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Am I Courageous Enough For A New View?

January 3, 2013

It’s a new year! And as I dive into 2013 I’m really challenging myself to approach this year with some new views on things.

A new view is changing the way I look at something. For example, if I were to close off the windows in my house and break through some different places to put windows, I’d have a new view. A new way to look at my yard.

Or in a bigger sense, I’d be looking at what I’m used to seeing, but from a different angle.

This allows me to see things I haven’t seen before which is healthy and helpful. I could see dead things that need to be replaced. I could see neglected things that need some attention. I could see thriving things that should be enjoyed more. Having a new view of my yard would facilitate this process.

Look at the common theme in each of these verses and watch how the word “new” is central to each:

Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” (NIV ’84)
Psalm 98:1, “Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things; his right hand and his holy arm have worked salvation for him.” (NIV ’84)
Ezekiel 11:19, “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.” (NIV ’84)
Ephesians 4:22-24, “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” (NIV ’84)

Obviously, I can’t change the windows in my house, but I can change the windows in my soul. Take my eyes and look at some things about myself from different angles and really challenge myself to grow. Change. Develop.

See things about myself that need to be replaced, need some attention, or need to be enjoyed more.

During this next month I’ll be writing about some new views and maybe you’ll find some ways you want to challenge yourself as well.

Here’s the one I’ll be tackling in tomorrow’s blog:

What kind of problem responder am I?

The old view- focusing on the obstacle
The new view- focusing on the opportunity

I think this “new view” is going to be fun and enlightening. And of course I’ll throw in a few surprises as well. So, who’s in? Leave a comment below about one new view you’d be willing to attempt this year and I’ll pick a few of your topics to tackle as well.

Happy New Year! Happy New View!

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  1. Jennifer Dougan

    Hi Lysa from a sunny Minnesota afternoon.

    I am trying to see people through a newer softer angle this month. Choosing to love gently, humbly seeing my own junk, and thankful for a tender Abba.

    I enjoy your blog. Have a great day, friend.

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Crystal

    Love the idea of a new perspective, especially in the area of body image – my thighs

  3. Leslie

    My new view this month will be how to communicate and response to my husband in a more gentler way/tone of voice.

  4. Jackie Cohen

    Hello Lysa,

    I am trying to see everyone and every situation as a blessing in my life, no matter how difficult the person/situation seems to be.

    I really enjoy your blog 🙂


  5. Melissa H.

    I am going to try to change the view that I have of myself as a wife. In all of the times I ‘fail’ to be a good wife, i am going to try to view them as chances to ‘grow’ as a wife and as a woman of God instead of seeing myself as someone who will never be able to be a ‘good’ wife or worthy of the title Christian. Truly none of us are worthy or we wouldn’t need a savior!

    • Amy


  6. Sandy

    Our Pastor challenged our church for this year to be the year of the Bible, by getting us to read though the Bible in 1 year, nothing new there for me, but He did say read it from a new translation, so I’m reading the NLT this year.

  7. Shelly Cantrell

    I’m in! This sounds like fun!

    One new view I’d love to attempt this year is a new view on TRUST. It’s the word God whispered to me when I asked Him what 2013 would be about for us. I am sensing I need a “new view” of what trust looks like since I replied to God, “But I already trust You.” I think He wants me to see something different here.

    Thanks, Lysa! I appreciate you leading me in the adventure of faith and look forward to a fabulous 2013!

    p.s. I just started Made to Crave again (have already completed it twice)… hoping it really sinks in this time ; ) I already have a praise report and I’m only on Day 2: I was able to resist a big ole cheesy pizza craving last night while whispering “this is permissible but it is not beneficial… LORD, provide a way out!” And He did. He gave me a miraculous idea (a miracle b/c I’ve not had this recipe before). I whipped up my very own healthy pizza at home (using a corn tortilla)… in 20 minutes!

  8. Jennifer

    My new view this year (oh this is hard!) is to stop lingering in the past, and move on to what is ahead. I’m grieving the loss of my changing life – even though my past life wasn’t great, but it was familiar. My kids are grown, I’m reconstructing from breast cancer, I’ve been betrayed by a friend, and lost my connection to other friends. God has me cleaning out the closet of my heart. Lots of “stuff” in there!
    I love your support Lysa – thank you for being in my future! You are a light in my darkness!

  9. Sandy Morreale

    My new view this month: not to be in a hurry for anything, but to enjoy the newness each and everyday. That everything always works out for good.

  10. Betsy S.

    Lysa- Love your blog, you always get my wheels turning, challenging me to live out my faith in practical ways. Thanks! I’d like to change the way I view my ‘to-do’s”. View them as opportunities, “I get to” versus “I have to”. Look forward to what you have to share this year!

  11. Evie

    Interesting. I’m an avid reader lately I came across “The bite of the Mango”. Talk about learning to see from a different angle!

    This book helps me remember the vast opportunities in my life the minute I feel discomfort. Then I think of Jesus and what He went through and I find His grace, my center; and change my perspective.

  12. Grace miller

    My daughter, who is 35 years old, has moved back in with us and I am struggling because her lifestyle is not what I anticipated it would be. I have spent the last 14 months trying to “remold” her. I hope instead to try to extend her grace as she struggles to reinvent herself.

  13. Lina

    I think a new view for me would be moving past what I see as “impossible” since God can do all things, right? Hmmmm.

    Thanks Lisa!

    • Jenny

      Me, too. I tell myself God can do all things, and then I doubt. Then I give it back to Him, again and again. I need a way to keep “hands off” and trust.

