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Bad News, Great News, and a Webcast Replay

March 14, 2013

I hope you’re having a wonderful day! We’re in the process of moving into a new Proverbs 31 Ministries office, and let me just tell you, we are sooooo very thankful for this space.

But, boy did we have a little situation here yesterday involving toilets overflowing and a ruined carpet.  That smells.  Really badly.  Like more than a Yankee Candle can handle.

And I dropped my phone in a friend’s cup of coffee.  RIP smart phone.

Have mercy.

But I have GREAT news.  If you’re one of the gals who requested the “Negative Inside Chatter” webcast replay — it’s available below! (If you’re reading this in email, click here to watch the webcast.)

If you’re scratching your head and wondering what in the world I’m talking about, here’s a recap — I recorded a webcast with my sweet friend Sheila Walsh from Women of Faith in January. We had an opportunity to recount our own personal experiences and struggles with negative inside chatter.

The replay below will be available right here on my little blog space through this Sunday. After that, you can view the replay by clicking here.

Unglued DevotionalAnd if you’ve had a crazy situation in your life lately, do tell in the comments below. Certainly I’m not alone in the mishap department.

I’m randomly picking three commenters below to win a copy of the new Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress book.

It will help. When you want to come unglued. Like when you drop your phone in a friend’s cup of coffee.

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  1. Abby

    When you come unglued, try most everyday for me 🙂 – am going through some struggles but God reminding me each day to stay strong and to trust in Him. God bless, thank you for your encouraging posts.

  2. Dwana

    I’m reading unglued right now. I need it so much. Thanks for your faithfulness in writing.

  3. Debra

    You are not alone! This week, my printer broke, the check engine light came on in the car, and tonight the sewer backed up into the shower and up from the toilet…yuck! !
    But God is extending his grace and I’m not coming unglued. Thanks, Lysa!

  4. Alicia Staz

    I would so love to win a copy of your devotional. I have been reading the book and it speaks to me in so many ways. You are an amazing woman and I SO appreciate what God is doing through you!!

    • Alicia Staz

      Oh and that recent craziness? Vacation plans are often a source of “unglued-ness” in our household. I wish I could say I kept it completely together, but I did manage to apologize quickly and reset the tone of the conversation much more quickly than I have in the past. Thanks again!!

  5. Vicky

    Left my car lights on at the airport. Had a great 10 day trip to see my grand kids. Got to my home airport about 11 Pm to find a dead battery. Found out that security can’t help you till after midnight… Go figure! Couple days later go out to my car and the doors won’t unlock. Starting to rain so I go back into the house to get my coat on, take my keys out of my coat pocket and take the key fob apart and got the door unlocked. Then saw that the light came on when I opened my door. I guess you really do need to have that key fob with you when you try to unlock the door. Sheesh! Can I blame it on jet lag?

  6. Steph

    I’ve had sick kids and of course they shared their germs. Then I tried to get a workout in to relieve stress and the dog laid on me and licked my face while my son stripped and ran downstairs. In the meantime the other dog and cat were tag teaming to open the cabinet and eat packets of cat food. Apparently my dog ate them whole because she proceeded to vomit pieces of foil packaging for the next several days. I need a trip to the spa! 😉

  7. Angela Rhodes

    Oh my, have I learned so much from reading Unglued! Imperfect progress has been my mantra; my reminder that my effort is all that is needed. I had a very challenging situation yesterday, where someone was trying to get suck me into their funk. I had been sucked in many times before, and this repeating situation is a direct contributor to my inside chatter, and frankly, to the doubt I have in myself. I resisted like no other. I took a lot of deep breaths, and remembered reading about your graceful, thoughtful letter to the “How Dare You” mom. I channeled that energy, repeated “I give grace because I so desperately need it,” and set my boundary. I stuck to it. While the challenge of the situation and the emotion that went along left me completely exhausted, I am exhilirated today reflecting on my own imperfect progress. Thank you for your candor, and I thank God for my willingness to hear and be moved. -@

  8. calaura

    Ahh I’m sorry for all those mishaps! I’d love to win your devotional. Okay my mishap–we were fostering a 12 week old Golden Retriever full of enery puppy) she was running loose with her leash on. I was worried she was going to fall down the stairs so I ran after her and lunged to grab her leash and missed and hit the ground so hard that I ended up in urgent care (my husband thought I fractured a rib). It’s only a big bruise that will hurt for weeks. Thankfully puppy was adopted. UGH!

  9. Deborah

    I would love this book thank you for the opportunity.

  10. Angie

    I think you win the prize for mishaps!

  11. Geraldine Young

    Hi Lysa, Wow is God using you to comfort me today! I am looking forward to listening to your webcast, as I’ve been in a big negative tailspin today. I, too have busted a smart phone – but I should back up a little. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2011 and have since had 7 surgeries; the last on January 31, 2013. I am now cancer-free and “rebuilt”and that is a tremendous relief and blessing. Karate has been a key part of my rehabilitation; dragging me out to class and giving me the opportunity to focus on how my body works rather than how it doesn’t. We had a tournament on the weekend; and given I was 5 weeks post-surgery, I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I sure was sure I was going to participate. In all the chaos of trying to watch my kids and husband participate, round up other participants, and join in myself, I was running from one gym to the other with my iphone in hand (intending to take photos) – a collision with another participant ended up having my phone flung across the cement floor and into a wall – crap!!! I took my very broken phone in today and paid way too much to get a replacement – money we definitely can’t affort to burn. But it gets worse – I thought I backed up my phone this morning, but hadn’t – now I’m facing the loss of all of my photos – including the photo documentation of the last two years. I have been feeling like such an IDIOT. I am so looking forward to your webcast! I can’t tell you how often in a day I beat myself up. I do keep on plugging on through it all; and to the outside world, I think most people would be shocked to know that of me. What I wonder about is, if I struggle with this, how much harder is it for people who are on their heels with debilitating anxiety, depression and so on? Thank God for your encouragement!

    Praying for your hearing, still,

  12. Jessica

    I would love a copy of your devotional.. You are so inspiring!

  13. Laura W

    Monday was my mishap day. I hope I can give someone a laugh from this story! Woke up to a nine year old who had way overslept and a three-year-old who had wet the bed. Got daughter to school and went walking with my three-year-old on his bike and baby boy in the stroller. Walked to Starbucks and took two sips before three-year-old spilled the entire thing. Bought another one. Hit a bump while walking. Second coffee spills into my purse. Meanwhile three-year-old decides he is done riding his bike and I end up putting him in the stroller storage basket, balancing his bike on top of the stroller with my steering hand and desperately trying to drink the remainder of my coffee! This was all before 10 a.m.! I didn’t come unglued… Yet. A few hours later I was headed to a doctor’s appointment with my boys and running late. I somehow managed to lodge the hatch of my van against the garage door and neither would open or shut. I got it loose but not without scratching my van and the garage door coming off the track. I did make it to my appointment on time only to wait 50 minutes before seeing the doctor. By that point I was going to be late to pick up my daughter and my boys were both losing it. Unfortunately my unglued moment was in front of about 6 doctor’s office staff. Not my best moment. Thank God for imperfect progress!

  14. Corrina

    I threw my water bottle into the passenger seat this morning…and broke my expensive sunglasses. Not a good start to my day.

  15. Rebecca Monroe

    I would love to win this devotional book! I definitely think it would be a helpful tool in my crazy, crazy life right now. Thank you for this opportunity! : )

  16. Jacoba

    Not a huge mishap (thankfully) but… didn’t hang up a smoke alarm, left it lying on a shelf, knocked it off while hanging up some wash and absolutely smashed it to bits. Just wanted you to know that the cover illustration of “Unglued” makes me laugh, every single time!

  17. Mercy's Mommy plus 1

    can’t wait to see who the lucky winners are 🙂

  18. Aunty5

    What a day where everything possible has gone wrong. I have gone to University for the first time at 45 years of age and I never thought completing a simple assignment on planning a primary school exervusion could leave me feeling like such a learning impaired fool.

  19. Mandy

    Last weekend while attending our churches annual ladies retreat I stopped in to the Christian Outlet bookstore and picked up your Unglued book. WOW. I can’t put it down and I am almost finished reading it. My life has been pretty chaotic and thrown a few curve balls over the last five years (we have three girls ages 3, 5, and 9 and our nine year old daughter Grace was born with progessive nerve and muscle disease which leaves her with both medical and cognitive disabilites as well as being very medically fragile) and I find myself losing control of my emotions, especially with the fear and anxiety that creeps up with Grace’s declining condition. I sometimes don’t recognize myself and pray for Gods mercy and strength everyday and many times its several times a day. Thank you for for incredible testimony and your way of speaking to my heart through this website and through your books too. My dream (its a quiet dream of mine but I have been told by many who aren’t even aware of my dream) is to write a book someday on all God has brought us through and walks us through on a daily basis while raising a special needs child. I am often encouraged by you to not give up on that dream. So, thank you for all you do to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart and I know many others too. I would LOVE to receive this devotional book. If I don’t get it, it will definitely be on my wishlist to buy in the near future. 🙂

    Blessings to you!
    Rejoice in HOPE, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
    Romans 12:12

  20. Lana

    Inside chatter attacks on a daily basis… especially when it concerns feelings of not being a ‘good enough’ momma… whatever that means! ugh 🙁 been thinking a lot about getting this devotional/book! Just finished ‘Becoming more than a good bible study girl’ book and just loved it, thanks Lysa!

  21. Kendra

    I have had quite a few mishaps & situations the past few days, which eventually left me sobbing in my office this morning. Office walls are paper-thin and though I tried to be quiet, I am quite certain all of my male neighbors heard me because none of them peeked their heads in at all today – a sure sign they thought I was having “women’s issues” 😉 When the tissues ran out I knew I had to pull it together and, with God’s grace, it’s 12 hours later and I can’t seem to recall any of the little mishaps. (The biggie is still in my mind but, thanks to the Almighty through whom all things are possible, even that is settled down to background noise for now.) Ahhh, God is so good!

  22. Brandi

    Sigh… Unfortunately I let Lm the negative chatter have the microphone today. Between cancelations and low sales at work- I let the explosion of Legos, the pile of dress clothes, the late-again look from the school secretary, the neighbor boys feeding my toddler (food he shouldn’t be eating), the umpteenth poopy diaper, and chalk covered pants that needed washed 20minuted before meeting out of town family for dinner at a restaurant get to me.

  23. Janelle Shirley

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read your book unglued yet but it’s on my list of want to’s, I love proverbs 31 devotionals. i swear you live in my house sometimes when I read your devotionals.

    This week I was finishing up getting info together for my home business to complete taxes, and my printer/copier was printing just fine and then it just died. I had just bought new ink that day also. Bummer! It won’t turn on to save my life. My computer also kept locking up and i had to shut it down and wait 3 years for it to load again, then excel kept shutting down and restarting in the middle of inputting information. I also realized information I had entered a few days before was lost in the abyss of the mysterious computer black hole. My guess is I forgot to save it. I believe my computer has seen better days, and it is time to go shopping for a new one.

    My daughter is 3 and lately she has been waking up regularly at night, and not wanting to go back to sleep. She will get up and come in our room 3-5 times, with a several different reasons. “I have to go potty” (her favorite) “I don’t feel good” “I had a bad dream”, (when she hasn’t actually fallen back to sleep) etc….. So recently we put a baby gate up as a consequence for her. We’ve taken away her favorite blanket , stuffed animals, etc. To letting her just cry herself to sleep, because she can’t have what she wants. Now with the gate up she just stands at the door and yells mommy and tells me…..for the 5th time “i have to go potty!” She is very persistent. She wants to be up and she wants to be in our room with us. We don’t really allow that unless there is a thunderstorm or she is really sick, because the bathroom is right there. We have within the past few months recently put her in a big girl bed and she is taking advantage of the independence, but my husband and I are the ones suffering and it’s hard to be patient with her or my husband when we are getting woke up at 1am, 2 am, 3 am on most nights. It’s extremely tough having patience with anyone during the day on 3 hours of sleep a night. We need a lot of prayer for patience, rest, and belief and trust that God will help us make the right decisions to deal with this. I pray that this will also pass very soon! It’s hard not to come unglued when you are tired!

  24. olivia

    My name is Olivia. I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children who are my world along with my husband. I discovered on Valentines Day of thus year that my husband had decided to take up dating. He had decided to join an online dating site and actually pursued women instead of pursuing me and our children. I knew something was wrong, but when I would ask all I would get from him was how it was me. Nothing was wrong, I was just overly sensitive. He created a great deal of inner chatter within my head, and I believed him; then I discovered the dating. My husband then decided to blame me for his infedility, in which I again listened to this inner chatter that I wasn’t a good enough wife to him. I felt this way for a few weeks and then I heard God’s voice as I was praying on how to fix this mess I was in. I felt a push to get my husband signed up for a discipleship walk at our church. So, I called the church and signed him up… he went, kicking and screaming…. but he went. While he was away I learned of more infedility, and was crushed. Of course I had made him leave all technology at home so I couldn’t even call to yell at him (and it was Thursday… the first day of the walk when I found out…. I had 4 days to be angry). I prayed a lot that weekend that God would quiet my inner chatter, and help my husband by speaking to him loudly. I had decided we were leaving when he returned home. I didn’t want my children thinking that this was love. Something happened though on his walk. God spoke to him in a unique way. He came to the hospital where I worked and in front of a waiting room full of people was on his hands and knees sobbing confessing all wrongs to me he had ever done, and taking full responsibility for his behavior. Since then…. his actions have matched his words and his words are of remorse and sincere apology. I have asked God several times why I am in this “in between” stage of existence, and why my husband has been unfaithful almost he entire time I have been married to me, but these past few days, the inner chatter has quieted and I trust more then ever that God is using this time to make me stronger and a better woman, mother and yes, even a wife. I pray that the inner chatter of me being a bad wife according to my husband initial feelings will be softened until they completely dissapear, and I can help others who may find themselves in similar situations. Please pray that God takes this negative situation that our family is in, and turns it into something magnificent, as I trust he will. Thru him all things are possible.
    Bent but not Broken, Olivia

  25. Halona

    Being a mother of four, recently unemployed mishaps & coming unglued Yep, going hand in hand. Praying for the struggle to get better.

  26. Andrea

    Being the caregiver for family members (Mom 83, granddaughter 9, grandson 7) is often times a challenge, but the past week has been a bit much. We had to take my grandson to the hospital as he was experiencing breathing difficulties due to an infection. This was the same day my granddaughter was to go away for a dance competition. So off to the ER with my daughter and grandson, dash home to pack for the dance competition which would be an overnight stay, get my granddaughter out of school, and away we go. Not to mention I had to do makeup and changes for six dances, which I was not familiar with. Thank you Lord God for our loving Dance Moms and their pity on this grandma.(We do have a great group). Now at the same time, my Mom decides to stop taking her medications (has done this before) and things get ugly. Thank you Lord that these things to will pass and better and brighter days ahead. At least the dance competition was great, lots of trophys and ribbons, my grandson is home and on the mend, and my Mom, WELL— God grant me the loving patience I desperately need!!!! Loved the Unglued Book, have read it numerous times. It is a staple on my bedside table—just in case.

  27. Joy Henderson

    This week has been lots of mishaps! I left the dog out by accident when I went to the doctor. Came home to garbage EVERYWHERE. And he’d had a couple accidents because of all the yummy stuff he’d eaten from the garbage!

  28. Lauren Moore

    As a new mommy, I had returned to working full time. I cooked a yummy meal of spaghetti and dropped my full plate on the carpet in the living room. We were out of carpet cleaner, of course!
    I’d love a copy of your devotional!! I’m working on controlling myself rather than becoming unglued!

  29. Allison C Bayer

    Hard stuff relationship wise. . . Had to make a bold move with my younger sister. Wasn’t easy and it is getting better each day. The relief I’m experiencing is amazing. Why didn’t I do this 20 years ago? Because God knew I needed to grow more! His plan for me, His timing, NOT MINE!! It is good to surrender to Him. Such peace, such peace. Thank you for the chance to win your devotional. Imperfect progress continues in my life!

  30. Penny Johnson

    I drowned my iPhone in my own cup of coffee a while back…must be more common than I thought. I just recently discovered you Lysa, through the YouVersion daily plan Made to Crave, after completing the plan, reading your book, and applying your shared wisdom in my own life….I am on my way to smarter controlled living….Thanks! I have Coming Unglued on my to read list for this summer, your sense of humor is very much like my own…I laugh aloud when I read your stories!

  31. Alyce

    Oh I’ve had those days. I’m a mom…and a homeschool mom at that..so yep..messy stuff happens. That is another reason why I’d love your devotional. There aren’t enough glue sticks, Elmer’s, liquid cement, or crazy glue to keep this mouth shut sometimes. Sad, huh?

  32. Elisabeth

    This week I found out that my younger sister had lied to my Dad about me – I was very hurt & upset. I decided to talk to Dad first, to make sure I hadn’t been misinformed, & planned to talk to my sister after that. However, with God’s usual sense of timing, I only spoke to my father. I think God was saying that maybe now isn’t the right time to confront my depressed sister, so I am trying to wait on God in all of this.

  33. Ashley

    I have a sweet newborn at home. But I have been running a high fever for two days with mastitis so I’m not at peak performance. Yesterday, I was changing his diaper and as soon as I was throwing his wet diaper away he pooped his yellow runny newborn poop all over himself and the white changing pad. I quickly stripped him down, cleaned him up and put a diaper on him. Then I placed him in his crib while I wrestled another newborn gown over his precious big head. I went back to take the changing cover off so I could get the stain out and when I turn back to his crib his is laying in a wet spot. He is crying from being wet and hungry so I quickly change him again and take him to my bed where I start nursing him. My three year old comes in and gets in the bed and asks for a sip of my water. I ask her to please not spill it. She takes it, reaches for her blankie and dumps the water all over my bed. *keep calm* I actually think- don’t come unglued- it’s not a big deal, you just feel crappy. She knew I was displeased but I stayed calm. My husband, however, who was apparently blissfully unaware that it was bedtime while he was playing in his workshop, suffered a different fate. Imperfect progress- at least my kids don’t think mommy is crazy 🙂

  34. Chrissy

    I LUh-Huved the “Inside Chatter” clip! I watched it and cried as I identified but felt uplifted all the way through. My inside chatter is never positive. I have recommended the clip many times over and was bummed to see it was no longer in your page. I am so thrilled others can again be touched by your and Shiela’s wise words! God is good, especially to us bummer lambs!

  35. Trish

    Oh my…I have lots of mishaps a week. Sometimes I’m looking for my phone while I’m on it! Or like Tuesday, my daughter and I went to her cheer practice and I couldn’t find my phone. We looked between the seats and everything. We got home and we called it and still no phone. I looked everywhere. So I thought I’d try the car one more time. Hmmmmm right there on my dashboard in front of my face. Goodness!!

  36. Lindsey

    Just got back from vacation. It was for my 30th bday. Went to a place we thought would be warm, it was cold and rainy. My husband golfed the only 2 days that weren’t miserable and left me with the kids. My parents and sibling came and my brother decided to not pay for golf or his dinner. My bday dinner I wasn’t suppose to pay for was awfully expensive. One son ran into a glass door, comical but his forehead looks rough. The other son broke out in hives. This was definitely not my idea of a bday vacation. However, thankfully I just finished reading your unglued book and I was able to handle my emotions. I had a talk with hubby about how I felt and I didn’t lose it. I sure wanted to but I didn’t stuff it as usual. I talked it through with him and he agreed this trip was not what we expected and we both were apologetic. I’m learning so much from your book and praying the Holy Spirit continues changing my heart ad nudging me before I lose it.

