would definitely give this to my son’s girlfriend, Chelsea. She does not come from a Christian home, and is hungry for God in her life.

  264. Anna

    I would give this gift to a young woman at our church. They have so many negative influences in their young lives and I always try to encourage them to seek God’s direction rather than the world’s

  265. Deb Hileman

    I enjoyed reading your blog this morning. I would love to give this to my 15 year old daughter. She loves Jesus, is involved and committed at church, however she is struggling with lots of issues are teenagers are faced with. I think it would be a book that could open her mind and touch her heart.

  266. Maranda Spencer

    Thank you Hope for the words of encouragement! My daughter will be 11 in two weeks and this would be a wonderful gift for her. We have already entered the pre-teen realm of issues and the book would be great for us to read together. She is preparing for a missions trip to Honduras next year and I feel the book will help her focus on God’s will. Thank you so much for your generous spirit!!

  267. Tara Yarbrough

    I would give this to my daughter who is a sophmore in college. She is struggling to figure out her direction in life, where she belongs, and who she belongs too. Thanks so much for sharing today your words are truly a blessing!

  268. BJ

    Well, I will give it to my youngest sister who 18 years old. She went off to college last Fall. She was unwise with her time and hung out with friends way too much. This behavior affected her grades and aid for school so she was dismissed from school. She doesn’t want to come home but is trying to work to get her back in school. There were times when we won’t hear from her for months. She has confessed to treating her body disrespectfully and allowing others to as well. I’m always praying that God would draw her closer to Himself. She says she’s going to church but my prayer is that she’ll have a relationship with God. I’m just asking for prayers for my little sister.

  269. Virginia Richardson

    Hope, I enjoyed reading your post. If I received your fun gift I would pass it to my daughter. She finished college last July (2012) and is working and looking to buy her first home. She leads our youth group at church and serves on the church council. As a mother I want her to stay focused on keeping God first. I am glad to see that you and your mother are close. Have a blessed day.

  270. LaKishia White

    I would give this to my 14 year old niece. Having grown up in a single parent household I know the burden of being the oldest child. My niece is the oldest of 4 children. She helps my sister with the younger children while continuing to maintain her grades and she’s an awesome volleyball player. She struggles with body image issues. I just want her to always know that she was created in God’s image so there is nothing for her to worry about. I also want her to continue to have a servant spirit and be a blessing to those around her. I want her to know its ok to be bold for Christ, especially as she prepares to enter high school. Thank you.

  271. Mandi Johnson

    I would give this to my daughter, Savannah. I think it would be a great thing for us to share together.

  272. Heather

    Good Morning! I would give this to my 13 year old daughter who is struggling with trusting God. She has many questions that I am not able to answer because, I too, am learning to have Faith and give my thanks and worries to Him daily. Not only would your book be good for her, I would hope she would share it with me too:)

  273. Kim

    Good morning Hope! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I serve in our student ministry at church. Recently God crossed my path with a young woman who is of college age. One day she asked me if we could meet so she could share her story with me. I met her one evening. She shared her past with me and all she’s been through. One day after struggling with so much, she decided to allow Jesus to lead her life. Saying “yes” to him. She loves sharing with others how Jesus changed her life and rescued her. She is using her story to help others who are struggling now. Recently, she was invited to join in a ministry opportunity. As I left that evening, I felt so honored that she would share her life with me and trust me with her story. God is going to do amazing things in her life. Starbucks is the first place we met which brought her to mind when I saw your “favorite things”. Thank you again for your encouraging words to our young women. Blessings to you!

  274. Jessica

    I am mentoring 2 girls who are Seniors in High School that both attend church with my family. One of the girls had her heart broken a few weeks ago when the final college admission letters came in and she didn’t get accepted. She isn’t sure what she is supposed to do next year and she is surrounded by her friends who are excited about going away to college and talking about future plans. She is heart broken. I would give today’s giveaway to her.

  275. Kathy Webb

    Hi Hope,
    I would LOVE to have these items to give to my GODCHILD!!! She is struggling with life decisions and lives in a home with divorced parents, that have not and still do not always make wise decisions about their own lives. I try to be a positive influence in her life, but you may be a better one to speak to her heart with this lovely giveaway. I think the book would be most helpful to her. I love her as if she were my own daughter, but there is only so much an aunt can do in these situations. Help me “BRIGHTEN HER DAY” 🙂 Love your mom!


    HI Hope! I would give this gift pack to my daughter. She is in her junior year and she is homeschooled. I would love for her to read the book out in the sun, at Starbucks. She often tells me that she feels alone and different because of the choices she is making in her life and some that we have made as a family. She thinks that we are the only ones striving to live a “Godly less worldly influenced life” and even when i tell her that we are not the only ones and she is not the only one, I don’t know that she gets that I “get” her. Yes Daddy is a pastor BUT we haven’t been saved all of our lives; just trying to live out my salvation for the rest of my life. This package of care would show her that I do and that I want her to continue to say yes to God and what He is imploring her to do. She has never even painted her nails so this would really be a treat for her and would back up my mom talk with a bit of mom walk. Thank you for reading and considering Moriah (God is my teacher).

  277. Jessica

    Hi Hope,
    Loved, loved, loved reading your blog this morning! I am working very hard on my walk with God and to have my daughter walk with me is a dream come true. She is 11 and I sometimes feel her

  278. Tara Shannon

    I would absolutely send this to my precious, oldest daughter in South Carolina. She will be finishing up her first year of school away from home, and her family, in Ohio. She still faithfully goes to church, but has not plugged herself into the “christian” college she is attending. She in involved with a man who is not following the Lord and she is “trying” to lead him to the Lord. Because of the relationship they have and her wishing to stay “on her own” in SC, she plans to move in with him next month when school ends for the year. We have pleaded with her, showed her Scripture, tried to use financial consequences, etc. to not let this happen. But we feel the Lord just reminding us to love her as He loves us! This would be a wonderful little surprise reminder of how much she is loved by her parents, her siblings, but also the Lord, who provides all.

  279. Rachael

    I think it would be great book to send to my friend’s daughter who is in her first year of college. Although she was raised with a firm foundation in Christ, college can sometimes make you forget that, as I well remember!

    I’d keep it for my own daughter, but she’s only 4! I ain’t gonna lie, though – I’m keeping the Starbucks gift card!! (See: 4-year-old daughter!)

  280. Leanne R.

    Hey Hope, My husband and I lead a youth group so I would keep one and buy plenty more and do it as a book study over the summer with the middle/high school girls of the youth group. Identity crisis is such a stealer of God’s daughters… it sounds like this book would help the girls find their identity in Jesus rather than “who they wanna be when they grow up”!

  281. joanne

    WOW! Congratulations, Hope, on your collaboration with your mom on your first book! This is totally AWESOME! Your momma must be so proud!!! Thank you for putting yourself out there, just like your momma, to love and encourage your peers, young women who love God and those that are lost and searching. If I were to be so blessed to be chosen for today’s gift prize, I would turn around and send the whole thing to my daughter in the great big city of nyc. She is a freshman in college up there, missing the daily encouragement of Christian friends. It’s hard! She has friended a young freshman girl that loosely calls herself a Christian, but is struggling to know who He is, to hear His voice, and to filter her thoughts and perspectives through God’s Word. She has never done a Bible study and has agreed to do one with my daughter!!! This book would be a WONDERFUL gift for God to use to work in these girls’ lives. Thank you, Hope! God bless you and keep going girlie!!! You are doing GREAT, and God has even greater things in store:) xo

  282. Emmaleigh

    I would share this with my younger sister. I remember being her age and having to make the decisions she is facing, and I’m sure she would appreciate the encouragement.

  283. Sheri Zagata

    I am leaving a comment regarding the Friday Giveaway. I would give the giveaway to my daughter. She is about to turn 13 and loves all of the things that are your favorites. She will be turning into a young woman in a blink of an eye and our fervent prayer for her is that she will be a young woman of God!

  284. Christena

    I would give this to my wonderful daughter. she just started going to church this year. I am very happy for her new relationship with God.

  285. Donna Spring

    Thanks so much Hope for sharing with us! I actually have two people I would love to share your book with. First, my 20 year old daughter to help inspire her to follow her dreams like you said by deciding first who she wants to be and then whose she wants to be. So sweetly said. Had I followed that advice in my early years i could have avoided so much heart ache. The second is a neighbor of my Mother who has taken in her 16 year old niece to raise. She shared recently that she so wants this young girl to follow God and make good choices but fears pushing her away with too many words. This book could so be the instrument she needs. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  286. Blanca Reyes

    Good morning Hope, I know exactly who I’d give this to if I win, which I am praying I do. I would give this to my 17yr old daughter Brianna who since 12 yrs of age has been suffering from seizures. They went away for about two years and have come back since last year again and it is very sad to see your daughter going through this, specially when all the tests they do on her come back normal and they tell you she has Pseudo Seziures, which are emotional seizures. In away it is very hard to believe because she is an outstanding student, who is involve in school and hates to miss school, but because of this she has had to even be on homebound and makes her life very hard. This would really be a great gift for her because she loves to read and we need to believe that what is happening to her will be use to glorify God and use it for other young girls out there. Please keep her in your prayers, thanks and God bless you!!!

  287. Lisa

    Hi Hope, I would give this package to my 15 year old daughter. I have been praying for her future lately and that God would direct her path. This has been her first year of high school and next year we plan to homeschool through out the rest of her high school year. We have been praying for direction. This book sounds like it would be a great tool for her. Thank you for the insight that you have given me with your post.


  288. Lisa Spies

    the person that I would give this to is my 9 year old daughter, Brooke. She may be 9 going on 10 in October, but she is an “old soul.” Several of my girlfriends have made that comment about her. She was baptized on Mother’s Day 2009 and has seemed to have a special relationship with our Lord. She is the person in Christ that I strive to be and I pray that she never loses that. She loves to read and really loves to read with Mom so I know that this is a book that we will enjoy together. Thank you to you, your mom and Proverbs 31 Ministries for breathing His Holy Spirit on me and my family. In a world that seems to be spiraling downward all around us, you help me to see the beauty that is still there. Be Blessed and continue to be a Blessing and beacon in a dark world.

  289. Maureen P.

    If I would win I would give it to my precious daughter ,who is 15.5

  290. Jeannie Huie

    I’d be more than happy to give my daughter this gift!! She has 2 children – 2 and 5 – who keep her busy. She is growing in the Lord and guiding them along the path. She deserves a special gift!!

  291. Carolyn Rogers

    Love your message, can’t wait to read it to my girls AND my boy (I don’t think I even have to tweak any words for him 😉

    I would give the gift to my oldest daughter who is in 6th grade and a wonderful girl who I want to share your question with – not what but who and whose!

    Have a wonderful weekend yall.

  292. Brandy

    Hi Hope! I would give this to my 14 year old daughter. She is struggling with her walk and I think this book would help her. Kids today have so much pressure from the world…more than ever before. They have so much pressure from school and what they are going to do with their lives starting at such a young age. I want her to learn to be a follower of Christ first and formost. God will take care of all if you follow his will. I want myself to remember that as well. 🙂

  293. Rachel

    There are 3 teen girls in our church youth group. If I won this I would give it to one of them and buy 2 more to give to the other 2. I think it would really help them grow!

  294. Shellyk

    2 young ladies come to mind-I am not certain who would be most responsive as neither is walking to close to Jesus right now. Both young ladies are caught in the trappings of life as a 19 & almost 21 year old. My heart truly believes that until these 2 young ladies are wholeheartedly in love with God, they will meander thru life rather than have their deepest heart desires met. I often pray Ps 37:4 for them, that they would delight in The Lord & that He would then give them those desires of their hearts. I love these 2 gals almost as if they’d be my own daughters & want nothing but Gods absolute best for them.

  295. Sally

    I would give this to my son’s girlfriend.
    It would be a great way to encourage her in her new faith walk.

  296. Michaela

    Hi Hope,
    Awesome devotion! I would give this to my new friend Rachel, she is so giving in every way. She says yes to God no matter the costs! She is a young woman and she is a mental health counselor, also she has 5 children, biological and adopted. She is the female youth pastor at our church and she pours into the lives of others, all that she has. She has been an amazing blessing and example for myself and I want to bless her in some way. I think this giveaway would be a great way to do so because it would show her my appreciation of her and remind her that she is a woman, of God, not just a mom, counselor, and friend. 🙂 Thank you for this, whoever wins will be blessed!!!


  297. Jessica

    Your book sounds amazing. I know 3 young ladies that I’d love to give your book to. The tote bag and other goodies are great gift ideas. Even if I don’t win the give away, you’ve given me a great idea for birthday gifts. Thank you!

  298. Amber Bennett

    I would give this to a very special young lady in my life that I met in church over 10 years ago. She is in her freshman year of college and she is pre-med. All she wants to do is help others. I can truly say…not only does she know what she wants to be but why and whose!! This young lady truly is after the heart of God and is a wonderful role model to her 5 siblings. Who I am sure she will share the stuff with. And once she has gotten all the girls to read the book will challenge them in a study or devotional time about it. Thanks for the oportunity to pass on your experiences though your book and favorite things.

  299. Shere

    Hello there Hope,
    I would definitely give the gifts to my small group leader. For the past 5 years she has been such an inspiration and encouragement to my life. She is career-driven, a great mom, mentor, and spiritual leader to two small groups. It is a truly a blessing to have her in my life.

    Many blessings,

  300. Nicole Benjamin

    I would give it to my 15 y/o babysitter who is absolutely precious…She goes to a school in which they are having a lot of trouble with bullying and I believe it is becoming harder and harder to show your faith and stand up for God and your beliefs…I truly hope she continues to make the best decisions for her future and not to be steered by peer pressure or get discouraged with all the ugliness that may be surrounding her.

  301. Tanya

    I would give this to my daughter Hope! That’s a great name isn’t it? Her 17th birthday is coming up and I would love to give her something that would encourage her faith and help her on her journey to finding God’s plan for her life. Thanks so much! My email is [email protected].

  302. Laurel Flaget

    I would like to give this to my triplets who are HS Juniors and in the midst of college searching, career planning and making a lot of major life decisions! There is so much pressure to ‘know’ at such a young age. My prayer is that they will be who God has designed them to be and that they will be in communion with Him so that His plan is clear.

  303. Terri

    Good morning Hope,
    What an amazing oppurtunity to write with your mom! I would love to give this book to my step-daughter.

  304. jess

    Thank you for such a great message! I will forward this on to my niece and would love to give her this book. She is 13 and growing up so fast!

  305. Meredith Strain

    Dear Hope,
    I am so excited about this book and the person that I can’t wait to give it too is My Bestfriends daughter that is 15. Her name is Makenna. She is a wonderful young woman but gets pulled in many directions that test her faith. I think this book will confirm who she is and who she really wants to be, as a young christian woman and a role model for her friends and younger sisters. God Bless, and thank you for the opportunity!


  306. Elizabeth

    I would give this to my daughter, Whitney. She is finishing her freshman year in college which the Lord used to grow her faith immensely! He is preparing her for something great based on all that he is already doing in her life.

  307. Norma

    Hi Lysa,
    I would give this to my soon to be 15 year old niece who happens to be raised Catholic as I was growing up, and whom I think will benefit by opening the door to an unknown path to her, the path of getting to know her Father God personally instead of religiously. May the Lord continue to bless. Thank you, Norma

  308. Sandra

    Hello Hope,
    I’m not a “young” woman anymore, but your words hit me in a profound way! Wow – we should all try to live asking whose do we want to be. I’ve got to get a copy of your book to read for myself and then to pass along to my teenage daughter. God Bless! Sandra

  309. Paige

    I have daughters 13 and almost 12, and I would love to go through this book with them. Such good things to consider!

  310. Glenda Martin

    What a beautiful message Hope! I would give this to my daughter, Madison, who is 15 yrs. old. She is a beautiful young girl, inside and out, and her love for our Lord shows.

    You and your mother are such blessings—-we are thankful for you!

  311. Kimberly

    Great post, Hope! Thanks! I have 5 boys, and one little girl……I’m looking forward to some girl time with her as she gets older……but in the meantime, I would give this to my niece whose 18th birthday it is TODAY. She lives in Brazil, but will be coming to the US for college, and I know this would be a great gift for her as she starts her new adventure here.

  312. Jill Clem

    Thank you for sharing on your mom’s blog today. You are an inspiration to many young women! This would be a wonderful gift to give to a young woman who has been attending my women’s Bible studies this year. She will be graduating in May from high school and then attending college. She is a lovely, insightful and Jesus seeking young woman. I have so enjoyed her participating in our studies and having her share her thoughts and feelings with women who are old enough to be her mother or grandmother. What a wonderful gift to give her as she begins a new journey in her life.

  313. Lisa

    I think this devotion and blog today were an answer from God for me! My daughter is 13 and, although she goes to church with us, is not really connected to other Christian kids. She doesn’t want to join the youth group since she is shy and doesn’t know any of the kids. Since she’s in a public school, I think it’s hard for her to picture following God wholeheartedly, and she doesn’t fully know what that means. We as her parents are really seeking God about how we can encourage her in her walk with the Lord. Just before getting on the computer, I was struggling to trust God in this area after a sleepless night of worrying about this. Praise God for His timing! And thank you for being used by Him to encourage a stressed-out mother’s heart. Hope, your devotion today gave me hope! (Your name is so fitting!) So, to answer your question, I would give this to my precious daughter and pray that it would open doors for us to encourage her in deepening her walk with Jesus.

  314. Tammy in GA


    There is such wisdom in your words! Thank you for stepping out in faith with this book.

    When I was reading the excerpt, the image of one young lady kept coming to mind from my church. She is 17 and is also wise beyond her years. She currently has an opportunity to spend 5 months on an extended mission trip and has been praying for guidance. So, I would give this bag to her- Jessica whose heart is given over to God and serving His people.

  315. Erin T.

    :)….Loved reading this today!… I would give it to a precious girl in my life… She is in high school and in a serious relationship. She does know the Lord… and I do believe, with all my heart, that this book would guide her in making the right choices while venturing through that teenage journey. She and her family are so precious to me — on the weekends, I often work an hour away. Instead of making the drive back home for the night, this family allows me to stay with them. They live day by day in dependence upon God’s provisions, and have truly taught me a lot about “what really matters” in this lifetime. I would love to “give back” to them!!!! :)… Thank you for this oportunity!

  316. Karen

    What a fun gift! I would give this to one of our nieces who is graduating from high school next month. She is a fantastic young lady and I know this would be a great encouragement to her as she begins a new chapter in life.

  317. Katherine Sloan

    Hope, thank you for sharing today. I am so encouraged by your words. My daughter is a junior, facing the decisions of college and all the “what” questions that come with this. This sounds like such an encouraging book. I would love to win this for Rebekah!

  318. Toni Kitchen

    I will definitely give this to my daughter, Abby, who is a freshman in high school this year! It sounds like a wonderful message for young girls!

  319. Sarah

    Good morning Hope. Your words are such a blessing. I would give the book to a dear young friend who has struggled quite a bit. She is a sophmore, she feels like a social outcast, she was admitted in a hospital because she tried to take her own life last summer. Ive taken it upon myself to be somewhat of a life mentor. This young girl recently accepted Jesus in her heart and got baptised.
    Thank you for being a woman who can be an example for so many young people who need God, direction and Hope!