  14. Krysta

    My goal this year is to have a spirit of gratitude and appreciation each day – thankful for what I have or the small blessings that come along, instead of being frustrated or upset about things that didn’t happen. I started a blog to keep track of what those things are (hopefully on an almost-daily basis) and I am looking forward to seeing how it goes! Would love to have you check it out and follow me in it the journey:

  15. Tammy

    Oh wow! Are you reading my mind? So many things going through my head right now. I too want to see things differently and the word NEW, particularly Ephesians 4:22-24 has been on my mind. And it is not only the big things, like my spiritual life, concept of who God is, my body, but also the little things. When I get stopped in traffic by a slow driver, God wanted me to be delayed to avoid an accident up the road or He wanted me to spend that extra 5 minutes reading my memory verses in the car on the way home, or better yet praying! Each and every situation/instance in our lives is an opportunity for God to work, to do something NEW, different. But He has to had access to our minds to renew/change our attitudes. We cannot do this on our own. And the best thing is, He will do it. And how EXCITING is that?!

  16. Judi Murdoch

    I’m praying intentionally about getting a new view (God’s to be specific) on people. Every single person I end up having to deal with. I want to see the inside of them that God sees -the broken and hurt part that controls them and the beautiful part that God sees but I so often don’t because of my sinful view I’m choosing to take. But I don’t want to stop there. I want to love with the love of the Father that Jesus bought for me. I appreciate any pointers you may care to give ;o)

  17. Brenda

    A new view of how to see my teenage girls…this stage is so much more about the mind that the maintenance when they were younger. I could do maintenance well but mind is a way different story. Feel like I am too old a mom to “get it”.

  18. Sue

    Hi, Lysa,
    Seems many of us are seeking a new look, perspective, focus this new year. Mine focus will be on my time management. I am one to whom everything screams “I AM IMPORTANT!” and when I look around, see all these giants, I feel like an ant trying to eat an elephant.
    So, I am tackling one small thing at a time. I need to ‘see’ that my time spent reading, journaling, praying and meditating, is not time that I should be spending DOING something!
    Anxiously awaiting all the new things I can learn from you and my other blogger friends!

  19. Carol Fischer

    I have really focused in on how very blessed I am…and that it ALL comes from JESUS! So, I plan on really telling HIM…THANK YOU…throughout every day. Thank you for a sunny day in January..or the birds on my feeder..or my warm house…get the drift? I feel like we have all become so accustomed to GOD’s goodness, that we feel entitled. Don’t know about you, but I didn’t EARN any of HIS AMAZING LOVE.

  20. Georgia

    I am going to step anew in faith that God will cover my husband and I as we make some sacrifices to get our finances and obligations under control. That God will show us the path to follow and we will be strong enough to look at this struggle as a great opportunity.

  21. Michele

    My new view is to see myself the way the Lord sees me.

  22. Shirley

    Old view – dwelling on the past
    New view – dwell on the presence (today) and accept it as a gift from God

  23. Patty

    I’m going to challenge myself to watch how I speak to others and the words/topics I choose to speak about. Reading a book re: how our words affect our reality. Hmmm…Giving me much to think about. Also, going to try to journal, read a psalm each day. Also, try to walk more each week. Ambitious? Maybe. I think I am up for the challenge!

  24. The Ride of Your Life

    Hi Lysa
    Interesting enough this morning when I was praying and mediating, I was focused on change and a different prespective and what came to mind, is my need to stop negative thinking and speaking. After my prayer I decided that I had some apologies to give to some of my closest friends. My heart was uneasy about negative thoughts and then speaking them. So I emailed one friend and apologize to her saying, “I am sorry for all the conversations we have had lately that have been negative” not sure why my mind was turning that way but maybe because I wasn’t thinking or praying before I spoke. I know most of us think, how can you stop and pray every time you speak? ~ you can! You can say one or two words in your head then speak. I am saying GrACE is my ACE in life! Or just the word Grace ~ God given Grace, say the word Love. Knowing we are talking about God’s Love. Just try this a few times and see what thoughts and words come out. My new revelation is pray before you speak no matter who you are talking to.

    “ Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.”
    Ephesians 4:31-32 (KJV)

  25. Rennae

    My new view for this New Year is to attempt to see the good in all things. To soften the way I look at things for my heart and mind. Phillipians 4:8…
    Whatever is true,
    whatever is worthy of
    reverence and is
    honorable and seemly,
    whatever is just,
    whatever is pure,
    whatever is lovely and lovable,
    whatever is kind and
    winsome and gracious,
    if there is any virtue
    and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise,
    think on and weigh
    and take account of these things
    [fix your minds on them].”
    Philippians 4:8

  26. Teresa Hyde

    I love this new view idea. I am challenged in the New Year to wait more and look with expectancy to what The Lord is doing and what is next; instead of having the attitude of my way is the right way.

  27. Lynn

    Hi Lysa!
    I need a new view for my life – in a sense, a fresh vision from God. He has done great things in my life, cleaned up the junk that I carried around inside (and He continues to keep cleaning up). I need a fresh vision from Him. What does He want me to do with all that He has so graciously given our family?

  28. Beth Jones

    A new view….I’m in! Looking forward to this challenge!

  29. Denise

    My “old view” of sowing and reaping has always been focused mostly in the areas of finances, giving, etc. My “new view” is to sow good seed into people. If I truly believe that we should treat others as we’d like to be treated (and I do!), then I should be sowing non-judgmental love, encouragement, support, empathy, and other good things into to the people God places in my life. I firmly believe that by sowing in this way it will bless others as well as enriching my life as I reap the harvest.

  30. Anastasia

    Well, my “word” for the year is “Surprise!” God spoke this word to my heart after my husband and I were “surprised” to find out we were pregnant…with #5! But there are other ways I am eagerly waiting to be surprised – like learning to see situations and people like God does. As much as I want my physical eyes to be opened to daily graces (or surprises) from His Hand, I want my spiritual eyes to be opened to see what I have missed for far too long, even more! So, I suppose the “new view” I am wanting is kind of broad…I want to see all with the spirit-filled eyes of my heart, but I suppose one specific area could be…”how do I see/hope for my future self (the one who just might be a bit more spiritually mature, displaying way more fruit of the Spirit, who actually completes something, who smiles more than I look somber, etc.) when the pitiful broken record of my present self keeps spinning in the same place(s).” Hmmm…

  31. Andrea Hutchinson

    As the mother of adult sons who still live at home (25 & 26) I desire to change my view and my interactions with them from that of a mother to men as opposed to that of a mother to a child.
    Looking forward to this challenge, as I just purchased Unglued and Unglued Devotional today. 🙂

  32. Pink Panther

    I am realizing that my self-confidence has disappeared sometime in the last few years, and it has affected the way I relate to those around me. Instead of trying to restore it, I am asking God to make me confident in Him – the way He made me, the things He has given me to do, the places He is taking me. That my new view for 2013!

