Her Success Does Not Threaten Mine

We have a choice today.

We can look out and see the unlimited, abundant opportunities God has placed before us.

To create. To write. To serve. To sing. To be and become.

Or we can stare at the opportunity of another person and get entangled in the enemy’s lie that everything is scarce.

Scarce opportunities. Scarce supply. Scarce possibilities.

And we start seeing another person’s creations as a threat to our own opportunities.

Several years ago, I remember pouring out all the best words I had through pixelated letters turned pages turned book proposal. I tucked my heart and dreams into a purple Office Max binder (because nothing says “I’m author material!” more than a purple Office Max binder) and hoped for the best.

That summer I was able to place my proposal into the hands of several acquisitions editors. And for each one I handed out, I was later sent a nice but very direct rejection letter. At the same time, other writer friends I had were getting different letters from the publishers…

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How Do Other Parents Seem To Have Their Act So… Together?

Chatter, chatter, chatter… that dialogue that runs like a never-ending tickertape in the back of our minds. That chatter can be especially loud and consuming when it comes to how we view our parenting skills.

I mean really, have you ever mentally beaten yourself up and wondered, “how do other parents seem to have their act so… together?”

It’s a lonely place to be. But here’s an encouragement: we aren’t the only ones who have those kind of thoughts… and we have the power to stop them.

My pastor, Steven Furtick, is sharing some of his honest, hard parenting moments with us today. He’s also sharing some great pieces of wisdom to help set us free from the negative inside chatter in our minds.

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I’m so grateful that Pastor Steven joined us this week. If you’re just popping in, and didn’t see the other interviews, click here for day one and here for day two.

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I’m Not Prepared To Fight My Struggles

We’re back with day 2 of some seriously honest conversations I’m having with my pastor, Steven Furtick.

The topic we’re tackling today? Doubt.

If your mind works like mine, doubt can feel like the uninvited visitor who hangs around way too much. It’s something I really struggle with – in my parenting, in my leadership, and in everyday decisions. Often, I’m too surprised by my struggles. And Pastor Steven has been showing me that if I’m surprised by my struggles, I won’t be prepared to fight them.

Thankfully, he’s answering some tough questions about doubt today and also providing some tangible ways to conquer that negative inside chatter. To see what I mean, watch the video below.

(If you are reading this blog from your email, you may need to click here to see the video.)

Wow… what an amazing perspective change on the struggles we face every day. One of my favorite takeaways from this interview was that a struggle is a sign that we haven’t been conquered yet. And Romans 8:37 tells us that we are MORE than conquerors. There is such freedom in that.

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Tune in tomorrow for my third and final interview with Pastor Steven. It’s going to equip you in some amazing ways to crash the chatterbox in your mind – you won’t want to miss it.