  320. Terri

    Good Morning,

    I would give this to my daughter who is 19 and PK. I know being a PK everyone thinks she has all the answers through her parents and especially her daddy who is a Pastor. She is also an introvert and that has also been difficult being a PK who is thrown into the spotlight that she does not want. Those expectations have been difficult for her.
    I will try to condense her story the best I can. When she was 14 she went on her first mission trip got very sick from 3 parasites caused many different complications that lasted from years 14-18. She still has a few health problems from the parasite damage but is doing much better physically after getting her to Mayo Clinic. The harder part for me, as her mom, is seeing what that illness did with her mind. She had depression, anxiety and fears that at times even now she struggles with. One thing I was so proud of her was facing the fear of traveling on another mission trip…she totally surrendered that back over to God and headed on a mission trip when she was 17. There is so much more I could tell you but it really could take a book. She is now 19…moved off to Tennessee but due to un-forseen circumstances she ended up having to move back home after 5 months. It’s hard when your this young and so much of her young life has been full of complications. We try to encourage her that God will not waste all this that you’ve had to endure. That you will use this at some point in your life to help someone else. She is trying to work on what her next journey in life is and I think this book will help her tremendously. I will buy this book whether we win or not but thank you so much Lysa for writing this book for young women. This is much needed!

  321. Renee

    I would love this gift for my 12yr old daughter..this blog was such a “God Send” this morning as she and I fought over her appearance and I explained (as always) that you are NOT like everyone else…you are beautiful on the inside and out…you are a “Child of God” and he knows your beautiful. It’s so hard for these young girls to “fit-in” at middle school because so many girls wear LOTS of make-up and clothes that I do not agree with. It’s a small majority of girls but for some reason my daughter thinks they are important and these girls opinion matter.

  322. Crystal

    Thank you for your encouraging words, it is always a great reminder to spend more time listening to others rather than yourself complaining about what is going on! I would love to give this to my sister because she is really struggling right now with who she is and everything that is going on around her. I know she loves The Lord and wants to serve Him but she could really use some extra encouragement (which I am and will continue to do even if I don’t get the chance to win this book). Thanks again!

  323. Beka T

    Thank you, Hope, for being an encouragement this morning!! Just that little excerpt from the book about asking “who I want to be” started a train of thought that needed to happen. I would give this package to my sister. She is engaged to be married and really is struggling to find herself. We were raised in an IFB church where we were taught to be and do only as the pastor deemed. We were not taught who we were in Christ’s image. We were not taught that we were Daughters of an Almighty Dad that loves us unconditionally. My sister is a year and a half out of that church and lifestyle and struggles daily with who and what she is. She is sometimes consumed with what she wants to do for a living. My prayer is that she continually seeks our Heavenly Father, but I think maybe reading your book will help her. Thanks for listening!!

  324. Jennifer

    This would be a wonderful gift for my 17 year old daughter. She did not go through confirmation when others her age did and as a mom, I was very concerned about this. Once she became high school age, she began going on mission trips every summer and is has become very active with her youth group. It has been a true blessing to see her blossom into the beautiful young woman she is. She began her confirmation/membership classes at church just this week and we are so thrilled! As I stated before, this would be a wonderful gift for her as she continues to grow in her Christian faith!

  325. Apple

    Hello Hope! I enjoyed your msg today! Thank you:))
    I would give to this my daughters:)) we have three beautiful girls
    I am new Christian.. Now we introduce our children to God wonderful word.
    They are learning and discovering just like I has been. Wonderful!!
    Have a lovely day:))(o^^o)

  326. Marcella

    What a great example you are for women. I would give this to my sister. She is caring and providing for
    Nine family members in her home (children and grandchildren) plus working as an RN full time and helping take care of our elderly mother who is quite sick. She hasn’t had a vacation nor takin time for herself in three years and her Heath is starting to fail. Maybe these things would make her smile. Thanks

  327. Lori

    Thank you for sharing Hope! You are such an inspiration and wonderful role model for young women! I would love to have a copy of this book to give to my daughter one day when she’s a little older – she just turned 11. Such a difficult age; I’m trying to help her focus on the who she wants to be and not so much the what or being “popular”….maybe I should give her this book now!

    Many blessings,

  328. Penny Price

    I would love to win your gift and give to my niece. She is a cop and I so want her to be right with God.

  329. Krista

    Well if I couldn’t keep them myself 🙂 … I would love to give it to my youth pastors wife, Gretchen. She has spurred me on to read my Bible. Encouraged me on as Mom to keep going and that I am not alone in my feelings, and struggles. We are starting a new devotional together from you and I would love to give Gretchen this cute gift set to thank her for being a great friend to me. Not to mention she is a a fashionable woman and would look great with little accessories!

  330. Angela Weitzel

    I cant wait to read this book. I have two young ladies in my life that mean the world to me and I want them to hear, from someone other than their mother and me, that their value is in God. They are sisters, 24 and 17 years old, and they both struggle, just like I did at that age, about their identity. Thank you for writing.


  331. Dana Y.

    I would give the book to our church’s library and would find another home for the rest of the goodies! 🙂

  332. Caitlin

    I would love to give this gift to my baby sister (who is 15). She loves girly things but most of all I would love her to have this gift. She has already given her life to the Lord, and serves Him in many ways, but in the next couple years here she is going to be hitting new struggles, new challenges in high school about what, who, and whose she wants to be. I know I wish I would have had a similar guiding through what ended up being very difficult years in my life leading me far away from our Lord and Savior. I hope that I can give her the gift and the encouragement she needs to stay on the road that she is on now as she hits these new adventures in her life.

  333. Jill Lindsey

    I love reading from your perspective! I would quickly hand this over to my niece who is struggling right now. She is suffering the consequences of some very bad decisions but she is a very sweet soul. I am trying to encourage her and remind her who she is in Christ.

  334. Leslie crysel

    I will give this to my daughter. She is struggling to find her identity in Christ as a Junior in High School. It is my prayer for all of my kids to be able to say that they are the Lords and that is who they put their trust, faith and identity in. We have decided that we are going to walk through this with her and couple of her close friends. A couple have made professions and a couple haven’t….my prayer is that this will be instrumental in them making a life change.
    Thank you so much for being an example that we can turn our young women too.

  335. Stacy

    Hope, this is lovely. Thank you for sharing your words. As for the giveaway, it would be my daughter’s. 🙂

  336. Fran

    I enjoyed your devotion post today, Hope. I would give it away to my daughter and my daughter-in -law…divide it amongst them. They are both expecting babies in May and the bag could be a diaper bag? The starbucks for well deserved treats and when one got done reading the book the other could pass it on and then pass it on to me to read too. Thank-you.

  337. Tammy P

    I would give this to my daughter. She is such a special little girl who has a great big heart for others!!

  338. BethA

    Good morning, Hope! It was lovely getting to read your post today. I know how proud your mom must be of such a fine young woman.

    I’d give this prize to my precious 16 year-old daughter.

  339. Suzie

    You books sounds awesome! I would love to give a copy to my 20 daughter. This past week with tears in her eyes let me know she is tired of everyone asking her what she is going to do with her life, she has no idea. She is running from God and has lost her direction. Growing up she was full of hope, dreams and ideas. She has been on two life changing mission trips- even leading two young girls to Christ. She needs a gentle reminder of God’s amazing plans for her life.

  340. Jennifer

    I have two girls, 11 and 13. They already have times when they struggle with wondering what the future holds. I would love to give this book to them!

  341. Stacey

    Thank you, Hope, for your faith and for sharing this with us! I would definitely give this gift to my 15 year old niece who is struggling with peer pressure and is in counselling for media addiction that has caused her grades to slip and that has caused her to put herself into potential compromising situations. She craves God; however, isn’t in an environment that promotes it. She just needs a lift into Jesus and I think this would be a great way to start! Prayers appreciated!

  342. Beth McKenzie

    I I would give this to my 15 year old daughter who had to move right in the middle of her sophomore year. My husband is a pastor and the Lord called us to a church in another state. Even though it was hard, she stuck with it, and has now grown more in her faith than ever before. This would be a great encouragement for her.

  343. Tammy Burgess

    I’d give this to me daughters youth coach. She is 19 and going on her first mission trip to Africa this summer. We just had a discussion about what can happen when you say YES to God as my husband and I were blessed to be able to assist her with the funds for this trip that she had been quite worried about.

  344. Pat T

    Hi Hope, What inspiring words you have written. What an awesome path God has lead you to. My prayers are that He will continue to guide you and your family as you travel this road together. I would give this packagae to my daughter who will be graduating from college on May 12. She has some important decisions to make about her future and will be starting another new chapter in her life.

  345. Esther

    I would give this to my daughter. She is 14 and really trying to figure her life out. I love watching who she is turning into, and surprising her with special things here and there just because!

  346. Mary N.

    I would love to win this book and give to my daughter who will be graduating from high school next month. I think it would make great graduation gifts for her friends too, so I may have to order several copies!!

  347. Paula

    I would love to give this to my niece who is graduating from high school in May. She has really had a hard time this past year with some personal issues regarding her family. I know that my niece is a Christian & loves the Lord. I feel this book would give her the direction that she needs to take in her life & seek the Lord even more in decisions that she has to make in the future.

  348. Michelle Launchbury

    I would love to win this for my 14-year old daughter, Heather. I am so touched by your devotional today, Hope, and my prayer for my daughter would be for her to seek Christ wholeheartedly – as I get the sense that you do just that!! What an inspiration for teenage girls all over the world! Thank you 🙂

  349. Brenda

    I would give this to my daughter if I win. I think this would be a big blessing to her before she leaves for college in the fall. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great gift set.

    • Julie

      I love that question “who do you want to be”. I would give this book to my young friend who us celebrating her 17th Birthday today. Thanks for sharing

  350. Jen Posch

    It was refreshing to read your devotion and blog today. I truly enjoy hearing the thoughts and passions of a young woman , like yourself. I would bless my eldest daughter with the spring giveaway because she just turned 15 and will be going on her 1st missions trip to Nicaragua in June, so I know she too would be encouraged by you and your story. Otherwise, I would give it to a friend of hers who has been struggling with who she is and where she is in life. Thank you for loving God and sharing that love with others.
    Have a blessed day,

  351. Kelly Seelow

    I would give it to my little sister because I know she would not only benefit from it but would let me borrow it when she was done!

  352. Stacey S.

    I would share this with my daughter. Such a wonderful gift and message 🙂

  353. Nikki M

    I would give it to my teen daughter. Thanks for sharing today!

  354. Linda

    What a blessing to read this. My biggest desire is to see young women, such as yourself impact this “Next Generation” to bring Glory & Honor to Jesus Christ. You’ve done a wonderful job, Lysa, (because of God in you) To prepare your daughter!!! Blessings to you & your family!! As a Parent Coach, I look forward to sharing this with many young family’s

  355. Kelly

    I would give this to my daughter. She is 21 and has barely started life on her own. She isn’t sure about this “God” thing, although she has been raised in a Christian home. A month ago she was in a head-on car accident that totaled her car and should have killed her and the passengers with her. She came away with only badly sprained ankles, and she was the worst of the injuries, praise the Lord. She will tell you it’s a miracle she survived, but she won’t acknowledge where that miracle came from, although I’ve been quite vocal about Who was protecting her that night. I’m always looking for another door to open for her, to expose her to the Father’s love for her, so it doesn’t sound like just another time when her Mom’s “preaching” again. This could be another way to reach her.
    Thank you for posting today, Hope!

  356. Cindi

    After reading other responses I feel selfish for asking for a chance to win. BUT, I have a
    granddaughter who just graduated from high school, she had big plans to attend college and “become that person she wanted to be”. Her life has taken a different route, she has a baby now, just moved into her own apartment and got a job that she feels she’s “settling” for. I want her to know that this isn’t the end of her life and she can still achieve those things she visualized for herself. She’s feeling a little bitter and lost right now and I think this book would really be encouraging to her. Thanks

  357. Joyde Kaiser

    Hope is the feeling I hang on to in my life…when there are ups, and downs, problems and solutions, feelings of being scared, and not feeling so confident, and an aloneness state…..I REMEMBER I HAVE MY GOD WITH ME 24/7. And I am so grateful He is my friend.
    Yesterday I read many verses of Psalms to my 94 year old friend who broke her femur and ias in the hospital…she closed her eyes when I read, and then said to me “Joyce your voice is so soothing to me.” I felt soooooogood about sharing God with her. I would give the present to myself. It would be nice. Joyce Kaiser

  358. Ginger

    I would love for my son’s friend to have this. She is a wonderful young lady and is planning on joining the Navy after graduation. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  359. Mandi A.

    I would give it to my son’s girlfriend, Beth. We have all boys in our family (1 son and tons of nephews), so I have no girl experience. I am taking her to Woment of Faith this fall. She is a tremendous young woman and just amazes me. I can’t wait to see what God will do in her life.

  360. Bethany Lane

    I would give this to my niece. What a great way to encourage her in her Christian walk! Loved the book excerpt!

  361. SandyT/kc

    l would love to give this to my oldest granddaughter….she is hurting so bad, struggling so hard. She needs a fresh touch from Him….and a powerful and personal reminder that He loves her dearly, has great plans for her formed long ago in perfect faithfulness, is with her and will bring her safely through!…thanks Hope for reminding us of our endless hope in Christ that will NEVER disappoint us!!….blessings and hugs….:)…sandyT/kc

  362. Deenak

    Hello Hope!
    I would love to get the book and give it to my daughter who is a senior in high school. Everyone is always asking her what her plans are for the future. ( She could then pass it down to her sister who is a junior.)
    Have a happy day

  363. Heike

    Dear Hope,

    I truly enjoyed reading your devotional and your blog entry today… the apple doesn’t fall far and so on 😉 If I were to win the prize, I would give it to my 16 year old daughter. We had a very bad church experience after an arsonist set fire to the church and she is now saying she doesn’t believe there is a God. We have discussions about Him and she categorically denies He exists because if He did, why would Christians act the way they did at our old church. I pray for her every time I pray. She is 16 and I know she is searching and I pray she will come back to Him. But even if I don’t win, I am asking for prayers for her. I forwarded your devotional to her, maybe she will read it since it’s not good ole’ mom telling her about God. God bless you, Heike

  364. Lori

    Good morning Hope! Your post today comes at a good time. My 15-yr old daughter has had quite a journey over the past year. She was diagnosed with a mood disorder and has battled depression, cutting, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and so on. She has not been a believer (which tears at my Christian heart) but I’ve been carefully planting seeds of encouragement through Christ. Over the past month or so she is started to see that God is working in her life in different ways. The goodies in your giveaway would definitely be for her — it’s easier sometimes to gain perspective from someone closer to your own age. : )

  365. Lori

    I would give this to a high school girl in our church who I’ve been praying for and sending encouraging messages to. She is the foster daughter of my best friend and needs to be reminded often how beautiful she is in God’s eyes, pimples and all. She has given her life to the Lord and would greatly benefit from a book like this.

  366. Dana

    Well, today is my daughters 13th birthday!! This would be a wonderful gift for her!

  367. Debbie Thayer

    This is just what my 14 year old daughter needs. I can see her struggling in her life going back and forth trying to figure out who she should be. Some days she is comfortable with herself and other days i can see she is trying ti fit in with everyone at school. She struggles with her faith in the same way and because her school environment does not promote faith, she is not sure how to fit it into her life. 14 is such an impressionable age and i think this book would be a great asset for her.

  368. Connie

    Cool gifts to share with my DIL!

  369. Candie

    I would give it to my daughter!

  370. Teri

    I would give this to my daughter Lia. I have participated and facilitated “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” and I am so excited that there is now a version for young women! My daughter has such a heart for Jesus and this will hopefully give her a great start to a wonderful relationship with God. Thank you for the opportunity to win this gift!

  371. Cheri

    I would gift it to my “just-turned” 16 year old granddaughter who is seeking the “Yes” adventures with God.

  372. Oriya Garcia

    Sounds like something I could use to give to my daughter before she enters teenage hood.

  373. Melissa Huber

    My sister who just had a baby and who is trying to figure out “who” she is again… with work, being a wife and now a new mom she’s going through a transition that all moms go through.

  374. Carol

    I have three precious granddaughters, 13, 15 & 17 I would so love to share this with. I have already forwarded your blog to them to read. Thank you for sharing!!!

  375. Kendra

    Hope, I would give this to my 19 year-old daughter. She is struggling so much to find the right path and I pray every day that she will say yes to God and place her trust in Him. After 4 years of constant turmoil, I think she is finally in a better mindset to be receptive to a book such as this. She needs guidance and direction that she just refuses to accept from me and her father. Thank you so much, and God bless you!

  376. Donna Mahoney

    This is the coolest thing! I would give it to one of my daughters. The one I am having a bit of trouble with, for encouragement to her.

  377. Dawn

    I would share this gift with my Niece Hailee, since her family and her have moved she has been going through a rough time and I feel this would be the perfect gift to let her know that God loves her no matter what.

  378. HeatherN

    What fun to hear from you this morning. Thank you for sharing with us. If I were to win, I would give the prizes to my niece who leaves for college in the fall. She is struggling with those exact things (even though I don’t think she will admit it) and I think it would be such a blessing to her to read and know she is not alone in all this figuring out life stuff.

  379. Karen DeSantis

    I would give this to my daughters. I think they would really like it.

  380. Christie

    As I read this blog, I was thinking of a wonderful young lady in my life. Her name is Christina, and she is in her Senior year of high school. She is currently dating our oldest son. She is extremely outgoing and gifted in many ways, but I am not sure she is able to recognize how gifted she truly is. She comes from a single parent home where she has been without a father figure. Unfortunately, her father lives close but misses her birthdays and has missed the important mile stones in her life thus far. Coming from a single parent home myself, I desire for her to find out who she is in Christ. I would love to see her recognize herself as a daughter of God, who is the only one that can enable her to let go of past hurt. He can give her a new perspective and help her to fill in the gaps that were left empty by not having a father in her life. She is a believer, but my prayer for her is to have a life changing encounter with Christ. Maybe God could use this book to help her see how special she is. Thank you.

  381. Amy

    I coach a middle school cheer squad and would love to give the book to my girls.

  382. Christy

    Thank you so much for this post. It has really touched my heart. I would give this to my daughter. She is 17, and seeking Gods will in her life. My oldest daughter has been to Haiti two times and is in love with serving Gods people there. She plans to return many times. My 17yr old just finished a book called kisses from katie, and is wanting to do missions in Africa. Im am so thankful for their desire to listen to Gods call, and it makes me want to seek God more. I can not wait to see what God has in store for my children who surrender wholly to Him!!

  383. Laura

    I would give it to my sister in law. Her husband ( my brother in law) is only 40 and dying of colon cancer. They have 18 mo old twins, and she is very angry and scared. Her faith definitely needs to be restored and I think these gifts would really help her right now.

  384. Pamela S.

    Hi Hope! Great giveaway! I’d send it my to my cousin who just graduated college and started her first job (dream job!) at a resort in Destin, FL. She’s just starting out in her adult life and she can use all of these gifts at the beach!

  385. Lynda

    What a beautiful gift and opportunity to share God with others. I have 8 grandchildren, but I would share this with with my almost 17 year old grand daughter, Caitlyn. While Christianity is how she has been raised, I believe she could use a reminder that God has not abandoned her now. As we know teen yars can be challenging in so many ways and right now she is struggling with “being in love” and yet hurting from a break up. She is looking so hard for love from her dad, grand father and knowing those men will not leave her and I am trying to re assure her that there is another man who will also never abandon her. This would be a terrific reminder to her. She has such a sweet heart and soul. As women we know this is such a tenuous time in not loosing faith. Thanks for hearing me out.
    I can’t wait to meet you soon in Las Vegas. God Bless

  386. Chrissy

    If I won this awesome gift I would give it to my best friend. She is having a difficult time dealing with some issues from her past, her marriage, and facing that as her friends are having children she isn’t in the right place to have a child. I feel that she needs God’s guidance more and more each day, and this would also lift her spirits in more than one way.