  33. Nikki

    I would like a new view of myself! To see myself as others see me and to really see if they see God in me. Also to really and truly move away from my view of my past and let God move me forward!

  34. Susan

    My word for 2013 is intentional. Old word/attitude is random. I pray to be intentional in prayer, spending time with my husband, daughters, elderly parents, friends, intentional in visiting friends around the country I haven’t seen in a long time, intentional in daily devotions, intentional in worship. Bless you for your encouraging words.

  35. Brandy Barnett

    Old View: first reaction to a change in circumstances ~ fear
    New View: first reaction to a change in circumstances ~ faith

  36. Marcie Joy Brown

    Happy New Year Lysa!

    I got greatly betrayed by my BFF and strongly rejected by my (now) former hairdresser just days before 2012 drew to a close. Needless to say, not a great way to end or begin a year.

    Old view: Keep recounting the hurt, the offense until I’ve developed a MASSIVE root of offense, bitterness and unforgiveness.

    New view: Take my hurt directly to Jesus and LEAVE IT THERE, (even if I have to keep doing this for days on end…), and allow Him to mend and transform all relationships involved. Extend grace, mercy and forgiveness to all involved, even if they have not, cannot or will not do the same with me…

  37. Leisha

    Lysa – I am completely in – this is great!! I loved Shelly’s idea further up in the comments about a different view on Trust – meat and potatoes there!! For me 2013 is all about fear. I have even launched a blog to share what I am learning and encourage others to do the same. Fear is my ‘God Word’ for 2013 so that is my primary focus. Old view is “It scares me – deny it/eat/run etc. New view is “Enemy you don’t get to have this anymore” while being scared, wanting to look the other way, turning from food to God and digging in my heels for the ride ahead! Woo Hoo!!! Yep, count me in without question!

  38. Marcia

    I would like a new view on old friends. How do I not participate in gossip etc? How can I help them ( and me) to not talk about others? In stick but maybe you have some ideas.

  39. Janine

    My new view will be to remove my judgement goggles and put on a clean pair of glasses and be less quick to judge and more quick to love. Loving people is the hardest for me. I want God to soften my heart and mold me.

  40. Anita

    old (current) attitude… grief, sorrow and pining… for what once was in a key relationship.
    new, is it possible? … joy that it once was, hope for renewal, trust that He is in control nevertheless.

  41. Christy

    I tend to view change through the eyes of loss at first, and I have found my “turn around time” to embrace change has been getting longer and longer. So, I am praying to look at my days, events, etc. with with eyes, ears, and mouth toward celebration!

  42. sue

    I always love your insight on life, and now in my life I would love your perspective on retirement , when it isn’ t your idea to retire, when you are forced out. I am trying to pray on it and leave it in Gods hands that he has a new door for me to enter, but I am wondering “why” this happened to me. I do beleive that God has reigns on my life, but I guess you could say I am impatient.

  43. Kim

    My year word is POSITIVE. So my new view is to look, say, think positive; instead of the negative like I usually do.

  44. diana stokes

    I always want to make sure people like me and I worry so much if they don’t. This year I just want to not worry so much. I want to enjoy the people that are in my life in the moment and not worry so much on who does not like me.

  45. Lisa

    NEW is the word I am focusing on for this year (and the scriptures you shared are the same ones I have been meditating on) 🙂

  46. Cathy

    Body image a must! And to BE PRESENT. Enjoy the “now” instead of reliving the past or worrying about the future.

  47. Cyndi

    There reallly are two things I have been wanting to tackle this year:
    Expectations and Seasons

    They can really connect together as there is a seaon for everything, and if our expectation for our current season isn’t of God we can easily become frustrated and discontent.

    My new view is to readjust my own expectations to line up with God’s promises instead of what I think I “deserve”, and hopefully in doing so- have more joy!

    God Bless you, love your blog! It is great encouragement! 🙂

  48. Jennifer

    Towards others, instead of outright accusing them or placing blame, etc.,
    I want to talk to them and ask them why they did something or ask them how they felt about something, to hear their words before my perception of something.

    Towards myself, to see myself as attractive and strong- things I have not wanted or seen in a long time- and not by other people, but to be strong and attractive to my own view. I guess this is to say, to try to see myself in positive ways, to move closer to how God sees me.

  49. Robin

    Our pastor challenged us to simplify. Do I really need all the stuff that I want. I am challenging myself not to spend this year on STUFF for myself. I need to get control of this part of my life. The new view of my life is looking at things thru Gods eyes first and not my own!

  50. Kathy

    First of all, thank you for what you are doing. I got on my knees today and prayed..later found your blog. Thankful for that.

    The angle I see myself these days hasn’t been a good one…very negative. I stepped out of God’s will recently and life got really hard. My new angle I want to see myself staying in God’s will. I also want to quit assuming and jumping to my own conclusions.

  51. Susan

    I think my new view needs to include how to handle disappointments in people and how to handle those prayers that I’ve been praying for sooooooo long and I’m seeing no results. I know that when I pray for someone, I can’t usually see what is happening in the “heavenlies” but sometimes it can get discouraging. My new view needs to not hold on to the disappointments and not let the discouraging set in. So, there you have it.
    God bless for the encourager you are…

  52. Marcia Polischuck

    To exchange a fear-based life to a faith-based life – especially with regard to my grown children – To allow God to reveal to me the next chapter of what He wants me to do and do it! This past year, my husband and I became “empty-nester’s” I chose to be a “stay-at-home” mom and this has been a difficult adjustment for me. I presently have a couple of health concerns to address (nothing life-threatening) before “movin’ on to whatever God is calling me to do.
    I so appreciate Proverbs 31 ministries for all you do to educate, encourage and share such real testimonies of your own struggles. May God continue to bless and annoint this ministry!!!

