When Rejection Steals the Best of Who I Am

“We don’t need you there.” A simple sentence. Five words. Five syllables. However, in my brain the interpretation of this sentence was anything but simple.

It unleashed a flood of uncertainty. My brain instantly fired off locator arrows that traveled to past rejections in my memory. Past hurt was pulled into this current conversation. Suddenly, I wasn’t hearing “We don’t need you there.” I was hearing, “You aren’t wanted.”

Rejection always wants to steal the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what’s been said to me.

The best of who I am was certainly not the one interpreting this comment.

The most hurt version of me took what was said and added pages of commentary. This additional dialogue highlighted my insecurities, brought to mind all the many reasons I was surely being excluded, and vilified the person who uttered those five words that started this whole thing.

Suddenly, this person was unsafe. She was insensitive. And worst of all, I pictured her rallying others to believe the worst about me as well.

If you’ve had these same thoughts and feelings… I understand. And I’m sharing more about the 3 perspectives I’ve learned when it comes to rejection over at (in)courage today. Read the rest of this post here.


Why you must not silence your writing dream today

Have you ever been inspired to write down an amazing lesson you learned or record a wondrous experience you had with God? But then you put pen to paper and your inspiration dissipated as your words seemed tangled and flat.

What if I said you could become a writer who knows how to express their experiences with deeply impactful words that can help others…

Would you, could you dare to believe me?

I distinctly remember the day my dad brought home a typewriter. His office had gotten these new machines called ‘computers.’ Something within me stirred and went wild at the thought of possessing a typewriter.

I loved the way it could strike and fill a page of nothing and make it something.

Maybe, I could one day write a book? The thought came and delighted me until I placed my hands on the keyboard. And the only words that came to me were all the reasons I couldn’t possibly write a book.

The dream was silenced.

The same thing happened to me when the high school choir director announced we’d be doing a musical. I got so excited. I could see myself playing the lead role. Until I heard my friend practicing with bold assurance and booming accuracy. Suddenly every note I sang felt painfully hollow.

The dream was silenced.

And then in my mid-twenties I dared to tell a friend of mine I thought I might want to speak at the women’s event we were planning. Originally, I was just going to help plan the event. But the stirring to speak wouldn’t leave me. So, I gave voice to my crazy thought.

She just tilted her head and said, “No. I feel certain you aren’t supposed to speak.”

The dream was silenced.

Has this ever happened to you? Voices both internally and externally remind us of all the reasons we’re incapable.

Oh how impossibility loves to scream into silenced dreams.

Your writing dream might seem impossible now. But let me be the friend who whispers some encouragement to you… you. can. do. this!

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