  387. angie j

    I would give this to one of my beautiful nieces. She is 12 and turning into a wonderful young lady. She is entering an important time in her life and I think she would gain so much with this book!

  388. Jeanne Vanetta

    I would give this to my sister who has been caring for my dad who has Alzheimer’s in Georgia. She moved up there over 5 years ago to help take care of him. She sold her home and moved in with my parents and has taken care of him full time over the past year. She has sacrificed her life, job, friendships and relationships for him. We recently moved Dad to Florida where I live. She is picking up her life (once again) to move down here to be near him so we can all take care of him together. Each gift is perfect! She is returning to the sun and she is fair skinned and doesn’t have a sun hat! Her nails haven’t been painted in quite a while and a necklace would be perfect to dress her up and take her out on the town (which she clearly has forgotten how to do :). The book more than anything would be a blessing…she needs renewal and restoration with God…

  389. TJ

    I would give this to my 16-year-old daughter who is finishing her junior year of high school and deer in the headlights about “what” she wants to do when she finishes school. She has a general idea, but nothing that has really seemed to set her on fire and get her focused. She has dealt with mental illness in the form of bipolar disorder for the past 2 years and is doing excellent now, but I’m afraid that diagnosis will make her question or hesitate about a decision she feels strongly about.

  390. Kim C from Michigan

    Thanks so much, Hope! I am going to ditch the question to my teens (what do you want to do…) and replace it with who do you want to be! Much more productive and the right direction. I am so glad you posted today. 🙂

  391. Darla

    I would give this to my 17 year old daughter! She struggles with asking herself that question and comparing her decisions to those around her. I also do an accountability group for 11th grade girls and would love to preview this book as an option for my girls.
    Thank You!

  392. Amy M

    Well, if it would be alright, I would split the gift up to bless more ladies. The Starbucks card would go to my friend Lynn who is very stressed at work; the nail polish to two small girls at our church (they are sisters) who love to paint their nails – they’ve been going through so much lately; the beautiful necklace would go to a senior lady at my church who is always so giving to others and who has little biological family – we are her family; the tote bag to my sister who LOVES purses!; the book & sun to my fair skinned 14 year old cousin – she’s such a caring young lady that I know God is working with and directing. I feel that this book would continue to see His direction for her life. Thanks!

  393. Terri

    I would give this to my amazing daughter! She is getting to graduate high school in the top 5% of her class which is truly a miracle because she wasn’t supposed to make it this far. She was diagnosed with a chronic degenerative pancreatic disease at the age of 2 and the doctors always told us there was no cure and nothing we could do. Her illness would progress and the odds were that by the time she was 18 she would either be so sick she would be completely disabled and homebound or she would develop pancreatic cancer. When she was 14, she was so sick she was homebound 100% of the time and in and out of the hospital every other week. God gave us a miracle by leading us to a surgeon who had developed a brand new experimental surgery that could possibly change her life. She went through a 15 hour surgery and had her pancreas, spleen, appendix, part of her large intestines removed and then the dr transplanted islet cells (from her pancreas-they produce insulin) into her liver. Then her liver magically began to produce insulin so even without a pancreas she is diabetic free! My true amazement with my daughter is the strength she has had throughout all the challenges in her life. She always held onto her faith and stayed strong, pure and full of virtue, she never gave up and she worked hard to continue to get her education, taking honors and AP courses and having straight A’s all through high school, even when she was homebound or in the hospital.

  394. Cass Smith

    Hi Hope! I would give this to my beautiful fifteen year old niece. She has a birthday in a few weeks and I know she has reached a point in her life where the road is dividing. She can choose the path that will take her closer to God, or the path that she will choose to walk alone with the world. I know either route she takes will be hard, but I pray that she’ll opt for the one where God will walk alongside her, and even carry her when she feels she is unable to carry on. Now for that cute bag and Starbuck’s cars…well, I can honestly admit those will probably stay with me. 😉

  395. Becky

    i would share with my daughter! She would love it!

  396. Annette

    I would give this to a young woman that recently accepted The Lord and she just got baptized. She is 21 years old and she just accepted into dental hygiene school and over the weekend her husband of less than a year decided to meet another women and told her he needed some space. My heart breaks for her and I pray that she will just trust Christ in this, but being such a new Christian I worry! So please pray for her “Jessica” and I think this would be a real encouragement for her.

  397. DeeDee

    I have 2 beautiful daughters to whom I would give it all. I want them see how beautiful they can be INSIDE more than outside. I pray they will be young women who say yes to God.

  398. Donnalyn

    Thank you for this wonderful blessing! Would love to share these to special people in my life:

    1. A Starbucks gift card – To a friend who loves strabucks, who has not known the Lord. I pray the Lord touches her heart that she’d eventually say yes to my invitation and come to church with me.
    2. Nail polish color, Tote bag, Sun hat – To a long distance friend from the Philippines, who travels to remote parts of the country to teach children about Jesus. Thought these would be perfect for her travels and may she continue to be used of the Lord’s mighty works.
    3. Necklace – To an office mate, who is struggling with her spiritual life. I pray that she’ll come back to the Lord.
    4. A copy of What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God – To my younger (18 year old) sister, who is fire for the Lord. I pray that this book will be an inspiration in her walk with God and she’ll grow to be a woman with a heart for the things of God..

  399. April

    I would give this to my daughter because she needs a little cheering up right now. She recently broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years because he has decided he does not believe in God. It was a hard decision to leave somebody she loves but she knows God is her number one! I am so proud of her but it breaks my heart to see her upset! I know God has big plans for her and I cannot wait to see what they are!

  400. Cindy

    I would LOVE to win this book for my 13 year old daughter, Faith! I loved your blog as much as I love reading your mom’s works:) You’re a talented writer and blessed to have been raised by a Godly mother. I pray everyday that God will help me to be a Godly mother and that God will help my daughter through the trying teenage years. Your book would be a wonderful resource for my daughter! I would love for her to read your first hand experience about what happened to you when you said YES to God as a young woman despite the worldly temptations and distractions, and your advice on how to do just that! THANKS SO MUCH!

  401. Lesley

    Hi,if I won this I would give it to Jen. She is my son’s girlfriend.Jen has recently stood up to her mother telling her that she will marry who she wants.her mother is not a Christian& is antagonistic toward
    my son who has been living by faith in
    senegal,serving s a missionary.
    He is now seeking employment here in Scotland.
    Having taken this stand,I would like to be able to encourage Jen that saying yes to the lord brings more peace & blessing even when it means respectfully disagreeing with family.

  402. Susan S

    I would give this to my 17 year old daughter. She is a strong young woman and is very confident in herself and her belief. This would be a great resource to for her to continue to build her future. Thanks!

  403. jerikay

    I would love to share this with a young lady that I am mentoring. We have just about finished our current book study & have been seeking another. Thanks for the intro to your book & the fun giveaway!

  404. Marla

    I would give it to my friends daughter. Thank you!

  405. Rachel S

    I would give it to my daughter. She is 13 and is in the crazy world of middle school. I think the book would be a great asset to her and helping her stay strong in her faith and give her guidance in these oh so hard years of being a teen.

  406. Kara

    I would love to give this gift to my daughter!

  407. Chris Kelly

    It may sound selfish at first, but I would give it to myself! I would use the gift card to pay for as many cars as I could behind me in the Starbucks drive-through . . . and I would carry the tote, wear the hat, necklace, and nail polish in hopes that people would ask me about them . . . then I could tell the story. A story of how through a local Bible study at my church I discovered Lysa and now Hope and how my life has changed through their messages. I enjoy reading the posts from you and from Proverbs 31! Thanks for all you do to help encourage ladies to have a closer walk with God!

  408. Cincy

    I would give this to my daughter as she is finishing her sophomore year. I think it would help her think more deeply about her life and identity in Christ. Although we may have to negotiate for the other things. 🙂

  409. Kelly Blevins

    Hi Hope! I would give these gifts to my almost 11 year old daughter. I plan to get your mom’s book soon and read it with her. She’s going through a lot of ‘tween’ issues right now and really trying to seek God in everything, but it’s difficult when none of her friends have firm foundations in Christ.
    Blessings to you and your family!

  410. Ami

    My daughter Myranda – because she is starting her journey and is beginning to see how God is leading her – she just posted on her fb profile the other day that she is excited to see where God is taking her. I’m so proud of her and the woman she is becoming. This would be a great gift for her, a great start to help her on her journey through this life on earth.

  411. Juli

    I would give it to my cousin who is a sophomore in high school. She is trying to reflect Christ’s love every day, and recently shared some of the ridicule she endures from with her friends (who are encouraging her “to just give sex a try”.) You see, she wants to glorify God and wait until she’s married, so they call her a goody two shoes. I would love to bless her with this book!

  412. Amy

    I would love to give this to my youngest daughter-a girl who seeks God’s heart every day in school, with her friends, at practice..and works oh so hard to be a daughter of the King.

  413. Naomi

    Hi Hope! I would give this book to one of the girls in my youth group who I am mentoring. I think it would be a great tool to help her to see herself through God’s eyes.

  414. LaKeta

    I would give this to my daughter. I would love to read it with her as a mother/daughter study. We often have discussions about being a godly girl and we talk a lot about what I went through as a girl. This book would help us in guiding us in topics that we may not have touched yet. But most of all, she will be equipped with knowledge and truth about who she is and whose she is after reading it. I would love to win this for her… Thank you for the opportunity.

  415. Toni W

    I would give this to a wonderful young lady in my church who will be graduating from high school in May. We correspond with each other through notes of friendships (although we see each other every Sunday) that include verses from the Bible that encourage and strengthen the both of us and are relevant to both our lives. Although she is 17 and I am 60, God’s word spans the age gap and has brought us together as friends!

  416. Patty

    I would love to give this to my daughter, Sara, who is a Senior in college. She is presently doing an internship with the Salvation Army working with Ladies coming out ot the Sex industry. She absolutly has a love and a heart for these presious women and wants to Keep doing this type of work after she graduates next month. She had found what she wants to be when she grows up!


  417. Lisa Chase

    This gift would be absolutely perfect for a friend of mine who needs to know she is loved. We’ll call her “Sue”. Sue recently made a big bold move in her life, and after 14 years, she separated herself from a very controlling, verbally and emotionally abusive, and just down-right mean man. She has two young daughters, ages 14 and 11, who have been so brain-washed by their father, that they hate their mom, and blame the separation of the family totally on her, saying things like, “you did this so that you could get money from dad” and “you don’t care about us”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. She is trying to show her girls that everything she is doing right now she is doing for them. She has been consistent and calm throughout the last month. She is afraid. Afraid of her husband, but more afraid that she will “mess up” and lose her girls. She clings to God’s promises, and often says, “if it’s God’s will, then it’s my will.” She feels that she is so weak, but I see her as one of the strongest women I know. I would love for her to receive your gift, not because of the material things, but because she needs to know she is valued. She needs to know she is loved. Please consider my friend Sue!! Thank you ~ Lisa

  418. Angie

    I would give it to my little sister who needs a pick me up as she just lost her job.

  419. Railey

    I would give this to a dear friend who I have had the privileged of watching God call her to Himself. Her recent struggles have left her with nothing to do but cry out to Him. This would be a great pick me up and the book would be very encouraging to her as well.
    Thank you Hope!

  420. Debbie

    I would give this to my fianceés daughter. She is struggling to find her identity, and has slipped away from seeing herself as a daughter of the King. I think receiving this would make her feel beautiful and reinforce God’s (and our) love for her.

  421. U. Zach

    I’d give it to a single, young lady at my church who is very generous with her time and energy for the benefit of the even younger girls at church.

  422. Cindy

    My 13 year old daughter. She is such a girly girl, loves, hats & bags and bling. She loves to read.

  423. Tammy

    I would give this to my daughter. She is 22 years old and I would LOVE for her to say YES to God!!!!! I know that she will one day – my faith will see her through.

  424. Sarah

    I would give this to my teenage daughter who loves God and is trying to discover who she is in Him. She could really use the book!!

  425. becky

    Hope, I would give this to my daughter and see if she would like to do the book together as she has many crossroads coming up in her life and the gifts would be icing on the cake for her:).

  426. Jennifer K

    I would give this to my step daughter. I would have loved to have received such a gift or such knowledge when I was a teenager, but unfortunately i did not. If I had known what God thought of me instead of consuming myself with so much of what boys, or peers thought of me it could’ve made all the difference in the world. She graduates in 2 years and I want her to posess the wisdom that I never had at that age.

  427. Pam

    Hope, I can see your heart through your words, and I know your mom must be so very proud of you! As I was reading your post, a young friend immediately came to mind. She is a senior in high school and is so very much struggling with that daunting question. She has a heart for the Lord and wants to serve HIM but maybe she needs to turn “the question” into “Who and whose do I want to be?” like you suggested. I believe the truths in What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God would be a valuable tool for my young friend. And what a fabulous gift pack! I know my friend would love it!

  428. Daphne

    I would give it to Terri in these comments. How hard it is for a woman to see her daughter go thru what she has gone thru and to see a smile on her face when her mother gives her this gift….priceless.

  429. Beth Mesquita

    My daughter Rachel struggles with fear. As a teenager I clung to God to get me through the same thing. She loves to read and I think your book would speak to her heart.
    Thank you for considering my 13 year old for this drawing.

  430. Angie

    I’d give it to my granddaughter. It is exciting to watch her grow in the Lord and make decisions based on what He wants for her for her life! Thanks for your encouragement today, Hope! Job well done!

  431. Ticia

    I would give this to a young lady in our youth group. As her youth pastor I know she struggles with rejection and her identity. She has lived in foster care most of her life and this would be a wonderful special gift for her.

  432. Keren Frederick

    First of all, let me just say I admire you and your mom for being so transparent about your walk with God and life in general. I was planning on buying one for my daughter and my niece. My niece turns 13 this year, and I want her to really gain the knowledge of who God says she is. Granted, nothing can take the place of His word, and I think adding your book will help in her understanding. After all, hearing it from a young woman’s perspective doesn’t hurt. 🙂 Thank you for your obedience to God and to what He wants to do in and through you.

  433. Nancy Nelson Wiemero

    I would have a drawing for the gals on our Worship Team. We have 7 girls, ages 13 – 18, who really need to be thinking “whose” they are! They are at such an important time in life!

  434. trisha

    I would love to give this to my 20 yr old dtr. We experienced a loss many yrs ago when my son , her older brother was taken away from us by a family member. 12 yrs went by & we had to learn to trust God to carry us & he was our rock. Her brother is back in our lives now but he lives 2000 miles away & she felt a need to find out who he really was so she decided to move to get to know him better. I keep impressing on her not to lose her identity in the process of going out into that big world all on her own. She is starting to make compromises & I would love to give her this package as a reminder of all God taught her & all he wants to continue to teach her in partnership.

  435. Cindy R

    Hope, you are a wonderful writer just like your mom! I would give this book to the young lady who has babysat for my kids the past couple of years (she is SO special to us – we have unofficially “adopted” her into our family). She is embarking on a new adventure with college and all of the choices about the future that go with that. Keep leaning into the Lord, Hope – I’m confident God will continue that amazing work in you!

  436. laura

    Tammy, who became a friend through tragedy and is a godly mom I admire, is who I would give this gift to. She has a daughter who will be a senior in high school next year and undoubtedly hears that question, “what do you want to be?” Tammy is a dedicated mom through all stages and a mentor mom to me. Her daughter is a wonderful musician, good student, and very involved in her church. I would love to give this to them to enjoy and experience together. I pray my three year old and I will be as close as they are as she grows.

  437. Anita

    Hope –
    I would give this wonderful gift to my 20 year old daughter. She has had so many struggles in her young life, was walking a very dark path just a little over a year ago. Then she found out that she was pregnant and the change in her was amazing to witness. My granddaughter, Amelia Rose, was born on March 8, 2013 – 9 weeks early. She had some health issues right from the start and on March 19, 2013 at 1:04 am Amelia returned to the arms of Jesus. My daughter has faith however is struggling with this very much. I truly feel that your book will help her to see that all that has happened is part of God’s plan for her life. Thank you for the chance to help my daughter see her full potential and to always have trust and faith in God no matter what the circumstances.

  438. Joal H. Broun

    I would give the book to my daughter. I would give the hat to a friend who recently lost her husband. I would give the rest of the items to the local Women’s and Children’s shelter so someone could be blessed.

  439. Tasha Cantrell

    I would give this to one of the teenage girls in my church. I’ve never seen a girl so focused on being who HE wants her to be. She is only 15 years old but already a mighty instrument for our Almighty Father! Have a blessed day Hope!

  440. Andrea

    I’d give the book/set to me daughter, Anna. She is graduating from high school in just a few weeks and hears that question often. She isn’t sure of her college major and I know that can be discouraging at times. What a great reminder to plan on being “His” and all the rest will fall into place in His time!

  441. tiffany pirtle

    hi, hope! i would most certainly TRY to keep the hat for myself, but in all honesty…I know I’d end up giving the hat and all to my daughter, sydney, who is finishing up her freshman year at college! thanks for sharing this today!

  442. Katie R

    Hi Hope! I would give this to my niece Rachel-she is so sweet, kind and caring and I think this book would really help her realize her many talents. Thanks Hope!

  443. Mona

    What great words. I would definitely give this to my daughter. She is almost through her freshman year of college and has struggled with “what she wants to be”. Her heart is to eventually be a navigator on B-52’s with the Air Force but for her college time she has to choose a major and she has already had about three different ones. My heart is that she will focus more on what you said in this passage – “whose she wants to be”. She is an incredible young woman striving to be godly and as a single mom my only desire is that she seek Him in all her choices. Thank you and your mom for your many insights.

  444. Michelle

    I would give it to my amazing daughter, who is turning into such a kind, caring, thoughtful young woman. Morgan is 12 years old and her older brother is ASD, so needless to say Morgan some times gets pushed to the side while I tend to her brothers meltdowns, outbursts or instabilities. Morgan has a heart for those with disabilities and is always working to help her brother with things he finds difficult. She is an amazing daughter, a faithful friend, and a beautiful child of God.

  445. Colleen

    If I would win I would give it to my daughters. One is in high school and is going through what to do after high school. Her faith ihas always been strong. And my hope for her is she will continue to grow in Christ. My other daughter is struggling right now trying to find where she belongs. She is out of school and is scared of making the wrong decisions for her life. Her faith has waviered in the past and I would be delighted if she would recieve this book and returned to our Savior. Thank You for doing these giveaways.


  446. ellen cobb

    I would give this to my ‘almost’ fourteen year old granddaughter because she is so full of energy and excitement in everything she does. She loves all that she does and needs a book like yours and your mom’s to help steer her in the right direction.

  447. Dot

    I definitely would give this great prize package to my daughter. She has really grown in the Lord this year. I want to encourage her to keep saying yes to God. She has done things for God already that I have never had the courage to do.

  448. Laura Mancuso

    I would give to my friend’s daughter who, due to various life situations, has lost her confidence and faith in following her heart for mission work. I think this would help her find her way back to faith and service. Thank you.

  449. Katrina

    At first glance my thoughts were, “Ohhhh, this is a great gift for ME!”, but then I realized that I have everything that I need and it would be an honor to give it to someone, so I would give it to a 17 year old girl at my church who I led to Christ and am now her Alter Care Counselor guiding and helping her along the path to her growth in Christ! God is AWESOME!