  37. Andrea Smith

    Oh Lisa you are not alone…. yesterday my kids knocked the screen out of my daughter’s window. The cat got out… as i was proceeding to chase her around the house i stepped in a plastic fountain covered in leaves…. (i forgot it was there since we haven’t sent it up in 2 years). Not once not twice but 3 times…. i feel on my hip once and my elbow the last 2 times….. my elbpw and whole right arm hurts…. I did not get the cat, she ran awaY into the woods and i couldn’t find her… she blended in with the leaves….. So of course that broke my heart…. Then if the day was not bad enough i got a fever blister on my lower lip that grew huge in a matter of an hour; from nothing….. of course i had the lenten soup supper at church last night and felt so rediculous with my huge lip. i know that it was a looker lol.
    i know that God loves me and if our kitty is meant to be back he will guide her home. I also know that this rediculous blister will hear under the Lord’s gracious and loving hands. “She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25… Mt favorite bible verse; it gets me through the good and bad days 🙂 have a BLESSED day! ~ AnDREA from PA 🙂

    • Andrea Smith

      I also wanted to tell you that i am a Liberty University Online Student…. Your convocation last month was amazing to say the least. As i mom i was constantly saying AMEN to everything you had said… You are truely a beautiful inspiration to me and cannot wait to pick up a copy of “Unglued”. My aunt is a wonderful mom of 7 children. she homeschools 6 of them. the oldest is out of school and he is in the job world. he is married with 2 small kids….. MY aunt is currently reading your book. she absolutely loves it. i hope to get it and a deveotional soon because i know i will want both lol. Blessings ! andrea from pa

  38. Ann

    While trying to get to bible study on time, I was walking around my van, talking on the phone to my brother in one hand and a container of blackberries in another, when my foot got caught, and down I went, straight to my knees. Phone went flying as did the blackberries – and there I was sprawled out on the driveway! I would have to say that was the most physically painful way I have been “brought to my knees”!

  39. Mindy

    I have really been wanting to read your book, but our budget is so tight I can’t fit anything besides necessities into it. We all have those kind of days, weeks, months, even years. We pray and carry on:)

  40. Tiffany

    Mine’s not really a mishap, but sad news for me. I teach Kindergarten, and my spot got cut. I’ll be teaching 2nd grade next year. I’m so thankful to have a job, but I LOVE kindergarten, so I’m sad. I’m praying God will open the “K” door back open for me soon!

  41. Darlene

    God assured there would be days like yours, and I’ve had them too! Keep your spirit and faith…..He is by your side through good and bad. I am a senior citizen with some major health problems. I also have some family members and friends going through tough times right now. My prayer list gets longer every day. Keep on writing; you inspire me. I’m directing everyone to the wonderful Proverbs 31 Ministry and you wonderful ladies, particularly you Lysa.

  42. Laura

    Thank you for your dedication to helping women with such real problems! I would love your devotional! I just picked it up the other day at the bookstore and really wanted to buy!

    • Laura

      My unglued moments come in response to my little girls who become unglued… Which is not helpful at all in teaching them to take control of their emotions!

      • Vanessa Shaw-Potter

        I can relate! I too struggle with this!

  43. Lana

    I have been so overwhelmed with life that the slightest insignificant thing can set me off. I am going through a divorce. He has untreated PTSD & TBI. He is mentally abusive and hard to deal with. I have let his wrongful accusations upset me this week. I pray that God will give me the strength and wisdom to deal with this in a Christian way. Thank you for your devotions.

  44. lisa chickering

    Knowing of ups and downs, hills and valleys, one might think we are “prepared”. Unfortunately, we have NO IDEA what God has in store for us. Life is crazy, we just need to respond in the manner of which God expects. Blessings to all who have these days, weeks, years, “seasons”.

  45. Cheri

    I really enjoy your Blog,. Have a blessed day ;0)P

  46. Kelly L

    My son is slowly learning to walk. He was walking along the coffee table and my mom just told me how well he was doing so I sat back to watch instead of hovering. No sooner did I sit down, then he fell and hit his head and has a huge bump/bruise right above his nose. 🙁

  47. Andrea runyon

    Unglued situations, oh my yes! When something I was really wanting, hoping for with a friend fell through the other day. Wishing it would happen, then discovering at the LAST minute that it was called off. No time to process those unglued feelings, just disappointment.. Lysa, your book is helping me to filter my emotions through Gods truth, for that, I say thank you

  48. Melissa H.

    I can totally relate to the cell phone issue! I was traveling for work and stopped at a rest stop on the interstate. I leaned over the toilet to flush it. As I stood back up my cell phone dropped out of my coat pocket and into the toilet. My cell phone did not flush down but it did get a good washing. Thankfully I was thinking at the time and removed the battery right away. It dried out after a few days, I then washed it again in rubbing alcohol (as advised online – what did I have to lose?). To my surprise, it still works!

  49. Elizabeth

    Oh sweet Jesus! I went from reading Living Proof Blog about highs and lows to this one and found it comical. For the last few days though everything from fb posts to blogs to conversations with friends, etc. have been about the mess of lies in our head. “God, I’m listening!”

  50. Heidi

    Being a full time student trying to push for graduation at the end of next month, life can get a little crazy. And then after graduation, I have to enter “the real world” and move into the next season of life! Craziness!!

  51. Cindy

    Needing some “Imperfect Progress” in my life right now.

  52. Michelle

    Wow how awesome your getting a new space!
    My business is getting a new space also, and there must be something in the air with plumbing issues.
    I own a salon and the shampoo sinks are not going so well, first the plumbing was to high and the sinks had to be placed higher ( I actually had to use my child booster seat for one of my shorter clients) and now the water is draining to slow and the sink is filling up as I try to rinse out hair color. It appears to be a venting problem and when I got someone out to clear the vent on the roof I was told it could not be cleared! Yikes what to do? I need a plumbing miracle!!!! Well at least it doesn’t smell, and I still have my smart phone! ( I often wonder how the phones got the name smart phone because sometimes they don’t seem very smart, or possibly I am the one who isn’t very smart when it comes to those wonderful devices )
    Congrats on all your new beginnings as you continue to do Gods work and encourage so many woman everyday. Thank you for your openness and honesty, you are more of a blessing than I could ever express in words on a page.

  53. Alli

    Oh heavens! It’s taken everything in me not to come unglued over the last several weeks. It’s been all the usual suspects: a teenage girl who has ALL the answers, a sporty son who requires transportation to many practices and sometimes being in two places at the same time, and a kindergartener with unlimited enthusiasm (and activities). But then we added a job change that requires canceling a vacation and a VERY unexpected pregnancy that ended in miscarriage…so now less-than-ideal hormones…aaaahhhh!
    Just yesterday, a friend told me about your book so I’m very anxious to check it out. I just started leading (I use that term very loosely) a bible study group and I think it will be a perfect fit.

  54. Mary B

    Hugs Lysa! Hang in there, I would love to know how the phone got in the mug! God will work it all out! I keep telling myself that EVERY DAY! 🙂

  55. Karla Brent

    A situation? Oh you mean like yesterday morning when I got in the shower THEN realized my new shampoo was on my dresser and my empty one was in the shower? The same one where I called to my daughter who was in the next room…three times…including banging on the wall? The same one who heard me but chose not to come to my rescue? The one where I had to get out and dry off and try NOT to come unglued all over her?? Ya…that’s the one. Unglued is what I chose in that moment…

  56. Teri

    Congratulations on the new home for Proverbs 31 Ministry! Thanks for your openness and just keepin” real for those of us who try to make imperfect progress everyday thanks to Jesus Christ.

  57. Ree

    Oh, how I would love to have a copy of this devotion to share with a dear friend who is learning hw Christ can fight her battles and who loves her dearly!

  58. Sharon Cofran

    Blessed to know that we’re in this together! Encouraged by your sharing.

  59. Brenda Galiher

    Congratulations on your NEW phone!!

  60. Suzanne

    I’m emotionally unglued! This morning I’m going to a funeral for a great couple who lost their three day old infant, after two years of infertility. This will be my third funeral in a week and a half.
    I’m reminded to praise God in the good times along with the bad. He’s in control.
    I’m thankful for that. I am very thankful for your book unglued!

  61. cindy

    Unglued would be a real helper in my life

  62. Amy

    Fortunately things have been going pretty well for me. (I am not bragging, but being Thankful). I wanted to thank you for what you do. You taking Women’s daily life struggles, blessings, & moments and help us relate to one another while also applying God’s word. I have to tell you how your book When Women Walk in Faith has changed my life. In the past year I recommited myself to God and started this devotional. I started out not having any clue what my purpose might be. I even questioned if I was ready for this book. Throughout the process and through other church devotions I have found God’s will for me. To be a Foster Parent to Teens. (yes, scary…also,since I have a 2 1/2 yr old). But, I have faith and trust in God that he will take my messy childhood and help me turn them into a blessing so that I can help the parentless children out there come to know God’s love and that they are worth so much more.
    After saying all that. I still have my unglued moments with my husband and son so I have been wanting to start your unglued book. I feel that this will come in handy…especially with a new troubled teen coming into the house. Thank you for all you do. You are such a blessing.

  63. Lacey

    In owning my business, I feel like I have all kinds of mishaps all the time. I will never forget I just had bought my business and I was having some plumbing issues! Well, I am Mrs. Fix-it and get it done. I had taken the lid off of the toilet because you had to pull the lever to get it to flush. Well while I was minding to my business in the bathroom, It was like a scene in a movie! I felt a something wet on my back then the water was all in my hair! A hose had come lose in the back of the toilet and water was everywhere. I looked like a drowned rat!
    So excited about your new place!!

  64. Kim

    Some of my mishaps are getting the children’s lunches mixed up, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and had to throw the whole batch away. I must have used bad baking soda, the cookies were chewing and left a bad after taste.
    My husband drove over his cell phone with his skidloader. Not good.
    I also have been having some unglued moments as well that I am praying to do better and I want to forget.
    Have a blessed day.

  65. cindy

    Would love to win a copy, would be a helper in my life

  66. Shelly

    I am part of special needs parent group and we have been talking about our negative talk….. We doubt our choices and plans for kids or have guilt when we steal away some mommy time. We meet weekly to give each other grace and peace that God is there with us and to trust him and ignore the little voice of doubt. Motherhood for all us is a daily struggle because we all want to know at the end of the day is that our babies are safe and loved but some days those not so proud parent moments leave us doubting….thanks so much for your gift of sharing with regular women and moms that it will all be alright and we are never alone in our struggles…..

  67. U. Zach

    Just reading everyone else’s comments on here puts life into perspective for me. I always think I have the most stressful life, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges some of your other readers face, and I pray that God would grant them the grace to continue on their paths of imperfect progress. I am SO thankful for your books!! As to my own unglued moments…they seem to occur quite frequently…in the evenings…when we’re all tired after a long day of work or school….I need your sign on the bedroom door that says the Spirit has left this woman as of 8:30 to go help another woman on the west coast. Check back in the morning!! ; ) Thanks for all you do Lysa!

  68. Carol Thompson

    I saw the we cast and it was great. Helped me to talk to a friend who is putting himself down for past mistakes. I have been getting frustrated with stupid annoying people lately. Please pray that I can learn how to be more full of grace and joy!!

  69. Noreen

    This was my prayer this morning.

    “Dear God, I am so tired of loosing my cool!
    You never loose your cool with me!
    Please help me to love my children the way you love me! Please hold me close as the pile of events grows – the frustrated husband who cant find his wallet, the 3 noisy little boys just being boys and fighting, and whinning, and pulling at my arms, the never ending to-do list, the laundry piles overflowing into the hallway, the kitchen counter covered in dishes which hides the homework I could not find, and the little lego piece I just stepped on that shot pain straight up through me… Hold me together Lord and be my glue. ”

    Thanks so much for your honesty Lysa!
    You bring such comfort and encouragement to help us moms just keep going!

  70. Liz C

    I started yesterday crazy with a chest scan that was clear, yeah me!!! So took advantage of my day off and tried to get stuff done for children’s church. At home had to go on my computer several different times because I forgot to do something then finally got to church and had copier nightmares in which three of us had to figure out the stupid thing. So one thing after another went wrong but all got accomplished in the end!!! 🙂

  71. Mona

    We discovered a leak in the wall that has been going on for a while – explains a lot of sickness that has been going on in my house. It required a whole section of wall to be ripped out revealing some mildew and mold and will require a new vanity in the bathroom. So just a little craziness – I love your blog and would love to get your book. It’s all so relatable. Thankfully with my little craziness as a single mom I have the best landlords who jumped right on the situation to get it fixed.

  72. Theresa S.

    This webcast is perfect timing! I have really been struggling this week with negative thoughts and feeling overcome by them. Thank you for all you do to encourage women!

  73. Elaina

    The Lord is really working with me on so many levels to deal – in His way – with the things of life. Like making a commitment to rise at 5:30 every morning to have quiet time with Him to start the day of right, only to find that my 3 year old has apparently committed to rising early as well! God has been so good to us in a huge transition we’re currently making, and we are seeking all tools to help remind us of Him and live in his Truth daily!

  74. Jen

    Your book, “Unglued,” has been life changing for me! I recently finished reading it and have already been applying what I have learned! I already have a few friends reading it based on my recommendation. I also have the devotional book, but would like to win the book for one of my friends that are reading the “Unglued” book. I know they will love it!

  75. Kathy

    Hi Lisa,
    I would love a copy of your devotional. “Ungluedness” is my constant battle in life. I love where the Lord has me…a homeschooling mom of 3 with a 4th to arrive in April…but needless to say I relate so well to many of your blog posts. What a challenge doing life right can be!

  76. Amanda

    Lisa thank you for sharing this today! We just returned home from a family ski vacation gone wrong. We arrived last Friday night only to be awoken at 2:00 a.m. to our 7 yr old daughter terribly sick. Finally at 8 a.m. the urgent care clinic opened where we hoped to get her some help. This is where they found a whistling (murmur) in her heart and she had to be taken out of the high altitude by ambulance to Denver Childrens hospital. Did I mention this was during a winter weather warning, a big snow storm with ice on passes and roads?! My husband packed our things and followed with our older daughter. At the ER in Denver they ran several tests on her heart and did not find a heart murmur which was an answer to prayer. She had had pulmonary hypertension due to severe altitude sickness but the structure of her heart looked fine. However they did find in all the testing, a mildly leaky heart valve and a prolonged heart rest that need to be followed up on by a cardiologist here in Texas. We are thanking God for these findings as we might have not known otherwise and they could cause problems for her. So, they sent her “home” (a hotel in Denver) feeling better but not great and the next day we started our long ride via the rental car towards home (a 16 hour drive) with a baby girl still not feeling good. We stopped overnight in Amarillo where during the night, my husband got very sick with a stomach virus as well. This is where we could have truly fallen to pieces but we had to get home and there were only 7 hours to go! God So we loaded up next morning as soon as everyone felt like it and made the rest of the journey home. You’d think that would be the end, but our vehicle was still at the airport, a 3 hour ride in the wrong direction. Everyone finally felt well enough and we retrieved our vehicle and returned very happily home. Funny how during this nightmarish vacation God kept our sense of humor and our faith going through the prayers of our friends and family and we found so many things to be thankful for along the way. We will be getting our sweet baby girl that appointment with a cardiologist and trust that Gods plan for her is a wonderful and very adventuresome one!! Please remember her in your prayers and have a blessed day!

  77. Kacie

    Hey Lysa!! Ok so first off I have to tell you that the study “when women say yes to God” totally changed my life & I am so excited to read Unglued!! I am a mother of two (3 & 1) & I definitely come unglued. I am going to a women’s conference in Jacksonville in Aprik ALL ABOUT your book Unglued! I am teaching MY FIRST BIBLE STUDY on he book Unglued this summer & I am so super excited! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this Unglued devotional book. It would help me not only in my own life, but in believe it could be a valuable resource for the mommies I am teaching this summer!! Thank you for all you do. You are amazing!
    Love & Light,
    Kacie 🙂

  78. Dianna

    For some reason we didn’t receive the notice to renew our tags for our car. So needless to say that is not something you tend to notice in the corner of your license plate that it is expired and I was pulled over. The police officer explained once we had the new one we could copy it, mail it in and only pay the processing fee…. $61. We got our new stickers I put them on immediately. Some time passed and I went to get the registration to copy and mail in and it was the expired one! I guess I kept the old one and threw away the new one. Ugh!

  79. Nicole

    My life is a series of mishaps, but reading everyone else’s makes me realize that it’s not just me. 🙂 I’m pretty thankful for my mishaps, because all in all everything important is in place. This week my husband tried to change the oil in his car only to find the oil filter was not moving, and so he destroyed it in the process and had to have a mechanic come get it out. Then I realized a brake light was out in my car, but it’s not really the brake light but an electrical glitch. I have a one year old who, naturally, is a walking mishap maker, but we wouldn’t have her any other way. Thanks for your blogs. They keep me encouraged and focused on the right things.

  80. BETH

    I have learned through God’s grace how to let things roll off my shoulders but things do tend to build up sometimes and aside from housing my mother in hopes of a relationship we never had (and is not looking hopeful) and a husband on disability, I now have to feel horrible because my uncle who lives 750+ miles away is dying and not expected to live to this weekend and there is no way I can afford to get there… I just say prayers and remember there is always someone who is worse off than me…

  81. Dorinda Turner

    Oh boy you are not alone in the mishap department!!! The devil started on my family last week because he knew we were having a revival at our church this week and then every day this week something has happened. Last Tues, we discovered that the floor under our hot water heater at sometime had gotten really wet and is now rotting and our hot water heater is leaning. Then our accountant called the next day to say we owe a large sum to the federal government for our taxes. So then fast forward to Sunday when revival starts an hour before evening service my husband was parked in his mother’s drive way when she went out got in her car and backed into his vehicle (hitting it so hard that his vehicle moved 2 feet). Monday, my husband’s grandpa went into the hospital because they thought he had a stroke. Tuesday the accountant called back to say he made a mistake and know we owe even more and then Wednesday was a dozy…I had 2 root canals, my stepson sprained his ankle and my husband was at the doctors with him until 30 min before church. I’m telling you if it could go wrong this week than it was going to, BUT we were resolved not to miss one night of revival and even thought the devil tried hard he did not succeed. 🙂 and as I sit her on Thursday I see the lord already starting to work some of these things out. 🙂

  82. Alicia

    Not quite as crazy as yours or some of the commenters…. but travel work schedules have me juggling things a bit. My husband leaves today and will return Monday, after I’ve left town…. Take care and sending prayers that everyone’s crazies get a bit better!

  83. Margaret

    Wow! Sounds like a rough day yesterday! My week could have been worse, but also could have been better… a few weeks ago, we noticed wet places in our back yard – septic system overflow (just water, thank you, Lord!). This week, the tank was pumped and it was determined our drain field isn’t working properly, so something has to be done – about $1,500 worth of something. At least my entire back yard won’t have to be dug up – at least not at this point, anyway! Believe it or not, I haven’t come unglued :0 – wouldn’t do any good, anyway :)!

  84. Joe King

    Having a hard time adjusting to the time change this week. Little ones not sleeping well…which means Momma isn’t sleeping well. Everyone in our house seems to be running on short fuses this week. I would love to win a copy of this book! Perfect timing! (Assuming I can stay away long enough to read it…)

  85. Joyce C.

    Congrats on the new digs Lysa! Illness mishaps while on spring break….but managed to still have some family fun and make jokes about it.

  86. Sandy H

    OMW! Lord help me. Lysa, I am getting this message everywhere I turn . It is time to be set free and run like the bummer lamb to the Father.

  87. Sherry

    Well, I thought I was heading in the right direction, I ordered the book I used to be organized (I think Glynnis from Proverbs 31 wrote it)..Very excited to get the book, well I decided to start reading it and it had disappeared.. I told my husband someone was playing a cruel joke on me that I am so unorganized I can’t find my book on getting organized!! Thankfully last night I finally found it..somehow it was mixed in a pile of scrapbooking stuff (which is also completely a mess)…there is Hope!!!

  88. Susan S

    It feels as if life is one big mishap after another lately – a lot involving food and my cooking which is not a usually a problem at all. I don’t know where my mind is lately, but the macaroni and cheese last night was more like cheesy soup with noodles – it was that runny! I am trying to focus on the good moments but they are few and far between right now. I would love to win this devotional and share it with my daughter so we can both work on our unglued moments and realize these mishaps do not define who we are!