  53. Maria

    I want this year to be the year that my life will finally change. I need to break away from all that has held me back from seeing life from a different view. I will start by going to church for the first time in many years. I feel that the past 10 years of my life have been wasted in anger, resentment, self-pity, sadness, and feeling incapable of changing any of it. I have made a promise to myself that this will be the year in which I will stop viewing my life in such a negative way and I will challenge myself to make many changes so that I can see life circumstances is more positive way with the help of God. I know that with God this will be possible.

    • Elaine

      Maria going to church is a small step and I highly recommend Unglued. It helps you to make those babysteps toward what you view as a more positive life. May God provide you with the strength and wisdom to be successful.

    • Mindy

      I can completely relate to you! My only suggestion would be to say to take it slow, go one day or even one hour at a time. Two days ago I told myself that I was going to try yet again to change my attitude and reactions to my circumstances. I have made it two days… Today is another day and I will move forward… very slowly, and try to stay positive. I will pray for your success. Let’s you and I memorize Isaiah 43:19. God bless you Maria!

      • Beth

        Praise God for you Mindy. I too said those words to myself and I’m on Day 4. Praying for you to be successful. God is good, always.

    • Marcella

      I too am in the same place. We did find a new church and I have joined a women’s bible study. You might also look into joining a water arobics class or something like that. I have found by doing these things I have made new friends and am enjoying life again. Good luck and find a small vintage church. I found them really friendly and inviting.

  54. Anna Carson

    A perspective I have been daily asking God to change and control is the perspective of living independent, but to be dependent on HIM.

  55. Lori Harris

    I have been a christian for my entire life and I was brought up in a very losing Christ focused spirit filled home. I’ve loved The Lord and had faith my entire life. However I do feel that whenever I decide to get excited about something and make statement about something that is to come… Or maybe make statements about taking a step in faith I feel like more times than not, they don’t happen and I tend to find myself a tad disappointed. Not disappointed enough to lose my faith but just pushed to the point of definitely not putting myself out there to “dream” because of knowing it more than likely will not happen. It might be helpful on gaining some perspective of how to “dream” and maybe find myself having some stronger faith… And then maybe when things don’t happen, maybe also having some perspective on how to better handle the thoughts in my head about why they don’t happen. I hope that makes sense 🙂

    • Laurie

      I am a dreamer and I relate to what you’re saying about disappointment. My church is starting a new message series this weekend called Dare to Dream that will run for six weeks. I’m really excited about it! I invite you to watch it as well – you can watch it on the church’s website, either live during worship times or recorded later in the week. Here’s the link to watch it live:
      And here’s where you’ll find the recordings:

  56. Kelli B

    I recently had a new perspective forced upon me. A good friend lost her 32 yr old husband to cancer. She is left to raise their two year old son alone. Suddenly, things that seemed important aren’t. Pay cuts, health insurance premium increases, snubs- these are all so minor in the grand scheme of my new perspective. I just want to live a life of love and spread that love around to those close to me. My verse(s) for the coming year are Ephesians 5:1-2 from The Message: “Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that.”

    • Sudi

      Kelli-thank you for reminding me of that. I just retired and now ins, co-pays etc are all going up and I am a little fearful. You helped me to put all of this back in perspective. This really is the small stuff that we aren’t supposed to sweat. God’s love takes care of all things-maybe not the way we planned but it does take care of all things. Love that friend of yours! God bless.

  57. Anna G

    I try to pick a word to become my “mantra” of sorts at the beginning of a new year. Last year my word was “mindful” (which was great, and helped me tremendously), and for this year I have chosen the word “strength.” So that is my new view of sorts, through strength, and how I apply it, is how I will approach 2013….quiet strength, loud strength, mental strength, physical strength, strength in my relationships with those I encounter and whom I love and care about…..I want to learn how to better draw upon the strength within me. And I know I can do this with the help of Christ. “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

  58. Lucy

    My new view is to have new views on most everything in my life. Instead of seeing obstacles and focussing on them and the impediment something is to my life, I want to bring the new view of seeing overcoming opportunities where there were obstacles. For example, struggling with low energy, instead of the old view of saying that it causes me to not be able to do things or achieve things Lord Jesus is leading me to do, I want to see it as an opportunity for overcoming and press into the Lord Jesus for strength and even if I’m not feeling that strength to persevere on in hope that He will answer my prayer. New view sees it as a growth opportunity to exercise my faith muscle, not an impediment to what God has called me to do.

    • Suzanne

      Very well said Lucy. Thanks for sharing your insights. Very thought provoking. God bless.

  59. Grace

    Personality tests I’ve taken have labeled my personality as predominately melancholic. It hit me only yesterday that melancholia is the underlying reason I have always felt defeated in my struggle to have a close relationship with God. So, my new view needs to exclude negative feelings regarding that relationship and focus instead on the new song that God will give me,if only I will sing it to his glory.

  60. Yvette

    My old view: focusing too hard on all the things I think God is not taking care of for me that i have been struggling with.
    My new view: begin to be still and open my eyes with a clean heart and clear mind and faithfully dependent on God to finally see all that He has done and given me, but been blinded by the “focusing on all that I think He hasn’t taken care of” but in reality has. I have just been to blinded by what it is not according to “MY desires” as oppose to “MY Faith” in what HE knows i need!!

  61. Carla

    To see myself as Christ sees me which will change the way I view others.