  450. Mary Margaret Smith

    Oh what a neat gift. My niece would love this. She is graduating from college in May and has really worked hard at this degree. She is a single mom and a really wonderful and loving mom. She deserves a little pampering and a “happy”. Thanks for sharing the gifts and for always sharing encouraging words.

  451. Mary@The Calm of His Presence

    Great post Hope! I pray that my daughter will grow up learning to say Yes to God and all He has planned for her life. Thanks for the give away. If I win I would give the set to the young lady who babysits my children. She is graduating this year & is desperately seeking direction for her life. This book would be perfect for her.

  452. Kelli

    I would give this to a friends16 year old daughter. She has been sexually abused and is struggling so much with who she is…

  453. Terri M. McCoy

    Hi Hope. My name is Terri McCoy and I have really enjoyed this website. I would give this to my sister. I don’t see her near as much as I’d like and she just lives 30 minutes away. I always enjoy coming up with ways to show her how much she means to me. We also have an older sister who lives in Jesup and we never see her. Anyway, thanks a bunch. Have a super day and keep writing.

    • Heather

      Hey Hope!! The first person who comes to my mind is a gal from my church, Taylor. Taylor has had a rough life and while coming to church moved in with a family who as of a few months ago moved away to Ohio. Since Taylor’s mother and siblings live here and she is only 15, she was unable to make the move too. Taylor as remained strong even when I’ve feared she would feel abandoned, lonesome, and unloved. She continues to come to church and is celebrating her 16th birthday on Saturday. Taylor is a strong, young Christian woman, who I am soooo proud of!! If I could give this gift away, I’d give it to Taylor!

  454. Keturah

    I would give it to a dear friend who is struggling with some serious spiritual warfare right now!

  455. Roxana

    Your Mom’s devotions and blog have been such an encouragement to me! And now I see that you have a wonderful way with words like she does!
    I really appreciate the way you’ve put into words what I’ve been trying to teach my children! These 2 questions are beautiful and simple ways to get to the real point of life!
    My oldest daughter is a nurse and lives in a rough section in Philadelphia. She pours her life into the hurting lives of the people in her neighborhood and often is right beside them as they experience the destructiveness of sin in their lives! I imagine this book could be a very useful tool for her as she walks alongside some young girls from her neighborhood who need hope, purpose, and, most especially, to know that Jesus loves them! And my younger daughter is about to begin a summer internship with our church’s youth group. I’m sure that your Mom’s and your wise Biblical counsel throughout this book would be insightful as she reaches into the lives of these young “suburbanite” middle-school and high-school girls caught up in the culture of our time! I pray that my girls (and me) will continue to walk with God and grow to love and trust Him more and more!
    Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  456. Nana

    What a wonderful post Hope. I’m sure your mom is just beaming! I would give these treasures to my daughter in-law. She is such a wonderful girl, she just needs a little nudging in the right direction and it is so hard to not overstep when your the mother-in-law. Keep up the good works and I look forward to more of your posts.

  457. Racquel

    I would give this to my 15 yr old daughter for her birthday (16 next week!). She still has questions about God and Jesus and I think reading something like this would give her a better understanding – especially in a language that’s more down to earth. Thank you!

  458. Tiffannie

    I would give this gift to my girls! I have a 14 year old and a 12 year old. I believe no matter how strong one young girls faith is, going through high school can test that and I want to continue to build their faith so they can handle what gets thrown towards them these next few years in life! Thank you for the chance and opportunity Hope and Lysa!

  459. Julie

    I have two daughters but they are still a little young for this book. My idea would be to share it with some of the beautiful young ladies who are daughters of some members of my small group and after they are done, maybe my girls would be ready. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  460. joyce

    Thanks for sharing, I have three beautiful daughters and would split this up for them, so they would each receive something special just for them!! I am so thankful for the daughters that God gave to me and would love to bless them with some of these fun items!! 🙂 Blessings to you as you follow in your mom’s steps and write for the Lord!!

  461. Karen

    I would give this to my youngest daughter, Allison. She is a junior in high school and is actively searching for God’s direction for her life. She knows that her calling has something to do with the ministry, and probably music and children, but she is just not for sure yet what direction it is going. This is a book that I look forward to her having the opportunity to read. Thank you for your post today!

  462. Kristina

    What a lovely combination! I’d give this to our babysitter. She is off to college this Fall and we will miss her dearly!!!

  463. Tara

    I am a volunteer youth leader and would LOVE to pass this book to the senior girls who are about to head out into the ‘real world’ all on their own (or so it seems they are all in their own:). I would love to maybe even do a bible study with them based on your book!! I love your outlook on not what you want to be, but whose you will be! I will definitely use this with my toddler daughter as she grows up and keeps telling me what she wants to be:)!

  464. Karen Hall

    I’d gift this to my beautiful daughter Samantha who is now carrying her own daughter, due in October 🙂

  465. Elosia

    I don’t have children of my own but I take much pride in my nieces and nephews 🙂 I would give this gift to my oldest niece and probably end up buying another book at least for the second oldest. Both girls are at totally opposite sepctrums of life but I definitely believe they would both benefit.
    Thanks for giving your mom a break and taking over her blog. You seem super sweet and thanks for sharing your story.

  466. Wanda

    I would give this book to my granddaughter. She is 13 and has an auto- immune disorder that can never be cured(except for God’s intervention). She has a lot of sickness and hospital stays and generally feels left out of the regular things teens do. She knows God has a plan for her life as we’ve discussed many times but she needs to know he still uses people no matter what they face on earth.

  467. Laura

    I would give this to my daughter. She is currently trying to navigate the turbulent world of friends, gossip, and choices. She oftens feels excluded for making Godly choices. She could use a little encouragement right now.

  468. Rachel

    I would give this to my cousin who is struggling right now with making the right choices. After experiencing a tragic event, she has done a 180 and went away from God.

  469. Cindy Lynn

    Hi Hope! I would give this gift to my daughter for further encouragement to seek & follow His will for her life! Thank you for this opportunity!! Cindy

  470. Kristi W

    Thank you for taking over the blog today! It give me such encouragement to know young women can be so passionate for Him. I would love to share this book and gifts with my daughter, to encourage her in walk with Christ.

  471. Sandra Aiken

    This would be a wonderful gift for a young lady at my church. She graduated from college last spring and took a job teaching 4th grade. She has a passion for reaching out to young girls and is seeking God for direction in the ministry He has for her. She is faithful being there for the youth at our small church even though only one person may show up. She shared last night that the ministry she feels passionate about is ministering to girls, hoping God will lead her to working with girls caught up in trafficing. When she was 5 God healed her feet…I saw it…and we don’t think miracles happen. Since then she has had a heart for serving God. She is truly a blessing to me and I watch as God opens doors for her. She is definitely leading young girls to seeking God and saying yes!

  472. Anna

    I would use these to enjoy this warm weather with my new son. God blessed my husband and I with suh a man child in October that this control freak mother is learning to let go of the reigns!

  473. Theresa

    Hi Hope, I really liked your article, thanks! Today is my daughters 31st birthday, and tho I love her with all my heart and I am so proud of her, I still pray and long for her to be closer to Jesus. Her and I are finally good friends, and her becoming a Mommy has really helped that. I am not sure if you have a family yet or even how old you are, but you sound pretty special and I know your Mom is very proud! Keep up the good work and God bless!

  474. Carrie

    Thank you for your encouraging and amazing way of looking at the future with eyes and heart that are set on God instead of things from this world. There are several young women that first came to mind when I thought about who I would give your favorites to. However I stopped and asked God to tell me who I should give this to. As I’m typing this I don’t have a name yet however I know that if I recieved this giveway God would guide me to the young woman who he would want to have this precious gift. Thanks again for allowing God to work through you to spread his messge of Love, Mercy, Grace and above all else Salvation! God Bless!

  475. Julie S.

    What a great giveaway! My oldest has just entered middle school – oh my! things sure have changed. I think she is doing ok with it all, its me that’s not! I’m hoping that she keeps her faith strong, but there are many more years ahead of her. Thank you!

  476. Pam Kennedy

    I would give this to a young lady named Madison. She has felt the call of the Lord on her life to go into full time ministry. She is a precious young woman in high school and I just know this would bless her socks off. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  477. Penny Whitley

    Thanks, Hope…I would give this to my daughter who just got married a month ago. She needs to know “whose” she is and know how much she is loved by our Lord. Thanks for sharing with us!

  478. Margaret K

    I would give this to my 14 year-old niece who is going through teen year struggles. And, she loves to read too.

  479. Rhonda

    I would give it to my almost 17 year old daughter. She still believes in Jesus but you can’t tell by the way she acts towards her parents. I would love for her to take time and remember what it was like when she first came to Christ and start living that way again. I miss my little girl.

  480. Amy

    I have three daughters so this book would get read well. But right now I only have one who is old enough to read it and desperately needs to. She is really struggling with insecurity and shyness and having trouble making friends because of this. She is not turning to God for help in this and I think this book would be a great tool to help her surrender this problem to the Lord and rely on His strength to help her with this matter.

    I unfortunately have struggled with this in my life as well but surrendered it to God and He has given me victory and I have shared this with her but I think this may be one of those times she doesn’t think mom knows what she is talking about and hearing it from another girl that you need to say yes to God and trust Him will be what it takes.

    Thank you for the opportunity! I am so thankful for your both of you and your obedience to the Lord to encourage us girls and ladies and help us be the women God created us to be!

  481. Lisa

    Hi Hope! You are certainly an encouragement to others!
    I would give this gift to my cousin. She is really struggling with a Christian walk should look like. I love my family members and feel that it is important to invest in them as much as we invest in “outside” mission work (outside our close circle of people or even outside our country).
    On a side note, do you think your mom would let you give occasional fashion tips on her blog? You have a talent for style girl! 🙂

  482. Carrie McDowell

    I would give this to my daughter. She is a jr in high school and I think she would love the items and I think she would also love the book and find it very helpful in her current stage of life.

  483. Lise

    I would give the package to my daughter! The excerpt from the book is just what she needs right now! She is trying to get into the nursing program at college and is struggling with the entrance test, as she has test anxiety. Now she is questioning if she should even be a nurse, which she has always felt was where God was leading her. She will be an awesome nurse, kind, compassionate, loving and God focused! The enemy is attacking her with doubts and anxiety about her future. Thanks so much for all you do!!

  484. L

    Just finished this study! LOVED IT! There are so many friends and family I would love to share this book with. It is a very simple but to the point study. It has been a wonderful experience learning how to say YES to God. Looking forward to a new openhanded journey with Christ. Thanks.

  485. ihuoma

    Hi Hope, I will give this to my daughters 16,12,9 and 4. My desire is to see them standing for the Lord.

  486. Chasity Hamrick

    I would love to give this to my daughter. She is 14 & the world is really starting to pull at her. I am praying she stays strong & remembers her convictions.

  487. Melissa VD

    Hey Hope,

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your book! I mentor 4 teen girls and am always looking for material to use with them! I’d love to win this 🙂

  488. Dena Johnson

    This is such a fun giveaway! If I were to win, I’d give it to my 25 year old niece. She has recently been asking questions about becoming a Christian and what that means. I’d love to just surprise her with this and bless her day. I know she would absolutely love it!

  489. Angie

    My highschool daughter!

  490. Traci

    I would love to give this to my niece as she is a teenager who is struggling to balance being the daughter of a king with all the stuff that comes with high school, girl friends, boys, peer pressure, parents, etc. I just know it would be such an encouragement to her! And her bday is next week! 🙂

  491. Kerry Ann

    I would give this to my oldest daughter who is getting dtronger in her faith and hearing God calling her to begin serving in missions. Plus, she’s very stylish too and would love all of these!! Thank you!

  492. Leanne Mouw

    I would give this gift to my daughter-in-law. One year ago their daughter, my granddaughter, died due to a congenital heart disease. We had little Elise in our life for 15 months and now she is living whole, running around heaven, sitting on Jesus’s lap. Tessa, my daughter-in-law, was an awesome mother, nurse, and wife during these 15 months. Since Elise’s death, Tessa has had 3 miscarriages and much heart break as they try to complete their family with more children. She and my son Dan both love children and are great parents to their 4 year old Colton. I would give this gift to her to encourage her, affirm her faith, and brighten her day.

  493. Marna

    Hi Hope, I would give this to my daughter who is being asked ALL the time about what she will do after graduating. She graduates in May. The question of “what” vs. “who” you want to be is priceless. She has 2 very good choices for this fall and she is confused. What if I make the wrong decision, etc. Worry. She is trusting her Savior but the force of fear and doubt seem awful strong. Thank you!!

  494. Carissa D, Huffman

    Hope (love that name, by the way)–

    I am thrilled that you have lived a life saying yes to God while you are young and can go to so many places! I pray my son will want to live that lifestyle, too. He is 4, and has been praying for a baby sister, so your family’s story gives me great encouragement! Please pray for Conor’s dream to come true, too, if you feel so lead!

    I would give your great selection of goodies to Kelsey, the youngest daughter of a beautiful sister in Christ. She recently graduated high school early in January, recently turned 18. She is just getting started with college and naviagting her way to her future. They are a great Christian family, and I think she could use some encouragement in this big milestone stage.

    I pray that God could possibly bless me with a daughter like you. Your mom is such a blessing to so many, and apparently the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree.

    Thanks so much!
    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  495. Crystal G

    Hi Hope! I would give this to my son’s girlfriend. Thank you for sharing today! Have a blessed day!

  496. Cathy

    Thanks for sharing with us today, Hope. Sounds like a great book, and I would give it to a young lady who will be graduating this year. I committed to pray for her when she was in the 8th grade and have been praying for her that she would follow His plan for her life.

  497. Carla

    I would give this gift to my daughter. She is having her birthday in 6 weeks and it would make the perfect birthday present. What a great question…”who and whose do you want to be”. Thanks

  498. Eternity

    WOW! I’m so excited for this. I want to give this to my 15 (will be 16 the 26th of this month) year old!!!! She has a passion for people and for God, but has been struggling to learn “who” and “whose” she is in Christ. She needs that faith building bit of encouragement that comes straight from GOD, and on top of all of that she LOVES to read!!! This would be so perfect! Thanks for stepping up for your mom! Blessings!

  499. Pamela R

    I would give this set to a young woman in my life that has been through severe trauma at the hands of a family member. Her memories came flooding back when she was away at college and she returned home. She despises being asked “What do you do?” and other questions like that because she is healing right now. I am looking forward to asking her what she wants to be the next time I see her. I would love to see her turn to Christ for direction, healing, and peace.

  500. jana mills

    i would give this special gift to my sister, santan’s attacking her sweet family. she married for 16 years and has three wonderful children ages 12, 7, and 4. She still has her faith even tho it is being tested.

  501. Julie

    Hi Hope, Thanks for filling in for your mom today. I would give this to my 13 yr old daughter who has been raised Jewish(reformed) because her dad is Jewish and at the time she was born I was not completely connected to my faith in Christ. I am continually pursuing Christ and want my daughter to know Him as well. I’ve been searching for a way to start the conversation with her. I think this is a great one!
    Thanks so much and God bless you, Julie

  502. Monna

    I am starting a new ministry in our church for teens. I want to use this book as a springboard for these sweet girls. This gift will be an inspiration and incentive to get the girls excited about this new challenge. I’ll probably give it as a reward for a sincere commitment to this new study. I’m very excited about this new challenge for myself as well. Please pray for a successful endeavor. God has confirmed the rightness of it, and I can’t wait to see what He is going to do with these girls.

  503. Becky Hardcastle

    Dear Hope,
    When i started reading your devotion this morning, it was like reading about my own 22 year old daughter! She has done mission work since she was a young teenager. She recently surrendered her life to missions. Immediately after doing this, she was asked to go to Hong Kong with 2 other people from our church; the missions pastor and one other girl. My first response was No! That’s too far, and it was going to be over Christmas break. But, almost immediately, I said; “what am I saying?’ If God called you to do mission work, then he is yours, and not mine. After all, God gave Kimberly to me only for a short time. She did go, and spent two weeks there, and absolutely love it! She has such a servants heart and I am in awe of her every day. I would love to give this to her, because she is always giving to others! Thank you for your words! God Bless you in all you do!
    Becky Hardcastle

  504. Teresa R

    I wish I could give it to my daughter who passed away in 2011. So I would go to my local Walmart and ask God to have the young woman He wants to have the book to pass by me.

  505. Alice

    Hi Hope!
    Thanks for your encouragement — and challenge — this morning! I needed that! 🙂
    I would give this to a friend (anonymous) who just went through an extremely difficult divorce at the age of only 25. The sun hat is perfect (she’s a fair-skinned, outdoorsy girl), she’s a big-time reader and could sure use the encouragement, and the nail polish and necklace would be new territory for her…so that’s awesome! Thank you!

  506. Brianna

    I would give this to my 17 year old daughter. She would love all of the items in this giveaway and could really benefit from reading this book!

    Thanks so much!

  507. Joe King

    What a nice give away! I would give this to my cousin who is getting ready to graduate from high school this year.

  508. Sharon

    I would give it to my 29 year old daughter who is married with two children. I feel our family of mostly women have passed on these generational curses which I fear I have exampled to her as a product of my environment…I would want her to walk in a different faith and be a better example to her daughter and son as the mom my mother could not be and I feel I didn’t know how to be. I never married so that is one accomplishment I am proud for her but question her choice based on her lack of healthy examples of marriage and role models.

    I definitely have a living testimony as a witness of God’s personal experiences in my life. I have lived through many trials and tribulations and grave emotional and traumatic events and I’m still standing. I genuinely feel it was a power greater than myself that walked me through and that power was By God’s Grace, no question. I find though as I get older and more in touch with my feelings I can allow myself to be vulnerable without shame, however I feel my faith in knowing this too shall pass does not kick in as quickly and anxiety and depression almost immediately shows up more often. I am praying for a break through and for reparation of my faith.

    I want this unhealthy cycle to stop.

    Thank you,

  509. Paula Lloyd

    Hope, it is so encouraging to see someone your age so devoted to their faith and convictions. I personally only have on son, but I have a neice that is really struggling right now and I believe this would be a great book for her. She has just confided in me and my mom about some of her thoughts and I was heart broken to learn her feelings and what she wishes. So glad that you are doing this.

  510. April Haynes

    What a neat giveaway! I have a friend that is in a blended family and has a teenage step-daughter. This would be a nice thing to give to them together. Thanks for the opportunity.

  511. Piper

    I would give this gift to my sister, she has done an amazing job becoming the person that God would want her to be. Through every struggle, she has gotten back on her feet and kept moving towards the goal line, which is something to be admired.

  512. Dana

    the gift Bag that you’re offering would be perfect for a Bible study that I lead for five Young Girls ages 15 to 18 we’re studying sexual purity and many of them are getting ready to graduate so the book that you’re offering would be perfect and send it to them to finish that homework and finished the book that were doing

  513. Sharleen

    I would give this awesome giveaway to my 16 year old daughter. She is such a sweetheart and she I know she’s really struggling in some of her friendships at school. She is surrounded by boys (3 brothers & a dad) and she could use a little girlie pick me up. Plus she LOVES fingernail polish, tote bags, necklaces, books, and starbucks is her favorite!

  514. LoriLynn

    What a fun idea! My daughter is going to be a Freshman next year…and is prayerfully deciding between homeschool and high school. I think this would be just the encouragement for her to know she can faithfully follow Him, wherever she is in school.