  89. Leah

    I totally feel your pain on your phone! Just yesterday I dumped almost an entire smoothie in my new purse! I had made it at home, missed the cup a little as I was pouring it from the blender, so was wiping the sides of the cup. My 6 year old son starts asking me “an urgent question” so I look up and tilt the cup all into my purse which was on the kitchen counter! Gooey blended up banana and berries dripping from everything! My phone, my camera, ugh! Had to laugh though cause if it had been my son who did it…. God knows what I would have said! God sure knows how to convict your heart in those moments LOL

  90. Esther

    Boy did I need that! I’ve taken the suggestion of making index cards for verses. My teenage daughter and I make color coordinated ones that involve several emotions. Hopefully I’ll remember to use them!


  91. Angie N

    Hi Lysa,
    This past Monday my husband who has been unemployed since last May had a pre employment drug screen for a job and he went over to take it and got the job!!!! Praise the Lord!! (this is the great) However he stopped by to check on his mom who just had cataract surgery and when he went to leave her house, the motor blew up input Expedition!!! (The bad) we have been struggling financially since he lost his job last year and that is or was our only somewhat reliable transportation … We have however also grown in our relationships with Christ this past year tremendously, so when the motor blew up Monday we knew that one way or another that God will provide for us and believe it or not the Unglued girl in me hasn’t even poked her ugly head out. The wonderfullness (not sure if that’s a proper word) is my amazing husband got a job!!! We praise God everyday for this and we will somehow get a vehicle that’s our own and not have to borrow so that we can both make it to work. He works in one direction and me in another neither of us in the town we live in. But heads held high and glorifying our wonderful Lord and Savior

  92. Robin

    Hi, Lysa! I watched the video of you and Sheila Walsh for the first time today. It was truly a blessing, a gift for me this morning. There is a lot of hurt and confusion in my family and the inside chatter going on in my head this morning was crushing me, pounding me farther and farther down. Not a good start to the day at all. It felt like I was being swallowed into this deep, dark hole and I wasn’t going to be able to get out the rest of the day. When those moments have happened in the past, I do end up finding the Light again. It just takes me awhile sometimes. And it is always a choice to see and reach for and cling to that Light to bring me out of that deep, dark place into the Truth. I am so thankful that God used that video with His Truth this morning to help me choose to see Him, to climb out of the darkness and into the Truth. Thank you, Lysa, for allowing God to use you to encourage other broken people like me, pointing us to our Redeemer, our giver of Life. His Word, the Truth is like a breath of fresh air!

    Now on a different note, I will share with you a few little mishaps of my own. I was away for my first women’s conference with some ladiess from church. I was in the bathroom getting ready when my toothbrush fell into the toilet….before I had brushed my teeth! Eeek! I ended up using a hotel washcloth to clean my teeth. Not sure if that was much better than using the toothbrush that had fallen in the toilet, but I survived. There are a couple of times that stick out in my mind (but rest assured that there are many other times, too) that I definitely was taken out of the contest for Mother of the Year. I locked my sweet, precious firstborn in the van….with the keys in the van. That’s all I can remember. I don’t even recall how he got out of the van. I guess I blocked it all out, trying to forget that happened? It wasn’t just my firstborn that I traumatized though. My sweet, precious, only a few weeks old secondborn was lying on the couch, all swaddled and sleeping soundly. I decided that he would be fine there (maybe the lack of sleep contributed to such silly thinking?) because he was very far from being able to roll over or anything, and he was lying at the back of the couch, not even in the middle or anywhere near the edge. I decided to sit in the recliner that was positioned directly across from the couch and rest while the baby was sleeping soundly. It was the middle of the night so my husband and firstborn were asleep also. I ended up falling asleep only to wake up to the baby on. the. floor! He wasn’t crying, was still swaddled, just looking around, content as could be. Aaaahhh! I didn’t tell anyone that happened for a long, long time, not even my husband. Am I really telling you all of this?! I so want to erase everything I just typed and start over, painting a more pretty, perfect picture, but then that wouldn’t be the truth. Again, I am so thankful for you, fellow Jesus girl! 🙂

  93. Anysa

    I so enjoy reading your blog and listening to your videos! Thank you for being real and helping me through the Holy Spirit to understand that I am loved. I will be on my way in the morning to pick my youngest daughter up from rehab so the negative chatter I have been facing is so like what you described in your video that I cannot rest my identity on my children’s decisions. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to touch me! Praying for you and your ministry.

  94. Rita

    I live with a husband that suffers from inside chatter daily. Each morning the “tape” seems to start all over again and he anguishes over things that were said and done to him starting as a child to present. It wasn’t till I heard the webcast that I realized what was going on with him. Thank you for the revelation.

  95. Sandy

    Thanks for an encouraging moment to begin each day. Even when I pray that I am walking in the path God has planned for me, I am shaken when Christian friends question my decisions. Spending a moment reading one of your devotions and spending a little more time in prayer helps me ‘regroup’ for the day.

  96. janel Case

    Dropped my phone in my coffee too! A bag of rice and learning how to navigate around the things that did work on my phone kept me from getting a new one for a year. Your bloggs are wonderful and make me feel like a normal person with good and bad all wrapped up in me trying to let the good be the more visible. I get unglued the most when I see people I love making the same hurtful mistakes over and over and over again and don’t want to change. God help me love them but not enable them. Trying to find the balance and peace. Thank you always for your honesty, grace and support. I love you Sister :o)

  97. Susan Roberts

    With 2 boys, ages 7 & 8, my life is filled with craziness! A few months ago, we were driving home on our curvy, hilly country road when suddenly 5 HORSES ran in front of our car at full speed. I slammed on the brakes and just barely missed hitting one of the horses, and he let me know! He kicked a dent into my front fender! The horses continued running into the field on the other side of the road while I sat with my heart pounding. I turned around and asked the boys if they were okay. Their eyes were as big as saucers. Then, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, a stocky, white pony trotted in front of my car after the other horses. It was so surreal! My younger son broke the silence, “Did you see that, Mom!?” Um, yeah! It is one of the craziest things that has ever happened to me. I am thankful that no one was hurt, the horses were found by their owner, and the dent in my car was easily fixed. PTL!

  98. A. Walker

    I’m thankful for your ministry and how it’s helping me hold on to God and His truths regardless of the circumstances and crazy inside chatter in my mind.

  99. Michele

    So last Sunday was one of those mornings where little things that shouldn’t matter all happened. I was running late so I needed to put my mascara on on my way to church. I work at church so it was early and it was also daylight savings……so it was dark….couldn’t put the mascara on. Then as I’m driving, I was adjusting my seatbelt when I accidentally pulled on my necklace and it totally came apart and broke. I got to work/church and various other little things seemed to pile up that just weren’t how they should be. BUT I WAS ENCOURAGED…..because I for real laughed through these situations and CHOSE to embrace the chaos, learn from all of it and to simply make it happen. That is GROWTH!!! The rest of the day was awesome! Many lives were changed, kids were ministered too, volunteers were excited to be here, and Jesus was lifted up!

  100. Tara

    I am so grateful that I have found your blog and subscribed to your emails! Your shared thoughts have uplifted me from difficult situations endless times! And I have been able to share your emails with friends often as well. I am thrilled you have joined the women of faith tour this year and cannot wait to see you and listen to more encouraging words and real-life mom situations… It’s nice to hear from someone else how being a wife, mother and leader isn’t always like chocolate and a latte! I would LOVE to win your devotional for a friend whom is turning 30 soon and has been through so much over the last few years! As for mishaps, there are so many to choose from! Haha! Most recently (about 15 minutes ago) as I was making my breakfast smoothie, I clumsily dumped it over all over myself and my recently cleaned sparkling wood floors (which they never are with a 1 year old and 3 year old)! But I survived and was even able to laugh while cleaning it up… It could definitely be worse! Thank you again for continuing to be a blessing in my life and so many others!

  101. Mary

    I have more unglued moments than can be described here. Sometimes I’m sure God is watching the comedy show at my house! I love that I might make Him laugh! I have three teenagers… need I say more?

  102. Kerry Ann

    My unglued moment came while in a public restroom – my little one ‘HAD’ to go – couldn’t wait th e15 mins to get home, so, being a mom, I went into the stall next to her. When she finished, she yelled and I stood up quickly which caused the automatic toilet to flush, well wouldn’t you know THAT was the time my phone popped out of my pocket and went down with the toilet water – not just IN the toilet, but swirled down with the water and my poor phone is probably floating somewhere in North Carolina water before heading who-knows-where toilet water ends up!!!

    Sigh……It didn’t help that the guy at the phone store was laughing so hard he had tears rolling down his face when I had to explain what happened to it…..

  103. Elise

    Love your books and emailed posts. Such a great help in keeping me from coming Unglued!

  104. Judy Pennington

    I have just started reading your blog and newsletters this week. I printed out the 31 verses to give my daughter. Her husband had a horrific motorcycle accident last Memorial day. He was hit head on by a man in a pickup who wasn’t watching where he was going. Daniel died twice but was resusitated each time. He lost the lower part of his left leg, had multiple compound fractures with bones protruding, pelvis and tailbone broken, spleen removed, but Praise God, no brain or back injury. He just had surgery yet again on his left arm and is going to have surgery on his left knee sometime in the near future. I’m sure my daughter would benefit greatly from your devotional book. They also have 2 small children and had just purchased a new (old) house that they were going to remodel when he had his accident, so a lot of the renovations have had to be put on hold. Their church came in and replaced some of the floor so that it would be safe for her and the children, but they have had the bathroom gutted for months and months, waiting for help and the money to fix it so Daniel could get in and out of a shower stall. Thank you for the opportunity to help.

  105. Stela Heuschkel

    I can’t even tell you all the moments of the last few months. My mom has dementia & I see her declining more each day. It’s frightening in so many ways but, God has given us joy & we find the humor in it too (so does she). He is so good.

  106. Kayci

    Hi Lysa! Thank you so much for sharing your craziness and less-than-wonderful moments with all of us. I know, at least for me, it makes me feel like less of a goof-ball 🙂 My morning started with my daughter (10 yo) being less than dressed for school and watching one of her favorite morning shows. After countless rants about being ready to leave on time and not watching TV before shoes are on and teeth are brushed…again, I found myself staring into her beautiful face and not wanting to send her off to school after another morning argument. I recalled several of the articles/blogs that you have written and was able to stop the “entitlement” chatter that was going on inside my own head. I was able to serve both my daughter and God by putting my own selfishness and timeline aside to explain to her the negative impact that not being ready had on the entire family and how when she’s ready we’re all able to start the day without stress. She was able to hear what I was saying and take to heart the action required on her part. For me, I was able to have a conversation and not a fight with my daughter and send her out the door without tears (mine, of course…not hers :))

  107. Jessica

    I feel like I might just be the poster child for unglued;0)
    If I go back months, I can say my surgery/recovery, followed by my mom needing surgery and recovery, a new roof was then needed, then on my daughters 13th birthday, while we are expecting a house full of family we find our basement flooded. The smell of sitting water is nothing than can be covered even if you are cooking chili and baking a cake! Emergency crews had to come out and we are now in the mist of that chaos! But the real moment of true insanity was when my coffee maker broke!! In the same week! Sigh….Just trying to keep it all in perspective and giving it up to GOD. On a funny note, my husband wasn’t sure why I was so willing to assist and get his car to the mechanic this week at 8 in the morning. Little did he know, that I was motivated by knowing I could get a cup of coffee…ha!

  108. Brenda

    I haven’t had any real mishaps lately. I do however think one thought and write down something entirely different. What’s up with that I am not sure.

    The ringing in my years has been going on for 26 years and counting. I pray you have adjusted. Better yet, I would some time like to read that yours has gone away.

  109. LaVonne

    Isn’t just amazing how God brings us to where we need to be or hear encouragement just at the perfect time. It’s as if God was speaking directly to me through your words.
    I have had a situation where the swerving thing has happened yet again and the chattering goes on yet again and it seems that is all I seem to focus on. When you shared the story about your daughter and what she has decided to do with her life and how that effects you. That is exactly where I’m at. My story is not exactly the same but how it is effecting me is. I know now what I’ve been doing, letting the choices of my adult kids effect who I am as a mother. I know I can’t control where they are spiritually nor control their choices, but oh how I have thrown out my opinions trying to:( And when you talked about being secure in who you are in Christ and knowing I am his child and then something is said or done and where did that security go!! That is me sister. I so want to thank you for sharing the video and listening to what God wants you to share.
    You are making a difference and please keep it coming!!
    Love and Blessings to your ministry:)

  110. Bethany

    Thanks so much for your timely words! I generally come Unglued when I have over committed myself and my humanness smacks me right upside the head. This devotional sounds amazing. Thank You

  111. Shannon

    Lysa, I am currently finishing up “Unglued”, and I can’t tell you what a blessing this has been to me! I struggle so much with these things, but when you speak of “negative inside chatter”, it speaks so deeply to me, as this is a daily battle for me. Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency, it is so comforting to know that others struggle with the same things I do, and that I am not alone! 🙂

  112. Sandi in MN

    Trying not to come unglued as we deal with unemployment, homeschooling, a lab puppy, another snow storm etc. Saturday night coming home from church we got stuck on our country road going up hill. My husband had to snow blow the road, yes the road, which wasn’t plowed yet before we could get the van in the garage! Country living can be peaceful and yet crazy sometimes. BUT I saw God’s answer to getting us home safely even though it took a little longer and the prayer wasn’t answered quit like we had hoped!

  113. cheryl

    Awesome video. I tooks notes the whole time pausing it throughout. I know God is speaking to me about this negative inside chatter. Last night my pasor talked about our past and how only God can change patterns that are embedded in our brains and yesterday I watched a well known teacher talking about getting through the process of healing and victory over past big sins. Thank you for sharing this video. I am looking for the book by Neil Anderson you mentioned. I already do Blackaby’s devotional so yes I agree I am challenged by it. I am looking forward to reading Unglued and would love to get the devotional to go with it. Either way though thanks for sharing with us.

  114. Michelle W

    Thanks Lysa for all the encouraging and real life stories that help lift me up. I started a new job in December 2012. From the beginning the people seemed unfriendly and just an odd environment. I’m a person that is very honest and sometimes vent frustrations. Early on in the process I was called to “the office” where they proceeded to list all of my inappropriate behaviors, unprofessional conversations, negative body language, etc. Wellneedless to say I came unglued I the office. None of this was true. As a RN I am extremely professional. The things they were saying wasn’t me. As the days continued there was a lot of negative chatter. But I have some great Christian friends who would pray over me and remind me of Gods truth. As the days and months continued the process continued of meetings in the office and of the horrible things they were saying of me. Some of which were coming from staff that were actual lies. It was challenging to work with people watching me under a microscope for my next I mistake. With the Lord’s help i prayed everyday to let His light shine through me. The inside chatter continued because I couldn’t believe that I was the person they described. Finally I felt peace over the situation. I thought things would turn out ok. I think that God was preparing me for what would happen next. They fired me yesterday. I remained calm and said ” thank you for this opportunity” and left. Some negative chatter is there with confusion as to whether I am the person they said I was. I don’t believe I am. The devil would like me to stay confused. Today I am up to take care of business. Thank you for reading.

    • Beth Smith

      The same thing happened to me recently. I was hired at a small company and everything was great…for a while. Then the manager started getting irritated with everything I did. Finally, one day he was very rude. I approached him in private to talk about it. He told me to get over it. That everyone gets yelled at!!!! I texted my husband and he said to quit. I quit that afternoon.
      I still feel bad about quitting sometimes. My husband said, “I don’t want you working somewhere and getting yelled at for less than $90,000 a year!!!!”
      God is so good.

  115. Bridget Spelt

    Hi Lysa
    I’ve definitely had my share of mishaps. I once dropped a whole jug of orange juice on the floor beside the fridge. Myslippers kept sticking to that spot for months no matter how much I cleaned it up! Another time, my kids were helping me unload groceries from the van and a box of chicken breasts had slid under the seat and silly me, I didn’t think to check after the kids said the van was empty of groceries. Well, a few days later I discovered that box, I don’t think I ever got rid of that smell of rotten chicken, no matter how many of those car freshners I used! There is always going to be mishaps when you have a house full of kids and when you live life, thankfully, later you usually can laugh at those accidents!

    I love reading your blog! You share stories about yourself with an openness and vulnerability that is encouraging to the rest of us, knowing that none of us are perfect but God has redeemed each one of us so there is hope!

    Hope your day gets better!

  116. Becky

    Thanks so much for the exact articulation of what goes on inside me. It was interesting to have the worries that I experience–broken down into three concise packages. It makes them seem more identifiable–which is a big help in getting past them and moving towards where God wants me to be and think. Thank you.

  117. Patty

    If Unglued Devotional is anything like the Made to Crave Devotional…. I must have a copy. I have been so blessed by the scriptures and stories in the MTC Devotional. I love the way you share life and Jesus!

  118. LC

    We actually got a tax refund this year (probably because of the college tuition tax credit). I was thankful my husband hadn’t taken off the garbage this week. I accidently threw it away in the junk mail!! It was truly a lesson learned after I had spent the day before frustrated over co-workers and family members not being responsible. How God speaks to us…

  119. JoAnne

    In part thanks to you I am becoming unglued less and less. Thanks for writing and sharing your stories! Hugs!

  120. LoriAnne

    Just love your books, blog, etc. We have a group of gals who are currently going through Made to Crave for the second time, we’re hoping to get it right this time, but hey, for one reason or another, we haven’t met in about a month. And now we will most likely meet in a van and view the DVD on a portable player in the back of a van in the school parking lot while one of our member’s son is at football practice. That’s just the way we roll. Who needs the comfort of home? On another note, I’m pretty clumsy and I could totally see myself dropping my phone, or anything in someone’s coffee, but so far that hasn’t happened. I do things like give my grandson veggie tales for holidays. So he got one for Christmas.. only for him to say “I already have this one.” Oh okay, I will get you a different one. Only to have him say “I already have this one, too!” My son emailed me a list!

  121. Becky

    I would love to have a copy of the Unglued Devotional. Unglued would definitely describe my life for awhile now and I could seriously use some help keeping it all together. Thank you for your ministry and your encouraging posts.

  122. Shila

    It’s such a blessing to have honest Christian women share so we know we are not alone.

  123. Moriah

    From flooding in our basement and property (can you say more raking?!), to re-caulking the bathtub/shower once again, to a teething little one-year old… I’m feeling a little unglued today! I thank God that my husband just has to say “Relax. It will all be fine.” in a text message and I experience peace. It’s amazing how God can use people to speak the words we need to hear at that exact moment.

  124. Marcie Joy Brown

    I was having the perfect day…

    My husband and I had gone to see a new movie (3D of course, always a fave…), and now he was joining me in quickly shopping for a new pair of jeans.

    Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that finding the perfect fit at the right price is never easy, particularly if, like me, you’re still 15 lbs or so away from a goal weight. Still, I had worked hard to save the money and now that we had a brunch invitation coming up with a new friend, it was definitely the day to shop.

    In the course of trying on a few pairs and walking out to show them to my husband/fashion consultant, I decided to bring out to him my purse and sweat jacket that went with the sweat pants I was wearing. (First rule of thumb when shopping for jeans: always dress comfortably…).

    I wanted him to keep an eye on the bag so that I didn’t have to carry it with me each time I made my catwalk in the next pair of potential new jeans. When all was said and done and we had finally agreed on the right pair, I went to get back into my sweatsuit. There was only one problem: I couldn’t find my pants! I searched the dressing room, and they were nowhere to be found. I was still wearing my tank top, but no pants whatsoever.

    I immediately went into a panic. What’s worse, no one was in the dressing room area and the vision of me stuck in the dressing room, in only my underwear, (oh and did I point out that I had already given back all of the jeans…), was not a pretty sight. As my fat and cellulite glared at me in the rear view mirror, I began to sweat. I started yelling my husband’s name and calling for help, but of course they were all outside in the main area of the store enjoying the department store music (which seems to be getting louder these days, or am I just getting older…?), and no one could hear what by now had become screams.