  62. Becca

    2013 brings many challenges in my life as I just became a mommy in November! Our little guy is the love of my life and I am so blessed to be his momma. My new found love has taken away time and attention from our marriage. Yet another challenge; being a good wife! Only with God can I face both challenges. Without the Lord, I am sure to fail

  63. loretta Pearson

    The way I view my husband

  64. Lucy

    My new view is letting go of the hurt and disappointment that my siblings have caused and to try to forgive myself for no longer wanting to be a part of them. I don’t hate, resent them in anyway but it’s time to move on, let go and be at peace with it.
    I have to concentrate on the fact that if God is with me who can be against me, right?

  65. loretta P

    The way I view my husband, breaking free from fear.

  66. Betty Petrie

    My new view is to take the disappointments and turn them into devine appointments to rely on God. I want to view myself as God sees me and to learn to fully rely on Him.

  67. Carlene Brown

    One new way I feel the Holy Sprit is directing me is not to expect others to be like me …. God is leading me to be the person He wants me to be ….. He is leading others to be who He wants them to be ……. this is so basic, it’s almost embarrassing to say …. however, it’s very freeing! I look at others differently, and I look at myself differently.

  68. shirley clark

    New view….I need to stop and thank God for prayer request that are answered.
    I usually just plug along with more, “I needs”, “please heal”, etc.
    God, is and has been so good to me, I just need to stop and say “Thank You”

  69. audrey

    My new view has to do with feelings of neglect from those around me.This happens when life gets busy for the people from whom I expect constant attention,to view this as a time to do other things I enjoy,have procrastinated or need to explore.

  70. Elaine

    A new view for me is looking at diversity add adversity and returning it into praise and challenge as I’m chiseled into the mighty princess he wants me to be

  71. phoebe

    to be have a positive ATTITUDE

  72. Christine Ann

    The message you wrote about seeing things in a new way has just double underlined words that came to me on New Year’s Day. ” Be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in RENEWED Hope”.
    Now I have to walk in this Hope. I am praying for a new song of joy to fill me and sustain me for all that lies ahead.

  73. Tricia

    I need a new view in many ways; my hubby, adult sons and on the day to day tasks. To look more at the tasks as service to my loved ones than “things I have to do,”

  74. Fatima sibanda

    This article on viewing things differently has been empowering to me and I will share it with the church am co pastoring.

  75. Susie

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I guess it’s the new year. I want to change it all. I want to stop living with this worldly insecurity, let down my walls and live with the love and acceptance that I know in my heart is mine to claim.
    I hold back and sit out of so much because I’m afraid I’ll be embarrassed or viewed differently, or even just get attention that I’m not used to. I sit at church with my hands at my sides because I’m afraid someone will see me lift them. I watch my friends dance because I’m afraid to let go and just dance. I let my friends cry because I’m not sure how my comfort will be accepted. I don’t tell people how I feel because I just have never been the one to say it first. I see so many things that I want to do, or to say, and I simply don’t because I’ve never done it or said it before.
    I want to change that. I want to be who I am in my mind, when I’m alone and dreaming of who I wish I was.

  76. Linda

    To have a much better attitude and to let God have total control. I have been reading a book called “Wonderstruck” That is what I want to change this year. To just see and experience the wonders of God all around me.

  77. Carrie

    Susie says it perfectly for me………I want to be who I am in my mind, when I’m alone and dreaming of who I wish I was.

  78. Lorraine R.

    I think that my “new view” is going to be on ME!! Over the years I’ve allowed my circumstances or others around me dictate who I am supposed to be. The past two years God has been slowly removing the scales and is gently revealing who He designed me to be!! I believe that when as this transformation takes place, my views on just about everything else will be renewed & changed as well!!!! It’s been an amazing process so far!!

  79. Sudi

    I continue to be totally amazed at God and the way He speaks to us. I have chosen my word for the year to study and it is the word new. Then yesterday I signed up to receive your daily message because I have always enjoyed reading your devotions on line. To my surprise you are discussing “new” God is so amazing. I am 63 and have always had a weight problem. I recently retired and decided there is no reason why I can’t attend a WW meeting and begin the weight loss journey again. I want God to show me a new way of looking at this-not from a failure’s point of view. I look forward to learning more about the word new! May God bless you.

  80. Mindy

    This makes me feel both courageous, and scared to death! I haven’t been able to change my negative thoughts or attitudes about my circumstances in the past so why would now be any different? I’m too afraid to make any New Year’s resolutions, but maybe the thought of simply trying to have a new view of things, or to see what I’m used to seeing but from a different angle, would be doable…
    I am so thankful for your ministry Lysa! Please please pray that I am able to have a new view of my life.
    Thank you!

  81. Marcella

    I need to work on my marriage. After 33 years we don’t communicate. My marriage has been all about him. Vacations are always fishing or casinos. We recent came back from our annual vacation in Florida and once he had his big fishing trip he was ready to go home. Not complete the vacation. We did stay but he stayed in the condo he rest of the time and watched tv. In fact when he wasnt fishing he was watching tv. Not joining in with group at pool or beach. Very self centered. My whole marriage has been all about him. But I believe I made a vow to God til death us do part. So how do you continue with what seems to be a loveless marriage.

  82. Kindra

    It is time I focused on the goodness, joy and blessings God has put in my life. I am going to be looking through a new window that will slow things down a little bit so I can enjoy what God has given me in that very exact moment. I am always using my time to plan the next trip to the store, the next place I have to go, the next meal. I have never responded to a blog of any kind before but I know that myself, my God and all of my family will be happier if I see my blessings and rejoice in them everyday.

  83. Tammy

    I am hoping to view myself as a better person and to focus more on me and to be able to let go of the issues my daughter is going through and let God take care of her. I think I am a good person and I need to stop thinking that I have raised her wrong and caused her to live as she is now.

  84. coni

    I want to be so close to Jesus, so involved with Him,,, that I won’t let the people and world around me affect me in negative ways. I want His presence to soak in to me, so that I am equipped to face whatever life brings ! A closer walk with Jesus <3

  85. Brittany P

    I too struggle with some of the issues I see posted here. I have not been to church in a long time. I think what I struggle with is the fear of rejection. Not only in my personal life, but in my professional life as well. This stems from some childhood issues, and I am allowing those issues to carry over into my adult life as well. I know that only our Lord can take these issues from me, and carry them so that I do not have to any longer. This year I am going to try and focus on becoming a stronger individual, not focus on the negative, not fear rejection, and trust that with God, anything is possible. I have always had a relationship with him, but sometimes we allow Life to get in the way of our daily walk. Decolores!!