  515. Stefani Anderson

    Wow, this is so great. Thank you for writing such an important book. If I were to be blessed with a copy, I would give it to my best friend’s daughter. She is 17 and was adopted from India when she was 4. She struggles with identity and abandonment issues. I think this book would help her find her true identity as God’s daughter and instill in her the hope that he will never abandon nor forsake her! Again, thank you for giving your heart to this book.

  516. Jennifer

    Hi Hope! I would give the gift to my cousin Hayley who knows of the Lord but I don’t think has a relationship with Him. She had a troubled childhood (born out of wedlock to my cousin while he was still in high school; mom has been in and out of trouble with drugs). And she, like most young women, is trying to discover who she is and what her purpose is.

  517. Kimberly

    I would give this to my daughter who is 17 and has seemed to be more and more influenced by her peers and the world than me over the past few months. I would like her to read about a young woman who has chosen a path that follows God.

  518. Tricia

    I would give this to my friend’s daughter. She’s 20 & about to be married to a wonderful, godly man. We are excited to see them start their life together!

  519. Linda Keene

    Hi precious Hope! I know your mother is EXTREMELY proud of you! I know I am, and I haven’t even met you! 🙂 I would give this gift to my daughter, after sharing with her your story. She is 17 and has been making some tough life-decisions lately. This little gift would certainly be an encouragement to her as she continues to grow and mature.


  520. Karen Doll

    I would have loved to give this to my daughter, Emily when she was younger. She is now 22, attending graduate school in VA, and a most beautiful daughter of Christ ! She has already impacted so many little girls (and boys) as she has taught in our church’s preschool and Sunday school and babysits to beat the band !!! Young ones simply adore her ! Perhaps though I will give it to her for when she has her own young ones or perhaps she will use it as she interacts with and ministers to all the little girls who smile at the mere mention of sweet Emily’s name !!!!! Thanks for this great giveaway !!!!! God bless !

  521. Connie Moore

    God is so good! I just read your post for today and then I got an email from a dear friend who is desparately trying to “find God”. Here’s some of what she said, “I have prayed to feel God’s presence in my life…to be able to believe and worship as I see others do. And I do believe. I just don’t really feel Him. I know that He is there, but I pray that I will feel the strength of it one day.” Lysa, thank you for helping me find the words that will give her the encouragement to not give up and be “fearless and faithful” in her journey. I am meeting with her in the next week and I need to be kind and gentle and understanding and you have done that for me today, to let God do all the talking through me as He would if He were standing right in front of her. I need to be Jesus with skin on. If you have time would you pray for our conversation and that “she will feel God” and know He is there! Love & Blessings for all you do, Connie

  522. Anne

    Hi Hope! It is so wonderful to see how you have become a wonderful woman of God. My prayer is that both of my daughters would do the same thing. Surprisingly though, there are few resources out there for young women which is why I am so excited about your book. I do see God at work in my daughter’s lives but they lack tools to really develop their relationship with our creator. I think your book would be a wonderful launch pad for them and can project them into a deeper, more meaningful, lasting and fulfilling relationship that they can share with others. Thank you for recognizing the need and thank you for being willing to hang with your mom on this one. She is a great lady whom I admire much. I can tell that God has big plans for you, too! Well done. 🙂

  523. Linda

    Hi Hope, I would love to give this gift to my 16 yr old daughter. She has struggled with depression a lot during her High School years. Despite the difficulties she has faced, she has not lost hope, has trust in the Lord, and has been an encouragement and friend to other girls in school. The Lord is using her difficulties to ministry to others. I would love to bless her, as she has been such a blessing <3

  524. Peggy

    Thanks for the post, Hope! I just love to see young girls living out their faith & how God uses girls like you to impact others. I have 3 daughters ages 7, 10, & 14. I would love to give this book to my oldest daughter. She will be graduating next month from a local private school & entering the much bigger world of public high school. We’re so excited for her and eager for her to form new friendships and see what God has in store for her. She has the biggest heart, and I think this book would be perfect for a Summer read as she makes this big transition.

  525. Amy Young

    I would give this to my wonderful 13 year old step daughter. She has a big heart and loves God so much! She would love everything in this bag. I’m very proud of the young woman she is becoming and I think this book would be great to encourage her.

  526. Billie

    I would give this to my precious only child and daughter who is about to finish up her junior year in high school. I have so much left I want to teach her before she goes to college, and I fear I won’t be able to do it all in such a short time. This book seems to have a message that every young lady should hear as they enter adulthood. Needless to say she would love everything in the giveaway, but I am most interested in finding ways to infiltrate her heart with God’s love and wisdom with the little time we have left.

  527. Tish McNeill

    I would give this to my oldest daughter who will be 16 in 9 days. She went on her first mission trip last summer. She left about a week after I had back surgery, so that made her leaving a little harder, but she did it and was truly Blessed during that week. She cried a lot, her heart was so heavy for so many of the kids they were dealing with, and her group of Acteens even had a girl get saved while on the mission trip. I remember how hard it was for me in high school and I can’t even imagine now, so I would love to give her this gift to help enourage her. Thanks for sharing today and I pray you have a Blessed Day!

  528. Kim

    Hi Hope, I’m a regular follower of your mom’s site and it’s so nice to see you on here. It’s so great to hear from the younger generation following Christ and inspiring and encouraging others. I’d give this lovely package to my daughter who would probably then pass along the book to some young girls she knows after reading it.

  529. Cricket Franklin

    I would give this book to my daughter Morgan Grace. She turns 13 today and has a great love for God. I want this passion to continue.

  530. Barb K.

    Hi Hope –
    My name is Barb, and I have a 15-year-old daughter who would be delighted with your spring weather favorites (we are certainly having spring showers here in northern Illinois this week!). Emma has always been a faith-filled girl, but this first year of high school, with it’s intense academic requirements, along with wanting to be involved in sports and theater and clubs, is pulling her away from her church – she says she has no time for God! I would love to give her a copy of this book.

  531. Faith Kapp

    I would give this to my oldest daughter who just turned 12. Since she is my oldest, I’ve never parented someone her age and I want to encourage her to see herself through God’s eyes and to see Him for guidance, wisdom, encouragement, confidence…….all the things we ALL struggle with but especially as a young girl dealing with so many pressures in the world.

  532. Emily

    Love reading your moms books and look forward to reading her blogs! I would love to share this book with my daughter who is a freshman in high school and is just beginning to experience the big questions of who and where you will go in life, I think the perspective from another Godly girl with help her , to know there are other Godly girls just like her in the world !!! 🙂

  533. Emily

    To share this with my daughter

  534. Deb

    It is so exciting that you and your mom worked on a book together. I’d love to win it so I can share it w/ my daughter who is 20.
    Enjoy life.

  535. Janet

    I have three beautiful daughters, ages 17, 19, & 22. I would give the book to them after I get to read it. I love to read and my girls share that love. (Books A Million is our favorite store to go to together. We often call it our field trip.) We often pass a book around and as we each read it we discuss it.

  536. Amber Cook

    Good Morning!!! I am sooo excited about your book. I just heard of it JUST now from and wascso excited. I just heard word from my old church say there is a need for the high school girls youth group leaders….this wouod be perfect.

  537. Tonya McCoy

    I have a 12 yr old (going on 18) who lives with us that I would love to give this to. She hasn’t seen her mom in over 2 years & she is really struggling with unloved feelings, insecurity & self esteem issues. That girl has one big heart & a heart after God. I think she could use all the encouragement she can get.

  538. Sherry

    I would give it to my oldest daughter Bryanna, because I love her and I want her to see how much God cares for young girls. God can use you at any age young or old. All we
    need is to be willing. Thank you Hope for sharing part of your story about saying Yes
    to God.

  539. Lindsey

    A young lady in my community is who I’d give this to. She is 20, single, and recently found out she pregnant. Also her mother (whom she was very close to) died a few weeks ago of cancer. She’s been on my heart. She has a tough road ahead of her, but through all of these things, if she says yes to God, I know He will see her through it and turn her “mess” into her “message”.

  540. Candice Dotson

    Hi Hope, Wonderful blog by the way. I loved “who do I want to be” I have two daughters and my oldest daughter Alexis is who I would give it to. This world we live in now, its hard for young women to stay true and pure. I believe this book you and your mother wrote will help them on their journey. Thanks so much, Glad to see you following in your mothers footsteps. Shes a wonderful woman.

  541. Kellie Cawell

    What a neat idea to take over your mom’s blog for the day. I have both of your mom’s books. I love the way she writes. She is so REAL. The unglued book made me feel like I wasn’t a bad mom and that there were others out there who just had to learn to deal with their emotions. Made to Crave was just as awesome. I am looking forward to reading the book that you and your mom wrote together! If I won this package, I would give it to my oldest daughter. She is about to turn 16. She is learning her walk with God, what it means to be a young lady in this big world of ours and I think it would be a good thing for her to read and gain encouragement and strength. I would hope it would also open up lines of communication for additional talks between the two of us. We already have a wonderful relationship but this would only enhance us talking about her walk with Jesus and who she wants to become. Thank you for the opportunity of this blessing!

  542. Linda H

    Hey Hope! Thanks for writing today! I would give this wonderful package to my teenage daughter (although she would have to share). She is a Jesus girl – but she would *never* say yes to a mission trip 🙂 High school seems to be very focused on the “what”. I love the thought of thinking “who do you want to be” – even for me – who already established the “what” 🙂 Thanks again for sharing with us today!!!

  543. Rebecca

    I would give this to a sweet young Christian girl at my school. She is struggling right now and this would be the perfect pick-me-up, life-changer that she needs!

  544. Rebekah Clark

    I am a college student in Springfield, MO. I have about a year left of school before I graduate (eekkk!). Though I am extremely grateful for God’s protection and guidance, I sometimes still have to lean on my parents for support and provision. This week has been one of those weeks. God uses things like my finances to show me more about Himself. I owe my taxes and my tuition all this week, some of the biggest expenses I’ve ever had in my life. I’m also responsible to pay my bills on time. My parents, especially my mother, has been so willing to lead me and show me how to responsibly manage my finances. They are so giving and loving to me, even when I don’t deserve it!

    So, as a special thank you to my mother for loving me and taking care of me even when I don’t deserve it, I would give her this token of appreciation. It’s minute in comparison to how much I would like to give her, but it does symbolize my complete gratefulness and thankfulness to her and to God.

    Keep praying for her, for me, for the future God has in store, but most importantly, for His perfect provision and protection of His children! How blessed are we?

  545. Pauline Pruitt

    Hope, I would give this to my sister, she has been going threw a rough time lately- she is rasing 2 children who have autism and she is struggling and i would love to give her something to up lift her and help her through her struggling. Thank You and God Bless.

  546. Staci

    I would give this book to my daughter, who is turning 13 next month. As she is getting ready to head into high school, my prayer is that she is strongly connected with Holy Spirit as her guide and confident in herself to continue to be herself.

  547. Rebekah Clark

    One quick note, my mother is a youth pastor and works with struggling girls on a regular basis. She loves reading books like this, and would find great use for it. 🙂 Thanks

  548. Megan Fredrickson

    I would give this to my beautiful daughter who is about to make the transition into high school. I see amazing potential in her and pray daily that she would fearlessly seek God & stay on His path for her life. I think she would be greatly encouraged to read this book and know that she isn’t alone in her struggles and that living a Godly life is possible.

  549. Jessie

    What a cute giveaway!! I would love to give this to a young mom that I meet with weekly. She has separated from her husband who is an alcoholic. I would like her to see that she can say yes to God to love her husband to Jesus Christ!

  550. Melinda

    I’d give it to my daughter. Even though we had some rough teenage years, we have a wonderful relationship and I love spending time with her. She is now a mother and does such a good job with her little girl but she is beginning to see and understand the “joys of motherhood”

  551. Lisa Eberly

    I have been going through Made To Crave and it is such a blessing to me at this point in my life. I am very excited to read more of your books. One impaticular, When God hurts your feelings. I have some things I am dealing with spiritually and emotionally. It sounds to me like your new book would be great even for my age group as well and I am in my early 30’s. Thank you Lysa for loving and gracefilled words.

  552. Kim

    I would give this to my daughter who is just a couple months from turning 13. We are just entering the teen years and I think this book would be a great benefit to her as she is starting to search and ask questions about her life.

  553. Cheryl

    Wonderful devotion this morning! I would give this to my daughter in grad school many states away. She would welcome the encouragement.

  554. Tina Spriggs

    Hope, thank you for this blog. I have been praying so hard for my 16 year old daughter lately. She is so conflicted between the world and what God has for her. She loves God and it shows in her in all that she does, but lately I have seen her start to cave more and more to peer pressure. Your words just spoke so deeply to my heart and I feel that they will speak just as deeply to my daughter. The world and its wiles are so hard to resist when you are this age. I know because I watched my 24 year old daughter struggle with all these same issues and I felt for a long time that I had failed her. I know now that I haven’t failed any of my daughters (I have 3, two biological and one adopted) or my son (also adopted). I know that I have done the very best I can and I will continue to do the very best for them. My 16 year old daughter is such a light to so many people. My faith is in God and she is in His hands. I am merely the vessel that will guide her on this journey. I can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for being so faithful in all that God has planned for you.

  555. Lisa Hulme

    Hey Hope! I would love to give this to my daughter who recently moved away from home and is feeling lonely and sad. She is a nurse, working in MICU in Conneticut (we live in SC). Although her job is very fulfilling, it can be very hard and emotionally draining on a young nurse, in a strange environment far from home and family. After getting thru a long hard winter, this gift would give her inspiration to explore her new world.

  556. Julie

    I would give this little package to my daughter. She is 13 and has just let The Lord in her life and is learning how to trust in Him and how awesome it feels to be a Child of God. It is an amazing experience in its self just to watch her Faith grow.

  557. Pamela

    Hi Hope, Just wanted you to know that I love the Idea of this book, being 50 I so wish that I had this book when I was in my older teens and younger 20’s! That being said I would give this book to our Exchange Daughter Kaxi. She is a step away from turning her Heart over to God and Jesus. She is a beautiful young lady from China and we are trying to equip her to return to China and face life as a Christian in a dead god country. I would ask that you put this girl on your prayer lists as she takes this last step into Christianity. Thanks and God Bless.

  558. Megan

    I would reward my sister who is just making it through each day with triplets. They are 19 months old and exhausting. I don’t know how she does it some days but when you become a mom you do things you never thought possible. I pray for her to keep strong and a little gift of sunlight would mean so much to her. She definitely could use some Starbucks!!

  559. Lisa

    Dear Hope,

    I would give this gift to my friend Lisa, (yup same name as me!), we actually have the same 3 initials, L.A.D– interesting!. I would give this gift to her because she is so cherished in my eyes, being a perfect example of purity and what it means to have an intimate relationship with the Lord. Not only this, but she is humble and loving toward others despite what she endures on a day to day basis. Stricken by poverty in her home, she has to provide for both her mother and sister and being 20 years old, this is tough. So it would be nice to spoil her with a gift, to show her how much she means to me and Jesus!


  560. Lanetta Gobble

    I so enjoyed reading this from you this morning. I would LOVE to give the giveaway items to my daughter Bailey. She is going on her first mission trip in 3 weeks – We are going to Kazakhstan to live at and build a playground in an orpahange. We have twin girls adopted from Kazakhstan – Bailey is an incredible older sister to them and LOVES the Lord with all her heart. I’d love to give her the book to read during those upcoming flights and as a wonderful gift and reminder of the Lord’s plans for her! 🙂 I just know (as you wrote) that this trip will CHANGE her life forever! EXCITED… to watch the Lord use her! Have a wonderful day!

  561. Janet

    Hi, Hope. What an inspiration you are now and will continue to be to young women all over the world. I would give this book to my daughter, who is 23, has moved back home with my husband and I with a 2 year old son. No job, no license, graduated high school but never finished college. She has no idea where she is going with her life from this point forward. She has messed up in many issues and my prayers are that God will massage her heart every second of every day to soften it to a point that she will open her eyes and ears and put her life back on track with Him leading every inch of the way. Wishing you the best of luck to you in your ministry.

  562. Chris Carter

    Well how lovely to have you guest posting and sharing such a fantastic book!!! I am sure your mom is so so proud of the Godly woman you have become… 🙂 I would read the book with my daughter, she’s at the tween critical phase of her life, and I know this is where I need to focus my energy. I would love to continue to lay the groundwork for her identity in the Lord with this beautiful book. I am currently reading “..When Women Say Yes To God” with my women’s group!

  563. Mitzi M.

    So great to hear from you, Hope! I’m excited about your new book and have twin 15yo girls that I refer to as the ‘daughters I never had’ who I want to have a copy. They’re dear to our family, but I would need 2 gifts! So… I’m thinking if I won this gift set, I’d have to think outside my normal circle of kids. Seek out just the right young woman to receive such a special gift and would love to be able to do so.

  564. Kelly B

    Hope, First of all I want to say wonderful blog post! I would give this book to my 16 year old daughter who is struggling in finding her identity in society. I want her to see that it only matters who we are to God and not to the world. I think this book would be a great tool. She can pass it down to her two younger sisters once she finishes it. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  565. Alison M.

    I would give this to my daughter. She will be going to college in August and I would love her to have guidance on living a life for God.

  566. Mary

    I would give them to Emily. She had a lung & heart transplant two years ago. It’s been a long haul for her. April is organ transplant month. A few weeks ago she broke a bone in her foot and we’re praying it heals without surgery. If she has to have surgery she will have to be taken off of some of her rejection medications. She is a wonderful example of “Life is truly a gift”.

    • Mary R

      Hi, I was going to leave a comment to maybe get this gift for my granddaughter but decided that Emily should receive it. If she does not, I would like to buy her the book. Please let me know how I could do this.
      Love for you and Emily, Mary Ramirez

  567. Nancy Murphy

    Good Morning Hope. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you. I would give your gift to my 16 year old daugnter, Hannab. She is at the stage in her life where she is trying to decide what to do with her life. She has a heart for the Lord to work with missions. I believe would give her some direction to realize how important it is to follow the Lords calling . Thank you for having a heart to share your mothers ministry and be a blessing to young women.

  568. Amanda Jones

    Hi Hope! So exciting to see you working with your mom on a project like this. 🙂
    I would give this to my daughter. She’s on the brink of the teen years, and I would love to have something like this for us to read through together. The extras would be so fun for her too. 🙂

  569. Jami Roundtree

    This would be perfect for my niece who is about to graduate high school & searching for what her future holds!

  570. Karen

    Hello Hope!
    It is nice to meet you! Thanks so much for having such a special giveaway. I would give this to my daughter Noelle Hope 🙂 She is just finishing out her second year in college and is looking toward transferring to a four year college. She struggles a lot about grades and knowing the material and I continue to encourage her to trust that the Lord is leading her and if she fails, it is okay. Honestly, she is very smart and has been on the President’s list. She seems to be afraid to fail. I think this book would be helpful to her. I know that she would love the other items as well, she has a good eye for fashion. 🙂

  571. Patricia

    I would give this to my oldest daughter. She is a Junior in High School and has had a challenging year with life disappointments. I would love for her to win and read this book to hopefully give her encouragement and fresh hope in her future ahead.

  572. Heather

    I would give this to my 19 year old daughter. She is embarking on a new phase of her life & I see her struggling. I think this would be a surprise to her showing that there is a wonderful support system out there in her fellow Christian women.

  573. Debra-Jean Morris

    Hi Hope
    I was so happy to read your devotional this morning. When I subscribed to receive my daily devotional from this site some years ago the first one I received was written by your mother and somehow I feel like we are friends although this is the first time I ever commented so you can only imagine how elated I felt this morning when My devotion came from my friend’s daughter. Pray God’s blessings in your ministry.