    When a saleslady FINALLY made her way back to my dressing room, I explained that someone had obviously STOLEN my sweatpants (of course everyone wants to steal a pair of black stretchy lightweight sweats that I’ve been literally living in for at least 5 years…). After a frantic search and a full display of my menopausal mania, one of the gals (who truly looked scared of me at that point…), pointed out that my husband was holding on to them the entire time.

    I did not realize that when I brought my jacket and purse out to my husband to hold, I also handed him the only pants I had to wear out of the dressing room. And so, as the story (welcome to my world…) goes, I did not end up doing said dreaded cat walk in my underwear at Nordstrom (a high end department store in Los Angeles…), I did get the jeans (and a cute top on sale too…) and by then I had lost at least another 5 pounds during this event, so I’m sure to look fabulous for the event on Sunday.

    Oh, and yes, I did apologize to everyone around the cash register when I went to pay for the jeans (but gosh they are cute and well priced too…), and even informed everyone that I am extremely menoupausal (to which at least one of the women also buying clothes sighed a warm sigh of relief and compassion…), and thus a panicked reaction seems to be a norm for me these days.

    Upon leaving, my saleslady (who by now I knew as “Momma…” said to my always extremely calm husband, “Take Care of Her…”

    • Beth Smith

      That is so something I would do!!!

  125. Debra

    Probably TMI, but was going to a women’s retreat for mom’s. My stomach was uneasy the whole drive (about an hour). About 1 minute from the retreat site, and had to stop the car, jump out and barf. I got as far away from the car as I could so my pregnant passenger wouldn’t here me. I took her on to the retreat, turned around and headed home. It was pouring rain and I kept having to pull over to barf. Once on the interstate I didn’t make it and barfed all over myself, including my phone. I couldn’t ‘even call home to let my husband know what was going on and to clear a path for me when I got home. I finally got there, rang the door bell and just said “get the kids out of the way”. I took a hot bath and laid in bed the whole next day. I recovered, but passed the joy along to my hubby.

  126. Jeanie S

    Had to read a little of “unglued” last night on “feelings” to get me out of where I was at the moment. Trying to deal with a 19 year young lady struggling with her own feelings. Thank the Lord I found Proverbs 31 and your wonderful book….it really brings me back to where I need to be so many times.
    Dropped my phone in a glass of OJ recently……now I don’t feel so bad.

    Thanks for being here…

  127. Kim

    Aside from the fact that I LOVE you, your books, and my sister & I are going to Women of Faith in Southern California JUST because YOU are going to be there……..

    My business is water damage restoration and you, my dear, had one. This is not something that can be cleaned up with a shop vac and dried with the heater. You need to call a certified restoration company. You can look in the yellow pages under water damage or carpet cleaning but make sure they are a certified firm. I want to make sure your new home is happy & healthy.

    Thanks for all you do………..Kim

  128. Bridgette

    As hard as it is, I LOVE that we can share our unglued moments together and cheer each other on in our Imperfect Progress.

    I’ve gone through waves of states of my Unglued-ness. Most recently, it seems that life was just happening. No-one situation that caused me to unglued, but a general feeling of unglued coming on at a bunch of little things happening and piling up, obviously needing to be dealt with. I had recently re-read the section in “Unglued” on finding perspective. Even through clinched teeth, I have found myself, telling myself, “If this is the worst thing that happens today, it’s still a pretty good day.” However, there have been times I needed even more perspective than this postitive self-talk was providing. So, I started…re-started…continued a Gratitude Journal. This was to force myself to only think about things in which I’m thankful. When life has felt overwhelmingly challenging, I have been able to focus on what’s truly important and Praise God through what now seems silly circumstances.

  129. Laura G

    Find my way back to God and boy does it feel amazing!!!!!!!!

  130. Latisha

    Right now I feel like I am coming unglued and don’t know why. I am praying for clarity to know what the problem is, so I can start fixing it.

  131. Valerie

    We just finished the Unglued bible study in my group of co- working preschool teachers! Loved it, and we all decided that this is not one of those studies you really EVER get through with! 🙂 Keeping your book nearby , to say the least! THank you Lysa!

  132. Robin

    I can come unglued easily when dealing with my 4 kids, but especially the youngest 2 right now. They are like oil and water and spur each other on….Ugh!! I would LOVE to read your book!

  133. Andrea

    Thank you for posting the replay. I have been wanting to share this with friends!

  134. Melissa

    Thank you Lysa for your authenticity. I love that you are real and open about your struggles, and have shared your unglued moments. It’s so relatable and I am enjoying your book so much. Would love the devotional as well. Praying for you and your team as you move buildings. God Bless!

  135. Martha T.

    My craziness today so far : 2 cats that don’t want to eat their food,but want to eat the other’s food and telephone calls where one was all clicks(maybe a robo call)and the second was all noise (could barely hear the person from some unknown company).
    I also want you to know that some women from my church(New Covenant Bible Church in Robins, Iowa) are going through the Unglued study(reading the book and guide plus watching the dvd )and it’s quite good!

  136. Debbie Myers

    Hi, Lysa! I have been a fan of Sheila for years, and only recently learned of your site. Thanks so much for this encouraging clip. I needed some encouragement today. I have 6 daughters, and although they are now adults, I need an extra helping of grace with which to minister to them, and to their families. Thanks again!

  137. CathyV

    I cracked my phone screen for the first time this past month…dropped it flat on its back on concrete. Bummer. It still works though….have you tried a bag of rice??

  138. Amanda

    I just downloaded Unglued a few weeks ago after listening to a podcast with you discussing it. I’d love to have the devotional!

  139. Kristy

    When we’re not standing in the shower of His grace, we have unglued moments…at least I sure do! Thanks for the great perspective today!

  140. Murna

    My “situation” is that my husband just won’t move! I’ve been praying and praying for him over the years and his relationship with The Lord doesn’t seem to move forward. He’s content with Sunday worshipping. I want him to fall in love with The Lord, as I have, and MOVE forward!

  141. Jill Butler

    I would love to win one of your unglued books. My life has been totally unglued for the last 5 years. I have 2 adult sons living at home who donot have jobs or not going to school. It has put a toll on my life and sanity. I can use all the help I can get.

  142. Susan Tuma

    Let’s see there are many crazy moments around here – like the day I wore 2 different flip flops ALL day without realizing it – one was mine the other was my husbands. Ugh! Or the time I put BLUE eyeliner on my eyebrows thinking it was brow liner. Always something! 🙂

  143. Lisa Muck

    I love following all your posts! Sorry to hear about your phone, did you try the rice trick for it? Here is my mishap. I went to make punch. poured it into the bowl. All of a sudden I heard this cracking noise. The whole bowl broke…punch everywhere! And to make matters worse, I was hosting a baby shower!

  144. Nicole

    Hey Lisa. I love listening to your little segments on the radio – so uplifting.
    Lately I have been trying not to come unglued over my computer. They’re so frustrating when they don’t work correctly! But I have to remind myself that it’s only a machine. It really isn’t the end of the world.

  145. Robin Snider

    Not sure if this is a mishap or just a bummer story but my family & I were in Florida for 3 weeks the end of February. I love taking pictures (of my 2 little ones ages 3 & 4 & also just anything picture worthy). Anyway, while driving to the airport know I had my (new) digital camera b/c I used it. Somewhere though, between getting out of the van at the airport & two flights home to Buffalo, my camera is gone!! All the fun pictures/videos from our vacation on the memory card inside, gone. I know I can always get another camera but I cannot get back those pictures :(. I know in the big scheme of things it’s no big deal, but for me who loves photographed memories it was a hard day.
    Looking forward to seeing you in 2 days in Syracuse NY 🙂

  146. Jeanie

    Love this blog!!!

    Recent mishaps:

    Got dressed Monday and realized midday, I had my underwear on backwards. Then the next day a good friend of mine commented on the fact she was so tired she’d put her underwear on inside out and the week before she’d put them on backwards! She’d wondered if her behind was gettin bigger when she realized the “discomfort” was really caused by the fact she’d put them on wrong. I am still cracking up laughing about it!!!!

    A few weeks ago, I took dishes out of the dishwasher and put them away. Sounds great right?

    Until I was preparing chai tea and heating up the 4 cups of soy milk..and realized the milk had “floaties”. 🙁

    I’d forgotten to turn the dishwasher on to wash the dishes. AUGH!!


    LOL!! Senior moments are so fun!

    God keeps us humble with humor! Amen!

  147. Jenny.O

    Me too!

  148. Jenny Staton

    So its been crazy at my mother’s house lately. We both been constantely picking at each other and just causing arguments that arent nescessary [not that arguments are]. I really am trying to make the best of things in this situation but the negativity from her & myself is causing me to be unglued [if you will]. Right now its pleasant & I move out in two weeks but I still work with my mother [she is my boss]. So right now prayer is the only option I can run to. Since she has told people at Church bad things about me that are half true. But it doesnt matter really what has been said & done. I guess what matters is that I continue to forgive & love her for who she is. And pray that God will change me.

  149. Lindy

    My unglued moments happen when I’m feeling overwhelmed as a mom. One of the situations that really overwhelms me is when my kids are sick….and boy have they had a sick school year….stomach flu has gone through our house 4 separate times, influenza b in all 3 kids, RSV in our youngest, strep throat twice….{sigh}. Is it spring yet??? 😉

  150. JoEllen

    So blessed by this story, and even more so by your response to it!

  151. Jenna

    Hey Lysa, I have also recently killed a phone. My drowned in the toilet late last Wednesday night. It was not a smart phone, I think I would have cried, but it was my only phone. I now keep my husband’s phone at home while he is at work. 🙂 Hopefully will be getting a new phone in a few weeks, still probably not a smart phone, but I’ll be happy just the same. Would LOVE a copy of your unglued devotional. Went through made to crave with several women from my church. Made me think and still does.

  152. Barb

    My unglued moments are fewer and further between. I’m so deeply indebted to your book, study and the women that went through the study with me this winter. Life is so much simpler since working through that process and I’m thankful beyond words Lysa.

    Consecrating our minds for Christ takes work but the payout is hard to describe. Gods abundant blessings to you and your phone! Haha.

  153. Tracy G.

    My unglued is realizing my body is changing and so aren’t my emotions. Dear heavens, help me. I’m thirty something, but not sure about all this getting older stuff. My sweet teen boys and loving hubby have deal with this ever changing momma:) geeez.

  154. Kim

    I’m attending a Bible study currently at my church & we are disccusing your book “Becoming more than a good Bible study girl” and a lady and I were talking about your Unglued book and we said wouldn’t it be cool if Unglued could be used as a Bible study too?! And low & behold, here I am discovering the devotional to go with the book, and I would just LOVE to have a copy!

  155. Megan

    I SO would love to read Unglued! Several ladies at our church chose to do the Bible study as a group, but they chose Wednesday nights…. the exact night that I am with our church Middle school youth group (many of the kids belonging to the ladies attending the study). I find it a little ironic that I am spending time with some of the kids that cause “unglued” moments in the lives of those very same ladies. It is a joy to hang with our youth group, but I am looking forward to getting a chance to read Unglued for myself.

  156. Karen

    Thanks for sharing! I would love to win the devotional because I have had many “unglued” moments lately! Sometimes, my patience
    Level with my children is so far from what it needs to be!

  157. Jolene in Michigan

    Everyday with 4 kids: 11,8,5, and 4 years old is an exercise in trying to hold it together. I’m reading Unglued with 4 good friends right now. We’re on chapter 4, but none of us sprang for the devotional or the study guide. 🙂

  158. Ember Kemmerer

    I almost came unglued yesterday in the process of trying to get my oil changed and new tires put on the car. I thought tires ran about $100 a piece so I’d budgeted about $500 total. When I saw the estimate was closer to $800 I about cried. The man at the counter gave me a printout of three different tires I could choose that were similar to the ones I had on my car. I told him I’d call him back shortly to let him know which ones I chose. This was at 7:30 yesterday morning. I called all morning and never got ahold of anyone. I left a voicemail but no one ever called me back. I called around to get estimates at other places which became a pain in and of itself. The guy finally called me at 2:30 pm to say my car was ready. When I asked about the tires he replied “Oh, you wanted tires?”. When I picked up my car I was very frustrated but he was so apologetic. He even gave me his cell and pager number so I would be able to get ahold of him next time. I dropped my car off at 7:30 this morning again. He said it should be ready by 9:30 am. Well it’s not 1:30 pm and it’s still not ready. I’m trying very hard not to come UNGLUED! The best part is that when I walked in this morning there was a new sign on the door that said “Enter to win a new set of tires”. I think God is smiling…

  159. Joy

    Hearing your webcast above is such an encouragement, and with your honesty and struggles we all face. Sometimes I become unglued when i worry about what the future may hold. Sometimes it is hard being married and living about 2000 miles away from family and close friends.

  160. Crystal Kemp

    Hi Miss T. LOL

    I desparately need someone to tell me, show me what I am doing wrong. I have devoted my life to Christ and my everyday goal is for my actions, hobbies and attitude to be Christ like.

    I know my works don’t give me favor. It is not what I am trying to do. I am alone, for 3 years next month I have been through a trial that never gives me a break.
    What am I not doing? What is keeping me from Gods grace, blessings and favor?

    I have reached out at church to be disciplined or to get answers but I just keep being told to wait. Just keep waiting. They say, keep doing what u r doing and wait.

    Why won’t anyone help me? I have done all that focus on the family says. For years I have kept things to myself and never bothered anyone. But all these teachings of God say that I need to ask for help.

    I do and I feel left behind.

  161. Samantha

    I was just wondering…what is a good way to decide which verses to read daily?? Does Lysa ever share what her method is? Or do any of the ladies on here have suggestions??

  162. Bree

    Can’t wait to see you at the Syracuse Women of Faith Conference this weekend Lysa! Hope you have a new phone by then. 🙂

  163. Connie H.

    I woke up early Tuesday morning for my quiet time to find a headless mouse laying in front of my bedroom door, left there for me by my adoring cat, Smudge. What was worse is that my husband was away on a retreat and I HAD TO PICK IT UP…MYSELF! ugh!

  164. Kelley Arnold Roark

    Oh, well, this morning, already running about 10 minutes late for work, I was stopped by the train. Then when I tried to turn around and get around the train (it stops and then backs up and gets on another track about 1 minute from the entrance of my work), the other road we use to “get around” this train track switching was also blocked by the train. I then tried to find my way around by following the car in front of me – and well, that led me out but straight into school traffic. 35 minutes of traffic in very small GA town was crazy. But at least I’m at work!

  165. Tina Wolf

    Hi Lysa, I love love hearing that I am not the only one with crazy stuff going on in my life. I have a wonderful 6 yr old daughter Natalie who has down syndrome and adhd, Last week I had to call a repair man for my washmachine because Natalie had climbed in and it wasn’t working anymore, I thought maybe she bent the drum, turns out She had just turned off the hot water lol. Then today I had to call a repair man for our water heater. And of coarse Natalie decides she wants a bath and strips herself butt naked when the water had been turned off, I had to put clothes on her 3 times, thank goodness the repairman didn’t see anything! She is teaching me so much about life and I love her so much. I think your book unglued would help me so much as I feel I do lose it some days. I find encouragement from all your blogs Lysa, thank you!

  166. Orenda Smith

    I loved the Unglued book! My Bible study girls and I just finished it up and it has change a lot of my thinking. Inside negative chatter, every once in awhile I have it creep in on me. Just last week I had a incident were my Boss put me on the spot. It seems that my attitude according to some customers has not been up to par, so it was I better shape up or ship out. Well least to say i was baffled, in the past I can see that begin true, but now I can’t see it. Well I left my boss and good old devil came a creeping in mind telling me see everyone hates you and there out to get you! I was siting in my car in asking God why does everyone seem to hate me? What have I done so wrong? ( another inside chatter) But through God’s grace and a loving hubby I was remind that the devil will always try to find away to knock me down, to be strong in stand in the Lord. And that is what I did and I was so amazed how I left work that night in peace. And I got to see just how God work everything out for me. God Bless <3

  167. Vanessa Shaw-Potter

    Loved the webcast and am thankful I can watch it again. Reading Unglued now and doing a Bible Study on “Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl”. So, so, so thankful for your words of wisdom and insight! It is helping me make “imperfect progess”. Unglued has been an answer to my prayer. I have changed in many ways physically(lost 30 pounds in part to reading “Made to Crave”), spirtually (found a wonderful church home) and am figuring out how to be a single mom after getting divorced 2 years ago but the last bit of my unliked humaness I feel like I have is my impatience, my irrational reactions and my “ungluedness”. Praying this book continues to help. I have a phone story too…had a phone that had water damage and was really on it’s last leg and made it work for over 6 months. Got a new smartphone and while trying to sweep the floor, help my girls with homework and talk to my sister on the phone (who was having her own family crisis) all at the same time, bam in some water it goes. I go to empty the dust pan and phone goes away from ear and lands right in the cat’s water bowl…of course that’s where it landed. Luckily I raced to pick it up and immediately started drying it off with a blow dryer and threw it in a bag of rice. So far no issues with it and did I mention, I had the phone for 2 days. I just had to laugh and smile.

  168. Sara K

    Just this morning I could have come unglued (kitchen.is.a.mess)…but it was just a flash of frustration…then it was gone…I was on my way to Bible Study (Unglued-session 2) and I knew that was more important than coming unglued about something I could finish when I returned home. It’s not always easy to let God chisel…but so worth it!!!

  169. Edie

    Looking for peace of Christ in all situations.❤

  170. Morag Fisher

    Dealing with two teenage boys, husband, working, church, friends, school, university, ageing parents… I often become unglued – more than I care to admit! I’m working my way through ‘Unglued’ which is fab (I’ve told all my freinds to get one). Your blog email drops in my inbox at lunchtime at work giving me time to read it and it really is amazing how many times it just says what I need ot hear for that day – keep them coming!!! Would love to have the devotional to further understand what God is saying to me through your ministry of ‘Unglued’. thanks my friend (feel I can call you my friend) xx

  171. Abby Shaffer

    Well, I *pride* myself on being the kind of put-together person who doesn’t allow for any ungluing. Haha. Isn’t that a recipe for failure??
    I’m a details person, so I spell things right, I get ALL the food off the dishes and I see every crumb on the counter. I’m constantly trying to get my husband to at least SEE these things, as well. I know he’s a big-picture kinda guy, but I at least want him to acknowledge that details exist and can be important…
    So imagine my surprise the other day, when I came home to cold floors and the furnace blasting away – I was quite confused. I walked into the bedroom where the air was cold, too. It was in the 20’s outside, but our house is usually warm. Then I saw the curtains fluttering… and it all came back to me. That morning I had put on a sweater and was excessively warm as I ran around getting ready. I had opened the bedroom window for some air … and hadn’t closed it. It was wide open ALL DAY.
    I came out of the bedroom, head bowed, and told my dear husband what I’d done – and apologized for always being on his case about such things. He smiled, hugged me, and said he’d limit himself to only 3 zingers that evening! He kept his word. 🙂

  172. Maria Diaz

    Oh gosh, it’s been one of those weeks! Thanks for the repost of the Negative Chatter – I needed to listen to it again!

  173. Debbie G

    I sure could use this!! My husband was recently appointed to Senior Pastor of a Methodist Church. He had been an Associate Pastor since May. He is also continuing to teach 2nd grade. Our son is getting his driving permit tomorrow and our daughter just signed a 12 month lease on an apartment at college. Not to mention my full-time job as the Director if a state licensed child care center. I feel unglued everyday!!!

  174. Lauren Christopher

    Oh I just have to laugh! As a SaHM mom of three, I come unglued almost daily. Yesterday we too had a toilet overflow in my daughters’ bathroom. And just last week, the drainage pipe leading from the washing machine came “unglued” from the wall — water aaaaaaaaall over the laundry room floor (funny, I don’t think I signed on for an indoor swimming pool). Yeah, I do a lot of mopping in this house. At least my floors stay clean. 🙂

  175. Katie

    I love love love this book and study so I would another copy just so I can share it on with more friends!!!

  176. Wendy

    I watched the video through tear-stained eyes. Negative inside chatter began for myself as a small child also. I had suppressed so much of that in adulthood and gave the appearance of such control on the outside until recent events have brought back to memory things I had long since forgotten. Thank you for your transparency.