  86. Sandi in MN

    New View…to be “present” more often, instead of being “busy” and to keep my eyes on the Mountain Mover instead of the mountain. I love you part about not focusing on the obstacle but focusing on the opportunity. So good.

  87. Marilyn

    My “new view” this year will include asking myself several times during each day God chooses to give me breath “does what I’m doing and saying and thinking making God smile?” knowing that, at times I might make Him laugh! Pretty sure that will be ok too. 🙂

  88. Carol

    I want to try and see things through His eyes, the way He sees the things that I am going through instead of just seeing them through my eyes or my point of view.

  89. Linda Kuhar

    I am choosing to view each day of my life as a gift instead of a list of things I have to get done! Honestly, I cannot believe I do not already have this profound perspective because just 3 years ago I was in a coma for 3 & 1/2 weeks given less than 5% chance of survival. It’s amazing how quickly we can go back to our normal day-to-day life even after being so close to death. As the saying goes, “we should live each day as if it were our last”.

  90. Danette

    God is challenging me to not think about things in the way I feel like they affect me but to listen to Him to see how He wants them to affect me.

  91. Theresa Clark

    My new view includes responding in much the way you have said for yourself. Instead of panicking and getting all worked up (even if it is a BIG problem) I am going to work on seeing what is going on through God’s eyes so I can understand what He’s teaching me and working in me and for me. Then I will be able to solve problems HIS way. Or realize they are HIS problems to solve, not mine.

  92. Maud

    This year I want to view peoples attitude and reactions from a different angle. Be slow to comment and allow others to be themselves more. Also get to understand my purpose on earth more as I seek God with all my heart. View my marriage from a different angle by allowing both of us to grow from our mistakes.

  93. Ann Jenkins

    This is the first year that I haven’t made resolutions prior to Jan 1. I make them break them before 3 months past. I am tired of mindless promises. This year I believe God is challenging me to take a deeper look at who I am, what I do and why. Thanks Lysa I look forward to the journey in 2013.

  94. Nancy

    I want to view a family member through Gods eyes. I truly believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to make amends and restore our relationship. I’ve been working on my food issues through “Made to Crave” for several months and God is changing my view of food, but in the process, He’s changing my view of others around me.
    I am so very grateful!!!! New ideas, new views, new prayers, new life! I’m so grateful our minister’s wife shared with me about Proverbs 31 Ministries and then Lysa’s book. Life Changing!!!!!

  95. Donna

    I need a new view on my relationship with God and my spiritual growth.

  96. T. Michele

    I am asking God to help me begin to view and respond emotionally as the adult that I am, instead of the hurt, fearful child that I was.

  97. RENITA



  98. Kamie Pancho

    CHANGE……..that is such a strong word. Change in itself requires us to take on a whole new view of “something.” To shed the old and put on the new. I love that idea!! I love the word NEW……… that is until I realize the chiseling of the old that it does require:) I want to have a new view on MY LIFE!! Whatever God wants…….I want him to have that part of my house (aka: me). I don’t really know what that is…..I pray for direction and by the end of this year I pray I come away changed. More in the image of
    Christ. ? My friendships,marriage,children,job, so many OPPPORTUNITIES:) !! Thank you Lysa for challenging us to have the courage to change:)

  99. Darilyn Grove

    Lysa, I love you! God has put you in my path through others. I stopped doing resolutions
    a couple of years ago because I would never follow them. I guess because it wasn’t faith or God related but however this year I am going to challenge myself alongside with God. I want to embellish Him more than I have ever before, I want to be physcially and spiritually healthy. “Made to Crave” is going to help me with whatever I need to tackle on and look at everything more positively. God Bless you!

  100. barb

    I would like to change my view of how I respond to the difficult people in my life. l want to be able to see them through the eyes of God`s grace.

  101. Wendy

    As I was walking to work this morning, it was quite chilly out with a mild breeze…as I looked ahead at my destination, it seemed to be so very far away, and felt as if I wasn’t making any progress…then, I looked down at my feet walking on the pavement….they were moving so quickly! Or, how many times do we ride in a vehicle, and watch the clouds above, and they seem to be motionless…and then look out the window and are so surprised by how fast the car is really moving! And suddenly I thought, “So many times I feel as if I am not making any progress, prayers aren’t being answered, nothing is changing regarding a certain situation. But in reality, GOD is so, so busy, working in our favour”. This brought such a calmness over me…GOD is always in control. I just wanted to share this experience with you, as Proverbs 31 is such a blessing to me. I will also begin to have new views/perspectives on 2013, and look forward to the coming year with much joy and anticipation!!

    • Sharen

      I sure would like to see my self in a different way. I am tired of feeling like a worthless loser. When I comment on that or how ugly I am…my little girl overheard once and told me I was beautiful. My boys tell me I am an awesome mom. I sure would like to see what they see. I wish I had their “window”. I am looking forward to following you on your journey. You are so inspiring!

    • cindy

      Wendy so true we do have to realize that god isvalways in control but sometimes we forget and this new year i letting god take full control i may not like it but i think u get in to place thst u have to let god be god and not control everything i think people try to and then wonder whynthingsvare not going like they should..

  102. Angela

    I want to change the way I view my time. As a single full-time working mom with two kids, I always feel like I have no time for anything. But instead of always feeling rushed and strapped for time, I’m going to make time for the more important things. I’m going to try to streamline my life a little bit more and get things more organized so that I can spend time doing what matters most.

  103. Tiffany B

    I’m about to become a mother…seven weeks to go! I’m very excited about the new view I will have as a mother, especially since my husband and I waited nearly 8 years to start our family.