    P.s – you like just like your mother.

    Debra all the way from Barbados

  574. Ginger

    Hope, I think you did a great job! I’m guilty of asking my mentees what they want to be or how they invision their lives as adults. I won’t ask that again! WHO they want to be is such a better question and conversation starter. Thanks : )

  575. Tamera Jones

    I would love to give this to my daughter who is getting married 7-1-13 and is trying to figure out who she is going to be as a married woman and mother sometime later. Her identity as a young career woman and leader is going to change drastically and she wants to do whatever God leads her to in making changes.This would be a wonderful bridal gift for her.

  576. kathy

    my daughter, i so long for her to say yes to GOD.

  577. STACY H

    I would give this book to my 16 year old daughter. She is a christian but doesn’t have a strong prayer life right now. I would pray that this book would inspire her to be God’s woman now and in the future.

  578. KaSteesha

    Those questions you asked in the excerpt above are vital and get straight to the heart of the matter. I would give the giveaway to my 14 year old cousin whom just started high school in the Fall. I no longer live in Tennessee so she and I can’t spend as much quality time with one another as we’d hoped. This gift (particularly the book) will set the precedent for her life.

  579. Christin

    I would give this to my daughters. We have one daughter, but are in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. I would give this book to our daughter now and our soon to be daughter!!

  580. Heather

    I know of a young lady (she is a student at the high school where i teach) who is getting ready to graduate from high school and move into the next stage of her life. She is also battling an eating disorder that is gripping her. It is a daily struggle, and the only thing she has to hold on to right now is her faith. Encouragement from your book might be just the ticket to continue saying yes to God!

  581. Terri

    I would give it to my daughter. She is a High School senior. So this summer she will start college and a new chapter in her life. I would like for her to have all the encouragment possible to know God is the only One who will be there for her always. This sounds like a gread book for her. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  582. Rachel McDowell


    What a greatd devo! I would give this to my oldest daughter. Last year we able to take a couple of days and had a “Purity Weekend”. This was especially important to me as a woman who did not become Christian until in my 20’s and not brought up in a Godly home. One of my worries I give up to God daily is how to show God’s love and direct my children so that they will have their OWN relationship Him. One that grows deep, strong roots in their hearts- I know that this book would be a blessing! She is always in my nailpolish :), loves to get an occasional treat at Starbucks, & we can’t wait to go to the beach soon! Thank you for being an inspiration to young ladies!

  583. Sue Moore

    Hi Hope! It is wonderful to hear from you! I am in the middle of reading “Unglued” and just read the story your Mom wrote about you and a girl from Middle School. I am the mother of 4 sons….but I have a beautiful niece who is in middle school and when I read the story in Unglued I thought of Maddie. She is my only niece and the closest thing I have to a daughter. Unfortunately, her mother (my sister) is raising her to see the world for all the material that it can provide and although they go to church and Maddie is a Girl Scout I think the influence of her Mom is going to be strong, You know the impact your mother has had on you. I want GOD to SHINE on her so that she can see that this world is worth so much more than “stuff” and she can do so much more – her deeds are more than acts of service to put on a resume some day. I think this book would be an amazing 13th birthday present for her this month! Way to go Hope!

  584. Renee

    I would give this to my 17 year granddaughter whom I have raised since birth. Cicumstances with her biological mother was very complicated. She is very sweet and loving and has took avow of clibacy until she older and able to understand. She loves the Lord and sings in the choir and praise dance team. She loves hats and blue is her favorite color. The fact that other young women have the same faith base would be such an inspiration for her because in our small town they are far and few to be found.

  585. marci goodale

    I would give the gift to my beautiful daughter! 🙂

  586. inspiremichelle

    Great job, I really enjoyed your artical.

  587. Ivete

    I would give this to my daughter who’s turning 12 on the 20th of this month. She is a beautiful girl with a loving heart that has had many struggles in her first year of middle school. Throughout all the struggles I have tried to lead her to focus on WHO God knows she is and WHO God wants her to be. She would so benefit from hearing encouragement from another girl. I think it would really motivate her. Thanks.

  588. Donna Jensen

    I would give this to one of my teachers named Kayla. She is 20 years old. One day, driving home from a training 4 hours away, she was extremely quiet as the other three of us were chatting away about Church, relationships with Christ and general Christian topics. Finally, well into the ride, she spoke up. She said the conversation made her a little uncomfortable because she is struggling with the decision of what to believe. See, her grandparents basically raised her. Her grandmother is a Christian and her grandfather is Jehovahs Witness. They eventually divorced, but both of them continued to try to instill their beliefs in her. She was completely confused and felt that choosing either belief would actually be “choosing” a grandparent over the other. We had a wonderful long talk, encouraging her to go to church (maybe one that neither of them go to) and investigate… do lots of investigating. She needed to make this important decision for herself. A few weeks went by and then on a Monday morning, she came in beaming.. she had gone to a Christian church and had accepted Christ! She said she felt as if the pastor was speaking right to her. The next weekend, she asked if she could visit our chuch (Newspring) and went with us. She has attended every week since, and even brought her roommate, roommates mom and her sister to Easter service where all three of them accepted Christ. Kayla is on fire for the Lord and I would love to give her this gift to encourage her!

  589. Shana Hodge

    I would give this wonderful gift to my 16 year old daughter. She is a godly young lady is learning so much about who she is and WHO she belongs to. It is so exciting to watch how God is shaping and molding her into His image.

  590. Denice

    I would give this to my niece!

  591. Donna

    Good Morning!

    I think that the mission trip was a wonderful thing that you did. I went on one here in the states a few years ago and it also had a great impact on my life. I would give the gift to my 16 year old niece, Tori, she is an amazing young woman and has shown so much compassion and love for people already in her lifetime that I know she is destined for great things. At the beginning of the school year in our area, she started a back pack ministry with local churches for the grade school children at the local elementary school. Through this ministry these children, who would possibly go hungry, get a back pack each Friday with food for the weekend. She has taken it upon herself to make the community aware of this hunger problem and has been to many churches and organizations to give presentations and collect donations to buy food for this ministry. Several local grocery stores have also teamed up with her to give her discounts on purchases. This is just one example of the good works that she has been doing. I am extremely proud of her and pray for her everyday that the Lord will give her guidance and safety. I was totally shocked at the number of children who take this backpack home each week just in our little area and would ask that you, your family and anyone reading this comment pray for her and the continued success of this ministry.

  592. Missy

    I am a mother of three daughters. I was not raised in a christian home and lived life self destructivly after losing my father to a heart attack when I was a preteen. After, MANY mistakes and situations that only God himself could of brought me through, I realized how meaningless life is without a heart for Jesus. So just about 10 years ago, my husband and I gave our hearts to the Lord. He had already blessed us with three healthy girls and shown us first hand His grace and forgiveness. I would give this gift to my daughters. In their teenage years, so many other areas demand their attention. I want them to realize that there is NOTHING this side of heaven that will be as fulfilling and consistant as the love of our Lord and Savior! Thank you for your mission work! You and your family are so very encouraging and a wonderful example for the rest of us! God bless you all!

  593. Sherry

    Hope, I would give this to a coworkers daughter who is 16 and struggling with anorexia. She is away from home at a rehab facility and is having a hard time being away from her family. I have been trying to think of what to send her to help her through this time and this would be perfect.

  594. Joy Henderson

    I would give this to my daughter who is about to be 12 this summer!
    I know she is at a crucial age and any resources to help navigate her through this time of life is oh, so, helpful!

  595. Jodi

    I would give this to my beautiful 12 year old daughter, Dani. She will be 13 in about a month, and we all remember what that age is like. 🙂 It has been on my heart to try to teach her to be the girl/young woman that God created her to be. To not buy into the world’s view of what a beautiful woman should look like. I know what a struggle this will be; I certainly struggle with it. Things to help keep the communication open is a blessing!!! Thanks…

  596. Melissa McEntyre

    Wonderful post! I love the question “Whose do you want to be?”. I’ll be tucking that away, for sure.

    As for the gift, I’d love to be able to surprise my younger sister, Lizzy, with it. My sister is seventeen going on thirty five, and an incredible human being. We lost our mom three years ago. Since I was already living out of our parents’ house, my sister really stepped up. She had to grow up overnight, and she did a spectacular job. She is a great caregiver and a wonderful example to our younger brother. She helps our dad with scheduling and errands and cleaning. She’s helped so much to fill the void in the home that was left when our mom passed. She is one of my best friends and I am so proud of her. She doesn’t let anything stop her, and she is nothing if not completely confident in who she is in Christ.

    This little gift would be such a treat for her.

  597. ConnieA

    I would share this book with both of my daughters, Lisa (17) and Laura (14). Hopefully we can also share with our small groups. Lisa and Laura have a great heart for God and serving others.

  598. Kelly Sauser

    First, I would use this book in my high school girls small group and then I would pass it along to one of the girls who are unable to attend the small group study with the intent that they would share it with a friend and so on. They could jot their name on the inside as they use they book and maybe a note of encouragement to the next girl who reads the book.

  599. Alisha Rowland

    I would send this to my Daughter in Law, Kendra. She is such a sweet and loving mother to my granddaughter Florence. Kendra is also a devoted wife to my son Zach and I love her very much. She is now pregnant with my next granddbaby and I think this gift would be the perfect thing to get her through the hot summer months of her third trimester!

  600. Connie

    Your book and the Spring gifts would be a perfect high school graduation gift for my precious granddaughter. She loves God, her mommy (my daughter) and her whole family. She’s hoping to be a teacher after college and work with special needs children. I am praying God will direct her every step of the way.

  601. Vanessia

    You have a beautiful name which suits you. Thanks for sharing with us. i would give this lovely gift to my daughter who is a freshman in college and has a new passion for God. She is looking to transfer to a Christian University in the fall and wants to study vocal music and worship leading. I would love to give her this gift to encourage her to continue her quest for God and His direction in her life. It would be a way of affirming her recent decision. Thanks again for sharing.

  602. Kathy Spade

    Hope, I would give it to my 20 year old daughter who is a sopohmore at Auburn.
    She has had a rough year health wise, as well as spiritually and emotionally.
    I think it would enourage her and help her regain focus.

  603. klaub63

    A beautiful young lady I work with

  604. Jill

    I would give it to my nieces, they just beginning their journey into womanhood and have tough choices ahead of them and I want them to know that God is the only way to go!

  605. Sandra

    I would give this to my 17 yr old granddaughter Who was mixed up with the wronge crowd and stole all of my jewelry to sell for money and who is currently waiting the judge rruling I have asked for leniency and am praying for Gods will. back to church now Praise God.

  606. Misti

    I would give this to our babysitter. She is an awesome teenager with a huge heart, and I know she would really appreciate it. 🙂

  607. Lori Warning

    I would give this amazing gift to my mother. She is in her 60’s, still vibrant and full of life, and entering a new season. As a single mom, raising 3 kids, and struggling to provide a better life for her family, she put many of her dreams to the side. She is now entering a new season of life. Happily married, along with her husband, God has opened doors for ministry and she is finally able to answer the ‘the call’ that God placed on her life many years ago but due to circumstances, often out of her control, she was not able to live out fully. Now in her 60’s, my YOUNG mom is living out the joy of her yes from many years ago and walking in the blessing of her response to His call.

  608. Terri

    I would give this to my 14 y.o. granddaughter who is going through rough waters. I can honestly say that I’m sure she would read the book, but I am trying to teach them (all my granddaughters) who God is at a distance. I live in IL and they/she lives in OH. I discovered on facebook last night that she is communicating with a 19 y.o. sailor from Virginia, if what he says is true, I am afraid for her. Abbi is a beautiful girl, but with health problems, low self esteem, and turmoil in her life, she does not know what direction to go. Because of a dramatic episode in the summer, she rebelled in Sept and broke into school property and took her frustrations out on the preschool playground. He father is not very fond of us, therefore we do not have much communication with her, and I believe she is at the crossroads right now. God has placed many burden upon my heart and my granddaughter is big one…

  609. Kim Shurie

    I would give this to my niece Amanda. She is not walking with The Lord, but she seems to be seeking. Her parents don’t go to church and are not saved. When we are together she seems to have a hunger and listens and asks some great questions, that let me know she is wrestling with a lot. I believe this will help lead her to Christ. Thank you for your love and passion for women. Side note: my small group is going thru Unglued. I bought the DVD, and both books from proverbs 31. We are diving deep and we all LOVE this study. Thank you!

  610. Courtney Lynn

    I would give this to one of the girls in my youth group. I give away door prizes at every meeting and I’m always looking for books and cute gifts to give my students.
    On a side note, Hope, I think you are so sweet and have matured into such a strong, Godly woman! When are you going to get a blog? hint, hint 😉

  611. Ryan

    Hope, first I feel I must tell you what an absolutely stunning daughter of God you are, inside and out! I can feel your heart for the Lord radiating through your writing and your smile! Thank you for being such a loyal servant of our great God and for sharing with us today.

    I would give this gift to a 15 year old girl who is currently living away from home (she is homeschooled) pursing her dream of becoming an Olympic horseback rider one day. She works hours that would make most adults exhausted (usually 7 a.m.-6 p.m. 6 days a week) and still has homework to do in her spare time. She has very few friends her age and looks up to me greatly. I feel her desire to love and know the Lord and would love to give this gift to her, along with a chartered day off to the beach for her to get away from the stresses of her life and just be with God for a day in the sunshine. I just know this gift would put such a huge smile on her face and give us a chance to bond and encourage each other.

  612. Jenny Corlett

    I am leading a discussion on your book “Ungluded” in our Wednesday night ladies meetings. Everyone is enjoying it so much. I would give this gift to one of the ladies in my class who is having a hard time dealing with a death in her family. I have just discovered you , your books, videos, and blogs and have become quite a fan. I share your blogs with the ladies in my class. Keep up the good work.

  613. Kathy M

    Good Morning Hope! I love the Friday Favorites and this is a good one. I would love to win the gift and give to my daughter, Emily. She will be graduating next month from college and has just been accepted into the Reformed Theological Seminary and is struggling as whether to attend due to finances. She, like you, went on mission trips in college and this changed her life. She prayed for God to NOT let her in seminary if it was his will not to but now that she is in she has to pray for financial means to go. This book would certainly lift her up and guide her. Thank you and your mom so much!

  614. Wendy

    Hi Hope! I would love to give this to my beautiful 16 year old daughter. She is such a brave girl who has been through a lot in her life. She always holds her head up and presses on regardless of how hard I know it has sometimes been for her. God has given her a fantastic gift to be able to write and sing in a very powerful way. I would love to encourage her to use these gifts more to lift Him up! She is at such a crossroad in her life now as she is making all of the decisions you mentioned about her future. I know her potential is limitless and I really want to see it used for God!

  615. Denise Roberts

    Hi Hope! I would give this to Caroline. She’s a young woman about to graduate from college and one who I believe is going to be my daughter-in-love! She so desperately needs to know Whose she is – as she is struggling with the questions of what next? What now? Who am I? and the one that breaks my heart is “Am I worthy?”. I would love to be able to give this to her as a conversation starter that I hope will lead to all the conversations we can have about being the Beloved of God!

  616. Peg

    Hope I would give this bag to my younger sister, she was baptized and turned her life over to God. Then a few short weeks later her husband was put in jail for drugs, they have a daughter that is 15, and their family is divided over his habits. I have heard that he repented and was saved and now wants to be baptized. She had told him and everybody in the family that she is done with the marriage until he seeks the help he needs. I think that Your book could help her and her daughter “walk with faith” and know that God will help her through this rough time. She has been so overwhelmed and I have been praying for her and her family to be healed and her path to become clear to her.

  617. Mary

    I would give it to a beautiful, talented young lady from church, who is living in NYC, trying to get her break but everywhere she turns, the doors are closing. She is discouraged and is now questioning if this is really what GOD intends for her to do with her life and if not, just what IS she supposded to do. She is struggling and just needs some encouragement and a clear direction from God.

  618. Michele

    I would give this to my daughter who is about to graduate from highschool. She is taking the next step in learning and growing and will be attending a 4 year state college in the fall. I wish the best for her!

  619. Dianne

    I have four grandaughters having a birthday in the next month and a half. Would love to win it for one of them. But I will buy the book”What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God” for each of them.
    Thank you, Lysa

  620. Teresa

    As usual your message speaks to my heart, at times I still ask myself what I want to do or be when I grow up and I am now what my granddaughter lovingly refers to me as Mumna. I believe that we should continue to ask ourselves monthly, weekly or even daily what we want to do or be when we grow up it helps to keep things in perspective and to tune in and listen to that still small voice.

  621. Denni Swepston

    Wow – what great FRESHNESS you gave this morning! I am impressed and blessed! If I happen to win the give away I would be giving it to my 18 year old daughter. We are preparing for high school graduation and college all at the same time. She is going to be 3 hours away from us while in college. She is such a strong amazing pure Christian young lady who is active in so much! She is a blessing to me. A great blessing. She makes me want to be all that God has called me to be.

  622. Barb Goodrich

    I have three girls, I am so blessed by them. They don’t know Jesus yet but I’m praying. I saw the comments and my heart breaks for the struggling girls. Give it to one of them.

  623. Sonya

    I would give the giveaway to my best girlfriend Lisa, who is recuperating from breast cancer. I honor her strength, poise, and her VIKING mentality! She chooses everyday to be her own miracle and I love that about her. I am truly inspired by her attitude and try to copy it each and every day God awakes me to His world!

  624. Jessica Caraballo

    Hi Hope, it brings me great joy to hear of a young woman as yourself who is on fire for the Lord and recognizes that the “mission field” is anywhere that God wants to use you! I would give the gift to a 19 year old girl who stepped out in faith last month and made the courageous move to a very rural area (3 hrs from her city) to help serve at our church. I want to bless her and encourage her to continue seeking the Lord’s will and living for Him. Thanks again for your devotion and blog! May the Lord bless you as you bless others! 🙂

  625. Jaime

    I would give this to my good friend….she’s a giver, so it would be wonderful to give something right back to her!!

  626. Becky

    Hi Hope! Thanks for sharing an excerpt from your book! I would love for my niece Megan to read this book. Raised in a broken home Megan struggled to trust in God and with having any faith. She does believe in Jesus and is open to learning more. Recently, her doctor discovered 6 nodules on her thyroid and has had many blood tests. We are awaiting to learn the results of these tests to find out if it is cancerous. If so, she could have surgery as early as next week to remove her thyroid. All prayer is greatly appreciated for Megan. I do believe God has this all in His control and and in His perfect plan for her life!

  627. Trudy Morris

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I plan on printing a copy and sharing your comments with my daughter. Life has been difficult for my family over the last year. My husband of 30 years walked out on our family and started a new life with another woman. My children and I are struggling to put our “new” family back together. My daughter was very close with her dad and has had a terrible time adjusting (as we all have). She has decided to go on a mission trip to Cambodia with our church in July. It will be her first mission trip. She is saving her money and getting her passport on her own. We have seen God mercy and comfort in this difficult life changing event. I would love to give your new book to my daughter as an encouragement. Thank you again for sharing.

  628. Missy

    Hello Hope – Thank you for such an inspirational message. I would give this perfect gift to my 18 year old daughter, who would love every item shown, as they are her favorites also. I would give this to her in hopes that your book would speak to her heart and give her the inspiration to say yes to God. She is struggling to find her herself and her place in this world that we live in. I pray for her daily and faithfully belief that there is something out there that will help to move her in the direction that that God would have her take. Perhaps she just needs a little push to get her started and who knows – maybe your book would be that push. As a mother, I thank you for all of the young lives you have touched through your faith. You truly are an inspiration. May God bless you and keep you in your journey through life.