    I am going to start with Psalm 139:14 – “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works, And my soul knows it very well.”

  177. Lisa

    Hi Lysa! Just finished your Made to Crave study and am loving how you deliver the Word of God. WOW. Would love an opportunity to win unglued devotional. Thank you!!

  178. Beverly Parker

    I have to say I am the queen of negative chatter – espcially when I a am putting myself down. One day I was on my way to work and crying to God – “why can’t I be more like my sister who is so outgoing and seems to never meet a stranger? Why can’t I think of something besides “hello” when in a social setting? And why, when I do get the courage to open my mouth, doesn’t it seem to sound like I meant it? ” and He whispered – “YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made” I have made it a point not to put myself down by saying why can’t I be more like….since. I know I have shortcomings, but “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” So I will be obedient, and let Him be God in my life! 🙂 Thank you, Lysa, for your ministry!

  179. Kara

    My family and I decided to go get our pictures taken and have nice dinner out together (my 3 children at the time were: 4, 2 and 6 weeks old). Getting our picture taken went beautifully and we went to a Japanese steakhouse with a habachi grill. Little did I know my 2 year old daughter would be TERRIFIED of the fire from the grill. She cried and screamed each time the flames appeared (which is often). My 6 week old needed to nurse so I had to leave the room in order to respect other people who were eating. I was nursing my baby around the corner from my family and all I heard was my daughter crying and screaming while my husband tried to console her and then my 4 year old said he felt like he was going to throw up. He was allergic to something in the food. My husband had to leave our terrified daughter at the table with a stranger and take our son to the bathroom where he was screaming “I NEVER WANT TO COME HEAR AGAIN” while throwing up. Not the best advertisement. I returned to the table as quickly as possible only to hear my daughter say she needed to go to the bathroom too. Taking my baby with me, I met my husband halfway and passed him off and we just laughed at the situation. My daughter was uncomfortable in her tights and shoes and refused to walk. After the bathroom with her, we packed up our to-go boxes and left. My kids ate PB&J and I have now labeled the situation as: “A picture is worth a $75 peanut butter and Jelly sandwich” The leftovers tasted great after the kids were in bed.

  180. sherry Ketring

    I feel your pain Lysa. I lost my phone in a glass of sweet tea. I love you books. My women’s group is finishing up the Made to Crave book in 2 more sessions. I could really use the Unglued Devotional because I’m in the midst of planning an overseas mission trip for 26 people to Costa Rica. My husband & I will be leading it as well and its terrifying, exciting, & chaotic all at the same time. I pray I don’t come Unglued at any time and I trust God to carry us through.

  181. Emily

    I love hearing about all of the craziness in your life, Lysa! It helps me feel like I’m not so crazy after all! Thanks for always putting your heart out there and for being “real”! I am blessed to have you for a cyber friend!

  182. Etage

    As a mom of a 5 yr old adopted son, (we got him at 5 days old), I have LOVED having someone understand what is going on in my head alot. I have to make time most day to slow down long enough to read your blog! We have had an adventure with this little gift. He is so super special and loved, but still a challenge to us each day. I was so moved by your blog on your daughter being out side the “normal box” as a toddler because Cam gives us those days daily. This morning it was pencil shavings in my cream cheese and bagel! He is going thru a rough last couple of weeks and I just acting way out of “normal”, so I just ordered your unglued book. Can’t wait to sit and read it. Thanks for helping this mom be Cameron’s best mom!

  183. Sondra Haley

    This is the 3rd time I’ve submitted this. Not sure where it keeps going! 🙂 Now I am about to come UNGLUED! LOL. I am a single mom of 3 and a brand new MiMi to my first GRANDSUGAR Harper Marie. I was at lunch with two friends one weekend several months ago and we discussed how hard being a single mom is etc., After that luncheon I returned home to find advertisements of your book on FB. I suggested to them through messages that we all read it together and discuss it, they both agreed. The only drawback was that they rushed out and got the book and had it read in 36 hours!! Although that was funny, it sort of discouraged me from rushing out too and then I just never did. I had a learned reaction in a verbally abusive relationship with an alcoholic. Over time I learned the inner self talk and chatter and had no dignity left. I prayed and prayed, knowing God wanted me out of that, but told him if he wanted me out, he would have to help me because I couldn’t do it on my own! Praise God, he delivered me from that relationship and I cannot express how my joy I feel EVERYDAY and gratefulness for delivering me from that horrible situation. Getting out was only half the battle, the other half is the chatter that still goes on in my head from the abusive words and life that I lived with that relationship. The reactionary state that I found myself in every day, reacting to everything without thinking and exactly as the word “unglued” indicates, that was my emotional state everyday. I still find myself “there” at times….did I mention we have a new puppy too!! LOL. I work full time with Children in Children’s Services and I am also in graduate school! That nearly made me come unglued when he won’t use the bathroom on demand! 🙂 I wrote about part of my journey in http://www.skirtit.wordpress.com if you want to see the personal revelations I’ve had once I’ve been out. Anyway, I just never got the book and having a devotional would lead me everyday and give me that window of time that I could be focused which is what I need. My time is so limited, but time with the Lord every morning and every night is what gets me through the day. I would be so grateful to be able to devote that time during my morning ritual of reading and being with the Lord and having the devotional as a guide to not become UNGLUED, but keep myself together as my family needs me to do and as I need me to do. Thank you! Your words of encouragement, of real life situations, of relating to us in so many ways, I am grateful. ~Sondra

  184. Kara

    Thank you for being real, admitting things that all women go through and can understand. my most recent unglued moment was a few weeks ago. I was late for my Bible study & dinner, because I couldn’t find a cover for my 9×13 pan full of hot bacon wrapped smokies. I run out the door without a cover into a cold & windy night. Trying not to drop the whole pan, the hot grease sloshes all over my hands and white coat and my hands are burning all the way to town. Thank The Lord for the understanding people in my Bible study and realizing it was just a little bump in the day. Plus, everyone still loved my food! 🙂

  185. Amanda Bear

    I am a stay-at-home mother to 3 girls. My youngest has been sick for a few months and can’t seem to kick it. But every time I go to give her medicine she gags and throws it back up. On top of it today i find out my 4 year old broke my glasses and then hid them from me so I couldn’t find them. Because I’m so tired and running on lack of sleep from my littlest being sick it took everything in me from coming unglued on my little 4 year old.

  186. Donna Sonnier

    This was so much help. I have struggled all my life with the little voice telling me I am not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not thin enough. Thankful for a faithful God.

  187. Alison

    I can’t wait to read unglued. I feel like that’s exactly what happens to me when my 4 year old headstrong little girl disobeys. I just want her to follow the rules and then I read your post the other day, “I don’t want to raise a good child.” Oh how I needed that. I have just “liked” you on FB when a couple of days later you posted that. Would love any resources you may have on helping me teach my little girl to obey without becoming unglued myself. Thanks!

  188. Becky

    I have frequent mishaps. However, the one I’m most ashamed about is the fact that (more than once) I’ve forgotten to pick my child(ren) up from where-ever I was supposed to get them from. Talk about feeling like a complete and utter failure!! It’s really easy to let the negative chatter get the better of you in situations like that.

  189. Christine

    My worst unglued moments come when I am planning events for our MOMS group. It never fails that we have helpers, childcare workers, and children who are ill, the church schedule overbooked, and everything that can go wrong at home…. does. My struggles mostly come from trying to be in control instead of just trusting that God has it all under control. Trying so hard to learn this one.

  190. Hester Christensen

    How about this one sister Lysa:

    When my son joins my husband in waxing the car, only to discover he’s doing it with a rock!! (“Don’t overreact,” I tell myself – which I say a lot with three boys). Would LOVE to read your new book and consider it for a possible summer Bible study in the park.

    God bless you & P31 & your new office,
    Love, Hester Christensen,

  191. Tiffany Allen - Lilburn, GA

    Hi Lysa,
    I have just recently found your book Made to Crave and your blog and ministry. I feel very inspired and the way you communicate has a wonderful way of resonating in me long after I read or hear something….I thank God for the gift he has given you to communicate to me in a way that I get it 🙂

    Now.. my ***rappy days literally have started that way. I have 2 wonderful fur angels and needless to say they sometimes make mistakes.. One time I remember thinking the world was coming undone. I started my morning with sleep in my eyes and barely awake to step into a lovely present from one of my fur angels!! We know how great that can be in bare feet… 😮 So after cleaning up myself and the carpet, I proceeded to the coffee machine… Hence the Keurig wasn’t connected completly and then coffee started spewing all over the counter… Okay, mess # 2 cleaned up. Then finally get that fixed and coffee in hand, I proceed to the medicine cabinet for my daily vitamins and of course a couple of HAPPY pills. Argh, still feeling clumsy and spill the pills all over the floor. Okay, here we go, cleaning up mess # 3 and I haven’t woken up yet! Well the day continued, traffic on the way to my 8 to 6 (who really works 9-5?) and then everyone at work was testy and hard to deal with.

    I could not wait to go home and start a new day tomorrow! Some days it is true, you should have just stayed in bed 🙂

    Thanks again Ms. Lysa, may God continue to bless others through you.

  192. Beth W

    I had an unglued moment just this morning. I am potty training my soon to be three year old daughter. She had gone potty in her little Sesame Street potty chair, wiped, stood up to put her underpants back on, when my almost one year old daughter came along and grabbed the wet toilet paper that was in the potty chair and proceeded to pull it out! In my attempt to stop her, the toilet paper (along with some potty of course) flung against the wall and slid down to the floor. I proceeded to march us all straight to the bathroom to wash hands:) UGH!!!!

  193. Amanda

    Hi Lysa,
    We are enjoying your Unglued DVD in Sunday school. We laugh along with you as we all can say “Yep, been there, done that”, as we reflect on unglued moments. Through your study we are learning from our mistakes as we make imperfect progress in life. i would love to win the devotional to further study on this journey! Thanks, and God bless!

  194. Kelly

    Those moments seem to happen a lot with 3 kids & a whole bunch of farm animals at my place!!! This too shall pass has become my go to saying!

  195. Kelly Goodman

    Oh dear have I had some unglued moments lately … oversleeping, realizing oven wasn’t working after mixing up several dishes that needed baked, overcommitting myself (I need to learn how to say “no”) …. we all need to take time to breathe! Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us!

  196. Mandie

    I seem to have days like that everyday. For some reason I’m mentally falling apart and the mishaps each day brings are the outward evidence of my unraveling threads.

    The grocery bag has a hole and it all falls on the ground, the pizza guy comes while I’m changing a VERY poopy diaper, I put soap in the dishwasher to discover the next morning that I never actually started it and all the cups are dirty…trying to hold it together is my daily goal.

  197. Kathy

    Hi Lysa,
    I’m so thankful for your blog and Facebook posts. I loved “Made to Crave” as well. I definitely will listen to your conversation with Shelia Walsh on Negative Inside Chatter. I struggle with that a lot. I know the thoughts and words I say about myself are not how God sees me and is really like to change. Thanks!

  198. Jolene

    I’m feeling ugly and fat and then I go and get a horrible haircut by some crazy woman who took over my head and thought she was giving me “edgy” and in reality she gave me Woody from the Bay City Rollers. I didn’t come unglued then (I’m a stuffer) but I’m not giving my head into her hands again and you KNOW I want to tell people. I just keep repeating that hair is a renewable resource and I like hats.

  199. John

    I hope you don’t mind a husband who has been a lurker on your blog since first hearing an interview on a local Christian radio program. Boy, er um, Girl do I have a story for you….

    I get teary eyed just starting to write this comment… You see we are still in the midst of it.

    It all started a few weeks before Christmas with our daughter getting a concussion playing soccer. A lot of girls get concussions playing soccer, in fact, women’s soccer is the 2nd leading cause of concussions for high school students right behind football. Her girl friend had a soccer concussion weeks before her’s and can not play contact sports for the rest of her life. So you can imagine the raw emotions. It took her a good 4 weeks to be “back-to-normal” and able to take her finals. She has no lasting effects from the concussion. Such a praise.

    Then 8 weeks ago (or a 2 week break) we found out that my mother who lives little over 1 mile away was having cataract surgery on her left eye. Again, not a big deal lots of people have cataract surgery and are fine. Well 7 weeks ago my father had a stroke. So now we have a mother who can’t drive because she can’t see well enough yet and a father in the hospital from a stroke. My amazing wife stayed at the hospital 8-10 hours per day making sure that dad was being taken care of and mom was taking care of herself. I worked and visited in the evenings. I was so proud of my wonderful wife. Dad is doing remarkably well. He got out of the hospital just 5 days later. He has little to no side effects from the stroke. We praise God for taking care of him during this time. The next week mom had her second cataract eye surgery. She now can see the mountains off in the distance and can read freeway signs just fine both of which she couldn’t do for several years. Again a blessing and praise worthy.

    Then we got a phone call on February 7th at 8pm that my father-in-law had a stroke (though my mother-in-law did not realize we did) and was being taken by ambulance to a hospital 45 minutes away from their home. He was taken by ambulance because they could not life flight him due to weather conditions. We were ready to go within the hour and hopped in the car to make the normally 2.5 hour drive over the Sierra summit in a snow storm. It ended up taking 3.5 hours but that was probably the longest drive we have ever made. My father-in-law was not as fortunate as my father was. His stroke was a massive one. He spent 2 weeks in the hospital for multiple reasons. Thus we spent Valentines day in the hospital right along with him. Several times we had to stay in his room over night because of reactions to drugs that caused him to just get up out of bed wanting to wander around. On the day that he was released from the hospital he had one of these reactions and was still released to the rehab facility. The next 2 nights I spent up all night with him so that he wouldn’t fall and the ladies could get some sleep. This was my pleasure because of the kindness and love my wife had just shown my father. His stroke has effected him severely. Last Thursday he was released home because the rehab center was having problems dealing with him.

    What I haven’t said is that my wife’s childhood was not the most pleasant. My father-in-law has lost his reasoning abilities, gets frustrated about not being able do things and is more difficult then before. Don’t get me wrong we both love him and it is just the way he is. I am at home working, taking care of our 3 teenagers and visit during weekends. My wife spends the week at my in-law’s house in another state 2.5 hours away and on some weekends she comes home to do her laundry and repack clothes. On Monday we saw each other at a fast food restaurant for 30 minutes to eat dinner while she was going to the in-laws and I was leaving the in-laws, precious time. It typically takes my wife a couple of days to be herself after visiting her folks just over a weekend. You can imagine how difficult it is for her now. She misses her family, her dog, her own bed. She knows that she needs to be there to help her mom take care of her dad until nursing help can be arranged and her mom feels comfortable with the new situation. We probably have another 2 solid weeks of living like this and then she will be home. She will continue to check in with her folks and making day trips or longer stays as time goes on to be sure they are getting along fine.

    So that’s the story, an unglued long lasting story. We’ve been unglued daily for a while but are taking it day-by-day and leaving it in His hands. If I wasn’t living it I would find it hard to believe. By the way I liked and was blessed by your “Dear God, Where Are You?” blog. We’ve seen His hand prints all over these past several months.

  200. Mary Jo Oliver

    Our neighborhood study group is starting “Unglued” next Monday. Can’t wait!

  201. Suzy

    There was the incident last week when the cat knock the camera off the counter and it landed in the dog’s bowl of water. Goodbye camera…and then yesterday when the fish tank glass shattered and we ended up with 10 gallons of fish tank water in the carpet. Luckily my quick thinking daughter saved the fish…

  202. Robin Janiszewski

    Thanks so much for the re-play! I think I could use this again EVERY month! I sure needed it today! Thanks Again!

  203. Lori

    Oh goodness it does sound like you’ve had a day of testing. Thankfully His grace is always sufficient and not only gets us through but helps us to get back up and start all over again. I havehad my own mishap moments or I should say weeks of them as of late which is way too much to share here but keeping my eye’s on Him helps as does reading your posts and his word. Hope your day improves!

  204. Lynn Bass

    Thank you so much for the replay of the webcast as I had not finished watching it the first time!!
    It seems that I could win the biggest loser of the year for parenting rather than weight loss! We have an abundance of attitudes in our home these days. My husband and I are self-employed with 3 lawsuits pending against us. I am trusting in the Lord all the way and hoping for a positive end to that stress among others.
    I hope and pray you are blessed continually as you are blessing so many more that you could know. Thank you for what you do.

  205. Alexa

    Would love this devotional to supplement the book and participant’s guide we are using in our church bible study. Love Unglued!

  206. Valerie Lewis

    I was down with pneumonia last week. I have three small boys. Not really a mishap, but definitely enough to garner some unglued moments!

  207. Stephanie Gil

    Hey Lysa, like all the other women who have shared before me….I too have many unglued moments. I’m a stay at home Wife and Mom of a three girls, ages 1,3, and 19 and a 16 year old son. My memory is getting soooooo bad that it took me a while to think of something to post here…..i’m sure my husband or kids could spout of about 10 of my unglued moments within a minute! 😉 So one of my most recent mishaps was the morning I was trying to get it together and take my little girls to our new church (we recently moved) for a weekly Moms group. I was hoping to make some new friends and you know – wanted to appear to have it together…at least a little bit. haha! Dressed cute, fixed up my hair REAL nice! Apparently my girls picked up on my anxiety and decided to throw some fuel on the fire. We moved from GA to Indiana and my girls are not accustomed to wearing many clothes, or shoes, let alone COATS. It was about 20 degrees, snowing and blowing. I was fighting with all my might to strap them in the car seats with their coats, hats and all – they really LOVE that! NOT. So we finally get on the road….they were crying but I tuned it out. We get there and I see all the Moms bringing in their kids….all bundled up. So I go to get my one year old out…she had taken off her little sock/boots…..no biggie. I will put them back on. I put the first one on and look around for the other one….it’s no where! I looked EVERYWHERE! It was as if it had VANISHED! I walked back and forth looking under the van, opening all the doors, under the seats….it was not there. I realized it was getting late so just grabbed the girls and did the walk of shame into the church with my tornado torn hair a barefoot baby on my hip…..in a blizzard. Yep….Mother of the Year! My first thought was to just go home when I couldn’t find the shoe, but then I thought I didn’t want to be part of a group that would judge me, I was looking for friends that would accept me no matter what….so I sucked it up, went in and low and behold everyone was SUPER nice and I made a few friends that day. 🙂 Humbling? Yes…..isn’t that why God gave us children?!!!! By the way, I love your stories about Hope when she was little. My 3 year old is her twin. 🙂 Gives me many unglued moments each day! 🙂

  208. Andrea Selvey

    Hello…my name is
    “Andrea (p31mom) who’s had a Terrible, Horrible, Not So Good, Very Bad Day!’ …. Nice to meet you! 🙂

    First of all: Woke up REALLY Late…only to get inside my car and it’s on “E”…beyond “E”!I show up at the Gas station only to have not ONE…but TWO cars litterally Cut me off as I am waiting Patiently behind a car to finish pumping….all the while trying to maintain my “p31” womanly status! I then drive to the gas station across the street (out of frustration…with a smile…kinda) ONLY TO SEE….”OUT OF ORDER”….I’m running Late…Remember! Finally make it to another gas station and I finally….PUMP.

    Secondly: I arrive LATE to work…ready to put my make-up on because I figured i’d just do it when I got to work…..ONLY TO SEE…that my make-up bag is at HOME.

    & Lastly: All I could hear is Lysa saying “Remember Who You Are…Remember Who You Are… Remember Who You Are!”

    I made it…yes I did…with a smile on my face. 🙂

  209. Becky

    Hi Lisa! I have just discovered you-although I had heard Proverbs 31 ministries on the radio I didn’t connect the dots! I so appreciate your honesty and the Spirit of God working through you! I haven’t purchased Unglued yet but it is on my to do list!

    Many blessings!

  210. joanne

    So appreciate your ministry. Am doing again Made to Crave – this time with a friend~ needed a refresher….she has your Unglued book and loves it! Blessings to you.

  211. Heather Tolbert

    Unglued describes me when I graduated with my Masters in Accounting. I worked hard for 3 years to accomplish this degree. I thought I would be able to relax and enjoy/savor the sweet victory of graduation. Boy was I wrong!

