You can help save a marriage before it starts!

In the early days of my marriage I spent many nights with tears streaming down my face, negative thoughts racing through my mind … 

Why does marriage have to be so hard?

Why won’t he change?

Maybe I was meant to marry someone else.
Looking back now, I wish Art and I had known what conversations to have and questions to ask as we processed our differences. 

Maybe you can relate and want to help someone else avoid that same heartache? If so, watch this video to see how you can help save a marriage before it starts. 

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  1. says

    We do marriage counseling all the time and I am presently reading one of Les and Leslie’s counseling books. But I cannot afford the $200 for symbis training.

  2. Melissa Henderson says

    My husband and I have been married for over 37 years. Wisdom in our marriage has come from prayer and from life experiences. My breast cancer in 2005, taking care of aging parents, troublesome teen years for our son, financial changes, job changes and more have allowed us to rely on God and to love each other even more. Pray before speaking is a great way to love each other in any relationship. 🙂

  3. says

    Yes! What conversations to have is so important. We need to remember it’s okay to be upset and have frustrations. It’s in how we share our frustrations that makes all the difference. If we can calm down and talk it out, each giving each other a turn to share their honest thoughts – many issues can be resolved in a loving manner.

    • Jodie says

      Thank you Lysa & all of the wonderful insight from you other ladies! Much needed at this difficult time in my life & marriage!

  4. Cara says

    My husband who was a believer but is not, has left me. Satan has covered him with lies of a better life. He says he will love me forever but I will be better off. All selfish lies, please pray that this marriage promised before Gof can be restored.

  5. says

    If you ever want a man’s testimony of rejection, I could write a book and maybe someday I will. Except for the grace of God, I would have quit ministry years ago. For a lad that was not very competitive because to lose was as bad as the rejection that I dealt with the ministry is the last place you would expect to find me.

    Even now, at 64, I am too old for church to call me as a pastor or some staff position. At 30, when I graduated from college I was too young. Not sure when the right age passed me by. Still, I press on and minister as much as I can within the church and on the web. This old soldier is not done yet so I am going to serve be it as a staff member or a Maverick. Some days, you have to do a form of guerrilla warfare, but you get it done. 😉

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