  629. Michelle

    This book sounds great, I wish I had read something like this as a young woman. What an encouragement this must be to young women everywhere.
    I would give this book to my 16 year old niece, who has endured some issues this past year, because she needs to know Whose she is. It would be such a blessing to be able to share these goodies with her. Thanks!

  630. Priscilla Fauntleroy

    Hope, I would give this to my niece who is 17 years old and is struggling to complete high school. In 2008, her mother was diagnosed with an auto immune disease. It came on quickly and the doctors told us her mother had 10% chance of living. Through God’s grace and mercy she miraculously pulled through. Fast forward – July, 2012, her mother took a turn for the worst and was diagnosed with two additional auto immune disease. Once again Jehovah Rophe extended greater grace and greater mercy to her life. I am grateful to serve a God like this. Throughout the past 4 1/2 years my niece has gone through emotionally and spiritually turmoil which has affects her grades and lifestyle tremendously. We are working closely with her. She was introduced to God at a young age and I want her to know that God can heal her present state and use her for His glory.

  631. Sandy

    I would LOVE to give this book to my daughter who will be 15 this summer. She is at the age where she is easily influenced by the next “in thing” and think this book would be what she needs to help get her on the right track. Her biological father is not in the picture (his choice) and I do believe it leaves her feeling, my dad don’t want me, then she will search for whom ever will show her the love she longs for. My husband, her step-dad, has been her father for 10 years now and he tries to show her the love of a father and of the Father but still sense a longing in her. I pray this book will guide her in the direction of wanting to be who God wants her to be, child of the King.

  632. Shanna Chaney

    I would give this to my daughter in law. My granddaughter was stillborn a month ago. She delivered at 25 weeks due to pregnancy complications. She had a previous miscarriage in May 2012. I want her to know she is loved and who she belongs to.

  633. Janet Trenda

    Hope, this looks like an awesome “map” for my 17 year old granddaughters. I can’t wait to get a copy:)

  634. Meghan Anderson

    I would give this to a sweet freshman girl in my youth group/Sunday School class. She is the only girl in the class and sometimes feels discouraged. Her mom brings her to church but she could use LOTS of encouragement!

  635. Rebecca Ann

    I would give this to my daughter. We have been having many conversations about what she might want to do as she gets older. I’m going to have her read your post today and see what conversations arise . Thanks for sharing today 🙂

  636. Kristin

    Hi Hope, you did a great job! I know your mama and your Heavenly Father are proud of you.

    I would give this gift to Janet, our babysitter who is graduating college at the end of the month. She is discourage with not finding a job in the field she study.

  637. Ashley

    I would give this to my youngest sister. She is an inspiration to me and is a follower of Christ with all of her heart. She has already been on a mission trip to Nicaragua at the age of 14…how awesome is that! I just want to continue to encourage her with her walk with Christ even though it’s not easy.

  638. Debi

    I would give this gift to my daughter who is ‘celebrating’ her one year anniversary of her Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and is 11 years old. Her life has changed so drastically, but she radiates with such a pleasant and hopeful disposition, that she blesses me every day. Her life has been made even more challenging because my own chronic illnesses that prevent me from being the mother she deserves to have and really needs, especially under these circumstances.
    The one thing I want to give my daughter is a clear path to Jesus… a true depiction of the deep, unending love He and The Father have for her… the knowledge that her identity is in Christ, not in her illness or limitations. The surety that her Heavenly Father has her name written on the palm of His hand and his plan is to “prosper her and not to harm her, to give her hope and a future”.

  639. Hilary Berman

    Hi Hope, thanks for your message. I would give the gift to my prayer partner, Robin. She is such an uplifting person. She has 2 young girls who i think would both enjoy reading your book and I think the other stuff would go to good use as well! Her older daughter who babysits for me sometimes, is going to college in the fall, and her younger daughter will be starting high school next year. I got a lot from your message today. Thanks for sharing.

  640. Marla

    I’m not sure who I would share this with but thanks for the opportunity!!!

  641. Deb B.

    Hi Hope –
    Congratulations to you on following God’s path and continuing on that path. My daughter is starting middle school this year and I’m starting see all the reason they are presented with on why not to choose this path. That’s why she is the one I would give too. Thanks!

  642. Bertha Daniels

    This is exactly the book I would love to give my 15 year old daughter. Lots going on and this is a journey that we could take together. This is exactly what we need. I love reading your blogs and I am so thankful that you have written a book for girls awesome!!! I have enjoyed reading some of your books and studying with a group of ladies Unglued so wonderful. I also keep picking up Made to Crave so helpful. Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!!

  643. Franki Martin

    My girlfriend at work is an amazing mom to 7- 6 girls & 1 baby boy…She works with youth here at our community center and cares for each child as she does her own. We often encourage one another to continue seeking Christ in all of our various circumstances! It is really a blessing to share my work days with this awesome woman. One of our central themes, since I have a young daughter too, is keeping our girls on track! Headed to the cross, compassionate, caring for others and most importantly, loving themselves as God loves us! It would be a blessing to share your book with my friend and her girls! Thank you for considering, and be blessed! hugs!fm

  644. Missy

    I would give this to my 14 year old daughter. She is becoming a beautiful person inside and out and I pray that she continues to seek God’s plan for her life. It is not easy being the only girl with three brothers and a child of a pastor. I pray that I can be a good example to her.

  645. Sherry

    I would give it to my daughter Abi who turns 12 on Monday. I hope she will let God lead her always, in every aspect of life.

  646. Melissa

    I would give this to my high school junior daughter who is in the middle of all those ‘what does my future hold’ questions. I was excited to see the young women’s version-especially since my small group is just starting the ‘grown-up’ version of your mom’s book tomorrow night! Thanks for the chance to win.

  647. Lauren Lapaglia

    Hello, Hope. What a blessing for you to write this today. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts with us! I’m a 28 year old mother of 4, 3 daughters, and 1 son. It was a great encouragement to read this today, knowing I can inspire my daughters to become women of great faith, and that they can do amazing things in Him. Knowing that young women like yourself are leading other young ladies is such a blessing!
    I would give this to my husband’s ex-wife’s 18 year old daughter (she is the half sister of my 2 “step”daughers). Today is her 18th birthday, and she is struggling in a really bad way. I feel like she’s barely holding on to her faith, and a book like this might help her along her way and place more certainty into her steps again. Thank you again, Hope!

  648. Ashley

    Hi Hope! I would give this book to my younger sister. She is really going through a hard time right now and is really struggling to find herself and her purpose in this world. Hope I win!

  649. Molly Fulton

    I have two beautiful, God-loving daughters who would certainly appreciate this message – especially if it’s accompanied by nail polish! We may never have all the right answers in this life, but I love to see young women start asking the right questions early on. Well done!

  650. Lorraine

    Hi Hope. What a wonderful message about identifying who you are instead of what you are. I would give your book to my 23 year old daughter who is in her first year of teaching 3rd grade at a public school. Her daily challenges she faces everyday with some of the children who are struggling from the results of someone else’s poor choices and the lifestyles of world today. I believe your book would help her to continue to be a light in the darkness and to also share this not only with the younger girls but with also the teenagers in the Youth Group at her church where she is a Youth Leader and her husband is the Youth Pastor! The both have a heart and passion to minister to the young – as they are the next generation.

  651. Andrea

    I would give this to the girl I mentor. She’s the perfect age for it, and I know it would mean the world to her! God bless! 🙂

  652. Julie

    I would share it with my daughter, Cecelia Rose, who is turning 9 tomorrow and is a girly-girl through and through. 🙂

  653. Sheila

    Hi Hope- that’s my favorite word by the way 🙂 I would live to give this to our daughter. She just turned 12 and is a beautiful girl who wants to go a little deeper with God. This book would help her do that, and all the other goodies would be a sweet bonus! Thanks!! And many blessings to you and your family.

  654. catherine Napoleon

    I would like to give this to my God gifted daughter on her 18th Birthday, She is a Gift from God. and i know that God is working in her life this is my dream.
    However I am saying Thank you Hope for this wonderful gift.

  655. Stefanie

    I love the question “Who do you want to be?” & “whose do you want to be?” That spoke to me! I would give this to my daughter. She struggles with knowing who she is in Christ (sometimes like her mama). I would live to read this book together with her. Thank you for sharing your message Hope!

  656. Connie Boyd

    I would give this to a sweet gal from church who just had her first baby and is searching…thank you!

  657. Stacy Fischer

    Hope, your blog is an answer to a prayer. My 16-year-old daughter has been battling a chronic illness for over a year and a half. Prior to diagnosis, she battled her way through countless medical tests, numerous diagnoses, and various treatments, all while trying to keep up with school. At the beginning of this school year, when she was finally correctly diagnosed and correct treatment began, she tried to keep up with daily life, but just couldn’t. She spent the first half of her junior year on our couch, trying to teach herself her courses, with an occasional valiant trip to school to try to attend a class here and there. In January, she ultimately was faced with the decision of extending her junior year to two years, which is the situation she is in now.

    Blessedly, her treatment is slowly helping; she has come a long way since September. She is now physically attending two classes, though she still has days when she struggles with not feeling well. Battling the illness has been tough, but the social isolation, in many ways, has been tougher. She is now faced with becoming part of another class, while her friends are beginning to focus on applying to college and graduating next year. She daily struggles not only with the whys of her situation, but (given her friends’ college talks) the whats. What is SHE supposed to study in college? What IS she supposed to be when she grows up?

    We do not belong to a church, but are spiritual people. We talk often about how God has chosen her to be in her situation for a reason, but she is so mired down in applying this to her future, that she isn’t “living” in the present. And an ah-hah moment here for me as I am writing this – I’m enabling this. I, too, am looking at how God might be directing her future path through these circumstances! Instead, as you so eloquently point out, she needs instead to listen to what God is asking her each day to “be,” and that is what will bring her peace with the whys and the whats. She can embrace who she is and live each day to the fullest, knowing the future will unfold in His timetable.

    Whether or not you choose my daughter to receive your giveaway, thank you for playing a role in MY spiritual development this morning. By writing this comment, I have realized how I need to change MY understanding, which can better help me to guide her. But Mom’s guidance can only go so far. Ultimately, she needs to learn to embrace guidance from the One who should be guiding her, the One who does know the answers, our Holy parent. THAT is the prize. Your book can lead the way for her. The rest of your giveaway items? Icing on the cake!

    Bless you, Hope. God spoke to me this morning … through you.

  658. Brandy

    First of all, how wonderful that you and your mother collaborated on a book together!! I would give this to my daughter. She is 12 and we have been talking lately about why her friends at school are changing and how important it is that she stay true to God. A tool like this would be so encouraging for her!

  659. Phyllis Holmes

    My almost 15 year old granddaughter has been through a lot of struggles in her young life. She is the eldest of 5 kids and has been through 2 stepdads and her own dad is rarely in the picture. Now in her teen years, she is searching for who she is. The winning of this gift would be an awesome blessing for her.

    • Phyllis Holmes

      sorry.. typo in the email… it is [email protected]

  660. Linda

    Thank you so much for this message. I would share this with my 18 year old daughter who is graduating from high school this spring and is a little nervous about her next steps in life!

  661. Jody

    Hope you certainly have been blessed with the gift of love for others! I would give your book to my daughter – she is 14 and the last few years has had many struggles at school with ‘friends’ and this year joined the SR Youth group at our church and has grown so much! She attends every function with the group including a Bible study every other week. I cannot get over the growth & change in her. She has also been talking about getting Baptised!!

  662. Becky

    I would give this to my junior in high school daughter Gretchen. She is so looking forward to college and being “out on her own” but my mother-heart hurts, knowing that The World is a hurtful place.

  663. Amy Faris

    I would love to give this to my neice. She is a precious 15 year old in High School. She is in a difficult situation at home. However, she is on the Youth Praise & Worship Team at church. I believe God is using her & has a special plan for this beautiful young lady. He is going to use all her hurt to move her into what he has called her to do.

    Really enjoyed this blog! Thanks for sharing!

  664. Luisa

    I would give this to my younger sister who’s finishing up her first year of High School. I pray that she lives a Y.E.S. life, and I’m sure this book would positively impact her life.

  665. Jayne Fisher

    Hi Hope:-)
    I would give this to a wonderful woman of God who is going through allot with her husband, they have 2 little girls, 1 is 18months the other 2 months & a 11 year old little girl from a previous relationship, he is leaving her & the kids to start afresh:-( I think she needs some TLC as she is always giving & never receives.
    Jayne x

  666. Stephanie Shouse

    I would give this book to my amazing daughter who is a freshman in high school and about to embark on her first mission trip on her own this summer. I would also give her the cute hat and tote but keep the necklace & nail polish for myself… A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. 🙂

    • Vicki Karayan

      I would love to give this to my wonderful special needs daughter. She is a freshman in highschool and is having a challenging time on who she is and wanting to be like the”normal” kids. She isn’t normal and we know God made her special for a purpose. But it is hard for her to understand. Even if I don’t wim I will by the book for her. Thanks for sharing today!

  667. Gerri Shewmaker

    I would seek out and give this to someone I don’t even know personally, but we are sisters in Christ… Her name is Katie Kinniard, and she is a mommy of 2 boys, and expecting again. Her youngest (2 years old) is in Riley Hospital waiting for a new heart, and has been there since October (… We have prayed for this family each step of the way… and this week, their car was totaled in front of the hospital (no one was hurt tho…Praise Jesus!)! They have exhausted their resources, and they have had such enormous mountains to face! And yet, their faith hasn’t waivered! I’m humbled… and yep- Katie needs encouragement!

  668. Elonda

    This is a wonderful giveaway. I would give it to my oldest daughter. She just turned 14. Our lives have been turned upside down in the past 10 months. My husband who is 37 had a massive stroke in June. He was paralyzed on the right side and is fighting his way back to now walking and has a little movement in his arm and talking more. It has been very hard on all of the family. Especially her. They were constant companions on the farm and she is having to deal with the changes that the stroke caused. I would like her to be able to continue her journey with Christ.

  669. Michelle W

    Hi Hope. I think you did an amazing devotional today. I would give this to my niece who is 16 and finding it difficult to make her way in the word. I pray for her everyday. I’d like to give her this book in hopes we can atleast open a dialogue about wanting what’s best for thru God’s eyes.

    God bless

  670. Amy

    I would give it to my teenage cousin. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes I did as a young girl. She may be more open to listening to someone closer in age.

  671. Kim Santo

    I would love to win this giveaway, I would enjoy it with my 9 year old daughter who is having such a struggle right now with identity and self image- we have had a tumultuous time through most of the short years of her life coming through a home of abuse with her father and then on to another home with family that was riddled with adults behaving badly and the continuing poor behavior of my ex husband pouring out his own anger over the breakup of our family into her emotions and our life in various ways have affected her so much that it tares my heart apart. I love her so much and would take it all upon myself to bear for her in a heartbeat, I am at a loss most times of how to help but still in that little body and heart is such a beautiful and precious girl who so much wants to do the right thing even though she chooses differently much of the time. But God will redeem it all I know even though I can’t see it and fear getting buried under it all sometimes, He is faithful and just and is the reason I can still stand through it all. He has given me that precious little one and I will not give up on her ever!

  672. Rose

    Hello Hope,
    I would give the gift to my oldest granddaughter, she is about to become 13 , she is a beautiful young lady inside and out, loves the lord and soon to become a teen, how exciting and what better way to start her off with these exciting gifts.
    I also must tell you how excited I am for you to see you writting I think you would be an excellent source for young ladies to relate to. Thank you for following the lords will in your life I pray you will continue to write and become a mentor to young ladies all over the world. You certainly are following your wonderful mothers talent. God bless you!
    And thank you for this opportunity!

  673. Jamie

    I would give the book to my niece who is in 8th grade!

  674. Kelli

    Hi-Wow you have a gift of writing, like your mom! I would give this to this beautiful young lady I know, Jess- I hope my daughter who is 6 turns out as well as she is!

  675. Annette

    I would give this gift to one of my students. She has had a difficult life, being adopted and growing up in a non-christian home… and struggling with school on top of it. She is learning what it means to live as a Christian young woman, but it is extra difficult for her when her family opposes her. In spite of the obstacles, she is enjoying serving God in a youth leadership role at church.Since I only have sons, I enjoy her sense of fashion and style – so I know she would enjoy this gift. She doesn’t have much money, since she is a student. Her last Starbucks giftcard, she generously shared with me to thank me for all the things I have done for her including sharing God with her in my day to day life. I would love to give her another Starbucks giftcard! She is such a blessing to work with everyday! I hope that she will be inspired and blessed by your book to be the woman He wants her to be and to always know Whose she is.

  676. Mary

    I would give it to my mom because she is the most selfless and beautiful person I know.

  677. Mary R

    Hi Hope, first let me tell, as if you already don’t know, you have a very special mother. She has truly blessed me.
    I was going to ask for this gift for my granddaughter who is going to be 21 next month but needs direction for her life. She knows The Lord but is needing to regain her relationship with Him.
    With that said, I would rather have it sent to Mary to give to Emily who left a previous comment that truly spoke to me. I ask for blessings on their lives.
    Please let me know also if this book would be age appropriate for a 12 year old and a 21 year old as well. My two oldest granddaughters. Bless you both!

  678. Hillary

    What a timely and fabulous message. It seems that I always read your blog posts and emails at the perfect time. I would give this to my niece. Her life has been a roller coaster, and her hardships are more than anyone should have to go through in a lifetime let alone experience as a young woman. Most recently, she has been dealing with bullies and personal image and self worth issues. Her struggles break my heart but I know that God has an amazing plan for her life. This gift would be such a good surprise and fun, positive thing for her. I always think about “Who do I want to be?” and “What do I want to be?” I love that you posed the question “Whose do you want to be?” What a perfect way to look at it, and of course the answer to that is very simple. It makes all the confusion and stress in life seem to melt away. If I am God’s then I have a purpose and great worth. Thank you again for such a wonderful message!

  679. Tracy

    I would give this to my 13-year-old daughter. God has given her such a beautiful, thoughtful heart but she is struggling to turn from the ways of the world. Lysa’s words have touched me personally in such powerful ways. I would love for my daughter to read Hope’s book…it would be encouragement for her from someone who has recently experienced some of the trials of young womanhood that she is going through right now.

  680. carrie

    I would love to give this book to my daughter so that she can have a good foundation. Sometimes I am so scared that time is passing by so fast and do I spend enough time telling her all the things that she and her sister need to know.

  681. Janice

    I would give this to my granddaughter Leah. She is at the right age for this book. She is extremely independent and wants to be involved in all things but she needs a purpose and direction..I hope this book will help her.

  682. Margaret

    Thanks so much for sharing an excerpt from your book. I think my daughter would greatly benefit from reading this. She has recently made some really positive changes in her life and it goes right along!

  683. Linda K.

    I would give this to my beautiful daughter. She has a big heart for Jesus. Love that girl.

  684. Becky Morgan

    It seems as though our family has been blessed with women. Thirteen of us. Seven of them are my granddaughters. Three of them teenagers that need to know how to say “Yes to God” in their lives. There are so many pressures out there for them and it is hard these days in which we live to stand up and say YES no matter what when everyone else around them our doing what is wrong and trying to pull them away. So I would love to share the book with all of them.

  685. Audrey

    Hi Hope!
    I would give this to my daughter who is finishing her second year of college. She is the third child of four and lives in the shadow of two very successful siblings who knew exactly what they wanted to do and have achieved their goals. She has had some medical issues that have brought challenges the last couple of years. She needs to focus on who God wants to her be and the rest will fall into place and not worry about keeping up with her siblings. What a joy to write this book with your mom! Love her!