    Mom & Stepdad (M) coming into town: They don’t leave til 5:30pm so they’ll get here after dark and mom doesn’t like driving after dark. I got them to change to a motel closer to me and she has printed out directions. She even plugged in the address to the tom tom. Well apparently the tom tom kept falling off the windshield. So M threw it down b/w them. When he did, somehow the volume was muted. Now they don’t know where they are going and it’s too dark to read the printed directions. So what do they do, they drive to my house and park. M calls (b/c mom can’t drive at dark and talk on the phone at the same time) wondering where I’m at. I’m at cracker barrel, which is literally right around the corner from their motel. So I have to lead them over the phone to the motel. Why they can’t figure out the tom tom and let it lead them baffles me. I look at Tate (BF) and just shake my head. Had I only known that this was the tip of the iceberg…

    Graduation Day: I have to get ready, iron my gown, get gas, wash windshield and then go pick up mom, M & dad. I have to be there at 12:45am so we need to leave here no later than 11:30am. Mom calls at 9am to make sure I’m awake. She then tells me that M forgot his needles to his insulin. So I start racking my brain on how we can get some. She just wants to brush it off. The man is having health problems every other day and you want to shrug this off. Are you nuts! He is not dying on my watch. So I tell her to call the local drugstores and let me know what she finds. There’s 3 right up the road. I call my pharmacy and they tell me how much they run w/ & w/o insurance. Don’t know if we’ll need a prescription or not so we’ve got to hurry up and deal with this. i never get a phone call. Tate calls me at 10:30am to check on the needle situation. He offers to deal with it so I can concentrate on getting ready. He calls back. MOM DID NOTHING ABOUT THE NEEDLES!!! Are you FREAKING kidding me? Since there are 4 different types of the needle M uses, Tate has to drive to the motel to get the needle to take to the pharmacy. Thankfully they give him several free samples. I load up the car and go pick up mom and M. I call her to let her know I’m on my way and she STILL isn’t worried about the needles. It took everything w/in me not to go off on my mother. She is laughing about the whole thing. It takes mom 10 to 15 minutes to get her stuff out of the truck, give M his needles so he can deal with his insulin. By this time we’re late and I still have to pick up Dad. We are FINALLY headed out of the parking lot when mom asks, “Well how much time is going to take to pick up your dad?” Does it really matter Mom? was said in an icy, snarled way through gritted teeth. I get dad and we finally get on the road at noon. AT NOON! I have to be there in 45 minutes. Tate and his mom are ahead of us and he is to let me know about cops. My car got a good run yesterday. It got to do 80 all the way there. We turn at the Tech exit and b/c mom can’t read a map we get lost. I find where we are suppose to be. I jump out of the car while Tate jumps in to park it. I find my group who is already lined up. Throw on my cap, gown & hood on. I have the hood on backwards. Need to find a bathroom but can’t b/c the Dean of Graduates is now going around to make sure she pronounces our names correctly. Get that done and head to find a bathroom. I knew to lift the gown but forgot about how long the hood hangs. Caught it in the nick of time before it got wet.
    Graduation supper: It gets better. Stepmother meets all of us at Cheddar’s. I am ready for my stiff drink about now and I don’t drink. As we are getting out of the car, apparently my car door hit the car next door. I’m trying to get Mom, M & Dad inside when this guy comes up. I mean in my personal bubble. He gives me a dirty look and points to his car. “Did I hit your car? How did I do that?” b/c I don’t remember hitting it, I don’t remember feeling my door hit it. I know the wind had picked up so I don’t know it caught my door or not. His reply, “Well b/c I just saw you do it?” And then he angrily storms off. Dude, you really don’t want to argue with me about now. So I look at his car and wipe the spot that I hit and the spot goes away.

    Day After: My plans to spend the day celebrating my accomplishment with BF get cancelled. Why? B/c mom/M’s plans have changed. So now I get to chauffeur them around all day. I have to convince M to not leave early b/c my 4 yr old niece (who has been living in Japan) is in town and it’s a surprise at lunch. So not only did I not get to really enjoy “my big day” but I got upstaged by a 4 yr old.

    Lesson Learned: Next time I’m renting a bus for all these people and I’m riding in a different vehicle. If they’re lucky, we will end up at the same location.

  212. Samantha Livingston

    Crazy situation: I couldn’t sleep last night. And then I got a nosebleed (only the 2nd time in 40 yrs!). After lying there sleepless until 2:30am I got up to write and read. I kept hearing creaking in the hallway and thought someone was coming for me. Unable to take the suspense, I bravely got up to check and deciding I needed a weapon, I grabbed a log of firewood, which turned out to be unnecessary. Old houses are NOISY! 🙂

  213. chris straley

    I just loved your book…im trying to use what I learned and apply it to the life change in my house…my 15year old step son now lives with us (4&2year old)…all sorts of changes! I could use the devotional!

  214. Amanda

    Just started the ‘Unglued’ bible study & I am so thankful & love it! Thank you for showing us that we are not alone & there is always hope!

  215. tina

    just ordered a book of yours for a friend…love to share things that make a difference in my life!

  216. Ree

    Ohhhhh, I was on top of everything today…feeling good and faithful…satan took a couple hits at me and I was still above water and then lunch with my momma… I kept quiet, but the longer it went on, I felt terror in my chest knowing if I didn’t get out soon it could get bad, real bad and it did… I don’t think she realizes how she is relentless sometimes, even when I am trying to exit graciously. Well, needless to say I didn’t get away before my level of anxiety had nowhere to go, but overflow and boy, did it…I became UNGLUED. Now I just feel nauseous and sad. 🙁

  217. Nancy S.

    After years of feeling unglued, I’ve found your book SO helpful! I’m reading it with a small group of women and have been so blessed by their fellowship and the wisdom you’ve shared in this book!

    And just to let you know you aren’t alone in the mishap department – I recently came home from a shopping trip to the warehouse market where among other things I had bought a super sized bottle of French dressing. As I was putting things a way in the frig. it tipped (I still have NO idea how it could have happened!) and fell to the floor. It must have fell just right because the jar broke right in half and spilled a gallon of oily french dressing all over my wood floors. French dressing does not clean up easily! But I can say that it had to be by God’s intervention that I did not lose it, because I typically would have.

    Thanks for all you do Lysa!

    • Rhonda Card

      Thank you for making chuckle and feel better about some of the days I have had recently. Although I am getting better at not coming “unglued” recent events( my daughter soon to be wedding being one of them) have left me feeling chaotic and frustrated. Even your messages on KLOVE have helped me. Thanks for allowing God to use you to help me. You are a blessing.

    • Robin

      Thank you so much for writing “Unglued”. It has been so helpful. I’m relieved to know that I’m not the only one struggling with being unglued!

  218. Carla Meyer

    I’ve started to read Unglued this week. What a blessing already! I suffer from anxiety and am currently dealing with overcoming it in my life. Boy, Satan does not like that! He has been using EVERY way he can to get to me. It’s a hard road I’m starting a journey down and I’m sure the roads ahead are not easy. But there is a rainbow at the end, I just know it. Thank you for the book and thank you for the daily emails. 🙂

  219. Karen

    My unglued moments are fewer and fewer these days, thanks to the Good God that we serve and to your book unglued. I had a chaotic morning today even before I had my first cup of coffee but God always seems to work things out when we back away and let him. I am so thankful that God fights for us even in the midst of the chaos of this world. Thanks Lysa for being such an inspiration!

  220. Heather

    I have just starting reading your unglued book and have been so blessed! It’s such a simple concept to realize that all of the negative chatter you say against yourself can be stopped…..but such a hard process to do! Thank you for your book! When I saw your unglued devotional yesterday, I was so excited. I can’t wait to begin. Maybe this way I don’t even have to buy it 🙂

  221. Patti Nicholson

    It’s been that kind of a day at work . . . I have the Unglued book, so the devotional would be a wonderful addition. And there’s more snow on the way where I live and my arms already hurt from shoveling so much and so often 🙂

  222. Bonnie

    I appreciate your transparency in your books. It makes the rest of us with the same issues remember that we’re not alone. satan wants us to feel isolated and alone, and I thank you for the encouragement and Christ-centered teaching.

  223. Susan Rothbauer

    Wish I could only think of one Unglued Moment . . . unfortunately there are many to pick from! Mine usually stem from overscheduling my family (mainly me) and trying to squeeze in things that others think I should do instead of what I truly desire to do. I get frazzled because I know what is taking up my time is not important to my family and I am missing out on things that are!
    Love ALL your work, Lysa! Thanks for everything 🙂

  224. Shirley

    Lysa the Jesus Girlfriends just started the Unglued Study this morning and let me tell you this is one study I definitely need. There are times when I build up walls only God can tear down. Thank you for this study and the giveaway of the Unglued 60 Day Devotional.

    Love you girl and keep on doing what God has called you to do.

  225. Margaret

    I have had my own personal moment with my smart phone–less than a week into having it, it fell out of back pocket into, let’s just say, fortunately the water was clean at the moment. I hadn’t even figured out all the bells and whistles yet:) My smart phone is MUCH smarter than it’s owner it seems. As far as unglued moments, seems lately they are in abundance. Your book would be a welcome addition to my mind and to my bookcase. I always enjoy your blogs and your Proverbs 31 posts–I feel at times that you have lived part of my life:) Nice to know we can always come out through the fire on the other side.

  226. Amy Martin

    I got married as a young woman to an even younger man in May 2012, two months later my husband lost his job. We quickly moved to a college for him to attend. Two months after moving there our apartment building has a gas explosion and we no longer had a home. We lived in a family from church’s attic bedroom. I lost my job due to having taken off time during the situation. So for 6 weeks I sat in this dark room alone and became very depressed. We then moved in with my sister for 2 weeks over Christmas, and then were able to snatch a town house near the college that we love. It has been a crazy first year of marriage, but it has made us stronger and we know that God has watched all of this and we wouldn’t be the people we are today without having gone through all of this!

  227. O. Johnson

    I have been truly blessed through the Proverbs 31 ministries. This particular devotion you wrote on Cursing Thoughts that led me to your blog was so fitting for my life. I just this week had a “HUGE” mishap for me. So much that it actually led me to start reading your book Unglued just last night now reading a devotional about thoughts and radiocast about my thoughts. God is amazing with how it is so interconnected.

    Well here is my mishap (with a long huff). I have been experiencing problems at work with my boss. God has bestowed favor on me in this situation but He has still allowed me to be in the situation. I have stayed prayed up and drawn closer to God than ever because of dealing with this situation. On Monday, I had a meeting with my boss where I allowed my disposition of indifference to speak volumes in our meeting without even saying a word, at least not words filled with kindness and love. It resulted in her reporting it to her boss and HR being involved. That is not even the real mishap. I lost it. I called a co-worker and released every negative thought that I held in my heart about it. I felt in the moment that I had done all I could to resolve the issue. I prayed. I went to HR. I even went to her boss so it would end. Then in the moment, I felt if I had done all I could, why was I still going through this and having the same end result as if I did nothing. So I splurged all the negativity. I thought why was God was allowing to go through this for months. Everybody I knew told me I was doing better than they would have in dealing with this situation but here I was still in it and now I felt I was defending myself. The words I spoke and the thoughts I shared were dark and gloomy. I had not only unglued in thoughts and words but then I became unglued to someone else. I felt all the growing I thought I did was not growth at all.
    I have asked for forgiveness because in that moment I lost focus. I stopped focusing on Christ and started down the path of focusing on the situation
    So this led me to your book Unglued on dealing with my raw emotions. Thankful to God that He is a God of a second, third…… one hundred chances.

  228. Sherrie

    Unglued. . . .seems more often than not that this is the norm in our lives. Truly sad because it’s usually caused by the circumstances that are self created. Even sadder is the fact that we have a loving Father just waiting for us to turn our unglued moments over to Him, yet we don’t. We’re moms and we can handle it, we fix everything or so our kids and loved ones think.
    Unglued, I’ve reached my breaking point and it’s then that I turn to my Abba Father. He is my refuge and strength, oh why did I wait? He helps me scoop up the pieces and wraps me in His loving arms. Thank you Lord for your love and care.

  229. Annemarie Vinci

    My 4 yr. old is in the do everything himself stage (has been for a loooonnnnggg time). A couple of weeks ago he insisted on getting the milk out of the fridge himself which is normally fine, it’s the pouring I’m a little axious about, however, this GALLON had not been opened yet so when he dropped it on the floor it split at the seams all the way and nearly the entire gallon spilled all over our hardwood floors! A perfect chance to come unglued. I’ve learned though (him being my 4th) not to lose it (totally) over spilled milk. Loved your book, “Unglued”.

  230. Melissa

    I am so thrilled that I found your blog and book! Thank you for being honest and sharing your not so great moments. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. 🙂

  231. Amy

    During my kids’ quiet time, I opened this link from Facebook but didn’t come back to read it until a few moments ago. My big fat ugly unglued moment happened in between. My precocious 3-year-old (whose middle name happens to be Hope and your post about your daughter Hope completely reminded me of my girl!) found dry erase markers in her room and proceeded to color the walls, her bed, her pillow and the multitude of “friends” she takes to bed. (Dry erase markers STAIN. Badly. Thinking of starting a petition urging schools to go back to chalk and ditch dry erase boards and their evil markers.) I fume. I lecture. I dramatically throw each stuffed friend into a pile. I leave. I come back with a wet washcloth and instruct her to scrub the wall until the marker is gone. I google how to remove dry erase marker and attempt a myriad of remedies to no avail. I return to her room and as calmly as possible explain why I’m upset and she turns away from scrubbing and sweetly responds, “But I didn’t color on Knuffle Bunny!” Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I had to just walk out! I’m wondering if she’s noticed that since reading “Unglued” I’ve been so much better at not exploding that she wanted to see if she could still get a rise out of me :).

  232. Aubri

    For anyone who doesn’t know LifeProof phone cases are Waterproof and they are a lot cheaper on Amazon.com than the store. They will alter your pictures if you use a flash but not if you don’t. I just open up the bottom where you put in your phone charger to get a clearer sound

  233. Amanda

    My unglued moment happened a couple weeks ago. I was all ready for church, my kids were at Sunday school already. I went out to start my car and it wouldn’t start so I decided thats ok ill drive my husbands car. Went to start it…..it wouldn’t start! All this in a snow storm. So my husband decides to move his truck to jump my car and literally cremated the privacy fence gate! So needless to say I didn’t make it to church! What a day! Thank u for be such an inspiration!!

  234. Connie

    Would enjoy the devotional!

  235. Bronwen

    Yesterday seemed to be full of unglued moments…from milk spilled on the carpet to catching my son pretending to put food in his mouth and letting it fall to the floor.
    After the kids were in bed, I came across these wonderful quotes, and let me tell you I was in tears over all the times I’d reacted in ungodly ways throughout my day.

    “While dad is the leader in the house, a mother sets the tone.
    The hours her children spend in her presence will have a lasting influence on their lives.
    They will become largely what she makes them.
    She faces the noble challenge of molding their young lives for eternity.
    Motherhood is one of life’s highest honors, and one of its heaviest responsibilities.”
    -R. Strauss

    “A father may be its head, but as many others have suggested, she [a mother] is its heart. Her emotional state will often become the condition of the entire household,
    and even the youngest child will absorb the effects of it …
    …That should be a sobering realization to mothers, and a challenge to examine carefully their attitudes and temperament. A change for the better will have a profitable effect whenever it comes.”

    May God help me keep my emotions under control and create a peaceful, loving environment for our children to grow up in!

    • Lisa

      Thank you for this….I really needed to read this this morning!! Blessings!

  236. Marie

    My unglued moments have been happening recently while I’ve been caring for my husband who has had surgery, taking care of our pets (3 tropical parrots, a basset hound and a dwarf bunny), and working as the senior adult ministry director at my church. No smart phone incidents, though ;D God is so good all the time. Even through all our challenges, he gives mercy, grace and strength for the moment!

  237. Amy

    I loved the discussion with Sheila Walsh and yourself, and our women’s bible study group just finished the unglued bible study. At first I was just following along with the participants guide but so thankful that I ended up reading the book… What a blessing! Thank you so much for being an unworthy humble instrument of the almighty king. Hopefully we will see you at woman of faith this year! Excited to see what the devotional is like!

  238. Barbara

    I’ve been telling my daughter about the devotional book. We both could use it to start out our day right, together.

  239. Nora

    My unglued moment that comes to mind is the recent flat tire I had, which meant going over my budget to get two new tires on the front end of my car. I am, however, thankful for God’s timing because it happened on a Sunday right before church, so some friends picked me up for church and helped me get the spare on afterward. I wouldn’t have known what to do if I had been on my way to work Monday morning and the flat had happened! So it was more of a diverted unglued moment, but I did initially panic a little!!! 🙂

  240. Sarah N

    Well let’s see. It’s been an unglued kind of month. My grandma passed away (she lived to 102). Of course the day before and day of the funeral my daughter and I came down with the achy flu. Not fun when you have to drive to Arizona. Not long after that my dearest friend moved away. A couple weeks later my whole family came down with the stomach flu. And now my oldest daughter has it again. Thankfully God has answered my prayer and I haven’t gotten it, so I can take care of my loves. And He has been faithful to stand right beside me through it all!!! 🙂

  241. Heather

    My unglued moments are pretty constant these days thanks to being a new mother of 3 and battling some ppd. Thanks so much for your daily encouragements 🙂

  242. Crystal

    Husband working nights , trying to potty train son with autism and mild cp-this would have been enough, and trying to potty train my little girl

  243. Kelly

    It’s our crazy busy time at work right now and feeling very overwhelmed! Trying to have patience and all the other fruits of the spirit but it is tough! Would love a chance to win the devotional!

  244. Kasey H.

    Choosing one Unglued moment? That is a task in and of itself. I was recently introduced to your ministry via your “Made to Crave” bible study. Highly recommend this study for anyone who has struggled with weight or body image. Both of which are one of my many issues that can cause me to come Unglued. I’ve just finished the 6 week study but I’m only just starting my journey to become closer with my merciful Lord and Savior. And all of my Jesus girls said, “Amen!” Thank you Lysa!

  245. Janna

    Can’t wait to read this book! Just finished “what happens when women say yes to God” life changing!! Thank you Lysa!!

  246. Michelle D.

    Oh yes, I related to the ‘smart phone in the coffee’ incident, ugh! I was, however, climbing over the console where the phone was sitting in the vehicle and must have nudged it into the cup of coffee in the cup holder. Didn’t even know until I went to use it probably 30 min later. As the Francesca Battistelli song goes, ‘this is the stuff You use’!! — I can’t begin to tell you how the webcast so touched me and opened up a door to connect with our Father, our God and our Savior!!! I was able to see new hope and definitely new light. I wish I could get into all the details, but I’m afraid I would have to write my own book in able to do that – lol!!! So I will just pray for now that I am in the running to win yours. Thank you so much for this opportunity. BIG hugs and thank you.

  247. Lindsey

    I feel like I come unglued everyday at 4 pm. Why must the kids (both under 3yrs old) go crazy right before Daddy gets home when we are trying to get things cleaned up and dinner started?
    I’m currently going through a major crazy time with friends though where a situation happened, I got defensive and didn’t handle it well, words were said both ways (spoken from anger, hurt, and misunderstanding), friendships were damaged, hearts were hurt. Raw emotions not handled well. Healing takes time and we will all grow from the situation but it is not fun.

  248. Christine Marie

    All I can say is it’s 4:58 pm and I am so glad this day is over…your blog made me laugh and lightened my day a little :).

  249. Linda

    So loved your webcast & hope to relisten to it again. God bless!