  104. SHarville

    This year I would like to develop a godly control over my spending.

  105. Linda Hannigan

    In the midst if God blessing Abraham he asked Abraham to do one thing. Gen 2:12 “and you are to be blessing”. When I read that this morning I realized that with everything God has blessed us with we are asked by God to turn it around bless someone. I want to look at everything I say, do or own and bless somebody with it.

  106. Pamela

    I like that Lysa-focusing on the opportunity not on the problem!! Great way to start the new year-I am with you!!


  107. Robin Lee

    I found myself thinking about your homeschooling adventure this year…How is it going with your daughter? I am excited about a new view, and in this year of “FINALLY” for me, getting things that I have procrastinated about out of the way so that I can see His light more clearly!!

  108. Lorrie

    Happy New Year Lysa ! Love, Love, Love your message !!!! Today is my 54th Birthday and so i can wrap my “new view” in with my Birthday “ripe age view” and that would be: HEALTH, HAPPY and HOPE! Claiming Psalm 146
    oopps…..think you said one view…. “HAPPY is she who has the God of Jacob for her help, whose HOPE is in the LORD her GOD.” Psalm 146:5

    HAPPY in MN 🙂

  109. Lisa

    I like the “problem responder” new view as well. As much as I would like to focus on the opportunity, I have a tendency to focus on the problem. I would love to hear what you have to say, Lysa!

  110. Sheila

    My year is starting off 60 pounds thinner, I will be 62 in a week, its amazing to me how much the world has changed since I was a child….. I like your ideas look at the opportunity not the problem. My prayer is that God would give me eyes and compassion like he has, to be able to help others,in ways to show them His love.
    I guess its like our upcoming Bible Study, “How To Be a Mary in a Martha World” that we are starting on Monday. Happy New Year,Lysa!!

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Congrats Sheila, I’m cheering for you and all the hard work you invested to get to this place. It’s not easy changing our eating habits but so well worth the healthy results.
      Cheering! Lysa

  111. Amy

    I’m in!

  112. Kelly

    The Old View: trying to make my life like the picture in my head
    The New View: enjoying the life God gives me each day

    • Lysa TerKeurst

      Wow! Kelly, that’s a great one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  113. Angie

    This is exactly where I am right now myself. So excited to change my view and look at some things in my life differently. I love the one you have that so many of us should add, we just don’t seem to allow ourselves to enjoy the one thing or few things that are thriving.
    Thanks Lysa for your blog it is such an encouragement!

  114. Shelli

    Timely post for me! My word of the year is new and my verses of the year are Isaiah 43:18-19. I am tired of being stuck in a sad rut in life. I am ready to have hope and see God do lots of new things in me, my family and my life!

  115. Debbie

    There will be many new things in my life this year as my son marries the love of his life and I gain a daughter-in-law, and my daughter gets engaged to the love of her life. These are all positive changes and I pray God walks with me every step as he has done so far. I am excited beyond words.

  116. Crystal

    Great article Lisa!!
    My old view- altering myself, my attitude, my speech, pretending to be someone Im not to gain acceptance from others.
    New view-learning and embracing who I am in Christ while striving to improve my imperfections and accepting the differences between myself and others realizing we all are unique in so many ways!

  117. Brandee Farrell

    Well, I have stuttered for 30+ years and I have let it define who I am. And I have allowed fear, worry and shame (to name a few) do the same. I am in counseling and God has really been showing me truths and the lies that I have been believing. My eyes are being opened and I praise Him for that so I can change! My new view will be seeing myself as God made me…wonderful and BELIEVE IT TO MY CORE..

  118. Alisha

    I have a lot of changes going on in my life. I have no control over any of it, the only thing I can do is change the way I view it all. My sister has a very rare terminal illness and we started the year with a hospitalization and minor surgery, she is going down hill quite rapidly. I am her care giver and power of attorney so all decisions are on me. It is also looking as if my family and I may be changing to a new church and my heart is breaking. Also looking into possibly furthering my education at 34. Scared but following God’s lead so……..focusing on the opportunity is a great thing for me. I am with you in this New Year. Excited to see what is to come.

  119. Julie

    my new view is “It’s all about me 2013”:. Time to refocus on me and my relationship with God, and focus less on the daily struggles. My life has been centered around my children or taking care of others to the point I have “lost me”

  120. Jennifer

    What a great post! A new view is exactly what I need, sadly in many areas. Parenting, responding, volunteering, blessing my home. I can’t wait to see more on this idea. I think it will really help me.

  121. denise

    my “new view” is focusing on a word – one word…..the idea from a blogger in Proverbs 31 mag this month 🙂
    my new view is FAITH. All year long I will apply this word to my ‘various’ views. I think it will lead to exciting new places as well as get me through some dark days. I need a single focus in my busy existence. This was a perfect idea for this scattered brain girl!!

  122. nena

    A new view of my body and focusing on what I put in it. Am I honoring or dishonoring it by consuming foods that are not good for my body, soul, and ultimately my spirit.

  123. Pam S

    Lysa going to not focus on the failures of last year!
    going to read made to crave again but looking through God’s eyes and not my own.
    I can do it with God’s help. Thanks for your inspiration and for being so real!!

  124. Carrie

    Lysa, Happy New Year to you and all that you do. I am turning 51 tomorrow and I too am starting a new year with a new attitude and a new way of looking at things. I am remembering to look to God first, last and all the moments in between. Thank you for your words of encouragement, support and prayers. I love reading the devotionals as well as all your books. It’s like talking to a friend everyday in some small way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you and your family this new year with peace, joy and happiness:)

  125. Lou

    James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

  126. ConnieA

    My new view will be to concentrate on listening and then talking. I want my words to be uplifting, caring and compassionate at ALL times — not just when it is convenient for me. Others first! Me last !! Listen to God. He is ALWAYS there for me. I have to remember “be still and know I am God”

  127. Nicole S.

    My new view will to let go of the past and to think more positively. Often times my mind reminds me of the wrong others have done to me and has me to believe that everyone is out for my detriment. I am looking forward to being challenged in this area in my life so that I may grow, move forward, and become the Woman God has called me to be. Thank you, Lysa for allowing GOD to use you that you may be a blessing to other women!