  686. Jo Beverly Fain

    I would love to give this to my very first granddaughter. She is everything you could hope for, beautiful, very intelligent and a lovely dancer. She could probably “write her own ticket” someday. But I hope and pray, as do her Mom and Dad, that she lets God write her ticket! She is also a very sweet and shy girl. God is using her now but I pray she will always listen to Him calling her to be His!

  687. Dee A

    There is a young woman in my son’s life that used to go to church. She really could use some encouragement and a reuniting with Jesus who loves her.

  688. Becky

    I have 3 daughters — 2 of them are teenagers. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school and heading off to college in the fall. My second daughter is 16 and is a sophomore in high school. Both of them are working on how and why to say yes to God for themselves — not for their mother. I pray for them daily and ask for God to be central in their lives. This book would be another way of the Holy Spirit working in their lives.

  689. Stace4y

    Hi Hope, it was so good to hear from you today! I love your idea! I would give this cute package to my sweet friend Sherri. She is one of my dearest best friends! We have lead many ladies Bible studies together at our church over the last couple of years, she’s our associate pastors wife and a mom to 3 adopted children. She home schools two of her children, runs a wonderful ministry at our church and is so self-less in her daily living! She deserves this sweet package of lovely GIRL things! I love to paint nails so I would paint her nails and make her feel special!! she IS special. I love her dearly and wouldn’t be able to get through my life and various struggles without her beside me! I hope to be able to bless her with this gift! blessings to you! Stacey

  690. Kim bulgin

    I have a niece in high school who would benefit from this book!!! Would love to brabke to bless her

  691. Rebecca Saavedra

    I would love to receive this wonderful gift. I have planned on buying 2 copies of the book for my daughters Emily (15) and Mackenzi (11). Both of them are at an age where they need God in their lives to help make decisions. They both love going to church and have very strong beliefs that with prayer anything is possible! I look forward to opening my email to read a new blog from Lysa or Hope. The words are always true to the way I am feeling that day or how my week is going. Thanks for all you do and always making me feel like I am someone who is important to people and to God!

  692. Deb Podgorny

    I would give this to special friend, Jenna. She is more like a granddaughter to me than just a friend. She is a college junior this year and facing some difficult decisions. This gift would be perfect for her as a reminder Whose she is and who she desires to be. Blessings to all!

  693. Cathy B*****y

    What a fun giveaway!!! One that would pay it forward to numerous people! I would give the sun hat, the polish and the book to my granddaughter who just turned 17 last week in honor of her birthday and some new decisions for Christ she is making. I would give the Starbucks card to our local safe house for girls rescued from human trafficking here in the USA… I am partnering with them to try and raise awareness and one of the things that were mentioned is perhaps raising donations of Starbucks gift cards for the program promotions. So this card would go to towards that. The tote is perfect for my daughter, and the necklace would be a special adornment for myself in remembrance of how God turned your blessing others into a continual flow of blessings! Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity!.. and a wonderful post of course!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope a tyahoo dot com

  694. Dianna Jackson

    I would give this package to my sweet, wonderful daughter in Law-Amy. She has such a heart for God and is raising her son as a single parent in their home and is doing such an awesome job.

    She loves the Lord and is trusting him to lead her during this time of separation from my Son. She has lots of hopes and dreams left to be fulfilled.

    I honor, love and admire her spunk. She would enjoy this so much. Thank you for having this web site. I am loving it!

  695. Janet

    I would definitely give this to my daughter. Though not a “young” woman by some standards, (27), emotionally she is young and seems out of step with who she wants to be.

  696. Lynn Bowman

    Hi Hope! What a great post! You are definitely following in your Mom’s footsteps. I would give this gift package to my daughter, especially the book. I know she loves the Lord and like most young women in their 20’s, she’s pulled and tempted by everything the world is offering. I would love to give this to her so she can have reinforcement and encouragement to know it’s wonderful to be God’s girl!
    God Bless You,
    Lynn Bowman

  697. Robin

    I would give it to one of the sweet young ladies at my church who I know cells kind.of.down about herself.

  698. Clever Colleen

    This would be wonderful to gift to my 13 year old daughter. She and I struggle to stay friendly. 🙂 I love her to pieces though.

  699. Lisa Robotham

    I would give it to my 21 year old daughter who would save it for her 10 year old sister when she is done with it. My older daughter graduated college and is a bit concerned about her future and her degree choice and jobs ahead of her. I want her to listen to what God wants her to do and not to the back and forth talking in her head that are so confusing to her at this time. And I know that she will share it with her sister when the time is right.

  700. Jonica

    I would love to give this to a young girl in my youth group who is going to start high school in the fall & is going with us on our mission trip this summer to Brooklyn, NY! I think I may end up getting all the girls graduating from 8th grade this book! But I would love to bless Grace with this gift!! She has moved around several times in her young life and we are so blessed she ended up here with us!

  701. Jamie

    Hi Hope,
    I think you did a great job on today’s devotional! I would love to give this to my cousin, she is 17 and struggles with the pressure of highschool and trying to fit in. I think she could greatly benefit from your book.

  702. Suzanne

    Hi Hope,
    Thank you for your uplifting words today, you have a gift that is very special to the Kingdom!
    I’d give this gift assortment to my sweet daughter-in-law, she is a precious young woman and I love her and I’d love for her to come to know personally the love God has for her.

  703. Sherri Smith

    I would give this to my daughter, who is 13. She inspires me to be a better mom and servant of God every day.

  704. Anna

    I would keep the book for my future daughter. I am pregnant and due tomorrow with a baby girl. My greatest desire is for her to say yes to God.

  705. Jennifer

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to be able to give this to my niece who will start high school this fall. Last November, my sister passed away unexpectedly, and my 13 year old precious niece was left grieving her Mom. The months since her death have been very hard. She knows her Momma is with her Lord and Savior but I know that each day is a struggle to keep her own relationship with the Lord in the forefront. This book would be such an encouragement. Thank you.

  706. Sherri Chaffin

    I would LOVE to win this and give it to Rachel, one of my daughters. Rachel is in her first year of college, and though she has a tentative plan, I still feel she’s a little undecided. But as for your question, “who does she want to be”, she’s working really hard on that one! She’s gotten involved with a church group there, and I’ve seen huge changes in her attitude and outlook. I’d especially love for her to have the book, as I’m sure its information that would be so relevant and helpful to her. Thanks so much for the opportunity, and for what you’re doing! Definitely following in your Mom’s wonderful, loving, helpful footsteps!!!


  707. Kathy

    I would give this gift to my sweet 12 year old niece who is struggling with her identity and trying to determine if she really believes in God or not. Her Dad left just a few months before she was born and has been in and out of her life over the years. She has never felt the security of knowing that her Daddy would always be there for her, and has always felt she had to perform to get his attention. Here lately she has been acting out because her Dad has been out of her life more than he has been in her life. When she does something wrong he steps back in for a short time, so that is her way to get his attention. Unfortunately this is giving her a very unhealthy view of Christ, therefore leaving her confused and questioning. I think this book would really minister to her and help her with her questioning since it is from another “daughter.”

  708. Laura

    I would definitely share this with my daughter, who will turn 16 in a few weeks. She is searching for her niche in life right now and where she wants to head. I want her to realize that God is the ONLY way. May her adventure in life be as great as mine has been so far, with God leading the way.

  709. Cathy Stoker

    As a mother of a beartiful young daughter, I have to brag because I am so proud of her.
    I would love to give these gifts to my daughter, Chelsea. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior about fours years ago at a teenage retreat that was held at our church. A couple years later she decited to read the entire bible and after she finished she told me she wanted to be baptized. She started a prayer group her senior in highschool which was a big success! She learned Spanish and went on a mission trip to Nicargua and got to stay at an orphanage for a week! Now she is in college studing to be a special education teacher. She is so focused at such a young age (18) and knows what she wants. She does not go anywhere without a book to read so I know she will really enjoy reading “What Happens When Young Women Say Yes to God”. She will be a great role model and teacher and says she owes it all to God for giving her these special gifts! Thank you again!

  710. CarrieC

    I don’t have any daughters of my own, but have a terrific small group of teen girls! I’d probably give it to a highschool junior who is beginning the process of making a big decision for God that might estrange her from her family, so she’d probably love this book and the goodies! Thanks for the giveaway! What fun!

  711. Rachel

    I would give it to my church library so that many young ladies could read and enjoy this book.

  712. Therese Platts

    I would give this to my daughter who is 19 and at College.

  713. Angela J

    I would give this to my 13 year old daughter who has no idea how much God loves her and how much I love her. She is already working in the church and doing the “what should be dones” but I want her to understand the amazing transforming power of God’s love and grace! 🙂 I want her to embrace God’s goodness.

  714. Susan

    Hope, You are geniune like your Mom, and I am excited that you have chosen the question “Who” instead of “What”. There is alot of difference in the two. I would give this book to my pastor’s grand daughter. She is a beautiful young lady, and getting ready to go on her second mission trip with our church. I can see God using her in a mighty way to reach out to other youth in our church.

  715. Tanya K

    Hi Hope! I would give this to a girl that stayed with my family in high school. She had a rough life growing up and I try to give her things and advice that will encourage her to become the woman that God intended for her to be not that person some try to tell her she will become because of what her childhood was like.

  716. Tammy Steintl

    I would give this to my niece who is a junior in high school. Her family has put the stress that sports are the most important thing in life and thus far she is following that to a tee. She is good, I will give her that. But I want her to know that God has more for her in this life than just sports and she should be following after Him and seeking His will for her life.

  717. Phyllis

    I would like to give this to my young friend Sarah who calls me “Mama Phyllis”. She struggles with wanting to say yes to God, yet feeling the pull of the world. I count myself most blessed that she has chosen me to be a friend, and I thik the book and the “goodies” would greatly encourage her in her faith walk. Hope – you are such an encouragement to my heart that the next generation will love, obey and serve Jesus! It is all about HIM and being owned by Him is the best thing ever!

  718. Mary

    I would give it to one of my precious Wednesday Wild Women girls. This is a group of teenage girls that I get together with every other Wednesday before school! We eat, laugh, cry and talk about how to be Godly young women! It is such a struggle, especially when you are in high school and facing so many challenges. They are all searching and trying so hard to fit in and yet wanting to do the right thing. We chose the name because we are wild about God!!

  719. Janet Worthy

    I would share 🙂 … the book to my amazing youngest daughter who is 22 and just finishing up her first year as a High School English teacher! She loves the Lord and it reflects in her dealing with her students. Even though she’s limited in what she can say, she’s allowed to answer all questions:) Maybe I’ll consider giving her the Starbucks Card, also … maybe NOT! The necklace and hat are DEF mine … yes, 60 year old women want to be fashionable, too! We’ll talk about the tote bag. Maybe that will be for my middle daughter who is 30 and going to give birth any day now to our first grandchild!!! My oldest daughter, 32, is a Federal agent and not really into much jewelry, nail polish, etc. And Kelsey will definitely loan the book to her big sisters:)

  720. Mary Lou

    I would give this to my 16 year old daughter, Rachel. She has so much going for her, but I’m afraid she’s buying into some of the devil’s lies. She has a strong sense of justice and is a great friend to the underdog. She wants to be a doctor and work in underserved areas of South America. But I’m afraid she’s left her first love, as the Bible describes it. She’s been a Christian since she was 5, but she’s taking less and less of a stand for her faith. I also have an 11 year old daughter, so Rachel could pass the book on to her.

  721. Julie

    Those were such inspirational words to me today. I even wrote down “Who do I want to be and whose do I want to be” in my iPhone just to remember. So simple, but so profound. I work with the youth in my church and there is a girl there who is really hurting and needs to be loved on and encouraged. I would give this to her.

    Thanks for allowing God to use you and for being obedient to his calling!

  722. Audra

    I would give this to my 19-year old sister-in-law. She loves all of the things you are including, and she is at a point in her life where she is very unsure what the future holds, but is trying to seek God’s plan.

  723. Ann

    I would give this to my God Daughter whom God entrusted me to help raise. She is the oldest of 4 kids. Her mother was a teenage mother at the age of 16. Her mother wasn’t supportive in her going through her pregnancy. God allowed me to be a part of her life. Even though it was not the right thing to do to get pregnant at such a young age but she felt unloved and looked for love in all the wrong places. Even after being there for her, she still was seeking her mother’s approval and had yet another child. During that pregnancy, God allowed me and my spouse the opportunity to raise her in our home for 6 years. During this time, her mother had twins. My God Daughter started feeling abandoned even with all the love she was receiving from us. So we relinquished her back to her mother, she became happy being with her siblings but was never given that love she too was seeking from her mother. It was a generation curse. Each generation was repeating the same thing. We continued to stay in touch and she beamed when we are around. She is 26 years of age and we stay in touch. She is the apple of my eye. God blessed me to have a wonderful son and her as my only daughter. She loves the Lord! I brought her up in believing in God while she was with me and she continued to attend on her own. This would be such a thoughtful gift to give to her with the book to encourage her even the more. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

  724. Jennifer Himes

    Hiya Hope! I would give the book to an amazing young girl I know and love from my church. She is just 13 this month and she loves the Lord but I know, like all teen girls, she struggles with some issues. The nail polish I’d let my 2 almost 3 year old have, she loves me to paint her little toe nails, the bag I’d give to a good friend that can never seem to have enough adorable bags, star bucks card to my friend Hope who LOVES coffee, the hatI’m not sure yet maybe my cousin, who could totally rock it out, and well I’d probably keep the necklace because it’s adorable! 😀

  725. Margaret Bangert

    I just had a wonderful conversation with a mom who is blessed with a large family. She is expecting her 5th child in a few weeks. Emily, her oldest is 14. As the oldest she contributes a lot to the needs of the family all while navigating the challenges of being a teenager and discovering her own gifts and talents. She would love to say yes to every opportunity that comes her way. I would be so pleased to give her this pampering gift, especially the book as it may help her determine God’s desires for her life. I hope to eventually have all my girls read this book, ages 22, 16, 11, 6 and 2.
    Thanks for the fun post.
    Margaret Bangert

  726. Lisa mitchell

    Hi Hope-
    Thank you for the wonderful devotion today. I would give this gift to my amazing daughter, Lauren. She is a sophomore in college & could use a pick me up before finals week!

  727. Doris

    I would give this to my youngest daughter, Natalie, a freshman in college. She just finished her first mission trip to Haiti a month ago. She was totally in awe, how God provided all the funds (and more) for her to go. She is so wanting to have God lead and show her what He wants for her life. I think your book would be amazing for her right now! Thanks so much for your generosity~

  728. Brenda D

    I would definitely give this to a friend of mine, who is a victim of extreme domestic violence. She has endured (and continues to endure) many years of hardship at the hand of her ex, who somehow gets away with it–so much of her life has been taken away from her!! She loves the Lord and wants to honor Him in all things, but struggles to continue to grow in spiritual things, although it is very difficult for her, due to her circumstances. Throughout all of this, she feels abandoned by many in the church, because her ex is so good at manipulating and fooling others who have no idea as to who he truly is. She desperately needs encouragement and all of our prayers!!

  729. Kristin

    Hi Hope,
    I would give this book to my 20 year old daughter’s friend, who is struggling between being “in” the world, and “of” the world. I’ve known her since she was nine years old, and have seen her grow up in a Christian school and home. But as you get older, sometimes the world looks like it has more to offer than Jesus, which is a big lie. Anyway, she asked me about my copy of “When Women Say Yes to God” the other day, so I know she’d read and benefit from reading the young women’s version.

  730. Gail

    I loved it when our Ladie’s Bible study did “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” and would love to give this book to my college-age daughter who is about to graduate!

  731. Lynn Eby

    Hi Hope…Thank you for the devotion today. I did your mom’s Bible Study “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”. And I am thrilled you wrote a book with your mom for young women. My daughter is only 9 but she is a prayer warrior and loves the Lord with all her heart. She has had a tough couple years since her dad and I were divorced. We could sit around and feel sorry for ourselves but we aren’t…we are saying Yes to God and my daughter, my son and I are going on a mission trip to Haiti to the Mission of Hope this summer. So, I would give her this book because she loves to read and she is encouraged by my books that I read. So many times I see her flipping through the pages of your mom’s book. Just last night at the dinner table she was telling us what her plans were for the future. So this book would be perfect timing, because I would love her to say “Who do you want me to be?” Thank you!

  732. Liz C

    Since I have no daughters I have two you g ladies in mind that I have been a mentor to: C Jay & Jenna. One is in college and has had allot of attacks on her and her family that she had been struggling with. The other is in high school and I think it would be awesome to give this book to her now so she can have a great start into adulthood. Thank You Hope for taking over today 🙂

  733. Melissa Noelte

    Good morning and God bless you! I would love to lavish this gift upon a young high school freshmen girl named Megan. She has suffered abuse since she was three years old and only in the last couple of years has healing begun to take place. I know that the Lord is working in her and her mother and little things like receiving a beautiful gift mean the world to help heal.

  734. Sandi in MN

    Hi Hope, I just read this with my 11 year old daughter. She loves Jesus yet has struggle with anxiety. I want to encourage her to pursue Jesus in every situation. I would give her the gift set, except for the Starbucks card, that needs to go to mommy! She loves the necklace btw.

  735. Kimberly

    I would give this to my 18 year old daughter. I think she would just love all of the items and I think the book would be such the blessing. Especially after reading the excerpt. I think it will be just what she needs! Thank you so much, for sharing!


  736. Denise

    I would gift this to my daughter who turned 16 in March and is about to embark on her first overseas mission trip. She is going to Fiji and will be helping run a children’s camp. Ally has an amazing influence on others around her in her daily life. She is never afraid to share Christ, and she is involved in helping others at church, school and in the community. She stays to the bitter end in things she is involved in often being the last to leave and the one who has done a huge portion of the ‘dirty’ work.
    I want her to know that who she is is not defined by what she does. Her heart is huge, She ask nothing in return. She is a giver.
    Knowing who and whose you are is vital for young women and hearing it from someone other than mom is so important. My daughter can do great things but more than anything I want her to BE who God called her to be.

  737. Glenda Daw

    I would give this to my 25 year old daughter, who had very rough teenage years with addictions to alcohol and drugs, leading her to many disastrous situations including jail time. It was in jail that she met some very special “church ladies” and gave her life to the Lord. She since has been on fire for the Lord and what He has delivered her from. She is now married with two beautiful children and is a wonderful, caring mom and is in school seeking a degree to help other young people suffering with the same problems she had. She will be going on her first mission trip to Kenya in July. She goes into the places where people do not want to go to find the lost. I am very impressed with her faith and her God given bravery. She is growing into the person God designed her to be. I would give it to her, because there is no other gift to a mom than to see her child on fire for God! That truly is an honor!

    Glenda Daw

  738. Terri Pierce

    Thanks Hope! I would love to give this book to my daughter Sarah, who is in her first year of college & pursuing an education in nursing. She loves God & I want to see her continue to have that love for Him & grow in her reliance on Him as she continues on her journey in life!

  739. Kristin Ditto

    I would give it to my sweet sister in law. She is graduating high school this May. She has such a great heart and really longs to please The Lord, but she gets so discouraged and hurts, and often feels lonely when none of her friends are choosing the lifestyle she is trying to live. I really feel like this book would so encourage her and bring some clarity to her heart about why it’s so important to keep serving The Lord and making those hard decisions even though she may be the only one.