  250. Kirsti

    We have just had a string of tragic & crazy moments in our house lately My son bought a border Collie puppy that he has been dreaming about for 16 yrs but on Christmas Day he tied it to the trampoline because it was so excited- while all the family were opening presents a big whirly wind blew through & lifted the trampoline up onto the roof- was a very tragic site very distressing for all. A couple of weeks later we went on a holiday to the beach & my parents decided to join us but rolled their car & caravan destroying the lot thankfully they miraculously walked away. When we got home we were very excited to buy another border collie puppy. The following week my sister-in law came down sick & was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer she is young with 3 little girls & facing 18months of chemo- very huge but that night when we got home our puppy was missing- we looked for 45mins the kids were all crying thinking we had killed another puppy- I was at breaking point but Praise God we finally found her & God helped me see him in the midst of cancer! 2days later We found out my Dad possibly has cancer & is scheduled for surgery- But Praise a God he is good & carrys us in his hands! Trying to keep perspective & Powering on for him!

  251. Am Brown

    I was injured on tje job in October and just went back to work this week. It has been a stressful situation that I definitely ciuld have come unglued in on numerous occasions, however we just finished this study at church in iur womens group. I love how God is never early and never late and thus study prepared me for this journey I was about to face. I could have pushed the emotions in or exploded or thrown rocks but instead I allowed God to chisel and work on me through this process. Thank you Lisa for sharing this study of what you learned and share it with us so that we might too learn how to have impercext progress. God bless you my sister in Christ

  252. Bobbie

    I become unglued when I am tired or stressed about something. The person I become unglued with is my husband. I would love to have a copy of your devotional. Thank you Lisa for all you do and your honesty.

  253. Robin

    Thank you! I really needed to watch this again!

  254. Nina

    I have been waiting to read your book, Unglued. I really have a heart to mentor young wives and mothers. One of those young ladies is going to loan me her copy of the book. I was planning to read it, never come unglued again :), and recommend it to others! I love your posts on facebook. They are helpful and so “share-able”.

  255. Lynn Graham

    my crazy situation is on December 3rd, 2011 when I was moving from one area of Lincoln Nebraska to another. but what made it so crazy was we were moving in a snowstorm 4 inches were predicted and I had to go that day, because landlord wanted me out so they can start work on the apartment I just left and get it ready to rent again. just want to let you know I enjoyed the Unglued book and bible study and hopefully if I win this. your devotional we be just as excellent.

    Lynn Graham

  256. Shannon Homesley

    I’m finding myself becoming a little too unglued at work a little too often.

  257. Jennifer

    Lysa – Thank you for your transparency, wisdom and humor. I look forward to reading your blog because I feel like your chatting on the phone with me, relating to me, guiding me, encouraging me. I am purposely taking my time reading Unglued so that I can absorb and practice all of the great advice you give. I have put a list of bible verses in the notes section of my smartphone so that when I feel myself starting to unravel, I have the verses right at my fingertips. My Unglued moment started two days ago when my teenage son found a colony of tiny black bugs living in his room. We found out that these bugs can be highly destructive and needed immediate attention. On top of this, I was finishing an assignment (I am a college student), preparing for houseguests, and hosting a party in two days. My highly anxious son refused to any longer sleep in his room, insisting that his room be fumigated immediately! Thank you Jesus, that it didn’t turn into an Unglued moment. We are now in the process of putting the room and house back together after having the house de-bugged today, yuk!

  258. Charlotte

    I just finished reading Unglued. There were moments that I felt the book was written specifically for me. I plan to read it again, because sometimes I need to hear things more than once. Have a great evening.

  259. Elaine Segstro

    I’m getting close to being “unglued”. So far I’m able to keep up, but my “semi-retirement” stage in life has become a career change. I am a “substitute teacher” and I have SO much work that I’m finding it hard to be a mom and wife too. I do LOVE teaching, but I’m also finding it hard to find time for me and for the Lord. It all seems to be going well now, but the balance I KNOW is not right.

  260. Marielle

    As soon as I found your site, I knew that this was exactly what I had been searching for– something that would help deepen my relationship with God while learning to manage my raw emotions in a healthy way. I bought the Unglued book, DVD, and participant’s guide as well as all of the above for the Made to Crave series. I am very excited and hopeful at beginning this spiritual journey! God bless.

  261. Linda

    Your book Unglued came out at a perfect time for me. I have finished reading it and have been wanting to do the devotional. Thank you so much for all that you do and for being so down to earth and sincere.

  262. Kelly

    I’m usually on top of things, but lately I’m missing things left and right. Forgotten appointments, birthdays, and I even forgot to feed the kids dinner one night. Don’t worry! I remembered eventually. I’m a teacher and feel like I’m constantly behind in grading and planning. I know sometimes that in order to focus on one area in life, it causes you to lose focus in another for awhile, but lately it seems I’m not doing well in any area. Thank goodness for the grace of Jesus! He knows I’m a mess. There’s no pretending needed there. He draws me in, makes me remember to slow down. Thanks for sharing that I’m not the only one!

  263. Natalie

    Pick me, I am UNGLUED!

  264. Donna

    I didn’t come unglued…I just got the silly giggles when I got in the shower with my nightgown on. Some days are like that. You’re so caught up in the craziness of the day and the craziness of the chatter in your head that your craziness spills over into the next morning….as soon as you start your day! I was glad for the wake-up call…..getting in the shower with my nightgown on??? What was that all about? So glad God gave me something to get my attention that I needed to slow down and pay attention and get a grip on my life….or, better yet, let go of the grip and control I had…and, give it all to Him!

  265. Christy

    I just “liked” your fb page about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been subscribing to Proverbs 31 Ministries for a while now and your writing has been such an encouragement to me. I read this post earlier today and was actually contemplating what to write because I certainly have many mishap stories to tell. Having 3 boys, and being a Youth Pastor’s wife, I always have plenty to push me to become unglued at times. It was today though that I decided to share. We purchased a used van a year and a half ago and for whatever reason it came with just one key. Well, I drive the van so although we have had very good intentions on having another key made, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve almost locked my keys in the van before, but fortunately hadn’t succeeded…until this evening. My husband took a new ministry job an hour and ten minutes away and I just have been overwhelmed lately while we prepare to move and sell our home. My husband texted me this afternoon to tell me to take my oldest son to practice because he would be late. I ran my son up to practice, aggrevated that the evening so far isn’t going as planned. Got home threw my keys in my purse and manually locked the doors. I went for my keys to unlock the front door of my house when I realized they’re not where I put them! I smashed my face against the window to see my keys laying on the floor board…oh no…I don’t have a seperate key! So I did what every woman in my position would do…I went & got a coat hanger! The first one got through the side of the door but was too flimsy to pull up the door lock. So I went back in for another, more sturdy hanger and pushed & pulled and finally got it to go in. It was at that moment that I thought of your post. I thought “alright, God, I know this will make a good story, so I need a good ending.” It was just about then that I hooked the door lock just right, pulled up and grabbed my keys! It only took an hour!

  266. Kellie

    At least you didn’t drop it in the toilet!!

  267. Shellie

    Woohoo!!!!!!! Yay a give away! Love it!

  268. LRC

    My most recent unglued moment was when someone got defensive over being inconsiderate and then accused me of pointing out their fault – when in reality no one spoke to them but their guilty conscience. I didn’t appreciate being told I was responsible for their feelings so I let it loose. Not exactly loving like Christ in that moment. :/

  269. laura

    I have not had a decent nights sleep for 2 weeks because of a stubborn dog…I’m about to go loca!

  270. windi

    I’ve not read the book yet – but our women’s group at church will be doing a study together, using “Unglued”. I am excited about it – I can so relate to the book lingo “negative inner chatter”…..i always thought it was just me. Kinda nice to know i am not the only one – ya know?

  271. Diana Martin

    Thanks so much for this precious lesson; I needed it today!! I know well the inside chatter. Thanks and God Bless you,

  272. Nikki

    I become unglued at my two little girls, who are *just* being little girls. I’ve realized I’m at my worst when we have somewhere to be and — like usual — are running late. Suddenly it seems they’re moving as slow as they possibly can, and wreaking havoc along the way! I just discovered your book, “Unglued,” and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

  273. Dawn

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity. Your words help me to focus on The Lord and what I want my life to be like. My unglued moments most often come when dealing with my son who has bipolar disorder. Some days, like today, I find myself so tired and frustrated after dealing with this for so many years. I was in the midst of my own set if “cussing thoughts” when I came across your words here that helped to point me back in the right direction.

  274. Jennifer

    Sometimes I feel like the worst mom- it’s so much harder than anyone ever tells you it will be. I am struggling with feeling like I’m failing my kids- 2 1/2 and 5 years old. Things are fine with them one on one, but when they are together it’s constant fireworks! It’s hard to open my Bible when I’m feeling so tired and frustrated so I decided to come here tonight. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s nice to read the other comments as well to see how we all have some long hard days but God is so faithful to bring us through.

  275. Dawn.Marie Jackson

    What better time to ask me if I’ve had a crazy week. I teach prekindergarten. And that’s the sane part of my story. I have 3 boys ages 10,7,and 4. The older two are in sports: flag football and baseball. Every night each week is either practice or game for one of them. We just decided to move them from bunk beds into their own rooms. My husband got the wise idea since we were rearranging anyway,to pull up carpet in one room. He figured we’d replace one now and do the others as we got money. Well when we pulled it up there was black mold from shampooing our carpets 2times each year and apparently they didn’t dry. So we ended up yanking all our carpet and padding in 4 bedrooms. Just bought the laminate wood today and will start installling it ourselves in our SPARE TIME to save money. Meanwhile,we have 4 bedrooms and 12 years worth of stuff piled everywhere. In the midst of this my son came home today and said his teacher didn’t think we had put forthour best effort on his project this week:(

  276. Lydia

    Thought I scheduled my children’s jr. high school conferences back-to-back. Got the times right, but the days wrong. Daughter 2 was asked at school, “Why didn’t your parents come to your conference last night?” Nice, huh?

  277. Pam

    I went to bed the night before with so much inside chatter going on. I had so much on my plate spiritually, personally, etc. I prayed for the Lord to show me and direct me in the way to handle things. It was one of those nights with no sleep and a lot of praying. I go to work and the moment my foot hit the threshold…”Bam”. I prayed inside, “O Lord please don’t let my stressful feeling show on the outside. I have folks to care of.” Feeling unglued. I went into my “prayer closet” at work and read a scripture I have posted, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart Be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Ps. 19:14.” The day ahead was not about me. With a deep breath I left my prayer closet and started in for the long haul. At the end of the day I am at my computer working and thanking the Lord for the day. Issues had not changed but the Lord help me by taking the edge off and in turn feeling joyful and in turn helpful to those around me that I take care of and helping to make their day a bright one. I was the one feeling blessed at the end of the day. So I am at my computer scratching an itch on my ankle that had bothered me all day long. I finally thought to take time to look at my ankle to see what was up and found a dryer sheet in the bottom of my pants leg. I lost it. Have you ever laughed and cried at the same time?
    Go figure. Luckily everyone else had gone home. Just me and you Lord. 🙂

  278. Christine

    I recently had a terrible unglued moment when someone verbally attacked me in a professional setting. I was devastated and unable to respond, and that was likely God setting a watch on my lips. The whole story has a blessed ending. The next morning, the lady who’d done this called, apologized, and said she could tell I was a Christian and that she was completely wrong to have taken her frustration out on me. I was blessed beyond measure that she apologized.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to view the webcast. Things that you and Sheila shared touched me deeply. I pray that God will nurture the seeds so it will be life-changing.

  279. Denise

    A friend shared your website with me and I am so glad she did! We are both teachers and support each other through prayer constantly. We give God thanks for our many blessings and look up to Him for guidance in our day to day lives. I look forward to reading your books and your blog. Everything happens for a reason and today God placed your information in my path.

  280. Susan

    My husband and I are separating after a year of “trying” to repair our marriage after/continuation of his affair, that I have many Unglued Moments. With a 10 yr old at home and a 19 yr old in college there are many and they seem magnified under the stress of our situation.

  281. Lydia

    I just finished reading “Unglued” today. What an amazing help it has been! I know that the Lord gave you each word that was written. I could see myself on every page. I could feel my unglued heart slowly coming back together and with each step of imperfect progress I really can be all that God has made me to be. Thank you, Lysa, for allowing the Lord to use you so greatly in the lives of many women. I will not go into detail but I have one of those mom-in-laws that seems to “bump into my happy” quite frequently. It has been very difficult at times and over my 10 years of marriage I have come inwardly unglued because of her criticism, negativity, and the tug of war she tries to play with my husband and children. God knew that I needed this book and I am thankful He sent it to me, and for the willing servant He used to write it.

  282. Abigail

    I’m about to watch the video and know (hope) it will help me in my everyday life. I have dropped my smart phone not in a cup of coffee but down the toilet and it has happen not once but twice. OMG!!!! After several, and I mean like 5 times, attempts of being rejected at the “Fruit Store”-apple, because once there is water damage at phone it cancels the warranty, (I had no additional or extended warranty, just the 1year limited warranty) God saw my persistency and received a new phone from store FREE of charge.
    My husband couldn’t believe it but it happen. God’s miracles work this way. Unbelievable Miracles Happen, that is why they are: Miracles!

  283. Dorothea Aldred

    Thank you!!

  284. Dorothea Aldred

    Thank you!!

  285. Dorothea Aldred

    Thank You!!!

  286. Kathu Smith

    My bumps in the road are constant when it comes to financial. It always falls day late and hundreds of dlllars short. My biggest is with child support. My boys dad has 3 cases of child support. I should receive the most because i have 2 kids. The court order says i receive the most. Well the deadbeat dad jumps from job to jib sometimes not working for months. The good part is that all 3 moms are friends and allowing the kids to visit and have a good relationship with their brothers and sisters. And it does help when it comez to child support because we do share our info. But thats not why we friends. Its for the kids. The other two moms dont really need the money. They younger and have other means of income. So when the chld support comes its just extra for them. For me and my two boys we depend on it. I am on disability the boys and i dont receive much because i worked for the government for 10 years and you dont pay into disability. So i am the one who fights tooth and nail for all process of info to take place against the dad. Than when the money does cime in they always post the miney to the wrong accounts with me getting the lowest amount. Than its back to war again trying ti get rhe amounts ringht and correctly posted. Niw the other 2 moms help by giving me info but by all means they dint participate in the war nd battle for this to be handle correcrly. And its doesnt take a rocket scientist for the social worker to get this straight. I am starting to wonder if she does it on purpose because i raise so much hell. She tells me this is unusual with a case that all parents talk so its hard to handle. NO. even if we didnt talk you can see i have to kids and was court ordered the largest amount. so no matt what amount comes in it should be calculated with me receiving the most
    And i do all of my jomework so basically i done her job for her. Instead of her aporeciating this it makes her mad. So please pray for me with this situation. Give me strength and patience and guidance to handle it in a Godly matter. And to tell you the truth when it comes to money iys always a battle. So many situations that things are handled when it comes to money and its a day late and hundres of dollars short. One of many examoles other than child support was my disability. If i was married 10 years i could have collected of off my ex the boys dad SS. we were married 9 years and 8 months. Really couldnt the paper work be held up a few months were it would have been 10 years. I am not sure why this hapoens to me. but i do believe God has a plan. Maybe its not about me. But i lesson for my kids growing up on low income. I believe in doing Gods work. I believe while i do it, it means sacrifices for my self because its helping others. And believe me i always take the fall. but boy is it frustrating. annoying. i cry alot. Please help me witj the strength, guidance and peace in these situations. And most of all my faith reminding me that this is Gods work. And pray that i will be rewarded soon. And that i can get a job doing Gods work that is much more simplier. Less sacrificing. Iys been going on for 18 years. I loveGod. I just dont believe i can take much more. I am gettimg old fast. Thank you for listening. And as r you read this times it by 10 and thats how much more things take place. I just dont have room to squueeze it all in and tje child support thing is the biggest and most of the time all i can do is laugh. Carpe diem in Christ. Sincerely Kathy C Smith

  287. Kacie

    Not sure what happened to my earlier comment I posted yesterday. But anyways Hey Lysa!! First I just have to let you know that your study I completed “when women say YES to God” totally changed my life. I decided to teach MY FIRST Bible study this summer & it is on our book UNGLUED!! I am a mother of two (1&3) so I need this study! 🙂 it’s such a God thing b/c there is now a women’s retreat in Jaxsonville I am going to that is just about your book UNGLUED!!! So excited for that. So not only do I feel this devotional will help me in my life but I know it will be a very useful toll for the mommies I am teaching this summer. Thank you for all you do! You are so awesome!
    Love & Light, Kacie <

  288. Abigail


  289. Lisa

    Wow! I have seen your book, Unglued, promoted through Proverbs 31, but I wasn’t ready for the connection until today.

    You hit my heart in the deepest place! To be very honest, I rarely take the time to listen to a webcast or click on a link.

    But as I wait for my daughter’s oral surgery to be completed and have some down time for Spring Break, I have a quiet mind and am please that I clicked. I am blessed that I had my headphones to plug into my phone to listen.

    God has challenged me to write for many years. To lead other women; to teach. But, the “negative chatter” has always told me that I wasn’t good enough; that I would fail. Or, worse yet, that I would be too proud and take the glory from God.

    Regardless of the reason, I listened and delayed God’s purpose. I can only pray He hasn’t moved on and chosen someone else.

    I want to fulfill my purpose. I have gifts and talents. I will cling to the one verse a day. It is so much more manageable and I realize that I don’t need to be a bible scholar. That’s a lie from the enemy.

    Thank you! I look forward to ordering your devotional!!!

  290. darla

    One morning I came downstairs to find blue liquid coming out from under the laundry doors and spreading across the kitchen floor. It had made it’s way into the pantry and half bath. It’s all very close together. As I opened the doors I found the cause. The 100oz. liquid detergent had fallen from the shelf that sits over the washer. In it’s fall, it had gone down the wall and over and under the washer and driver. It is tricky to clean up. My hands dried out and peeled after cleaning up.
    If only I had come down the night before to check on what was that loud noise I heard instead of rolling over and waiting for morning?

  291. Heather Haley

    I’m a military momma trying to figure out how to keep God the focus, esp at 3pm when the day is proving to be longer than my patience. This book and a good cup of coffee is the prescription I may need!

  292. Jennifer

    My mom unglues my sister and I. It’s crazy. we want to love her, and help her, but she just wears us down like sandpaper. No, like a power-sander. It’s when you are on the edge of sanity with someone – someone you love – that the glue disolves. I’m so confused as to how Jesus wants me to deal with her. Oh, Lord give me strength!

  293. Melanie D.

    I have been coming Unglued recently with my daughter, who is nine. It is a subtle shift between us, but she knows how to push my buttons and apparently I also push hers! I have had your book on my wishlist for a while. I know I need to work on gentleness and kindness more with my sweet girl.

  294. Shae

    I am a new mom to a beautiful three month old baby girl. I have become unglued this week trying to deal with my fussy baby! She has been dealing with tummy issues, and all she wants to do is cry and be held. This is making for one tired and stressed out mama! I am trying to trade in my impatience for gratitude that I am able to snuggle and comfort my baby girl.

  295. diana callahan

    With five children and a husband who has been at the office more than usual, I definitely find all kinds of situations to become unglued. My prayer is that this book will not only encourage me, but that it may be an inspiration for my small group to do together. Thank you for making it available. I usually come unglued when I am tired and right now I am in bad need of a nap, but I am subing at my kids school. Maybe next time:)

  296. Sharon Quevreaux

    I am a blessed grandmother of 2 young grandboys, soon to be 3 grandboys. At age 60, I still run with my youngest grandson who is not quite 2 yet. As we were running through the house one day, I tripped over one of his toys & my foot(as well as my pride) folded in half! Yikes! Lots of ows & laughter from my grandson made it HURT WORSE! I was glad I didn’t come Unglued even though I truly wanted to! Your book has inspired me as well as my friend at Wednesday bible study! We discussed purchasing the devotional as well! Thanks for writing a much needed book on a truly needed topic!

  297. Teresa

    Thanks for replaying the webcast. I wasn’t able to watch it before and was truly blessed today by it. Thanks for both of you for sharing with us so candidly.

  298. Maria in CT

    Hang in there, Lysa!
    I recently dropped my iphone in my coffee cup!?! Can you believe it? After drying it out in a bowl of rice, we went to the apple store and they replaced it for free. Something to consider-may brighten your day!
    Blessings in all you do!