  128. April Smith

    My Old View: I am not good enough
    My New Desired View: I am good enough. He makes me good

    I know that one of my struggles has always been a negative attitude of myself but my desire is to walk in the goodness in who Christ has made me to be.

  129. Carol Senn

    Wow! I received chills as I read this because I realized that God was confirming to me that my seeking something “New” is exactly where He wants me to be. I just emailed my associate pastor early Thursday morning after a night of sleeplessness. I think Starbucks gave me a caffeinated pepperment mocha that night instead of the decaf I asked for, but I know God also needed my attention while everyone else was asleep. I told my AP I was tired of struggling with the juggling of my life as it is now, and I have felt for a long time a tugging in my heart that God has a bigger plan for me that involves reaching out to others. Reaching out is not new to me, but due to going back to work full time and now having the typical hectic schedule of a teen and pre-teen in the home, I have moved far away from where I felt that I was in His will in serving using the gifts and talents He gave me. Now my seeking of a New view will be to find out exactly what that is, and how can it be used to serve Him either where I’m at now or if a real change is to come. Praise Him for those heart tugs! Thank you, Lysa, for being His instrument.

  130. Tammy

    Thanks you for sharing those words Lysa! That is exactly where I’m at. I’m resigning my job today at a public school (a job that I’ve had for 24 years) in order to follow God’s call. I have been praying for God to direct my life (and guide my career) and to give me a willing spirit to follow where ever that call may lead me. God has opened a new door for me and I was offered a position at my church (at a much lower pay) but I have peace knowing that this is God’s will for my life!

  131. Susan

    For 2013, I have determined to complain less or not at all and be thankful to God in all things. For example, God showed me that I could be thankful despite a broken water pipe and spending a half day of vacation at the laundromat cleaning wet clothes. I am thankful that two of us were at home when the flood happened and got the water main shut off fairly quickly, started the shop vac, and got stuff up off the floor. I am thankful that the flood didn’t happen when we were all asleep or on the weekend Bahamas cruise and that everything was not ruined in my sister in law’s house. It’s a miracle that our pasports were not ruined. Oh my!

  132. Kathy Stowik

    I am looking forward to future blogs/devotions. I recently sent about four “replys” to your devotionals….I didn’t notice the view comments section. I don’t know if you received them or not….but I basically shared my life experience (briefly) in regards to your devotional…..and a thank you for sharing your faith and life experience on your blogs too.
    Kathy Stowik

  133. Carol

    The Old View: Knowing that God is in control and makes no mistakes (in my head)
    The New View: Knowing that God is in control and makes no mistakes (showing that belief in my daily actions, reactions, and interactions) . . . it’s a long way from the head to the heart 🙂

  134. joan

    I’ll like to change my way of praying studying God’s word. I would like to to pray long and study more. in the 2013 year.

  135. patty W

    I am in with this New Year Viewing.. I am asking for a New mindset and to look at things with a positive approach.To speak the word of God into my life and any situation that arises…His word is full of promises and they are mine and I want to be completely in agreement with my Father in heaven….Knowing his word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path…i shall never walk in darkness as his light always shines for me to find my way…To believe what he has said I am and to shut up the enemy;s mouth…

  136. Carlie V.

    It seems trivial, but I hate not finishing my to do lists. When I don’t finish them, I feel like I’ve totally failed at my entire day, even if my to do list was thirty items long and I finished twenty of them. Even if my day was productive and my family goes to bed warm and fed and happy, I feel shame at not doing everything that I set out to do. It goes back to the need for finishing what I start. But shame is a strange thing to feel over unbaked cookies and a ceiling fan that went undusted. I feel like it’s not as simple as saying ‘don’t be so hard on yourself.’ But maybe it really is that simple. I’m struggling with changing my perspective to turn to joy rather than dwelling in despair.

  137. Sarah V.

    I just discovered your blog today and must say, I am encouraged! I have been such a negative, angry person, and really wanting and striving to make a change-working to become more disciplined in the Word and really inviting the Holy Spirit into each and every moment in my life. I have struggled with this immensely in the past. That is my “new view” for the New Year. I appreciate your words so much already and look forward to keeping up with your blog from now on.

  138. Xen

    My new view is looking at God in my surroundings, personifying him (spelled wrongly? oh well). One day, when i was on the train, as i looked out the window (i have looked through that countless of times), i watched the orange glow in the sky with streaks of blue and white. I suddenly thought “God is showing that to me”, and I felt touched. Then when this really big sized guy almost lost his balance and could have made me a pancake before i said “Oh no”, he regained his balance and i was still in my normal clothes size, i saw it as an act by God in preventing that, i was grateful. Previously, although i tried attributing moments to God in thanks, but never did i see God in my situations, daily mundane moments such as taking the train or doing something. God is like a knight in everyday moments, when i think about it, seeing Him in everything, it makes the moment amazingly beautiful/ wowed.

  139. Sandy

    I recently discovered your blog and am encouraged by the humble words of so many women who obviously LOVE the Lord. It is my hearts desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ…….just as so many of you ladies have. To put away the old, and let God bring in the new. To stop having an angry and critical spirit. To be rid of this root of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness that has poisoned my life…..and others. To desire to hunger and thirst for God each and every day. To allow Him to search the depths of my heart….. in order to become the women of God, HE created me to be. To totally surrender the outcome of my marriage break-up to Him and leave it at the foot of the cross. To begin to truly know that God is my refuge and my strength. That HE Loves me with an unconditional love. And trust that He will do a MIRACLE in both my husband’s and my heart… order to heal and restore our marriage…….if indeed, that is God’s plan for us.. THANK YOU for sharing your heart cries. God sees our every tear and loves us with an everlasting love. He will NEVER leave or forsake us. God Bless You All.

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