What Happens When Women Say Yes to God
Participant’s Guide

“There’s is one simple word that when whispered to God changes everything-Yes!”

What of you could wake up every morning with a sense of application? What if everyday moments in your life could be transformed into extraordinary ones?

Bible Teacher and speaker Lysa TerKeurst explores six steps to a transforming spiritual journey. This enjoyable interactive workbook is the perfect companion for Lysa’s DVD teachings based on her popular book What Happens Women Say Yes to God, Join Lysa as she shares how to experience God is unexpected ways, learn to discern His voice, and make your faith come alive. This study will equip and empower you to:

  • build personal, two-way conversations with God
  • develop a hunger for getting into God’s Word every day and applying its truth
  • enjoy blessing others by seeing inconveniences as opportunities
  • reduce controlling fear by placing your deepest desires into His hands
  • get involved in the unique adventure God has created for you

God can take your willingness to simply say yes and transform that into something truly powerful and beautiful. Something that changes the world. Are you ready to say yes?

DVD Study
Do you want to experience life in extraordinary ways? Then see what happens when you say yes to God! In six powerful 30-minutes sessions, Lysa TerKeurst paints an inspiring picture of the great path He has for you. Explore…

  • The Power of One: Celebrating stories of how God works
  • The Five Questions: How to recognize His leading
  • Learning to Live Open-handed: How to receive His blessings
  • Simple Acts of Obedience Change the World: Ways to have transforming faith
  • I Want to Say Yes, But I’m Afraid: How to release excuses
  • So What Does God Want Me to Do?: How to live His will

Based on spiritual truths, these inspiring true-life stories and practical steps illuminate God’s daily invitations to say yes! These are not just teaching sessions, they are 6 of Lysa’s favorite talks!

Perfect for a group Bible study or personal quiet times.

Helpful leadership guidelines included.