  299. Heidi

    Thanks Lysa for your book and your encouraging words. It is refreshing to hear real people that love the Lord talk about how they rely on Christ each day for His Grace and Mercy. Your words have helped me tremendously…as recently as today:). After a miscommunication between friends, I was tempted to listen to the negative “cussing words” in my head and to pout or to share what my “real-not-so-nice” thoughts were with everyone…but I stopped and complained to God instead. I told Him how terribly disappointed and hurt I was and then I asked Him to just take it all and help me deal with my thoughts. Now, after getting away from the situation, I am thankful your honest words have been pouring into my life, pointing me back to my loving Father so that I chose His Words and no one else, including my own:)

    • Teresa Mason

      Thank you for being obedient to God & writing this study unglugged. I picked it up randomly at a sale table at the christian bookstore. After reading just the back of it, I knew it would speak to my exact circumstances, even though I’m not a big reader. I couldn’t put it down! I’m a recovering addict & have 3 grown girls now. Almost 15 years sober now, I realize how much grace has been applied to my life, but for some reason, the old man & nature kept rearing its ugly head, not matter how much I study God’s word. I felt like I’m the only one struggling with bad, negative, mean thoughts in my head. Usually my family receives the brunt of my exploding reactions. I could see myself in all the descriptions you listed in the book & then some! Usually feeling like a mess & a failure no matter what I do. My emotions get the best of me most of the time! My Sunday School class started doing the bible study, and was so excited to be going to that now! For some reason, God speaks to me most clearly through the bible studies I’ve taken. It seems to be the method that really works for me as far as applying it to my life! Therefore I’m more than grateful for your words & am so looking forward to the next one! I now can remember that its not flesh that my battle is with, its with the powers of darkness, that had me once & really fight to get me back. Praise God for His grace!!

  300. Christy McNeal

    Ewww Ewww (hand up) pick me pick me! 🙂 Pretty please. I’m loving your book “unglued’!

  301. MKM

    I have just finished Made to Crave, now it’s time to read unglued and my life is falling apart with my 17year old addict son. I feel as I am on the right track with my choices in what I put in my body, now it’s time to focus on what comes out!

  302. Sonya

    I was talking to a friend just yesterday about how frazzled and( UN CHRIST LIKE ) I have felt over the last few weeks! I will be the first to tell you about HOW GOOD GOD IS in the middle of our trails, and yet I have found myself coming UNGLUED more than I care to say over the last few weeks!!!! My daughter(NOW 17 and 1/2) had a stroke at birth leaving her with Cerebral Palsy and Seizures.

    Feb. 5, 2013 she under went a surgery to help correct her walk a little. Goal was to give her less pain when she walks and to try to keep her from a wheel chair which could have happen as early as her mid. 20’s. So, 11 cuts on her left leg, her femur bone cut in half and 1 steel rod placed in the middle of the femur bone later……….She is well on her way to (6 -18 month REHAB to learn how to walk again! ) There is so many hats to wear mom to a kid that has to have everything done for her, mom to a 12 son who feels left out, wife to a husband who feels left out, school teacher, home rehab, driver to rehab x2 a week, Doc. appt., cooking, cleaning…ect……. and all the Guilt that comes from all of it. I missed a lot of my devo. in the hospital and that drove me crazy!!! I have found it HARD TO eat correctly(I’m putting on the weight) just in 1 month…lol. I have found it hard to LOVE like Christ. I’m trying to focus on life one moment at a time. I would Love to win! But regraudless God is faithful and He is using you in big ways…..Thanks!!

  303. Lori

    My unglued moments have been more often in the last two weeks—and emphasizes why I need our God more than ever. I have always been squeamish–so when I cut my finger while cutting bread, I fainted, fell and broke my nose, requiring surgery. Of course this has made me more squeamish whenever I think about it. The Dr. sent me to a heart surgeon, who is making me wear a monitor and have all kinds of tests to make sure my heart is ok. I need to give it all to God, but feel I am keeping some of it back, and I’m not sure why. I know our Lord will take care of me. It has been a long two 1/2 weeks, and I so need to read your book. Thank you for writing it!!

  304. Wendy Hudson

    I share your blog and books with all of my friends. Unglued has definitely been my favorite. I would love to win the devotional and then pass it on to my friends to share your God led words of wisdom.

  305. Tara

    Thank you so much for reposting this. A bunch of ladies from my church have gotten together to work through Made to Crave and several references have been made to making “imperfect progress” throughout this journey. We are on the week where we replace Guilt with Peace in Made to Crave and wouldn’t you know it?…. This has been the week that my daughter has decided to fall back into some very poor choice habits. Thus, so much less peace. and I fell victim to “Wendy’s fries will help me have some peace” Nope. no peace there….and I am trying to see my daughter’s setback as just that….Oh dear me. I definitely need to hear how to stop some negative chatter. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  306. Mel

    Mishap…that is so my life right now. I forgot to take my laptop to work one day this week. I also washed and dried an entire load of clothes to realize when folding them that I forgot to add detergent to the washer.

  307. Karla

    So like the book Lysa! However, my week wasn’t full of things to look back on and laugh. Just about everyone I know is dealing with a relative dying and I spontaneously broke out in horrible, horrible hives and swelling (mostly on my face) for over a week. No laughing matter when your face looks like you aged 50 years and put on 30 pounds and you still have to function in society. Praying this gets figured out soon. However, in the midst I have had some great one on one talks with friends while the kids played and I went sledding with my son solo…literally. The hill was ours. Much to be frustrated with, but much to be praised.

  308. Maria

    I have been becoming “unglued” for sometime now! Much of what was discussed in the webcast has resonated with me. I have believed the feeble opinions of others, I allowed the fickle feelings of my children to determine my worth as a mother and I consistently compare my inner inadequacies to the shining exterior of others, thinking how worthless and incapable I am to handle it. I have isolated myself from others and have gone days not speaking with anyone other than my husband or children, especially not my close friends because I am so fearful of what they may think of me. I also have an issue with trusting them with my vulnerability. I have been trying to hold “unswervingly” on to faith and I know many days I survive because God is with me and loves me! Not sure where I would be without Him! I recently was laid off and had a lot of anxiety two weeks leading up to my last day, but the calmness I feel knowing God has a plan for me is easing my anxiety. Thank you for all you do! Very reassuring and helpful!

  309. Amy

    I really enjoyed Unglued and would like to read the devotional when my library gets it. I felt Unglued when I deleted all the pictures on my camera by accident. Thankfully I found a $50 program that recovered almost all of them.

  310. Amy

    Ok, I just came unglued after I typed out my comment and tried to post it and it said that the website was unavailable! grrrrr. Anyways my comment was I became unglued when I deleted almost 300 photos on my camera by accident! Thankfully, I found a program for $50 that recovered almost all of them. I really enjoyed Unglued and would like to read the devotional.

  311. Amy

    As a mother of 7, a wife of a Godly man and a daughter of Godly parents, I have many “unglued” moments but I know that I have “compound access” to God who has torn the vail! I wish I could remember that in the heat of the unglued moment!

  312. Sherry

    I would love to have a copy of this book as my days are full of unglued moments anymore. Thank you for offering this, I love your books.

  313. Sheila L

    I really needed this video today.

    Today I found out I wasn’t invited to a bridal shower OR wedding of someone I truly thought was a friend. Rather than a friend, I found out I was obviously nothing but an acquaintance and coworker. It hurt bad. I cried for over an hour. All the “negative chatter” started. “People don’t like you”, “You’re not friend material”, “You’re not good enough”. With each one I cried more.

    To combat, I joined Renee Swopes “A Confident Heart” Bible Study starting April 1st. I dug into my affirmations from that and “Made To Crave”. And of course from Gods Word. I prayed to God AGAIN to bring me true Christian friends to help me.

    I’m not “over it” yet, but I’m on my way. I wrote down Lisa’s words: “Whenever I hang my identity on the fickle opinions of others, I start to swerve away from the truth of who GOD says I am.” SO true.
    Thank you Lisa and Sheila.

  314. Dianne

    My unglued moment is happening now. MIL is visiting for 4 weeks and just found out my parents would like to come in the middle. Building the strength to ask them to be here the day she leaves without them feeling bad. My house is not where it needs to be 🙂 Need to remember all these things I’ve read above and relax get done what I can. Get my thermometer on a peaceful home.

  315. Rita

    Lysa, I’ve been REALLY depressed lately (over the holiday season). I am working full-time and going to Midwestern BTS in Kansas City, MO 100% online FULL-TiME as well. I live alone (with 2 WILD Devon Rex kittens) and i have really let my house go: REALLY BAD. Anyway, a lady in one of my SS classes rallied the troops and she and a couple from church made a date to come to my house to help me clean. Five minutes before everyone was to arrive, A called and said she had a full-blown migraine. To make a long story short, the couple, L and M came anyway. M was at the sink trying to wash dishes and once she got down to the sink, she discovered I had a garbage disposal. Well, it didn’t work. BUT, I have a wrench to unlock the blades. So I get out my wrench but those suckers wouldn’t move. So I asked L if he would try. He got them unstuck. When Mary is washing dishes and I’m cleaning out the pantry, ALL of a SUDDEN, M screams where is ALL this WATER coming from!!! Granted, I had all the food that I was going to donate or put back in the pantry on the floor and we had a huge flood. When Lee got the disposal unstuck, it actually broke. I’m running to get towels, screaming for Mary to turn off the water main at the sink. Then Lee inspects what’s going on. The water from the sink was going into the motor of the disposal. He screams, “Turn off the BREAKER!!” Lee takes it apart and heads to Lowes, and then a second time. The day got the best of us and they promised to come over the next afternoon after church to finish installing the disposal. Another 2 trips to Lowes. But finally, it was fixed and I’m on the way to a clean house!!!!

  316. Margaret

    Thanks so much for your blog and your Made to Crave Challenge. God is at work through your ministry!

  317. Beth Smith

    Two phone stories. First, I dropped it in a glass of ice tea at dinner one night. No problem the phone recovered!!!! Second, I was talking to my sister on the phone while watering the plants in the backyard. I was backing up to pull the hose and fell right in the pool!!!! I quickly raised my phone out of the water, but it was too late. The phone did not recover this time.
    But wait, I went to get a new smart phone and it would cost a bazillion dollars since my contract was not up yet. So, I had to get a cheap flip phone without a keyboard and use it for 3 months!!!!!!! So crazy!!!!!!
    Also, I keep coming unglued about my daughter and her boyfriend. She loves him, of course. He is 18. – doesn’t drive, barely works, and does lot of unmentionable, unethical things. They break up and then she takes him back. It just pushes me over the edge, again and again. I’m thinking Unglued might help me deal with the situation in a more positive manner.
    God bless you and your down to earth truthful way with words.

  318. Kimberly Dial

    Oh my, I’m perpetually unglued these days :/

  319. Ellen Cole

    Hi Lysa! I was one of the many who SO enjoyed hearing you speak at the Women of Faith conference yesterday in Syracuse (sorry it was so cold..March is a sketchy time in Upstate NY! LAST week it was in the 50s!). I have been absorbing all the wisdom I heard and “…but I spent a little time with Jesus this morning…” keeps coming to my mind! Such truth there…funny in the moment, but what a gift to go out into the world each day armed with the time we gave Jesus beforehand! I was thrilled to meet you during the break and you were sweet to offer to autograph a flyer…since I didn’t have a book to autograph! As I told you, I’d hoped to purchase “Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl”, because it’s the one I don’t already have…but that one wasn’t available for purchase yesterday. I’ve just purchased it (along with several others! I have no self control with books) on the Proverbs 31 website. I’ll tuck the flyer into the book when it comes…it will be almost the same as a signed copy!! Thanks again for all you do!!

  320. Sara

    In the first two years of marriage, my husband has lost two jobs, I suffered a miscarriage, had crazy health problems, the inability to become pregnant again, financial burdens that have taken a toll on us and we began believing the 3 lies of marriage. The past few years have been the worst in my 31 years of living; however, after six months of living on my salary only, my husband became employed again and our marriage is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. With all of those troubles mixed in with the stresses of work, graduate school, community volunteering and maintaining somewhat of my sanity, I have forgotten how to balance everything in my life and remain close to God. It is very easy to blame the one person who cares for us the most; howecer, it is he that keeps us going. I am really looking forward to reading “Unglued” and learning how to make good decisions in the midst of these raw emotions. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration for so many! I would be honored to receive the devotional book to help guide me through this journey and not only become a better wife but a better daughter, family member, friend, co-worker, philanthropist, volunteer, student and employee.

  321. Jen

    I just started reading Unglued. I’m working hard at not being a “helicopter” parent…drawing a new line in my sand when I become unglued at one of our 4 children. I’m sure your book will inspire me to keep taking baby steps! :). Thank you!

  322. Sarah Stegall

    This book sounds awesome! I am just finding you and your books so this would be a great addition.

  323. Danelle

    My unglued moments are definitely in response to my 4 kids :-). I’m a work in progress and trying to commit my reactions to God, but imperfect is the key word for me :-).
    Thanks so much for your ministery, Lysa. It means so much to me to understand the others are in the same place as me.

  324. cheryl

    i am so much wanting to get all of this set. But i amdit that the fear of not being able to grasp it or fix myself becoming ungluded is a little scary for me. I am afraid of failure.

  325. Amanda T

    Heard about your book and would love to win it! Sounds like one I need to read. Having children gives me lots of moments to become unglued.

  326. Mary Barnette

    WOW, just one unglued moment?! Ok, so I go to a MASSIVE teaching hospital for a procedure for my husband, who suffice it to say does not have patience as a virtue! On our hurry-up “We’re gonna be late for the shuttle bus”, I trip scrapping both hands and ripping a hole in both knees of my first time wearing jeans, bought only days before! We’re going to be here three days only, so I have only 2 pairs of pants. One now has a hole in each knee, so it gets to the other pair for two days. Worse things can happen right?! Well the only shoes I brought to wear with the pants are sandals, because it was 80 when we left. It is now raining and freezing! Unglued, you better believe it!

  327. Laurie

    Our women’s bible study group is finishing up the Unglued series and I’ve got to say it has help me tremendously. This is the first bible study I’ve attended and I have to say I was very hesitant. I’ve been to a lot of different churches and I’ve always felt judged and looked at differently because I wasn’t there forever. This group of women has helped me see that I’m normal and just like everyone else. And that those unglued moments that I have and make me feel ashamed as a normal part of growing and understanding the person God means for me to be. When I get so upset because the clothes are picked up and no one will get up in the morning, and suddenly I’m running late….I stop and breath – and repeat the mantra JESUS, JESUS, JESUS and feel the holy spirit washes over me letting me know that it is going to be OK. Thank you for sharing about your life and who you are – you’ve made me open myself to things and people that I’ve not done in the past. I’m able to start facing some of my demons that have haunted me for so many years.
    Thank you for teaching me that I can make imperfect progress 🙂

  328. Latasha

    I finished your book yesterday and shared it with a friend. Boy it was helpful because I thought I was just being ‘mean’ and cranky =). I’d ask myself what the heck is wrong with you girlfriend or I’d more than likely say..’I get it honestly’. This is what happened in our home and I had become so immune to raw emotions. I’m an exploder wayyy more than I am a stuffer. I really like how you relate similar situations and speak on them with compassion and grace. I’m giving it to my daughter because just like me, those emotions becomes her notions and she’s off and running with scissors=)

  329. Colette Stetler

    I am having trouble relating well to my 18 year old stepson. I never know where I am with him and have been hurt by him so many times. I react in anger to him when I need to show grace and love. I try to give all the worry and pain to God, but I want to be free to love him unconditionally. I know God can help me do this. I have Unglued on reserve at the local library and look forward to reading it.

  330. FJ

    I am so grateful that God has placed your encouraging and eye opening books in my life. I struggle with being both a stuffer and an exploder and it was very hard for me to realize that I was doing those things as much as I was. I believe I have be striving so hard to make every little instance so perfect that I have lost control of being able to control my emotions and use them correctly even. My church has started a women’s group just top read your books together and learn from them. Your changing so many lives and God is using you to help so many turn their lives around and not only does it help the ones who read your book but those who are involved with those peoples lives. YOU ARE A BLESSING! Thank you for allowing God to use you to reach me and everyone else who your words reach. Sometimes its just hard to see the truth of who you have really become until you hear it from a complete stranger! Hope you have a BLESSED day!

  331. Lore

    I’m loving reading no discussing unglued with a friend right now. I’d looooooove the devotional!

  332. Hillary

    I have had a crazy day….week…. year…..ha ha….Life!!! The crazy of it all is that God is turning my “crazies” into testamanies and I’m learning to be grateful and to count my blessings instead, and boy do I have a-lot of those. :-)) I’m learning not to focus on any of my surrounding problems but rather focus on my father and His Love for me. Thank you Jesus!! xox

  333. Mary Kay

    Where do I begin?!?! Unglued seems to be a way of life for me lately!!! I divorced at the end of 2011, my mother passed away this past August, the mortgage process I am in the midst of to buy a house just went into it’s 6th month, and I lost my older brother just 4 weeks ago. Add an older sister to is addicted to prescription drugs, and you have a cocktail for UNGLUED…shaken and stirred!!! Doing my best to gold onto God, if only with my finger tips…..

  334. Shannon

    Hi, Lysa!

    I am so encouraged by your radio clips, blogging, & books. I’m in the middle of Made to Crave & am using the guide book to get more out of it. I heard you talking about imperfect progress on the radio the other day & it inspired me to write about it on my blog. I wanted to share that post with you. Thanks for sharing your heart. You have helped me more than you know.


  335. Millicent

    ugh…sent a text to the wrong person. It was a personal text 🙁
    I need Unglued!! I am leading a group through Made To Crave right now. That has been my go-to book for over a year, after finally taking control of my eating!!
    Love you Lysa!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  336. KK

    Came back from a beautiful vacation with my family to our 13 year old beloved dog who had a seizure in front of the whole family. She’s fine but it was super scary. Also, found out that my mom who has been diagnosed with dementia passed out while we were gone. Life can be crazy wild at times can’t it?
    I ‘m starting your Unglued study this Thursday. So excited to study and grow with one other lady in my home.

  337. Heather

    I heard about your book and would love to own a copy! 2 kiddos under 2 can get me unglued at times 🙂

  338. Shannon

    My family has been financially unstable over the past several years. We are approaching 1 year of unemployment for my husband. After 10 years out of the workforce I am attempting to re-enter. This has thrown off our family rhythm to say the least? Unglued? I’d say so. But through God’s grace, we are making it through this tough time.

  339. Debbie

    Yes or no? If we would just remember to stop and ponder what has really happened rather than to react to it, would that help us choose yes or no? Multi-tasking perfection is the current norm. I think since the fall of man the yes or no question has been so mis-defined, misconstrued, misunderstood. Take a look at Webster’s 1828 dictionary and then at today’s and read the difference in the definition of ‘decision’. I hope that women younger than I am will see something, read something, contemplate something that will cause them to s-l-o-w down and live life one moment at a time through the only lifesource — Christ Jesus.

  340. Michelle D

    I love the book and Unglued and would love to have the devotional…

  341. LaTara

    Lysa I just want to take this time to simply say with a heart of gratitude, “Thank You!”
    Thank you for your encouraging words that you so eloquently pin for each day. I know that you hear directly from God, for the Words that you give to your readers are Words of Wisdom and Hope. Sometimes I don’t do what is required by God on a daily basis, putting Him first and foremost. I am a work in progress. I desire to walk only in the ways that are pleasing to our heavenly Father.

  342. Theresa

    Lysa just started made to crave devotional…….it is wonderful esp day 10…….why do we crave. It really hit home………thank you

  343. Mandy

    Would love to have your book. Your blog is so uplifting, I imagine your book will be great too!

  344. Christina

    Lysa thank you so much for addressing the stigma of shame from having an abortion. I too have felt the same way. If I tell they will hate me, shun me, reject me. I know God has forgiven me but I’m not sure I have forgiven myself. That inside chatter of your so weak, you don’t trust in God, you killed your baby, you are a monster. I pray one day I can forgive myself. At least I know I am not alone.

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